The One, ‘unlimited’ and data allowances.

This morning we launched a new plan. It’s called The One Plan and it’s available on all of our phones. It’s simple, it’s big and it has enough minutes, texts and data for almost everyone.

Mobile phone price plans don’t normally make the news, but I wanted to share with you some of the thinking behind The One and why it represents such a milestone for us.

The future of the UK mobile market is all about data and that’s what we were designed to do. We were ahead of our time with the first 3G network, but with the huge growth in internet and smartphones we’re now coming into our own. Our innovative tie-in with T-Mobile has allowed our 3G network to grow from around 8,000 sites in 2008 to what will be more than 12,000 by the end of this year. That takes us up to 98% 3G population coverage. We’re also continuing to invest heavily in the way data is carried across our network – giving you faster speeds and more capacity.

That doesn’t mean we should forget about voice and text. The success of the Terminate the Rate campaign gives us the ability to price voice services in line with actual costs – and that will mean that you guys, our customers, will no longer need to pay for us to subsidise the other operators with Mobile Termination Rates.

Though Ofcom’s proposed changes might not come into play for many months, we don’t want you to have to wait. We fought for changes to the marketplace and promised a revolutionary new type of contract plan if MTRs came down.

We want to start passing on the benefits of that change now, which is why we’re delivering on our promise early with The One Plan:

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  1. Moderator: Chris

    @Ian – Hey Ian, sorry to hear about what’s happened. We do have measures in place to help people in similar situations, I would suggest contacting the customer care team on 333 or 0843 373 3333 from any other line and they’ll talk you through your options. Cheers.

  2. Ian

    I have recently been made redundant and would like to downgrade my tariff. I am currently on the one plan and have been with 3mobile for quite a few years now and very happy. However as I can’t really afford to pay the amount I’m paying every month I need to down grade or I won’t be able to carry on paying and will default pretty soon as I’m only getting JSA. Hope you can help. Cheers Ian

  3. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Sarah – I’m afraid I can’t Sarah. That’s something you’ll have to take up with our dedicated upgrades team. I’m sure you’ll know but in case you don’t, it’s 333 from your handset or 08433733333 from a landline. Good luck :-)

  4. Sarah Sewell

    I currently have an iphone 4 on the one plan with a loyalty discount – can you confirm whether or not I keep the loyalty discount if I upgrade to the new iphone 5 (I am eligable for an upgrade)


  5. Moderator: Nicki

    @Marcin – Hi there, you’d only be able to lower your price plan at the end of your minimum term. More info can be found here.

  6. Marcin

    on 23/09/12 I contract extension. Currently I have a tariff ONE PLAN. I would like to ask when I could change the tariff to pay less. Thank you in advance for your reply.

  7. michelle

    I’ve had my iPhone 4S with all you can eat data for 19 months I pay £34.50 monthly for this I had to pay an upfront fee for the phone 40% of the 19 months I’ve had no service,signal,half conversations with people (only if I kept still in one place)before it cut off on this phone I’ve had to complain to customer services a few times also I’ve had to get my phone exchanged due to the front coming away from the metal rim around the phone so I think it’s an absolute disgrace that if I wanted to upgrade before March 21st 2014 I would have to pay a early upgrade fee this should be done free considering I’ve had to still pay my monthly contract fees when I had no service due to no signal with 3 network.does anyone think I’m right ?

  8. Moderator: Lauren

    @Martin – if you wanted to upgrade to a phone contract part of the way through, you’d need to pay off your remaining line rental. If you want to be free to upgrade whenever you want, one of our 30 day sim only deals may be better suited to you.

  9. Martin

    I am thinking of signing up to one plan on a 12 month SIM-only deal.

    I may want to get a new phone part-way through the year. Am I better to wait until I want the phone, or could I get a phone part-way through the year on the same terms anyway? (I’d expect that to start a new extended contract period.)


  10. Moderator: Nicki

    @stuart – Hi there, I’m afraid the price you sign up to will be the minimum price for the duration of your minimum term. As with any product or service there can be promotions or price cuts at any point but you wouldn’t see that affect anything that’s been sold in the past.

    You’d be able to move to the One Plan at the end of your minimum term.

  11. stuart

    Well im pissed off. Im paying 15.90 a month for 600 minutes and unlimited internet sim only. And new customers can get one plan for 15 a month. They wont even let me upgrade to the one plan and still pay 15.90. Im not happy. Im leaving 3 in jan only because of this. Otherwise everything else is fine. Im sure there is

  12. Ros

    @Luke boyd – Hi Luke. I’m afraid you’re not able to move to the One Plan mid-contract, only when you’re due for a normal upgrade and only when you upgrade proper, if that makes sense, sorry!

  13. Luke boyd

    I wish to move to the one plan, i am currently on the ultimate internet 1000 plan. Will there be a fee and is there some sort of duration i would need to have had the contract for in order to switch? Thanks.

  14. Moderator: Kaz

    @Goldilu – No, both YouTube and the iPlayer are included in your All You Can Eat Data allowance.

  15. Goldilu

    Hi, I just got the samsung galaxy s3 with the one plan. It has the youtube app built in. Do i have to pay extra for using youtube or BBC iplayer? Thanks

  16. Moderator: Lauren

    @Denise – you can email pictures as an attachment and that will be included in your data allowance. If you want to send it as an MMS message then there will be a charge, for full price details check out our price guide .

  17. Denise

    Does the one plan enable you to send photographs taken on your handset to friends by email? I note that the small print indicates that there is a charge for this, but does not make this clear.

  18. Moderator: Johanna

    @Miss Cat – If you’re on The One Plan you definitely have AYCE data. Not all the systems reflect this yet but we can assure you, you can use the internet as much as you want and you won’t hit a limit.

  19. Miss Cat

    I bought the iPhone 4s last week from the 3 website on the One plan for £35 a month. It said ‘all you can data’ but every time I log onto my account it tells me how much Internet /data allowance I have left. Is this corrects?
    Many thanks in advance

  20. Top 5 Mobiles

    The One Plans is one of the best plan 3 mobile have ever launched. The most important is that the plan is now available on SIM Only Deal with unlimited internet (All you can eat data).

    I think this deal The One Plan will kill the competitors and best deal for smartphone that are stacking in our UK market.

    Good work 3.

  21. Moderator: Kaz

    @Vivian SO – Please ignore that message, we are still upgrading our internal systems. You do have all you can eat data and can read more here

  22. Vivian SO

    I have signed the one plan sim only contract. But when I checked my3 account, it said my remaining internet allowances is 1178 MBs but I thought it’s unlimited…..and I just read some older comments saying that we have to buy the add-on to have unlimited access? i thought it was all you can eat data once I buy the plan. And will my data still be unlimited after a month?

  23. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Dave Fyfe – Apologies for the mixed messages, if you’re 12 months into your current contract you can upgrade to The One Plan but there may be a charge. Would you like me to arrange a call for you with our CS team to get this sorted?

  24. Dave Fyfe


    I wonder if you can help. I took out the I phone 4 on a contract some 13 months ago and before the one plan came into existence.

    I am on a 900 min/ 1GB data deal which I normally find fine however I phoned the call centre to ask if I could be upgraded to the one plan. I was advised that there was no such process and that I would need to wait until my contract was up beofre I could upgrade.

    As I see it this is a little unfair as had the one plan been available at the time I signed up I would definately have taken this.I also see that you allow customers having completed one half of their contract to upgrade and indeed downgrade so find it hard to understand why the call centre are telling me that I cannot do this.

    It would not be so bad if I frequently overran my allocation of minutes and/or data then this might be easier to take, in fact I do neither and am just looking for the flexibility of unlimited data.

    I would be grateful if you could bring this to the attention of your CS department as I am a customer with 2 phone and one MBB contract with a total payment of approx 60.00/month to three.

  25. Kraig

    Valuable information. Fortunate me I discovered your site by chance, and I’m surprised why this twist of fate did not happened in advance! I bookmarked it.

  26. neal

    Thanks for the update, this was not an option given to me yesterday on the phone.
    I will certainly be asking for that then!

  27. Moderator: Kaz

    @Neal – thanks for your comments. We do not have access to any account details here so I can’t look into your question. But if you call customer services there are options to upgrade from 12 months into your contract. Call them on 333 or 0843 373 3333.

  28. neal

    I was under the (wrong) impression that I could upgrade to the One plan. My contract expires in a year so I cannot upgrade and give you more money than I do now on two of my three Three contracts. Is there any intention to allow those who want it to be able to upgrade? I want mine for Spotify and all of those other things you advertise!
    Let me and us know.

  29. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Roy – Don’t worry, if you signed up for The One Plan then you have all you can eat data :-) It’s a fairly new tariff so we’re just getting all our systems up to date.

  30. Roy

    i have the same problem as a few other people on here.I upgraded to the one plan on saturday and although the minutes and txts are correct my internet data started at 1024mb ,it is now at 948 mb so i went to the three shop where i got the upgrade and the guy there said that it would keep refreshing itself back to 1024mb and woudnt go down to zero.

  31. Moderator: Sedge

    @ RV – Sorry for the confusion. Would you like me to arrange a call for you? You’ll need to give one months notice but you can move to the One Plan Sim Only.

  32. RV

    The One Plan is now available on a rolling month contract. I have a rolling month contract with Three already and wanted to move this sim onto the One Plan rolling month contract. The Three customer services told me that I cannot do this and can only those “downgraded” onto the One Plan can do this.

    This seems a bit confusing and doesn’t make any sense. The One Plan is your highest plan, how can anyone downgrade to it? Can I not upgrade to the One Plan rolling month contract from another rolling month contract that I’m on already?

  33. Almahadeus

    Thanks Kaz. That is very reassuring to know.

  34. Moderator: Kaz

    @Almahadeus – I can ensure you that the one plan has all you can eat data. We are still updating My3 to reflect this. You do not have any limit on the data you can use. Please ignore these text messages.

  35. Almahadeus

    Yes, I am also on the one plan and started getting these text messages over the last couple of days about reaching the limit of my data allowance. It is absolutely the case that I do not have any add-on on my account to ‘confuse’ Three’s system in any way. Is it finally coming to light that we have been mis-sold this tariff?

  36. Moderator: Kaz

    @Alvin Chang – The All in One 15 Add-on has all you can eat data. Is this what you mean? The One Plan is a contract plan

  37. Alvin Chang

    Hi, I cannot find the One Plan on Buy Add-on on my3 for PAYG. How can I get the One Plan?


  38. Moderator: Johanna

    @Maralyn – Don’t worry, if you’re on The One Plan you definitely have all-you-can-eat data. The reason you’re getting this text is because you must have an add-on on your account. Which may have been needed before you had all-you-can-eat data. This add-on is causing our system to be confused. Th technical team are looking at why this is happening but you can contact CS if you no longer need the add-on and they’ll cancel it.

  39. Marylyn

    HI -I am on the one plan – so why am I getting text messages saying I have exceeded my allowance and may be charged?

  40. Moderator: Kaz

    @Peter – We do not range the Nexus S so this will not be a Three price plan, unless you are buying the phone separately and using our sim only plan. The One Plan does have all you can eat data, I’m not sure how this differs to CPW.

  41. Peter

    Hi – I was looking at buying the Nexus S at the carphone warehouse today on “the one plan”. They are adament that the version they sell is limited to 1GB of data. Is that right – is the product the CPW sell (called one plan) different from Three’s unlimited all you can eat version?

  42. Geoff

    Thank you Kaz for clarifying this for me.

  43. Moderator: Kaz

    @Geoff – I can ensure you that the one plan comes with all you can eat data – as long as you use the data for personal use, there is no limit. We are currently updating all our systems to reflect this. We posted a guest blog from Dan Carter who tried to use as much data as possible on the one plan, it’s an interesting read and should answer your questions – click HERE

  44. Geoff

    I am now confused !!

    I have just recently signed up to the one plan for one reason only and thats the all you can eat data. I searched high and low in the small print to find the data caps, I also searched this blog, It seams that on one hand you are telling us that there is no data cap, but on my plan package details it is saying a limit of 1GB…. Also at the top of this post it is now showing a limit of 1GB of Internet…
    Can you please clarify to me and I’m sure a lot of other people what the true data caps are on this plan.

    I would like to know if I say downloaded 5 GB’s of data in one month am are going to be charged extra for it ??

  45. Moderator: Johanna

    @Clennon – There are no additional data charges on The One Plan, there is no limit to All-you-can eat data. If you have been charged it’ll be an error which should be able to be resolved by giving 333 a call. Let us know how you get on.

  46. Clennon

    I got a new contract i’n December, the one plan for the IPhone 4! I Was sold this plan under the pretence that inhad unlimited/all you can eat data allowance! However I have found that I have a limit and that Igbo exceed this limit I am charged! Frankly I am bitterly disappointed as I have been a loyal customer for 5 years and have had 5 simultaneous contracts with them for all my family! This seems to matter for nothing!

  47. Mohammad

    Hello there, not sure where else to post this and didnt know how to make a new topic thats why i am posting it here, i have been with 3 for more than 5 years. i think the current plan of mix and match 1100 is with me for more than 2 years so i called three today to ask for upgrade as i was interested in the one plan and the person i spoke to was only offering me the same stuff as it is on three website, i tried to ask about customer loyalty or do they give any discounts to the customers who have been with them for long time and the answer was NO or if i can get a better phone than what they are currently offering to there new customer and the answer was NO. I was a bit disappointed and finished the call as even though one plan is offering a good deal i dont really think its offering anything to the existing customers for there loyalty with three. I was wondering if anyone else had a same kind of experience? or have they been offered a better deal? the guy did offer me 900 minutes for a bit cheaper but why cant they offer something on one plan.

  48. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Kartik Thakor – Sorry to hear you’ve heard mixed messages from our customer services team. Recently we’d charged £5 for the content filter to be uplifted but the £5 would then get reimbursed onto your account the following month. A blog post is coming shortly to fully explain the ins and outs of the content filter, we really appreciate our customers on Twitter and the blog who have informed us about the restrictions – it’s helped us get on top of the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible.

  49. Kartik Thakor

    I recently joined the three network via buying the iphone 4g on the all you can eat data plan on £35. I then discovered that some websites were blocked by three and wanted me to pay a credit card check. I did not do this and phoned the three customer service which they offered me the xsilver package (worth £5) for free as I complained what is the use of the all you can eat data when three is blocking adult content website? I just had my bill 2 days ago and found out the £5 x silver package applied to my account but no discount applied. As I phoned back to three, they informed me they have given it to me for a month free and then it will be charged!!!! I was fuming and angry as when I spoke to the customer service lady that day, she informed me that the discount will be applied for the remaining of my contract (which is 24 months)!!!

    I think i have made a mistake coming to three from o2!!!!!!! Help someone…anyone with similar expeirence or is it just me????

  50. CJ

    Thanks Kaz, excellent service ! !

  51. Moderator: Kaz

    @CJ – Thanks for your comment. Hullomail is an app and will use your data allowance, so if you are on The One Plan is will be included in the all you can eat data.

  52. CJ

    Hullomail- Can you confim if I use the Hullomail app on the iphone 4, will the cost of someone leaving me a message or me checking my messages come from my data / call allowance or is it classed as a call divert? I have tried contacting 3 Customer Services however after bouncing back and forth between the iphone technical help dept and customer services SEVEN times, I am no further forward……..Thanks !

  53. Martin Lancaster

    @Kaz many thanks – I was hoping the answer would be that!

    BTW, don’t install the Android Market Skype app, remove it and then reinstall it. The reinstall will fail (out of memory). Fortunately lots of web links that can guide you through the process of sorting it out. Does make for an interesting couple of hours though!

  54. Moderator: Kaz

    @Martin Lancaster – We developed our own Skype client that can be used only over the Three network and does not use up data (only available on certain phones). Skype’s own client which can be obtained through app stores will use up data allowance, however customers on The One Plan have All You Can Eat data so will not be affected. So, in short you are not missing anything and are correct.

  55. Martin Lancaster

    I’ve been looking at Skype on my Desire HD that is on the One Plan. I have downloaded and installed the Skype application from the Android store used, that, then, realised that there is also a “Skype on 3″ application on Planet 3. Removed Android Market version and installed 3 version.

    Most obvious difference is that the Skype on 3 application will only connect using mobile internet – having the WiFi switched on throws a message about not being able to use Skype, as it is a mobile internet connection only.

    It seems that the 3 network is able to recognise calls made through Skype for 3 application, and therefore does not deduct usage from the users mobile internet connection account. From this statement, I am guessing that the Android Market version of Skype (which will connect using either mobile internet of WiFi) does not present itself to 3 in a manner that allows 3 to not include Skype usage on the users mobile internet account.

    But, as the One Plan has unlimited data, choosing to use the Android Market version of Skype (which, from my point of view, is the more complete application) shouldn’t make any difference to the users monthly bill.

    Or have I missed something here?

  56. trish

    i am on the internet texter 500 ( i believe) with an iphone 4 which costs me £35.74 a month and have been a customer for well over 10 years now, i asked if i could swap to the one plan thats £35 a month and was told that it would cost me an extra £5! i think this is a bit unfair as the one plan wasn’t available when i upgraded. Three used to be really good at the whole customer loyalty thing which was why I’ve always stayed with them but they seem to be less inclined to support it these days. i’m quite dissapointed! :(

  57. Moderator: Johanna

    One of the features of our new and improved One Plan is all-you-can-eat data, which means you can use as much of it as you like without worrying about limits or allowances. Over the last week or so, some of you have told us that you’ve noticed a slowing of data speeds when you use more than 1GB of data on your phones on the One Plan. We knew straight away that this shouldn’t be happening, and our technical team began to investigate what was causing the issue. As you’ll see from the post above, we want you to feel totally comfortable when you’re using data on your phone.

    Thanks to our eagle-eyed customers providing speeds tests, screen shots and account details we’ve now got to the bottom of the issue, but testing the fix is taking a little longer than we’d hoped. We now expect everything to be back to normal by Friday 21 January. We’re sorry we couldn’t get things in place any sooner.

    With regards to all-you-can-eat data, nothing’s changed. We still want you to use as much data as you want (for personal use), including using your phone as a dongle (tethering). If you have managed to use 1GB already then don’t worry, your internet won’t be cut off and you won’t be charged any differently, but you may notice it takes a little longer for you to download an app or load a web page.

    Once again, we’re sorry that we’re not able to fix this straight away, but things will be back to normal soon.

  58. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jamie – You can definitely make the most of all-you-can-eat data, so don’t be worried about exceeding 1GB. We’re in the process of updating all our communications, but sorry for any confusion at the mo.

  59. jamie

    I have just changed to the one plan on the promise of unlimited data. On here and on my3 it says i have 1gb. Which is right?

  60. Moderator: Johanna

    @Katie B – Thanks for your feedback and great that you decided to join us :-)

  61. Katie B

    After all the complaints on here, thought I would share with you my feelings.

    I decided to switch to 3 after wanting an IPhone4, and to be honest 3 were offering the best deal I could around, without me having to pay the best part of 200 smackers for the phone. O2 was £30.64 a month for 100 minutes, unlimited texts and 500mb mobile, and the 14GB phone was then the best part of £300! Orange (who I was previously with) was £30.64 for 150 minutes, 250 texts, 500mb internet and the handset was £229.99! Vodaphone was £30.65 a month for 300 minutes, Unlimited texts, 500mb data and £199 for the handset.

    At this point I had given up on getting an Iphone for another good 6 months as I don’t have the cash, until I came across 3. £69 for my handset, £35 to buy out of my current contract (as I have a month left to go) and then the deal is £35 a month, INCLUDING VAT (or so I am told). All the above are excluding, so that would bring them all up to roughly £35 anyway, and I was £30 at the moment as is.

    My handset arrived within 2 days of me ordering over the phone, I spoke to a very nice lady who talked me through what to do when it arrived, I’ve sent off my PAC code so once that’s up and running I’m away.

    I suppose, the only downside is its or 24 months, but given that I’ve had my actual Ipod now for the best part of 4 years, I can’t see that being a particular issue!

  62. Moderator: Kaz

    @Phil – It does not cost anything to switch tariffs, you will just paying the monthly amount of your new tariff.

  63. Phil

    I have an iphone 3GS on a £25 Internet Texter plan. Is it possible to switch tariffs for no extra cost?

  64. james

    So….. if I want to buy a mobile broadband tethering addon for iphone4 it’s 1GB for £10 or 3GB for £15???

    if I paid the same £15 on a mobile broadband contract I get 15GB and three give me a free dongle (ok so I’m agreeing to a 24month contract) whereas the addon can be cancelled but there is a big difference there three!!

    your missing out on revenue!! 10GB for £10 (or similar) addon would surely be a hit??? no? your the network built for mobile data! act like it! ;)

  65. Moderator

    @Keefey – Crikey sounds like you had a complete nightmare. I’ll arrange for someone to contact you and get this sorted.

  66. Keefey

    Looks like a good offer, if only I could actually, somehow, activate the damned thing. I’ve got an iPhone, so rang up to get a micro-sim, was met by a totally baffled woman on the phone who thought I was asking for the most complicated thing in the world, transferred through to customer services who said they can’t deal with sales, so tried to transfer me back, at which point I hung up. So I ordered on-line.

    Sim card arrived yesterday, so I called to try and activate it. After somehow navigating the worst telephone system I’ve ever encountered (Press 1 if you’re enquiring about an existing contract, press 2 if you’d like to buy a new phone…. er, it’s neither), I get through to someone who, after being on hold at 5p/min for 20 mins, that they can’t find the SIM number, the mobile number allocated to it, my address details, nothing at all, and then, most worryingly, told me that it might take 24 hours for the computers to be updated. I ordered it on-line! On a computer! Are you really telling me that the postal system is more efficient than your computer network? And the woman had obviously never heard of the name “Simon” before, I had to spell it to her three times. Heh. Three. So, finally, I asked if there was a complaints department, and was actually told that I couldn’t complain to anyone.

    I’ve never known such an obstructive company to actually try and give money to. It’s like Three doesn’t want my business, which is fine, I’m more than happy to give it to someone else.

  67. Caped Avenger


    OK, cool. as long as you know about it. :)

  68. Moderator

    @Caped Avenger – Good spot and thanks for feeding back. We’re working to change everything to reflect the accurate data limits but it’s taking a little time.

  69. Caped Avenger

    Sorry if this has been asked already – but why are my allowances for 3 to 3 voice minutes and texts still showing as “unlimited” in My 3 on ‘check my usage’, when they aren’t really unlimited?

  70. Moderator

    @Morgan – Sorry to hear that things haven’t been running smoothly for you. I’ll drop you an email to get some more details…

  71. Iain W

    update to earlier post – back on the phone to “customer service” have only been transferred once, so far. Exec Team gave me 100% assurance that the issue would be resolved tonight. It has not been. Staff in India still not understanding the issue – I have nowhere else to raise this with. If 3 think this is acceptable then their reputation was/is well earnt. I am abslutely exhausted dealing with this issue. I will be cancelling the contract as soon as the Exec Team are back at work after the bank holiday. I would urge anyone reading this to stay away from 3. The service is abysmal, littered with errors and you will find yourself totally unsupported and abandoned by dept’s incapable (it seems) to communicate effectively and maintain any kind of adequate records. Thanks for nothing 3!

  72. Morgan

    I got done in a Three store and given a plan with no internet despite it being included. When I range up complain they corrected the error. I get charged £5 but then immediately refunded. I only get 1GB and due to the shambles of a set up on my account cannot extend this. This month I received the warning text saying “you have reached you data allowance”. I then got a further text saying “you may not use any data”. I have been totally cut off the internet. I find this a bit heavy duty to be honest, I could understand my connection being throttled but I have actually been cut off. I have a Giff Gaff sim in any case, few months left on contract so PAC code will more than likely be requested.

    I also have a pay and Go sim so I added 50p for this it claims “FAIR USE” but no further information is given. 50 pence f your credit is taken. After using for about 5 minutes I got a text saying “Your internet Add-On is low. You can but a new one by going to my Three. I had only looking at the Guardian website hardly bandwidth intensive. I also get other stupid texts saying you out of credit all kinds of junk. Are these texts from the UK or India?

  73. Iain W

    I am a new customer to 3 and I am already regretting it. Ordered The One Plan on sim only – received the pack this morning, have spent the last 5 hours battling to get connected. In a nutshell -

    Ordered 25th Aug, email confirmation received, next Email received 26th at 8.23pm advising delivery would be on the 26th! Delivered this morning (27th) In parcel were 2 sim packs, one 3pay and one pay monthly. Paperwork indcates number assigned which corresponds with number on 3pay sim, not pay monthly. Tried both sims, 3pay one registers, pay monthly one does not. Called 3 (menu options are the worst I have ever experienced with any company, including BT!) Both mob numbers not recognised by AVR system. Eventually got through to someone, ended up being transferred 5 times. Offshore staff friendly, but did not “get” issue causing multiple inappropriate transfers – ended up at sales at one point! Eventually new sim ordered but no explanation given as to what has happened – blaming faulty sim. Explained sim does show signal and 3 logo but when calling 333 states unregistered and will take up to 24 hours. Advised to ignore this as no account has been created (still blaming sim at this point!) asked for escalation, was offered callback which I declined.Suggested I contact Head Office, found number on google – staff on switchboard uninterested, unprofessional and downright ignorant. They would transfer call to Customer Services despite me asking for Executive Team whilst I was speaking, or simply disconnect then not answer when I called back. Witheld my number, they then answered – as soon as i said hello they hung up immediately or transferred without a word. Another Google search found direct number for Exec Team and to be fair they were helpful, listened to my issue then asked me to confirm via email which i did this afternoon, have been called back to advise new sim card ordered, then a follow up call to advise has been passed to engineers as it may be due to no account being created for some reason and will now be manually done by engineers, so hopefully will get connected tonight. To be honest, I thought long and hard about coming to 3 and have to say at this point I feel it has not been worth the hassle and am regretting it. I am surprised that despite all the input and statements on this Blog I have been forced to resort to detective work to access a dept that could understand and attempt to rectify the issue…I am seriously unimpressed! I would also like to know what kind of culture within your Head Office would allow the staff answering the phone to think they can treat someone so abominably, they clearly feel relaxed at treating someone like dirt and to be honest, I got the impression it was second nature to them. I think 3 has a long,long way to go before your Customer Support would be claased as barely adequate, and the menu systems on the phone…terrible. One dept (poss online sales support) the electronic voice sounds like it was generated by a “speak and spell” not good!

    I will be making a decision this weekend, but right now I am inclined to cancel the contract as I have zero faith in 3 to deliver what is being touted on this blog and the website! And someone needs to pay a visit to your Head Office switchboard staff for some serious retraining and monitoring

  74. Moderator

    @Gary Smith – I’ll drop you an email and you can let me know what’s been going on.

  75. Gary Smith

    I have an outstanding complaint with ’3′ and wish to e-mail some information to Head Office or a senior manager. Do not give me the phone number for ’3′ customer services in India. They are less than helpful.

  76. Moderator

    @Victoria Harding – Sorry your not happy, I’ll drop you an email and get some more info from you.

  77. Moderator

    @Steve Ralph – Sorry I haven’t got an answer for you today but this is something I’m looking into.

  78. Victoria Harding

    I do not know where to place my complaint.

    I have been with 3 for over 4 years and was always under the assumption you could upgrade your mobile phone 3 months before end off contract, I went into the 3 store in July 2010 and was informed I could upgrade from 11 August. On the 20 August I went back in store to upgrade my phone and was informed as my DD was coming out they could not help me and I should call 3 as they should be able to help.

    I contacted 3 via my mobile and I spoke with a Nosh who offered me 900 internet texter which was 900 mins split between voice and text, 5000 3 to 3 calls and 1GB internet access with a HTC Desire phone for £33.00. I thought it wasn’t the best deal but decided to go ahead with it, went I got off the telephone I went on 3′s website and realised they was offering 500 mins, 5000 text, 5000 3 to 3 calls and 1 GB internet and felt very let down.

    I contacted 3 the next morning to discuss this with a customer advisor and find out why I had not been offered the same as what was on 3′s webiste and was advised this was only available in the last month off my contract, I advised him my partner who has the same expiry date as me was able to upgrade his phone and get the same deal as online with no problems unfortunately he ignored this comment. As the advisor kept informing me there was nothing he could do so I decided to cancel the new contract and handset. I was advised as the order had been processed the evening before they could not cancel the order and the phone will still be delivered on Tuesday (today). I have refused the order but was informed by the driver that 3 are able to stop the order being delivered but they chose not too. I also looked at my account and have realised that 3 are still changing my contract to a 900 internet texter which I cancelled on Saturday.

    I feel 3′s customer service over the telephone is terrible and considering I was happy to increase my monthly payment from £20.00 they was not offering very good deals and also I have been a loyal customer and have been with 3 for over 4 years. All I wanted was what was being offered online for £32.00 a month with the HTC Desire phone and was happy to be tied into a 2 year contract at the moment with my experience with Three is making me reconsider whether I should continue to be a 3 customer.

  79. stew g

    Guys, I have to ask, have you been monitoring Tesco Mobile and the deals they are offering? I really believe they will sway lots of casual mobile users with their sim only deals. After a quick look on their website I have already found two cheap deals. One is a £6 per month deal whilst the other, a £10 one offers more for the money.
    It is in contrast to Three who I feel have taken their eye off the bargain end of the mobile market and are missing out on a significant area for sales and growth. Take the One Deal for instance, vast amounts of minutes and text yet realistically who ever gets even close to using all of their allowance each month? I was on the £15 per month sim only deal and though you don’t get as much allowance as the One Deal I still got nowhere close to running out of text/minutes. For me this wasn’t value for money as the texts and minutes weren’t getting used and so I cancelled my contract.
    Until Three create a sub £10 a month deal that gives a lot less than the One Deal (say, 1000 text 300 3 to 3 mins, 150 any network mins and 500mb internet access) then I won’t be looking to sign with Three again. It wasn’t that long ago that Three offer a £9 a month deal which was an 18 month contract and you got a Sony Ericsson phone with it.

  80. Steve Ralph

    Guess what I received this morning, yet another ‘you have nearly reached my data limit as part of the fair use policy’ text message..,oh come on someone is having a laugh!!! :-<<<

  81. steve ralph

    Hi Mod, with reference to my comments above regarding my account having now 1Gb included with the addition of the £5 2Gb internet and mail add on and still 3 sending me the ‘you have nearly reached the fair use policy’texts, you very kindly and promptly contacted me, but there has been no further news or contact regarding this. For info when my bill arrived It showed I had not even used 1Gb of the 3Gb I had available?!! These warning texts are grossly inaccurate and misleading, isn’t it time you showed a straight forward tally of use on MY3. You are no showing my included talk plan 1024Mb but still persist in using ‘unlimited’ for the data add on which certainly is not unlimited.

  82. Moderator

    @DarrellUK – Right I have a couple of help guides for you to check your data usage. If you are a phone customer click here and if you are a mobile broadband customer, click here. I hope this helps!

  83. Moderator

    @DarrellUK – Sorry you’re having issues! Can you just let me know whether you’re a broadband customer please?

  84. Shane Dean

    What’s with the £99.99 upfront charge on the Desire on One Plan??!!

  85. Gad

    Congratulations on the launch of the “One Plan! You have blown your rivals out of water with this concept! I have just completed my first month with this plan! Got two questions that i have clearly understood the answers to, one,i have 1gb of internet in my plan, can i have 3 mail (push) because i have that 1gb or will i be charged? 2, got a sim only deal as i had an “old” 3g phone but really wanted a blackberry,do i have wait til the end of my contract 2 get one as an upgrade or can i get one now? Many thanks!

  86. DarrellUK

    Please can you give me the URL link in my3 to show me where I can see how much data I have left on my plan. I should have 3GB, 1GB with the plan plus 2GB extra from the add-on.

    All I can see (I’ve clicked on anything I can click on) is “you have not used any data outside of your allowance”.

    3 keep SMSing me saying that I have almost reached my limit, this is not true! How to check?

    Thx, Darrell

  87. Moderator

    @Steve ralph – Thanks for your feedback. I’ll drop you an email to gather some more info and hopefully help!

  88. steve ralph

    Thanks for increasing my included data allowance upto 1Gb. To allow lots of flexibility with data (such as spotify or internet radio) I also added the £5 2GB add on so giving a total of 3Gb, but STILL you send those warning texts saying I am approaching the fair use allowance!!!??? MY3 clearly states I still have an untouched pot of 1024Mb of data..come on Three sort this out please!!!

  89. Moderator

    @JJ bond – international and premium calls active, simly means that we’ve activated the ability for you to make these types of calls on our network. Neither international calls or premium rate numbers are covered by your inclusive minutes allowance.

  90. JJ bond

    iv got the one plan with my iphone 4 and i got a letter from you telling me the detells but i don’t understand whan it says international and premium calls active whats dose that mean dose it mean that premium call come under my mins

  91. Moderator

    @Scott – don’t know the detail of how and why our plans are built the way they are I’m afraid :-(

  92. Stew

    Is skype available on the samsung galaxy portal?

  93. Scott


  94. Scott


    Thanks for the clarity, however picture mails are useless as they assume the recipient has an internet tariff on their phone as well as an email address. My dear old mum hasn’t a clue about those sort of things but she does like the odd picture sent to her phone now and again. Why the saying away from MMS?

  95. Moderator

    @Mitra – we offer free Skype through our own Skype on Three application on compatible phones – using this app is completely free and calls don’t come out of your data allowance. On phones where we don’t have a compatible Skype app, you can choose to use Skype’s own app if one is supplied or downloadable. However using Skype’s own app will impact on your data allowance.

  96. Moderator

    @Paul – just scroll down our hompage. Alternatively you can find them here, here, or here.

  97. Moderator

    @Scott – Apologies, didn’t mean to confuse. MMS and Picture Mails are different. MMS is a picture sent from phone number to phone number, Picture Mail is picture sent from phone number to email address.

  98. Mitra

    Very informative, but there was no mention of Skype. Do 3 still offers free Skype? Or the data is deducted from the 1G monthly allowance if so what is the average data per minute used when using Skype? Kindly confirm.

  99. Paul

    where are the i phone blogs?, there were three at one time

  100. Scott

    Me again :-)

    Even the help section on your website seems to confirm picture mails are MMS. Here’s an excerpt.

    “It’s just as easy to send photos and videos from your mobile to an email address. Once you’ve put your message together just enter an email address in the ‘to’ box, instead of a mobile number. Your picture message (otherwise known as an MMS) will be automatically formatted into an email, so it’ll look great when your friends see it. Plus, they’ll be able to reply to your from their email inbox completely free of charge.”

  101. Scott

    Well what’s the difference? I asked about this a while back in another thread if you meant MMS when you said picture mails, and you said yes.

  102. Moderator

    @Scott – happy to check this out for you but most of our plans come with Picture Mails bundled, not MMS. Are you sure you have MMS included?

  103. Scott


    It appears I’m being charged for MMS even though I have a bundle with my tariff. I’m up to 51p now this month.

  104. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Andy. The old mix and match plans were phased out quite some time ago, and the fiver you’ve been paying qualifies you for the 1GB of internet which the mix and match plans didn’t come with as standard. If you want the 2GB of internet, I think you’ll have to move on to an internet talker plan which is essentially the same as the mix and match in that you get a bundle of units to use on minutes and or text messages, free voicemail but unlike with the mix and match, you get either 500 megabytes or 1 gigabyte depending on the plan you go with. This is really useful as you can then add the fiver add-on, upping your data limit to 3GB per month. They’ve also introduced the one plan, so you might want to take a look at that as well.

  105. Moderator

    @Scott – I’ll drop you a note to grab your account details, we’ll look into it.

  106. Moderator

    @Andy Hards – I’m sure there’s something we can do for you here. I’ll drop you a note to get a few details, and we’ll give you a call.

  107. Nuzhat

    there is an add on where you get 1000 for £5.00. Its called Add text 1000. you can call up the contact cenre and it will be activated on the a/c for you..

  108. Scott

    Anyone know why I’m being charged 25p a month for seemingly nothing? It’s appeared on every bill since I got my Desire.

  109. Andy Hards

    Hi there, don’t know if you are still reading this post. It says that you can pay a fiver and get 2Gb? Well I’ve been on my plan for a few years now and get 1Gb but when I phoned a few weeks ago after seeing this post I asked if I could get the extra Gb and was told this is not possible. Any chance you could clarify this for me. I’m on the Mix and Match 1100 with X Series Silver. I have reached the limit of data use 3 or 4 times in the 4-5 years I have had internet access on my phone and as I recently got a phone with Comes With Music I am using it even more now so would like to get the extra Gb. Can I do this? Please get back to me on this. Also I’d like to know how much data I have used so far during the month. I used to be able to see this but now I can only see that I have not used any data outside of my allowance. It would be very very helpful to know how much I’ve used.

  110. Huw

    Considering the nearest deal I’ve found to this is on Orange with only 1200 mins Unlimited texts and NO internet is for £45 a month! That is a LOT less for a LOT more! Its a ground breaking deal. Ok if you don’t want 2000 minutes then you DON’T have to buy this plan. Some people are making it sound like 3 have just ditched all plans and replaced it with this. They have ADDED choice for those of us who like to talk…. a lot….. AND for those of you that use more than 500mb or 1gb you can still buy 2 extra GB for £5! On most mobile broadband deals its £10 for 1GB! Considering most if not all other providers only give you 0 – 750mb included with NO option to boost your internet allowance.

    So for Example, You don’t call or text much but want a phone with lots of internet. (more than 1gb)

    £18 per month for 300 minutes or texts, 5000 3-3 calls and 2.5GB of data.. (That is including the £5 add on which can be removed at any time)

    Or If you do want the ‘all you can eat’ package because you either talk a lot or just wont want to have to worry about checking your allowance.

    £30 per month for 2000 Minutes, 5000 Texts, 5000 3-3 Calls and 1GB data… (thats not the cheapest one either)

    Both of those examples are on Android based handsets. The fact that anyone has that much choice and flexibility is amazing……

    Keep up the good work!

  111. taige

    it doesn’t seem to that big of a deal.. not much change in terms of internet data, but very good for voice

  112. Shane

    Samsung Galaxy S. £40 per month on One Plan?! What?! Are you guys taking the p*@s? Unless I get a fantastic ‘loyalty bonus’ then I’m afraid it’s Au Revoir, Three.

  113. Moderator

    @Neil – I’m afraid we don’t have any plans to change our text add-ons as they currently stand. It would be worth having a chat at the point of upgrade to see whether there’s anything we can do though. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  114. Moderator

    @Stew – OK, have done a bit of digging. It’s our Internet Talker plan with the Samsung S3370. You can see the deal summary here :-)

  115. Neil

    I have asked this question before and not received a reply so will try again here.

    I am currently on an old price plan because I get a great loyalty discount and many other benefits so I don’y want to change to a new price plan however I sometimes use more than the 150 text messages that are included.

    Your ‘Great Value Add Ons’ aren’t such great value anymore (eg: £5 for 75 texts).

    Are there any plans to review these add ons and increase the number of texts on offer because I for one would happily pay another £5 per month to add a more realistic number of texts to my plan ?

  116. Stew

    Hi mod, the tariff was advertised on tv. Its a phone contract

  117. Moderator

    @Stew – I don’t think we have a £13 plan – can you tell me where she’s seen it? Also, is it phone or Mobile Broadband? Will do some digging.

  118. Moderator

    @Becky – I’ll drop you an email, and arrange for someone to give you a call.

  119. Shane

    Any news on how the Galaxy S testing is going? Any dates?

  120. Moderator

    @Moe – the upgrade deal we offer you all depends on the plan you want to move to, and the new phone you’d like – plus the plan you’re coming off. We take all of this into account and try to find you a plan that’s most suitable for you. We have just launched the One Plan which we believe to be amongst the best value on the market so this would definitely be available to you, but I’d give us a call once you can upgrade so that we can talk you through your options.

  121. Becky

    ‘From the beginning of July, we’re going to stop using the word unlimited. We won’t be reducing how much customers get (many of you will have got used to looking for the * and the fair use policy) – we’re just making it simpler to understand’

    My boyfriend and I are both 3 customers, but our view of them has been severely shaken by a number of problems. The most recent, and infuriating, has been in relation to the above claim. My boyfriend was recently on a £10 a month rolling contract, with a £5 a month ‘Unlimited Internet’ add-on of 1GB. He has recently (since the beginning of July) purchased a 24 month Internet Texter 300 contract, which still used the phrase ‘unlimited’ despite the above claim. However, despite not being informed anywhere on the contract itself, it appears on a recent letter that the fair use policy’s definition of ‘unlimited’ has in fact changed from the previously questionable ’1GB’ to the frankly intolerable ’500MB’. I believe that this is indeed ‘reducing how much customers get’. I understand that it is a different contract, but I would have expected 3′s definition of ‘unlimited’ to be standard. I see now that we should not have expected honourable behaviour from a mobile phone company.

    While you may suggest that the average customer uses less than 500MB data allowance, you must understand that the purchaser of a HTC Wildfire or other such smartphone is likely to require and use far more than this. In this case, my boyfriend requires a greater data allowance for his work, which he often does while travelling, and much of which involves communicating with colleagues via the internet. He now finds himself trapped in a 24 month contract, which does not allow him to do the things for which it was intended. While he could purchase the 2GB upgrade, an extra £5 a month over a 24 month contract comes to a shocking amount; a hidden additional sum which, had he known about previously, he would not have been willing to pay when he could get a far better deal elsewhere.

    I feel that these fluctuating definitions of the term ‘unlimited’ (a word still being used despite what you claim) are at best misleading and at worst disgusting behaviour. We have not yet attempted phone calls to your customer service team, as our previous experience with them has been frankly appalling and we do not wish to go through such an experience again if we can help it. I will be emailing this to your customer service team, but I wish to improve my chances of a reply by posting here as well. Can you advise how best we would be able to obtain some remedy for this situation? Our opinion of 3 has been severely shaken already, and we would prefer to have this amended, than be forced to take our money and time elsewhere, whilst informing our friends and relations of this misleading and unfair treatment and warning against your network.

  122. Moe

    Hi, will be eligible for an upgrade soon, and just wanted to know what extra incentives are customers who have been with Three for the past several years entitled to over new customers. Should I just expect to be offered the same deals given to new customers and put on the ONE Plan at £35 for a smart phone, or will i be given a genuine incentive to resign.

  123. Ash

    I’ve been trying to leave 3 since 8am this morning. My contract is now finally over but clearly 3 don’t seem to follow the laws when it comes to giving pac codes.


  124. Moderator

    @Gary Moncrieff – not necessarily! It’s just that our Symbian Windows Live Messenger app isn’t optimised for touch. At the moment, our offer of free WLM is only available on our app.

  125. Moderator

    @Meggy Ross – great news! :-)

  126. Gary Moncrieff


    Does that indicate that no more Symbian phones will be ranged by 3 in the future?

    Can I use any app and get free msn?

  127. Meggy Ross

    Thank you so much for sorting this out Moderator! I got a call today and I am happy with the outcome.

  128. Moderator

    @Shane – I’ll make sure this feedback is passed onto our Pay Monthly team :-)

  129. Moderator

    @Gary Moncrieff – moving forward we are optimising our Android WLM app for touchscreen, but I’m afraid we have no plans to change our Symbian app.

  130. Shane

    RE: MMS. I rarely use MMS, but why not just charge each MMS sent as, say, 3 text messages and take that from the allowance.

  131. Gary Moncrieff

    Concerning the Free Windows Live Messenger is it only free through the app 3 provide or can we use any app. I am asking cos the provided app isnt really optimised for touchscreen phones and is more suitable to the standard phones.

    The company that designed the app have a cool looking new social network app called InTouch 5 Social Dashboard that would be better suited these days to touchscreen phones I believe.

  132. Stew

    Hi mod, my girlfriend tells me there’s a new tariff for £13 a month. Could you tell us a bit more about it as I haven’t seen anything on the website

  133. doug

    MMS!!! include some please, even 15 would be nice- not hundreds…

  134. Moderator

    @Nick Ballard & Dean Mason – some work has been going on here, so I’m trying to establish the status quo so I can give you a full update. Will be in touch soon :-)

  135. Scott

    Shame that most 3 plans including this one forget all about little old MMS.

  136. Nick Ballard

    @dean mason i know how you feel. I’m in SO15 (Southampton City Centre outskirts) The signal is terrible here. I wish whoever updates the coverage checker would actually come here and try making calls. I regually travel between the two cities so I know how you feel!!

  137. Moderator

    @Meggy Ross – that’s not good, we should be able to transfer you over to The One Plan right now. I’ll drop you a note to get a few details and we’ll give you a buzz.

  138. Stew

    I’d be more than happy to trade the vast amount of text, 3 to 3 calls and any network minutes for more data allowance(which never lasts a month). I use barely half of all of the above and would be happy to alter my current plan.

  139. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Stew. Ah, I follow ya. OK, in that case, the contract sim would only benefit you if you were using voice minutes to other networks. Allow me to explain. On Payg, you get (depending on what you top-up) a set of allowances that last for 90 days. So in your case, you’d get unlimited three to three minutes which you say you’d use mostly, so there’s your first saving, you get from 300 to unlimited text messages which of course you can use to any and all mobile networks and landlines and you get 130 megs of data each top-up. A little tip I’ll share with you though, if your trying to keep costs down but need data, you dont want to buy an add-on which will expire, but instead buy 3 or 4 top-up vouchers in small denominations such as £5, top them up on to your phone and for each one you’ll get 130 megabytes, so that’s over 1 gig and 1200 texts to quote my own example based on 4 five quid top-ups. Whatever you decide to do, good luck and let us all know how you get on.

  140. Meggy Ross

    Well I just tried to change my price plan as I’m paying way over the odds with 3 on an old VTT 1100 plan and the CS guy says no way till October. This kind of inflexibility is what has led me to get a vodafone contract for my son and a talk mobile contract for my daughter, this was after approaching 3 and being a loyal pay monthly customer for years…. I looked at the one plan it looks like a good deal, I’ve looked at the other pay monthly plans, they look like good deals, but will I be staying with 3 with my next contract??? Not likely.

  141. Moderator

    @Dean Mason – I’ll take a look at those postcodes for you. Once we’ve got a clear view of what’s going on I’ll drop you a note if needs be to get a few more details.

  142. Stew

    Hi ibrahim. I’ve been weighing up the options with cancelling my sim only deal and going back to payg. The most important thing for me right now is bringing my overheads down. I pay 15 quid a month on contract. Whereas with payg I think I could get away with only topping up once every 3 months. My annual bill would then only be 40 quid. A saving of 130 quid a year. The majority of people who I call the most are with 3 so I wouldn’t dip into my credit a lot and i’d send Skype chat messages rather than text. The data amount is a big drop but i’ve got mobile broadband with 3 so not a huge loss

  143. Moderator

    @Martyn – the link you were sent contained one of two messages depending on what plan you’re currently on. If you can come back to me with that info, I’ll relay to you the contents of the link :-)

  144. Moderator

    @Martyn – the link you were sent will only work on mobile, and you’ll need to be on our 3G network to access it (ie not Wi-Fi). Can you let me know which phone you’re using? We’ll test the link to look for any bugs. I’ll also look into the text that we sent out on Thursday 1st so you know the detail that the link contained.

  145. Dean Mason

    I’m not happy that I’m still having problems with ongoing signal problems in the area of PO16 [removed by mod] and SO50 [removed by mod] and nothing has been resolved I’ve asked if I can have a handset exchange because I’ve had lot’s of problems with the phone freezing and the screen is far to small and I’m struggling to see the screen without my eyes going all blurry and not being able to see a thing but Customer Services won’t do nothing to help me

  146. ocean_blue708

    @ ash

    If you fine that three dont have a working network I have to question why are you on this blog or why are you on three giving off when maybe for you another network is place to be

  147. Martyn

    i got a text on thursday july 1st about “changes to the way we describe your package” which contained a link…a link which DIDN’T WORK. I’d just like to say thanks, seeing a page saying you’ve moved your website around and cant find the page im looking for was VERY helpful in informing me of said changes. Could you please email me the proper link (and maybe post it in here as other may have recieved this very helpful text)

  148. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Stew. If your on an Internet Texter 300 price plan on sim only, why on earth would you want to go payg? Your not tied in to any commitment besides the 30 days roling contract and payg doesn’t offer nearly as good value as the contract sim only deals. I’d urge you to reconsider, have a look at the payg tarrif and you’ll see that voice calls are a wapping 25 pence per minute, while voicemail is chargeable at 15 pence per minute when it is free on your current price plan if I’m not mistaken. Also, as mod as pointed out you wont get nearly the same amount of data for your money, even though topping up gives you texts and internet allowances, these are far below what you can expect on contract. I hope this helps you make an informed decision.

  149. fahadsadah

    giffgaff offer unlimited calls, texts and internet for £35 per month with no contract and no fair use policy, so it obviously is possible

  150. Moderator

    @Stew – on Pay As You Go you can get an extra 1GB for £5.

  151. stew g

    I3, I have found in the past that 3 will advertise a new tariff and say something like ” this tariff is available for a limited time. Offer must end the end of the month” – I’ve found that is not the case with 3 and tariffs have lasted much longer than the limited time that they are on offer.
    With that in mind I know not to rush into deals with 3 as they’ll be available a lot longer than advertised and that they’ll release another one soon.
    If your not happy with The One Plan then just wait a while. 3 will introduce an alternative cheaper version.

  152. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi I3. Are you not a good advaket of choice then? The Three plans offer plenty of flexibility for everyone. There’s the internet talker, the base level package which gives you a big bundle of minutes and texts to use how you please, the internet texter which gives you a bundle of minutes plus unlimited texts, then there’s the one plan giving you more than enough of everything. What part of the plans do you have a problem with? Can we help you choose a plan that is suitable for your needs?

  153. Stew

    Can a mod answer this question please.
    I’m on a sim only 15 pound a month rolling contract.
    I get 1 gig of internet access plus 300 any network minutes lots of 3 to 3 calls and lots of text.
    If I cancel my sim only deal and go on 3 pay as you go can I still buy the 2 gig £5 internet add on when I would be on payg? Thanks

  154. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Mod. Ah, I follow ya. Well, my wife and I are now settled on our new plans though mine will take a while to kick in because I’ve just had my billl, so I’m having to wait another month grrr, but thanks for the reassurance. I will say though for anyone reading these comments, just give the CS teams a call, option 4 then option 2 after pin validation and ask, it may well be that you can cross-grade or whatever you like to call it.

  155. Ash


    What’s funny about your post is the fact Vodafone haven’t used the term unlimited for a long while.
    Yet when three stop using it their all of a sudden “good”?

    They need to go a long way to make themselves good. Heck, a working network would be nice!

  156. i3

    @Stew, it’s interesting what u saying, cause I think Three has way too many plans. You can find very cheap ones, with some minutes and texts, as well as a bit more expensive ones with LOT (!) more minutes and texts.
    At the same time I do think that, with introducing “The One” plan, the iPhone plan along with the Internet Talker, Internet Texter, Mix and Match….etc….etc. it’s too many, and a bit confusing. Probably this would be the best time to make everything simple, with having only 2 different plans at low cost and improve add-ons. (??)

  157. Moderator

    @Ibrahim – We’re looking at how we do this more widely now, and then nuts and bolts aren’t quite there yet. Hence why we have made a song and dance on the blog yet :-).

  158. Moderator

    @Ibrahim – that’s great news.. ummm, let me check ;-)

  159. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Mod. I’ve yet another reason to love the lovable Three LOL. I made a routine call to see just out of curiosity whether they could upgrade my price plan from the Internet Texter 900, streight away the really friendly advisor I spoke to (who by the way could speak really good British accented english) immediately and without a murmer of descent put me on to the One plan, so now I’m mixing it with 2000 minutes etc etc and pay £38 per month with the 2GB add-on where previously I was paying £46 with the unlimited landlines which I’ve of course now had removed. To top it all off though, my wife who rang with the same question beat me down in flames when she got the very same plan for £25 plus £5 for the internet add-on, so she’s squeeling with delight and I’m green with envie *smile*, but when did you start allowing cross grades and why didn’t you inform us here on this blog?

  160. Moderator

    @Gary Moncrieff – I’m not sure on that one. Will pass that onto our network guys as a suggestion though. I appreciate how frustrating a lack of 3G is for you :-(

  161. Moderator

    @i3 – Thanks for the feeback on the positioning of the detail around The One Plan – I agree with you about the ad though, loving the colours!

  162. Moderator

    @Beanomuzz – we wouldn’t suggest cutting your SIM just in case you damage it, but we can send you a replacement. Give us a call free on 333 from a Three phone and you can request a 3G micro-SIM from our team :-)

  163. Moderator

    @Will – sorry that you feel you’re being ignored – not my intention! Did you have a specific query?

  164. Gary Moncrieff

    Concerning coverage in my area if for strange legal reasons if Three aren’t allowed to put coverage here, why not ask T-Mobile to upgrade their masts and then surely residents here would have 3G services as per your sharing agreement with them? It could be a joint capital venture and then Three would have most major towns in N. Ireland covered with 3G services and most rural areas covered by 2G. Any thoughts?

    I am currently missing out on so much without 3G such as mobile TV etc

  165. Mark


    On my last post I meant 30th June, not July. My bad.

  166. i3

    Love the ad campaign in Metro about this plan, however the whole point of this plan are the no. of incl. minutes and txt and data. you shouldn’t hide them in small circles on the bottom corner of the newspaper inside. If I would’ve not heard about this plan before, it wouldn’t be clear for me what do I get for 25 pounds. :/

  167. Beanomuzz

    Iv just ordered the new Iphone direct from Apple as I’m not due an upgrade until April, So my question is will 3 send me a micro sim for my current contract?or will i have to start a new contract? I have also read about DIY micro sims, were you cut your existing large sim to micro size and it works fine,any comment on this please would be very welcome?

  168. Will

    Could someone provide me with an email address I can use to contact 3? I’m clearly being ignored via this blog and I refuse to waste my time on the phone

  169. Moderator

    @GreenDerek – not all plans will be moving to 1GB (take a look towards the end of Marc’s post above for the detail). Some of our plans will remain at an allowance 500MB. This isn’t a reduction as it’s what customers were getting all along – we’re just ‘unmasking’ it.

  170. Moderator

    @Yusuf – it’s in testing at the moment, so as soon as we know how it does we’ll be able to firm up plans.

  171. TakashiM

    I just received a text message stating this :

    “We’ve improved your monthly package
    Your ‘unlimited internet’ currently gives you a fair use allowance of 500MB of internet a month. We recognise that internet is an important service for our customers, so we’ve just improved our price plans for new customers to offer them 1GB of data and we wanted to make sure you get the same. By the first week in August we’ll be doubling your internet allowance to 1GB so you can take full advantage of the network designed for the mobile internet.”

    With that I think that august I going to start well for me.

  172. GreenDerek

    @mod in this long chain you say all plans will be moving to Limited, but 1gb FUP. Just got a comms text from 3 saying unlimited is 500mb not 1gb? Anyone at three know what’s going on :-) its all VERY confusing…

  173. Yusuf

    When will we see the Galaxy S in stores and do you have details on pricing?

  174. ocean_blue708

    @ Daz the heading on top of this page which you refer to if you look at it correct is marked “Unliimted ” note the ” and the ” it was done that way so three could explain about changing the way they sold things in the past and how they will sell from now on.

    Three are not stating as you inplie that the one plan has unlited anything in fact they are very clear and have made it cllear that it is LIMTED

  175. Moderator

    @Moe – Galaxy S in testing at the moment.

  176. Daz

    The One, ‘unlimited’ and data allowances.

    The heading says it all. Why don’t you stick to what you say “From the beginning of July, we’re going to stop using the word unlimited.”

    isn’t it July already or are you having a joke with us all?

  177. Will

    It’s utterly ridiculous that customers like ‘kipper’ (no offence to you) that are on fairly basic deals (£15pm) are being offered such a high end phone ahead of heavy user customers such as myself who regularly spend in excess of £100 per month. Not to mention I have been with Three for coming up to five years. I appreciate I am not within my upgrade window and there may be an additional charge (which I am happy to pay), but as I’m constantly spending this amount of money with your company I would expect to be able to have any handset I wish.

    As I’m getting a flat-out no to an early upgraded from 3, I’m now seriously considering taking a contract out elsewhere. This would mean continuing to pay for my 3 contract until January, but it also means Three losing at least £60-70 every month from my bill. Your loss guys, not mine.

  178. Stew

    I have to agree with the comment made by Sarah. 3 are giving a vast amount of minutes and text which I can’t imagine anyone would exceed let alone get near. What is alarming is how 3 prices are creeping up. I remember when did a contract phone for 9 pound a month! Those days seem gone now. I always valued 3 as being the network that was affordable, that offered deals to suit every pocket. I myself am facing redundancy so the phone will be the first thing to go.
    How about introducing the Half Plan, a much reduced deal from your One Plan with a lower price?
    Question for a mod, I signed up for sim only 15 quid a month deal end of last year. Yesterday I went into a 3 store to see if there were any 10 pound rolling contracts. I was told yes, less minutes but no internet, however with the £5 add on i’d get 2 gig of data. Surely this doesn’t seem right as with my current 15 quid a month deal I only get one gig of data? Will 3 be sorting out these inconsistencies?

  179. Moe

    Going to be eligible for an upgrade soon, dont know what offer to expect. This will be my 3rd upgrade, my bills are usually above £150, £255 not including line rental and vat for this month so far, and what should i expect, the same as all new customers or genuine incentive to resign the dotted line. Also, will the new Samsung Galaxy S be offered on 3?

  180. ocean_blue708

    Well as ive siaidi Im first to slag three off when they make a mess and I have priaised them for getting it right. Lets face facts. No network including three will ever be able to deliver everything everyone wants. But three have made a big step with the one plan.

    2000 mins, 5000 Text, 5000 three to three calls and 1Gb of date no network offers that, in fact I have to question why you want a home phone at all.

    Fact two no network including three can keep offering unlimited data to those who want to use it, indeed three offers 1Gb most networks now offer 500/750MB, three also offer a £5 top up which gives another 2GB of date ,. three have had the guts to stand up and say we got it wrong we should never said unlimted in the first place, and for those moaning about it should read the small print as Im sure there was a FUP in there somewere.

    the bottom line here is noone will get all of what they want, some say date to smal, yet better than other networks, some say to many mins, some to many texts, but face facts we alll use our mobiles in our own ways. I personaly dont have all day to use my to make calls or suff, but the one plan covers most if not more than i need and i still think its a dam good shoot from three. Well done

  181. Simon

    Having bought my package with the expectations of unlimited internet like many others, I was dismayed to learn of the internet allowance restrictions. I joined your network because your 3G network being the most established and provided the supposedly best coverage. In all honesty I have lost trust in your underhand advertising and contract terms. Most recently I am feeling particularly aggrieved in your policy of changing contract terms, and that my package internet talker 300 does not qualify for increased data allowances granted to those with Internet Talker 500 +. Surely all internet talker contracts should be treated the same and granted 1 Gig allowances??

  182. Moderator

    @Andrew – thanks for the feedback. We’re working through all of our changes right now so you might see it crop up in a few places until we’ve finished ;-)

  183. Moderator

    @Andrew (the one talking about X6!) – I really hope we don’t lose you and that we can pull a deal out of the bag when you come to upgrade. Our deals aren’t set in stone, but for some phones, like iPhone 4, we can’t always be as flexible as we’d like. Fingers crossed for October. Let us know if there’s anything else we can help you with nearer the time.

  184. Andrew

    Heads up: you still have ‘unlimited’ on your banner ads.

  185. Moderator

    @Gary M – if coverage deteriorated in your area we would work with you to make sure you weren’t tied into a contract that you couldn’t use.

  186. Andrew

    @Moderator – there are two of us using “Andrew” as our handle – I hope you are able to keep track on which is which!!
    The phone I want is reasonably high end, but not overly so. I fancy the X6 – partly because of the free SatNav and I don’t want a resistive screen. As I observed on by first post on this thread, the new price plans seem good at first glance but it means I would pay significantly more than I am now and I wouldn’t use anywhere near the allocation; as someone else observed, it may as well be 500,000 minutes!
    T-Mobile are offering the X6 for £20 with 500 texts (more than enough), 600 minutes (just about enough) and 1GB internet on the flexible booster (again, more than enough). And this price is for new customers. You are unable or unwilling to match or beat that for customers who’ve been with you for 6 or so years.
    Anyway, my contract has until October. As I said on my previous post I was hoping you’d be able to accommodate me at the point I was eligible for an upgrade due to the knackered state of my present mobile (dropped once too often).
    We’ll see what happens as my conract nears completion. But as I said, good will has been damaged and T-Mobile looks appealing; and if I go, so will our two other family phones.

  187. Moderator

    @Will – the Internet Max add-on will give you an allowance of 2GB, which our customer data tells is more than enough for most people. 2GB has always been the most that we’ve offered on a phone as a fair usage policy, so you’re not getting any less in terms of actual data than you were before we made the change.

  188. Moderator

    @Scott – data usage should be visible for all tariffs that have been available since 4th May. For anything bought before then, we’ll be making the same changes over the next couple of months. Re the network message, hmmmm *scratching chin*. Have you trying turning off and on..?

  189. Moderator

    @Will – at the moment the changes are only in place for included bundles, but as we update our systems across the rest of this year add-ons will also become more transparent. Hope that helps.

  190. Moderator

    @TakashiM – we’re working as quickly as we can to implement the changes but it’ll probably be the Autumn before the increase kicks in. So sorry that we can’t bring it forward, but great news that it’s happening :-)

  191. Moderator

    @oliver shaw – I’ll drop you a note to get a few details and we’ll look into things.

  192. Paul

    Using HTC Desire knocks spots of the iphone IMO

    Only got 500mb og data although I was told 1GB when taking contract out called Three up to ask why only 500mb after discussion rep said I should not have been told it was 1GB he then went on to give me the internet add on for free
    I am a long standing customer and this is not the first time the reps have listened and acted
    Great company great service and a company that cares about long term customers unlike many

    Keep the good work up Three it works all my family 8 of us are with Three

  193. Moderator

    @Peter – sounds like your in a similar situation to Stew. Your data usage might not be visible yet if you’re on an older plan. We’re stripping out unlimited and ‘unmasking’ data usage in stages. In a nutshell, if you’re on one of our newer Internet Texter or Internet Talker plans (which launched on 4 May), or on The One Plan you’ll see real data usage now. If you’re on an older plan we’ll be making this change for you over the coming months. In the meantime, you can give us a call on 333 to check your allowance, and we’ll of course send you text alerts when you’re nearing your limit.

  194. Moderator

    @Stew – ok, this could be because you’re on an older plan and that we haven’t been able to make the relevant back-end changes to the text that you see on your My3 yet. We’re stripping out unlimited and ‘unmasking’ data usage in stages. In a nutshell, if you’re on one of our newer Internet Texter or Internet Talker plans (which launched on 4 May), or on The One Plan you’ll see real data usage now. If you’re on an older plan we’ll be making this change for you over the coming months. Hope that helps, and thanks for the MMS feedback.

  195. Moderator

    @John_D – yep, you’ll need a Micro-SIM. Any of 3 Stores will be able to do a SIM-swap for you.

  196. Moderator

    @squoozles – we will do! Getting round to everything as quickly as we can, but thanks for flagging :-)

  197. Moderator

    @Andrew – I’m so sorry that we haven’t been able to offer an upgrade that you’re happy with. We do try our best to make our upgrade deals as competitive as possible. We need to balance both what you want as a customer, as well as what we can finanically afford to give as a business. If you’re looking at a new phone that is much higher in spec than the one you are currently using – for example, iPhone 4 – there are some concessions that may need to be made. While we’d love to offer big discounts on the newest smartphones, we still need to be able to balance the books. We try to offer value through our competitive price plans, but I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to maintain your discounts on this upgrade.

  198. Gary Moncrieff

    If I were to sign up for the One sim only deal in the next few months and coverage here stopped would I still be required to pay the remainder of the contract? Three are the cheapest for me by along shot.

  199. bladesman1889

    I appologise if this has already been said (i couldnt be bothered to read through all the comments) but there is another way to look at this ‘generous’ new tarrif, the majority of customers are never going to use NOWHERE NEAR 2000 x network mins 5000 3-3 mins ect so most people will spend more & use less = better deal for 3 !

  200. Will

    So what about the people like myself who signed up to the Mix & Match tariff with the “Add Internet Max” add on. This was sold to me under the premise of unlimited data, and now you’re basically saying “er, yeah, well it never really was unlimited”. Where does this new ‘honest’ policy leave people with this add-on, apart from feeling short-changed.

  201. Scott

    Where do I find the data usage thingy? My3 still says what it always has.

    While I’m here, I just got a message on My3, “You are currently outside of our optimum coverage area. Some of your favourite internet services may not be available or might be slower than usual.” Odd as the phone isn’t even roaming, and I’m in my house as usual.

  202. Dan

    I was within two weeks of being able to upgrade my handset. All of a sudden, all the good deals are gone and this has turned up. I was considering an HTC Desire (vs iPhone) – but the minimum I seem to be able to get this for is £35 now (as opposed to 30). £120 more over the length of the contract – what for – extra minutes that I’m not going to use?

    Less flexible / less choice for the end user. It kind of makes you think about the cost / benefit of committing to a deal like this.

  203. Will

    Hi Moderator

    I understand from previous comments on this forum that customers should now be able to view the amount of MB they have used / remaining out of their internet allowance in My3

    I have internet max add on but all I can see in My3 is the following remark about data:

    “You’ve not used any internet data outside of your allowance.”

    Can you help?


  204. TakashiM


    Thanks for finally making it possible for users to know the remaining internet allowance on the My3 page.

    also i’d like to have more info on the plans that are going to have their 500MB allowance upgraded to 1GB, and how long will we have to wait. after 2 months on my current plan, 500Mb is clearly not enough.

  205. oliver shaw

    I was going to cancel my 3 rolling contract last week as id been offered a htc desire by another network inc unlimited internet (1gb), 3 cust serv agreed to match the deal and price however my new contract has just started and i have found out my tariff is internet 300 with only 500mb limit. I rang 3 again to query this and was told u were in the process of increasing this limit to 1gb, however from the above it appears this is not the case on my tariff. Please can u clarify so i can make a complaint if i have been missold.

  206. Billy

    YES… two excellent pieces of news from the best network ever. Thank you so much three :)

  207. Moe

    Its so obvious the ONE PLAN was designed because the proliferation in smart phones made the unlimited internet plans unsustainable for 3, as mobile phones are now being used to watch youtube vids, visit flash websites etc unlimited data allowance will end up costing 3. So far from developing the ONE PLAN for consumers and to give us the best deal for internet data, 3 have developed it to cover their own interests so please do not insult the intelligence of your customers.

  208. Peter

    @ mod
    Nope I’ve had a look in my 3 and can’t find it. Turned my phone off and back on and still no joy. Any ideas?

  209. Stew

    Hi, just been on My3 on my phone. No changes to it, I can’t see anywhere that tells me how many mb of net data I’ve got left.
    I would also like to agree with and say where are free picture messages? When I first joined 3 years ago I got a small amount of mms in my monthly bundle. It would be nice to see them reintroduced

  210. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Andrew.

    Three have already explained this, providing unlimited data is an impossible task for several reasons. Firstly, as you say, a lot of people may or may not use over an above the 500 meg limit, however on the higher price plans they’ll be upping your data limit to 1GB, so that’s twice the limit you now get and that’s free of charge. OK, they were stupid to take it down to 500 meg in the first place, but let bygones be bygones ay? Secondly, practically all the other networks including O2 and Orange will never again offer unlimited data plans. This was because some chumps who knew they were on to a good thing would pick up a cheap dongle or sim deal and constantly download movies, music and god knows what else. As O2 said in a BBC news report once, something like 2 percent of the users use 36 percent of the network capacity. If you look at the numbers then you’ll see that this could never be a sustainable business model for anyone. Finally, last but not at all least, unlimited was and in most cases is still being used to describe broadband and other data services, simply because the providers in question dont expect most users to max out their connections and go way over the fair usage policies these service providers put in place. In other words, its load balancing as in some users will use little or comparitively little, and some users will use either a lot or considerably more. There’s always small print which states that if you go over and exceed fair usage limits, they’ll throttle or suspend your connection to protect themselves and the other users they serve. Sorry for the long winded answer here mods, but this conversation will rumble on forever if it isn’t stopped now.

  211. Andrew Weekes

    Wow! This is excellent, honest advertising at last, plus a stonking good tariff. So glad to be with Three again

  212. John_D

    i have registerd my wife for the iphone 4 as she was due an upgrade a few months ago, but I want to put my 3 sim in it, do i need to request a different type of sim ? Any due date yet for release yet?


  213. squoozles

    This is great news! “unlimited” is a ridiculous phrase and incredibly misleading. be sure to change this elsewhere on the site though –,/?New,Kb=Mobile,TS=Mobile,varset_USERNAME=Mobile:mobileUser,docid=637 in particular :o)

  214. Andrew

    I asked a question a couple of months back about whether my loyalty discount would be transferable to a new price plan or not; in other words, whether it was my loyalty to Three or my loyalty to an obsolete price plan that was being rewarded.

    Well, today I found out. My so called loyalty discount is NOT transferable.

    I have to say, Three, I am really rather disappointed. I’m not going to rant and rave like some do on these pages but it will be a serious impediment to my renewing my contract and the contracts of my family. I don’t want to haggle with the nice kind person I will be transfered to when I ask for a PAC code – I’m too English for that!! – I just want my custom over 6 or so years to be acknowledged and to be allowed to have the phone I want on a price plan that suits my needs (which do change over the years) with my loyalty reasonably recognised.

    I would have like to have been able to do that now when I am eligible for an upgrade rather than wait to the end of my contract as my phone is falling appart. Good will has been lost, Three.

  215. SarahP

    Great value if you actually need so many minutes & texts, but I don’t, and surely lots of other people are in the same boat? For us, the relevant tariffs have gone up in cost & down in value. For example HTC Desire Internet Texter 500 up from £30 to £32 – ok you now get 1GB instead of 500Mb. But the package I tried to buy last night, HTC Desire Internet Texter 900 with 24 months Spotify is up from £33 to £35 AND the 24 months Spotify reduced to 2 months! No way I needed that many minutes, but the Spotify made it worth while. Plus I’ll be losing my O2 home broadband £5 discount if I move to 3 – again, the Spotify made up for that. But taking the Spotify out (worth £10) and adding £2 is putting the real cost of that tariff up by £12 with the only upside being an extra 500Mb. Frustratingly the £33 tariff was still available at 9am yesterday, but gone when I called in the evening!

    There’s just not enough flexibility in 3′s packages. Plus it seems 3 always seem to focus on offering great value to one specific customer group at a time, rather than good value across the board.

  216. Bill

    @Tom — re: your “Two Plan”, the first network to offer a data allowance shared between multiple devices is going to clean up. iPad + iPhone punters are an obvious example.

  217. Neel Patel

    @MOD, This is a quick fix for the customer having the problem, why is my comment being blocked/ not authorised?

    @Ibrahim Gucukoglu to get spotify on your E72 try going directly to You’ll need to enter your phone number to get the link to download it. To get your Spotify username and password set up go to your nearest 3Store and ask them to get one set up for you by following these steps:

    (1) Inserting your SIM card on another compatible handset such as Nokia E71, Nokia 5230, Xperia X10, HTC Desire
    (2) When your SIM is in one of those handsets they’ll need to text ‘Spotify’ to 39000. Should work fine after that.

  218. Moderator

    @i3 – wow! Great news!! Look forward to working with you soon then!

  219. Andrew

    @Mod, The problem is that not every user is the same. just because most users only use up-to 500MB doesn’t mean everyone who goes over that should be penalised.

    A good comparison would be the unlimited refill drink from pizza hut. Imagine if i ordered one and then after 3 glasses was told that i couldn’t have any more because the majority of people only drank 3 glasses. However if i wanted to pay more i could have more. It was advertised as unlimited and therefore should be as much or as little as i choose, not what the vast majority of people normally have.

    Going back to the Unlimited data, you advertised it as unlimited and therefore i should be able to have as much or as little as i want, as whichever way you look at it, i’m paying you to provide unlimited data, not a data service that is the average of what other people use.

  220. i3

    BEST COSTUMER SERVICE EVER!! I have just called costumer services because I had some issues w/ my internet addon, and the advisor made me realise that I always pay fifty something pounds every month, as I exceed my allowances, and offered me to swop my price plan to “The ONE”.
    I’ve been a very 3 costumer for a long time, but this is the tip of the iceberg. :)) I am seriously to thinking of moving from my retail company as a manager and join to you guys as an assistan manager.

  221. Moderator

    @Andrew – Thanks for the feedback. Our figures show that the vast majority of users don’t really ever use 500MB, let alone 1GB or more, hence why our allowance is what it is. If you’re on one of the plans included in Marc’s post then we will be putting up your allowance to 1GB in a couple of months, and if you feel you need more you can add an extra 2GB for £5 a month. We’ve now enabled a data counter within My3 too so that you can see exactly what you’re using each month and whether you really do need more than your included allowance.

  222. Moderator

    @Ibrahim – yep, she will be able to :-). As soon as we know more detail we’ll let you know.

  223. Moderator

    @Billy – nope. Everything should stay the same :-)

  224. Moderator

    @Peter – we should have enabled this yesterday. Take a look at My3 :-)

  225. Moderator

    @hahnchen – we recognise we’ve fallen into the ‘unlimited’ trap in the past, but we’re committed to making sure that doesn’t happen again.

  226. Tom

    Could I also suggest “The Two Plan”, which would let you share a single data allowance between two SIMs: say, for an iPhone and an iPad?

  227. Moderator

    @Billy – it won’t have yet, but it will do over the next couple of months :-)

  228. Moderator

    @Ibrahim – Spotify is supported on E72 so not entirely sure what’s going on there. I’ll drop you a note to get some details and we’ll look into it.

  229. Moderator

    @Shane – sorry, my mistake. Wasn’t very clear there. Basically if you wish to upgrade to iPhone 4 you’ll need to move to one of our new iPhone plans – our advisors will be able to talk you through upfront charges etc. But if you want to upgrade to any of our other phones, if you wish you can stay on your existing plan unless you’re on Mix & Match. Our new Internet Texter and Internet Talker plans supersede Mix & Match, so we can migrate you onto the Internet Texter/Talker with the nearest equivalent value. You’ll keep your loyalty discounts though. Hope that’s clearer.

  230. Andrew

    The one thing that really annoys me about this announcement is that i only recently got a contract with a HTC Desire from three. It was advertised as having unlimited data, which for a smartphone is handy due to the amount of data used. Now having looked at the Terms and Conditions i’m stuck with 500MB per month.

    Also a BBC story today with the head of Three Kevin Russell claiming victory over the Orange advertising, just laughs in the face of his argument about being truthful in advertising. All mobile companies have lied about their Unlimited data plans and then actual data allowance in the small print. He even went on saying he regretted the use of the work ‘Unlimited’, so wouldn’t it be a great gesture if Three offer people who bought their contracts before this new policy was implemented actual unlimited data for the life of the contract. Even offering people 5 or 10 GB until their contract is up for renewal would show people that a mistake was made and the Three are honouring what they advertised.

  231. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Mod. Sorry, I didn’t make myself clearer, I was wondering whether my wife could migrate on to the one plan from her current Internet Texter 750 when you release the migration facility or whatever. Sorry for any misunderstanding but I concur, she already has a gig on her plan.

  232. Billy

    Don’t bother answering that actually, somebody else has already asked it.

    What i am wondering though is that the price of the internet texter 500 htc desire plan has gone up to £32 a month, when i purchased it it was only £30 a month. My monthly cost wont go up, will it?

  233. Peter

    Good plan and looking forward to hearing how existing customers can transfer on to it.
    Like the direction 3 is going with like a plan like this, iPhone 4 etc
    One thing tho is there anyway in planet 3 we can get to see our MB consumption? I bought the iPhone 4 direct from apple and swapped to a micro sim and I know my usage has shot up and I was previously using around 600MB on my htc(there was an android app that showed usage)

  234. hahnchen

    Your misuse of the word “unlimited” has been disgraceful. Particularly since you halved your data limits and still continued to use that term.

    Announcing an end to this practice is welcome, but customers deserve more than just mere apologies. I hope all companies involved in this blatantly deceptive marketing tactics are fined.

  235. Billy

    I just purchased a desire a couple of weeks ago on the internet texter 500 plan. Does that mean that my data allowance has now gone up to 1gb a month?

  236. Moderator

    @DaveB – free Skype is still available on most of our phones :-)

  237. wendy

    Thank you for now showing the MB of internet remaining when i check my usage. Much better than just receiving texts. Good new iphone tariffs just it seems too late for me. My new tariff started the end of june with the iphone shame that when my phone was upgraded in the beginning of June i wasn’t told that 3 were getting the iphone for all customers. It could have saved me money on my monthly tariff!

  238. Moderator

    @Ibrahim – I’ll check in on the Spotify thing. You’re wife should already have 1GB on her current plan, so no increase there I’m afaid..

  239. Moderator

    @Laurie – apolgies, and I’m so sorry that you feel duped. Depending on the plan you’re on, we may be increasing your data back up to 1GB. Either way, we’re working on a mechanic to allow you to migrate onto the One Plan so that you’ll get at least 1GB, plus an extra two for another £5.

  240. Moderator

    @Stew – SIM Only plans are here, just scroll down a bit.

  241. DaveB

    1 Plan looks great… but is this the beginning of the end for free Skype-Skype calls as they are not mentioned on the website under SIM only? It also just says “Voicemail” and not “Free Voicemail”.

  242. Al

    @Mod: thanks for the reply.

    I don’t really use calls though, and don’t send many texts, so I just need a 3G sim more than anything. Why can’t we have a 0/PAYG talk minutes with 5 gig internet or somesuch plan? It’s nice you’re offering 7,000 talk minutes per month, but as I only ever use 20 minutes on average a month, it’s a bit wasted? I’d rather less talk minutes and more data allowance.

    And like another commentator has said, 1 gig is far too few per month for Smartphones. Not a Three problem, all providers are doing it. 1 gig a week is more realistic. Heck, I could use 1 gig a day. (I do on my desktop – with Googlemaps, Youtube, Spotify etc)

  243. Moderator

    @Bob X – the extra 2GB for a fiver is an add-on we provide. It lasts 30 days so you can add it on or remove it on a month by month basis.. You can get the whole X10 series here!

  244. Moderator

    @TimPN – yes indeed :-)

  245. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Mod.

    Oh, that’s brilliant news, I’ll be checking this post regularly for updates. My wife is on the old Internet Texter 750 plan, will these plans be elidgable for the switch as well? I’m probably being greedy but it cant be helped *smile*.

  246. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi mod team.

    Sorry to go a little OT with this one, but I cant find an appropriate blog post about spotify to put this question in. Basicly I have an E72 and when trying to download and install spotify not to mention availing myself of my 24 month premium voucher offer, I was told that my phone was not supported. The page that comes up tells me that the phone isn’t supported even though it is listed on that very same page and wont let me continue the download or get my voucher code. I’ve spoken to technical who after confering with second line say I have a faulty handset and it needs to go for repair. This seems ridiculus to me as everything else on the phone works perfectly, but more of a concern is that the phone I have has speech software I need because I am blind, and I will have to go to considerable trouble to get a replacement license if they replace my handset. Thoughts please? Should I have my phone repaired as instructed or is this as I think more likely an internal problem with your website.

  247. Drew

    Deals like this mean it’s not worth having a fixed line at home…..
    Good idea 3

  248. Moderator

    @Ibrahim, Gareth, i3 – it’s definitely our intention to give existing customers the option to move onto The One Plan from their current tariff. We’re working on the mechanics of this right now. We don’t have all the details yet because we want to make sure we make the transfer is as simple as possible. More info soon :-)

  249. Moderator

    @Stew – we’re taking people who are on 500MB on the plans mentioned into the post up to 1GB, which is more than enough for the vast majority of our customers. If you feel you need more on your current plan you can always buy an extra 2GB for £5 a month.

  250. Laurie

    I am so fed up with 3 messing about with contracts, they seem to forget that the contractual commitment works both ways.

    Last year they cancelled the 3 Like Home facility whilst I was away in Oz for 6 months and depending upon it.

    Now I have just renewed my contract last month being sold on replacing my 1gb data allowance for ‘unlimited’ data.

    I’ve just received my text saying (that despite what it says in this post) my unlimited means 500mb.

    This doesn’t sound like a great deal and just re-enforces why this industry has such a bad reputation.

    I feel totally duped and mis-sold to.

  251. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Steve.

    When I whent on to my Three this morning on my phone, in the usage information it shows me how much data I have left to use this month. In other words, they’ve done exactly what you’ve asked and made that information available.

  252. Gary Moncrieff

    If I had 3G services I would snap up the sim only deal for my girlfriend in an instant, but with that not likely I think I will be moving to O2 shortly.

    Nonetheless this is a very good deal and bringing back the 12 month term people have been asking for, albeit without a phone. Kudos to Three.

  253. Stew

    Can a moderator let us know what is happening with sim only rolling monthly contracts. Can’t find them on website

  254. Shane

    “@Al – you can stay on your current plan as long as you like, but as Mix & Match isn’t available anymore you’d need to move onto one of our newer plans.”

    Huh? So you can stay on your current plan for as long as you like…except you can’t and you have to change to one of the new plans?! WTF?!

  255. Moderator

    @Al – you can stay on your current plan as long as you like, but as Mix & Match isn’t available anymore you’d need to move onto one of our newer plans.

  256. James

    If your going to charge out of bundle rates you need to show the amount used in “check my usage” on my three as I’ve had three alerts texts saying I’ve almost reached the cap when I’m no where near it i.e. 20% used

  257. Moderator

    @oceancalm – sorry to hear you’ve not had a great experience of our network. If you can provide me with your postcode I check out what’s going on in your area?

  258. Bob X

    3 said “From the beginning of July, we’re going to stop using the word unlimited”
    Yay – well done Three, be nice if your competitors decide to be similarly honest … ;)

    3 said “you’ll now get 1GB of data every month. And of course, for an extra fiver a month, any of our customers can buy themselves an extra 2GB.”
    Wow, definitely very well done – we spoke, you listened – two thumbs up! Especially if you’re saying that +£5 = +2GB (so that’d be 3GB). If that’s the case, are there any further details available – e.g. can you buy this as an “add on” monthly, or “opt in” (so a £30pm contract becomes a £35pm one)?

    I think a move to a Three contract is in my future … (Just wish you made the Android phones – esp SE X10 – easier to find!)

  259. Moderator

    @Andrew – yes, we’ll send you text alerts at 80 and 100% of your 1GB limit. Once you’re reached that you’ll be charged our out of bundle rate of 10p per MB. You can grab an extra 2GB for a fiver at any point though.

  260. TimPN

    @ Moderator. Will the One Plan be available on iPhone4?

  261. James

    Well done Three! Unlimited it a truly evil work unless you mean it… and you’ve finally got that! Now all you need to figure out is a way of charging reasonable amounts for “early upgrades” and I’m sure you’ll quickly become the 1st choice network for a lot of people

  262. tonybobs

    Yet another plan with no option for MMS / picture messaging bundles. :-/

    Vodafone are doing the Desire for £30pm including 1GB internet. To be honest the difference between 600 mins and 2000 is irrelevent to me. As is ‘unlimited’ texts against 5000. But with VF you can add 100 MMS messages and include calls to 0870 and 0845 numbers etc for £2.50 each. So £35 total, same as 3 but with faaaaaaaar more flexibility.

    C’mon 3. You used to lead the way with deals. :-(

  263. ocean_blue708

    Well as the mods know Im first to give of when they do something wrong. On this post im please to praise them. This is a good price plan at a very good price.

    For once one of the networks(THREE) has had the balls to have a plan that includes everything not only that it no longer includes the normal 600/900 mins but 2000 as well as text and data. A

    nother major step was to get rid of the unlimited title now you know what you are paying for and I love the idea that those who want more data now have the choice of having it and paying for it at a fair price

    Over all a very very good bit of work from THREE. Well done

  264. Martyn

    This is really great news – well done 3! Both for upping the internet limit and for dropping the “unlimited” tag.

    I was out last night and went off on a long rant about how unfair it was to call a service unlimited, but then impose limits (and pretty low limits at that) on it. So imagine how pleased I was to read this when I woke up this morning!

    Companies deserve congratulating when they listen to their customers and react in their customers’ interests – so well done again, and carry on the good work! The higher the data limit, the better…


    Great news for heavy users but a lot if us won’t get close to those limits and 25 pound is more than I pay now. What about MMS 0800 and even national calls (0845 0870 etc.) being included in allowances then customers are really free to use their phones with out fear of racking up extra charges

  266. Gareth

    I welcome the new plans and especially Three’s new approach on using the word ‘Unlimited’. It’s about time all these major companies stopped tossing the word around when dealing with data. To say ‘Unlimited’ and then say well actually you cant use more than 500Mb is just plain silly.

    Well done Three on giving clear plans and a clear data allowance. I think it’s the way forward.

  267. i3

    It is a nice one, however I assume this offer is for new costumers only. :S I’ve just bought my unlocked iPhone 3GS from Apple, and I’ve still got 15 months left from my contract (I’m on a MixMatch 500 plan, paying around 20 pounds a month). WIll I be able to move on to this plan?
    Also, another question: Are you guys planning to have a better, bigger internet add-on? 1Gb is just not enough for these smartphones, and u need to realise this now!! It is not nice, that I am offering my money for a bigger internet package, and it’s like u don’t want it. :S Hate when I have to bag people to take my money.

  268. Stew

    So if you are uplifting all new customers allowance from half a gig to a gig are you going to increase existing older customers allowance from one gig to something like, say, 1.5 gig? Myself and my partner have been on tariffs which have given internet allowance for some time and we’d be very happy to have more data. Thanks

  269. Steve Ralph

    Congratulations to Three on your new plan and removing the misleading ‘unlimited data’ terminology. Please Please Please now improve things further by showing your customers how much data they have consumed so they can avoid falling foul of your fair use policies!!!

  270. Al

    Hmmm… so if I upgrade to HTC Desire, I’m forced into a £35 “One Plan”, rather than the flexible mix and match that I have at present?

  271. oceancalm

    Shame your coverage in soton sucks as that’s a nice deal

  272. Sime

    I pay 15 a month for “unlimited” data now with you guys… I don’t know what plan I’m on… I really want an iPhone4 (I want to buy it outright) please Apple, give three more!!

    confused! :-)

  273. Andrew

    What happens when you reach your 1GB limit. Will your data stop working or will you get charged extra? Also will there be any warning when we are close to the limit?

  274. Moderator

    @Cheng – he he! You’re welcome ;-)

  275. Gareth

    Can customers on old Mix & Match plans switch to this new 1 tariff?

  276. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi mod.

    Wow, this is incredible. Only one question, can people on your internet texter plans move on to this plan? I currently am on the 900 minutes plan which is good enough, I also have an unlimited landline minutes calling bundle and the internet 2GB add-on bringing my bill to a hefty 46 quid per month with the phone I’m packing. I reccon I could save myself a tenner at the outside, but I’ll check the website for specifics. If not, its no matter, but well done for bringing out a fantastic plan, you’ve done what you promised and I’m glad to hear about your reinstatement of the 1GB internet package for all of us, 512 megs was ridiculus and your customers certainly made that clear to you.

  277. colin

    Wow. This seems an excellent move and something I’d been hoping to see happen for a while. Well done Three. If nothing else, this shows you are listening to your customers in a way other companies don’t seem to be, and tryingt to respond appropriately. For this fact alone i’m even more likely to recommend your network to friends and family. That stupid ‘unlimited’ thing has annoyed me for ages!

  278. Andrew

    Innitial impression……sounds good.

    However, I’m left with the feeling of less choice. The phone I’m looking to upgrade to in the next couple of days now only has three price plans whereas previously it had eight or more. This lack of flexibility means that I will be paying a little more than I had intended though, to be fair, I would be getting a lot more for it.

  279. Cheng

    Thanks for giving back the data allowance that you took away 2 months ago. (Yes, I’m never quite happy – my girlfriend tells me I’m a grouch).

  280. M.M

    The moment you sell me an iphone 4, ill have one!Like the way your headed compared to other networks.

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