My3 problems – update.

A brief update from me on the My3 disruption.

As I mentioned in my last post, we worked through the weekend to fix what we believed was at the root of the problem. While this served to stabilise My3 for a time, further issues have emerged today that we are still looking into.

Apologies to those of you that have been affected. If you’re looking to top up and you’re unable to access My3 you can call try one of the following:

If you have a Pay As You Go mobile and you want to top-up or check your balance you can call 444 free from your phone. For Mobile Broadband balance, top-up or usage queries you can call us on 0843 373 0500.

We may be receiving higher call volumes because of this so please do bear with us if we can’t get to you straight away.

The problems we’re experiencing with My3 should only be affecting computer access, so you should still be able to check your account by going through Planet 3 on your phone.

Thanks again for your patience. I’ll update you as soon as we know more.

412 Responses to My3 problems – update.
  1. Moderator: Claire

    @Pete – Hi, we don’t have a timescale for the fix however we are working on resolving this ASAP.

  2. Pete

    could someone give a hint as to the nature of the outage so we can make a reasonable decision about waiting for it to come up again?

  3. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom – information on how to check your balance can be found here. Please make sure your wifi is turned off and that you’re connected to our network.

  4. Tom

    Hi Lauren,
    I am in the UK and when I try to use the Three app it asks you to turn off Wifi before it tries to connect using the ‘Three App’.

    New Problem:
    How do you check the PAYG balance from the mobile?

    If you dial 333 it suggests option 1 but after selecting option 1 there is no option to check you balance only 3 different ways of buying PAYG.


  5. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom – are you currently in the UK or abroad? Make sure you’re connected to the Three network and not wifi when accessing the Three app.

  6. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom – really sorry to read you’ve been having issues. Have you tried clearing your cache or using another browser? This support video talks you through registering too.

  7. Tom

    I have managed to create a My3 login after deleting the cache, changing browsers and requesting a new password.

    I know have a different problem.

    I have downloaded the My3 App to my phone but each time I try to use the ‘My3 Account’ option it starts to open but ends with the message “Sorry, we are having problems downloading this information. Please check you connection and try again”.

    I need to access the My3 account to be able to turn off international data roaming. The phone I am using is an Orange San Francisco.

    This ‘blog’ is like my personal diary and if anybody reads it I would like to tell them that I am very much regretting moving to Three.
    From my experience ‘Three’ is a website and manned a Sales line. “If you don’t want to give us money we don’t want to talk to you” could be the company motto.

  8. Tom

    When I select the ‘My3 Account’ icon from the 3 App I get a message telling me that there is a network error and asking me to try again later. I have tried this multiple times at my house and at my local town centre which has a railway station and hopefully good reception.

    Question?: Is the only way to contact a human being who works for Three in support?


  9. Tom

    I have also installed the 3 App on my phone but I have not managed to use it.

  10. Tom

    Hi Lauren,
    Thank you for your reply.
    I am taking my number from the card the simm card came in. The text says you will need the last digits of your simm. there are…. It is this number I am using.

    My transferred number is on the 3 network which I proved by dialing it.

    Just removed the simm from the phone and on the back of it there is a different number. GAnnnn. I have tried using that and I still fail to register.


  11. Tom

    Just transferred my number moved from GiffGaff to Three and I am regretting it!!!

    I cannot register my transferred number and simm at my3. I just get the message “here is a problem with the mobile number or password you entered. Please try again or use the ‘forgotten password’ link below to help you.”

    I cannot find any contact numbers for 3 Support on the internet which connects to a person who answers except a sales number where somebody tried to sell me a contract.

    I have spent a couple of hours on this and I have got nowhere. This blog is the only location I have found where a human body employed by 3 will interact with customers.

    Well that’s my hope anyway!

  12. Moderator: Lauren

    @Pavel – sorry to read this. Are you taking the number from the back of your sim card?

  13. Pavel Badzhakov

    I just transferred my number to Three last month and everything was OK until now. I can’t get into my account, the original SIM number is not recognized by the system’s website, the number I transferred is not recognized as well.

    I cannot access my account and I cannot pay my bills.

    Any advice on this?


  14. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Chung Hi there – I’m going to need some details from you in order to access your account. Look out for an E-Mail from us and we’ll take it form there OK. Thanks

  15. Chung

    Hi, I’ve been using a three sim card with my galaxy phone for 10 months, but I did’t use that card for 3 months cuz I went to another country for 3 months. When I came back to UK, I top-op as 15 pounds and tried to buy all-can-eat data via three app. But If click ‘my 3 account section, It doesn’t work and said “sorry, we are having problems downloading this information.”
    How can I use that and buy all-can-eat data.

  16. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sean – you’re unable to deactivate this, it’ll deactivate when you cancel your account.

  17. Sean

    Anyone else having problems deactivating their my3 account?

  18. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ben – is this via the Three app? Have you tried uninstalling and re-installing?

  19. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jonathan – Hi there, have you tried clearing your cache/browsing data?

  20. Moderator: Nicki

    @sam – Hi there, I’m afraid the only way to get your password is via text to the sim card associated with the account. Are you still having coverage issues?

  21. Ben

    Hi there, every time I try to buy an add on through My3 on my iPhone 4S it tries to load the web page and then says oops, there seems to have been a glitch, try reloading. The error code is 000. This has been happening for a week now with no success at reloading or navigating through from My3. It works fine for my account through the normal website on my laptop just not through my phone. Any ideas/suggestions?

  22. Jonathan

    I am having problems (not being able to log in to My3 Account, check balances etc), in Google Chrome browser, but I am able to access My3 via Explorer.

    Google Chrome
    Version 29.0.1547.57 m

  23. Sam

    I have just registered on My3 and it says a text has been sent to my phone, however i have no service at the moment so is there any other way i can get this password?

  24. Kerri

    I have been having this same problem for months now (not being able to log in to my 3 Account, check balances etc.) However I just recently decided to update to Google Chrome, and ‘Hey Presto’ I’m up and running again on 3!
    So the problem does seem to lie with the browser.
    Hope this works for you guys :)

  25. Moderator: Lauren

    @Patricia – sorry to read this. What error message are you receiving when you try and log in.

  26. Patricia Clough

    Unable to access My 3 last week. Went through all the procedures to get a password. Still did not work so phoned 333. Spoke to operator and managed to access it eventually. Tried again today – back to square 1. No luck. What is the problem?? In simple terms please. I am not computer literate

  27. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ade – what device are you using? Are you able to receive your password via text?

  28. ADE

    Dear Site Moderator: Lauren

    Looks like all the site links fail, I’ve did my Security with Facebook with Device Number and works fine then I try to get a Password sent to SMS via Router. Since then no look, because I need a stupid password to use a Visa Card very funny!!! My last sim worked good why not the new ones lol?

  29. Moderator: Lauren

    @Erika – What error message are you receiving?

  30. erika

    I rang to change my password on my3,I got a text with a new password but I still can’t in .I tried the steps clearin% my cache still no luck.can you please fix this as its really fustrating.

  31. Adam

    Sorted! :-) Many thanks

  32. Moderator: Nicki

    @Adam – Hi there, if you raise this with our customer service team on 333 they’ll be able to change this for you. They may need you to send off some proofs via email in order to get this updated.

  33. Adam

    Hi there

    I’ve recently registered with 3 and i’ve noticed they’ve got my first name wrong in my3 account, my name’s Adam, not Alan. How do I correct this please?

  34. Moderator: Nicki

    @Erika Pickthall – Hi there, when you’re accessing My3 on an iPad there’s no need to enter the phone number for your sim card or a password. You just need to go to on your browser and it’ll log you straight in. You’ll need to make sure your WiFi is turned off and you’re connecting to our services over 3G. Some users also report that they need to turn off their data saving apps such as Onovo. We have a help video and guide available here that may be of some help too :-)

  35. Erika Pickthall

    one question?
    why can I not access my account?
    you seem to change the methods
    frequently and require registration -
    this is for an Ipad and I do not have
    the phone to give information re
    sim card nos etc.
    I would appreciate your comment

  36. Moderator: Johanna

    @Linda Clark – Sorry to hear you’re having a few top-up issues. What web browser are you using? In the mean time there are a few ways you can top-up, see here.

  37. Linda Clark

    Tried to top up my mobile Internet on my iPad but every time I press in £10 then press arrow to the right for next step it all clears to start again .so I can’t top up with my voucher what’s going on its been a week now (old site was better) no problems

  38. Moderator: Johanna

    @bill moore – You will need to pick up the phone to the team on 333 to get this looked into. I’m afraid we can’t access customer accounts from here.

  39. bill moore

    I just checked my account and find a charge for a euro internet pass, I have not purchased or have used anything outside of my plan can this be rectified immediatly please!!

  40. Ellie

    @Bill Moore – Sorry to hear this Bill, please could you send a full postcode (we won’t publish it) so we can check the masts in your area?

  41. bill moore

    I have been with 3 for 2 months and have not yet had a complete weeks service is this the norm?

  42. Ellie

    @Willow – Sorry to hear this, can you try clearing your cache and if this still doesn’t help try resetting the password.

  43. Willow

    Can’t get into my3 account or check my balance. What’s the problem ?

  44. Willow

    I haven’t been able to get into my3 account to top up or check my balance. What’s the problem here ?

  45. Moderator: Nicki

    @Glen jones – Hi there, no issues with My3 at the moment.

    What browser are you using? Can you try to clear your cache/browsing data? This normally fixes a lot of issues. Does it work in any other browser?

  46. Glen jones

    Can’t login to my3 account to check bills or usages?…need help or wots wrong!

  47. Moderator: Johanna

    @raiprasad – You will need to give our customer service team a call on 333, so they can look into this for you.

  48. raiprasad

    Can i reactivite without payment?

  49. raiprasad

    i am paying in on time and was a good service in time ,but suddenly simcard has been rejected and now i have new card how can i activite this in the same number ?

  50. raiprasad

    Actually this my mobile is rented in monthly basis and i have a own simcard

  51. Ros

    @SHAUN VIERA – Hi Shaun, I’m really sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve been having with your internet. Not sure if you’ve spoken to the technical team already on 0843 373 3333 or if you’ve had your postcode checked with us already? If not, do let me know what it is (don’t worry, we will remove before publishing) and I can check to see if there are any issues in your area at the moment and any potential resolution dates. However, if you’ve already made your decision, then we wish you well with your new provider.


    It seems like Three has “issues” every other weekend…Now tell me Three, I use my mobile broadband connection as my main internet connection…and because the network is down – AGAIN – I cannot connect to the internet. Thus I cannot download my study notes off my student resource website, thus I’ll either have to waste an entire weekend doing nothing – (as that is probably how long it will probably take for the “issues” to be resolved, nice & conveniently on Mon morning) – or I’ll have to drive around town looking for those non-existent internet shops and NO I don’t have anyone I can go to borrow their connection, I shouldn’t have to should I? It’s so frustrating isn’t it and just the way things are done now, all Three have to do is release a statement and all is fine…and why wouldn’t it be, with 99% of all three subscribers probably stating, “oh it’s okay, oh ay, we understand…”
    [removed by Mod] Time to change networks. Good riddance Three. Unreliable.

  53. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mike – once you’ve topped up your credit you’ll need to convert this to an add-on. You can view a support video on this here.

  54. Mike

    Used my dongle for the first time in months this morning and found that it was requesting a new debit card set of details, updated my card then it credited me with £10, not knowing this later in the day I credited my account with a further £10, Total £20 credit, when I try to use my dongle it connects with the network but refuses to grant me internet access, I have tried this on 4 different laptops around the house, two on WINXP and two on WIN7, the only internet connection I get in my browser is the one telling me that I have no credit remaining and need to top up, when I log into my account the £20 allowance ( Top ups are showing ) , any help would be appreciated please

  55. Ros

    @ivor – You’ll need to give customer services a call for this, you can reach them on 0843 373 3333, they should be able to help.

  56. ivor

    i have a new bank card and the system does not seem to allow me to amend the number to top up my dongle on pay as you go. Can you help please?

  57. Moderator: Johanna

    @George – We can take a look at this for you with a few details, we’ve emailed you.

  58. George

    I requested a PAC code from Three Mobile, after a lot (I mean a lot) of hanging on. But calling 333 from my Three Mobile wasn’t costing me anything. Now my mobile is dead but I still haven’t received my PAC code. Why should I call an 0843 number and be charged zillions to wait for 40 minutes to get anyone to talk to? Why can’t I call a landline number or send an email?

  59. Moderator: Kaz

    @mohammed – Are you having problems accessing your My3 account?

  60. mohammed

    it aint working

  61. mohammed

    it hasent worked for a week

  62. Moderator: Lauren

    @Patricia – sorry you’ve had trouble getting through to our cancellation team. Call them on 333 or 0843 373 3333 to request your PAC.

  63. Patricia Ridley

    I have two phones with three, because we were without a signal for over a week (at home) I have replaced the phone that I have had for over two years with another network, but I can’t get through to your operators to find out the pack code and your website won’t accept my user name. I have never had a problem accessing the website before. I was warned by several people I would have difficulties ending my contract.

  64. Moderator: Johanna

    @Colin – Apologies – there was an issue all sorted now.

  65. Colin

    I cannot connect to my3 website to top up. It just says “connection error”. I cannot access my account. what do i do as i have no internet.

  66. Moderator: Nicki

    @Steve J – Hi there, I’m going to email you for account details so our online team can check everything’s okay at our side.

  67. Steve J

    Hi….I seem to be having a lot of problems logging into My3Account on Chrome. It keeps coming back with Webpage not available. Also tried on IE and now it doesn’t recognise my password which leads me to resetting time and time again. The only account driven Webpage I have problems with constantly. Seems to be very unstable and not what I would expect of a company the size of Three. Also my new HTC One X loses signal in the house frequently…nearest Cell Tower is 1200m so usually have to go into the back garden to get a signal….again very frustrating and not a problem I had with Vodafone whom I left early to join Three.

    Please HELP !!.

  68. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rachel – sorry to read that. You may be best to call 333 and speak to our customer care team and they can look into this for you.

  69. rachel

    hi was wondering if you can help. I topped up my dongle 10th june of £15, said it didnt go through and for me to try again so tried again and said it was succesfull, only to realise today by looking at my bank that 2 x £15 had been taken out.
    thanking you
    R Jones

  70. Moderator

    @Kenneth Allen – I’ll email you separately for more info so I can raise this with our technical team. Thanks.

  71. Moderator

    @Lesley – I’m going to email you directly for your account details so that we can check your usage and alerts out for you.

  72. Mr Kenneth Allen

    Re: Mobile Broadband, MY3 Account, Managing Credit Card Details

    Attempts to edit my registered MasterCard details refused as system insisted on input of issue number despite this not applicable to this card type. Finally entered 2 digit issue number 00 and the system accepted this. Then tried to by top-up which was refused because the card had an issue number which was not required. So, back to edit card details to delete issue number, update card failed yet again as system repeatedly insisted on input of issue number.

    Clearly of system fault.

  73. Lesley

    Does anyone else get messages saying they have nearly reached their limit when they are nowhere near it? I take screen shots of my usage to double check and still get them. In the last 30 days I used only 8GB of 15GB limit and got the message but it wont let me log on to my account to check what’s going on there either. I never go over my limit and keep an eye on it, because I’ve had charges in the past that can double the bill. Even if its a mistake, I have to log off now, in case it registers me as over – what a pain.

  74. Moderator: Kaz

    @Gareth – We have had intermittent issues with our top-up recently which we looking into as a matter of urgency. But it also sounds like there could be an issue with your dongle, it maybe worth giving 0843 373 3333 to book into our repair centre.

  75. Gareth


    My friend has given me his 3 internet dongle since he no longer requires it due to now having land line broad band.

    I took the dongle back home, installed it through the usb port, software installed fine. I went to a shop here in Northern Ireland and purchased a £10 sixteen digit voucher code, went onto your website through the menu software that installed on my desktop computer, typed the code in and when I got to the final section it says:

    *Sorry, it’s not possible to activate your Top-up. Please try again later or call us on 0843 373 0500.

    I can’t stress how many times I’ve tried to get the top-up to activate so I can have data on the dongle for light internet browsing. The strangest part of all of this is that with out a doubt, there is no data on the dongle for surfing, but I can access YouTube, facebook, and of course this website etc. It definitely isn’t my computer accessing the net using a neighbours hub etc. This is strange, but eventually whilst on facebook the dongle becomes unresponsive and my computer crash’s.

    Do you’s have a solution? Any info would be fantastic as I’ve literally sat trying to top up and get it all working, for an entire day. Do I need to create my own account or similar and stop trying to top-up his old one?

  76. Moderator: Johanna

    @william – it’s a little tricky to tell from here. Have you checked My3, or your monthly bills?

  77. william

    why is my credit running out in about 3 to 4 days iam useing it the same has always ive phone three about it twice now ive used £40 in a month someone please tell me why

  78. Moderator: Johanna

    @emma – Details of how to top-up here :-)

  79. emma

    hi how can my friend top my phone up online ????

  80. Moderator: Kaz

    @Sam – That’s strange, I’ve not heard of any issues with the top-up facility. I will take a look to see if there any issues.

  81. Sam

    I’ve been trying to top up online by card for weeks now and it’s not working, it says sorry it’s unavailable every time! Same thing happens when I call 4444, won’t let me top up by card.

  82. Moderator: Johanna

    @Thomas Regan – Sorry to hear you’ve been having top-up issues. We’re actually a separate company to Three Ireland. You could try their Facebook page.

  83. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ian – Check out this link, as it has details of what to do if you’re having top-up issues. Come back to us if you need to.

  84. Ian

    As of 12 Feb I am also having trouble topping up my MiFi online and trouble understanding the technical staff as well.

  85. Thomas Regan

    Hi, I live in Ireland and I’ve been having trouble topping up via, maybe you have a separate site for Rep. Of Ireland. I log on without any problem, can access all tabs apart from the Topping Up tab. When I click on this it opens and I get a message “The operation is under progress” no matter how long I leave it nothing further happens. I have topped up a couple of time so I’m very familiar with the procedure. When it’s working correctly it only takes a few seconds for the Top Up form to load. I’ve tried the site from my 3 phone, it comes up with an Network Error after about 20 seconds and a ‘try later’ useless message. I also had this problem in January so it seem to be a very persistent problem. I can top up Vodafone, Meteor or O2 from AIB Bank, there is no facility to top up 3 on their site and if there was I could use this as I have when I’ve previously had Vodafone phone.
    I have contacted the 1913 number who had to top up my phone online for me in the past which is not a satisfactory situation. In answer to my email last night I have just been directed back to 1913 so I’m getting sent from one department to another. When your company provides Top Up via My3 it should be operable at all times as I’m sure you’d agree. If there is a problem with the site then there should be a notice to that effect so that your customers time isn’t wasted, they could then buy a top up from a shop as I’ve had to do.
    It would appear from your blog this seems to be a problem for a long period of time which is a bit worrying for customers.
    Hope that ye rectify the problem with the site in the near future as to date I have had nothing but trouble trying to top up on it.
    If the site is continually having problems with the Top Up section then maybe it’s time that this feature was taken out of it and customers can go back to the old ways of topping up.
    Is there any chance that your company will be able to provide top up facility through AIB (Allied Irish Bank) in the near future. It would be great if this was possible

  86. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Marcio – Are you still having issues topping up online and on the phone?

  87. Marcio

    I can’t top up by card, either online ( or by calling 444
    Online comes up with “…currently unavailable” and 444 says that it “appears to be a problem”.

  88. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Craig – So we can look into this for you, I’ve dropped you an email.

  89. Craig

    I have just tried to top up my blackberry curve online and it said ‘service unavailable’ after I’d put in my bank password and they’d taken the money from my bank. My phone isn’t topped up and my bank is empty as I only had £10 existing in there in the first place. The last time this happened Three had told me ‘service unavailable’ so I tried again and unsurprisingly it worked and had taken more money than expected. The time before that, I clicked to top up by 10£ and it had taken £25 off me. I called three only to be speaking to people I can’t understand and unable to help me. Three have taken money from me too many times. I was wondering if this time it will work and I have to wait a certain amount of time until it processes?

  90. Moderator: Kaz

    @PE – There have been a few issues with the topping up service but everything should be fixed now. if you continue to experience issues you can call 444 to top-up.

  91. PE

    I tried several times today to register two cards (one debit and one credit). The first response is the service is unavailable and the second states “Please enter your postcode” when there is no box to do so?

    All very frustrating.

  92. Moderator: Kaz

    @Az – I’m unaware of any issues with topping-up at the moment, I will investigate for you. In the mean time, you can call 444 to top up.

  93. dean

    I have been trying to top up for three days. The website takes me to the bank verification but after that completes your site states there is a problem with the service, try back later. I’ve called 444 for my handset, a recording states there is a problem with the service and that I should try back later. I’ve tried 333, same result.

    My PAYG account has run out and I cannot make calls/text or use the Internet for two days because your billing system it out. Now and that’s not really what one would expect from a telecom provider trying to win business, is it? Can someone please get in touch with me to help or get the online/444 system running ASAP?

  94. Az


    I am never able to top up using the My3 website from a PC or my Phone. I always get the error message

    “This service is temporarily unavailable”

    I keep being told its my bank blocking my card, which isn’t the case. Even if i use another bank card i also get the same message.

    Please help!

    Thank you


  95. Moderator: Johanna

    @August – there are no known issues with My3 at the moment. If it isn’t working for you call 333 and they’ll look into this and in the meantime there are other ways to top-up.

  96. August

    The top up page has not worked for me for about 3 days now. My PAYG is running out of balance very soon. Please fix the service!

  97. Moderator: Johanna

    @Simon – there was a My3 outage on Saturday morning but it should be working fine now. Let us know if it isn’t for you.

  98. Moderator: Johanna

    @Waseem Abbas – All the info you’re after is within our Welcome pages.

  99. Simon Ollerenshaw

    When is the login to my3 going to be fixed?

    This is very poor service indeed. i might as well go to a more reliable supplier.

    Rubbish service, rubbish customer service.

  100. Waseem Abbas

    How can register my three number?and how can check my bill ok

  101. Moderator: Kaz

    @mark jd – Sorry to read that, I can only suggest giving 444 a call to register a card.

  102. mark jd

    my3 account will not let me register a card for payment; please comment

  103. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Simon – How come you can’t top up on the phone? What error message do you get when you try to top up online? You can top up in your local 3Store too.

  104. Simon

    I am unable to top up via My3, online or phone.

  105. Moderator: Kaz

    @babiker omer – Are you still experiencing issues with your voicemail?

  106. babiker omer

    my voicemail blocked

  107. mi

    when exactly will this be fixed? ite been 3weeks since i wanted to topup but it NEVER works

  108. nicole

    can you update us when its fixed please..

  109. Moderator: Kaz

    @nicole – Just had confirmation that My3 is experiencing issues again. We are working to fix this asap, really sorry about this. You can call 0843 373 0500 to top-up your mbb.

  110. nicole

    and im trying to top up mbb

  111. nicole

    no it is not fixed, and i do not have a phone at the moment. it was fine topping up last week.

  112. Moderator: Kaz

    @nicole – Sorry about this. The service has been up and down over the past few days but should be fixed now. Are you topping up mobile broadband or a phone? An alternative way to top-up your phone is to call 444, or MBB you can call 0843 373 0500.

  113. nicole

    your top up service is still not working, not impressed ive been waiting since thursday/friday get it fixed already :(

  114. Moderator: Johanna

    @jamie – You could try giving customer services a call, but I’m not sure they’d store this kind of information.

  115. Moderator: Johanna

    @Joey – Is it available to you now? Sorry for the issues!

  116. jamie

    How do i find out how much ive topped up since i bought my 3 mobile dongle?

  117. nicole

    i seriously hope the service issue is fixed soon, i just want to top up..

  118. Joey

    Hi, any idea when the service will be back available?

  119. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nicole – I’m sorry to hear that, call 333 and they’ll be able to resolve this for you.

  120. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nicole – you can call 333… Or use one of the registered cash points, or buy a voucher. See here, for more topping-up info.

  121. nicole

    also i have just tried topping up on two sims one of which is new, and says it automatically takes £10 and uses that to top up and i have had £20 come out of my account, and both sims say i havent bought any more data so its just took £20 from me!

  122. nicole

    ive almost used up all of my data allowence, how am i supposed to top up for now i usually do it by card

  123. Nik

    lol “Date”? So it’s not going to be in a couple hours then?

  124. Moderator: Kaz

    @nicole – No date just yet. Hopefully soon, sorry for the inconvenience.

  125. nicole

    thank you for replying, do you know when this will be fixed?

  126. Moderator: Kaz

    @nicole – Sorry, we are having some issues with this service at the moment. It’s being looked into and will be fixed asap.

  127. nicole

    im trying to top up by card but this keeps coming up, Sorry, it’s not possible to activate your Top-up.
    Please try again later or call us on 0843 373 0500.

  128. Moderator: Kaz

    @Tom – We have been having issues with this service, but they have been very rare over the past year and have only recently started again. I can ensure you we are doing everything possible to fix this issue and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

  129. Tom

    I have been on 3 PAYG Mobile Broadband for a few months now and had no problems until about two weeks ago. Now when I try to top-up online I receive this message “Sorry, it’s not possible to activate your Top-up. Please try again later or call us on 0843 373 0500.” I found this blog post via Google and I’m shocked that this problem has been recurring for over a year. Why is the service so prone to crashing? I’m not happy about spending money for the privilege of being put on hold on your 08 number and finding a store offering 3 vouchers can be a hassle. Why haven’t the problems with the online top-up service been resolved?

  130. Moderator: Kaz

    @Paul Ford – Sorry to read you are having issues – I will email you a request for account details and then pass it onto cs to call. I’m sure this issue will get resolved.

  131. Paul Ford

    I am appalled at the service I’ve received from Three. I recently upgraded my mobile broadband contract + was assured I would be receiving the Premium Dongle. I checked and double checked this. I subsequently received the standard dongle. I immediately rang to complain, but didn’t get through. I have sent 4 emails, and even visited a Three Shop. No-one will help me. I feel you have not fulfilled your contractural obligations, as you have sent me an inferior product to the one I ordered. More importantly, I am totally livid that No-one will help me!!!! I am rejecting this dongle as not fit for purpose – thus cancelling the contract as you have breached it. Please
    arrange for someone to contact me to arrange to have it picked up.

  132. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Sam – Sorry that you’re still experiencing issues. You will be able to top up by calling 333 or heading into your local 3Store.

  133. Sam

    I’m still experiencing problems with my3 and i can’t top up my mobile broadband. It is rather frustrating.

  134. Alan & Jean

    Can anybody explain why a 2yr contract is a 2yr and one month contract? We took out a contract for 2yrs and have paid for 2yrs, but then we have to give one months’ notice to cancel. Is it me or has the world gone mad!
    A 2yr contract is a 2yr contract. We are now being threatened with court action for £15.50 – one monthly installment. If you took out a loan on a car for 2yrs – you would not expect to pay for 2yrs and one month. Having written two letters and have not had the courtesy of a reply in writing, I suspect that there is no legal backing to this. I would expect some explanation before I am forced to succumb to this crazy rule.

  135. Moderator: Kaz

    @St8137 – There is a known issue with the top-up service at the moment which we are looking into as a matter of urgency. Really sorry for the inconvenience, it’s best to call the number stated. I don’t have a timescale on when this will be fixed just yet.

  136. St8137

    Could you please tell me why I keep getting the following at the Pay & Confirm stage
    when trying to top up my3 account?

    Sorry, it’s not possible to activate your Top-up.Please try again later or call us on 0843 373 0500.


  137. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Kaz – Sorry that you want to leave us :-( I’ll drop you an email and arrange a call for you with our CS team who’ll help you cancel your contract.

  138. Kaz

    Hi i would like to cancel my contract with 3. Every time i phone customer services i get no where at all. They all sound so scripted! They keep you on hold for a good 25 minutes and offer no help at all. Then pass you on to other staff members! I m now not even getting any mobile internet in my area or calls. And i would like a full refund or il be off to bbc watchdog over the matter. Also friends warned me about 3 being a bad company to join and they were right! I not happy at all.

  139. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Lindsey – Why can’t you get an SIM with all you can eat data? Have you tried to pick up a SIM in a 3Store or did you try and order online? You can get all you can eat data on our One Month rolling SIM which is 5,000 texts, 5,000 Three to Three minutes and 2,000 any network. You won’t be able use this SIM in your dongle though, you’ll need to get a Mobile Broadband SIM. You can find them here.

  140. lindsey

    hey ive just bought a three sim card n my friend has one to n he can get all can eat data 3000 texts n 300 minutes but when i try and get that it wont let my and if i did get it will i be able to put it into my dongal n use it for my laptop or will i have to get another sim card?

  141. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Tom – Sorry for the inconvenience Tom. If you go into a 3Store or give 333 a call they’ll be able to help you top up.

  142. Tom

    Also having problems topping-up through My3… gets stuck at the bank verification page not loading – left it for over an hour with no updates.

    How come it’s taking this long to resolve it, based on others it’s been happening for almost a month? :/

  143. Moderator: Kaz

    @Hayley Thomas – Really sorry to hear that you have been experiencing issues with us. It’s best that I arrange a call so someone can help you with this. We do not hold any account records so customer services will have to handle this. I am emailing you a request for your account details. After I have received them, I will ask someone to call you asap.

  144. Hayley Thomas

    I have made a complaint to 3 by letter after receiving such poor customer service since February 2010. I have spent over £13 on telephone calls, requested call backs and never received them, I was even supplied with a new dongle to try and rectify the issue but it still didn’t work. I was refunded money due to the poor service on my mobile broadband and also credited for the service that I hadn’t received. The guy I spoke to in the Indian Call Centre was called Guru, a manager. He stated that my contract would be cancelled due to the issues I had. A technician went through everything over the phone which lasted a ridiculous amount of time, to which I was billed by BT. No offer of a call back. He actually stated that there was a problem in my area and had been for some time. This had been going on for a number of months. A credit of £35 and £30 was put on my account and £85 was refunded to my bank account. Before all of this happened I even went and bought a new dongle on the advice of the three store to see if that would resolve it but it didn’t.

    I called back today (4th May 2011) after receiving a letter dated 28th April, my letter was dated 14th April, their doesn’t even reference my complaint letter and it states that they want to run the checks again and that if I want to cancel then I’ll have to pay the remaining line rental. I have already been told it had been cancelled and I can no longer access the online account because of this. When I called today I was advised that there were no notes confirming that Guru had said it was cancelled on the system but they can see that I have made a complaint.

    I asked for the calls to be pulled so they could be listened to but the operator avoided my question. They said they tried to call me on the 27th & 28th April but I was unreachable. I actually answered the phone but no one answered back. I phoned back on the mobile number that showed up but no one answered. I’ve had an answer machine message saying they’ll call back and I’m still waiting. Today I asked if they could call back on a different number and yet again I’ve not received a call back.

    This has gone on for far too long (over a year) and 3 have advised that the issue has been resolved. I haven’t used the dongle since november because the signal drops out constantly. There is no issue with O2 as my partner has an O2 dongle that never drops out. There is nothing wrong with my laptop either which the engineer tried to blame.

    My written complaint was ignored and brushed to one side. I have contacted consumer direct and they advised that 3 are in breach of their contract and to request a copy of their complaints procedure for me to complete and send back. Where can I get this from and can anyone deal with my complaint? I have also been advised to send my complaint letter and 3′s response to OTELO.I have now logged a complaint with them because 3 have taken more than 8 weeks to resolve my problem.

    Can someone help please.

  145. Moderator: Johanna

    @Edd – There isn’t a known issue with topping up on My3. If you call CS they’ll be able to top-up for you and talk you through the top-up steps on My3 and check for any issues.

  146. Edd

    I was going to get a £10 voucher to top up my mifi
    There ate issues with it now
    As you stated so I’m holding back as I had problems 4 weeks ago with the voucher top up can you report back to everyone when it’s all sorted

  147. Moderator: Kaz

    @john – We have been having issues with this services recently. We are looking into it and hopefully it will be fixed soon. You can call cs to get an add. Really sorry for any inconvenience caused

  148. john

    Any idea how long till can buy broadband addons and internet addons again?
    all i keep getting for the past few days is
    Sorry, this service is currently unavailable. Please try again later.

  149. Moderator: Kaz

    @Susie – Really sorry but we are experiencing a few issues with our top-up service. I’m afraid the only other way to top-up is over the phone. We are looking into this issue and it will be resolved asap.

  150. Susie

    I live abroad and usually top up my UK 3 mobile online, for the past few weeks I’ve been unable to do this. I go through the whole process and at the end it comes up with ‘Sorry, this service is currently unavailable. Please try again later’.
    Can you please advise me what to do, i can’t purchase a top up card from Greece.

  151. Moderator: Johanna

    @Michael – I think the first step would be to get your account reactivated, you’ll need to do this by giving customer services a call. I’m not sure why you haven’t been able to get hold of them, but you can find all the relevant numbers here. If you still can’t access My3 when you’ve done this and CS aren’t able to offer you any advice, come back to us.

  152. Michael

    I haven’t been able to access My3 from any computer for a few weeks now. I have tried IE, Firefox and Chrome from 2 computer on this connection as well as multiple computers from university and other peoples houses. I need to check my bill amounts, what is happening and when will it be fixed?

    And I know I can access it from my phone, but I do not have it as I had to leave my part time work so I rang up CS and asked if I could put my account on “hold” for a month and a half as I had little money. They agreed, but now the time as come to restart I cannot contact CS, or access anything from my phone and NEED computer access.

  153. Moderator: Kaz

    @Caroline – You will only receive the password by text if you have a phone contract. As a mobile broadband customer, you just need to register for a my3 account using the mobile number and last 6 digits on the sim, after you have done this, the next time you access the internet using the mifi it will give you the password. So it looks like you will have to ask your son for the password to access My3 yourself. Hope this answers your question.

  154. Caroline

    Hi Sedge,
    thanks for your reply – I think I might have confused you.
    My son has the mifi down in Berkshire powering his pc and iPad & I’m paying for the account from up here in Yorkshire.
    He hasn’t set up a My3 account yet. When I try to register it with the mobile number and last six digits of the Wifi key (which I have), it says 3 will send a text to the mobile number with a password. I don’t see how this will work. He doesn’t have a 3 mobile phone – the 3 sim card (with mobile number) is in the mifi thingy. How would we retrieve a password.
    I am paying on a monthly contract and want to check his usage doesn’t over run.
    Thanks in advance

  155. Moderator: Johanna

    @Julie Birch – Thanks for alerting us to this, it’s not a known issue. I hope you’re sorted now but if not you can always call CS to top-up.

  156. julie birch

    im trying to top up my broadband with 15 pound but it says
    For your security you are temporarily leaving the My3 site and being redirected to your issuing bank. This allows you to confirm your identity using the secure details you have set up with them.
    We are checking your card details with your bank and this may take a little while whilst we connect to them. Please be patient if you experience a delay with this process.

    and has been saying this for ten minutes
    plz help

  157. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Caroline – Good to hear you’re happy with the MiFi :-) You can’t access two separate accounts but you could always ask him for the password to his current account and track it that way?

  158. Caroline

    My son moved into a flat (300 miles away) with no internet service. Then I discovered three’s Mifi…and have to say, I think it’s brilliant. Son is now good to go with a monthly contract for 15MB My problem is I have been trying to set up a My3 account, so I can keep an eye on the usage & am experiencing difficulties. When I click on the link to register, it gives me a broken link page (Safari). Is this because the Mifi modem is with my son (those 300 miles away) & I am here? Is there any way of me setting up the My3 account – I am paying the monthly bill – without being connected to a 3 network?
    Thanks in advance

  159. Moderator: Johanna

    @Geoff – I’m sorry you’re having top-up issues. If you/your fiancée can’t make it to a Three store or pick up a voucher I’m afraid you’re going to need to speak to CS by calling 333 from a Three phone. Other numbers here.

  160. geoff

    I am offshore on an oil rigg and only contact i have with home is by email. My fiance has been trying to top up since last weekend and still cant get through to CS. I even tried from work but got through to final paymet obn site then the red text with 3′s apologies. Please help,

  161. Moderator: Kaz

    @chris – Really sorry to hear that you have been having issues with your top-up. It sounds like I need to arrange a call with CS to solve this problem. I have emailed you a request for your account details. Once I have received these I will arrange the call.

  162. chris

    Further to my recent problem
    I topped up £15.00 on saturday but as discussed i cannot convert this £15.00 into 3g of data allowance (which lasts me approx 1 month of general web surfing).
    Since Saturday i have had £5.00 taken off my balance already, which would normally last me approx 10 days if i had been allowed to convert my top up into 3g of data allowance.
    this is not what i expected and i am very, very dissapointed.
    I’m also furious that every time i top up i have to make a 10 min phone call to customer services which is totally unacceptable.
    i’m thinking of leaving 3 after only 6 weeks as a pay as you go customer as this is something i just cannot accept.
    all i want is what is promised, 15.00 a month for 3g and no long phone calls to customer services every month.



  163. Moderator: Kaz

    @Carrie – I do have an intermittent issue with this top-up facility. If you are having issues, the quickest way to top-up or to discuss your problem is to call our Mobile broadband team on 0843 373 0500.

  164. Moderator: Kaz

    @F Uddin – You may need to contact customer services to see what the issue is as we do not have access to any account information. You can call 333 from a Three phone or 0843 373 3333.

  165. Moderator: Kaz

    @chris – Unfortunately this is a known issue that we are trying to fix asap. The quickest way to add a top up would be to call CS. This is not happening to all our customers and we are working hard to resolve the issue. Really sorry that you have been affected, we will keep everyone updated.

  166. chris

    I’m having a similar problem as others relating to topping up my 3 dongle (ZTE).

    I topped it up £15.00 yesterday but I cant seem to be able to use my balance to buy data allowance, text allowance or the abroad allowance.
    I get the same message : “ Sorry, it’s not possible to activate your Top-up.
    Please try again later or call us on 0843 373 0500. ” as the error message. every time

    I even had to phone customer services to activate my voucher as it couldn,t be done on the my3 page.

    can you help please

    thank you


  167. F Uddin

    Its showing me ive got £5 balance and i want to buy a add on that costs £5 (internet monthly).
    And it dosnt let me buy it, it says that i dont have enough credit.

  168. chris

    I appear to be having the same problem as others relating to topping up my 3 dongle.

    I recently bought a payg dongle with a months credit of 3gb. This ran out and I topped it up yesterday my account is now £15.00. I’m on PAYG 3 Mobile Broadband with a ZTE USB modem.

    But I cant seem to be able to use my balance to buy data allowance, text allowance or the abroad allowance.

    I get the same message : “Sorry it’s not possible to activate your top up” as the error message. every time

    Id appreciate some help please .



  169. Carrie

    I have used my free data allowance that came with my zte dongle and credit balance says 0. Tried to top up but balance still at 0. Able to connect to internet. Something not right?

  170. Moderator: Kaz

    @Edd – Looks like there is an issue with your mobile broadband top-up. We have a dedicated team who could help, I don’t like to give out numbers, would rather be able to help myself, but the quickest way to resolve this issue is to call 0843 373 0500.

  171. Edd

    I have a MIFI got a £10 voucher picked £2 a day
    Used it fir a day
    my 3 now £8 to spend
    I get a message. Out if data top up
    I’ve £8!credit not out of data
    I needed this data today

  172. Edd

    Mifi got a £10 voucher at £2 a day used for iday
    It’s now out of data top up
    Appears every time
    My balance is £8 left to use
    I can’t use it as that message appears out of data which im not?
    How do I use the remaining £8

  173. Moderator: Sedge

    @ John – MBB Sims don’t currently expire so it should work ok. Would you like me to arrange a call for you?

  174. john

    I have just topped up my dongle- after 6 months of not using it but nothing is coming u p on the computer to load it up now. do the sims expire?

  175. lukeelkins

    just emailed you back / i went down the shop but they wasnt very helpful i thought the guy was quite rude

  176. Moderator: Kaz

    @lukeelkins – Looks like you need to discuss this issue with our mobile broadband team. I can ask someone to call you, have sent you an email to request your accounts and the best contact number.

  177. lukeelkins

    im trying to make card payment on pay n go broadband says sorry after doing the card deatails etc it say unavilalbe but when i check with my card three seems to have taken payment but nothing shows on my blance page :/

  178. Moderator: Johanna

    @Filomeno – Can you give me a little more detail please? Is this Mobile broadband, or is this data on your phone? What plan are you on?

  179. Filomeno

    it has been 2 or 3 days that whenever I disconnect and, after a while, reconnect, my data usage counter goes back to 2 GB and starts adding to that..let’s say if when I disconnect the counter is at 3 GB, next connection it will start ag
    ain from 2 GB…what’s wrong??? Thanks

  180. Moderator: Kaz

    @Laimis – Thanks for your comment. We are aware of an issue with this top-up functionality. We are looking into a fix. The quickest way to top-up your dongle is to call the number you have been given. Really sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  181. Laimis

    I appear to be having the same problem as others relating to topping up my 3 dongle.

    I topped it up for 10£ (about a week ago now)
    But I cant seem to be able to use my balance to buy data allowance, text allowance or the abroad allowance.
    I get the same message : “ Sorry, it’s not possible to activate your Top-up.
    Please try again later or call us on 0843 373 0500. ” as the error message. every time

    I’d appreciate some help on this
    thank you

  182. Moderator: Johanna

    @trystan andrew – Don’t worry, I’m sure you won’t have lost your data. Just give customer services a call and they’ll be able to see what’s happened on your Mum’s account (in fact she’ll need to make the call). Come back to us if you have any issues.

  183. trystan andrew

    my mum purchased a 3 pay as you go dongle , i set it up for her worked fine on the free allowance, but as soon as i topped it £10 its said it said no data allowance, so i pressumed it did not top up properly so i did it again, but still is saying no data allowance, it is saying the credit is there, but soon as i try to go on line, it again says no data alowance and gets me to top up , wich i will not be doing, how do i resolve this problem as tthere is not any useful help, it seems like my mum may of well as thrown away £40, not best pleased, please help or will go to a different provider, many thanks

  184. Moderator: Kaz

    @Gary – We are having a couple of issues with top-up’s at the moment, it’s best to give out top-up team a call on 0843 373 0500 or I can get someone to call you. please let me know.

  185. Gary

    I have been unable to top my broadband dongle for sometime now and have recently returned to work, where i need use of the internet. Why am i unable to top up? Why do i always receive message Sorry its not possible to activate your topup? Should i remain with 3 or use another provider? This problem has persisted for a week now. I need this resolved asap.

  186. Moderator: Johanna

    @Den – hehe :-) Pleased you’re sorted now and thanks for the update!

  187. Den

    Thankyou johanna for your fast response, the problem has been sorted now….my wife asked me if I had changed my address with the registered card…..I hadn’t. Seriously sorry for being a fool and thanks for the great service….400-500kbs in the middle of nowhere amazing…the coverage checker says that there is no coverage here but hey 3 is better than 3 knows.. Thanks

  188. Moderator: Johanna

    @Den – Great news that you have such a good connection but sorry you’re struggling to top-up. It’s free to call CS from a Three phone and if it’s a MBB issue then the number to ring is 555. I can arrange a call for you but it’s up to a 24 hour wait. Would you like me to arrange this for you?

  189. Den

    Please Help!
    Let me start by saying the 3 connection is faster than nearby wired broadband. Thats why i have chosen 3 dongle as my internet connection. i use this for my work……

    I live 7 miles from a shop that is currently open in the middle of nowhere basically and i am unable to top up online…..
    I get the
    “Sorry, it’s not possible to activate
    your Top-up. Please try again later or call us on 0843 373 0500.”
    our landline is not going to be installed for another week.
    i used my credit up on my wifes mobile waiting for someone to answer that 0843 number.
    My dongle number is [removed by Mod]
    if there is some way to rectify this please contact me on [removed by Mod]

  190. Moderator: Kaz

    @Pamela Hunt – Strange, we have not heard anything here. Please can you supply your full postcode so I can look into this issue.

  191. Pamela Hunt

    Are there problems with the three network today? I live in london and I have a blackberry with three, since lunch time, I have not been able to make calls, send texts, bbm or use the browser, all i get is server does not allow access. Everything else is working, which m

  192. Moderator: Kaz

    @Joe – Just found some additional information regarding your issue. Connection to My3 is free, it does not use up any data allowance. So any updates are not chargeable. Someone will be in touch very soon to resolve your top-up issue.

  193. Moderator: Kaz

    @Joe – Really sorry to hear that you have had issues topping up your mobile broadband. I’m sure we can resolve this issue promptly and will indeed ask someone from our customer services to call you as soon as possible on the number you provided.

  194. Joe

    I am extremely frustrated, Yesterday 20/1/11) i purchased a 25 pound top up voucher
    for use with my mobile broadband, when i arrived home i went to top up my account
    and it said “top up succesful” so I hit “home” to goto google and i got the page
    saying that i have run out of data, so i tried again and again to no avail, i waited
    for an hour thinking that it may just be slow in registering and came back and it
    was still sending me to the “you have run out of data” page, so i went back to the
    top up page and tried the number again and it said “Sorry, it’s not possible to activate
    your Top-up. Please try again later or call us on 0843 373 0500.”

    I do not have any more money to phone i spent my last bit of money on the voucher,
    having waited a day it is still saying that i have no data, I am extremely displeased
    and after having bought over 100 pounds worth of top ups throughout my time using 3
    mobile broadband, i am appalled at the service, I expect my account to be allocated the
    7gb that i payed for promtly or i shall not hesitate to goto trading standards over
    this and the police if i have to, i will also goto “watchdog” to let them know about
    this appalling service if my account is not sorted out! Im not interested in any excuses
    should i recieve any by phone, i want my 7gb that i have PAYED FOR!

    also for contacting me use the alternative number that i have provided as the 3 number
    is just a mobile broadband dongle which i obviously cannot recieve calls on.

    I want my data promptly and wether or not i ever buy another top up from 3 again depends
    on how this matter is dealt with, if i am not happy with the service i recieve i will
    never buy from 3 ever again and will tell all of my friends what happened so they never
    make the same mistake and i will also post what has happened all over the internet on
    as many forums as i can find, i am not trying to be threatening I am just warning you
    that i am very very angry that 3 has basically “stole” 25 GBP from me and i will not
    stop until 3 accept full responsibilty.

    Also my 3 connect asks me to update all the time, i wouldnt mind if it did it without
    trying to use my allowances but the fact that you expect people to use their own data
    allocation for this is absolutely rediculous, i dont pay to have updates, i pay to go
    on the internet, i couldnt care less what the app looks like and this i will also be
    reporting to trading standards as it is a total violation of customers trust as absolutely
    nowhere does it state that people will have to use their OWN allowance on these stupid

    contact me on my alternative number (removed by mod) if my account isnt rectified or if i
    dont recieve a phone call within the next 72 hours i will be looking to take action
    against 3 and i do not care how difficult it may be, i will not stop until something
    has been done about this.

    I am only interested in getting my allowance sorted out do not have somebody call me
    who doesnt even know what they are doing and how to rectify it and dont try to smooth me
    over either! either accept responsibilty and allocate me my 7gb or i will take action after
    72 hours.

  195. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Liam – If you call 333, they’ll be able to top your dongle up for you. Unfortunately we know of an issue with topping up. We’re looking into fixing this asap. Sorry for the confusion.

  196. Liam

    Hi i have a mifi dongle and everytime i top up online it says error adding the add-on, and instead it puts money straight on it and no internet data can u help please

  197. Moderator: Kaz

    @Neil – That’s great to hear. I will forward your comments onto our customer services department.

  198. Neil

    Didnt know where else to leave this message, as Customer Services themselves do not appear to have a general email listed… but I wanted to take the time to thank 3 for the excellent customer service they provided me over the last couple of days. Unfortunately I lost phone, which I reported to 3. Having thought I lost it on a train, the London Underground claim they can sometime strack phones if they have the IMEI number, and so the rep helpfully provided me with this. As it turned out, my contract was due for renewal, so during the call I arrange to have my contract upgraded in order to have the latest iPhone. I was told there would be a 20 day delay unfortunately due to the backlog of iPhone orders, but I was satisfied to wait. However, the iPhone arrived just 2 days later. In addition, I found my ‘lost’ phone, and another rep provided me with the code to unlock it so I could use it as a spare. All calls were conducted without fuss, with all actions undertaken as agreed, and with results exceeding expectations. Cant ask for more than that really. Well done 3. :)

  199. Moderator: Johanna

    @M Riou – I’m afraid not, how odd. Can you ask your nephew to give customer services a call and they’ll take a look for him.

  200. M Riou

    Hi my nephew has a 3dongle for internet access. Put £10 credit on it and put it in his laptop only to find it took £8 straight off , could you tell me why this is.

  201. Moderator: Kaz

    @Lizzie – Hi, I need to arrange a call so you can speak to someone in customer services to resolve this issue. I will email you to get some more account details.

  202. Lizzie

    hi kaz hope you had a nice Christmas yes am still having the problem

  203. Moderator: Kaz

    @Lizzie – Merry Christmas. Sorry not to reply sooner, we signed off for Christmas on the 24th Dec and are back in the office this morning. Are you still having problems with your dongle?

  204. Lizzie

    hello i am having a problem with my 3 dongle i have topped it up as it told me i ran out of data but it has put the 10.00 pound top up and it wont let me use it as it says i still have 0.12 mb, i have tried to use the last bit but it just tells me i have ran out of data usage how can i solve this problem as i cant use my internet.

    any help will be greatly appreciated.

    thank you.

  205. Moderator

    @Jim Staveley – Yes there do seem to be a few with the same issue. I’m going to drop you an email now and the team will try and resolve this for you before you go abroad :-)

  206. Jim Staveley

    I appear to be having the same problem as others relating to topping up my 3 dongle.

    I recently bought a payg dongle with a months credit of 1gb. This ran out and I topped it up (about a week ago now) and my allowance is now £11.00. I’m on PAYG 3 Mobile Broadband with a ZTE USB modem.

    But I cant seem to be able to use my balance to buy data allowance, text allowance or the abroad allowance.

    I get the same message : “Sorry it’s not possible to activate your top up” as the error message. every time

    Id appreciate some help on this as I go abroad soon and need to activate my allowance and add some more credit.



    Kind Regards

  207. Moderator

    @Nick Elgar – Sorry, just spotted this comment! I’m going to email you now, so we can take a look at what’s happening.

  208. Nick Elgar

    Hello, i am experiencing an identical problem to Ben.

    I have topped up, my allowance is now £11.00, i’m on PAYG 3 Mobile Broadband with a ZTE USB modem.

    However i am not able to use my balance to buy data allowance, text allowance or the abroad allowance.

    i get the same message : “Sorry it’s not possible to activate your top up” as the error message. everytime

    Any help would be much appreciated due to i need this internet for my university studies.

    Kind Regards

    Nick Elgar

  209. Moderator

    @Ben – I’ve just flagged this to our Mobile Broadband team and they’ll be able to look into this for you as as soon as I can grab your details. Sorry you’ve had this issue, I’m emailing you now…

  210. Ben

    Hi 3,

    I’ve been using my 3 ZTE usb modem for about 20 days now but have used up my free 1GB that I got with the dongle, so last night got onto my3 and selected Top-Up.

    I end up with 3 boxes “Data Allowance” with no drop down menu, “Text Allowance” which offers me 0 texts for £0 on it’s drop down menu, and “Going Abroad” which again offers me 1 option for £0 worth of going abroad credit.

    I (having never done this before) see the option on the main menu to register a debit or credit card – so I do this… It charges me £10, which was (as far as I can remember I was not given any option on this next bit) added as “Credit”.

    So I go back to the top-up page and still have no luck, no top-ups to select and the 2 add-ons still offering me £0 worth of texts and roaming credit. However I can still click NEXT on top up and choose payment method (even though the total still says £0) and then it fails offering me “Sorry it’s not possible to activate your top up” as the error message.

    Only problem now is that I very quickly rinsed £6 of the credit thinking it would automatically become some sort of 1GB plan again but it hasn’t, it’s acting like a mobile phone top up. The system is definitely set to my dongle etc.

    Am I being an idiot or has this been an issue recently?
    Thanks, would be great to get some help on this!

  211. Moderator

    @Stephen Penketh – Sorry you’ve had a few issues. I’d be happy to look into this if it’s not too late, just let me know.

  212. stephen penketh

    I have had the dubious honour of having to contact “customer services” after various phone calls,e-mails I now have a sim card,battery charger,headphones and a nice box,only thing missing is a phone.The latest phone lasted 4 days before it expired it is now away for repair hence the no phone (and I refuse to hand over £30 deposit for a loan phone) it seems 3 arent interested in customer loyalty anymore,I started with a pay as you go phone shortly after 3 launched and progressed to a contract,all I ever wanted was a phone that worked and one that you could use the advertised applications which I have not been able to do.I can get a better monthly contract with O2 for less money than at the present.Must go as I need to purchase a PAYG phone from a rival company

  213. Moderator

    @Helen – I’ve sent you an email and we’ll get this sorted for your friend.

  214. Moderator

    @Emma_Saunders – Sorry you’re having browser issues on My3. Nope this isn’t a widespread problem, so I’ll drop you an email and see if we can get this resolved for you.

  215. Helen

    I recently helped someone set up their 3G mobile broadband dongle. The person was new to internet so didnt yet have an email account so I used mine. Am having real trouble accessing their My 3 account (through My account on their dongle dashboard to amend my email address to theirs. The password is not recognised or the mobile number or last 6 digets of sim card number to reset password. Yet the account balence is shown. Any advice would be much appreciated.

  216. Emma_Saunders

    I have tried on multiple browsers today and yet none of them will load my3 in any shape or form. I can’t even get to a page to try and log on no matter what route I take. I have entered the address directly into the bar, I have clicked on links to checking my bill, to upgrading my account etc etc and all of them just say there is an error with the site.

    V furstrating!
    Is this currently a widespread problem?


  217. Moderator

    @Suzanne – First of all try syncing your iPhone with iTunes and getting the latest software update if you haven’t already. Let me know if/when you’ve done this? Also please send me your full postcode (I won’t publish it in full) and I can check your coverage for you.

  218. Moderator

    @Toeknee – I don’t know but I can arrange a call for you to get this looked into. I’ll email you…

  219. Suzanne

    I bought an iphone 4 two weeks ago and upto 2 years ago I have had no problems with texts, calls, and 3g etc, however, since yesterday my messages wont send straight away and calls keep failing all the time and this is with upto 4 bars of signal. I have phoned technical support and just get nowhere. Please help.


  220. Moderator

    @Charlotte – Hmm yes we know there’s an issue with WLM and we’re awaiting a fix. I’ll chase it again now… Sorry you’re being affected!

  221. Toeknee

    Hello I have had my 3dongle for a few months now and it was fine until a month ago, my problem is this, I plug my dongle into my netbook and th netbooks recognises it so I open the 3 connect and try to connect to the internet but this message pops up everytime – ‘the connection attempt faild, please make sure your device is connected to your computer and that your settings are correct. Would you like to attempt to connect again now’ what’s happened? Please help!

  222. Charlotte

    I have a Samsung Galaxy, only had it for a couple of weeks. I downloaded WLM and now keep receiving messages from WLM with weird text on it. I have uninstalled the app but the messages are still coming. What can I do?

  223. Moderator

    @John – Sorry to read you are having network issues John. I’ll be in touch with you soon via email so we can try and help.

  224. John

    I moved from O2 to three mobile about 6 weeks ago because they were offering the best deal on the iphone 4, and as you claim to have the best network for 3g services i thought this would solve the problems i had experienced in and around London with network capacity.

    Since joining 3 i have experienced very mixed down load speeds when connecting over your 3g network. The speed seems to vary depending on where i am (being at its worst in SE, SW & DA post codes but fine at home which is a KT post code), i have spoken to what 3 laughingly call their technical support and they assure me there is no problem with the network and they are not throttling my connection. But they are not able to offer any explantation to why i am receiving consistent download speeds of only 118kbps and upload speeds of 1.5Mbps & yes these figures are the correct way round.

    I have spoken to Apple, they have tested the phone and found no issues. It seems strange that the only problems i experienced with O2 were a few dropped calls but 3 who will have a far smaller demand on their network cant deliver s sensible service. So i would appreciate it if someone could contact me with a sensible explanation and resolution so that i can begin to experience the best 3g network available as advertised by your company



  225. Moderator

    @Naz – Sorry we are aware there is an issue with WLM. We have a couple of fixes coming up…If you’re experiencing a high number of incoming SMS messages from ‘WLM’ with strange text, then this will be resolved by upgrading to the new handset software which will be available online by the end of next week. For connectivity issues, there are fixes to the WLM server that will be rolled out at the end of the month. Re your My3 issue – is it showing no limit at all? Or is displaying the amount of data you’ve used, wrongly?

  226. Moderator

    @Eileen – Sorry to hear you’re having problems. Could you tell me some more about what’s going wrong?

  227. Naz

    Hi, I have 2 issuse! i have recently purchased a Samsung galaxy s, im having problems with Windows Live Messenger! it keeps on crashing me out in convosation! does anybody else have this problem? also i have bought a internet add on but it does not shw the usage limit in My3! can somebody please advise?

  228. Eileen

    Funny that its still ok to take the top up and we can all pay the money but 3 are just unable to provide the service! Rubbish! All day i been trying

  229. Moderator

    @Kenneth – I’ve sent you an email so I can get some more info from you… We should be able to help :-)

  230. Kenneth

    I have been trying to register a credit card with My3 now since I got my sim delivered 2 weeks ago, I was trying out 3′s coverage before paying for a proper contract, if this is the level of customer service I can expect, i think i will just go back to Virign an pay them.

  231. Richard

    I have been using the 3 mobile broadband for about a year now and I find It fast and reliable,my problem at the moment is that i purchased i text add on as well as my topup and in my balance it says i have 40 texts,but everytime i try to send a text i get this error:
    Exception while handling sending sms
    class util::AtErrorEx | 0 | Error returned in response to AT command.AT: 079144775810065011010B817077409034F60011AD07EDB7DC9D769F01. Response: +CMS ERROR: 500 | .\WWanDevice.cpp | ace::WWanDevice::Transact | 209
    Stack Entry | 0 | | .\WWanDevice.cpp | ace::WWanDevice::Transact | 248
    Stack Entry | 0 | | .\GenericWWan.cpp | ace::GenericWWan::SendSms | 2664
    Stack Entry | 0 | | .\DeviceManager\DeviceManager.cpp | ace::DeviceManager::SendSms | 1273

  232. Moderator

    @Alexis – Thanks for the feedback but sorry you couldn’t use your phone properly yesterday. Some planned work began to a nearby mast yesterday, which is likely to have caused the disruption but it will be corrected by Thursday. There are a number of new masts planned for your area, so coverage will dramatically improve before the end of the year. Keep me posted!

  233. Alexis

    Is there a signal issue in NI today? The network says 3 but there is a roaming icon beside the signal strength (doesn’t say 3ROI). I haven’t been able to use my phone properly all day, I have a HTC desire.

  234. Moderator

    @Nikki – I’m emailing you now for some more info…

  235. Moderator

    @danielle – We don’t want you to miss out. Check this guide to see how to update your dongle. If, no luck get in touch again.

  236. Nikiki

    I purchased a dongle with 3GB precredited but after 1MB useage it’s stopped working saying I have no data left so iaddedd £10 thinking I’d been done but I needed the internet for some important information and although my3 shows I now have 4GB data I still get directed to the three page saying I have no data. I’m really dissapointed it wont work. Please Help!!! Tried ping test and it did three tests which all timed out, what does this mean???

  237. danielle

    hi i am experiencing problems with my new dongle it keeps connecting then disconnecting! do i need to update the software? if so how do i do that? this is becoming a big problem as i am paying for something i am not using! hope you can help many thanks

  238. Moderator

    @ I. A – The change to Windows 7 shouldn’t affect your dongle but I would make sure you have the most recent dongle software update. You’re worried about your signal blocks but has your coverage been affected? A message should be sent to your dashboard when you’ve reached 80% of your allowance and then 100% – is this not happening?

  239. Moderator

    @Glyn – Can you send me your full postcode please?

  240. I.A

    Hey 3,
    I have switched to Windows 7 recently and i came acroos to install my dongle e1550 and it installed correctly but i was wondering that if i would need a driver update for the dongle to work better on Windows 7. I have got 2 blocks of signal and in Windows XP i used to get full signall strength and i am always sitting where i sit when i use my laptop.oh yeah, i cant seem to send text messages through 3connect and please can you upgrade my3 because it is really annoying when i have to pay around 52p because i have went over my data usage limit without me even knowing so please can you provide me infomation on what you can tell me and do about all of these problems i am having.

  241. I.A

    Hey 3,
    I have switched to Windows 7 now and I need to know if i would need a driver update as the dongle e1550 works perfect so far although i am getting 2 blocks of signal and in May i used to get full signal blocks.Oh yeah, i cant seem to send messages through 3connect and please can you upgrade my3 as i do not like the way my usage goes over the limit without me knowing and have to keep paying around 52p because i went over my data usage acidentally(without me knowing).

  242. Glyn

    For 2 days running now I am receiving limited connectivity when I try to connect I have uninstalled and installed several times and also unplugged my modem from the pc but with no luck I usually experience the fastest speed available and I have not run out of useage as I am on contract with plenty remaining could you please at least offer a reason or a solution to this problem, many thanks.

  243. Moderator

    @chris Thanks! :)

  244. chris

    ive found 3 mobile broadband quite fast now that its been updated

  245. Moderator

    @spursduck – could you give us a buzz about this one? You’ll find our contact details here.

  246. spursduck

    I topped up my dongle account with £10 on Wednesday, My account says I have £10 remaining but it wont change this £10 in to data for me to surf the net. If I try to visit any websites it says ‘You’ve run out of data’. Please can someone help me?

  247. Moderator

    @Michael Mc Ferran – I dropped you an email at about 6pm yesterday evening. I’ll try again now, but do you have another address I can try?

  248. Michael Mc Ferran

    Oh yes, you still have not emailed me yet :(

  249. Michael Mc Ferran

    Ok, thanks. But can you not send me the information through this. Because otherwise I’ll have to go on the internet somewhere else, and the home I’m in at the momment has no broadband(until I move in 2 weeks)
    Thanks again,
    for the quick response

  250. Moderator

    @Michael McFerran – I’ll drop you an email to try and get things sorted :-)

  251. Michael Mc Ferran

    I also have been told through a text(3 connect) that I have run out of data allowance. While I have purchased 3gb preloaded 10 days ago. And I have only used 1.4gb of download(as It tells me in the usage history for this current month). It is really bothering me, and I can not receive messages through email for your reply because of this, and can not contact support throguh live chat. Please help me with this so I can get back online

  252. Moderator

    @carly – we do have some deals where 20 free texts are included, but we can give you a call to check this if you’d like? Let me know, and I’ll drop you an email :-)

  253. Moderator

    @lynzy – I’ll drop you an email to get a few details. We’ll get this looked into.

  254. Moderator

    @brian houkes – can you give me a bit more info? Are you on contract or Pay As You Go? Are you getting an error screen, or are you in a low coverage area?

  255. lynzy

    I have topped up £15 on my pay as u go dongle on 25/7/2010, I have a data allowance of 3072gb but am being told i’m out of data allowance, i can not seem to get an answer from anywhere on 3 help and support to combat this issue. I have no credit to ring out as last night had issue when updated my dongle with new software from the site and that no longer worked, so have had to reset whole laptop. Somebody have u got a way of helping me access the internet please…

  256. carly

    hi, ive just bought a 3 Dongle, it says i can send 20 text messages, but is it free? x

  257. brian houkes

    i can not get conected to 3 broadband

  258. Moderator

    @rosey – have you given us a ring about this? Our advisors should be able to help get this sorted for you.

  259. rosey

    hi have toped up using debit card money went ok and balance shows as ten pounds but cant access internet as says ru out of data allowance aghhhh

  260. David

    Has anyone tried using a mobile signal repeater for improved signal quality indoors?
    I know that a 3G repeater is expensive but I would like to try a GSM repeater but do not know the frequency used by the “3″ network. Is it 1900Mhz?

  261. Moderator

    @David – OK, I’ll drop you a note to get a few details. I’m sure we can get things fixed :-)

  262. David

    i have not been able to connect to any web sites scince the 23/6/10. i keep getting a used all data message i had 1.5 gb left on my account at the above date, i now have none even though i have not been able to use the donggle. home access said thy are wating on u 2 reboot the donggleand it seems i am not able to top up the thing with my own monies.

  263. Moderator

    @Johnny Tin – a few more answers:

    1) MasterCard issues numerous pre-paid cards and we try to validate and accept as many as possible. All issuers have different ways of operating and we aim to accept as many cards of this type as possible, but because MasterCard does not issue a comprehensive list a couple may slip through the net.
    2) As per my last comment to you :-)
    3) 3Connect does work on Windows Vista and Windows 7
    4) Hmm, this is unlikely to be to do with your Mobile Broadband connection. More likely that you don’t have video software installed on your PC
    5) Done!

  264. Moderator

    @Johnny Tin – sorry for the delay, a few answers for you:

    1) We work extensively with the manufacturers of our Mobile Broadband dongles to make sure that 3Connect is as useful and relevant as it can be. Using any other software might mean that you lose features like our signal checker or data usage. We may not have tested other solutions and therefore we can’t be sure of their accuracy.
    2) We have! You can install the update here
    3) No, as long as the dongle you’re using is unlocked, you shouldn’t have any problems
    4) Our blog doesn’t allow customer accounts
    5) If you can give us your postcode, we’ll take a look at your coverage
    6) No 3Connect shouldn’t interfere, but all connection managers use the same piece of technology. Having too many loaded on at could cause your PC problems

    Hope that helps!

  265. David

    My settings are on mobile network and WiFi. I have tried turning off my WiFi router but the phone will still not access the Internet via the 3G network. My previous phone accessed the 3 3G network. at this location.

  266. Moderator

    @David – have you gone into Settings and deactivated ‘Mobile network’?

  267. David

    I cannot access the Internet via WiFi on my new HTC. I get a poor 3G signal so hoped to use WiFi to download apps but I keep getting the message to log onto the 3 network.
    How can I just use WiFi for Internet?

  268. Mike Ellis

    still no response to my problem – can’t access my data allowance. When I try the helpline, told that service is unavailable and directed back to website. Have sent help request twice via the website “email” service too but no response, unless it’s going to my email, which I can’t access . 3 days now out of 7 that was needing the mobile broadband for and no access or help. Even tried topping up twice as need access, but error saying can’t activate top-up. Very poor service so far.

  269. Moderator

    @charmaine price – I’d suggest giving us a call about this one. 0843 373 0500 from any phone (charges may apply) or 500 for free from any Three phone.

  270. Moderator

    @lauren – have you tried giving us a call about this? You can give us a ring by dialling 500 for free from any Three phone or 0843 373 0500 (call charges apply) from any other phone.

  271. charmaine price

    i recently bought a pre paided 3 dongle but when i pluged it into my laptop it said i did not have any data allowance why is this and how do i get my 3GB that i paid for

  272. lauren

    hiya i bought a 3 dongle a while ago its always worked fine but now im trrying to top it up but it wont let me please could u tell me why?!?

  273. Mike Ellis

    similar problem to Nichola (2nd July above) & have tried phoning helpline but redirected to website! Bought a 3gb Starter Kit 3 days ago, used about 5mb of data, now can’t access internet & message saying am out of data. Clearly not! Looks like my data allowance hasn’t been activated – assumed this happened as part of install. Do I have to do something to activate it?

  274. Moderator

    @nichola – I’d suggest giving us a call on this one – 0843 373 0500 (call charges apply), or call 500 free from any Three mobile.

  275. nichola

    hi i recently toped up my3 dongle with ten pounds witch usauly last me a month and it only lasted me few hours. toped up again 10 pound an done the same thing then again now its saying that ive got fair use why is this could u help me thank you.

  276. Johnny Tin

    Hi 3,
    Here some question that i need you to answer…
    1)Can i use a prepaid master card instead of a bank card?
    2)Can you tell me a alternative connection software other than 3connect and MWconn?
    3)Does 3connect work on windows vista and windows 7?
    4)How come i cant view the video adverts on the 3 websites?
    5)Can you answer the other posts that i posted on this blog?
    Please dont answer on my email as i never check my email, just answer on this blog please.
    By the way im on mobile broadband!!!!
    Thank you!!!

  277. Moderator

    @evo – hmmm.. I’ll drop you a note to get a few details and we’ll look into it.

  278. evo

    after been without internet at work for MONTHS spoken to India over 20 times probably. got a new dongle sent to me installed and uninstalled with and without special programs and I still get the same message when I try to connect……. The connect attempt failed. Please make sure your settings are correct. would you like to retry?
    WHAT SETTINGS? and how shall I solve this problem???

    I have same problem !!!!!!!!!!!
    Please help :-(

  279. Moderator

    @Ferenc Fejes – you’ll need to give us a call to work through the issues you’re having with your bank card. You can call us by dialing 500 for free from any Three mobile, or by calling 0843 373 0500 from any other phone (call charges apply). Upgrading your dashboard can give you extra functionality. You can find info by clicking here and searching for ‘Upgrading my dongle software’.

  280. Moderator

    @Heinrich – do you mean memory or data allowance? If you’re referring to your data allowance, you can find a useful guide to data usage here, along with other Mobile Broadband advice. If you have run out of memory, this could be to do with your laptop. I’m assuming you’re using a dongle on Pay As You Go by the way, so do correct me if I’m wrong!

  281. Moderator

    @Lionel & Andrew Cuthbert – looking into this now, will come back to you with update once I’ve spoken to our technical guys.

  282. Moderator

    @Ag – this could be because you don’t currently have a text allowance. Can you give us a call? We’ll be able to take a look at your account. Just call 500 for free from any Three mobile, or 0843 373 0500 from any other phone (standard call charges apply).

  283. Ferenc Fejes


    I have two problems. 1. I cant topup my dongle with my bankcard. Why? My card is registered card and i could topup by card before. 2. What is mean, dashboard upgrading? I lookin’ for here, but i dont found. Do i have to upgrade my dashboard or not? Can you help me?
    I wainting for your quickly answer
    Thanks a lot

    Mr. Ferenc Fejes

  284. Heinrich

    I bought 7 Gig a few days ago. This morning I had 4.6Gig memory and this afternoon I was out of memory. I haven’t done anything unusual? Any help, to check where the Gigs went?

  285. Lionel

    Dear Moderator, please reply to the multiple posts about emails not sending. I have spent a good part of my first week in the UK trying to rectify this issue, only to find that you allegedly block the SMTP port 25. Please confirm whether or not this is so, and how can this be rectified? This is extremely annoying and I am very unimpressed that I have purchased a product that won’t perform this basic task.

  286. Andrew Cuthbert

    I need to access email, same as other people I use a dongle with 3 and am on a business trip making this quite urgent. Im in the coleraine area of northern ireland, but have found this problem before pretty muc where ever I am, I guess its to do with you restricting a certain port can you help?

  287. Ag

    Hi ive a problem with sending sms messages through my dongle, i can recive messages but it wont let me reply and send any back. do you know why this is and how i can recover it. thankyou.

  288. Richard Henderson

    Well, 3 has at long last agreed to cancel my contract without penalty.
    I’ve had no signal at my home since March 11th. Latest claim from 3
    is I should have a good signal by the end of August!!!! Sheesh.
    Interesting that the 3 website showing signal coverage shows that
    my street and the railway station nearby has no signal. Just this little
    patch in the middle of a town!!!
    Signal was fine for first four mounths of my contract.
    So goodbye 3 and good luck.

  289. Johnny Tin

    hey 3,
    I have a couple of questions….
    1)what other alternative software is there, other than 3connect?
    2) can you please design a new 3connect with a data usage guide that I could put a limit of how much I could use until the internet stops working?
    3)can i have a clear answer saying yes or no that if the sim will get disconnected if i use it in a other networks (O2 MAINLY) dongle and different software but using a 3 sim.?
    4)can i make a 3 blog account, if so how?
    5)i used to get 5 bars signal before but since two weeks ago i have been getting 2 bars, i always use the internet in the same room, why is this?
    6)does 3connect interfere with other softwares like Vodafone mobile connect and O2 connection manager?
    do i provide enough information when i comment on this blog?

    I really would appreciate it if you could answer all of these questions correclty as i am about to buy a £15 top up to convert it to a mobile broadbaand add-on of 3GB.


  290. Moderator

    @Fred – OK, I’ll drop you an email to get a few details so we can take a look.

  291. Fred Doherty

    Started getting this error since the last software update whilst trying to send an sms via the dongle software

    Exception while handling sending sms
    class util::AtErrorEx | 0 | Error returned in response to AT command.AT: 079144772800800011010C914497076677490011AD3F57741E34479741E7329D9E769F41F234F907BABEEB6C3228FFAE83E0F2B2392C2F83E8E8301D447F83E8E832E8ED2ECF4149103A6C2FFF00. Response: +CMS ERROR: 500 | .\WWanDevice.cpp | ace::WWanDevice::Transact | 205
    Stack Entry | 0 | | .\WWanDevice.cpp | ace::WWanDevice::Transact | 244
    Stack Entry | 0 | | .\GenericWWan.cpp | ace::GenericWWan::SendSms | 2525
    Stack Entry | 0 | | .\DeviceManager\DeviceManager.cpp | ace::DeviceManager::SendSms | 1244

    I looked in the sms centres in the settings, and it no longer had a number so I entered +447782000800. Still recieving the above error though.
    Also when sending a text, it dosnt say anything in the From box..

  292. Moderator

    @Natalie – That’s not good, I’ll drop you an email to get a few details. Hopefully we can get things sorted for you

  293. Keith

    Trying to send mail – getting port 110 or Port 995 socket error 10051 using mobile broadband server out of the blue except that mails sent by me the day before seem to take over 24 hrs to arrive. Why is this happening why is there no trouble shooting section or failed service alerts on the three website?

  294. Natalie

    I’ve tried about a thousand times to log into my my3 account but each time it tells me I’ve tried too many incorrect passwords and my account will me disabled for a short amount of time. I have requested about 8 new passwords but when i try to log in it says the same thing. It’s very annoying.

  295. Tim

    Hi ya

    I have gone into My3 and it’s not updating my payment status. Last months bill has been paid and is showing as left my back account but there is no tick in the payment field.

    Also when I click on upgrades it says Ooops there has been a problem. It does this for all 5 of my accounts.

    Could I make a suggest too, could it show somewhere when your contract renewal date is please. This would save on a phone call.

    Thanks in advance.

  296. Moderator

    @Tony Adams – I’ll drop you an email to see if we can get to the bottom of this

  297. Tony Adams

    anyone solve the send and recieve sms failure problem ?

    cant setup a topup web account as cant receive the password which only gets sent via sms – catch 22

    message centre no is +447782000800


    Exception while handling sending sms
    class util::AtErrorEx | 0 | Error returned in response to AT command.AT: 079144772800800011010B817029219283F50011AD04F4F29C0E. Response: +CMS ERROR: 500 | .\WWanDevice.cpp | ace::WWanDevice::Transact | 205
    Stack Entry | 0 | | .\WWanDevice.cpp | ace::WWanDevice::Transact | 244
    Stack Entry | 0 | | .\GenericWWan.cpp | ace::GenericWWan::SendSms | 2525
    Stack Entry | 0 | | .\DeviceManager\DeviceManager.cpp | ace::DeviceManager::SendSms | 1244

  298. Moderator

    @New In The UK – it sounds like you might not be converting your top-up to one of our Broadband Add-ons. I’ll drop you an email so we can talk you through the process.

  299. Moderator

    @andy – that doesn’t sound good. I’ll drop you an email so that we can look into your experience and right any wrongs

  300. New In The UK

    I have buy a mobile broadband , and at first time i have top up for 15 Pound and have 3 Gb of internet , but now when i top up my broadband i have only 250 mb , how i need to top right and have a 3 Gb for 15 pounds ? can someone helps me ? i spent about 35 pounds for 6 days – 650 mb ! 2 times top up with 15 pounds and last time with 5 and at all have only 650 mb ……… ;( ! How i need to top right [ 15 punds for 3 GB ] ? i have a voucher with pin …..

  301. andy

    been in contact with 3 today about a phone i was miss sold at the weekend and have found 3 customer services to be shocking but must congratulate 3 on there training to skirt round issues change the subject and mess with customers heads so much so i hung up in the end . they must be on commision to sell phones and to con people will be looking into getting out of my contract with 3 and telling all my friends not to go with such a conning company that dosent even have a complaints page on there web sites

  302. Moderator

    @julie miller – we have been in regular contact with you via text, and I believe you confirmed receipt of the letter we sent you

  303. Tony

    333 have told me this problem is widespread.
    I have been with 3 for less than a month and have only used my unlimited(!!!500mb!!) internet very little (say 5 google searches and a couple of train statuses, other than downloading apps via my home broadband wifi. I get warning alerts from 3 every day about nearly exceeding fair usage. I contacted My3 via PC/the website about a week ago with no reply yet but spoke to 333 a few days ago. They said a lot of people were getting this problem but they were escalating my problem and would fix it in a day or so and let me know.

    Is it true that many people are getting this because I am very worried that we are the victims of some sort of hacking and misuse of our accounts? Hopefully our identities have not been stolen.

    Incidentally with your low fair usage limit how are we supposed to manage our usage as My3 usage just says “Unlimited” and gives no details????!!!!

  304. julie miller

    i still have recived no reply regarding my account re a refund for credit i have lost on my account,not happy with 3 service at all!!!

  305. Richard Henderson

    See my post above on March 31, 2010. Still no useable signal at my home yet I can get 5 bars just 100 yards away!!!

    Today I received a very fancy advertising video message from 3 telling about the wonderfull things provided by 3.
    But WHY DOES MY 3 MOBILE PHONE ONLY WORK ON THE ORANGE SIGNAL?? I still cannot run SKYPE properly on the phone or load Planet3 properly.
    To make this post I have to use Vodafone pay as you go which is working on a 3 network!!!!! Absolutely crazy!!!

    Now the reason for this post; that advert above gave a web address: to go see all the wonderfull stuff 3 is doing.

    IT DON’T WORK ! ! ! ! ! !

  306. Jamie

    oh its ok now it finally worked after sitting here like a lemon for an hour LOL

  307. Jamie

    have just purchased £15 top-up for my dongle internet. but cannot access my3. need help on this as i have just spent £15 for nothing. please dont reply by email cos i dont have any internet allowance left.

  308. Moderator

    Hi William – how long has your modem only been getting a few bars signal?

  309. william

    i have had mobile broadband with my laptop now for near on a year. my 3connect software is on 2.0 something an thats with the update when i plugged it in. also my modem only get 1-2 bars of signal. is there anyway i could get a new modem for free with the new booster software????

  310. Jeanette

    after been without internet at work for MONTHS spoken to India over 20 times probably. got a new dongle sent to me installed and uninstalled with and without special programs and I still get the same message when I try to connect……. The connect attempt failed. Please make sure your settings are correct. would you like to retry?
    WHAT SETTINGS? and how shall I solve this problem???

  311. sue

    I cannot send texts to anyone, message comes back unable to sending failed try again. I have done several times but to no avail. I have taken the battery and sim card out to see if makes any diff. I can make calls but no texts, please help

  312. Moderator

    @Wayne – hopefully this link will help

  313. Wayne


    When will the problem with be sorted out. I have been unable to send email now for over a month.

    My ISP has an authenticated smtp server but it only accepts port 25 which is blocked on three.

    There is very little details about this problem available, so would appreciate it if someone could investigate and report back



  314. Chris

    I can’t send sms messages from my internet dongle because i need an sms centre number… could you tell me this number please? Thanks.

  315. Harriet

    Hi there,

    I too have had 2 messages recently (one about ten minutes ago, and another a month or so agao) threatening to cut off my connection as I have gone over my internet fair use policy.

    I have used my internet FAR more in previous months than I have in the last two months and would like to know what on eartth is going on!!!

    I have phoned 3 and they have simply “tried” to tell me that I have reached my limit – but cannot seem to tell me how much I have used. I am 100% sure I have not used up all my interent, but I am too worried to use it again just in case I get charged. I pay for a service and I expect to recieve it. I am glad other people have experienced the same thing – obviously it is not just me, but it is utterly ludicrous.

    Please can someone get back to me asap.

  316. jake

    hello can anyone help me ?

  317. jamie smalley

    hi just got a 3 dongle 15mb per month…installed ok but the light on donglestill flashes green??? and idears

  318. Moderator

    Hi Phil – hopefully this link should help

  319. Phil

    I canot send mail using Outlook or similar as port 25 is blocked. I uderstand this is to stop spamming. Is there a workaroud that I can use?
    Many thanks for a quick reply



  321. jake

    hi my name is jake and i realy need to no how i can get my internet for 15 pound a month or even less if thats possible as i am topping up and it go stait away i realy need help on this one as i can not afford to constntley to up here is my number if you can help i will be very gratefull 07xxxxxxxx thank you please contcat e.g tet or call a.s.a.p

  322. Ryan

    wow… so you havnt called, you havnt credited my account… whats it been? 5 days??

    terrible service, thanks for the eye opener, i think once i get my money back i’ll be using a different company from now on.

    as i said. terrible service… tis a shame though

  323. Frank

    All the above comments apply to my 3 mobile connection. Emails do not go, or go and then get sent back as undeliverable or sometimes they go through. Browsing is a real pain. My connection continually drops from HSDPA to 3G and then just hangs or comes up to “Connection Preoblem”. I’ll say there is a connection problem! IT IS WITH THREE. I live within 400 metres of the transmitter (I can see it from my window) but that makes no difference. My dongle is an E220 which has not been updated but i still have all these problems.

    I have spoken to 3 technical but they say that things are Ok. It clearly is NOT!

  324. Mark

    Hey I see the what the outgoing smtp is but that is the port? 25 if so its not working any ideas why? im useing, or trying to use a pc with outlook email with a 3 dongle

  325. steptome

    We have been using your mobile broadband dongle for few months and the signal has been alright…However, since last week, both me and my brother’s USB dongles stop working on both of our laptops. When we plug the usb to the laptops and turn on the 3Connect, in the little bar, it says “No Serivce”, and this happened suddenly for both me and my brother. We then have been trying alot of different ways to see if solve the problem such as swithed off the firewall and uninstall the anti-virus software….but all failed…(I have just topped up 25 pounds last week and there should be at least 6GB allownance left)
    then this weekend we brought a Vodafone mobile broadband instead to try and it works perfectly fine, the connection and the signal is very good.
    well….so…I just like to ask if this is due to your mantaince works maybe…and if you could tell me how to fix the problem….or if you could just refund me the top up?!
    My mobile broadband number is +44XXXXXXXX


  326. Chris

    SMS Center sending My3 Texts – I have had similar problems to the ones mentioned, i.e. Texts not being sent and annoying Error Messages. I appear to have crcked the problem by putting ‘+’ before the mobile number. i.e +447XXX XXX XXX works whereas 447XXX XXX XXX doesn’t! Try it

  327. Moderator

    Hi Ryan – we’ll need to speak to you to diagnose the problem properly. Could comment again with your phone number? We obviously won’t publish this. If you’d rather not do this, I’d suggest trying your local 3 Store who might be able to help.

  328. Linzi omalley

    OMG this is so annoying i swear im switching from 3 and getting rid of this dongle i top up all the time around £50 a month i couldnt get on the internet yesterday for 5 hours and now today it wont let me top up, i had problems with my first dongle and had to send it back now all this so annoying problems all the time. Think use are going to lose alot of custom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  329. Ryan

    To add to this. Please post any replies on the blogpage, due to the fact i now have no internet.

    thanks in advance


  330. Ryan

    Hi I just topped up my 3 huawei dongle using my card £25 for 7 gb, the money has gone off my card, yet I have no internet…

    I do hope we who have been inconvenienced will be reimbursed. I now have no money to even topup my mobile phone, so no I cant call customer services which will give you another 10 pounds in charges… quite frankly i’m appalled, the company I work for sells these dongles, how can I confidently sell your devices after being mugged off by you like this?

    If you are experiencing technical difficulties, you should take the function off the home page temporarily to save irate customers like myself losing faith in your services – just a bit of advice.

    Looking forward to seeing my 7 gigs burst onto my screen soon.


  331. Moderator

    Hi Jack M – sorry to hear you’re having problems, we are trying our best to fix things. If we can’t email you, could you call us?

  332. Moderator

    @amalia – Firstly, you need to have got your PAC from O2 – the Porting Access Code enables you to take your phone number with you when you move provider. Once you have this, and your new contract with 3 is up and running, then just dial 333 from your new 3 phone to take you through to our customer services team. Explain to them that you want to port your old O2 number over to us, they will ask for the PAC and then will be able to do the rest.

  333. Jack m

    AND dont bother sending me an email because i cant check it -.-

  334. Jack m

    oh yeah and i cant top up through a 3 phone due to that fact i don’t have one -.-

  335. Jack m

    i tried ages to top up a 10 pound voucher and finally worked…but after disconnecting/reconnecting 5 times, it still hasn’t gone through…some help plz !

  336. Rosann

    hi again still having problems with my3 again, any time i coonect to the internet it displays i have ran out of data although my new monthly allowence was due to start today i have a messege from 3alerts stateing that my new allowence starts on the 25th.
    Why is it taken so long to load?
    Also phoneing customer service has became something of a daily occurence am sick off phoneing and useing up my credit.
    Please get this sorted

  337. Andras


    I have a problem. I have 2 official e-mail account from my company, but i can not send e-mails, i think so this port is blocked. Can I use some smtp server in my dongle and my phone?

  338. Steve Howard

    this has been mentioned a couple of times here, but seems to have been ignored.

    Has the ability to upgrade your phone on-line been discontinued. I’ve used it previous times and it was great, but now all I get is

    “Oops – we’re having technical problems – please try again later.”


    ‘Due to a technical problem we’re currently unable to process mobile upgrades online.’

    these technical problems have been going on for months, so are they technical problems or a feature that has been discontinued.


  339. amalia

    it’s me again ..i cant access my internet and even i cant see how many minutes i have left…i checked at #646# ,

  340. amalia

    i just make a contract with 3 mobile …and i tell to that person from 3 mobile that i want to keep my o2 number …and i dont know how to activate the sim…please,help me

  341. Moderator

    Hi Melissa – is your problem with your phone or your dongle? If you can give us your postcode we’ll check to see whether it’s a network issue.

  342. Brendan Arndt

    Hi 3ornot2b – This isn’t something specific to iPhone, it’s common to all phones and it’s a service we provide for free. The ‘call divert active’ message appears to let you know that if someone tries to phone you while you’re on a call, they’ll be diverted to your answer phone. Without it being active, the second caller will just keep ringing. The message will just disappear after a few seconds.

  343. melissa shorrocks


  344. Rookwings

    After being “held over a barrel” for two years by landline companies, I was delighted to discover your my3 dongle, which gives me internet access through my pc now. I have no mobile or working landline.
    I’m aware that you are having problems, and I’m just sending this message to say thank you for the access you have given me so far, and please don’t give up. Good luck with the technical difficulties and if my best wishes could help, you have them all.

  345. PJ

    Appalling service. The My3 web site seems to be down more often than it is up. If it doesn’t return soon (and stay up this time) I’m taking my business to another company.

    To have so many problems for such a long period of time with a web portal that is supposed to be bringing in revenue for a company is incredible. Whoever is in charge of “managing” the my3 web site and providing a “seamless” service to the customers ought to be sacked.

  346. Moderator

    Hi Johny – as you might have seen from my comment above, we’re aware that we’re experiencing My3 issues at the moment. This isn’t planned maintenance, but we’re working really hard to fix things as soon as possible. We appreciate how much some customers rely on the service. In the meantime, if you’d like to check your MBB account you can call us on 0843 373 0500, or call 500 from a 3 phone. Other numbers can be found here on the right hand side

  347. Johny Tin

    hi 3, i am sending alot of messages because i am angry and i will probably keep sending messages until the my 3 is back up and running normally and because i am finding new problems.I have only one 3 phone and that is a old phone called the:Motorola A835.
    I WILL NEVER BUY A 3 PHONE,that phone cant even access my3 because it is too old.Try making all three websites available on all phones and old 3 phone like the one i mentioned above.I hate your phone customer services and i dont feel safe converting my top-ups into data usage for mobile broadband.Oh yeah,i cant even access any websites using my dongle since yesterday 20/04/2010.Is anyone else having problems like this???????So 3,please fix up look sharp and reply to peoples comments including mines.FIX UP LOOK SHARP!

  348. Johny Tin

    Hi there 3,its me again,now my3 has stopped working again.when i accessed this website:
    from 3 customer service numbers part of this site it comes up with :
    Not Found
    The requested URL /myaccount/topup/registered/ was not found on this server.
    Hey 3,Please could you put up a alternative software that keeps track of our credit,top ups,usage,data usage,free stuff.That would be very helpful so please could you do that, even if my3 starts working again that piece of software would be very useful if it stops working again.
    Oh yeah, whaat happens if someone doesnt have a 3 phone or any mobile phone.

  349. Moderator

    Hi Everyone – as many of you have spotted, we’re experiencing some technical problems with My3. For many customers, this will mean that you won’t be able to check your account or top-up using a PC. Access to My3 through your 3 phone will be unaffected.

    While we’re getting to the bottom of these problems, please call us to top up, activate or convert your top-ups, or just check your balance. The column on the right hand side of our Help & Support page will take you to our Customer Service numbers.

    Thanks for your patience.

  350. Johny Tin

    It just starting working again!!!Hope it stays up and running for long time. Advice to 3:If you are going to upgrade 3′s service then please could you do around a time like 12am not pm to 7am.Thanks.

  351. Johny Tin

    Now it says:The requested URL /BlockMy3UK.html was not found on this server.By the way i use Opera Internet Browser,same thing on the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer.PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!

  352. Johny Tin

    Hi there 3,i have been having problems accessing my3 with my new sim card,when i first bought it on 19/04/2010 i was ablel to access my3 and i topped up £10 and after i topped up successfully, an hour on i couldnt access my3 anymore and please could you fix this problem because i becoming annoyed and if i keep searching the net and my credit goes down after the free 150mb(i did not buy a mobile broadband add on yet but i got 150mb free) i will demand a refund top up. I only got 70mb left(according to my calculations).Please fix it!!!!!!DONT REPLY ON MY EMAIL,REPLY ON THIS BLOG!!!!!PLEASE FIX IT!!!!THANKS IF YOU FIX IT IN TIME!!!!!

  353. Tatsuya

    Whenever I try to access upgrade section in my3 I get “Oops – we’re having technical problems – please try again later.”

    it’s been like this for months. why????

    Quite frankly, I don’t like calling up customer service, and I don’t like your shops because shops don’t offer any special upgrade deals for existing customers.

  354. 3ornot2b

    I have an unlocked iPhone 3gs every time I make a call a message comes up “call divert active dismiss?”

    CS have been of no help. Each time I call I am told to do is enter ##002# and reset the handset

    My last call (20 mins) I was told #330×0000# and to reset the handset (again)

    I explained that this message does not appear with my o2 (pay monthly SIM) or my friends Orange (pre pay SIM) and is network related.

    Apparently, because the handset is not 3 branded my complaint can not be escalated and the technical dept will not look into resolving it.

    I asked the agent to explain to me what was causing this message to come up when the 3 SIM was used, he said “it’s because it’s a 3G network” !!

    My o2 contract runs out in a few months I very much doubt if I will port my number now.

  355. teri

    i topped up my dongle for 10 from my credit card it was quick to send the money but i have no internet and it hasnt gone on to my dongle i am really mad now what do i do

  356. ronnie

    hi i am being told by my account that i have used all my data and i should top up even though i topped up just this week and it tells me that it does not expire untill the end of next month ,why is this happening and what should i do?

  357. Moderator

    Hi everyone –

    For those of you who have had problems connecting after downloading the new software, you should find some help here.

    @Jonathan – there were a few issues with My3 overnight, which is why you saw that holding page. Everything was fixed first thing this morning though.. is everything back to normal now?

  358. Jonathan

    I don’t think this is fixed yet. This is what I get when trying to access My3 today :


    My3 isn’t available this weekend
    We’re sorry, but from Saturday 27th at 11pm and all day Sunday 28th March, we’re upgrading our systems. This means that you
    won’t be able to top-up or have access to services including My3 – online or on your mobile.

    If on Pay As You Go
    You won’t be able to top up or check your balance during this time.
    If you’re also a Pay As You Go phone customer you won’t be able to make selected premium rate calls,
    international calls or roam internationally.

    If you’re on Pay Monthly
    You won’t be able to access My3 online or on your mobile.
    All services will be back to normal on Monday 29th March

  359. alan barron

    i am a new customer ,purchased pre loaded dongle today and cannot gain access on my pc to the my 3 site, it is not a good start and does not instill any confidence in your company.

  360. Gerson

    Am i the only one who is still having problems acessing my 3????? This post is long dated, so the issue for most is fixed?

  361. Moderator

    Hi Andy F – could you give us a call so we can try and diagnose the problem?

  362. Andy F

    Have purchased a “mifi” device from 3 store. However my mobile device will detect the mifi but will not connect. I’m sure the problem lies with my mobile device not the mifi although my mobile device will connect to my wireless networ at home. Tried to find help on the ‘net but so far I am unable to resolve. Seems the mifi purchase might have been a waste of time?

  363. Heinrich

    Nobody contacted me. So I phoned yesterday. I spoke (5-10min) to somebody for help, but to no awail – I ask for an email address to put my pains on paper to someone specific – (otherwise my querry as seen above (2 days ago) hangs between Dublin and London) -he couldn’t find an e-mail address for me.

    The thing is: I send mails – some people get my mail but others don’t. At first I thought it might be the other persons computer causing the trouble – but then I heard from 2 other people that they haven’t receive my mails either?
    Is there a problem with the outgoing mail server : ?


  364. Moderator

    Hi Matt – can you give us a call so we can diagnose the problem fully?

  365. Matt Green


    I also have problems with the outgoing mail server – can you confirm when it will be working ?


  366. Heinrich

    I also have problems with sending e-mails? Is there a problem with the outgoing mail server : ? Unable to send e-mails for a while now. Could you contact me.

  367. Moderator

    Hi Kerry – we’ll be in touch to see if we can get to the bottom of this

  368. Grace

    my phone is saying ‘sending failed’ when i try to send text messages.
    my contract is the £15 texter

  369. Martin Sanderson

    I top up my mobile dongle E220 at 01:15 hrs 05/04/2010 with my credit card for £10.00 1GB data, log into my 3 account and it says £11.41 won’t expire,this is for use when im out today with my laptop.

    Guess what every time i go to use my laptop its saying you must top up 1st,but i have top up

    log into my credit card account on my BB landline and 3 have taken £10.00 out of my account

    so where my 1gb of data gone then

    very upset


  370. Tina

    Sorted things out regarding sending texts from the dongle.
    Connect to net, go to inbox, extras, sms centers, change to 3 message center, input +447782000800. Then disconnect & re-connect and it should allow texts to be sent through, though it will charge you. What happened to free texts with every top-up.? We go through at least 3gb of internet a month. Sometimes it doubles. Sure isn’t worth paying 25quid for internet per month if we ain’t getting the freebees.

  371. Tina

    Hi. I’m trying to send an important text via my dongle and it comes up with an error. (Exception while handling sending sms class util::AtTimeoutEx) etc…It’s doing my freaking nut in now.
    This network has gone to pot since it upgraded. Our my3 page doesn’t show any of the allowances we have, half the time we have extremely poor connection, within 2 months of having the dongle it broke and in-store customer services decided they wouldn’t help so we had to have it fixed privately.
    I am seriously thinking of changing providers if this is the type of service I’m to expect from 3.

  372. Kerry

    Ive had the C510 with 3 since June, and its been getting really hot after about 10 minutes being on the phone, and i mean really hot! my connection keeps getting cut out and im getting really annoyed, ive had nothing but terrible customer service on the phone and in store, i have been in today to explain that there is a problem with my battery because when i plug it in to charge it keeps saying i need to insert the correct sony charger??? first it was telling me i had no network? so i turned it of and turned it back on and then it wasnt doing anything?? im getting really fed up with 3, i feel all they want is my money, and dont have a care that i dont have a phone that works what can i do, also the response i had from the three store when i asked about a courtesy phone was, we dont have any and if you send it off it will take 3 weeks before you get it back, if i could leave right now i would, can someone please give me some advise?



  373. jimmy

    my internet connection keeps cutting off. Same problem as mentionned as above by some people it is really fustrating. I am thining of changing the network if this problem is not sorted.

  374. Michael Savage

    On the 23rd of March i ordered a second broadband dongle for another member of my family (we already have three contracts for phones and a dongle with three). When the dongle did not arrive I telephoned to enquire about its whereabouts and was told it would arrive the next day.. Today friday 2nd April still no dongle after spending hours on the phone to customer services every day with the usual promise arriving tomorrow and have cancelled the order. I feel that after many years with 3 the infrastucture is collapsing and that this is the beginning of the end of my families relationship with 3. As a matter of interest I ordered on the 23rd of March a contract phone with Orange who I also deal with It arrived on the 24th of March

    Regards Michael Savage

  375. Moderator

    Happy Easter everyone! The blog won’t be manned full time over the Easter Bank Holiday so don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t appear immediately. For any urgent customer enquiries please give us a call on one of these numbers

  376. Martin Holt

    I’ve just about had enough.
    I’ve had my 3 ZTE dongle for nearly a year now, and I really like it. My question is this….Why on earth would you send out a Dashboard update if it was going to render my laptop useless?

    I really didnt want to install the new update, because the last time I did one, (when I first got it), it was having funny turns.
    After constant prompts to download the new upgrade, it did it anyway and install itself on to my laptop. It rebooted, and hey presto, nothing.

    Firstly, the new Dashboard wont recognise the modem at all. It just says “No service”. Yet the dongle is flashing green, which means its connected to the net!!! I double click google, and, whaddya no, its connected!! Sometimes this wont even work either.

    Secondly, its ruined my LAN connection. It will not connect to my PS3 at all now, and the LAN itself will not repair, and keeps saying it cant renew its IP address.

    Everything was perfectly ok before this stupid and frankly untested update, so WHY? What was the problem? The sayin, “If it aint broke” mean anything?

    Unfortunately for me, the LAN usage with my PS3 was the only reason I joined 3 in the first place (got the 15gb plan), and now thats useless, no real point in staying with 3 is there?

    And yes, before you say it, I’ve rang the help centre numerous times, and never got through once, even after 45mins, so some help centre hey? I’ve also done a system restore, a total uninstall, and hrs upon hrs of fiddlin with IP’s and DNS’s, and got nowhere fast.

    Has anybody else had a similar problem, where the new update has wrecked the modem and computer settings?

    Interestingly enough, this happened a year ago with the previous update, and its “sorted itself out” after a month or so. This time, I’m not hangin around to pay for a service thats run by people with minimal technical experience.

    As you can probably tell, I’m really angry!! Angry enough to cancel my Direct Debit if its not sorted soon anyway……

  377. bill

    my3 website i cannot log in.. cannot resubmit log on is displayed, even though i only click once is there a problem your side? cheers bill

  378. Moderator

    Hi Hendrik, I’m sorry that we’ve been so difficult to deal with on this one. Your problem could be a fault, or it could be to do with your coverage. Either way we’ll be in touch to see how we can get to the bottom of it.

    Roy – we’ll take a look into your problem too.

  379. Richard Henderson

    Regarding my comment above on March 27, 2010. I have just received a call from Robin of the secondline team to advise me that 3 are aware of the signal problem in my area which is caused by them and a new station will be added to the network which will provide good coverage at the end of May. Also my account will be adjusted for March and May to compensate me for the inconvenience. Thank you very much.

    Now why didn’t the service desk know my area was being modified? I first reported the problem on Thursday 11 March.

    I asked about my mobile broadband having no access at all, (my phone is using Orange as backup), Robin says I must phone 500 and speak to the Service Team. Well, when I attempt to enter my broadband phone number into the system it is unrecognised and then I have to listen screeds of talk advising me how I can get help on the internet. Sheesh… I am calling because I can’t connect to the internet! Anyway, I now know what is wrong. I also know there is nothing wrong with my equipment because I can get a broadband connection just 100 yards from my home, but my contract is signed for my home address, not some layby, 100 yards down the road.

    I am currently waiting for another promised phone call. I will then continue the story of my dealings with Hutchison 3G UK Ltd.

  380. Jerry

    The mail server seems to be kaput again. Unable to send e-mails for 6 days, with error message saying there is a temporary problem. How temporary is temporary?

  381. Roy

    I have resently taken charge of a friends netbook, which has a 3 dongle. she had asked me to download all updates for it and clean it up a little. When it came to downloading the dongle up grade for sme reason!!!!!! unexplainable it wouldn’t download the whole file. having left it over night to do this i tried to cancel the download and start again but it just hung there, so i did a system reboot! After re-trying the down load and getting no where i ejected the dongle uninstalled from add and remove, re-inserted the dongle and now I can’t get it to load up at all!!! Please HELP me, I don’t know what to do now.
    One sad and confused dongler

  382. Hendrik

    Struggled enough now to get a proper connection with 3 broadband – continuous disconnection and very slow connection when there is one. I get a better connection through my mobile phone. Called Customer Services on 13,21,22,25 May’09, 23,26 Sep’09, 08,12,14,19,20,24,29 Oct’09, 05,12,13,14,23,24 Nov’09.

    Then my letter to 3 requesting a solution to the problem was answered with referring me back to the Call Centre. Duh, if I had any good service from them before, I would have phoned.

    And lastly on 30 Mar’10 I phoned just to get the address of a Company director. Couldn’t/refused to give me an address and kept on referring me to the website but I got at least a name – Patrick Binchy, Director of Customer and Finance Operations. Funny that the Call Centre agent keeps on referring me to the website even though I complained that I cannot get a proper connection!

    The Customer Service, as someone else mentioned above, is a joke. They are only interested in checking my identity – as if someone else would be so interested in talking about my 3 mobile broadband problems. More like an embarrassment to 3 if they reveal their bad service to someone else.

    Will claim my money back now and should also claim for months of frustration, pain and suffering. I think after all this time, 3 has proven that it cannot provide a proper mobile broadband service to me.

    PS. Already had to reconnect a couple of times before sending off this response.

  383. scott

    I have had so many problems with 3, including insurance for my phone, lost phones, but mainly the advice and support. Customer services are a joke and take ages just to contact different departments. I have tryed to cancel my phone insurance but it has not yet been done. I hope a lot of people see this because you have got to be the worst netwrok going

  384. melanie

    hello, i have only been with three for 3 months, i have a 24 month contract for a laptop/dongle, when i am on the internet for a period of time, it could be 10 mins or an hour, the internet connection gets cut off and i have to re-connect, this happens all the time, my sister had the same problems but since she had her dongle upgraded, she hasn’t had this problem, have tried to see when my dongle will be upgraded and my dongle isn’t on there, when do i get my dongle upgraded? my dolgle is a Huawei E1750, can you help please? have tried to track these problems on my3 but without sucess

  385. Moderator

    Hi Natalie, we need a bit more info to look into this for you. Can you resubmit another comment with your 3 mobile number, plus another number that we can contact you on if we need to? We obviously won’t publish these details, but they’ll help us investigate what’s going on.

  386. natalieleitch

    im so raging topped up 15 pounds came on an hour on one website bebo never downloaded did nothing && its coming up that ive used data allowanceor something im so going to complain its all the time please give me a phone i cant get on my emails coz if this so no point emailing please please help x

  387. natalie

    my internet says ive yoused all my data ive phoned all day please this is urgent wedding soon please halp x

  388. Richard Henderson

    I am just 4 months into an 18 month contract and I am reduced to packing my laptop into my car and driving to a location where there is a useable signal. The first 3 months worked fine.

    The level of service is apalling! The support people do not seem to understand how the system works or how to interpret what is happing on the customer’s computer.

    It took 14 days to get connected back on mobile broadband! My 3 phone still cannot access
    Planet 3 from my home.

    I am told this problem will last until the second week of MAY

    Now that I have found this site I will submit a detailed report of the BAD SERVICE provied.

    I am not expecting detailed support. I am reprting a grievience. This will indeed reflect on your commercial objective.

    Richard Henderson

  389. Rosann

    Hi i seem to be having problems browising the web my homepage is displaying that i have used my data useage , i havnt been on the internet since before christmas and todays my first day back online.
    could u tell what is wrong already called three twice today and it used up all my credit.

  390. Moderator

    Hi Scott – I’m sorry if we didn’t get back to you. You can easily find out how long you have left on your contract by dialing 333 from your 3 phone

  391. Joe Parker

    Hi Toby – thanks for your feedback and I’m glad you’re enjoying your Mobile Broadband. You’ve made some really good points here. At the moment we don’t have the right functionality within My3 to be able to send out email receipts. But this is a definitely good idea and something we’ll look at for the future. On your second point, the new version of our MBB dashboard can help here. It will tell you when you’ve gone through 80%, then 100% of your allowance. If you haven’t had the upgrade prompt yet, you should get it soon. Alternatively, let us know which dongle you’re using we can tell you when your dashboard upgrade is due. With MiFi, you can use our 3 WiFi Connection Manager which will prompt you with warnings as you use up your credit. And to your third point, at the moment we don’t have add-ons that last for more than 30 days, but this is a great idea and something that we’re looking at.

    Keep the ideas coming! We really appreciate your input.

  392. Joe Parker

    Hi Keith – this might be because the software didn’t finish fully loading when you first installed it. If you can call on our MBB number we should be able to talk you through it

  393. Lachlan

    im having the same problem as Shirl ,and a few others ,just in the past week or so i havnt been able to send text messages , although i seem to be able to recieve them .
    i had this problem before with my last 3 dongle , but i managed to fix it by entering in the 3 message centre number . this dongle broke , so i bought a new one , i rekon iv been able to send
    texts recently becouse of the free text deal you get for three months , i think the three months are now up ,so the free 500 texts i usually get have stoped ,however ,i should still be able to send texts , but i cant ,and iv tried like before puting in the 3 message center number and still nothing ,and its driving me crazy aswell , as i need to send some texts .

  394. Scott

    Hi, due to the my3 problems of late, how long should it take to get some sort of reply from a question posted to the main site? I asked how long was remaining on my contract but to date, nothing.

  395. Toby

    Hi there,

    I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this comment. I’ve been using Three broadband for work for about 2 years now and have found it to be very good – way better than Vodafone for speed and reliability in the places I work and so much so that my colleagues have started using it as well – we all use the PAYG service.

    There are three very irritating features of Three PAYG broadband as follows:

    1. If you top up via my3 there’s no email receipt sent. Instead, you have to contact customer services (several times in one instance) and request that a VAT receipt be sent. Surely it’s not impossible to send an electronic confirmation of the top up to the email address?

    2. If your data balance is running low, there’s no automated mechanism for telling you e.g. by email. Instead, it just runs out and in most cases the natural assumption is that the network is playing up. This is particularly a problem with the MiFi device as even if a text is sent with a balance warning, there’s no way of seeing it. Please can you change my3 so that low data allowance warnings are sent to a registered email address?

    3. You offer 12 month data bundles which are good value. If you already have a data stick or mifi you still have to purchase a new stick to get the bundle. Why can’t you update my3 so that the data bundle can be bought and added to an existing SIM card, perhaps with a small discount e.g. £5. This would reduce waste and also increase revenue to Three.



  396. Moderator

    Hi Shirl – we tried to contact you to see how we could help. Did you get our email?

  397. shirl

    my 3 has gon to the color orange it was blue 3 fast, i still cant send eny messages for 2 weeks naw wats gowing on

  398. Keith Clark

    I am using a Huawei E156G Mobile Broadband Dongle on my PC which is running Windows Vista X64 Home Pemium. The Problom that i have is that the 3 Connect Auto Update Firmware/Software is no longer functionig? I have Un-installed & Re-installed the Dongle, but The Auto Update doesn’t activate when connect? Any solutions, “Please”?!!

  399. Moderator

    Hi Sarah – Every phone top-up on 3 gets you free unlimited texts for 90 days. These haven’t been removed. I’d suggest you call 444 from your handset to double check your balance and free stuff. If you’re credit hasn’t been applied try 333 from your phone – one of our advisors should be able to help you out.

  400. mark stephens

    Hi, we are having similar issues to Areeb. Over the last month or so, loss of reception, phone constantly searching to try and get it back, no internet or patchy connection from phone. We are running 4 phones on three two of which are the Nokia 97 and a unlocked iphone 32Gb 3GS and are having indentical problems while at home on both of them. Have been with three for years and always had a good reception at home, the iphone is on a business contract and this loss of signal is causing me great frustration. Was hoping the network checker would say you have been doing maintenance on the network so we would have a reason for these problems but nope. Please help, just renewed contracts for another 24 months and now begining to wish I hadn’t.

  401. sarah

    how come the free texts u used to get have stoped an will u be bringing them back if not then there are other networks doing better deals

  402. karen

    hello i tried for the l;ast five days to put credit on im on 3 top up and keeps telling me there a problem cant tr again i need help i put 10 on credit but cant put it on computer and got a 14 year old thas getting stress out being single mum not good please help some one

  403. shirl

    i cant send texd fome my brodband dongal for days im getting really anoyd iv been trying to faind out wh on this for 4 ours naw thanks,, 4 little kids to get up to sleeep. not happy

  404. Jay Gee

    I recently received a dongle update thing from MY3 and updated it and I wish I ad not as instantly I lost my text messaging access – I sent a e mail to ask why this is happening – I received a phone call from a chap at my 3 and they kindly decided to credit my account with a Tenner so that I could send replies to the text messages I receive – I tried to do the account thing and I ended up with a Tenner on Dongle Lite and I was trying to get the text message option but had no idea how (though he kindly explained but I dont know what to do).
    Ever since the Dongle upgrade thing my Internet connection has slowed down a heck of a lot (5 minutes on average now to get on the Internet or on any web page and I live on top of a high Hill.
    As far as I am concerned 3 Broadband is very expensive as it is and being unemployed it is forcing me to re value how I connect to the Internet – It is even hard to find the e-mail connection to My 3 (I found it once weeks ago but cannot find it now.
    Why did 3 broadband do this to their customers surely they know they will lose many customers. Yours Confused Jay Gee

  405. Gavin

    I’ve had the same problem as Areeb on my C902 for the last 17 months with no definitive help from three other than asking me to send my phone in for repeair. There is nothing wrong with my phone though, just the ‘Emergency Calls Only’ which is a network switching problem between 3 and the orange network. I’ve updated my software to no avail…..will this be the same when iphone finally comes out?

  406. Moderator

    Hi Julie, have you tried contacting our customer service team? They should be able to look into this for you. There number is here

  407. julie

    hello , since the upgrade of my 3 dongle i can not send text messages any more , why ? as befor the upgrade to place i could send text’s . would you be able to sort this problem out please ? . thank you .

  408. River

    The Upgrade thingy on My3 seems to be broken at the moment (“Due to a technical problem we’re currently unable to process mobile upgrades online.”) — is that the same problem as this?

  409. jamie

    forgot to mention its a 3 dongle

  410. jamie

    im having problems with sending text messages i got the service number i think? but still keeps saying error and its really annoying me.

  411. Moderator

    Hi Areeb – sorry that you’re having problems. I’ll drop you an email and we’ll see what we can do to fix them.

  412. Areeb

    i am having so many problems with three and i am even thinking of leaving three and going to another network. on my phone some times i dont get reception, some times it says emergency calls only and most of the time i cant hear what the other person is saying on the phone. I am really getting anygry with this network. well, lets see do i get a reply from 3
    e-mail me at [removed by moderator]

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