3G network performance.

The performance of smartphones on the UK’s 3G networks is beginning to generate significant media attention. Issues such as network coverage and the role of data-intensive devices in stretching capacity to the limit are getting plenty of focus.

The BBC’s flagship Radio 4 Today programme ran a story last week talking about how iPhone users had struggled to access the Internet at the speeds they had hoped for.

BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones’ blog attracted more than 250 comments on the subject in just 48 hours, with many customers saying they were disappointed with the connection speeds they achieved on mobile broadband dongles and while accessing the mobile internet on smartphones.

These stories show just how important the issue of 3G network coverage and capacity have become and how vital they are to mobile network operators.

It also explains why at 3 we’ve made network performance one of our main focuses.

In 2010, as we did last year, we will invest both money and energy to further improve our network, so we can consolidate our position as the biggest and best 3G network in the UK. My colleagues Marc and Graham have posted about this here and here.

In the past two weeks I have received comments from customers in places as diverse as Ilfracombe in Devon, Tenby in Dyfed, Oxted in Surrey and even areas of London commenting on how their coverage has improved as we upgrade our network. There are areas that we’re still working on to get the level of service we believe our customers deserve, but these are becoming fewer and fewer as our network continues to grow. You can check three.co.uk for information on our regional upgrade programme.

We’ve added over 2,000 new sites since the beginning of 2009 and we’ll be adding another 3,000 this year to bring our 3G coverage to over 98% of the UK’s population – considerably more than the 93% currently claimed by Orange.

For our customers this will mean quicker and more reliable connections and better coverage throughout the UK both indoors and outdoors.

It is clear that 3G networks and their ability to deliver are now the story. So although we might be the newest player to the mobile market, when it comes to the future of mobile broadband connections, we are leading the way.

756 Responses to 3G network performance.
  1. Moderator: Claire

    @Si Phillips – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check the area for you? We won’t publish the postcode. Thanks.

  2. Moderator: Claire

    @Jan Simpson – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check the area for you? Are you able to get coverage in other areas or just in your home? Have you followed these steps? Thanks.

  3. Si Phillips


    I spend a lot of time in the Tenby area (Pembrokeshire) and only have internet on my phone when staying with family.

    The service from my current provider has declined in recent months, to the point where it is unusable for calls/internet for days.

    I notice Tenby was mentioned in the blog. I’m looking for as much reassurance about coverage as possible before trying to change. I’m a bit sceptical about just going by what coverage maps say – is there any more you can say about the quality of the signal in this area?

    Any help gratefully received.


  4. Jan Simpson

    Also the other two phones on 3 here are showing full signal but no network coverage. Cant call out on any of them.

  5. Jan Simpson

    Hi, are there any issues with the Ingham mast at the moment? Lincolnshire (*** *** area) I woke up to no network on phone, which is very unusual as I have a black booster box. Rebooted the box, connected for 20 seconds and the signal went again. Tried this twice. , then a hard reset. Same as. Box keeps flashing green as if in use? trying to connect? Also there is no 3 signal in the attic so it looks to be a mast problem as well

  6. Moderator: Madeline

    @Jason – We’ve sent you an email as we’d like to investigate the coverage issues in your area further.

  7. Moderator: Nicki

    @CTrev – Sorry about this, how’s things now? Are you still having issues? If so can you send over your full postcode? Thanks.

  8. jason

    @John Paul, no I have not been in touch with anybody, I am just going by previous replies to my complaints on this blog. Up until around 6-7 weeks ago I was getting a reliable 10-15 mb download speed which has now dropped to under 1mb most of the time. This is not just me as at least 4 other 3 users that I work with are suffering exactly the same.

  9. CTrev

    What is going on with Three in the Limehouse area, for the past 3 days the service is appalling. no 3G and only able to access the internet except intermittently and it is getting worse

  10. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @jason – Have you been in contact with anyone about this as of yet Jason? Do you have a reference number? If so, could you share your full name, DoB, mobile no & postcode with me? I’ll not publish your details of course. As it stands, looking at that area right now shows no faults, no issues so I’m wondering if your recent issue is something else than what you’ve already described.

  11. jason

    How much longer am I going to have to wait until the mast problem in the ba33yu area is fixed as it has been going on for over 6 weeks now.
    What about compensation as my phone is pretty much useless now as I only ever use it for web browsing which is so slow now that it is barely worth using.

  12. Moderator: Pamela

    @Alexandra Can you tell me your postcode please (this won’t be published) Thanks, Pamela

  13. Alexandra

    My signal was fine till this morning. It just says no service?

  14. Moderator: Pamela

    @Alexandra We can’t see any problems or changes there Alexandra but, it’s not a very strong coverage area. Has your signal been like this since the start? Thanks, Pamela

  15. Alexandra

    I had no signal for quite a while my postcode is (removed by mod)

    Any help would be great!

  16. Moderator: Claire

    @Jason – Hi, I’ve checked the area and our engineers are working on resolving a known issue ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  17. jason

    Any idea when the issues in my **** *** area are finally going to be fixed as this has been going on for weeks now and my 3g speeds are still rubbish.

  18. Moderator: Claire

    @Chris Ayers – Hi, I’ve checked the area and no known issues. Is this happening at certain times? Thanks.

  19. Chris Ayers

    My post code is *** ***
    Both mine and my fathers 3G connection is reporting download speeds of 0.01mb is there a problem in this area?

  20. Steff E

    @ Matthew – Hi Matthew, ah that’s not good. How long has this been going on for? Can you send us your postcode (don’t worry we wont publish it) and I’ll check for any issues in your area. Thanks

  21. matthew

    i got no service what do i do

  22. jason

    @Chris, thanks for looking into it, much appreciated.

  23. Moderator: Chris

    @Jason – Ah, I see what’s happened here. There’s a fault at one of your local masts which explains why you’ve seen a dip in service, that’s not ideal :( Our engineers have already flagged it for work and we’re looking to get this fixed as a priority so normal service should be restored soon.

  24. jason

    @Chris, my full postcode is [Removed by Mod].

  25. Moderator: Chris

    @Jason – Ah, that’s not what we like to hear :(I can definitely take a look at your area but I’d need you to send over a full postcode. That way I can check the coverage specific to you and let you know what’s happening. Don’t worry, I’ll remove your postcode before posting your comment. Cheers.

  26. jason

    My 3g speeds have recently dropped from around 15mb to under 1mb, is there a mast problem in the [Removed by Mod] area.

  27. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jodrell – Hi there, sorry you’re having issues with our coverage. Our Home Signal devices aren’t available to mass market as yet. They’re only available in a few cases following troubleshooting and if you meet certain criteria. You’d need to contact our network team on 333 to discuss your eligibility. They’ll then analyse your usage looking for instances of dropped calls and failures for calls to connect before seeing if it would be of any benefit. It would be looked at on a case by case basis – there’s lots that can be done, with Home Signal being one of the options.

  28. Jodrell


    I’m getting very poor signal indoors at my house and my girlfriends house. We are both on the one plan and it has been the same from day one about two years ago.
    There are two other three contracts in the house all with the same problem. So it can’t be a temporary network fault or a hardware fault it’s just the signal is low even though the signal checker says it should be ok. My girlfriends house it says patchy and poor indoors but it’s no signal.
    What we need is two signal booster boxes, one for each property. How do we go about getting hold of these? My sister and family are. Ow all on three from my recommendation! But they now have a signal box in their house so it’s full signal for them.

    Please help!
    Many thanks.

  29. Moderator: Stephie

    @Mark cooper – Hi Mark, I’ve had a check on your postcode and it looks like there’s a mast issue. Our engineers are working on getting this back up and running ASAP, Sorry for the inconvenience.

  30. Mark cooper

    Hi I don’t seem to be getting any signal my postcode is [Removed by Moderator] I have tried updating my phone and rebooting it with no luck. Is it a local mast?

  31. Moderator: Madeline

    @Ashleigh – Hi Ashleigh, there doesn’t appear to be any coverage issues in your area, have you tried rebooting your dad’s phone?

  32. Ashleigh

    Hiya I have just bought my dad a brand new ashamed 200 wich stated it takes a three SIM card my dad has no signal on the Fone at all and can’t send text or receive them or make calls this is really disappointing as I don’t no if it’s the Fone or network his post code [Deleted by Moderator] plz right back soon am loosing my patients x

  33. Moderator: Allan

    @Dave – There is a fault in the area. The mast is being worked on by our engineers right now, will be fixed as soon as possible. Thanks

  34. Dave

    I live in the [removed by mod] area and have no service for 3 days now, I am beginning to regret the move my wife and I made to three. And please no timescale for a fix is kind of a poor response

  35. Moderator: Kris

    @Neil Sorry to hear that, Neil. Having checked out the postcode, there looks to be a few masts that have been flagged to our engineers for faults. Have there been any power outages here, or were you affected by the storms last week? Once the damage is assessed, our engineers should have you back up to speed ASAP. Thanks for your patience.

  36. Moderator: Kris

    @Lauren Thanks for that, can see from a quick check of that area that we have a couple of masts that have been flagged as faulty nearby. Our engineers have been made aware so should be out to assess and repair as soon as they can, to get the masts back up to speed. Cheers.

  37. Neil Brighton

    My postcode is [removed by mod]and I’ve been having signal problems for about 4 days now, it’s either 1 bar or no service, either way I can’t make calls or send texts unless it’s an iMessage and I’m connected to wifi.. I’ve only been with 3 for half a year and this is the second stint I’ve had like this.

  38. Lauren

    I have had no signal for a few days now. I have restarted and rebooted my phone numerous times, it is a brand new iPhone so that should not be the problem. I live in Chelmsford.

  39. Moderator: Lauren

    @Przem – Hi there! I’ve just checked your postcode and can see that there was an issue but it should be resolved now. Is it back to normal now?

  40. Przem

    I am having problems with my network, last month. The connection drops out after few min. I can not use my play station because of it and is the same with my laptop and also shows that my network is limited before I lose connection and network speed is changing drasticly. I have contract with three for about 4 years and it never happen before.
    my post code [removed by mod]

  41. Moderator: Ahmed

    @phil – Hi Phil, what were you told when you got in contact with our team? Your best bet here would be to get in touch directly with the provider there as we just have partners there under our agreement for international roaming and there may be an issue over there with coverage that they’re able to look into. Can you let us know how you get on. Thanks

  42. phil

    I use a VPN connection to the USA. It has worked fine for 5 years. last week the connection drops out after 60 seconds. No good to me. Have contacted your help service but nothing happening. Have tested all equipment using landline connection BT. Works fine. I have 3 internet sticks and 3 computers. All have the same problem. If not fixed I will have to move to another provider. It is a shame as network speed is great.

  43. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom – your area isn’t the best indoor signal I’m afraid. It may be the position of your building blocks the signal slightly :-(

  44. Tom Payne

    Hello…. I have never been so happy with a phone network! The coverage is really good. I work all over the uk and do not have any problems, HOWEVER when I am at home my postcode is [removed by mod], I do get hardly any signal at all, if I leave my phone in my bedroom window I maybe get one bar. This has been pretty frustrating as I was told by three when I got my phone that the signal was great in and outside. Stupid of me but I got rid of my broadband and my home phone because of this!

    Is my village in a dead spot?

    Many thanks,

    Tom Payne

  45. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jamshid – if you let us know your full postcode (we won’t publish this) I can check for issues in your area.

  46. Moderator: Lauren

    @Prash – there’s some congestion in the area which may affect connections, there’s a new mast due in Dec which should help with this.

  47. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ian – sorry to read this, there’s some issues with the masts in the area. Our engineers are working on it.

  48. Jamshid

    Bad conactions poor signal, internet keep cutting off , theses are going on about month in South East ( Brighton ) also was spending summer in northen Irland had no signal or 3G what so ever, three is no respond from 3 yet?!!!
    Today 26/9/13 and getting conaction with 3G is hard, it was good but now it’s awfull …
    Might leave 3 .

  49. Prash

    I can’t make any calls from any of my three mobile since 4pm today. Full postcode is[removed by mod]

  50. Ian Darby

    I live in the Wigan area (removed by mod) since
    last Friday we’ve had no no service within around a mile of our home. My phone is showing two bars signal strength, but all calls fail. My partners phone is just showing no service. Very frustrating, your call centre is obviously trying to rectifiy the fault, but I would really like an ezplanation. Thanks, Ian.

  51. Moderator: Lauren

    @rames – most of our masts are operating normally, we tend to find more people get in touch letting us know when it’s not working rather than when it is though.

  52. Moderator: Lauren

    @Kayleigh h – there was an issue in your area which could have affected your signal, it should be fixed now. Sorry for any inconvenience. :-)

  53. rames

    its going from bad to worse, how long are these major network problems going to carry on for? its been like this for months now, with no signs of improvement at all, maybe the phones are working but as I use 3 broadband my connection has been pretty much unusable all summer. is there a fault on everybody’s mast?

  54. Kayleigh h

    My postcode is [removed by mod]

  55. Moderator: Nicki

    @Kayleigh h – Hi there, sorry you’re having issues with your coverage. What’s your full postcode and we’ll take a look at your nearest mast for you.

  56. Moderator: Nicki

    @Zsuzsa – There’s a fault on your mast I’m afraid – It’s something we’re aware of and working on but no timescales for fix just yet.

  57. Kayleigh h

    I don’t know why but my mobile internet is so slow or either doesn’t work, half the time I can’t even ring off my phone it says it’s connecting then cuts off straight away. I have an 18month old so I need to be able to ring out if there’s an emergency! It’s getting very very annoying!!!!!

  58. Zsuzsa

    I recently having problem getting signal.[removed by Mod] &[removed by Mod]. I didn’t have problem with the Three network before.I could use it everywhere but now it is really bad and I never have any signal.Can you please check this.

  59. Moderator: Megan

    @Nigel – Thanks for the feedback. We do take note of suggestions by customers. We are currently reviewing how we communicate to customers during outages so please be assured we will take your feedback on board and communicate it to the company.

  60. Moderator: Megan

    @Gemma – I’m sorry you’re not happy with the coverage you’re receiving Gemma. I’ve had a look at your postcode and can see that you should receive outdoor coverage with limited indoor coverage. There are no reported problems in the area and all nearby masts are up and running properly.

  61. Nigel


    Can you implement a major outage Dashboard so we know what is happning?

    Not knowing what is happening with outages is clearly frustrating when you scour the web.
    Your staff on the phone did not know what was going on, nor apparently did staff in retail outlets. It could be managed better.

    I work in a worldwide comms environment and Dashboards are really useful to get relevant information out to the users/customers.

  62. Moderator: Lauren

    @Nigel – sorry to read this. We had some issues with Home Signal last week, should all be back to normal now.

  63. Gemma Kennelly

    Are there any reported problems in [removed by mod]? I have had no 3g for about a week now- anywhere for that matter?!
    My contracted ends in sep and I will NEVER be using 3 again- i cant get one bar of signal at home or even in my garden even though I was told the coverage in my area would be great!! Complete waste of £37 a month, unless im away from home or near wifi!!!

  64. Nigel

    Looking on the web, this problem is not geographically isolated, even stretching abroad in some cases.It is time to put your hands up and openly admit you are having technical difficulties in delivery the Three service both on telephone masts and via Home Signal boxes, to explain the nature of the problem (s), what you’re doing to resolve them and when you anticipate restoration to be achieved. Here’s a novel idea, get something about it posted on your Three homepage!

    I’ve been suffering in Gt Yarmouth and Peterborough. My Home Signal box is a paperweight, occasionally passing data, never passing voice. Booked out to Three and you didn’t admit a fault but did say you were getting a lot of similar calls. Time to sort out your customer service and be open about issues.

  65. Nigel

    Looking on the web, this problem is not geographically isolated, even stretching abroad in some cases.
    It is time to put your hands up and openly admit you are having technical difficulties in delivery the Three service both on telephone masts and via Home Signal boxes, to explain the nature of the problem (s), what you’re doing to resolve them and when you anticipate restoration to be achieved. Here’s a novel idea, get something about it posted on your Three homepage!

  66. Nigel Dawson

    Hi. Also having severe problems in [removed by mod]. Signal is normally weak at home but ok outside, seems excessively weak everywhere. Because of week signal I have a Home Signal box. This has never failes before but since yesterymornong it does not work. It occasionally allows our phones go connect and pass data but never voice. I’m a comms engineer and have proven it is either the home signal box or the hone signal service. When I booked it out the agent said they were getting a lot of simolar calls. You must now be aware whay the fault is we’re all experiencing. Could you give us an update and an estimate when service woll be restored please, as yhe lack of information is just as frustrating as the fault itself. Thanks

  67. Moderator: Nicki

    @eric – A fault’s just been raised on the mast in your postcode. Our guys are working on it at the mo. Sorry about this.

  68. eric

    Hi.the signal today has been very poor, my phone has been saying ‘no sevice’ nearly all day. ive turned my phone on and off, took the sim out and cleaned the contacts but still the same. This is not normal for your network to be bad, never had any major problems before. could you please look into this. thankyou. postcode [removed by Mod]

  69. Moderator: Daniela

    @Alan – Hi there, sorry that you’re having issues with your coverage. I’ve had a look at your postcode and there’s no faults or any issues with the masts in your area. There was routine maintenance taking place on the 7th August but this was just for the day.

    Although there’s nothing wrong with the coverage in your area there could be a million and one things affecting your coverage within the area. A guide on what can affect coverage can be found here. If you find that the issues continue it may be worth raising this with our network team on 333 and they’ll advise if there’s anything that can be done for you.

  70. alan


    I have no coverage at all (phone, text or data) at [removed by Mod]. Tried inside, outside, in town. No coverage at all. I cannot see a live status page so went to “contact us” but that takes up to 5 days for a response. When I arranged the contract I was told the reception where I live would be excellent but this does not appear to be the case. Is there a reported issue & if so, how are customers made aware? Do 3 have any intention at all to provide a live status page to keep customers informed? If so, when will it be available

    I see little point in paying for a service 3 are not delivering and will not stay on 3 unless this issue is resolved.


  71. Moderator: Allan

    @Jodie – Hi Jodie. I’m really sorry you’re having a bad experience. Can you please provide us with your full postcode (we won’t publish this) and we can look into it further for you?

  72. Moderator: Allan

    @Jane – Sorry Jane, we need a full postcode in order to look further into this. Please can you provide this (we will not publish it).

  73. Jodie

    I’ve ha no 3G and limited signal intermittently for 5 weeks! This is getting ridiculous, I always like to think positive when I look at my phone but its getting too much lately. After being a customer for 5 years I’m not sure this is a good way to end my contract!

  74. Jane

    Been having problems for about 2 weeks, signal dropping out or not even been able to connect. Postcode ct12. Have been in touch with 3 who have promised it is aware of the situation. Enough of the sorrys and more doing or I am off!!!!

  75. Moderator: Nicki

    @bryant0183 – Hi there, sorry that you’re having issues with your coverage. Can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check to see what’s going on your local mast.

  76. bryant0183

    no network for two weeks.enderby leicestershrie anyone got ideas to help. 3 network care line no help at all two months to go on contract so it will be bye bye 3 and good riddance to bad rubbish…

  77. Moderator: Nicki

    @eric – Hi there, thanks for the feedback, glad things are working out well for you :-)

  78. Moderator: Nicki

    @Pawel – Hi there, I’m afraid we had a data outage yesterday that’s now been resolved. If you’re still experiencing issues can you try turning your phone off/on to establish a new network connection.

  79. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lucy – Hi Lucy, yep there was a data outage yesterday that was fixed throughout the day. Sorry about that.

  80. Moderator: Nicki

    @D – Hi there, I’m afraid we had an overall data outage. We restored data yesterday afternoon to everyone. If you’re still having issues we’d recommend you turn your phone off/on to pick up a new data connection.

  81. eric

    just want to say, im extremely happy with three and this the first time in nearly 2 years that ive ever had a problem. well done on being better than the other networks who are constantly loosing the 3g signal. thankyou

  82. Pawel

    No signal in CB1 and PE27, could we have an update on what’s going on and when it will be fixed, please?

  83. Lucy

    Internet connection in central London down again this afternoon. So glad that I cancelled my contract with 3 today!!!!

  84. D

    calls and texts are working but
    3g not working (internet and i message!) -need this fixed asap been having problems since last night!
    when will it be fixed pelase

  85. Moderator: Allan

    @Ed – Calls and texts should be working normally. Issue with data should be resolved for all by this afternoon

  86. Moderator: Allan

    @Phil – We don’t have a live status page right now. We’re happy to say internet access in London is up & running & the whole network should be back to normal this afternoon

  87. Ed

    3G is down in ST5. Is there an estimated time for fixing it?

  88. Phil

    Hi, I’m one of those customers who can’t access the internet. I’ve been trying to find a three network status page (showing any live issues etc. ) with no luck, Could you let me know where that is? Thanks Phil

  89. Moderator: Allan

    @Alex – Some of our customers are unable to access the Internet. We are working to restore their data services as soon as possible. Calls/Texts should not be affected. We apologise to all those affected for any inconvenience

  90. Moderator: Allan

    @Gareth – Some of our customers are unable to access the Internet. We are working to restore their data services as soon as possible. Calls/Texts should not be affected. We apologise to all those affected for any inconvenience

  91. Moderator: Allan

    @AB – Some of our customers are unable to access the Internet. We are working to restore their data services as soon as possible. We apologise to all those affected for any inconvenience

  92. Alex

    Is there no 3G service in Harrow (HA1) at the moment? I had signal this morning but now no 3G.

  93. GarethEdwards

    theres no 3g in [removed by mod] at the moment, is there an issue?

  94. AB

    No mobile broadband access this morning in Kent earlier and now in London now.

  95. Moderator: Allan

    @Pete – Some of our customers are unable to access the Internet. We are working to restore the service as soon as possible. You should still be able to use the network though. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  96. Moderator: Allan

    @Nav – Hi, we’re having some data issues right now. Is it data you’re having an issue with? You should still have network coverage

  97. Pete

    Bristol area today (Tue 4 June) – is the 3 network down as I have no signal?
    Since 0700 when checked I have had no signal at all – at home or at work (different locations)

  98. Nav

    Is there an issue in EC2 area in London? There seems to be no 3G at all??

  99. trevor james

    first 12 months 3 out of 5 for 3g connection and speed,2nd 12 months 0 out of 5,i feel there is a cap on speed and downloading of data,do not go with hutchinson 3g unless you have money to burn and can live with 2 minutes connection per hour,pathetic company.

  100. Moderator: Lauren

    @H – there’s an issue with one of the masts in the area, it’s being looked in to.

  101. H

    [removed by mod]

  102. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sean – Hi there. Sorry, a fault’s just been raised on your local mast. Our tech guys are working on it at the moment.

  103. Sean

    My area has been slow for weeks. Postcode is [removed by Mod]

  104. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ash – Thanks for your positive feedback :-)

  105. ash

    i love three they are the fastest network mint value and teathering on the one plan is a god send when the landline net gos down for some reason

    speeds are brill too http://ubuntuone.com/6bAuqghBwjyNzMeStFUrnQ

    Thanks three Ash

  106. Moderator: Lauren

    @Caroline – if you send your full postcode (we won’t publish it) I can check this for you.

  107. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jerry – sorry to read that. There appears to be an issue with one of the masts in the area which would explain the drop outs.

  108. caroline rejcorl

    I am lucky if i can receive or make a call on my mobile i live in the se19 area I used to have voda phone with no problems

  109. Jerry Paris

    My 3 dongle is used either connected straight into my laptop or connected through a router. Either way I can get a data connection no problem, but data will stop flowing after about 2 minutes. The dongles shows connected all the time. Postcode area is [removed by mod]. Using the sim in my smartphone has the same problem. At my home postcode [removed by mod] everything works fine. A colleague at [removed by mod] has the same problem with their dongle as well

  110. John N

    Thanks Nicki,

    All seems to be working again, may have been the work that was scheduled at the local mast.
    I usually get a good signal in an upstairs window at home.
    All the best

  111. Tino

    Again, after a few weeks, the download rate dropped from 5 MBps to 180 kBps today (RG4 area). I am fighting over and over again with Three and it does not get solved. A fix usually takes them more then 4 weeks. This happens currently 3 to 4 times a year since 2009. I think here need to be some major changes in the Three thinking about customers. It takes usually more than 2 weeks, that it is escalated to the technical department and the customer gets promises, that cannot be fullfilled. And the first blame gets the customers system and nothing is checked and Three’s end. This is rather unacceptable.
    Best regards

  112. Moderator: Nicki

    @John N – Hi there, I’ve had a look at your postcode and can see that we only offer a very limited outdoor 3G signal in that postcode area. You’ll find it hard to pick up and maintain a signal indoors but there may be some signal outdoors.

    There may be 2G fallback available for calls/texts on a phone, however this won’t carry any data for a phone or your dongle. There’s no faults on any masts and network is working as per design. There’s works starting later today until Friday so this may cause some further disruptions.

    Is this postcode area a permanent move for you?

  113. John N

    Am having problems with my mobile BB,Good signal and connected to local mast however no internet access beyond this. The result is the same with a pay as you go dongle and SIM and my pay monthly Three BB SIM and dongle. Both work fine from another location, but not here.
    My post code is [removed by Mod]. Does seem to be a problem with local mast connectivity to the outside world. Please could you check this and give some idea of a fix. Many thanks

  114. Ellie

    @Norman Rose – Sorry to hear you are having problems with your dongle. I’ve checked your postcode and there are no reported problems on any of the masts in your area. You should have strong indoor and outdoor coverage. I’d recommend giving the team a ring to discuss this further.

  115. norman rose

    post code [removed by mod] on your 1 meg dongle i get download speeds of 0.24 and 0.86 meg and today constant diconects what are the problems in my area

  116. Moderator: Lauren

    @Alex – there’s no reported issues in your area. It connects to whatever signal is the strongest. If H+ is stronger then it will connect to that. There’s no power saving mode on it.

  117. Alex

    Hi, ive had the E586 wifi dongle for close to a year now and have been using it for online gaming. Worked a treat with no issues up until a couple of weeks ago. Dongle states it is on a high signal however when im in a game im periodically getting booted out of lobbies after a couple of minutes. When i look at my dongle, it says its reverted back to 3G signal, and then goes back up to H. This is incredibly annoying as i can watch youtube for hours on my laptop and the signal stays at H. The dongle is sat dangling out of my window. My xbox is all set up and settings are good, so is the dongle config web page. Wondering if there is some kind of power saving function that can be switched off somehow. But like i said, no settings should need changing because its been running like clockwork for the past year. This is getting infuriating. Post code [removed by mod]. Thinking of canceling my contract since this is the only reason i signed up in the first place. Thanks.

  118. Moderator: Johanna

    @Chris – There is I’m afraid… there’s a fault on your nearest mast – fix date 30th November.

  119. Chris

    Hi, any known issues at HG1 [removed by mod]? Phone is saying 4 bars of signal but there’s no data connection and comes up with “Not registered on network” when I try to make a call. It was intermittant but it’s now constant. Reboot hasn’t fixed it. Thanks

  120. Moderator: Nicki

    @Vinni – Hi there, sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with your coverage. Had a look and can see there’s been a fault raised which now appears to have been fixed yesterday.

    Can you monitor it for any signs of improvement over the next couple of days?

    Re compensation … we wouldn’t offer compensation as our terms advise there may be disruption to services and limitations to services and that you’re not guaranteed a continuously faultless service, however if you contact 333 they’d look at the fault and refund the line rental for the duration of the fault.

  121. Vinni

    Hi, I’ve been on three for many years and unroll feb this year it was perfect in the [removed by mod] stansted area. I’ve complained every month and keep getting told its been worked on.. Still no fix.. Any help?. I’m looking for compensation as I’ve Lost money not being able to book overtime. Where do I stand??

  122. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jamie – Hi there, what’s your full postcode and I’ll check your local mast for any issues.

  123. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jamie – Hi there, what’s your full postcode and I’ll check your local mast for any issues. Thanks.

  124. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sam Juggins – Hi there, sorry about this. There was an issue this morning affecting the Note 2. This has now been resolved.

  125. Sam Juggins

    I am having problems using my Galaxy Note 2, its giving me a sim block error. It thinks I have moved it to a tablet or dongle which I havent its still in my phone. I’ve done a battery pull and removed the sim card but still wont let me connect to the internet or use my apps.

  126. Jamie

    I’ve also got serious issues, I’m struggling and have been all day… stuck on 3G. A lot of my emails have been delayed as well…

  127. Moderator: Johanna

    @Neil – We can take a look but we need the full postcode please?

  128. Neil

    3 seems to have switched off in SY4

    Any problems?

  129. Moderator: Johanna

    @Paul G – We’ve had a look and can’t see any network issues at all in your area. If you give the team on 333 a call they can run some network diagnostics for you.

  130. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sian – Is this contract or PAYG?

  131. Sian

    Hi, my iPhone says I have full signal and 3g yet can’t make or receive calls or use the internet. Phone reboot hasn’t changed anything. Help!

  132. Paul G

    Hi, it’s TW1 [removed by Mod]

  133. Ros

    @Paul G – Hi there. Doesn’t sound good. I’m afraid we need a full postcode to check though. If you post it, we will remove before publishing your comment.

  134. Paul G

    I’m not having problems with calls or texts but the Internet has been painfully slow or non-existent for several days now. Any ideas (postcode TW18 3)?

  135. Moderator: Nicki

    @Maria – Hi there, what’s your full postcode and I’ll check your coverage for you. Don’t worry we won’t publish the full postcode.

  136. Moderator: Nicki

    @sean – Hi there, sorry you’re having network issues at the moment. What’s your full postcode and I’ll check for any issues with your local mast. Don’t worry we won’t publish it :-)

  137. Maria

    Hi – i have had no network coverage all day – NR34 area. PLease can you tell me when this will be resolved! thanks

  138. sean

    little update i can no longer make phone calls on the hand set :(

  139. sean

    Hi i’m just wondering if there is any thing wrong with the network in the region fife scotland .
    The problem i’m having is a strange one , i have full signal bar and 3g icon on iphone but the speed of the connection is unbearably slow. and sometimes not working at all with good reception . This has been happening for about 3-4 days now.
    Note this is only happening with the internet . i can make calls and recive texts no problem.

  140. Moderator: Nicki

    @Andrea Rush – Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having coverage issues.

    What’s your full postcode and I’ll have a look to see if there’s any issues or works taking place. Don’t worry we won’t publish your postcode :-)

  141. Andrea Rush

    Hello I wonder if terres any network problems with 3G today around me, my iPhone’s signal is full but Internet is incredibly slow. Help , please?

  142. Moderator: Nicki

    @Iain – Hi there, there’s no location specific faults in your postcode area, however we’re aware of issues affecting some of our data services. This has now been resolved and I’m sorry for any inconvenience. If you’re still experiencing issues past this weekend, please feel free to get back in touch.

  143. Ipodnev

    There are three 3 users in our household all of us have not been able to access out the 3G mobile data network over the past couple of days. Postcode is [removed by mod]. Are there any issues you are aware of in the area? And, more importantly, when will this issue be sorted out? I’ve emailed 3 but the reply can take up to 5 days apparently, so that’s pretty useless.

    Hope you can help.

    Thanks in advance


  144. Moderator: Lauren

    @Elaine – replied to your comment on another thread.

  145. Moderator: Lauren

    @Elaine – there’s no reported issues just now, is it working again?

  146. Elaine

    Have had no service since Friday 27/10 and it is now Thursday 1/11. What is going on in [removed by mod] area as technical support are not very helpful

  147. Elaine

    Had not service in [removed by mod] area since last Friday (26.10.2012) and it’s now Wednesday! How long is this going to last as no-one seems to know!!! Had enough now ….

  148. Moderator: Johanna

    @B – We do need a full postcode to check I’m afraid, can you share it please?

  149. B

    I’m having rhe same issues as Lee, I have no signal at work (W1J). My phone only works when i walk up the road close to Green Park Station. Anything going on in the area?

  150. Moderator: Lauren

    @Lee – if you send your full postcode (we won’t publish it!) I can check this for you.

  151. Lee

    Hi, is there any work going on the SW1Y area? For the last 3 days i have no signal at work. My phone only works when i walk up the road close to Green Park Station. Thanks

  152. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tim – HSPA+ covers the majority of our network now… we’re looking into sharing a coverage map but not available yet I’m afraid.

  153. Tim

    When will hspa+ coverage maps be available please

  154. Moderator: Nicki

    @Christelle – Hi there, sorry we’ve had an issue with our Home Signal boxes last night/today. Received notification that this is now resolved. Could you please recheck the box and see if it’s working any better now? Thanks.

  155. Christelle

    Hi, is there some work going on around se19 area? Since yesterday my husband and I have got no network whatsoever only emergency calls. We’ve been having issues with the signal in our house for 3 years and just installed the home signal box, which was working fine till yesterday. I’ve got a young baby and need my phone 24/7. Could you please look it up and email me? That’d be great. Thanks.

  156. Moderator: Lauren

    @David – there’s an issue with your local mast, it’s being looked into but we don’t have a timescale.

  157. David

    Yea it’s [removed by mod]

  158. Moderator: Johanna

    @David – We can check this out for your partner with a full postcode?

  159. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dezza – So sorry, we are aware of an issue and the team are working hard to fix it asap. There are a lot of network changes happening at the mo, but this shouldn’t be impacting your service so often.

  160. David

    My partner has been without signal for 2 days now, and is just getting “emergency calls only”. Is there a reason for this?!

  161. Dezza

    4th time in about a month I have no signal at all in central London. Normally can get 3 to 4 bars anywhere in the house but when the signal goes it goes big time. Promises promises is what Ive been give but Im off as soon as Ive got the line back

  162. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – if you send the full postcode (we won’t publish it!) I can check for you.

  163. Simon

    No reported faults in CM14 but signal strength through the floor (or not!). No 3G, No H+, occasional H and G data, and very, very poor signal compared to normal. Anyone got any idea what the issue is and how long it will be like this?

  164. Moderator: Lauren

    @Julian – There’s some work going on in the area today, it should be fixed by the end of the day.

  165. Julian

    I’ve lost all signal for the last few hours at home where I usually get excellent an excellent signal. Are there problems around [removed by mod]? I need to make some calls!

  166. Moderator: Lauren

    @Des – There’s no issues in your area. You’re quite near a mast so should receive signal. Are you in an old building or surrounding by high buildings? These can often block signal.

  167. Des

    Just moved to [removed by mod] and I can barely get a signal in my flat. Can you guys please check if it is permanent. I still have another year in my one plan contract and heavily rely on my phone for Internet

  168. Ros

    @Leanne – We identified a problem with 3G in the west London area earlier today, this was resolved just after lunch I believe, so you shouldn’t be experiencing any issues any longer.

  169. Ros

    @Cat Underdown – I’d need a full postcode to check I’m afraid..

  170. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tina – There was a data issue that affected pockets of the UK last week. Apologies that it impacted you. If you are still having issues and have rebooted your phone, leave us your postcode so we can check this for you.

  171. Leanne

    Are there any reported problems in the West London Area? I have had intermmitent 3g for a couple of days, now I have non!! Thanks in advance!

  172. Cat Underdown

    Are there still problems in the ME17 (Maidstone area?)

  173. Tina

    We are all on 3 and live in Sittingbourne. We have been experiencing poor network coverage and signal for some time now. Today we all have no data at all. My husband is at work and has text to say he has no network connection. I waited for my daughter outside her work this evening and had no data connection but I always do there and its not working at home. I would suspect there is a fault in our area for us all to not be able to connect to the data network although signal is working as we can text etc.

  174. Andy

    Is there a problem with the data service in Medway (ME1) today 30 Aug 2012?

  175. Ros

    @Harps – I’m sorry, I’ve not been able to find the post you’re talking about, so can’t see the problem you are having, do let us know.

  176. Harps


    I’m having the same problem as John W except the problem has affected me but not my partner who is on the same network. I hope the problem can be resolved as soon as possible because it’s frustrating that I can’t use my phone to make calls or texts :(

  177. Moderator: Kaz

    @John W – There is a local mast currently faulty which will be affecting your coverage. I can’t give you a fix date at this time, but it should be all fixed by the weekend. Very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this fault.

  178. John W

    Thanks Kaz for the reply.

    My postcode is (REMOVED) and the Three network still appears to be down on all three of our family’s mobiles.

  179. Moderator: Kaz

    @John W – We’re aware of an issue affecting some UK customers who are unable to browse the internet on their handset or dongles. We’re working to resolve this as a matter of urgency. Please can you supply a full postcode and I’ll check for any issues in your area.

  180. John W

    Three network is down in the area where I live (Postcode: HG3 2 ) now for a second day.

    Could someone advise me concerning details of the problem and when it is likely to be resolved?

  181. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark – Hi there, sorry you’ve had to leave the network, but wish you well with your new supplier :-)

  182. Mark

    Finally, someone from 3 has allowed me to leave the network, without paying a penalty charge. This is just an admission of how poor your network and customer service is.

    I was given the cancellation last week, and due to the level of customer service just about meeting my expectation, its taken me until today to get my PAC code.

    I’m happy to say that I’m leaving 3. the coverage, customer service and everything about the network is rubbish.

  183. Ros

    @mimi – If you’re happy to provide a ful postcode, I’ll get this checked for you.

  184. mimi

    No network coverage in SE22 today.. are there works going on? its normally fine but today nothing.. no network at all. Please advise.

  185. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – you’ll need to call 333 and speak to the cancellations team if you wish to leave.

  186. Mark

    Again, having spoken to the 3 customer services 3 days AFTER I was told the issue would be fixed, the mast is still down, and i’m still suffering network problems!

    Could someone PLEASE tell me how to leave the network? I keep asking, but the mods here seem to take the same view as helpline (a mis named department), and just ignore me as a customer!

    THREE IS A JOKE. Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone are all going to get a call to see who will offer me the best deal and the best coverage.


  187. Moderator: Nicki

    @david Henshall – Hi there, sorry you’ve been having issues with your coverage. It sounds like you’ve been speaking to our network team who are in the best position to advise you on the status.

    As your contract states that there may be disruption to services and limitation to services we would not cancel your contract without cancellation charges. Unfortunately every network has outages and issues with masts. Even although it’s not within your T&Cs we would be able to credit you back with the line rental for the days you’re without service after the fault has been fixed.

    Ofcom are our regulators but we use Ombudsman Communications for alternative dispute resolution. If the mast is currently suffering from a fault and we expect to fix it (ie solve your complaint) we would not need alternative dispute resolution as we wouldn’t offer a deadlock letter on the grounds that we intend to fix the mast (fix your complaint). We’d only need alternative dispute when we’re unable to progress your complaint any further and are in a position of deadlock.

    I’m sorry you’re unhappy and having issues with your coverage but hopefully our network team will be able to fix this for you. Just out of interest what’s your full postcode (don’t worry we won’t publish) and I’ll check for an update.


  188. david Henshall

    I cannot believe this! Are the engineers at 3 just inept or totally incompetent? Don’t mention the customer service from the call Centre – this is beyond a joke! The node that serves Ventnor in the Isle of Wight has been experiencing issues – so 3 tell me that this will be resolved “in 7 days” (this is after a number of lengthy outages).But now it seems that the work may take longer – so what do they do – they take the node down completely. i’m told service will be restored in anothe 7 days – but this is from the same people who commit to calling you back and then never do. So, i’m left without service, but when you ask about terminating the Contract so that you can take service from a supplier that does understand that we take service expecting it to work – I get told that despite the terrible service, the rudeness and terrible customer service, they will still expect me to pay a penalty for cacelling.

    In the old days, Ofcom would intervene in cases like this, 3 are suppsoed to have a Dispute Resolution Service but guess what – they too will get to this in ’7 days’ (they don’t….no surprise there).

    terrible service, both from the technical and the customer interface – yet 3 seem to have no understanding of how bad their reputation is becoming in the market place. the only contact I have with 3 was yesterday, when a very presumptionous woman rang me to say that as I was such a valued and long term cutsomer ( i have luckily NEVER used 3 for Voice and now never will) would I like to buy a smart phone?

    3 – you have to be joking. Your service is a joke and the people who work in your call centres are not worth the money you pay them. Wise up or else come 4G, you’ll have such a smelly name that no one who has any sense will touch you or your service with a barge pole

  189. Ros

    @Daniel – There is no general issue, but if you are still experiencing problems and we’ve already checked the network in your area, you can chat to the team on 333 about any potential compernsation.

  190. Ros

    @Mark – Really sorry to hear you’re still experiencing problems with your signal. I think chatting to the guys on 333 about your options if you want to leave, is probably the next step.

  191. Daniel

    i have been with 3 for years now and i have never known anything like this.. my internet and phone calls have been down for days now! aparently a mast was down in south shields but by the looks of things they have lied to me and everyone its having problems even right down south… :S i want compensated for this and unless they are up and running again soon they are going to lose me and no doubt a hellll of alot more customers

  192. Mark

    Guess what- its STILL happeneing. This is now the 3rd month that I’m having problems. I’ve been given £45 credit from 3, but don’t see this as being resolved. I would like to be told how i can leave 3, as the network is a JOKE!

    the staff are useless, the network is inherently flawed, and obviously the engineering teams are incompetant. Do they need me to arrange an RF engineer to attend the site and carry out the repair? I have found the mast, but there is never anyone there. I can see it from my office. would you like a map?

  193. Ros

    @ Nick – Ok, Ive checked your postcode and there are no reported issues in the area, so it is a bit odd. If you can use your phone at all or can get access to one I would try customer services: http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Contact_us/Mobile_Help they might be able to look in to it in more detail. Do come back if you’re still having issues though.

  194. Nick

    @ Johanna

    Thank for the reply. Still the same today in [removed by Mod].
    Full signal strength indicated on the handset but unable to make calls (‘connection error’ message), send SMS messages or receive calls. The phone works fine in other locations, so does look to be a local network problem

  195. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nick – Sorry to hear that! We need a full postcode to check this for you though…

  196. Nick


    Are there any know network issues in the GU51 2 area? I have a full signal shown on the handset but can’t make any calls – just get an error ‘connection error’.
    Calling the mobile from a landline is going straight through to voicemail, been like it all day now :-(

    I have tried switching the phone off / on, but still the same

  197. Moderator: Kaz

    @Thomas – A local mast is currently faulty and we are working to fix it as a matter of urgency. Afraid I can’t give you an fix date just yet, but it will not be long. Very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  198. Thomas

    Putney and South West London generally has had terrible 3g drop outs over the last week or so. This weekend on both friday and saturday I couldnt get a signal till we were either north of the river or much further south f Wimbledon common. My home address is sw153tr and even at best the 3g signal is patchy, but to have nothing in all of putney/sheen/wimbledon etc is unacceptable. Any chnace of a new mast on top of putney hill?

  199. Moderator: Kaz

    @Terry – Sounds like you have a local mast issue. If you can supply a full postcode, I will check for any faults.

  200. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mark – Please can you confirm a full postcode so I can check the network in your area.

  201. Terry

    I am experiencing no network in my area for the last 4 weeks. I have no phone connection and now I have no data connection on my Dongle. That is both inside and outside the house. However if i walk 50 metres away from my road I have a connection. Its been working fine before this

  202. Mark

    I also have had no 3G coverage on 3 for the last few days. I rang the customer service line and there was a recorded message saying they know there is a problem with getting Internet. When will this be resolved? Will subscribers get a refund for paying for Internet access but not receiving the service?

  203. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chris – there’s no reported issues just now. How long has this being going on for? What were the speeds like previously?

  204. Chris

    Ive had very weak 3G in my area for last 4 weeks- no sign of improvement. My postcode is [removed by mod]- I have noticed that the speed is very good from 3am to 7am which is no good to me as i’m usually asleep! During the day and the evening I can barely open a basic webpage. Please help as I feel like I’m being fobbed off every week by technical support who tell me to wait another 7 days. My phone works perfectly during the day in other areas.


  205. Mark

    @ OLA:

    the best netowrk at the moment is Everything Everywhere (the T-Mobile/Orange one).

    I have been asking for my code to take my number to them, but 3 gave me 3 months free line rental. I’m going to wait until my renewal date, and then leave the network.

    You’re right about the customer service.

    I explained it to them by saying that I am paying for a full month, not the parts that i can use, and that i expect a full month creditied to me for the problem. as my network dropped in June, and won’t be fixed til mid august, they agreed to give me 3 months line rental.

    I won’t be renewing with 3 though- you can even look across my previous comments, where i have asked for advice from the mods here about leaving the network, and THIS has been ignored.

  206. Moderator: Kaz

    @Chris – Thanks for supplying your postcode, just checked for any network issues in your area and everything looks fine with no reported faults. Are you still having issues?

  207. Chris

    FAO: Johanna
    re post on 5th July

    the full post code is (REMOVED)


  208. Moderator: Nicki

    ‘@Ola – Hi there, sorry to hear you’ve been having coverage issues. What’s your full postcode and I’ll check for any faults or work being carried out that could be affecting your signal. (Don’t worry we won’t publish your postcode)

  209. Ola

    I have not had normal signal in my flat since Friday 6th. I have been balancing myself over my balcony etc to get signal which most times disconnects once the call has started. I called 3 yesterday and was told that it is a fault with the Bold 9700 I use and asked to change my network connection to manual and select 3. It showed bars then the game continued- signals going/showing/calls disconnected etc..The best part is 3 offered £5 compensation – with the staff saying they can see I have been using the signal. Despite my insisting she should look at the number of calls in relation to my usual pattern as well as the fact they were mostly disconnected calls, I might as well have been talking to my hand.
    Now the beautiful part is I just got a new contract with 3- The Samsung S3 is here, I have activated it and yes oh yes connection problems – so 3 lied about it being my BB handset. Now they have disconnected my regular sim, I can’t call on my new phone as it will cancel my 14 day return option – so day 5 on I have a mobile I can not use. I am going to contact 3 via their website. I got a mobile so that I can call comfortably from my home and elsewhere BUT it isn’t happening- The network has seriously gone to the dogs- I want to know how you get away with poor customer satisfaction?

  210. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark – Hi there, sorry to hear you’re having issues with your coverage. Can you please supply your full postcode and we’ll check for any faults or work being done in your area. (Don’t worry we won’t publish the postcode)

  211. Mark

    And I’m now into t he THIRD WEEK OF PROBLEMS with the network!

    Would you believe, there’s STILL NO CONTACT from the customer service or engineering teams!

    Three are a joke, and a poor one at that! Please can one of the moderators tell me in an email how I can leave the network? This is getting insulting, not just annoying now.

  212. Moderator: Lauren

    @Bob – there’s no reported issues just now however areas that have been experiencing bad weather across the country have been experiencing drops in signal.

  213. bob

    what the hell is going on with your network. had 30 disconnects tonite alone!!!!!! [removed by mod]

  214. Moderator: Johanna

    @Chris – I’m afraid I need a full postcode to check this out for you, I won’t publish it in full…

  215. Chris

    I’ve had no 3g in the BL2 area for 2 weeks. 3 say they are looking into the problem but are not telling me if there is a problem with the mast. Please can you confirm this? Thanks

  216. Moderator: Johanna

    @Lucy – Really sorry to hear that, I’ve looked up your postcode and can’t see any issues at all. The best team to speak to are our network team, if you can’t use your Three phone at all – the full number to contact is here.

  217. Lucy

    Currently have absolutely no signal/3g on my iphone – phone keeps alternating between “no service” and “searching”. Is there a problem in the Coventry area – CV[removed by Mod]?

  218. Mark

    I give up with 3. Would you believe the problem is STILL ongoing? I was promised a call from the engineering team by 4pm Friday, and have heard nothing, despite it now being 1:15 MONDAY!

    the level of customer service i continually receive from 3 is disgusting. This isn’t the first issue i have had that a resolution has been a long time in coming, and i doubt it’ll be the last.

    Please explain to me, via email, how i can leave 3 and port my number to a more reliable network provider?

  219. Mark

    The problems from 3 are STILL happening. When i finally managed to get through to the helpline the other day, I was told that within 24 hours the problem should be fixed. I was at a client site the alst 2 days, and things were fine. Back in London and my signal is showing as full, but when i tried calling my own mobile after getting a complaint from a customer via email, i go straight to voicemail. My phone is showing 3 bars of signal and 3G as working, but i’m still in a black spot for signal. I need to know how to terminate my contract and port my number to a more reliable service provider.

  220. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark – Hi there, there’s currently a fault logged with your local mast that’s being worked on, so that may be affecting coverage. If you also remember for iMessage to work, both parties need to have full 3G signal, say either party drops out of 3G then it’s sent as a text.

  221. Mark

    I’m really getting fed up with 3. At work and i’m getting nothing. It says i have both 3G and 4 bars of signal, but my iMessage isn’t working, and texts are taking 4 or 5 attempts. I’ve reset my phone, removed the SIM and reinserted it, and tried calling the 3 helpline, but get nothing. I’ve tried caling into my own phone, and that just goes to voicemail. I’m in [removed by Mod].

  222. Moderator: Johanna

    @Chris – You should be getting good signal, but there is a nearby mast upgrade due on July 22 which may improve coverage. If you call the team on 333 they can provide more info.

  223. Moderator: Johanna

    @Victoria – we were having a few network issues that impacted our Mobile Broadband customers, this should now be resolved.

  224. chris

    hey i just got a brand new htc one x and i seem to be getting around 1-2 bars of signal its fully activated my old phone has literally the same or no signal im in the ramsgate area ct[removed by Mod]

  225. Victoria

    Hi, I am having trouble connecting to the internet, am on pay monthly on an ipad but the last two days have been unable to access most of the internet. Is there a problem with a mast near me? Can load google straight away but not anything I search, very strange!

  226. Moderator: Nicki

    @mark – Hi there, sorry if you’re having issues. Can you please supply your full postcode (won’t publish) and I’ll check to see what’s going on. Thanks.

  227. mark

    Been all over central london today with bb dogle. nothing. but the 3 website works just fine. are there issues in london today ?

  228. Moderator: Lauren

    @Nuala – there’s an issue with your local mast, our engineers are aware and are working towards a fix. I’m afraid we don’t have a timescale yet.

  229. Moderator: Lauren

    @Aimee – there’s an issue with your local masts. Our engineers are currently investigating. There’s a site visit booked for tomorrow so hopefully they manage to resolve it then.

  230. Nuala

    Have rarely been able to get a signal for almost 48 hours now, is this due to a problem in my area? Postcode [removed by mod].

  231. Aimee

    I have suddenly experienced loss of all service (says ‘no service’) on my iphone 4s in my house where i used to have full service. this started 14 June and has continued
    My postcode is [removed by mod]. Please advise

  232. Moderator: Lauren

    @Angie – there’s currently some planned work going on in the area until the 17th. You may experience some intermittent loss of service during this time.

  233. Angie Mchale

    Iphone 4 suddelntly dropped 3G for no reason, have tried turning it off and on but nothing works. cannot access emails or the net, which is not good when don’t have broadband yet at home. post code is [removed by mod]

  234. Moderator: Kaz

    @Michelle – Please can you provide a full postcode (I will not publish it) and I will check for any local network issues in your area.

  235. Michelle

    The signal in in Tenby WAS good however over the last couple of weeks I have not even been able to make an Internet connection at all using 3G. Can somebody confirm why this might be? The problem is apparent on multiple devices and I have tried moving around. Have never had this problem before and have used 3G for a good 18 months on a day to day basis.

  236. Moderator: Johanna

    @robertina – We can take a look for you but we’ll need a full postcode please?

  237. robertina

    hello.i am in shalford andi have no signal for the last two days,and for me is a big problem cuz iam using this number for my business.what is the problem?

  238. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ian – Your local mast has developed a fault which will be impacting your network. It’s being fixed over the weekend so should be back to normal within a couple of days.

  239. Ian

    i have had no servie in (REMOVED) for over 36 hours, was advise that service should be back to normal within 3-4 days, not really accectable as i use my phone for my business, i did call customer service and got a £5 credit !!!, they always blame the phone before they listen, then tell you there is a network issue !!!

  240. Moderator: Lauren

    @Des – There’s an issue with one of your local masts just now which may be having a knock on effect with speeds. Our engineers are investigating and are working towards a fix.

  241. Des

    Speed is absolutely terrible recently. What is going on? I am on the one plan. Downloads can get to 3kbs! Please investigate.[removed by mod] postcode

  242. Moderator: Lauren

    @Brian – If you send the full postcode I can check this for you (we won’t publish it!).

  243. Brian

    I’m in London W6 area and have not had signal most of day, occationally I’m getting 1 bar of coverage but not enough to make a phone call.

  244. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – Hi there, if you could please supply your full postcode (don’t worry we won’t publish) and I’ll have a look for you. Thanks.

  245. Dave

    No signal all day…any ideas as to why and what’s happening? Also when will service be returned? I’m losing money at work.

  246. Moderator: Johanna

    @PJ – I’ve had a look at your postcode and you should have signal, so you will need to raise a fault with our customer services team. There are 2 planned mast upgrades for your area, due for completion on 21st May and 30th May.

  247. PJ

    No signal for the whole day so far in N1 [removed by Mod]

  248. Moderator: Johanna

    @Seb – We can take a look for you but need a full postcode please?

  249. Seb

    Lack of signal whole afternoon at Br1 postcode. Any reasons?
    Much obliged

  250. Moderator: Kaz

    @Declan Ball – Please can you provide a full postcode and I’ll check for any issues in your area.

  251. Declan Ball

    Theres been no 3g connection on my iphone4 for a good few days now. I live in southend, ss3 area.

  252. Moderator: Johanna

    @Roz Tucker – There has been an issue on your nearest mast, due for fix by the end of today :-)

  253. Roz Tucker

    Are there any coverage issues in SO21 [removed by Mod]? For the past two days I have had no coverage, no problems prior to this.

  254. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jo Bridge – Apologies for this! There was a fault on your nearest mast. It’s being repaired – fix date May 4.

  255. Jo Bridge

    Any issues in DN14 [removed by mod] Keep loosing the signal – no notification of any issues/planned work from 3. Its been going on for days.

  256. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tim Pike – If you leave a full postcode here I can check for you?

  257. Tim Pike

    Hi. Got a text saying planned maintenance in the HP19 postcode on 14/3. Lost service last night on my iPhone 4. No service this morning. Good service 1 mile away, nothing at home in HP19. Called the 0843 number and eventually was told that the Griffin Lane Tower maintenance is completed, removed and re installed SIM, no joy, reset network settings, no joy. Eventually told that this would be escalated to the network team, but I would not get a response for 72 hours. Surely this is madness? Handset works a mile away, but not at home since your planned maintenance – can’t be a coincidence surely? Why does it need 72 hours? What am I supposed to do without a phone for that period of time? Please help. Thanks. Tim

  258. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Juliette Berryman – Nothing’s showing up, it could be a fault with your handset. If you head to your local 3Store or give 333 a call they’ll be able to check it out for you/ send it off for repair.

  259. juliette berryman

    Can i just say it is the phone signal i am querying… i cant make/ receive calls??

  260. juliette berryman

    @ Sedge – Thanks, but the first postcode always used to get a signal indoors up until the last week – is there works/ change in masts in that area cos now i hardly ever recieve a signal indoors so the phone is no use!!!

  261. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Juliette Berryman – I’ve taken a look at your first postcode and you’re in an area with good outdoor and some indoor coverage. As for the second, that’s an area with strong indoor and outdoor coverage but there’s currently work being carried out on one of the local masts which is why you may be experiencing slower speeds that usual. Once the works complete you should start to see an improvement, in the mean time – don’t forget the lovely support team on Twitter, if you tweet @ThreeUKSupport they’ll be able to look into your area at any time.

  262. juliette berryman

    Having problems with my iphone 3 signal…
    Used to get a 2/3 bar signal inside now in same room gets no service!
    Generally much worse service in my whole area than used to be! Can you check this please!
    co16 [Removed by mod] and co15 [Removed by Mod]

  263. Luke Foy

    Thank you for the update, hopefully it will be fixed very soon.

  264. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Luke Foy – We’ve spotted an issue with one of your local masts which has been on going for the past 72 hours which could be affecting your coverage. Our team will begin working on your mast as soon as possible.

  265. Luke Foy

    hi, my full postcode is SL9 [Removed by mod]. Thanks for the quick response.

  266. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Luke Foy – So we can look into this for you could you please supply your full postcode.

  267. Luke Foy

    Hi, I am having the same problem as Asif Sadiq on my iPhone 4. My postcode is SL9. It has happened late last week and has been constant. When I leave the area i receive full signal and when I come back the signal remains for about an hour and then disappears. I still retain 3G but no signal for calls or texts. I have attempted the network reset settings, removing the sim card wiping and replacing and I have done a hard reset of the phone but the problem persists.

    Please help

  268. Moderator: Kaz

    @Asif Sadiq – I’ve just checked for any issues in your area and all the masts local to you are working fine, no issues have been reported. I will pass your comments onto our network team to look into, but things should be working fine.

  269. Moderator: Kaz

    @gavin hall – Please can you supply a full postcode and I’ll check for any issues in your area.

  270. Asif Sadiq

    I have been using my iPhone 4s since November/Dec 2011 with no problems both indoors/outdoors. Over the last 5days the internet has bascially switched off, however when I leave the area, comes back to life no problems.
    Now I don’t get any incoming or outgoing calls either. The phone has been reset, reset back to factory settings and even Apple have looked at it and no issues found. I suspect a problem with the mast side of thngs. Really frustrating and I have been a 3 customers for 8yrs plus.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  271. gavin hall

    hi im having problems with signal loss, i usually have three bars inside but the last couple of days the phone keeps going from one bar to searching then no service, its costing me a fortune as im a locksmith and rely on calls to make a living. do you know of any problems in my area, postcode is ts8

  272. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Rob E – It looks like there may be an issue with the smartphone if you’ve had no signal since July 2011, you’re in an area with indoor and outdoor coverage and there’s no outstanding issues where you live. I’d recommend calling 333 or taking your phone into your local 3Store so it can be sent off for repair.

  273. Rob E

    Hi There,

    Are there any issues or have there been any issues in the WR5 [Removed by Mod] area, have had no network since Jul 2011 (previosuly i did with my iphone 3gs), I am using an iphone 3gs.

    Have logged the issue, no resolution as yet.

  274. Moderator: Kaz

    @Scott Simmons – I’ve just checked for issues in your area and there is a recently activated site which is currently faulty. There is planned work due to start early next week on this mast which will fix the issue. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  275. Scott Simmons

    hey i posted a comment here before my full post code is (REMOVED) ive been having no signal even outside ! 1 bar signal if that outside

  276. Moderator: Kaz

    @neil – I’ve just checked for any issues in your area and all local masts are working fine at the moment. We have a Tips page on our website to help you gain better signal on your phone. If none of this works, we can arrange a call to discuss this in more detail with our customer services team.

  277. neil

    Hi there,
    I live in Kings Lynn, Norfolk, (removed)and when outdoors I have internet at between 2-4mbps Which Im happy with.
    Indoors however, the network connection drops to so little I cannot access any internet services.
    When I have no 3G, I cannot access ANYTHING!!!!
    My telephone signal is also VERY weak indoors, often dropping to 0bars and a “searching” message appears where |||3 once was.
    So worried that I’ve just signed up to this for 2 years… :’-(
    Hope someone can help?


  278. Moderator: Kaz

    @Chris Ryan – Sorry to read that you’ve been having issues with signal recently. I’ve checked for any mast issues in your area and found a couple of problems. One newly activated mast is currently faulty and should be fixed within the next week and another mast is also faulty and being fixed over this weekend. If you continue to experience issues next week please let us know.

  279. Chris Ryan

    I moved to three network on an iPhone 4s about 6 weeks ago and was extremely pleased with the signal and speed. However in the last few weeks despite showing full 3G signal the speed is much slower and there are often periods of time when i can not load email, facebook etc and it says no signal.

    Also whilst making calls it will suddenly just cut off, and then the phone will say searching for signal. A few minutes pass and i ohone back only for the same thing to happen again. The signal does not break up or go weak but just suddenly cuts off.

    I am confused as for about a month i had no issues whatsoever so struggle to see how my signal could have got worse

    I live In Birmingham City Centre (REMOVED)

  280. Moderator: Sedge

    @Lindsey Earl – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and there’s maintenance work being carried out in your area at the moment which is why you’re experiencing different coverage to usual. Once this works complete you should start to see an improvement.

  281. Lindsey Earl

    I’ve not had a 3G signal on my phone all weekend. It just constantly says either E or o. My postcode is G83 [Removed by mod] but it happens at work also (still in the G83 postcode) I’ve turned my phone on and off a few times. Its an iPhone 3gs

  282. Moderator: Johanna

    @Scott Simmons – Sorry to hear that, we need a full postcode to check this out for you?

  283. Scott Simmons

    ive been having no signal starting today whats going ? i live in the so16 area i cant even make calls or sends txtes ?

  284. Moderator: Kaz

    @penny – Sorry to read that you are experiencing issues with signal at the moment. I’ve just checked for any issues with your local masts and can confirm the two closet are currently faulty. There is work planned for this weekend to fix both these masts so hopefully your coverage will return to normal very soon. Very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  285. penny

    Total loss of signal for phone for last three or four days (REMOVED)

  286. Moderator: Sedge

    Daya – Sorry to hear you’re having coverage issues. So I can look into this for you, could you please send through your full postcode.

  287. Daya

    Hi, I work near NN4 area & strangely there has been no 3 network coverage on my Iphone 4 from morning 11am. I tried my cell turning off & on several times but no luck. It says ‘No Service’ available. Also tried removing the simcard, even still the same. This is getting annoying little bit now, as I have been losing important calls. Request you to rectify the problem. If required any more info, please email me. Thanks.

  288. Moderator: Johanna

    @Matthew Andrews – There may have been some maintenance in your area, or a mast upgrade. We do try and inform all customers with an sms if there is planned work though, so apologies if you didn’t hear. Is it all working ok now?

  289. Moderator: Johanna

    @rebecca Kelly – Is this a new phone? Or did it have signal and you’ve now lost signal?

  290. Matthew Andrews

    Just a query I was using my 3G signal fine on my iPhone 4 on Friday, then yesterday and today it would not work at all, despite full signal, I could not access anything. Could someone please explain this to me, as I use my phone to access all my emails while at work.

  291. rebecca kelly

    please can you let me know why i cant get any signal on my iphone at all. it says no signal contantly – i have tried restoring settings 10 times! took sim out plenty of times, switched to areoplane mode numerous times and it still says no signal… please can somebody help me

  292. Moderator: Kaz

    @Kamran Akhtar – Really sorry to read about all your issues. I can either check for any upgrades in your area, but it sounds like this has already happened or arrange for another call so customer services can discuss this in more detail. If you would like me to check for coverage, please can you provide a full postcode.

  293. Kamran Akhtar

    Ongoing network issues! Something has gone wrong with Three. Is it possible that the demise of Three piggy backing on a 2g network has created coverage problems? My story, July the 11 2011, received text advising that network service would be improving in the M19 area. However since that date, I started to get “network lost” messages on my Iphone 4! Prior to this I was getting 2 to 3 bars. Rasied complaints et al, but told many stories from network mast issues to increase of users in the area. However at the end of December 2011 I was told that all maintenance work was done! But I was still getting network lost messages every other minute on my phone! Not good. Having upgraded to an Iphone 4 in November 2010, as well as paying a £100 charge, I was now told by Three that technically there was nothing they could do! Very strange, as if I could not pay the bill Three would start immediate legal proceedings! However if Three could not provide service, then I would still have to pay the monthly bill! Anyway after speaking to options teams, they advised that initially they could deduct about £2.50 from my bill, this was later increased to a massive £5! If I wanted to cancel the contract, as I get disrupted service at home, then I would have to pay £250, this would drop to £125 if I returned my Iphone!! I could go on, but not happy with how they have treated me. Considering that I’ve been with Three since 2007, and normally I do get good customer service, not happy at all at the moment! Looks like I will be seeking advice as to what I can do. My advice to all Three customers, be very wary! If you get a text message advising of network upgrade, then pray that normal service resumes otherwise you may find yourself tied into a long contract with no service!

  294. adam sheard

    i only want to make or recieve calls i have to stick my phone in the air and place a broom in my rectum just to get one bar on the signal totaly rubbish provider and i have only had the phone five days and i cant CANCEL MY CONTRACT FOR 24 MONTHS i will slag 3 network till i drop the( yards nice and swept though ! )

  295. Moderator: Johanna

    @Simon Quinn – I’ve had a look at your postcode and can’t see any planned maintenance or site upgrades at the mo. It may be that your nearby masts are congested at peak times due to a higher level of users than a few years ago. We use 2G masts as fallback in some areas but not all. If you call 333 they’ll be able to take a better look at this for you. Sorry we can’t be more help from here.

  296. Simon Quinn

    My self and My partner both have coverage problems in S66 [removed by Mod] we have no coverage in doors, I few years ago it wasn’t to bad but has got worse and worse, I have the Iphone 4 and she has the Galaxy S2. I think this needs to be sorted as customer services assured us we would get a booming signal in the house which is located only 0.45 away from site S0225 Maltby Streetworks.

    Was wondering if we are meant to piggy back off a 2 g network when the signal is bad as well

    Cheer and hope you can all help out.

  297. Moderator: Johanna

    @Richard – We need a full postcode to check the network for you please?

  298. Richard

    i have been experiencing problems with the network recently. It has gone down regularly at least once a week for about 12 hours an its getting ridiculous. As we don’t have a home phone we have to rely on mobiles and when the network goes down we have issues such as missing important interviews and meetings because there was no way we could be contacted. i have missed at least 4 job opportunities dues to network failure. It is really getting out of hand an I am considering changing network unless the problem can be solved.

  299. Moderator: Kaz

    @Rich Hall – Really sorry to read that, please can you send me a full postcode and I’ll check for any issues or upgrades in your area.

  300. Rich Hall

    The coverage on 3 in Glasgow (G32) has been atrocious over the past 72 hours – I have complained twice to 3 customer services. It is not my Iphone as I tried another providers sim in and Internet worked fine. Over capacity was blamed by 3 operator which is frustrating and disappointing after an excellent service Pre Christmas.

  301. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dawn D – That does sound frustrating – apologies! I’ve had a look at the network using the postcode you sent and can see that a nearby mast is congested, but this shouldn’t be causing as serious a signal issue as you’re experiencing. It’s due for an upgrade in March. For now, I’m going to email you to get some more information and arrange one of the network team to get in touch.

  302. Moderator: Kaz

    @Adam J – Just checked coverage in your area and all looks OK, you should have good indoor and outdoor signal. Unsure why you should be experiencing issues, it could be an issue with you phone. There is no roaming to 2g in your area, the 3g experience should be excellent.

  303. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dawn D – Please can you provide a full postcode so I can check for any issues in your area. Thanks

  304. Adam J

    Hello, recently switched to 3, great coverage in my town centre and okay-ish (max of 2 out of 5 bars) coverage outside my house but in some parts I have very low/ zero/no coverage, but before I switched I checked and it said I had “great indoor coverage” yet I feel there is a problem with one of the macrocells close by? Could you please look into this and maybe look to see if another macrocell could be placed closer as the area seams to be a bit of a dead spot. I was thinking there may be some interference or cancelation of the EMW being used?
    Secondly, is it still true that 3Mobile users will roam onto T-Mobile/Orange 2G signal when we have no coverage? If so this is not happening for me, I would appreciate at least 2G at my home for Text/Phone as I have WiFi for internet.
    Postcode: (removed)
    Thanks in Advance.

  305. Dawn D

    Hi, I live in the HU9 area and for 3 weeks making calls and receiving calls has been a nightmare, I am only able to hear every second or third word that people are saying, yet they say they hear me perfectly. I bought a blackberry torch and took it back to the shop saying it was faulty, I have a Samsung galaxy s and still the same problem, I called three they said it was a faulty sim so I got a replacement. Still the same problem. I know 2 other people on 3, and they are both having the same problems. Any work going on or mast problems? Its frustrating yelling people I can only text :-\

  306. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Nick S – Could you send through your full postcode so we can look into this for you.

  307. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Patrick – We can confirm that we are investigating bringing Femtocells to Three. At the moment we can’t commit to a timescale but our intention is to make it available for our customers in the future.

  308. Nick S

    I live in Postcode area GL51 and have noticed that the signal has all but dropped out when it was in fact pretty much full strength?

    Any ideas on whether there is any work going on nearby?



  309. patrick

    HI I would love to get 3 with one plan just in my area there is very limited signal is there any signal booster one can get to put in the house I don’t know if such a thing exists, the signal is fine 200metres from the house.

  310. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Wayne – I’ve taken a look at your postcodes, in the first location you’re in an area with strong indoor and outdoor coverage but one of your local masts is being worked on. A problem was raised and our team are working on getting this back up and running as soon as they can. As for the second location, there’s improvements being carried out on three of your local masts at the moment which is why you may be having issues connecting to our network, you’re usually in an area with indoor and outdoor coverage here. Have you always had issues or is this only recent?

  311. Wayne

    Any ideas on this? My iphone shows i have 3G but, when i attempt to connect to anything, i get a message saying no internet connection. Even my imessages are going through as text messages. This is happening at two postcodes, De56 [Removed by mod] and De55 [Removed by mod].

  312. Sam

    I’m currently sitting in westifields nr Shepherds Bush and trying to use a 3 modem, signal is fine but the speed is awful, am guessing this is down to network congestion. I have managed to find an open Wifi network, but not really the point when i’m paying for a 3g modem that I don’t use all the time, but when I want to doesn’t work.

    London seems pretty bad in general, is this an ongoing problem for three with people using more and more data on their smartphones and not enough bandwidth to meet demand?

    Kudos though comes with the flip side to this working in a field in newquay on Boardmasters festival, really quick, strong signal sharing my wifi with the rest of the cabin I was working in and even running a voip phone over it no problem.

  313. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Rachel – I’ve taken a look and there’s an issue with your local mast, the issue has been raised and our team will begin work as soon as they can.

  314. Rachel

    I’m having trouble with my phone, all of a sudden,it says no service.
    I’ve been on the Three website and it says there is no problem in this area.
    Postcode is EX13 [Removed by mod], could you have a look please?

  315. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Colin Austin – So we can look into this for you, please could you send your full postcode. Thanks :)

  316. Colin Austin

    I have a similar problem to the previous poster… the start of my postcode is AB25.

  317. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Sarah – Ah! You beat me to it and sent your postcode through – thank you! I’ve taken a look at you’re in an area with strong indoor and outdoor coverage, we’ve found an issue with one of the lasts in your local area which is why you’re struggling with signal at the moment. The problem has been raised and our team will begin work as soon as they can. Let us know if you don’t see an improvement.

  318. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Sarah – Could you send your postcode through to us so we can just double check for you :)

  319. sarah

    Ive had a samsung galaxy s2 fir two weeks, everything was ok til friday, since then my network just doesnt work at all anywhere in my house. This is the third day now and still nothing, how can it just have suddenly stopped working when it wad fine before?? And ive checked the coverage for my postcode and it says i should have full indoor and outdoor coverage. its fine once ive gone out the house but soon as im back its off again. dont see why i should pay for a phone i cant even use half the time. My postcode is ne25 [Removed by Mod].

  320. sarah

    Ive had a samsung galaxy s2 fir two weeks, everything was ok til friday, since then my network just doesnt work at all anywhere in my house. This is the third day now and still nothing, how can it just have suddenly stopped working when it wad fine before?? And ive checked the coverage for my postcode and it says i should have full indoor and outdoor coverage. its fine once ive gone out the house but soon as im back its off again. dont see why i should pay for a phone i cant even use half the time

  321. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mossy – Here are some tips on how to improve signal. Unfortunately we don’t currently offer femtocells. Sorry. Just checked your postcode and the masts in your local area are working ok, you should get outdoor coverage and some indoor coverage.

  322. Mossy

    Can anyone just give ideas on the best and legal way to improve my signal??
    Don’t 3 do anything like vodaphone sure signal? Femocell or whatever, aerial but legal?
    My postcode is (removed) , but I knew when I got it I’d have trouble indoors! So how do I increase the signal?

  323. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Windsor Holden – If you send through your full postcode I’ll take a look for you.

  324. Windsor Holden

    BTW – think the base station near my house in Westerton (nr Goodwood) is down – no cellular network coverage today but WiFi fine…

  325. Scott

    Hi Kaz

    I would like to upgrade that to everyone in my area and the next town across from us have no signal. Have had a lovely 45 min chat to customer support, and a few ring backs, who kindly have given me a week’s free phone but this barely covered the phone call. I work alone so my phone is very important to me and not being given any time frame of a fix is very worrying to me. We used to have G coverage but now nothing.

    Kindest Regards

  326. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Glyn McCartney – I’ve dropped you an email :)

  327. Glyn McCartney

    Moderator: Sedge on September 12, 2011

    @ Glen McCartney – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and you appear to be in an area with indoor and outdoor coverage. Sorry that this isn’t the case :( Would you like me to arrange a call for you from our CS team?


    yes i would , sorry for the late reply. 5 months i have had this iphone 4 and i cant get a signal , although im apparently in a full 3g area.

  328. Moderator: Kaz

    @scott – Just checked coverage in your area and can’t see any issues. Do you roam onto 2g coverage?

  329. scott

    (removed by mod) hello never had a 3g signal here but as from two days ago both me and my wife have no signal at all. Please help

  330. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Tim – Sorry, we must have missed that one. We’re the largest 3G network, we cover 97.5% of the UK so we don’t have any current plans to fall back on any other 3G networks.

  331. Tim

    Is someone going to answer my question please you have skipped it for som reason

  332. Moderator: Johanna

    @Chris m – I’ve had a look at the network in your area and your nearest mast is congested but is being upgraded on November 7, final fix date on November 11. This may be affecting your signal at peak times but shouldn’t mean no indoor and outdoor coverage. I would suggest calling 333 but will be tricky if you can’t use your phones at all. Alternative numbers here. The network team will be able to look into this in more detail for you.

  333. chris m

    Hi, are there any issues near ip20 [removed by Mod]? Both my partner and I cannot get Sig.al indoors or outside. Both on three, different handsets.


  334. Tim

    Tmobile and orange start sharing their 3G cell sites from next week.
    Will this mean 3 customers will be able to use orange 3G cell sites
    Where 3 don’t have 3g coverage

  335. Moderator: Johanna

    @Lee – We need a full postcode to check this out for you please?

  336. Lee

    Is there any issues in M45 ?

  337. Moderator: Sedge

    @ MissLeonardis – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and you’re right – there doesn’t appear to be any issues in your area. Which Nokia device are you using? Have you tried a factory reset?

  338. MissLeonardis

    Hi, I’ve been having problems where I live SE28 [Removed by mod] since Saturday 1st October. Exactly the same as the guys who posted before me. I have a 3G Nokia and although I have full signal, I can’t send or receive message and no incoming or outgoing phone calls. What’s going on? Please do something! Someone has already checked my area and found nothing wrong. The fact that the phone should be working doens’t make a difference to the fact that it isn’t infact working. When I move away from the area the phone works fine again. Please help!

  339. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tom H – Sorry to hear that, I’ve checked your postcode and you shouldn’t be having network issues. You’ve got a newly activated mast nearby and no reported faults. I can see that two nearish masts are being upgraded in November and January, but this shouldn’t be affecting you. If you call 333 they can run some diagnostics for you.

  340. Tom H

    I have an Iphone 3Gs and for the last 2 weeks I have barely been able to make/receive calls or send/receive texts even though it says I have full signal most of the time. Friend also has the same issue Post code is [removed by Mod]. When I travel about half a mile away from this postcode things work again.

  341. Moderator: Kaz

    @paul Sammons – Please can you provide a full postcode and I’ll take a look at any issues in your area.

  342. Moderator: Kaz

    @Isobel M – I’ve just checked coverage in your area and anything looks fine, are you still having issues?

  343. Isobel M

    I have an Iphone 3Gs and for the last four days have barely been able to make/receive calls or send/receive texts even though it says I have full signal most of the time. A friend on the same postcode with a 3 phone is experiencing the same problems. Is the network down here? Full postcode is (removed by mod)

  344. Paul Sammons

    I have suddenly started having problems with mostly the 3G coverage, its around 0.03mb. It is fine when I go to another postcode. My postcode now is PO5.

  345. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Gavin – There’s some work being carried out in your area at the moment which is why you may be experiencing issues. This should be resolved early October so get back in touch if you’re still having problems.

  346. Gavin

    My postcode is cf8[removed by mod]

  347. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Gavin – Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Could you send through your full postcode and I’ll take a look for you :)

  348. Gavin

    I’m so cheesed off I have not been able to call or text from my I phone for exactly a week I call customer services everyday and get fobbed off. I’ve heard there is a mast down and it’s not gonna be fixed until October I don’t see why I should pay my bill as I would be paying for a service I cannot use. Sort it out

  349. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Mac – If you send through your full postcode I’ll take a look at your area and see if there’s an issue.

  350. mac

    Does anyone have any suggestion how to improve the signal on 3 network at home.???

    I recently purchased a I Phone 4 from 3 but it doesn’t work when i am at home (indoors) any suggestion to improve the signal performance?
    Many thanks

  351. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Sandy – If you send through your full postcode we’ll take a look at your area for you.

  352. sandy

    According to 3 Tech Support, they have been experiencing severe network problems since Monday (officially); however, I was not able to connect to data services at all last weekend, and actually much earlier. I find it strange that I haven’t seen any posts about this lack of data connectivity. (The exact error message from Google is: “Can’t establish a reliable data connection to the server.”

  353. Moderator: Kaz

    @rich p – Sorry, we do check a few postcodes weekly and do not keep a record of them. I’ve checked for any issues in your area and can’t say anything different to what Sedge told you on the 13th. Not sure why your coverage should be so inconsistent.

  354. rich p

    Are you kidding? I have already givent it to u. (removed by mod)

  355. Moderator: Kaz

    @rich p – Sorry to read that. If you can supply a full postcode, I’ll check for you.

  356. rich p

    Well iv been with three years and the guy in the three shop said his suddenly stopped working and that a basestation on poole road was down. im fed up with threes inconsistency and have complained to ombudsman now. useless

  357. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Rich P – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and you appear to be in an area with indoor and outdoor coverage. There are two planned masts for your area so once they’re fully up and running you should start to see an improvement in your coverage.

  358. rich p

    I i live jn bournemouth and used to get fine reception until last monday. called support at three which is useless. my gf has an iohone 4 and i have a gs and we both cannot call or go onlne inside. there were no reported issues with the mast, however in the 3 store they said there was.

    i have tried 3 phones 3 sim cards and still nothing. i live in bh4 [Removed by mod]… can any one help?!!

  359. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Glen McCartney – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and you appear to be in an area with indoor and outdoor coverage. Sorry that this isn’t the case :( Would you like me to arrange a call for you from our CS team?

  360. GlynMcCartney

    Hi , i am currently using an iphone 4 and i have terrible coverage with 3. My postcode is BT37 [Removed by mod]. Im at the end of my tether with this. Shocking

  361. Moderator: Kaz

    @Clarke – I can arrange another call, but it will be with the same technical support team. I can’t see any reason why you would have an issue on just your account preventing you to access 2G. They may be a general issue is your area, if you supply a full postcode I can check for any issues in your area.

  362. Clarke


    I’m just off the phone to 3′s iPhone technical support team, who told me that it is currently not possible to access data on 2G. Since my phone only accepts carrier settings from the network, there’s nothing I can do to modify or alter these to try to fix the issue. I’m pretty certain nobody has even checked the account to see if all of the data services have been set up correctly.

    I would actually prefer if you could get me a callback from someone a bit further up the chain. I have been on the phone to technical support 4 times now and they really are about as unhelpful as it gets. If I receive another call that’s going to go nowhere, I’ll be asking for a redirect to cancellations or “Customer Options” as they optimistically call it. I’m getting tired of being thrown from pillar to post and being told numerous different things, yet nobody actually attempting to solve the issue (they haven’t once looked to see if there would be an issue preventing 2G data on my account).

    Thank you.

  363. Moderator: Johanna

    @Clarke – It is possible to access the net via 2G but the experience isn’t great – which is why I think you’re getting conflicting advice/opinions. We don’t have a technical team that can speak to you by email. I can arrange a call for you?

  364. Clarke


    I can access data when I’m on 3G, but not 2G. When I contact Three’s “technical support” (bit of a joke term, if I’m honest), they tell me that the iPhone was not “designed” to work on a 2G network (despite other 2G networks selling the device), and therefore will not work on one, which, as I’m sure you know, is rubbish.

    I remember one time I was in an EDGE area where data worked for about 5 minutes, but then just stopped again. I simply don’t know what would be causing this. Is it something to do with my account?

    Apart from this, other sources have told me that I can’t access any data over 2G (Three, forum posts, etc). Some say I can (yourselves, Three store, etc) At this point I’m getting a bit sick of it all. I hear numerous different things from different people. 3′s customer service don’t really even understand what I’m asking them, and if they do, I get some rubbish answer that isn’t even correct.

    I ask again, can someone please contact me regarding this (possibly by email), so I can seek further assistance? Data is essential for my work, and not having it every time I fall out of a 3G area is very frustrating. If I *should* be getting it, I’d like to explore some avenues in which to obtain data services in 2G areas.

  365. Moderator: Johanna

    @Clarke – Have you ever been able to access data services on your phone? If not, the activation process may not have been fully completed. We have a number of videos about setting up your phone on our website, it may be worth a look. I’m afraid though we’re not a technical team, you will need to contact customer services on 333 and they’ll look into this for you.

  366. Clarke


    This issue is not post code related. It happens in any location where I do not have 3G. The phone refuses to allow any data whatsoever when there is a circle or an E on my phone (indicating GPRS and EDGE coverage areas)

    Examples of post codes where this happens are BT63 6NS, BT34 4QT, BT60 2PS. However, the issue is not with these post codes in particular. I travel around the Northern Ireland area extensively and I find in ANY location where there is no 3G, I have no data.

    If I should be getting data, can someone (preferably knowledgeable), please contact me regarding this. I am very seriously considering moving to an alternative network because I very much require continual access to certain data services, and on Three this is not being provided.

  367. Moderator: Kaz

    @Clarke – you should be able to get data when roaming onto 2g, however we would not recommend this and would only want our customers to experience the mobile internet using our 3g network. Please can you provide a full postcode so I can check for any issues in your area.

  368. Moderator: Kaz

    @Kindle – Please can you supply a full postcode so I can check for any issues in your area

  369. KIndle

    Hi – am having connection problems on 3g in the SE27 area – this has been ongoing for the last month – is there a reason for this?

  370. S. Ashton

    In 2008 I took out a rolling monthly contract from Cribbs Causway in Bristol . I only needed 3 months as I was only in Temp accommodation till I moved into my new house. Advised the sales assistant and he said ok. signed everything went in in FEB 2008 to let them know I no longer needed the Dongle and gave 31 days notice. Only today got letter to say I owe money on an account 3 1/2 years ago and that nothing was cancelled. Stupid me did not cancel my DD and have not looked at my account to see what was coming out my own fault. But called up customer service only to be told your own fault you still need to pay. I said I cancelled they said sorry you did not. Very one sided. Told them to check to see if the Dongle had been used, They would not. If they had taken the time to check they could of seen no one had been using that dongle in the last 3 1/2 years,. They were NOT interested at all in what I had to say at all. Very valuable lesson learnt here, you will always be wrong in the eyes of 3 no matter what has happened.

    Will never use them again, just cancelled my 3 mobile with them as well. Will never recommend them ever. In fact if you are thinking of using 3 think again,

  371. Clarke

    Despite 3 increasing their 3G network coverage, there are still places where I roam onto the 2G network served by Orange (Mainly postcodes in the BT32, BT34, BT62 and BT60 areas). On my iPhone 4 I am unable to use data on this 2G network (although calls and texts are possible). Despite numerous searching around, I am unable to come to a solid conclusion as to why I cannot get basic data when I go onto 2G. There was no notification at the start of my contract that this would be the case, and upon questioning the staff in more than one 3 store, I was told that I should be able to get 2G data, even though it would be slow.

    Can someone please tell me why I cannot get any data when I roam onto GPRS/EDGE served by Orange on my iPhone 4?

    Thank you.

  372. Moderator: Kaz

    @David A – Sorry to read that. I can confirm that your local mast has a fault and is being looked into as a matter of urgency. Afraid i can’t give you any timings on when it will be fixed, but hopefully should not be long. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  373. David A

    Over last 12 months my 4 phones have lost most of their signal, and over the last 24hrs have lost it completely, what is going on with the 3 network. It has gone from good to bad….full 3G signal to nothing in (removed by mod)

  374. Moderator: Johanna

    @Galina – I’ve had a look at your postcode and can see your nearest mast is congested. There is some planned work but I can’t access the dates I’m afraid. There’s also a new mast planned for your area. If the issues continue you will need to chat to our team at 333, to look at your options.

  375. Moderator: Johanna

    @Les Sullivan – We’re always looking at different options and ways to improve our network, so it’s possible we may look at this as an option. In the meantime do you want me to check your postcode for improvements?

  376. Les Sullivan

    So many signal strength problems could be resolved if 3 would make available some sort of signal booster, even if it means individual customers paying for it.
    I get an adequate signal outside the home and none inside unless next to a window.
    I am tempted to try one of the (illegal) solutions advertised out of sheer frustration.

  377. Galina

    Hello,I live in tw14[removed by Mod} in the last 5-6 days i lost reception when indoors. Its ok if I’m outside the arie but in there I have no coverage at all. I call 333 four days ago and they promissed that in 3 days they’ll fix it. Nothing yet. Can I cancel my contract if this continue like that?

  378. M.Smith

    @Kaz Many thanks, I appreciate your help. My contract is up tomorrow and I am looking to renew with Three, I did not want to do so if the postcode discussed would be losing its 2G coverage and not benefit from a usable 3G reception. Based on the fact that 2G is to remain in place, I will confidently enter into a further 12 month contract. Problem is that the village in question is not my permanent residence and as such I would expect not be eligible for a refund should my coverage be affected in some way in that area.
    Thanks again.

  379. Moderator: Kaz

    @M.Smith – There are no plans to removed 2g back up in the areas that still have it, yours being one of them. Unfortunately I can’t confirm that you will have any Three signal following the new mast. It will be minimal. Sorry I can’t help any further.

  380. M.Smith

    Following from my previous message of August 1: Many thanks Sedge for your response, I did try calling 333 and they were unfortunately of little help. Can I just confirm that once the mast you mentioned in your reply is up and running, that there will be Three coverage at the postcode (removed by mod), mentioned in my previous message.
    Also, my second question: I read on the Three blog somewhere that the remaining areas which still benefit from the Orange 2G backup, the above mentioned postcode being one of these, are going to continue for the foreseeable and not be removed. I believe the moderator said that there are no plans to remove any more 2G backup, what still remains is to be left in place. Could you please confirm, because the postcode I mentioned has an excellent 2G coverage via Orange at the moment.
    Many thanks again.

  381. Moderator: Kaz

    @marka – There are a couple of faulty masts in your area, we are working to fix them at the moment. They should both be fixed within the next 2 weeks which will improve your coverage.

  382. marka

    Postcode (removed by mod) signal is very poor and it is a struggle to text and call. Is there any plans to improve the network in this area?

  383. Moderator: Kaz

    @BERNICE – Really sorry to read that you are having issues. I can check for any mast upgrades in your area if you supply a full postcode. Other than that, I could arrange for someone in customer services to give you a call.

  384. BERNICE

    have been with you for over ten years, the last 2 years since you started updating has been horrific…… a signal one day, then not the next, i am fed up of ringing.
    I have 3 handsets in the family ….. and when i needed a phone urgent, none of them worked AGAIN…………. I have recommended you in the past, but can assure you that the last week when i have had messages on 3 x 3 handsets…. no USIM etc., and when i ring you, i am told your updating in thepa23 area and turned all sims off……….. ridiculous. Is it tooooo hard to text people prior to updates and advise them that work will be commencing and may cause some disruption with their phones etc.,, or is this to easy…. well enough is enough now…..

  385. Stevegerrard

    Thanks someone finally telling me the truth as the tech guys still claim it’s my phone.

  386. Moderator: Kaz

    @Stevegerrard – Thanks for supplying your postcode, I have checked coverage in your area and there are two local mast which are faulty. This will temporarily impact coverage and looking at our service checker there is work planned to fix both of them by the end of next week. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  387. Stevegerrard

    Thanks it’s (removed by mod)

  388. Moderator: Johanna

    @Emil Talev – Sorry to hear that, I’ve checked your postcode and I can see that your nearest mast is congested but there’s no upgrade date listed. There’s also a new mast planned for the end of the year. But as for the immediate issue, I’m afraid I can’t tell what the issue is from here but if it works in some locations not others then it’s almost certainly a network issue not a phone issue. Our network team, within customer services should have a little more info, numbers here.

  389. Emil Talev

    Hi, I have serious problems connecting to the 3 network in my workplace at EC1N {removed by mod}. Can’t make calls or access the internet, restarting the phone doesn’t help. The problem started yesterday and is persistent; everything was working fine last week. When I got home the coverage seemed to be ok after restart. Then this morning the same problems again at the workplace. Are there any network upgrades in the area or could this be a phone issue?

  390. Moderator: Johanna

    @Stevegerrard – Happy to look into this but I need a full postcode to check this for you?

  391. Stevegerrard

    Hi I’ve been having trouble accessing Internet on 3 unless I use my wii fi.3 of my friends from same area also cannot access Internet.3 tech services claim thus is my phone but how can that affect others?is there a problem in dd11 area that were not being told about?any help would be appreciated.thanks

  392. Moderator: Johanna

    @JulioG – Thanks for letting us know… I’ve checked your postcode and there is some work going on, on your nearby mast – finish date August 15. Apologies for the patchy signal in the meantime. If you want more detail give 333 a call as they often have more info on network faults and improvements.

  393. JulioG

    Mods: postcode SE5 [removed by Mod]. There must be something wrong with the mast serving that postcode as, once again, I’ve lost coverage inside my house since last Friday. Is there any way to find out what is going on?

    I have to admit that I’ve been always very keen on recommending (in various occasions successfully) your network in the past to friends and family, but I will have to rethink to do so in future as having troubles with the same mast more than five times in one year (basically since you started your broadly advertised “network boost”) is not acceptable. I don’t understand why it does not get a permanent fix once and for all.

  394. Moderator: Sedge

    @ M.Smith – I’ve taken a look at your postcode again and unfortunately the new mast isn’t up and running yet. I cannot confirm the timings of the mast but if you give 333 a call they’ll be able to let you know more information on the mast.

  395. M.Smith

    Hi there,

    Just a quick check on the progress of proposed coverage at the YO22 [Removed by mod] postcode. I understood that there are new masts proposed to improve coverage on the main Whitby stretch across the North York Moors generally, though I have no information currently as to the locations or how much it would benefit the given postcode. Now that Orange have joined MBNL, is it likely that the 2G mast that Orange currently have in the centre of the said village, be brought into the project, or are we only looking at 3G Orange sites to be added? Any coverage at all at the mentioned postcode would be great though, many thanks in advance for your feedback.

  396. Moderator: Johanna

    @Paul Stephens – Sorry to hear coverage isn’t great. There is a new mast planned for you area, so it should improve but I’m afraid we don’t have a date. It may be worth calling 333, they can often access more detail then we can.

  397. Paul Stephens

    Please can someone advise with issues affecting three in TA24 [removed by Mod]. I work at Butlin’s and coverage on team lines is very poor. I received a text last week saying the network was being improved for this postcode but I have noticed no change. When I checked the three website it states no planned maintenance for this postcode. Please could someone confirm what is happening? When I made a comment on three’s facebook page, I was told a new transmitter was being implemented in three months. Many thanks, Paul.

  398. JulioG

    Sedge: That is strange as both Johanna and Kaz were. She mentioned originally 19th as the day of completion and Kaz reconfirmed yesterday the date. So I don’t quite understand why are you saying now you are unable to confirm timing in the blog when other had in the past. I wish I could call 333 and enquire about the issue but, again, I cannot at present as coverage is bad, very bad. I always got an answer in this blog but not in this occasion. Dissapointing

  399. Moderator: Sedge

    @ JulioG – Unfortunately we’re unable to confirm timings on the blog, you’d need to speak to a member of the CS team.

  400. JulioG

    I don’t think is advisable to sugest me to call 333 because, as you can imagine, the coverage is almost non existent and a telephone call would be almost impossible. Is it not possible for you to call them and then let us know on this blog about the new timing on when the work will be completed?… There are at least three people at my office pending on the issue being resolved.

  401. Moderator: Sedge

    @ JulioG – The works not complete yet, there’s still an affected mast in your area. I can’t confirm timings on when this work will be complete, if you give 333 a call they’ll be able to let you know more details of the work that’s being carried out. Sorry that you’re experiencing poor coverage with us at the moment.

  402. JulioG

    Mods: Postcode WC2E [Removed by mod]. Upgrade of mast did not finished yesterday as reception is still very poor. Any update on the issue? Sorry to be so persistent, but I use my mobile quite often for work but in the last week it has been a little bit of a nightmare with lots of missed calls. Surery there must be a lot of people affected by this as the mast is located in Covent Garden in London.

  403. Moderator: Kaz

    @JulioG – Just checked your postcode and the work should finish today, but can’t confirm that just yet. Also, a couple of sites close by are due upgrades soon which should improve coverage even more.

  404. JulioG

    Johanna. Today is 19th and signal is stil the same. any update on the mast upgrade covering postcode (removed by mod)

  405. Moderator: Johanna

    @JulioG – No probs at all, I’ve checked and your nearest mast is being upgraded, due for completion on July 19. Sorry it’s an issue at the mo, let us know if you are still having issues after the 19th.

  406. JulioG

    Postcode WC2E [removed by Mod]. Can you check what is going on at this postcode as a usually a very strong signal has banished almost completely.

  407. William


    Thanks for the reply, hopefully the mast upgrades will result in an even better signal.

    It would be much easier though if Three published details of their current and planned upgrades; after all, if my signal vanished due to an upgrade I can’t ring anyone up to ask about someone about why I don’t have any signal.



  408. Moderator: Johanna

    @William – I’ve had a look at your postcode and your nearest mast is being upgraded – due for completion on July 5th. Two other nearby masts are having work done, finish dates, June 26 and July 10.

  409. William


    My postcode is BN1 [Removed by Mod] and the Three antenna nearest to me (and the only one within range) is BN0139.

    There are other Three antennas relative near me (BN0190, BN0266 and BN0017) but the local topography and the poor diffraction properties of Three’s 2100 Mhz frequency (compared to the 900 Mhz and 1800 Mhz GSM bands that the other mobile operators have use of) prevents me from picking up the signal from your other antennas (as Three will probably be biding for some of the 800 MHz band ofcom is auctioning off this should help increase the range although I’m not sure whether you’ll be allowed to operate UMTS/HSPA on that band or whether it would be solely for LTE transmission which would be of no use to anyway with a non-4g phone).

    The signal has actually come back this morning and seems to be holding steady at around -110 dBm suggesting whatever fault there was with the antenna was fixed last night after 2 or 3 days of no signal.



  410. Moderator: Johanna

    @William – Thanks for your feedback. It certainly seems to be an area of interest for you! :-) You’re right we are always looking for ways to better communicate to you guys and we know that plans for our network are of interest too many. Maybe not quite in the same level of detail you’re after though ;-) This is something we’re always looking at and although I can’t confirm anything it’s definitely on the radar. You will need to send us the full postcode if you’d like us to check the network in your area – I won’t publish it in full. We can’t search on our team’s system for mast numbers.

  411. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tim Evans – As much as we’d love to give you the detail, we can’t just yet. We are looking at ways in which we can keep you guys updated, so keep an eye on our blog.

  412. Tim Evans

    Will Hspa+ be rolled oiut across the country if so could u tell me by when please

  413. William

    Hi Mods

    I am a student at the University of Sussex and for the last 2 or 3 days the Three signal across campus (including my halls of residence) has been virtually non-existent, appearing for a couple of hours occasionally but generally nothing for the last few days, and nothing today. Whilst the signal strength in my halls of residence is not usually that strong anyway (approximately -110dBm) there isn’t even any signal in the parts of campus where the Three signal is usually very strong (usually between -70dBm and -90dBm). This problem doesn’t just affect me as I have 2 friends who are also on Three and who have had no signal anywhere on campus for the last few days either (contact me if you would like contact details for them).

    I would be grateful if one of the mods could check the current operational status of the Three antenna with the reference number BN0139 and get back to me with the antenna’s current status, or pass the query on to Three’s technical team if that data is not available to you.

    It may also be of note that this isn’t the first time that the Three signal across the University has disappeared; for about a week in the middle of January this year there was also no signal due to water leaking into the antenna during a period of persistent heavy rain and that recently the weather has also been heavy persistent rain, suggesting potential water damage to the antenna’s electrics again.

    I look forward to hearing from you as to the cause of the signal outage.



    P.S. It would be quite helpful if Three had a map and/or database on their website with their antenna locations along with their current operational status and, if non-operational, the approximate date on which repairs are going to be carried out on so as a customer I can identify what is causing the problem and know when it should be fixed by. This would remove the uncertainty and stress of not knowing when I am going to be able to use my phone as a phone again. This facility wouldn’t create any more risks from a security point of view as the antenna locations are already published on Ofcom’s sitefinder website (hence how I know the reference number of the Three antenna which serves campus) and are thus already in the public domain meaning the risk of criminal damage and/or theft wouldn’t increase by publishing the data yourself. Furthermore from a customer service and network reliability point of view it would show a commitment to openness by Three on the part of network coverage and reliability and provide an incentive to perform repairs as fast as possible as proof of high reliability of your network, as well as lay down a challenge to the other mobile phone companies to open up their network data as well which would allow customers to decide who truly has the best coverage and the best reliability.

  414. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ed Bilboe – Sorry to hear you’re experiencing coverage issues. If you send through your full postcode I’ll take a look at your area and see if there’s any issues at the moment which would explain the change in your coverage.

  415. Ed Bilboe

    Hi I have noticed a significant deterioration in the 3 network, at home in Bridgwater the signal disappears rendomly throughout the day as it does elswhere in Somerset, Devon and Cornwall, seeminlgy random and in all areas, towns, major population areas and different times of the day and night. In addition my 3 dongle that has worked well for 2 years in London Apprentice in Cornwall now drifts in and out of a signal as if it is now on the very fringe of a signal as does my mobile signal in the same area (a year ago it was fine)
    My contract is up in a week and although the best deals are on 3 if I can’t make a phone call the best deal in the world is pointless… I have read a that 3 are expecting to have the best coverage soon but is this hype or is it worth me taking a deal now and sitting tight? If I were to rate the 3 coverage at the moment I would have to say that it is diabolical :-(

  416. Moderator: Kaz

    @Jitta – That’s a strange one. Please can you supply your postcode so I can check for any issues in your area.

  417. Jitta

    i have had an iphone 4 on the one plan for over a month now and recently have been having a few problems. Even though it says i have a 3g connection it doesn’t connect to the internet and limits my phone usage, any application that need the internet will not initialize.
    It has just started happening out of the blue a couple of days ago and checked to see if there was coverage in Blackburn and the website said it was fine.
    I also have mobile broadband with three and that has been working perfectly so can you please tell me what could be wrong with it?

  418. Moderator: Kaz

    @Tim – I’m afraid there are no plans to add any masts in your area at the moment. But that does not mean any will be added towards the end of this year.

  419. Tim

    sorry Kaz i was meant to ask was there any new cell sites planned in (removed by mod)

  420. Moderator: Kaz

    @BB – I have just checked your postcode and looks like you should get good outdoor coverage with some indoor coverage. I have also checked to see if there are any improvements planned in your area and nothing planned just at the moment. lastly, I can confirm that 2g Orange backup is not available in your area. Sorry I can’t give you more positive news.

  421. BB

    I am looking at changing my contract from Vodafone to 3 but am concerned about the poor coverage in my area, (removed by mod). Do you have any plans to do any upgrades to older masts or place new masts in this area. Also do you still have the 2G backup agreement with Orange as acording to the Ofcom site finder the are several Orange GSM cells near by one of which is along my road.

  422. Moderator: Kaz

    @Tim – I have checked the masts in your area and all are working OK. However coverage is not great in places and coverage may be patchy.

  423. Tim

    Any update on cell sites in the ( removed by mod) area please.

  424. Mark S

    Thanks @Kaz. Can I assume that the Orange 2G backup will remain in place until the village in question and it’s surrounding villages obtain 3G coverage? Thanks again

  425. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mark S – There is a site planned within the next 3 months and an upgrade of another mast due in the next few weeks. This should improve coverage, but it still will not be great coverage. Sorry I can’t give you more positive news.

  426. Mark S

    Just wondered about the progress with three coverage at the (removed by mod) postcode? Many thanks

  427. David

    I visited Lyng in Norfolk yesterday & not only was there no 3G signal there was not even any regular phone signal. I had to drive several miles nearer to Norwich before it was even possible to send a text!

  428. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Maxine – Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve taken a look at the first postcode, you’re in an area with good indoor and outdoor coverage so you shouldn’t have any issues there. There’s no known issues at that location either. As for the second postcode, you should receive strong indoor and outdoor coverage and there aren’t any issues there either so overall it looks like you’ll be fine for signal.

    When you’re phone arrives, if you’re unhappy get back in touch – we’re here to help :-)

  429. Maxine

    I’m waiting on a Blackberry to be delivered which, will be on a pay monthly The One Plan. After reading reports on the net I now have a major concern regarding coverage.

    The area that the phone will be used Monday to Friday is HG3 [Removed by Mod] and, it must be able to be used indoors. I’ve looked on the map and its looking like coverage is mainly outdoors only.

    At weekends the phone will be at DE72 [Removed by mod] according to the map we have both indoor and outdoor coverage at this location but, in reality the indoor signal can be extremely poor. (I have another phone on 3)

    Going by the above, am I to assume that there will be no indoor coverage at the weekday location? Or at best, it will be poor? I don’t want to be tied to a 24 month contract IF the phone can’t be used for the majority of the time.

    I would be extremely grateful if you could look into the coverage and/or any issues for that area

  430. Moderator: Kaz

    @Jonathan – Thanks for supplying your postcode, I’ve just checked coverage in your area and looks like you have strong outdoor and indoor coverage. Hopefully see you as a Three customer soon! Please let us know.

  431. Jonathan


    My postcode is (removed by mod)… Thanks

  432. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jonathan – Great news that you want to come back to us :-) If you send us a postcode we can take a look for you…

  433. Jonathan

    Hi, I was with Three UK before but had to leave due to poor signal when I moved. I am keen to move back to Three on the “One Plan”. Could you please tell me what signal I should expect in the Maddiston area. I have checked the website which says I should be fine indoors and out however speaking to colleagues they tell me it can be tempramental.

    Thanks in advance…

  434. Moderator: Johanna

    @John S – I’m sorry to hear you’ve had coverage issues. I’ve had a look at your postcode and can see that there’s an issue with your nearest mast, but I’m afraid I don’t have access to any more detail here. If you call CS, numbers here, then they will be able to run some diagnostics for you. Let us know how you get on.

  435. John S

    Can someone have a look at postcode GU[removed by Mod], have had total loss of service at least 3 times in the past month,
    this includes yesterday and today.
    Also download speed is getting progressively worse when there is a signal.

  436. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mark – I have checked your postcode and there is a new mast planned within the next 3 months however to be honest this will not really benefit you in the postcode you provided. There are no planned masts in your village at the moment. Sorry I can’t give you any better news.

  437. Mark

    Hi, I enquired here in early Feb about planned coverage in the (removed by mod) area. I was told that a new mast was on the cards, but to check back in a months time to find out roughly when this is expected and where it is to be located. I would like to know if it is planned for Goathland village where there is currently only an Orange mast, or for Sleights are near Moor Road?? Many thanks.

  438. Moderator: Kaz

    @kate – I have just checked your postcode and looks like there is an issue with on e of your local masts. It is being looked into and should hopefully be fixed soon. There are no plan to add any more masts at the moment, however we are continuing to improve our network throughout 2011 maybe soon.

  439. kate

    Hi can you tell me if there are any plans to make the signal better in (removed by mod)? Thanks!

  440. Moderator: Johanna

    @James – I’ve had a look at your postcode and can see that work is being done on two nearby masts, today and also on March 9th – this should improve your coverage but give us a shout back after March 9 and let us know.

  441. James

    Hi Kaz

    [removed by Mod]


  442. Moderator: Kaz

    @James – To investigate coverage in your area I need your full postcode. Please can you send it over? (I will not publish it)

  443. James

    You might be improving 3g reception in rural areas, but I live in RG4 a built up area of Reading and have now left the network due to lack of signal. The last straw was the 2g signal being removed leaving me unable to get a signal at all indoors. Having a signal at home is something most people take as a given. I have now moved to o2, but if coverage was brought to this area I’d move back to Three.

  444. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Mark – Due to the rural area that you live in, I cannot say that it’ll 100% reach the second postcode. It will improve signal on the whole though.

  445. Moderator: Kaz

    @Tim – Thanks for your comment. I have taken a look at your postcode and there are no plans to increase the number of masts in your area over the coming weeks. If you continue to have problems with signal the best course of action would be to discuss this issue with CS.

  446. Mark

    As per my previous post, I just wondered if the mast due to be erected which will cover the YO22 [Removed by Mod] post code, will also cover YO18 [Removed by Mod]? Many thanks again.

  447. Moderator: Kaz

    @Tim – Sorry for the delay in my reply, we are having a couple of technical issues with our services checker at the moment so I can’t investigate your postcode. I will pick this up first thing Monday and get back to you asap.

  448. Tim

    Could you please tell me if 3 have got any planned coverage for (removed by mod) orange have got 3g coverage there so i was wandering would 3 be sharing their cellsite now orange are part mbnl.

  449. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mark – I’m sorry I’m unable to check at the mo as I can’t access our network tool, but do keep us posted with any network improvements you notice.

  450. Mark

    @Moderator: Johanna – great news, many thanks for checking. Don’t suppose you could give me the location of where it is planned? Is it in the village of Goathland itself where Orange currently have a mast, or outside of the village towards Grosmont or Levisham? Many thanks again.

  451. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mark – I’ve just taken a look at our service checker tool and I can see that a new mast is planned, but I’m afraid I can’t see a date yet – I can see that it’s not within the next 3 months though. Check back with us in a month or so and we can look again.

  452. Mark

    Many thanks, could you please check YO22 [removed by Mod]. Cheers.

  453. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mark – We are expanding our network throughout 2011, I can check to see if there are any new masts planned in your area in the coming months. If you can provide your postcode, I will check.

  454. Mark

    Hi, I just wondered if you could advise me on 3′s plans to roll out network coverage in the North Yorkshire moors. It seems that 3′s coverage is barely existent in the popular tourist areas of the North York Moors, any plans to improve this? I’ve noticed that 3 also lags far behind the other 3 players in the Yorkshire Dales, Peak District and most of the national parks. Many thanks.

  455. Samantha

    Hi, after the facebook text messages went down again in December they came back on the 04 January only today to have stopped again….. it’s not my phone as happening to a friend as well – any ideas?

  456. Moderator: Johanna

    @Simon – Eyevibe isn’t a site that we actively promote on Planet 3 any more as it doesn’t seem to be as popular – sorry about that.

  457. Simon

    Hi chaps, how do I get in to Eyevibe nowadays? I cannot find a way in through Planet 3 of 3 favourites.; It used to be there. Thanks

  458. Moderator: Johanna

    @Geoff – We asked our network team to take a look at this for you and they’ve said that the output for the closest mast is on maximum at the moment so can’t be increased. We are however optimising our network, which could solve the black spot issue… The network team have asked the drive team to investigate further when they are in your area. So no immediate solutions I’m afraid but we are looking into it.

  459. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Geoff- We’re looking into this for you. I’ll get back to you later today.

  460. Geoff

    hi there could you give me some advice on the network performance for postcode PO3[Removed by Mod] i live in this area and i know where the mast is sited which is on a hotel designed as a flag pole lol. my issue is the strength of the signal from a mast so close to my house is terrible, i was looking at the sitefinder web site regarding your site (site ref PO0091) there and from what it says the cell site has a maximum licensed power out put of 32dwb but you are currently only transmitting at 24.16 dwb. the post code i gave you is in a tiny blackspot in between anothe site and i cant get even a single bar in the house on my iphone 4 and i cant even change the settings to 2g only on the handset as you have removed this feature so its either 3g or nothing. is there a chance in the future that the signal from that mast will be increased to cover the problematic area im in where the sites dont overlap. a bit of a nerdish question i know but ive been with three for many yrs on mobile broadband and now thinking of coming back for my voice calls. thats if the problem is sorted

  461. Moderator: Johanna

    @Samantha – Just to let you know we are still trying to find the reason for the facebook notification issue. As soon as we have an answer and a fix date, I’ll post.

  462. Moderator: Johanna

    @Gabriella – Happy New Year! Sorry you’re also having a few Facebook issues. I’m just following up with the team now to see if they have any more info on this.

  463. Gabriella

    I am having the same problem as Samantha, the message just keeps bouncing around in the outbox, tried removing and replacing the sim, logging out for an hour and then loggine back in, texting F, f, FB, fb, On, on, work you stupid thing!!!!! None of them worked, so I am guessing there must be a wider problem and my mum’s phone wouldn’t send it either so me thinks its 3/FB connection as my other network phone worked fine. Please let me know when its fixed, silly me followed the advice and removed my number and now I have no confirmation code to reactivate it. grrrrrrr….

    Oh and Happy New Year!!!!!!!

  464. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ron – There is no limit on the amount of data you can use on the one plan. Plus download speeds should not be reduced. I’m going to email you for some more account information so I can looking into this in more detail.

  465. Ron


    I just recently signed up to the One plan with “all you can eat data” inclusive on the iphone 4.
    However, im experiencing very low download speeds, less than 1 mb/sec, and somestimes around 1/3 of that.

    I have used the speed.net app to check this with my brothers iphone 4 on o2, and he gets approx 3-4mbs/sec.

    Is 3 network really this slow? (I have also tried outside my home, and it is the same affect.)
    Based on a 3G network, download data speeds, should benchmark around 2-3mb/sec, and the iphone 4 can handle 7.2mb/sec on HSPDA.
    Is this the “catch” on signing for the one plan, having data usage limited?
    If this is the case, i have reason to terminate my contract as the 3 is unable to meet my data needs.

    Pelase advise moderater

  466. Moderator: Johanna

    @Samantha – As far as I’m aware this isn’t a known issue, so thanks for flagging it with us. I’ve contacted our Facebook team to ask them if they have any detail on why this might be happening. I’m afraid due to minimal staff being around this week it may be next week before we can come back to you.

  467. Samantha

    My notifications stopped early afternoon on the 28 December & I’m not alone two other friends also on 3 have stopped having them too……so at least I know it’s not my phone….. I removed my number off Facebook & now I can’t reactivate either so was hoping you could help. Thanks

  468. Moderator: Kaz

    @Samantha – I’m not sure about this one. Are you still having problems with facebook notifications?

  469. Samantha

    Do you happen to know if the facebook text notifications have gone down again because I’m not getting mine so I have deactivated my number & now I can’t reactivate…… thanks

  470. Matthew

    ok, thanks. :)

  471. Moderator

    @Matthew – the signal in your area is patchy and one of your closest masts is congested, with an upgrade date planned for March. If you give 333 a call they’ll be able to run some further diagnostics for you.

  472. Moderator

    @Ranpreet – It sounds like you’re having network issues in your area. Would you like me to arrange a call for you so they can confirm why you’ve had your contract amended?

  473. Matthew

    My postcode is YO11 [removed by Mod]

  474. Moderator

    @Matthew – If you send me your full postcode, I’ll happily take a look for you.

  475. Ranpreet

    I have recently had issues with iphone on 3 network, I have been told that the contract has been cancelled and I have been put up on Sim Zero.
    I am looking for another contract with 3 thinking it was limitation with Iphone, I am not sure if it the Iphone or it is the network, i have once been confirmed by an agent in technical team, that a backup network has been removed from the postcode I live at. Is it worth taking a new contract ?

  476. Matthew

    Whenever I try to make a call to someone it keeps cutting off after about a minute and sometimes will not ring at all, even though I have a full 3G signal at my house. Is there any reason for this?


  477. Mancdaz

    I never received a call even though I gave you my number in response to your email.

    Nevertheless, I called customer services myself. It took 3 calls and around 3 hours on the phone that day, but I have now been released from my contract. Sad, but the tech support confirmed the 2g had been turned off in my area so there was no choice.

    Talal I’d suggest you do the same.

    Goodbye three. I’m sure I won’t be the last person to leave because of this.

  478. Moderator

    @Nick – Please can you send me your account details and I will ask someone in customer services to give you a call. I will not publish any details. Thanks Mod.

  479. Moderator

    @Talal – I have chased our customer services department to give you a call. Really sorry for the delay. Regards Mod

  480. Nick

    Will it be possible to have the internet browsing restrictions removed from my phone? Every time I try to access an adult related site, I get redirected to the 3 restricted area. it’s annoying considering I’m 36 years of age and I can’t even look at an adult joke site, yet 3 are offering me the chance to view porn for a fee.

  481. Talal

    I am still waiting for you call, this is bad customer service and will be in touch with citizens advice beaurau and ofcom with regards to terminating my contract due to lack of service, i cannot afford not to have service when i may be called in an emergency call out.
    This would be dangerous for my clients and bad business on my part!
    Please advice ASAP if you can sort this before i go down tjis route on monday

  482. Mancdaz

    Hi moderator,

    Good to see you’re on the case for Talal. I’m in the same boat, being on 24 7 call, as I mentioned in my first post, and have been waiting for some answer for well over a week now. Any chance you could have someone call me regarding this as I fear I will now have to cancel my contract.

  483. Moderator

    Mark- You live in quite a built up area with lots of trees which will affect your signal level. Although you’re close to a working mast this is getting in the way which is leaving you with only some indoor and outdoor coverage I’m affaid. Currently there aren’t any new masts coming up. Your 3G signal shouldn’t have dropped though. It would’ve always been the same. Hope this helps. Sorry there’s not much to report.

  484. Mark

    Thanks for the reply here is my post code WR9 [removed by Mod]

  485. Moderator

    @ Talal- I’ve sent you an email.

  486. Talal

    I forgot to mention i dont seem to have gprs or 2g when 3g i weak, why is this and does this have something to do with my issue?

  487. Talal

    @moderator they are in the same area bicester oxfordshire and also some are in my street

  488. Talal

    Yes please, after 5pm if possible today otherwise i will have to get back to you as im on 24hr call out hence why this is a major problem to me, what if i have no signal at home when im being called out to an emergency?!!

  489. Moderator

    - Talal- Get them to send their postcodes through. It may be a different situation in their area.

  490. Moderator

    - Talal- I’ve done all the checks that I can here and also rang the fault line to check if there was any temporary problems in your area but there isn’t. Would you like me to arrange a call for you to see if there’s any more information that will pin the problem?

  491. Talal

    I have just been speaking with 4 work mates who are on 3 and they have the same issue infact 2 of them are perminantley on emergencey calls only

  492. Talal

    I have, i even resorted to doing a restore on it as its an iphone but no change, my partner and several of our friends are all experiencing the same issue so i dont think its down to the handset as its not isolated to myself only there are at least 5 others that have same issue 3 of which live on my street

  493. Moderator

    @ Talal- I’ve just had a look at your area and you’re in a great location for signal. You have a mast right next to you which is in good order so you shouldn’t be having any problems with your signal. It could be your handset? Have you tried switching it on and off?

  494. Talal

    Its OX26 [Removed by Mod] thank you

  495. Moderator

    @ Talal- Could you send your full postcode please and I’ll take a look for you.

  496. Talal

    Could you please tell me why my signal i so week all of a sudden? It used to be strong but now its poor and at home its for ever searching my partner has the same problem, this has occured ever since the data outage at the weekend, now i get no signal at home at all where once it was at least 3 bars, we are in bicester oxfordshire

  497. Moderator

    @ Mark- Send through your full postcode and I’ll take a look for you :-)

  498. Mark

    Can you tell me if there is any upgrades happening in the Droitwich area, I have recently been experiencing a very poor signal, and was wondering if there is any work under way

  499. Mancdaz

    I still have zero signal in and around the vicinity of my house. The upgrade appears to have made no difference.

  500. Moderator

    @Mancdaz – When a mast is upgraded it fixes any ongoing issues and improves the service. It’s your side of the M3 near Harvest Crescent. It won’t guarantee your coverage will pick up but it should improve the signal in your area. Keep me posted.

  501. Mancdaz

    Hi moderator. This is interesting news. What exactly does an ‘upgrade’ do to a mast? And how far away is the mast from me? I’m not holding my breath for results, but if this upgrade you speak gives me signal then fair play.

  502. Moderator

    @Mark S – I’m sorry you received conflicting info from our team. We’re only switching off 2G in areas where our 3G coverage is strong. Any change in coverage may affect a few customers, but this does mean a better 3G experience for the vast majority. Our aim is to provide a great 3G customer experience – including Mobile Broadband not just voice and text.  Please contact us if your coverage changes and we can look into it for you, it may be just a local 3G network issue.

  503. Moderator

    @Steve – I’m afraid I need your full postcode to be able to check this out for you. Can you post it and I’ll remove it.

  504. Moderator

    @Oliver Stones – Sorry you’re having coverage issues. I’ve checked out your postcode and can see that 2 of your nearest 4 masts are heavily congested. This will be affecting you – especially at peak times. I’m afraid I don’t have upgrade dates for your nearby masts yet, but they have been flagged. It may be worth dropping 333 a line and registering your issue with them too. If you’re still getting drop calls and 333 don’t give a fix date, comment again in a week and I’ll run another check for you.

  505. Moderator

    @Mancdaz – Thanks for sending your postcode across. I’ve taken a look and your nearest 3G mast is actually being upgraded today…Are you ok to see if coverage improves by close of play tomorrow? Keep me posted and if it doesn’t pick up I’ll ask the team to give you a call and look into this.

  506. Mark S

    I am just looking for some advice please. I was an existing Three customer, happily running a 30 day rolling contract. After speaking with a Three adviser, I agreed to upgrade to a 12 month contract to benefit from a better deal of minutes and data allowance. This I agreed to on the condition that the adviser in question could assure me that there were no imminent plans to remove the Orange 2G backup, rumours about which I had heard on various online forums. I was told in response to my question, that there was definitely no truth in this and that there were in fact no plans to start phasing out the orange 2G backup. Only just over one month into the contract, I have now been informed by another of your operators that in fact this is the case! The ability to roam IS being removed in certain areas where Three coverage is deemed acceptable. There are 5 places which I frequent, where I have always relied on Orange for good reception, I need assurance that Three will not be removing the 2G roaming facility at these places until sufficient Three masts have been erected in those areas. Keeping in mind the fact that 2 of the areas are very remote and Orange is currently the only viable network. Or alternatively, I would like to know if you feel that I have a case for early termination of my contract without penalty, due to the fact that I was misinformed by the network and based my decision on this?
    The places which I mentioned, if this helps at all, are: Folkingham, Ingoldsby, Goathland, Levisham & Barrowden.

    Many thanks for your advice.

  507. Steve

    S44 6 area no 3 network working since Friday the 19th afternoon.

    is there any update on progress other than a call centre saying there is a cell site fault and they will fix it within 14 days!

  508. Oliver Stones

    Hi, I am usually really happy with my signal, however, recently I am not getting a signal in my house, or at best a weak signal that keeps dropping. I miss calls due to this and suffer dropped calls, please can you look in to this for me? My post code is YO15 [removed by Mod] . Cheers. ps this has been happening for nearly a week now.

  509. Mancdaz

    Hi moderator,

    My postcode is gu51 [removed by mod]

    I do believe my problems are due to the 2g switch off that 3 are undergoing. I used to only get 2g in and around my house and had to travel 500 metres to get 3g. Now I still get 3g if I travel 500 metres from my house.

    If this is the case, my contract is untenable.

  510. Moderator

    @Steve – Well I’m pleased it’s back to normal now :-) Sorry you had a shaky service for a few days though.

  511. Moderator

    @Pierre – Sorry to hear that you’re still struggling to use your phone. We can’t spot through the tools we have, what the problem is in your area, so I’m going to drop you an email and gather some details from you and see if our Exec office is able to give you more info.

  512. Steve

    Thanks for looking into the 3G reception problem mod. I got my 3G back today around 4:30pm on the bus. Like I said, the 3G icon appeared on my iPhone but it just wouldn’t connect to the internet for the past couple of days. Now it seems like it is back to normal.

  513. Pierre

    I am confused now. First you say that I have “excellent 3g coverage” then you say that “The GSM signal has not been turned off for all Three customers- only in areas where there is strong 3G coverage”

    So does that mean in my area th GSM signal has or has not been turn off? As from what you have said so far it seems that it has as I should have excellent 3g coverage.

    I have already gone a week without being able to use my phone in my house and I do not really want to have to continue with the situation so I would like a little clarification on what as soon as possible mean.

    As I would rather switch to another company if it’s looking like weeks rather than days.

  514. Moderator

    @ Pierre. The mast will be fixed as soon as possible. Your 3G signal will improve then and it shouldn’t take too long. The GSM signal has not been turned off for all Three customers- only in areas where there is strong 3G coverage. Our 3G coverage now covers 97% of the UK population.

  515. Moderator

    @ Kevin- What’s your full postcode? I’ll take a look for you.

  516. Kevin

    I’m sat in central london (EC4) and my phone is reading emergency calls only. I have just agreed to extend my contract with 3! Also don’t seem to be able to access web services (even planet 3) I have tried from 2 differnet 3 numbers and the same on both. Are there issues with the network today? whats going on!

  517. Moderator

    @ Steve – I’ve had a look at your postcode and you seem to have excellent coverage. Are you still having problems?

  518. Moderator

    @ Mancdaz – Could you send through your full postcode (don’t worry I won’t publish it!) This way I can look at the signal in your area. Thank you :-)

  519. Steve

    Hello, my 3G hasn’t been working for the past 3 days. The 3G icon appears on my phone but the internet does not work at all. I am South London, postal code SE1 [Removed by Mod]

  520. Mancdaz

    My postpone is gu51. I never get 3g signal in my house, but onthe last few days I get no signal at all. I am on call for work, and this is impossible.

  521. Pierre

    Thanks for that. I do get good 3G coverage, but unfortunately not when in my house. In the there I can just about manage 1 bar in one spot in the house and then it keeps cutting out so it is useless to use, so I would use the gsm signal, which I can not get anymore.

    Can you confirm that the gsm signal has been turned off for Three customers?

    Also how long till the new mast will be fully activate? Because if it does not work in my house there is no point staying with Three.

  522. Moderator

    @Pierre – I have just taken a look into the coverage in the area and it looks like you should have excellent 3g coverage. Also, some good news as well, there is a newly activated mast in your area that is not up to full speed yet, but will be soon. Any more questions, please let me know. Regards Mod.

  523. Pierre

    Hi, my post code is W14 (removed by mod)

  524. Moderator

    @ Greg- Right I’ve had a look at your postcode. There’s a mast right next to you which is currently affected which is why you would have experienced a few problems. Really sorry that you were affected. It’s still not 100% so you’ll see some improvement shortly. :-)

  525. Greg Draven

    Hey there.
    Thanks for the reply.
    Turns out that Orange was practically non existent too over the past few days, all seems restored now though.
    The post code where I was having trouble is BN7 [removed by Mod]
    you may be able to see what happened.
    You really notice two days without data of contact with home via the mobile! :-(

  526. Moderator

    @ Pierre. What’s your full postcode? I’ll check your area now :-)

  527. Pierre

    I have lost access to 2G signal where I live (W14). I lose the 3G signal in my house so I need access to 2G, but for the last few days I can’t get a signal even if I try and force my phone on to the GSM Band only.

    Has the mast been turn off in this area? If so I really need to think about moving to another network. Not ideal as I just got someone else to switch to Three to make use of the Three to Three minutes.

  528. Moderator

    @Greg Draven – Sorry to hear you’re having issues and thanks for reporting them. If you send me your full postcode I can take a look for you?

  529. Greg Draven

    It’s great to hear that Three believe their network is tip top above all others.
    I have been with Three since its inception in the UK, and have recommended it to dozens of people (none of which I ever received my £35 referral for!)
    However yesterday and today the Three network where I work has been up and down, yesterday I believe I had coverage for about 30 minutes of the working day!
    Even right this minute when I attempt to Text or Tweet, as my phone tells me I have 2 bars of GPRS, the connection fails!
    I have logged a job with the Network Fault team, but I believe a 5 day contact period is unacceptable.
    All of my colleagues on Three here have the same issue.
    I have a Desire HD.
    Please please please, let me know what it going on.

    Greg Draven

  530. Moderator

    @ Duflet- Sorry to hear you are having network issues. I’ve taken a look at your postcode and I can see you live in an area of patchy coverage. But I cannot see any faults. I’ll drop you an email to get some more emails.

  531. Duflet

    Hi started having some network problems in my home, not all that great outside either. Mine and my wife’s phones (E71 and 3GS) regularly ‘roam’ on Orange 2g but I seem to missing more calls and texts than ever and internet is only useable in certain areas of bedrooms.

    Please say you are not stopping the Orange roaming as no signal would force me to leave. I’m also in my upgrade window but for obvious reasons reluctant to enter into any long arrangements until I know what is going on
    PC: NE38 [Removed by Mod]

  532. Moderator

    @ David- Hey David. Thanks for getting in contact with us. Good to hear that you are a loyal customer :-) If you send me through your postcode (don’t worry I won’t publish your postcode) we will be happy to check your area and see if there are any problems. Thanks again for your loyalty and getting in touch. Hopefully we will get this sorted for you asap.

  533. Neil

    It works! Thanks Stuart@Customer Services

  534. david

    Dear 3,
    I have been a customer with 3 for over 5 years at least. I signed up at a time when everyone avoided 3 like the plague. I never had any problems for years and couldn’t have been happier with both the network and customer support. The beat customer support I’ve ever dealt with. In the last few months, since 3 have started announcing their best ever coverage, I’ve had an unusable service. It takes 20 calls to make one call. Can’t access voicemail, endless failed calls, dropped calls, you name it. Unusable service. It’s that bad now that I’m forced to consider leaving 3, along with my wife and brother who I introduced to 3.
    Can anyone help me, PLEASE? I will be so sad if I have to leave 3, it will be like losing a friend, really, but an unusable service after years of loyalty, leaves me with no choice.
    I have phoned customer service but no-one has helped provide me with any insight into the true nature of the problem. I have been at the same address for years, so that is not the issue.
    Please help.

  535. Moderator

    @Neil – We’ll take a look into this for you. Just dropping you an email now :-)

  536. Moderator

    @Name(required) – If you want to drop me your full postcode I can take a proper look for you? :-)

  537. Neil

    No, my phone has been restarted several times and I still can’t send a text to 32665.

  538. Paul

    Dear Mod,

    Can you please update me as to when the newtork is being updated in my area (CM!7 9QW).

    After taking out my new contral customer services assued me this would happen before the end of the year.

    I struggle to get any signal in my home and do not receive txt messages e.t.c on my new HTC desire (this was never a problem on my Sony C901??).

    When i manually try to search for a network I get a list of networks 3(3G), 3,3,vodaphoneUK, T-Mobile UK, 3(3G), Orange(3G). However when i try to connect to any of the 3 networks it either connects with 1 bar which then disconnects when i try to make a call or I just get the following message, your sim card does not allow a connection to this network. Why is this if my phone appears to pick up 3 different 3 sites?

    This is really annoying and i hope what I was told earlier is true and you will be updraging your netowrk here before the end of the year

  539. Moderator

    @mbk81 – Sorry to hear that, we did have a known Facebook sms issue but it should be fixed. Are you still having problems now?

  540. Moderator

    @MikeyD – I’ll drop you an email and get this looked into for you :-)

  541. Name(required)

    What happened to the signal in Eton, Berkshire? Used to be perfect until last Thursday… No signal at all in the office and very poor outside. Tested With Galaxy S and E71… Used to be full all the time. Other people on 3 network having the same problem. Once i leave Eton it’s back to normal

  542. mbk81

    Hi there i am on 3 and for some reason i cannot text to FB to activate my txt alerts to the 32665 number help any one ????

  543. Moderator

    @Neil – That’s bizarre, the issues been given the all clear. I presume you’ve rebooted your phone?

  544. MikeyD

    @Moderator – whilst signal strength has improved, quality/reliability hasn’t. Its as thought the new mast isn’t working properly. Texts take ages to send and calls are hit and miss – I’ve done some testing with two ’3′ phones and more often than not, both can’t make (or receive) calls. Both phones work fine elsewhere.

  545. Moderator

    @MikeyD – They’re both pretty close to Melton Crescent… Glad coverage has improved :-)

  546. Neil

    I still can’t send the f text to 32665, from my Nokia E71.

  547. Sam

    Horray!! At long last mines been down since mid July…… do hope it’s not a short lived thing???!!!

  548. MikeyD

    @Moderator – we couldn’t use data, make and receive calls or send and receive texts for around two days – things seem better now. Can you tell me where the new masts are? Thanks :-)

  549. Moderator

    @MikeyD – That’s odd, no it doesn’t look like we are and there’s a couple of new masts just been activated in that area, so coverage should be tip-top. I take it you’re having issues there?

  550. Simon

    Hooray, it works :)

  551. Moderator

    @Steve – Facebook should be working fine now. Let me know if you are still having problems…

  552. MikeyD

    Are you having coverage problems in the area in the centre of the map http://bit.ly/dCb5as ? Nearest useable postcode is BS7 [removed by Mod].

  553. Moderator

    @Steve – My apologies I thought this was sorted so took my foot off the gas on this issue. Just had a chat to the team and we’re still waiting on a fix from Facebook.

  554. Steve

    I have the same FB txt problem, when will this be fixed or do we need ro switch providers ?

  555. Moderator

    @Reecejackson5 – Yes we’re sorry it’s still not sorted but the team are working on Facebook with this. In the meantime why not try Facebook.0, it’s free… :-)

  556. Moderator

    @MOG – Sorry I don’t know which service you’re talking about? I’m aware it is a little tricky to keep track of conversations as this is a blog not a forum, but can you include more detail in your post please?

  557. Reecejackson5

    Hi 3!
    Any news on the Facebook texts situation? Im on Contract with 3 and when I try and send the message it says “Sending Failed”. Hope its fixed soon!
    Thanks . :)

  558. MOG

    so do you have any idea when it will be back up and running again because id like to use this service

  559. Moderator

    @Paul75uk – We know there’s an issue with Facebook sms notifications and we’re working with Facebook on this. Sorry that it’s affecting you!

  560. Simon

    How can this be taking so long to sort out? Facebook – mega website, 3 – mega communications company. I would have thought it could be quickly remedied surely. I am also waiting to be able to text an ‘f’

  561. Moderator

    @sam – Yes it has been a while and we’re still chasing for answers. As soon as I get an update on when we can expect a Facebook fix I’ll post a comment to let you guys know.

  562. paul75uk

    í cant send texts to 32665 my phone is activated but cant send texts or receive notifications. Í have an n97 mini on 3 contract

  563. Sam

    Same here – can’t send to 32665 could up to 8 weeks ago when I stopped receiving messages from facebook so removed my phone as had happened before & removing it got them coming through again but now I can’t even send the ‘f’ to register – any ideas as has been a while now…..

  564. Moderator

    @ap30 – We’re working on it with Facebook, sorry it’s a pain!

  565. Moderator

    @Michelle – This is a known issue and one that we’re awaiting a response from Facebook for. As soon as we hear we’ll post on here.

  566. ap30

    same here..i could not send any sms to 32665..hope this will be fixed asap..

  567. michelle

    I am having problems registering for facebook text alerts. when i send a text message to 326665, all i am getting back is a message saying failed to send. can you help please ?

  568. Moderator

    @Mattmuir – thanks, noted :-). We’ll keep you posted when we know more.

  569. Moderator

    @Jenni K – This is an issue that we’re aware of and we’re working with Facebook to try and resolve it.. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

  570. Mattmuir

    Put of on the list for facebook txt/network 3 issues. I’m recieving updates fine at cannot send. The website is temperamental on the native browser on my se k800i too.
    If it’s any help to anyone without urge luxury of a social networking friendly (smart)phone try googling ‘Snaptu’ it’s a great little app that will run on almost any java capable phone (i use a sony ericsson k800) and as is able to view/update facebook and twitter as well as having a range of other widgets and news feeds. Hope that helps for you guys having facebook withdrawals!

  571. Jenni K

    Same problem as Henry Gallagher on September 1, 2010.
    *so upset*

  572. Moderator

    @Lee – We are aware of an issue with Facebook and are trying to sort it quickly for you guys. As soon as I hear that it’s been fixed I will come back to you. Sorry that it’s a pain at the mo!

  573. Moderator

    @Kieran – We are trying to sort this as it is a known issue. We are working with Facebook to get a solution for you asap!

  574. Neil

    Just to add my name to the list of people unable to send texts to 32665.

  575. Lee

    Hi, for the last few days now my INQ Chat 3g has been refusing to sign in to Facebook from the home screen widget or the switcher. If I go onto the internet I can sign in, but if I try to connect via the widget or switcher it says “There has been a problem connecting, please try later”. I’ve tried a master reset from the security menu but that only reset the phone password, wallpaper and screensaver. My email & password are entered correctly but I’ve tried re-entering them anyway but without success. Any ideas?

    Many thanks,


  576. kieran

    my phone is a sony ericsson c510
    i cant sctivate facebook sms, i use the standard wap browser in the phone and also opera mini 5.
    i have tryed to send various mesages to 32665 such as “FB” “fb” as advised to by freinds, and every time it comes up “sending faild, retry?”. i had enough credit to send it and full signal.

    please sort this out soon, thanks

  577. Moderator

    @Henry Gallagher – Hmmm we are now aware that this is an issue and are in touch with Facebook trying to resolve it. I will post when this is sorted! Apologise to your daughter please!

  578. Moderator

    @Jim – Can you send me the full postcodes and I’ll check them out for you? I won’t publish them in full.

  579. Jim


    Ive been having an intermittent problem over the past few days, both at home LE7 and at work LE3.

    I have an iPhone 4 and have had no problems before, however in the last couple of days although my internet connection works fine whilst browsing the web both my Email application (set up with MS Exchange to 2 accounts) and Gmail through the Safari browser are unable to connect to the mail server.

    As this is a different type of traffic to normal web browsing is there a problem, and if so when will it be resolved?

    Hopefully this is not the start of iPhone problems, as I am now out of my 30 day returns window, just!



  580. Moderator

    @Hurray!! :-)

  581. Henry Gallagher

    My daughter uses the Facebook text service. She recieved a message about 2 weeks ago stating she had to reply “on” to 32665 to continue the service.

    She has tried to send several times a day since and it fails to send.

    We have removed and relaced the SIM card. I deleted the number all associated texts and retried but it fails to send.

    Any ideas?


  582. John

    Just checked at home, getting a full strength signal and upload and download speed are excellent .
    Many thanks for your help.
    All the best

  583. Moderator

    @John – No probs, let me know :-)

  584. John

    I will see if all is well when I get home and let you know.
    All the best

  585. John

    Many thanks for the information and finding out what the problem was.
    All The Best John

  586. Moderator

    @John – This site was suffering from a microwave line of sight problem and the issue was resolved on 27th August. Is all ok now?

  587. Moderator

    @Kaylee @Kieran – Which version of facebook are you trying to register? Facebook.0 launches next week, so if this is the service you are trying to use then it won’t work yet. Let me know a little more detail ie facebook version, handset and I can look into this for you.

  588. kieran

    ive been having same problem as kaylee, can u send me the same info thanks

  589. cookie

    I have tried to activate facebook sms hundreds of times and still not able to send the sms to 32665. i had more than enough credit and great coverage. Going to try get intouch with facbook moderators/admin see if there a problem at that side.

  590. kaylee

    ive been trying to register with facebook mobile but it wont let me send the message why?

  591. Moderator

    @John – thanks for that. We’ll take a look and come back to you with an answer next week. Enjoy the long weekend!

  592. John

    many thanks,the Tenbury Wells postcode to check is WR15 [removed by mod]

  593. Moderator

    @John – thanks for pinging through your postcode for Ludlow. There is a fault at this site that our engineers have been on the case trying to fix. They’ve already done some work to reposition site but further investigation is needed – hopefully it won’t be too much longer now. We’ll keep an eye on this and let you know of any progress. Can you send over your full Tenbury Wells postcode so that we can check this one out too?

  594. John

    Many thanks for your reply
    the post code is SY8 [removed by mod]

  595. Moderator

    @John – Can you send me your full postcode and I’ll check this out for you?

  596. John

    I have been very pleased with three mobile broadband and the coverage improvements in this area over the past few months have given solid coverage.
    A local mast was activated for three that covers Tenbury Wells and my conection has been solid from this.
    However last week after a severe thunderstorm my signal dropped back to very weak and has remained so ever since. I suspect the cell site got knocked out and I am picking up a weak signal from the cell site at Ludlow SY8 once again. My router reports Cell ID 3548 but I can find no information that tells me what cell I am now connected to. I guess this is the ID of the Ludlow site. Is it possible to confirm this and also do you have the Cell Id of the site that covers Tenbury Wells WR15. I have tried to contact Three with this problem but have had great difficulty getting the call centre to understand my problem.

  597. Moderator

    @Kevin Snell – I think you may be having issues because you’re texting the wrong number…It’s 32665 (not 326665).

  598. kevin snell

    I am having problems registering for facebook text alerts. when i send a text message to 326665, all i am getting back is a message saying failed to send. . i have been trying to speak to people about this for several days now. i works fine on any other mobile network (i have tried vodafone and O2) im just getting this problem with 3. i have just got a new contract with 3 – if its not resolved i will be cancelling my contract.
    please can you help.


  599. Moderator

    @khalid – You should be able to update your status by sending a text to 32665 (the number’s easy to remember – just spell out ‘FBOOK’ on your keypad). Messages do cost 10p each, so perhaps it’s worth checking how much credit you have on your account.

  600. khalid

    i have a inq chat 3g phone on pay as you go and i tryed to send f to 32665 for facebook but it keeps coming back to sending failed helpp what do i do??

  601. Moderator

    @Suzanne – Facebook have had a few technical issues with their text shortcode this week which explains your problem. They are on the case with resolving them though, so everything should be back to normal soon.

  602. Suzanne

    I have a Sony w995 with unlimited text & Internet. I have been trying for a few days to activate SMS updates for Facebook on my phone. Each time I submit the fb message to the number give, – 32665 it says comes back as sending failed Retry? What am I doing wrong, it’s driving me insane.


  603. Moderator

    @Ben – sincere apologies. I’d be happy to look into what happened and for someone to give you a call. I’ll drop you a note so that I grab your postcode and details.

  604. Moderator

    @Sam – sorry to hear about the you’ve had problems with the phones we’ve sent you. I’ll drop you an email and we’ll get in touch to see how we can help.

  605. Ben

    We always regarded 3 Network as a serious and professional organisation till today. It is very important for a service provider to inform its users if there are any problems with their services in particular when we are taking about public telecommunication services.
    From early morning today to now 17:22 I had no internet coverage and unstable phone connection.
    After much difficulties I managed to call 3 technical support, the guy was totally useless he just repeated normal procedures for faulty phones, no idea how to contact your engineering team. Checked your website there is no update with regards to problems in our area basically no one knows nothing.
    For your information we have three accounts with your company. 2 pay monthly, 1 monthly contract and the other is pay as you go. We operate 3 different mobiles types, 2 E72, 1 N95 8G and N95. We tried all mobile and the results are NO COVERAGE.
    Extremely disappointed. I wonder if I get any response to my complaints.
    Copy: CEO 3 Network UK

  606. Sam

    We have 7 contracts with 3, recent mobile phone upgrades have had to go back several times waiting for 2-3 weeks to get it back. We’ve never been given another phone to use. We put a phone in 4 weeks ago for repair after just 2 months of having it, the phone got lost in transit and was only given a new one yesterday, the new phone doesn’t ring, it has no sound at all! We also had a phone from 3 and when we got it home charged it up etc, it wouldn’t work, it shut down repeatidly and all sorts. That got sent back and was told that it was damage due to us dropping it and misusing it!!??where do we stand on cancelling our contracts? I have checked the terms conditions but it says nothing about 3 breaking contract rules of service and care to phones and customers.

  607. Moderator

    @Alan Thurston – Our systems aren’t showing any active faults right now, and you should generally be in an area of very strong coverage. Have things improved at all? I’ll drop you an email to get a few details and we’ll investigate what happened.

  608. Moderator

    @Alban Thurston – That doesn’t sound great – I’ll take a look and see what happened.

  609. Moderator

    @claire – hmm, not sure about that one. I’ll drop you an email, we’ll get it looked at.

  610. Alban Thurston

    Zero signal, zero bars on the 3 network all day today, here in London SW19 [removed by mod]. If a service outage, why wasn’t it announced? Good thing that I’d never rely on 3 for accessing the emergency services, isn’t it? Not what I pay my contract for. Other networks are available……

  611. claire

    I am having problems with facebook on my Nokia E71 (3registered phone). All working fine until about a week ago. Then had problems connecting to face book through the 3 favourites, so deleted it and re downloaded it from planet three, but did not solve the problem. Then i stopped receiving the facebook text updates. So again thought i would start from scratch so deleted my mobile from facebook and reactivated it, but i cant get an activaion code to reactivate the mobile text updates. I have sent various messages to ’32665′ as directed by facebook, but get nothing back. I tried from my work phone last night which is on the o2 network and got an activation code straight back. Is this a problem between 3 and facebook or a problem with my phone??????

  612. Moderator

    @Andy – sorry for the delay. We’ve taken a look. You do seem to be in an are of moderate coverage – you receive outdoor signal but not so much indoor. I’m afraid it doesn’t look like we have any new sites planned in your area. Would you like us to give you a call to see if there’s anything we can do? We are indeed consolidating our sites with T-Mobile’s, and that’s underway right now. We expect the bulk of the work to be completed in the Autumn.

  613. Andy

    Hi do you have any update for my post code (a few posts earlier)? Also, I understand 3 and T-mobile are carrying out some kind of consolidation this year as well, is there any time scale for this?

  614. Moderator

    @Scotty – oh dear, that doesn’t sound good at all. I’ll drop you an email and we’ll get things looked into.

  615. Scotty

    Network improvements? Network cutbacks more like it.

    Have had a perfectly full signal since I joined 3 last year, even took on mobile broadband a few months ago with a full signal.

    Since last Saturday 13th July, I have had no signal on either my mobile or my broadband and neither will connect.

    Have spoken to 3 customer services 5 or 6 times this week whilst having to be a mile away for my home where I can get a signal on my phone.

    Apparently, engineers were carrying out work on the mast approx 500 yards from my home on the 13th and work finished on the 14th.
    Customer dis-services then tried to get back to me but couldn’t as I was back at home, to discuss my loss of signal, so as they couldn’t get hold of me, closed the investigation into the issue. Funny that you can’t get hold of me as I CAN’T GET A NETWORK SIGNAL YOU FOOLS!!!!

    Told by 3 today that they guaranteed it would be fixed by 4pm today, and guess what, still no signal. Thank god for my girlfriends O2 mobile broadband dongle!!!

    No phone signal and no broadband for 10 days straight now, Utterly useless.

  616. Moderator

    @Hannah – I might be able to help here. What’s you postcode? If you can ping it through I’ll investigate what’s going on.

  617. Moderator

    @Andy – no problem, we’ll take a look.

  618. Hannah

    Three is an awful neetwork every month my network goes down for at least 3 hours!! this morning it is down and is stilll not working…once it is working… I will be cancelling my contract!! Im not payin a bill for a phone that doesn’t work all the time!!!

  619. Andy

    Have bought a new HTC Wildfire, but struggle to get any signal in and around my house..
    Your checker shows that my postcode (SP4 [removed by mod]) should get outdoor signal but I’m not even getting this the majority of the time from the 3 signal or the Orange backup, whereas my other O2 phone has full signal all the time! Do you have any idea if and when I could possibly expect any of this signal to improve? Thanks.

  620. Moderator

    @Anne – apologies for this and I can appreciate your frustration. I’ll drop you an email to grab a few details from you. We’ll take a look at what’s going on.

  621. Anne

    I’ve been with 3 since 2005. never had any problems, always defended them. I have a great package with unlimited internet for which I pay extra each month, I have the dongle broadband, and convinced my daughter to take a 3 package- which in her postcode seems to have been a huge mistake, even though she is only across the road from me.

    TOday i am ready to leave.

    last Sat and this Saturday my mobile keeps showing ‘no network access’ – then suddenly last week after midnight I kept getting loads of texts. no problems until 6pm last night- ditto again last niht and today. Can’t make /receive calls, or texts.Then I can- then suddenly I can’t.

    rang customer services this afternoon. spent 2 hours (thankfully the chap called my landline back after 20mins- though goodness knows how much that alone will cost me) restoring factory settings, swapping my sim to another handset, trying all sorts of things. same issues- intermittent reception and when we hit a golden patch when I was able to send one text and make one call, he decided that it is not a network or sim issue (despite the fact the problem occurred in both handsets) but it is a dodgy handset (what, both of them?)and he will phone me back tomorrow to see which handset I want to upgrade to.

    I don’t think so.

    So then I tried to use the PAYG sim I have from 3 to test/eliminate my own sim theory; I know there is credit on it, but all I get is ‘inactive USIM’ showing up on the handset, and ‘the 3 number entered could not be found’ on the website,when I try to top it up.

    so i can’t test the ‘damaged sim’ theory because I can’t top up the PAYG emergency sim card.


    I was prepared to forgive and forget last week, with all these network improvements you are making. I have completely wasted my Saturday afternoon with this problem, am no further forward, and will not be upgrading but will be moving networks asap.

  622. AC

    Looking at this blog just reminds me of why I can’t wait to leave 3!
    Boy do I regret the day your lying customer service representatives pursuaded me into renewing my contact…

    “We’re upgrading the network in your area.” Of course you are Three. Just like you have good customer service and are very reliable… ¬¬

    And another thing, why is there no proper number to call to find out your remaining allowances? My3 completely and utterly fails at loading 99% of the time, and calling 333 to find out is the most long winded call I’ve ever had to do just to listen to 20 seconds of how much I have left.

    Useless network backed by incompetent staff.

  623. Moderator

    @Mark – would really like to help you here but it looks as though your email address isn’t working. Please comment again with the correct version and I’ll happily look into things :-)

  624. Moderator

    @Mark – hmm, that sounds strange. I’ll drop you an email to get a few details and we’ll see if we can get to the bottom of it.

  625. Mark

    I’m afraid to say that I’m finding the 3 text service very unreliable especially in the evening. Quite often it’s not possible to send a text at all. Worse still the delivery of messages is extremely unreliable. More weirdly I find that if I send myself a text it delivers other waiting texts. If I don’t do this the texts may not be delivered for several hours. This is bizarre and quite a poor service. It can cause real confusion when texts are delayed or lost. I’d like to know why this is happening so frequently several times a week and what yo are doing about it.

  626. Moderator

    @Laura – if it’s a Pay As You Go SIM you’ll need to call 444 to get it activated. As long as the phone is unlocked then it should work fine

  627. Laura

    Hi there!!
    just bought a second hand 3g mobile from a friend and the message i receive is inactive USIM. i recieved this sim via post, but just don’t understand this message….

  628. Moderator

    @Derek – sorry. We do try to answer all the questions that come through on the blog, but we’re not designed to be a customer service channel. We’ll always try to help where we can, but if you need immediate answers to your questions it’s best to give us a call on 333 from your Three phone. I’ve taken a look at the coverage at the postcode you posted. Your experience is typical of what we’d expect to see as there is very little 3G in the holiday park you were in. Our phones are built to always revert back to 3G – it sounds like your phone could detect some 3G (ie you were on the edge of a cell) hence why it kept jumping over, but I’m afraid there’s not much that we can do to prevent this.

  629. Derek Brice

    Why is it that Vodafone customer service are so much faster than you guys in answering tech queries in their E-Forum.
    Derek Brice

  630. Derek Brice

    I have just returned from a weeks holiday in Cornwall. The holiday park was located at PL13 [removed by mod]. Inside or outside the caravan there was no 3G coverage at all. When my Nokia 6120 did lock onto the nearest Orange GSM site, I had a good signal but for some reason the handset would keep dropping back to the non existant 3G causing calls to drop. If I drove west to Polperro, I got a good continuous Orange GSM signal, and if I drove east to Looe town centre, I got perfect 3 mobile 3G, but back at the holiday park the problem returned.
    Obviously, if I switched my handset to GSM only, 3mobile would not work, so would there have been anything else I could have tried?
    Derek Brice

  631. James Bullock

    Had issues recently regarding upgrading my mobile. I was told I was due for an upgrade but unfortunately I was told that I couldn`t have the upgrade I wanted ( BlackberryBold9700). I was really dissappointed especially as I`d been a customer of 3 network for a few years and the upgrades that they said I was entitled to, I didn`t like.
    I decided to leave 3 network so I paid off the last three months of my contract and looked elsewhere. After searching round for a couple of weeks with other networks I decided 3 network offered the best value for money. So, I went into the local 3 store and started a new 18 month contract with the BlackberryBold 9700. The experience has been amazing; fantastic phone, unbelievable web browsing, push e-mail, absolutely no problems at all up to now, I`m very impressed!!!
    Just wished customer services had been more helpful with my upgrade especially as I`d offered to take out a higher price plan. They almost lost a valued customer!!.

  632. Moderator

    Hi Jamie – I’ll drop you an email to get some details. We’ll give you a bell to see what the problem is.

  633. jamie

    think my dongle might be faulty. For the last month or so it has been dropping the connection every so often, but over the last week my connection won’t last more than 10 minutes before it cuts off. Can I get a replacement?

  634. Moderator

    Hi Jannice – could you comment again with your postcode? We won’t publish it in full, but hopefully I can give you an idea of what’s causing the issue.

  635. abdulah

    i have a k800i its a 3 branded phone when i bought my 3 sim card i put it in straight away and turned it on it then said “inactive sim” i am a new customer to 3 and looking at the evidence i do not know whether to switch to a different network provider. BUT i have heard 3 is a great corporation that is very effective in terms of being a fast mobile internet provider and i wish your team may resolve this issue.

  636. hannah

    Ok so 24 houra without being able to send texts…. according to facebook its a mass thing! this is a joke! also my camera on my phone is broken, i pay for insurance and according to the shop advisor!? i got told my phone would be sent off for repairs ( 7 working days) and no other phone to give me!!

    Cant wait to leave 3!

  637. Jannice

    Hello 3!
    Ive been having the same network coverage problems for the past couple of MONTHS, im very irritated as i am some times unable to send text messages! If the problem persists i will be cancelling my contract and i will not be recommending to other people, as i am paying alot of money for nothing, Get your act together.

  638. Moderator

    Hi Jamie – I dropped you an email on the 5th asking you for a few details. Apologies if this didn’t reach you. I’ll re-send :-)

  639. Jamie

    yeah and i have not recieved ANY solution to my problem. posted 13 DAYS AGO. this is ridicoulus.

  640. Annemarie

    Well im really fustrated now.
    Ive been ring 3 for three days running because im having trouble with accessing the internet on my contract dongle.
    Today i rang them and they told me that they havnt disconnected my contract but it seems that they have.
    It keeps coming up you have used all your data?
    Ive paid my bill.
    So i would like to be connected to the internet instead of paying for nothing.

  641. Paul Wells

    same thing happens to me i load it up says connect then it say no network then i do it again and its just the same
    it was fine only till a week ago is it 3 thats down or my dongle thanks

  642. Jamie

    yeah would like some advice please on my last comment???

  643. Jamie

    i have a USB laptop dongle. it regularly disconnets and is getting very tedious. when i view the 3connect program it says no network. but i close and re-open it, then signal is restored. but then happens all over again. very annoying!! lol

  644. Moderator

    Hi Ian – I’d be happy to check your postcode for network upgrades. If you can comment with it again I’ll take a look on our system. I won’t publish your postcode in full.

  645. Ian Tresman

    I’ve always had connection problems at home, my wife too, and friends who visit. Sometimes we can make calls next to the window, other times we have to go out into the car park.

    Can 3 not make Femtocells available? I don’t think extended network coverage would affect us. I’d happily pay £25 for a box to fix it.

  646. Moderator

    Hi Robert – I’ve taken a look of the map of your area. Coverage is fairly mixed, generally outdoor coverage seems quite good but indoor looks less so. Can you describe the kind of problems you’re having?

  647. Robert Francis

    Any idea when the network upgrade will take place in my area postcode SA10 [removed by mod] Neath South Wales?

    Customer services said an upgrade will take place on April 21st but i notice no difference in coverage.

  648. Vincent Markwood

    Hi guys, I think my dongle might be faulty. For the last month or so it has been dropping the connection every so often, but over the last week my connection won’t last more than 10 minutes before it cuts off. Can I get a replacement?


  649. amy

    hi i am getting a BLACKBERRY lol

  650. Moderator

    Hi Peter – This isn’t a problem specific to 3, and we certainly don’t recognise it to be a common problem. The easiest way forward would be for you to get back in touch with us and provide us with your account number. This way we can take a look at what’s happening when texts are being routed to your phone.

  651. Moderator

    Hi Jules – sorry that you seem to be having a poor time of things. Would you like us to look into planned work for your area? If you can comment again with your postcode (we won’t publish it in full) I’d be happy to investigate.

  652. Jules

    Coverage and reliability are a big issue with 3. I have four mobile contracts with 3 – one each for my son, my daughter and my partner – and three of us have issues with coverage at home, although my son and daughter live in sub-urban conurbations close to big cities. All of us have experienced annoying drop-out during conversations even though the signal strength is shown as 3-4 bars. Looking at review websites, I see that 3 get half a star, well behind O2, Orange, Vodaphone and T Mobile, based on a combination of coverage and reliability. We can do without the marketing hype – it doesn’t match the reality – and please start taking complaints seriously. The last advice I got when I rang to complain was to change my mobile since the new one would have better coverage. I did, but the coverage was, if anything, worse.

  653. Peter

    Hi, I ported my number from O2 exactly 4 weeks ago and for the last week or two I have been languishing with uncertainty about whether my SMS messages will be received or whether I will receive those sent to me. I have read on the internet elsewhere that this is a common problem for people who have ported to 3 mobile. It is definitely a network / routing problem as I have been to the trouble of collecting and activating a new SIM and it has made no difference. I have always been able to text myself, and certain online areas of the 3 website e.g. the Planet 3 section where you can text a link to your phone do exactly that, but the page which resends settings to your mobile does not send anything or if it does it is not received. I have two other 3 contracts (unported) and they work fine although not when I send and receive SMS to/from my O2 ported number. Why am I having to put up with this?

  654. L.A sutton

    i have been a 3 customer for 2 years now and i have struggled with mobile broadband signal strength.My 3 mobile broadband is used in the centre of Birmingham so when i entered into a contract with 3 i assumed i would not have any problems,i was unable to surf quickly with long page loading times and watching web video was also difficult but download speeds were very impressive so i stuck with 3.On several occasions i have had difficulty paying my 3 bill on time and customer services have been very helpful and understanding,infact 3 has the best customer service i have ever dealt with, better than most companies not just mobile companies.Since the start of the year the improvement in signal strength has been unbelievable,browsing,watching video,download speeds have greatly improved showing 3 to be true their word about improving coverage.I am glad that i stayed with 3 and will continue to be a 3 customer for as long as possible.

  655. Moderator

    Happy Easter everyone! The blog won’t be manned full time over the Easter Bank Holiday so don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t appear immediately. For any urgent customer enquiries please give us a call on one of these numbers

  656. Moderator

    Hi Geoff – it looks like local sites in your area have been upgraded over the last 6 months so this would have relieved some congestion and improved the experience.

  657. Moderator

    Hi Charlie – we’ll take a look…

  658. charlie marett

    could’t get one page to load up last night when connected
    even tho it said i had full bars on my connection on either 3g or hdspa??
    and i live in ediinburgh where the coverage is meant to be fine!!
    i think you should limit smart phone internet usage rather than the people actually paying for a dedicated connection…

  659. Geoff

    thanks for the reply. ;-)
    i have not been at home for a while tho. but i do remember a text telling me an upgrade was going to happen. i for got lol. just one more questiont o satisfy my curiosity. When was the area PO33 upgraded? as i have noticed on you coverage checker there is no warning to new customers about heavy use in that area any more.
    many thanbks for your time

  660. Moderator

    Hi Geoff – we’ll take a look at this area for you and let you know :-)

  661. Geoff

    hi . i wold love to know when you actually intend to upgrade the site in ryde isle of wight. ive been a three customer on and off for a few years now and coverage i know is getting allot better. but one thing that is bugging me is the coverage checker for where i live shows good indoor coverage, and it should be because im not far from the mast (po33[removed by mod]) but i struggel to get and coverage inside my house i sometimes have to lean outside my window to get a conection. ……. lucky im only home a few times each year. anyway lik i said when are you planning to upgrade or boost the output there

  662. mark

    Well all those unlucky enough to have connection issues I feel sorry for you, but I have been with three pretty much from the word go, here in the north of Scotland when 3 first came along you were lucky if you got a 3g signal in Inverness, but over the last week low and behold high speed and 3g signals in Dingwall. Need to see how far they stretch it though. Mind you it has taken them 6 years to do it!!

  663. Moderator

    Hi Janet – sorry we haven’t been able to fix your problems with a new dongle, we’ll be back in touch

    Dave A – we’ll drop you a note too and get your account looked into

  664. Dave Algeo

    Firstly I know this is not the place to do this, but this forum actually seems to have a good presence from 3 representatives.

    I would like to cancel my mobile phone contract from New Zealand.

    I tried from Australia 2 years ago but after a lengthy phone call which cost me £60, I agreed to have my account frozen until I return to the UK and reactivated at my request. 3 would send a nice new handset for my mum in the meantime.

    Instead of freezing my account, I later found I have been charged £12 a month ever since.
    And my mum never received the new handset. Baring in mind I’ve been travelling around the southern hemesphere for the last 3 years mostly away from civilization, it’s hard to keep a finger on hte pulse.

    I visited the UK in June for a wedding, and even there I couldn’t cancel it there over the phone as the contract was in the middle and I wanted compensating for this illegal contract. I was advised to visit my nearest store to discuss my cancellation in person. When I got to the store the representative said he only sells handsets and couldn’t help cancelling my contract.

    I have emailed and written to 3 to no avail, except when I wrote an email earlier this year an automated response said they would reply as soon as possible. My mum (my billing address in the UK) said bills stopped arriving soon after. But one has arrived again and the contract is still ongoing with no reply from 3 after 2-3 months.

    The way 3 treat their customers is a complete joke and I want my money back from a contract I never entered into. If 3 can show me a signature for either the contract or the delivery docket for handset they sent to my mum, I’ll calm down, but so far this has been the point when when things always go quiet, because they can’t.

    The ball is in your court 3. Cancel my contract in a way which doesn’t cost me a weeks rent for a long distance call and explain (if you can) why I am being billed fora contract I never agreed to in the first place.


    I have received the replacement dongle which works just as badly as my original one. To add insult to injury I’ve received a letter stating that my oriiginal dongle was dropped and that I will have to pay £19.99.WHAT NONSENSE.I HAVE NEVER DROPPED MY DONGLE ONCE.Now, if you are telling the truth(would 3 lie?hmm) then this would indicate that you have a large batch of dongles that are being dropped or damaged BEFORE reaching your poor unsuspecting customers.I suggest that you recall this product immediately.I am now so fed up with this situation that I am seeking legal advice and am prepared to go to court.I WILL NOT PAY TWICE FOR A PRODUCT THAT PERFORMS SO POORLY.Also, it’s now time for me to start campaigning on other forums to amass your allegedly”clumsy” customers experiences so that we can plead our case.How am I submitting this?In my frustration I purchased an o2 dongle,and guess what.It works like a dream in every aspect.There’s no trounble connecting, I don’t have to worry about being constantly.disconnected,I can watch Youtube BBC news and anything video related,Customer services are lovely I could go on.I am a very happy customer,but unfortunately,not with 3.Now to Ofcom.

  666. Moderator

    Hi Glenn – we’ll take a quick look and report back

  667. Roger

    I too am having problems with my three mobile braodband, and am having the same problems as other bloggers, which is that getting customer service seems to be impossible without a fight! I have been a three broadband customer for 2 years, with no problems in the main, but upgraded, and now have a 2 year contract.

    On friday 19th march, tried to connect to the internet via my dongle only to have no service.The service indicator normally gets between 2 and 3 bars, but nothing on friday. Waited untill Saturday, but no improvement. Phoned customer services on Sunday morning, and after trying to explain to them what I meant by network service and network strenth, was finally told that they would pass it on to there network team to look at, and I would get a call back to let me know if three had a network problem.

    Monday morning. No phone call back. No service.

    I called again on monday, only to be told that it had been passed to 2nd line support, and that they have 48 hours to return a call! Managed to speak to 2nd line support, who then said that they would pass it to the network team (sounds familiar) to look at, however it could take up to 28 days for anyone to get back to me!

    So now have no internet, no idea why its not working, no idea when it will work. given that three did credit my account with a months payment, but can’t go anyware else as have the contrcat, but need the internet!

    Very frustrating!!

    P.S. Also, can anyone tell me what the use is of a wifi modem is that turns the wifi off after 10 mins if you dont use it is!

    I purchased the wifi modem to use with my PDA, laptop, and my sons IPOD touch, but if you dont connect via wifi to it in 10 mins, the wifi turns off, but it stays connected to the internet(when the internet works!) which is a mystery, as its connected to the internet, but as you can’t connect to the modem, so it just sits there, doing nothing. I called customer services, and again, it seems that no one knows what wifi is! A compleate waste of time and money.

  668. glenn bacon

    Hi my postcode is NG2 [removed by moderator] i have been expeririencing terrible problems connecting, staying connected and the speed is snail like. It has been like this since this saturday just gone. Is there a problem?

  669. Moderator

    Hi Rob – we’ve taken a look at your postcode. A local site did go down in your area on 8th February – this seems to be to do with some work BT have done nearby, but we’re working on getting things reinstated asap. Sorry that this is taking a while. We’ll be in touch offline to see how we can help

  670. Moderator

    Hi Rob – we’ll take a look and come back to you

  671. L. M

    I have been a 3 customer since the day this network was conceived 6 years ago. In the beginning things were great! I had cheap calls and access to the internet for next to nothing however, over the last three years things have taken a serious nose dive and I’m ready to jump ship!

    I like everyone else, suffers from major connection issues, both with my phone and with my dongle. It was so bad on my phone at one point and they blamed it on my headset which was a Nokia 6500 slide (that is another issue for another day!). I can only use my phone in one room of my house and I’ve stopped using my dongle as it’s completely useless. I got it as part of a laptop deal – so at least I got something out of it! Every call I make with last longer than 10 minutes gets diconnected at some point. Access to the internet always gets disrupted every time I use it.

    What really bugs me the most now is that as a long standing customer, I’ve never been offered anything (i.e. discount on my bills or early mobile upgrades or extra free minutes) to thank me for my loyalty. Instead I get lumbered with an 18 month contract and promises of better service because the phone I’ve picked has an aluminium case (apparently plastic cases cause network problems!). I’ve not seen any improvements and feel cheated by 3. I’ve now stopped calling 3 customer services as I am sick to my back teeth of dealing with people who stick to the script and cannot divert from it to help solve customer queries and help solve problems.

    After 6 years with 3 I have to say I’m disappointed. I simply cannot wait to end this relationship and move to a network which actually delivers! I for one will NEVER recommend the 3 network!

  672. rob

    I’m trying to find out what’s happening with my local base station. 2 phone calls and 2 emails to have faied to get a proper answer, so I thought I’d try here.

    I use 3 for mobile broadband and my partner uses it for her phone. We live about 200 metres from a 3 base station, and as all the rooms in which we want to use the dongle/phone have windows looking towards the mast, we have in the past got a very good signal.

    Sometime between Feb 5th and 8th, something went wrong. The broadband signal almost disappeared. I was used to using the dongle plugged straight in to my laptop. This used to give me 3/4 bars of signal strength, but after the above date, all I got was a green flashing light on the modem. I discovered that by using the extension cable I could sometimes get a weak/slow signal upstairs, but with frequent disconnections, and often there is no signal at all.

    My partner used to be able to use her phone reliably in every room, but now has to go outside to use it.

    The responses I’ve had from the 3 helpdesk have been polite, but on the lines of “that mast is due to be upgraded”. Surely it should be working now without being upgraded? I can’t tell if the mast has been working on reduced power for the past 5 weeks or if it’s not working at all and I’m getting a weak signal from a more distant base station. As the equipment cabinet is emitting a loud hum, I assume the former.

    This is costing my partner and I a fortune – she is spending much of her time away from home at the moment and we were using Skype to keep in touch, but without a reliable signal, we now have to use very expensive calls between different mobile networks. I was thinking of swapping my mobile to 3 because the signal was so much better, but at present am glad I stayed with Virgin, because I can get a weak but reliable signal inside in the warm.

    What’s happening with this base station? Does “scheduled to be upgraded” mean “yes, we know it’s not working properly but we’re not going to do anything about it until it’s time for it to actually be upgraded”?

    My account has been credited with £15 which is not much for 5 weeks almost complete loss of service at home, and nowhere near covering my mobile phone costs.

    If the signal is always going to be weaker, can 3 provide me with a better modem or something so I can get a reliable service again?

    Most of all I’d like to know what’s going on, it’s getting very frustrating.

  673. Liam Sykes

    Unfortunately I dont have anything positive to add about the three mobile ‘broadband’. I’m not sure if this is the best place to vent my frustrations but I can’t find anywhere else.

    After being with three for over two years now I have finally been able to cancel my contract…that I wish I hadn’t started in the first place. From the start my mobile connection was, at best, snail pace slow. I tried to call about this early on and, after a few long and expensive calls, I got nowhere and was told I couldn’t cancel the contract until after the agreed 2 years, even though the service was nothing like that that was advertised and suggested it would be. After paying monthly for 2 years I finally had the chance to cancel my contract, yet on many occasions was waiting 30-45 minutes on the phone before giving up and eventually cancelling my direct debit. What followed was bills and constant calls from Three. When I spoke to them and explained the poor service and inability to get through to cancel, I was told I would still have to pay the extra 3 months line rental after the 2 years was up, even though they could see that it hadn’t been used. Although done very professionally (on the positive), I was told this would be passed to the debt collectors if it wasn’t paid, so I was left with no choice, because legally i’m sure I dont have a leg to stand on, although out of courtousy for my payment for 2 years with minimal use I thought some common sense and courtousy could be returned. Unfortunately not.

    Anyway, enough said, but I felt I needed to express my feelings on this matter, although I do have much more useful things I would rather be doing with my time. I certainly wont be returning to Three, or recommending it to anybody I know.

    Thank you for your time.

    Liam Sykes

  674. gouled

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY MY INTERNET GETS CUT OFF AFTER 3gb though i pay for 5gb and why on the day i am supposed to get it back I am still waiting at 2 in the afternoon for my monthly allowance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  675. Moderator

    Hi Maria – is it a coverage issue you’re having?

  676. maria

    i have a good signal but only i can get is 1,3 all the time go down the internet is my way to talk with my friends i ‘m ill since last november we need improve is know i paid and i don’t have aqulite service some help would be great

    thank you

  677. mike

    Well all i can say is that i am disgusted with three,, after being with them for 3 years i enquired about an iphone which one of my friends has obtained through 3,,,, only to be told that they ARE selling them but to “selected” customers only, my friend pays the same as me and only rung up once and hey ho got his iphone almost striaght away.

    But for me its a definate no no,, and i havent had an explanation why!! and i have rung up about 6 times,, even before my friend had thought about one.

    The thing that really irritates ,,is that it seems to me that the 3 network would be perfect for the iphone, none of my friends on other networks can stream the bbc iplayer or have their youtube vids play in high quality.

    Date speeds are everything on a phone like this.

    So what can i do??? well its sad but i have rung 3 and told them that i will be leaving them at the end of the month. i really dont want to but ,, its the only handset i like, so its orange network here i come,, (even with its lousey 3g network.)

  678. celeste

    I am finding it very difficult as to where I can place a complaint.
    I have just spoken to an advisor in the business retention department who was very rude and abupt with me, and when I asked to be put through to a manager he advised me that there were no managers in. Which I really dont think was the case.
    Some guidence would be great!
    Many thanks


    I AM FURIOUS.I received a letter from 3 today saying that they hadn’t received my faulty dongle and that if I didn’t send it back I would be charged £49.99.I’m still waiting to receive the replacement dongle after over a week.So I called customer services and they said they would send another one.10 minutes later I receive a call asking if I’d received my dongle.WHAT?Last week I received 2 text alerts from 3 saying that my device would be delivered in 24hrs and that they had received my faulty device.I had neither sent nor received anything.The whole thing is a shambles.The advisor that you’ve got to liase with me seems completely baffled by the problems i’m having,as if he’s never come across them before.I suggest he take some time to look at the other forums and reviews as these problems are far too common.i.e.no service,difficulty in connecting,saying that you’re connected when your not’inability to watch anything with videos,taking 5 mins to load a page,frequently getting disconnected etc.The other night I tried a download from 10pm.The first attempt took 2 hrs and was unsuccessful,the3rd attempt was successful and took 20 minutes at around 2am.How the hell did you get to be voted best network by ofcom?This isn’t mobile broadband it’s mobile ROBBER band.A lot of my usage is spent on unnsuccessful attempts at connecting etc.I don’t know if my dongle is faulty or not but i’m beginning to learn that i’m dealing with a really shoddy company and that if I had read the large numbers of negative reviews before buying the product i would not have purchased it.This is turning out to be a nightmare.

  680. jason hilton

    I purchased a top-up 11 hours ago , 1st it wouldn’t let me top up because it was peek times and it never lets me on hardly ever between 5pm-10pm. i mean what’s the point of having the net if you can’t get on when other people are on?. 2nd it wouldn’t let me on because of essentual maintainence. 3rd it now won’t let me on because it keeps saying oops we have moved it around and it’s not here now.So where is it? i can’t top up and i arn’t ringing that 0843 number because last time i rang twice and when i got my phone bill back it had cost me over £5 per call. I can’t believe a company that makes so many millions is ripping off there customers with such a high rate call, instead of helping me out by allowing my top up it cost me over what id bought in the 1st place to get my problem sorted out.It’s a disgrace and you need to get your act together because i for 1 am not happy with 3 one bit.

  681. Moderator

    Hi Jag – looking at our coverage map of your area you should be experiencing good outdoor and indoor coverage. There is a new site planned which should be live within the next six months and will improve things. I’ll be in touch offsite to arrange for someone from customer services to give you a call.

  682. Moderator

    If you’ve been having problems with My3 over the weekend then take a look at this post from Justin Bull – click here. The issue should be resolved, but if you’re still experiencing difficulty then please get in touch with us through customer services or by leaving a comment on the blog.

  683. susie

    hi i am trying to top up my account and keep getting a oops page for the last hour can you tell me why as it was working perfect yesterday? there is no point giving my email address as i cant top up my dongle to get on my internet to check my email??? thanks

  684. jag

    Hi i am living Feltham TW149XH and it is very poor signal area for 3 mobile. always i can get one signal level on my mobile when i am at up stair. sometimes it’s connect to roaming then i can get fully signal on my mobile. but most of time i missed lot of calls and divert to voice mail. still i am waiting for 3 network upgrade ( new tower) in my area.

  685. louise

    im getting really angry with 3 at the moment, iv’e had my dongle for over a year its just been the past week its been awful, i have 5pound credit to use and cant log in to buy the addon i want!! its been days now!! i need to get on to work

  686. Sam

    ok this is getting stupid now , I been with 3 almost 2 years and pay ..yes wait for it £75 a month on My pay as you go top ups, I play on second life and apparently this is how much it costs, the connection sucks and now it wont even let M<e top up , seems they reshuffling their papers and all i am getting is oppsss….try the homepage and all it does takes You to the "smart" (which is no diff then the old really)) page and as soon as You click My account it takes You back to the oppps page , if 3 no longer wants My £75 a month I am sure I can find cheaper elsewhere

  687. Tamas H.

    I’ve been using 3 mobile broadband since April 2009. I’ve had several problems (low speed, lack of stability, etc.) last year but things have seemed to have improved quite a lot since your upgrade early January 2010 in my area (RG2 0DJ).

    …Up to this Friday evening (26 February) when I couldn’t connect. After trying it several times, I was able to connect to the network but I had a download speed larger than 0 kbps only for about 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the download speed changed to 0, which of course means that I can’t use the internet at all even though I still seem to be connected to your network. Connecting off and reconnecting to the network seemed to solve this problem but only for 10 to 30 seconds, after that the download speed changed to 0 kbps again and remained 0 until I reconnected again…

    I’ve tried using the network all saturday and during the day it got better, since the download speed didn’t change to 0 after some seconds following reconnection. It wasn’t that stable though as I have experienced it before (from January this year) and the download speed was also lower but I could use it more or less…

    Now, on Sunday, I’ve got problems again. This time, I can connect to your network, have reasonable download speed for some time, then download speed changes to 0 kbps for some time (can be minutes…) and then changes back to larger than 0 again for some seconds, then 0 kbps for some minutes again, etc… This kind of behaviour makes the usage of those websites impossible that would require continuous internet connection. When there’s no internet connection for minutes (download speed=0) these websites fail or freeze like gmail or several chat web sites.

    I wonder whether this all is related to network congestion in my area this weekend (from Friday evening) and the strange behaviour of your software controlling individual user’s download speed. It seems to me that this software tries to limit the number of users that can use the available bandwith at the same time and divides this bandwith only among these users. The download speed of other users also connected to the network in that area is set to 0 until they are selected to have their part of the available bandwith for some time….
    Is that really going on like this?

    If so, I wonder whether it would be a better solution to let all the users currently connected have their own share of the bandwith and not to set the download speed of some users to 0 for some time. In this way, the download speed of the individual users would be lower (since more people would share the same bandwith at the same time) but they shouldn’t struggle to use websites/softwares that require continuous download speed.

    This doesn’t mean giving “huge” download speed to any of the users, since available download speed would always depend on the number of users connected. When a large number of users would like to use your network at the same time, they all would be able to do this, though at lower speed…

  688. Paul Oakes

    I am currently using a E71 on a three Network , when I spoke to the Advisor I wanted to use it for mobile web browsing at work. But the connection is no existent at the moment. He advised me that three and Orange were now business Partners and that I could use the Orange network FOC for mobile web on my phone all I would need to do it change my network selection setting s is this off the back of this I have agreed to but another phone for the wife.
    Can you confirm :-
    I can use the orange network ?

    What do I need to select in my network settings as I have just tried changing it to manual and only have the option to select O2, T – mobile & Vodaphone tried each in turn and each all fail with “not Allowed.
    Or Have Just been lied to and there is no chance of it working. !

  689. Moderator

    Hi Janet – we just tried to email you offsite to look into the problems that you’re having but got an email bounceback. Please could you leave a comment on the blog with an alternative email address stated (we won’t publish it) so that we can get in touch?


    I dont know if you got my previous response but surprise surprise I got cut off just as I was about to submit.Couldn’t get back on line,had to switch off my laptop and start again.I know there’s nothing wrong with my laptop as one of the stops I made today was at my local computer repair shop.

  691. Moderator

    Hi Misbah. Sorry to hear about the difficulty that you’ve been having. We’ll be in touch offsite to pick this up with you.

  692. Ash Roots

    Hi Ben. We’re already looking into the possibility of our own forum. If you have any thoughts on what you would like to get out of it then your suggestions would be really useful to us.

  693. Misbah Uddin

    I lived in West London (TW3- Hounslow) and have been a customer of Three since 2003. About two years ago I noticed significant issues in getting a signal in my own street (particularly indoors). I phoned Three countless times but they kept apologising and apparently “escalating” my issue but nothing would improve. I even got roped into renewing my contract for 18months with the promise that things can only get better and I am now in the last three months of this and am seriously considering leaving Three. I keep being told masts are being decommissioned and being put up, etc and told to be patient. Patience starts to wear thin after two years of no evident action or pro-active follow-up of my concerns. The network served me well in the early years but the last two years have been terrible. To put it into context, we had three phone contracts in our household with Three, my brother and sister have since changed network I’ve been left to turn the lights out and switch to a network that has a stronger signal in my own home, or at least a network that can be seen to be doing something for me (and not just a generic 98% of the population).
    Happy to talk to someone from Three who can action more than they can talk to see what if anything can be done before I jump ship.
    If this comment makes it onto the Blog, at the least we will all know that there isn’t a blackout on less than positive customer experiences.

  694. Ben Lowe

    Do you have any plans to set up an official forum ? it would be a great place for users to swap idea’s tips & to help esch others out, & would surely be a very usefull tool for 3 to gauge what your customers are thinking.

  695. Sylvia Chind

    Hi Joe – Keep your eyes open for news about the HTC Desire from us very soon, but you’re right, it does have an HD camera

  696. Garry Joyce

    Hi Martin – We do see the benefit of looking at femtocells in the future, but right now all our resource is being ploughed into making sure our network provides the best possible coverage, speed and reliability. Given we’re midway through a 2 year programme of growing the network from 7,500 to 13,000 sites, in many cases deploying femtocells wouldn’t be appropriate. Femtocells treat the problem but not the cause – we’d rather get the network right and look to femtocells as a way consumers can top-up their coverage if they still need to, once the bulk of our upgrade work is complete.

  697. Joe

    Sorry to keep posting here as it’s irrelevant to the blog, but I don’t know where I can get a better answer.

    Are you allowed to say yet if you are getting the HTC Desire (aka Bravo)? It was announced today and T-mobile and Orange have already announced they will be getting it.

    Also the T-mobile pre order page says it has an HD video camera, but HTC did not mention this, know anything about that?

    Thanks. :)

  698. Webbie

    We are currently trying to work out why the network in the South Lincolnshire area is so skitish. We are on our second mobile broadband dongle in 14 months and the signal is usually really good (no landline) so much so that I now work from home, however over the last three days the signal is showing as really good but we have terrible trouble using the net,it is fine for the first couple of minutes then just stops, we have reloaded everything tried it in two post codes (different counties) and tried on two different laptops and a home PC – I like to check everything! But nothing works – is this a temporary glitch??

    As I said usually everything is great even through the bad weather it was not bad but I need to know I can rely on this signal we use the prepaid dongle and I am not happy that we cannot log on when we need to – if this is going to continue please just let me know so I can get one from another provider.

  699. Moderator

    @Stuart James – Sorry to hear that you’re having problems with our network at the moment. You’re absolutely right that we should be improving things for the customers we already have, and that’s exactly what our nationwide network improvements are all about. To find out more, have a look at this post from our CEO, Kevin Russell, and this one from our Chief Technical Officer, Graham Baxter.

  700. Martin Evans

    I have both mobile phone and mobile broadband with three and as of yesterday i have not been able to access the internet or use my phone there is just a message on my mobile saying inactive USIM i cant contact three as my phone will not connect the call to anything not even three customer service i don’t know if any one else is expiriencing the same problem and my bills are all paid up to date, and honestly im wondering why i should have to pay for a service that i can’t use.

  701. Stuart james

    I have been getting a bad signal since I’ve been with 3 from 2008,and hanging out the window with my laptop dont seem to make the signal any better,I even thought it might be a fault with the dongle but now i am on my fouth one and its just as bad as the first one I bought,I too was told that I should try from another postcode but that only made things worse,I think instead of making your network bigger you should improve things for the customers you already have! Stu@

  702. Martin Stockwell

    Does the 3 network have any plans to make available Femtocells which would at least overcome connectivity problems if a broadband connection is available?

  703. Moderator

    @Ed – sorry to hear you’re having problems – we’ll be in touch off-site to discuss further.

  704. terry


    Now I am not complaining……………….but can you tell me why it should be that today, first thing
    my net connection was just like yesterday and the previous days………..appaling………..being cut off every minute.
    So I gave up.

    Now a few hours later, without any changes by me, the connection is LIGHTNING FAST, and has been connected without interuption for over 20 mins.

    Has anything happened in my area??? Cause I do not understand how it can change so quickly.
    IS this a permanent fix????

  705. Hugh Davies

    Hi Kelvin – thanks for your feedback. We’re doing a huge amount of work this year to do exactly what you’re asking – improve the network experience for existing customers. For example, I was visiting my in-laws in Surrey last weekend and they now have 3 3G coverage in their village for the first time, where as previously their 3 phones were roaming onto Orange when they were at home. We estimate we’ve already improved coverage for at least 20% of our current customers as a result of the upgrade work we are engaged in at present. By the end of this year more than 49 million people across the UK will see an improvement in coverage. Hopefully you will be one of them. Take a look at the posts from Graham Baxter who is in charge of our network, and Marc Allera our Sales & Marketing director, for more information. Do post again if you have further feedback or need any more information.

  706. Ed


    I’m fed up! Almost every month Ihave to call Three with problems relating to either connections or billing. This time, it’s a connection problem.

    I have TWO accounts with you mob. One Mobile MiFi account – 15GB allowance, and one USB Dongle account – 1GB. NEITHER is working at the moment where I am.

    I get connected, am showing an “excellent” signal but I cannot load websites, use Skype, use MSN Messenger…. NOTHING. I called the helpline and the ‘wonderful’ (scoff) staff there took 20 minutes to run me through emptying my cookies (I didn’t know where they were going with it, so I played along).

    She then asked me to go to Google and when it didn’t load up she took ten minutes trying to make sure I was entering the right address.

    I’VE HAD ENOUGH. I want to send back all of my Three stuff (I’ve never used the “free” laptop) and cancel my account immediately.

    I followed her other suggestion which was, wait for it, to go to another post code and try the internet there. Even better signal – but no gravy! Couldn’t browse or anything.

    If I don’t get this sorted, I’ll cancel my direct debit and see you in court. No judge in the land will let you charge someone for a service you’re unable to provide.

  707. Joe

    Ok thanks, I’d rather have the HTC Bravo anyway. :)

    I hope you have it by the time I have an upgrade in July, I’d definitely get it.

  708. terry

    Hi Kelvin
    SAME HERE mate.
    From the start of 2010 my connection has been useless, ON /Off all the time I will be lucky if i have time to send this mesage before it all freezes up again.
    Why doesnt this company get bother about getting its existing network sorted instead of telling would be customers about their future plans for even faster speeds.
    Well they have lost me after 12 months its just pointless having it at any time of day.
    And as for decent feedback…….forget it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it will never be there
    And why not??????????????????

    BECAUSE THEY DONT GIVE A DAMN about existing customers, they only want more to sign up…….ie PROFIT

  709. Weasley

    Any news on the HTC Epic Black?

  710. chris

    does 3 have any plans to get the iphone and the nokia n900

  711. Sylvia Chind

    Hey Joe – we don’t have any current plans to range the HD2 but we’re talking to HTC about lots of other exciting devices for this year – watch this space ;-)

  712. Moderator

    Hi Nigel – our customer services team should be able to give you an update on any planned works at those postcodes. Let us know how you get on

  713. nigel Jones

    Do you have any plans to upgrade any coverage in SO53 [removed by moderator] or SO21 [removed by moderator]?

    In particular the former is a modern housing estate. At that location coverage is borderline outside, but inside struggles. Can get coverage near windows in a few rooms upstairs near window. Venture a little west and coverage sometimes gets lost totally.

    Unfortunately most of the networks (except voda) struggle at this location. I know a tmob mast was refused a few years ago [removed by moderator]

  714. Joe

    Thanks. :)

    Do you know if the HD2 might be coming?

  715. Sylvia Chind

    Hi Joe – yes, that is an X10, alongside a new Blackberry 9700 and an HTC Hero.

    We are talking to HTC about bringing more of their handsets into our range – we don’t have anything formal to announce at present, but watch this space.

  716. Joe

    Hmm is that an X10 I see in that picture?

    Is it true you’re also getting the HTC Bravo?

  717. Kelvin H

    Well Moderator, you asked me to keep in touch. Despite asking for a response to my specific questions that was not a form email I not only received a form email, but one that didn’t even have base options removed. It even had left in the email with multiple choices beneath it!

    That is what has come of my contact with Customer Services so far. I have just sent a response back asking them directly for ways to escalte this in writing in accordance with your company policies.

  718. Dale

    three is amazing the the value the service is all i am super satisfied with three !!!!

  719. Moderator

    @David – on your network query, it’s worth speaking to customer services about this if you haven’t already, as they should be able to help you with local information on upgrades. If that doesn’t help then please do let us know.

    Further to your point on overseas call centres, this is something that Patrick Binchy, Director of Customer & Finance Operations, has discussed in his recent post – click here to have a look.

  720. Dean

    Hi Ya,

    i agree that three has great 3g coverage and it is by far the best 3g network, but i left 3 to go to orange to get an iphone as you dont do them, why doesnt the fastest and best provider of 3g signal not provide this phone as i would be very happy to come back to three if you started to sell this product?? You sell it on three austrailia why not three uk

  721. David Venables

    I have a contract phone with 3, and my wife, son and daughter all have pay-as-you-go phones as we liked the tariffs on offer. Unfortunately, the signal level has become very poor, with the inability to receive calls at home or at my parents house as well as in many other locations meaning that the phones are becoming unusable. It seems that every time I mention to someone that I’m on the 3 network they think it is something of a joke in terms of signal reception. Is there a plan to improve the signal in the WV11 area soon, or should we move to a network we can use?
    I’d also like to pick up on the point made by Alex Mitchell regarding non-UK call centres, one that was completely ignored in the moderator’s reply.
    It may seem to be a good business decision to use cheaper labour for call centres, but my experience has always been one of frustration and misunderstanding when trying to explain issues to operators for whom English is not a first language, which will inevitably lead to loss of customers. I think 3 should re-consider this policy as other companies have started to do in order to improve customer service and retention.

  722. Moderator

    @Graham – Our network upgrade map shows the areas being worked on at the moment – right now, the focus is on the South. As we progress around the country the map will be updated to show where we’ll be working next. We also send out SMS alerts and direct mail to customers to let them know when work in their area is about to begin.

  723. Kelvin H

    Thanks Moderator, Unfortunately despite me having very specific questions I asked Customer Service to answer I’ve only received a form response asking me to run the modem troubleshooter. I’m trying again, and I will indeed keep in tough to let you know what outcome, if any, occurs.

  724. Moderator

    @Kelvin – Sorry to hear that you’re having problems. Please stay in touch to let us know what comes of your contact with Customer Services.

  725. Moderator

    @ Roger W – as well as the regional upgrade work taking place around Ipswich indicated by the map you refer to, the network team have indicated that there is additional work due to take place to improve your local mast in May 2010.

  726. Graham

    Well thats the first i have heard that news. Cant i see it in writting that this is going to be improved then? How do i see on the map for my next regional upgrade? I better be improved by april. Thanks.

  727. Tanmoy

    the 3 coverage i think is awesome. At first i was having a signal problem but after a week or so it’s really good and the internets really fast

  728. Kelvin H

    I used to have no problem at all with the 3 mobile broadband service. Since Christmas it has gotten steadily worse and for the last 3 days been practically unusable. Even with constant data flow it switches from HSDPA to 3G and when it does that basically means no service at all for 2 to five seconds. Then it will switch back to HSDPA for 10 to fifteen and then cut out again. Absolutely terrible. I’ve contacted Customer Services so hopefully some explaination will be forthcoming. Living in Cardiff city centre (CF11) you would have though the network would be sufficiently robust.

    It’s a shame, but it makes 3′s MBB completely unsuitable for my purposes. Here’s hoping for a satisfactory outcome, but I’m already searching out other suppliers as I’m not expecting one.

  729. Moderator

    @Graham – sorry to hear you’re having problems with coverage. We’ve checked your postcode and there are plans to upgrade in your area in April 2010 which should improve the situation.

  730. Graham

    Get the 3G signal sorted in FK11 7DN its terrible. If it does not get sorted like i kept getting told its going to be improved i will be going to Trading Standards as when i took out the deal i was told i had great coverage!

  731. Moderator


    Three.co.uk has a service checker - click here for a link

    Type in your postcode and it’ll tell you the coverage that you can expect. You can also speak to staff in your local 3 store. I hope this helps.

  732. Patrick Binchy

    @ Alex Mitchell

    I’m very sorry to read that you’ve had these problems. We take them very seriously, and will be in touch off site to discuss the details with you in more depth.

    To take a few of your points here:

    We don’t like to lose any customer and will make every effort to retain them. However, I agree we have tried too hard in your case and we are sorry for that. This isn’t the way it should happen and we take on board when customers tell us we’ve gone too far.

    Normally the offers extended by the retention team represent a clear benefit to the customer and are accepted by Ofcom so long as they are made in a reasonable manner. Our internal policies are designed to ensure that this standard is adhered to. In your case, clearly we got it wrong and we will look at what we need to change.

    It can take time to make fixes to our network “in the field”, and we appreciate that these delays can be extremely frustrating if you’re without the use of your phone for the duration. As part of our ongoing network improvements we’re also looking at reducing the time it takes to make these fixes. Our network improvements should also mean that these problems should arise less in the first place.

    We’re also constantly trying to improve the amount of technical information available to our customer services advisors so that they’re able to provide more help in situations like yours. This is a key focus for the business in 2010 and we’re committed to making significant improvements in this area.

    As well as this, we’re reviewing our escalation process as part of an overall customer services review to make sure that we can stop situations like the one you describe.

    Again, we’re very sorry to hear about the problems you’ve had. Thanks for sharing them with us, we take all feedback on board and comments like yours help us to improve as a business.

  733. Graham Baxter

    @Ralph Martin

    Our ongoing network improvement work will go some way to improving coverage when you’re on the train and in the station. That being said, improving coverage in trains presents a physical challenge – where trains run through cuttings or tunnels these obstruct signal and therefore reduce coverage. This is a problem that won’t be fixed by simply increasing the number of masts as you suggest. Our priority at present is to keep pushing forward with our major network improvements across the country, which do aim to provide improved coverage for rail users, wherever we can achieve it – more details on this in my recent post

  734. Ben Lowe

    I joined 3 in Sep 2008 & like others, found mobile internet speed a little slow during daytime, then evan slower from 6pm probebly due to congestion. It would sometimes struggle to even load a page until after 12 m/n. I was using a 3 branded Nokia 6500s. However since getting myself a brand new Samsung Omnia & unlocking it to put in my 3 sim ive noticed that the internet speed has doubled all round & no longer have any issues at peak times. I’m not sure if this is due to network upgrades (which took place long BEFORE i got the Samsung) or down to the power of the Omnia. Either way I’m so glad i ignored all the negative, unfounded 3 stories & comments as ive had nothing but EXCELENT SERVICE & RECEPTION, wherever ive been up & down the country.

  735. Anne-Marie Deere

    I have been contact by your sales team today regarding me taking on a deal as I am a small business but there is not much positive feedback in the blog. What is the network like in Stanmore, Middlesex please.

  736. Raymond King

    Hi guys i’m on o2 atm, but all this news about 3 is getting me that more closer to joining 3, but i live in a little place in Scotland but the 98.5% coverage must mean i’d be covered no?? one more thing o2 has always had great pay&go deals is there anyway u could beat these?? then i’d sure join with no problems i believe people go for network and deals but thats hard also will Scotland be getting hugely improved? where i live coverage is in the place to the left and the place to the right this little place is a black spot :( i am seeing great things from 3 these days great work :).

  737. Jim Ferguson

    I have been with Three almost since you sold your first phone and I have always been very happy with the coverage. I live in a relatively rural part of the country (Carluke) yet I get full 3G coverage.

    Until a few months ago, my phone used to display H for HSDPA but now my phone only shows 3G and my son’s phone is the same.

    Strangely using my phone as a modem works much better than my dongle – quicker and better reception.

    Without a doubt Three has the best 3g coverage.

  738. Moderator

    Hi Robert – your best first port of call to discuss your INQ1/Swansea question would be customer services. They are able to check your local coverage and also resolve any issues you may be having with your handset.

  739. Ralph Martin

    I got a 3 dongle for Mobile Broadband to use my computer on the train. Basically, I get no signal in most places unless I am in a station. Can’t 3 put some more masts along main railway lines?

  740. Alex Mitchell

    I recently helped an elderly person cancel a contract and go onto PAYG. It took 20mins to tell the call centre operator ,who was constantly telling me that should go onto a monthy contract, that all we wanted was PAYGO. After 20mins the operator accepted this fact and actioned what was required. However the next day the person got a further phone call to try an get him onto a Monthly Contract.. Then every day for a whole week further phone calls regarding the same.

    Afew months previously to this , both of us had difficulties in recieving and making phone call using our mobiles (a very serious problem and need to be sorted immediately) from our area of town. It took about 12-15hours of phone calls over 5 days to your call centre to resolve the problem. Each time I phoned I had to go through a diagnostic process dispite being asked to go to the next level of support and that we had already gone through that process several times. As I can not phone the UK HQ number without having named person to ask for. I contacted your Consumer Relations company and within a few hours a second level support called. I spoke to an engineer. I was informed at that stage that it could take 21 days to fix the problem.
    It took the best part of that. I have not yet recieved an report on what caused the problem. So for a period of about a month both our phones were totally useless and unreliable.

    My questiions and comments are numerous.
    - the use of an India call centre , where there seams to be both the language problem and the inablilty to take urgent action when required. Operators seem to work from scripts and can no recognise problem which needs more than what the scripts allows. The operators do not have the autonomy to act on what they are being told and are locked into a script. The operators do not have any local knowledge.They seem annoyed that you would dare ask for a manager and will even refuse to pass the problem on.

    - Do the operators not understand the word ‘NO’ ?
    - Can you make access to engineers easier ?
    - Why does it take 21-25days to sort an urgent problem ?

    - Why can’t your operators not RESPECT ones decisions regarding the contracts ?
    Phoning anyone everday for a week regarding the cancelling of their contract is tantamount to serious harrassment and I will be reporting Three’s practice of doing this to Ofcom and Trading Standards.

    Is it not about time that if you are trading in the UK then your call centre and technical support should be here as well. Having spent a considerable amount of time on the phone to your Indian call centre I would highly recommend that you urgently review this and bring the call centre and technical support to the UK for UK customers.

    I am posting this here to save me further time and money trying to contact someone in your organisation who could had the power to act on this. I am sure that there are many customers who experience these problems everyday.

    On a positive note , you do have good products and tarriffs but its your ‘Customer Care’ that is lacking any sense of CARE.

  741. Robert Francis

    I wonder if there are problems with the INQ1 phone? As even in Swansea city centre the signal is poor.

  742. Russell

    I’ve had the same problem with Zee… I had no choice but to end my contract because of signal issues, i tried the sim in different phones and also different sim cards… but all the same result – My phone kept looking for 3G which i get 1 bar if im lucky, and move ever so slightly and it goes and looks for Orange… I have got a pay as you go sim for now and will keep an eye and see if 3 build that base station they said they would in my area… hmm doubtful. I will deffinatly rejoin 3, if I can get better signal in my house.

  743. Robert Francis

    I have spoken to customer services twice, im just wondering if you an give me some information on when the transmitter will be upgraded in my area, postcode can be supplied.


  744. Zee

    Well im not so happy with the signal in my area, and im in London where the signal is supposed to be excellent. Apparently after several phone calls to 3, i ended up canceling my contract because of poor signal, and i was unhappy to do this. Hopefully someone will hear this and help improve the signal in my area so i can again join 3.

  745. Moderator

    @Geoff D – it would be worth taking a look at the “Managing Mobile Broadband” post by Marc Allera, because he deals with exactly the point you’re making. Let us know what you think.

  746. james vincent

    Im quiet pleased with the mobile coverage i have on my contract phone that i have for my parent. I have a new USB b’band stick. my signal only shows 1 bar in my flat (ground floor) where as my old dongle showed nearly full HSDPA. But speeds are still rather good. Sometime even better than my home b’band. But then my home service provider is awfull and not something i can rely on. I’m waiting for this new mast to be put up closer to where i live. I was told (& shown on the comptuer) when I went into a 3 store to get my internet. As my area does rather need it! CF64 [removed by moderator]. even though im shown full coverage on the map. Its a very different story in the village!

  747. Geoff D

    I have had constant ‘congestion’ problems similar to Adrian G and I really think 3 should not be pushing mobile internet if it cannot produce reliable reception. Where is the customer service. All 3 seem to be bothered about is signing people up to the service and not improving things. Every time I complain I am told a new dongle is available at a new price or the transmitters are being updated and I will see an improvement, but it just gets worse. It now frequently shows as ‘limited service’ and no connection is possible.

  748. Roger W

    From the map of your intended mobile broadband improvements, you show the ‘ Ipswich area’, does this mean you will be improving the service within the entire IP postcode area or is this just a vague area indication designed to placate those of your customers who are considering changing their broadband provider due to the present poor service? My location is IP25 6S and I wish to know what your plans are to improve the Three Mobile signal in my area, I can then make a decision whether to use an alternative service provider.

  749. Moderator

    @Robert Francis – the first port of call for coverage enquiries should be Customer Service. When did you last speak with them about this issue?

  750. Robert Francis

    Ive been with 3 since May 2009, ive complained to customer services twice, the coverage seems to be worse now that in May 2009, i can no longer make calls at home.

    Any idea when 3 will be upgrading the newtwork in my area?

  751. Moderator

    Adrian – this sounds like a congestion issue. Take a look at the links above to see how we’re planning to combat this problem, as well as our plans to continue improving our network in 2010.

    It would also be wise to give customer services a call, if you haven’t already, to see if they can give you any more detail on the issues you’re experiencing.

  752. Adrian G

    Recently the 3 signal in my area has become appaling. At exactly 4pm everyday the signal slows to a crawl then at 11pm it goes back to normal. It feels more like my connection is being choked rather than just a busy network as the times are identical every night. I have been using 3 mobile internet for 2 years and have never experianced anything like the last 3 months before and its makeing me think of looking elsewhere for my connection.

    Please sort this out in the Worksop area as until this started happening I was very happy with the service.

    My dongle always shows that I have a full HSDPA signal so this should not be happening.

  753. Moderator

    For more information on how we intend to improve Mobile Broadband and network experiences for all of our customers, have a look at The Year of the Network, by Graham Baxter and Managing Mobile Broadband, by Marc Allera.

  754. Moderator

    Hi Steve. You’re right, the best place to check scheduled work is on the upgrade section of the coverage checker.

    For unplanned outages like the one from this morning that you mentioned, you should drop Customer Services a line (333 from your 3 mobile, 0843 373 3333 from any other phone). They have access to information about everything network related and so should be able to keep you up to speed.

  755. Trevor Johnson

    Coverage is poor in my immediate area. I cant get HSPDA but 3G coverage has improved in the last two months.
    The mobile internet, via dongle is very poor indeed. I was told when I signed up for mobile broadband that I was in a very good signal area.

  756. Steve W

    On the whole I’m very happy with the service and prices from 3. Everywhere I’ve been, I’ve had a usable 3g signal, however the speed received hasn’t always been as good. For example, I was on holiday in Selsey the last week of September 2009 and the download speed was little better than old dial-up modem internet access. I haven’t been there since, but hopefully this has now been addressed. More recently, it appears there was an internet access outage for a number of hours in the early hours of today (18/01/10) in the home counties, I’m in the RG12 postcode and I heard of reports of the outage in Slough and W London also. I’m aware of the viewing of planned work through the coverage checker. But is there somewhere to quickly view faults or outages that are being dealt with and an eta to fix?

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