Watch our new TV ad.

By now I’m sure you’ll have seen our new brand. We’re really proud of it, and what it stands for. It’s not just pretty pictures, it represents a warmer, simpler, more human Three.

But as well as focussing on the refresh of our brand and what that means for our 900 communication touch points, including our new website, we’re passionately committed to building an even better network.

Our 100% 3G network coverage is continuing to grow from 92.5% of the UK population in 2009, to over 98% by the end of this year. Network related issues continue to decrease dramatically, and almost 2.5 million more people around the country now have 3G coverage when they didn’t a year ago. The numbers are constantly improving, and we know that by the end of this year our network will comprise nearly 13,000 cell sites placing Three as a leader for 3G coverage.

That’s why we’re also delivering a brand new ad campaign, to bring to life the energy, dedication and effort behind our network programme.

We’d be the first to admit that in the mobile market, we’ve been the underdog. But that doesn’t mean that we’re any less determined to punch above our weight whenever we can – especially when it comes to network.

For our new campaign, we’ve taken our inspiration from a Hollywood classic that distils what it means to stay focussed on your goal while the odds seem stacked against you. And perhaps most importantly, triumph at the end of it.

Our campaign has a unique sense of humour – it’s a pastiche. But while we hope our execution will attract attention and cause people to reconsider us when they would otherwise have walked on by, the network message at its heart is absolutely serious.

We truly believe we’re building the best network for the mobile internet, and by the end of this year, we hope you’ll agree.

Take a look at our ad – it won’t be for everyone (I’m big enough and ugly enough to admit that!) but we think it’s a great representation of the blood, sweat and energy that is going on behind the scenes to really make mobile better for you.

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  1. Moderator

    @Mr Campbell – Drop me your postcode and I’ll check it out for you. I won’t publish it in full.

  2. Mr Campbell

    What an earth have you done to signal in the center of Bedford lately? It suddenly got incredibly good for about a month and has just suddenly gone back to 1 bar in the center OUTSIDE

  3. Moderator

    @Cheng – happy to check out any postcodes if you have them? Or network consolidation with T-Mobile isn’t fully complete yet, so there may be places where our coverage differs.

  4. Cheng

    I am hearing that T-Mobile have enabled some new 3g masts in various rural areas this week. However, these reports state that there is still no Three signal in some/all of them. Do you know anything about that?

  5. Moderator

    @Dominik – it’s Training Montage from Rocky IV

  6. Dominik

    What’s the music called used in the advert?

  7. anon

    Hey, what’s with all the 3 bashing on here?

    I was with three pay as you go for 2 years and never had a probem. excellent coverage, cheap calls and a store in the town if i ever had any problems. Was with o2 before that and they were really, really awful

    I’m currently locked in an iPhone 3G contract with orange just now (both orange, and the iPhone are pretty bog-standard) but i will be definitely looking into a contract with three when my orange one expires in three months time. I like the look of the HTC desire (with free spotify of course)

    nice advert, and keep up the good work three

  8. Moderator

    @annon – doesn’t sound like you’re having a great experience of our network. Could you comment again with your postcode? I won’t publish it in full but I’ll be able to let you know if any work is planned where you live

  9. annon

    how can 3 even put an advert on like that the network is rubbish it constantley disconnects in bad weather you cant use it at all and as for turbo boosting the signal its done nothing what so ever i live in a 99% coverage area and all it does is go to emergency calls for days n end when i purchase monthly add ons service and network isnt good at all im changing to o2 asap and taking my number over as well network 3 is rubbish full stop

  10. Moderator

    @Vinny – hmm, that’s not good. I’ll drop you an email to get a few details from you

  11. Bill

    Of course, given the reality of 3′s so-called “customer service”, it would have been more honest to have done a Bollywood-style ad set in Bangalore.

    Just sayin’.

  12. Vinny

    @moderator, finally someone who works for 3 and appears to be helpful.

    Personally, I think your new campaign is seriously lacking. From my experience with your company very recently, you have failed to address the problem that has made me want to leave 3 – your complete lack of customer service. only a week ago, your customer services agent agreed that I had been miss-sold to 6 months ago but more importantly – told me that there was nothing that they could do about it and if I tried to cancel my contract and take you to court, 3 would put a default against my credit rating. something that I really do not want.

    rather than post too much detail in this blog, check out the notes on my account if you are interested, I’ll give you the details over email should you need them – I would be interested to see your reply.


  13. robert

    liking the new site and relaunch ,the company has improved in recent years i went into a 3 store in 2007 and the selection of phones wasnt very appealing so went with t-mobile for the first 18months and came onto 3 when they had upped the game and you have kept to it with pretty much all the current phones that are on most if not all networks like the desire and x10 all thats next is the iphone and a UK call center and 100% 3g signal and your practically sorted

  14. Moderator

    @Dave – our ad was shot in various locations, but it was mostly in and around the Peak District. Hope that helps!

  15. Alex

    I don’t think the text message service going down for one evening is a massive issue, people have to realise every now and again things do break and that applies to all networks. I put it to anyone to tell me one network that has never had a signal issue at some point.

  16. Dee

    If 3 got an exclusive on the on the forthcoming iPhone 4G the old 3GS & also the iPad then with there excellent 3G network they can make them selves in to the UK’s no1 network.

    Lets hope to a brighter future for ’3′ Believe it or not the iPhone is need on your network to increase customer base



  17. Thomasss

    My only problem with 3 is they say unlimited Internet but only give 512 mb when companies like 02 give 3gb and Virgin Media give 4 gb !

  18. Michael

    A blog is only as good as its last. Post.its days since. We have had an updat

  19. Jamie

    Three has definitely come a long way and I have stuck by Three since it became mainstream in the UK, but when we have situations like today where nobody can send or receive text messages (whilst still paying for these services) it does make you wonder…

  20. Ray

    3 to customer – “we’re bringing you an even better network” customer to 3 “your network is as appauling as 03/03/03 didn’t like it then 7 years on don’t like it still… finally found an unlocking outlet who can unlock my phone… i’m offski from this network AFTER JUST 3 WEEKS BEING ON IT AFTER MY FIRST TIME 7 YEARS AGO its madness how can you run a business/network like this? is it any suprise that when you type 3UK into google you have a higher percentage of haters than customers SAYS IT ALL!!

  21. Dave

    Can you tell me where the countryside scenes in the advert were filmed? Trying to recognise those hills ;)

  22. Moderator

    Thanks John – we’ll take a look

  23. John

    @Moderator: Thanks for your response. I was travelling between London and Liverpool, the exact details of the route can be found at

    As an example I took a screenshot of the connection tool as the train passed through Milton Keynes which can be found at:

    I know the problem wasn’t just me, I was sat opposite someone else also with a 3 dongle and we commented that neither of us could establish a connection.

  24. James S.

    Any comments on the release of a micro sim? I’ve just cancelled my account as your foreign based service desk had no idea what micro sim is & when it would be offered to the market…

  25. Danny Edwards

    Hi :)
    I work for 3 in a Store.
    I just wanted to share my love for the new ad too!
    I’m all for it!

  26. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Brendan.

    Thanks very much for both your response and forwarding my concerns to the Three customer support team with whom I’ve recently been in touch. I’m due to get a call from Technical support within 24-48 hours to discuss my coverage issues further and to see whether anything can be done, but if all else fails, they’ll be willing to consider cancelling my contract with no penalty charges because I can’t reasonably use the service whilst at home.

  27. Moderator

    Hi all – if you’re a fan of our campaign, you might want to check out our microsite We’re going to be making it more interactive over the coming weeks so keep an eye on it for updates.

  28. Brendan Arndt

    Hi Ibrahim – I can pick this one up for you:

    The ability of a phone to pick up signal depends on lots of factors. From a technical point of view, the sensitivity of the antenna has a big impact – manufacturers can use different variants so it’s not a case of one size fits all. Software optimisation and what we do to configure a phone before it launches also plays a part, as does the physical build of a phone. So for example, a slider has different sensitivities to a touch screen or a candybar. The kind of material a phone is built with can have an impact on how well it ‘sticks’ to the network. For example is it metal or plastic.

    Finally one of the big things that manufacturers have to consider is the position of the antenna within a phone – is it at the top near the ear piece, or at the bottom near the mouth piece. We’ve seen phones really struggle on the network before because the antenna was installed in the part of a phone normally concealed by your hand when you hold it to your ear to make a call!

  29. Ibrahim Gucukoglu


    Ah well, it was only an idea alas but perhaps you could explain why coverage is so variable on different phones? I have an N97 and my coverage ranges from 3 bars down to 0 or no network coverage, while my wife with her Touch Pro 2 windows mobile powered device can maintain and use her phone with anything from 3 to 5 bars of signal strength. Is it anything to do with the Three software as her handset is an unbranded one or the construction of the handset itself and the components used?

  30. Moderator

    Hello everyone

    @Ibrahim – We’ve done a quick search on your coverage and I’m afraid to say that it doesn’t look like any significant work is likely to take place in the near future. There is a new site planned near the railway line, but it’s likely to be too far south to have a huge impact on your indoor coverage. I’ll drop you a note to see if there’s anything we can do.

    @John – Can you be any more specific? Could you give us the names of the towns/locations you travel through?

    @Bradley P – Will do!

  31. Bradley P

    @Moderator, thanks for the reply. Out of interest, will you put up a blog post on here when you know definite details?

  32. Moderator

    @marcin – you can download the tune already apparently! Go to the Three Music Store – it’s called ‘Training montage’ and the artist is Vince Dicola.

  33. David Bickett

    Hey Leigh – thanks for the feedback!!

  34. Moderator

    Hello everyone – loving your feedback about the TV ad.

    @marcin – glad you’re such a fan! Not sure what the latest is on a ringtone, but I’ll pass this onto our comms team and see what’s possible.

    @Ashley – sorry to hear you’re not a fan of the concept of iPhone on Three. Sounds like you’ve had a poor experience with us in the past. Is there anything we can do to help?

    @Imbrahim – the theme tune from the ad is from Rocky IV – the film that was the inspiration behind it. I’ll take a look at your postcode and come back to you with a bit more detail on network improvements in your area.

    @Ray – sorry to hear that you’re having a poor experience. Can I help?? If you can reply again with your postcode I’ll take a look at what could be impacting your speeds – I won’t publish it in full be it will help me to be more accurate. Thanks.

    @Bradley P – we’re still on track for 21st May, just waiting for Nokia to confirm a few last minute delivery details.

  35. John

    Are there are plans to cover the train lines? I only use my dongle when travelling, so was disappointed to find absolutely no connection available along the entirety of the West Coast Mainline a few weeks ago. Instead I had to use the extortionate on-board wifi.

  36. Paul

    does anyone else agree that that three + the iphone would be the best thing to ever happen? im just hoping the iphone comes soon.. i think three is the best network… but is just lagging behind of the others by not having the iphone + plans for the ipad…

    yet every other three network… e.g Australia, denmark….. ect ect… you can see this on

    new website is nice.. my three could do with the same thing..

    now complaints with three though.. apart from the iphone.

  37. Alistair Wooldrige

    Hi there, bit of an odd one but does anyone know the song used in this advert? I seem to remember hearing it in a MADVAC advert like 15 years ago.


  38. Bradley P

    This is great and all, but with less than a week till it’s release with you is there any info yet on E72 pricing?

  39. Ray

    oh and as well as being unable to use my phone as “fit for purpose” the store i purchased it from won’t allow me a refund as i have opened the box and activated the sim card and 3 customer services want to charge me £15 to get my handset unlocked I WANT THE UNLOCK CODE FREE i’m already out of pocket buying a great phone on a ridiculous network 3 want to charge me more for the “priviliage” of using my phone on another network. PFFT!

  40. Ray

    I’VE MADE SOME STUPID DECISIONS IN MY LIFE N JOININ 3 TOPS THE LOT! i’ve been on 3 for only 2 weeks n my experience is poor.. on the box it says “your 3 experience starts here” well it sure has been an experience and a half… although i’m always getting full hsdpa signal that alone is no good without the on screen world/3triangle showing which after a while it does but as SLOW as it appears its FAST at disappearing meaning i am unable to make or receive calls n texts nor browse the web DIABOLICAL NETWORK!!

  41. Leigh

    I love the new Three ad. I think its the best one yet.
    Much better than the girl with the singing cherry. Frankly that advert gave me the willies. I actually dont think i have eaten a cherry since. Just stared at them in horror for a while.
    The new advert seems down to earth and puts the perfect message across. What with the new price plans too. I think Three will soon dominate the industry.
    Love it.

  42. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Man, this advertisement’s music backing track sounds like something from a cheap video game from the mid nineties, surely you could have done better than this. Also, there is no narration until the very end, a big problem for inclusivity of your disabled customers who’ll have no idea of the services your offering unless or until they bother to check out your website. Finally, can you please tell me when and if coverage will improve in my home area PE1 [removed by mod]? The coverage has been limited to outdoor only even though you claim to be improving coverage all the time. I want to use my inclusive minutes more, I want to use my unlimited landline minutes bundle but that’s all prooving difficult at the moment. There’s only one and I mean 1 improvement, your network coverage checker now gives you an indication of coverage in text form rather than showing you everything on a map, so I can more easily recommend my friends to three based on their coverage.

  43. Ashley

    If you were apple, would you give the iPhone to the UK’s most unreliable network? Nah, didn’t think so.

  44. marcin

    hi there,

    is there a chance to have the theme tune from the new ad available for download? i’d love to have it as my ringtone ;)

    greetings from glasgow.

  45. Scott

    I think that Three did claim to be in talks with Apple about securing the iPhone for the network, but negotiations like that can be tricky. Not heard anything since then, though.

  46. Mark

    Entirely agree about the iPad/iPhone comments.

    The iPad is the opportunity to reform the mobile market as it is being sold unlocked with a “true” price unlike most phones.

    “3″ needs to take a position on the iPad. An offer of £5 a GB which lasts for, say, 6 months would be good with an “online” top up (by using a registered card like the PAYG phones) would be great.

    If the same SIM came in a carrier to allow use in other phones with calls and texts at the “3″ PAYG rates for out of contract iPhones and other phones it would be a killer offer for smartphone owners.

  47. Joel H

    The sooner Three realise that the iPhone is the key to a larger customer base, the better. Three want to be the network that people think of for the mobile internet. That won’t be achieved whilst Three is one of the only networks without the iPhone.

  48. Steven

    I have been running my iPhone with a Sim Only plan for 6 months but as soon as the next iPhone is released I will be getting my PAC and going with whoever offers the best deal on it. Shame as the internet was super fast with 3.

  49. Hits

    Will three be selling iPad plans anytime soon?

  50. Kev

    You should mention in the ad that “unlimited internet” actually means very little,I’ve just received a text saying that i’m nearly at the fair use limit,this is only 9 days after getting a new phone and to be honest i’ve barely used the internet.

  51. Mark

    If you just spent money organising a deal with Apple for the next iPhone, and managed to come to market selling it for less than the other networks I’m sure you would gain many more customers than you will from this ad campaign!

  52. Steven

    What about iPad plans? Other operators are giving this information already in the UK.

  53. Mike K

    I had been with O2 for 15 months before I switched over to 3. In that time, I had nothing but reception problems in the area where I live. So bad was the problem, that my calls kept getting cut off which was annoying, even more fustrating was the fact that I told O2 of this problem twice and they fobbed me off with theiir ‘good’ coverage claims and sim cleaning suggestions. I told them this was my reason for leaving (they apologised) and found that not only my 3 reception was better, it had also improved immensely to the point that my service is now very reliable. Incidentally I checked the O2 reception this month with another phone and the reception had not improved one bit, clearly O2 not listening to their customers. So top marks for 3 in listening to its customers which I hope that the new ad is a good sign that customer service is improving. Here is an idea 3, how about getting an exclusive deal with Apple on the forthcoming iPhone 4Gs? That would be a great coup for the uk’s biggest and best 3G network. Keep up the good work!

  54. Ricky Shaw

    cheeeeesy :D

  55. Scott

    Think of all the Desires they could have bought with the advert money ;-)

  56. Tom

    Oh dear.
    Although it probably seemed a good idea in the board room to make the public aware of Three’s increased 3g coverage, this advert is seriously flawed, and as a three customer I sincerely hope that the cost of this mediocre campaign was low.
    Firstly your advert implies that three are erecting ‘turbo’ masts all across the country – yes the British public want increased coverage, but with the backlash and fluctuating public opinion over the safety of masts it’s probably not a great idea to flaunt the fact that it is a necessity.
    Secondly, your Three blog boasts of the best UK 3g coverage (according to ofcom) – the advert should of included this – especially seen as orange are currently boasting they have the biggest 3g network…:
    I understand the need for brand refreshing, but hope that future adverts address at least the key selling features of the network.
    I just hate to see companies waste money on advertising schemes that lack core information about the product (especially when I am in part funding said campaign).
    The advert gives me no reason to consider Three mobile because you haven’t addressed the competition on the market, who incidentally pride themselves on great customer service, wide ranges of handsets and price plans that are after your ‘refresh’ considerably more competitive.

  57. Stew

    How exactly does changing your website design make Three a warmer company?
    The opening paragraph isn’t convincing me of Three’s intentions, after all we are informed that you have more mobile masts than last year and that you can provide better coverage yet your new tariffs have taken away what you have previously offered before, and they were cheaper, more flexible deals. And all this on less coverage so why now have you slashed internet allowance by half and upped your fixed contract minimum length to two years?
    You seem to tell us that you are the “underdog” yet you’ve consistently undercut your competitors over the last few years. Is it now a case of you’ve lured a lot of customers in and now want to increase the prices as you’ve established yourself? We appreciate that building new masts costs money and that cost has to be passed on, but why should the end user suffer when you take away what we already had? The new tariffs and lack of choice and internet allowance will only deter new customers.

  58. Steven

    Rocky 4 ?????

  59. David


    I love the new ad!

    I’m still not sure only offering new customers 24 month contracts is the best way to attract more of them, but I think the ad stands out well, so hopefully that will.

    Good luck!

  60. Hip59

    ” our new brand. We’re really proud of it, and what it stands for. It’s not just pretty pictures, it represents a warmer, simpler, more human Three.” Oh thats good maybe three CS staff will be humans and stop reading of out dated useless scripts?

  61. Moderator

    thanks Phil, it’s always good to hear positive network stories.

  62. Phil

    3 has indeed improved a lot. I’ve moved from Vodafone to 3. My only complaint is that pay as you go is overpriced. 25p is too expensive. MNVOs charge 8p a minute.

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