Nokia E72 coming to 3.

Hi everyone – Sylvia from the Devices team here. I’ve got some news that I wanted to share with you.

I expect most of you will have read through Nigel’s updates on our plans for smartphones this year. If you haven’t take a look here and here.

We’ve come in for a lot of flack in the past (and on this blog!) for our handset range to date, but do believe us when we say we’re working on growing our offering – it just can’t happen overnight.

We’re moving in the right direction with the Desire etc, but I wanted to share some good news with you regarding the Nokia E72.

It’s true that we’ve deliberated long and hard about this phone – about how it fits into our range and how much demand there would be for it – but your comments on our blog have convinced us that bringing it into our range is definitely the right thing to do. We’ll have it on 3 in May.

So… thanks!

Without knowing it, you’ve been a really useful focus group for us. We do value what you say on here and we’re listening all the time. What you say does have an impact on the decisions we make as a business, and us ranging the E72 is a great example.

We’ve been responding to you all individually when it comes to questions you’ve had about phones we’ll be ranging, so I thought it would be helpful to summarise where we are with things:

E72 - As I’ve just said, we’ll be ranging this phone in May this year. I know we’re behind the curve on this one, but because of our late decision to range it we do need some time to configure it for our network. That’s not just making sure Skype and WLM work on it, but there’s lots of fundamental backend activity that needs to happen to make sure it works on our network in the right way. We’ll come back to you with pricing options closer to the time.

HTC Desire – We’ve already said we’re ranging this one. It’s one of the most exciting handsets of the year and we’re over the moon to be ranging it. It’ll launch on 3 mid/late April. We won’t be the first to market but we won’t be as late as we have been with other big phones in the past. Our pricing will be competitive…

Nokia N900 – We took the decision not to range this phone. We need to be selective about the handsets that we plough our efforts into and unfortunately we can’t range absolutely everything. We’re still the smallest network and that means that we have a finite resource for testing and configuring software. We need to optimise that resource to start getting the most in demand handsets to market on time.

iPhone – We really do appreciate how many of you want the iPhone on our network, but we’re still working with Apple to build a commercial relationship. It is true that the iPhone is available on 3 in Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden and Denmark but we’re all working with Apple on a country-by-country basis. As soon as there is more news, we’ll share it through the blog.

Sony Ericsson X10 – We’re also ranging this phone. This will be one of the main phones from Sony Ericsson – it’s their first Android phone and will come to market with a big fanfare. We’re looking at early April for the launch of this one. Pricing to be announced soon.

HTC HD2 – This is another phone we would have loved to range but have decided against it. We feel that the Hero and Desire are more accessible handsets for our customers

Samsung Galaxy Portal – take a look at Brendan’s video. This is the first Andoid Éclair handset in the world and it’s very exciting. This will be in our stores in time for the weekend! We’ll announce pricing here this week.

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  1. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ady – Afraid I don’t have any news about the E6. Here is a list of all the Nokia phones we currently range.

  2. Ady

    When will Three be doing the Nokia E6. Have E71 & E72 & just waiting patiently for E6?

  3. adam

    [The nokia n900]
    so a mobile finally comes on the market that fully embraces skype and integrates it into its systems and allows video calling and you the company that seems to pride itself on it skype connection …… chose not to support it ???? this makes me sad as i loved being with three and really loved there free skype :(

  4. Moderator: Johanna

    @gail quilford – Sorry to hear that you’ve not had a good experience with your Nokia. Do you have a faulty phone at the moment?

  5. gail quilford

    why after such a short time have 3 dumped the nokia e72 .
    was it all the faults it has even though the stores reps state havent heard of one fault with e72.
    maybe they should try and use one .Rather than top range mobiles.
    ive had nothing but trouble with both e72 i have and quite frankly they are rubbish.
    Customer service a nightmare when it comes to faults.get it repaired and same problems still on phone.
    My days with 3 and nokia are over as soon as contract expires. not interested in anything except upgrade or this garbage about being the best. God help the others i say.
    2 nokia e72s for another 14months NOT WORKING FAULTY. thats just a disgrace

  6. Mr_scream

    Are you nice chaps once again going to upgrade our firmware again to 52.xxxxx? on the E72

  7. Moderator

    @Gill – You’ll need to head to Planet Three, check out these instructions.

  8. Gill

    How can I get Email on Three to work on an HTC Hero. I can’t find the link to download this>

  9. mr_scream

    Can confirm v51 firmware working just fine. Remember to do a backup before though. It messed up my destinations but the backup saved me hassle!

  10. mr_scream

    Thanks for getting back to us. It makes a change to see a network that bothers to update branded firmwares. Keep up the hard work!

  11. Moderator

    @mr_scream – We’re currently working on releasing PR3.0 (051.018), an upgrade from the launch software (31.023). Although we do our very best to ensure that you receive software updates that are reliable as quickly as possible, we are dependent on the vendors before we can begin testing updates. We’re currently looking at about six weeks until it is ready for release.

  12. Moderator

    @mr_scream – let me check in with our Nokia product managers on this one :-)

  13. mr_scream

    Can we expect the new firmware to be updated to from

  14. Moderator

    @Kieran – I’m afraid Email on Three will only work on phones that have come from us, not generic versions. Our online check is right I’m afraid. Our own E63 is available for a little over £100 at the moment though – click here.

  15. Kieran

    If I buy a generic Nokia E63, do you know if Email on 3 will work on it? Your checker says no, but I wanted to confirm this!

  16. Moderator

    @isau – great that you’re happy with the E72 – it’s a lovely phone. Free Skype calls on Three are only available with our own app, not Skype’s Symbian app. The reason for this is that calls made through our app are routed over our voice network (treated like a normal phonecall) as opposed to our data network. Because our Skype calls are ‘voice’ we can make them free. Skype’s Symbian app sends calls over data, hence the charge. Can I ask why you find that app better to use?

  17. isau

    Just got E72 on 3, and pleased with it too (iPhone 4 desirable but can’t justify expense and prepared to wait for Android to be refined and cheaper…).

    My question: the official Skype for Symbian client is far superior to the iSkoot client provided by 3 (eg it includes access to Skype voicemails etc); so can I use the Skype for Symbian client instead and still benefit from the “free calls for ever on 3″?

    (if someone from 3 responds, it would be useful all round, if the answer is “no”, to get an explanation as to why not – thanks.)

  18. Moderator

    @Royston – just had a look online. It looks like it’s available from £28 per month. There might be something we can do for you at the point of upgrade, but you’d have to chat to our advisors about that :-)

  19. Roystan

    @Mod, lol very good :-) One more question….. How come all the tarriffs have gone up in price? Will I still be able to try and get a slightly better deal come upgrade time? Idealy £25 pm.
    Thanks in advance.

  20. Moderator

    @Roystan – and as if by magic… Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro is here

  21. Moderator

    @Roystan – I believe that’s the plan :-)

  22. Roystan

    @Mod, fantastic. By September? ;-)

  23. Moderator

    @Royston – it will indeed :-)

  24. Roystan

    Hi, will the X10 Mini Pro be coming out on 3? Cheers

  25. Moderator

    @rachel – depends on whether you’re after Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go – you can find our Pay Monthly prices for the E72 here.

  26. Moderator

    @Phil – thanks for the feedback! :-D

  27. rachel

    hi three “)
    Ive not been into the store yet, but i am taking back my faulty e63 to hopefully get e72 but im still wondering what the price is
    Let me know through email if possible,

  28. Phil


    I just wanted to say that whilst I obviously can only speak about my own experience, I have always found the 3 network fantastic. I have never had any problems and whenever I have needed help I have always got it instore or by telephone. The fact that the callcentre is not in the UK has never been an issue. A great example of the service I received was when I had my phone stolen. Even though at the time I did not have phone insurance, 3 did everything they could to sort the problem. The network coverage is great and there have been many times where I’ve been in areas with friends on other networks and I’m the only one to get a signal. Like I say, it’s just my experience, but I think that when a company exceeds expectations, they deserve a little back slapping. And no, I don’t work for 3.

  29. Moderator

    @Eamon – The Nokia E72 comes with Nokia Messaging – this offers push email and also a really good IM service. Because Nokia’s own solution pretty much covers everything, we won’t be launching Email on Three on the E72. You’ll still need our internet add-on though as the data used for email on the E72 will come out of the allowance. I believe the IM is free.

  30. Dee

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! to T-Mobile UK who is the fourth network to announce the iPhone 4

    iPhone on 3???? Still rubbish & slow as ever. Hurry up end of contract & so i can get a new iPhone 4 on the other networks

  31. Jack

    Is the iPhone 4 coming to 3 this year??? pls answer!!!!!

  32. Chi

    Hi, do you know when the White Edition will be available on Pay As You Go?

  33. Eamon

    Hi, I’m looking at getting this phone primarily for business email (pop3 account), I’d be a new customer to 3. That said, I’m a little unsure on the workings of your email system with regard to the E72. I spoke to a 3 employee in one of your stores earlier, and he said that I would need to get the email add on in order to access push email and be able to send emails using the E72. However when i look on this site, the checker in the Email on 3 section says ‘sorry this application doesn’t work on this mobile’. I know the mobile comes with Nokia Messaging – does this mean that I would be able to get push email (and be able to send emails) without signing up to Email on 3 and therefore saving £5 per month from not having the add on? If you’re able to clarify the E72 / 3 network email situation for me that would be great. Thanks

  34. Moderator

    @Chi – you can check out our Accessories store here for all of our Nokia extras.

  35. Moderator

    @Tim – great news. Just let us know if you need anything else.

  36. Chi

    Does the White Edition E72 come with the Bluetooth headset and in-car holder?

  37. Tim

    Hi there,

    I’ve got everything working. I found three’s smtp server address on the net and it’s working a treat now.

    Thanks for all your help.

  38. Tim

    @David – thanks for that. That has got one of my email accounts working but my other will not send still. I have contacted my ISP who advise they only relay outgoing mail via port 25 and have advised to use three smtp server to relay through. Is this posible. If so how?

    Many thanks for the help so far.

  39. David Kerrigan

    @Tim – try changing your SMTP port from 25 to 587. That should make a difference

  40. Tim

    Hi, I have always used Email on 3 app to access my personal domain email. Since I have had the HTC Desire I am unable to send any emails via the handset. I believe 3 have blocked port 25 in May from what others have been posting on vaious forums. This is also affect mobile broadband which I also have. Any suggestions/reasons?

  41. Sai

    Thanks to the Mod who helped me secure an E72 last week. I went into one of the Three stores in Oxford Street to pick one up, and had excellent customer service from the store manager! I’ve been testing the E72 all week and I have to say it’s a nice solid phone comparable to the Blackberry, and it can run Skype and WLM very nicely. Currently I’m trying to get asian unicode text to display properly on the E72 during web browsing, so that should keep me busy. As we speak, I’m currently typing this from the E72! :D Cheers Three!

  42. martin

    Hi – I have been a loyal 3 user. My sub’s up for renewal and am really keen to get the Nokia N8. Do you have any plans to offer this or ….? Look forward to your response. Keep up the good work

  43. Jack

    I was wondering as 3 has just unveiled the iPad data plans (at the cheapest price), could this mean that 3 could be one step closer to getting the iPhone on the 3 tarrif??
    pls answer cos i really want an iPhone on a cheap contract which i’ll no doubt get with 3.

  44. Jo

    Hey there, could any moderator tell me if its true what Ash has said that all deals are now standardised. Was thinking of switching from Vodafone to 3 mobile but I would love to think that in the future, I might be rewarded for customer loyalty. Would love some help on this if anyone can offer me it.

  45. Sylvia Chind

    @Tanya – our white Nokia E72 should be hitting stores from tomorrow, but I don’t have the detail to hand about which stores will get them first. If I were you, I’d try and give your local store a call. You can find their numbers using our store locator.

    Hope that helps :-)

  46. Moderator

    @Greg – we keep an eye on our tariffs all the time and make adjustments if necessary, but at the mo’ the selection of plans you see here is what we have available for the Nokia E72.

  47. Darren

    I was just offered a free iPhone with a new contract as I threatened to leave 3. Was this a lie, and were they going to try to get me to sign a new contract from some crappy smartphone I don’t want?

  48. Ash

    So waited until the last 30 days of my contract (and a new month) to call in, and still nothing! I asked again for the Nokia E72 and they were not able to give me ANY discount at all despite the fact that I have been with 3 mobile for three years.

    Apparently, all deals are now ‘standardised’ for the phone which means the existing customers can only receive the same deals available to NEW customers. I even explained that I’d been genuinely waiting for two months for this phone to come out on 3′s network.

    In the end, I just asked for a PAC code: I’ve seen better deals elsewhere and its time for me to move on from 3 mobile. To those thinking of upgrading with 3 mobile for the Nokia E72, don’t expect any gesture of customer loyalty – and then you’ll know what you’re in for when you call up.

  49. Tanya

    Hi Sylvia! Is the silver E72 or white E71 available in any store in Manchester?

  50. Greg

    are you planning to change tarrifs for Nokia e72 since 1st of june? I decided to take 900 minutes tarrif and probably i will sign it on monday, i am just thinking shall i wait couple days more. The price is not the problem, the reason i am asking is, if new tarrifs will come, will you give more than 900 minutes, or give option for 18mnths contract, cause i need as much minutes as possible, so i dont want to sign up for 900minutes if you will offer in couple days much more minutes. Thank you very much.

  51. robert

    been with 3 since november 08 and not a problem with the network exept for the phones which was dealt with brillantly but hey thats the manufuters fault only bad thing about 3 is the call centers ive moved to a sim only and really want to get the next iphone i really hope 3 do get it and they should really have got it in the first place this network is very internet orientated and thats what the iphone is about

  52. Moderator

    @alan robson – we do offer our best deals once you’re in the last 30 days of your contract, so if you can hang on a little longer you’re upgrade options may change.

  53. alan robson

    I have two M&M1100 contracts and mobile broadband, as well as my wife having a contract and son on PATG, all with 3. Called 333 regarding upgrade (I’m in the 110day period) and was offered a Nokia 5230 Internet Texter for £21. Thats MORE EXPENSIVE than for a new customer (and I could use the recommend a friend to save a further £60 between us). Not a good way to encourage retention!

  54. Sai

    It is good to see the E72 available with Three but I really like to know When will it be available to buy on PAYG. I went instore today, which had a display saying you can get it for £269.99…however the store said they cannot sell me the E72 on PAYG and all there stock they had were for customers who want a contract. Please can the moderator let us know when will the E72 be available to uy in store and on the Three online shop?

  55. Moderator

    @Ash – it’s all dependant on the plan you’re currently on, and want you want to upgrade to. Sorry – I really can’t be any more specific than that! I don’t have access to customer details so I can’t check on your options, but as long as you give us a buzz (333 from your phone), preferably within the last 30 days of your contract we’ll do our best to find something to suit you

  56. Ash

    Thanks for the comments Moderator, were very helpful. But could you please advise me if it is at all likely that the Nokia E72 will be the subject of a very good urpgrade/loyalty deal within the next week or so, otherwise I’ll need to definately look elsewhere – its the phone that I’m specifically interested in.

  57. David Dewsnip

    Hi can you tell me when you will be launching the iphone to new customers?it seems it is available to existing customers already.

  58. Moderator

    @Greg – no plans for silver at the mo. Just black to start with, followed by white..

    @Robert – just checking in with Sylvia on the latest with Galaxy S

    @Ash – so sorry that you’ve had problems. Our best deals are often available within the last 30 days of your contract. If you’re not in this period yet and can you hang on for a little longer? You may find that the options available to you change

  59. Ash

    I am so frustrated with 3, I’ve been waiting for two months for the Nokia E72 to be released on the network. I called up this morning and was told that despite coming to the end of my 3rd year with 3 mobile (two 18 month contracts), they were unable to offer me any sort of deal on the handset.

    The upgrade sales rep (didn’t get his name) then told me that he could offer the E72 for £26 a month on the Internet texter 300 plan, when it is listed as £25 on 3 mobile’s official website, trying to sell me plan for more than what it would cost new customers to sign up for.

    I was used to recommending this network to so many friends and family, but after this, I will now at least be looking elsewhere for my next contract deal.

    I would very grateful if somebody on here could advise me about who to talk to about this.

  60. Robert

    Sylvia Chind

    when will you start selling the Samsung Galaxy S



  61. Greg

    are you going to stick only to black/white version of e72? are there chances that you will get nokia e72 in silver?

  62. Moderator

    Hi Guys

    @Lisa – the X10 mini will be on it’s way next week :-).

    @chi – we’ll have the white E72 towards the end of this week/early next.

    @Dean Mason – the Nokia E72 launched online today – it’ll be in-store from tomorrow.

    @Annabel – I’m so sorry that you feel you’ve been lied to, I can promise you that that’s never our intention. I’ll drop you an email to get a few more details from you and see how we can help.

  63. Lin

    Will the Nokia E72 be available on PAYG? And if so when? Currently, on 3 website it is only available on a monthly contract. After all the wait for the Nokia E72 to come on to 3 and now to see as a current PAYG customer I cannot get my hand on it.

  64. Annabel

    So… you wish to carry on lying to me?
    I was told you would have the iPhone at the end of May/beginning of July, and before that happens you’re going to want to advertise it. I feel cheated by you. If I had the money to pay you off me then I would leave without a second thought, but alas I, being only 15, do not have money to fling around.
    I think that it is important that you know that I let everyone know just how bad you are, and I will never be with you again.
    Or maybe you never heard the phrase ‘the customer is always right’? we are the ones giving you the money, so maybe you should pay more attention to us, and not pretend that you care.
    I am so sick of you lying to me, continually saying something.
    Oh and accusing my mother of LYING when she has the paperwork in front of her.
    I’m sorry that other people had to see this, but I am a hormonal teenager who needs to let you know just what I think.

  65. Dean Mason

    So when is the Nokia E72 due for release, It’s just I’ve upgraded onto a Nokia N86 and I don’t like the handset what so ever and wasn’t even offered anything from Refurbished stock

  66. Chi

    Will you be offering the E72 in white?

  67. David Kerrigan

    @Julian – exciting news, we will be ranging the BlackBerry Peal 3G. No launch dates available yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Re Skype for BlackBerry, we were making some really good progress but a few show-stopping issues have appeared. We’re trying to work through these at the moment but we don’t have an expected launch date yet.

  68. Garg


    Thanks for getting the E72 onboard. But what is happening with pay monthly contracts?
    Pls bring 18 month contracts back. I dont mind paying a bit more and would rather opt for a shorter contract because technology changes so fast – why would we want to be stuck with the same handset for 2 years?

  69. lisa

    hi there
    will you be offering the sony ericsson xperia x10 mini ?

  70. Bradley P

    @Sylvia Chind

    Monday now?! Ah well, I guess I can wait. Still no pricing then? Also, good to hear you’re getting the black one in!! All the other networks seem to do the horrible silver one >.>


  71. kieran

    Why am I wasting my time waiting around for three to bring the E72 onto their network when they seem to be the last mobile operator to offer it.

  72. shaun savage

    I have been a 3 customer for about 7 years, both payg and pay monthly. I have really not been impressed with the phone offerings 3 for a while. I have hated every phone I have had in the last 4-5 upgrades. I have been hanging on and hanging on for the iPhone and this is the last year that I will hang on for it.

  73. Sylvia Chind

    Hi Everyone – The dates for the E72 on Three have moved very slightly due to a few last minute changes to our delivery schedule.

    The black version will now be online from 24th May, and in store from 25th May.

  74. Jogrun

    Thanks for the info David

  75. Julie

    Thanks very much for replying, yes I do have a generic handset from Carphone Warehouse, but while I was in store I spoke to the 3 agent on the phone as they needed to confirm some details with me & I was advised that I would be able to get free live messenger. I hope you can get it sorted soon as free messenger was one of the reasons for me staying with 3 & signing up for another 24 months but I’m feeling a bit let down that if I can get a 3 contract through the Carphone Warehouse then I should be able to receive all the services that 3 offer I’m still a 3 customer after all.& not looking forward to having a 24 month contract & having to hope I can receive the full 3 services soon :-(

  76. David Kerrigan

    Hi Jogrun – We won’t be using Email on Three on the E72, but we will be Nokia’s own Nokia Messaging service which offers email and messaging. This will work when you roam, so you should be ok.

  77. Jogrun


    Can someon tell me if the E72 will all you to send email via Email on 3 on another network. I currenlty have a E71 and use the Email on 3 for sending my mail while traveling, but when you roam onto another network you can’t send email from the app but can recieve.

    Any help would be good or is there alternative app i can use for this.

    thnaks in advance.

  78. Julian

    Are you planning on offering the new Blackberry Pearl 3G? What about getting Skype on Blackberry? The US network Verizon is now getting a mobile version of Skype working, proving this is possible on a Blackberry.

  79. Moderator

    Hi Lucy – sorry that you’ve had such a poor experience upgrading. Our online upgrades page is down at the moment – but it is something that we’re working to fix this year. Dialling 333 from your phone is the quickest route into our team. Are you within the last 30 days of your contract?

  80. paul

    i just got my new iphone 16gig 3gs on 3 it was a free upgrade ?

  81. Jim

    Thanks Moderator, can’t wait for it.

  82. Lucy Horn

    I’m due an upgrade now. I got so many phone calls offering me an upgrade and really stupid times, and when I asked them to call me the following day (and that I was desperate to upgrade), they never bothered phoning back.
    I’ve had no problem with 3. They’ve been great, and the service has been fantastic. However, I’m sick of my upgrades being one step behind everyone else. My last upgrade came a month or so before the touch screen phones or the Blackberry.
    And now, when I want an iPhone, which every other network offers, they’re giving me the rubbish about being in talks with Apple, and that I’m a ‘valued customer’ who is due a ‘very good upgrade’.
    And yet- I can’t access the upgrade page on the website, and keep getting fobbed off on the phone. (I can’t get in store!)
    Come on 3…. sort yourself out!

  83. Moderator

    Hi Julie – You’ll need to make sure that you have today’s time & date before trying to download the Windows Live Messenger app. If you have a 3 branded phone you should be able to download the Messenger without any problems.

    If the customer has a generic / vanilla device from Carphone Warehouse, I’m afraid Messenger isn’t supported at the moment. We are looking at this at the moment, so we’ll keep you posted with any updates.

  84. Moderator

    @Joe & Jim – We’re still on track for launching on 21st May – we’re just waiting on a few bits of final delivery confirmation from Nokia

    @Juie – Let me check on that MSN issue for you!

  85. Imdad

    I have six contracts with three I have gave notice to end two contracts reason the iphone. they did not offer me the iphone as a upgrade even though I have been with three 7 years plus. Sad as soon as the other contracts are due to end they will to be terminated. All the inconvenience even though the iphone is available on three. Sad really, I guess they assume I am not serious about switching networks.
    p.s did you remove my last comment made on the 15th.

  86. simon brown

    Response to Jim (15th May 2010) “Any update on the E72, is the 21st confirmed, as I called 3 and they knew nothing?” Was this a general comment on the abilities of 3 customer services or specifically about the E72?

  87. Imdad

    I gave notice to end two contracts reason I wanted the iphone and was not offered it. they are due to end in a week or so. I have six contracts with three and have been with them for numerous years. I am to end all subsequent contracts as soon as I can for this reason and have to switch networks for the whole family. Its just bizarre that they did not offer me one. How valued do we have to be? I’ll soon end up ending six contracts and 7 + years of being a customer just for a iphone and they do not offer me one though they have and do so to some customers. I won’t cry, up to them I guess, glad that there are networks that will see that I get what I want.

  88. Julie


    I’ve just upgraded to a Samsung Jet ultra on 3 through Carphone warehouse, I was told via 3 agent on phone that I would get Live Messenger, but when I try to download it through planet 3 it says my phone is not compatible, I have also tried to download it through a text message link from 3 but it says Certificate Error. Can someone please help, I’m not a computer or mobile wizz lol

  89. Jim

    Any update on the E72, is the 21st confirmed, as I called 3 and they knew nothing?

  90. Joe

    I’m guessing they’re giving out the iphone to only a few folk and not launching it properly because they don’t have that many and wouldn’t cope with the demand?!? Not that I want one. E72 please.

  91. vijaya

    I wish 3 will support iPad
    i have been a 3 customer for 5 years and previously a t mobile customer for 12 years.sad to leave 3

  92. RC

    I just rang 3 to discuss when I could terminate my contract because i have had enough of being stalked with 3 sales calls and also because I want an iPhone. The very helpful chap on the phone almost tripped over himself removing me from the sales call list and telling me that as soon as the 8th October comes around (the earliest date I can cancel) I should call up and they will sort out an iPhone for me because I am a “highly valued customer” (I must admit, been with three for about the last 7 years). I thought it was hilarious that I can’t order one as a normal upgrading customer or as a new customer but if I throw my toys out of the pram and threaten to leave when my deal is up, I get offered an iPhone. Bizarre!!

  93. I Tanko

    Been with 3 a couple of years ago, left and then returned about 14 months ago. The network is good however the website is CRAP.
    Everytime I tried to sign in on my account crashed when I call customer services about it I end up God knows which art of the world where they have no clue what what is to speak ENGLISH.
    Now the BIG Question, THE I-PHONE??????????????????????????????
    Did ask them about it as I got myself one second hand and it works very well on the 3 network, however when I enquier about it 3 sais that is not available and wil nnot be available in the forseable future…

    Reading the forum, I am wondering IS IT OR IS NOT AVAILABLE?

    I wil defenitley leave 3 when my contract ends if the iphone 3GS will notbe available.

  94. Ben Lowe

    @ RD74;

    Usually ALL C/W phones are unlocked – (ive bought several handsets & if you think about it they have the same phone that will be cheaper on 1 particuler Network – i buy it on the cheaper deal then use up the credit & then put my old sim back in !) If you speak to an honest Sales person they will confirm this to you. HOWEVER I DONT know if this will be the case with the iphone due to the strict strangle hold that Apple imposes in limiting the handsets !

  95. PJ

    What about the iPad? Are 3 going to provide SIMs that will connect to it?

  96. jaime

    Hi Everyone

    Just to let you know i was coming upto the end of my contract with 3……my son’s had ended months ago and wanted an up grade and there was’nt a phone i wanted so said i was going to end both i as soon as because i wanted the new 3gs ipone….n guess what they offered it me for £35 a month for 24 months…how pleased was i excepted of course and a waited for delivery… came!!!!!!
    I still ended my son’s contract as he didnt use his phone and brought him a pay as you go!!!

  97. paige

    yay how much will it be a month hopefully somewhere near £20.00

  98. Roxy

    Sylvia Chind
    on May 4, 2010

    Hi everyone – happy to confirm that we’re looking at 21st May for the E72

  99. Eleanor

    Hello 3, I am due to renew my contract and I have been a long standing customer. I would love the iphone but see that the E72 will be with you now and you have the HTC Desire so I will go for one of those. Both are technically better than the iphone and it’s so much better not to have the same as everyone else!


  100. neil miller

    I have a question, what are the mms settings for the iphone 3g on 3? there is conflicting info online. when i called three they told me they don’t support the iphone, but if they are giving it away to certain customers they must be able to support all the services like mms?

    any help would be nice.

  101. Steven

    I have been a 3 customer for a number of years and recently upgraded my contract to a HTC Desire, the next day 3 called me to say it was stopping to offer the Desire (which I now know was a lie) but had an iphone for me. I have now had the iphone for around 3 weeks on a great contract, however i cannot send or recieve picture messages on my handset. When I check out customer support on the website it doesnt even offer the iphone as an option for tech support and niether does calling up about it. not great service, wish i had my old Noka back!!!

  102. Bradley P

    Yay a date for the E72! Now what about tarrifs then??


  103. Zara

    When is the date Roxy? I have been waiting for this phone for yonks,

  104. Roxy

    Sylvia, GREAT NEWS on the Nokia E72, finally got a date, and I can plan my move to 3.
    will it be on both PAYG and Monthly?!

  105. Nadia

    Well, I believe the key to get the iPhone on 3 is, that you have to call to cancel your account and state as the reason that they do not offer iPhone. This is what I have done yesterday and my iPhone is going to be delivered today. The offer is actually really good.

    Good luck.

  106. Jeremy

    A question to the people who have been fortunate enough to get an Iphone with 3 – how is the connection working?

  107. George Doig

    RD74, the cheapest PAYG iPhones are closer to £450.00 in the high street, possibly less from online auction sites. The O2 website charges £15 to unlock their own iPhones, and this is taken from the PAYG balance. It is then officially and legally unlocked without resorting to running 3rd party hacks which could render the iPhone unusable if try to upgrade he software later. My Sony K660i and contract are up in 2 months, so I’m tempted t go down that rut unless I get offered an iPhone upgrade, which is unlikely as I’m only paying £10 per month!

  108. Johnathan

    Just phoned 3 about an upgrade, i want the iphone and i was told that wasnt possible. I then asked why so many other people had it, why couldnt i? I was told that only selected people are being offered the iphone.

    5yrs i have been with 3…I was willing to sign up to a 24month contract which would make it 7yrs worth of loyalty i would of gave 3, so much for looking after their customers… Im sure there has to be some sort of discrimination going on here “only selected customers” am i not good enough?

    Im sure O2 or Voda will be happy to take my money and yet another 3 customer due to the lack of 3 caring about their customers and only giving the IPhone to selected people.

    Have the decency to allow this post or at least contact me and say why its been rejected.

    Also how on earth do i make a formal complaint to 3? I am being treated like a 2nd class citizen, are we not all equal?

  109. Abul

    Hi every one just a quick note, in no way whatsoever do i wish to diminish or tarnish, i have been a customer long enough and just wanted to share my excitement with fellow users…. I will be bound to 3 for another 24 months and i am happy to be with them .
    Good Luck Guys……..

  110. Abul

    I phoned 3 to cancel my 300/300 tariff on 5/5/10. I suggested that if i did not upgrade, could 3 possibly drop my line rental?
    NO.. The price would still be the same….wehter i take a new handset or not.

    Anyway being a smart arse i said that i will keep the same tariff if only 3 gave me a Blackberry Storm handset !! , again the response was No as 3 did not supply the storm but they did supply the Bold……

    It is 2010 even my ten year old son has a touch screen nokia, wanting to beat my son (LOL) i responded with the line “Other networks are offering the Iphone for a similar price / tarrif…..WOW !!!!

    The (LOVELY, MOST HELPFUL) agent put me on hold and came back with the news that i could have an Iphone

    3GS, 16 GB in Black on a 24 month contract for ……………………….Wait for it…………………………..only………..(mind

    you he was laughing his head off, cos he was more shocked than i)………………….16.00 pounds a month on the

    same tariff with unlimited internet…………YES ONLY 16.00 POUNDS A MONTH… The handset will be dleiverd tommorow 6/5/10..

    Also the usal bullshit that i have been a loyal cystomer for x amount of years,(yeah right 18 months) and that this is only a special offer for me, you guys know the usal crap.. Sorry for the boring intro, but i thought i,d share the news with you and suggest all you 3 users get on the blower…Its about time we received something worthwhile, we have waited long enough….xxxx

    Good Luck, 3 users………..Bye Bye losers !!!

  111. RD74

    I know its been touched upon on this thread, but can anyone tell me where on the high street I can get a sim free iphone?? I want to be able to use my contract 3 sim with it. I know I will pay about £400 for one, but didn’t know where to get one. The Carphone Warehouse carry O2, Orange & Vodaphone PAYG iphone’s, but not sure if they are locked to each carrier!

    Any help would be great!

    Thank you

  112. Alice

    Benn a customer for a few years now and just been completely denied the option of an iphone on upgrade, even though willing to pay additional fee to renew contract early. I’d now be happy to pay my way out of the contract.
    Conflicting information given by the two people I spoke to though – one said it would be fine and they’d pop me through the the sales team, then the sales team said no. Confusion in the ranks too?

  113. Sylvia Chind

    Hi everyone – happy to confirm that we’re looking at 21st May for the E72

  114. Nadia

    Hi there,

    I have just heard that 3 is offering iPhone in UK starting today. Is it going to be the new 3GS or just 3G?


  115. Lu

    My existing contract has just ended and I phone for a PAC code because I wanted the iPhone. When I told customer services this they offered me the iPhone but said that it was not officially launched on 3 as would only be available for existing (and good) customers. I was so happy as I have been wanting it for 6 months. Looking forward to delivery.

  116. Matty

    “It is true that the iPhone is available on 3 in Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Sweden and Denmark but we’re all working with Apple on a country-by-country basis. As soon as there is more news, we’ll share it through the blog.”

    OK, well I was speaking to a member of staff in a UK Three store yesterday who confirmed he has now seen several people visit the store with their ’3′ branded, UK supplied Iphones.

    So, apparently there should be some news, how about you share it with us?


  117. Dee

    forgot to mention in my last post.

    Even all 3 networks outside UK have the iPhone but i just don’t understand how slow 3 are but picking up the iPhone & other decent handsets.

  118. Dee

    iPhone – IPhone – iPhone

    What is going on with 3. I have been with 3 for years now & always wanted the iPhone. I understand o2 had an exclusive for 2yrs but when that exclusivity ended ornage announced it, then vodafone, Hell even tesco mobile have it now. I’m totally fed of enquiring about the iPhone on 3 & the lack of rubbish handsets for far to long now. When my contracts finally up this year i’m afraid i’m jumping ship to vodafone or orangen& FINALLY get a IPHONE

  119. Jim

    Hello, Just to let you know that I have a friend who works at Three and he worked his magic and got me a contract for the Iphone 3gs at 25 pounds/ month 18 month contract , I cant believe I got the Iphone 3gs on Three. I feel sorry for everyone here who can’t aquire the Iphone on Three , I suggest moving on to another network . I GOT THE IPHONE 3GS on THREE !!

  120. Moderator

    Hi everyone – the Nokia E72 has always been planned in for mid-May, just trying to get a confirmed date now.

    @Phil Grahan – whether iPhone is unlocked or not will depend on where you buy it, so best to check before you take the plunge.

  121. Marissa33

    Come on 3! This is ridiculous! Where is the iphone for 3 in uk?!

    I don’t want to have to move back to Vodaphone or Orange so that I can get my hand on one, I would rather stay with 3. You are kidding yourselves if you think that people will stay with your network for an iphone substitute. It is the apple and iphone brand name people want not just the capabilities and gadgets that the phone has.

  122. Matty

    Come on 3 what is the deal with the iphone?

    I have phoned customer services to enquire about how much notice I need to give to end my contract, as I want to be on a network that offers the iphone. Customer services said they will be able to offer me an iphone as they have limited stock and that if I call within 30 days of my contract ending, they can discuss the tariffs with me.

    Now my girlfriend’s contract does end within 30 days, and when she made the same enquiry, she was at first told she could have the iphone, then she was put through to another department who said that the iphone was not coming to three ….

    If you look at the blogs, some people are getting the iphone through 3 and other aren’t.
    I just want to know who’s being lied to here? 3 should have the decency to give their existing customers a straight answer as we feel like leaving now just on principal whatever they decide to offer!

  123. Phil Grahan

    I know the iphone is not officially supported by 3UK.

    Is the phone a Genreic handset and unlocked?

  124. Emma

    Can’t wait for the E72 on 3.
    When will it be released, I know you have said May, but when in May?
    Hope it’s the 3rd like Bradley P thinks

  125. Bradley P

    Hi there

    I just wanted to comment to say I totally agree with what Chris V said – Please have the E72 on the Internet Texter 20 contract! It would be exactly what I want. But I might consider doing a 24 Month plan, unlike what Chris V was saying.

    Oh and I wanted to ask, is it still coming to 3 on the 3rd? Or will it be later? Cause I saw you said Mid-May.

    Thanks, Brad

  126. Darren Stephens

    Interested to hear about ongoing discussions about iPhone. Not due to upgrade my phone until summer,but would be nice to hear that 3 are doing business with Apple by the time iPhone HD turns up.

  127. Bob

    I got the IPHONE 3GS , YES!!! PAY AS YOU GO !!

  128. David


    Very nearly May now :-)

    Any idea about release dates for the E72 yet?
    I know that they may change when it gets nearer the actual day but any rough ideas yet?


  129. Moderator

    Hi Bazza

    We’re aware of the issue. We’re aiming to have everything fixed and back in place by the end of April at the latest. We’ll keep the blog updated with our progress, and we’ll let you know when the links to go back up onto Planet 3. We’re really very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused – please bear with us.

  130. Chris V

    Hi there

    Just wanted to share my opinion.

    Think it’s great that the E72 is going to be stocked on 3.

    Please put it on the internet texter 20 plan.

    Also could you also have more 18 month internet texter plans please.
    24 month is far too long.

  131. Rebecca


    Yes it’s the 3Gs model, 16gig. Haven’t had much of a chance to try it out yet but very excited that I’ve managed to get such a good deal on it! Just hope it lives up to my expectations….

  132. Mitch


    There’s nothing wrong with 3′s service, i’ve been with them since being messed by Orange and would positively encourage someone to use 3.

    I’m also on a tariff with an E71, so I do know what a decent phone is.

    You never managed to answer my question in that reply – why do you have 5 contracts and still moan at three for not making a new handset cheap enough. I’ve got an idea for you – why don’t you just take out contract no.6 and get yourself that shiny new phone you obviously need sooo much.

    No wonder anyone in this country can save any money.

  133. Bazza

    I am struggling to get on my Skype 2 phone it says its free? So why can.t I get it

  134. Lee

    @ Rebecca

    What type of iphone did you get? Is it the 3Gs? What memory size?

    Sorry for the questions but i’m due an upgrade at the end of next month and really want an iphone

  135. Rebecca

    I just got an iphone on 3! I told them I was leaving to go to O2 to get an iphone and they offered me one ofr just £99 and on the same £25 contract I’m on now!

    Well done 3 for very persuasive deals for long standing customers!

  136. Alex

    please tell to us when exactly in may will be a Nokia E 72? PLEASE
    I WANT E72 with 3 network! :))

  137. Moderator

    @Joel – Yep, the E72 will be on PAYG. It’s currently due for launch mid-May

  138. Graham

    Hello, just want to add to the ever increasing questions about the iphone, i’m due for an upgrade in july and was wondering if there is any chance 3 might have the iphone available by then, because i like some other people on here have a mac book, and i pod etc and really would like to complete the package with an iphone…. i have been shopping around other networks to see what they can offer and obviously would prefer to stay with three as they have done me justice for the last 3 years!!

  139. Andy

    My contract is up shortly. If 3 don’t do the iphone then i’m off. Been very happy with 3 but I have apple mac, ipod, apple tv and need to complete the apple platform.

  140. Joel

    Will the E72 be available on pay as you go in May? I am considering buying it sim-free to use on three, but I am not really sure whether to wait for the version with Three’s software, or buy it now and risk certificate and other errors when I try to download things like skype and WLM!!

  141. Tim

    @Mitchell – thank you for you helpfull comments. Yes three have their problems but on a whole they have been ok with me. I have had mobiles with O2 and Vodafone in the past. I left O2 becuase they just took the rip when it came to upgrades and Vodafone – well totally useless.

    If they had provided decent service then I would have 5 contracts with them wouldn’t I? It sounds like you have had issues with three but this does not induce the right to say I and others like me, need a head check. If your not happy move to another provider and stop wasting your life by writing on here.

    Your right I don’t have to buy anything. I choose to buy such a handset because I’m on contract and as such I have to buy a pay as you go handset. Obviously you need to read properly. There is nothing stopping me purchasing as cheaper handset but I CHOOSE to purchase decent mobiles.

    I have show commitment to three and they have to me and the conversation I had last night with them has improved my view that they really are changing their ways.

  142. Mitchell

    Sorry, but people like Tim need a head check – why on earth do you have 5 contracts?

    I found the comment “i suppose ill be another £430 out of pocket” particularly funny – you don’t HAVE to buy it Tim.. get some self control.

  143. Moderator

    Hi All

    @Rob – We’d certainly aim for Skype over 3G.. we can’t commit to anything yet though.

    @Brendan Moore – Yes it will be :-)

  144. David

    I know that you are unable to give any specific advice about upgrades but can someone please clear some things up for me?

    Upgrades are supposed to be linked to your existing contract, so why when I have just contacted upgrades have I been told that the Blackberry Bold 9700 is only available on the texter plans (as on the website for new customers). That would mean that unless I was already on a texter plan I would not be able to upgrade to this phone under any circumstances.

    I also understand that upgrades are linked to your usage but how can it be that I have 3 contracts with “3″ (1 broadband and 2 phone) and I am being offered unlimited broadband with one phone contract (after I said that this was what I wanted), but that I am being told that I cannot have it on the other.

    Both of my phone contracts are for the same length/minutes/texts etc, and have both been running for the same amount of time – 6 YEARS!

    I don’t understand why I am being told by your staff that one of my contracts is worth more because I make MORE CALLS TO OTHER NETWORKS (within my inclusive minutes) than my other contract.
    Surely this must cost “3″ more because of the MTR’s, therefore making the lower usage contract better for the company.

    I am sorry to ask for help on the Blog, but after being told on the phone (albeit very politely) that I did not understand anything about the company, I am not sure what I should do next – wait and try again or shop around and leave.

    I DO NOT want to leave! I just want to upgrade both of my phone contracts!

    I would greatly appreciate any advice and/or contact offsite.


  145. Rob

    Another one for the iPhone. Am i correct in understanding that even if Three strike a deal with Apple in the UK, we won’t have Skype over the 3G network? Would it be over WiFi instead like the other networks?

  146. Brendan Moore

    Great to see that the E72 is coming soon. Will it be available in Ireland???

  147. Tim

    Thanks for the reply. I’ve replied to your email.

  148. Moderator

    Hi Tim, thanks for the info. I’m not sure how much we can help here, but I’ll drop you an email to get a few details.

  149. TonyIOW

    I’m sure you are sick of the iPhone requests but if we don’t keep on you won’t now how badly we all want this handset on the network. I just watched the iPhone OS4 keynote presentation on the Apple website, how much more suited for the 3 UK network can this phone get? You are clearly the ONLY UK network capable of doing this handset justice! With the addition of multi-tasking and Skype being able to run in the background it just has to be perfect for you and us! Please talk nicely to the Apple people and launch it soon!!

  150. Akila

    hope u’ll kindly publish and reply to my comment

  151. Akila

    my contract is due for an upgrade on the 21st of april. I currently have a mix and match 1100 price plan which gives me 1100 mix and match (obviously) + unlimited landline mins(2000) + unlimited 3 to 3 mins (2000) + and another 300 3 tp 3 mins. I’m paying £27 line rental plus another £ 15 for my N96 every month(£42 in total). but eventhough my monthly amount is £42 I always end up paying around £50 – £60 every month or even sometimes upto £100 because i use up a lot of mins.

    However, I’m trying to figure out what kind of a phone that i need to go for but only to find out that there are not much of a good choice of mobiles on 3. i’d love to have the iphone or the new e72 but seems the only really really desirable phones that i can find on 3 is the exeria x10 and the Blackberryy9700 (eventhough i hate it). But then comes the next problem coz, i cant have none of those phones on my priceplan without paying LOADS OF MONEY upfront. and when i asked the customer service and the 3 store in woolwich, London it seems that there is no such bnefit from upgrading a 3 contract because you’re just getting the same deal as a brand new customer. And what the Manager at the 3 store had to say was that “upgrading is just getting a new priceplan and a phone and there is no deference in a new customer or an existing one”. I frankly think it is quite appaling.

    I am an employee at Currys (DSGi Ltd) and therefore am entitled to a 25% line rental discount on 3, which no one seems to know or even care to know about (guess will effect there bonus or whatever). But i can get a 30% off on ANY price plan on O2 which means i can get the new iPhone 3Gs free for just £35 a month on a 18 month contract. I’ll be getting 1200 cross network mins and unlimited internet and some decent texts free per month and trust me O2 customer service knows how exactly the discount applies and they even extend it to 7 friends or family members.

    I’m Sorry about the ranting coz I’m really not that type, but I had a really bad day after spending about 2 hours at the local 3 store and then on the phone for more than an hour calling customer service. Can someone from 3 please give me one good reason why i should stick with 3????? (especially when the customer service nor the store staff dont wanna do anything to hold on to their customers, and have the nerve to tell me that I can leave 3 if I wanted to.

    i seriously regret leaving T mobile for 3 even when they gav me a huge discount on the line rental and a free phone on my first upgrade…

    Also please please tell me why you could offer my friend the Sony ericsson experia x 10 for free and a reduction of £ 11.00 on her line rental and ask me to pay as same as a new customer to 3 and force me to lose the current benefits that i have on my price plan?

    Is this the way 3 handle their high end customers???

  152. Tim

    Hi Moderator

    I had 3 handsets replaced. Then the 4th handset had to go off to Nokia for 2 weeks as I was out of the three returns period. The phone, as you know, is very buggy and which is acknowledged by Nokia and everyone at three I have spoken to. Only last night the N97 decided to crash in the middle of texting. I have put up with this since day one.

    So today I forked out £430 for a Sony X10 on pay as you go from my local three shop. So in order to get a phone that is stable, does what it’s supposed to do has cost me £650. Not hardly fair is it.

  153. Moderator

    Hi Tim – was your N97 faulty? If you decided to purchase new phones because the N97 wasn’t what you wanted I’m not sure there’s much we can do… Were any of your issues network related?

  154. Brendan Arndt

    Hi Tahir – we’re not going to range the Moto Milestone right now – we’re not seeing a huge demand for Motorola from our customers at the moment.

  155. Phil Long


    Stay well clear of the Blackberry. This was my biggest regret staying with Three on this tariff. The processor is slow, the phones are clunky and liable. I have an issue with my roller ball on my 9000, sometimes the phone freezes for so long I miss calls.

    I reported this to Three and they had the cheek to leave a message when calling me back by saying “Perhaps your phone is broken and your not receiving calls”

    It’s the non competitive tariffs and the most inconsistent customer services on any phone network.

    The worst thing Three ever did was outsource their call centre to India.

  156. Tim

    FAO: @Moderator

    Thanks for your reply. I was asking that after purchasing the N97 at an upgrade price of £225 that I am now forced to pay out £430 for a new phone as I not due an upgrade till July at the earliest.

    I have today purchased teh Sony Xperia X10. So far I have now paid out £650 in less than six months due to the N97 being so problematic. I was hoping that three would of somehow help out on the cost of this, especially seeing as I have so many contracts with yourself and be a loyal customer.

  157. Jamie Wod

    Hi Moderator,
    I would like to move to the touchscreen phones and start using the internet more for emails etc with the bigger screens….I don’t really want to wait any more as my phone is knackered…only being able to use it via speed dials is pretty poor. Why do the call centre staff make promises on the iphone and then break them? I’ve waited over a week with a broken phone purely because I was promised the iphone on the 8th April!!!!! I may as well throw my E71 in the bin, give my 30 days notice and go to another network straight away to get the phone I want, hell i’d be willing to pay the extra to be able to use my phone…Three’s customer service used to be better in my opinion.

  158. Moderator

    Hi Jamie Wood – how about the BlackBerry Bold 9700? If you’ve enjoyed a QWERTY you might enjoy that.. or, could could hang on until 20th April for the HTC Desire which has a touchscreen?

  159. Tahir Ahmad

    Any hope of getting the Motorola Droid / Milestone on 3? My Hero is cool but I’m missing a physical qwerty…

  160. Chris

    Why is there no link to this blog on the site? I’ve been out of contract since October and have waited for the N900 because of promises from 3. I have even had a courtesy call in the last 4 weeks where I reiterated my desire for the N900 and this has been marked down on my notes. What the hell is the point if you know you are not stocking it.

    I’ve been with 3 for years, I’ve put up with being called a liar and being hung up on by one of your call staff, but this just takes the mickey one time too many.

  161. Jamie Wood

    I need help!!!! I have been in contact with the options team for a while as my contact ends on may 4th. I currently have the E71 which was great until I cracked the screen, now I can no longer read texts properly or use the web and I have to use speed dials to make calls easily. I want an iphone….my friend on the same tariff as me got an iphone not more than 2 weeks ago…I was promised one yesterday if I called today…guess what….I got the brush off. I spent 2 hours in a 3 store trying damn near all the phones and I don’t like any of them, so, my options, after 5 and a half years of being a 3 customer is either wait up to 2 months for an iphone with a completely useless phone or leave…..Does a moderator or member of the team have any suggestions as I am really quite hacked off!
    PS sorry to rant but I really have had enough!

  162. Moderator

    Hi Tim – we’re not ignoring you. We try to respond to as much as we can but the busier the blog becomes the harder it’s getting! I’ve checked back through your last comments – did you have a specific question about N97? Let me know and I’ll do my best to find you an answer.

  163. David Kerrigan

    Hi Mark – Unfortunately, Skype on the iPhone currently only works over WiFi and not 3G.

  164. Tim

    Hi Phil Long

    It would appear that 3 seem to be ignoring the issue of the N97 as I’ve reaised this question several time on here and each timei it’s ignored. I’ve also noticed that the N97 is no longer available from the 3 Store either. Oh well looks like I’m going to be out of pocket by another £430.

  165. Pip

    Unless 3 lowers thé price of the Desire to at least £25, i will be off. Thats a disgusting price to ask.

  166. Mark

    It mentions that iPone is availible in other countrys outside the UK. Is SKPE supported? I have a sim free iPhone and cannot get SKYPE to work on 3G network. I get an error that says due to contract issues with 3 that it’s not supported. Is there a place to down load SKYPE app that works on 3?

  167. Phil Long

    Can someone respond to @Tim please

    My friend is also in a similar position

  168. Moderator

    Hi Lauz – we’re looking at May for the launch of the E72

  169. Tim

    Hi ya

    Can you tell me if three are prepared to reduce the cost of a new handset for us poor N97 mugs that forked out over £200 on upgrade.

    I’m going to have to pay for a pay as you go handset and pop my sim into that just to get away from my N97. The earliest I can upgrade is July and I have 5 contracts with three. I am tempted to purchase the X10 now or possibly wait for the HTC on the 20th. Either way I’m going to have to fork out betweek £350 to £430 which considering what I’ve already spent for the N97 is a bitter pill to swallow.

    Please can I have your views on this three please?

  170. R Mervart

    It is excellent news that you will be sourcing Nokia E72

  171. Lauz Wagone

    When is the E72 due to be launched at three?

  172. Moderator

    Hi Guys

    Alan D – the Desire launches on 3 on 20th April so I’d suggest giving us a call on 333 from your phone if you’re interested in it as an upgrade. We are looking at offering Spotify more broadly so watch this space.

    Lauz – it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to do deals on any handset before launch I’m afraid. You could hang onto your old phone and plan just that wee bit longer :-)

  173. SCM


    I got fed up of waiting for the iPhone on 3 UK.

    So I have bought an O2 pay and go iPhone and I am currently waiting for the unlock to come through.

    I will then insert the 3 UK sim and send myself the Plant 3 settings from the 3 website. Simples!

    I am really happy with my SIM only plan and will not leave 3.

    If and when there comes a time when 3 will have the iPhone and I need to upgrade, I will purchase it from 3 until then I am not staying behind.

    Hope 3 get the iPhone soon!

  174. Lauz Wagone

    Small query regarding the E72.

    My contract with 3 is due to end by the 22 of April, but the E72 won’t be released until May. Is it possible to pre-”upgrade” for the E72 before my contract ends?

    Thanks !

  175. Marcus

    No Nokia N900?
    No Apple iPhone?
    No new Windows 7 phones?
    Think I’ll be leaving Three soon even though Vodafone gives me a poorer signal but offered me N900 £35/month.
    I could go sim-only and save up for a good phone to buy on e-Bay but not sure worth doing, could unlock the Vodafone phone in time and come back to 3 anotherday.

  176. RAS

    agree with abid.3 should launch some new price plan with add on,even orange changed price plan this week which a bit similar to t-mobile new price plan.any consumer can have anything.

  177. John

    htc desire! can’t wait bring it on.

  178. Moderator

    Happy Easter everyone! The blog won’t be manned full time over the Easter Bank Holiday so don’t be alarmed if your comment doesn’t appear immediately. For any urgent customer enquiries please give us a call on one of these numbers

  179. Brendan Arndt

    Hey SportsAce – Once our version of Skype is approved for Desire (Android éclair) it should work on on Legend. I can’t guarantee this though as we haven’t tested it.

  180. SportsAce

    I’m thinking of buying the HTC legend unlocked… any idea if all the 3 functions particularly skype will work? if i download it through the 3 website? cheers!!!

  181. Abid Hussain

    @ Moderator I’d be happy to change tariffs, my point is 3 offer very very limited tariffs at the moment.

    Looking at the HTC Desire, Bold 9700 and the Sony Xperia X10 they are available on limited tariffs only. Three don’t really offer any interesting bolt ons other than the excellent Internet add on. Non of these handsets for example are currently available on Mix and Match which seems to be past its sell by date and in need of replacement. There is no time like the present :-)

    I’ve noticed 3 have introduced some interesting new sim only options which is excellent this needs to be reflected in pay monthly deals with handsets. The spotify option on HTC Hero again is a good example of differentiation.

    Without naming competitors at least 3 of the big 4 now offer really innovative and unique bolt on options that allow customers to upgrade as personalise their deals more effectively.

    This is making them more competitive than equivalent offers on Three because of that customisation.

    As Trevor mentions even Virgin now have a really compelling offer to boost contract sales albeit they have the quad play angle which is unique to them but it still shows clear innovation and rewarding customer loyalty.

    I’ll keep on pestering, only because i care :-)

  182. Moderator

    Hey Abid – We wouldn’t ever force our customers to do anything. Tariffs do have a limited time span and, for example, when we launch new ones the old ones might have to be removed from sale. Customers can always stay on any tariff as long as they like. But in this sort of situation you might need to choose a different deal when you want to set up a new contract with us (i.e. upgrade).

  183. Abid Hussain

    A few rumours for the Three team to clear up.

    Is it true that the Iphone 3GS is available again as an upgrade option?

    Is it true that the Sony Xperia X10 might make its debut on Three as early as this weekend. I’ve read on a forum that the phone will cost £100 on a £35 per month contract over 2 years?

    If the latter pricing point is true then I would be disappointed as it is out of sync with some of the other offers out in the market for the same handset.

    @ Tim I have to agree that in a smartphone age when 3 has touted itself as the best 3G network it simply doesn’t leverage that through innovative pricing and bolt on extras which has allowed other operators to steal a march.

    Three pioneered affordable mobile internet access I’d like to see more pick and mix bundles of extras suitable for data hungry customers.

  184. Trevor

    I’ve just seen that Virgin Media are offering the Desire from today and Vodafone from 8th April, both on very good tariffs. As like many others I am, and have been pretty happy, with 3 but the deals being offered elsewhere are just too good to ignore. I’m already with Virgin media at home for TV etc so apparently I can get an even better deal. I’m still going to see what 3 will offer when my contract expires on the 18th April and hopefully they will be able to offer me (and my wife) a deal that will keep us happy but if not, I will regrettably have to move networks.

  185. Alan Dobson

    My contract runs out in August but I`m eligible for a phone upgrade within the next 3 weeks. I realise whats available to me 110 days before my contract runs out is not as good as it will be when i`m less than 38 days from my contract date but can anyone tell me if I have any chance of getting a Desire when within 3 months of my contract ending?

    Will you be giving customers a number of options like paying more up-front for the phone to keep the monthly payments down?

    Also, I read something previously from someone at Three that you were planning to offer Spotify free with ALL Android phones. i know its available with the HTC Hero but whats the news regarding Spotify with the HTC Desire?

    Thanks in advance!

  186. Adrian

    It is a shame 3 aren’t stocking the HTC Legend. Personally I think the desire is rather unattractive and am really taken by the Legend’s aluminium funky look. My contact ends in July and I can see myself defecting to Vodafone unless 3 have anything similar by then. I know you have the Hero, but I’d rather go fo a more current handset. Sorry:(

  187. Andy

    @Ash: Many thanks for your reply.

    You’re right – release dates that change would, for many people, ultimately cause more questions and maybe upset than an unexpected and surprising launch of a handset.

    Having said that, without the rough ‘April’ release mentioned in this blog, I for one would not have known / not have believed that 3 were due to range the Desire. It’s info like this which stops people switching networks.

    A quarterly ETA of phones is usually sufficient. I think the people who are nagging for phones, demanding more specific release dates and asking for pre-orders (like me) are people who are due to upgrade and know what they want – and are simply keen to know when they can realistically get it. A ‘mid April’ launch date lets me believe I’ll have a Desire on 3 by the end of the month. That’s enough to keep me satisfied and my patience in check.

    G is right – be honest in most cases. If you expect to get a phone ready for customers on day x of month y, I want to know about it. If it’s delayed because of problem z, I want to know about it. Another option is to allow yourselves more time than needed – I’d be annoyed to be told the Desire wasn’t ready until May after it had been penned in for April, however I’d be delighted if I had been quoted April only to find it delivered to me yesterday!

    On a final note, it’s been reassuring to read about the vigorous tests that 3 put their phones through before release, but can you rush the Desire through the process please? :-) I’d be happy to get mine untested in a jiffy bag without branded packaging or documentation etc if it means getting my hands on it sooner!

    I’ve got nothing but respect for you guys posting on this blog – cheers.

  188. d3matt

    I reluctantly took a E71 last June as this was 3′s only smartphone choice, as I was going to swap networks to get a better phone. I’ve been waiting for a top spec Android phone for ages. I’m so glad 3 are going to offer the HTC Desire. I was considering buying out the remaining 8 months of my contract as it is cheaper to do that and move network than buy a SIM free HTC Desire. Now that the other networks have announced their HTC Desire pricing over the last couple of days, I was getting geared up to move network within the next few days. But now tonight I’ve found this blog and the news that 3 are going to offer the Desire. Hippee!
    How keen are 3 to keep their existing customers and upgrade them when only 10 months in to a 18 month contract?

  189. Tim

    Maybe this is an area that three need to focus on a little bit more. In past experience it is apparant that three are usually the last operator to provide a specific handset or indeed any firmware updates. If it’s a case of testing the handset with all the applications, etc on it work correctly then the test and sign-off proceedure need sharpening up a little.

    I have got used to waiting for handsets on three to become available which is a shame. I have noticed that when the Nokia N97 is mentioned, tumble weed is all that is needed to add to the atmosphere around this handset.

    I do have one question which was briefly touched on above. I have stuck with the same tarrif for many years now because this includes picture messaging, video calls and £5 download allowance each month. I’m not all that bothered about the £5 free allowance but what puzzles me is that picture messages are not included. Even more baffling is that on a 3G network video calls are no longer included either. Maybe a bolt-on like O2′s family bolt-on would be an idea, say pay £5 per month and you can send unlimted picutre messages and texts to your other contract/pay as you go three phones in your family and say x amount of video calls. I have 3 contract phone, 1 pay as you go, MiFi and a mobile broadband dongle. If this was available I would have no worries about changing two of my contracts straight away.

  190. David Richards

    Hi RAS – I can answer that one. Currently our customers average out at under 1GB per month for internet usage on their phone. But I do agree with you that people are using it more and more. We have no imminent plans to change our fair use policy, but we are keeping an eye on it.

  191. RAS

    @Brendan,thanks a lot for your to hear that windows 7 coming to there any chance that 3 would consider new price plan for new android phones because 1 gb internet browsing is too low for this type of phone.

  192. G

    I think the best thing is just to be honest and open and then it would be acceptable.
    If the manufacturers give you a date when handsets will be delivered, tell us that date. Add a note at the bottom covering yourself for delays and explain the date customers can get hold of phones will be shortly after the date of manufacturer delivery and people will be a lot more patient. At least people know things are progressing. The worst thing for me at the minute is hearing T Mob, Orange and Voda all announce actual dates when the Desire will be available but all we get is a timescale covering the next 30 days.
    A coming soon section covering the quarters if it was kept up to date would work well in my opinion. I think your customer services would probably get less hassle because there would be somewhere people can physically go to check the progress of availability. The key is keeping customers informed i reckon.

  193. Ash Roots

    Hi David, Andy & Phil -

    Thanks your comments regarding us talking more openly about handsets coming soon on We’ve just done some research through the homepage and this was flagged as one of the key things our customers want from us. I agree that this is a great idea, and we do need something along these lines. is going through a whole raft of updates at the moment – these have to take priority over any other changes that aren’t ‘Business As Usual’. But we’ll be working with Sylvia and the team to see what we can realistically achieve and when – hopefully around the summer.

    A quick question for you from me: Our delivery dates are dictated by manufacturers, and we of course then need to test what they send us. This means that the launch dates we expect at the start of the ranging process won’t always be the same at the end – sometimes things slip. We could say that phones are ‘Coming Soon’ on a quarter by quarter basis, but the bottom line is, we can’t 100% commit to these dates. Would this be acceptable?

    I’ve noticed from other comments that when we’ve talked about April for the Desire, lots of you are still pushing us for more specific info that we just can’t provide. Would a ‘Coming Soon’ section that could be quite vague and could change frequently raise more questions than it provides answers?

  194. Abid Hussain

    @ Moderator its the …. at the end of your comment that scares me lol!

    The current Three tariffs simply don’t do anything for me. I really would have liked Three to refresh tariffs to coincide with their most significant period of handset releases in recent times.

    I know a tariff refresh is due in the coming months.

    Will existing customers on old tariffs that are no longer available be forced to move to one of the current packages to get a Desire or a X10? Also will we have to give up our current customer loyalty discounts?

    Also do we know why the Three online upgrade section is constantly down due to technical issues and when Three will be fixing this.

  195. Moderator

    Hi Al – it’ll be available for new and existing customers. Obviously upgrades all depend on the tariff you’re coming off and what you want to move on to though..

  196. Al

    Hi, quick question : will the Desire be a free renewal/upgrade handset, or just for new customers?

  197. Sylvia Chind

    Hi Ravi – no plans for us to lose the Hero yet.

  198. Ravi Shah


    Can you confirm whether or not you will be selling the HTC Hero and Desire together? i’m just wondering if 3 intend to drop the HTC Hero once the Desire is out.

  199. Brendan Arndt

    Hi RAS – no plans to range this phone. We’re concentrating on Android and Windows Phone 7 this year, with Windows currently pencilled in for late 2010.

  200. Sylvia Chind

    Hi Marco – Sorry, I should have been clearer. I mean, if you don’t want to wait until you are in the upgrade window you could buy the Desire on PAYG. Then when you come to upgrade and you are offered another phone, you could perhaps offer that new phone to a friend.

  201. Tim

    Hi there, do we hae an exact date available as to when the HTC Desire will me available. I keep popping into my local three store everytime I go to town but I keep getting told either next week, two weeks time and the latest was they don’t know.

    I’m a few annoyed Nokia N97 owner and just want to get rid of this rubbish phone. I eligible for an upgrade in July but I’m going to have to cut my losses and purchase a pay as you go handset. This is even more annoying seeing as I had to pay £225 to upgrade to the N97.

  202. Phil Long

    @ David – I agree.

    That’s exactly what the problem is. Waiting for a new phone until the end of the contract and by the time its up for renewal, what can be classed as a new release for Three is somewhat an aged, cheaper phone on a new network.

    I find the range of ‘exclusive’ handsets that Three provide are a little on the mediocre side. If Three want a widespread opinion, all of my colleagues who are not on Three view it as a ‘cheap and simple’ network. Not good really as that to me symbolises a network you would use if you were buying your 15 year old child a phone for the first time.

    Three really needs to step things up in 2010, because I can see the competition only becoming stronger now with other networks getting relationships with Apple (as an example)

  203. Srini

    Hi Sylvia,

    Great to see this blog and thanks for your frank, clear responses than ‘measured’. For the first time in my 5+ years custom with 3 Network, I feel like being part of a ‘niche’ service provider than the ‘smallest’. 3 and its customers always deserved this kind of proximity.

    I have come close to leaving 3 on two occassions – last year when everyone else was offering a plethora of Smartphone options, 3 was able to offer only E71 as a credible option. No Omnias, Touch HDs, Xperias, Blackberrys etc. But being a Nokia loyalist for long, I could bring myself to compromise n touchscreen experience and went for E71. In 7-8 months, my requirements from mobile outgrew what E71 offers and had been seriously contemplating moving to competition for either HTC Desire or Nexus One (when it’s announced) or X10.

    I was following for any update on HTC Desire launch date for UK via Google News alerts and that’s how your announcement on this and committment to other Android lines was reported in TechRadar and other mobile websites (around Feb 19). Surprisingly, this blog URL itself wasn’t listed in Google News (something your team can pick up for exploring to not miss out the many who may still not hear from “horse’s mouth” !)

    I halted my drive to move to competition and here I know for sure I wouldn’t have to wait beyond mid/ end April for HTC Desire.

    To all those iPhone worshippers: Thanks for not acknowleding the prowess of HTC and thus reduce the beeline for HTC Desire by some numbers !

    To devices team at 3: Very wise move toward Andoid and your keen interest in Win 7. With 30,000 Apps (for those who use that as the only metric) it will someday catch up with Apple Store range (currently 140,000+). But more importantly, all other specs on hardware and software have gone far ahead of iPhone.

    I only hope I’d get HTC Desire/ X10 without giving up any of my loyalty discount.

  204. Andy

    @David: I agree 100%. I’ve already spent nearly three months over my contract end-date with 3 based purely on faith – first time EVER that I’ve not upgraded early to a phone that I want. IF the HTC Desire is released ‘on time’ according to this blog (‘sometime in April’) then my faith has paid off – I also expect a good deal for loyalty (four years with 3) PLUS consideration for the fact that I could have simply switched network to get an iPhone – which is what I wanted before reading about the Desire.

    However, despite all the good work 3 is doing to acquire new handsets and informing a small percentage of its users via this blog, a calendar should be made more publicly available to encourage existing customers to stay with 3 until the handset is released, AND:

    1) Have an accurate ETA of release;
    2) Be offered loyalty-based deals; and
    3) Optionally pre-register the handset, and automatically be called on release day to arrange contract and delivery.

    On the plus side I will say that having waited it out, rather than being ‘locked into a contract’, I was given the option to stay on a £15/month rolling ‘contract’ that I could opt out of at any time after refusing all deals offered to me when my contract was due to expire.

  205. RAS

    any plan to launch htc hd mini?i would love to see a windows mobile on 3.

  206. marco

    saliva sorry to be a pain but what does it mean the pay as you go option? That I have to buy the phone and then when june will come what should I do? To get another one with the upgrade?

  207. David


    I think a lot of the bloggers here are the same as I, we all want one of the new phones that are coming to three eventually but are worried that when they come to the end of their contract, they may miss out on the opportunity to get the phone the really really want, there are 2 easy ways to appease the masses.

    1) Have a calender with a rough guide to the date of phone relases (say Jan – Mar, Mar – June etc..)
    2) The ability to renew your contract with the option to suspend your handset upgrade for a period until the phone you want is likely to become available, maybe with a choice to terminate your contract if your desired phone is no onger going to become available.

    We all understand that three have their hands tied in relation to telling us what phones are coming and when, unfortunately, we as customers have a small window to decide whether to vote with our feet or wait, and if we wait we are locked into a new contract.

  208. Brendan Arndt

    Hi Matt – we’ll be doing all three – the X10, the X10 Mini and the X10 Mini Pro. Mini Pro is currently in the planner for early summer

  209. Will

    @ david. To be fair to Three, and to Sylvia, she did just say that as soon as they have more info on the Desire, they will share it! I’m taking them at their word and realising that as an avid reader of this blog, we’ll probably be the first to know. Fingers crossed for a good deal for existing customers (currently using an E71 on Mix and Match 500 with internet max £23/month) is all I can say…

  210. David

    All we need is a date of launching and price for the HTC Desire…….what’s the Hide and seek all about. Just tell your customers when you will launch and how much it will cost.

    So many people needs to decide on whether to move on.

  211. Sylvia Chind

    Hi David – believe me, as soon as we have more information we’ll be sharing it.

    Marco – your best bet is PAYG – you can use this phone with your existing contract sim…

    Hope that helps.

  212. Andy

    HTC Desire I mean! I was so excited I forgot to type all the words, heh.

  213. Andy

    OMG! (And I never say that!)

    I made a decision two months ago to stick with 3 even after my contract had expired. I’ve been with 3 for years and thought I’d give them a chance to get some cool phones before jumping ship.

    News of the HTC is absolute music to my ears! Well done 3, you saved me! Please keep us updated, I’m ordering it the very first minute it’s available!

    This blog is awesome. That is all.

  214. marco

    Syliva, thanks for your response, clear and very focused. Can I ask you one thing? As i said in a previous post I will be elegible for an upgrade only in june but I look forward to have the deisre in my hands, I like the device too much. Is there any way to get i before june? to pay something more it doesn’t really matter me at thi stage. I just want it

  215. David

    I like many others are eagerly awaiting the Iphone to be available on three, we have promises from three that it will be available in 2010 but no confirmed date. Three are running the risk of losing customers from the limited range of handsets when all the other networks are offering the Iphone. Come on Three throw us a bone and give us a better of idea of when the Iphone will make an appearance???

  216. Sylvia Chind

    Hi everybody. Thanks for your feedback – I’m really relishing everything you’re telling us (good and bad!). A few responses to some of your questions here:

    Matt – at the moment we don’t have the capability for pre-registration, though I know there’s a big opportunity here. As soon as we have more information on availability we’ll be announcing it on the blog.

    Marco – as I’ve said in my post, as much as we’d love to range everything, we don’t have the resource or budgets to bring all the ‘phones of the moment’ into our range. When we looked at our range as a whole for this year, we felt we needed to strike the right balance between high-end smartphones and affordable PAYG phones, and we have to apportion our resource accordingly. We’ve done a lot of work to build our Android portfolio, and the direction we’re headed in seems to be getting good feedback on the blog. But the N900 is an expensive product on a brand new platform – Maemo – which would take a lot of work to bring on. We’re not sure it’s a product that our customers on the whole would prefer to take over the other smartphones on our roadmap.

    Mike – We’re focussing our efforts on Android and Windows Phone 7 Series this year – the latter is likely to start appearing in our roapmap towards the end of the year.

    Keep the feedback and the questions coming – I’m happy to help where I can..

  217. GWIZZ

    My partner has been offered an iphone from 3(she is leaving 3 cause she now has the 1phone 3gs on o2) why is this??? i have been with 3 longer never missed a payment and when i canceled my contract 2 weeks ago they offered me great deals but not an iphone for which is the reason im leaving. 3 needs the iphone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i know 3 dont do iphones so why was she offered one ???????????????????????

  218. Matt

    Will 3 be getting the X10 mini pro? I have already been disappointed by the no N900 decision, and no X10 mini pro will probably mean I move elsewhere…

  219. Mike

    This makes me sad that we still so no Windows Mobile phones :(

  220. iphone


  221. marco

    Hi everyboy I would like to share my thoughts on the decision made by 3 no to range the nokia 900. I don’t know if this is the right decision. I have many friends of mine with that device and everyone is telling me how nice it is and how well it works. I personally prefer the htc desire and i’m looking forward to hold in my hands but i was wondering if it wouldn’t be better for 3 to range nokia 900 rather than e72. I will explain why. At the moment I’m using the nokia e71 and, i must say it, it is a nice device but the keypad is not so smoothly and easy to use and sometimes it drives me crazy. the keys are to small and often i get them wrong. I don’t think that so musch improvement has been done on the nokia e72.

  222. Matt

    Hi there,

    Just wondered if it would be possible to register for an update/email as soon as the HTC Desire is available? I asked Customer Service if this was possible and was told that currently it isn’t – I want to try and make sure I’m at the front of the queue as I think the demand will be huge!

    Also wanted to say that I think that the confirmation of ranging of Smartphones on Three is very good news. I’ve been a customer for four years and thought of leaving this year to get a more up to date handset. If the pricing for the Desire is good then I won’t have to!


  223. Simon

    by the way, i have an iPhone 3G
    and it works on THREE


    HOWEVER I BUY A 1GB/P month data allowance, witch works just fine.
    im on PAYG

  224. Brendan Arndt

    Hi Raymond – you’ll just need to pop your 3 sim into the phone (make sure it’s unlocked first), then you’ll be automatically prompted to download the settings.

  225. Moderator

    Hi Libral 3 User – as Sylvia has said above, we won’t be taking the HD2 on at the moment.

  226. Raymond

    Hi Sylvia, thanks for the update. This blog site is awsome, great way to find out things about three. Im going to try my best to hold of for three to get the desire available and try and buy one direct. But if my will powewr gets a bit weak(has been know to happen for a new gadget every now and then) do i just need to call the support number for details to connect it up to the three network

    Thanks Raymond

  227. David

    Thanks for the answers.

    I have already signed the petition (months ago) and done the local ofcom office letter.

    Let’s hope for a good outcome!


  228. Phil Long

    Shame – the earliest I can now upgrade is 10th August.

    I would advise everyone reading this not to go for the Blackberry 9000. It’s clunky, slow and the rollerball is a nightmare!

    Try explaining this to the Three Customer Service in India. They don’t understand what you mean. I was hoping to purchase a Nokia E72 early and pay the fee, but it does not look like it now.

  229. Libral 3 User

    Any Idea on the HTC HD2 on 3?

  230. Moderator

    Hi David – I can answer you q on MTRs. The Ofcom decision will be announced on the 31st. If you haven’t done so already, there’s still time to sign the petition!

  231. Jessica Mustoo

    Hi David, no problem! You can use the Planet 3 function on your phone to leave us your feedback (go to the homepage and scroll right to the bottom) or simply just use this blog. We’re constantly scanning it for ideas and feedback and we listen to everything that’s said.. I look forward to hearing your ideas :-)

  232. Sylvia Chind

    Hey Raymond – My advice would always be to buy the 3 version (but I would say that wouldn’t I!). But if you buy an unlocked vanilla version from elsewhere, you will be able to get some of our settings so you can use Skype and WLM etc

  233. David

    Sorry, one more question.

    Does anyone know when the ofcom ruling about Mobile Termination Rates is due?

  234. David

    Hi Jessica,

    Thanks for the reply.

    It’s great to hear that you already take these steps to listen to what your customers think.

    I wasn’t aware of these things as the only time that I have ever been asked what I like or dislike has been the surveys that you sometimes get after a call to customer services (and I have had 2 contracts with 3 for 6 years + mobile broadband for the last couple!).

    It’s good to find out how things work!

    I’m sure many people would agree that it make us (customers) feel far more valued if we feel that our opinions are listened to, even if they’re not agreed with.

    Is there any way that we could have a suggestions section on the website for customers to share their ideas & thoughts?

    Thanks again to everyone for your time and effort with this Blog,

    It really is a great move!

  235. marco domizio

    Hi everyone,

    I’m really excited at the idea of finally having the htc desire. I was on talking with T Mobile to get the phone but I was really sorry of leaving 3 but if you are now offering the device I have no reason to change my provider. The problem was that everytime time I came in contact with the customer service they told me: we don’t know when and if we are going to provide the HTC Desire. Now my question is: I will be able to upgrade in juen but I have no intention to wait so long in order to get the HTC Desire. will it be possible to me to have an ealier upgrade also paying an extra fee? I hope to receive a response. To pay something more is not a problem provided that I can get the phone.

  236. Moderator

    Hi Gary – Yep. As Sylvia said in her post, we’re hoping to have this in early April.

  237. Jessica Mustoo

    @David. I work in the Insights team at 3 so I thought I could try and shed some light on your question about focus groups. Sorry it’s taken a couple of days for us to reply to you.

    We try to encourage our customers to provide feedback through whichever channel they are most comfortable with, including our blog, Planet 3 on our phones and through email invitations to participate in surveys. Sometimes our surveys after specific events such as a customer services call or receiving a bill are specifically designed to capture constructive criticism so we can constantly target and improve things that matter to our customers. We call some customers each month to see how they are, and what they like and dislike about being a 3 customer. We also run online customer panels and focus groups to test new ideas and have even asked if we can spend the day with certain customers to really understand how they use their phone in different environments.

    All this helps to build a picture of how our customers feel, what we are doing well and what we need to make better. Hope this helps.

  238. Ash Roots

    Hi Everyone (and @Phil Long). To follow up on Sylv’s point, we’ve been running a survey to establish what our customers think about our website, and one of the recurring themes is that we should have a coming soon section. It’s definitely in the planner to be looked at so thanks for all the input.

    (Incidentally, I’ve heard that feedback from our blog community has been helping to steer our handset ranging decisions. Great news! If you’re interested in helping us steer too, the survey is still live. Go to the top right hand corner of the homepage. I’d love to hear your views.)

  239. Raymond

    Thanks for the update, not your fault. can you advice on me either getting a sim free desire(will it work as normal on three) or buying one from 3 when they are branded even though i just took out a new contract. I think i might also be able to cancel my new deal as i have not opened the new phone yet

  240. Sylvia Chind

    Hi Everyone – thanks for all your feedback so far! I’ve spotted a few questions that I’ll try and answer here:

    Mike – the Legend is tied into an exclusive agreement with another network, so we can’t get our hands on it I’m afraid. BTW the blog can be found on At the moment, it’s on the company site and linked to from Noticeboard.

    Will – We’re working on a coming soon section on, but as things currently stand, the phones I’ve talked about in my post will appear online when they launch. If you want to know about your upgrade options, I’d suggest you try 333 from your phone, but given we haven’t launched Desire or E72 yet they probably won’t be able to give you too much info.

    Raymond – Sorry, it sounds like you’ve been given the wrong information. From the horse’s mouth (ie, my mouth!), we will be ranging the Desire. We have close to 6,000 advisors in our contact centre and we admitedly fire a lot of information at them.. it seems as though this info hadn’t quite filtered through to the person you spoke to.

  241. Brendan Arndt

    Hi everyone, just to chip in on the ‘how long it takes to bring phones to market’ debate.

    Configuring a handset for our network isn’t just about putting Skype and WLM on it. Our deadlines for launch are often dictated by the manufacturer. They produce the software for us so we have to work within their timeframes – we of course have our own requirements, including making sure that phones have the right 3G settings to give the best experience. A smartphone is fairly useless if it constantly reverts to 2G! Once we have the software from a manufacturer, we then need to test it. We wouldn’t unwittingly put a handset out into the market in our without knowing that we’d put it through various testing scenarios. All this takes time, but we are speeding up and are working really hard to get phones to market as soon as is possible.

  242. Raymond

    Hi I feel a bit miffed now. I called three yesterday and asked about the Desire to be told they had no intention of getting it. I accepted a deal with a different phone wich i intended to sell and by an un branded desire and use with my sim. Will i be able to add the three branding if i do this or if I hold off will 3 sell me a desire, dont mind paying the same price as it is for a sim free one.

  243. Will

    @Neel Thanks for that- I didn’t realise that about the 3 Skype client. The thing is, I have (and will likely continue to have) an unlimited internet add-on, so presumably it’s not an issue, apart from the call stability question?

    @three staff- will the new range be up on the website soon? I’ve been due an upgrade for 2 months but haven’t been contacted at all by Three. I’m now worried you’re not going to offer me the Desire or E72 on a competitive tariff

  244. Phil Long

    I hope that this is not too little too late.

    Sadly, it works out cheaper for me to now leave your company and go to PAYG with a competitor. Your prices don’t seem to be as competitive as they once were.

    Why not have a ‘Coming Soon’ section on the website as someone mentioned earlier. Because you advised us that you are not looking to supply this handset – now you are?

  245. Mike

    While the HTC Desire will be a welcome addition to the 3 network, I see there is no mention of the HTC Legend. Are you just going to continue with the Hero, which has now been superseded by the the Legend (Hero 2) ? And why is there no link from the 3 website ( to this blog?

  246. Andrew

    I was going to buy the HTC Desire from T Mobile today.

    Having read this I’ll wait until mid April and stick with 3.

    Thanks for the update

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  252. Abid Hussain

    I have heard from sources and on the grapevine that a Three tariff refresh will take place anytime within the next six months.

    I guess my main concern is the tariff refresh happens after April which seems to be the busiest month in a very long time for Three in terms of releasing high end desirable handsets.

    Three now has the handsets I would like to upgrade too but the question is how competitive the offers will be not only in terms of price but any bundling of services etc.

    I know in the past when I have upgraded my choice of handset has been limited primarily because I refuse to move from a tariff that is no longer available to new customers and also because I don’t want to give up my customer loyalty discount for what is in effect extending my customer loyalty.

    I am hoping I can upgrade to a HTC Desire on the network I want to stay with which is Three, on the price plan I am on now without losing my loyalty discount whilst not being told I can’t do it unless I move to one of the Mix and Match tariffs.

  253. Neel

    @will – The Skype client on 3 doesn’t route the voice part of the call over a 3G connection, it’s treated as a normal call to ’3′ then routed to skype over the internet in the backend, making it a more stable connection and doesn’t eat up your internet allowance like the official Skype for Symbian in the Ovi store.

  254. Murray

    Sylvia, im over the moon about the E72 coming to 3, well done.
    Now i just need to wait on my3 upgrade section getting fixed to find out when i can get my hands on it.

  255. Will

    @Al I wondered what the relevance of the ‘configuring for Three’ has for the E72 as well. With the official Skype for symbian now available in the Ovi Store, surely the 3 Skype client becomes less important? And while I appreciate the free Windows Live Messenger, I prefer to use either Nimbuzz or Fring for my msn use (also free from the Ovi Store).

    Sylvia, David, et al @Three, any response to this? If I could upgrade to an E72 tomorrow, I probably would. However I’m increasingly tempted to pick it up on another network for £25/month with a better package than the Mix and Match 300 + internet max which I currently have.

  256. [...] other news, Sylvia Chind has confirmed the following handset information (see here for full [...]...
  257. Nik

    Thanks for the information and listening to us. I hope three do the same in future.

  258. Sylvia Chind

    Thanks Steve R – so do we!!

  259. David Moore

    Hi there Colin – All our handsets are available on PAYG, including the new Androids that Sylvia mentioned, although they are mid-high end.
    We’re still looking into value Android to see what the level of interest is and what kind of a proposition we could build around it.

  260. Al

    I don’t get the delay with E72. Configuring for Three network? I used a generic E71, popped my 3sim in and it worked perfectly. Or do you mean “filling it up with 3 specific menus, apps and bloat”?

    Don’t take that the wrong way – but operator modified firmware is so 2001.

  261. Steve W

    I hope this work to release new handsets isn’t at the expense of the 3PAY customers, who will see significant price increases on the 22nd April. With those increases, it’ll make 3 one of the most expensive networks for PAYG customers making cross-network and landline calls.

    Would it be possible for a staff member from that team to start a blog post regarding the increases?

  262. Steve Ralph

    Many thanks for this terrific news and for listening to your customers, I hope the E72 will be just as successful for 3 as the E71 has proven to have been.

    Thanks again,


  263. Roxy

    Excellent post, Still a bit disappointed that E72 will only be available in May (Nokia offically launched it in Q4/09)

    But finally we had some kinda of timescales and updates on which phone launching, so customers can make better decision on whether to stay with 3 or take a new contract out elsewhere.

  264. Colin McCarthy

    Yah! Roll on April. Will you be releasing any PAYG Android phones soon?

  265. David

    Hi Sylvia,

    Fantastic news about the Nokia E72! :-)

    Thanks for listening to everyone’s opinions, good and bad!

    As I have said previously, overall I am very happy with 3.
    Over the 6 years that I have been with 3 there have sometimes been some decisions that I have not agreed with, but I understand that not all decisions are popular (and that the customer is not always right!).

    However the fact that you are listening to your customers opinions, and acting on what you learn from them proves to me that I am (and have been) right to remain loyal to what I believe is the best mobile network in the UK!

    As this proves, this Blog is a great idea, but have you ever considered selecting some of your customers to use as a focus group for issues such as new handsets or issues relating to other parts of the network.
    The only problem with Blog’s like this, and with survey’s when people contact customer services is that the average customer only does these thing when they have a problem or something to complain about, so you only learn about the things customers are unhappy about, not the things that they enjoy – the things that keep them as customers.

    I am sure that I am not the only person who would be prepared to give a free and honest opinion on specific issues. In fact I would welcome the chance, especially now you have proved that you listen (even if you don’t always agree).

    Anyway thanks for listening and for treating your customers like they count.
    Please keep listening, and keep up the great work!


  266. Abid Hussain

    Hi Sylvia

    This is my favourite 3 Blog posting ever, thanks for the comprehensive update and the exciting updates on handsets!

    For the first time I feel spoilt for choice which is a great feeling.

    I’m hoping I can get the HTC Desire on my current Video and Talk and Text 500 tariff at a competitive price without losing my customer loyalty discount. Not long to wait and find out!

  267. AkDo

    On the whole I think it’s amazing how three talk to the community, not many networks do this and you are literally open and truthful.

    On the HTC Desire, I do not mind waiting for another month for the phone, although the earlier the greater number of us that will be happier; working properly is the main key. However, all of us need to know the price plans otherwise honestly T-mobile right now is looking extremely tempting. If you could just give us an idea of the pricing then we will be content waiting until late April.

    Also there has been an issue on often updates taking longer to be released on three for the phones.

  268. Daz

    My contract runs out in June, I am currently using an INQ1 which is good for the price but too clumsy to do anything fast (processor seems too slow). Looking forward to see what good deals Three will be doing on the HTC Desire. This is the first time there has been I phone that I have really wanted and its timing couldn’t have been better.

  269. neil - bmth II

    thumbs up from the Bournemouth II team!

  270. Judey

    Hi Sylvia. Will ‘competitive pricing’ run to current customers as well as new ones? I’m this close ‘ ‘ to signing up with another company at the moment but if 3 can offer me a similar deal to a rival firm I’d rather stay with 3. Any idea when pricing will be confirmed, bearing in mind other companies are launching next week?

  271. G

    Nice update, thanks.
    So is there any chance of this blog being used to give us up to date info before it’s released to the masses? That might possibly go some way towards helping people decide to stay with the network or not. For example, as soon as an actual date of release for the Desire is known, can we be told here please instead of the stated vague late April? Your website is notoriously slow and hard work to navigate when it comes to up to date info so it would be appreciated.
    Also price plans being released well in advance would help because i am very tempted to go and switch now with T Mobs [removed by Moderator] for the Desire.
    With their merger with Orange next month their coverage should be excellent… It’s sooooooooooooooo hard waiting, can you give me some motivation to hold fire please!!??

  272. Simon

    I really wish you would bring the iPhone to Three soon. I will be switching networks to get the iPhone, hopefully in the future I will be able to switch back to Three when a newer verision comes out.

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