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  1. Moderator: Claire

    @carol – Hi, you can fill in the form here. It should be free :)

  2. carol

    how much is to unblock a iphone4 ?

  3. Christiaan

    Please provide support for Visual Voicemail on the iPhone. I hate Hullomail.

  4. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Hlaing – Hi, if you’re looking to unlock in order to use with another network then if you follow the steps at this link it should get you going. Let us know how you get on. Thanks

  5. Hlaing

    How could i unlock my iphone4? Is it possible for you to remove the lock from my phone even I am not in your country?

  6. Moderator: Nicki

    @anna – Hi there, all you should need to do is connect your phone to iTunes with another network sim in it. Have you checked out Apple’s help pages?

  7. anna

    I have received a text that my iphone is now unlocked and to put a non three sim card in the phone. I have waited a week and plugged it into my itunes – still no service. what do i do now?

  8. Moderator: Nicki

    @Istvan – Hi there, is it that you’re having issues in getting through the menus when calling 333? If so I’d select any option to speak to someone and then they’ll redirect your call should they need to.

  9. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – Sounds like it’s either not finished being unlocked or you’re not get any service from the network you’re using. When you’ve requested an unlock code we’d advise you wait 24 – 48 hours and then connect your phone to iTunes with another network sim in it to complete the process.

  10. Istvan

    hello. I would like to have an iPhone 4 unlock. I filled out the form and sent it, I was told by sms me to call 333 because more information is needed, but could not talk to anyone.

  11. Dave

    I have just got my iphone4 unlocked by three. I put my new French sim in and all I get is “no service”. Any advice?

  12. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sunny – all info about unlock codes can be found here.

  13. sunny

    I want to unlock my iphone 4
    from THREE UK contract.
    but I am not the original owner.

  14. Moderator: Pamela

    @Hashim Karimi if your friend is the original owner, they’ll be able to get it unlocked by following the instructions here – http://bit.ly/18PfKw0 :-)

  15. Hashim Karimi

    Hi i am from Lahore – Pakistan and i have iPhone 4 one of my friend sent me as gift from London. He used 3(three) network on it and now it is locked. Can you please help me to unlock it is there any simple way.

  16. Moderator: Lauren

    @Joseph – more info on our unlock process can be found here.

  17. joseph

    i ve an iphone4 in three. i ve to get it unlocked to use in india. what i must do and how to pay?

  18. Ros

    @ron john – Hi there. I’m afraid you can only get this unlocked if you’re the original owner or if you can get the original owner to approve, sorry.

  19. ron john

    i bought a logic board on eBay that was locked to 3 network UK, is it possible to unlock it? how much would it cost?i will be using it here in the Philippines. thanks

  20. Moderator: Nicki

    @NickyNkl – Hi there, if a phone is blacklisted it means that the original owner has requested this. We’d be unable to blacklist a phone unless you’re the original owner.

    Likewise with unlocking a phone, you’d also need to be the original owner as we’re unable to access an account for any 3rd parties I’m afraid.

  21. NickyNkl

    hi Three UK i bought an iphone 4 in malaysia,after i update it to ios 5.1.1 it locked,when i ask for a factory unlock and it said that its blacklisted,could u check whether i can unlock it??

  22. Moderator: Johanna

    @Agnabro – Hello, here’s a little info on unlocking a Three device here.


    hi dear moderator i have iphone 4 locked in three network uk so i need unlock but i am last 2 year live in dubai so i have no bil info and no other data so can u hallp me any way to unlock my iphone 4 in three uk plzzzzzz plzzzzzzzzzzz hellp me

  24. Moderator: Nicki

    @Talha ahmed – Hi there, if you’re the original owner of the phone you can unlock it here. Unfortunately if you’re not the original owner we’d be unable to unlock it for you. There would be a charge of £15.32

  25. Talha ahmed

    I am from pakistan and my iphone 4 is locked to three 13.0 . Can u unlock this phone ?

  26. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sabir – The original owner will need to call our customer service team and pass the security questions, they will need to pay around £15 to have the device unlocked for you.

  27. sabir

    hi mod i am sabir from pakistan i have bought an iphone 4 from uk.its factory locked and does not work with any network here.please tell me and guide me how to unlock my device staying in pakistan for any netqork..thanks

  28. Moderator: Lauren

    @Emmanuele – please visit our Unlock page for more info on this.

  29. Emmanuele

    I need unlock my iphone 4 locjed to 3 uk anyelse can help me

  30. Ellie

    @Wes – I have included the link to the Unlock section of our website, if you follow the steps outlined here then things should be clearer for you.

  31. wes

    Thanks that number is working now. I’m having problems knowing what to do. it’s a machine and unlocking phones doesn’t come up as one of the options. I managed to get through to an “other customer service” option but I have to enter a phone number of the device I’m using, but I don’t have a number for the iPhone as it’s locked to a network my sim card is not with

  32. Ellie

    @Wes – Apologies Wes I made an error in my last post. The number to call is 0843 373 3333 apologies once again.

  33. wes

    Sorry but the number you have given me isn’t being recognised

  34. Ellie

    @Wes – We’d recommend calling the team on 0873 373 3333 to discuss this further as they will be able to advise.

  35. wes

    The phone was bought for me from an independent seller on ebay. I got it brand new so would that make me the original owner? also I think I have an email proving the purchase

  36. Ellie

    @Wes – Yes you will be able to get the phone unlocked through us, you will need to be the original owner of the phone or have the permission of the original owner and proof of purchase. You will also need to pay a small fee (around £15) to get the phone unlocked. Give the team a call on 0843 373 3333 to unlock.

  37. wes

    Hey, I’ve recently got an iPhone 4 locked to Three network. I’m currently on a contract with another network, and was wondering if I’m still able to get the iPhone unlocked through you?

  38. Moderator: Nicki

    @Venkatesh – Hi there, if you’re the original owner of the phone you can unlock this here.

  39. Venkatesh

    I am in india i want to get my iphone to be unlock to use in india help reqvired pls

  40. Moderator: Nicki

    @stuart – Hi there, the original owner can request this for you via our Unlock Page

    The charge would be £15.32 If the phone is registered to another customer we’re unable to access their account for any 3rd party, so the request would need to come directly from them.


  41. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ciotic Adrian -

    For information on how to unlock your phone please check our guide here.

    If you are not the original owner of this phone we will be unable to assist you in unlocking it. If this is the case we’d suggest that you get in touch with the original owner and ask them to unlock the phone for you. If the phone is registered to another customer we’re unable to access their account for any 3rd party.

  42. stuart

    Hi i was given an iphone 4 of a friend who has upgraded to the iphone 5 but the iphone 4 is locked to 3 how much do you charge so that I can unlock it to my network please?

    Thanks in advance

  43. Ciotic Adrian

    Hi There ! Can i unlock iphone 4 locked to 3 ( three) Hutchinson Uk ? if i can …. plesase tell me how to do … `i`m from romania , the phone is without contract . How do i proceed ! You can contact me on my mail , or here !
    Thanks in advance … !

  44. Ellie

    @JHE – Sorry but we operate in the UK and not the Philippines so we won’t be able to give you an unlock code for your iPhone I’m afraid.

  45. jhe

    sir. can you unlock my iphone4.. im here in philippines.. how much??

  46. Moderator: Nicki

    @Elison – Hi there, check our unlock guide available here. Please note that we can only unlock the phone for the original owner, not a 3rd party.

  47. Elison

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have an iPhone 4, which was given to me from e friend, but when I tried to use it where I live it does not work with any card. To be honest I do not know to whom the iPhone belongs, but cheking online i found out that is locked to Three UK. Is there any possibility to unlock this phone and use it. I live in Albania and I would like to use it with the albanian network.

    Best Regards

  48. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ronel Valdez – I’m afraid only the original owner of the phone can call us to remove the lock. If you can locate this owner, they will need to contact us. Sorry I can’t help any more.

  49. Ronel Valdez


    I bought a used iphone 4 in a shop in my country, at first I was able to use the phone properly even if its locked to a certain network, however I decided to upgrade to the latest IOS 5 and from there begins my problem. the phone is asking for a valid sim which is the three (3) sim in order for me to activate the phone which I actually don’t have. I tried a lot of tutorials over the internet about bypassing the activation but I didn’t find any solutions. Now I am stuck on the activation process on my phone and I can’t use it at all. I thought of only one solution to my problem and it is by contacting the carrier of my phone so I searched the internet and finally found this blog site. Hope I am in the right place though. Is it possible for you to remove the lock from my phone even I am not in your country? and if yes can you please inform me about the things that I need to do in order for me to unlock my device. I really want my iphone back! :( I am willing to pay the amount needed if there is a charge for this. Looking forward to your response. Thank you in advance.

  50. Abbas

    i got iphone 4 white 16 gb as gift from my uncle. next month i am going to US so i would like to unlock my iphone.how many days it will take to be unlock? do i have to call 3 network help service ? what kind of information i have to provide them ? because earlier as i mentioned that its gift.

  51. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sunny – To get your phone unlocked, call 333, it’ll cost around £15.

  52. Sunny

    Is apple unlock iphone4 provided by 3uk

  53. Moderator: Kaz

    @Andy – Sorry to read that, please can you supply a full postcode so I can check for any mast issues/upgrades in your area.

  54. Andy

    I’ve just picked up an iPhone 4s and love the phone but I’m concerned about the very variable network coverage I have at home and work (two places I need it!) sometimes have 3 bars indicated but for anywhere between a minute and an hour I have no service message. I’m into day two of my contract, but if can find a solution I might need to cancel and look else where. Any devices that can cheaply help boost signal in the home? (I’ve been looking at £160+ solutions but that’s just too pricy!)

    Also want to register my vote for visual voicemail, I assumed it was on all networks!! Another potential deal killer…

  55. Moderator: Kaz

    @sumit – I’m afraid you will need to call us to unlock your phone. The best number to call if you are abroad is +44 7782 333 333

  56. sumit

    I need to unlock my iphone 4 . but right now i am in india . can u give me ur email address of three support . Can u unlock my phone via email

  57. Moderator: Kaz

    @eyüp serkan bulut – Really sorry but we would only except a request from the registered owner of the phone.

  58. eyüp serkan bulut

    @modorator kaz. Thank you. I bought second hand. But it is not possible to reach the registered owner. I am ready to pay the cost of the unlock process.

  59. Moderator: Kaz

    @eyüp serkan bulut – The only way to unlock a phone locked to our network is for the original owner to call our customer services department. They are the only person who can unlock it I’m afraid.

  60. eyüp serkan bulut

    Hi. I am living Turkey. iphone 4 came to me as a gift. I can not use because iphone is locked from the Three operator. What I should do? I want unlock iphone 4. Please help me.

  61. Wayne

    Recently joined Three and all I can say is loving the data speed!!!! Two random questions;

    1) Why does my iPhone 4s not show the red blob on voicemail when i have a VM, I get a text and thats it, is there a setting to change this calling VM and going through options does not work.

    2) Why does the exchange not recognise the ’141′ prefix? When I call sales people I like to with hold my number to avoid calls and spam text. I know you can turn this off on the phone, however surely ’141′ is easier, or is that just me?

  62. Moderator: Johanna

    @Corinna – Only one other network has visual voicemail. It’s not a core feature but an additional service, albeit a popular one! We can confirm that we are investigating bringing Visual Voicemail to Three. At the moment we can’t commit to a timescale but our intention is to make it available for our customers in the future. To resolve the number porting issue, just call 333 and they have a quick fix. If you want to post a full postcode we’ll happily check the network for you and I’m afraid most smartphones do tend to use battery quickly – if this is an issue for you, check that no apps are running in the background and check out this blog post.

  63. Corinna

    I really really miss visual voicemail. When will this happen (given that other networks managed to sort this out, three are three years behind!)

    Also, are you aware of issues where numbers are ported over but people are still receiving texts from an unknown (possibly my ’3′ number that was meant to have been scrapped because, I ported the number over)?

    I work at St Pauls. I don’t get any signal. At all. My phone uses up 50% of its battery every day desperately trying to search for signal. Seriously, I work next door to one of the most iconic and historic landmarks in london and, no signal, not one bar. Is anything being done to improve signal (which on your signal maps, says excellent!)

  64. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Imran – You can unlock your phone by calling 333, it’ll cost £15.

  65. IMRAN

    I want to unlock my. iPhone 4 16 gb black. Mod can u tell what’s the charges for full unlock ? Thanks

  66. Moderator: Kaz

    @asif – The person who originally purchased this phone will have to contact our customer services to unlock the phone. I’m afraid no one else will be to unlock it.

  67. asif

    hi there ,
    i bought a iphone 4 3 network today from ebay.its ios5. but the seller told me that its unlock but its lock on 3 network.i went to a shop but none of them r able to unlock the iphone. so is there any chance that i can unlocked it through 3 ??? please let me know …thanks …asif

  68. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Tyrone – Sorry, we don’t current support Visual Voicemail. This is something that we’re currently looking into.

  69. tyrone

    My visual voicemail on iphone 4 does not seem available, can you advise??

  70. Moderator: Kaz

    @Nicola Sargent – You just need to give 333 a call to unlock your phone. There is a £15 charge.

  71. Nicola Sargent

    I have an iphone 4 which is locked to three how do I go about getting it unlocked please. I have a monthly contract with yourselves and intend to stay with you after it is unlocked but just need to have the phone unlocked.

    Many Thanks

  72. Moderator: Kaz

    @Anthony Vella – You can unlocked your phone for a cost of £15, just give our customer services a call, the contact numbers can be found here

  73. Anthony Vella

    Hi I have An iphone 4 locked to 3 and living in Malta for the time being.I would like to know if its possible to unlock it ,how much will it cost me and the procedures involved.
    Thanks for your help

  74. Moderator

    @Nik – Dropping you an email now…

  75. Moderator

    @Bittersweet – Brilliant news! Enjoy your shiny new iPhone 4 :-)

  76. Moderator

    @Tony – Yes I’m afraid the delivery date is the 28th and some stores have stock for new customers.

  77. Moderator

    @Alex – Sorry about the delay. Have the SIM details been transferred now? If not I can drop you an email and take a look into this for you.

  78. Stampy

    Thanks for the update, Mod!

    I’ve lived with the “problem” for a year now – think I can put up with it for a bit longer!!!

  79. nik

    @mod cud u plz help me out with insurance amount ive been charged even though i have cancelled my contract in a week

  80. Moderator

    @Ally Macrae – Sorry you didn’t get your iPhone :-( I’m going to look into the bankcards issue for you though as I had no idea we don’t accept Yorkshire/Clydesdale!

  81. Moderator

    @Stampy – Ok that sounds really frustrating! We don’t want you to have to leg it outside just to speak on the phone. There aren’t any faults on your nearby masts but you’ve got a new mast arriving on January 2… (2011 in case you’re wondering!)

  82. Moderator

    @Phil – That’s great to hear Phil! It’s nice to have a little bit of positive feedback :-)

  83. Moderator

    @Phil – We’re always hesitant to release dates as so much can change but pre-Christmas is a fairly safe bet :-)

  84. BitterSweet

    I’ve just received my beloved iPhone 4 today as it’s been delivered one day early. Thank you so much, Three, very appreciated that. By the way the courier and Three service have improved by giving the updates all the time via text messages plus I also knew when exactly the delivery would come and knock on my door. Thanks again.

  85. Tony

    I contacted 3 a couple of weeks ago for an upgrade and was told that it would be delivered 28/10. I have since contacted 2 different 3 stores and both have iphone 4 stock available howeveri cant upgrade in store as their stock are for new customers only. Is this correct?

  86. Alex

    Update .. phoned customer services to activate my sim over 24 hours ago.

    just phoned customer services… due to a technical issue .. it hasn’t been done .. it could take another 24 hours..

    This is a downright poor service

    I was quite happy with 3 up to this point, not so much now!

  87. Moderator

    @Aaron – If you want me to check the Three network coverage in your area I’ll happily do so before you make any decisions :-)

  88. Moderator

    @Stu M – Great that you’ve got your iPhone 4 sorted, the delivery date will be hear before you know it! I’m afraid I can’t do as you’ve asked, you’ll need to give 333 a bell. If you have any issues though give me a shout and I’ll arrange for the team to call you.

  89. Moderator

    @Andy Heath – You should be able to upgrade earlier than your last month :-) At the time that standard was set we were struggling to get hold of enough iPhone 4s to satisfy demand. Stock is flowing a little more easily now. You’ll have to confirm the pay out amount with 333 but yes you’ll start a new contract and can keep your number. If you are able to wait for the last month of your contract though you’ll get a much better deal ;-)

  90. Alex


    Thanks, however my situation is an upgrade .. not sure whether yours is/was.

    The phone is active however the Sim details have not been transferred over to my micro sim yet .. and it’s been nearly 24 hours.. quite disappointing to be honest.

    @Moderator .. is there anyway you can hurry this along?

  91. Ally Macrae

    I ordered an iphone 4 one via 3 about a month ago and after the mods helped I got a chap called Chris Lamont from the “Executive Office” who told me that they didnt have any left!!

    This was 2 weeks after the initial order and a week after a scouse girl from 3 told me that they couldnt accept Yorkshire/clydesdale Bank cards??? So disappointed as was really looking forward to getting my little toy, i rarely treat myslef being a father of three wee ones.

    Also tried Apple Store direct but couldn’t get finance – god knows why as my credit’s fine – looks like Im destined not to get one!!

    Really rather poor service – mods on here apart – from everyone involved. Have written to Kath Hennessey at the Guardian with my elongated story.

    Moral of this is don’t take anything for granted even if your service provider has taken our order.

  92. Paul C


    My activation took about 7 hours, although that was on the day they came out where activations were going on all day.

    Paul C

  93. Alex

    How long are activations taking at the moment?

  94. Stampy

    Hi Mod…

    Is there any problems with masts in my area – I can only get 1 bar of signal strength on my iPhone4 at home.

    I did contact 3 via the website (using the Coverage page) in June about this and was told that work was planned to upgrade near me in August/September.

    The signal does go up to 3 or 4 bars when I go to my parents house or work (both about 3/4 mile away from my house)

    It’s annoying, because everytime I make/recieve a call at home – my iPhone drops the call due to lack of signal, unless I run outside where the signal might just creep up to 2 bars.

    My postcode is PE3 [removed by Mod] for reference!

    Thanks for any help – and keep up the great (other than at home!) service from 3….

  95. Phil

    Aaron. I’ve been with 3 for 3 years and have never had a network signal problem. In fact, there have been a number of times when I’ve had signal and my friends on other networks have not. Give 3 a go. It’s easy to think bad as some of the negative issues get highlighted on this blog, but I have to say they are by far the best network I’ve ever been with in 20 years of having a mobile.

  96. Phil


    Just wondered if there was a rough idea of when the Nokia N8 would be available on 3? I’m happy to wait until whenever, but before Christmas would be just ideal to me.

    Many thanks for your help. You do a great job.


  97. Paul C

    @ Mod, with regards to my earlier post about the phone and arrow symbol, can I also add that I have an Iphone 4.



  98. Paul C

    @ Mod,

    Hi Mod, apologies if this has been asked already, I had a scan through but couldn’t see anything.

    I’m just back to the UK from Madrid and during the holiday, a phone symbol with an arrow beside it (pointing out between the speaker and ear piece, although not touching) appeared and hasn’t yet went away. It’s to the left just next to the 3G. This happened about 2 days ago. I’ve checked through Google and can’t seem to find a reason for it. It’s greyed out but when I click through to use something it turns blue. My phone has been switched off and on several times since and it’s still there.

    Any ideas on what it could be?

    During my time in Madrid, I had Mobile Data switched off and didn’t once use roaming. I did make a call and receive a call but the symbol was there before the call.

    The Carrier in Madrid is Movistar.

    Thanks for your help


  99. nik

    i took an iphone 4 contract with 3, as i was not happy with it had to cancel the contract within the 14 days period. today i was charged £12 for insurance. when i called 3 customer service to cancel the contract they never told me to cancel the insurance as well. i thought they were all included together. 3 is not refunding my money i paid for insurance. very bad customer service in india. i feel like being cheated.

  100. Moderator

    @Nic – I can see that visual voicemail is an important feature for you. I am still collating feedback on it and if there is an opportunity to introduce it then I’ll update you.

  101. Aaron

    i was just wondering, i am getting a iphone 4 on 3, and i have heard that the 3 network signal is rubbish. it is always 1-2 bar.doe this effect internet speed?

  102. Moderator

    @Michele – I don’t know Michele but we’ll post when it’s ready.

  103. Moderator

    @Grrimm – Arr thanks for your positive feedback :-)

  104. michele

    how much longer for the three app…. apple are taking there time to approve it …

  105. Stu M

    @Mod: Thanks I’ve phoned 333 today and they have informed me that I will be on an Internet Texter 500 plan for £30 per month on my iphone, but it can’t be delivered until 28/10 :( Never mind I’ll have to wait. Can you check to see if both my phones were moved onto this tarriff and both will be iphone 4′s. He did try to send me some other simcards for friends and said they would be £10 per month and I refused these, but I’m not sure he understood that so could you make sure I’m not getting these? Thanks

  106. Andy Heath

    @mod, Sorry.. couple of questions if you don’t mind… and sorry if this has already been asked,

    I’ll be in the 110 days of my contract end on 10th November. On the iPhone4 page of your site it says “Three customers in the last month of their current contract can upgrade to iPhone 4″ does this mean I’m unable to upgrade until my last month?

    If so, If I pay the quoted £70 to buy myself out of my current contract can I then take out a new 24 month contract and keep my current number?


  107. John S

    HI my Internet access problems have now been sorted out, have managed to get the filter lifted via cs on 333.
    Thank you

  108. Nic

    @Mod. Thanks for your reply regarding visual voicemail or lack of. It’s not that I was mislead into thinking you did support it, I just couldn’t see why you wouldn’t – so the thought never even crossed my mind to ask! Your sales agent never mentioned that I would lose this feature if I left o2 and joined Three!

    One of the reasons I switched to Three was that I felt they were making a lot of effort to become the most technologically advanced network and were investing a lot of money into new technology (what with the mifi units etc). I just feel really let down that a major feature that I’ve had since I first got my iphone3g back in june 2008 is not even available on your network – your over 2 years behind, guys! Thats something Three really need to sort out quickly if they want to be the UKs no1 Iphone provider.


  109. John S

    Have replied to your email.
    Thank you

  110. Moderator

    @Tim. W – I was glad I was here to help you through the difficult patch. Enjoy your new phone! :-)

  111. Moderator

    @Nic – I’m afraid we don’t support visual voicemail at the moment, sorry if you thought we did :-(

  112. Moderator

    @Stu M – I’ve had a chat to our team and it sounds like it was a rogue affiliate…Still really sorry you were treated like that. We have plenty of iPhone 4s in stock now. I can arrange for the team to call you to discuss an upgrade if that’s easier for you?

  113. Moderator

    @John S – Great that you want to stay with us. I can arrange a call to get the filter lifted for you.

  114. michele

    @Michele – No we don’t I’m afraid. Did your content filter issue get resolved ok?

    i hope so . will soon find out on my next bill .

  115. Stu M

    @Mod: Thanks for replying and for some reason the post disappeared and then reappeared again. Maybe my browser. Not phoned 333 yet as I was quite annoyed, but will do soon. What is the iphone 4 availability like at the moment?

  116. Moderator

    @Michele – No we don’t I’m afraid. Did your content filter issue get resolved ok?

  117. John S

    Mr Moderator, i honestly want to stay with 3 but this issue is making it very frustrating and difficult, i presume you have my email address from this response form.

    Can you please email me the details of how to confirm i am an adult over 18 to enable proper internet access.

    Thank you for your help.

  118. Moderator

    @John S – Well that’s up to you but please let me know if you want me to arrange another call, the content filter should have been lifted with immediate effect and can be done quickly. Sorry it didn’t work first time :-(

  119. Moderator

    @Blair – I don’t know what’s up but sorry your iPhone 4 didn’t come. You can always call 333 for an update on your delivery but if you still haven’t got it I can take a look for you?

  120. Moderator

    @Snogs – No Facetime is iPhone 4 specific I’m afraid.

  121. Moderator

    @Stu M – Your comment hasn’t been deleted… :-) Thanks for your feedback, I’ll pass this on to our affiliates manager. We definitely are still selling the 3GS and you can upgrade to the iPhone4, sorry you were given the wrong advice and were treated so poorly. Have you tried calling 333 if you’re looking to upgrade your phone?

  122. Grrimm

    @Mod – After reporting a question about being charged for removal of the internet block on here I think it fair to post a comment about quick and efficient my query has been handled. As promised a member of customer services contacted me and explained how the block had been removed and sorted out the very small overcharge. Thank you for your quick and efficient service. All I need now is to find a deal where I get a discount on a second contract as I wouldn’t hesitate to take out another with 3.

  123. John S

    Spoke to CS via 333 yesterday they promised the Internet Filter would be removed but it is still present,
    as i am still in my 14 days looks like i will be returning the phone and cancelling the contract.

  124. Moderator

    @Steve Willett – So sorry you’ve had to wait so long to get your hands on your iPhone! I hope the wait is worth it ;-) We’ve struggled to manage limited stock of iPhone 4s but that’s no excuse for moving delivery dates etc. I’ll forward your feedback to the right team and get the process investigated.

  125. Moderator

    @Dani – I hope you still enjoy your iPhone 4 without visual voicemail and yes I can help with the smtp settings: outgoing email (SMTP): smtp-mbb.three.co.uk and use port 587.

  126. Stu M

    Why was my comment deleted and no reply given from yesterday?

  127. Moderator

    @Tim K – I’m sorry to hear that, sounds really odd to me. I’ve sent you an email. If you can respond with a few details I’ll get this looked into asap for you.

  128. Moderator

    @Bobby – Great that you iPhone is so fast and you love Facetime :-) We don’t have any plans to make it available on 3G I’m afraid so you’ll have to stick to WiFi at the mo. Thanks for your feedback though.

  129. Moderator

    @sach – Any luck?

  130. Moderator

    @Bittersweet – A deal from this blog? Hmmm a deal from 333 you mean :-) Really pleased you’re happy with the deal you struck. Let us know how you get on with your new phone ;-)

  131. John S

    Can the Moderator please contact me to get the ridiculous Internet Content Filter removed from my account.
    Thank you

  132. michele


    hi mod .. do three have an add on for MMS… i know i have free picture mail , but i like sending photos directly to another phone rather than email …. MMS cost 25p per message thats why i want to know if there is an add for this that i can purches ?.. many thanks

  133. Nic


    Just got my iphone 4 on 3 Mobile after making the switch from o2. I have to say that I’m absolutely gutted that visual voicemail is not supported. I handle a large amount of calls each day and to have to call up and collect voicemail is going to be an absolute pain for me. o2 offered this as standard on my iphone 3g that I’ve had for 2 years – I feel like I’ve taken a step backwards.

    Nic :-(

  134. sach

    i have just recieved a text stating the delivery will be tommorow, i surely hope so!

  135. Moderator

    @John Duncan – Hmm sorry you had a bit of a mission with this. It turns out we do have a simpler process, that doesn’t help you now but gives me a little peace of mind. Can you let me know where you ordered it from and we can check this out?

  136. Blair

    Hey my iphone 4 was supposed to come today and hasn’t whats up?

  137. Tim. W

    On the dot delivery today.. After all the hassle im well happy with the end result. just awaiting to be activated. Thanks mod for the support! :)

  138. Snogs

    @Mod – No, the wife doesn’t have an iPhone – does that mean I cannot make a video call to her (she has another phone that supports video calling)

  139. Stu M

    Very unhappy with someone that just phoned from a company working on behalf of Three.

    My current contract is 3 weeks away from expiring and he phoned to say that I was entitled to an upgrade. He then went on to trying to sell me a Viewty phone. I informed him that I was interested in the iphone 4. He informed me that Three do not do the iphone 3GS anymore and that the iphone 4 is not available on upgrade and that I would have to start a whole new contract with a new number etc. I stated that Three do offer the iphone 4 on upgrades as its on your website and you do still offer the 3GS version. I informed him that I would have to think about it as I really wanted the iphone 4. He wouldn’t have it and then basically said “well you have my number” and hung up on me because I wouldn’t accept the Viewty.

    So is this true then I can’t have an iphone 4?
    I have been a customer of Three for nearly 3 years now and this is the worst that I have been treated.
    Not happy at all.

  140. Tim. W

    Delivery should be here today according to the email And phone call I had, so fingers crossed.

  141. Steve Willett

    Hi 3! I was told I could upgrade my N97 on 22nd September by one of your team when the iPhone 4 was released in July – 12 weeks wait – it was tough! Anyway, I called with 3 weeks to go just to be sure everything was OK with stock and to enquire if I could put an advance order in – No was the reply – just call us on 22nd and we will have one to you for 23rd – great. I then called again (maybe I have OCD!) with a week to go, again to check on the details etc – was again told everything was fine. Anyway – when I placed my order on the 22nd – you said there were no iPhones available until 30th September – not happy!! Stuck with it as it was only a week.
    Then got a phone call on 24th September to tell me the phone is now on back order and it will be 6th October before I can have it sent out. I am waiting with baited breath for a phone call at the end of this week to tell me it will be 13th October!
    As a side, I was in town on Saturday and noticed the 3 Store had a sticker in the window which stated they had them in stock that morning – so I popped in. Sure enough they did! Couldn’t get one though – I was told I had to go home, cancel the order then go back and pick one up – only catch, they couldn’t match the tariff and instead of £30 upfront they want £100 – Eh – how’s that??? Service is not as it should be. I mean – why couldn’t they simply cancel the order at the shop for 6th October, hand an iPhone over and then have the phone re-stocked on 6th October – mystery.
    I hope it arrives on 6th October!

  142. Dani

    I bought my new iphone 4 on 3 at the weekend. I too am a little disappointed about the visual voicemail, I did not realise when I bought it that it was not available on 3. It’s not a deal-breaker but is something of a shame.

    Also I can’t seem to send any emails from the mail app. Mod are you able to provide the correct smtp settings for 3?



  143. Tim K

    Really am disgusted by Three mobile. Cant keep promises phone delivery has now gone back till 8th October after being promised that 30th is my delivery date. Been messed about far too much now and no manager will speak to me.

    After 7 years ill be going else where!

  144. Bobby

    Facetime is brilliant, but are there plans to allow you to use it over your 3 connection? I believe it’s already possible if your phone is jailbreaked.

    My 3 internet connection on my iphone is definitely fast enough to sustain facetime, it’s typically at least 4 times (and mostly 10x) faster than my home broadband.

  145. sach

    hi, i upgraded to the iphone 4 on the 21st of september, and was told that the handset would be delivered the 24th, which has now come and gone, when i rang customer services, there response was ‘high demand’, they also denied me being told that the phone was going to be delivered by the 24th,

    and also was wondering wether id still be legible for the free bumper case from apple if the phone is delivered later than the 30thseptember??

    although the three website states that the iphone is in stock and can be delivered by the 29th, i have only received a text ‘outlining the details of return policy’, without the product, i cannot say that im happy with the service so far,

    where is my phone?

    upgrade was made 21st, was told at the time the phone would be delivered by the 24th, and now it is the 27th…………………

  146. Moderator

    @mudasir – was you iPhone 4 bought from a store, online or through telesales? Or have you upgraded?

  147. Moderator

    @Jaka – the £30 iPhone 4 deal online at the moment is for the 16GB version – you can find the details here. Don’t worry too much about the valid until 30th September line – this is a legal bit we have to include, but it doesn’t mean that the deal won’t be available throughout October.

  148. Moderator

    @Tim. W – oh no! Have you placed your new order? I’d like to keep a really close eye on this one… I’ll drop you an email, but can you send me your order number (beginning 37 or 38) when you have confirmation from us? We’ll check what’s happening in the system.

  149. Moderator

    @Snogs – Facetime on the iPhone 4 only works over WiFi – plus you’ll need to be calling another iPhone 4 owner also on WiFi. Were you definitely on WiFi? And does your wife use an iPhone 4? Let me know, and if you’re still having problems we’ll get it looked into :-)

  150. Moderator

    @Joel – whoopee! Great news :-). Let us know how you get on.

  151. Moderator

    @michele – 0.facebook.com is free on all of our phones, it’s a ‘skinny’ version of m.facebook.com which is their main mobile site. At the moment, it’s only the browser version of 0.facebook.com that’s free, not the iPhone app. Hope that helps.

  152. Moderator

    @Grrimm – really sorry if we’ve overcharged you. I’ll get someone to take a look at this and give you a call.

  153. BitterSweet

    Been offered a deal from this blog, I have to say the way they work was pretty fascinating, fast and responsive. After spending nearly an hour talking with one of their sales staff on the phone, informed that their team worked up whole day discussing about my profile how to give me the best deal (for being their almost 6 years loyal customer holding 2 contracts), I was totally disappointed in how inflexible they were, our conversation was ended unhappily with no upgrade.

    A day later, I rang the 3 Customer Service and they put me through the upgrading team, spoke with some_random sales agent, and then wow! I finally got quite a good (not great) deal I’ve been looking for with no_sweat whilst the yesterday-sales agent has been calling me still at the same time offering the old same bad expensive inflexible deal (VERY special offer from this blog). Anyway I’m quite happy now, lets hope the delivery and next month bill wouldn’t have me shocked to death. The approx. time waiting until the delivery day now is about 2 weeks (16GB) with £1.95 delivery charge for your information. Hope everything goes well, finger x. :)

  154. Moderator

    @Kieran – I’ll drop you an email. We’ll take a look at the status of your delivery, and if it’s not possible to get it to you before Thursday we’ll cancel it for you. You should be able to sign up in store too :-)

  155. mudasir saeed

    the iphone doe collected the iphone today, but it doesn’t come with the microsims have bluetooth but it wont blutooth to another phone

  156. Tim. W

    Right after having my order cancelled by three I re ordered yesterday. Since then I have received a phone call from three saying my phone will be here tomorrow. What a nightmare. It’s gonna be like Christmas tomorrow I cant wait!!

  157. Grrimm

    Hi I was going to send a comment here to praise the mods and three for removing my internet block BUT I have just received my draft bill and it seems to have a charge of £3.61 extra. It also shows that 3 are going to take £38.61 from my account. This looks like I’ve been charged to have the block removed. When the customer services guy rang me I specifically asked ” is there any extra charge” and was told that there was not.Can someone look into this as I do not want to pay extra?

  158. Kireran

    I ordered a week a go, was only worried because i had heard nothing.
    I will be away as of thursday for a while. Is there anyway I could cancel the purchase and just go in store to set up a contract?
    If so are they able to do this in store?

  159. Moderator

    @Kiereran – You’ll only be debited for your iPhone when it is dispatched. When did you place your order and where you given a delivery date?

  160. Moderator

    @John Duncan – Thanks for flagging this crazy process. I’ll feed this back and see if it’s what we normally do.

  161. Moderator

    @Phil – Sorry you’ve had this issue, I’ll drop you an email and double check this for you.

  162. Jaka

    I have seen this offer on your web page. And it is for 30 £ a month deal. In the bottom of the page it says it is valid until 30th September.

  163. Moderator

    @Steviethepar – Phew pleased you’re sorted. Hope you like your iPhone 4 :-) Thanks for the SIM instruction feedback, I’ll pass it on. We’re aware that our data usage on My3 could be a little more accurate – if you close the session properly and then look again it should update. Can you let me know if it does?

  164. Moderator

    @MatadorTK – As you say we are working on a long-term fix to lift the content filter from all our over 18 year old’s handsets but we have a quick fix that I can arrange for you now. I’ll email you :-)

  165. Moderator

    @Jaka – Sorry I don’t know which iPhone 4 offer you’re talking about… Where have you seen it?

  166. Moderator

    @Emma – I’m afraid you were given the wrong info. Free Skype is not available on our iPhone 4s. So yes the phone message is correct – Skype is only free for you to use when you’re connected to WiFi.

  167. Moderator

    @Will – I hope you’re sorted now and sorry I wasn’t able to respond on Friday. I hope you inserted your new SIM ok, gave the number a call and activated your phone as stated here.

  168. Moderator

    @Lewys Dring – You can get an early upgrade but I’m afraid I can’t give you a set cost. The nearer you get to your upgrade date the cheaper it will be and the best deal you’ll be offered. Give 333 a call and the upgrade team will give you the best deals they can offer.

  169. Tim. W

    To many tim’s on here lol. Had my order cancelled again today whats going on. No contact just an email saying that I will have to re order yet again this is that last time before I too shop elsewhere!

  170. Snogs

    Quick question – I went to do a video call to my wife (also on 3) the other day – no option to do so – She tried making the call and came back with an error message saying it was not possible to connect.

    Does iphone 4 only support facetime video calls?

  171. Joel

    Called up again and to much joy I have actually been given confirmation of the delivery tomorrow. (Why I have not received texts about anything is unclear). What a relief, should have just gone into a store and got one immediately though as its been a week and a half wait for no reason. Pleased with the deal though and Mod, keep up the good work :D

  172. Moderator

    @Tim – Great you’re getting it Thursday. Give me a shout if you need to though.

  173. michele


    hi mod ive just seen this on the three site..

    Three is now offering its customers free mobile browsing on the new 0.facebook.com site. By sponsoring 0.facebook.com Three is enabling its customers to stay connected through Facebook with their friends and family from any mobile Web browser without incurring any data charges. .

    is this also free to use using iphone 4 ? and if so is it free via the facebook app or do we need to load facebook via a browser ?

  174. Tim

    Been told 30th is my delivery date. Lets hope this time it does come or ill be going elsewhere

  175. Joel

    Well, I’m not surprised but I have not received any text still so I’m not getting it by the 28th September as promised, despite the stock being in (and being told I am on a priority list too, I may add). Would it help ifIi just went into a 3 store and got one from there, or at least talk with someone? I just get the usual “48 hour” text response from calling up.

  176. Tim

    I have re ordered with a delivery date for tomorrow.. I wont hold my breath!

  177. Tim

    Just had an email saying my order has been cancelled and 3 have been trying to get in contact with me, they say I have to re order… What a load of RUBBISH.

  178. Tim

    Delivery date was for the 21st of September, I was sent a Confirmation e-mail of my order but no contact since.

  179. Moderator

    @Tim – I’ve checked and we have plenty of iPhone 4s in stock. There shouldn’t be a problem dispatching your phone for your delivery date, can you remind me what date you’ve been given? I’ve just discovered that your money will only be debited from your account when your phone is dispatched.

  180. Tim

    Still hanging in there. No money debited still.

  181. Kireran

    Hi mod, i have placed an order and received a confirmation email but i have not received anymore info on delivery and i have not been debitted for the buy. Was wondering if you could shed some light on whats going on?

  182. John Duncan

    @Mod. Just want to highlight a problem. I ordered a SIM only pay monthly for my iPhone 4. Three sales person said he can only send out a normal SIM card and I have to call customers services when it arrives and ask for a micro SIM. This seems a long and drawn out process. I have received my SIM and have called customer services and I’m now waiting for the micro SIM to arrive.

  183. phil

    Hi Moderator,,

    Please can you help. really want to move onto a three mobile contract for the iphone; not all that happy with current contract and provider. only thing is i have failed the credit check; not only is this embarrassing but also confusing- i know i don’t have bad credit and cannot understand why this would be.

    Help please,


  184. steviethepar

    finallly got iphone4 and sorted oot. Thanks for help mod. Only comment on microsim, took while to realise that on the back of simcard instructions, note to phone 0800 number to transfer across from old sim and activate, simple I know but simcard and instructions had seperated and didnt see until I rummaged in bottom of delivery package…

    Only problem now, sent couple of mms picture txt, but shows on usage that I have been charged for them and allowance still sits at 200.

  185. MatadorTK

    Dear Mod. I understand it is not just me who is getting frustrated with an age verification block from Three on my iPhone 4 data plan. I would appreciate if you could help me with this. Why it hasn’t been sorted yet on the mass level? Thank you in advance

  186. Jaka

    Hi! I have seen that Three has this offer for iPhone 4 valid until 30th September 2010. So what that means? A price cut or what? Any information would be very helpful.

  187. Tim

    @mod thanks for all the work you are putting in :)

  188. Moderator

    @Will – Assume it’s running smoothly and I’m trying to find out more info on the confirmation process so I can report back to you all.

  189. Moderator

    @Joel – We’re checking this out Joel and trying to get more info on how long the deliveries should take.

  190. Moderator

    @Matthomas – We have some advice on activating your iPhone on our help & support section of three.co.uk. Which part are you having trouble with?

  191. Moderator

    @Tim – I’m looking into this and trying to get some feedback. We’ve had a number of iPhone delivery queries so I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. I don’t think a call from us will help at the mo, so sorry please hang tight for a bit.

  192. Moderator

    @Matt Richards – Sorry you’re disappointed with the lack of Visual Voicemail. Out of interest , why did you choose migrate to Three?

  193. Moderator

    @Michele – It’s with Apple for approvals :-)

  194. Moderator

    @Daniel Durrans – Wow that’s a mixed bag of feedback, but pleased you’re happy with our network! :-) Hmm sorry the content filter was an issue for you but glad it’s sorted now. We’ve had a fair bit of feedback asking for visual voicemail and I’m continuing to monitor this. We’re a 3G network so you’re right, our phones aren’t able to be switched to 2G in their settings. We’re looking at how we display our data usage but you should receive an sms letting you know once you’ve used 80%.

  195. Emma

    I just upgraded to an iphone 4 with 3. Used to have a sony ericsson with skype on it. I use skype a lot to speak with friends abroad so before I upgraded I asked to make sure that I will be able to use skype without beeing charged and I was assured that would be the case. I just tried to connect to skype and it came up with a message saying that to avoid extra charges I should connect with a wifi network? Please can someone tell me what that means? Does it mean that I will be charged unless I connect with wifi?

  196. Joel

    Still nothing, called support and got the same response about receiving a text at some point 48 hours before…not getting anywhere but others are getting deliveries straight away. What’s going on?

  197. Bobby


    Phone duly arrived this morning, as I was promised it would by three customer services on Wednesday. Thanks very much for the information – it was very helpful.

  198. Tim

    Still no money debited from my account :(

  199. Ben Macdonald

    Hi, Forgot to post yesterday but my iPhone 4 came yesterday and what a phone it is really pleased at how quickly it came

  200. Chris Pritchard

    I ordered my phone on Tuesday evening, with today as an estimated delivery date. I phoned up this morning as it wasn’t dispatched yesterday and the person “confirmed” that it was in the warehouse, ready to go and I would definitely have had a dispatch email by 2000 today, it’s past 2000 and still nothing, Unfortunately having it delivered any day later than Monday is a real pain as I am not going to be around and it will then have to be sent on to me at a different address. I was told by the person at the end of the phone I wouldn’t be able to give a different delivery address, so I now have to shell out to have it forwarded to a new address because you were late.

  201. Ali

    I placed an order for an Iphone on Monday after 12pm and it said next delivery date as Wednesday 22nd I have still not had my Iphone 3 days later? Mod you have mentioned that you get a text “48hours” before the phone will be delivered? I am not sure how this is possible if the website states “free next day delivery”????

    I have still not had a text as of yet does this mean my phone is likely to be dilvered on 28th Sept? 5 working days after I placed my order??

    please help!!

  202. Will

    I am so confused! I got my iphone 4 today YAY!! and it came with the micro sim YAY!! but very little instructions as to how I switch the sim over from my standard sim?? do I need to put the micro sim in the iphone before ringing the number?? do I need to activate the iphone before sorting out the sim?? now I have an iphone but I’m at a loss as to how to set it up! a quick responce??

  203. Joel

    No, I still have not received any text or information on when I will be getting the phone delivered. As it has been a week now I will call 333 and enquire – just don’t want to cause hassle over it or sound ungrateful haha. Just not knowing anything about when I can have it and the fact that my current/old phone lasts about 5 hours is making the wait drag on…

  204. Mattthomas

    Hey mod,

    my iphone 4 has finally arrived but its not activating! This is so annoying its nearly been a day now and i would like to use my phone :(. Please respond with any advice/update to my situation.

    Cheers matt

  205. Tim

    @ mod that would be great. A pm call would suit better as the only number that I could give Three is my Wife’s.


  206. Moderator

    @Ally Macrae – Cheeky!

  207. Moderator

    @Nathan Holmes – Who confirmed your delivery for the 21st Sep? That definitely shouldn’t have been promised. You’ll receive a text 48hours before your phone’s delivered.

  208. Moderator

    @Ian – I’m looking into this as quite a few of you guys have now told me we’re not taking money from you! You’ll receive your delivery date 48 hours beforehand and then get a time of delivery text, that morning…

  209. Moderator

    @Visser – Take a look through these comments, we’ve had one or two but just the same issues as any other network :-)

  210. Moderator

    @Joel – We had to juggle minimal stock for a while and yes it’s a bit rubbish that a few of our customers ordered their phones first and are getting them later. Have you been given a confirmed delivery date yet?

  211. Moderator

    @Bobby – You should receive a text message from the delivery agent on the morning of your iPhone delivery letting you know what time it’ll come…

  212. Moderator

    @Ben MacDonald – If you’re using WiFi that has additional charge then yes it’ll be free…

  213. Moderator

    @Tim – I’m trying to find out how long it takes for a customer’s money to be debited as I’ve had a couple of comments like yours but in the meantime would you like me to arrange a call to look into your price plan and delivery date etc?

  214. Matt Richards

    No visual voicemail!? I’ve had this feature for 3 years with O2 I’m already beginning to regret migrating to Three.

  215. michele


    how long till the three app for the iphone ?

  216. Will

    Hi I have agreed through 333 to an upgrade to iphone 4. I have not had any confirmation though but have noticed that the price of the phone has been added onto my “since your last bill you’ve spent” on the my3 site. Should I have recieved any other confirmation? or do I just assume that everything is running smoothly and to plan?

  217. Daniel Durrans

    The biggest problems I have experienced since moving from O2 to Three with my iPhone 4 are:

    1. Content filter. It took ages to get the Three contact centre to understand that I didn’t want Three’s own porn website but totally unfiltered internet access. Managed it in the end but it did feel like I was going round the houses a little too much.

    2. Lack of visual voicemail: This is a key feature of the iPhone and something that I miss now that I have moved networks. I don’t think Three make it clear enough that they don’t support visual voicemail. Receiving a text alert is not the same.

    3. 3G enabled/disabled switch. This appears to have been configured by the carrier settings file foisted upon me. While I understand that it is in Three’s best interest to keep people on the 3G network as much as possible I also find it annoying that when I am in a no 3G signal area the phone spends all its time hunting for a signal and draining the battery.

    4. Data use counter. I can find out how many texts and calls I have gone through but it would be handy to know how much data I have used:

    This month
    On average over a given period

    Other than that I must say that I am impressed with the Three network compared to O2. Coverage is much better than I expected and in a strong signal area the data throughput is extremely fast.

  218. Ally Macrae

    Hi mod, any further on with mine from yesterday?, I see you’ve awoke from this mornings slumber!
    BTW my emails .com not .co.uk as I put yesterday, sorry for confusion. Would love an update as now a week old order.

  219. Moderator

    @Banman – We haven’t announced whether we’re ranging it yet, so sorry no deal info!

  220. Tim

    I am now sick and tired of being lied to by 3 constantly. In the past week I have spent over 6 hours on the phone to three customer support (most being put on hold!), I have been lied to about my price plan, delivery date on numerous occasions and no one seems to be taking responsibility. I am at the end of my tether and will be contacting watchdog over this as this is disgusting how you can treat a valued customer of 7 years like this!!!

  221. Ian

    and there wasn’t any paid out from my bank yet, will the delivery be on time?

  222. Ally Macrae

    Hi Mod, It’s .com not .co.uk as amended, sorry for mistake
    Cheers ally
    Any help, assistance very welcome

  223. Nathan Holmes

    I was meant to have recieved my iphone today 21st sept. Waited all day for the delivery man to arrive and i have now been told by three thay they haven’t got the iphone in stock and have to wait untill the 30th sept. Why promise something you cant guarantee. Will this phone even arrive on the 30th Sept. Do you have any more information on the matter. Thanks

  224. Ian

    I have oredered an iphone 4 last friday 17 sept, I have only got an email about the deal’s details but no other confirmation email from 3

  225. Visser.

    How is the connection with the iphone 4 on three? any good?

  226. Joel

    Cheers for the response. A bit gutted, the delivery seems like it wont be until next week then…people purchasing the phone after me are getting it earlier it seems and i’m an upgrading existing customer. Stock is in so what’s up?

  227. Bobby

    I ordered an iphone Friday, three phoned me to confirm details Saturday and I was told the order was now being processed. I’d asked for delivery today, but I note, not money has been taken from my credit card and I’ve not had the confirmation email to say phone is despatched.

    It’s not an awful big deal, but now delivery comes an issue as it’s the only day this month someone was in all day. It still might come, I suppose.

  228. Tim

    @ MOD I ordered an iphone 4 on Friday 17th Sept and had an earliest delivery date of Tuesday 21st Sept, £99 initial payment has not be debited from my bank. A little more communication wouldn’t go a miss, as I am out of contract and phone less.

    Many thanks.


  229. Ben Macdonald

    Hi Moderator, sorry about all the questions but if i connect my IPhone 4 to my router via wifi will 3 charge me for this or is it free

  230. Moderator

    @ardan – I’m afraid we don’t have any white iPhone 4s and neither does anyone else! As soon as Apple begin stocking them we’ll be able to update.

  231. Moderator

    @Ben MacDonald – Not until the morning of delivery. Then you’ll get a text from the delivery agent.

  232. Moderator

    @Ally Macrae – That does sound a bit odd. I’m going to send you an email to get some info from you and then we can check out whether your phone has been ordered. We do have stock though :-)

    Your email address keeps bouncing – can you post it for me again please and I won’t publish it.

  233. Moderator

    @Joel – You will receive a text message letting you know your delivery date 48 hours before delivery and then on the morning of delivery you’ll get a text from the delivery agent letting you know what time. Pleased you’re chuffed with the offer you got on your shiny new iPhone 4, I hope you enjoy it! :-)

  234. Moderator

    @SAM – Yes your order certainly should be on the system. I’ve dropped you an email so we can look into this for you.

  235. richard dy

    I’ve got the phone from 3 here in liverpool, a new contract with 3 for 10days now, originaly from vodafone and just moved to 3 and retain the original number: problem is my iphone is not receiving calls & text, only the 3 technical servicescan ring me but not the other mobiles fron voda or any other landlines… please help!!!

  236. Moderator

    @Jam Jizzles – You aren’t currently paying for visual voicemail, but to introduce it will mean we incur a cost which may have to be passed on. It’s been useful getting feedback from you guys and I’ll continue to do so, but at the mo we haven’t got plans to launch it. We are a 3G network so you can’t switch off 3G I’m afraid.

  237. ardan

    Hi moderator, I want the Iphone4 in WHITE from 3 when will it become available for me to order one in white?

  238. Banman

    Hi Mod, can you confirm any deals available for the new Nokia N8 on three yet?

  239. Joel

    I upgraded my contract to an iphone 4 deal on the 16th september (very good offer, very happy), I was told that I would get a text with my delivery details but still have not heard anything – I tried calling twice today but got through to a recorded message (understandably they are very busy and I don’t want to be annoying) saying again that I would receive a text. I’m just wondering how long the wait will be, was told at one point last week that it will be some day before the 28th september. Just want to know a more solid date, hopefully its in the next couple of days as I may be away later :S. Cheers for any response, sorry to be asking a question i’m sure many fellow impatient people are annoying you with :P

  240. Ally Macrae

    I ordered an iphone 4 on Wednesday 15th Sept and had the webpage give me an “earliest delivery date” of Friday 17th Sept, After this date came and went I emailed 3 and 24hours later got an email telling me to phone 3 to discuss. I also note that the initial £99 has not be debited from my bank card and there is no sign nor update of the order’s progress via promised email – Either 3 have iphones or don’t but it’s a little unfair to say you have stock and either don’t or then delay delivery and not a good way to introduce new customers!

  241. Moderator

    @Michele – as I said on email this is definitely an error and I’m sorry that you’ve had more hassle! You will be refunded and the charge will be lifted moving forwards. The contact centre teams are being rebriefed on this issue and a long-term solution is being pushed through. Big apologies Michele we know we’ve messed up here!

  242. Moderator

    @Gary – Pleased you’re happy. Enjoy your new phone! :-)

  243. Moderator

    @Tim – Apple were providing free bumpers and we were pointing our iPhone 4 customers in this direction, sorry this wasn’t communicated to you. @Dylan mentions that you can still contact Apple Care to get your bumper. Let me know how you get on.

  244. Moderator

    @Sophie – Delighted to hear that :-) Well worth the wait hey! ;-)

  245. Moderator

    @Donna – I know it hasn’t worked out too well for a few of our customers and we’re really sorry if you ordered your iPhone 4 earlier than others but are getting it a little later. We’ve tried hard to manage a limited stock but appreciate it hasn’t worked out entirely fairly in all cases. I hope you love your iPhone 4 when you get it.

  246. Moderator

    @steviethepar – Sorry to hear your phone got delivered to the wrong address :-( Do you have a new delivery date now?

  247. Ben Macdonald

    If I was told I will recieve my IPhone 4 on the 23 of this month when will i get my text to tell me what time it will be delivered

  248. SAM

    I ordered two iPhone contracts on the 3 website last Thursday and promptly got an order confirmation, saying that a delivery date would follow. When I called a full 24 hours later to find out what that delivery time was (already suspecting that the advertised “Monday the 20th” would not be fulfilled) I was told the order wasn’t even on the system yet and that this would take 24 hours. It had already been 24 hours!

    I have no idea if the order went through correctly and whether or not 3 even have the stock to fulfill this order, and customer service have not been able or willing to help at all. Surely after 4 days, the order should be on the system?

  249. lewys dring

    I am currently on my second 18 month contract and im halfway through, i was wondering if i would be able to do an early upgrade for the iphone 4 and i was also wondering how much it would cost?
    I was told last month that i could but it would cost around £300 do you know if its any cheaper know?
    I have been with this network for so long and i think its unfair that new customers are being offered this handset before it has even been offered to existing customers.

  250. Dylan

    @Tim Kemp

    Don’t worry if your iPhone doesn’t arrive before the 30th, as you can still request a free Apple ‘Bumper’ case by phoning AppleCare – granted, you can’t get a case from a 3rd party for free after the 30th, but the ‘Bumper’ offer is still available if you’re having reception issues.

  251. ZLP

    Having just got an IPhone 4 from Three, I travelled between London and Midlands, taking a diferent route on the way there and back. Before the journey, I was expecting to experience patchy coverage, slow transition from 3G to 2G, dropped phone calls. However, the experience was pleasantly surprising.

    I was able to get very strong 3G signals almost everywhere between London and Midlands. The train route goes through country side, where I would not expect to have any 3G coverage, but I got constant 3G coverage – and 80% of the time, the signal was 3 bars or above. Even when the signal bar went down to one bar, I was still able to browse web pages without any difficulty. The odd occassions when I was outside 3G area, the Orange 2G network was strong and I was able to use the data service.

    I have to say, 3 is the most underrated network that I have ever used. I actually went to Vodafone initially. However, having had the Vodafone Iphone 4 for couple of days, I was appalled to find that the 3G data in my place of work (City of London) was almost unusable. Only after searching the internet did I realise that was a well documented problem dating back to January 2010. I was horrified that Vodafone would allow its 3G network in such a key location in the capital to degrade into such a state for such a long period of time. I quickly decided to leave Vodafone before the 7-day period, and joined Three – it was the best decision I have made as far as mobile phone is concerned!

    The only downside, though, is when it falls back to Orange 2G, I seem to only be able to get GPRS, and not EDGE. I don’t know if this is an Orange problem, or Three has set up to use GPRS only when falling back to Orange.

  252. jam jizzles

    please add the visual voicemail option, you are depriving us of a very useful feature of the iPhone which we are paying big bucks for. Also, I seem to have lost the ‘Enable 3G’ switch on my iPhone 4, therefore 3G is permanently enabled, is this a result of 3 carrier settings? Annoying as I do not get 3G at home and it’s a big drain on the battery life.

  253. michele

    @ Mod..

    I’m so angry I could spit nails….. I had my call last month as you arranged so that the internet restrictions could be lifted. I was told on the phone at that time that it was the x series silver that would be put on free of charge until another solution was found… great…. only this month I’m being charged for it . I’ve just got off the phone with three who now tell me it was only free for one month and id now have to pay for it to have unrestricted internet use .. I thought this was supposed to be free until you found another way of lifting the filter for the over 18’s … can you please look into this , I’m getting no sense from your customer service team and there is no way I’m paying for it. To be honest I’m now thinking of leaving three .


    ive also sent you an email

  254. Gary

    Got my iphone 4 today as promised just setting it up know.

    very good keeping me informed by text.


  255. Tim

    If this is the case will three be sending out a free case as the Apple offer would have expired and seeing as I ordered one way before the 30th deadline date I think i should be entitled to one

  256. Moderator

    @Tim Kemp – Sorry you were given the wrong information. Many customers are receiving their iPhone 4s earlier then stated but it’s not guaranteed. Hope you can hang on till Sep 28.

  257. Sophie

    Mod thanks for all your help LOVING my iphone you can’t take it away from me at the mo I’m glued 24/7 :) defo worth the wait

  258. steviethepar

    Still no responce to not getting phone, I have been a quality manager for some years dealing with customer issues – including sending to wrong addresses, I get these fixed within minutes, only takes a couple of calls to couriers I have a target to get back to a customer within 2 hours on serious complaints for my team – and manage it…

  259. CallmeMatt

    Hi, I had my iphone4 stolen. My replacement is being delivered tomorrow. Can I find out what time as I cannot receive a text?

  260. Donna

    Not only was I rather annoyed that three were only offering the iphone 4 to new customers whilst I have to wait six weeks, but now I discover on here that people ordering it after me are getting the phone before me. This doesn’t seem fair.
    I ordered my phone on the 25th August and was told I’d get it on the 5th October. I called 333 and they now say it will arrive on the 1st. This is not like the 10 days they’re offering to others.

    What’s going on three, you’re making me angry!!!

  261. weeks

    No problem I will hang on, it’s just a phone afterall.

  262. steviethepar

    Well sorry but Three strike again, got txt to say being delivered today between 12-1pm, nothing came. Phoned up and told phone has been delivered – TO A COMPLETELY WRONG ADDRESS……. Then fobbed off – refused to let me speak to a manager, and said well phone u back in 48 hours as well have to get courier to get phone back and redeliver…… If this phone is delivered to an address and taken knowingly with my details on someone has my phone sim card etc… three should deal with this within minutes get a courier straight away – if need be a call to the police… not fob off a loyal customer

    PS considering cancelling contract and going elsewhere this is singularily the worst thing that has happened to me in years from a customer service point of view. This is also a major security breach, I am discusted at the disinterest I received on the phone and should be told immediately when the phone will be delivered..

    I also want the name of the courier and tracking number.

  263. Tim Kemp


    I was told that you had stocks and that they would be next day delivery. I called up hour later and was told 28th September (after going through process). Do you know if I am likely to get it before 28th?

  264. dapogbite

    Is three supplying the iphone4 case promised by apple?
    I got my iphone4 in July and was expecting the case since then. Now, an apps from apple store says my pihone does not qualify. How am I meant to know that I have to get an apps to do this if there are no sms or notifications from three?

  265. Moderator

    @Frankie – You’ll be receiving your iPhone on the delivery date you were given, so I have no reason to believe it won’t be this Friday. If anything customers are receiving their iPhone 4s early – but are receiving texts to let them know if this is the case.

  266. Frankie

    According to this blog I am right in understanding that I’m not actually going to be receiving my iphone 4 on friday? Does this apply to new customers too? Even though I was told whilst making the order online that the delivery date is this friday?

  267. Moderator

    @Lee – Which iPhone are you waiting for? It’s only the iPhone4 that we are getting early deliveries of. And yes I’m afraid due to the wait it’s possible you may get billed before your phone arrives. You def aren’t being pushed to the back of the line but I’m sorry if it feels like that.

  268. Moderator

    @Gary – You’ll be receiving your phones on different dates, depending on when you upgraded and which phone you are waiting for. If you call 333 they should be able to track your delivery but give me a shout if you have no luck.

  269. Moderator

    @Weeks – Due to limited stocks of iPhone 4s we have only been offering them to customers in their last month of contract. However the stock situation will have improved by then so it’s well worth calling 333 and seeing whether you can upgrade to the iPhone 4. You’ll always get the best deals in the last month of your contract though, so you may find yourself paying more if you can’t hang on till Feb…

  270. Moderator

    @Julie Cavanagh – I’m not surprised you’re frustrated and that’s very odd that you were told your date had moved forward then back again! As you know iPhone 4s are in high demand and there’s been a limited supply. The six week delivery time has caused many of our loyal customers lots of frustration but wherever possible we are trying to get them out early. By calling 333 you can track your delivery, so it may be worth calling them for an update.

  271. Moderator

    @Lee – I’m looking into this for you….

  272. Moderator

    @Sophie – Phew! Very pleased to hear that :-)

  273. Gary

    Can the mod please clear up the issues as regards when upgrading customers will get the iphone 4.

    Everyone has been told different dates and i was given a date which is different to others aswell.

    MY tariff has now changed aswell to the new one.

    surley a network cant give out so many different dates as people have made the choice to stay and upgrade based on these dates.

    All the different dates being quoted has got me a little worried.

  274. Sophie


    Been waiting 4 weeks for my iphone for with another 2 weeks to go, GOT A TEXT TO SAY ITS GOING TO BE DELIVERED TOMORROW :)

    So @mrbrightside and everyone else who have been frustrated with waiting, hopefully you got or will get your text today/soon :)

    Thanks Mod also for being so patient with me haha. x

  275. Moderator

    @Chris C – No I’m afraid we don’t have plans to add visual voicemail. We are collecting our customer feedback though so your comment will be noted and will contribute in the argument for it…. Thanks! :-)

  276. Moderator

    @David – Really sorry you’ve had so many issues getting the content filter removed. I’ve passed your feedback to the appropriate teams and the staff have all been rebriefed. I’ll drop you an email to get some info from you and arrange a call.

  277. Moderator

    @Owen – You will always get offered the best deals in the last month of your contract. If you aren’t happy with what you are offered in your last month come back to me with details and I’ll see if I can help at all :-)

  278. weeks

    Hello I’m due an upgrade at the end of october (contract end’s february). I have been with Three for about 4 years,on a 18 month contract at the moment. Just wondered if i’m eligible for the iphone 4.

    Also when is the white available?

  279. Julie Cavanagh

    Well Three are seriously upsetting me!! I have been calling since middle of August – still waiting for my iPhone4 which is available in store to new customers for the same price us existing customers (since 3 first started may I add) yet we have to wait until end of September. 2 weeks ago someone called me to say the phone would be due around 13th. I called today and they have now said 28th. Your loyalty is overwhelming Three for looking after current customers so well. If I get no iphone 4 this week i cancel everything. even the staff on the phone don’t know what they are doing as they keep telling me to go in-store and u/g…you can’t until at least friday unless you take a new contract and then port your old number!! SERIOUSLY FRUSTRATED AND HATING 3 – all they want is new business and screw the customers who have stayed loyal for so long!!

  280. Rob Price

    thanks mod

    Yeah i have submitted a query. I’ll reply to your email with the details and explain what’s happened.

  281. Moderator

    @steviethepar – I’ve dropped you an email to see if we can help….

  282. Chris C

    Any news on when/if you are planning to add visual voicemail? I recently transfered from O2 and didn’t realise how useful it was until I didn’t have it. I am thinking about maybe using the 14 day cool off period to move back to O2.

  283. Moderator

    @Rob Price – Right I’ve investigated. Even though you used Quidco, your contract is still with Three. I believe Quidco then pays new customers some of the commission we pay them for introducing you…I can’t explain why you haven’t received your cash back though. Have you submitted a query on their site? There is a section available to do so. Keep me posted.

  284. Moderator

    @Lee – Sorry for the confusion here. The team’s response is correct, you can pay £10 and reduce your package. It’s not in writing as dependant on the plan you want to move from and to, where you are in your contract and are subject to change. If you have any trouble in doing this let me know and I’ll arrange a call for you.

  285. David

    Hi Mod,

    I’ve previously spoke to you about removing the content filter, but 3 times i have had to call three to have the content block removed, and it is still in place, the last time the operator said just use a pin when it asks you to, but that just takes me to three’s porn portal which i’m not interested in at all.

    When the content filter is removed correctly am i correct in thinking it will just take me to the site i have typed in and not via any PIN or porn portal, because its getting quite annoying.


    ( i have an N97 at the min, waiting for either my upgrade period to start or three to offer early upgrades on the iphone4)

  286. Owen

    I too agree with BitterSweet, it feels like existing customers are being pushed further and further away, without any sort of reward for sticking around. I’m planning on upgrading in the next month, and yet if I’m going to be charged more than a new customer, I may think of going elsewhere. It seems ridiculous, both from the view of a loyal customer and from 3′s point of view – surely they’d make more money if we stayed with the carrier?

  287. Lee


    Hi. I am also in the same position as MattThomas and Sophie. I phoned in for an upgrade to the iPhone 3 weeks ago and was quoted a delivery date of 5th October. I was told that I will be billed according to the new iPhone tariff even before the iPhone arrives. Although there has been indication here that stock has arrived earlier than expected, I have not been notified of a change in delivery dates. If folk were to upgrade later and get their iPhone sooner, surely it would be unfair to the people who are already paying the iPhone tariff and still waiting.

    Mod, can you confirm that we aren’t being pushed to the back of the line as what Matt has suggested?

    Thanks in advance!

  288. steviethepar

    Have to add my voice, ordered upgrade – even biting bullet over extra £30, 3 weeks ago, told 28th Sept, now hearing friends and others are getting iphones.

    To rub it in, get bill £30 added on – fair enough, but also £45 for contract rental, and a delivery charge???
    havent got phone so object to paying extra, or a delivery charge, wasnt told this on phone when i ordered. PS think Three makes enough from loyal customers without delivery charges – no other network is doing that to my knowledge

    steve c

  289. Sophie

    Sorry to hear you’re upgrade situation is the same as mine but at the same time it’s re-assuring, I was starting to think they hadn’t sorted my upgrade properly. Lets just hope something gets resolved soon as you’re right, feels like we’re being pushed to the back of the line, having waited the longest. :(

  290. Mattthomas

    Hey mod i am in the same position as Sophie… i upgraded to an iphone4 about 4 weeks ago and would be told delivery in a couple of weeks time.. I have also seen people saying they are getting there phones this weeks when they recently upgraded.. I do feel like im being pushed to the back of the line like sophie says. I also left a post on here about 2 weeks ago saying its unfair how my friends have been able to get phones and upgrade without hassle. I understand the stock issues when i upgraded but i feel let down knowing recent upgraders and new customers get their phones instantly. Thanks matt

  291. Moderator

    @Sophie – sorry to hear that Sophie. We’ll email you so we can look into it.

  292. Sophie

    Also, aswell as others i feel a bit upset that 3 supposedly ‘values’ their existing customers and said they would be a priority for an upgrade, yet new customers can just walk in and out of the store with a new iphone 4 whilst the rest of us have to wait over month. I’m sadly thinking of leaving three as soon as this contract runs out.

  293. Sophie

    Many people on here and friends i know have upgraded in the last week and have their delivery dates in the next week or so, due to stock limitations I’ve been waiting 4 weeks already for mine with another 2 weeks of waiting to go.Surely this is unfair :( I know there is or is going to be an earlier shipment but the upgrade team told me i’d recieve a text confirming my new delivery date within the week and i never got one. I don’t mind waiting at all as i understand the demand is high but surely its unfair that people upgrading now get their phones almost straight away whilst the rest of us have been waiting 4 weeks.

  294. Moderator

    @Lorry – Glad you are enjoying your iPhone. We’ll get in touch with you via e-mail so we can look into your bill issues.

  295. Moderator

    @Ben Macdonals – glad to hear it Ben! :)

  296. Moderator

    @BitterSweet – Sorry to hear you are disappointed. We’ll be in touch via e-mail to see how we can help.

  297. Lorry

    Hi. Ive had my iphone 4 for about 3 weeks now. Very happy with it, and Three’s network! But about a week ago i got my first e-bill through and i found that ive been overcharged for it. In the ‘Total’ section it says 35.92. I only signed up for the 30 per month contract. 35.92 isnt even a normal cost for a contract? and i havent even come close to my limits nor have i been charged for anything extra. Will i only get charged 30 or is this a problem?

  298. Ben Macdonald

    Yay ordered my Iphone 4 yesterday will be here in just over a week, would like to say a big thanks to 3 for making the upgrade prossess really easy.

  299. BitterSweet


    I’m an existing Three customer for nearly 6 years which I’m currently holding 2 contracts with Three. One of them, mobile phone contract, is eligible for an upgrade by the end of this month (falls within 110 days criteria). Well after reading mrbrightside info regardless about an upgrade deal, I have to say I’m very disappointed in how exclusively and so privileged!! the company values their existing customers by giving more cash upfront to pay comparing with the new customers plus no special offers for being their loyal customers at all. Will get back here again sharing how my upgrade’s going.

  300. Stalkdog

    Would really like to switch to Three on the iPhone 4 as the coverage in my area is excellent and the deals are competitive. The lack of visual voicemail however is a real deal-wrecker for me, as it’s one of the most treasured features of my 3G on o2. Please add me to the list of potential customers begging for Visual Voicemail

  301. Rob Price


    Thanks :)

  302. Moderator

    @ Rob Price – I’ll look into this asap for you Rob.

  303. Stampy

    Sorted it – i think….

    Popped into my local 3 store – and the chap in there had a look at it, and suggested I take a can of compressed air and blow it gently into the bottom of the phone…

    It worked….. :)

  304. Rob Price

    HI mod I wonder if you could help me.

    I took out my contract through Quidco thinking i would get over £60 cahback but it’s been declined. Is there a contact email for someone at 3 that I could talk to about it?

    Thanks :)

  305. Moderator

    @Jon – the filter should have been lifted by the call centre, so you should now be able to access these sites. I will arrange for them to call you and get this sorted! :-)

  306. Waqar


    Try restoring your phone as new, update to the latest software (currently 4.1) and then try. If no better, let me know.

    (if you have found this helpful please visit http://www.waqar.co, currently a new site for technical help and support on all apple products, if you need further help you can find my e-mail on there)


  307. Jon

    I spoke with customer services last night, who informed me that they have now lifted the restricted sites filter with no additional charge. I have tried several times to access sites, as mentioned on Grahame Robertson’s blog to no avail. Could someone talk me through removing this filter, which is a complete nuisance.

  308. Stampy

    Can anybody help with this one…

    My iPhone 4 has suddenly started shutting itself down – and when I re-boot it, it goes into VOICE CONTROL.

    The HOME button has also stopped working…

  309. Lee

    Hi Mod.
    I have spoken to three sales today and been told that after 12 months of the 24 month contract if required I could then pay a one fee of £10 and reduce my package to something cheaper with less inclusive minutes / texts.
    This would definatley make me go for the upgrade if this could be confirmed in writing – I am a little wary follwing my last upgrade when I was assured I was on a 12 month contract only to discover it was actually 18mths – however they say this is not in writing on the website anywhere.
    Although I did find something that stated that if you joined 3 after Feb 2007 you could not downgrade your package until you had served your minimum contract term – which your sales team say is half the full term although it does not mention anything about the half term anywhere.
    Could you confirm whether or not this is the case and where I can see this in writing.
    Thanks, Lee

  310. Will

    Ok so I phoned up 3 to see about an upgrade…
    No Dice… ‘even though you are 3 months past your contract end you are on such a crap package that it is really not worth us offering you any discount or extra minutes.) obviously I decided to just pay the lowest Iphone package because I need some apps for my job but… Pfft!
    My advise is never take out 3′s mix and match scheme you wont get a good upgrade.

  311. Moderator

    @sills – ok, let me get this looked into. I’ll arrange for a call-back for you.

  312. sills

    I just spoke to customer services about getting the content block removed from my account, but they still insisted to do it you have to add X-Series Silver to the account for an extra £5 a month. The only thing they would do it add it free for one month so I could decide if I wanted to pay for it.

  313. Waqar


    As you know I have been helping with the tech side of using the iPhone 4. I have now, with a few friends set up a website for technical issues and forums for support on all Apple items.

    Please pay a visit, if you need a specific answer just email us, and please don’t forget to sign up for the forum.




  314. Moderator

    @Steve Cooke – I can’t guarantee any delivery dates I’m afraid. I know that due to a new batch of iPhone 4s being sent to us a little early many customers are receiving their phones before their original delivery dates. But as you can imagine demand is high and many people have had their iPhone’s on order for a few weeks now. Sorry I can’t be more specific.

  315. Moderator

    @Phil – No worries, as soon as I get any news I’ll let you know :-)

  316. Moderator

    @Tim C – Really good feedback thanks Tim :-) I’ve passed this on to the app development team to see if it can be integrated.

  317. Phil

    Thanks for your answer. Most appreciated. I really can’t wait to get my hands on the N8 with a 3. I’m ridiculously excited about it. Look forward to the release.

  318. Tim C

    @MOD – Hi, I have a suggestion for the My3 app and the actual My3 on the net too. Please could a section be added telling us when our contract end date is. Ths could be included in the account details section. This would save on phone calls just to ask this question. Especially as the contract term length has increased from 12 to 18, then up to 24 months. If, like me, you have several contracts, you tend to forget when each one is due.


  319. QuidCo


    If you sign up as a new customer with three via http://www.quidco.com you can get £64 for signing up for the £30pm iphone 4 deal, meaning the phone would only cost you £35.

    Maybe better doing this.

  320. Chris

    Thanks for the response Mod! Fingers crossed 2 get it sooner!

  321. Moderator

    @Chris – Yes they’re very likely to get their iPhone 4 earlier and will receive a text letting them know when :-) As soon as they get the phone they can call 333 and get it unlocked for £15.

  322. Moderator

    @Phil – I’m hesitant to give a date but it will def be before the year is out :-)

  323. Moderator

    @KMR – We’re hoping to get the My3 app out at the end of the month, but we’re collecting feedback from you guys still… A tool to check data usage has been a popular suggestion. I have been speaking to various people at Three to try and get to the bottom of these texts being issued before the data has been used and I’ll be able to issue a full response soon.

  324. Steve Cooke


    I ordered an iphone 4 16Gb on Wednesday last week and was told the phone would be delivered on the 17th September.

    Having just been on the three store and gone through the process of buying a new phone it now says earliest delivery date is the 14th.

    Therefore am i guaranteed to receive this before the 14th? As i go on holiday on the 15th and would like it before i go.

  325. Lee

    Due my update with 3 today so rang to enquire about I phone 4 offers as a long term 3 customer. The best deal they could give me was £129 for phone plus £30pm for 24mth. This is £30pm more for the phone than new 3 customers and I was told i was being given a £5pm discount on the tariff – yet curiously the tariff was Exactly the same as the £30 tariff for new customers.. What has happened to customer loyalty and retention at 3?
    I was told the extra £30 for the phone was because I would be starting the new contract from now instead of when my current contract ends in couple of months. However I can end my current contract now for £18 therefore still cheaper for me to be a new customer.
    I was willing to pay the £129 for the phone but asked for £25pm to give me less minutes / Texts but no budging on the tariffs.
    Disappointing service from 3 and one which I expect will see ending my time with them – Tesco offering phone for £349 on £20pm 12 months contract.

  326. Sophie

    horraaaay :)
    @mrbrightside yeah sure will let you know as soon as i receive my delivery date text :)

  327. Moderator

    @Sophie – We are getting a delivery of iPhone 4s earlier than expected :-) You should receive a text message advising you of your new delivery date within the next week.

  328. Moderator

    @Will – Sorry I can’t advise on this, you’ll need to call the 333 upgrades team, it will mainly depend on how close you are to the end of your contract. If you’re in the last month you should get a good deal. Let me know!

  329. Moderator

    @green_knight – No don’t worry, you won’t be charged to get the content filter lifted and you do just have to call 333 :-). I was arranging call backs for customers before but the customer care team should have been briefed as of today in being able to take these calls. Let me know how you get on.

  330. Moderator

    @Apple – We have now briefed our customer care teams to be able to do this as of today, free of charge. Can you call 333 and ask them to remove the filter for you. If you have any issues at all please come back to me.

  331. mrbrightside

    @ Sophie

    when i rang them this morning to upgrade thats the information the guy on the phone gave it to me i.e. 16gb will be delivered on 17th sept but i couldn’t wait so i went for 32gb which is being delivered tomorrow. woho.

    well, Assuming they have enough re-stock. Im sure you will get yours by 17 if not then surely 18th of sept.

    let us know though to see whether 3 sales team were telling the truth or not.

  332. Moderator

    @Grahame Robertson – This is really frustrating, all the team should have been briefed. I’ve dropped you an email and we’ll get this fixed for you, free of charge of course.

  333. Grahame Robertson

    Hi Moderator

    I appreciate your help, but I have now had two extremely stressful conversations with the Call Centre who have a serious lack of understanding of this issue. They informed me today that the content filter has been lifted, but the sites I need to access (a lot of which are gay news sites) are still banned from me and only accessible with a £5 Top Shelf add-on. Lets get this clear – I am NOT interested in pornography, in being sold pornography packages by 3, or in visiting “extreme” (your call centre’s words) sites! This is becoming a real issue, and I’m sure not just for me. Unless this is looked into, I will be letting my readers know of the issues they will have accessing certain content using their iPhone on 3.

    I am extremely disappointed in the level of customer service I am receving, and the restrictions being placed on me. What’s more depressing is I have another two years of this ahead of me….

    If I had been informed of this restriction before signing the contract, I wouldn’t have signed. You’re not the forward thinking network I thought you were.


  334. Moderator

    @Bill L – To get the content filter removed just give 333 a call :-)

  335. Phil

    Hi there,

    I just wondered if you had a rough timescale as to when the Nokia N8 will be available on 3?

    Many thanks for your help,


  336. Chris

    Hi Mod,

    Just wondering, a relative of mine has upgraded to the iphone 4 a few weeks ago and her expected delivery date is 1st October, is this an accurate delivery date or is there a chance she may get it sooner? also how long do u have to wait to get it unlocked?

  337. Moderator

    @Sam – Getting your iPhone unlocked should be easy. Just give 333 a call and you it’ll cost £15 :-)

  338. Moderator

    @Tim Q – It shouldn’t be! This isn’t a known issue. If you want to get he content filter removed, just call 333 and ask them and they will verify your age and remove this free of charge. All operators have been briefed on this but if you do have any issues please feed back to me.

  339. Grahame Robertson


    I’ve just moved from O2 to 3, and although I am happy in general with the iPhone 4, I am less than thrilled by being blocked from certain sites – and I’m not talking about overtly adult or pornographic sites. I am the editor of a gay magazine, and I rely on gay news sites for my job. A lot of these websites are now being excluded from me.

    I find it offensive (and, arguably, bordering on homophobic) that after trying to access sites on my 3 iPhone which I had absolutely no problems accessing on my old O2 iPhone, I’m being redirected to a 3 site telling my the site is adult, restricted; and your customer call centre now telling me I should take a ‘Top Shelf’ add-on.

    I have purchased a data plan from 3 (1gB a month)… that data is mine, I payed for for it. Why am I being nannied like this? I’m 41 years old for goodness sake! I would be very grateful if someone could tell me how I remove this ridiculous content filter.

    Many thanks.


  340. Tim C

    @MOD – no worries – thank you for your time spent on this.

  341. Sophie

    I ordered an iphone 4 on the 16th august and was told delivery on or before the 28th september
    If they told mrbrightside that delivery would be 17th september if he ordered now surely does this mean my iphone will come sooner than expected?
    I’ve been waiting 3 weeks already so this would be great news if true :)

  342. Moderator

    @Rob – There is a delay built in as the phone is not in constant contact with the network. With Android and iPhones the delay can be longer but it does sound like your issue is worse than the average user. I’ll arrange a call for you and get this looked into.

  343. mrbrightside

    For ugrading fellow 3′ers:

    32gb = £219 (next day delivery) just rang them this morning ;)
    16gb= £129 (17th september delivery) I couldn’t wait :(

    p.s. these prices are for customers who are within 110 days upgrade period.

    Hopefully, this helps those people who weren’t sure whether you could upgrade when you have 110days left in your contract.

  344. Will

    Hi I have a fairly rubbish nokia “slide” (had it for about two years) 12£amonthcontract
    is it unlikely that I would be able to upgrade to an iphone cheaply ie; no initial payment for phone but 30£ per month contract. or is that wishful thinking

  345. Vein Clinic

    @Bill L
    Thanks for the help-I will try this port setting and feeback. What I thought was really good from @Waqar was the fact that the google server chops all my spam emails out after they get sent from tiscali to google.
    I guess the tiscali site has litle or no spam – I don’t have the embarrassment of looking at these titles coming up when I check my messages at work.
    Thanks again guys for being so helpful-this place rocks!

  346. green_knight

    Like Wez, I have a new iPhone, and I am apalled that perfectly harmless sites are blocked as being ‘adult’ (they contain no pay-for content, frontal nudity, or anything else that would warrant blockage) while at the same time Three is trying to sell me porn – which I *do not want* and thus do not wish to pay extra for it.

    As I am over eighteen, I expect to be able to choose which sites I wish to visit. When a friend of mine on the Vodaphone network reported that she merely had to call up customer support to get the restriction lifted, I expected Three’s procedure to be similar; I am appalled that the network is trying to blackmail me into paying more (and it is not clear whether paying more would actually allow me to access the sites directly without seeing the ‘buy our porn’ page.)

    I am one very unhappy customer.

  347. Apple

    Hi Mod,

    @Mikey S – We know this an issue and we’re trying to resolve it for all our over 18 customers, but I can sort this on a case by case basis so I’ll drop you an email today.

    Could you do the same thing for me please. I would like my internet filter removed also. Could you arrange this for me please?


  348. Moderator

    @RobJ – I’m afraid you are likely to pay more, it’s really only in your last 30 days that you get the best deals, but once you enter your last 30 days give 333 a call and they should sort you out with a good upgrade and package.

  349. KMR

    How long for the My 3 app? Seems to be taking ages. It would be good in particular to check data usage as this has been a big problem for me since getting my iphone 4. When I was sold the iphone 4 the guy told me that 1GB data allowance should be plenty however I received a text within 1 week saying that I had gone over my data allowance. can’t understand why since I only download things over wifi. Any ideas Mod?

  350. Bill L

    @Vein Clinic

    Have you tried

    Incoming settings – Server Port: 25

  351. Rob


    Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, no luck. When I turn “Mobile Data” on and off, it still stays on the 2G network.

    Even trying airplane mode doesn’t help. It says “searching…” but then goes back to 2G.

    I think it must be caching the last connected network or something.

    The only way I can force it to change is to go to “Carrier” but this takes about a minute to scan before allowing me to switch.

    Is anyone else getting this issue? Is it a problem with my phone or should this be the case for all 3 Customers?

  352. Waqar

    @ Vein Clinic

    Sorry about that, i didn’t intend on you having so many emails.

    To save that from happening again, if you go in to settings – mail on your iPhone, you can limit the amount of emails your phone retrieves ;-)


  353. Waqar

    @ Rob J

    You should be able to go in store, a few people have walked out with new iPhones.

  354. Sam

    Hi Mod, Could you email me details of how to go about unlocking my iphone 4. the delivery date is 1st october and i would like all the details i need before then if possible? How much does it cost? How long does it take? and is it an official apple unlock? Appreciate the help!

  355. Tim Q


    Finally got a fully operational Iphone thanks to 2 handset swapouts. Quick question would the content filter be stopping videos from playing. Problem I have experienced is that links on Facebook to innocent videos dont seem to want to play.

  356. Moderator

    @Gary – No probs, I’ll email you now :-)

  357. Moderator

    @Tim C – It appears we don’t have the functionality for read receipts – really sorry about that! I’ve hunted high and low but it was a fruitless mission.

  358. Vein Clinic

    @Bill L

    Thanks guys. I tried what @Bill L said and while I can nowsend emails from Talktalk, I cannot receive anything into my phone from tiscali.

    @Waqars suggestion worked fine apart from the fact it downloaded nearly 2000 old emails right back to 2008 onto my iphone! Lucky I have unlimited email on my plan (I hope!). I am now spending the morning deleting everything.

    Lets see if three have a solution now.

  359. Moderator

    @Mikey S – We know this an issue and we’re trying to resolve it for all our over 18 customers, but I can sort this on a case by case basis so I’ll drop you an email today.

  360. Mikey S

    @Moderator can you arrange for the content filter to be removed from mine too? Can’t beleive some of the sites its saying are “Unavailible” with the big RESTRICED 18 banner above them.

  361. RobJ

    I’m sure i’m being dense about this but here goes. I’m within my 101 upgrade time but outside of the 30. I have registered my interest in the iPhone 4 upgrade and got the ‘we know you’re interested…’ text on the 18th of last month. Does the fact i’ve not heard anything further mean i have to wait till i’m in the last month? I tried ringing this morning but the guy I talked to seemed to ignore everything i said and just tried to sell me a new price plan for my current phone. Would I be able to upgrade in store and if so would I get the same offers new customers get or would I have to pay extra. I know a lot of this has already been posted but the more I read the more confused I get. Cheers.

  362. Moderator

    @Dave F – Tethering should work just fine. There are a couple of things you should check though.

    1) Check that you the ‘Three’ carrier settings loaded onto your handset. To do this go to ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’ -> ‘About’ menu item and check that the carrier is set to ‘Three’. If it is not then you just need to wait on the ‘About’ screen for around 10 to 15 seconds and the handset should display a message asking if you wish to install updated carrier settings. Then accept these settings. If this pop up doesn’t appear then the other option is to connect the phone to iTunes and click on the ‘Check for Updates’ option.

    2) If the carrier is correctly set to ‘Three’ all you need to do is switch Tethering on via the ‘Settings’ -> ‘General’ -> ‘Network’ -> ‘Internet Tethering’ menu and then connect your handset to a PC running the latest version of iTunes.

    Let me know how you get on!

  363. Moderator

    @SarahJane – Is your Iphone 3G unlocked and can you make and receive calls with the 3 sim? If so then you should be able to plug it into Itunes and download the latest version of software which will also contain the settings for 3 to browse. If this doesn’t work we can help you put it in manually. Let me know :-) Oh and just seen @Waqar’s response too – thanks Waqar!

  364. Moderator

    @Tim C – Sorry Tim, I’m still on the hunt for this for you….

  365. Waqar

    @ Rob

    There might be an easier way i dont know of but if you switch off “cellular data” on your iPhone and then switch it back on, it should make the changeover immediately.

    Let me know how you get on.


  366. Waqar

    @ SarahJane

    You CAN use your iphone 3g with 3. All you have to do is update your iphone to the latest software, and when you put your sim in, it should ask you to update carrier settings. Have you done this?
    Let me know, if this doesn’t help I will tell you next steps.



  367. Gary

    @ mod could you add me to list of people wanting to get rid of the annoying and random content filter please? Ta

  368. Tim C

    @Mod Hi there, I’ve sent a couple of posts about this. Do you have any information for me please? I just need to know what the short code is to get a read receipt back please?

  369. Rob

    Hi Mod,

    Was wondering if there was anyway to speed up the switching between Orange’s 2G network and the Three 3G network.

    I am generally pleased when connected to the Three network, but roaming Orange’s network is becoming a real pain.

    The issue I am experiencing it takes an age for the phone to switch back from Orange to Three. Once I am back on Orange I appear to be “stuck” on that network. I have times where I am in a full 3G area but I am roaming to Orange. It can take upwards of an hour to eventually switch back – even though I know the signal is full. For example, leaving the office will switch back to Orange in the lift – but outside should be 3G, but I end up constantly roaming.

    This a particular problem in London when on the tube, the phone will connect automatically to Orange and then not switch back. This makes most of the functionality of the phone unusable – Orange 2G is painful.

    It is a real shame. On O2 it used to slide from 2G to 3G with ease – and I also wouldn’t lose my calls in the switch (I understand you can’t do anything about that).

    Just wondered if there is some setting that I can change to force the phone to prefer the 3G network or to decrease the timeout before it tries to rescan for networks.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  370. Moderator

    @David J – So pleased you love your new iPhone! Yes I can help, follow this guide to see how to send an MMS message.

  371. Moderator

    @Mattthomas – You will either get a call or a text message :-)

  372. Moderator

    @Psehmi – Yes it’s being developed, glad it will be useful for you :-) If you have any other ideas about what you’d like to be included, please let me know?

  373. Moderator

    @Phil – Sorry it’s too early to tell with the Nokia N9… ;-)

  374. David J


    Love my new iphone 4 but cannot send MMS messages?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  375. SarahJane

    I signed up for 2 years with 3 in March, I do love their plan etc and am happy with that. I got a HTC which was utterly pants. I have bought an Iphone touch 8gb 3g – my plan which is £25 per month includes use on the internet. I cannot get it to go onto my emails or facebook. I went into the shop today in Swindon (Spoke to Stuart) who was VERY UNHELPFUL and rolled his eyes!). He basically said that I cannot use my iphone with 3 and that is that! Therefore I cannot use my iphone, I am stuck with Three (which is no bad thing) but I cannot get onto the internet which is what I pay for each month. Please please please help me, I am so disappointed I could cry.

  376. Mattthomas

    Cheers for that info mod. just curious how i would know if my iphone 4 is going to arrive earlier than 21st september?

  377. psehmi

    Hey guys, I just wanted to find out if Three are working on a My3 App? It would be great to be able to check bills and usage straight from my iPhone.

  378. Phil


    Just a quick question. Do 3 have any plans to introduce the Nokia N9 when it becomes available?

    Many thanks in advance for your answer.


  379. Moderator

    @Philthy :-)

  380. Moderator

    @Ben MacDonald – You can upgrade to an iPhone 4 by ringing 333…

  381. Moderator

    @Martin – I’m collating feedback to see the scale of customers are actively requesting visual voicemail. We have no plans to introduce visual voicemail yet but we’re keen to listen to what our customers want and I guess this will have a sway on whether we look at introducing it in the future.

  382. Moderator

    @John – No probs, I’ll send you an email now…

  383. Moderator

    @Mattthomas – I’m sorry but I don’t have the powers to speed up your iPhone delivery…It may still arrive on the 21st but hopefully you’ll receive it earlier. iPhone 4s have been in short supply and high demand which has been a bit rubbish for many of our customers who’ve had to wait to get their hands on their new phones!

  384. Moderator

    @Neil L – No probs at all, I’ve sent you an email. We are able to fix this on a case by case basis at the moment but a long-term solution is being worked on for all our over 18 customers.

  385. Neil L


    Sorry to keep repeating other posts on here but how do I go about getting the Content Filter removed? Having problems accessing innocent sites/twitter links that I could access no problem before when I was with O2.



  386. Moderator

    @Kavi Gohil – Can you send me your full postcode (I won’t publish it in full), then I’ll look into this for you :-)

  387. Philthy

    Cheers Mod once again sterling work!!

  388. Moderator

    @Ian – I’ve arranged a phone call for you, the team will be in touch within 48 hours to remove the content filter :-)

  389. Ben Macdonald

    Hi, I went into my local store last week to upgrade to an IPhone 4 and was told the IPhone 4 is not available for upgrade is this true and if so why dosn’t seem fair that existing customers loose out.

  390. Waqar

    @ vein clinic

    I’ve got a short term solution to your prob :-)
    Get a gmail account, and set it so it fetches your tiscali mail into your gmail. Then set up your gmail account on your iPhone!
    If you need help with set up let me know!

    Hope I’ve helped.


  391. Dave F

    Hi Can you please help with a query relating to internet tethering. I recently got the I Phone 4 at my local 3 store. I called up CS as I could not get tethering to work. I was advised by CS that I would need to buy the 2 GB for £5 internet bolt on. Having purchased the bolt on I tried to connect again and it still would not work. I susequently found that I was given the wrong infomation and that I would need to buy a £15/month tethering package.

    I seldom need the tethering and find £15/month to be excessive. Whilst I appreciate that the £5 for 2 GB “is not designed” for tethering I feel that provided I dont exceed the allowance I dont see why I cannot use this to (occasionally) use tethering.

    I currently cannot connect using the set up tethering button on the phone can you please advise the instructions on how to set this up.

  392. Bill L

    @Vein Clinic

    This is the way I got my push email to work with talktalk:

    host name: mail.talktalk.net
    user name : username@talktalk.net
    incoming email (POP3): pop.tiscali.co.uk
    outgoing email (SMTP): smtp-mbb.three.co.uk
    Incoming settings – Server Port: 110

    But to sum what I did to get email to work on my iPhone – DISABLE wifi and use 3G to send emails. Note that if you have wifi enabled, emails cannot be sent!

    I asked for this to be put on the FAQ – but it hasn’t been!

  393. bmc

    visual voicemail , yes please

  394. Martin

    @Moderator – thanks for the reply on the app and the visual voicemail. Can I ask, when you pass on the information that people are requesting visual voicemail, what response are you getting? Thanks, Martin

  395. John

    Can you add me to the requesting visual voicemail lost please. Also can you email me with the info to remove the content filter on Internet. Thanks.

  396. Mattthomas

    first of all thanks for the quick response and i think its good news that you are giving iphone 4s out earlier than you say. However, you said many iphone 4s have been given out to existing customers, I was wondering if you could arrange a nearer delivery date as i go off to university on the 18th and my phone is supposed to arrive on the 21st. I would appreciate it if you could speed up my process by taking my details as i have waited for a few weeks already, and i have already paid my £130 upgrade. Thanks again for your support Matt

  397. Moderator

    @Mattthomas – Sorry, I understand it’s frustrating that your friends have got iPhone 4s before you. We have managed to get iPhone 4s out to many existing customers early and we hope to get your phone to you before September 21 but can’t guarantee it…

  398. Waqar

    @ Harv

    It’s a coincidence three texted you at 3 am.

    Anyway back to your point, if you access my3 from your phone, it should decrease your Internet as you use it. It does on mine?
    Let me know if it is? Thanks


  399. Moderator

    @mathew – Great news! Yes, as an existing customer you should be able to track it by calling 333 :-)

  400. Moderator

    @Martin – We have no plans for visual voicemail but I am collating requests and feedback on this topic and passing it on. There is an app being developed. I’ve just asked for an update on this, so will keep you posted…

  401. Moderator

    @Nick – I’ll email you to get this sorted!

  402. Moderator

    @RD – Thanks :-) We are honouring the 30 days Apple returns policy and it’s no problem that you’ve used your iPhone 4. As @Waqar suggested ring 333. If you do have any more issues though, give me a shout on here.

  403. Moderator

    @vein clinic – Oh no, how frustrating. We’ve now flagged this as an issue, with Apple and I’ll let you know as soon as I hear back.

  404. Tony


    Please can you remove the content filter from my account.


  405. Moderator

    @Couch007 – Sorry, we know the use of the term ‘loyalty discount’ is confusing. It has been used to make sure we can offer you the rates stated online. I’ll drop you an email with a full explanation.

  406. Moderator

    @Philthy – What you’ve done is absolutely correct. The network selection mode should always be set to ‘automatic’ mode on the iPhone to maintain the best network connectivity and to stop the ‘network connection lost’ pop ups appearing. In automatic mode the phone will automatically try to find a 3G connection whenever it is possible. I hope this helps :-)

  407. Waqar

    @ Jonathan Alper

    I’m not trying to convince you the iPhone is perfect.
    If you are having problems, you can return if you are still within your 30 days.


  408. Waqar

    @ martin

    Three has no plans for visual voicemail at the moment, but I’m sure if enough noise is made they will respond!

    Also the app you speak about is currently in the making.

    Hope that helps.


  409. Tim C

    Hi there, I think my post has been lost under all the quesions. Could you tell me what the short code is to obtain a read receipt please. For example, on O2, you type *0# at the start of the text. Many thanks and keep up the good work!

  410. Waqar

    @ RD

    Sorry to hear your having problems.

    Normally the 14 days return is the case, without using the phone.
    Three have said they will honour Apple’s 30 day return policy for the iPhone 4.
    If you ring 333 they should sort it out for you.

  411. Mark

    Have I read it right that Three are not planning to implement one of the biggest features of the iPhone? Visual Voicemail. I recently moved from O2 and only since having lost this feature do I realise how good it was, and how often I used it. Being able to see who has left you a message and being able to choose it from a list, rather than listening through all of the messages was a real bonus.
    I was surprised it even worked when I put in a pay-as-you-go SIM with Vodafone in Australia.

    My first disappointment with Three.

  412. Kavi Gohil

    Hi Mod,

    could you please check the indoor and outdoor coverage for my postcode CV3. i had a nokia n8 on three before i upgraded to iphone 4, and the signal was always full. now i have the iphone it varies around the house and keeps dropping and increasing, all by itself when left in one place, even when i dont touch it. i have the bumper as well. is there any work being carried out in my area. please email me with your findings. very much appreciated.

  413. Harv

    I’ve used my internet usage on my iPhone for the month, however, is there any way for me in future to find out how many MB’s I have used so I can manage this more, the mythree website is useless as it simply tells me I have not used my usage (whereas that figure must be available for the test alerts to start), and the only way I know I am near my usage limit is those naggy messages from three telling me I am close to my limit (one which was sent at 3AM thankyou very much Three for waking me up!).

    I am now being charged for my usage (something I never got on my old 3 contract – it simply cut me off), so can you assist me to make sure I do not go over my limit and get charged again…? Also, do you know the cost of excess internet use?


  414. Ian

    Loving the phone but not happy with the strangely selective content filter. Is there any way you can take it off without me phoning up, I have had very mixed experiences with the call centre.

  415. Mattthomas

    Hi mod,

    I upgraded to an Iphone4 a few weeks ago and told i would have to wait until 21st september. This date is not only 3 weeks away, but iv’e already had to wait for like 4 weeks to this point. The thing that is really angering me is that i have mentioned to two of my friends how good the iphone 4 contract is on three, and both of them have managed to get their phones in store! This is completely disgraceful as existing customers should be treated with the same options. I cannot see why i can’t go into my local store and pick up my phone and activate it, and be happy to have it as iv’e paid for an upgrade. I’m sure there is a clear reason for all this but i hope you take on board my frustration. Thanks

  416. mathew

    I rang to upgrade to an iphone 4 today, it has all gone through fine, i was told i would get it before september 15th and then got promised id get it delivered on 1st september, cant wait lol. is there any way i can track my order or not?

  417. Martin

    Just got an iPhone 4 on 3, having switched from O2.

    Two things immediately strike me, as noted by LA27:

    1. Visual voicemail. Very surprised this doesn’t exist on 3′s system. It is one of things that makes the iPhone stand out. Since we are encouraged to comment on this, can I make a plea that 3 do initiate plans to incorporate it. Very disappointed it isn’t there by default since O2 had it from Day 1.

    2. Also surprised that is no App for me to manage my account from. O2 has one but that suffered from me having to remember a complicated username I didn’t choose. My wife’s iPhone is with Orange and they have a really nice app for checking usage. Really, 3 has to have this as soon as possible for it to not be behind other providers.


  418. Nick

    Hi Mod,

    Could someone give me a call to remove the content filter.


  419. RD

    Hi Mod, you are doing an excellent work here. But it would be very nice if I can get a reply on this one – I bought iphone 4 from 3 Store last week on £35 contract. I started using it but the 3 signals at my home and work place are not good at all. I asked the guy who sold me the 2 iphone 4s that what if this is the case that I dont get signals, he said, you can return it back within 14 days. I asked if there are any hidden clauses in return policy , all he said phone should be in good condition with all the accessory.

    Now I want to return the iphone 4, but I saw a comment here saying if you have used the phone, data, minutes then you will not be able to return your iphone. IS THIS TRUE? What can I do now? Please help, I want to return the iphone, as am not happy with the calls dropping everytime. Can I return iphone having used data and minutes( what charges are gonna be applied if I can?) to 3 Store or Apple store?
    Thanks so much

  420. vein clinic

    Thanks for the input. Itried the settings you gave me. unfortunately no luck.
    I keep getting this message that seems to say I need an O2 email address for this to work via the server.

  421. jonathan alper

    Waqar wrote:Jonathan Alper
    ‘I think you might have a different story if you update the 3gs to 4.0.2.
    The update 4.0.1 changed the algorithm, to better show what signal you have.
    e.g on the old versions the phone shows more signal than you actually have. Not saying that’s the answer but trust me it does make a difference’

    My Answer: Update iP3 (not GS) to 4.02 slowed it down so that it was unusable – the answer cannot be to expect resource hungry new OS to peform on old hardware. That is nonsense. The algorithm is a swizzle. It is simply reducing the pass rate for an exam or devaluaing curreuncy There is a difference between the two signals. I do not buy the explanation at all.

  422. Moderator

    @Vein Clinic – OK, our technical guys have taken a look. You should be able to access Tiscali push email. Could you try these settings and let us know how you get on?

    login: username@tiscali.co.uk
    incoming email (POP3): pop.tiscali.co.uk
    outgoing email (SMTP): smtp.tiscali.co.uk

  423. Moderator

    @PB – if you find that the internet filter is affecting your experience, we can make some changes to your account to remove it. You won’t be charged for this.

  424. Moderator

    @Chris – Yep, we can unlock your iPhone for you. There’s a charge of £15, but just give us a call on 333 and our advisors should be able to help you out.

  425. PB

    So what is the current status of the internet content filter?
    a) Do we have to request that it be removed, if so how?
    b) Is there any charge that Three is attempting to levy on customers for this? – It should just be a straightforward process involving no fees.

    The answer would influence my decision to take an iPhone contract on 3.

  426. Waqar

    @ f Ahmed

    You should be able to upgrade, pop into store and see what they can do?
    Or @ mod can you arrange a call?
    I think you are having problems because you are on monthly rolling contract.


  427. Moderator

    @Michael G – sure thing :-)

  428. Waqar

    @ Jonathan Alper

    I think you might have a different story if you update the 3gs to 4.0.2.

    The update 4.0.1 changed the algorithm, to better show what signal you have.

    e.g on the old versions the phone shows more signal than you actually have. Not saying that’s the answer but trust me it does make a difference


  429. Moderator

    @Tinygreenman – sure thing :-)

  430. Chris

    Hi Mod just wondering, is it possible for you to unlock the iphone 4? A family member is upgrading to Iphone 4 and is giving me the phone and i would like to get unlocked! is this possible and if so what is the process?

  431. Couch007

    Why does my new iphone 4 32GB with 500 mins etc come with the new contract which is £35p/m (advertised as £30 on website) with a £5 loyalty discount bring it back down to £30 what it should be. Trying to explain it to call centreand now have to wait 24HRS for a ‘manager’ call back. The contract should be either £30-£5=25 or 900 mins etc for £35-£5=£30.

    This is some loyalty discount !!!!!!!!

  432. Moderator

    @LA27 – thanks for the feedback! Let me try and answer your questions :-)
    i) This shouldn’t be the case now. If you’d like us to give you a call about this, just let me know
    ii) At the moment we don’t have any plans to introduce Visual Voicemail, but I will pass on your feedback to our iPhone team here
    iii) We’re working on our app plans as we speak. Do you have any specific feedback on the current functionality of My3 that you’d like me to pass onto the team?

  433. Waqar

    @ LA27

    All three things you have mentioned are quite popular subjects!

    1. The content filter is being looked at, and a way of taking it off without payment is being looked at by Three, but if you are having problems the mod can contact you, and get this removed?

    2. Visual Voicemail is not planned anytime soon, but if we carry on requesting it, it should come. The mod is passing on the feedback.

    3. Planet 3 app is in the making as we speak, the mod will announce when it is completed.

    Hope I’ve helped.


  434. Moderator

    @Amer – sorry to hear you’re still having problems. Can you let us know whether you see any improvement from the 30th? The work taking place should ease the conjestion in your area and improve the performance of our network. If things still aren’t right after that’s completed then we’ll give you a call to investigate further.

  435. Waqar

    @ Amer

    Are you having reception problems or 2g coverage problems, because holding the phone in your left hand should affect your reception, it shouldn’t affect your 2g coming on?

    Can you tell me if your 3g is working fine when you are in a 3g area?


  436. F Ahmed

    My contract expired in March and as I was waiting for iPhone and was aware it would be released in a few months I was happy to wait it out on a rolling contract.

  437. Moderator

    @TP – I’ll drop you a note to get a few details, we should be able to fix this for you :-)

  438. Lorry

    Ok, thanks for the response Mod. I went ahead and ordered a 32gb instead and it was shipped the other day. It should be out for delivery today, hopefully beat the bank holiday weekend! Is there any way of tracking the order or a tracking number i can have?

  439. Michael G

    Hi mod,

    As has been done with others, can you please email me regarding how to remove the content filter. This is now impacting my use of my iPhone for things such as searching for underwear for my fiancé for our honeymoon.


  440. Tinygreenman

    Hi mod, I’ve posted on here several times regarding the Internet content filter. Please can you email me with details of how to have it removed?Many thanks

  441. james

    Popped into my local three store today as i have just entered my 110 day upgrade period, i told them i wanted to upgrade to iphone 4, and wow i walked out with an iphone 4, such an amazing phone, such an amazing network. Thank you three!

  442. Jonathan Alper

    To answer Waqar who asked me?
    ‘This study you have done with ip4 and ip3, are both phones on the same software version? and same network?’
    Both on ‘Three; network.
    iP3 has OS 3.13
    iP4 has 4.02
    They behvae quite differently with respect to ‘Three coverage’, and how they reflect the isgnal.
    I know that Apple changed the algorithm, bu that does not explain it.
    There remains an issue.

  443. LA27

    Hi there, been following the blog since day 1. great job and keep up the good work.
    However three things which have been mentioned in the comments and that I too would like to bring up.
    i) Content filter. Is there no way of removing this without paying a fee?!
    ii) Visual Voicemail. Please please please try and make this work on the three network!
    iii) A planet 3 app? Checking usage and minutes is cumbersome and time consuming in the current format.

  444. Amer

    @Waqar i have tried all these. still the same problem especially when i hold it in my left hand with the bumper on. I don’t think i have any choice but to switch to another network who has a dedicated 2g network. Thanks for your help though!

  445. Waqar

    @ TP

    Sounds like the content filter kicking in.
    @ mod

    Can you contact TP to get this removed? Thanks


  446. Moderator

    @Jonathan Alper – Thanks for iPhone feedback, I’ll pass it on to the right team. Visual voicemail vote noted!

  447. Waqar

    @ mod
    No prob!
    I have supporting the other 2 blogs assuming there is only one mod for all three blogs, so I didn’t ask your permission.
    Hope you don’t mind.


  448. Waqar

    @ amer
    Update do the latest software currently 4.0.2 first.

    Also do a reset on your network settings in the phone. Settings-general-network-reset network settings.

    Try these things first and let me know how u get on please?
    You need to have roaming switched on, to get a 2g coverage, because orange provide the 2g service if I remember correctly.



  449. Moderator

    @Vein Clinic – Sorry you feel neglected. I do try to respond to most comments but I needed to get a more definitive response from another team – I don’t have that information yet. Thanks @Waqar :-)

  450. Amer

    I got the bumper today @Waqar and @Mod but i still get the same issue in that when i hold it in my left hand the reception still falls. could you tell me what i should do now? also, i have experience that even though i live in a 3g area and thus get weak signal i should be able to drop to a 2g connection, however this has not occurred once. Could you tell me why?


  451. TP

    Hi Mod,

    I was wondering if you could tell me why all of a sudden i cant access a number of websites (all innocent may i add!!) on my iphone 4? They now say that they are restricted and take me to 3 mobile’s own adult page???? How do i fix this problem as i’ve had no problem for the first month of having my Iphone 4 and now i do??


  452. Waqar

    @ F Ahmed

    Sorry to hear you are having problems upgrading.
    Can you tell me how much time you have left on your current contract?


  453. Waqar

    @ Johnathan Alper

    This study you have done with ip4 and ip3, are both phones on the same software version? and same network?


  454. Waqar

    @ vein clinic

    Sorry you haven’t had a response. I don’t work for Three but I think I can help.

    Try deleting the account from you mail in iPhone, and then add it again, this normally resolves it, if it doesn’t let me know and I will help you try next steps.

    Hope i’ve helped.


  455. Jonathan Alper

    I have two iPhones in the household – new i4 and older i3.
    The receptions bars on the top left are quite different when placed in the same room next to each other and slightly apart. Reception too, differs! So the Apple response is flannel. Bumper nonsense.There IS an issue with i4, not just holding it.

    Another request for visual voicemail.

  456. Vein Clinic

    I see that my mail below has not been answered. Why don’t 3 say you just cant get push email from tiscali? It would be more polite than just ignoring me. Still I see I am withinn the 30 day period to return my 32G i phone which I will get onto this Friday.
    Goodbye 3 here I come O2

  457. Moderator

    @CH – Thank you, glad to be of assistance! It isn’t really a list for visual voicemail but I am collecting feedback and passing it on. I can email you about the content filter :-)

  458. Moderator

    @Lorry – No sorry we don’t have any timescales for when the 16GB iPhone 4 will be available online. September 28 is the nearest quoted delivery date but we are trying to get phones in earlier and are shipping them out to customers as soon as we can!

  459. F Ahmed

    I find it disgraceful that new customers can get a new iPhone from the store but existing customers are being told to wait more than a month!
    It does not make sense to stay on a network that treats its existing customers so poorly! How does it make sense that I have to wait so long just to retain my number?
    Rather get a new number on a network where customer service matters!

  460. Waqar

    @ amer

    You normally have 14 days but because apple have said they will give 30 days three have said they will honour this.
    I think the bumper will do you good, but your choice at the end of the day.
    The mod should get back to you soon re: your postcode coverage.
    I think you have a coverage issue not necessarily the iPhone. I’ve been with three a while and my coverage is always good, and still is with the iPhone.
    Hope I’ve helped let me know if you need any other info.

  461. Moderator

    @Amer – I’ve checked out your postcode and you have two fully functioning masts nearby and one that is congested. The congested mast is being updated on September 30 – so hopefully you’ll will notice an improvement. @Waqar is right, we are honouring Apple’s promise and allowing a 30 day return policy. I hope this helps!

  462. Amer

    Hi mod my postcode is M16 [removed by Mod]. could you look into the issue of poor coverage indoors? thanks

  463. Amer

    Hi waqar. yes im new to three. is it actually 30 days? I got told in the three store that if you want to cancel your contract you have only 14 days to do this. i am in a bit of a dilemma here as the bumper may not make that much of a difference because i avoid holding it from the antenna and yet i still get poor coverage? how do i send my postcode to the moderator?


  464. CH

    Hi Mod,
    Firstly thanks for providing such a great service on Here. Lots of useful advice and info.
    Could you add me to the list of people requesting visual voicemail and also email me details of how to remove the filter.
    Many thanks.

  465. Moderator

    @Ian – Sorry I wasn’t able to get back to you yesterday – did you get your phone ok? We are able to track it if you haven’t :-) We will just need your order number.

  466. Moderator

    @Wez – No probs, I’ll drop you an email now and get this sorted for you.

  467. Moderator

    @Julie – You need to apply for your bumper, but yes that’s fine – just follow these steps and order it asap:

    Follow these steps to apply for a Bumper or case.

    1. Download the iPhone 4 Case Program app from the App Store.
    2. Launch the app on your iPhone 4 and sign in using your iTunes Store account or Apple ID.
    3. Select your Bumper or case.

    For iPhone 4 purchases made before July 23, 2010, you must apply no later than August 22, 2010; otherwise, you must apply within 30 days of your iPhone 4 purchase. To qualify for this program, you must purchase your iPhone 4 by September 30, 2010.

    I’ll email you about the content filter.

  468. Waqar

    @ amer

    Your iPhone return period is actually 30 days.
    My suggestion is to wait for the bumper to come and you’ll see a difference.
    Are you new to three? If so I’m sure mod can check your postcode for coverage?

  469. Lorry

    Do you have any timeframe for when the 16gb iphone 4 will be available to buy online? And when i ring up to upgrade (about 3 times), the delivery date keeps changing and each time they claim it’s when their ‘first’ shipment will come in. Is this true?

  470. Tim C

    @MOD – Hi Mod, I wonder if you can help me again please? On the iPhone there is no option to request a delivery report for SMS. Could you provide me with the short code please. For example, if you were on o2 you start your test with *0#. I’ve tried that but it does work so three must use something different.

    Thanks again in advance.

  471. Will

    Initially I was gutted to be losing free Skype as my wife uses it A LOT to call her family in Poland. However, I get around this now by a) trying to make her talk less when using my iPhone and, more realistically b) I got a free PAYG SIM from Three and inserted into my old E71. This way, you get access to Free Skype and you have another Three mobile number you can talk “Unlimited” to for free. Happy bunnies all round! :-)

  472. Amer

    Hi mod, i recently purchased my iphone 4 but have been having issues with reception indoors even though my coverage is meant to be good indoors and outdoors. i only get 1 bar of 3g indoors. This has led to calls being dropped. i was wondering does the bumper resolve this issue? im thinking of cancelling the contract as my two week perios ends this friday so a quick reply is appreciated!

    thanks in advance

  473. Moderator

    @Nicola Sargent – V pleased to hear it :-)

  474. Wez

    Hi Mod,

    I’ve had my phone for a few weeks now and I love it. No problems at all with anything except the dreaded content filter. I am not bothered about having porn filtered (if I want to look at that I could use my home pc anyway!) but it won’t let me visit quite inocuous websites such as certain pages of tabloid newspapers, magazine sites such as Maxim or even some adult joke sites. Recently I was researching a well known actress in wikipedia and most of the links to photos of her were blocked even though they were entirely respectable. Also it doesn’t look very good when members on my family see “access to adult website blocked” or words to that effect in my browser’s history. It looks like I have been surfing for porn when I haven’t.

    If you can’t sharpen up the content filter to ONLY filter porn would you please remove it for me.

  475. Moderator

    @SB – We are trying to manage expectations by stating September 28 as the delivery date but wherever possible we will get them to you earlier.

  476. Moderator

    @Michele – Sorry that’s the way the plan is built but thanks for letting us know your preferred package and I’ll pass your comment on.

  477. Moderator

    @Banman – Price plans for the Nokia N8 will be publishes just before the phone is launched on Three, so early October.

  478. Jack

    It arrived today :D, I guess it was just a error!

  479. Ian

    Should be getting mine today, any way to track the order?

  480. Vein Clinic

    I am having a lot of trouble configuring my Iphone 4 for tiscali push email. It keeps on quoting that only O2 clients can have access and I need an O2 email address to proceed as the O2 mailservers are used for the iphone 4. Why is this?
    I thought my iphone was on the 3 network and push technology would work fine.
    Is there a series of instructions please? Those on the 3 website do not mntion this problem with the O2 server request.
    I hope we can sort this as it is a real issue marring my use of this otherwise excellent phone.

  481. Steve

    Hi Mod,

    I emailed details to get the adult filter removed (after you’d emailed me). When will this get activated?


  482. Julie

    My iPhone 4 is due to be delivered on the 5th October. Will I still receive the free bumper as the order was placed before 30th September? Also how do you go about removing the content filter without paying more?

  483. Nicola Sargent

    My replacement iphone arrived today :-)

  484. Moderator

    @Bruce – No probs, I’ve emailed you to get some more info…

  485. Moderator

    @Leon Aves – Sorry you don’t find the picture mail useful but I hope you are enjoying your iPhone?

  486. Moderator

    @Jack – Sorry about that!! Hope it hasn’t put you out too much and you’re happy with you phone when it arrives.

  487. Jack

    This is annoying, I had to cancel going somewhere to wait for the phone to come today (Monday) and then find out that it’s actually not arriving today but tomorrow, Why email me and tell me over the phone that it’s today then?!? arggh ffs!!

  488. Moderator

    @Ben – Thanks I’m passing visual voicemail feedback on… I’ll drop you an email re the content filter now..

  489. Matt

    Hello Mod,
    Sorry to bring up a past issues. Regarding my not being able to get emails or access the internet in a 2g only coverage area on my iPhone 4.
    This seemed to resolve itself and I could access the above in a 2g are no problem. However for the last couple of days I have not been able too so it seems like it is an intermittent problem and I just wondered if there was any reason for this to be happening ?

    Thanks again,

  490. Philthy

    Hey Mod sorry to keep coming up with new random questions

    My iphone keeps flashing up with network connection lost, it gets a bit annoying when your driving or in the middle of an app game and it pauses it to tell me. I have switched to automatic in the carrier settings rather than just 3g specifically, is this right and will it still connect to 3g if it is available?

    Cheers again


  491. SB

    @moderator I noticed you put “The iPhone 4, 32G is now available online…” on a recent post – I ordered the 32G as an upgrade last week via 333 and was told 28th September arrival – on your website it now says if you buy online it gives “Earliest delivery: Wednesday 25 August 2010″ so does that mean I’ll be receiving mine earlier?

  492. Waqar

    @ stampy – ur barking up the wrong tree here mate, it’s an Apple thing.
    Advice to u is give them a call, they have exceptional customer services, explain ur prob and say u didn’t realise and u want to exchange. Number will be on ur order receipt, or if u live near enough pop down to the Apple store.
    Let me know how u get on?

  493. Moderator

    @jimmy – Picture mail is easy to use on the iPhone4, check out these simple steps. Enjoy :-) !

  494. Moderator

    @Chucky_123 & @Waqar – Sorry to disappoint, but there’re no foreseeable plans to provide Skype free for our iPhone4 customers.

  495. Waqar

    @ mod

    I can’t help on these, re; date for n8 and content filter over to you.

  496. michele


    hi there mod … just a surgestion but instead of the 150 picture mails we get in our price plans could you not just change that to say 30 MMS a month instead ? im sure your customers will be more happy with that then the 150 picture mails which to be honest none of us use.

    sorry for posting again, put wrong email address on last post

  497. Bruce

    Can I get details on how to remove the Adult content filter. Never had these issues on O2 and have 3 weeks left to sort it out or my Iphone will be going back and bought with another provider

  498. Leon Aves

    Why do we get 150 picture mails with our iPhone contract but no picture messages? If i want to send someone a picture to their email, i’ll just email it to them. Furthermore, I have never wanted to do that.

  499. yaha

    Unlock iphone 4,please connect http://www.elecselling.com,there is more instereting!

  500. Banman

    When will you post price plans for the Nokia N8

  501. Ben

    Hi Mod – can you let me know how to get the Adult Content filter removed? When I try to access a car-related forum, I get redirected to porn adverts!

    Also, another vote for Visual Voicemail here…

  502. Stampy

    My iPhone 4 Bumper turned up yesterday (Friday), and after fitting it – i find that NONE of my leads will fit it…

    So I have to take the Bumper OFF to charge the phone, or connect it to my Belkin Kit in the Car…….

    Defeats the object somewhat!!!

  503. Moderator

    @jimmy – It’s pretty simple to use, just follow the steps outlined here.

  504. jimmy

    @ mod

    hi there mod, how do i use picture mail on the iphone 4?

  505. Nicola Sargent


    Have just replied to your email, look forward to hearing from you.

  506. Moderator

    @Philthy – Good stuff :-)

  507. Moderator

    @Nicola Sargent – Sorry you’ve been left disappointed :-( As @Waqar said I will arrange a call for you. Emailing you now…

  508. Moderator

    @Lara – Glad to have been of assistance! Enjoy your iPhone 4 :-)

  509. Moderator

    @usie – The iPhone 4, 32G is now available online…but I’m afraid the 16G isn’t.

  510. Waqar

    @ ali

    If that’s what matters to you most, for business needs than guess you’ve got to stick with that.

  511. Waqar


    no probs!! glad i could help

  512. Ali

    @ Waqar

    Thanks for your comment. 3G may be better on the Three network, but I don’t actually use it very much. In my experience, having 3G on reduces the voice signal on the iPhone quite a lot and the reception in my home-office isn’t great to begin with. I have a Three PAYG SIM that I’m testing now and with 3G turned on the reception falls to zero and displays “searching…”. As a business user Visual Voicemail is far more important to me. It saves me so much time when responding to enquiries. There’s no going back once you have used it. I don’t want to use a third party solution for privacy reasons, and also because in circumventing the iPhone’s built-in functionality, you gradually remove the point of using an iPhone in the first place.

  513. Moderator

    @James – iPhone 4s are in short supply and we have lots of customers keen to upgrade. So I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until your last month to upgrade to an iPhone 4, but you’ll get the best deals then too!

  514. Chucky_231

    Thanks Waqar for your help! Im sure before too long Skype will be available for free on the iphone4 like It is with the rest of the 3 network, Mod – can you please advise?

  515. Waqar

    @ Nicola Sargent

    Sorry to hear you’re missing out and have had these problems.


    Please can you help? I think a call from someone is required here.

  516. Waqar

    @ Chucky_231

    Your skype will use your allowance, and will use 3g or wifi, depending on how u have it connected. It used to be free and still is on other phones but through the iPhone 4 it will come out of your allowance, the mod should be able to help you with the reasons for this.

    About your bluetooth, the iPhone does not have the capability to find other phones, on bluetooth you are limited to connecting to car stereo and headsets, unless you download apps for bluetooth but these will limit you to connect to iphones/ipods only.

    The left speaker, is not a speaker i’m afraid, the right is the speaker and the left is the mic.

    Hope this helps

  517. Philthy

    Cheers for getting back to me mod, aye all is good lovin the phone!!

  518. Waqar

    @ Ali

    I understand what you are saying. Three have no plans o start visual voicemail but have not ruled it out for the future, the mod can only tell you why it will take a while.

    I’ve used three and 02 and three is by far better, in terms of 3g network/internet and value for money and price plans, personally these are things that matter to me. Visual voicemail is important but I wouldn’t let it put me of getting the iPhone 4 from three. Also worth noting is that apart from o2, no other network offers visual voicemail in the UK.

    Hope this helps.

  519. Nicola Sargent

    I am awaiting a replacement iphone for my faulty 3gs. I have paid the extra money for a iphone 4 16gb and to start with was told this would be delivered on the 5th August and then there was a delay so it would be delivered the following day on the 6th, when it still never arrived I was told the 12th August and then I have been told that I should now receive it on the 24th August but upon reading these posts I am very unsure as to whether I am likely to receive this now. I have been waiting since the 2nd August so I have a useless contract of which I only took this out on the 15th July so have been unable to use my phone for these 3 weeks. If I have to wait another 4 weeks I will not be happy because these phones are available in the stores but have been told I cannot go into a store to exchange this which doesn’t really make sense as if they have them in stock why can I not do this it would mean I would be able to use my contract again.
    I have had to take 3 days off work (without pay) so that I could be around for these deliveries.
    I hope that someone can answer my question and resolve it so that I do not have to be without a phone for another month because I may have to take this matter further.

  520. Chucky_231

    Hi I have a question about Skype on the iphone4 on 3, does it work as an app like on O2 or does it work the way it used to, straight from the 3 Network. I have downloaded the skype App and when I have used it to call oveseas the call quality was very poor. I never had this problem before when I had my Sony Ericcsson on 3.

    Also, I have a couple of problems with my iphone4 – the bluetooth does not find anyother phones when I search and the bottom left speaker does not work.

    Other than the above, happy as Larry. keep up the good work 3.

  521. Lara

    Moderator, you are a mobile genius, I haven’t posted on here but got all my answers about the iphone 4 just from reading the blog and your answers :) looking forward to getting my iphone 4 now!

  522. Ali

    Also, not interested in a third party App. I just want to use the iPhone’s core functionality without having to subscribe to an additional service for voicemail. Out of interest, what prevents Three from having visual voicemail? Is it the cost or the technical knowhow? If O2 can offer it, then I’d have thought any network could do the same.

  523. Ali

    I was planning to switch from O2 to Three this week and happened to find this blog. No visual voicemail kills the deal for me. I can’t quite believe it. I’ve ben with O2 since the original iPhone was released. I never understood that feature to be optional. In fact, I paid for the phone and in doing so have paid for the features the phone has to offer. If Three don’t offer visual voicemail then as far as I’m concerned, Three is not iPhone compatible. Shame…

  524. Moderator

    @sills – Great, glad you love it ;-) Sure no probs, I’ll drop you an email now.

  525. Moderator

    @usie – As @Waqar said it is unlikely that the iPhone for will be available by the end of Sep online. I don’t have time scales I’m afraid. We’re trying to manage our stock as the iPhone 4 is very popular, as you’d imagine.

  526. Moderator

    @Waqar – Do I mind?!? No of course I don’t :-) Thanks for your support!

  527. Waqar

    @ usie

    I doubt it. Your best option is to try in store. Or if you are upgrading just ring 333.

  528. Waqar

    @ James

    Yes you can upgrade from that date, but if you can wait ( I couldn’t) to the last month of your contract you will get the best deal.
    Just ring 333.

    @ mod

    Thought I’d help you out, I’ve been reading this blog for a while so am familiar with some of the probs, hope you don’t mind

  529. James

    Hi moderator, my contract will end in december but i got told i can upgrade 115 days before, i rang 333, and they told me the 115 days starts from the 28th august this year, can i upgrade to iphone 4 from that day onwards? its something ive been trying to fine out FOR AGES!!! lol.

  530. sills

    Hi mod,

    Loving my iPhone 4 and getting better coverage than on my work Orange mobile. But… I called 333 about non-adult sites being blocked by the filter and they said I’d have to pay £5 a month to remove it. Can you tell me how I can get the block removed for free as it wasn’t mentioned before I joined.

  531. Moderator

    @ Reenu – Picture mails are MMS sent to an email address, check out this guide.

  532. Moderator

    @ Sophie J – September 28 is the only date I can confirm I’m afraid and if it comes earlier it’s a bonus :-) Sorry if it doesn’t reach you before your placement starts.

  533. usie

    will the iphone 4 16gb be available online by the end of september?

  534. Karan

    Thanks Moderator, the issue has been resolved, no need to call

    I would just like to thank the moderator for all the time he has helped us, I have asked 3-4 questions and he has always got back to me quick, and if this blog didn’t exist, then probably I would not have a fully functioning iphone 4.

    Thank you
    Your hard work is appreciated :)

  535. Moderator

    @ bossman – Glad you’re all sorted and the team helped. :-) It will appear as an MMS on your phone but you will be sending it to an email address instead. I have linked through to a simple picture mail guide here.

  536. Moderator

    @ Linnas – I will arrange for someone to give you a call!

  537. Moderator

    @ dipps – Sorry you are haven’t quite got your iPhone 4 up and running yet. Follow these instructions.

  538. Moderator

    @ Karen – Facetime is free to access but it does use data. We’d recommend you use a WiFi hotspot when accessing Facetime. £90 is excessive though! Would you like me to arrange a call for you, to investigate?

  539. Moderator

    @ GRRRR – Thanks – glad you like this blog :-) A picture mail is the same as a picture message apart from it’s sent to an email address not a phone – see here. Thanks @ Peter for your advice on the crashing problem. If reconnecting to iTunes doesn’t work let me know… I’ll drop you an email re the content filter. We are working hard to sort this issue out so our customers won’t have to pay for unrestricted internet access.

  540. Reenu

    I have picture mails included in my price plan, how do i use them on the iphone 4?

  541. Moderator

    @ Will – I’ll drop you an email now…

  542. Sophie J

    *Not to sound impatient just that I’m going on placement as part of my uni course and won’t be here around the 28th september. Many thanks, Sophie

  543. Sophie J

    My dad upgraded my phone to the iphone 4 Monday ( as its his name on the contract)
    3 said it will come on or before the 28th September, was just wondering if it’s likely to come much earlier than that as a friend on another network was told the same thing and got his in a week?

    Also, my dads email server was down on the day of the upgrade so received no emails, are 3 meant to send an email out after the uprade has been made?

  544. Will N

    Matthew – (and any others who would like a Visual Voicemail service) check out the Hullo Mail app and service – I use it, it’s free and actually offers additional benefits over normal visual voicemail in that it can alert you when someone had tried to call but not got through even if they don’t leave a message.

  545. Peter


    I had the same problem that you have. To fix it I connected my phone to itunes and then choose the restore option. Ive not had the problem since then

    Just be sure to back up your contacts etc…..as the phone will retun to its original state when you have done this and you will need to add back in your apps, songs etc

  546. Moderator

    @ Tony – Sorry I missed your previous post Tony! I’ve dropped you an email.

  547. Adam

    Thank you for your inadequate response which failed to directly answer the question. That coupled with the interactions I have had today with your call centres on 333 are going a long way to convince me to move to another network after 6 years being on three. I shall give you one last chance to answer the question – is it possible for an existing customer to upgrade in a three store (a simple yes or no will suffice for the purpose of clarity). In addition I would ask why I would be expected to pay an additional £30 to purchase an Iphone compared with a new customer to the network when, at the same time, I am looking to spend an extra £10 a month on my line rental (£240 over the length of the contract).

  548. Moderator

    @ Philthy – 3o means your phone is roaming onto our partners 2G network – is all ok?

  549. bossman


    that was a different issue last week. but have received a call this morning. am all sorted now thanks.

    can you help me with something else? how do i send a picture mail from my iphone? everytime i enter an email add to send it too it changes the message to an MMS?
    thanks in advance

  550. Matthew

    Thanks for the response about visual voicemail, I have had this feature on O2 previously and can thoroughly recommend it.
    Would have thought twice about iphone on three, if I was told it wasn’t implemented.

  551. Tony

    @mod I made a post a few days ago requesting info about removing the adult content filter but haven’t had any response. How can I remove the content filter?

  552. Moderator

    @ Chandra – Yes it will and as soon as I know when, I’ll let you know on here. :-)

  553. Moderator

    @ Bossman – Our team said they spoke to you and resolved your issue last week. Is this not the case, or do you have another query?

  554. Moderator

    @ Matthew – There are no immediate plans to introduce visual voicemail but we aren’t ruling out ever introducing it. Your feedback is useful and we’re noting the requests we get for visual voicemail.

  555. Moderator

    @ Jakk Ogden – Thanks for your lovely feedback, we look forward to seeing the write up :-)

  556. Moderator

    @ Adam – Sorry for the confusion. As you can imagine iPhone 4 stock is limited and demand is high so we’re trying to manage this to ensure all our customers get the upgrade they want. It is best if you call 333 to upgrade to an Iphone 4 and there is currently a six week wait for delivery.

  557. Linnas

    Moderator, I am very happy with my new phone, but there is a problem with my camera, the shutter keeps freezing up and stops working. I read on google that this was a problem with the hardware, where can I get my phone swapped for a new one, as this is not what you’d expect from a brand spanking new phone.

    can i simply pop into the Iphone shop?

    Many thanks,

  558. dipps


    I have the pphone4 on 3, but the pop up for cellular settings keeps coming up and its annoying, i have to keep saying dismiss.

    To clarify ..on my settings..which network do i choose 3 or 3 (3G)?

    Please Reply, its annoying..i paid for internet usage..i at least want access to it

  559. Karan

    Does facetime cost?

    I had a facetime chat with a friend then next day i checked my usage and it says “spent since last bill £90″
    im confused, was that because i used facetime?

  560. Matt

    Actually the last few days i’ve been able to get email and access the web even when in a 2g area. So weird why it wasn’t working before.

    So thats cool :o)

    Thanks again for all your help!

  561. GRRRR

    Hi – first I have to compliment this blog and the mods for helping me solve a problem with MMS but I now have a few queries.
    What are the 150 picture messages per month that I have in my allowance? I’m told these are picture emails, not MMS. What is the difference between a picture mail and an email with a picture attached?

    My Iphone crashes most days requiring a forced reboot, anyone else seeing this problem ? I’m about to try resetting it to see if this improves the stability. The phone is great otherwise, no call dropouts, no “death grip” issue

    @Mod How do I get the internet block lifted without paying extra?

  562. Will

    I’m a little puzzled – when I upgraded over the phone I was charged over £200 for an Early Termination Fee – now I understand I was bound to pay a little extra as I was outside my upgrade window (which ‘opens’ at the end of September) – surely having been a customer for over five years and only a few months outside my window doesn’t justify a £200+ charge?

    I did not realise this charge until after the deal was confirmed and I received the receipt in the mail today

    Could someone please email me clarifying this? Also I would like info on removing the filter.


  563. steviethepar

    confused by what im reading about internet – currently pay monthly £20 plus £5 max internet addon – have no problems with internet and get emails no problems including exchange server for business. was looking at getting iphone on three, but reading that I will still have to pay extra £5 to get same level of access/emailing if this case o2 or vodafone will be cheaper..

  564. Chandra


    Will Iphone 4 will ever be available online from 3 Mobile?

  565. Philthy

    Hi Mod

    Just a quick question, i have noticed that on some days my connection at the top of the screen changes from 3g to 3o. Just wondering what this meant as was told that near my new house the connection for both indoors and both outdoors would be full 3g

    Any help would be great


  566. Adam

    Could you please clarify as to the status of upgrading an existing contract (that is in the upgrade window) in store. I have been told by my local Three store that I cannot upgrade in the store but it seems you have advised people they can upgrade in store. Who is wrong?

  567. mt

    HI MOD



  568. Moderator

    @ Brighty – We’re still working on the details of our returns policy for iPhone 4 with Apple but we will honour the 30 days return window outlined by Apple. If you’re not happy with the phone’s performance or our network then let me know.

  569. Moderator

    @ Steviethepar – You can upgrade in the last 3 months of your contract but we always advise to wait till the last month as that’s when you’ll be able to secure a good deal. So November would be the best time to call 333 to discuss an upgrade.

  570. Bossman


    U emailed me saying I would receive a call today? Re: I want to return my iPhone because of dropped calls and poor signal?

    I doubt I will receive a call today now but please can u prioritise this for tomorrow. My 30 days window is soon closing.


  571. Moderator

    @ David – That’s strange you didn’t hear from our team. I will arrange another call back for you now. Sorry about that!

  572. Jakk Ogden

    I’m loving the new iPhone 4 on Three so far. Having tested a sim free iPhone 4 on both Voda and 02, Three maintains the strongest signal around the West Yorkshire and Humber areas. The best thing I have found with Three, or rather the signal issue, is that when going through a long tunnel on a train (Huddersfield to Leeds, for example) the Three sim holds its 3G 4 seconds longer than that of 02, and 2 seconds longer than that of Voda.

    I’ll soon be conducting a write up on this, just keep up the great coverage Three ;).

  573. Moderator

    @ Ian – We are trying to keep on top of demand for the iPhone 4 and I’m sorry it wasn’t available in store when you upgraded. It is best that you upgraded when you did and you’re getting your phone next week. Sorry about the wait but I hope you enjoy your new phone :-)

  574. Matthew

    I’m confused about visual voicemail on the iPhone4.
    In a 3 store yesterday I was told by an sales advisor (after she spoke on the phone to someone in technical support) that visual voicemail was going to be introduced in the future on 3.
    I’ve just read through this blog to find a response saying that visual voicemail won’t be introduced.
    Who is giving the correct information? I’m I being “fobbed off” in store?
    I’m considering cancelling and switching networks to get this function that Apple advertise as a major feature

  575. Moderator

    @ Anu – Sorry that’s contrary to the info I had. Have you managed to get your upgrade now?

  576. Moderator

    @ Tim C – I hope I’ve caught you before your trip to Dublin! I’m afraid you can’t use your inclusive allowance in Dublin and yes your MiFi will roam. To learn more about using your MiFi abroad see here.

  577. MattR

    Could the mod please email me regarding the removal of the content filter. Didn’t used to affect be too much but now I’m noticing more and more sites are being blocked that I wouldn’t class as adult!

  578. Jus Newman

    Hi Mod

    Im three weeks into my new iphone 4 contract on the 3 network and im finding the phone brilliant, I have no signal loss and have ordered my Apple Bumper through the App.
    My only problem is that horrible internet filter which is getting on my wick! I visited my local 3 store on the high street asking about removing the blocker, But they had no idea what i am going on about and i dont fancy ringing 333 from past experience
    Can you please help.

  579. Brighty

    Just to clarify mod… What is the length of the cooling off period?

  580. sajawal

    i have an iphone 4 contract but the phone is faulty, i phoned three up and they said that they are out of stock on replacements, would i be able to get a replacement once the stocks are in.

    ps. mod reply by email and il tell you the rest of the story, but that question just summarises my issue

  581. steviethepar

    Hi, looking for cllarification on upgrading, contract up on 1/12, therefore think i am not far away from normal upgrade window. Will I have to wait till november to upgrade to iphone or can i upgrade earlier. seems some conflicting information

  582. Andy

    Hi mod,

    Could you email details of how to remove adult filter.


  583. David

    Hi, after having the email saying that you will be in touch I haven’t heard anything else off you or anyone at customer services, I would like to have the internet filter removed. Also i want to put in another vote for visual voicemail, seen as though it seems to be a really popular feature request, also if you were to introduce it, it would stand you out from the other not only with price seen as though only 02 use visual voicemail.

  584. michele

    @MODS…. loving my my new iphone 4…. no probs with it so far…. a MY3 app would be good seeing as the other networks alreay have them ;-). Visual voice mail would be good too.
    i’d also like some info on the lifting of the internet filter but i will be dammed if i’m gonna pay £5 for the privilege.., i pay for internet in my package and full internet is what i should be getting…. thanks for the great job your doing on here though.

  585. Moderator

    @Harv – Glad you love your iPhone 4 :-) To check your usage follow these instructions. I’ll email you about the content filter now.

  586. Ian

    @Mod I’m now waiting for my iphone to be delivered on 24th August but you’re now telling people they can upgrade instore, which was previously not an option. So, am I now waiting for my phone when I could’ve just gone instore to upgrade?

  587. Ian

    @michele That’s fair enough but then you have to change your number which a lot of people do not wish to do. You can’t PAC code a number on the same network.

  588. Anu

    HI Mod…
    what a strange thing…AS you said to go to local store to upgrade my contract to iphone 4…
    I went to three store to upgrade the contract with iphone4..but the storemen told me that they can not upgrade my contract in store…I will have to call 333….
    Called 333 and they told me that I can get iphone 4 in next month as its not in stock….they offered me other deals….
    Its but annoying…
    Can you help me please….

  589. Moderator

    @Brighty – If you are really unhappy with your iPhone 4 then you are still able to return it, as you’ve only had it for 2 weeks.

  590. Moderator

    @Lyndon – Your vote has been noted! Pleased everything else has been great :-)

  591. Will

    Today I got caught in the rain whilst listening to music on my iPhone 4 and a call came in. Normally I would unplug the headset to take a call but because of the rain I decided to use the mic/headphones instead of getting the phone wet. I must say I was very impressed with the quality of the call this way. My past experience of using hands-free kits and headsets has always put me off but this was great and may even help combat reception/death grip issues if you’re encountering them.

  592. Harv

    How can I remove the internet filter please?

    Also, is there any way to record how much internet usage I have used? I have a funny feeling downloading apps I am getting near my 1GB limit but am not sure how to check?

    P.S. I get the signal issues cost I hold the phone with my left hand, I find it drops by about 1-2bars, so as long as signal is good its not a problem, in 1 bar areas it is but hey, I will learn to hold it differently, doesnt detract overly much from a very very good phone.


  593. Moderator

    @Ronz – You have good outdoor coverage in your area but very poor indoor coverage…

  594. Tim C

    @MOD Hi, bit off topic but I thought I would ask you as you have been great helping out in the past. I’ve off to Dublin for a few day next week and I have two questions.

    1) If I select the 3 network over there can I use my inclusive allowance and not be charged extra
    2) Will my MiFi conntect to the 3 network or will it roam and thus incure roaming charges?

    Many thanks in advance.

  595. Bossman

    @ mod
    I think u have missed my post from a couple of days ago?
    Please can you let me know how I can return my iPhone? I’m within my 30 days and having a few probs, network always been fine here, but no so good with iPhone also having dropped calls.
    I dread ringing 333!
    Please can you get back to me today?

  596. Moderator

    @PaulW – Sorry I did reply but maybe it got lost…I’m sorry there’s been some confusion over the delivery dates for your iPhone 4s.We don’t want to disappoint so we’ve set a conservative expectation, but if the phones arrive sooner they will be turned around asap to get to customers.

  597. michele

    Hi Everyone,

    i entered my upgrade window yesturday (12thaug )… so i phoned customer services to get it sorted. only when i phoned they told me they wont have the 16GB till september 21st , or i can have the 32GB on august 20th… i told them i wanted the 16GB on the £30 a month tariff… they said i could have that but still i would have to wait till after sep 21st & because im upgrading early in my upgrade window i would need to pay an extra £30 on top of the £99 handset price. i then asked how much it would be to end my contract there and then & i was told it would be £87. i told them i would think about it then get back to them. i then phoned my local three store who told me i cannot upgrade in store but there was another way of getting my iphone that day… heres what i did…. i went into the three store , dropped my tariff down to the lowest price plan £12 a month , then took out a new contract and walked out with my iphone 4… so instead of ending my contract with three and paying £87 im now only gonna pay £36 till that contract is finished & instead of waiting till end of sep i now have my phone and only payed £99 for it .. hope this might help some of you that do not want to wait till the end of september for there phone ..

  598. Moderator

    @Anu – If you are in your upgrade window that shouldn’t be a problem – yes please go to your local store to upgrade :-)

  599. dr_jones

    @Mod – what’s woth the iPhone4 only beng avaialble in-store @ the moment? Really inconvinient for myself (& I’m sure others) and after the waiting around / dicovering I didn’t have the coreect photo id (?!) experience I had last time I dropped into the three store i’d would have much sooner got my wife’s handset on line…

  600. Steve H

    Hi, now been two weeks since I’ve had my pair of iPhone 4′s for me and my partner. Am pleased to report not a single dropped call between us yet, even in poor signal areas. Email, wifi, facetime, everything works a treat. Would be great to be able to monitor data usage …perhaps an app could show a split usage feature i.e. free wifi, and paid-for data.

  601. Brighty

    Hi. After two weeks of using my new ip4 after a move to Three, I’m concerned that the bumper “fix” isn’t working. What’s my options now?

  602. Lyndon

    Can I put in another vote for visual voicemail? I’ve just switched from O2 to Three and was horrified to find visual voicemail doesn’t work.

    Everything else is great, but I can’t recommend Three to anyone else without visual voicemail.

  603. Moderator

    @Kim – I’ve sent you an email as you shouldn’t have had any nasty surprises!

  604. Moderator

    @all iPhone4 users – Apply for your free Apple bumper asap here. For iPhone 4 purchases made on or before July 23rd, 2010, you must apply before August 22nd, 2010, otherwise, you must apply within 30 days of your iPhone 4 purchase.

  605. Moderator

    @Neal – Thanks for getting in touch. We don’t have Visual Voicemail, so I’m afraid you won’t be able to set this up. I can drop you an email if you want your internet content filter removed? With the drop in internet connection it’s worth testing the Apple bumper to see if this resolves the issue – check it out here.

  606. Moderator

    @Matt – No it shouldn’t mean you can’t use email or browse the internet on your iPhone, but the experience should be a lot better in a 3G area. Are you unable to access them at all?

  607. Moderator

    @Matt J – Thanks for getting in touch. We have no plans to introduce visual voicemail I’m afraid and yes we are looking at developing an app. I’ll update the blog as soon as I have timescales for the Three app.

  608. PaulW

    @ Mod – just wondering if you’d had a chance to reply to my message of 10th Aug? This being the fact that there is no more upgrade stock – with new stock expected on Sep 21st? Thanks

  609. MattJ

    Although I was really pleased to find that 3 do not charge extra for using the iPhone for internet tethering, I was disappointed to find out that 3 does not yet support visual voicemail. I am also finding it difficult to monitor my data usage effectively, since ‘my3′ only states whether or not you have gone over your data limit.

    - Does 3 have any plans to introduce visual voicemail in the future?

    - Is 3 planning to release an iPhone app, like many of the other networks have, which lets you see your remaining monthly allowances of both calls AND data?

    I think these will be a really useful and welcome additions to your service!

  610. Anu

    HI there,

    I want to upgrade my contract to Iphone 4…What should I do? Can I upgrade the contract in the store?

  611. Darren G.

    I’m having issues with sending email on my new iphone 4. I’m on TalkTalk at home, and after numerous alterations to the settings, am now able to send and receive email over 3G. Hiowever, when at home, I can only receive email over WIFI, and cannot send. Any information would be appreciated.

  612. Bossman

    @ Mod

    How do can i return my iphone 4, am having issues with reception and dropped calls? I dread ringing 333 because I know i will speak to 3/4 people and still get nowhere.

    Please can you let me know asap. I am still with in my 30 days.

    Thanks in advance

  613. Banman

    Thanks Mod. If its something that cant be fixed, which I guess it isn`t, will I have the option of a new phone, I cant be without one you see, due to business calls during the working week.

  614. Ronz


    MK7 [removed by mod] is the full post code

  615. Moderator

    @Banman – sorry your iPhone 4 isn’t working as well as it could be. This isn’t a known issue so could you take it to your local Three store and demonstrate the problem to them?

  616. Moderator

    @michele – I would try and hold on till tomorrow if you can.

  617. Moderator

    @Wes – I’ve just checked and this is your talk talk address that you need to enter here, you should then be asked for your username and password before your emails are pulled to your iPhone.

  618. Moderator

    @Tim C – Pleased to hear that the apps store is working ok now :-) Enjoy your iPhone!

  619. Moderator

    @Tim C – are you still having app store issues? :-/

  620. Moderator

    @Rich – that’s strange, I received your email and requested a call. Sorry, no-one’s been in touch. If you don’t hear anything within 24 hours give me a shout.

  621. Moderator

    @Sanjay – any content not suitable for under 18s is being filtered. I can arrange a call to discuss the charge if that helps?

  622. James


    Thank you! All connecting again.

    Even with a case the signal is nowhere near as good as with the dongle which is a shame, but I am happy just to be up and running again and grateful for your help.

    One more question if I may, there was a link for 25% discount on your existing mobille broadband if you took a phone contract which is why I changed my phone to 3 (after waiting for the iphone 4). I cannot seem to find the link now though – could you point me in the right direction please?


  623. Moderator

    @James – Try this – Go to: Menu > Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Once you Reset the network settings, restart the iPhone 4. Let me know if this works?

  624. Moderator

    @georgia farquharson That’s really nice to hear Georgia, thanks! :)

  625. Tony

    @mod I too would like to know how to remove the content filter as I am running into issues where sites I would consider innocent being blocked. I can’t really understand why Three don’t operate the same system every other UK network uses which allows customers to lift the adult filter after age verification. I understand there is an internet add-on which can be purchased for an additional £5 per month which lifts the block but this is just extortion as I already pay for internet in my contract price.

  626. Moderator

    @John – Sorry to hear that. Are you still unable to access the app store now? I’ll get some details from you if you can’t.

  627. Moderator

    @Caz – You can upgrade earlier you just won’t get as good a deal. Call 333, but come back to me if you have any issues.

  628. Moderator

    @Done :-)

  629. Moderator

    @PaulW – I’ll investigate and come back to you…

  630. Moderator

    @Andy R – So is the US issue sorted now? The app store issue should be resolved now, let me know if it isn’t.

  631. Moderator

    @Alex W – We allow tethering but would suggest buying one of our add-ons to make sure you’re covered. I’ll drop you an email to get some more info from you.

  632. Moderator

    @Snogs – I’ve arranged a call for you to discuss your email issues and internet content filter :-)

  633. Moderator

    @Ronz – Can you send me your full postcode so I can do a more accurate check? I’m afraid we don’t know what Apple’s plans for the iPhone 4 are, but if I here I will post an update.

  634. Keeg

    I pay 30 pound a month for Internet tester 500 does the 30 pound include VAT. P.S Thanks for reporting my app store problems, nice too see it’s now rectified.

  635. Moderator

    @Eric – That shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll be in touch to get some more info.

  636. Alex W.

    Mod, I’m not looking to return my iPhone 4 at this stage, because I’m not going to be able to get another one at this price. I’m just looking to get it replaced, and the store staff have stated that if they don’t have stock for me before the 28-day mark, I won’t be entitled to one, even though I showed them the fault a week ago. It’s really not acceptable behavior.

  637. michele


    hi mod, my upgrade window starts tomorrow. do you think i will be able to call three today and get it done a day early ?

  638. Moderator

    @Steve – No probs! :-)

  639. Moderator

    @ Mr E – Happy you’re happy :-) Yes, I’ll arrange a call…

  640. Moderator

    @Alex W – Sorry you’ve had a bad experience. We’re still working through the details of our return policy for iPhone 4 but we will definitely honour the 30 days return window outlined by Apple. I’ll drop you an email to get some more info from you.

  641. Dylandog


    Thanks for looking into it. As this is a quesry with a number of customers we might as well wait until i’t’s resolved rather than getting a call from customer services. I expect all they will do is go through the “removed with the £5.00 add on pack” script again,and I end up getting even further frustrated with three’s dual standard.

    Once again thanks for your efforts.

  642. iPhone4 stock

    Hi Mod,

    Called three cus services..to upgrade my contract..
    I was told that all the iPhone4 stock is gone and if I will sign the contract now they will send me the handset on or after sept 21st…which is annoying…
    Can you please tell us the status of the stock ..


  643. Nath

    I know there have been some horror stories posted on here about deliveries/sims etc, but I’d like to start off by saying that I got my iPhone on the 27th, with micro-sim, at the time promised. It was activated in a couple if hours abd I’ve been loving it ever since!
    I’d also like to congratulate the Mod on such a good job responding to comments and questions on here.
    I do however agree with everything that’s been said about the content filtering, and would love if you’d send me some info about getting it lifted. But, I stayed with 3 because they were offering the cheapest iPhone deals, so I definitely will NOT be spending an extra fiver a month for the privilege.

  644. Wes


    I’m still having trouble sending email from my handset. I’ve phoned three twice, but it’s no good and I just end up going through a scripted list of things that don’t help. I’ve changed all the socket settings and tried different settings, but still no good. Is there a simple solution to this please? I used to send a lot of emails on my old phone but can’t on the iphone. I’m with talktalk, and on their website it just says to use your network address. What is this please?



  645. Neal


    Just bought an iPhone 4 and am new to Three. Glad the App Store and iBooks issues seem to have been fixed as these were causing frustration.

    Could you please clarify a few things?

    - How do I set up Visual Voicemail?

    - I saw your replies to Rich and Dylandog about removing the internet restrictions, this is an issue for me too, how do I actually go about getting the content filter removed? And if it’s to protect under 18s, surely it should not matter how much the customer is spending on their monthly tariff?

    - Quite often while connected to the internet the connection will suddenly drop completely, is this a result of the well-publicised antenna problem? I was expecting a loss of bars when holding it in ‘that’ place, but not such a sudden drop in connectivity.

    Thanks in advance

  646. Tim C

    @MOD – Hi, just to update you, all mentioned apps are working fine now. So the fix must be populating through.

  647. Alex W.

    I’ve had my content lock lifted, and it still redirects me through your porn portal when I try to visit B3ta. This is an utter disgrace. Contrary to what Three thinks, not everyone likes porn.

  648. Tim C

    @MOD – Yell and Augmented Reality Broser apps are also suffering from the problem. Hope this helps you guys.

  649. Moderator

    @Dylandog – We are still looking into this. Would you like me to arrange a call for you?

  650. Tim C

    @MOD – sorry to say but the ITunes store is still causing a problem. Do a search for the layers app and it just returns a load of code.

  651. Rich

    Dear Moderator, I replied back to you with my details earlier in the week via email (august 5th) but you have yet to respond.
    Could you please update me?

    Kind regards,

  652. Matt

    Hi, Thanks for your reply and for checking that out.
    I understand that mobile broadband is 3g only and i’m cool with that. My point was that I can’t browse the internet or get emails on my iphone if out of a 3g area. Is that correct ?

    My 3g coverage is actually fine on the iphone at home however I do go to a few places with my phone where its 2g only and would be nice to still get emails.

  653. James

    Hi Mod,

    Very informative blog – thanks. I’ve just had a very frustrating conversation with three layers of customer service, what can be done to lift the internet filtering (which didn’t use to apply before the upgrade). It doesn’t appear to be something they are away can be fixed without the extra £5 / month charge.

    Many Thanks,

  654. Moderator

    @Scott Yep, that is something we’re looking at right now. As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know. :)

  655. Banman

    Mod, I am experiencing some issues with call quality over my new iphone 4, its very muffled, not crystal clear like some others are saying. Its ok when I use the hands free, but not so good when I have the phone to my ear.
    Can you help in any way please………….

  656. John

    Just to say despite your latest post I am still having issues with the app store !

    Cheers John

  657. Sanjay

    Thats Fantastic news!!!!!…..So that just leaves giving full access to the internet to resolve. Can you advise what is restricted and how this can be lifted without any charge please?

  658. Caz

    I am on an 18 month contract, but have had my phone (nokia N97) for approximately 13 months and want to upgrade to iphone- I know normally you have to wait for 3 months before but my current phone is really bad, I often have to completely reset the hardware and software

  659. Moderator

    Brilliant news all. The Apps store issue has now been fixed and you should be able to access the applications as normal on your iPhone 4s! :-)

  660. James


    I reconnected to itunes, sync’d the phone and still no internet. Carrier settings on the settings menu are ticked as automatic, and 3 and 3(3G) show in the list. When I go back to the menu after confirming it is on automatic it shows 3 as the carrier.

    Is there something I need to do to get carrier settings to tie up with the phone? Thanks

  661. Bill L

    Could you drop a note on how to remove the internet filter please!

  662. PaulW

    @ Mod – wondering if you can help me – quite frustrated with the Three call centre team. I’ve been wanting the Iphone 4 since it was announced and found out very early on that my upgrade window started on Aug 5th. I had called the week before then as I knew Three were going to start selling IP4 to new customers and thought there may be stock shortages. Was told no problem, upgrade stock kept separate to new stock, no issue. I then called on the morning of the 5th and placed my order and told it would be delivered today.

    I have just called 333 as I hadn’t received a delivery time text – only to be told that my order was not entered correctly and I now have to wait until September 21st. Are you able to confirm that this is correct – people in their upgrade window are not able to receive their handsets until this date? I now do not believe anything the 333 team say and would appreciate your comments on this as I’ve found this website to be very helpful and open. Can anything be done to bring my date forward as a priority – particularly as I had expected to have it today….

    Very disappointed…

  663. Alex W.

    I just tried to visit popular geek site B3ta, and I was redirected to a Three site encouraging me to download a load of porn.

    I cannot overstate how completely stupid this is. I’m writing in to Watchdog.

  664. kim

    I got my iphone 4 contract 2 weeks ago on the 30 pound a month contract, I just got my bill online for my ‘first month’ and it was 35 pounds because 5 pounds VAT? surely that cant be right !

  665. Andy R

    Yes – I bought the phone from 3 as an upgrade to my old phone/contract with you. I have noticed that the itunes store is now connecting me back to the UK store. One other comment is that some of the apps in the app store are not able to be viewed – I seem to get a lot of what looks like machine code rather than the details of the app?

  666. Alex W.

    Hello again,

    Previously you stated tethering would be available through the normal add-ons, however those aren’t listed for the iPhone 4 on My3. Also I don’t see a way to disable the content block you mention. Any more info?

  667. Snogs

    Hi Mod,

    I too at present, cannot send any emails using my talktalk email account. I have tried using the different ports you suggested for another but with no success. What has happened? I was able to send when originally setting my iphone up.

    Also, I too would like the internet filter removed, but am unwilling to pay for the privelidge of having access to all of the WWW. Can you let me know how I can get this removed please.

    Many thanks in advance
    Contact and 3 number: 07[removed by Mod]

  668. Moderator

    @ James – You will need to reconnect to itunes and wait for the carrier settings to be pushed. This will then allow you to access the internet.

  669. Steve

    Hi mod

    thanks for the updates on the apps issue.

    Could you email me with details on removing the internet filter too please?


  670. Mr E

    Hello Mod.

    Got my iPhone 4 a few days ago, having decided to pay an early termination fee. I obviously took a lot of convincing by the 3 upgrades person ;-) Really delighted with it I have to say. However, in line with some other posts, could you let me know what needs to be done to remove internet filtering? It didn’t appear to be switched on for my last contract and I’m well over 18. Thanks v much in advance.

  671. Moderator

    @Matt – I’ve looked into this and you live in an area of good outdoor coverage but I am afraid the indoor coverage is a bit patchy. There aren’t any immediate plans for new masts near you but keep in touch and I’ll keep you posted. Our mobile broadband products can only access 3G which is why you aren’t able to email or browse the net when in 2G areas. Pleased you like our blog :-)

  672. Moderator

    @Rich – 1, Some iPhone 4 users are experiencing intermittent access to some apps – we are treating this as a priority and hope to have a fix very soon.
    2 – email should be no issue. A couple of our customers had difficulty sending emails but we can resolve this very easily.
    3 – 2G is fine when there is no 3G coverage :-)
    4 – We have a content filter to protect are customers that are under 18. We can adjust the add-one preferences to remove the filter.
    I hope this helps!

  673. Moderator

    @Jim – So pleased you are enjoying your iPhone 4! I still don’t have timescales for when the App store issue will be fixed but I will post this news as soon as I have it. I’ll drop you an email now, to gather some details re the internet content filter.

  674. Alex W.

    I’ve had a completely terrible experience with your Edinburgh store trying to get my new iPhone replaced because the back glass is separating. Starting a mere four days after I got my handset, they’ve told me to come back on three different dates and times so far and have never had a handset when I show up, and have spun me a bunch of, to put it mildly, lies about how Apple is supposedly enforcing a no-returns-after-28-days policy and mandating that they don’t keep any stock aside from replacements. They also stated that they’re the only Three store in Scotland that will be getting stock in the near future, which if true, suggests that Hutchison 3G is an incredible amateurish operation. Of course that’s almost certainly not true, but it’s interesting to note that they’re willing to sell out their parent company’s reputation to avoid fulfilling a simple part of their own contract.

    Very disappointed, once my contract finishes up I’ll be leaving ASAP and I’ll be warning people not to use your company.

  675. Moderator

    @ald010 – You can upgrade from 3 months before the end of your contract, but the closer you are to the end of your contract, the better deals you will be offered! :-)

  676. Moderator

    @Paul C – I’ll drop you an email to gather some details from you and arrange a call.

  677. Moderator

    @Andy R – Thanks for your feedback. Can I just check you bought your phone from us?

  678. Moderator

    @Sanjay – not yet, but hoping it will be soon…

  679. Keeg

    Just a quick question, why are the mist recent comments at the bottom of the page instead of the top. It’s very frustrating that every time I come on here I have to scroll right down to the bottom :(

  680. Moderator

    @Steve – Understand this is frustrating and as soon as I have some news about the Apps store issue I’ll post it here.

  681. georgia

    three is the best full stop.

  682. georgia farquharson

    I think i get the best from three net work i try the others and three are the best i would recomend it to every one .and the staff are wery polite and helpfull thanks to three net work

  683. Scott

    May have been mentioned already but cant seem to find an answer. @Mod is there going to be a my3 app coming out anytime soon?

  684. Dylandog


    Sent you an e-mail last Wednesday regarding internet restrictions and that three were stating the only way of lifting the restriction was to buy a £5 internet pack.You were going to look into it for me and get back to me, but I have not heard anything back yet. It’s intereestsing to see that some people are getting the restriction lifted if they are on the higher tarrifs or insisting on speaking to a manager.

    Threeappear to have a two tiered policy dependent on overall spend, surely the policy should be the same whether a customer spends £30.00 or £45.00 per month.

  685. Ronz


    Thanks, can you check the MK7 post code area and let me know what the signal strength is like

    Also, do you know if there are any plans to change the design of the iphone 4 that will improve the signal issues, I know Apple have said they wont be redesigned but they are only offering the free bumpers until September so anyone after that will not receive a bumper free, so are they redesigning the internals of the phone?

  686. Paul

    Iphone 4 up and running, only minor niggle is battery life, great apps at apple for it, crystal clear voice. Great deal at ’3′ no problems with internet but mainly use on home wifi. I am an ‘apple’ convert. I have a slim line bumper so no reception issues and a flip leather case. Read the booklet to get the best out of your handset

    When you get a chance upgrade to the iphone 4 32gb

  687. Rich

    I’m currently on three PAYG but me and my girlfriend are thinking of moving to three iphone contracts but wanted to check out the experience before becoming locked into three From the comments on this page seems there are a few issues. Would be useful to get some further clarification on these.

    1. problems with the app store – I couldn’t see a reference to what the issue is other than its been looked into. How serious is it and has it been resolved?

    2. Difficulties with sending e-mail – is this a widespread problem and is it being fixed?

    3. 2G internet access – while I understand preference for use of three’s 3g network it sounds like if 2G isn’t offered when out of range this could be a serious problem e.g. imagine train journeys, using iphone for sat nav etc could be difficult.

    3. blocked internet – rarely come across this on my current phone but have some concerns over the lack or transparency and that it could cover more areas considered ‘inappropriate’ over time. Is it straightforward to get it removed?

    Thanks for the help.

  688. Jim



    I am having a good experience with my iPhone in general, however the App store issue is also affecting me, any idea when this will be resolved?

    Also could you please email me details of how to have the internet content filter removed as you have done for others?

    Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!

  689. Moderator

    @Michele – Call in advance if you are concerned. The store’s number can be found here.

  690. Paul C


    Hi, I posted on Friday seeking clarification on the timing of the 30 day return window and would be grateful for your guidance.

    I have regrettably decided to return the handset as the signal issues, coupled with the fact that Three’s carrier settings, has meant that the phone spends more time searching for network than any handset I’ve had in the past. The problem arises in areas where there is marginal Three (3G) coverage so the phone tries to select the home network. However, moving the handset even slightly results in the network becoming unavailable and dropping back to Orange’s 2G backup. This is a major issue at both my work and home locations which of course is where I use my phone most of the time.

    Can you confirm the procedure for returning the handset as I have now synced the phone through iTunes? I can easily restore the phone to it’s “out of the box” state but as I expect a lengthy debate when I phone 333, it would be very useful if either someone could call me or at least leave some notes on my account so that the process is made more simple.

    I would also like to revert to my £15/month SIM only rolling 30 day contract until I decide what to do next.

    Thanks in anticipation,

    Paul C

  691. Moderator

    @David – Thanks for your message. I’ll drop you an email…

  692. Moderator

    @JC – I’ve sent you an email :-)

  693. ald010

    hello mod just a quick question. got this email a month or so back ..

    “As your current contract ends on 09/11/2010 we’ll get in touch with you nearer that time as we know you’ll be really keen to get one. Plus, if any customer offers become available before then, we’ll let you know.”

    Just double checking so does this mean i can upgrade from now or upgrade from then? Thankyou

  694. Andy R

    Hi. Have got the iphone 4 on three, and so far, its great. Especially the instant access to email and shopping apps. But a few niggling problems have started to become irritating and I’m hoping something can be done. The itunes store seems to continually point me at the US store – which I can’t seem to change. Plus I notice now the internet appears to respond as if I’m based in the US, which I’m not. It even comes back with the message on some sites that it has ‘noticed you are connected to the internet outside the UK’. Can anything be done? Thanks.

  695. Moderator

    @Gray – It’s no probs to upgrade earlier but we advise you upgrade nearer the end of your contract to get the best deals :-)

  696. Moderator

    @Ronz – Great that you’re thinking of making the move to Three :-). We’d be happy to do a coverage check in your area, if you send me your postcode. If you do suffer from poor coverage once signed up, you can return your phone. There’d be no charge for porting your number to a new network if you do experience coverage issues. I hope this helps.

  697. michele

    @TOM J.

    Thanks for that info tom… now all i need is three to have some stock in on thursday when i enter my upgrade wondow.

  698. Moderator

    @Nick P – Thanks for your lovely feedback :-) So pleased your enjoying your iPhone and great coverage too!

  699. Moderator

    @Matt – I’ll get your postcode checked out now… :-) Pleased you like our blog!

  700. michele


    Still waiting to see what the returns policy is on the iphone 4 ……

  701. Sanjay

    Hi…I know there’s been lots ofcompliants abouts Apps not loading…is this now resolved?…

  702. Steve

    Can you please update on the Apps store issue?

    My 14 days runs out this week, and if it isn’t sorted i am going to be handing back my phone, cancelling my contract and moving providers. Unless anyone can convince me it is going to get sorted pronto.

    It is very frustrating, and hearing “we are working on it” is wearing a bit thin..

  703. James


    Any chance of some help with lack of iphone 4 internet access?

    On first use (bought last week in store) my iphone 4 would access the app store etc but over the last 48 hours all I get is ‘could not activate the cellular network’ whenever I try to access anything via the internet at home. I am typing this via my 3 dongle which has good signal strength. Calls are unaffected. Is there a problem?


  704. Ronz


    I am considering moving to three but I wanted to know in the event I have issues with signal where I live, is there a period of time I can return the phone and cancel the contract without losing any money. Also if I have my number ported to three would I be able to transfer my number to a different network straight away without cost if I have signal problems.

  705. Eric

    Hi, I bought the iphone 4 32gb on a new contract an I have a couple of questions…
    I Travel a lot and I need my phone unlocked and I also want to remove the content lock…
    How can I do that?


  706. Tom J


    I don’t work for Three but I can tell you that there iPhones are the real deal! If you go to the Apple website and then on to the iPhone section Three is actually listed at the top of the network list that stock iPhones! Tesco and T-Mobile are not on this list though.

    Hope this helps

  707. richard

    I have had my iPhone 4 a few days now. Yes, reception is affected by the way I hold the phone if anyone is wanting to know. My previous phone was a Sony and it received better reception than the iPhone 4. Holding the phone often means no reception where I live, so I hope my free case arrives soon from Apple and the problem is resolved. My phone has also frozen about 3 times. This is fixed by a restart, but I’ll wait to see if it is a persistent problem. I am very confused about the price plans. Why do Three advertise £30 a month but bill it as £35 minus a £5 discount? I see no mention of this on the website and this was not explained when I agreed to contract. Will this affect me badly at some point or is it an incidental. I feel suspicious about this, it seems unnecessarily confusing and is not as advertised.

  708. David

    Hi MOD, I have discovered while at work where there is no Wi-Fi that the content block is indeed impacting my use on the device, I would like it removed but as other people have said no other network does this and i know you say that it is to protect under 18′s but you can clearly see I’m over 18 and also I couldn’t take out a contract if I wasn’t, and to charge an extra £5 a month to access the internet properly is outrageous, we are all paying a lot of money for these contracts and phones and 3 turn around and say if you want to access the internet its £5 extra a month, now i saw one guy on here managed to get it lifted for free without the add on, I would also like that because I am refusing to pay an extra £5 to access something that I’m already paying for.

  709. JC

    Hi Mod,

    I have been reading this blog and I noticed you have help some peeps to unlock their adult content without doing the actual credit card process. Can you please help me as well since I don’t have a credit card.

    Many thanks,


  710. Banman

    WHY HAVE PEOPLE BEEN OFFERED THE RESTRICTION OF THE INTERNET FREE IF THEY ARE ON A £45 A MONTH PLAN OR HIGHER, SURLEY YOU SHOULD BE OFFERING THIS TO YOUR EXISTING LOYAL CUSTOMERS MOD. I am paying £35 a month with a loyalty discount of £5, should I not be offered the same de-restriction regardless of how much I am paying??

  711. Nick P

    Well I just want to thank you for your help; got my number ported over from o2 today for some reason the guy in the shop did not do it? But he did open up 3 hours early to make sure we got our iphones so maybe he was tiered!

    So far I have 3g everywhere and I am able to use the wunderradio app at work which is great great on o2 I never got 3g anywhere but in town centres. I even get 3g where I go fishing! so far 3 beats o2 wish you had got the iphone 18 months ago. I might have to add a internet bolt on as I am using the radio app all the time. Thanks again Nick

  712. Matt

    Hi Mod,
    Thanks for the reply :o) – glad to hear you will pass the feedback on.

    My postcode is TF9 [removed by Mod]. My iPhone actually picks up 3G ok which is awesome – my Mifi device on 3 however does not pick up any 3g signal in my area which sucks (however mainly its used when out and about so not too much of an issue) – I hear a new mast is planned though which is good news and if the mifi works after the upgrade it will be useful for when my broadband is down.

    My issue really is that i’ve been out and about in a few areas that there is only 2g signal and when i’m in them I can’t pick up email or browse the net.

    Not a deal breaker by any means but would be nice at least to know I can get my email even when out of the 3g coverage area.

    Thanks again, the blog is great!

  713. Moderator

    @michele – I’m afraid we don’t have visibility of stock. Best give us a call on 333 when you enter your upgrade window.

  714. Moderator

    @Juhat – One part of our handset customisation process is to prioritise our own network as we are a purely 3G network – hence you won’t be able to swith your 3G off on your iPhone 4. For areas that our 3G coverage hasn’t reached yet, we partner with Orange to make sure that you can fall back on 2G it’s needed. We believe in the strength of our 3G network, and supporting a 3G phone on a 2G network that isn’t our own has two consequences. One, that it’s a lot more expensive to carry the call on another operator’s network and this works against the pricing we offer our customers, and two, that we can’t control the experience you’ll receive when you roam away from us.

    We’ll take a look at your email issue and come back to you.

  715. Moderator

    @Matt – That’s brilliant feedback thanks, we’ll make sure we pass this on. Can you let me know your postcode (I won’t publish the full postcode) and we’ll do a check in your area?

  716. Paul C


    Thanks again for your reassurance. Sorry to be a pain (again!) but can you please confirm when the 30 days runs from? Is it the date that the contract took effect – in my case 4th July when I got the call from Three, or the date of delivery of the handset, for me and lots of other people on 27th July? Clearly this has a big impact on any plans I may have to return the phone and revert to the £15/month 30 day SIM only contract and I do not anticipate things being simple if I call 333….

    For reference, I have noticed signal issues but still have a number of locations to test that I visit frequently. That said, where the phone works well, it is excellent but at both work and home, it gets a weaker signal than my previous HTC handsets.



  717. michele


    hi mod, it seems you are now out of stock on all iphones on line…. i enter my upgrade window next week on the 12th.. will you have stock back in by then …?.. or can i go and do my upgrade in your shop …?

  718. Stampy


    I too found signal problems with my iPhone 4 but brought a cheap hard plastic cover from Ebay which has cured it until my FREE cover from Apple turns up..

    see here for the iPhone4 case program —–> http://www.apple.com/uk/iphone/case-program/

  719. joneds

    Hi Mod,

    I’m sure you’re busy enough as it is, but if you wouldn’t mind sending me the same info you’re sending Philthy about the internet restriction I would be eternally grateful!


  720. Blake

    hi guys….u seem to have your work cut out haha. Regarding the ridiculous internet filter….i gather there is something you can do to get rid of it?? Could you let me know please as im seriously considering leaving when my contract ends in a few weeks. Cheers

  721. Gray

    Hi Mod

    Should be hitting my 110 day upgrade window in roughly 8 weeks (which are going reeaally slowly) and hoping to get the iphone4. Just noticed on the website that it’s now stating you can upgrade to the iphone4 only if you are in the last month of your contract. Is that correct and I now have to wait until december before I can upgrade?

  722. Juhat

    Hi, the battery life is terrible. Is there a way of turning off the 3g but still using the internet?
    On my friend’s phone on O2 there is an option to “enable or disable 3G” within the settings. I don’t have that, only “cellular data” and if I turn that off I cannot access the internet at all.

    I also have the problem where I cannot send any email from my aol account. All the settings seem fine, and the port is not 25, it is 587.
    I had to add another email account – gmail, just to be able to send email. is there a known problem with AOL?

  723. Moderator

    @Philthy- Glad you’re loving your new iPhone. No probs, I’ll send an email now and get this sorted for you.

  724. Moderator

    @Gary – I mentioned this to Wes earlier but see if this helps. It might be that your phone is trying to send emails through Port 25. Can you try changing your outgoing email port from 25 to 587 or 465 and see if that fixes the problem?

  725. Moderator

    @Kim G – Sorry you’ve had issues with your new iPhone 4. We can definitely help you. I’ll drop you an email to get some more info from you.

  726. Moderator

    @michele – Three def has iPhone plans – take a look here. We have a content filter which aims to protect u18′s from inappropriate websites and we’re working through an issue that means some apps aren’t displaying properly on the iPhone 4 at the mo. But, the team is working hard to resolve these issues.

  727. Matt

    While I have had problems with 3 in the past (sorry but I have) – The iPhone 4 experience with 3 has been amazing. The first phone I got had the yellow screen issue but I rang the 3 store and they put one aside and swapped it over with no fuss. So I thought that was awesome (I remember my experience with my o2 return where I was interrogated and then was told no return even though the device was faulty and i’d only had it a day). So whoever is Mr Boss please give kudos to the 3store in Newcastle Under Lyme as they are awesome.

    Only problem i’m getting (but I think I read it’s being resolved) is that when I am outside of a 3g area I cannot receive email or browse the internet ?


  728. Philthy

    Hey Modman

    I love my new iphone and count meself very lucky none of the problems noted on this blog are happening but read in Martyn Wilkinson’s message on august 4th that a manager gave him a ring to get the internet restriction lifted. Although it’s not really an issue at the moment as i am on my hols and using home wifi most of the time, i know it might be in the near future and spoke to a sales person at the three store who couldn’t even get on a gay and lesbian wedding site!!

    any help and the necessary information would be top

    Many Thanks


  729. Moderator

    @John – I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for you yet but the team is working on it. Will post an update as soon as I have news.

  730. Wes


    Yes, I’ve changed the port settings. I’m with talktalk and they have published a guide how to set email on iPhone up, in the guide it says about network smtp settings for your network, but I’m not sure what these are.

    Wondered if it was a simple 3 server address.



  731. Kim G

    Just received my iPhone 4, it’s very nice, but at home and at work if I actually hold the phone in my hand the signal degrades and I am then disconnected from the network. My 3 mobile broadband works fine in the same locations. It seems that reports of the grip of death are true.

    I have had the phone for two days and have spent about an hour on the phone to six different people at 3 and have been told that I can’t get a refund and cancel my contract because I have used the phone.

    They are just saying that there are no know faults with the iPhone 4.

    What a joke, on me.

  732. michele


    i went into phones4u this morning and asked about the deals they have on iphone 4…
    he told me what deals he had on the different networks. i then asked why they dont do 3, tesco , & t.mobile on the iphone in there store … he told me that i should be carful if i was to go with any of them as they do not have proper iphone tariffs. he said that them companys buy the iphones in bulk and because they dont have proper iphone tariffs i would proberly have difficulty accessing parts of the internet … im starting to think that what he told me is true , because ive seen loads of people on here saying there internet is not working as it should or like it did on there other handsets …. can you shed any light on this mods? is there any thruth in it ??

  733. John


    Do you have any update yet, on the problem with the appstore, is this affecting all iphone users on three ?

    Thanks John

  734. Gary

    Wes- I’m having the same problem- can receive email (orange/wanadoo) but can’t send. Blloody frustrating.
    Customer help- no help at all. Apart from not being able to understand them, they have a script which they can’t seem to deviatee from. And, the false politness is nausiating.
    If its not resolved in the next few days they can have the iphone back and i’ll go to a proper network

  735. Moderator

    @Rutz – You can upgrade to iPhone 4 but not through our stores at the moment. We can swap your current SIM for a micro-SIM and transfer your details over at the same time. I know that stock is limited at the moment but it’s worth calling us on 333 to talk through your options. I’m afraid we don’t have 3GS 16GB in store at the moment.

  736. Moderator

    @Richard – Thanks for your comment. If you want to cancel your contract, we should be able to help you. We’ll get someone to give you a call.

  737. Moderator

    @John – I’m afraid you’re right we don’t have visual voicemail and we don’t have plans to introduce it at the moment.

  738. Moderator

    @Wes – Great that your signal is good. Hope you are enjoying your new phone! It might be that your phone is trying to send emails through Port 25. Can you try changing your outgoing email port from 25 to 587 or 465 and see if that fixes the problem?

  739. Moderator

    @Paul C That shouldn’t be a problem, you’ll just need to give us a ring on 333. Hopefully it won’t come to that though!

  740. Moderator

    @customer – Couple of answers for you below (sorry for the delay).

    1) No we don’t have a code that allows you to receive delivery reports and I don’t believe we have any plans to put something like this in place.

    2) We aren’t aware of any iPhone code that can tell you this but all iPhone 4′s sold by networks in this country will be locked. The only unlocked ones are sold by Apple.

    I hope that helps!

  741. Rutz

    Hi Folks,

    I’ve been told instore (Basingstoke Branch) that I cannot UPGRADE to an iPhone 4 as it uses a mini sim card and does not allow me to take my number with me………with todays technology, surely this can’t be true?!?!?!

    Also, are you now stocking instore the 3GS in 16GB format?

    Many Thanks,

  742. Richard

    Not at all happly with three service or the product!!!!!

    I want to return the product for full refund and cancelation can u tell me if i will have any issues returning it to one of your stores…

    After lots of dropped calls yesterday a very slow BLOCKED internet and another tele sales guy ringging up to telling me i have to pay the £5 extra a month for Unblocked Internet (Was not very nice on the phone told me i should have asked at the counter about restricted access to internet but as u dont advertise this how would i know?) I want to take my custom elsewhere…

    I am aware of your 14 day returns policy of a completely unused product but how do u know if your service is good if u dont use it????????

    Your quick reply is appreciated….

  743. John

    Hi, I’ve just moved to 3 from O2 and have discovered that 3 does not offer Visual Voicemail. This was one of the headline features Apple touted when the iPhone was released so I naïvely expected it to be available. Maybe the absence of this feature was hidden in small print somewhere but I feel short changed.

    When will 3 be offering this or will I have to put up with antiquated voicemail?



  744. Wes


    I upgraded to iphone 4, which is fantastic and my signal is much improved since! Not a single complaint. The only query I have is with the email settings. I can receive email on all my accounts, but can’t send them, I wondered what the smtp settings are? I also wondered if the email on three is applicable to the iphone, is this the answer and does it cost any more? I was hoping there would be a simple server setting to be able to send email?

    Many thanks,


  745. Moderator

    @naveed – Our upgrades team will get your new phone to you asap but I’m afraid we don’t have the power to speed this up.

  746. Paul C


    Thanks as always for your very helpful response. Can you advise whether, in these circumstances, I would be allowed to revert to my previous £15 SIM only rolling monthly contract?



  747. Moderator

    @Paul C We’re still confirming the detail, but if you wish to return your iPhone 4 because you’re not happy with the way that it performs on our network we will be able to help you with this within the 30 day period. You can sync your phone with iTunes and feel free to use it as normal. If you do decide you want to return your phone come through to us and we’ll make sure it’s picked up.

  748. Will

    Ok, I’m getting very angry now.

    Today I have received two phone calls from 3. The first was to tell me that I am a “valued customer” and would I like to buy another phone or broadband package as a reward? No, thanks!

    The second was finally in response to the internet censoring policy issue that I’d been trying to sort out for some time. I was told point blank that the only possible way I could be allowed to access the full internet as I had expected to be able to do was to pay out an extra £5pm for an internet add-on. I pointed out that I have previously had proper access through my old contract (apparently due to a free add-on as part of a much lower price-plan) and that at no point were customers informed that there would only be severely limited internet access through the standard iPhone deals and that I’m already very annoyed that my contract letter clearly states that I’m being charged £35pm for a £30 contract and that I had been lied to by 3 staff during my upgrade process… Generally, I made it pretty clear that I was unhappy and very insulted by the money-grabbing approach that 3 was adoting towards its existing customers and that I was clearly not alone in my annoyance according to a lot of the blog posts here. Eventually, the best that the “customer service” agent would offer was access to the add-on for free for 6 months which, as the contract is 24 months, is no use at all.

    I’m really regretting staying with 3 now as it’s being made totally clear that apart from one or two shining exceptions (Mod being one of them) this company has absolutely no sense of customer care, honesty or business sense. Dealing with the call centre staff is quite draining as they refuse to acknowledge any fault and really don’t seem to listen to anything I have to say. Oh well, looks like another carefully drafted complaint will be on its way from me …not that it looks like a customer’s opinion seems to mean much anymore! :-(

  749. Moderator

    @Rich Pleased you are happy with the device. No probs. I’ll drop you an email.

  750. Paul C


    Sorry to press, but the 14 day window is now rapidly closing. If I cannot be advised of the conditions that apply to any honouring of the 30 day Apple return promise, I fear I will need to return my handset in the next day or two so that I avoid being placed onto a 2 year contract that is beset by problems. I know you had indicated that the terms of any returns policy would not preclude testing the phone but as you know, full iPhone functionality including testing of signal performance can only be achieved after syncing with iTunes. What I (and I expect many others) need to know is whether Three’s returns policy stands on such usage.

    Paul C

  751. Moderator

    @Tim Q That does seem a bit odd. We’ll drop you an email now, to see if we can help sort this issue.

  752. Moderator

    @Juhat Nope it’s not automatic but easy to set up, just call 333. You can use as much WiFi as you want on your iPhone 4 on Three but our tariffs don’t include an inclusive WiFi allowance to cover the costs of you using paid for WiFi services like BT or The Cloud. If you use WiFi at home for example, which is normally free you can continue to do so using your iPhone 4.

  753. Moderator

    @Steve We aren’t yet clear but we’re investigating all possibilities.

  754. Moderator

    @Janie Sorry you’ve had some issues with the set-up. To access ‘My 3′, just open Safari on your iPhone, click on Bookmarks, scroll down to Planet3 and click on My3 tab.

    We are investigating the app store issue and we’ll post a response as soon as there’s news.

  755. naveed

    hi i have upgraded yesterday i had 8 months left in the contract so i paid the early termination fee anyway my delivery date is 24th of august is they any way of getting it earlier thank you

  756. Rich

    Dear Mod,

    I would like the ability to turn off the Web Filter function on my Iphone as it will no doubt interfere with its use at some point.
    Could you please let me know the steps required?
    My contract to Three shows how I am clearly over 18! (Been a customer for last 6 years)

    Otherwise very happy with the device,

  757. customer

    @ MOD

    I haven’t got any reply for my post on 3rd August (delivery report codes)

  758. Tim Q

    @ Mod

    Thanks for your reply. I certainly had 3G connection on my Nokia N96 whilst at work. The 3G flitters in and out dependind where i am.

    The bigger issue is whilst making telephone calls. When using Speaker phone and the earphones the person on the other end can hear me. It is just if i try using the phone normally i cant hear them and they cant me. This has been tested in various locations and I always get the same results. I have also restored the phone from before the last firmware update to no avail.

    Oh and yes I have removed the protective cover from the front of the phone.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  759. Moderator

    @John No probs. We’ll send you an email to get some info from you now.

  760. Moderator

    @Tim Q The little o means your phone is roaming, off 3G onto 2G. Do you know if you have 3G coverage in your area?

  761. John


    Thanks for the resonse, as I have had the phone only a few days I am unsure if the internet restrictions will affect my phone usage, i would there prefer to have these restrictions lifted. What details do you need to process this request ?

    Thanks John

  762. Steve


    On the app store issue – can you also confirm whether it is the 3 network issue or Apple? I was on a call last night where the customer service agent kept insisting to me it was Apple. to my knowledge no other network is having this issue though. Your agents need to be careful what they are promising!


  763. Moderator

    @Steve Not yet I’m afraid but we are treating it as urgent.

  764. Moderator

    @Moina Phew, glad it’s sorted! We’ll email you for your postcode so we can check the coverage.

  765. Moderator

    @Kirit Yep, activate your new phone now and you will be on your old price plan until it switches on the 13th. If you feel your phone is faulty, we should be able to replace it – just call 333 on your phone.

  766. Juhat


    Is the iphone automatically set up for roaming when I go abroad?
    Also, is wifi totally free within my allowance, even abroad? The package mentions 1gb free internet allowance but no mention of wifi, whereas othersstate unlimited free wifi.

  767. vikki

    It is the day I can upgrade – yippie! Or so i thought! “Sorry you can’t have the iphone 4 that you have been wating for – we are out of stock”!!!!!! NOT FAIR!

  768. Moderator

    @John We are working on the appstore issue and will have answers asap.

    Our internet restrictions apply as part of our responsibility to protect our under 18 customers. We have a content filter for inappropriate content. If this affects your phone usage please let us know.

  769. Tim C

    @Mod – Thanks for looking into this one. At least that will explain it and I can’t blame Apple for everything!! :-)

  770. Janie

    I set my iphone up yesterday following all instructions and could not access the internet at all.
    I had blanks in the cellular data network and mms.
    I found these and manually entered this morning and mms now seems to be working and I can access the internet for emails etc.
    However I can’t see how to access My 3? It says that in settings and phone go to “three services” I don’t have this in my “phone” settings. Any ideas what is going on here or what I need to do to get it up?

    Also when I go to the apps I get the weird jumbled code. This is constant and not intermittent as you are suggesting.


  771. Steve

    Thanks Mod – it is very frustrating. Can you give any idea of timescales?

  772. Moina

    Hi Mod,

    Thankfully this morning my phone has come to life! Hallelulah! Thanks again for your help! Sadly it appears at work my phone is in a blind spot for masts etc with only one tiny bar of coverage/no bars depending where you stand… was the case with my old phone too. Ah well!

    Thanks again!

  773. Martyn Wilkinson

    Just wanted to post a note of thanks to the Moderator for getting the ‘blocked’ Internet access on my iPhone 4 removed. A customer service manager called the next day and although I missed the call (I was on the Underground), I called customer service back and they were able to sort it out.

    Apparently what is needed is an “X-Series add-on”, which ordinarily gives a data allowance of 2GB and removes the restriction, but which costs £5 per month. I pointed out that I’m already paying £45 and it seemed a bit steep to charge extra to remove a block that, in my opinion, shouldn’t be there in the first place. After a bit of consultation with the manager, this was agreed and now I’ve got unblocked Internet access, but without the additional 1GB of data or the £5 charge.

    I couldn’t be happier.

    Well done Three and thanks again to the moderator for all the help. It is very much appreciated.

  774. Kirit

    I got my iphone 4 on Monday as a upgrade and the guy on the phone said that the contract starts on the 13th when i was upgrading, so I was wondering do I activate my iphone now or on the 13th?

    Also my iphone ready has a little dot on the front screen (scratch or something, tried cleaning it off but it wont go) in less than 24 hours, I never even took it outside or put it in my pocket and it still has the protective cover on it from new, it mainly stayed in box most of the time.
    Is there anything i can do?


  775. John


    I received my IPhone yesterday, I have immediately found the appstore would not work … not the best start on a new network. This has not been intermittent but constant and seems to only be affecting the Three network. After a number of restores, and various attempts to get this working, I eventually found some info on this blog of other users experiencing the same problem. Can an indication be given on the timescale involved and any further details around this.

    As many other posts have mentioned can further details be provided on three’s internet restrictions.

    Thanks John.

  776. Richard

    I too have now recived the phone call ref internet filtering and was completely shocked with the request to pay out an extra £5 per month for the privilage to use the internet the same as any other provider…

    I have a contract with O2 orange and t-mobile and not 1 of them restrict the internet like u…( and then ring u up asking for another £5)

    Can you please give me details for cancelling my contract as this is noe acceptible and was certinly not mentioned at point off sale……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  777. Moderator

    @Tim C – it looks like your nearest mast is conjested which would account for reduced signal strength during peak times. The site is due for a capacity upgrade at the end of September which should improve things. Our team has also spotted a fault at the next nearest mast which has been having problems over the last few weeks. The current recommendation is to upgrade this one too. Hope that helps.

  778. Moderator

    @Steve – we’ve spotted this issue and we’re on the case. It does seem to be intermittent, but we know it’s not acceptable – our technical team are investigating as we speak. Hope to have a fix soon.

  779. Moderator

    @Dylandog – I’ll look into this and come back to you.

  780. Moderator

    @Chris H – I’m afraid we don’t have any plans to introduce Visual Voicemail at the moment.

  781. Moderator

    @Paul C – I don’t have the details yet but we will confirm them very soon.

  782. Moderator

    @Adam – we’re not able to upgrade customers to iPhone 4 in stores at the moment, so the best thing for you to do is call us for free on 333 from your current Three phone.

  783. Moderator

    @Gary – yep, we allow tethering :-)

  784. Brendan

    Hi Moderator, i would like the content filter removed from my account, could you please email me this information talked about in this blog


  785. Steve

    Hi there
    I am a new Iphone 4 owner and am having problems with the apps store, i have seen a few other posts on the web with similar issues – it appears to be a 3 network problem? when i access them intermittedly i just get a load of code rather than the app.
    I hope someone is looking into this? Can you give me a view of timescales? The tech support guys werent a lot of help – they offered to send me a new phone, but seemingly (from the web) that won’t solve the issue.

    Any thoughts welcomed

  786. Dylandog


    Have been in contact over last week and sent you my details via e-mail for somebody to ring me regarding internet restrictions.

    Well the person has just rang me and was insistant that the only way I can get the internet restrictions lifted is by taking out an extra 2GB bolt on for £5.00 per month! I said thanks… but no thanks. How can this restriction be lifted without costing me and many more people like me paying extra. It seems that three are prepared to lift the ban if we the customers are preared to pay £5.00 per month for the privalige of “FREE” surfing. Can you please try and sort it out and give three customers a definitive statement on internet restrictions, as I am sure there are a number of other people who like me are frustrated by three’s policy.

    Apologies for the rant, and keep up the good work.

  787. Chris H

    Another vote for the issue with appstore, seems like a common problem!
    Also are there any plans to release Visual Voicemail on Three? I have just moved from O2 and didn’t realise this wasn’t offered by all carriers and am missing it. Would be good if there are plans for it to be avaiable.

  788. Paul C


    Anything further on the rteurns policy? My post yesterday sets out my concerns…..


    Paul C

  789. Moderator

    @Andrew – I’m really sorry, only just picked up this comment. Yep, will send you an email now.

  790. Moderator

    @Richard – Nice idea but not just yet! You do get one free response to each picture mail though, which will go direct to the message box on the phone.

  791. Adam

    I’m about to go into the last part of my contract when I can upgrade. I went into a three store today and asked if when I am in the upgrade period I can upgrade to an Iphone 4 and was told that they are not doing that – is this true or have I been given the wrong info?

  792. Andrew

    Update: Still no activation. Called service centre, they apologised, said they were going to put it through as a priority but it may still take ANOTHER 24 hours. I’ve heard all this before. I asked to speak to someone higher up and they told me they would get a manager to call me back in half an hour. Half an hour has been and gone and no-one has called back. I am fuming. This needs to be sorted ASAP, and no-one is getting back to me. At this rate I am going to want to cancel my contract completely. This is just not on. PLEASE e-mail me on both e-mail addresses as I asked before, Mod. I really need help with sorting this out.

  793. Gary

    Can the Iphone work/be tethered to use the internet???

  794. Moderator

    @mrfrosty Yep we’ve spotted this issue too, it seems to be intermittent so it’s worth trying again a couple of times. Our tech team is on the case and as soon as we have an update I’ll let you know.

  795. AJ

    @Mod. Thank you so much for looking into this issue for me. If someone could give me a call that would be great. Perhaps email me on the address I’ve supplied and I will reply with my number. You can also have my full postcode then too. :)

  796. Tim Q


    I have just noticed an issue that i wanted to discuss. Since upgrading the OS on my Iphone 4 I no longer get a 3G signal rather just a little “o” next to what is 4/5 bars of signal. I have just made my first outgoing call from work and I couldnt hear the person on the other end and they couldnt hear me. Can the 2 issues be related?

    Your help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks

  797. Moderator

    @AJ – without a full post code it’s tricky for us to pinpoint your coverage exactly but in general your area should have indoor and outdoor coverage. There is an area of outdoor coverage with only some indoor coverage which may be variable. Your nearest site is suffering from a few conjestion issue at the moment and is in line for some work right at the end of this month. This should improve coverage and signal strength for you. A site nearby also has an ongoing fault which could be the cause, but this is something that our network team are working to resolve as quickly as possible.

    We’d be happy to give you a call if you would like to talk through how this in a bit more detail?

  798. Andrew

    Hi Mod,

    This is the same Andrew who e-mailed you yesterday with that long rant! There is only about two hours left in the ‘up to 24 hours’ activation window, and my old sim card is still working. I am not at all confident that my new sim will be activated today. I will be calling the service centre after 3pm to discuss this with them further should the activation not happen, but I am not happy to wait any longer. Ideally I want this issue sorting out today, because I feel I have waited far too long already.

    Is there any chance that you could send me an e-mail with some contact details to either contact yourself or the activations team in order to try and resolve this today? Obviously I will speak to the service centre, but I think this needs escalating further. If you could e-mail me these details to both the e-mail I have supplied to leave this message (my work e-mail, as I am currently at work) and the e-mail I previously used (personal one) and should my phone not activate as it should by 3pm I will then be able to contact yourself or the activations team directly to hopefully get this sorted out.

    I am not a happy customer right now, and I’m well and truly tired of being patient. This must be sorted out ASAP.

    Thanks Mod. Really appreciate anything you can do.

  799. David

    Hi Moderator, i would like the content filter removed from my account, could you please email me this information talked about in this blog.



  800. Richard

    As picture mail is from mms to email address can it be used in reverse email to mms number going by the web thats how it can be done You send to a special phone email address….XXXXXXXX@mms.three.co.uk or somthing like that….It seems a waste not been able to recive…

  801. Moderator

    @Nick P – it can take a minimum of 2 days, but if you give us a call (you can find our numbers here), we should be able to check the progress for you.

  802. Moderator

    @billy – you should be able to, but you will find that you’ll be offered our best deals when you’re in the last 30 days of your contract.

  803. Moderator

    @Amer – I don’t believe we don’t have a date for this at the moment :-(

  804. Moderator

    @jon – have you called our activation number? It might take 24 hours for us to mov all of your details over from your current SIM to your new Micro-SIM, so this could be causing the delay.

  805. Philthy

    Just wanted to say thanks to three blog, the moderator and the staff at trafford centre three shop. Although internet is still filtered when not in wifi, on the whole everything is running well and the phone is top!!


  806. Moderator

    @Andrew – How frustrating, so sorry that this process has been so long-winded for you. Can you let me know how you get on today? I will of course help where I can :-(

  807. Moderator

    @Dee – I’m afraid we don’t have any white iPhone 4 stock.

  808. Tim C

    @Mod – thanks for that. There are two masts near me and the one had reached maximum capacity and so this new one was put up. It started playing up a couple of months back and then it was sorted again and full whack signal again anywhere in my house.

  809. mrfrosty

    I have the same problem as Tony. Clicking on apps in the apple app store just gives me a load of xml. Not every app, but many of them.

  810. Moderator

    @Richard – Thanks, we received both of your emails. Someone will give you a call before the week is out :-)

  811. Moderator

    @Steve – I’m afraid we don’t have a process for upgrading customers that aren’t coming towards the end of their contract yet. Sorry :-(

  812. Moderator

    @Tim C – we’ll take a look, but it could be due to the number of people accessing that site during those hours. For example, at 5am there’s likely to be less activity and less demand than at 8am when more people are up and about and using their phones. We will take a look though :-)

  813. Moderator

    @Tony & Brendan – we’re aware of this and we’re looking into it at the moment. It’s in no way related to the way that we filter age-inappropriate content though.

  814. Moderator

    @Philthy – sorry for the delayed response. Great news that you’re enjoying yout iPhone 4 :-). A picture mail is a message sent from your phone number to someone’s email address. Slightly different to picture messages which are sent from phone number to phone number. Hope that helps.

  815. Nick P


    Picked up my iphone 4 last Friday from the Harrogate store, really happy with it as I now get 3G at work! I gave them my PAC code but my number still has not ported over is there anyway I can check it is going through Ok?

    Dont like having 2 iphones in my pocket!

  816. Philthy

    hi moderator

    Just to let you know, got an iphone4 today and no problems with internet filter as yet!!! woop woop!

    Just a quick question, what’s the deal with picture mail?? Just seen on my3 that i have loads available to me, i suspect these aren’t picture messages. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


  817. billy

    i have 110 days left on my contract i understand i can upgrade now.would i be able to upgrade to the i phone 4??????????

  818. Amer


    Do you know when the iphone 4 16gb version will be available online?

    Thanks in advance

  819. jon

    iphone 4 still no service it has been plugged to itunes several times.still nothing

  820. KenMac

    Like a number of posters, I am unhappy at the restrictions placed on the so called ‘Adult’ content.

    I agree that some restrictions are necessary, but as a fully fledged adult, i would like to be able to make the choice of what i can and cant browse.

    Bizarre thing is i blocked me yesterday, i set a PIN (which didnt seem to do anything) and gained access, but today its back to blocking.

    Come on 3 whats going on, Its spoiling an otherwise great experience on getting my iPhone 4 :(

    Anything you can do Mod would be appreciated

  821. Andrew

    Hello Mod! It’s me again! I’ll give you a brief recap of my woes, and let you know where I’m up to now.

    After a slight panic with getting the phone on the Tuesday (27th July) I got it fine and dandy… it was just me thinking the worst I guess! I called the number that evening to activate the sim and waited. And waited… 2 days later, my old sim was still working and my iPhone sim was not. I called the service centre and they said they would put the activation through again, but I’d have to wait another 24 hours. That was fine, I thought. I’d waited a month for the phone, I could wait an extra day to activate it!

    More than 24 hours pass, still nothing. It’s Friday by this time, and when I call the service centre this time I am told that the micro-sim they sent was faulty, and so they would dispatch a new one to me free of charge. However, I’m told it won’t arrive until Tuesday (today). However, they told me I could call up the day before this (yesterday) and activate the new sim in anticipation of it arriving. Fine, I think… I can wait a bit longer, though I was not happy about it.

    I rush home from work today at lunch time to see if the new sim had arrived, and to my delight it had! I rushed back to work with it in hand and put it in my iPhone. Nothing. Still no service. I turn it off and on again, still nothing. My old sim is still working fine at this point, so I wonder what is going on. I give it another hour or so, but still nadda. So I call back the service centre again, to be told they couldn’t have activated my new micro-sim without the serial number! So I had been given wrong information before, which I was not at all pleased about. The only thing that could be done is to give her the sim card serial number and she would get the activation sorted. But again, I would have to wait another 24 hours. As you can tell Mod, I was less than happy, but I bit my tongue. I will wait another 24 hours this last time, but if it isn’t working tomorrow then I really am going to have to file a complaint. To be without service on my new phone for this amount of time is just unacceptable. I have had service on my old phone throughout, but that’s not really the point, as I’m sure you can understand. If I need to call back tomorrow I will let you know… I really hope it doesn’t come to that though! Fingers crossed I guess.

    If there is ANYTHING you can do for me, it would be appreciated. Even some kind of good will gesture, because at the moment I am just so peed off at Three! I’m sure you would agree I have been more than patient with this situation, but it has gone far beyond the joke.

    Anyway, I know it isn’t your fault Mod, but at times like these a rant is required!!! :)

  822. Brendan

    Hi mod,
    I’m having the same problem as David & tina. And i’m using a sim free iphone 4, it’s got got to be down to three’s filtering

  823. Dee

    Hi Moderator

    On your website i’ve noticed its showing as the white iPhone 4 as available when I click on the option. Can you confirm if you now stock the white iPhones.



  824. sal

    when i went into the three store to get my i phone 4 they offerd me insurance on the phone, if i were to jail break my i phone 4 would it void that insurance???

  825. Richard

    Returned your email about the content filter but no 1 has been intouch

  826. Steve

    This may have already been asked/answered but when will options for existing customers (not in the upgrade period) be released for iphone 3gs and iphone 4?

  827. ross

    starting to think i am going to just send the phone back why is it such an issue to activate a sim card, really not happy at all

  828. Tim C

    @Mod I wonder if you could possibly check something for me. Back in December a new mast was installed a couple of roads away from my house. This was on the order of your Service Director. Since I got my iPhone 4 and updated to 4.0.1 i get 3-4 bars and occasionally a full signal. I have checked my other phones, ie HTC Desire and Chat 3G and tey get a full signal and then drop a bar. I’ve noticed, say at 5am when I get up for work then signal strength on my iPhone 4 is full whack, which I would expect with having a mast so close but come 8am it’s up and down from 2 – 5 bars.

    This in the past has been the mast having problems and needing a reset by the engineers. Could you have a quick look for me please. My postcode is FY8 [removed by mod]

  829. Tony

    I have the iPhone 4 on Three and have a problem with the App Store. When I am on 3G and select an app in the app store to see the description and download link I almost always get a white page with HTML code on it instead of the description page. When I do the same thing on WiFi then everything works normally. I also have a VPN set up on my phone and when I turn it on then the app store works normally too.

    Is anyone else having this problem? Could it be the Three adult content filer? If its the content filter then they are really completely crippling the iPhone if they even block the app store.

  830. Kevin

    Hi Mod,

    Thanks a mil for answering my previous question. Just have one or two more!

    There is a chance I may have to relocate to Ireland for work purposes. If I have a 2 year contract and need to move to Ireland is there any chance that my contract can be ‘transferred’ to the Three Ireland network? Alternatively, if I needed to cancel my contract could you tell me exactly how much the cancellation fee would be?

    Thanks again,

  831. Moderator

    @AJ – thanks for the info. Will come back to you once we’ve taken a look – hopefully we can turn that perception around :-)

  832. Philthy

    hi there moderator

    I sent a message over the weekend and have not had a reply. It was concerning the adult content filter, i am now considering going out today and getting the iphone on contract but this issue still concerns me.

    Could you have a look back at the original message and email me with details for sorting this.

    I understand you are busy, and keep up the good work!


  833. Moina

    Hi Mod,

    Still no working phone, but it is a very pretty miniature iPad! Thanks for logging my situation with the 3 machine. I’ve not had a very good run with this have I? I will cross my fingers that the sim is activated today and will let you know if it is!


  834. Paul C


    Thanks for update on returns policy. Depending on whet it contains, timing could be of the essence. I know you have previously indicated that Three will honour Apple’s 30 day return promise on iPhone 4 but if this is conditionalised, then those of us receiving our phones on 27 July will need to know pretty soon if we are to seek to return beyond the customary 14 days.

    Separately, my experience has been reasonably positive so far but I have had the phone in a case ever since I got it. Signal is definitely NOT as good as my previous handset (HTC Hero) and Three’s iPhone carrier settings seem to result in the phone spending a lot of time searching for network, even though I am in a supposedly good network area.

    I am getting a little concerned……

    Paul C

  835. Moderator

    @ross – ok, you should have activated by now! I’ll email you to get a few details and we’ll take a look.

  836. customer

    @ MOD

    I heard on the forums for delivery report on text messages with iphone 4 is not supported directly but if you enter
    some copdes like *0# before ur message you get the delivery report and is supported by o2 and T mobile

    1) Do 3 has any specific code where can get delivery report?
    2) how can I check iphone 4 is really locked by 3 other than using any other sim provider I mean by secret codes which gives details about the various locks e.g. on W595 I used a specific code to see details of the security locks available with that phone.

    Apprecited if you answer my questions


  837. Moderator

    @michele – should have the detail this week.

  838. Moderator

    @Tina & David – thanks for flagging this. It’s something that we’ve spotted too but it seems to be intermittent. We logged this with Apple and our own technical team are looking into it. We’ll come back to you with updates as and when we have them.

  839. Moderator

    @Paul C – we hope to have an update on this this week :-)

  840. Moderator

    @Mike F – Oh no! So sorry to hear about this. If there’s anything I can do please shout.

  841. Moderator

    @tom – you’ll only be charged extra if you exceed this 1GB allowance.

  842. ross


    Still not activated hopefully you can help me. the call centre didnt understand when i was trying to explain :-(

  843. Moderator

    @Jonathan – it could be that your call is coming in at peak times when we can’t answer it – apologies, we’re experiencing high call volumes due to iPhone. Mid-afternoons tend to be quieter, could you try us again then?

  844. Moderator

    @Moina – oh no! And we thought everything was sorted! I’m so sorry about this. I’ve gone back to the team with your feedback. It sounds like you’re already talking to our Customer Services guys, but if you need any help from me please shout.

  845. AJ

    Thank you Mod. Your time and effort would be much appreciated. I’d rather not give full postcode but if you’d like to look at Three’s coverage for Victor Road, NW10 and let me know what you find (ie – why is the signal so poor, is my phone ’roaming’ on to the Orange 2G network, and is this why I’m unable to access any 3G data services when I’m at home) I’d be very grateful.

    I do want to like Three, but at the moment everything just seems a bit cheap and shoddy and Ive got absolutely nowhere with customer services trying to find out why..

  846. Moderator

    @Kevin – of course! You’ll just need to grab your PAC code from your current provider. If you give that to us when you want to join we’ll get everything ported over.

  847. Moderator

    @ross – that’s correct. Has the update happened yet? If not I’ll get it looked into.

  848. Moderator

    @AAA – you could end your current plan with us, but there will be an early termination charge. Have you checked your date for when you’ll be eilgible to upgrade? If you have 6 months on your contract, you we could early upgrade you from October-ish time. Worth checking with our upgrades team (333 free from your Three phone).

  849. Moderator

    @AJ – really sorry to hear about this. I can look into your postcode for you. Can you comment again with it in full? I’ll take a look :-)

  850. Moderator

    @Katie – it sounds like you spoke to our Upgrades team, not our Telesales team, and that they arranged an upgrade for you. As long as you haven’t used either phone you should be able to return one within 14 days of purchase. Hope that helps, let me know if you need any more info.

  851. Moderator

    @GarethDPhillips – I’ll drop you an email, we’ll see if there’s anything we can do.

  852. Moderator

    @ricky – we’ve seen a few reports from customers that our MMS settings haven’t completed downloaded the first time you plug your phone into iTunes. Can you do this again and let me know if there’s still a problem?

  853. Moderator

    @zombie – I’m afraid we don’t have a date just yet, as soon as we know I’ll let you know.

  854. Moderator

    @Martyn Wilkinson – email on its way to you :-)

  855. ross

    sent a comment earlier still no reply. called customer services and OMG didnt get anywhere now ive got no idea what to do and cant get hold of anyone that understands what i am saying. help please

  856. michele

    hi, when are we going to see the returns policy on the iphone 4 ?

  857. Moderator

    @Tom – we can call you if you’d like :-)

  858. David

    I am also having the same problem as @Tina, when using Wi-Fi it works perfectly as do the rest of the internet, but when I’m on 3G these Categories in the App Store also come up with these errors. This is not a signal issue as i have full signal 3G. I will list the Categories so you can look into it, also note that this only works when you’re using 3G not using Wi-Fi, could this be due to the content filtering?

    The App Store Categories that are affected are:
    Games: Adventure, Board, Card, Family, Strategy and Word
    Entertainment: This actually takes you to an iTunes Preview Website
    Utilities: Pretty much the same errors as all the listed Games Categories
    Social Networking: This takes you to the iTunes Preview site, same as Entertainment
    Music: Pretty much the same errors as all the listed Games Categories
    Lifestyle: Pretty much the same errors as all the listed Games Categories
    Reference: Pretty much the same errors as all the listed Games Categories
    Sports: Pretty much the same errors as all the listed Games Categories
    Health and Fitness: Pretty much the same errors as all the listed Games Categories
    News: Pretty much the same errors as all the listed Games Categories
    Photography: Pretty much the same errors as all the listed Games Categories
    Weather: Pretty much the same errors as all the listed Games Categories
    Medical: Pretty much the same errors as all the listed Games Categories

  859. Moderator

    @Richard – we’ll give you a call to discuss your coverage and the content filter :-)

  860. Moderator

    @johnny – I’m afraid we’re unable to set-up customer contracts using Visa Electron cards, and I’m really sorry that you were given incorrect information by our Customer Services team.

  861. Tina

    Hi Mod,
    Thanks for the reply,… when I am accessing App store I am in a strong 3G area and I am able access majority but on certain categories don’t work. When I click on them a page with lots of writing and symbols appears as though it is an error page.

  862. Paul C


    Hi, can you give us any more detail on how the returns policy for iPhone 4 is progressing?



  863. Mike F

    Phone was meant to be delivered this morning. Nothing turned up. Called 333 and was told that it was delivered and signed for someone in flat 7. Only problem is I moved from those flats 9 months ago and they’ve sent it to my old address. Muppets! Waiting to hear back.

  864. tom


    will i be charged extra for tethering from my 1gb data allowance which comes with the contract

  865. DdashHart

    “If you find this filter is impacting you when you start using your phone, please come back to me and let me know :-) “.


    Hello, was wondering if you can drop me an email with regards to a work around the internet filtering, as it is indeed impacting my use of the iphone.

    appreciate your help.

  866. Jonathan

    Hi Mod

    I am an existing customer and I want to upgrade to the iPhone 4.
    I have tried calling 333 and have been getting no response fro 2 days. is there another way I can upgrade?


  867. Moina


    Alas, no good news here. I did in fact finally get the phone on Friday when it was delivered to my neighbour. I activated the sim and my old phone stopped working on Saturday and my new iphone is still waiting for activation. I called customer services and wouldn’t you know it, the sim which was sent out with the iphone that ended up at the address I lived at 2 years ago has been activated and this one I have hasn’t been activated. So customer services has put in a request to have the sim activated in the phone I’m holding in my hand. Wish me luck. 72 hours now since the phone was delivered, 48 hours since I’ve had no working phone. I have asked for a refund or credit note or something to make up for the fact I am currently paying for a contract I can’t use so we’ll see how much luck I have there.

    Thanks for letting me rant Mod…. it’s so cathartic! Probably better I throw it out into the ether than some poor bugger sitting in a call centre gets it!

  868. TC

    Got my 4 last Friday, and it all seemed to activate fine, but it’s odd that I’m not getting 3G on the phone, whereas I am getting 3G/HSDPA on my MiFi?

    Also, the WiFi (tried on a number of different access points) performance much poorer than on my iPhone 3G! The missus has the iPhone 4 on O2, and it’s much better on the WiFi! Did I manage to get a lemon, or is there a general issue with the 3-batch?

  869. Richard

    As u removed my last post about content filtering canci ask why…? I wish to view and pick the websites I decide. Been trying a few today to find most if not all redirect to three porn portal. Search for adult humor in google and non of the results go there websites. Please could u let me know and everybody else how to remove this filter I have had a 3GS on virgin tmobile and o2 and non of them restrict like this…..thanks Richard.

  870. Kevin

    Hi Mod,

    I have a sim only plan on another UK provider. I am interested in the £30 a month 2 year contract. If I join Three will I be able to keep my current number?

    Many thanks.

  871. mrbrightside

    thanx mod.

  872. bossman


    let me know how you get on with the mod. I am experiencing the same but am giving the benefit of doubt

  873. Moderator

    @nadeem – I’ll drop you an email and we’ll give you a buzz :-)

  874. Moderator

    @Andrew Mclean – One part of our handset customisation process is to prioritise our own network as we’re a purely 3G network. For areas that our 3G coverage hasn’t reached yet, we partner with Orange to make sure that you can fall back on 2G if it’s needed. We believe in the strength of our 3G network, and supporting a 3G phone on a 2G network that isn’t our own has two consequences. One, that it’s a lot more expensive to carry the call on another operator’s network and this works against the pricing we offer our customers, and two, that we can’t control the experience you’ll receive when you roam away from us. Hope this helps to explain things a little.

  875. ross

    hi ive been waiting since sat morning and my phone is still not activated. i am wanting to transfer my old no as well but believe i need to wait for the new number to activate is this correct?

  876. Moderator

    @Tina – you can unlock your phone at any time by calling us on 333. There will be a £15 unlock charge. When you’re trying to access the app store, are you in a strong 3G area?

  877. Moderator

    @mrbrightside – if you’re within your last 110 days you should be able to upgrade now, but the deals we’ll be able to offer you won’t be as competitive as what will be available when you reach your last 30 days. Just give us a buzz on 333, our upgrades team will be able to talk you through your options.

  878. Moderator

    @James – we’d suggest you buy a 3GB add-on if you wish to tether, but we won’t restrict you from using our 2GB add-on.

  879. Moderator

    @captainkitr – as long as you’re in your eligibility window you should be able to upgrade to any phone. The longer you leave it to upgrade the better the deal we’ll be able to offer you though :-)

  880. Moderator

    @Andrew – huge apologies that you’re SIM has taken so long to be activated, and that I’ve only just picked up your comment. Can you let me know if you’re still having issues? If so, I’ll look into things as soon as I can.

  881. Moderator

    @Larkian – ok, will email you for some details and we’ll give you a call.

  882. AAA

    I’m on a 3 contract – 6 months to run – is there a way to keep my current number & upgrade to an iphone4 – called cust services and they said wait till end of contract or pay off current contract, switch to pay as you go and then take out a new iphone contract. The latter would be an option but I’m concerned at the risk of downtime & possible loss of my phone number.
    Can I just buy a new iphone contract & then switch the phone numbers over from old contract to new phone?

  883. AJ

    To paraphrase a well-known line from Withnail and I: “I think I’ve joined Three by mistake…”

    I was led to believe that Three provides a 100% 3G network, with excellent coverage across the UK.

    Imagine my horror then when I returned home with my shiny new iPhone 4 (purchased direct from the Apple store) and Three micro Sim to find that within the Kensal Green area of (central-ish) London the Three signal is all but non-existent. Yes, I can get one or sometimes two bars as long as I’m close to a window, but the 3G icon and decent mobile data speeds? No chance. In fact, I strongly suspect my phone is ‘roaming’ onto another network providers signal altogether…

    I filled in the online form and emailed Three about this about this time last week, pointing out that Three’s online coverage checker claimed I would be able to get a good signal “indoors and outdoors” where I live. Despite a stated assurance on the webpage that the company would endeavour to respond within ‘five working days’ I’ve yet to hear anything. I would phone the Three customer services centre in Bangalore, but alas the signal’s so poor my phone keeps dropping calls…

    Thank god I’m only on a rolling one-month contract… Friends had warned me about Three and it seems they were correct to do so. Unless someone wants to take an active interest in improving my signal, it’s back to O2 for me I guess…

  884. Andy


    I got my new iphone 4 over the weekend and love it!

    I am having a problem with it though – I cannot load up the bbc sport or news websites while using 3g. I receive an error message as follows:

    “Network error (tcp_error)
    A communication error occurred: “Connrection refused.”

    This is quite a big problem for me as I spend most of my life on the bbc sport website!


  885. Katie

    I currently have the iphone 3g on the rolling month by month contract. Went into my local store on Saturday to purchase the iphone4 16g, £99 for the handset £30 a month. When i got home I called 333 to cancel my current contract and to move my numbers over. The women on the phone ended up convincing me it was better to upgrade over the phone where she would send everything out to me for tuesday and it would all be switched over for me and i would not have to pay two bills next month. So I’ve been back to the store to get a refund and the store manager told me that telesales do not have any iphones in stock and shows me an email she recieved on saturday morning.

    So i currently have two iphone 4 contracts out. 1 iphone4 sat at home and another supposidly on the way in the post.

    Really confused. It seems that telesales and stores are fighting for to increase their figures. If the phone turns up tomorrow i will be taking the other back instore for a refund. if not then i can finally open the one i got now.

    Why aren’t things ever simple!!

  886. GarethDPhillips


    My handset arrived on the 27th but sadly was faulty on arrival. THe screen distorts into coloured strips, and locks up getting very hot. Its got so bad I cannot use the handset. I tried a few restores in itunes but it didnt help.

    I called three on 333 but the earliest they can arrange a replacement is the 11th !! Im going away for a few days this week and have no phone. Even worse I cannot use a spare phone due to the type of SIM so Im stuck.

    Im sure the three store still have limited stock, as do my local store, but neither could make any exception.

    Can anybody help me get this phone swapped?

    Really stuck !

  887. ricky

    i didnt have a camera at all on my iphone,

    tried puttin setting in manually (since updating my iphone through itunes didnt work, or restoring) and now it just fails the whole time…

    any advice?

  888. zombie

    Hi. Can you tell me when the 16gb iphone 4 will be available to buy online?

  889. Martyn Wilkinson

    I got my iPhone 4 on Friday and was thrilled with it until today, when I hit this ‘site filtering’ that others have mentioned and I got directed to an “18 Restricted” page. This doesn’t happen when I access the same page with my iPad with 3′s mobile broadband.

    Is there some way to ‘derestrict’ the iPhone’s internet so that I can see whatever I want to, as I can on the iPad? If not then 3 isn’t a suitable network for me to have the iPhone on and I’d like to know what options I have to return it and cancel my contract. Thanks.

  890. Philthy

    I am very close to buying an iphone 32gb direct from apple and then going on your sim only plan. However, I am slightly concerned with three’s adult content filters and its overly stringent usage. I see the whole point of paying such a premium for the iphone is to utilise its excellent internet access in whatever way an adult (who is CRB checked!!!) sees fit, be it for adult content or artistic. I agree with checks being made on youngsters on payasyougo, but making professional adults jump through hoops and have to phone a number which exposes them to three’s own porn sites, then pay £1 on a credit card ( many adults, like myself chose not to own a credit card) seems ridiculous in a new age of government which is championing the lessening of the big brother state we were subjected to. If there is not to be full access to the internet then I am afraid I am close to leaving after being with three since the original NEC video camera phone around 10 years ago.
    Customers should not have to download other search engines in order to access the full internet, nor should checks be made on home wifi connections. Could you please get back to me and fully clarify threes position and where I stand as this is a major point in my choice of provider.
    After having so many years of fantastic service I truly hope that this does not signal the end for me as a loyal customer.

    Many thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope to hear from you soon.


  891. Tom

    if I ring 333 can they remove the internet filter? Or can it only be done by the mod emailing me? Whatever’s easiest is fine with me…

  892. Richard

    Mod. As with many that have mentioned the content filter on here I am asking for it to be removed I would like to decide what ADULT content I wish to view NOT three! Can u please advise how to remove as my first phone call next week will be to cancel my contract! I would also like to know of any network upgrads in the ts11 area as I have 1 bar of signal and going by your area checker I should have 3G in my area..
    Thank u.

  893. Tommo

    The filter hasn’t affected me at all since i’ve recieved the phone on tuesday. Don’t panic people!

  894. Michael Bartlett

    Hi, is anyone else having problems downloading itunes?

  895. johnny

    Hi, i just went to a three store to purchase and iphone 4 after waiting so long for it to come out on three and choosing not to upgrade my current contract with o2 however, i was left disappointed when the store told me i could not buy one because i had a visa electron card. I then telephoned three, once i got home and was told to go back with my passport/drivers licence and two bank statements and that would be fine with my visa electron. So i went back with all these things including both my drivers licence and passport but was still refused because of my visa electron card.

    Could someone please clarify this situation for me? Can i purchase an iphone on three with my electron card? If not i will have to get it from somewhere else as have no choice.



  896. nadeem


    i bouht my apple 32gb yesterday in store, i am unhappy with the service , signal issues and customer services i woudl liek to return my phone as part of the 14day returns policy, the phone was opened by the 3 salesman and had its sim put it, since then ave made one call and had the sim contacts copied, the retailer is telling me there is no returns policy on the iphone and that a signal test was done…. they are saying that the phoen cant be retrned whatso ever as it has been used and was sold with known signal issues is thsi correct , today is the 2nd day of the contract.

  897. Andrew Mclean

    I have a couple of problems,
    First my 3G appeared in the option of network and i turned it off because i did not want to use it while i was home, now the option has completely disappears and it keeps popping up for about a min or 2 then disappearing, so where has it gone?

    The phone keeps searching for 3 everytime i send a text, is this bad signal?. My other 3 phone has no problem with signal.

  898. Kim

    Hey mods just a huge thank you for updating us with all the info u had , just got my ip4 today i am very pleased! X

  899. Tina

    Just got my Iphone 4 today from my local store. When I go onto the App store, under certain categories like Fitness, utilities and entertainment it goes automatically to an error page. Is this something to do with Three as it seems rather odd that I can’t go onto these categories to shop in the App store. Also, the store I went into were under the impression that I can’t unlock the phone until the end of my contract but you have said that i can do it anytime. Which one is actually correct?

  900. mrbrightside

    @ Mod

    “Can I upgrade my current Three contract to iPhone 4?
    If you’re an existing Pay Monthly customer and you’re within the last month, or at the end of your contract, you can upgrade to iPhone 4 by calling 333 from your Three phone”

    does this mean no early upgrade(110days) which was possible before? if this is the case then i think this is wrong for the loyal customers. please clarify…

  901. James

    Can you please clarify so I’m 100% clear. With regards tethering using the the iphone, you “suggest” buying a £15 3gb add on. But, if I purchased the 2gb extra allowance for £5, could I use it for tethering? Whilst you “suggest” the £15, would the £5 2gb actually work?

    Many thanks


  902. captainkirt

    I will be within my 3 month upgrade window in January at the end of an 18 month contract. Will I be able to upgrade to iPhone 4 or is there special arrangements for the iPhone?

  903. Andrew

    Hi Mod… Third time lucky, right? I have been turning off the phone, taking out the sim and turning it on sporadically throughout the day. I even called the technical support last night, and they said they would put the request to activate my sim on the system again and it would take another 24 hours. I waiting, tried again about 20 minutes ago and still nothing!!! As you can imagine I am getting really annoyed at this. I called technical support again, this time to be told my new micro-sim is faulty and they will have to send me a new one. This won’t be with me until Tuesday. So, I have waiting an entire month for the phone, and then have had to wait another whole week before I can actually use it! It really isn’t on. The bright side, according to the person I spoke to on the phone, is that they won’t charge me for the new sim!!! I should blinking well hope not too!!!

    As you can tell, I am very disappointed, and this whole issue will perhaps make me think again about renewing with Three when the contract term is up. You do provide great deals, but apparently at the cost of speed and service. I assume you don’t work on weekends, Mod, but if you do and there is anything that can be done to speed up getting my new sim out to me, it would be greatly appreciated. If not, thanks for your advice so far, and I will let you know if the phone finally works on Tuesday. If it doesn’t then I am going to have to put a complaint in about this whole situation because it really is appauling. It isn’t any individuals fault, but the company really should be doing more for customers who have just bought expensive new phones from them on two year contracts… especially those who have been with you for a couple of years already. I’m just very disappointed that while I have a shiny piece of kit in my hand, I can’t use it for what it is meant for, and that is all down to Three.

  904. Larkian

    tried, just not working

  905. Moderator

    @Larkian – could you try re-tethering your iPhone 4? It could be that our Three settings didn’t fully download.

  906. Brendan Arndt

    @Itsgibbo – We don’t have an app for My3 yet, but you can head to our mobile site to check your usage. This page is ‘zero-rated’ so it’s free to access.

  907. Nick


    If the message is saying insufficient credit, it may be because you put the Iphone cost onto your next bill. This uses up your credit limit, & as MMS aren’t included in your plan and cost 25p you need credit to send them. You’ll have to wait until you’ve paid that bill or get 3 to up your limit.

    Just a guess but hope it helps.

  908. Moderator

    @Grr – We’ll drop you an email to look into this further, but could you check one thing for me? If you go to type a new message, do you see a little camera icon next to the field for the recipient’s name? I’m wondering whether this is an account issue and not a handset issue if you had something similar going on with your E71.

  909. Larkian

    Can’t send mms here. Plz take a look

  910. Itsgibbo

    Hi Mod

    I was wondering if there was an easy way to check my usage on the Iphone 4.


  911. Will N


    If, as some of your previous comments make it sound, you now have a way of providing access to the unrestricted internet to the various persistent complainers on this blog, why not give everyone with a contract access by default?

    I was thinking of firing off a few emails to various mobile phone / tech / gadget websites just to give them the heads up about this blog and the “filtering” (Three-endorsed-porn pushing) issue so that new prospective customers may be more informed.

  912. Moderator

    @Paul Campbell – you can tether with iPhone 4, apologies if you’ve been given inaccurate info. The internet allowance that you’ll have already built in to your tariffs isn’t designed for tethering, but you can buy one of our Broadband add-ons (we do a few but £15 for 3GB is our most popular) to make sure you’re covered.

  913. Will N


    I’ve read quite a few comments on here about the big brother filtering / access restrictions etc.

    I thought Three had moved on from this sillyness.

    Please could you drop me a line asap (as you said to @David you would) about how to get around this so that I can actually view the internet.

    This whole age verification pin thing and Three’s porn portal stinks of a money making ploy and is actually, stupidly, exposing people who aren’t after that kind of adult content to it..!

    Thank you

  914. Jac


    For voicemail phone 123

  915. Rob Price

    Thanks that is good news :) think I’ll go ahead and order one and use it off wifi while at home until there is 3G around here. And if I do go anywhere I can use it on 3G then :)

  916. Dylandog

    Thanks for the info and help over the last few weeks it has been usefull.

    With respect to internet filtering could you please send me the same information as you have sent others on how to opt out of the censorship and have full access to the whole of the web and not just the planet three stuff.


  917. Grrr

    @Moderator – I’ve tried plugging the phone into Itunes, updated to 4.0.1 but still can’t send mms. I can receive them fine.
    This seemed to start happening when I first ordered my iphone. My e71 stopped being able to send but this gave me a message saying “not enough credit” which was odd for a contract! I wasn’t that bothered as I thought I’d wait for the iphone to see if the problem went away! Any help would be gratefully received

  918. Paul Campbell


    Is there any way to use the new iphone 4 as a tethering devise for my laptop? I was under the impression that it could be used ( and I was going to buy a download add on), however when I called 3 the rep told me that the device cannot be used for tethering.

    This leaves me at a bit of a loose end as I used my old phone to tether. I can’t use a dongle as I don’t get a reception in certain areas of my flat (I had to sit my mobile against the window whilst tethering) so it wouldn’t be any use.

    Any advise?



  919. Moderator

    @Rob Price – just this minute heard back on your postcode :-). There are 2 new sites planned in your area which is brilliant news. The one furthest away is during August and the one very close to you has a planned date of September. These should make a significant difference to the 3G coverage in the your area – hopefully not too long to wait either! If you do roam onto 2G you won’t be charged any extra for this – but if you use data (as in 3G) you will incur data charges.

  920. tom

    For those who are having problems activating their iphone 4/ switching sims over, what i did was

    hold down the power button at the top and the home button together until your device restarts and you see the apple logo.

    worked for me and am now happly using my iphone.