Smartphones update.

There’s been a big response to my previous post about Smartphones in 2010.
Some of you have mentioned that you feel our range doesn’t offer the best handsets available. We recognise that we have not always kept pace with the developments in smartphones. I am committed to changing that during 2010!
I realise that launching handsets in line with our competitors is one way that our customers and potential customers will judge our success, and naturally we want to do the best that we can.
It’s worth noting that when we bring handsets into our range, we do have specific requirements to include extra software and applications – things like Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Spotify etc. Adding these extras can take time, which is why we’re not always the first to release a new handset.
However, we are constantly working to speed up this process so that we can be as competitive as we can be.
We are working very closely with all our handset partners to make this happen and I am very happy to say that although we don’t expect to be the first operator to launch HTC’s Desire handset we won’t be far behind. We have recently launched the Nokia X6 16GB and the Sony Ericsson X10 and Samsung Galaxy Portal are on the way.
We recognise that there’s a real appetite amongst our customers for these high-end smartphones. As I’ve previously mentioned, our policy is to enable our customers to access the mobile internet at a range of price points. I hope that, as 2010 progresses, you’ll see just how much effort we’re putting into fulfilling that aim.

There’s been a big response to my previous post about Smartphones in 2010.

Some of you have mentioned that you feel our range doesn’t offer the best handsets available. We recognise that we have not always kept pace with the developments in smartphones. I am committed to changing that during 2010!

I realise that launching handsets in line with our competitors is one way that our customers and potential customers will judge our success, and naturally we want to do the best that we can.

It’s worth noting that when we bring handsets into our range, we do have specific requirements to include extra software and applications – things like Skype, Windows Live Messenger, Spotify etc. Adding these extras can take time, which is why we’re not always the first to release a new handset.

However, we are constantly working to speed up this process so that we can be as competitive as we can be.

We are working very closely with all our handset partners to make this happen and I am very happy to say that although we don’t expect to be the first operator to launch HTC’s Desire handset we won’t be far behind. We have recently launched the Nokia X6 16GB and the Sony Ericsson X10 and Samsung Galaxy Portal are on the way.

We recognise that there’s a real appetite amongst our customers for these high-end smartphones. As I’ve previously mentioned, our policy is to enable our customers to access the mobile internet at a range of price points. I hope that, as 2010 progresses, you’ll see just how much effort we’re putting into fulfilling that aim.

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  1. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sunny – sorry you feel this way, if you let us know a full postcode or nearest tube/train station I can check for issues in your area.

  2. Sunny

    I Just want to express my feelings that i made a worse mistake to have 3 Network as i am having signals issues all the time while in Central London. I wish i could get rid of 3 phone line. I will advise pplz who are looking to join 3 Netwrok plz do not go for it. Unlimited data offer is only to trap customes.

  3. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stuart – The Sony Ericsson X10 2.3 upgrade is now available through PC companion.

  4. Stuart

    Is there any news on the X10 2.3 upgrade

  5. Stuart

    Ok Thanks

    It was just sony said not all X10 users would get it as it depended on the network provider

  6. Moderator: Kaz

    @Stuart – We will evaluate and test and offer the Gingerbread upgrade to our X10 customers soon. Afraid there are no dates just yet.

  7. Stuart


    I posted this last night but it appears to have disappeared, Please can you tell me now that Sony have announced that they will be releasing Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) on the X10 will three be rolling this update out as Sony have stated some networks may not.

    Please can you advise

  8. Stuart


    Will Xperia X10 Users be receiving the Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Update that Sony have anounced they are going to release

  9. Stuart

    Cheers Kaz, had any luck yet?

  10. Moderator: Kaz

    @Stuart – Just finding out for you.

  11. Stuart


    Any news on the x10 multi touch update?


  12. Stuart

    cheers for the reply, is there any more news on this?
    I noticed there was an update a couple weeks back but it was for a previous build not the current multi touch one.
    thanks again for the speedy reply!

  13. Moderator: Johanna

    @Stuart – Yes we’re looking to get this update out pretty soon, in fact I’ve just been told it will be with you by the end of next week :-)

  14. Stuart

    Just wondered if there’s any news on the xperia x10 multi touch update? will we be seeing this soon?

  15. Cecily

    Thanks for your post. Keep us updated with the latest Smartphone information!

  16. Stuart

    That’s great cheers, i’ll keep my fingers crossed then!! :)

  17. Moderator

    @Stuart – Sorry we don’t want to drive you loopy!! You’ll be prompted by the end of this week and you’ll need to update via PC Companion :-)

  18. Moderator

    @ Stuart- We’re still waiting for an update. We will say when we have news. Hope you’ve not gone too loopy! Stay sane ;-)

  19. Moderator

    @ S-We’re still waiting for an update. We will say when we have news.

  20. s

    The 11′th and 12′th have come and gone past and still haven’t recieved an update notification to upgrade the X10 to 2… Can you please inform us of when this will be avaliable to 3 UK customers.


  21. Stuart

    Was just wondering if you have any update on the x10 2.1 update as didn’t get it on 11th / 12th as mentioned in the previous reply. Got a bit obsessed with checking for it now and its driving me a bit loopy!

  22. Stuart

    Just wondering if there’s another update on when we’ll be getting the 2.1 update? Didn’t get it on 11th/12th as mentioned in the previous reply. Is there a date set yet?

  23. SJ

    It’s now 13th November. Still no update as stated for the X10. Please inform us of an exact date of when to expect it.


  24. Moderator

    @Raymond – Morning, we have been informed that the update will be available either today (11th Nov) or tomorrow, you will receive the update. Please let us know if this does not happen. Regards Mod

  25. Raymond

    Hello, i’m a very happy three customer but i was wondering if you would have a date for when we will be able to update to 2.1 on our x10/mini/pro??

  26. Moderator

    @James – no probs :-) Yes it is.

  27. James

    Thanks for the quick response. Will it be an OTA update?

  28. Moderator

    @James – You’ll have to wait to update I’m afraid but we do already have the update in for testing, so it should be released within the next 2 weeks.

  29. James


    Sony ericson have now released Android 2.1 for the X10 mini pro.

    Can this be applied to a branded 3 handset or do we have to wait for a 3 specific version.


  30. Moderator

    @ Saket- Sorry to report that HTC Desire OTA update has been removed by HTC. You can find out more about this here.

    We’re still waiting for a new software from HTC that will resolve this problem. We shall tweet away when we get any news :-)

  31. Saket

    Hi, Had seen a news article of the HTC Desire Froyo 2.2 upgrade should have begun on 13-October, did 3UK initiate this update? I am still on Android 2.1 Update 1 and no success checking manual updates…please give us an ETA!!!! O2, VF, Orange/TMobile…everyone’s got it…

  32. Moderator

    @Harry – I’ve just had a chat to the devices guys and this update wasn’t on the radar as the phone is not high priority. They’re going to look into this and see if it’s an option.

  33. Harry

    Hi Mod, I have a Nokia 5800 and was wondering if you’re able to give any hints about when we can hope to see the latest firmware from you guys? Nokia released FW 51 a few months ago now, and it’d be nice not to have to wait in the dark!

  34. Moderator

    @Nav – We’re still waiting for 2.2 to go live on the OTA server :(

  35. Nav

    Can we please get an update or an ETA for the froyo Android 2.2 update for the HTC desire?

  36. Moderator

    @newark – we’re expecting it to have finished testing by the end of this month. We’ll keep you posted as we have a more specific date.

  37. newark

    Have you got an idea when froyo for three wil be out. I just heard today that o2 but the update on hold. thx

  38. Moderator

    @Tim C – It’s worth giving 333 a call and seeing what they can do, sorry I can’t help on advising on deals from here. Come back to me though if you are struggling to get where you want to.

  39. Tim C

    Hi mod, I wonder if you can help me. I have five contracts with three and one of them is an 18 month term and Im now entering into the tenth month of this contract. The phone I got was the INQ Chat 3G which is for my daughter. She is now asking if She could have a Blackberry Curve 9300 for her birthday and Ive noticed three have just started to sell them. So two questions:
    1) Would I be able to upgrade to this handset? I don’t mind taking a hit on the upfront cost.
    2) Would I be able to pay for the handset on a pay as you go or handset only basis?

    Many thanks for you time

  40. matt

    thats great news I will keep my eye out.

  41. Moderator

    @matt – ‘Coming soon’ is coming soon.. should be with us, along with news about N8, very shortly.

  42. matt

    Are you planning to sell the Nokia N8. Vodafone has already confirmed that they will have the lime green version and T-mobile have the N8 in the coming soon section of the T-Mobile Website. Do you have anyupdates on this highly anticipated well overdue flagship phone ?

    I think you should have a coming soon section on your three website. Is this something that you have planned.

  43. Moderator

    @ Vikesh – I don’t have any info on the HTC desire AD I’m afraid, or time scales for the Froyo update. Sorry I’ve been no help at all on your questions! :-(

  44. Vikesh

    I hear a rumor of another HTC Desire coming out calling it ‘HTC desire HD/ Ace’. Do you have any info on this?
    I have currently the HTC Desire running Android 2.1, any idea when we will be getting the Froyo update?

  45. Moderator

    @resham – we’re waiting to receive the relevant bits so that we can pop it into testing. As soon as we know more we’ll let everyone know.

  46. resham

    HTC Desire update to froyo has started? when will we get for three??? Also, can we go to three store to get update if we want faster than OTA?


  47. Moderator

    @Pete – I’m afraid we don’t have a registration facility for Android updates, but as soon as we know more we’ll update the blog. I’ll drop you a note and you can fill me in on your other query :-)

  48. Pete

    Thanks MOD, can u email me details of how to sign up for the update alerts – i spoke to a 3 advisor last night/this morning and they said there was the facility to do so on the three website – they could not how ever describe where/how to do it! I also spoke to them about another matter regarding updates but I dont think it would be appropriate to ask you on here. (again the advisor last night was supposed to email me some details but didnt so if you would be kind enough to make contact I will explain. :-(

  49. Moderator

    @Pete – I’ll pick this up on Nigel’s behalf if that’s ok :-). We’re waiting for news from HTC on the timings of the Froyo 2.2 update.. so as soon as we know more, we’ll pass it on.

  50. Pete

    FAO Nigel Field:
    Hey Nigel, hows the froyo 2.2 android update coming along? Really want this update. ETA?
    Best regards,

  51. Mike John Gotteri

    Hi! I currently have multiple PAYG phones on O2, Vigin, & two on 3. I’m looking to buy a contract smartphone to replace all of these – I have my heart & mind set firmly on a Nokia N900. The first of the above networks will get my custom. :-)

  52. Richard J


    I’m a new customer with Three and got myself a SE X10i. Good phone, in need of a few updates and that’s what my question is about. There’s an update that’s been released by SE and X10 users can update thier phones to the latest version, but only if they ‘debrand’ the phone. Does Three have any details when it will make this update available, if at all?

    Just to make it clear I’m not talking about the upgrade from Android 1.6 to 2.2. I’ve tried to contact Customer Support about this (got a callback from ‘Complaints’ ???) who gave me a generic response. Oh and the agent that called me referred to my phone as the “Sony Ericsson X10 iPhone”. Tends to fill me with buyer’s remorse.

    Hope you can find the time to answer, thanks.


  53. Moderator

    @Roystan – it is indeed :-)

  54. Roystan

    Is the X10 Mini Pro coming to 3?

  55. m2i2k2e

    I just upgraded to an HTC Desire and found the upgrade process easy, I haggled with the guy on the phone and as i’v been with 3 for years and he ended up giving me a deal that i could not have gotten on any other network. True their customer service is not the best but today, i was satisfied with the service and I got the deal I wanted with delivery in a couple of days. Sorry everyone else has not had such an easy ride.

  56. Brendan Arndt

    @Vikesh – as I said, we’ve chosen to take the Desire over the Nexus One. So the answer is no, we have no plans to range it at the moment.

  57. Vikesh

    Yes but is the nexus one coming to 3?

  58. Brendan Arndt

    @Vikesh – We’ve chosen to range the HTC Desire over the Nexus One because we feel it’s a better fit within our range. I would personally say that the Desire is better because it has the HTC Sense interface :-)

  59. Vikesh

    I’ve been with 3 for about 4 years or so and i’m very happy with the service.
    What I would like to know is whats better the htc desire or the nexus one?
    Also is it true that 3 are going to get the nexus one as part of their smartphone lineup?? Can you shed some light on this?

  60. Eric

    Hi all at three, I really wanted the Desire when I came to the end of my contract (not three months before the end of the contract when I was previously told I would be due for an upgrade; instead you had cut that to one month).
    Your operator informed me that you couldn’t get any more Desire handsets in at the moment (9th May ish), due to the demand. I was also told that HTC were having issues with the handset and that they needed to sort these “technical issues” out before the next batch were sent out.

    Now this caused a little confusion because I hadn’t heard of any “technical issues” elsewhere and I have the feeling, post wrangling with one of your call centre employees, that I have been missled.

    Sadly I have been constantly disappointed by your company’s lack of customer service; both in your high street shops and over the phone to your call centre’s. I am not unreasonable, in fact I am always polite and curteous to your staff when I speak to them, but I find them very unhelpful. When I compare your service to that of another provider I used to be with I am frankly amazed you have any customers, although I am still with you?!

    I am willing to admit that it might just be that I have been unfortunate to maybe have spoken to that odd one or two people that haven’t yet been on your customer service training, or maybe they were having a bad day; we all have them. However I seem to keep getting those people and I can’t help, but think your customers aren’t a priority for you or your staff?

    So getting back to my point I am still with Three, I have a Htc Hero (not a Desire like I wanted), and a 24 month contract (admittedly at a reasonable rate). Your network coverage seems good in my experience and I like the sound of the new tariff I ‘m on (starts June), but I don’t think I will stay with you as a provider after this contract because I feel very undervalued in this relationship!

    You really do need to take more time over your customer service, you might have a good deal on the shelf, but poor customer service will undermine any deal you can produce.

  61. Lara

    Hi, I am overdue for an upgrade. I have been told on two occasions by a 3 CS adviser that the HTC Desire is not available to me but other than the HTC Hero i have been told of no alternatives. I also can’t see by going to the upgrade section of the website as it has been down for days. This is driving me mad ! Where is the customer loyalty, i’ve been with 3 for about 6 years ! Oh and i don’t appeciate the customer service adviser getting short with me when i politely decline the HTC Hero. I’m more than happy to sign into another long contract if i get the right phone but surely i’d be stupid to for a phone i don’t want.

  62. keith

    i would like to know why I could not get an upgrade.yet my deal runs out next week,and I have a loyalty discount but its like talking to a brick wall.they didnt tell us about the new 24 month contracts starting may did they

  63. Moderator

    Hi James, we are catching up on all the comments over the long weekend, we definately take all posts on board!

  64. James M

    Ah, the posts are being read and just ignored then. Terrific!

  65. Brendan Arndt

    Hi James – we haven’t had anything through to review yet but it definitely looks interesting!

  66. James Murphy

    Late to this post – but then again what I wanted wasn’t there before

    I want to make a suggestion for a future phone (and its a fair way in the future and yet I suspect now is the time to start asking…) – this isn’t anything that a phone call to a sales-person is going to achieve it needs to land at a different level.

    The phone I want next (sort of) is this: – the Dell Android devices look nice too, but you’ve already got Android pretty well covered and Windows Phone 7 in general and this apparently awesome Dell in particular have seized my interest. I’m intending to migrate to 3 shortly (my sons are already on board) on a SIM only monthly contract. Offer me the Dell and I might commit for a bit longer (-:

  67. Tedness

    Well… goodbye Three – have ordered my shinny new Desire from T-Mob – customer care Still wasn’t interested – gonna let the last two months run out now – gonna text and ring everyone in existence fdrom it to ensure i get my money’s worth from the end of it.

    As Vinny would say… It’s been emotional!

  68. Tedness

    to @ James,
    Welcome to the wonderful world of Three’s Upgrade Procedures – i have been trying since feb to get an upgrade and now being told i have to wait un til June 1st!! (ofiically hit 110 days March 8th = tp;d only eligable for a good phone from May 8th – then told that would actually be May 23rd (less than 30 days left) – now een told that won’t get Desire until at least June 1st).

    I my not even get a good offer then.

    I have asked time and time again for Three to explain why this is but just get the same standard answer (we onlly offer our best deals in the last 30 days).

    Basically you are something they have stepped in until you can legally give notice on your contract – then they take notice of you.

    The ONLY way you get to speak to a UK call centre is if you ring to order a NEW contract like any Joe Bloggs on the street (odd that isn’t it? ‘exisiting’ customers get fobbed off with the foreign call centre, which as you rightly say can only read from a script – but NEW potential customers get the shiny helpful UK call centre so as not to put them off…. just highlights what Three really think of exisiting customers i guess).

    The people that HAVE got the Desire on this blog are all the last 30 days people mate – don’t know anyone on these blogs (and i’ve been following them for weeks now) that’s got one early.

    your choices are:

    A, keep trying to get one early (don’t waste your time – you’ll just raise your blood pressure trying).

    B, Wait till 30 days and reapply (frustrating I know as you want a phone NOW – we all do ;@>)

    C, Order one via T-Mob or Virgin which are offering better deals than Three for the same dough (or even for less) and let the final few months run out on your Three account. (a real pain siwtching direct debits and new phone numbers etc).

    D, Do C but with Three (so start a new totally seperate contract now – but why? – if your going to do that – why show Three any loyalty – they ain’t shown you any).

    E, wait till your contract runs out totally and shop around for the best deal.

    The craziest part of all this is if you ‘upgrade’ with Three the ‘new’ contract starts from the day after your old one runs out anyway (for example mine expires June 22) – so if I signed a upgrade today or June 21 the ‘new’ contract would start from June 23 either way – so I totally can not understand Three’s reasoning for the agro with upgrades.

    Good luck either way my firend! (your gonna need it! ha ha)

  69. James M

    Good grief. I have just this second got off the phone from the 3 help centre enquiring about my upgrade and what deals I may (or likely, may not) be offered.

    A) The lady couldn’t separate the HTC Hero from the Desire for some time.

    B) She told me that as some people had already been provided with the phone so they were out of stock and as such wouldn’t be able to tell me how much it would be offered to me for.

    C) She told me there were no prices yet, despite me telling her there were.

    D) She didn’t know when they would be back in stock, so just told me to try again in a few days.

    E) I probably wouldn’t be eligible for whatever deals there would be, despite me saying I’m willing to pay the price on the website.

    If the phone has already been rolled out for some customers, surely the call centre are in a position to tell me what deals I’ll be offered when the phone is available to me?

    Why on Earth do I know things (largely learned from this blog and the main site) that call centre staff don’t?

    How anyone at 3 can think this is an acceptable level of customer service is beyond me. The grasp of English the staff in the call-centres have is just about enough to read from a script, but it’s impossible to discuss anything beyond that with them as they simply don’t understand what you’re saying and invariably reply with a complete non-sequitur making a conversation as impossible as trying to get some useful information.

    If I want to go to my nearest 3 store, it costs me £5 and 25 minutes on the train, not to mention and afternoon dedicated to it. Why make dealing with a phone company on the phone so b%**&y hard? It’s an utterly infuriating task for an existing customer to go through.

    And can someone on this blog PLEASE explain the lack of parity between what new customers and existing customers are being offered?

    I don’t believe one person on here (staff included) believes a genuinely satisfactory answer (the “we’re a small company…”; “it depends on your usage…” etc arguments have been shot-down as totally illogical and nonsensical by every right-thinking contributor to this blog) has been given for this yet and the fact no-one has provided such an answer by sending us to Coventry is kind of negating the very brilliance of this blog concept.

    I could phone up the call centre and get an the same non-answer from the staff there, but at least they have the excuse of being in a different country and not at 3 HQ in the UK.

    Come along 3, please provide the service we’re all paying for.

  70. James M

    The silence from 3 is deafening.

  71. James M

    How does one attain a loyalty discount? I assume being with 3 for 4.5 years and willing to sign up for another two isn’t enough (3?!)?

  72. Tessa

    Yes is does make a difference between stores and over the phone, if like me you have a loyalty discount this can only be applied when I ring 3 Customer Services and not used in there stores…weird but true so I’m left hanging on and attempting an upgrade for a Sony X10 via Customer Services but haey ho someone has to annoy them xxx

  73. James M

    Bit of silence on the 3 front recently!

    To the staff: does it make a difference (bar hopefully the language barrier) if we try and arrange our upgrades in-store or over the telephone? Will the deals and flexibility be exactly the same?


  74. mr and mrs brown

    as read in some of the posts we too are havind problems with upgrading as existing customers on 3 no customer loyalty at all being given to us. we both have a handset each asked if we could have the sony ericsson satio and was told yes if we paid neally £50 a month each which is £30 a month more each than what we pay our alternatives where very basic handsets actually worse than the handsets we have now. very disappointed with the upgrade service.

    come on 3 get your acts together for your existing customers

  75. Tedness

    Hi Judey,
    I think its looking likely I am going to be following you across – not something I wanted to do as up till now I have been quite happy with Three (even though they stitched me up with the terms of my 1st contract phone – they changed the terms 12 months in to an 18 month deal on a refurbed V3x – the 1st one didn’t work at all and went back and they sent me a brand new one as a replacement – they then decided that this constituted me ‘upgrading’ to the full package and paying £10 per month more!). I forgave them and moved on – I like the interaction of the blog – good idea – but doesn’t it strike you about the amount of us having to air our grievences on here though as we get so little help from the call centre ?
    Gonna give it another week to mull it over (and for ‘the other company’ to get fresh stock in) and then will see what 3′s position is in terms of an ‘upgrade’ and if they are still playing silly beggars then bye bye Three – at least I won’t be a pain on your blogs anymore! ha ha (sorry for opening the can of worms in the 1st place… not! ha ha).

  76. Judey

    Well Ted I’ve just done exactly what you’re thinking about. Just signed up with The Other Company and am going to let the last 2 months of my 3 contract expire. From what I can see the The Other Company deal is far better than any I’ve got a chance of getting with 3. I really wanted to stay as I like the idea of this blog and such but I’m afraid my frugalness won out. Good luck woth your decision making!

  77. Tedness

    Three finally release details of their Desire package and its 450 mins and 4 gig internet less than a comptetitor (you all know who I mean but if i mention them the Moderator will block my message again) for the same money Three are charging. My open question to 3 and everyone else is WHY should i now even consider staying with Three after the messing about and p!ss poor service I’ve had trying to get an upgrade (i have to chuckle as the longer i leave it, the more the price of phones goes up to upgrade – was offered a Hero as an ‘upgrade’ for £287 which 2 weeks later became £287.50, which then became £290 which last Saturday became £299).
    Been a contract customer for over 4 years, and PAYG for nearly 2 prior to that, but the other network (which begins with the 20th letter of the alphabet) are making a very tempting offer with free phone, extra mins and a LOT more internet for the same dough, and after speaking to 2 friends on their network they have only spoken to UK call centres and never had any upgrade issues… its now only the ‘can’t be arsed’ factor that’s stopping me from just getting that deal now and letting the last 2 months with 3 ride out. IF Three recosidered their internet policy then i would stay as the extra minutes don’t worry me so much (no, I’m not a billy no mates, just a bloke and so don’t ring everyone i know 20 times a day like the missus! ha ha – hope she don’t read this or I’m a dead man walking!).

    Come on peeps – wanna hear your opinions of whether i should stay or go??
    Teddy :@?

  78. James M

    Just saw a 3 advert on television offering the Hero saying something like “from the network designed and built around mobile internet” …with a 1GB limit! :-P

  79. Ian Wright

    To David Richards:

    David, the average Three user’s data use is below 1gb for two reasons: a) the Three allowance is 1gb and b) most customers are not on a contract with a smartphone – Three don’t supply nearly enough of them.

    Why not do what T-Mobile do and have bigger allowances for smartphones, which are supplied with the most expensive contracts, and a seperate one for all other phones. Makes sense, right?


  80. Tedness

    Ode to Three:

    There was a young network called Three,
    Who hated to give phones for ‘free’,
    not to existing subscribers,
    only to new walk in buyers,
    and then for twice others nertworks fee!

  81. James M

    @ Katy, re: “But we can’t afford to keep people on our network if the expectation from them is that they should get things much, much cheaper than new customers.”

    But, again, no-one seems to be asking for anything “much, much cheaper” or even just “much cheaper,” rather equal, which is absolutely more than reasonable by anyone’s standards. There is simply not a logical reason for not offering at least the same deal to existing customers that you would to new ones. In effect, it’s the extra money you’re making off existing loyal customers being offered sub-par deals that allows you to offer new customers these cheaper deals, right?

    The bottom line is if an existing customer were to terminate his or her current contract when it expired, and start afresh with a new contract from 3… then they WOULD have the SAME deal as new customers, regardless of their previous usage, correct? So why not save them the hassle and just provide these same deals to everyone? Existing customers are simply being penalised for having history with 3, there are no two ways around that.

    It’s a point that has already been made by many posters – including myself already – and not-so-neatly dodged by any one of the otherwise helpful staff on this blog. Probably because there’s no REAL reason for it, beyond hoping that existing customers won’t want to bother with the fuss of cancelling and restarting contracts to get a deal newcomers can get, so just stick it out on an relatively inferior tariff?

    I also went into a 3 shop (Bristol) yesterday to double-check the expiration / upgrade dates of my contract and the lady behind the counter had no idea that the Desire was coming to the network she works for. I’ve had similar experiences in the Leicester and Truro branches of 3.

    Not really a big deal, as I got a lot of the information from here and other online sources, but I must say I found it most bizarre that I knew more about the upcoming product line-ups than the 3 staff! As a company that’s so bent on attracting new customers, I’d like to think you wouldn’t have to actively research as much as I have to find out what was coming up from 3.

  82. Moderator

    Happy Easter everyone! The blog won’t be manned full time over the Easter Bank Holiday so don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t appear immediately. For any urgent customer enquiries please give us a call on one of these numbers

  83. Howard

    Went back in store and spoke with someone with a bit more of an idea, and better advice. I opted for a Hero in the end… to be hoenst I can’t be bothered with the hassle of moving, and I did save a bit of money in the end. I do like 3, and will be staying with them (for the next 2 years at least now!) Just wish that it was easier to get information from you!

  84. Howard

    I popped into my local Three store yesterday. My phone’s up for renewal and I thought I’d try to find out when the HTC Desire would become available. I was told (with a shrug) that it’d probably be on April 9th and maybe to pop in again then, or perhaps the week after that. So I asked whether I’d be able to get it on my current plan (£25 / month + £5 unlimited internet) and the lady said she was pretty sure that would probably be the case, but not totally sure.

    Now I’m reading this blog and seeing that even the people on the 3 blog itself don’t seem to know when or for how much. There’s the vague promise that it should be a competitive deal, but it’s now starting to look less than likely.

    Meanwhile, I walk down the high street and every other mobile vendor who is due to release the Desire have dates and prices displayed in their windows. How do 3 intend to compete with this?! I know I could get a good deal from T-Mobile or Vodafone, and I’m seriously starting to doubt you will come close; in fact I could jump ship right now and save £5.00 a month straight away AND know when to expect the phone!

    So, I wonder, is it time to move to T-Mobile or Vodafone, where there’s less of a prevailing sense of vagueness and it (it would seem) the prospect of a much better deal…

    Advice: If you’re going to keep your customers, get your act together, start making firm promises and let us know when you intend to do things, and stop with the excuses!

  85. Ben Lowe

    RE: DAN :-

    Hi Dan i’m using a phone i bought from Orange which was never released even on 3’s own handset range. So in answer to your question-Yes you can pop your 3 sim card in (i had to get my phone unlocked first) & then you then have to change the VPN server settings to “” If your unsure how to do this check your phones user manual or look on some forums, ie What Mobile’s 3 provider thread or the 3g site mentioned in the post above by Jamie Earle (he’s evan put a link in) There’s another easier way to try, go to the 3 website, then Help & Support & then Internet Settings (its a very simple process of selecting your phone model number & the settings will be sent to your phone via txt message) For me this didnt work as my phone was never part of 3’s handset range-but a call to CS soon had me set up & running. Then all you need to do is set 3 as your ‘Home Page’ & find Planet 3 & your other favourite pages, bookmark them & job done. By using as your ‘Home Page’ evan with no credit you can log onto Planet 3, (home), these blog pages-which i am doing now evab though my Monthly Internet Add-On has expired & my credit is zero ! Hope this helps ! Ps Its much easier than it sounds.

  86. Glenn

    Thanks for your input and response,
    i however will be going out to get the HTC desire today on orange and just continue to pay my 3 contract until it expires.

  87. Lee


    Thanks for taking the time to respond in-depth to a lot of the posts above. Those posters have said what an awful lot of us are thinking. I guess the main issues I have are the lack of a discount on handsets and, like others the “very special deal just for you!” which is exactly the same or worse than what any new customer can pick up on the website.

    The HTC Desire can be purchased SIM-free for £380 give or take at the right place currently. Another network is offering it (on a 24 month contract) for half this price or free on the right plan. Yet, 3 are saying you hope it to be “sub-£500″ when it comes to buying it (I won’t enter a new contract to get it as I like SIM 15). While technically accurate I suppose, the statement suggests it won’t be far off £500 to buy from 3 directly.

    I’m at a loss at such pricing, especially for customers who bought into the the 3 Vision from virtually the beginning. When I first joined 3 in (2003, if I remember rightly), the service was truly dire. But, you promised improvements as the network matured and over the years, you did just that. Some couldn’t wait and moved away, but those of us who truly believe 3 will be the best of the best – eventually – continue to stay and continually get a raw deal at upgrade time for our loyalty, and it’s starting to get old.

    Prove me wrong this time round. Please?

    (Mod: Hopefully this one passes muster) ;)

  88. Katy Dawe

    Hi all. Thanks for your feedback on the Upgrades process. I’ve tried to cover off most of your points below:

    Adrian & Lee A – Thanks for the feedback, you make some really interesting points. We really do appreciate the value of word of mouth and how powerful it can be for a business – at both ends of the scale I might add! News on the Desire is coming very soon, but without knowing the details of the contracts that you’re coming off I can’t say either way what deals we would offer you. The phone will be coming to us, and from what the Devices team tell me it will very much be worth it, but I’m afraid you’ll have to sit tight for a wee while longer for the detail on price.

    Glenn & Damien – I’m sorry to hear that you both seem to have had pretty poor experiences of the upgrades process with us. We will always try to offer you a series of deal options, many that will be personalised to you. While they might not be exactly the same as existing customer offers, they do best suit your usage. We can’t always afford for our phones to be free. We’re a small network so we often can’t buy from manufacturers in huge volumes like our competitors. Devices – especially newer smartphones – are sophisticated pieces of technology. The more advanced they get, the higher the price tag, but we do do our best to remain competitive.

    Glenn – I’m sorry that together we’ve not agreed on a plan you’re happy with. As I say, we’ll always aim to offer you something that best suits what your usage has been in the past. The video pack is included as a part of our Mix & Match tariffs – that can’t be removed I’m afraid. We do appreciate you as a customer, and we certainly don’t want to lose you. But we have to offer deals that still mean we can operate as a business, while trying to meet your needs and wants.

    Damian – We often do have exclusive and ‘special’ deals and offers through the contact centre, but we shouldn’t be describing them in this way to you if they clearly aren’t. Of course we’re not trying to force our customers away – what business would do that? But we can’t afford to keep people on our network if the expectation from them is that they should get things much, much cheaper than new customers. Our deals are always a meet-in-the-middle between what we can financially afford to give you based on your immediate history with us, and what you want. We might not be able to deliver on your requests 100% of the time, but we do try to listen to what you’re asking and offer the nearest thing.

    As Nigel & Sylvia from our Devices team have openly admitted, our Smartphone range has been lacking, but they’re really focussed on growing this this year. But, to quote Sylvia, ‘it can’t happen overnight’. You make points about our reputation as a whole. We’re listening all the time to our customers, and we know the bits of our business that need work. Patrick is committed to improving customer services, and the network is undergoing a transformation this year. We can’t wave magic wands, but I can assure you that we are moving in the right direction.

  89. Tedness

    To Damien,
    A hearty “here, here!”
    To everyone else that seems to be getting the brown smelly end of the stick from Three, you have my sympathies.
    I’m glad we have opened the can of worms that seems to be Three’s ‘upgrade’ policy. It just seems to me that Three STILL seem to be ignoring the whole situation and hopes it goes away (I guess when all their customers have jumped to other networks all the moans will die down as there will be no one left to moan at them – a cunning policy Three, like it!).
    The interesting thing is Three still don’t seem to grasp is that none of us one here are asking for BETTER treatment than ‘new’ customers, just EQUAL treatment which seems a perfectly reasonable request from where I’m sitting.
    I really really hope that Three see sense on phones like the Hero and Desire (sorry, no pun intended) and allow good upgrades for customers who have (up till now) been totally loyal to Three even when the phone selection or network coverage wasn’t the best in the early days, and have helped Three to stay around long enough to be in a position to treat them so poorly (the irony is almost funny… almost!).
    Right, that’s my 2 penneth chipped in. If anyone at Three wants to hire me to be Head Of Common Sense you know how to reach me (at least until June 9th when there is a real danger I will be on a different network enjoying my shiny new Desire..).
    Teddy ;@>

  90. David Richards

    Hi Ian – Sorry it’ taken a few days to come back to you. At the moment, the current average internet usage by our customers well below 1GB a month. You’re right in saying that internet usage is on the up though, so we’ll be regularly reviewing our fair use policy to make sure that all our typical users are covered.

  91. Dan


    Given the vague release date for HTC Desire on 3, is there anything (other than cost) to stop me buying it SIM-free (it’s available on Amazon, for example) and putting my 3 SIM card in?

    Would I still have access to Planet 3? And Email on 3? Would Skype, Facebook, Twitter etc. still be free? (Elsewhere on the blog it has been said that the dedicated Skype app would be made available to all handsets when it’s released.)

    Are there any other considerations that I’ve missed? Sorry for just asking questions, but I haven’t been able to find a satisfactory answer anywhere!

    Thanks for your help.


  92. Brendan Arndt

    We’re looking at it at the moment Michael.. we’ve had a lot of feedback along the same lines as yours so we’re looking at how we could make it work

  93. Damien

    Like many others on this blog my contract ends at the end of May so my best chance to cancel the contract or upgrade is around the end of april. I dont want to leave 3 but you’re treating youre customers like dirt, and i mean dirt! Customer services tried to charge me £290 to get the Hero on a £25 a month contract, absolutely ludacris! They then offered me their “special, only from me” sim only deal which i’ve been offered every time i have phoned them, just like everybody else. I have never once recomended this company to others simply due to how badly they treat their customers. If anybody is reading this then yes their 3g coverage is good, but their person skills are awful. They treat new customers much much much better than us who have been paying there wages for the last several years. I know for a fact that everone of us who are waiting for an Desire or iPhone will be offered awful deals when they’re released with huge upfront fees. What i would like to be answered is why are you trying to force youre current customers away?! The Hero is actually a worser phone than the Desire and your customer services expect people to pay £300 for it. Im fed up of this network. And 1gb on an adroid device which consumes internet is no where near enough-take a leaf out of tmobiles book. And dont just ignore this or say “Sorry about your concerns damien but we cannot talk about contract deals”. Im not bothered about the deals on here, it’s your overall customer services and company persona which need to be changed. You don’t even offer a wide range of top smartphones and you expect people to pay more than other companies, such as Orange, who also have a very good 3g network covering near all small villages etc but do not rely on their so called “3g” status to attract customers. Furthermore, im paying for 5 contracts at the moment which means i pay over £1300 per year and have done for the last 4 years now. Its going to take something special to make me stay with you.

    Id just like to end on the fact that this won’t stay on blogs forever. Soon word will spread and youre company is going to fail because of the bad reputation. Why don’t you realise this and actually change it. Offer your current customers at least the same as new customers! We’re the ones who have kept up with our contracts, the risk is with the new customers.

  94. Glenn

    Hi, i have read with interest the comments from people on here, all seem to be in the same boat.
    I have An N97, quites simpy the worst phone i have ever owned bar none, glitches, crashing, calls cutting out,
    this i appreciate is not 3′s problem, however what is very annoying is that im on a ridiculous contract i was told i had to have, which includes £20.00 a month for a video call pack! i have never made a video call and nearly every person i know has an iphone 3g or 3gs so couldnt even if i wanted to.
    i really liked the look of the N97 and duely waited for 3 to get it, but as mentioned i was told i had to have a video pack, and stay with a mix n match price plan, 1100 minutes or txts. I overshoot this alowance every month by miles but i was told because i was en existing customer i could not have the NEW customer £35.00 a month 700 minutes and unlimted txts – that would be perfect for me, instead i payt nearly £60.00 a month for a sub standard phone with a video package i never use.
    I like the others am looking to upgrade to the desire, i do not want to go the iphone route lioke the rest of the world seems to have gone.
    I recieved a txt today from 3 saying that until the end of april i can get any contract with 33% off for a sceond conract. Great….so my question is this, after nearly 7 years of being with 3, do you think finally i will be offered a decent phone, on a contract that any non 3 customer can get! i am prepared to take out a second contract just to not use the N97, so how about taking off my video package and will take out a second contract hopefully with the HTC desire with 33% off each month! for the first 2 years of being with 3 i actually had 2 contracts so essentially i have nearly 8 years worth of useage with you but feel that i get treated wrse than new customers.
    I work in customer services for a major car brand and i know our existing customers are treated like royalty as they are the people who will always stay loyal and defend a brand.
    I hope that you would be willing to share your thoughts on this with me.
    Great idea for blogging by the way!

  95. Michael

    Will you release the Desire with a two year premium spotify subscription, like with the Hero, you should. I’d take a lengthy 2 year contract if you did……

  96. lee a

    Hi, I’m in the same boat as the rest who have posted on here, I’ve also been with 3 for 6 years now starting with PAYG and i still have that and still use it from time to time, my contract is now up for renewal and the HTC desire is the ONLY phone i want to upgrade to, as someone else has pointed out the call centre staff are totally un-aware of the DESIRE, never heard of it nor know any info on a release date?? they tried to offer me the HERO which i do like but its slower processor is the main reason i will not be taking up that for an upgrade and also due to the fact that the phone also will not be capable of running or supporting FLASH 10, being a loyal customer to THREE by having a PAYG that i use, A contract phone(the Sony c902 that i find a good symbian phone) and also having a £20pm mobile broadband account too that is too up for renewal, When 3 do release the DESIRE and i call to upgrade to that I will cancel all my contracts and stop the use of ny PAYG if I have to PAY to upgrade to the DESIRE ( the call center told me I had to pay £180 to upgrade to the HERO ). I work for Virgin and can get the for FREE! on a new contract and have price rental as a staff package, but I have NEVER had issues with 3 with their reception, Mad I hear some of you say but I’m one of those who say if it’s not broken dont try to fix it, I see that you(THREE) are stating LATE APRIL? but what date is LATE??? the sooner the better in my eye’s and thats the general feeling from alot of the posts on here, so existing customers Should be given better package deals than new customers who just join and they should also be given any handsets they choose F.O.C rather than being told they have to pay X amount to upgrade cos if I get told that when THREE do release the DESIRE then sadly I will be one of you many LOYAL customers to say BYE-BYE and take my money and get my services for FREE else where. To end, I realy do think that THREE can and do offer a better and more reliable service than any or most competitors out there.

    Thankz. :)

  97. Adrian

    I guess I am like many who have this love-hate relationship with 3.

    “Interactivity” (customer service, alerts, my3 & this blog) has been quite good (if not better than other providers) and kept me going till now. So was the “competitive” pricing when I first signed in…
    But I look back and 2 contracts down the line:
    - renewing was not as “premium” as I’d have thought (fair to say that but business is business and I could have left)
    - phones haven’t been as “prime” as what other providers might offer, but hopefully 3 is catching up.

    Yet I still kind of like the “3-buzz” image…

    To you people who manage 3:
    Please take care & reward those who are “faithful” to you…
    we are the silent voices who influence friends, partners and family…
    we do it for free, (or 3 should I say).

    My 2nd contract with 3 ended on March 20th and I’m in this no-man’s-land rolling stage…
    Wandering and stumbling, wondering and mumbling, undecided if I should stay or I should go.

    For once I would like a top end ‘smart’ phone (HTC Desire it is), but do not know when it will be available…

    I called 333 today and couldn’t have any estimate of a release date…
    Nor could I figure out if I’d get a better deal, or at least as good deal as T-Mobile, to keep me hoping.

    Someone there please tell me: “Wait, it’s gonna be worth it!”…
    and I’ll be waiting, ready to sign up for another 2 years (and more if affinity)…

  98. Ian Wright

    One of the main reasons for having a smartphone as opposed to a conventional phone is surely to have full access to the internet. We all want to stream live online content on our phones but Three’s 1gb monthly ‘fair usage’ policy allowance is nowhere near adequate. T-mobile are offering 3gb now, which is much closer to the needs of modern users. I don’t want to lease Three either, but investing all that money in a smartphone means that you have to be able to make full use of all its attendent benefits. Three need to consider matching them in this vital area.

  99. Paul

    Hi all and especially Sylvia.
    been with 3 now since 2004 and up until last year had 2 contracts. we changed one to T-mobile last year because the upgrades team wouldn’t give us a Nokia 6700 for free, but T-mobile would on more or less the same tarrif. (seems strange but there you go)

    Now, I’m after the Desire, need a Smartphone since my Soul cannot do what I now need. Will wait until 3 release it later this month, would like to stay with 3 for another period but unless they can compete with T-mobiles Desire package of £20 (300 minutes, 300 texts, unlimited Internet and a booster which will give me unlimited t-mobile calls or unlimited 01, 02 landlines) then I will have to jump ship so to speak.

    I always thought of 3 as the best company to offer the best deals, but recently this has not been the case. they should look after their existing customers more, after all, they are the ones that can recommend the Network to friends and family.

  100. Menno

    Why not just make smartphones available regardless of whether all the Three apps are available?

    There are smartphone users like myself who dont care about those as we can install our own alternatives in the meantime.

    Also making phones like the N900 available on upgrade would be great. If you dont want the support overhead of traning your staff on the phone, just let us upgrade without support.

  101. Moderator

    Hi Rob – you can take a look at Sylvia’s post here for the latest on new phones

  102. rob

    do you know if you will be getting the i-phone any time soon?

  103. Sylvia Chind

    Hi Lee – you and me both. We’re learning so much through this process so thanks to you, and everyone else, for your feedback.

    Re your other question. I’m guessing you’re referring to the Desire? If you want to buy it to use with your SIM 15 plan, you will need to buy it at the PAYG price. We haven’t 100% confirmed that price yet, but it will be less £500.

  104. Lee


    Firstly, I *love* being able to interract with 3 like this. It has certainly raised my impression of the company after 6 years of frustration.

    Can you advise if the handset will be for sale (to a 3 contract customer) at a reduced rate to buying it SIM-free or by buying it “PAYG” and then moving the SIM over? (I don’t want to move off SIM 15, as it suits me fine for my needs). If not, I will simply PAC to T-Mobile, as they’re offering it whole-contract with cashback for about £500 all-in. If there will be savings to be had by waiting a week or two but get to stay on 3, then I shall!



  105. Sylvia Chind

    Hi Liam – it’s a possibility. We’re looking at options at the moment

  106. Ben Lowe

    Yesterday i was sent this txt 3Alerts@ (6:21 PM):
    From 3: On Apr 22 some prices change. You still get free texts & internet allowance. New: free Twitter &
    So i clicked the link-which took me to a ‘dead’ page ! In the end i eventualy had to call Cus Serv to get the info… ANOTHER PRICE HIKE on Pay As You Go ! Dont try & tell me that this too was ” Due to MTR’s ” – - – so unless the MTR’S have INCREASED TWICE IN 9 months, they have gone from 12p to 20p ( for customers who joined as of June last year- ie 3Pay Tarrif Customers) & now from Aprill 22 will be bumped up to 25p per min. Other increases inc the END OF FREE VOICEMAIL this is now going up to 15p PER MINUTE & Picture Messages up by 5p. Dont tell me – this too is due to MTR’S ????? So this further enhances my belief that this is to pay for the Free Stuff for 90 days & all the other ‘ Free ‘ software garbage that is now being paid for customers such as myself who joined 3 BEFORE the ‘ FREE ‘ giveaway for cheap calls.

  107. Liam

    Good news that Three is bringing the Desire to their network. Is there any chance you will bundle Spotify Premium like you did with the Hero? Will this option be available at launch?

  108. David Kerrigan

    @Ci – Yep, as long as you’ve got a 3 SIM, your free Skype to Skype calls and Skype chats will continue! We’ll be making our Skype app available for all Desires as soon as it launches on 3

  109. Sylvia Chind

    Hi Sumi – you will be able to get the Desire on Pay As You Go. We’re just finalising the exact price

    Hi RF – don’t worry, the Hero’s not going anywhere just yet ;-)

  110. Tedness

    Hi Katy,
    Many thanks for the swift responce, that definitely get 3 some brownie points back.
    I have calmed down a tad now as was duely wound up when i posted the last time after yet another pointless conversation with customer services, anyway, that aside, its good that 3 take complaints seriously.

    I really do understand the financial constraints and you are not the only network to pull out the ‘top deals’ at the 11th hour to keep people, its just very frustrating for us on the other end of that to have to let it get to that stage before we get equal treatment – equal to what joe bloggs off the street can get off your web site today – rather than less than that (I realize that the top phones are an ‘inducement’ to lure new customers in, BUT, if you lure 1 new customer in and drive 2 existing ones away with this policy then its not a smart business model).

    To defend 3 further the sim only deals may well suit a lot of people and definitly offer good value for money if you are one of those people who just use a phone to phone people and thats it (there is a girl in our office that still has a Nokia 3310 she won’t part with for love nor money!),

    BUT, where long term customers know what they want – specificially know what they want – 3 should be trying to help them to come up with a deal where they can – unfortunatly in my personal experience (and I am sure others) the call centre try to convince me that i DONT want what I have asked for and offer me something else entirley (when declined the Hero, i was tried to be persuaded to have a SE C903 and was told it was “very similar” with “very similar features”. The only thing similar is it makes phone calls. In fact a friend recently lost his phone in the back of a taxi and when he rang 3 and blocked the old phone they sold him a refurbed 903 for £10 which kind of shows the sort of phones i am deemed worthy of by 3)

    ANYWAY – that’s my whinge over and out my system ha ha – I hope 3 look at this constructivley as it is meant that way.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and again for the swift responce.

    Best regards,

    Teddy :@>

  111. Ci

    I’m currently on a contract with 3 which gives me free Skype functionality. If I was to buy the HTC Desire out right from a different vendor would I be able to move my SIM to the Desire and continue with my current contract and still be able to use the free Skype?

  112. Sumi

    Will the HTC desire be available as a pay as you go?

  113. neil - bmth II

    hi guys. from a retail perspective these are some exciting times! Using a hero myself I can see what a great network we have to display some of the great features of android which we will further build on with the desire and samsung galaxy. The e72 is a great addition to the range and will sit beautifully as an upsell from the e63, a great budget handset ideal for the internet! I think a lot of our existing customers are well aware we are the home of the mobile internet and handsets like these push us to the forefront again of that market. If people want the best experience for their upgrades/issues just drop into the retail stores… its what we’re here for :)

  114. G

    Martyn, i’m really tempted to go now with T Mobile aswell…but….i have to say i’m quite impressed with this blog and the interaction that now seems possible with people who matter at 3.
    I don’t know of any other network where this happens and it does at last seem that they are listening judging by Sylvia’s latest post.
    I guess people like us who are interested enough in phones to be on this type of blog are just madly impatient! :-)

  115. Moderator

    Hi Martyn – we’re not ignoring you :-). Sylvia has just posted the latest update on handsets here. The Desire will be coming to 3 late April

  116. Martyn

    Is it common place to ignore some customers queries>……or is it maybe that you ignore the questions that you know the answer will result in people leaving three?

  117. Katy Dawe

    Hi Ted – As you’ll have seen in my previous comment, and mentioned yourself, we do offer our best deals when you’re right at the end of your minimum term. Good phones aren’t for new customers only – if you were told that then I’m sorry – that was wrong. We’re sadly not in a position where we can heavily subsidise all the phones we offer when you are still within your minimum term – but – we do try to make sure there is a way for you to get a phone whenever you need one, or just really want one!

    We’re still working on our plans for the HTC Desire so right now I can’t categorically say whether you’ll be offered it or not. I also can’t guarantee that it will be cheaper than any deal you’ve been offered by other networks. I am sorry that you feel let down. We do try our best to make sure that customers can get their hands on the phones they want and get a great value deal.

  118. Martyn Habgood

    Ok, so it’s (HTC desire) is now available on t mobile! How long do we have to wait for it to come out? I hope its not too long, as I feel you may start losing customers to other networks to take benefit of their earlier release dates….I for one am very tempted just to go with t-mobile……

  119. RF

    Will you still be offering the Hero? (but at a cheaper price!)

  120. Kennsmi

    I can’t wait!…until sense prevails…

    Well my contract is about due for renewal very soon also – like many here I’m fancying the HTC Desire….it’s…ummm…so…desirable….but also liking the HTC Legend or I quite fancy Nokia N900. At present none available on 3 and no dates forthcoming (…never for the N900 R.I.P.).

    As others here have said please please please stop filling the phones with 3 software/branded firmware etc – just get them released asap. Trust me, anyone here that wants one of these phones now, doesn’t want the branded software.

    Release branded phones/software when ready, sell unbranded phones to ‘early adopters’ for now, keep people, bring in new people, make lots of money, reduce my bills, give me lots of money for telling you the secret, share price rises, bonuses all round, everyone happy…you see?!!

  121. chris

    I have been with 3 for 6 years, last year I bought the N97 on 3 pay as you go as I no longer wanted to pay for minutes which I didn’t use. The phone was a huge disappointment as it cost a fortune and lacked the main features from the N95 such as Nokia internet radio player and sports tracker. The operating software was terrible, it was as if Nokia had never turned it on to test it.

    While I don’t hold 3 responsible for this, I did get annoyed when software updates were released by Nokia to fix these issues, but while other networks rolled out the updates shortly after release, updates to N97 on 3 were delayed presumably because 3 were testing the Skype and MSN software. I vowed never to buy another Nokia again and to change to another network once I had a good 18 months use out of the phone.

    The N97 has now broken and I have bought a cheap pay as you go until the HTC Desire is released. As I am desperate and lost without a smart phone, I will probably go to another operator as as I assume 3 will delay the release but also I am not prepared to wait longer than anyone else for future software updates.

    I noticed that the HTC Hero got a software upgrade on 23.11.09 for Orange and Tmob branded phones but the 3 update came on 08.01.10.

    I think 3 are great, I always defend them when people talk about poor signal which I have no problem with, I think they have the best 3g coverage, lowest monthly cost and they are the most forward thinking of all the networks especially when it comes to internet usage. But the N97 issues really annoyed me and I think it is time to try someone else unfortunately most networks other than 3 and Orange don’t appear to have any 3g coverage outside of the major towns and cities.

  122. Tedness

    To Katy Dawes, With reference to James & James and their upgrade experience, i have experienced exactly the same issues (see my earlier post furhter up the history on this page).

    However, i have also been informed several times that I can’t have the Hero as an upgrade no matter what tarrif i want (i was happy to go on the £35 24 month tarrif you do it on) but was told that i still can’t have that phone. was only offered the very basic phones and the ‘special’ rolling one month contract which i do not want and isn’t a special deal anyway as James pointed out. Been a contract customer for 4 years and PAYG for several before that. I am within the 3 month end of contract period (about 10 weeks left now) and STILL being told that if i want a ‘good’ phone (e.g the X6) then that would cost me £290 no matter what tarrif i choose, but not because its an ‘early’ upgrade, but because i am an existing customer and that good phones are for new customer only. been told to re-aply on May 8th when i have 30 days left to run and i ‘might’ get a better offer.. wooooooo, that makes me feel sooooooo valued – NOT.

    I will ring on 8/5 and see if the desire is released and if i can have it ‘free’ on a deal – if not I will be off to another network (got several family memebers on to Three too and will be taking them with me) as the customer services centre, in whichever country it is, is useless (I can understand THEM but THEY can’t understand ME half the time – a common problem as i understand it?).

    Three are driving existing customers away – okay i COULD sign a whole new deal from 8/6 and get the phone i want (hanging on for Desire now) on Three- but WHY should I when i have had such a poor experience? i will be able to get at least a good a deal on a differnt provider. Surely it would make more sense for Three to tie up exisiting customers early to stop them jumping to a rival network? especially as your ‘upgraded’ contract start the day after the old one ends anyway – so if i had a phone today or the day before the contract expires, i would still be tied in to the exact same contract legnth!!

    I hope you will reply to this post as no one bothered to for my last one (until James and James also complained Three tried to ignore the whole thing).

    You have my email address from this post if you want more specific details (happy to give you my full details so you can see my history for yourself).

    I really want to know that when i ring on 8th May I can have the desire without having to pay some ridiculous amount for it as an upgrade – if not, can someone PLEASE explain why not in plain English and not skirt around it. If not, then when i ring on May 8th I won’t be upgrading I will be giving my 30 days notice.

    Apologies to drag you in to this (and for making this sound like a rant – its not meant to) – its just i am totally cheesed off and feel let down by the whole experience (which is doubly a shame as I had only ever been positive about 3 in the past).

    Best regards,

  123. Martyn

    Similar situation to some of the previous posts. I’ve been due an upgrade now for several months, and have been waiting for this phone to be released. There are several good deals out there to be had, some of which are going to available to 1st April.

    Do you (three) at least have a provisional release date?

  124. James M

    Thanks for the response Katy. The call I made was based upon the date I was told I’d be able to upgrade in the Truro branch of 3 store.

    My grievance was not so much with the cost – I understand that business is business after all, and as such don’t expect to get something for nothing – rather that, based on my phone conversation with 3, a new customer with no history with the network would get preferential, not equal, treatment over an existing customer of over four years looking for the exact same offer and tariff.

    I could appreciate your point if I was offered ONLY what new customers were offered, but to be offered something substantially worse strikes me as lunacy and a tactic not conducive to garnering customer loyalty. I’ve been had contracts with T-Mobile, Orange and O2 and cannot imagine any one of them giving new customers an upgrade deal they wouldn’t offer to current users of their network.

    If the upgrade window had changed, I’d like to think two 3 help centre staff I spoke to, one of whom was supposedly a manager, would’ve pointed it out at some point during a 25-minute call!

    But that’s by-the-by, I didn’t pay the ludicrous figure offered so I’m not out of pocket, and aside from the above, I’ve been most satisfied with 3. I’m going to reserve judgement for when the Desire hits 3′s shelves and I try and upgrade!

    Thanks again for the response, the idea of calling the 3 helpline fills me with dread, and this is an excellent alternative. I hope you can inform us of a release date ASAP so we can plan our future tariffs with ease.

    Kind regards,
    James M

  125. Lee

    My options at the moment appear to be buy the Desire without 3′s “fiddling”, and get it on the release date. Downside: £400-odd. Or, wait for 3 to release it and then buy it. However, I am NOT changing my tariff for anyone, and I am NOT signing a new contract.

    Will 3 subsidise the Desire as a locked device? Will I be able to buy one, given the situation as stated above? Or shall I just pre-order it now and be done with it, knowing I won’t have to wait for 3 to ‘ensure compatibility’ of any updates before actually making them available 9 months later like you did with the N95?

    (I hate sounding negative when I post here – but it’s really difficult not to be with 3, given my past experiences over the last 7 years! 7 years with 3 .. I must be mad)

  126. Graham

    I am in exactly the same position as Alan – i have even pre-ordered the Desire on a vodafone contract (24months/25p.m., 75mins/250texts/unlimited internet, handset is free)…but would stop with “3″ if they could come up with a similar deal (have had 2 phones, mine and my wifes) for years on “3″.

    Just some news on dates and costs might save all the early adopters like Alan and myself from leaving a network they are happy with for no real reason :)

  127. Alan

    When in April? You must have an anticipated release date? I’m thinking of ordering the HTC Desire with tmobile on the 22nd March, where i will get the phone the 1st April.

    I’m willing to wait a short extra time to stay with 3, but if i would need to wait until the end of the month, i will be leaving.

    I would really appreciate a date on this, especially as when i phoned customer services they could barely understand what i was asking and had never heard of the HTC Desire. Same with your highstreet shops, no one in there had ever heard of it too.

  128. Hugh Davies

    @Ben – glad you’re on the same page as us re MTRs. We’re expecting a decision from Ofcom very soon. Agree that our handset range has come in for some flack but things are improving and there’s a big focus on growing our offering this year. If you’ve read Nigel’s first post you’ll get an idea of where we’re going. This year our biggest drive is to complete our network upgrade programme, taking us from 7,500 sites to close to 13,000. Hopefully your opinion of our network will be shared by many others by the end of this year

  129. Sylvia Chind

    Hi Guys – James M, Will & Mort in particular – pricing is still to be confirmed, but the Desire will come to 3 in April. And we can’t wait!

  130. Mort

    I want the new HTC Desire, great deal on vodafone – I have been a 3 customer for over 5 yrs but I don’t want crappy old phones so goodbye 3

  131. David

    Hi Sylvia,

    Is there any more news on the Nokia E72 yet?

    I’m getting close to the end of my contract now and am just waiting for some more info so i can decide what to do next.

    I have been with 3 for 6 years ( with 2 contracts ). I also have mobile broadband with you and i have no desire to leave, so anything you could tell me would be appreciated.


  132. Will

    Hi there,

    I’m a big fan of Three, been with you for 6+ years and think there are many good things about the network. I also appreciate that real people read this blog and try to respond to relevant comments.

    I, too am very keen to get a definite release date for the Desire. I’m due an upgrade (had an E71 since Sept 08) and there’s nothing out there that I want, apart from the E72 which is apparently being mooted (long overdue if you ask me- with the E71 being a best seller it seems like a no-brainer).

    So, to answer both James M and me, can you please let us know when the Desire will be available and on what tariffs?



  133. Katy Dawe

    James & James

    Sorry to hear that you’re not happier with the upgrades you were offered. We do our best to make our deals as competitive as possible – balancing giving you what you want as a customer alongside what we can afford to give as a business. Our advisors have access to your immediate previous history with us and will make you an offer based on your usage, what tariff you’re coming off, and what tariff you want to go on. If you’re looking at a new phone that is much higher in spec than the one you are using then there may well be a charge for it. While the Hero is one of our most popular phones, it also happens to be one of the most expensive.

    James – from the price you were quoted for the Hero, it sounds to me like this may have been an early upgrade. With mobile contracts, customers sign up for a minimum term. Most customers will want a new deal just before the anniversary of that term, so that’s when we offer our best deals. The longer you wait to upgrade within your contract term, the better the offer you’re likely to get.

    And James – I’m sorry you were told you were getting a ‘special’ offer. This isn’t the way we should have positioned this to you, and we are working with our advisors to make sure we’re being as clear as possible. We do sometimes have exclusive offers and we should be upfront when these are available, but we shouldn’t be wrongly describing our deals when they’re not exclusive.

    We’re (still) a fairly small network, and while we’d love to offer big discounts on the newest smartphones, we still need to be able to balance the books! We try to offer value in ways that the other networks can’t – great value internet, free Skype and Messenger, and a deal that’s really tailored to your usage.

  134. James M

    So are we any closer to getting a release date and/or price for the HTC Desire?

    Many thanks.

  135. David Kerrigan

    Hi Philip – Access to is free on both PAYG and Contract….

  136. Philip Long

    @ David what about Twitter for free too?

    How come Three are charging for it?

  137. Ben Lowe

    I realise that the MTR makes it virtually impossible to offer ” all you can eat x network deals ” but those MTR’s didnt just surface overnight. The truth is, as I understand it that when three UK launched it had some serious catching up to do with Voda, Orange & 02 so did this by giving away unbeatable tarrifs/deals not to mention the earlyist video calling h/sets. However this came at a price-HUGE LOSSES YEAR AFTER YEAR, only allowed to continue due to the massive pockets of the conglomerate Whampoa who obviously agreed with the business model that the giveaway would eventualy make good. I for one hope that the MTR’S (which i would have been stupid not to have signed) do get the LONG OVERDUE rates slashed, so a level playing field can open up the competition. However regardless of this there is still room for improvement such as making lots more handsets available on both contract & pay/go. If it is really the free apps that is slowing things down so much then surley a rethink must be on the cards. You only have to look in the independent stores i/e CW to notice that in the whole pay/go range there are 2 ( yes TWO ) available on 3 network ! This is out of 30, & is not just about the current catalogue. I have also previously said that there is still a BIG STIGMA attached to 3 from the early days which i have encountered when I try to get friends & colleags to switch over to 3- ” but you can’t get a signal ” or ” ive heard bad things…. ” bla bla. Personally i have NEVER ENCOUNTERED anything but MAXIMUM SIGNAL STRENGTH-@ worst 4/5 bars ! & thats inc travelling from the South Coast to Sheffield via train & back. Ive had nothing but EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE, yes sure its a little difficult to understand the opperater sometimes but try a little patience & you’ll get there with positive results, inc refunds when I was at fault (for not turning off the internet connection on my new omnia) refunded when the cell towers were being upgraded & the signal was poor for several days. And FINALLY :-> what about a NEW MASSIVE AD CAMPAIGN to dispell all those outdated rumours about 3 being a poor network. In my opinion this is a far better network than any other & ive had a Mobile since 1992.

  138. David Kerrigan

    Hey Steven. The HTC Desire is an excellent Internet phone and would be perfectly at home on our network. We’ll be providing both Skype and Windows Live Messenger apps for it which will be free to use – and don’t forget to try Spotify that we’ll also be adding on. The key internet setting required will be to set the APN to which can be done during the initial startup wizard.

  139. Hugh Davies

    @ Ben – We’d love to offer big and even all-you-can-eat cross-network minute bundles. What makes that impractical for us is mobile termination rates — the fees mobile operators charge for allowing you to connect to their networks. Right now they cost around 5p a minute and that gets built into your call charge when you call a mobile network. The good news is that the regulator Ofcom is looking at this issue right now and over the next few weeks will announce whether it plans to bring down these rates to what they actually costs — around a penny or less. If you’d like to learn more and add your voice to the campaign callling for this change have a look at Over 130,000 people have already signed the petition for a better deal calling mobiles.

  140. Philip Long

    Nigel, I am sorry but two phones don’t really make a difference.

    The upgrade options three provides are poor, there are no incentives for loyal customers to stay with you and your prices are not as competitive as they once were.

    The only thing that kept with you was Skype. But since customer service advised me that Skype was coming on the BB here I am, still waiting. I don’t see how difficult it would be to bring the iphone here. Hey, even Tesco can do it!

  141. Pav

    I am waiting for an I Phone till June. Moving to Voda or O2 if I wont get it from 3 by then.

  142. Sylvia Chind

    Hi there Jon – Yes, our tech guys are working extrememly hard to make sure we launch as early as possible, plus we’ve got the experience of having worked on the Hero. The Desire that will launch on 3 will have all the Skype and Spotify settings that we know our customers have really made the most of on other phones. The Desire is a very special phone, and we want to make sure it gets the right treatment before it launches. To sell an ‘off the shelf’ version wouldn’t do it justice so we really want to optimise what it can do. We’re as excited as you are about it coming to 3!

  143. Nigel Field

    Hi Phil – Sorry you don’t feel that our range is strong at the moment. My first post should given you some background on how we’re looking to grow our range this year. Hopefully the recently launched Nokia X6 and up and coming handsets such as HTC Desire and Sony Ericsson X10 will be more to your liking.

  144. Nigel Field

    Hi Mark/Roxy/Dan – It is true that 3 ranges the iPhone in Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden and Denmark, but we’re working with Apple on a country-by-country basis – we do appreciate how much many of our customers would like to have an iPhone on 3 in the UK.

  145. Ben Lowe

    Firstly i am a happy 3 Customer. I joined pay as u go 18mths ago on the flat 12 tarrif from Orange (after 5yrs). I got the Nokia 6500s but ended up losing it (thankfully) & then found myself in the same position as what’s been said in other comments- VERY POOR choice of h/sets, so ended up getting a phone on a different network & getting it unlocked, this means i can’t get Skype or WLM-thank god ! cos i never used them anyway ! Since joining 3 on flat 12 tarrif ive seen a huge shift towards the free apps with the 3pay tarrif replacing the former, if I was switching networks now I wouldn’t be interested as the call charges have allmost doubled (from 12p to 20p) & no opportunity to Stretch either. The free 3-3 calls would be useless as I hardly know anyone on 3. As previous ly suggested why not go back to basics & slash call costs as before the free Skype/Live Mess people were starting to come around to 3 due to the cheap cost of calls, i wonder if 3 are specifically targeting the school/teenage market with the “free stuff for 90 days” marketing strat. I read an article on techradar with 3′s CEO chief that the Iphone is being offered (NOW !) to end of Contract customers threatening to leave by the Customer Retention teams (If customer makes enough of a fuss) — cant put the link up but easy enough to find. I’d be interested to hear if i’m on the right track or just barking up the wrong tree with my ‘younger target’ theory.

  146. Philip mccann

    I agree with sofatware surely this can be done over the air?

  147. James

    I’m hanging on for the HTC Desire to come out but I think there will be better deals offered elsewhere. Let me tell you of my experience…

    I called customer services a couple of weeks ago to ask about lowering my tariff as my contract had ended and was duly put on a £15 per rolling month sim deal, apparently as an existing customer I was getting a special deal that most others wouldn’t. Imagine my surprise when a colleague of mine got exactly the same deal as a new customer just a day later.

    During the same call I mentioned how I was looking at smartphones, but commented on how the ones that I had been looking at that were currently available elsewhere were nowhere to be seen on 3. I was again offered a VERY special deal with an HTC Hero (which I had already said I would not want) on a 24 month contract at a VERY special price. I declined but later looked back over the website to discover that the VERY special deal that was only open to long term customers of 3 like myself was on the website for anyone to buy.

    Way to make your customers feel valued. There’s no way I’ll be settling for a £35 a month contract to get the phone I want when I can get it cheaper elsewhere.

  148. James

    Hello all.

    I have spent a total of around four-and-a-half years on Three contracts, my current one for the last three years. I’ve had no reason to call Three customer services until earlier this year, when I was told (in-store) that I was eligible for an upgrade.

    As my Nokia’s earpiece has given up the ghost, I was hoping to get an HTC Hero. I was told this would cost me £299, despite a new customer being able to have the phone for free from the website for the exact same tariff, so I’d have to start afresh.

    Needless to say I was agog that not only was nearly half-a-decade of my loyalty not to be rewarded by Three, but rather that I would be penalised for it! Not only that, but the two gentlemen I spoke to – one on the hot-desk, as it were, and also his floor manager – did not have the grasp of English to explain to me why this was the case, the latter becoming increasingly rude in the process.

    In spite of this, I would like to remain with Three as the network service itself cannot be complained about in my experience. I was very happy indeed to see that Three would be featuring the HTC Desire, which is what I’ve been holding out for.

    Hopefully the next time I deal with Three, I would be treated at least as well as a new customer, and certainly no worse. If I get the same options as last time I rang up – which, in my opinion, would be shameful – I will be heading happily to any one of Three’s competitor’s to get my hands on a Desire.


  149. gaBbY cOOkIES

    HEllo everyone…

    I have been on three nearly 2 years , due for any contract but I dont think I want to settle for anyhow phone.Im afraid I would have to change if no REASONABLE SMART PHONES phone is up on three. To be sincere phones on three are really crap.

    If bringing in a new phone requires special/extra software and applications, then when new smartphones come into market three customer will always be the last to get them.

    They must be ways you can intergrate ready-written software from Skype and MSN into network. These companies write their application for almost every mobile platform.

    ALl Im saying we dont have to wait that long …..& Can we have the HTC HD2 on Three please. lolz

  150. Ash

    would there be nokia n900?
    because i really want it
    and i have been with 3 for 5 years

  151. Lee

    I’m sorry 3, but delaying a handset launch “to ensure compatibility” with WLM/Skype is no excuse. People who want these handsets (myself, the HTC Desire) are well aware of what we are doing with them, and do not need you to fudge the firmware. Sell them ‘stock’ to those who want them immediately, and then release to the masses when you’ve fiddled.

  152. Steven Gavan

    I have a opportunity to buy a sim free HTC desire and was just wondering if I got one would there be a problem using it on three, could I install skype, msn and is there somewhere I could get the network setting s from.

  153. Jon

    Well I’d like to make some positive comments about 3 seeing as not many others do!

    I’ve found the customer support to be excellent – UK or not, I’ve never had a problem and the person at the end of the line has always been courteous and helped me out.

    Regarding the HTC Desire, I can’t wait for this phone to come out – thank you so much for adding it to your line-up because I seriously thought I was going to have to change operators if you weren’t going to be selling it.

    I do hope it doesn’t get released too much after April 12th however. Surely your tech guys have the handsets months before they’re available in the stores and can therefore get working on the Skype/MSN/Spotify apps as soon as possible? In fact, the fact you already have the HTC Hero must mean a simple upgrade to the already existing apps you have out for that to work on its bigger brother the Desire?

    Either way I’d just like to say thanks and keep up the good work!

  154. Phil

    Providing phones late because you have to load every phone up with bloatware? Ive been with Three for about 5 years now, Im due an upgrade… went into Three the other day and not one phone which I’d have. Three have really dropped the ball at the moment.

    I dont want to leave Three, but when the new handsets are so poor, I’ve found myself looking at other providers.

    How about offering the iphone? if Tesco can sell it surely Three can?

    In my mind, the focus needs to be put back on the customer, and not on the money Three are receiving from loading up old phones with useless software.

  155. Rich

    Come on 3, if the i phone is readily available in Australia as we can see just by looking on your Australian website then you must have done all the necessary testing on the additional software you like to put on, when are you guys going to release this to the UK as when speaking to people this is still one of the most sought after gadgets in the UK and you are loosing customers to Orange, O2 & Vodafone just through this alone, i will be totally honest with you, i have been with 3 for 4 years now and have had no problems at all, however, if the I Phone is not available as an upgrade come October i will be looking to Orange or O2 because this is the phone i want next even if it is on a 24 month contract because i am fed up of only getting cheap/old phones as an upgrade option,

    Come On 3, Get it together will you. Please!!!!!!!!!!

  156. Daz

    Hong Kong THREE also have the Iphone

  157. Alan

    So when is the release date for the HTC Desire? I hate these vague replies of soon. How about giving us an anticipated release date?

  158. maxi

    i’m a new customer to 3 and ordered the Htc hero 5 WEEKS ago and i’m still waiting!! this really doesn’t make me confident that your network can deliver any type off service when you can’t even deliver a phone… close to cancelling my order and staying with Orange.

  159. Mark

    Sorry thats to see the iphone on 3 but not in uk

  160. Mark

    Why is it that we cant get an iPhone in the uk but 3 freely offer this in 3g or 3gs in Australia.
    if you check out you can see.

    Please answer?

  161. David Kerrigan

    AD + Stuart – in response to your question about getting the phones first and then the apps later: some handsets require a lot of extra work and testing to ensure that Skype and WLM work on them as this is not something any other network offers. This does mean we need to take extra time to launch the handset but we believe this is offset by our offering these great services for free to our customers. We do see new platforms such as Android as an opportunity for us to make more standard applications available for download and thus launch more quickly.

  162. Roxy

    Nokia E72 was launched in Dec09, all other provider in UK had already stock it. Understand that it takes a while to test various add-on programs, but e.g. MSN and Skype for E72 already available to download from their official site. and Proven working.
    Just thought it will be nice for 3 to have a coming soon site, and give us a bit of timescales when the next new phone will be launch.

  163. Tedness

    It is nice that 3 are bragging about their new handset range and giving the best to their customers but as a long term customer of 3 trying to upgrade my phone I am being stone walled at every turn by 3 and being offered the most basic naff phones or a sim only deal. being told that the HTC Hero and SE Vivaz are for NEW customers ONLY and if i want the x6 i have to pay £290 for the pleasure no matter what tarrif i go on to!!
    I think it is shocking. They are using the shiny new phones for bait for new punters off the street but loyal long term customers get jack!
    (oddly enough i am told that if i wait till the last 30 days of the contract i will get offered a better phone – WHY?? Three’s upgrades kick in from the day after the old contract expires anyway so if i get offered a good phone now or in 2 months I am still tied in for the same amount of time!!).
    I know three other friends with similar experiences as this. If Three carry on like this they will get a few hundred NEW customers and lose a few thousand existing ones (I want the Hero, but if i goto T-mobile i can get the Touch 2 (same phone) for free on a £15 per month deal!!!).
    Come on Three sort it out!

  164. David Kerrigan

    Hi Sermad – 3 won’t be ranging the N900 device, and due to the small volumes of the device in market we don’t currently have plans to produce a free Skype on 3 client for it. Customers wishing to use the N900 Skype application should sign up for 3′s SIM only deal which includes internet – this will provide ample Skype usage for most customers.

  165. Ste

    Thanks for that the lineup sounds really good, a bit spoiled for choice I think. Also, couldnt find a suggestions email but what would be fantastic is if we could buy a device to improve the signal indoors, I have been to a few places where the signal strength outdoors is very good bet then when I go inside I loose most or all signal.

  166. sermad

    Will the Nokia N900 ever be sold by 3?

    Or will Skype be free on the N900 as at the moment it is not.

  167. david

    Great news about the E72 :-)

    I hope the decision is made to add it to the range soon!

    Thanks for the info.

  168. Sylvia Chind

    Hi David. We absolutely want to keep hold of our Nokia qwerty customers, therefore we are revisiting our ranging decision on E72. We’ll put out more information on this when we can.

  169. Moderator

    Hi Ste – re: Windows Mobile, Sylvia Chind from the devices team answered this question under another post – “Windows Mobile is very exciting and we’re very enthusiastic about it. We’re taking a look at the options now and will be giving more information on this later in the year when we’ve got more definite details to share.”

  170. Ste

    I cant wait for this to be released so I can get rid of this rubbish inq1, can we have a 12 month contract as 24 would be too long. The times I have dealt with the call cnetres have not been much fun constantly asking for the operator to repeat themselves. I also like the look of the windows mobile 7 OS any news on if this will be on 3?

  171. Will


    Release one before my contract ends in 2 months time or loose me to Orange/Vodafone/O2.

  172. david

    I would just like to add that overall i am very happy with 3 but i feel let down that i am being offered the same phone that i was offered with my last contract as an “upgrade”

    ( I know the N97 has a QWERTY but it won’t appeal to most E71 users who are wanting the logical UPGRADE)

  173. david

    Why are there no plans to release the Nokia E72?

    If the E71 was so sucessful there must be large numbers of customers coming to the end of their contracts (like me) who have the e71 and don’t want to move to a Blackberry or downgrade to the INQ chat. There is NO UPGRADE option for these people and i suspect many of them will leave for this reason.

    Why would 3 not want to keep hold of these loyal customers who just want an upgraded Nokia QWERTY?

  174. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Everyone. My name is Ibrahim and I’ve been a three customer for nearly 2 years, in fact I’ve just this last couple of months upgraded my contracts both mobile and broadband. I’m totally blind and use special screen reading software to access my computer called Jaws for Windows. I use my mobile broadband a great deal, however I’ve noticed with the very latest dongles of which I have several, that I’m unable to use the software at all. This is because the software expects the user to be a mouse user, doesn’t provide keyboard commands to perform common functions, doesn’t have tooltips over clickable icons and doesn’t conform to standard windows controls such as buttons, ialog boxes and the like. I’m using an E169G from Huawei at the moment as this is the only modem with software that I can use, it having some keyboard shortcuts and reasonable accessibility where I can read the text using the review cursors of my screen reader. As a responsive and responsible network, don’t you think it would be appropriate to investigate implamenting accessibility functions in your software that ships with your dongles? The dongles I have are the ZTE MF-627, the Huawei E1750, the Mi-Fi as well as the E169G as I’ve already mentioned. Also, I’m experience serious network connection issues on my N86 and N97 phones where I constantly have to scan for a network and then only get 1 or 2 bars indoors. My post code is PE1 3AE.

    Thanks for looking at this post and I hope someone can get back to me directly though I will monitor this thread for responses.

  175. NIck

    iphone, iphone, iphone, iphone…when are you going to supply the iphone on 3? NB Agree with call centre comments above…pretty poor show 3, let’s have a uk call centre

  176. AD

    @Tony – worth the contract easily! People say that the customer service is bad but it’s really good and often you don’t need it as the network is really good and as you probably already know you get coverage nearly everywhere (at least I do)

    But agree with Stuart. Any reason we can’t have the phone first and the apps (Skype, Spotify etc) made available afterwards?

  177. Abid Hussain

    Excellent news!

    Its not gone unnoticed that the Nokia X6 has gone live in the 3 store. Today we have also seen the launch of the SE Vivaz another great handset and both have been released around the same time as UK competitors which should be applauded.

    If you’re as quick with the HTC Desire then I am prepared to wait a bit longer to give the Desire a go on the Three network.

    One thing I would like to see Three deliver to compliment all the exciting new handsets is a tariff refresh. The mix and match offer seems to be a bit dated.

    I’d like to see Three offer some interesting bundles that incorporate data, mms and video messages.

    I’ve chosen to remain on a Three tariff that offers free video calls, video messages, mms text messages and a download allowance and have complimented that with an add internet option to really maximise the capability of my E71.

    Three pioneered this approach with their original tariffs but seem to have moved away from that model.

  178. Tony

    Good to see that 3 are planning to supply high end smart phones.
    Tempted by the Desire and await with interest the deals available for it on a 3 contract to tempt me away from PAYG.
    Still may go down the ‘buy my own handset’ and stay on PAYG as I don’t like being tied in for so long now that 12 month contracts are a thing of the past.
    Desite being a 3 payg customer for over 2 years now, I’m still wary of getting a 3 contract due to all the negativity over 3 customer services and uncompromising stance with in contract customers that are reported in various blogs and forums. One of the blogs on here about call centre arrangements in india underlining 3s commitment to continue with an offshore call centre doesn’t help.
    I would feel much more at ease with a T-Mobile contract than 3, but really like 3s innovation and network.
    Maybe its the network upgrades and orange partnership being turned off in areas that worry me too. will coverage patterns change where 2g Orange is turned off?
    Anyway, looking forward the the dilemma and temptation of taking up a contract vs payg option ;-)
    Any plans for other Android phones such as Milestone, Samsung Beam? Plans for Windows Phone 7 series devices towards the the end of the year?

  179. Stuart

    That’s cool. Any reason we can’t have the phone first and the apps (Skype, Spotify etc) made available afterwards?

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