Data plans for iPad from Three.

The buzz that’s been generated around Apple’s iPad is already quite incredible. It’s been on-sale in the US for a short time now, and already it’s being hailed as a revolutionary product.

I’ve been playing with one, and I already love it.

We’re really excited that we’ve now made an agreement with Apple. And to make sure it’s been worth the wait, we’ve got some really market-leading plans ready for the launch of iPad in the UK.

Not only do we have 3G SIM Only data plans designed to support your iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G, but we’re also giving you a way of connecting your iPad Wi-Fi to the internet on the move.

MiFi is a mobile Wi-Fi device that fits in your pocket. It lets you create your own personal Wi-Fi network from our 3G network wherever you are. No wires, no installation, no need to search for a hotspot – and just £49.99 on Pay As You Go.

I won’t bore you with too many words, the data plans should speak for themselves, but we believe that we give you more data for your money than any other network.

Personally, I reckon our SIM Only 10GB for £15 a month plan is the best deal in the market  :-).



Watch our new TV ad.

By now I’m sure you’ll have seen our new brand. We’re really proud of it, and what it stands for. It’s not just pretty pictures, it represents a warmer, simpler, more human Three. But as well as focussing on the refresh of our brand and what that means for our 900 communication Read More.

Our new Pay Monthly plans.

Mobile price plans are a complicated business. As customers, your needs are ever changing, and it’s our job to adapt to those needs in a way that gives you what you require in the most simple and straightforward way.

For a long time we’ve had two sets of tariffs – Mix & Match and Internet & Internet Texter plans. While Mix & Match offered flexibility, allowing you to match any phone to any tariff, it didn’t offer you any included internet allowance and it wasn’t simple to understand. Likewise, the Internet Texter plans offered you the internet but they weren’t flexible enough to offer you any phone of your choice.

We decided that something had to change, and today we’ve announced an overhaul of our current price plan system to make them simpler and to offer more choice & flexibility.

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Our new brand.

Brands are living, growing things, the ones that endure manage to stay fresh and relevant, changing with the times but remaining consistent with the core values they have. That’s why, from today, you’ll notice a significant change in the way Three looks. This latest change for us reflects the confidence Read More.