Three tops latest independent YouGov survey.

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A strong and reliable 3G network should be the backbone of any mobile operator. It’s the enabler that gives you fast and easy access to the services you want, whenever and wherever you want them. It’s the technology that breathes life into the millions of phones and smartphones, dongles and MiFis, iPads and netbooks that we carry about with us and rely on every day.

Since our network share deal with T-Mobile in 2008, we’ve invested all the effort, funding and innovation at our disposal into making our 3G network just that – strong, reliable and even better than it was before. We even produced a TV ad this year to try and demonstrate the drive and focus behind our network expansion programme. And when we’ve seen our competitors make claims about their networks that we don’t believe are true we’ve taken them to task and we’ve been successful.

So today is significant for us, because our customers have once again rated our network as the best for mobile broadband in the UK in YouGov’s latest survey.

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