Three tops latest independent YouGov survey.

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A strong and reliable 3G network should be the backbone of any mobile operator. It’s the enabler that gives you fast and easy access to the services you want, whenever and wherever you want them. It’s the technology that breathes life into the millions of phones and smartphones, dongles and MiFis, iPads and netbooks that we carry about with us and rely on every day.

Since our network share deal with T-Mobile in 2008, we’ve invested all the effort, funding and innovation at our disposal into making our 3G network just that – strong, reliable and even better than it was before. We even produced a TV ad this year to try and demonstrate the drive and focus behind our network expansion programme. And when we’ve seen our competitors make claims about their networks that we don’t believe are true we’ve taken them to task and we’ve been successful.

So today is significant for us, because our customers have once again rated our network as the best for mobile broadband in the UK in YouGov’s latest survey.

In actual fact, you rated us top in ten out of twelve judging categories, including reliability, billing, overall quality of service and ease of use.

The YouGov survey asked over 2,000 customers from Three, Vodafone, Orange, O2 and T-Mobile and some smaller operators to rate the level of service they got from their provider on twelve key points. These were installation of software, network coverage, getting connected, staying connected, reliability during the day and during the evening, download speeds, upload speeds, ease of use, customer services, billing and overall quality.

You rated us the best in ten of these twelve areas and in feedback comments, you also labelled us as the best value for money operator, and you gave us the highest rating of user satisfaction.

This customer endorsement is a step forward for us. I can’t think of a clever enough way to describe it, so I’m just going to say it – we’re chuffed to bits.

We’ve worked tirelessly to increase our reach across the UK to more than 95% population coverage for 3G services, investing heavily in improving data speeds and strengthening our network to meet growing demands.

We’ve also concentrated on being consistent in our approach to value pricing for mobile broadband. We were the first to offer the service for a tenner a month on contract, and we were the first to offer mobile broadband on Pay As You Go. Our £15 for 15GB plan offers the best value in the industry, and we’re confident that our iPad plans continue to be the most competitive you could buy.

So, in short, thanks. It’s hugely rewarding to know that our work is finally paying off.

We know we’re not perfect, and on the network front, if you’re in an area where mobile broadband isn’t up to scratch we’ll always do what we can to help. But we’re continuing to invest millions to give us greater capacity and faster speeds, so if you haven’t benefited yet, it hopefully won’t be long until we reach you.

All figures from the independent YouGov Dongle Tracker report wave 9 (July 10). MVNOs have been excluded.

571 Responses to Three tops latest independent YouGov survey.
  1. Moderator: Kris

    @Infocenter Happy New Year….=(


    The other day, while I was at work, my sister stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a thirty foot drop, just so she can be
    a youtube sensation. My iPad is now destroyed and she
    has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

  3. Steff E

    @Glenda – Thanks for the positive feedback :) We do endeavour to give our customers the most relevant information in the most accessible way. It’s great to hear you’re thinking of starting your own blog, we wish you all the best with it! Thanks, Steff

  4. Glenda

    I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this site.
    I’m hoping to check out the same high-grade blog posts by you later
    on as well. In fact, your creative writing abilities has inspired me to get my
    very own blog now ;)

  5. Moderator: Megan

    @Nellie – Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your dongle. If you provide your full postcode (we won’t publish it) we can have a look and see if there’s any problems with masts in your areas. If there is a mast down, then this can cause congestion on other near by masts. The good thing with 4G is, we expect it to clear congestion for a lot of customers and the majority of people should see improvements in their coverage and speed regardless of whether they are connected to 4G, 3G etc. Thanks

  6. nellie

    have have had THREE mobile dongle for number of years, generally is ok.

    but the most annoying thing is not speed but CAPACITY. forget this 4G crap and increase capacity. 4g is also f…..g up my freeview

    Get P…t off when need to use net and am getting full signal strength but no internet or slow slow that go and make a cuppa before page appears

  7. Geoff

    My one and only gripe is the amount of time it takes to top up on Pay as you Go sometimes having to make up to three attempts (It won’t complete the transaction) sometimes wasting 30-40 minutes of my precious time! Otherwise, a top grade service, thank you!

  8. Moderator: Nicki

    @stephen burgham – Hi there, sorry you were on hold for so long. We don’t normally credit any call charges back but if you’d like to discuss this further feel free to contact us here.

  9. Moderator: Nicki

    @PAUL MULLETT – Hi there, if you’ve been robbed then we suggest you contact the Police to report this. If you’re seeking urgent medical attention we’d also suggest contacting your local health service, or indeed if it’s life threatening contacting 999 or your local A&E department.

    If you’re looking to get in touch with us regarding your iPad order and have access to another phone then we can be contacted on 0843 373 3333, or you could email here.

  10. Moderator: Nicki

    @Cindy – We know it’s a mobile phone but if customers are having coverage issues then we need to identify their local mast so we can check it for issues. Without a postcode then it’s a bit of a needle in a haystack moment.

    The way coverage works is anything in between you and the mast causes an obstacle for the signal to get through/around. In simple terms, if you imagine holding a piece of paper in front of a torch then only so much light will be able to shine through. Coverage is the same in that anything physical or in your environment can cause an obstacle. So your coverage will never be constant because, as you say, it’s a mobile signal so every mast you connect to will have different things between you and the mast. Sadly no network provides 100& coverage within the UK.

    As I say, if you’re having coverage issues anywhere feel free to send over your full postcode and we’ll check your local mast.

  11. Moderator: Nicki

    @Cindy – Hi there, the survey was carried out by YouGov so probably better to ask them how they found their respondents.

    If you’re having issues with your coverage feel free to send over your full postcode and we’ll be able to take a look at it for you.

  12. Cindy

    our reply to one of your customers: If you drop me a note with your postcode I’ll take a look for you?
    What is the point of checking the post code……you are meant to be a MOBILE network provider, not a stay at home and never go out provider.
    That is the one question that annoys me the most…like I will have the Post Code of every spot in London that I am walking in. I have stood in the centre of London which is essentially the Guildhall and the is absolutely NO coverage at all!!!!! The post code should not make any difference at all….you are a MOBILE network provider…thats why we have mobile phones…so that we can use them ANYWHERE!!!!

  13. Cindy

    Clearly you forgot to ask me! Were these 2,000 people you surveyed paid to comment? Perhaps they should have asked the many, many 3 customers who are VERY unhappy with the service for their opinions, it would most likley have changed the stats!!!!!
    I have had nothing but connection problems for months now, and it is ridiculous that I am paying for a service that I can’t access…even when I am at home and in the middle of the City of London!!!!!

  14. stephen burgham

    i at to make a phone call to 3 on the 30.06.13 to get broardband back on as it just went cost me 37.00 in credit as i was kept bein put on not happy about this and im seriouly thinking of changing my network to another company if im not compensated


    [removed by Mod] YOU TOO!!

  16. Moderator: Nicki

    @mia swaloiscey – During the upgrade Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go customers won’t be able to:
    - make payments or top-up their account
    - check their account balance through My3 or any other channel
    - upgrade or cancel their contract
    - activate or deactivate Add-ons
    - change their price plan
    - change their bill cycle or billing preference during outage
    - use the device while roaming, call premium rated numbers, use shortcode services
    - restrict their usage even after reaching their credit limit or voluntary credit limit
    - make international calls (PAYG customers only)

  17. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jan Lester – Hi there, thanks for the feedback Jan. Glad it’s all working out well :-)

  18. Moderator: Nicki

    @Michael – Do you mean you’re going over your 15GB allowance? Remember you can use your My3 account to monitor your usage and allowances. Unfortunately we can’t advise you on how long your data allowance will last as it’s obviously something you control yourself through your usage and what you choose to access with the data connection.

  19. Moderator: Nicki

    @edwina bown – Nice one! Thanks for the feedback, glad it’s all working out well :-)

  20. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jennifer Moore – Hi there, sorry that you’ve been having issues getting through to our upgrades team. The best time for calling is between 12pm and 5pm. Remember you can also upgrade your account in any Three store.

  21. Moderator: Nicki

    @graham fletcher – Hi there, glad things are working out well for you. We sometimes have offers available for customers taking out additional accounts via our telesales team on 0800 358 8460.

  22. Moderator: Nicki

    @lee – Can you explain what you’re referring to? Your post doesn’t really give much away with regards to what you’re referring to.

  23. Moderator: Nicki

    @MKLK – Hi there, you’ll still be able to use your services.

    During the upgrade Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go customers won’t be able to:
    - make payments or top-up their account
    - check their account balance through My3 or any other channel
    - upgrade or cancel their contract
    - activate or deactivate Add-ons
    - change their price plan
    - change their bill cycle or billing preference during outage
    - use the device while roaming, call premium rated numbers, use shortcode services
    - restrict their usage even after reaching their credit limit or voluntary credit limit
    - make international calls (PAYG customers only)

  24. Moderator: Nicki

    @Andy – During the upgrade Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go customers won’t be able to:
    - make payments or top-up their account
    - check their account balance through My3 or any other channel
    - upgrade or cancel their contract
    - activate or deactivate Add-ons
    - change their price plan
    - change their bill cycle or billing preference during outage
    - use the device while roaming, call premium rated numbers, use shortcode services
    - restrict their usage even after reaching their credit limit or voluntary credit limit
    - make international calls (PAYG customers only)

    You’ll still be able to use your services though.

    Regarding the contract you’ve said you didn’t agree to, have you been able to have this sorted as yet?

  25. Moderator: Nicki

    @Glen – During the upgrade Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go customers won’t be able to:
    - make payments or top-up their account
    - check their account balance through My3 or any other channel
    - upgrade or cancel their contract
    - activate or deactivate Add-ons
    - change their price plan
    - change their bill cycle or billing preference during outage
    - use the device while roaming, call premium rated numbers, use shortcode services
    - restrict their usage even after reaching their credit limit or voluntary credit limit
    - make international calls (PAYG customers only)

  26. Jan Lester

    With no BT broadband where I live and dial up as outdated as the Ark, 3 have been a life saver.

  27. Michael

    £15 for 15G? That’s a lie! I get 3G for £15 and it never lasts the full month! If I watch 3 or 4 films in 1 day it’s all gone. I have rang 3 about this and they tried getting me to buy a contract phone I didn’t want! I’m getting really annoyed with how much money I’ve spent the 3 years I’ve been using the dongle for and it’s a joke. Not impressed with 3 at all.

  28. Stuart C

    @Moderator: Nicki – Ok thank you for the information

  29. edwina bown

    Having 3 Dongle and paying £10 per month suits my need. It’s fast and very reliable. Please don’t change.

  30. Moderator: Nicki

    @Leah – Hi there, glad things are working out well. Remember that you can control marketing calls and the way we contact you in your My3 account :-)

  31. Moderator: Nicki

    @Vincent Proctor – Hi there, thanks for the feedback, glad it’s all going well :-)

  32. Moderator: Nicki

    @shaun bennett – Hi there, are you experiencing slow data speeds? If you are send over your full postcode and we’ll take a look at your nearest mast for you.

  33. Moderator: Nicki

    @Hader – Hi there, we’re carrying out work on our billing systems but don’t worry you’ll still be able to use the internet during this time :-)

  34. Moderator: Nicki

    @Michael J Bodger – Hi there, if you’re having troubles with your connection and data speeds feel free to send over your full postcode or call 0843 373 0500 and we’ll check your local mast for any issues.

  35. Moderator: Nicki

    @Raymond – Hi there, thanks very much for the great feedback. Glad things are working out well – long may it continue :-)

  36. Moderator: Nicki

    @mary mcfadden – Hi Mary, are you talking about the billing outage? This will affect access to your My3 account and the ability to top up but you’ll still be able to get on your dongle and surf away :-)

  37. Moderator: Nicki

    @Denise – Hi there, thanks for the great feedback! :-)

  38. Moderator: Nicki

    @Stuart C – Hi there, you’ll still be able to get online. The only areas affected are certain billing systems, My3 and the ability to top up. The affected areas are only those listed in your email.

  39. Moderator: Nicki – Hi there, thanks for the feedback! Glad all is working out well :-)

  40. Moderator: Nicki

    @nick – Hi there, if you’re having coverage issues feel free to send your full postcode over and we’ll take a look at it. If you’re finding this is an ongoing issue I’d recommend giving our network guys a call on 333.

  41. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gary Turton – Hi there, thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear things are working out well for you. I’ve passed your comments on to our online guys regarding the top up experience :-)

  42. Moderator: Nicki

    @peter buzzel – If it’s happening on both devices it may be coverage issues or limitations within your local area. If you send over your full postcode I’ll take a look.

  43. Moderator: Nicki

    @keithholliman – Hi there, if you’re looking for any additional accounts our sales team can be reached on 0800 358 8460. If you’re at the end of your minimum term on your current contract and looking to upgrade this our upgrades team can be reached on 0843 373 0500.

  44. Moderator: Nicki

    @Kerry – Hi there, our network isn’t going down. There’s certain billing systems that will be out of action but you’ll still be able to call, text and use data within the UK.

  45. Moderator: Nicki

    @Iain Batchelor – Hi there, if you send over your full postcode we’ll be able to have a look and see if there’s any issues in your local mast or coverage limitations within your area.

  46. Moderator: Nicki

    @James Griffiths – Thanks for the great feedback :-)

  47. Moderator: Nicki

    @rob melbourne – Hi there, if you send over your full postcode we’ll be able to check for any issues on your local mast other that the undergrowth/foliage.

  48. Moderator: Nicki

    @sandie – Thanks for the great feedback! :-)

  49. Moderator: Nicki

    @stephen cooper – If you’re having coverage issues remember we can check your local mast for any issues if you send over your full postcode.

  50. Moderator: Nicki

    @superanna – Hi there, if you’re having issues with your coverage feel free to send us over your full postcode and we’ll check your mast out to see if there’s any issues.

  51. lyn walshe

    3 has the best connection for my area. tried others but connection was terrible. thank you 3.

  52. Leah

    I have a 3 Dongle for last couple of years and has never let me down and never dropped a connection. I work in IT and Manage a large network with some working outside using other network Dongles. So I have very good experience with this way of connecting to the Internet and I absolutely Endorse 3 Network and recommend them if you’re looking to change.
    I hope 3 Netork don’t cold call me now with other products after this or “I’m off”

  53. Jennifer Moore

    I am sick of trying too get thru to 3 abt my dongles,i pay 2 contract dongles monthly and one contract is up n the other is due to run out in August,i want to get a deal for having 2 dongles but not getting anywhere thru messages,fone calls or emails.3 is the only network that works in this area so i need the dongles…..

  54. graham fletcher

    i have personally been with 3 for the last 8 yrs. i have 5 contracts in total 3x mobile phone, 1 x i pad and 1 x internet dongle. i dont really suffer many issues i just wish three would look after customers like myself a little better, i have the first ipad and would like the latest but three still want a 3 figure sum upfront. come on 3 how much money do you really need from me.

  55. Vincent Proctor

    I just use a three dongle and find it quite adequate for what i need in the way of broadband.

  56. jason dobson

    changed to three years ago from o2,very happy with service and price of payg,so much i got my girlfiend to keep her existing number on vodafone and change as well,she even got £10 credit after 1 month for changing!!! win win WIN!! thank you three.

  57. shaun bennett

    why so slow?

  58. m abbas

    Thanks a lots

  59. Hader

    Why is the My3 service closing down between 13 July until 15th July?
    If we already have paid for any services will these carry on or will they be terminated?
    Thanks for the Good Service anyway…

  60. lee

    Your full of [removed by Mod]. 3 doesnt offer a great service, far from it, neither does it offer any one single product cheaply. Stop patting yourselves on the back you servile profiteering [removed by Mod].

  61. Jon

    Actually, yes, 3 ARE the very BEST for value for money tariffs and coverage in general. No other network can compare with their excellent track performance record. And their broadband dongle service is second to none, not even Vodafone can get anywhere near the high standards of 3 broadband.

  62. Michael J Bodger

    As soon as this dongle finally gives up the ghost I will never, not ever subscribe to 3 again. Its the worst service I have ever had with a dongle. The amount of money I have spent having my PC checked and double checked but it turns out to be the dongle and if you think I am going to “upgrade” to the latest model well thats just a way of doing business but it wont include me for the future. Dreadfully slow download rates.

  63. Abby

    So far, I have found 3 to be great. Very helpful and not a total rip-off like O2!!
    I will be switching my main iPhone account to 3 very soon.

  64. sue parke

    even this wont post

  65. mia swaloiscey

    ecusse me but i got sent here because my internet willstop working on the 13th jully 6pm to 8am 15th monday july i want to know more please i got sent hereto find out more :(

  66. Raymond

    I find, that 3 Dongle is the only one to use, as i have been using it since it began, and have had very little if any trouble. I recommend it strongly to everyone, as I am so pleased with it myself. Well done, to all the Staff, and all concerned at Dongle 3

  67. mary mcfadden

    not very good on comps or lappies but I try and its going to be murder a whole weekend without them. I just give up smoking and facebook has kept me busy but I just hope I can get through the weekend thank you

  68. Denise

    I’m very happy with my 3 dongle, you’re the best. Thank you again :)

  69. Stuart C

    I have received a notice saying that my 3 and other services will be unavailable from 6pm Saturday 13th July until 8am Monday 15th July.

    My question is will i still be able to still get on-line during these times as i work for a on-line company and i work Everyday from 11am until about 2-3am that runs a team of 7 and i MUST be on-line everyday, i Cannot afford to be offline for 1 day let alone 2!!

    Please please get back to me via email ASAP as i need to know what’s going on, i use Skype alot so if i could talk to someone (not through your customer services) i would appreciate it


    have been with 3 for 2yrs now am 72 yrs old and find you all very helpful no complaints on 3 goes down now and again but quickly back on line again ty 3

  71. nick

    I pay for a service and im not getting it internet is all not working I want compo

  72. MKLK

    My dongle says My3 and other services unavailable from 6pm Sat 13th July until Mon 15th July…. clicking the link to find out more details brought me here….. :|.

    Is this online services or all of 3 is going down?

  73. Gary Turton

    I have recently found myself having no option but to use a dongle for the internet, to say i was concerned that it would not be adequate for my online usage is an understatement as i have to transfer a lot of 3d asset files and keep active in the 3d community forums .I Firstly tried 02 as somebody told me they use an 02 dongle without any issues , well i had issues ,major issues ! i was then told that 3 broadband on a dongle was the way to go ,as a last ditch attempt i tried 3 and i have to say i found it to be fantastic ,i actually find it more than fast enough to transfer the files i need to move and the 7gig for £25 i also find to be good value if like me you are left with no other option but to use a dongle either short or long term. I doubt i will bother to set up another unlimited account as i just dont need it. The only issue i ever had and its a minor one is that when topping up online i had to choose the option of monthly allowance and when i did this i had to go through a series of 4 pages and for some reason you had to repeat each page twice and the pages loaded really slooooww ! . There was a feedback box so each time i filled it in just saying how slow this was but about 2 months ago i noticed the pages loading much faster and not being sent on to a duplicate page after each choice so it is clear that 3 obviously do take the feedback onboard and solve the issues brought to light. All in all i am very happy with 3 and before somebody says it ,no i do not work for 3 i have just had a trouble free positive experience using the 3 network. Thankyou 3. Gary.

  74. Andy

    ended up here as clicked on the message saying there will be no 3 for 36 hours, I use it as a life line so this really worries me but when I come here for more info get a survey result about how wonderful you are. don’t agree with that as having on going email conversation where I keep saying I didn’t agree to a new contract especially one running to the end of next year and at no time did anyone say that anything about that yet I am not listened to. I have enough problems which they should know about as told them often enough even to the point that have someone else authorised to contact you on my behalf yet they still think it is ok to put me on a new contract and try and hold me to it. Didn’t want to stop using 3 just to not use a wi fi dongle as wasn’t working for me and was making me more ill… I just hope you have the conversations recorded as you will see how your agent did not inform me of any new contract or end date while I kept saying I didn’t want or need a new dongle as was happy with my old one….

  75. peter buzzel

    my phone is on 3 and keeps losing internet conection,also have a mobile broadband dongle(15gb per month) on contract,which is due to be renewed.The dongle keeps swtching itself off after about every 2hrs,has been sent back 3 times to be checked and repaired,so at the moment im thinking about not renewing the contract on the dongle and going somewhere else.

  76. keithholliman

    had nothing from 3 no offers etc they just debit money for dongle usage no other contact what so ever

  77. Kerry

    why is the network going down between 13-15 th July will we be reimbursed for the time we cannot use the service?

  78. Iain Batchelor

    Hi, ive been using a ’3′ dongle for my internet connectivity for over 2 years and have been very impressed until 3 months ago. I understand that a dongle can only ever ensure a connection & I used to be a tech support agent for an ISP for a few years( Demon Internet ) and there network was shafted 24/7. So i understand the fact as long as i pay you £15 a fortnight ( pay and go ) you couldnt care less wether i actually have any routing or not, The only speed i seem to be able to connect with is ‘hspa’ yes ive un-installed re-installed dongle software, still bad connectivity.

  79. James Griffiths

    Have been with 3 now for 6 years. Both phone (PAYG) and mobile broadband dongle for my laptop. I have never had any problems – coverage is great and broadband is quick, it only takes 10 secs to connect. When I did have an a issue it was handled quickly and efficiently. I always use £15 add-on and it is the best deal around. Will never consider another provider. 3 rocks!! Thanks.

  80. rob melbourne

    not happy with three,,constant dns server errors , staff at three very helpful but unable to solve problems. only been happening since spring i suspect mast signal is being blocked by undergrowth/foliage . dns server errors occuring randomly . nobody at management level at three seem interested

  81. sandie

    i love 3…the best out there…been with you for a few years now and you are the best…network could improve but for everything else 10/10 …i buy data for my laptop all the time but what i get out of it is brilliant…i will never change and big thumbs up from me and keep up the good work :)

  82. stephen cooper

    I use e353 hspa+ 3g dongle and I have used 3g dongles for some time now I must say the signal strength has been of late very poor it just cuts dead disconnects reconnects and so on reading the page above their is such a thing as blowing your own trumpet but I suppose I should not expect to much from a dongle service I have found 3g to be poor of late not as good as I remember MUST DO BETTER 3G

  83. superanna

    Hi, I have really bad experience with 3…no signal, no broadband, calls from customer service early morning or late evening, problems with communication with customer service because of their english…hope it will change. I dont understand them!

  84. Michael

    I have my dongle on a long lead and i get a good reception ,some times the 5 signal bars do fluctuate all 5 bars at a time

  85. Glen

    I saw the message on my dongle saying that my3 and other services would be unavailable from 6pm 13th july to 8am 15th july and clicked message to find out why and it sent me here! I need to know what services and why. Please help thank you.

  86. Moderator: Johanna

    @Marcus Newby – What would you like help with?

  87. Marcus Newby

    Please someone contact me!!! I am getting nowhere with phoning, email or in store!!!!!

  88. Moderator: Johanna

    @saunit – You just need to call 333 and pay a £15 charge to get your phone unlocked. I’m afraid you can’t do this via our website.

  89. saunit

    how to unlock three uk iphone by three uk website

  90. Moderator: Johanna

    @Di Forrester – Really sorry to hear that you’ve had multiple issues. Getting your PAC shouldn’t be a tricky process. I’m emailing you now, to get some info and then I can get one of the CS team to sort this for you.

  91. Di Forrester

    My experience with 3 has been entirely negative. Was sent the wrong phone, charges were mis-represented (turned out to be excluding VAT), internet connection kept dropping out, when contract neared end I was pestered by customer services to take on a new 24 month contract, and was given false information about the phones on offer. When I decided to cancel at contract end, I found it almost impossible! Had to request the contract be cancelled at least 15 times as the advisor just kept making suggestions for alternate options that I did not want. Once I cancelled, I have battled to get the PAC code and have been given lots of differing information about what the process is. Am still waiting for the code, after multiple phone calls to request it. Requesting the PAC results in extension to the contract. Complaining about this resulted in phone being switched off immediately without warning, but still no PAC! Cannot think of a single reason to use 3!!

  92. Moderator: Johanna

    @michael – Please do keep us posted! :-)

  93. michael

    I’m switching the 3 after 6 or 7 years with O2, got a £110 phone bill, £70 more than expected, for going 300 minutes over my 1200 plan – had enough, this is my main business line so I need to be able to use it freely, that’s why I paid £650, twice, for my iphones – so I can switch when I want to, and now I want to

    I am going to TRY 3 – £25 a month , 2000 minutes, 500 texts, unlimited internet

    O2 offered unlimited internet on the plan I was on, but really it was like unlimited bread supplies in communist russia – great – but can you get any???

    So – we will see – just bought the SIM today, very nervous about signal (voice) phone coverage – I’ll keep you posted.

    Itf it all works well, I’ll put an onlineTVad up saying so!!!

  94. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Derek Lawler – Just to let you know, we don’t pay anyone to write reviews for us.

  95. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Derek Lawler – Sorry you feel that way, we’re doing our best to help but we’re not primarily a customer service channel. If you’d like to speak to a customer service advisor that’s not based in India, you could always tweet @ThreeUKSupport – they’re a dedicated channel for queries and issues.

  96. Derek Lawler

    I’d like to know how much you pay these people to give you good reviews……or are you posting them yourself?

  97. Derek Lawler

    I didn’t think you moderators would post my comments……you’re no different from your appalling customer service department

  98. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ali Changezi – So pleased you’re having such a good experience on Three :-)

  99. Moderator: Johanna

    @Russ – you can enter the comp here: Good luck!

  100. Moderator: Johanna

    @Vikas – thanks for your feedback, it’s really useful and has been passed on :-)

  101. Moderator: Johanna

    @Alan L – We’ll happily check this out for you but I do need a full postcode :-)

  102. Moderator: Johanna

    @Terry Bowen – Thanks for feeding back :-) If you want us to check the network in your area, post a full postcode and we will take a look.

  103. Moderator: Johanna

    @Andrew Oliver – We’re glad your Three dongle is working well :-)

  104. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tony – There was an issue but it’s fixed now, you can enter here:

  105. Moderator: Johanna

    @steve zugg – Cheers for letting us know you’re happy, long may that continue :-)

  106. Moderator: Johanna

    @abdulkadir – That’s great to hear, thank you :-)

  107. Moderator: Johanna

    @Matthew – Thanks for your feedback :-) We’re always improving and investing in our network and HSPA+ is being rolled out at the mo, which should improve coverage for many.

  108. Moderator: Johanna

    @mark Harris – afternoon :-) You can track your repair by calling 333. You should be able to add additional devices once in My3. The CS team should be able to talk you through this. If not come back to us and we’ll arrange a call.

  109. Moderator: Johanna

    @Peter – if you post a full postcode, we can check the network for you?

  110. Moderator: Johanna

    @James Ryder – I’m a touch confused, we don’t offer calls and texts on our MBB plans for obvious reasons! Can you explain a little more about the plan you are on and the device you are using please?

  111. Moderator: Johanna

    @Clint – Sorry, we’ve corrected the error now and you can enter here:

  112. Moderator: Johanna

    @bob – just looking into this for you…

  113. Moderator: Johanna

    @Clint – we’re just looking into this for you…

  114. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mark Scriven – I’ve had a look and there is a fault on the network nearby, fix date November 9. Let us know how you get on after this date.

  115. Moderator: Johanna

    @Steve – That’s great hear, thanks for your feedback :-)

  116. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nick – Thanks for letting us know about this issue, it should be fixed now and you can enter here –

  117. Moderator: Johanna

    @Derek Lawler – Have you upgraded your device within the last 3 years? Also, we can check the network in your area if you post a full postcode.

  118. Roshani

    So far so good.

  119. Ali Changezi

    I m using THREE network for the last few months and found it the best network in the UK, as I have used other networks as well too much, but could not find better than THREE any one of them, the charge more than they say and their Network is very poor including their customer services are totally untrained they dont know what they are doing, just passing their time and keep promising to the customers, result NIL.
    I recommend THREE to every single Phone, BB users in the UK.

    Thanks THREE.

  120. Russ

    Eh? My dongle software just sent me here to win an HTC Flyer? Where’s my prize then?

  121. zafar ali

    im top of the world with 3

  122. Moderator: Johanna

    @Graham – thanks for your positive feedback :-)

  123. Vikas

    Good Service. Recently upgraded the allowance from 5GB to 15GB on one month mobile broadband rolling contract. (they do understand customer needs).
    Need to improve on Technical LIVE CHAT support, for customers who are NOT on 3 mobile service.

  124. Alan L

    Hi could you tell me if Three are planning to put a mast up in Scotland on the south west coast as i go on holiday a lot up there and getting a signal is impossible, its the most southen village in scotland Drummore, we holiday in a little spot called kilstay and getting on line or to use my phone’s is impossible( whitch on holiday sometimes aint a bad thing). i dont have the post code sorry but it wold be nice to stay in touch with my mam and dad as they not getting any younger. the only signal around there is with vodaphone and thats a no no with me as three are the best and have the best deals

  125. Terry Bowen

    Three is a great network yes improvements can be made like signal strength varies in my area gos up an down sometimes badly.How ever three are aware of and have and are continueing to improve. Over all I am happy with the service and think it can only get better. By the way Im on a pay as you go dongle on my PC

  126. Andrew Oliver

    This is the 1st time I have had a dongle, I was going to go with my mobile phone provider o2 for an internet dongle but there coverage was crap in my area. I decided on going with 3 for one, the coverage is brill in my area and also my dads. Its easy to set up. Well done 3.


  127. Tony


    I clicked the link on the 3G dongle app to win an HTC Flyer… I am now at this page… what do I need to do?

  128. steve zugg

    im happy with three broadband

  129. abdulkadir omar

    I alway like 3g Iam good costomer I SAY good apportunety to have 3g because it is very good company that is my answer thanks all of you.

  130. Mathew

    I’m using a 3 dongle for my internet on and off, and also using the 3 phone network (on which I use the internet too). I’m quite happy with the network coverage and the internet connectivity. Please do work on improving your network further as there are ‘pockets’ of no network coverage within London (as there are with other networks as well).


  131. milinda

    this is very nice thanx 3

  132. mark harris

    Hey there guys n gals

    I have both a broadband dongle and phone with you and I have recently sent my phone back for repair. I have tried to track the repair but I have an issue with the my3 online account. As I have registered my dongle first, I cannot figure out how I add my mobile to the my 3? I tried clicking track repair but it says I have not sent my phone for repair as only my dongle is registered.

    Any ideas?


  133. Peter

    I get a good mobile broadband signal where I am typing this message from but using Adobe Flash Player for live video chat shows in the past few weeks the signal drops from time to time during shows and then cuts me off saying Video Chat Session Has Ended. Any ideas why this has just started happening?

  134. christian ikediashi

    i will be happy

  135. James Ryder

    i am happy with three i just wish instead of having calls and texts on three mobile broadband you had a better data allowance i never use my mobile broadband to make calls and hope the coverage in the west gets better

  136. bob

    why wont your network support linux systems when other mobil networks do..i want to change my operating system from microsoft but i cant as your network wont support linux

  137. Clint

    I’ve just clicked on the “Win an HTC Flyer – Enter here” link in your 3Connect application and it brought me to this page. No mention of a competition here :-(

  138. Mark Scriven

    Have there been any reported issues with the reception / transmitters @ ETAP Hotel Derby, Postcode DE65 [removed by Mod], Coverage has been hit and miss over the last 4-6 weeks. Service quality is not as good as expected / sold, frequent drop outs or NO signal. Somewhat disappointed thus far. (Ok at at home though, where I don;t need it !).

  139. Steve

    As a mobile user I have been with 2 of the top 5 and as a mobile broadband user 1 of the top
    5 mobile operators, available in my present area, before trying the 3 network.
    Despite asking the other 2 of their plans to improve their very poor 3G coverage.
    They admitted with the exception of the local airport, they have no plans to improve their coverage!
    And there’s no cable services. Which means ADSL broadband is more expensive and you need to
    be connected via landline, again, more expense.

    Therefore, trying the 3 network mobile broadband dongle and seeing how well it works most of the
    time with the improved HSPA+ technology. I have now come to appreciate the efforts of this sole
    one company that doesn’t look after the customers in prime areas but rural aras too!
    So thankyou and well done! Next swap to the 3 network will be my mobile phone.

  140. darren vallier

    very good so far

  141. Nick

    PS. Why does it say “enter here” for the comp to win an HTC Flyer and there is no click to be found?

  142. Derek Lawler

    @ RICHARD GEORGE GRAY……I have also experienced the disappearing data phemonenon….I too have automatic updates switched off but find that my data allowance from time to time disappears at a frightening rate.
    When I contact 3′s appalling customer service department they tell me (if they even bother repling…..which isn’t often) that they have checked and found out that I have in fact used that much data (I know that I have not)………the last time this happened (about a month ago) I lost nearly 1Gb of data over a weekend…….the fact that I was away for the weekend and my computer was switched off proves that there is something terribly wrong with this company……….if was a horse it would have to be shot

  143. paul

    no problems, thank you

  144. Graham

    I would just to say I have had my 3 doggle now for sometime, I use it all the country and had no problem logging on to the 3 network, Not like other doggles I have had, this one has never let me down, so keep up the good work 3 to be voted the best for a 6th time.

  145. Derek Lawler

    The only positive thing I can say about 3 mobile broadband is that when you plug the dongle in for the first time the software installs without a problem.
    I have been a 3 mobile broadband customer for almost three years and the service is SLOW and unreliable……….and the customer service is worse still.
    I’d actually had enough and had bought an O2 dongle (unfortunately the software doesn’t installon that) so I’m stuck with 3 untill I can find something better.

  146. hazam

    this my duogle

  147. william ault

    im v happy happy days

  148. Alan

    This is brilliant, all the information and updates you bring just at the click of the button, Fantastic, its so quick as well would not wish to use any other provider. Thanks 3 for everything.

  149. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ryan – We really wouldn’t want to make you move house :-) If you could send through your full postcode we’ll take a look at your area and see if there’s an issue, or any planned work that could improve the coverage in your house.

  150. Ryan

    According to three’s coverage tool my house should have indoor and outdoor coverage. I am a top floor flat without solid stone walls, windows at front and back of house however I only get a signal by the windows at the front of the house. I moved 2 contracts (myone and wifes) to iPhone contracts on the One plan from Vodafone however I am dissapointed with the coverage at home. The iPhone battery life is affecteed by this as it is constantly trying to connect to a network. Its driving me and my wife mad. Is there anything that can be done to look at this?

    I would like to add that I have been generally very happy with coverage everywhere else but I am not prepared to move house.

  151. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Simon – This is quite an old blog post. We do try and ensure we load blog content that helps and supports our customers. I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing problems with our network. Is there anything I can do to help?

  152. Simon

    It’s very difficult to take Dongle Tracker results seriously when it’s clear that there are considerably more negative reviews posted online for 3 than for any other network, plus I have read comments from a former Senior Researcher at YouGov who states just how flawed the system is. And your customer services are horrendous as has already been pointed out. I am a mobile broadband customer with 3 and have had nothing but problems, plus I’ve never had an honest explanation as to why this is. This service for too many customers is ‘unfit for purpose’. Instead of blogging online about how good you are, why not sort this service out, improve customer services and stop taking full advantage of weak and ineffective regulation. When you do this, I’ll stop highlighting your shortcomings online as often as I can. The public rely on honest customer reviews more than research.

  153. Moderator

    @Dave – Yes absolutely it should be seamless, you shouldn’t be having dropped calls :-(

  154. Dave

    Hi, Thanks for the response.
    No i dont really have a problem where i live, it is generally a good 3g connection.
    I do quite alot of driving for my job and as a consequence do tend make and receive calls whilst driving(via bluetooth).
    There are times when i will be mid-conversation and the call will drop – when i look at my phone it has a 2g signal – so there isnt a seamless automatic switch to 2g when 3g is lost.
    The areas i’m driving in are not rural or anything – mainly motorway, so its not like i lose signal altogther.

    Should there be a seamless automatic switch from 3g to 2g? i always presumed this was because scrictly ’3′ didnt have its own ’2g’.


  155. Moderator

    @Dave – Your phone shouldn’t cut off when you switch from 3G to 2G and the network improvements should mean you’ll have less need to flip to 2G. Do you have a particular problem area/postcode?

  156. Dave

    After these network updates will we start to notice that during a call it will be a lot less likely to be cut off becuase of a switch from 3g to 2g? This is my only gripe about the three network.

    When i am driving using bluetooth handsfree – there is nothing more annoying than thinking you’ve got a good 3g connection and it flips to 2g thus cutting the call.
    I am still using a Nokia N95 8gb, perhaps this isnt a problem on the newer phones


  157. Moderator

    @James Murphy – Yes we tweeted it yesterday on @ThreeUKLatest and our blog post has gone live today, so no more hinting needed ;-)

  158. James Murphy

    @Moderator – one last word, who needs hints! Microsoft have put out a press release that says (edited a teeny bit to only include the relevant operator):

    Microsoft has announced that…mobile network operators in the UK…Three – will be ranging phones running Windows® Phone 7 when it launches later this year


  159. Nigel Jones

    Recently ofcom approved an increase in transmitter power for the UK 3G networks.

    Is this something that we may start to see the impact of soon? Is it likely to be noticeable in itself, or is it just one of many aspects that help to improve coverage in the longer term?

  160. Moderator

    @James Murphy – Welcome aboard! :-)

  161. James Murphy

    @Moderator ok, I think that counts as a hint! I shall take it as a positive one… so am progressing to a monthly SIM only contract in the hope of interesting news next month.

  162. Moderator

    @James Murphy – Great to hear your thinking if joining us :-) Hmmm I’d like to give you a substantial answer on this one but it’s a little early to tell. All I can say is watch this space ;-)

  163. James Murphy

    Dear Three,

    I am not (quite yet) a customer – though my sons are – and I want to contact “you” collectively to get a hint about what your intentions are with respect to the impending arrival of Windows Phone 7.

    This is sort of a sales enquiry – but not something that its worth attempting a phone call over because it can’t possibly be a current product so person on the other end of a phone can’t give meaningful response – but one would like to assume that you have plans (and would like to be told that you have plans).

    But there isn’t a remotely obvious way to contact you other than by commenting here (which is not really appropriate) or by phone (which, as above, is not really appropriate).

    Will I be a customer – quite possibly, very soon, monthly sim only… but given the option (or not) of a WP7 device that could change.

  164. Moderator

    @Will – I’m sorry to hear you’ve been running into problems Will. If you send me an email with your telephone number I’ll be able to look into this further :)

  165. Will

    Have there been any reported issues in the BN21 area (specifically BN21 1LG and BN21 4UG) recently? My mobile broadband connection has started getting very erratic, losing connection every 5 minutes at times and getting stuck at 300kbps when it has previously peaked at 3/4000 kbps. Also, my iPhone has been struggling on and off with data connection for the past week in these areas.


  166. alhash

    hi just to let you know the list of incompatible programmes i asked about previously is in the dongle programm files on my pc

    C:\Program Files\3 Mobile Broadband\3Connect\incompatiblesoft.htm

  167. Moderator

    @Kate – I’m sorry you found cancelling your contract a nightmare. I will be passing your feedback on, thanks.

  168. Moderator

    @alhash – That’s really bizarre, there shouldn’t be any incompatible programmes… The team are looking into this though and thanks for flagging! Pleased you’ve got great reception :-)

  169. Kate

    While you improved your network services, your customer care service is horrendous. The way you trained your cutomer care to drive the conversation around in case a customer wants to terminate a contract with you is ridiculous! Understandably that you want to keep your customer at any price and when a customer asks to terminate his.her contract your consultant says – that’s no problem and keeps making offerings, making in fact impossible to terminate the contract, the dialog goes on endlessly!!
    This is ENOURMOUSLY ANNOYING!! You treat your customers like fools, who do not know what they want! This is at least obnoxious! If they say want to termnate a contract – it meanst they want to terminate a contract. A couple of offers might be enough to test a cosnumer’s patience but when it goes endlessly this becomes stupid. I will certainly avoid in future signing up any kind of contracts with Three and I advise all my friends to think twice before doing it too.

  170. Ian

    @mod I follow @ThreeUKlatest on Twitter, who advised me that two new new sites would be going up in the NN9 [removed by Mod] area in early Sept and an upgrade to the existing mast that serves the Town. Although nobody can confirm what has been done, I can advise you that as of 2nd Sept signal strength in the area *vastly* improved XD. For the first time I can get a signal in my garden, indoor coverage is now full strength 3G. Tried mobile all over the SW of the Town where the signal used to be either very weak 3G or roaming on Orange – Now a strong 3G signal. What ever you have done has made the Network a joy to use now. Just hope it’s here to stay and not caused by some freak atmospheric conditions! – Nice not to have to leave mobiles on window sill anymore :))



  171. Moderator

    @George_C – Glad you think we’re the best ;-) I have checked and there are two new masts planned for these areas within a three month period. Let me know if coverage picks up…

  172. George_C

    The coverage of the three network is by far the best in the country for 3G. However there are gaping coverage gaps over the village of Cottingham and the centre of Beverley in East Yorkshire. Cottingham is a major transit route to the City of Hull and every time I pass through, there is always 0 3G coverage. This is also the same for the centre of Beverley which is a large town, which I expect to be covered but there is only 1 bar on the main street and the immediate area. Are there any plans for these to be covered?

  173. alhash

    Hi I just came across the list of incompatible programmes with the 3 dongle It seems that my Ulead , DVD shrink.and Power DVD are on this list

    As I need to use these a lot could you give me some simple not to technical rerasons why these progs affect the 3 dongle and should I have to uninstall them every time i want to use the net ?

    Secondly i complained a few weeks ago about the coverage in the WV11 area and then discovered i was in an outdoor reception area so decided not to e mail you as asked for obvious reasons

    Amazingly this week reception has been excellent at all times of the day even at peak times and is now a pleasure to use so much if things stay like this I may concider changing from PAYG to a contract


  174. Morten


    I am very sorry to inform you, that i find the Customer Service not great.
    Let me just tell you about my experience:

    I called them today, being on the phone with them for over 1 hour, to talk to them about my data issues.
    I have explained to them about my previous call months ago, and stated that i haven’t seen any difference.
    The CS agents first answer, was to defence your network, and blaiming my iPhone to be subject to faulty, or not well configured.
    I am sorry, what? No normal customer can change their iPhone.
    I then tried to explain him, that you had found a faulty and another very congested mast – but he didn’t want to beleive that.
    He put me n hold several times to talk to his back office/network team, and concluded that i shouldn’t expect to have speed on my data connections.
    I beg you pardon?
    Despite getting connection errors, he wanted me to confirm, that the network perform absolutely great.
    I have no idea, where this come from – obviously i can not confirm that, otherwise i wouldn’t be writing here, nor calling CS.
    He was then trying to tell me, that i should try with other phones, using my micro sim.
    Oh, i am so sorry, that i don’t have other phones supporting the MicroSIM.
    However, i do have another normal size SIM from 3, but apparently that is not good enough, despite i would then be able to prove again that 5 other phones is seeing same issue, loosing data connection randomly.
    Then he couldn’t understand, why i didn’t had problems with phone calls, when i had problems with my data.
    Every signal issue with the iPhone is related to its antenna, have you tried with a bumper?
    Oh yes, and i have one – and i have absolutely no problem with my signal at all, which goes between 3 and 5 bars(full signal)
    Again, please understand, that there is a problem with DATA connection on the masts in this area.
    I have received confirmations, saying one mast is defective, and other are very congested.

    His last answer was, that 3 can’t do anything to help this problem i am seeing – because i shouldn’t expect any data speed, only browsing on the phone.


    Dear Moderator, can you please give another attempt to help me out here now?
    I am sure you can :-)

    Have a nice weekend,


  175. Morten

    Thank you for your offer to let Customer Service ring me up.
    You suggest yourself, that there are several masts around me, whereas one is clearly crowded, and another is faulty.
    That was the case 2 months ago as well, and I’d really appreciate, that you will acknowledge that something is needed to be done on those 2 masts – and make it done, as a part of your network improvement programme.

    If you believe that CS can solve the problems by calling me, please let them do so [removed by mod].


  176. Moderator

    @dan – Sorry about that. Are you sorted now?

  177. Moderator

    @Morten – I’ve looked up your postcode and you have six masts in relatively close proximity but it looks like one is congested and there is a fault on another. The best I can do is arrange for someone to give you a call, as it’s a month or two ago since you’ve spoken to customer services. Do you want me to do this?

  178. Lish


    Thanks for your response. But unforunately my last experience with customer service was dreadful – the guy wouldn’t listen and tried to sign me up to another contract and told me how great the service was in my area and that I just need a new dongle (despite being sent a new one just a few months ago), and all I wanted to do was finalise the cancellation and get a final bill.

    The bit that really frustrated me after having to listen to all that was that he wasn’t interested in the email I had sent about cancelling my contract. I’ve got a tracking number, surely it’s there for a reason?

  179. Moderator

    @Lish – Sorry to hear you’ve had so many issues. Have you had a chat to customer services yet? Would you like me to ask them to contact you?

  180. dan

    is the network 3 in a different time scale to the rest of the uk as my monthly allowance starts on the 23rd of every month yet i have been trying to get online since midnight and still no joy.Would be a different story if i never paid bang on time im sure

  181. lee a

    @ Mod,

    I’ve posted on here a few times, andhave had calls but never a concerete answer as to what is happening to a local mast that i connect to where i live,, i’ve had a connectivity issue for the last 2 montth, initially it was a slow connection then i loose either call transmition or net connection, i have been in converstation with one of your collegues from the CEO’s office since posting on here, i’m not one who whats to canx due to poor network service atm, but after having this “Known Issue” for a few months now i would have expected this to have been resolved by now, an engineer visits the mast site fixes the issue then closes the job as complete, works for 2 days then broken again?? ias i’ve stated to the COE lady, i’m a faults principal engineer for another ISP and i would now be thought of if i was continuiously having a repeat issue with the same customer, now I jhave been given the option to canx my contract by her but I dont want to, but my sister who i also reccomended to 3 has been having the same issue as me and I cannot even call her on her phone as it hits her ans foneevery time when she is at home, i spend a hell of alot of money usually each month with 3 and only want the service that i’ve always had (6 years in total) and the speed and with no dropping connections on my dongle or phone, now with my phone i can get pings of 120ms yet on the dongle connecting into a 3 router pings are 250+ so i swap sims when wanting to get good connectivity, can someone please send a very knowlegable engineer/technician to attend the mast with this “known issue” and resolve it once and for all, as i stated, my sister and also a friend are having the same issues regarding this and i can only guess that a whole bunch of other customer in the csame local area are having the same probs and possibly many have already left 3 due to this.
    3 were the first network to have 3G yet the resolution times to fix these “known issues” is just taking far too long.
    All I am asking for is for your network maintainance team to be proactive and fix it, once and for-all.


    Lee A.

  182. Morten


    A month or two ago, i complained about the data connections available, at my home address M7 [removed by Mod].
    Several investigations where done, and several different answers was given to me.
    At that time, i had a HTC Legend, which is not sold through 3.

    Final answer to my data problems is, that it was because my handset, the HTC Legend, wasn’t supported by 3.
    Sorry to say, but what a rubbish answer. What do you tell people coming from abroad on business/holiday trips?

    it is so clear, that the mast here is maximum overcrowded; why else would you have ping times on 2500ms, upload on 1-2mb and download on 0-7kb. Yes, mega upload and nada download. Often the device says “data connection lost”.
    Funny enough, supported phone or not, this only happens in this postcode.

    Now i have got an iPhone4, and still seeing the same issues when at home – as the only place.

    Calls are never a problem, only data.

    I know the sender is placed on the top of one of BT’s exchange, so i beleive it should be pretty easy to upgrade your internet connection!?

  183. Moderator

    @Nick Crompton – Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback, that’s very kind of you :-)

  184. Moderator

    @Julie Parker – Thanks for sending your postcode. I’ve checked it out and you should have perfect coverage, so there’s something wrong with your dongle. I’ll arrange a call for you to get this sorted.

  185. Moderator

    @Steve Smith – Sorry I haven’t come back to you yet. I’ve just dropped you an email to get some more info from you.

  186. Moderator

    @leslie rodgers – Really sorry you’ve had such a bad experience. If you can send me your full postcode I’ll look into it for you.

  187. Lish

    Glad to see I’m not the only one having problems with 3 mobile broadband. After many phone calls to technical help, I was given a new dongle which was okay for a while. Then there was a week of maintenance and it wouldn’t work at all. It started working again and I was told I would have to pay for the days it wasn’t working, but it didn’t happen. It then stopped working again last month – told Id’ have to go through all the same dramas to prove I needed a new dongle. So I went and bought a new one with a new provided – no problems.

    I then sent 3 an email telling them I wanted to cancel my contract – it says on the website 3 aims to get back in three days. It’s no suprise it’s been over a month and I’ve had some pretty frustrating conversations with customer service trying to confirm cancellation of the account. My advice is to think carefully about signing a contract with 3 – at least if you do PAYG you can stop paying them very easily.

    Meanwhile I need to muster up the patience and time to try and get hold of someone who listens in customer service and doesn’t just read out a whole heap of dribble about me being an outstaning customer who has no problems with their internet connection – I just need a new dongle!

  188. Nick Crompton

    Dear ‘Mod’ and All at ‘Three’-Blog,

    Further to my own recent whines and complaints posted on here, about the poor connectivity in my area – I must report back as a ‘thoroughly satisfied customer’ – and say that I have received excellent service in sorting out my problems.

    I had a long conversation with ‘Three’ Customer Services last night (over 90 minutes on the telephone..and they called me) – during which I was informed that in our area at least – we will be having Relay Mast upgrades done in September aimed at rectifying the Mobile Broadband coverage ‘hole’ that exists in my particular postcode area. This is a result of LOTS of local people complaining I might add……not just me!

    Not only that – but I was given a satisfactory refund to my account for the Broadband Allowance that I have lost due to the regular disconnections of uploads and downloads that I have been suffering. In addition, I am able to book a follow-up call to get the latest progress on the maintenance work being carried out in my area – and when I can expect a full and un-interrupted service.

    The ‘Three’ Molbile representative was polite, patient – and fully armed with the facts and answers to my questions – so I cannot fault the service I have received so far. If all goes as I have been assured it is – then I will be sticking with ‘Three’ for some considerable time to come.

    So – my particular thanks go the the Moderator on this Blog for taking the case up on my behalf – and to Monish at Customer Services for his time and help.

    To anyone else experiencing problems with their service – my suggestion is not to shout and swear on theese Forums. Rather be forceful but polite, clear and concise in your complaint. That way you’ll be listened to – and you’ll get something done about it. Be patient too – you’re not the only one having problems and they only have a certain number of staff, and hours in the day. Being rude doesn’t get you anywhere……..

  189. Moderator

    @Ann – Very pleased to hear that! :-)

  190. Moderator

    @M@rk – Sorry you’ve had lots of problems. I’ll drop you an email so the team can look into your issues.
    *I tried to email but I had a bounce-back saying your email is invalid. If you can give me an alternative email address I won’t publish it.

  191. alhash

    Alastair s comments made me laugh but I think all those experiencing problems with the 3 dongle feel it is taking the “mickey” out of us who have purchaced one

  192. Moderator

    @Robins – Thanks for your glowing report! :-)

  193. Moderator

    @ Melanie Helliar – Sorry you’ve had a poor experience. It’s probably best I take some details from you and get this looked into. I’ll drop you an email.

  194. Moderator

    @Jim – Thanks for all your feedback on using the dongle abroad and I’m sorry it has raised a few issues. This guide would have been handy but I imagine it’s too late now. I will pass your comments on.

  195. Julie Parker

    I received my upgraded dongle last week and it is such a pain, my old one was quicker by far. I have 18 months of being highly delighted and this new dongle is awful. You get varying signals, it loads some bits quickly then the next page it disconnects itself. I am going grey !!

  196. Moderator

    @ Michael Jones – I’ll look into this for you. Can you send me your full postcode please?

  197. Alastair

    very dissapointed witht the network, slow running takes up over 10 mins of allowance time to load the actual internet page up it takes thes piss. not happy at all my girlfriend got this contract and it’s meant to cost 17.50 a month 3 have bumped it up to atleast 25 not happy at all looking to change my mobile dongle as soon as unless 3 pay back my girlfriend a hell of lot of money. all together she has lost out on a couple of hundred. will be looking for a better network and for a reimbursment from three. and if that doens’t top it off that 3 take the piss they have been calling my new mobile number for less than a week and i have three sales representatives calling me up asking if i want to buy a contract regardless of how much debt i am in. 3 NOT IMPRESSED SORT OUT YOUR NETWORK PRIORITIES. And where is the submit complaint button???????

  198. Phoebe.

    Greeting’s Earthlings, my name is Goursgialiyion from the planet zanzepeat, i have come here to steal all of your Snickers to take back to home planet them i plan to rule your planet and use you all as my own personal slaves bossing you around to make me more Snickers and if you do not do what you are told i will put you all in a giant blender!!! HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT.. your’s sincerly Goursgiallyion. Muhuhhuhahahaha :3

  199. Steve Smith

    I have been awaiting a response from you regarding my rather dodgy coverage in FY3 [postcode removed by Mod] area.

    Your previous response implied you was going to check if there were problems with the mast, which is about 50 meters away from my house (and still doesn’t work properly!)

    I know you’re busy checking most of your customers dodgy coverage (from the comments I’ve been reading its difficult to tell how you have managed to win any awards – apart from “rubbish internet provider”.

    I’m not sure why it is taking you so long to check if there’s a problem in my area – an explanation would be nice.


  200. leslie rodgers

    absoulutley appaling net work have had nothing but problems for last 10months spent day fter day on phone to customer services with flas epromises i am told my area is great for mobile broadband yet i am lucky if get one day week without a dropped connections time after time day after day

  201. Moderator

    @Alan Bozac – I answered last time you posted, sorry you missed it. As you didn’t respond I thought you were up and running. What phone are you using?

  202. Ann

    I love my dongle!! xxx

  203. deborah haynes

    Does my IP address stay the same ,if so how can I change it? Can anyone get hold of my IP address ? When sending emails from yahoo am I also giving the reciever my IP address?

  204. Mohammad Kaushar

    In my facebook the language have been change unintentionally and I cant back in English – The message are on the screen ” The translation failed because of a server error ” so what to do for my previous setting !

    Mohammad Kaushar.

  205. Michael Jones

    ok since my dongle decided to update itself, i am having constant connection problems. i last for about 20 mins at a time maximum, i got the dongle to play online games with but i cant stay connected anymore. what the hell has happened to my service

  206. M@rk

    I’d also like to echo the comments from Michael Jones. I’ve used the dongle and supplied software with an HP laptop running vista. That cut out constantly, the work around supplied by support was not practical in the slightest as the cut out’s happened frequently. I then tried on my pc which runs xp and it still cuts out or hangs regularly.
    I’m considering complaining and requesting a cancellation to my contract since there’s little point in paying £25 for 15gb when I can rarely use it uninterrupted. At the very least 3 should have reduced my bill by now in line with the new rates. Why should I subsidise the promotion?

  207. Jim

    The structure of the 3 mobile broadband makes it totally useless for a visitor from abroad. I bought the dongle with 1G expecting to be able to track usage and top up. My 3 usage history shows that there are many hundreds of megabytes remaining but I just got a message that there was 0 remaining and that I need to buy more. The usage meter needs to be accurate since the current one is useless. I went to top up on-line but I cannot because my credit card does not have a UK address. So trying to top up that way was a waste of time. I tried calling the 3 phone number but it is outside the office hrs so I cannot top up that way either (if it is even possible to do that with a non UK). So I suddenly have no internet access tonight while on an important business assignment.

    Tomorrow I need to go out and buy a competitor’s mobile broadband dongle and advise non UK coworkers to avoid using 3 products when traveling to the UK.

  208. Alan Bozac

    Inspite of what I wrote here a week ago I am still struggling and nobody has done anything.

  209. shane

    i would just like to add how unsatisfied i am with your service ;;; how on earth did you get these comments from, im fed up with you robbing me of my credit and cheating me out of my broadband usage…i feel i do not get value for money…i wonder why you will not print this out for people to view cause you are ripping us off…
    i won,t get a reply from you either …lthat won,t surprise me …..
    3 mobile it stinks and i carn,t wait to get on the internet with a distant provider who does not rip you off with 25 vouncher only lasting a week …thats disgusting….give me my money back…..

  210. Moderator

    @ David Wood – Thanks for letting us know, I’m so pleased you’re enjoying a good service! :-)

  211. Moderator

    @ jennie – What’s happened? If you can send me more detail I can look into this for you.

  212. Moderator

    @ Terri Windmill – It sounds like there’s an issue in your area. Can you give me your full postcode please and I’ll take a look and hope to give you a few answers.

  213. Moderator

    @ Richard – Thanks for your nice feedback and pleased all has been good for you with Three :-)

  214. Robins

    The Best Ever it’s the 4th dongle tried all networks all failed 3 works perfect even in spots where 3 says it has no coverage mine still works perfect i get 3 Gig for £15 on pay and go could be cheaper

  215. Moderator

    @ Mal – Thanks for getting in touch. You have 4 masts in close proximity to you but 3 are very congested and 2 of them also have reported faults. These faults will be fixed within 10 days but sorry for the current inconvenience!

  216. Melanie Helliar

    Hi… I’ve been a 3 mobile broadband customer for just under a year now and I have to say since moving over to a pay monthly £15/15gig contract from PAYG its been a bit of a nightmare.

    I have a full signal and says I’m connected however, it freezes and or doesnt respond to my commands… I have to disconnect and reconnect on occasions 3 or 4+ times and using Skype is impossible having to reconnect quite a few times also.

    I have updated my dongle manually after being told that it should have updated automatically, I did find this quite a mission as it wasn’t obvious where to go on your site to do it, once I had found it and updated my dongle I was quite excited and held out great hope of a better service, but it hasn’t made any difference and I am quite dissapointed. I’m not quite sure what you’re able to do about this but some feedback would be appreciated.

    Many thanks

  217. Alec Sheppard

    No probs! I’m just delighted with my 3 broadband dongle!!!

  218. Jim

    Hi Looks like 3 has become the most successful mobile broadband network – that’s why I chose them for all my communication needs.
    Keep up the good work

  219. Moderator

    @ ami – Can you send me your full postcode please?

  220. Moderator

    @ PD – Excellent stuff! :-)

  221. Michael Jones

    Well im on the 15gb for £15 which i see as very good value compared to the competitors, but i have had issues. my 1st dongle was a zte lasted about 11 months untill it overheated a died, now im on a huawei and i must ssay that they are appauling, i really only got mobile broardband to online game ( summet to do with a break in my land line that my phone company has failed to repair for 3 years ) not that im to bothered about that i have a mobile. but since the change of dongle im getting constant disconnects ( had one perfect night with it ) it says my signal has full bars but so much as breath on it and it drops to 2 bars, never had so much inconsistency with mobile broard band before.

  222. David Wood

    Thankyou for a really good service i use my 3 modem when travelling up and down the motorways and at home as well as work and have never had a problem, what will the future bring cant wait!…

  223. jennie

    3 have the worst customer care n customer care operatives in the world n just l8ly with all these so called upgrades theyve so called been doin its causin more signal loss than ive ever known sort it out 3 ya a joke network atm l8ly !!!!!

  224. Terri Windmill

    Well, i’ve used the 3 Dongle for few weeks now and although it has given me a connection to the net, i got to say, it’s not the best and cant see how 3 can claim it is, yes i said i have had connection, but it has been a very dodgy one even though the for the area am in, it say’s i should have a very good signal in or out the home, yet very often i lose the signal and or the page am on has very slow upload.

    handy tool to have, but at present i would not recommend anyone use the 3 dongle and if there is no improvement in service i may decide to get rid of it altogether and bide my time till i get a better deal or at least a deal that will ensure i have a good connection for at least 90% of the time that i am online instead of the current 40% (my estimation) i get from 3′s dongle………

  225. demi suvanne

    Hey this is totally great lol :)
    Haveing no problems with this

  226. Richard

    I’ve had my 3 dongle for 2 years and have just renewed with them for a laptop deal, no problems at all with the network since i’ve had mine anyway!

  227. ami

    My 3 dongle is the most appauling network iv bin on just job is from the home access grant scheme the reception is very poor and has got worse.

  228. Mal

    I have had a problem with my mobile broadband for approx the last week.
    When I have clicked on ’3′ and then ‘click to connect’, even though it shows ‘connected’, when firefox opens the box in the bottom right hand corner which shows the ‘green’ progress bars stays white with no green bars.
    If I close and reopen firefox this makes no difference.
    However, if I close and reopen and re connect to ’3′ , firefox opens as it should. (sometimes 2 attemps required)
    I have noticed a big increase in speed lately. postcode HU9 [removed by Mod].

    Could it be that even though ’3′ shows ‘connected’, that I haven’t effectively ‘got a line’ due to congestion?

  229. Moderator

    @ paul Jones – Three has the best data packages on the market for PAYG customers. If you’re after a larger data allowance, you can get 3GB for £15… Where have you seen a better package?

  230. PD

    Having battled with BT and Orange for a year over slow speeds and disconnections on my landline, (120 Kbps at best) I bought a 3 package from Argos to test it at home. It worked but signal strength was poor. The map did seem to be on the boundary of indoor-outdoor coverage I put the dongle in a Zoom 4501 3G router at the highest point of my house and bingo. Two bars and +2 Mbps. I now have the 15 GB package for 15 GBP per month, no disconnections and speeds exceeding 2 Mbps. Thanks 3, you have change my internet experience and I am paying less than before. Beware of migrating from a landline without a MAC. Orange charge for the exchange equipment’s removal!

  231. Jamie Matthews

    Thanks mod, I sent you an e-mail just before I saw your response here.
    Hmm…. a couple of months….. Ah well, if that’s what it is then so be it. I’ll just have to make do.
    Shame I can’t watch web streams for a while though.
    Thanks Mod.

  232. Moderator

    @ Kelly Simons – Great feedback, thanks Kelly :-)

  233. Moderator

    @ Jamie Matthews – Sorry your connection has been slow. You can call Three on 0800 358 8460 (option 2), but I can arrange a call back for you – I’ll send you an email. I can tell you that there are two new masts coming to your area within the next couple of months. So it’s possible it’s got congested but this should soon be eased.

  234. Moderator

    @ Geoffrey Booth – Thanks for your great feedback and very pleased that you are having a good experience. Also chuffed that we’re helping to keep you safe :-)

  235. Moderator

    @ Nick B – Sorry you haven’t had a good experience with Three. Do you have an issue that needs looking into still?

  236. Moderator

    @ Lawrence – Great news your connection has improved – thanks for feeding this back! :-)

  237. Moderator

    @ Eric – I’m glad the ZTE has solved all your problems! :-)

  238. Moderator

    @ Liz Francis – Sorry your internet is slow. Have a look here, for some tips on improving speed. If this doesn’t make a difference, give me a shout back and let me know your full postcode.

  239. Moderator

    @ R Gibson – You shouldn’t have any coverage issues so it’s possibly a fault with your dongle. I will arrange for someone to give you a call.

  240. Moderator

    @ mr a harrison – You should have good indoor and outdoor coverage as you are so close to a mast. This site is experiencing some congestion though due to the high volume of use. There is a new mast planned, which will ease this connection and improve your service. Sorry you aren’t happy with your signal at the moment.

  241. Moderator

    @ Helen – I’ll drop you an email and see what we can do. We definitely don’t want your calls to get interrupted like this :-(

  242. Moderator

    @ joanne – send me your full postcode and I’ll check for you.

  243. Moderator

    @ Glyn Trowell – Has it got any better? If not, send me your postcode and I’ll look into it.

  244. Moderator

    @ Stupid 3 product – Which product do you have an issue with?

  245. Moderator

    @ mick2310 – If you drop me a note with your postcode I’ll take a look for you?

  246. Moderator

    @Deepak – Sorry I don’t understand your question statement…. Are you having connection issues?

  247. Moderator

    @ Alan Bozac – Sorry you had difficulties getting your email sorted – is it working ok now?

  248. Moderator

    @ Paul Ford – Great news Paul :-)

  249. Moderator

    @ Scott Barker – Sorry you’re not happy. Can you give me more information about why you’re unhappy with the amount you pay please? What plan are you on?

  250. Moderator

    @ Darren – Sorry you’re having a few issues with your dongle. I have checked and at your exact postcode you should have indoor and outdoor coverage but in your surrounding area there are a couple of patches where you only have outdoor coverage. As you’ve only just started having this problem in the last few weeks it may be worth giving 333 a call and letting them know your issue, as there are no reported faults in your area.

  251. Moderator

    @ Everton Porter – Pleased that you have full five bar strength for most of the time. I’m afraid when it disconnects it means the signal has been lost. If this happens you can try moving around as you would with a phone that loses signal. Let me know if this turns into a bigger issue for you.

  252. Kelly Simons

    Im using 3 Mobile Broadband, I live in Blackpool Lancashire, I have excellent cverage infact Ive been on facebook playing farmville, zoo & koc,. Ive constantly had 3 or 4 tabs on browser open, I have not lost my connection once, it loads really quick too, I know people using normal connections that take longer to load pages. Ive been so impressed Im on my 2nd contract for MM from 3.

  253. Mohammad Kaushar

    Dear :
    I’m suffering due to a long time that :
    1. Connection automatically disconnected !
    2. A few time this message is come on when I’m like to connect the web – ” The following pages have been become unresponsive,. You can wait for them to become responsive – or kill them ” – this is very disgusting.
    3. Poor network !
    4. Some time Message come to sent report – its also disgusting

    Hope solve the problems.

    [address removed by mod]

  254. Jamie Matthews

    Hi, since July 31st my connection has been really slow, the only time I get reasonably fast speed is in the early hours when there’s very little traffic. I’m on a mobile broadband dongle btw.
    I e-mailed three and they called me back but i missed the call. I don’t have a three mobile phone so I can’t call them, and I don’t have a landline either.
    So I was wondering if there was a known reason why my speed has suddenly gone right down? And if so, when might it be fixed>
    I’m in Hull, E. Yorkshire ( I don’t know where the masts are, so…)
    I’ve had my dongle for about 3 months, and it was great up until the 31st.
    Thanks for reading.

  255. Geoffrey Booth

    Have a both a USB modem and a MI-FI device on pay as you go. The coverage checker says i should not have 3G but I can pick up 2-3 bars of coverage at home and very rarely do i have any connection issues.
    I also go camping in the Peak District and 3 gives me more coverage that any other network, having bought PAYT Sims for all the other networks to be sure when out walking in the hills should an emergency arise I can make a call, 3 beats them all.
    Only 3 have given me service when all the others fail.
    Thank you 3 keep up the good work.

  256. Nick B

    My mobile broadband is terrible!!
    The worst I have tried, I have emailed 3′s customer relations and support people 11 times and not received 1 reply!!!!
    Their mobile broadband is terrible but the customer service is even worse and that is saying something!!!!
    I would never recommend 3 nor will I ever buy a 3 product ever again.
    We were looking to change after 17 years with Vodafone but no thanks, not for these guys at 3.

  257. lawrence

    had a 3 broadband contract now for 2 and a half years for,for first two years connection and reception was poor up until this year from around march to june the reception and connection was fantastic then in july i had a lot of problems to the the point where i was going to cancel my contracts(took out an extra one in may because the connection was so good) i informed 3 of the situation and they said they would look into it ,within a couple of days the connection was fantastic again so i don’t know what you did or what you are doing but keep it up 3(birmingham area)

  258. Eric

    I found that the older 3 dongles (2 years old or so) may have caused no end of problems. ( I am an independent communications engineer working with 3G).

    I am sure they were incompatible with some applications (like PowerCD) that caused the connection to disconnect all the time. They are also incompatible with some websites. For example I couldn’t access some websites at all.

    Since recently upgrading to a new ZTE dongle these problems have all vanished ! Even better I have got over 4 Mbits/sec on a connection supposed to be 3.2 Mbits/sec. If you have an older dongle I would recommend upgrading to a new (ZTE) one, it may solve all your problems.

  259. paul jones

    im on pay as you go broadband and think that i mite chang network as i think 1 gb for £10 doesent go far enough…. are there any changes in traffifs coming?? as i wud like to stay with 3 but other networks offer more gb for £10…. thanks paul

  260. liz francis

    i dont have connection problems iit is just real slow ive got a 3 pay as u go dongle ive tried a couple of other network dongles and i have tried home broadband they all been fine but it takes like 10 to 15 mins to check my facbebook or get into my online banking it says my signal is good 3 internet is just slow very slow

  261. R. Gibson

    Trying to use my 3 Dongle for bropadband at SO41 [removed by Mod]. Your 3 coverage checker says broadband reception should be good both indoors and outdoors. Signal strength indicator shows 5 bars, excellent, very strong signal.. However , when connected, my 3 dongle broadband internet connection is unreliable and is continually dropping out in spite of a very high signal strength. What is the problem and what can I or 3 do about it?

  262. mr a harrison

    moderator/ you asked for my full p/code it’s sheffield S35 [removed by Mod]. lets hope you can do better with the broadband signal. because it’s rubbish round here!!!! thanks

  263. Helen

    I have been Three customer for 3 years and have been happy….this year 2010 i have the worst of the worst connection problems both with dongle and especailly my phone. I am constntly cut off on my phone…a conversation with my sister requires approximately 3 call backs. I getting feed up with this. I checked my area code and it says i’m in a good recieving area…(rubbish) WHY am I getting all this hassle…i feel i’m undersold! Not happy

  264. Benis

    Hi Thank you for your reply to my queries. I have been sent a replacement dongle this morning hopefully it will work better than the previous dongle. let me try it for a couple of months if it works fine if it does nt I will decide then what to do. thanks bye

  265. joanne

    i was just wondering were my nearest mast would be as my signal is not very good?

  266. Glyn Trowell

    For the last 4 days now I have been having problems connecting as it always says limited connectivity then when I do I get disconnected and have the same problems over again, I’ve unistalled and re-installled with no satisfaction, it was working fine about 2 months ago

  267. stupid 3 product

    i agree with all this comments. this product is toooooo slow and annoys me. skype cant be used like usual and it takes me ages to open websites. there needs a lot of improvement!!! so after all its not a cheap product. too expensive with this service!!! would never recomend it to others.

  268. mick2310

    Mobile internet broadband is wonderful thing if you live very close to a phone mast and get max signal strength
    But for the rest of use I would say its just a gimmik and cant be taken seriouosly
    So why do the providers promote this kind of service to everyone knowing full well its limitations ? ££££ matbe

  269. Deepak

    3 BB service ridicules, I could surf more than 2 min in evening and night.

  270. Antony Thorburn


  271. Alan Bozac

    Well I do not see how! 3 seem to be ignoring me and I have only been with them for four months and I can’t even load their own Email me, without having a great deal of problems. Even to get this here has taken days, so how is that an improvement? They still take the money from my bank account for this poor service and believing in them has cost me a lot more not only waiting for a bad or non existent connection, but thru lost earnings from the net.

    PS. It’s now been days trying to get this here.

  272. Paul Ford

    oh sweet, my internet connection has gone back to HSPA, nice one 3 keep up the good work ;)

  273. Scott Barker

    This has got to be a mistake. The service I get is pitiful £75 this month because of lost uploads. A criminal scam and as soon as the actually is another available service or I move I shall change my service.No matter where you are the service tells you that the area is not well covered and they are improving/upgrading service…lies and fabrications…where are the results/numbers and reports explaining these improved services.

  274. Darren

    i am havin trouble with my contract broadband donglr. i have had it for about a year and it had been fine. but the last couple of weeks its been givin me trouble. it wont stay connected for any longer than 1 or 2 minutes at a time. maybe ten mins if i am lucky it seems to lose signal and when i disconnect it says no network so i have to exit the program then re-run it and connect to get it to come back online but then the same again 2 mins later. is this a fault with my dongle as a friend of mine with the same contract and the same dongle just up the road has been working fine. my postcode is ST14 [removed by Mod]. thanks

  275. Chris D

    Well respondenets to mobile BB must be in a better araea than me, my post code says I should get a good service, sorry but I don’t. Still need to do better.

  276. Moderator

    @peter murphy – I’m sorry your poor signal is affecting your poker. If you send me your postcode I can look into it for you.

  277. Moderator

    @ Sizar Rai – You should be able to get Skype on the Blackberry Bold 9000 – just click here. :-)

  278. Moderator

    @Jumper – can you give me your postcode please and I’ll take a look to see if there are any faults in your area? If not call 333 and they’ll look into it for you.

  279. Moderator

    @Karen – Glad your dongle is working perfectly. Check here to see how you check your allowance.

  280. Moderator

    @Pratik – You should have great coverage in your area and there is another mast planned for a few months time. There are no faults logged so can you please phone 333 and let them know your issue?

  281. Moderator

    @Mr A Harrison – Can I take your full postcode please? I’ll try and see what’s going on…

  282. Moderator

    @Paul Halsall – I’m sorry you are having a problem. Yes coverage should be good in your area. Can you give 333 a call and let them know what’s happening? If it isn’t resolved, come back to me.

  283. Moderator

    @Scott – If all you want to pay for on your PAYG package is internet that’s fine.If you do a £5 top up you can use this to buy a data bundle. Or you can pay 30 pence per MB. Take a look here.

  284. Moderator

    @Justin Lamnea – Sorry your dongle won’t work. Can you be a little bit more specific please? I’ll see if I can help with some more info.

  285. Moderator

    @ Philippa Salmon – I’m sorry you weren’t able to connect. Have you had any luck now? There is good outdoor coverage in your area but patchy indoor coverage. There is a new mast planned very near to you but it won’t be in the next 3 months I’m afraid.

  286. Moderator

    @ i4i – HSPDA/3.5G will enable higher speed of data transfer and mobile broadband customers should find they can connect to the internet quicker. Are you not finding this i4i?

  287. Steve Smith

    Further to moderator comment (excellent coverage and no faults),
    Yesterday evening at 10pm (not the busiest time!), my download speed was less than 30 kb/sec.
    This morning at 10am (a much busier time), my download speed was showing at over 130 kb/sec.
    Neither is a download speed I was expecting (or promised!) from the 3 advisor who sold me the dongle – 130kb/sec is pretty poor, considering I could move my settee a few feet and be sitting on the 3 mast!

  288. Moderator

    @Steve Smith – You’re right you should be ok here. Our service checker displays excellent coverage with no faults. I’m looking into this for you.

  289. Neil

    I have been quite pleased with 3 mobile, do get some connection issuse, but not often and since i stay in a caravan i have no landline to use. Keep up the good work 3

  290. Moderator

    @Beryl Archer – Sorry to hear about your Facebook issues – what handset are you using?

  291. Moderator

    @USBDummy – Thanks ;-)

  292. Moderator

    @Mike Ellis – Sorry you are having dongle issues – I’ve sent you an email to get some more info from you.

  293. Moderator

    @belinda hinchliffe – Sorry to hear that :-( Can you send me your full postcode please?

  294. Moderator

    @Dee – Thanks for all your feedback Dee – I will pass it on now :-)

  295. NIck Crompton

    OK. I really AM angry about my connection now.

    For the FIFTH time on the trot – I have LOST a large upload this morning, because my connection was cut-off at 8.45am. I started the upload at 6.00am!! Yesterday (12th August) – I logged onto the Internet at 5.45pm – and I was disconnected 16 TIMES in 11 minutes!! Over the last 8 or 9 weeks I have lost countless downloads due to unnanounced disconnections – and more to the point, I have no files to show for it.

    This has been going on now since mid-April…and it’s just getting worse. I must have lost or wasted at LEAST 14-18GB of Bandwidth Credit…and it’s gone. Lost completely. This Mobile Broadband is costing me a fortune…and with all these disconnections – I have nothing to show for it.

    I have been disconnected 5 times just trying to post this message!! Frankly – it has now bwecome completely unaccepatable.

    I would like someone from Customer Services to contact me quickly to explain a) What 3-Moblie are doing to correct this appalling sitaution – and b) Talk to me about some kind of recompense for all the Bandwidth Credit I have lost…and c) Provide me with a new Dongle if necessary.

    At the moment – I am having to get up at 5.00am to give myself some kind of a chance to get an un-interrupted service. Three times this week alone – the reception has been so poor, that I have not even been able to connect! Un-plugging and then re-plugging the Dongle makes only a slight improvement.

    You have my EMail Address – and if you need a telephone number – you can ask me on here – or EMail me. My Postcode is BH23 [removed by Mod].

    I would be very grateful if this was attended to ASAP.

  296. peter murphy

    well i am truly gutted i picked 3 pay as i have had nothing but problems with poor signal . I play online poker and bad signal and loss of connection has caused me to lose lots of games.

  297. jumper

    Internet is all the time jumping, sometimes can’t connect at all, very slow, skype for free but can’t use because is too slow, I’m not happy with this product and after end of my contract 100% do not choose it again.

  298. Karen

    Love my 3 dongle and no problems at all in TS8 perfectly.
    Can i just ask how do i check my allowance for my dongle as it was prepaid for 1 year only and i’m not sure how to check on it? i dont have any log in details for it so not sure what to do. Thanks

  299. Sizar Rai

    I’ve been with 3 network for more than 5 years and it is the best network I’ve ever found. So I’m still with 3 . But I’ve got blackberry handset at the moment which doesn’t have “Skype”. What a shame. Now I can’t wait till another one year to finish my contract and change my handset. I tried some application including iscoot but it is premium and cost more than phone call. I installed “Nimbuzz” too but it only allows you to chat using Skype but not for talking. Anybody got any good news about blackberry bold 9000?

  300. Dave Luxton

    Hi i live in uttoxeter,staffs. Personally i cant fault my 3 mobile broadband.The signal and everythig is great i never seem to get any problems,so im very pleased with the service i receive.Dont know if its because im close to a mask.

  301. kelly

    Ive had no problems with my dongle or mobile and both are 3 network, i have used many different networks for my phone and believe 3 to be the best deal around for my usage, i pay £37 a month and get 900 minutes on any network anytime and have 3000 minutes to call abroad to family and friends a month. I had heard that 3 wasnt very good for service and coverage, i can say ive never had any problems with either, any time ive called customer service its been a prompt reply and always had my problems solved, sometimes its difficult to understand the languge of the operator, apart from that im happy overall.

  302. beryl archer

    I find 3 connect to be a very frustrating site, I cant keep on line .I keep loosing my connection with 3 WHEN its available and am going to change my provider when this month is out.

  303. pratik

    My area is HA0 [removed by Mod]… I have been using 3 dongle since Nov 09… It was good until a few months ago when suddenly the connections keep dropping… Its geeting from bad to worse. I even bought a new dongle… the same result… frankly I’m getting tired of all this… I’m on pay as go and usually topup £15 for 3 Gigs… and its gets annoying when downloading big files… just 20 mins ago I was downloading a 800mb file, after about 500MB the connection dropped and had to start over again… so I lost 500mb worth of my top up cos 3 couldn’t give a long enough connection. This is really disappointing… and i haven’t had a stable enough connection to even download 10mbs of it until now.

  304. kelly

    I’ve had my THREE dongle for almost a year now, Im having nothing but trouble with it, I work for o2 so i know about doing checks and know about outages for the GPRS or HSDPA, but nothing will make my dongle stay on, It constantly disconnects no matter where I am at mine or my friends it cuts off. Is there any updates i can do for the dongle?

  305. Moderator

    @Jamie – Your area (T318) has good outdoor coverage but a weak signal which may be affected by any changes in the area (or possibly even bad weather). Your nearest mast is working fine but is contending with a bit of extra traffic as another mast has a fault – this is being worked on. I hope it’s resolved soon but give me a shout if things don’t improve!

  306. Moderator

    @David – The good news is that there are two new sites planned for your area in September/October, so coverage should improve for you :-) There is congestion in your area currently due to high usage. Let me know if this improves.

  307. Moderator

    @Benis – Sorry you’re having problems. Can you send me your full postcode please?

  308. mr a harrison

    please could you tell me why the signal is weak in the Sheffield S35 area it’s so frustrating, i’m not happy at all with my broadband dongle,please make it better !!!!!!!

  309. Antony Thorburn

    3 mobile broadband is mostly useless, at least after 17.00 and for the past 2 weeks! i pay my money and get no service. excuses excuses, RUBBISH!

  310. Paul Halsall

    Your device is forever cutting out and I have to disconnect and reconnect and change USB ports far too excessively for my liking. This occurs every day – that is every day – and I spend £25 a month on your service via PAYG dongle. My postcode is M33 [removed by Mod] which, on your coverage areas, is supposed to be good reception. This is totally unacceptable.

  311. Moderator

    @Lorraine Cahill – I’ve checked this out and there is currently a lot of congestion in your area. The good news is that your local site is marked for an upgrade, so coverage should improve.

  312. Moderator

    @Mark – That doesn’t sound good :-( Unfortunately, you aren’t in a great coverage area – especially indoors. I’ll email you.

  313. Moderator

    @Cheryl – Are you checking your data used on My3? If you are running out of data really quickly it sounds like you are having top up issues. Top up and check My3 straight away to see how much credit is on there and let me know. On your coverage issues, this is very strange as you are in an area of good coverage. At what time of day do you use your dongle? I’ll look into this further for you.

  314. USBDummy

    when your dongle 1st came out,it use to take 3mins to open a email…2-3 yrs later u seem to be getting it right

  315. Moderator

    @Colin Hoplin – Very pleased to hear that! :-)

  316. Moderator

    @Clive – Using Skype via your dongle uses internet data that comes out of your allowance I’m afraid Clive. It should use less than 1MB per minute for a Skype-to-Skype voice call.

  317. Mike Ellis

    Glowing report above but why the hell carn’t my wife and I maintain a connection for more that 60 seconds at a time . I have Huawei E1550 that has been changed at least 2 times and my wife has a E160G. My dongel resides with my wif’s dongle in S26 [removed by Mod] and my dongle goes to work with me at S13 [removed by Mod]. Aparrently both postcodes are in a strong area but they drive us mad and are curently looking for alternatives.

  318. belinda hinchliffe

    I have found same problem after 15 minuites some times even less my connection runs out but i have full signal tried everything HELP it’s so annoying.

  319. scott

    im on pay as you go and i wont to no do i have to have 3 to 3 calls and text messages all i wont is internet nothin else if not you need to incorperate other options for pay as you go customers as there is better choices on other networks.

  320. justin lamnea

    why wont my dongle work it sayes windows cant find it now ive installed the new software

  321. Nick Crompton

    Hey Guys!

    Thanks a million for the quick respnse – and the news about the new Site in our area [removed by mod] – I guess you mean a new relay mast – or something like that?

    Could you please keep me updated? I’ll keep an eye on the connection speed and reliabilty. Nice to know that real Customer Service isn’t quite dead yet!!

    Thanks again!


    I was a customer of 3 since they first brought out there mobile dongle service and beleive me the service was and still is absolutley awful. Its ok for Three to state that since 2008 when they merged with T mobile they have improved their network, what about the months before that when i orginally signed up to mobile broadband with 3 i calculated over that year i was never charged the rate i signed up for in fact 3 to 4 times more each month i was paying, and then there’s the customer help-desk ONE OF THEM NUMBERS YOU RING AND AT THE END THINK TO YOURSELF WHY DID I BOTHER. Oh and the fact that still i watch the 3 desktop thing download stuff when i know full well i have isolated all updates on my computer meticulously but what’s the usage thing and tick tock tick tock it downloads stuff when your not even downloading.
    One month I paid £60 for the service and the others where no less than £40 per month when i was only on the £7.50 per month contract.
    Dont worry Three Network you will hear from me again but not as a customer it will be as a claimer for the absolutely awful network you have provided me with over the past 3 years

  323. Benis

    Since I updated my dongle I had a very good network and my lap top was very fast. But since monday 9 August in the evening my lap top has been very slow and many times till now I can’t connect to internet. I used to connect to internet trough 3g but now it is displaying HSPDA. What is this ? I can’t keep complaining I want to pay something I m happy with. If this problem can’t be fixed please be kind to me and cancel my monthly contact with 3G. I look to hearing from you

  324. leg over laura

    signal is awful all the time and im in a blue area ! signal is always cutting out when using internet all the time it is also very slow funny how even though the mobile internet service is bad and three know it they never compensate u for it

  325. Dee

    I wrote re being cut off from some usa websites and you asked me to give specific examples.
    Principally iI have this problem when auctioneers in the US have normal auctions using Proxibid for internet bidders This is when taking part in their live auctions through Proxibid so it is probably their site I am having problems with. They have auctions in different cities in the US and the sales are managed by proxibid. This is real time auctions with people in the room as well, not some sort of online only thing. The connection sometimes cuts out every few minutes which of course means that its impossible to actually take part in the auctions as it cuts out at vital moments!! Pretty frustrating and the only time I have this cut out problem Apart from this I have found the dongle great!! Occasionally it won’t connect but I just disconnect it and re-connect and then it works fine! If the dongle could be totally reliable it would be wonderful and the best way to get online. I like pay and go and don’t know how long others spend online. I seem to be on a lot but never get through the full vouchers worth in a month Please consider also making the vouchers never ending as that would be much fairer to small users

  326. craig

    got a ZTE MF112 afew weeks now but it’s alot slower than my old one, whats going on?

  327. Paul Ford

    @Paul Ford Good to hear that you have such a great mobile broadband experience. When your dashboard indicates a change from HSDPA to 3G, have you noticed a drop in speeds?

    Im not getting a drastic drop in speeds on my favouirte websites its mainly just affecting the buffering speeds on videos and such, everything else is just fine (Y)

  328. Moderator

    @Steve B – thanks for your feedback. I will pass it on to the right team!

  329. Moderator

    @Jay – Sorry you think that. Can you be more specific?

  330. Moderator

    @ all – If you are experiencing coverage issues, first try our coverage checker – found here. If you can’t find what is affecting coverage in your area, give me your full postcode and some detail about the issue.

  331. Moderator

    @Paul Ford – Sorry you’ve had a bad experience, I’ll arrange for someone to get in touch with you now. I do care :-)

  332. Moderator

    @Victor Seddon – sorry you feel like that :-( Please send me your postcode and I’ll see if there are any faults in your area.

  333. Moderator

    @Nathan D. – ;-)

  334. Moderator

    @Stu – Sorry to hear that you are so unhappy with us :-( I’ll send you an email now to get some more information from you and we can check coverage in your area and your issues with our customer service team.

  335. Moderator

    @Terry – it sounds like there’s a fault. If you want me to check it out send me your full postcode.

  336. Moderator

    @Wayne atkinson – I’ll try! Can you send me your full postcode please?

  337. will westwater

    dongle keeps cutting out, tried extention usb lead, no difference . told by pc world no router suitable help

  338. Moderator

    @ no moneyleft – Thanks for your feedback, I will pass this on but I’m afraid there’s no plans to give extra GBs to PAYG customers at the moment.

  339. Moderator

    @Nick Crompton – Some good news for you, a new site is planned for the end of September so things should improve in your area. Currently there is congestion in your area which means you are being disconnected at the busiest times – we are very sorry about this!

  340. colin holpin

    to my last post about losing my hsdpa speed to 3g.. you guys must of been upgrading.. got it back now and is twice as fast as before! well done guys!

  341. krzysztof gorny

    my internet is so slow!!!!!!!!!!! and i heaw fol signal streng

  342. Moderator

    @alhash – thanks for your feedback and pleased you are happy with your 3 dongle 60/70% of the time. If you are concerned about coverage in your area let me know.

  343. Moderator

    @Nick – sorry you’re having so many issues. We’re looking into it for you.

  344. Moderator

    @Ryan C – Thanks for your lovely feedback, that’s great to hear :-)

  345. Moderator

    @tracy – sorry to hear your new dongle isn’t working so well. I’ll email you now to get some more info from you.

  346. Philippa Salmon

    Hi there. I’ve just installed the dongle 3 today. No luck in connecting at all so far. I’ve tried the local cafe and at home. My post code is Ch64 [removed by Mod]. The local cafe is Astons in Willaston, Neston , Cheshire. Both me and a friend with 3 have tried the cafe with no luck. I’d be grateful if you would not publish any personal details.

    Many thanks.

  347. Everton Porter

    I renewed my mobile broadband contract with 3 in July and upgraded my old modem to a ZTE MF 112 USB model.Although I get HSDPA most of the time and a full five bars signal strengh,it does occasionally disconnect itself without warning when the download speed is 0kbps.Could you please explain this,otherwise that’s the only fault.

  348. Gregor Lehmann

    Yes! After 17 month of usage of the 3G UK Mobile Broadband there is no dubt! This is most reliable Mobile Broadband on the market right now! Never having any trobles with the 3G Mobile connectins and basicaly the Broadband work’s excellent! It is one good reason to getting awarded this Year.

  349. lalith semaratne

    I am having a problam . when I log into internet my 3connect dongle says unsuccessful attempts over WWAN connections. and says after 1000 attempts the softwere will be blocked for WWAN connections.
    what does it means.


  350. Moderator

    @Jerome If you could share a full postcode with us (we won’t publish it) we could see what the network improvement plans are in the Stevenage area.

  351. Moderator

    @John W Great news – thanks for sharing this glowing feedback!

  352. Moderator

    @natasha Thanks! :)

  353. Moderator

    @B. Smith Great to hear you are loving our dongle! :) We’ll drop you a note to see if we can help.

  354. i4i

    quick question. (Mr moderator)
    Whats the difference with HSPDA signal and 3G, because i sign on in 3G then it jumps across to HSPDA which in theory should be faster but at a lower strength it sometimes isn`t.
    Give me your words of wisdom

  355. Moderator

    @dave Can you give us your full postcode (we won’t publish it) so that we can have a look at this area?

  356. Moderator

    @mrs. adegbemisola adeleke thanks! ;)

  357. Moderator

    @Harry It’s true that during peak times our network might slow down slightly due to congestion. However, if you could give us full postcodes (we won’t publish them) we can investigate specific areas for you.

  358. Moderator

    @paul pattinson If you give us your postcode (we won’t publish it), we could try and see what network plans we have in your area.

  359. Moderator

    @peter bottle Sorry to hear that. If you’d like us to look at the network in your area, feel free to post your postcode (we won’t publish it).

  360. Moderator

    @Ken Moore Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties with your dongle. I’ll drop you a note to see if we can help.

  361. Moderator

    @Unhappy victim If you want to post your postcode (we won’t publish it) we could see if there’s a problem in your area?

  362. Moderator

    @erika sz Sorry to hear you are having connection issues. Feel free to post your post code (we won’t publish this in full) and we can check out your area.

  363. Moderator

    @Rachel glad to hear! :)

  364. Moderator

    @Mark Ireland – We’ve checked this out and there have been some congestion issues in your area but a site near to you is being upgraded in September, so coverage should improve soon.

  365. Moderator

    @Rahul Dave – We’ve checked your postcode out and you should have very good coverage…
    @Rahul Dave – We’ve checked out the coverage in your area and it should be very good and no faults have been reported. Has your coverage ever been good?

  366. Moderator

    @i4i – Thanks for your rant ;-)

  367. Moderator

    @Robert Hamilton – Have you checked our coverage checker? Check it here.

  368. Moderator

    @Duncan – I can look into this for you if you send me your full postcode. Who told you it will take Three months?

  369. Dave Thurman-Newell

    Ive had a 3 Contract since september 2008, i got the 5GB deal with a free laptop. I’ve had problems after problems, related to connecting, and speed. I used to have problems where it wouldnt connect what so ever! I went to a Three shop in Bluewater, and the guy littterally said “If i take my time to help you out i could use valuble customers”.

    The one Three shop that was helpful, was Canterbury. A guy took all of hes day to sit down with me my laptop and dongle untill we had fixed the issue. I have had 2 dongle replacements, and still i barely get 300KBPS.

    I have no complaints about the 3 service on the phone, very helpfull, but some time in the future it would be nice for me and probably everyone else in my area of ME12 to recieve a greater download speed.

  370. steve smith


    I’m not sure whats going on with your mobile broadband in FY3 [removed by Mod] – clearly there are issues here!

    This address is less than 30 metres from a mast, is showing good coveraqge on your website, and yet I can’t seem to get download speeds above 60/70 Kb/sec (which is poor!)

    I rarely get a 3G signal (its usually HSPA). Anything I want to watch, at any time (not only peak times) never plays straight through – lengthy reloads are always required (and the sound doesn’t always match the picture).

    Having purchase the dongle, and promised “better things to come” with this apparent overhaul of the system that would improve the network, I find it totally ridiculous that less than 30 metres from a mast I can’t get a decent enough reception.

    From the other comments I’ve read not many people are actually happy with their reception from 3.

    Many thanks

  371. Steve B

    Hi Moderator,

    Thanks for the update re coverage in W. London, and apologies for taking so long to get back to you (I don’t travel both routes daily). I can confirm though that in each location is better (not great, but better). The Ealing area now has a couple of bars mostly of ntvie coverage and the Kilburn area it still claims to be roaming but the data speed is much faster than it was.
    Have to admit though, since your London upgrade a few months ago, I haven’t noticed any improvement in coverage – If anything its degraded!

  372. jay

    three service is very poor

  373. miles macphail

    hi chaps,a happy camper here ,miles from granton.when i first ran my 3 doongle i was in a backroom bedsit and the signal was 1 bar on the scale, so i got my tent poles ,about 6 in length, and poped it out my winndow upwards to the flat next door and got a stronger signal right away.only for the net, not good enough for s.m.s. but i had a better experance on my 3 doongle untill i moved room. the warden was ok about my home made anteni/so its beter to ask to do d.i.y home made signal boosters. happy camping campers cycle miles away for now. lots of pc ,fun. .

  374. ian millington

    your service is very sound.
    the only thing , is that i`ll never get to use upto 15GB in a month of sundays!
    but thats not your fault.

  375. bnicholls

    well done better here now i got a full signal now was not that when i came to 3pay keep up the good work

  376. Paul Ford


    I am a business customer, and I am very disappointed with my experiences so far. I have tried to resolve these problems online, to no avail, finally I decided to submit a complaint.

    I I have been trying to make contact with someone at three business customer services by email on and off since March of this year about an accounts issue. I also have connection issues which have not been resovled which date back to last year! My dealer will not help me as they say that they warned me that your customer service wasnt great. This isnt at all helpful either.

    I work long hours and do not have time to talk to people about the problems we have had.

    About a month ago I found an email address to complain to on your website, and sent in a detailed query. I received several messages telling me that my complaint was being investigated, then I got a message saying that you wer ent able to help me about this matter, because it was the wrong type of complaint! This is not an example of award winning customer services!

    I would like an email address for someone in Three Business Accounts to take responsibility for my account, and to undertake to help me find solutions to the various problems I have experienced. I dont think it would help to go into details on this forum. This is an opportunity to prove that you do care, even about your smaller customers! I look forward to hearing from someone very soon.

  377. Victor Seddon

    This dongle is getting worse as the weeks go by. Now it won’t hold a signal for longer than 2 minutes. Every few minutes, sometimes seconds, it just disconnects. I’m paying for nothing except aggravation.

  378. lorraine cahill

    Hi, I have an ongoing mobile broadband contract with 3, its a pay monthly dongle, about 3 months ago we started getting connection problems, we never had any problems before, about three months ago it just disconnects for no reason, we put up with it for a while, i rang three and went through all the usual things, thinking it would rectify itself. i bought myself my own laptop and have started a new contract with 3, i received my dongle this morning, set it all up and to my horror, it disconnected, brand new lap top, brand new dongle so obviously a network problem. I rang three, was on for about 40 mins, he checked the signal in the area and said it was ok, so I have no idea why this is happening on 2 seperate laptops with 2 seperate dongles, something has gone wrong somewhere with the network as was brilliant about 3 months ago, it can be on for 5 mins then disconnects, then may be lucky and it stays on for 40 mins or an hour, but then disconnects, it says either ready to connect or starts just connecting itself, any ideas, my post code is bd12 [removed by mod]. Thanks

  379. Nathan D.

    I’m on a 3 dongle on contract and wasn’t happy when i fist got it about 11 months ago.But since you did the upgrades,it has been superb!! Keep up the good work.

  380. Moderator

    @Chris I’ll drop you an email to get to see what the problem is and find out if we can help

  381. Stu

    Ive been with 3 now for 18 months, and just renewed my contract. I wish I didnt… I dont have any coverage or connection issues..( well actually now and again I cannot connect but usually after waiting an hour or 4, it works). The problem I have is with customer service.

    They are hard to understand and since I renewed my contract 3 have been nothing but a night mare, my bills have been consistantly wrong. You have taken money from me you shouldnt have, despite you promising me you wouldnt. When I call and speak to the India call centre, the people are arrogant, rude and talk too fast. They think they can treat the customers like Dirt and that we will keep coming back….. The experience I have had so far in my now 20th month of being with 3 is appalling and I will do my best to tell everybody I know that is looking at 3, to not bother. I am fed up of being treated like an Idiot. The last 48 days, I have spent over 6 hours talking to 3, mainly about my still incorrect Bill, perhaps this month, they will sort it out…and also actually call me back. I am waiting for a call back that has been promised to me 3 times from the executive team to sort out my issues…well my direct debit is cancelled and unless anybody who I can understand can call me back and sort things out, then I am not paying any more money and you can go jump. 3 I am really upset with you.

    I used to be happy with 3, but they are a bunch of cowboys who just want your money. I wish I could become happy again, so that I stop talking bad about you to all my mates…….

    I bet no moderator even dares answer this..

    Unhappy from Berkshire.

  382. Moderator

    @Paul Kerrigan If you give us your postcode (we won’t publish it fully) we can see if the problem you are experiencing is related to our network upgrade work.

  383. Moderator

    @Paul Ford Good to hear that you have such a great mobile broadband experience. When your dashboard indicates a change from HSDPA to 3G, have you noticed a drop in speeds?

  384. Moderator

    @Mark Robinson It sounds like you are using your dongle at peak time and are experiencing congestion problems. A lot of people access the internet between 6-8pm which could be what slows down your downloads. However, if you want to send us your postcode (we won’t publish it fully) we can check if your area is due for an upgrade soon which might improve your overall experience.

  385. Terry

    Just returned from Haven camp at Donisford Bay, Somerset. No network connection for seven days while staying there. Was using a dongle modem and laptop computer. Now back in liverpool and home connection is very random. Two weeks ago, excellent poor and regular cut outs. I’m glad I’m using pay as u go.

  386. John

    Technology exists to enable 8MB internet connection from a submerged military submarine. Does 3 know where
    one can purchase such hardware to point at and boost signal reception from a 3 mast?

  387. Mark

    I really have problem with this dongle connection. Seems that it’s getting worse everyday. I’m on dongle contract with 3 and bought myself a wifi thing: thought it’s going to help but just doing my heading when the connection is on and off. Can you do something about this? My postcode is RG20 [removed by Mod]. Cheers.

  388. Moderator

    @tara You might have run out of data. Could you let me know what data plan you are on: Pay As You Go or Monthly?

  389. Moderator

    @Micahel Teasdill Sorry to hear you are having network problems with your dongle. If you could post your full postcode (we won’t publish it) we can have a look into this.

  390. Moderator

    @Dee Can you give me some example of sites that cause you to lose connection. We can try and look into this for you.
    Thanks for your feedback about our Pay As You Go dongle deals – we’ll pass it on to the team.

  391. colin holpin

    im have been with three mobile broadband for 3 years now, but im not having probs with signal as ive got 5 bars and can connect to the internet. my problem is im not getting hsdpa speed ive had for the last 3 years any reason? i have two, three masts half a mile from where i live one serving bristol airport.. i have no complaint with three, i never have but just want to know why my speed has dropped.

  392. Joan Duckett

    I love my 3 Dongle I had weak signals , so I bought a arial and I have four bars now.I used to have fixed Broadband but had so much line problems sorting it out. Joan

  393. clive

    hi i am using huawei model e1550 pay as you go dongle on my desk top pc

  394. cheryl

    hi i have got a ZTE dongle on pay as you go on the 3 network and find that the connection is terrible and once it acturly duz connect it takes nearly 10 mins to load up the page. also when i put my £10 voucher top up on i find that a short while after putting the top up on it tells me that i am nearly out ov data when i hardly used computer? my post code is ca14 [removed by mod] please help with the connection problems as its not good atall thanx for your time cheryl xx

  395. Moderator

    @clive could you let me know if you are using Skype on your laptop or your mobile phone? If the latter, which mobile phone do you use?

  396. wayne atkinson

    hi been having bad problems with conection on this dongle & 2 phones on a monthly contract for last 6 or 7 month’s is there any thing u can do to help ????

  397. i4i

    Stop all your moaning minnies..
    As a travelling Event manager i have 3 dongles, an 02, a vodaphone and a 3.

    I have given up using 02 and vodaphone and am only using 3 as i find it constantly good in evey location i have worked at ( all over UK ) and the download speeds are about twice that of the other networks so im more than impressed. call me old fashioned but im sticking with 3 (who im also with on my phone network)
    There ,, rant over

  398. Moderator

    @JH Sorry you are experiencing connection issues. I’ll drop you a quick note to see if we can help you out.

  399. Robert Hamilton

    since yesterday night my signal strengthe for my huweii e156g dongle has been 2 bars to 3 bars and really slow it is usually at full signal strength . what is causing this

  400. Moderator

    @debbie Can you post your full postcode (I won’t publish it in full) and we’ll look into this for you.

  401. Moderator

    @Joseph P. Campbell Sorry you are having connection problems with your dongle. I’ll drop you an email to see if we can sort out this issue

  402. igor

    very very good I LIKE SO MUCH

  403. robert glenister

    dongle on contract 15 gb per month may sound good but you can`t download anything large in size as you lose connection all the time. this problem occurres more at peak times 5.00pm -8.00pm. is this as i live in a poor reception area

  404. no moneyleft

    i fully agree with stephen russell, extra GB’s for PAYG customers would be nice, i’m on PAYG and it costs me a fortune to stay online (£50 a month usually and i still only get 14GB for that) i use my dongle fulltime as i don’t have a phoneline to enable me to get fixed-line broadband. i’m unable to sign up for a contract as i don’t have a debit card,

  405. terence whiteside

    after three years of three network with a phone and dongle ‘ i have given up trying to make any sense of signal problems.My phone reception has deteriated so much over the last 9 months my wife and i have got rid of our 3 phones, my3 dongle on the other hand is90% reliable,curiousley when the signal bars for the dongle are on maximum the phones, positioned right next to the dongle would show emergency calls only and no signal.The other networks are no better, o2 give exellent phone signal and no 3g at all.

  406. andrew

    On 9 Aug Steven left a message about poor connectivity. I had a similar vproblem that was totally cured whe I got an active 5 metre extension cable and hung the dongle in the window. Now everything is perfect. Strangely no-one at the retailer mentioned this solution despite several complaints.

  407. alhash

    I am mainly pleased with my 3g dongle for about 60% -70% of the time and i do understand at peak times when the networks are busy it will affect the service

    however there are 3 ( no pun intended ) very regular flustrating periods of

    1 this web page connot be displayed – despite being connected
    2 constant disconnecting
    3 extreemly slow speeds at times- especialy the 3 website

    I wouldnt recomened this method as a pemenant way of acessing the internet but it is a very useful device to have when its needed. and hope in future the service will get even better


  408. Nick Crompton

    I’m having problems with connections too.

    I am at BH23 [removed by mod] – near the sea – and quite often I get disconnected for no apparent reason – sometimes up to 5 or 6 times in 10 minutes!! I wouldn’t mind – but it often happens in the middle of downloads or uploads so I lose the lot – and I’ve used up a whole pile of bandwidth credit to boot!

    I have ZTE doingle that’s about 1 year old. It’s fastest between 4am and 9.30am – after that it slows to a crawl until about 9.30pm at night….so i’m up at anti-social hours to gurantee no disconnections.

    ….is there anything the Mods can suggest, because I’m seriously thinking of changing to Vodaphone.



  410. Ryan C

    also a note for xiaofeiw, i had this problem when i got my iphone, go to setting>carrier then choose automatic or 3 then it should work itself out from there

  411. Ryan C

    3 is a great company, i have an iphone and the 15GB mobile broadband with them, the signal and download speeds have always been great where i live, and in the past couple of months my mobile phone signal has significantly increased in other areas. Great value for money and good customer service + easy to use, best mobile communication provider in UK hands down.

  412. tracy

    i had no problem with 3 at all until my dongle broke and i bought a ZTEMF112 one to replace it, now i can hardly ever get a connection and when i do i lose it constantly, its made the whole family dread needing to go onto the internet! my daughter had a laptop through home access from positive IT solutions and was gutted to find it came with the same useless modle dongle and sure enough gets the same useless service!!!!!!!!! why have different modles anyway

  413. Duncan

    I have had 3 mobile Broadband since it was released, for the last months my average download speed has been 350 kbps. Dropping to 25 kbps at peak times. I have been told it will take 3 months to sort out the problem. Not the type of service you expect from a so called “the best for mobile broadband in the UK”

  414. andy

    I am well pleased with 3. Being a 3 contracted user, at home its flawless. a few months ago was having connection isssues. but it seems all sorted now. other than that,, i cant complain. !

    keep up the good work 3, looks like i will be renewing my contract at the end of the year.

  415. Moderator

    @Steven – If you post your postcode (I won’t publish it in full) I’ll check this out for you – thanks.

  416. Moderator

    @Natalie – Can you post your full postcode (I won’t publish it) and we’ll look into this for you.

  417. Moderator

    @graham pare – You should be able to check your usage on My3, which you can access through your dashboard. 15GB is usually more than enough to cover most people. What are you using your dongle for?

  418. Chris couper

    3 received at 5.5 miles from basestation TR0011.(Helston) using ‘Panorama’ high gain directional antenna. Connection drops in heavy rain and wind,which is to be expected. Our only possible internet connection here. Thank you for this excellent and to us magic service. Contract start 18.03.09. Long may it continue. Chris.

  419. Jerome Green

    There is bad coverage in Cavendish Road, Stevenage.

  420. Moderator

    @ Robert Creasey – Thanks for your feedback, there was a fault in your area on August 5th. We do try and keep our customers in the loop if there’s a planned outage and if it’s unplanned we do our best to get it resolved quickly. We are working on better communicating to customers when there are issues but if you have poor coverage again, let us know.

  421. John W

    I use mobile broadband because I move around quite a bit and do not want the hassle of a landline internet provider.

    I tried out an Orange package but the speed was absolutely shocking. It was slower than a dial-up connection. I canceled in the trial period.

    Switched to 3 and the speed is great – it is equivalent to what I was getting on my previous landline connection with BT. My contract has run for one year now and I rarely have problems connecting.

    Will defintely be signing up again when my contract ends,

  422. natasha

    i dsont no what evey 1 is in about i top mine up £25 a monthh an i hve never had any problems in facted i judt upgraded my dongel i kile it that much been usein it for about a year still love it

  423. B. Smith

    I love my 3 mobile broadband. It works fantastically well and I haven’t had any problems whatsoever ; I am on a rolling contract and would like to buy more download as the charges are quite prohibitives if you go over the allowance. is this possible ?

    Thanks in advance


  424. Edward Fleming

    I agree, that P.A.Y.G 3 customers are ripped off , with the £15 for 3 Gb, which really is not a lot, and then £25 for 15Gb, would it not stand to reason that a price restucturing be made by three network, that’s if they claim to be the best as set by ‘you gov’. come on guy’s at three, think of us your customer’s and set a standard, why not £10 for 3Gb, £15 for 7 Gb and £25 for the 25Gb for the hard user, does it not make sense, as mobile internet is the future, you guy’s at three better hold on to us ‘ loyal customer’s’, it was only twelve month’s ago I was told if I left a popular internet service supplier (land-line) I would find it difficult to get a cheaper broadband, well here we are now, so, you guy’s,… ignore us, you lose us…… Edward

  425. mrs. adegbemisola adeleke

    very reliable and straightforward to use

  426. dave

    OK it’s the mobile netwok and there’s a school nearby so I expect it to run slow at lunch time and at 3.30pm when all those busy little fingerrs get texting. But why does this system fold up and go fishing from 10pm on Friday until the small hours of Sunday night/Monday morning? The signal is so weak and unstable at the weekend, I can barely get an email off before we go through the tedious process of reconnecting, eight times in one hour on 8th August. According to your map CR0 is a good signal area, but that doesn’t apply at the weekends, I pay for 30 days a month, but you only supply anything approaching a service for 22.

    The 3 shop in Croydon are less than helpful, “That map don’t mean nothing”!

  427. Harry

    “even with a good signal it will not connect during the evening ”

    Yes, that’s the puzzling thing. Speed and ability to stay connected don’t seem to be related to signal strength. It makes me think the unreliability isn’t the wireless link between me and the mast but there are just farfar too many users for whatever is on the “other” side of the mast.

    This happens in EN3, E4 and EN11 — all fairly close together, so possibly they all share some common bottleneck.

  428. paul pattinson

    am getting sick ov this network now, keeps cuting off and its way 2 slow

  429. peter bottle

    i think 3 dongles r rubbish if it carrys on im changeing to another company. one bar signal and slower than a slug.

  430. KEN MOORE

    I am also a pay as you go customer,i pay my £15.00 for3 gb,but find it lasts me two weeks so in affect pay£30.00 a month.I have been into my local 3 store,only to find the offer of £15.00 for 15 gb, but carnt take that option,due to the inflexable way i have of getting it.I do not have a credit card,Drivers licence,so am forced after a year to take it or leave it.after 3 in the afternoon it is a waste of time locally to attempt to download anything,due to the sheer volume of local users,so like now i have to either get up very early or very late.Your staff in your store seem scared to use any discretion and when i had a problem with my dongle it took six attempts to go into yourstore and get it sorted out.Your engineering people knew exactly how long tha call was going to take becouse he told me,untill i pointed out i was useing the shops phone then everything changed very quickly.

  431. chris

    thanks i will look forward 2 hearing from u

  432. chris

    when i connect 2 3 dongle there is a count down starts can u tell me what this means

  433. gary

    I’ve used o2 and vodafone on mobile broadband and found 3 to provide the best coverage. Although it does have problems every now and then, and it isn’t as good as using BT service, but then again i don’t have to pay for a phone(which i never use) and broadband package just to get internet.

  434. Unhappy victim

    Your customer service is terrible for phone and dongle. If I phone you I get a call centre in some foreign country and have to constantly repeat what I say. Your advisors often have no idea what I am asking for and give me false information. I was offered an upgrade but later found out that I would have to pay for both contracts. This is a joke.

    If I contact you by E-mail I get no reply or I get a ‘stock’ message directing me to the 3 website.

    I get poor coverage and often can’t connect to the internet. I’m sure you have the ‘biggest coverage’ of any other company but it’s inferior in almost every way. Avoid this Mickey Mouse company and get a decent deal elsewhere. Any other company can provide the same level of servive for a fraction of the price.

  435. JIm

    3 is probably the worst most inconsistance service I have ever subscribed to. Intermittant signal teases you into believing that you might be able to complete a transaction on the web but it seems to wait until the last minute before cutting you off.

    They give you reasonable service for weeks then suddenly, when you least expect it, cut you off.

    For an object lesson in frustration and annoyance try phoning customer services. Language barriers aside, you have to jump through the hoops of clearing your cache and rebooting your server etc., while talking to the nice man from india talks you through it. Then you have to spend a week collecting ping tests to justify your complaint. So after an annoying two weeks collecting download speeds, the service starts working again. You cant afford the expense of phoning CServices again.

    I cant wait for the contract to run out. Terrible, frustrating, disapointing, annoying, shameful, misrepresentation.

  436. erika sz,

    Fed up with internet connection getting lost, and during weekdays between 10am-5am if i get connection it’s slow like a retired snail. with previous complaints attended london camden town 3store (trying to top up) they laptops, connections etc.-allegedly-never worked.a couple of months ago i recieved a call from 3operators with an offer to change to cheaper contract with more gigs. when i refused credit check-up and declined offer-i have a mobile phone contract and pay as…with 3-they kept calling me 10-15 times a day,at any times for several days. why would i need more than 3 gig if i barely can use my existing amount cos connection is slow? and the area? N7 ! are u sure u improveing coverage and speed? i seriously doubt it!

  437. Rachel

    im happy with 3

  438. Paul Kerrigan

    The only complaint I have is when I am downloading larger files, I only achieve 5 Kbps, on one of my favorite sites,
    I am discusted that 3 are limiting my download speed, as I have tried the same site on other broadband providers with no problems.

  439. Paul Ford

    Hi, i think ur service for mobile broadband is perfect and 90% its fast and reliable, but recently my dongle has been staying on 3G alot instead of going to its usual HSPA, any help here peeps :D

  440. Mark Robinson

    Why Have 3 started to throttle downloads between 6pm and 12am I pay £15 a month for an always on internet connection now if i download anything after 6pm it crawls to 6k per second (same as 56k speed) i could understand reducing the speed by say 50% in the early evening to accomodate everyone but 200-300k per second to 5/6k per second is unacceptable. I should have been told this was going to happen instead of being told the Network is improving which in my opinion it’s now worse! I can’t stream video on saturday/sunday afternoon anymore and i am not a happy customer, I’d even go as far to say you have broken the 18month contract i signed up for by enforcing this download limit in the evening / night!

  441. tara

    i just paid 15 pounds for 4 hour whats gone wrong it says i got no data please help




  443. Dee

    I have had a 3 dongle for some time now and don’t have problems except losing connection when connected to some USA sites.
    Also can you please consider the fairer move of making the pay as you go dongle monthly costs never ending as some months I have lost over £5 of unused “time”. I think like mobile phones the voiiucher should just go on until it is used up that would be fairer to small users like me.

  444. Howard

    I did for a short period switch to Vodafone Mobile Broadband because their reception in our area was better than your’s – something I am glad to see you are endeavoring to rectify. But I switched back to 3 because I couldn’t even check my lottery results with Vodafone because they had ‘content control’ in place. This annoyed me because I was not informed of this at the point of sale when I purchased the dongle. When I complained to Vodafone they told me I could get the ‘content control’ removed by calling in at their showroom with some form of identification – I am nearly 67 years old for God’s sake!

    I just hope that if you see fit to introduce some form of ‘content control’, you will give us fair warning.

    I would hope if you do introduce this, that you will handle it in a less arrogant & more enlightened way than Vodafone – for instance the staff in the showrooms could ask potential customers for ID if they are in doubt that the purchaser is a minor etc. Thank you for your attention.

  445. Den Warwick

    JUST FOR A CHANGE, i don’t have any problems with 3 at all now and again i have experienced temporary minor connection issues but generally get decent coverage and service wherever I am even away from home in different parts of the country. The staff I have spoken to have done all they can to be polite and helpful no matter what the questions I ask have been. I am on my second contract now and so far i can only commend you all for the service, advice and help I have recieved. Well done I’m not usually easy to impress, so thanks you deserve it.

  446. clive

    i thought skype was free i have been using it for a few days and have noticed it use`s about 56kbps download while i am chatting to people

  447. Louis

    3 network is very good hspa hsdpa modes even work well with online gameing on xbox via pc so stop moaning they will fix it in the end

  448. JH

    I have both Contract and pay as you go internet on 3G, I get connection problems all the time and then when it does work it says I have run out of data.
    When I call 3 they say it must be a pc error, but I work with computers everyday, one person from 3 said I needed to get my pc checked by a profesional, ahem, There are no problems with my pc.

  449. mark ireland

    im still having problems with my 3 dongle when i connect it gos to orange and it turns off off after 10 mins then trys to reconnect the signal just gos to 1 bar i never had a problem with dongle to i was told to upgade it and now the servis is rubish ive even had a new dongle sent to me and that is just as bad i had a good service to you upgraded my startup program i would recomend 3 to anyone at the moment whats going on with 3 my post code is l7[removed by mod]
    mark ireland

  450. debbie

    i recently purchased a 3 mobile broadband dongle .for 10 pounds worth of credit u get hardly any usage.also i live in morecambe where even though it says im connected and the clock ticks i cant actualy get onto anything and its too slow so for the last 2 months trying to get onto interet has cost me so much and is stressfull ive wasted 30pounds trying to connect getting connected but being told im not connected to internet..other people in this area have had and still having same problem if you mean what you say then help us get better faster connection and compensation would be nice a gesture of 15pounds worth of credit would be nice please sort as soon as ty

  451. Ekram

    Look,I just want to agree with Stephen Russels coment because its true,I have had a simillar problem and am very angry about it.

  452. Rahul Dave

    @ Moderators
    As a existing customer of 3, I am not at all happy with the coverage of the dongle as well as the mobile network. I own two dongles, and use them frequently.There are frequent drop of network Also the mobile network in area is not good. Please rectify the network. My postcode is S3 [removed by mod].

  453. Joseph P. Campbell

    Periodically when I use the “sleep” feature of my Windows Vista Home Premium operating system on my PC and then “wake up” this PC which restores it from a low power state I find that my 3Connect Broadband Dongle software won’t allow me to activate my `Broadband connection even though there is high signal strength from a nearby cellular telephon/Broadband tower. I then have to unplug the offending 3Connect Dongle from my PC’s system unit and then plug it back in, in order to reload this Dongle’s inbuilt 3Connect software. Only then will I be able to activate my 3Connect mobile (wireless) Broadband connection and go online. I did approach the Support dept. at 3Connect about this periodic connection problem some months ago but didn’t get a software/hardware solution problem or, indeed, any response from them. Why didn’t I ?

  454. tony

    love 3 the best singal where i live in cumbria

  455. Stephen Russell

    I am So Angry I Pay £15 A Month On Pay And Go And Receive 3GB For My Loyalty to 3 And Me Telling My Family And Friends About How Good You Are.So Then I Find Out People On Contract Get 15GB For £15 I have already told my brother not to bother as i was wrong and i know losing me and 4 members of my family means nothing but i will be happy knowing i wont be getting ripped off any more yes give people some perks for taking out a contract but to totally show us lesser people on pay and go no respect and i went to tell the people at my local 3 store this and they agreed but said they cant do anything says it all for me your own people agreeing and red faced so when this credit runs out i,ll be changing to someone who puts all customers first.

  456. Steven

    I cocnstantly have issues with my dongles always running slow cutting out, taking upto 20 minutes sometimes to even get a signal to connect amndf it never leaves he same position on my desk it is very tempromental.

  457. graham pare

    i was persuaded to buy a laptop and 15 gig , they told me it would last a month easy, welll i,m ten days off my month and my allowance is running out , i use the social network tagged.why cant 3 give 20 gig like sky.and sky is cheaper.

  458. Moderator

    @ Robert Creasey – Sorry you were affected by poor coverage – I’ll see what I can find out for you.

  459. natalie williams

    hi my names natalie ive had my 3 payg dongle for about 3 months… I keep having signal problems it sumtimes connects for 10mins then keeps dissconeccting then wont let me connect at all i use this 3network for socialising and to talk to my brother in austrailia the only cheapest way i can talk to him an my nephew i would much appreciate if u can tell me when this issue will and can be sorted out other wise i will e moving to a different copany becaouse im paying for something tht only works accasionally thanx … ps i live in sheffield s5 area

  460. Moderator

    @David – Sounds like a bit of a coverage nightmare. I’ll check this out for you…

  461. rick

    well let me say that i have never had a problem with the network (3) or my dongle,and 3 have allways made the upmost effort, to solve all problems, i do agree that the network should be available in all uk hospitals, i am sure it is being worked on. thank u 3.

  462. Robert Creasey

    My 3G mobile internet did not work from Thursday the 5th August. Went to 3G shop, they did not know anything about it. Checked THEIR internet – not working. Shop said it will be working in a few hours. Of course it was not. Finally connected to internet on Saturday morning. I would not mind this but if we were told us about it and then it would not be so bad. If they are doing maintenance or whatever please tell us. I use internet for currency speculation, I think I lost over $150 because of this brown out. My post code is PE21 [removed by Mod].

  463. David

    Having been persuaded not to cancel and try the new improved dongle I still find that signal level regularly drops to zero and even with a good signal it will not connect during the evening even late evening. And Skype is impossible to use. Site often time out while waiting for a response. Post Code HU1 [removed by Mod]

  464. Moderator

    @Jamie – Sorry you’re having coverage issues again. Thanks for forwarding your postcode – the team is checking it out for you, so I’ll let you know as soon as I know more.

  465. jamie

    i had this problem wth my dongle not long ago. it seemed to be fixed for a while but has started to happen again..

    the dongle connects to orange (gprs). when that happens i close the 3 connect app and reopen. Then it loads and have to w8 an hour sometimes for signal to be restored to 3 bars on the 3 netowork. and the signal is always very low . its very inconveiniant. please could i have some advice on this problem.

  466. Jamie

    @moderator…i recently posted about a signal problem with mobile broadband (dongle) the problem has recurred it connects to orange and at time loses signal altogether for at least an hour. when i had this problem last time i was told that it was “resolved” but that does not seem to be the case. so any help or advice would b greatly appreciated. thanks.

    i pay for the 3 network 3g.not orange gps that does not even work.

  467. Stew

    @vinay I have to agree on the reception at pinderfields hospital, I was there only two months ago and the coverage varied depending where I was. I got zero to minimal coverage around the grounds.
    My work sees me spend time at the lower end of town (Calder vale) and I find that coverage is mixed with text messages failing to deliver. One area where the reception is very poor is the ridings shopping centre, it’s very hard to get any signal there, ironically if you go into the 3 store they can’t demo the products as the coverage is so bad. I shall take your advice and test my signal strength at my place of work to see the results. Thanks for the links i shall view them later.

  468. Moderator

    @William – The team’s taken a look at your postcode and it looks like we’ve got some good news. They did identify a fault but everything seems to be working fine now, plus it looks like we’ll be doing some work late August – early September which should improve the strength of your coverage even more :-). Can you let me know how the coverage is at the moment?

  469. Moderator

    @Lee a – Really sorry it does sound like there are some network issues in your area. I’ll give our Executive team a nudge and ask them to give you a call back as soon as they can.

  470. lee a

    @ Mod,

    someone from your Executive office called me 2days ago and adviseed me that i would be recieving a call yesterday with an update on what is happening with the fault on the mast near my house and didnt, now i came home from work yesterday and connected to the net and the HSDPA light came on on the dongle, SORTED i thought, how wrong I was, the connection kept dropping every few minutes but later in the evening it seemed a little better, then 12am(ish) it went down completely, so i went bed, got up this morning, logged on to work from home and all seemed ok, 10 mins later off it wenmt again, but i neeeded to get some things done and put up with it, came home tonight and lights on when i connect, now its still cutting off and anything from 0 to 230k connection speeds, how long is this going on for like this?? Now if the company who i work for, who are a very LARGE ISP conducted their business in this manner we wouldnt have won the awards that we have, I’ve been a Faults engineer for well over the last decade and resolve all our issues asap for our customers as they are my bread and butter so to speak, so with the weekend approaching very fast i can see yet another disrupted service and this is the first one off for me in 4 months!!! you have both my contact numbers and would like someone to call me with all the correct info as to what/when and why, if thats ok.

  471. Moderator

    @xiaofeiw – it sounds like you’ve tried all quick fixes. I’ll drop you an email to see if we can help you sort this issue.

  472. xiaofeiw

    Moderator, that did not solve the problem. Plugging/Unplugging into ITune, TurningOff/Turning On the phone, Takingout/reinserting sim card. Thanks and i am waiting for your response.

  473. Moderator

    @xiaofeiw Ok, can you try replugging your phone into itunes? Let us know if this doesn’t resolve the issue.

  474. xiaofeiw

    I just got Iphone 3gs delivered from 3 after a contract upgrad but after iTune set up the phone did not receive any signal at my home. It said NO service and i can not make any calls let alone browsing internet. I am living in city of Cambridge (CB1 area), a very popular University city. I checked on 3 website network coverage is very good. If I switch back to my old 3 handset with same sim card it gets full signal strength. Then i brought the iPhone to work about 4 miles north from the place where i live (CB4 area) i found the phone did get signal but very pool on average 1 bar occasionally rise up to 2 bar or 3 bar and drop down to NO Service. Afer reading 3 blog i found many people had the same problem. This really makes me worried and I am wondering if this is the problem of 3 network or IPhone itself or combination of two. I feel really disappointed if 3 can not solve this problem in time i have to cancel the contract after all there is no point of keeping a non usuable phone however advanced it is.

  475. Moderator

    @Jamie – In July we stopped using ‘unlimited’, take a look here for more info. But we do have a £15 for 15GB deal – see here. I hope this is what you’re after.

  476. Jamie

    i have a question~ not sure if im posting in the correct place. does 3 have any future plans to bring out unlimited internet for the dongles with monthly charge? would be great cos i buy the 3 gigabytes and it only lasts me 2 to 3 weeks and sometimes i have to wait a week or so before i have the money to top-up again.

  477. Moderator

    @Jamie – great news, glad to hear it :-)

  478. Jamie

    yeah over the past couple of days i have noticed an improvement. signal is always 4 or 5 bars. and it hasnt been connecting to orange. thanks.

  479. Moderator

    @Jamie – There has been a network fault on a local mast but it has literally just been resolved. Can you tell me if things have improved? You are in an area of variable coverage but the postcode you’ve given us should receive good outdoors and some indoor coverage.

  480. Moderator

    @Steve B – it’s pretty hard for us to check coverage based on London Underground stops, but it looks like the three locations you’ve given us have suffered a couple of faults this month. They should all have been resolved within the last couple of days though. Can you let me know if you’ve seen an improvement at all?

  481. Moderator

    @vinay – ah, yes. I do remember your postcode, sorry. I’ll ask our network team to check on any updates. And yep, @ThreeUKLatest is our own Twitter page.

  482. Jamie

    TR18 [removed my mod] please do not publish full postcode

  483. Moderator

    @Jamie – can you comment again with your postcode? I’ll take a look.

  484. Moderator

    @Steve B – haven’t published your last comment as it covers so many postcodes but I’ll come back to you as our network team have taken a look.

  485. vinay

    @ steve w

    did you use the RF signals tracker app. i am trying that out too, that gives the location, lat longitude, cell site id etc.

    i am also trying out the “4g, cdma, gsm & wifi map viewer app” from sensorly which is similar as well.

    all the apps i mentioned are free and everyone can use them, but make sure you change the settings data uploads to wifi only” so that you dont use data on 3g for uploads. the more the people that use such apps the better will the report you get back from the app for your area.

    you can choose to maps any network and not just three network! so that you can make informed decisions about coverage in your areas where you use the phones.

    i am putting this up on other websites as well so that consumers can make informed choices, and people like me who use smartphones or others who use dongles are more likely to use three network due to them having a better 3g network in the uk presently.

  486. vinay

    @ moderator

    the postcode in question is / was WF1 [removed by mod] and around it (pinderfields general hospital) at wakefield, your network checker says excellent coverage as do your network people, but it is pants even outside the building and even on the main road (aberford road) this is in the city proper and the main hospital for the area. the moderator had looked into this issue in june, i dont know if there is more than one moderator for this blog, so i dont know if am addressing the same person now, but one moderator did try to help me out in june as well.

    as i said this isnt just a problem for me, others who have posted here have mentioned the same WF1 postcode a few times on this blog page. so there is definitely something wrong there what ever your network people say. it is now common knowledge in the area that your network is poor for coverage there, or so the word is among most of my colleagues at work, most of whom have consequently moved to other networks because of that.

    also the OFCOM maps are not on the OFCOM website but are in the public domain because of freedom of information requests by some people earlier and also can be found elsewhere on the net if one looks on googles cached pages! i myself have written about this issue on other forums commending three networks good 3g coverage for the UK. seeing the network coverage maps for the UK for 3G i am surprised O2 were even allowed to keep their 3G license seeing their lousy 3G coverage maps as released by OFCOM. see more on this post elsewhere and for network data speed times three network is good too. i am surprised three isnt actually crowing about this. see forum posts about this issue elsewhere and

    ofcom 3g maps for 2009 can be found here anyone who wants it please download and keep it before even the cached page disappears from the net. ofcom removed it after some other networks complained apparently! looking at some networks useless coverage maps in comparison to three it is no wonder why the other networks complained and got ofcom to remove the report. by the way cached google pages are exempt from copyright laws as per uk copy right laws.

    if anyone wants to see their signal strength then some phones like the htc desire show the raw signal strength in dbm and asu. this is accurate unlike the signal bars shown on the phones. to see this .. select from home page – menu – settings – about phone – network. this will show the signal strength in dbm and asu. the lesser the dbm the better, the nearer it gets to 113dbm the poorer the signal. the asu is just a derivative of the dbm and higher the asu the better. see the htc desire battery issues thread on this blog for a more detailed explanation of this or elsewhere on the net.

    @ steve w

    anyone wanting to see where the masts are located then see these links
    Signal strength apps

    ■Wifi Analyzer: walk around and see a dynamic graph of wifi signal strength. Great for picking the right place to sit in an airport or cafe to get the best wifi signal
    ■Antennas: shows a Google map with nearby antennas on it. Good for monitoring your phone’s signal strength I am using this app presently and it gives you the location of the mast on googlemaps
    ■RF Signal Tracker (two versions, Donut and Eclair): another app to measure cell phone tower signal strength

    these are android apps, there might be similar ones for other systems too. i found the above on matcuts (from google) blog a while ago.

    you can also get a lot of similar data if you use some dialer codes for getting into your phones ‘test’ or ‘info’ settings. this is available for most phones except the iphone4 (because apple removed this menu present in most phones since decades for obvious reasons!). google and you will find a way to check various information on this setting.

    or use handhelp signal meters available on the net to check the signal strength if needed.

    what method did you use to get the location of the masts and strength.

    @ moderator
    also is this the ‘official’ twitter page of three network or is somone pulling a fsat one using three logos etc Please confirm about this issue moderator, so that i dont subscribe to a bogus twitter page

  487. Jamie

    @moderator…….recently got an email off 3 that there would be an upgrade to the signal in my area. well the upgrade has finished….and my signal has got worse since the upgrade…also when i am browsing it connects to orange network (gprs). what is going on? are there any solutions?

  488. Moderator

    @Rob – we’ll take a look. I’ll come back with an update as soon as I can.

  489. Rob

    Hi are there any plans to upgrade coverage in the Macclesfield area – SK10 [removed by mod], coverage is reasonable but data is painfully slow.

    Three’s coverage website even recommends not signing up at the moment.

  490. Moderator

    @Ed – It does look like you’ve been impacted by some network work in your area. I’d like to arrange for us to call you to talk you through things, so I’ll drop you a note to get a few details.

  491. Moderator

    @Gaz – there is a fault currently affecting your site, but engineers are investigating. Hopefully will have more of an update in a day or so.

  492. Moderator

    @Mike – Our systems suggest that you should be in an area of strong indoor and outdoor coverage, and there are no network faults showing for your postcode. We’ll give you a call and get this investigated.

  493. Moderator

    @vinay – can you tell me which postcode you’re finding is affected (this helps us identify specific sites that might be underperforming). Thanks :-)

  494. Moderator

    @Gaz – we’ll take a look :-)

  495. vinay

    @ moderator / @ stew / @ mike

    looks like large parts of wakefield area is having poor coverage. i had reported it in may and june, then stew seems to have the same problem and mike as well. so your network peoples opinion that everything is fine isnt right since quite a few seem to be having problems in the same area.

    also in the surrounding areas too in the last month or so the data speeds have halved and never got back to the speeds i used to always get in may. in may i used to get (using speedtest app by ookla) download speeds of about 5400kbps consistently and upload speeds of 540kbps consistently. i had performed the speedtests many times from many locations in wakefield and pontefract and surrounding areas. but since late june and july the download speed has halved and is never more than 2700kbps for downloads but the uploads speeds have gone up to 1500kbps at most times. download speeds would be important for most people for surfing etc. the speeds i mentioned are for hsdpa on three network. on gprs roaming which i get on occassion a snail could travel faster than the speeds i get! but most of the time i get hsdpa from three (except at wf1 postcode where the signal is very poor to non existant, time without signal is greater than 25-40% on most days i work at that location!!! while in almost all other areas i get zero percent time without signal). so there is something wrong with your network at wf1 as not just me, two other people on here are reporting problems for the wakefield area. it isnt the geography because my colleagues with other networks get good signals. i have given up chasing this issue with your network team and am about to unlock my old phone to take a simcard from another network for emergency use at that postcode. hope the three network people dont cause probs unlocking the old phone as i dont have hope of them sorting out the network issue at that postcode.

    thanks to the moderator for putting in a word on my behalf and someone from three did look intyo it in june but they were told by network team that everything was fine on the network and nothing could be upgraded for the NEXT YEAR and there are no plans for upgrades anytime for that area. i was begining to wonder if it was just my handset, but looking at the others posts here it looks like a common problem for the wakefield area (which is what my colleagues told me about three network poor signal issues in the area after i upgraded my contracts). Three people from the same area in a span of a few comments on your blog denotes a problem with the network there.

  496. Gaz

    @moderator My postcode is SY21 [removed by mod], hope you can fix the issue. Also, could you tell me if their are any new masts planned for my area because the signal in my house is good upstairs but very hit and miss downstairs. Thanks

  497. Moderator

    @Gaz – hmm, can you ping me your postcode? I’ll dig around and see what’s up.

  498. Moderator

    @Andrew – I’ll happily check out your coverage if you can comment again with your postcode. I won’t publish it in full but we’ll be able to investigate what’s going on.

  499. Moderator

    @Ed – thanks, we’ll take a look :-)

  500. Steve W

    @mod. Yes, please drop me an email.

    I think that the cell site believed to fully cover that postcode doesn’t actually do so, due to terrain and trees. Sitting in the garden the phone is registered to cell 197147755 LAC 19, showing 3-4 bars of signal, inside this drops to 1-2 in some rooms, near zero in others. This experience is reflected on 3 different models of handset and 3 different accounts, 2 contract and 1 payg, Therefore a handset or account issue can be eliminated.

    The shared 3/t-mobile site at a329/bay road is 20m lower and is hidden behind a hill and trees.

    The site at Long Hill is significantly higher, but I didn’t believe the sectors are pointing in the correct direction.

    The site at Bog Lane sewage works is on the same level, but again I don’t think the antenna sectors cover the postcode, The Bog Lane site does however fully cover RG12 [removed by mod] which is a similar distance away as the dead spot.

    I’m a fully licensed radio ham and have a good understanding of propagation at 3g frequencies , but unfortunately I don’t have access to UMTS test equipment and don’t have details of the antenna configuration of the nearby sites.

  501. Moderator

    @Jon – YouGov don’t always publish the results of surveys on their website, so I don’t believe these results are available online.

  502. Mike Cotterell

    @moderator – Just wanted to say thanks. It’s great to get such responses and goes a long way to countering the frustrations of dealing with some of the other parts of Three’s customer services (although they may have improved since I last had dealings with them). I wonder if any other phone company can boast such a good response to customers’ questions.

  503. Gaz

    The signal in my town has dropped significantly the last week, 3 used to be the only network where you could get any coverage inside pubs in the town but this last week it has been terrible.

  504. Andrew

    Hi, i have Ok signal most of the time, but regarding the roaming agreement with t-mobile. when my phone switches to roaming the data connection is so slow that its practically unusable. Doing a speed test indicates on three i get about 1.2mbps but on roaming this drops to around 25kbps

  505. Ed

    It’s Ed again – my full postcode is w5 [removed by mod]. The network change was explained to me as the decommissioning of one mast and provisioning from a new mast – possibly shared with T-Mob.

  506. Jon

    Do you have the full URL for the YouGov survey? If had a look for it but can’t find it.

  507. Moderator

    @Mike – we’ll take a look and come back to you :-)

  508. Mike

    Hi, We live in Wakefield at Wf2 [removed by mod] and our two new E71`s on 3 have both recently been dropping calls as they switch between a 1 bar 3G signal and roaming.

    We have to go upstairs and stand in front of the window to reliably accept and make calls.

    Is there any hope of improvement and where is our local 3 mast?


  509. Moderator

    @Ed – that doesn’t sound great – sorry that your coverage seems to be getting worse. Could you comment again with your full postcode? I won’t publish it in full but I’ll be able to take a look at things.

  510. Ed

    A couple of people on here have mentioned coverage changing as the network improvement project rolls out.

    In my case the coverage in W5 1 has gone from extremely good to quite poor. In March / April I was told by customer services that the network engineering work in the W5 1 area would temporarily result in reduced coverage until a new transmitter came on stream in the “next month”.

    It’s now mid summer and the coverage is still noticeably worse both indoors and outdoors than it was 12 months ago – it’s fallen from 5 bars outside / 4 bars inside to 3 bars outside / 1 bar inside. This is the same on my girfriend’s phone so it’s not a phone issue and too consistent to be cell breathing when the network is heavily loaded.

    Was I misinformed by customer service or is an improvement in coverage in W5 1 still on the cards?

  511. Moderator

    @Al – yes indeed, that’s us :-). We’ve logged your issue, someone will be in touch.

  512. Al

    Mods, could you tell me if this Twitter account is genuine?

    they asked for my details to look into something, just checking (to be on the safe side)

  513. Moderator

    @Mike Cotterell – Right, just heard back. Regarding your first postcode, LD5, we do have a plan for a new site a little further along the valley which may provide improved signal for you. We don’t have a planned date for this yet, but all being well it should be before the end of the year. Re your second postcode, TN20, it looks like a number of new sites are planned. There are two due in August, and then a further two pencilled in for November. So all in all, looks like things should improve significantly for you :-)

  514. Moderator

    @Steve W – We’ve taken a look at your postcode but it doesn’t look like we have any plans for additional sites in your area. You should have very good coverage both indoors and outdoors.

    I can arrange from someone to give you a call if you’d like to discuss further and check that nothing else is causing the problem? Let me know and I’ll drop you an email.

  515. Moderator

    @Mike Cotterell – that’s great news! I’m still awaiting our network team’s response on your location, so if I get anything through that sheds extra light I’ll let you know :-)

  516. Stew

    I haven’t noticed any increase in signal quality over the last month, so maybe the upgrade work 3 carried out in June wasn’t sufficient or i’m simply too far away from the mast. A lot of the time texts won’t send and neither will skype chat messages whilst I repeatedly get “you are under low network coverage” messages on Windows Live Messenger and get cut off. The quality of calls can be affected simply by moving position in the room i’m in, which is very annoying as i’ve had calls drop on me frequently. This leaves hanging out of a window to get a signal.
    I don’t have any issues with the signal at home. Maybe its because i’m on the outskirts of town at work?

  517. Mike Cotterell

    @moderator – thanks, just received a call from your team to say that a new mast is going up 2 miles from me in about 2 weeks time.

  518. Moderator

    @LHL – that’s amazing news! Long may your improved coverage continue :-)

  519. Moderator

    @lee a – hopefully these issues are only temporary while the site settles down, but sincere apologies for the problems the work has caused you. I’ve asked our network team to investigate. Once we’ve got an idea of what’s gone on I’ll drop you a note to get a few details and we’ll give you a call.

  520. Moderator

    @Steve B – this might be asking too much, but I don’t suppose you have postcodes for those locations? :-)

  521. LHL

    @Mod Thanks for your reply regarding coverage in post code NN9 [removed by mod].
    Happy to advise that in the last couple of days signal strength has improved
    to the extent I can know get a 3G signal inside my house :))
    Internet services are also much improved at peak times with very few
    failed connections. Thanks for your continuing advice.
    WELL DONE! I had to call your customer service department about another
    issue last week. The guy that helped me could not have been more helpful
    your customer service centre seems to have improved considerably.

  522. Moderator

    @Mike Cotterell – we’re looking at all the options around apps right now. This is a great suggestion though, I’ll make sure this is passed onto the team :-)

  523. Moderator

    @Mike Cotterell – thanks, I’ll ask our team to take a look.

  524. Moderator

    @Gary Moncrieff – I don’t know the detail of decisions our Network team makes I’m afraid, but they do take a number of factors into account.

  525. lee a

    @ MOD,

    not been a good few weeks at my house with either your broadband or mobile calls, I chave been getting slower and slower soeeds over he past few months and 2 weeks ago they finally stopped altogether, no calls could be made or recieved and no connections to the net on either dongle ot phone, i called your CsS and the chap on the phone said that it was due to a mast upgrade and that it will be back to normal within 24-48 hrs, that time past and yup it was back to the fast speeds ive always had with 3 and the calls were working fine, then i noticed 3 days later that the calls were being affected with one way transmition ( they could hear me fine but i couldnt hear or make out what they were saying) then on friday i came hone and found that he net had gonbe down on my phone and dongle!!! not good!! so called your cust serv and was told i would receive a call on saturday, saturday came and no call so i called again and spoke to a nice chap who advised that his was part of a upgrade to the mast that was competed a week or so but a fault/ issue arose and this was being resolved and was advised that this will be cpomplete within the nnext 10 days!! as you can expect I’m not a happy bunny at the mo after just taking out a new phone cointract 3 months ago I’m at the point that when my contract runs pout in the next 2-3months for my broadband will i continue it?? i know you cannot publish this but my post code is LE4 [removed by mod], the thing that dissopoints me is that your company didnt give me anyinformation that his was happening? and the wort part is that i only recommended my sister 2 months ago who also live in the same area and connectes to the same mast who also had the same problems and was also going to canx her conbtract for lack of service even though she has just taken it out, I cannot understand why you would think about taking down and doing upgrade work over a weekend afterall this is the busyest time for any ISP or phone operator, you customer serv are brill, the chaps and lass’s that i have called to speak to could not appologise more and i kept telling them that its not their fault, they compenstated me for lack of service as they have told m,e it should be sorted within the next 10 days!!! so i will get another weeked of interupted service, why dont you infor your customers who would be affected as i couldnt even make a 999 call i would have needed to :(, as i said when my contract come to its end soon unless your cust servb can offer a bloody good deal then im afraid that i will either change mobile provider or go back to BT that is what I realy dont want to do, so if you can adivise me on what the overall issue is/was i would be greatful,

    Lee A

  526. Steve B

    With all this talk of coverage I thought I’d mention a couple of blackspots I regularly suffer North & West London. In the Ealing W5 area and the Piccadilly line between Ealing Common & South Harrow my phone (Desire) just roams and has no data (I had poor coverage on my old N95 as well though so this is nothing new). Also in the Kilburn area (the London Underground Metropolitan line, between Finchley Road & Wembley Park, where again the phone roams, but at leat the data connection still works here, albeit at 2G speeds.

  527. vinay

    @ stew

    I have issues with the wf1 post code too. I had reported it in june, and also was told it was resolved, well it wasn’t resolved and was given an option to end my contract. But decided to stay because that is one of my work places. I am surprised the connection is bad in the city proper but the network people said it was fine and couldn’t be upgraded. I didn’t cancel the contract as I might move else where for work in the near future. The signal strength hovers between 100 to 113 dbm. It can’t get worse than 113dbm.

  528. Mike Cotterell

    While we’re on the subject of coverage and signal strength, how about an application for iPhone and other smartphones to tell users where the nearest 3 masts are. When I can’t get a signal it would be nice to be able to look at a map or type in a place name or postcode to find out where the nearest good signal might be.

  529. Mike Cotterell

    @moderator – Thanks. The Welsh postcode is LD5 [removed by mod] though we’re further up the valley than the centre of the postcode. The valley is sparsely populated and no operator provides coverage there so it’s not very surprising that a 3 signal isn’t available. It’s probably just not economic to provide cover in such areas.

    The other postcode is TN20 [removed by mod] which is near Mayfield (East Sussex). When I bought the MiFi I thought it would work there but later discovered I was looking and the mobile signal map rather than the broadband one. Your map seems to show little or no coverage in this area. Our next door neighbour (who owns a company that develops iPhone and other mobile applications told me I was making a mistake going with 3 as their coverage was so poor. Mind you, he has to go upstairs to get a good O2 signal. I’m hoping that economics suggest this would be a good area to invest in more masts.

  530. Geraint

    @mod = great news about the two new masts planned for my area! Thanks for checking this out for me

  531. Gary Moncrieff

    If the network team are prepared to place sites in small villages in England and Wales, why wont they revisit the decision not to cover my area?

  532. George C

    @Moderator – You commented on how you can check future coverage on an internal system or at least know the area where masts are planned. Will this feature be available on the website coverage checker as you are adding new masts every week and it would be good to see planned coverage before I commit to a contract.

  533. Stew

    Hi mod, try now should work

  534. Moderator

    @Steve W – An offer they couldn’t refuse ;-)! We’ll take a look and come back to you.

  535. Steve W

    Hi Mod,

    Can you please check if the network team are planning any work that would improve coverage at postcode RG12 [removed by mod]. This is the address of a family member (also a 3 customer), although the whole area in general has excellent 3g coverage, his street seems to be a bit of a dead spot, frequently dropping back to 2g indoors and if you receive a call, you don’t dare move around the house in case it drops.

    I understand there are several cell sites fairly close to that postcode that should provide very good coverage, however according to google maps location function, phones generally camp on a far more distant site at the Hilton Hotel on the A322. I can provide more geographical information if needed and would be happy to provide a network survey bod with a cup of tea if one wants to visit (by prior arrangement of course!)



  536. Moderator

    @Geraint – hopefully we will be! You are in an area of patchy indoor and outdoor 3G coverage at the moment, but there are plans to bring better coverage to your village. We have two sites planned in close proximity to your postcode, but I’m afraid we don’t have any dates for this work yet. They may be a few months away, but the new sites are definitely coming :-)

  537. Moderator

    @Stew – just got a bouncemail from your email address. Is there another we could try?

  538. Moderator

    @Stew – no problem, just pinged you an email. Free Facebook is on it’s way, we’re making progress and waiting to have dates confirmed by our tech teams.

  539. Stew

    Hi mod, yes could you please call me. If you email me on the address provided I will send you my contact number. Also do you know what is happening with the free Facebook?

  540. Moderator

    @LHL – We’ve taken a look at your coverage. There is 3G signal in your area but it is fairly patchy. One of your nearest sites is subject to a bit of conjestion which may be the cause of you dropping to 2G a lot. By the looks of things, we should be improving its performance over the next week or so. Can you let me know then if you see an improvement?

  541. Moderator

    @Stew – There was a network issue affecting your area, but this was resolved in June. In theory you should be getting good coverage. We can give you a call to discuss if you’d like though? Let me know, and I’ll get a few extra details from you.

  542. Moderator

    @Geraint – no problem, will take a look and come back to you.

  543. Moderator

    @AJE – our agreement with Orange isn’t coming to an end. We’re always reviewing the performance of our network, but we have no imminent plans to remove 2G across the country.

  544. Geraint

    Mod – can you check whether you have any improvements planned for SY24 [removed by mod]?

    Both the wife an I are on 3 but you don’t have a mast which serves our village – we get the backup 2G signal instead. You recently placed a mast to serve the nearby village so I’m hoping that you’ll be bringing 3G to us too soon!

  545. Moderator

    @William – sure thing, will come back to you shortly

  546. AJE

    @Moderator. I, for one, was not aware that the agreement with Orange is coming to an end.

    At the moment my mobile switches automatically to Orange when I have no signal from Three. Will I have to change the settings on my mobile to prevent this from October or will it somehow automatically no longer seek out Orange’s signal?

  547. Moderator

    @Mike Cotterell – would you like me to check any postcodes at those locations? I can at least give you an idea of any work that’s planned.

  548. Moderator

    @LHL – thanks for the feedback, I’ll make sure this is passed onto our Network team. To get a feel for the scale of our network share programme with T-Mobile, you might want to have a read of some of the posts our team has written – take a look here, here, here and here. In the meantime, I’ll ask our team to look at whether there are any 3G plans in your area.

  549. William

    Hello, it is good to see all the good work from 3, one thing about the network I have here is that it is really fast at offpeak times, and around the evenings it goes very slow, clearly the network is congested here? My postcode is CA28 [removed by mod], please kindly check it out for me.
    Thanks, William.

  550. Moderator

    @GreenDerek – he he! Will certainly suggest it ;-)

  551. Mike Cotterell

    Well, I can definitely join the queue in waiting for improved coverage. I live in two places: mid-Wales and near Tunbridge Wells. Neither location provides broadband coverage for my MiFi. I can get poor coverage for phone calls outside the house near Tunbridge Wells but no signal at all in mid-Wales.

    Fortunately, coverage is pretty good when I’m travelling between the two.

  552. LHL

    @Mod, thanks for the reply.
    I’m sorry I can’t recall where I read online that 2G is being turned off in Oct.
    I’ve read on several internet forums that Oct is the planned switch off date.
    Also read 2G already turned off in areas of strong coverage, which makes sense.
    I think most of us are aware the roaming agreement with Orange ends in Oct 2010.
    I appreciate it’s a complicated issue, but I really feel you should publish 3G coverage
    maps based on after the upgrade is complete, particularly with no guarantee of 2G
    fallback. I’m curious, how many of the additional masts going up this year are additional
    masts, and how many are T-Mobile being Incorporated into the infrastructure?
    It concerns me that such huge geographic areas in East Anglia and Lincs have no
    3G coverage still. Lot of additional masts needed in the next few months.
    Thanks again for your reply.



  553. Moderator

    @LHL – Although we’re constantly reviewing the 2G situation we have no imminent plans to fully remove our roaming agreement. Can I ask where you got October from as a month for a 2G switch-off?

  554. Moderator

    @Peter – that’s great news! Comments like yours make it all worthwhile ;-)

  555. Moderator

    @AJE – We try to make our coverage checker online as accurate as possible, but I’m afraid we don’t have access to the street view or layour of a particular area. I have access to some slightly more technical info, so if you’d like me to check out your own postcode then just let me know.

  556. GreenDerek

    No complaints from me, not about even coverage or CS. I just hope you intend to give us a free months line rental to celebrate you win.:-)

  557. Stew

    Hi mod the postcode is wf1 [removed by mod] I find that its very hit and miss with sending texts from this area

  558. LHL

    This bigger better network is all well and good – Well done.
    What concerns me is what happens in October when the 2G roaming agreement
    with Orange ends? In my area, NN9 [removed by mod], along with many others we only have outdoor 3G coverage
    only and rely on the 2G Orange while indoors. Having checked with you guys and been
    advised no new masts locally, just an upgrade for the one mast that covers the town
    I’m I going to be left with no indoor signal with a year left to run on my contract? Quite
    useless to me if that happens. I assume you will consider letting people cancel contracts
    in this situation penalty free. To be honest I can’t see how you can get by without a fallback 2G partner,
    even after the upgrades are compete, the Geographic coverage footprint is limited.
    Although I appreciate the cost involved of a roaming agreement, I just can’t see how you
    can operate without it.



  559. Peter

    Well done 3. The most important thing for me is coverage. I live outside Glasgow, have my phone and broadband with you and never had any issues with coverage or speed. Infact since I’ve got my new iPhone 4 I seem to connect to the Internet quicker!!

    I’ve got 2 friends to join 3 recently on contracts and will continue to recommend you

    Keep up the good work!

  560. Keith

    Well done, but there are 2 areas you failed and i think your pay as you go offering could be better! So could your customer loyalty. I had to buy my current handset from another provider and get it unlocked as you were £55 more expensive and when i phoned and pointed out the fact i had been with you for 4 years they said we only reward loyalty with a contract!

  561. AJE

    @Moderator – Every so often you ask for a post code and offer to check coverage in that area (as you’ve just done with Craig). Does this mean you have access to a more accurate reception predictor than the one that’s available on the Three website? I ask because I don’t always find that to be accurate, even allowing for usual things to consider such as tall buildings blocking signal, etc.

  562. Moderator

    @Will – brilliant news!! So glad you’re enjoying using our network :-D

  563. Moderator

    @Stew – have I ever checked out your coverage for you? Would be happy to take a look if you want to ping me your postcode.

  564. Will

    OK, I’ll go on record as saying “Well Done 3!” I’ve been a mobile broadband customer for a couple of years now and the service has improved considerably. Admittedly, I did want to cancel after my first contract was up as the reliability and ridiculously slow speeds were an issue then but the retention offer and improved speed through the new dongle/modem/thingy has been a revelation.

    Admittedly, there’s still a remarkable difference in reception if I move my laptop a couple of inches but I’m more than happy with the service overall now. I also have a mifi at the moment to connect my iPod and that’s proving to be very reliable too.

    So, well done and keep up the good work :-)

  565. Moderator

    @Craig – oh dear, that doesn’t sound good. Can I take at your postcode for you?

  566. Stew

    Thanks for the reply mod. I’ve no complaints or issues with customer service, they’ve always been helpful and patient. Coverage is still hit and miss for me, I don’t know whether its the quality of the antennae in the handset or the network itself as i’ve had better reception on my old LG than my sony ericsson.

  567. Moderator

    @Oli – YouGov don’t always publish reports on their own site, so I don’t believe this report is up there.

  568. Moderator

    @Stew – Knew that’d be the first question! Coverage & Customer Service – areas we know we need to continue to improve :-)

  569. Craig

    Oh tis but a pipe dream for those of us living on a large housing estate, on the edge of Stoke. Variable to none indoor and outdoor coverage. Will be off soon back to orange.

  570. Oli

    What’s the link to this report on YouGov’s site?

  571. Stew

    Which were the two areas you didn’t come out on top?

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