Launch date for iPhone 4 on Three.

Hi All

You’ve been really patient with us, but we can finally announce that iPhone 4 goes on sale with Three today.

You can buy iPhone 4 from or from any of our 307 3Stores. As you can imagine, stock is limited, so get down to your local store or get online as soon as you can to avoid disappointment.

Those of you that are already Three customers and that have upgraded to iPhone 4 over the last couple of weeks, you should have received your delivery already – looking forward to hearing what you think! Remember, you can head straight to Apple for a bumper or a case.

We’ve now completed our calls to all registered customers eligible for an upgrade who wanted an iPhone 4. If you haven’t registered, or if you’re coming to the end of your contract and you haven’t heard from us yet, don’t worry. You can give us a call on 333 free from your Three phone then. Because we’re expecting our stores to be incredibly busy this weekend we won’t be able to upgrade customers in-store, so do give us a call.

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  1. Moderator

    @John – Sorry to hear you won’t be recommending us. If you’ve supplied your credit card details the block should be off. Is there a particular website you’re having issues with?

  2. john brown

    I for one will not be using 3 and will not recommend it – in fact the opposite – I also use o2 and they certainly have never done this. to shut off half the web to their customers I have supplied my credit card details and still have the block on

    the while 3 organisation should be ashamed

  3. rob t

    Yes please, i went instore today and they told me it would be off in 2-4 Hours, this was 8 hours ago. thanks

  4. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Rob T – Would you like me to arrange a call for you so we can look into this for you?

  5. rob t

    Hi, I am on pay as you go with three, i just called 333 to get the adult filtration removed, gave my bank account number, sort code, passport number and new and old address details, i was told that i couldbt be varified through experian, which is wrong as i have myself done credit checks on that site. what do i dt?? Apparently all mobile companies apply this block according to customer services, though i think that it depends who you talk ro. thay all say differently, maybe its mood dependant?

  6. Moderator: Sedge

    @ KRL – You can read about the website issue here. As for the detail mix up, would you like me to arrange a call from our customer service team?

  7. krl

    Hy to all
    I have just got my iphone4 from three.
    Not very happy,first because some websites are blocked,and they are not adult content,gambling,etc.
    Second because my details(address,date of birth,phone number,etc) have went to another customer.How to i know that?Because i got his!
    I will cancel the contract,as is not what i have bought.They have miss sell this product.If i want to go for porn,im redirected to three porn website,were you have to pay.Why?
    Think x2 before going for three.

  8. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Rob, have you heard of Hullo Mail? It replaces three’s less than satisfactory and overly chatty voicemail facility with a convenient little app you can use to listen to waiting voicemails, you can even have the service send you an email when you receive new messages by happenstance you dont have to have your phone on you or you need to archive messages.

  9. Rob

    @ Johanna. PLEASE bump this up the priority. Remember, you are meant to be no. 1 for iPhone!



  10. Moderator: Johanna

    @James McMath – Sorry to hear that. There isn’t a known issue with MMS on the iPhone 4 – it should all be set-up automatically. If you call 333 they will be able to look into this for you.

  11. James McMath


    I’m having problems sending MMS with my new iPhone 4 that i upgraded to last week. Texts go through fine, but pictures messages fail.

    Has something not been set up on my device/account?

    Am running latest SW, is it a Three problem?



  12. Moderator: Johanna

    @Rob – It’s not a no, but we haven’t got any plans to just yet. Quite a few customers have stated they’d like this service and it’s being explored.

  13. Rob


    I’ve just found out that o2 is the only UK network to support Visual Voicemail, which means i have to listed to that long and pointless ” Welcome to the Three voimail service, new messages….” nonsence every time my Mum calls!

    Any plans to up to Visual Voicemail? My work iPhone is on o2 and it is SO much better! Please tell me good things!!


  14. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tim C – I’m sure that won’t be a problem & yes as far as I can see it’s just the picture mails…But you obviously benefit from getting a lot more in other areas on The One Plan :-) Give CS a call to change your plan and give us a shout back if you have any issues.

  15. Tim C

    @MOD Hi ya, I’m on the internet texter 500 tarrif and was wondering if I can move to the £35 p/m 1 plan? I’ve had my iPhone 4 since they first launced on Three. Am I correct in thinking the only thing I will lose is my 150 picture mails?

    Is there any other pitfalls associated with changing plans?

    Thanks in advance.

  16. Mathias

    This in reply to Rob,he needs to change the APN on his phone from to 3internet and everything works fine.

  17. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Matt – Sent ;-)

  18. Matt


    Thank you for your help! Again it’s much appreciated, if you could use this email address (the one on this post) that’d be excellent!

  19. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Matt – I’ll send you an email now and get more details off you. We have a 24 hour escalation process on our calls but they’ll be more than happy to give you an explanation into the process that we take :-)

  20. Matt


    Firstly, I am very impressed by your speed of response. That has put a smile on my face! It’s always nice to see companies proactively working to solve issues.

    I wouldn’t mind a call, even if it’s just an explanation of the delivery cycle. I think my main gripe is the lack of communication beyond ‘we’ll text you at some point to let you know.” To put it in context I had to wait approx. 2 weeks for my custom macbook pro to be shipped. But at every point during that process I could track what was happening and where it was. While it’s never great having to wait for something you’ve paid for, I could see what was going on, how built it was, which country it was in etc and so this was a bit less frustrating.

    What is the best way of communicating my mobile number with the mods? Obviously I’m not keen on having it publicly posted.


  21. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Matt – Thanks for your feedback. I can see your frustration. Would you like me to arrange a call for you so you get a better understanding of when you’re going to receive your iPhone4?

  22. Matt

    Hate to tell everyone,
    But I’ve just upgraded to an iphone, had £!44 taken from my account.
    And am now waiting for that mysterious text to say we’re going to delivery it.

    Just suppose I rang up three and said, “Hi, I am going to pay my bill this month, but not when you want, I’ll send you a text when i feel like it, say in three weeks?. They’d cut me off and send round the bailiffs no doubt”

    If I order something and pay for it, it should be here within 3-5business days. Like every other network really?
    Otherwise how can you justify people paying….unless you’re obtaining money by deception?


  23. Moderator: Johanna

    @Rob – Thanks for getting in touch. I’m afraid I don’t understand why the blocks have suddenly been put into place but we can definitely get this resolved for you. I’ll drop you an email now to get some more details from you.

  24. Rob

    Hi, further to Lucy’s query below regarding Internet Filtering / Blocking have found Customer Services totally unhelpful. I have rung them 3 times and they don’t know what I’m talking about. Sites that I have used on my mobile for ages are now blocked as of Monday and NO I do not want to buy all my porn from Three. Please, exactly what do I need to ask Customer Servises to do to have this sorted. They are adament that no blocks or content filers are active on my account.

    I cannot understand why I am facing this issue now. My contract is up and unless I get this resolved urgently I’m going elsewhere.

  25. Moderator: Johanna

    @AL S – Pleased you are happy with the service :-) It’s no problem to get your phone unlocked. It costs £15 and can be done quickly by calling 333.

  26. AL S

    I have recently had an Iphone 4 from Three and have been with Three for many years. I am however going to Switzerland in approx 1 month. EU data pricing is pretty atrocious on all UK networks as such what are the chances of having my iphone unlocked so I can use a local sim whilst i’m away? It should not inconvenience Three as I’m locked into a contract and I am more than happy with the service .

  27. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jason – Ahh thanks for your kind feedback :-) It certainly seems like there’s a bit of a backlog as we’ve had a few of you guys lets us know over the last few days. I’ve asked for some more detail from our retentions team. Once I get this info I’ll give you an update.

  28. Moderator: Johanna

    @Lucy – Yes sorry, this can cause some confusion. We have an adult content filter in place to try and protect our under 18 customers. We know this isn’t working very well and we’re trying to implement a fix, but it’s taking some time. In the mean time we are providing a free fix that will give you full internet access, you just need to give 333 a call. If you do have any more issues with this then please come back to us.

  29. Jason

    Hello Mods, great job you are doing with this blog, it’s great to be able to interact with somebody properly!

    Just a quick query if you don’t mind? Is there still a backlog on dispatching the I-phone 4? I signed up to my upgrade 11 days ago and I still ahven’t heard anything? Fair enough if there is a backlog, it’s just when i called I couldn’t really get an answer.

    Thanks in advance.

  30. Lucy

    I’m a bit confused about the restrictions on accessing “adult” sites on my new iPhone 4. I’ve registered a PIN and even entered my credit card details but all I seem to be able to do is access a bunch of paid for porn sites sold by 3. How can I remove the block on everything else? Lucy

  31. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stephen Tonks – Unfortunately visual voicemail isn’t a service that we provide. If you do decide to move to Three despite this, let me us know if there’s anyway we can help :-)

  32. Stephen Tonks

    Does three have any plans to support visual voicemail? I’m currently with O2 (and have been for 8 years) and my contract expires in June. I would like to move to 3 for my current iPhone 4 but would really like to see visual voicemail supported.

  33. Moderator: Johanna

    @Alex W. – Yes we saw that announcement yesterday too. I’m afraid it’s a little early to tell what we would do but as we support tethering by offering all-you-can-eat data on the One Plan I don’t imagine we’d rule it out.

  34. Alex W.

    Apple’s just announced that the Verizon iPhone will be able to act as a Wifi hotspot, like the MiFi device. If this feature becomes available to other networks, does Three intend to support it? It’d be pretty handy, I already use tethering on occasion but the wire makes it inconvenient.

  35. Moderator: Johanna

    @Steve – We use an internet filter to protect our under 18 year old customers. You can get this removed free of charge by calling 333. If you have any issues come back to us and we’ll get this sorted for you.

  36. Steve

    There is a filter on my internet access which is blocking some site. I have been told that to get thgis removed i would have to pay for an add-on at £5 per month.

    In the Terms & Conditions of my contract there is nothing that says the internet access is filtered.

    Could you please confirm the situation with this as i would like it resolved asap.

  37. MTY

    @Moderator – Thanks,have replied to the email.


  38. Moderator

    @MTY – Well there shouldn’t be a problem, unlocking it then. I’ll arrange a call for you – just emailing you for some info.

  39. MTY

    @Moderator – he got as upgrade on august,and when i called 3 there were no problem with he’s account.

    i bought it from ebay in august and the phone is not reported stolen nor lost,so no problem.


  40. Moderator

    @MTY – Will the seller tell you where they bought the phone from?

  41. Nicholas Divers

    I think it’s ridiculous. I went down to my local 3Store today to buy the iPhone 4 as an upgrade. As it turns out these stores have been told they can’t upgrade current customers, but they can sell to new ones. I had to buy a new contract to get my handset and have to wait at least a month to have my number ported over to the new phone while they cancel my current contract.

    As a 3 customer for 16 months, I’m extremely disappointed with this whole arrangement, and when the rest of the family’s contracts are up, I think we’ll be looking elsewhere!

  42. MTY


    same situation as TL : bought the iPhone from Ebay, and its locked to three. called three , but they couldn’t help me.What do you think I can do now? I have tried to contact the seller, but he won’t help me.

    how can i proceed?


  43. Amy

    At last my phone has arrived. For anyone who is reading this blog waiting to receive theirs, I waited a total of 7 weeks! During this time the upgrade caused quite a few problems to my current blackberry. They were all eventually sorted by three customer services but should have never of happened in the first place! Happy to have now got it but don’t undestand why it has taken so long when you can apparently order a new one online and get it within a few days!

    Happy waiting everyone!

  44. Moderator

    @Waqar – I’m afraid we can’t share customer details.

  45. Waqar

    @TL – please contact me I may be able to help with your situation I have helped many people with this problem.
    @mod -please give TL my email address

  46. Moderator

    @ TL – Usually when you call 333 they unblock the phone for £15. I’m going to send you an email now so I can arrange a call for you.

  47. TL

    Hi again Mod,

    I sent you a message earlier about unlock iphone. Because I bought the iPhone from Ebay, and its locked to three. I called three today, but they couldn’t help me.What do you think I can do now? I have tried to contact the seller, but he won’t help me. You can’t help me out to unlock it? :(

  48. Moderator

    @dondi – Really sorry to hear that you are having issues with the delivery of your new phone. I would like to look into this issue and try and resolve it. I have emailed you for more account details. Please reply I can help. Regards Mod

  49. Moderator

    @Keith – Really sorry to hear that you are having issues with the delivery of your new phone. I have emailed you to request more account details so I can investigate this. Regards Mode

  50. Moderator

    @lee griffin – Really sorry to hear that you are having issues with the delivery of your new phone. I have emailed you to request more account details so I can investigate this. Regards Mode

  51. Moderator

    @Amy – Really sorry to hear that you are having issues with the delivery of your new phone. I have emailed you to request more account details so I can investigate this. Regards Mod

  52. Amy

    Also, I find it a bit strange that I can go online and buy an iphone 4 through the three website and it quotes earliest delivery date as 17th December. Why do I as a 3 customer for over 3 years have to wait over 8 weeks for an iphone 4, when someone new to three can get one in a few days?

  53. Amy

    Ordered my iphone on the 24th October and it’s still not arrived! I had been told that I would get it on the 30th November, it didn’t arrive so I called customer services and they said it was due to be delivered the following day, it still didn’t arrive. I called again last week and was told they are expecting a delivery on the 17th December from Apple so I should get it the following day. I was told that they’d add me to a priority list in case it came in any earlier but I’m at the point where I just think I’m constantly being told lies.

    I had it arranged to send to my work address but I’m going to be off for 2 weeks for Christmas so could really do with knowing when it’s going to arrive so I know whether to get it delivered to my home address instead.

    The whole process has just been a bit of a joke .

    Mod – I do thank you for helping me with the probs I had when my plan got changed and my emails stopped working but I think it’s important that I voice my huge dissopoinment with 3 customer services on here.

  54. Moderator

    @Nick – We’re sorry you’re waiting for your iPhone 4. If you’d like to make a complaint to the management you’ll need to contact our Executive office. Their details are here (the Glasgow address at the bottom).

  55. lee griffin

    Was promised by several customer service reps that my upgrade iphone 4 would be delivered by 30th november. I rang 5 times on 30th, and every different person I spoke to insisted that it would be delivered that day. I then asked to speak with a supervisor, (which I was promised would ring me back but didn’t, twice) Finally I spoke to a supervisor, who told me I was lied to, and should not have been given false information. She then PROMISED (yes she did use the word ‘promise’, several times) that my phone would arrive by friday the 3rd of december. It is now friday the 10th of December, and still no handset. I paid to upgrade early, as my current handset is broken, I am now using a borrowed phone, which I have to return…..I am extremely disgusted with the horrendously poor customer service that Hutchinson 3G provide. It amazes me that a huge telecoms company such as Three are incapable of making a simple phone call to Apple to see where the delivery of iPhones has got to……Complete incompetence at it’s worst.
    The best part is, that the Three store in my town has large stocks of the phone I have waited seven weeks for…..yet they cant provide the same upgrade deal?!!!

    Do yourself a favour and go to a more reputable network provider who actually cares about their customers.

  56. Keith

    I have ordered a iphone which should of been delivered today 10th Dec (been waiting about 2/3 weeks now) and I have also had the text about “sorry for the delay we will text you when we know more”. I have called customer services twice and all I get is “we dont know when it will be delivered”. Does no one at three mobile know how to pick up the phone and ring the delivery company to find out? Or perhaps the real truth is that Three mobile are taking orders and contracts when they cannot fulfil the orders with stock. I was not advised of any delays when I ordered the phone.

    I will too be charged for this phone shortly when I have not received it. I am seriously considering cancelling my contract with them and switching to Vodafone, seeing as the contract cant really start until I am upon receipt of the goods or services agreed in the contract.

    Can no one tell me when I will receive the phone? I am being told its “the weather”. But I have had many other things around the world being delivered without any issues…

    In this market, surely 3 mobile need to treat customers with more respect, as no company can afford to lose its customer base these days…


  57. dondi

    upgraded to an iphone4 three weeks ago and was promised delivery today 10th Dec. rang three yesterday to check status only to be told the phone is not going to be delivered so i was really furious. they could have informed me way in advance so i could have cancelled a now wasted day-off. i don’t believe that a company like this don’t have any buying power over its suppliers as they always blame the manufacturer i.e., apple for the delays. i think it’s gonmna be the start of a downfall for this company.

    i agree, customer servicves are useless

    i’m on the last month of my contract and definitely moving to another network. and i’ve cancelled my upgrade…

  58. Moderator

    @Alistair – I’m sorry Alistair, I didn’t realise you’d asked us a question. I’ve re-read your past posts and understand that you’re unhappy that your iPhone delivery has been delayed and you’ve already been in touch with the Executive Office. As soon as there is a delivery date, you will be informed. Re answering the posts, take a look at the top of our blog – ‘We can’t answer everything but we are listening.’ We pass all your feedback on to the relevant departments and wherever we can we get answers. I do hope you get your iPhone soon.

  59. Alistair

    RE my post on the 3rd December

    Still no response from the 3 Mods after 1 whole week of the post being online. I guess we are now entering a new phase with Three in that we will just not answer some posts as they it will require us to answer the question honestly, unlike the Scripted Advisors in India who seem to get told to say anything just to get people off the phone.

    Is there anyone within Three actually tracking the delivery of the Iphones from Apple to verify when they will be delivered or is it a case of that we are just getting told what Three want us to know rather than entitled to know.

    6 Weeks into a upgrade but still no phone.

  60. Anthony Solan

    Thanks MOD – I’ve replied to the email sent.

  61. Nick

    Could you please let me know how I can make a complaint to management (i.e I dont want to call 3 customer services as they are useless)
    Ordered Iphone 4 beginning of November, given 1st December as delivery date… rubbish start. 1st December has come and gone, no phone…. called customer services for an update… they cant tell me when it will be delivered! I need to wait for a text…. fair enough… I ask for a rough idea of when… they cant tell me. So now I am waiting for a text message and have no idea whether it will be sent tomorrow, or sometime in 2011! Absolutely ridiculous! Surely a company such as three should have a system where they can check the status of customers orders. Oh and to make matters worse the 75 pound charge for the phone has already been added to my bill which will be paid in 4 days. If I dont have a phone by then I think I will have to cancel my contract! Please reply ASAP.

  62. Waqar

    No reply yet about my query? My3 app stopped working since 4.2.1 update?

  63. Moderator

    @ Kieth- If you call 333 they’ll do it for you for £15 :-)

  64. kieth

    i need to unlock my iphone 4 coz am going home for the xmas holiday. how can u help me with this?

  65. Moderator

    @Anthony Solan – Thanks for the post. This issue is something our customer services department can sort for you. I going to email you a request for more account details and will get someone to call you asap. We will get this sorted for you. Regards Mod

  66. Anthony Solan

    Hi – in looking for a reason why access to certain websites was blocked (adult humour content) I spoke to customer services to verify my age, set up a password etc. I still cannot access the very same web site, but can access 3′s own adult section – which I have no interest in whatsoever.
    It seems this xseries silver data plan would be the answer – can the mods provide some guidance as to how I’d get this set up on my account? My experience with Customer Services was not the most confidence inspiring I’m afraid – but it looks like the blog mods know their stuff!
    Man thanks in anticipation

  67. Moderator

    @ z.j.c- Could you send me through your postcode and I’ll take a look at your area for you.

  68. z.j.c

    Hello I am a member of 3 mobile on an iPhone contract. I have noticed for around a week and a half now I have had no signal in my house as it appears you have turned off my 2G connection. This now means I am paying £30 a month for a useless phone which is my main method of contact. How can you justify turning of 2G in an area which barley gets any 3G connection? If you check the coverage map for my area there is only outdoor coverage and I can assure you there isn’t even that anymore!
    Im not the only one from the village having problems, several other people have the same issue!
    I refuse to pay my contract until september 2012 if im going to have problems like this!
    Getting through to your customer service team is also ridiculous! They just keep telling me a mast has been built on the high street of my village, I can assure you this is a lie!
    I am resulting to this as a last resort before I go speak to OFCOM and hoping you can help me.
    Please get back to me

  69. Moderator

    @D Taylor – Thanks for your details. I have forwarded these to our customer services department to discuss this further with you. They will be in touch soon. Regards Mod

  70. Moderator

    @TL – Yes you can unlock your phone for £15, just need to call our customer services on 0843 373 333 or if you are abroad you can call +44 7782 333 333. Hope this helps. However it does need to be the contract owner who calls. Regards Mod

  71. Alistair

    @ Manuel – I would not worry as this is the standard for everyone upgrading to the Iphone.

    @ Mod – Having had discussions via email with one of the Mod which eventually mean my issue went to the Exec Office in Glasgow. This I got a promised delivery of the 1st of December. Guess what, the day before I got a text to tell me that “as it soon as my iphone was ready for delivery then we’ll be back in touch” That could mean it will not be ready for another 10 years but I will be told just before then to let me know.

    Once again promises mean nothing. Why not be totally honest & start telling people a real date for delivery rather than tell them a date then push it back.

    Sorry to say this, the Service Level at Three has plummetted with the way the Iphone has been sold.

  72. TL

    Hi, I bought an iPhone 4 from ebay for 2 months ago and I am living in Norway. But the iPhone is locked to THREE UK, something I didn’t know, is it possible for me to unlock it, or is it only the owner of the contract that can do it? Because the owner doesn’t respond me.

  73. D TAYLOR

    As requested:

    (Removed by Mod)

    Pls can full name and number be hidden from publication thnx.

  74. Moderator

    @Manuel – I will check to see what the situation is with iphones and get back to you asap. Regards Mod

  75. Manuel

    I have ordered my Iphone 4 from 3 on the 03.11.2010 and have paid for it as well but unfortunately I still have not received it. Called 3 several times and still have not received any kind of answer……… Anyone else with the same problem? Thanks,

  76. michele

    My3 app has also stopped working on my iphone 4 since updating to iOS 4.2

  77. D TAYLOR


    I appear to have an issue of some significance with my iPhone 4.

    Since the turn-off of Orange 2G I cannot get a signal in my own home. I have checked the signal checker and it currently states for my postcode DN34 [Removed by Mod] that I can only get a 3G signal outside.

    Now, because of the switch-off, I can get no signal until I’ve pretty much left my street. This is clearly unacceptable as my contract runs until July 2012 especially as my mobile is my primary use of communication.

    I would like to find out where I can discuss termination of my contract with no fee, as Three are unable to provide the contracted service agreed.

    Thank you.

    D Taylor

  78. Waqar


    My3 app has stopped working since updating to iOS 4.2?

  79. Harry Harford

    I’d appreciate that, I’ve been told that I was told a day or two ago that I would receive a call asking for more details so the matter can be investigated further, But since I rarely have enough signal to receive a call, I may have already missed it.

    Also, I’m not particularly sure what it is that needs investigating, because my loss of signal coincides with the switch off of the roaming service.



  80. Moderator

    @ Harry- Would you like me to arrange a call for you?

  81. Harry Harford

    Unfortunately it is not the case that I have strong signal. I am lucky if i have 1 bar of 3G signal and otherwise I am on No Service the majority of the time.

    Up until the switch off, I was constantly using a 2G signal, and having no issues with Texting/Calling etc. Now however, I have had messages fail to send numerous times and calls drop due to lack of service.

    I was as surprised as you are since I had looked at the Coverage Checker and saw that I should have a strong 3G signal indoors and outdoors, but this is not the case at all so I would suggest that the Coverage Checker is inaccurate.

    Thanks for anything you can do,


  82. Moderator

    @ Kevin- I’ve spoken to the relevant team about your iPhone delivery. As with all iPhone4 deliveries, the expectation is a 6 – 8 week delay in the delivery due to the low stock of iphone 4. Our logistics team will ensure that the handset will be delivered within this time frame. You should expect your iPhone early December. I can only apologise for the delay.

  83. Moderator

    @ Harry- Don’t worry Harry we removed the end of your postcode before it’s published. I’ve taken a look at your postcode and you actually have strong indoor and outdoor 3G coverage in your area. As you live in an area with strong 3G coverage your 2G has been turned off. Our aim with the switch off was to provide a great 3G experience for our customers. So as long as you’re roaming on 3G you shouldn’t have any problems with signal in your area. Hope this helps.

  84. Harry Harford

    The post code is DH1 [Removed by Mod]. I couldn’t work out how to send this to you personally but i suppose it doesn’t matter too much if this is published on the comments!



  85. Moderator

    @ Harry- Could you send me through your full postcode and I’ll take a look at it for you.

  86. Harry Harford


    Since the switch off of the roaming to Orange 2G, I have been left with very little to No Service at all.

    I’m worried since I only renewed my contract for an iPhone 4 about 2 months ago which means i’m currently tied in until around October 2012. This idea is ridiculous since I have been frustrated enough after just a week of having No Service due to the 2G switch off.

    I would like to find out where I can discuss a cancellation of my contract without having to pay a huge fee to do so.

    Thank you in advance for your time,


  87. Kevin

    Hi, I have the same problem as Andy (’m a little concerned. I upgraded to the Iphone 4 over three weeks ago and was told that it would be delivered in four weeks and I would get a txt to confirm the exact delivery date. To date I have received no Iphone or txt, but I did receive a call from 3 on Saturday (13/11). Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a position to speak and requested a call back. I didn’t get one and, as I thought the call may be to do with the Iphone dlivery, I called the call centre yesterday. I was told that no call had been made to me as there were no notes on my account and there would be, had a call been made. This is concern #1. I then queried my Iphone delivery and was quoted 6-8 weeks… this is concern #2. I don’t know how my delivery estimate has gone, in the space of 3 weeks, from 4 weeks to 6-8 weeks! Leaving me now further away from receiving my Iphone than I was 3 weeks ago! This isn’t the way to kick-off the service on my new contract.)
    Can you please confirm an accurate delivery date.

  88. Moderator

    Hi, Just a quick message to say that the iphone 4 software update to 4.2 is now available, upgrading will improve your 3g experience with Three so I recommend you upgrade now. Just plug your phone into iTunes to get the update. Thanks Mod

  89. Moderator

    @Jamie Sheppard – No problem, I’ll drop you an email and arrange a call for you.

  90. Moderator

    @Penny – We’re only switching off 2G in areas where our 3G coverage is strong. Any change in coverage may affect a few customers, but this does mean a better 3G experience for the vast majority. Our aim is to provide a great 3G customer experience – including Mobile Broadband not just voice and text. I’ll drop you an email and ask customer services to give you a call in your preferred time frame.

  91. jamie sheppard

    Not happy with the adult block on my phone, would like it disabled please

  92. Penny

    Dear Mod

    I would like to register my displeasure with your company. With the recent switching off of your 2g roaming I am finding it impossible to connect to the mobile phone network within my house as 3g reception is so poor.

    I am still waiting from a call from second line support. Despite me asking for a note to be put on my file that due to my employment I cannot take calls in the day, this is when they call me. And when I call back after 6pm I get stuck in a queue – after 20minutes of music, paid at national rate, I have to give up.

    So what do I want to happen? Well, I am happy with my handset, and the coverage I get on my mobile at work (ironic, as I seldom make calls there) but am very unhappy about the coverage at my home address. I do not wish to have to stand outside in the cold to get enough coverage to make a call, or to have to sit upstairs hanging out the window. I would like to be able to keep my handset, if you can provide unlock codes and we can arrange a mutually agreeable price.

    I am sure you are aware your mobile phone reception checker is a computer generated simulation. I would like you to terminate my contract so I can move to another network that will provide adequate coverage, and that will not remove 2g capability before supplying a decent 3g replacement. I want to be able to use my phone inside!

    Really hope you can help me with this, I am getting frustrated.

    Thanks in advance.

  93. Moderator

    @Andy – Sorry to hear that your delivery date is causing confusion. You will receive a text letting you know your delivery date, but this may be up to 48 hours before the date. Then on the morning of the delivery you will receive a text from the delivery agent letting you know what time it will arrive. I don’t know which delivery estimate is correct but I can drop you an email and get customer services to call you with an accurate date. Emailing you now….

  94. Moderator

    @Tim C – I’m afraid I have no more info to add. The packages get made up differently and your earlier package entitled to more picture mail then the newer package. If you want me to escalate this to customer services I can?

  95. Andy


    I’m a little concerned. I upgraded to the Iphone 4 over three weeks ago and was told that it would be delivered in four weeks and I would get a txt to confirm the exact delivery date. To date I have received no Iphone or txt, but I did receive a call from 3 on Saturday (13/11). Unfortunately, I wasn’t in a position to speak and requested a call back. I didn’t get one and, as I thought the call may be to do with the Iphone dlivery, I called the call centre yesterday. I was told that no call had been made to me as there were no notes on my account and there would be, had a call been made. This is concern #1. I then queried my Iphone delivery and was quoted 6-8 weeks… this is concern #2. I don’t know how my delivery estimate has gone, in the space of 3 weeks, from 4 weeks to 6-8 weeks! Leaving me now further away from receiving my Iphone than I was 3 weeks ago! This isn’t the way to kick-off the service on my new contract.

  96. John

    @Mod All sorted now, thanks for your help!

  97. Tim C

    @Mod – Hi mod, did you manage to look at my previous post. If not here’s what I wrote:

    @Mod – thanks for the update. I’m a little confused as to the discount explanation. My first contract with 150 picture mails were part of the deal. It was said, we will give you an extra 50 picture mails. The letter I received confirms this also. This was £30.

    The new contract with 100 picture mails is still £30. Infact I’m worse of as on that contract I had a loyality discount but lost it as part of the iPhone price plans.

    Thanks for you time in this

  98. John

    @Mod 1st and 2nd customer service was the call center in India. Thanks Mod.

  99. Moderator

    @John – Sorry to hear you’ve not had a good service. I will pass your feedback on to the call centre managers and they’ll be able to look into what’s gone wrong in your individual case. Was it the office in India or Glasgow that you spoke to?

  100. John

    HI Mod, thanks for your help on the blog – your replies have been quick and accurate, I just wish I could say the same for the call center. I’m still waiting for the disconnect team, if that’s the correct name for them. I phoned on Fri 12th regarding having no signal now 2G is turned off for my postcode. I first talked to the 1st line support who passed me onto 2nd line support who then raised the issue with the disconnect team (all over 1/2 hour on the phone). I think I was told this would take 36 hours for them to call me. It’s now well over 36 hours and I still have a phone I can’t use at home and no PAC code.

    I have really liked Three and have been a customer over 3 years and the support I’ve received on this blog has been excellent. Unfortunately the call center is letting the side down and even if the signal improves at home in the future with the way my problem is being handled now, I’m unlikely to return.

  101. mike

    Just logged on here to see the what’s going on and got a text from Three(weird) saying it will be here tomorrow. I phoned for upgrade mid october.
    Hopefully a few others got the same…

  102. Moderator

    @ Ian- I’ve emailed you :-)

  103. Moderator

    @ Ryan- It’s been a popular choice so we were waiting to get some more iPhone 4′s in stock. Sorry that you’ve had to wait so long.

  104. Ian

    I have called 333 and required to unlock my iphone 4, and I have a;ready paid the unlock fee. But I can’t use another simcard , I’m wonder how to check if my iphone is unlock or not. many thanks

  105. Ryan

    I also upgraded to an iphone 4 in mid October and was also told that I would have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for the phone to be delivered. Why is it i have to wait and how can i find out the exact date i’ll be getting it? thanks in advance

  106. Moderator

    @Amy – Thank you for your comments, really sorry to here you have had problems. The best thing for me to do is get a few more details from you so I can look into this. Will email you shortly. Regards Mod

  107. Amy

    I called 333 to get an ealry upgrade to an iphone 4 in mid October. They’ve upgraded my plan and told me that I would have to wait 6 – 8 weeks for the phone to be delivered. Is there any way of me finding out an exact delivery date and why such a long wait?

    As a result of them changing my plan I can no longer send/receive emails or use my facebook app on my current phone (blackberry). I called up about this and they refunded me £5 even though I didn’t quite understand why these functions were no longer working. I was abroad recently and could not use my phone at all. When I called to ask about this they said it was because I had gone over my £100 credit limit which I didn’t even know existed, this was as a result of the early upgrade to the iphone. The only way to get my phone to work would be to pay off £70 or more to bring it back down below £100 even though the total is due to be paid by direct debit in my next bill. I was pretty annoyed about this as I was supposed to be meeting up with someone and had to rely on using someone elses phone. All been a bit of a hassle really, surely I should have been told about the credit limit by the person who was upgrading my phone, I can’t make any calls to 0845 numbers etc until my next direct debit payment comes off.

  108. Tim C

    @Mod – thanks for the update. I’m a little confused as to the discount explanation. My first contract with 150 picture mails were part of the deal. It was said, we will give you an extra 50 picture mails. The letter I received confirms this also. This was £30.

    The new contract with 100 picture mails is still £30. Infact I’m worse of as on that contract I had a loyality discount but lost it as part of the iPhone price plans.

    Thanks for you time in this.

  109. Moderator

    @Tim C – Right, the team have taken a look at how your two account packages were made up so we can get to the bottom of the differing picture mails. Your packages are broken down slightly differently, this is probably just due to the time they were implemented. You were given an extra 50 picture mails with your first package and not charged any extra as a discount was applied to your account to offset this. I hope this helps a little :-)

  110. John

    @Mod, got your email and replied thanks :-)

  111. Moderator

    @ Waqar- Unfortunately ur CTO team flagged his issue with Apple but haven’t yet had a meaningful response from them yet. When we do I shall let you know :-)

  112. Moderator

    @ John I’ve dropped you an email :-)

  113. Waqar

    Hey mod hope all is well?
    Any news on my query from a few weeks back? Incase you dont remember when I try and turn 3G on it doesn’t, I have to switch phone on and then off or reset network settings?

  114. John

    I have 3 months left of my 18 month contract. Up until the end of October I had a good 2g signal. Since the end of October I only get an intermittent 1 bar on 3g and no 2g (as 2g has been turned off for my postcode). This means I can’t hold a conversation anywhere in the house as the signal drops part way through the call and it often takes several attempts at sending a text for it to be accepted by the network. Seeing as the network change has caused problems for me, can I request my PAC code early and cancel my contract? My wife is also on Three with 3 months left and would like to do the same. Thanks.

  115. Moderator

    @Tim C – It hasn’t come through…

  116. Tim C

    @MOD Hi Mod, thanks for the email, I’ve sent you one back.

  117. Moderator

    @Tim C – Ok so there’s no obvious reason why this is happening, so I’m going to drop you an email and get a little more info from you. Re the recommend a friend question, I’m afraid that’s right – see here.

  118. John

    I just wanted to thank you mod(s) for your responses on this blog helping me out with my network issues since 2g was turned off for my postcode. I also want to thank the staff at the Loughborough store for reversing my upgrade and taking my iPhone 4 back. I will be leaving 3 in Jan when my contract expires but that’s only because of the now poor network coverage and not due to the staff or the handsets/tariffs which are top notch!

  119. Tim C

    @MOD Hi, thanks for the reply. I doubled chekced yesterday and they are both Internet Texter 500 plans and both at £30 per month. Everything matches apart from my one contract has 150 pictures mails and my new contract has 100 picture mails.

    On a whole I’m not overly bothered, it’s just I would expect the same. If the latest plan is a revised one then I’m losing out on the picture mails but not making up for it in another area.

    Also, I was reading the other comments and friend recommendation questions have been asked. I recommended my friend to three and he took out an iPhone Sim Only contract. He told CS I had recommended him and he was told this didn’t apply on sim only contracts. Is this correct.

    Many thanks again.

  120. Moderator

    @Tim C – Hmm that does sound a little strange. Can you just double check that both plans are £30? What is the name of the plan? Picture mails are sometimes used to help apply discounts to accounts but we’ll take a look into it.

  121. Tim C

    @MOD Hi Mod, I wonder if you can help me answer this question. My 2nd iPhone came today on the £30 per month price plan. Both my iPhone plans are the same and match apart from the one is 150 Picture Mails and the other say 100 Picture Mails. Can you explain why these aer different?

    Many thanks

  122. Moderator

    @Adrian – I have posted your comment and removed the postcodes and phone number. Because I need to reply in detail using your postcodes I will be sending you an email now. Regards Mod

  123. John

    @Mod. Will do, thanks for the info. You guys are doing a great job on this blog!

  124. Moderator

    @John – Sorry to hear that your coverage is not great. Its best to speak with customer services on 333 to discuss your coverage issues and returning your phone in more detail. They will be able to advise. Regards Mod.

  125. John

    @Mod, Losing the 2g backup causes a problem for me: Without 2g I barely get a decent signal at home (either downstairs or upstairs) – at the weekend I received a call which cut off part way through as the 3g signal isn’t too good. Is it possible for me to return my used iPhone 4 as I’m within the 14 days return? If I have no 2g and there are no more masts for 3g the iPhone is pretty much of no use at home. Thanks.

  126. Moderator

    @John – Hi, it would have been within the last month. Mod

  127. Adrian

    Mod, I would like confirmation, has the 2G been switched off at (removed by mod). I’m having problems at both addresses when supposed blanket 3G will not switch to backup 2G when the 3G is weak or selected. Please help!!! Customer services have told me ‘that I should have good coverage and that they there is nothing that they can do about it and no solution is available’. Sorry, but this is just not working for me, NO SERVICE on my iPhone actually means NO CALLS!!!! My contant number is (removed by mod) just in case. I would appreciate a quick answer.

  128. John

    Thanks @mod. You don’t happen to know when 2g was turned off, I was getting signal on my E71 last week, but both mine and my wife’s Three phones are having trouble this week.


  129. Moderator

    @John – Yes 2g has been switched off in your postcode. Regards Mod

  130. Moderator

    @Alistair McLennan – Its probably best that I get some more account details from you so I can look into your issue. I am sending an email now. Regards Mod. :-)

  131. John

    @Mod thanks for the info. Do you know if 2G is still active in my area – if it is then I’ll have to check why I’ve not seen my iPhone switch to it when it has no 3G signal.

  132. Moderator

    @John – Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your new iphone. I have checked your coverage and it looks OK. Regarding our returns policy, you can Return your phone within 14 days for a full refund – providing that you haven’t used it. If you still are having problems its best to call 333 for more advise. Sorry I can’t be any more help.

  133. Moderator

    @Damien – Hi, thanks for your comment. Yes you can exchange your normal sim for a micro sim. All you need to do is give a call on 333 or pop into your nearest Three store. Hope this helps, regards Mod :-)

  134. Alistair McLennan

    Have managed to sign up for an Iphone 4 as my renewal.

    When I asked why there would be a 6-8 wait for the phone to be delivered, I got a wishy washy answer of stock problems.

    Can you honestly tell me what is the real reason for that length of time since I will have paid for 2 month of an Iphone contract even before I have got the phone.


  135. Damien

    Just wondering if it’s possible to change a normal sim card for a micro sim? It’s just that I’m currently tied into a 2 year contract but looking at buying the iphone 4 sim free from apple. Is it possible to get a new micro sim with my current contract details. Not too fussed if I have to change phone number.


  136. John

    I’ve upgraded to an iPhone 4 but the signal is pretty poor at home, most of the time it says no service and when it does have a signal it’s only 1 bar. It looks like I no longer have 2G in my area (Removed by mod).

    What is the return policy for the iPhone 4? I upgraded in store and I have made calls/txts/internet. Can I still return it and go back onto my E71? (Which had a better 3G signal than the iPhone 4!)

  137. Moderator

    @Alistair – Its best to speak with customer services to see if you are eliable for this upgrade. I cannot confirm anything this end. Regards Mod.

  138. Moderator

    @Alex W. – Hi, I’m afraid the xseries add-on is still the only fix for this issue at the moment. We are working on a permanent fix and will let everyone know when its ready. Really sorry for the wait, but we are working hard on resolving this issue. Regards Mod.

  139. Alistair

    Thank you Mod for replying.

    So I can sign up for an Iphone 4 when my 3 month renewal window starts (which I believe is the 14th November)?

  140. Moderator

    @Alistair – Sorry not replying sooner, yes you can upgrade up to 3 months before the end of the contract, but you will get the best deals within the last month of your contract. Hope this helps, regards Mod.

  141. Alistair


    I posted a question on the 29th October. It appeared a short time later but while others have posted and got answers from the mods, mine has been ignored.

    Would you kindly answer it as its this type of ignoring that makes you wonder if a company really wants you to stay as thier customer.


  142. Moderator

    @ Alex- I have another member of the team looking at this for you. I shall get back to you as soon as I hear back :-)

  143. Alex W.

    Hello again,

    I’ve heard that there’s now a permanent fix for the redirect system that everyone was having problems with. I had the temporary fix involving Xseries applied for the past few months. I’d like to switch over to the permanent fix. What should I tell customer services when I contact them?

    Thanks in advance

    Alex W.

  144. Moderator

    @chris – I going to email you for some additional account info so we can chase this for you. Mod

  145. Chris


    Thanks for your reply, I have just spoke to 3 again, and advised that the delivery of my Iphone 4 could be anytime this week, or maybe even the week after..when i upgraded on the 6th October i was promised a 28th October delivery. Are you having a stock issue? On the 3 website i can select a Iphone 4 and expect delivery on Wednesday.
    I explained to the guy i spoke to that i am not able to receive any texts regarding delivery as at the moment i do not have a 3 mobile phone. Is there any way you could give me some accurate delivery information, after waiting since 6th Oct and the delivery missing the promised date, i don’t think any time in the the next two weeks is really good enough.

    Hope you can help


  146. Moderator

    @Tim C – thank you for your comment. I will pass your ‘limit’ comments on to our customer services department. Mod

  147. Tim C

    @MOD and for info to everyone else.

    My wife was in the middle of an extremely important call and suddenly she was cut off. WHen she redialed it said she had used all her credit up!

    I have just contacted 3 Custoemr Services who advised that all pay monthly contracts have a limit set to £150. I hae 5 contracts with three and not once have I been told about this limit. What happened was I upgraded this contract to an iPhone 4 and paid for early settlement of the contract. This totalled £200 which I was told would be added to my bill. What I wasn’t told was that if all the voice minutes were used then no out going calls could be made because it would of exceeded the £150 limit!

    I’ve now increaded this limt so hopefully things will start working again but people need to be made aware of this. I feel it’s another hidden “feature” like the internet filtering that is kept from the customer.


  148. Alistair


    You are still showing for existing customers that they can only upgrade to the Iphone 4 when in the last month of thier contract. Are you changing this as I have always been able to upgrade 3 months before hand.

    A Three customer with 2 contracts about to sign up for his 3rd renewal.



  149. Moderator

    @Chris – Hi, really sorry that you have experienced problems with the delivery of your iphone. I’m afraid you will need to give customer services another call if you would like this resolved today. If you have no joy again, please let us know on Monday. But I can say that you will receive a text on the day of delivery. :-)

  150. Chris

    Hi, I upgraded to a Iphone 4 on the 6th October, and should have received it yesterday, however still no delivery. I’ve spoke to Customer Services and they cannot give me any useful information apart from that it will be delivered on the 28th, which has not been and gone! A consignment number would be handy…can you help at all?

  151. Moderator

    @ John- Yeah of course you can at the Three. store or go online. :-)

  152. John

    I’ve just noticed that you’re selling refurbished 16Gb iPhone 4′s online, is there anyway to order brand new iPhone’s rather than these “refreshed” versions?

  153. Moderator

    @ Dan- This isn’t a problem- if you call 333 they get the barrier uplifted free of charge :-)

  154. Dan

    I’ve got one of these phones, its great but I cannot access some websites on it saying that it is adult content and is blocked. Especially annoying when some of these websites only have adult content in advertisements on the site, and some I can’t understand why they have been classed as adult-content. Really not happy about it!!

  155. Moderator

    @Tim C – Sorry if that’s the delivery date you were given then that’s the earliest we can get the iPhone 4 to you. I hope you can hang on for the next couple of weeks! Thanks for pointing out the dodgy iPhone 4 on Three link, we’ll take a look at this.

  156. John

    @Mod Thanks; it was 333 that said they were out of stock and I had to order through them with the 5-6 week wait as I wouldn’t be able to upgrade in store. I’ll be trying on Sat (after phoning to check the store has stock). I’m guessing the woman in the foreign call center was just after her commission and didn’t want me ordering it elsewhere!

  157. Moderator

    @Jade – Sorry to hear you’re having issues, I’ve sent you an email so we can get things sorted for you :-)

  158. Moderator

    @Dylan Brown – Thanks for sending your postcode to me. I’ve taken a look and I can see the coverage in your area is a bit patchy. I’m going to drop you an email to get some more details from you.

  159. Moderator

    @Peter – Great you downloaded our app and thanks for your feedback. We agree it would be better if you could view your data from within the app, but we can’t offer this just yet.

  160. Moderator

    @John – In most cases you can upgrade in store but it sounds like they don’t have stock if they’re asking you to call 333. Sorry about that!

  161. Moderator

    @John – Yes, sorry I’ve checked this out and this page needs quite a bit of work, so won’t be up for a while. Check out this info page here.

  162. Tim C

    @MOD I upgraded one of my contracts to an iPhone 4 16GB a couple of weeks ago and was given a delivery date of November 10th. I thought at the time this was a bit of a long wait as I had read on these forums stock was flowing again. Can this phone not be delivered sooner?

    P.S. What happened to the other iPhone 4 thread titled iPhone 4 on three? It’s no longer showing any posts?

  163. John

    I’ve just phoned 333 asking about upgrading to the iPhone 4 16 Gb and was told there is a 5-6 week delivery time. I told her I’d upgrade in store but the woman on the phone said I couldn’t do that. Was she correct in saying I can’t upgrade in my local store?

  164. Moderator

    @Jamie – Nope I’m afraid we don’t offer a delivery report service.

  165. Jade

    Hi, I recently upgraded to an iPhone 4 from my existing contract. When my sim and number was transferred to my iPhone i activated it with iTunes as prompted. I received a text from 3Alerts saying I had spent £3 on data charges

    I had not used the web browser yet I was still charged??
    Checking my3 online my new contract has not been activated. I was told my new contract will be available after 24 hrs from when I purchased it in the store.

    I would like to know when will I be able to use my new contract plan and do I have to pay the data charges despite my contract having 1Gb.


  166. Peter

    hi mod

    downloaded the 3 app and happy that I can now see what remaining internet usage I have each month

    one point to feedback, when clicking on my usage it takes you into a safari page, why not instead keep the pages within the app as it looks good without moving on to the standard safari page

  167. John

    In My3 on the web under Check my Usage does the Upgrade link ever work? I’m within my 110 day upgrade window as of today but I still get the “Oops – we’re having technical problems – please try again later. ” message. Thanks.

  168. Moderator

    @Dylan Brown – No we don’t have any plans to introduce a femtocell type device I’m afraid. If you send me your full postcode I can take a look at the coverage forecast in your area? Post it and I’ll edit it out.

  169. jamie

    hi is there any way to get delivery reports on the iphone 4?
    i know o2 ha a prefix you can use

  170. Dylan Brown

    With the talk on spotty network coverage, does Three have any plans to introduce a femtocell-type device.

    The network coverage where I live has seemed to have gone downhill since we got 3. I’ve got an E63 which is just barely useable and we now have an iPhone 4 (Which we want to keep) but gets absolutely no network coverage at all.

    The coverage is very spotty, and it would be handy if a femtocell was available, or if upgrades were made to our area.


  171. Moderator

    @talal – Yep there is in fact a Three app, just released this weekend. We’re looking to build on it it as we go but take a look in the app store and search for Three. We’ll be posting a blog with more detail on our app this week. :-)

  172. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Mod. Thanks, excellent customer service as always both from your good self and the people at Three. I dont know what the criticism is all about *smile*. Thanks again.

  173. talal

    Hi i read here a long time back that 3 were working on an iphone my3 app, but i cant find one anywhere is there un update on the progress of this as all other networks seem to have an app other than 3

  174. Moderator

    @John – That’s good to hear and good luck in persuading your wife to let you have an iPhone 4 ;-)

  175. John

    @Moderator – Thanks for the info re Orange and T-Mobile. TBH the only time I have issue with signal is downstairs at home, everywhere else I tent to get a strong 3G! Looking forward to upgrading next Fri to the iPhone 4 if the wife lets me, otherwise it’s the 3Gs! :-)

  176. Moderator

    @John – As it sounds like you’re aware, we have an agreement in place with Orange to provide us with 2G network support in areas where our 3G coverage doesn’t yet reach. As our 3G network has expanded to cover nearly 97% of the UK population, we’ve found that less and less people actually need that 2G fallback. We do still have an agreement in place with T Mobile to share 3G network and masts, but at the moment we don’t have any plans to use their 2G sites.

  177. Moderator

    @Ibrahim – Our apologies, you’re absolutely right and we’re removing the charge now. Thanks for flagging! :-)

  178. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Mod.

    Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve just checked my latest bill and here’s what it says:
    Standard Delivery Charge £1.660. My mobile number if you want to check yourself is [removed by Mod]. Thanks and I hope to hear from you soon.

  179. Moderator

    @mike – Sorry Mike, that’s something you’ll have to find out directly from customer services. Did you not ask when you were discussing upgrading?

  180. Moderator

    @Ibrahim – Hello :-) Nope you shouldn’t have been charged for delivery and we’ve checked and you haven’t been charged… Yes the X-Series plan is the same solution you would have got if you’d have come via the blog first, so all is well :-)

  181. John

    Now that Orange and T-Mobile are loved up, does this mean that Three’s 2G backup can piggy back onto T-Mobile or will it still be limited to Orange? Thanks.

  182. Moderator

    @PedroForte – Thanks for your feedback and well done for getting the fee waived!

  183. mike

    Hello just spoke to thrre on the phone. And i can upgrade to Iphone 4 on october 28th, could you tell me how much i would have to pay? I am currently on:
    Price plan

    — Mix & Match 1100

    — Add Internet Max
    — £15 Video pack with mobile

  184. Chloe

    Hi Mod,

    Hope you are well. Shame that sunshine didn’t last longer! Just checing in, as haven’t received a call regarding the VAT issue yet? Also, is a new sim card sent automatically?



  185. PedroForte


    Thanks for the reply and email to which I was just about to reply before checking back here!
    - I have received my micro sim from Three yesterday (I called 333 and they waived the sim swap fee). However, I do feel a £5 charge is quite excessive for providing customers with an alternative sim card….

  186. Moderator

    @PedroForte – I’ve just checked and yes that’s correct – £5 for a SIM swap.

  187. Moderator

    @Waqar – no probs and yes CTO are looking into the other issue you flagged but we won’t have any more info for you till early next week. Sorry we’ve got no quick answers for you, but the team are swamped at the mo.

  188. Ibrahim Gucukoglu

    Hi Mod. A couple of questions for you. I recently ordered a micro sim for my new IPhone which I should be getting in a few days and being the vidulent soul that I am, checked my latest bill. I discovered a small delivery charge which when speaking to customer services appears to be for the delivery of my sim. Should I have been charged a fee for changing my sim to the micro variety? Also, regarding adult content and removing the filter, I’ve been put on your X Series silver plan which I’m told is technically identicle to the internet and email plan you currently sell, but with the filtering removed. Is this the solution that you’ve been using with all your customers requesting this change so far or should I have contacted you first?

  189. John

    In My3, does the Upgrade link ever work? Do I have to be within 110 days of end of contract for it to not return either “Oops – we’re having technical problems – please try again later.” or you can’t upgrade ring 333? Thanks.

  190. Waqar

    @mod thanks for info on downgrades.
    Any info on mobile data issue please?



  191. John

    @Moderator Thanks for looking up the masts! 2 weeks till I can upgrade – can’t wait!

  192. Moderator

    @John – I’ve taken a look and there’re no planned upgrades or new masts near you, I’m afraid. I can see that you live in an area which is a little patchy. If you upgrade to an iPhone 4 and discover the signal is too bad, then you can return the handset no problems.

  193. Moderator

    @lee – Thanks for your feedback, I’ve passed this on to our insurance team and do check us out again when your contract’s up for renewal :-)

  194. Moderator

    @Waqar – A little info on downgrades for you, as requested…

    You can move to a higher package with a bigger allowance at any time.
    You can move to a lower package after you’ve finished at least half of your contract with us i.e. 12 months of a 24 month contract, 9 months of an 18 month contract.
    We charge £10 for moves to a lower priced package
    Once you’ve changed your package your new allowance and monthly charges will start from your next bill date.
    It’s possible not all our packages will be available.

    I hope this helps…

  195. PedroForte

    I have recently purchased an iPhone 4 (sim free) and I want to get a micro sim.
    I am currently on a sim only deal and would like to transfer this contract over to the new sim card.

    I went into my local Three store and was told it would cost £5 for a sim swap. Is this correct? Thanks

  196. Chloe

    Hi Mod,

    Thanks for the email. Sorry it is one long piece of text, but can’t format very welll doing it on my phone – hence why I NEED the iphone :). Not enjoying the sun unfortunately, as stuck in the office, however I hear it is going to be nice all weekend! Fingers crossed. Have a good weekend!

  197. Moderator

    @Chloe – A busy day, but thanks for asking Chloe – I hope you’re enjoying this sunny Friday! :-) I’ll drop you an email. If VAT’s supposed to be inclusive you certainly shouldn’t be charged!

  198. Moderator

    @Ian – Tis a bit of a nightmare I agree but we’re working on a long-term fix to allow all our over 18 customers unrestricted internet access. You shouldn’t be charged and I can arrange a call to make sure you’re refunded and not charged going forwards…

  199. John

    I’m hoping to upgrade to iPhone 4 when I reach my 110day window on the 22nd October. At the moment I have a pretty poor 3G signal indoors and have to go upstairs when the phone rings. Fortunately I can set my E71 to GSM instead of Dual which holds a good signal downstairs. Do you know of any new masts/improvements in the LE67 1FR area? I’m thinking when I get the iPhone 4 I’m going to be locked in Dual mode and not be able to set the phone to 2G only? Thanks.

  200. Moderator

    @Andy – The new mast has been activated, just up from Larkhill Road. Really sorry this hasn’t affected your coverage :-(

  201. lee


    Really interesting news about the insurance, i really hope three take a good look at it. As it happens i need a phone before i go away so will wait to see if three have them the next couple of days if not i’ll will go elsewhere but will keep three in mind for next time. I’m unhappy at the minute with my current operator but as i mentioned their insurance is excellent so its difficult to think if anything goes wrong the choice of waiting weeks sending something for repair or getting a new phone the next day regardless.

    Just to stress with it i really hope three look at costs involved because clearly insurance shouldn’t cost a third of the line rental (£12 against £30 is a rip off) especially when the policy is poor. Aside from loss/theft/accidental damage the manufactures warranty covers at least the first 12 months (other networks guarantee the phone with no insurance needed for the life of the contract so could be upto 2 years+ – and that under that i expect it to be sent to get repaired but not if i’m paying so much for an insurance policy).

    So i’m voting competitive price and better policy other networks manage it so three should too. Glad to see three are looking at it – shame it’ll be middle of next year till it changes but i’ll have a look when i’m next up for renewal.

  202. Moderator

    @Glen – We’ve no plans yet to launch the iPhone4 on PAYG I’m afraid. Blackberry Curve launched on PAYG today though :-)

  203. Moderator

    @lee – Hmmm I understand your frustration there, but I’m afraid the team often don’t know when new stock’s coming in. We’re working to improve this comms process. I’ve had a chat to our team who manage the insurance on Three and got a bit of info. Your message is really timely as we’ve just kicked off a consumer research project, to look at the deal we’re offering and our customers views. We’re looking to get the results back towards the end of this year and make changes mid-next year. Re the Three app – we had a bit of bad news yesterday… we’re going to have to make a few changes to it before Apple can approve it, so it’s going to take longer than planned but yes you’ll be able to check the usage on it :-)

  204. Chloe

    Hi MOD! Hope you’re having a good day. I have just upgraded to the iphone 4 today :) however will be paying £35 a month for the 500 minute deal which is advertised online as £30 month. The guy in the upgrades team assured me that the £30 was exclusive of VAT, however, when I rang my local store, they said the £30 was inclusive of VAT. Please could you clear this up for me. I’ve always been happy with 3 in the past, however, am now wondering if I should cancel my upgrade. Thanks!

  205. Waqar



  206. Ian

    Hi, very happy with my iphone and previous help I have had from yourself but another issue has come up. I’m on the internet texter 500 plan which should be £30 a month. I have also had the filter lifted which should now be free. My bill lists the loyalty discount which I believe is how it’s done for some reason(!) and I have a goodwill gesture of £5 which covers the partial month of X-series add on but then it seems I have been charged for the next full month of X-series and my bill is £35. This filter thing is really a shambles, it seems to me to be incredibly easy to put everyone on a contract (therefore over-18) onto an unfiltered connection. Anyway, I did phone up but I frankly was struggling to understand so I was wondering if you could clarify?

  207. John

    @Waqar I asked a similar question but only for 24month contracts, this is what 3livesupport said: “If you buy a the contract you can downgrade your plan only after the minimum term that is 12 months incase of a 24 months contract, also you will have to pay £10 for the downgrade.”

  208. Moderator

    @Scott – We’ve just heard from Apple that we’ve got to make a few changes to our app, so it’s going to take a little longer to push it out to you guys! But yes it will be available on both PAYG and contract!

  209. Andy

    Hi mod, you said on 8th September this:

    @Andy – The really good news is that a new mast is being put up near you at the end of the month, along the Packway just the other side of the A345 from you. This should improve coverage in your area…Let me know.

    (for postcode SP4 [removed by Mod.])
    but signal has not improved…is the mast completely working or am I out of luck with it? Thanks

  210. Waqar


    Please can you tell me what three’s downgrade policy is on 18/24 month contracts please.


  211. Waqar

    @ mod
    It is in the ones I have sent already, but just mailed you again with it.


  212. Moderator

    @Waqar – Sorry to be a pain but can you also email me a screen shot, showing the ‘mobile data option’?

  213. Moderator

    @Ade – Thanks for taking the time to feed this info back to us. We’re looking into it now. As soon as I have more info I’ll reply to all three of you experiencing the same issues :-)

  214. Moderator

    @Waqar – No probs and the team are looking at this, hoping to get some answers to you soon…

  215. Waqar


    Thanks for getting back.

    It’s becoming more of an issue now, hopefully it will get sorted soon.

  216. Ade

    I am also getting the same issue as Waqar and Yevgeny on my iPhone 4, ever since installing iOS 4.1 (which I think also did a carrier update to Three 8.0), I sometimes cannot use web/data at all when I have a 3G signal (GPRS doesn’t seem to work for me either). The issue seems to be related to what area I’m in, for example at work in Godalming, Surrey I get a full 3G signal and it works absolutely fine. However just this Saturday when I was around Camberley, Surrey I had a almost full 3G signal but could not get web/data to work at all – tried the usual of rebooting and resetting network settings.

    Something which may be of interest, when I was on iOS 4.0 I also had the GPRS issue, the Three call centre told me to restore the iPhone 4 and check the APN settings. I did so and actually edited the settings manually to information I found on the net for the Three network, and this completely cured the issue. However after installing the latest iOS update and the carrier update, that APN settings panel no longer appears (even after another restore).

  217. lee

    oh and i forgot to ask can you give us any details on the my three app.

    Can you check minutes, text AND data usage on it? And more features on it?

  218. lee

    @ mod

    not really its a general thing I’ve noticed with them I asked when the black iPhone 4 will be back in stock and all i got was we dont have this information. Would like to know when’s best to check back etc or to be told i can pre order but no luck.

    would really love to see better insurance deal – have always bought insurance through my other operator and to me its a big concern especially with the iPhone being expensive to replace.

    It says your insurance is through lifestyle services and there website lists all the companies they work for – every other place listed is cheaper (excluding tmobile) and its the same cover. I’ve lost my phone before and i woudnt normally mention names but orangecare was excellent – no waiting weeks without a phone and no sending it for repair – and i;ve heard o2 premier is the same.

    I would in a second consider getting insurance from three if the policy was better – as with all insurance the cover is usually more important then the cost although on like for like through the same company its disappointing – and i dont use that bank but would set up an account as its a saving of £168 over the life of the contract (which incidentally is around the cost of the out of warranty repair supplied by apple) that three would charge extra.

    I’d be ecstatic to hear if you was really having a good luck at it – not just the price but the actual policy you could be easily getting extra money from me and loads of others.

  219. Moderator

    @Adrian – I’m pleased you like the new features, that’s a start :-) Sorry you don’t like our man and woman though, but they’re not last minute stand-ins, promise! :-)

  220. Moderator

    @lee – Thanks for your feedback. I’m doing some digging on our insurance, so I’ll come back to you when I have some more info. The My3 app is in approvals with Apple at the mo, so shouldn’t be too much longer :-) You can log onto My3 to check your data. We are working on a long-term fix for the content filter issue. If you need your content filter removed we can do so free of charge – do you want me to arrange this for you? I think a lot of behind the scenes changes should have been made now… You say customer services, do you have an issue that they couldn’t resolve?

  221. Moderator

    @Yevgeny – Thanks for your feedback. We’re looking into this for Waqar so we’ll make sure we update you with any news too. I’ll drop you an email so we can get the content filter removed for you asap.

  222. Glen

    When is iphone 4 going to be available on three pay as you go???

  223. Scott

    Any news on a My3 iPhone app yet? I’m just waiting to jump ship from O2 (who’s app really is quite useful for me). And would it work for payg too. I’m stuck between Three’s £10 PAYG AIO addon, or their £15 sim-only on with double internet allowance. If the app is contract only that makes my choice for me!

  224. Moderator

    @Adrian – Customers can call 333 to get the content filter removed but we had a few issues where people were being asked to pay a charge, which is why when people come to us on the blog we then arrange a call for them. We absolutely know it’s not ideal and we are looking to roll out a content filter lift to all our over 18 customers but it is taking some time :-(

  225. Moderator

    @Waqar – That may be useful, dropping you an email now. Cheers!

  226. Adrian

    Oh, incidentally, the new voicemail seems to have been rolled out. I like the new features but what is the male and female voice taking turns in the menus all about? It sounds really amateur. The guy sounds like someone off the street you just dragged in because the planned voice-over guy was off work ill or something!

  227. lee

    oh and please any update on white iphone 4 – it says rogers in Canada has loaded them onto their system and wal mart have stickers about.

    And people have started blogging saying its incoming (would fit well after the case programme expired etc)

    any chance three can let us pre register or even pre order one?

  228. lee

    Couple of things i’d like three to look at…

    the phone insurance is really poor and just as expensive as some of the better policies. Look at orange care and o2 premier £12 and £15 (both still expensive) but your never without a phone for longer then 24hours once you make a claim. Plus a phone that costs a similar price has insurance almost half the price – purely cashing in.

    The company three use is offered by a highstreet bank for the same cover but for £5 per month so what incentive is there to get insurance from three? You need to reprice it and at least fix the level of cover if not. I wouldnt pay £15 a month for insurance, i begrudge £12 but i wouldnt want to be without a phone for weeks on end – but if the only option is that type of insurance i’ll pay a £5 to the same company that supplies the insurance instead. Three is meant to be competitive and with insurance it isnt.

    Is there a my three app yet? How will i know how much data i’ll have used aside from a text message?

    Sort out the content block ASAP

    Sort out behind the scenes – i hate it when companies rebrand but leave all the old stuff for exisiting customers – my three is still out of date – its not just about the new logo but functionality needs sorting more info on usage.

    Sort out customer service.

    And sort out

  229. Adrian

    Hey Mod,
    This Internet filtering thing is getting out of hand. It’s three months now since the iPhone was launched and everyone logged their complaints and they are still coming in thick and fast according to this blog. Any news on when this is gonna be sorted and it’s becoming an issue that is tarnishing your [Three] reputation and potential sales.
    After constant requests you are offering to remove it for the people who complain to you on the blog. How about letting all your customers know what the ‘secret code word’ is when you phone in to customer services is to allow this ridiculous filter to be lifted? Or do have to authorise it?

  230. Adrian

    The cellular data change is purely that that iOS 4.1 is has the British English language setting as default. This can be checked: Settings > International > and select British English to show ‘Mobile Data’ and select English and this will give you the ‘Cellular Data’. The fact that the Apple is American, they think that they speak english and we speak a different version? WE speak English and they speak American English!!! Either setting does not change anything other than the title in the menu.

  231. Moderator

    @J – Sorry you’ve come up against our internet content filter. It’s in place to protect our under 18 customers from accessing adult content but we know it’s a big issue and we’re working on a long term fix. In the mean time we can get this lifted for you, free of charge. I’m really sorry you’ve had this battle and been given the wrong info. I’ll drop you an email now.

  232. Yevgeny

    I’m experiencing the same problem as Waqar. Now, often, despite having full 3G bars, I cannot use web/data at all.
    Version is 4.1(8B117) and carrier is Three 8.0 Resetting settings or reboot not always help. And in network settings can see “Mobile Data” switch.

    Also resently I came across your adult filtering service. Not exacly sure how can it help to protect children by redirecting user to the “buy porn form us” page… I dont really what to see this “service” on my phone, can you stop this filtering service I didnt ask for?

    Thanks, and sorry for bad english.

  233. Waqar

    Hey Mod,

    Thanks for getting back. Told you it was was confusing!
    I have tried all those avenues already will try them again. I can send you a mail of screenshots if you like, if so please mail me and I will reply.



  234. Moderator

    @Waqar – Hmmm well now, this one’s got the team puzzled too! The name of this menu should not have changed. Can you go to the ‘General’ -> ‘About’ menu and check that the SW Version is definitely ’4.1 (8B117)’ and the Carrier is set to ‘Three 8.0’? If either of these settings are incorrect then connect your phone to PC, open iTunes on the PC and perform both a ‘Restore’ and ‘Check for Updates’ operation on the device. In fact it’s probably worth doing this even if the settings are correct… Let me know how you get on.

  235. J

    I left O2 for the iPhone 4 on Three and have unwittingly stumbled into your seemingly random content filtering policy. Any number of entirely inoffensive websites redirect me direct to a tacky, blaring, awful page that attempts to get me to buy pornography from Three. I tend to use mobile internet on public transport, and it’s massively embarrassing when this happens. There is no way to predict it – none of the sites it’s happened on I consider remotely offensive, whereas the massive ads for dirty videos I do (and it can’t be much of a money-spinner since the conversion rate must be miniscule – I’m not looking for this sort of content when the page appears so I’m never going to pay up; it feels more like your company hijacking my browser). An exceptionally rude man in the company’s call centre told me that to get the internet service I thought I was already paying for would cost an extra fiver a month. I foolishly bought into your branding that bangs on about being “built for the internet”, but I think your company is going to struggle to attract the sort of sophisticated internet users looking to buy the iPhone with this filtering, which is madness since the interest is there – I really like the connection speed and price that I get with Three, but I’ve warned genuinely interested friends away from making the switch because of this absurd policy and the very poor customer service that goes with it.

  236. Waqar


    I’m not referring to a query. It’s a query of my own.

  237. Moderator

    @Waqar – Which query are you referring to?

  238. Moderator

    @Salmacis – You should receive a warning sms when you have reached 80% of your data usage…

  239. Waqar


    I’m normally pretty gud at sorting issues out but this one looks like it is out of my hands.
    Since the 4.1 upgrade on my iPhone 4, the settings for turning 3G data on and off have changed. It used to be called cellular data but is now named mobile data.
    This is not the issue. I normally have it off to preserve battery life but now everytime i turns it on when required, it doesn’t work, even though at the top it shows as 3G data is on. The only way I can get it to work is to turn phone off And on or reset network settings, as you can imagine both Are long processes.
    I know three haven’t had a carrier update so am baffled as to why this would happen?

    Please could you look in to this and let me know.



  240. S.Alom

    @ Waqar

    Nice one, thanks for your email and info, much appreciated.


  241. salmacis

    Is there any way of knowing how much data I’ve used in a month? The my3 page tells me how many minutes and texts I have left, but with data, all it says is “you have not used any internet data outside of your allowance”. Is there any way of getting a warning when getting close to 1GB in the month?

  242. Moderator

    @Waqar – no probs, done! :-)

  243. Moderator

    @Adrian – A fault was raised when we first started rolling out the voicemail, so it had to be put on hold and the fault was rectified. It is now being rolled out again and one third of our customers now have the new voicemail. All our customers should have it by the end of this month.

  244. Waqar


    Can u give me S.Alom’s e-mail? he has requested this thanks


  245. Will

    @Mod – Oops, got your email now – I really must learn to be more patient and to have more faith in you! Pleeeaaassee ignore my last post – you’re still wonderful! x

  246. Moderator

    @Stuart M – Sometimes the Three team will give you a call when your contract’s about to expire but don’t rely on it. Call 333 in the last month of your contract and they’ll offer you the best deals available :-)

  247. Moderator

    @nik – I’m really sorry to hear you had such a nightmare and that you’ve now cancelled your contract with us. I probably could have helped you but pleased you are happy again.

  248. Adrian

    Is there any news on the new and improved voicemail? It was supposed to have happened by now and I’m still on the old one???

  249. Waqar

    @S.Alom should work. Please try again, and go to the “about us” section to get my details



  250. Stuart M

    Just a question about renewing contracts.

    My contract is due to run out in 5 weeks time. When will I be offered a new contract or do I have to phone you to arrange it?

  251. S.Alom

    @ Waqar

    Your link does not work, can you please help me with google app? every time I open google app on safari it just closes and shows me the home screen, it worked before, I have cleared cookies etc, deleted app and reinstalled still does nto work.

    @Mod if Waqar wants my email please provide him with my email.

    I am running on ios 4.0.1 its its JB

    I hope you can help,

    Many thanks.


  252. nik

    @mod so the genius at the apple store says that the network connection times out and you cant receive any notifications or skype calls. Real genius who also says that i needed a skypein number to receive calls. Says its a perfectly working iphone and refuses to exchange it for a new one. Unfortunately there was no 3 signal in apple store to prove my problem. Came home disappointed called up three and asked to replace but said i had to wait as they had none in stock. Really frustrated and called 3 returns department got the returns authorisation code and cancelled my contract. Very happy now.

  253. Waqar

    @ nik check my contact details. If u need any help contact me. Mite save u a trip to the store

  254. Moderator

    @nik – really frustrating! It would be great if you could let us know how you get on at the Apple store please? Good luck :-)

  255. Waqar

    @ nik

    If skype app does not support multitasking it will not work. The app has to be updated to work with multitasking.
    If u need any further help, u can contact me through.
    If anybody else needs support for iPhone issues too can contact ne through:-

  256. Will

    Hi Mod, now I can access this blog again (thanks for fixing that ;-) ) any chance of clarification on my X-Series Silver data allowance question from last week? It’s just that we’re now halfway through the month now and I need to know if I have to curb my data use to avoid a huge bill or not.


  257. nik

    @mod i’ve called up apple support, did the hard reset, network reset and updating to 4.1 as suggested but none of them worked. whatever app it is, if its closed i get push notifications for a minute or two then when the phone is locked no notifications at all. Im being signed out from skype, yahoo messenger etc…. I have an appointment at an apple store so hoping everything goes well.

  258. Moderator

    @Saidul Alom – I’ve sent you an email and we’ll hopefully get this sorted for you :-). I’ve unapproved your other posts, as due to a typo many of our blog readers were unable to access comments on this page ;-)

  259. Moderator

    @nik – Hmmm that’s not a Skype issue but an iPhone issue. Try plugging your phone back into itunes and letting it sync again.

  260. Alex Whiteside

    Ears, I have the same problem with GPRS/EDGE data if I reset my iPhone. For some reason it sometimes doesn’t install the carrier update, and when I next connect the phone to the laptop it prompts for the update and that gets GPRS/EDGE working properly. Not sure to what extent this helps you except to try hooking up your iPhone if you haven’t already.

  261. Saidul Alom


    Yes please it would be good if you can organise for some one to look in to this for me.

    Many thanks

  262. nik

    i have a taken a new iphone 4 contract, but skype always signs me out when i close the application, whats the point of multittasking. also not receiving any push notification for other apps.

  263. Moderator

    @Az – I’ll arrange a call for you to look into this.

  264. Moderator

    @Alex Whiteside – I’m sorry about the confusion between picture messages and picture mails. We’ve tried to make the distinction clear and they should have done so in store.

  265. Az

    Hi mod, I’m still waiting for my enqury! Can you please confirm about the the iPhone for iPhone if one is faulty! Or do I get in touch with apple.
    Many thanks!

  266. Moderator

    @Saidul Alom – You should definitely be rewarded for any contract customers you bring to Three – it doesn’t matter which handset they choose. You won’t get rewarded for introducing PAYG customers though I’m afraid. If you want me to arrange a call for you for the team to look into this let me know?

  267. JD


    I haven’t received my personal note as yet – do you have my email address?

    Many thanks – JD

  268. Az

    Just bought my iPhone 4 from 3 store (24 months) less than month! Recently my iPhone keeps on crushing most Of the time during the day! Because of my work and personal e-mails, I have to be on the ball every half an hour! I have spoken to apple and they have advised me to update the firmware to 4.0.2 which I have, however I’m still having the face the same problems!
    My questing to you is, to me this phone is faulty, and I would not like spend any time sending and waiting for repair and all the nonsense are people currently facing. Is there a stright swap (iPhone for iPhone) facility which 3 has that other providers offers such as vodafone, O2.
    Please kindly respond to my e-mail.
    Many thanks

  269. Will

    @Mod – Thanks for looking into it. Sorry I didn’t realise it was such a complicated question but it shows that us customers don’t stand much chance of understanding our contracts if even the experts are struggling ;-)

  270. JD

    Many thanks – I look forward to hearing from you :)

    Thanks again – JD

  271. Moderator

    @JD I’ll send you a separate note to see how we can help you

  272. Moderator

    @Will – We’re looking into your questions and thanks for the feedback. We’ll pass it on to the appropriate team here at Three. :)

  273. Alex Whiteside

    I recently got my second iPhone bill, and I was surprised to see I was charged for picture messages. I was told when I was signing up for the phone that I’d get 100 free “picture mails” and the staff made no effort to clarify that these only work as MMS to an email address and not MMS to a phone number. Given that it’s exactly the same traffic either way*, this is rather skeezy of Three, I’ve got to say. Is there a way to cheaply add picture messages?

    *Assuming MMS is configured as packet data, which it is, Three’s network doesn’t have to carry any more information than it would if I’d sent the same data as an email.

  274. JD


    I have just been called by Three as my contract is due to finish 16th December. I explained that I wanted an iPhone 4 but was told the price would be £129? This was after the lady commended me on my outstanding loyalty to Three for the past 6 years? Why therefore am I being charged more than a new customer? I then said that I would wait until I was within 38 days of my contract ending and I could get the phone for £99. This is fine by me but then I was called again with Three offering to put me on a new 12 month contract from today for only £13. Again, excellent but what if I want to upgrade to the iPhone 4 still in December – will I be charged £99 or £129 (as would not not be within 38 days of the contract ending?).

    Many thanks.


  275. Adrian

    Hey Mod,
    Could you answer this please? What is the difference on the iPhone plan between the unlimited Internet and email add-on and the x-series silver. Do they both have the same amount data included? Are they both unfiltered internet access? Also after the included plan data is used how is possible to check what is remaining on the add-on? I have x-series and haven’t a clue how much I have left and am constantly getting texts saying I have used my allowance and am being charged.

  276. Waqar


    Sorry mod, still got a small prob. the forum with 2000+ comments now shows the latest comment first on my iPhone 4 but I cannot leave a comment, there is no response?



  277. Will

    …also another thought for the My3 App wishlist. Could we have a function to show what any in-month spend is actually for? Currently My3 shows total “spend so far” but we don’t get access to a breakdown of what it’s for until the bill is produced. I’d like to be able to keep tabs on how much I’ve spent on MMS or sending videos etc so I know what I’m throwing my money away on ;-)

  278. Will

    @Mod – Sorry to be a pest but can you clarify that’s 1GB on top of the existing 1GB (putting my extended Maths GCSE to the test I make that 2Gb total ;-) ) or actually still a total of just 1GB overall?

    Many thanks :-)

  279. Moderator

    @Waqar – No probs Waqar – thanks for pointing it out to us :-)

  280. Moderator

    @Will – Just to confirm the X-Series add-on is an older add-one that we still support and it offers you 1GB of data. I hope this helps!

  281. Waqar

    @ mod

    The prob I reported has now been fixed.
    The latest comments now come first! I wish I wouldn’t said something earlier. Thanks :-)

  282. Moderator

    @Waqar – I’ve just checked and there’s definitely still a reward offered if you recommend a friend and they take up an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS contract. Sorry if you were told otherwise… So long as the customer takes out a contract it doesn’t matter which handset they have.

  283. Moderator

    @Andy – The really good news is that a new mast is being put up near you at the end of the month, along the Packway just the other side of the A345 from you. This should improve coverage in your area…Let me know. We do have an agreement through MBNL to share site infrastructure with T-Mobile, however that does not mean we share networks with them, just the sites and masts where we can site our transceivers. We’re running a program to increase our network coverage and have in the last year increased the number of base stations by over 5000. This program will continue over the next 2-3 years with a further 4000 sites being added to the network. :-)

  284. Moderator

    @Adrian – sure, no problem. Someone will give you a buzz before the end of the week.

  285. Moderator

    @Will – let me take a look. We are in the process of removing ‘unlimited’ from all of our wording, but some jobs are bigger than others, including a refresh of our bills and My3. We’ll get there :-)

  286. Adrian

    @Adrian – sorry to hear you’re still having problems. Have you taken a look at your iPhone data settings? Data Roaming should be set to ON. If this is the case and you’re still having problems, let me know and I’ll arrange for someone to give you a call.

    I have tried your suggestion but the phone will still not pick up the backup Orange 2G signal if the 3 3G signal degrades. Can you please get someone to check into this please or phone me? Thais it’s much appreciated. [removed by mod]

  287. Moderator

    @Adrian – sorry to hear you’re still having problems. Have you taken a look at your iPhone data settings? Data Roaming should be set to ON. If this is the case and you’re still having problems, let me know and I’ll arrange for someone to give you a call.

  288. Will

    Hi Mod,

    Yes I’d seen that page about X-Series but wondered if there was a Plain English version – maybe just bullet points about what is actually offered? I guess my immrdiate question is does this add an extra Gb on top of the existing allowance on my contract? I note from my latest bill that I used nearly 2Gbs last month but My3 shows my allowance dropping from 1GB again this month as I use it.

    Also, I had read about the attempts to get rid of “unlimited” from your terminology which is why I chuckled to myself when I read my bill and saw this… “With X-Series Silver you get unlimited open internet surfing powered by Yahoo! Search, so you can search the open internet directly from your 3 mobile…” Also, the bills and My3 both still state that the 3to3 calls and texts are “unlimited” – perhaps something worth feeding back to those responsible that they need to get “on-message”? ;-)

  289. Adrian

    Hey Mod,
    After my problems with the network up here in Manchester and customer services telling me that te T-Mobile network consolidation was complete and they has de commissioned my local mast, I still have a little problem. I’m still getting ‘No Service’ occasionally and when I check the network on the iPhone, 3 is available but 3 (3G) is not. Why is my iPhone not locking onto Oranges 2G signal and showing ‘No Service’ when the 3 (3G) is not available but the 3 backup 2G (Orange) is available. Could you please look into this for me please?? I have roamed onto the Orange network before so don’t think that it’s the fact that it’s not been provisioned. Please help I’m really fed up with this ‘No Service’.

  290. Waqar


    As you know I have been helping with the tech side of using the iPhone 4. I have now, with a few friends set up a website for technical issues and forums for support on all Apple items.

    Please pay a visit, if you need a specific answer just email us, and please don’t forget to sign up for the forum.



  291. Waqar

    @ Mod

    Thanks, please let me know when there’s a resolution.


  292. Moderator

    @Waqar – Thanks for letting us know that there’re viewing issues for the blog on the iPhone 4. I’ll certainly look into this…

  293. Moderator

    @Will – Clever indeed! Well you can read about the various X-series add-ons here. We’ve also stopped using the term ‘Unlimited’ as this wasn’t strictly true. We’ve blogged about this change here. Does this help you? :-)

  294. Waqar

    @ mod

    Please can u clarify if the rewards are given if a person takes a new iPhone 3GS or 4 contract? I was informed that the reward is not given?

  295. Moderator

    @Richard – I’m afraid we don’t do family contracts but you will get rewarded if you recommend a friend – see here. :-)

  296. Waqar

    @ Mod

    I have a prob. When viewing the blog from my iPhone4, it shows the latest comment at the bottom, unlike when I view it from my PC, which shows the latest comment at the top, this is fine though, the problem is when I go to the iPhone 4 Blog it has 2000+ comments and when I scroll to the bottom, the latest it will show me is the 18th of July?

    The page has fully loaded, i have deleted history, cleared the cache, everything. Please can you try and find me an answer to this, this is out of my tech know how.



  297. Will

    Hi Mod, me again :-) In reference to add-ons (see how cleverly I snuck them into this thread to provide a seamless link into this question?)… Can you tell me exactly what I get with an X Series Silver add-on? It shows on my bill as allowing “unlimited” Internet access and Egan I added it last month my data countdown stopped going down for a while. However, since starting my new billing period, my 1gb allowance has been steadily decreasing? I tried scouring the Three website or answers but… well, you can guess how successful that was! Any clarification you can offer would be gratefully received, thanks

  298. Andy

    Hi, I get very very poor 3 signal at home (so much so customer service gave me 2 months line rental free) but get good t-mobile signal. With the MBNL agreement between the 2 companies, when can I expect an improvement?! Thanks, my postcode is SP4 [removed by Mod]

  299. Ears


    Thankyou. The SIM i’m using is a micro SIM from the three store itself in Cambridge Grand Arcade. The packet it came in says “Replacement Micro USIM HLR1″ I’m not on a specific iPhone plan, as I have been continued on my £15 per month SIM only month to month contract with an Add Internet Max Add-on, that customer service at Three recently ‘changed’ to 2GB. Surely it’s not because I’m not on a dedicated iPhone plan as the staff at the Three store said it didn’t matter. Thanks and I appreciate your help.

  300. Richard

    Thanks for the reply mod. If I wanted to add another member of my family onto my contract with an iPhone 4 also, how easy would this be to sort out and would I get any sort of discount?

  301. Moderator

    @Richard – The contract is advertised at £30 and then you’re billed at £30 so you aren’t paying any more than you should be. I agree the actual way the information is displayed is confusing though and this is changing. The discount is purely added on after so we can offer our customer competitive rates. I hope this makes sense.

  302. Moderator

    @John – Good idea and thanks for feeding back. I’ve passed your ideas on! :-)

  303. Richard

    Hi mod,
    Like a few other people i have noticed that I am being charged £35 a month for a contract that is clearly stated as £30. So effectively I’m being overcharged £5 then given a £5 discount to make the tariff £30.
    Could u please enlighten me on this?

  304. Moderator

    @Ears – We can certainly look into this for you. Can I just check what SIM you are using?

  305. John

    To the mod. I wish to request that the three iPhone app has all the features of my3 on the web based system. Also a good feature would be incorporate the network coverage in their so you can quickly show the nearest mast if possible.

  306. Moderator

    @Will – Really good ideas, especially about the add-ons, we know this is a bit complex at the mo! Oooh I think I’ll add a contact filter opt-in button to my Christmas list too – great shout ;-) I’ve passed all your feedback on to the app developers.

  307. Ears


    Hi, iPhone 4 unlocked from apple but on three. 3G data is fantastic but can’t get any data when on EDGE or 2G which is terrible. your colleague on the ‘three iPhone plans’ blog comments on July 1st that this problem had been fixed. Unfortunatel the call centre seems to tell me a conflicting story that we’re not supposed to get any data on edge or GPRS. This would be a BIG difference as it means whenever we drop out of 3G we can’t get any emails or push notifications. This would mean leaving three for many people.

    Can you please reply and shed light on this please.

  308. John

    I’ve just received a txt saying I’ve reached my allowance under the 3 Fair Use Policy. The link in the txt doesn’t say what this allowance is, nor can I find it online. Can anyone help?

  309. Waqar

    @ mod

    Thanks. I look forward to it!

  310. Will

    Hi Mod, re the MY3 App, as well as usage info it would be great if it could somehow include up-to-date and complete details of existing and available add-ons. Unfortunately, this is an area where the Three website really doesn’t seem to work at all for me as the various pages contain vague or conflicting information. An FAQ access feature would be good too as there seem to be plenty of questions from the blogs that could feature. Maybe a content filter opt-in button to save you a lot of emailing and running around? ;-) Ooh, it’s like writing a Christmas list!

  311. Moderator

    @EdP – Great that you think the blog helps, I hope I can help you!! Can you send me your full postcode please so that I can look into this properly? I won’t publish it in full.

  312. Moderator

    @Adrian – Phew! Happy to hear that!!

  313. Moderator

    @Waqar – All really useful feedback – thanks! You’ll be pleased to know that many of your suggestions have already been built in and any that aren’t are being looked at. If anyone else has any ideas for their ideal My3 app please shout now!

  314. EdP


    Thanks for all yours efforts, it really seems to make a difference. I’d be grateful if you could chase up an issue I have with a local reception problem (postcode TW11) I am having with three iPhones used by my family. We are unable to use mobile data the “3G” icon disappears after 10 seconds or so. 2nd line support keep promising to fix this network issue within a week, but never do..

    I’m days away from closing my accounts..



  315. Adrian

    Mod, thanks for the update. My signal is much more consistent and back to 1-3 bars as opposed to ‘No Service’. Glad to be back with Three!!

  316. Waqar

    @ mod

    For me, it should be like my3, showing the usage in live time , which I find good compares to other networks.
    Also a contact us page, where we can dial 333 from within the app.
    Again like my3 we should be able to change personal details.

    P.S within the contact bit it would be good if we can contact via email too!

    I can’t wait


  317. Moderator

    @Waqar – It is in development, so we’re really keen to get feedback from you guys on what your ideal Three app would include? I guess, we’re looking at having the app built by the end of the month and then it will need to be approved. So send us as much info on how a Three app would work best for you… :-)

  318. Moderator

    @Adrian – OK I now have a better answer for you. You are between 3 sites, the one that is the nearest has to overcome the motorway and an area of woodland, so you may be attaching to a site which is slightly further away but has stronger signal. The work on the fault previously noted fault is now complete. Has coverage improved at all?

  319. Moderator

    @Adrian & @Zed – The new voicemail has begun roll-out, so many people will already be using the new service. Roll out should be complete by the end of next week, so I’ll look forward to your feedback once you are using it :-)

  320. Waqar


    Is there any chance you can find out how the app for my3 is getting along? Maybe an estimated date? If not how much of the app is complete in a percentage?



  321. Waqar

    @ mod

    Anytime :-)

  322. Moderator

    @Waqar – Thanks for your feedback on being truthful and honest and managing customer’s expectations. As you say, we try to do this on the blog and recognise how important it is. Each time someone comes to us and says they’ve been misinformed we report back to the relevant people, but we understand this is still an issue!

  323. Moderator

    @Wayne – @Waqar is correct, as far as we are aware Apple isn’t introducing an updated model of the iPhone 4 but we are expecting a new delivery before October. As @Waqar suggests, ring 333 again and if you have no joy come back to me.

  324. Waqar

    @ Ian

    Yes you can, ring 333 they can do it for you.

  325. Adrian

    Mod, is there any news on the new and improved voicemail service as posted on the 3 website:

    “We’ve made some changes to voicemail to give you an even better service.
    You’ll notice a new greeting message. A male and a female voice will let you know that you have a new voicemail. If you miss a call when your phone is switched off or unavailable and the caller didn’t leave a voicemail, you’ll get a text with the caller’s details.
    You’ll be able to get the old voicemail service for 14 days after you hear the new one by simply pressing * followed by 1 on your phone. So if you have any saved messages, you can still listen to them.”

  326. Ian

    Im wonder can three uk unlock the iphone 4 anytime during the contract for 15 pounds

  327. Waqar

    @ mod

    Adrian’s comment just highlights the situation.

    I was a very long time ago with Three, and although Three have moved forward leaps and bounds, the fact remains that customers are being given wrong information.

    I can count on at least 10 occasions I have been given incorrect information in the last 12 months, and as you have read on the blog, many other people have too!

    I have no vested interest in Three, but I take a genuine interest in trying to help (as you may have noticed). If you can feedback the call centre giving wrong information does not help.

    I think you do a fine job on the blog by being truthful, even when it is not what the customer wants, this is always the best way.
    I just think this will go a long way in managing customers’ expectations.

    I don’t mean to go on but I really believe this is a key factor in moving things forward.



  328. Waqar

    @ andy p

    What did you decide to do about your situation? Are your daughters going to wait?

  329. Moderator

    @Adrian – it might be that our contact centre had been given the wrong info, so we’ll just double check everyone’s on the same page. Very glad that we haven’t lost you :-). Hopefully the issues you’re experiencing at the moment will all be resolved very soon.

  330. Waqar

    @ mod
    Thanks I will. :-)

  331. Adrian

    Mod, to answer your question:

    Adrian – There is a fault that’s being investigated in your area which is almost certainly the cause for your degraded signal. Generally your area should receive good indoor and outdoor coverage. We are on the case with this one and we hope to have a fix as soon as possible, but I can confirm that we have not decommissioned any sites in your area. Can you tell me who gave you that info? Just want to make sure we clear things up so that we’re not giving out wrong info.. thanks

    The answer is I started my contract a month ago and all of a sudden, the signal disappeared. I contacted Customer Services and they told me that consolidation work had just been carried out and the mast closest toe had been decommissioned. They told me that they could bot guarantee the date when the signal would improve and that I could cancel my contract. I did this and moved to Vodafone only to find that the 3G was diabolical. I have switched back to Three, started a new contract and endless calls to 333. So all these problems and calls to sort it out and they have given me duff info? OMG!
    Anyhow, I’m back and I’m gonna stay, but you nearly lost two customers because of it!

  332. Moderator

    @Waqar – oh no! What a shame :-(. Well if you ever decide to relocate to Maidenhead, keep us in mind. Happy for you to chip in as you are doing though!

  333. Andy P

    OK, I see the focus for 3 is in new sales (I received a cold call recently asking me if I need a laptop or have other family who need a phone) rather than existing customers. Surely 3 should know how many contracts I have. Not particularly impressed….

  334. Moderator

    @Adrian – There is a fault that’s being investigated in your area which is almost certainly the cause for your degraded signal. Generally your area should receive good indoor and outdoor coverage. We are on the case with this one and we hope to have a fix as soon as possible, but I can confirm that we have not decommissioned any sites in your area. Can you tell me who gave you that info? Just want to make sure we clear things up so that we’re not giving out wrong info.. thanks :-)

  335. Moderator

    @Adrian – sorry about that, I think your last comment must have slipped through the net. Just checking your postcode out now, I’ll come back with an update as soon as I have one.

  336. Waqar

    @ Mod

    Thanks for the info.

    Great job, but unfortunately I live in Manchester the daily commute would kill me. If anything around this area comes up please do let me know, thanks for the info.
    In the meantime I’m happy enough to help out on here, if you don’t mind?


  337. Moderator

    @Waqar – Here’s a link to our Careers site. Just search for job reference 24078 – you can have a read of the full job description, and if you’re interested, upload your CV. Look forward to (hopefully) hearing from you!

  338. Waqar

    @ mod

    I’ve looked at the post, and there Is a link which takes me to recruitment page but i cant find any detail?
    Please can you give me more detail.


  339. Adrian

    Moderator, you wrote:

    @Adrian – So sorry to hear that! The network has improved and is still improving but I understand you can’t hang on till things pick up in your area. If you want to send me your postcode so I can double check then please do.

    I have posted the postcode and the message is still awaiting moderation. Can you please reply?


  340. Waqar


    Thanks for that, sounds great. Please can give me more information?



  341. Moderator

    @Waqar – Check out this post.. Let me know if you’re interested in learning more :-)

  342. Waqar

    I thought you were mod for the other two aswell, I have been replying on them too, and haven’t mentioned anything to the mod.
    I’m not working full time at the moment, and no I didn’t know you were recruiting? More info please? Where are you based?

  343. Moderator

    @Waqar – Ha no, just the mod for this blog, one is enough ;-) Really appreciating your support Waqar! Do you have a full time job? You know we’re recruiting :-)

  344. Waqar

    @ Wayne

    sorry this is incorrect. Apple is not releasing a new model, they will however be issuing a software update, but this can not resolve the antenna “issue” has the antenna problem is a hardware fault, and to rectify that Apple would have to re-design the product and recall call the millions already sold.

    Three as all networks do, have a very limited stock of the iPhone 16gb, and the next shipment due is around the end of september.
    Ring upgrades again, and request a 16gb, as your contract is out, you are in a position for an upgrade, but obviously you will have to wait for the phone to arrive.

    @ Mod

    Please can you feedback about the incorrect information given to Wayne? i.e. Apple releasing updated iPhone4?
    Also as Wayne is out of contract, he should be on priority for the next batch of iPhone 16gb’s shouldn’t he?

    Hope I’ve helped

  345. Wayne

    I spoke with retentions yesterday with the aim of buying an iphone 4 16gb. I am out of contract. The rep told me there won’t be any stock till October as Apple are releasing an updated model which fixes the antenna issue. Is there any truth to this?

  346. Waqar

    @ mod

    Just wondering, do u mod the other 2 iPhone blogs?

  347. Moderator

    @Tom – We can take a look into this for you because you should be paying the price you were quoted. I’ll email you now to get some more details…

  348. Waqar

    @ mod

    No probs. I’m glad to be helping.
    I’ve left the ones I can’t answer for you.

  349. Moderator

    @salmacis – This doesn’t sound right. I’ll drop you an email so the team can look into this.

  350. Moderator

    @Waqar – Thanks for all your support on the blog! :-)

  351. Moderator

    @Andy P – Waqar is absolutely right… If you want to speak to the upgrade team give 333 a call, but they will only tell you the same. Keep us posted on how you get on :-)

  352. Tom

    Hi mod,
    Like a few other people i have noticed that I am being charged £35 a month for a contract that is clearly stated as £30. So effectively I’m being overcharged £5 then given a £5 discount to make the tariff £30.
    Could u please enlighten me on this?

  353. Waqar

    @ andy p

    For the July one you’ll have to pay Early termination if you want to end. I doubt there’s a lot the mod can do?
    The other option is to change to cheaper tariff (which I think you can do 6 months in a contract, but the mod will have to confirm) and let this contract run till July and get a new one?
    You could also sell both phones your daughters have now to pay off the contract?
    Hope I’ve helped? Let me know what you think.

  354. salmacis

    Hi mod, I’ve just just had my first bill with Three, and it’s for £11.64. There should be no extra charges. Can you explain why I’m being charged this amount on a £10 tariff?

  355. Adrian

    My postcode is M33 [removed by mod]. I was told that the closest mast to me has been decommissioned and that there maybe be future plans to increase coverage here but could bot give me a timeframe. I went from a steady 3-4 bars to usually ‘No Service’. Can you check this for me please and give an indication if this will be rectified? I’m really disappointed an it’s been very inconvenient. I have left the network but I’m still in the 7 day return for the other network. Can you give me any updates?


  356. Andy P

    @ wakar
    The September date is this year but July 11 for the other phone. Would be good to have the moderator’s input too!



  357. Moderator

    @Adrian – If you post it I won’t publish it in full… :-)

  358. AJE

    @Moderator – Email received, Thanks for that – I should never have doubted you!!

  359. Moderator

    @AJE – I’ve responded to your blog post each time you’ve posted it but didn’t realise it hadn’t been published again! Really sorry, I’ll drop you an email instead as I think it’s due to a link I included for you.

  360. AJE

    @Moderator – I’ve not had any response to or even acknowledgement of my enquiry? Are you able to help me? If not just say so.

    I received an “upgrade call” from 08003584844 – is that genuine ? Was it from Three or an intermediary?

    I was offered the Samsung Wave. The phone and the package was fairly tempting except on a couple of things, one of which was the SatNav on the phone. According to one review of several that I read the voice guided SatNav on the Samsung required a monthly fee (unlike the NOKIAs, for example). The customer service guy from Three was unable to definitively confirm or deny this – can you shed any light?

    And am I right in thinking that the Wave is the same as what is elsewhere called the Wave S8500?

  361. Adrian

    Thanks mod. I don’t want to give my on the net. Can you email me and I’ll send it to you so you can double check the coverage or potential coverage. Thanks.

  362. Moderator

    @Adrian – So sorry to hear that! :-( The network has improved and is still improving but I understand you can’t hang on till things pick up in your area. If you want to send me your postcode so I can double check then please do.

  363. Adrian

    Well, where do I start? After all the praise I have posted over the last couple of days, Three have just finished consolidating the site in my area and thank to this I would like to remove all positive comments about the network. My signal has gone from 3-4 bars to No Service over the last couple of days. I have checked with customer services and this work is complete and nothing can be undone. Thanks Three, I thought it was all going to well. Customer services have allowed me to cancel my contract and return my iPhone, I don’t wanna but I cannot do with zero reception at home. Blast!!!! What a shame. Was the network consolidation with T-Mobile not supposed to improve the coverage and network????

  364. Moderator

    @John – Glad service is good! On PAYG you get 150MB of data for free each time you top up. Additional internet bundles are available too, check them out here.

  365. Waqar

    @ Adrian

    Nice to heat ur impressed with three. I left an returned and was pleasantly surprised too:-)

    The picture mails u have part of ur package are not your standard mms, hence name being picture mails not picture messages.

    Picture messages = phone to another phone

    Picture mails = phone to email.

    All u need to do is go into your messages ( assuming u have iPhone ) hand in the “to” field enter an email, click the camera logo to attach or take a pic and add a message of required, your done;-)

    Hope I’ve helped, let me know if you require anything else.

  366. Waqar

    @ andy p

    I assume dates u have given are next year?
    You have a couple of options. You can pay an early termination fee for both and try to get the iPhone which at the moment is very limited in stock, also this fee will be very high (basically your monthly charge for the two contracts x how many months left on contract.

    Your other option is to let it run, and next June when the new iPhone is out your daughters can get them (I’m assuming three will offer it now).

    I’m hoping I’ve been clear, let me know if you need further help.

  367. Andy P

    Thanks Waqar. My daughters are both keen to get iPhones. One of my four contracts expires on 20/9 so that’s fine but the other runs to July 11. I’m keen to keep the peace and get them both together!


  368. Adrian

    I left Three several years ago due to poor coverage an also to very poor customer service. After some thought, I decided to move back due to the good iPhone 4 tariffs and supposed upgraded network.
    I was expecting a slight improvement, but I feel I have to put pen to paper and tell you guys, I am very impressed with both the network coverage, (and I thought I would never say this), but Three customer services have been excellent!!! I am truly amazed at their efficiency and professionalism. Well done Three. I now know I have made the righ choice, friends with the iPhone on other networks can hardly get a 3G connection and I have one almost 100%of the time, even though I travel all over the country with work.
    Hats off to you Three and well done!!

  369. Adrian

    Mod, can you please answer this? On the iPhone tariff included is 150 picture messages. Can you please enlighten us as to what they are, and also how can we use them? Many thanks.

  370. Waqar

    @ andy p

    Please give a bit more detail in your query might b able to help further.

  371. Moderator

    @James – Very, very pleased :-)

  372. Andy P

    I’ve tried to negotiate an upgrade to an Iphone through customer services and through the upgrade centre. The issue seemed to all to be resolving when an offer was made to upgrade but the salesman didn’t phone back when he promised three days ago! I have four contracts with three (for four family members) and didn’t find the advice to buy a fifth a helpful one.


  373. AJE

    @Moderator – any progress with my enquiries?

  374. Waqar


    No probs glad I coould help :-)

  375. Waqar

    @James Bernado

    James it should be £30 a month inc VAT. If you ring 333 they will sort this out for you. I think a small batch of customers have been hit with this issue.

  376. Njones42

    @waquar Thanks, I’ll try that.

  377. James

    Had my phone for 2 weeks ! orderd on a friday recieved by rm special delivery the following day ! Great service ! None of the apparant signal black spots in my area first time on three aswell ! Keep it up !!

  378. James Bernardo

    NJ Jones – i’m the same mate, i cant understand how its added seperately when it totals your bill to £35/36 quid when i was marketed a £30 tariff

  379. Waqar

    @ njones

    Just ring 333 they will sort it out for you. Just sounds like a glitch in the system

  380. Njones42

    @Mod yes, I was charged £36.66, and the only thong I spent outside my allowance was 1 picture message. I have also been charged extra for some calls and messages, but I didn’t go over my allowance. On the bill it says ‘charges before VAT – £31.20′ and ‘charges after VAT £36.66′.

  381. Moderator

    @ Njones42 – This sounds like a mistake. The VAT is separated out on the bill but it should be included in your plan. Have you been charged over £30?

  382. Moderator

    @ George C – So sorry to hear that you weren’t treated well in our Carlisle store – I have passed this feedback on and it will be looked into :-( There’s a simple explanation why your Three SIM won’t work in the 2G iPhone – we are a 3G network which is a big positive but it does mean you won’t be able to test your son’s handset first. If you do decide to upgrade to the iPhone 4 then there is a 30 day return policy. I hope this helps a little.

  383. Waqar

    @Ian l

    Thanks mate will give it a try.
    I weren’t having a go, just thought it would be a nice feature for three to have

  384. Will

    @Mod That would be much appreciated, thanks! :-)

  385. Moderator

    @ Waqar – No probs, sorry it took me a while to get a clear explanation. @Will – Do you want me to drop you an email?

  386. Moderator

    @ Tim – Thanks for your feedback. We aren’t yet able to remove the content filter for free but we are working on it. If you want me to drop you an email with details let me know. Sorry you haven’t had a very good experience with Three’s customer service :-(

  387. Moderator

    @ Waqar – An app is in development but you can access My3 by following these instructions.

    Thanks for your feedback on visual voicemail, I’m afraid this won’t be happening any time soon but I will pass your feedback on.

  388. Moderator

    @ Richard – Thanks for your comment about jailbreakme. As far as I can tell we aren’t actively trying to block that site, it’s just blocked by our content filter. I’ve passed this info on and the team are checking it out now.

  389. AJE

    @Moderator – I received an “upgrade call” from 08003584844 – is that genuine also? Was it from Three or an intermediate?

    I was offered the Samsung Wave. The phone and the package was fairly tempting except on a couple of things, one of which was the SatNav on the phone. According to one review of several that I read the voice guided SatNav on the Samsung required a monthly fee (unlike the NOKIAs, for example). The customer service guy from Three was unable to definitively confirm or deny this – can you shed any light?

    By the way, am I right in thinking that the Wave is the same as what is called elsewhere the Wave S8500?

  390. Njones42

    I have just received my first bill from three, but I have been charged VAT on top of my £30. There was never anything on the website or in the store or in my contract agreement about extra VAT. Should I have been charged this? If so, I believe this extremely unfair and should have been clearly stated at the time when I bought the phone.

  391. George C

    I have been given an unlocked 2G iPhone by my son to try out as I’m interested in updgrading to an iPhone 4 in time. I’ve been with 3 for a number of years and have also put my wife on the network too so I was surprised when I visited my local store yesterday in Carlisle and received no assistance whatsoever even though the store was empty. In fact the Manager didn’t even look at me and was told to contact Customer Services.

    I have tried to explain to both your customer services team and instore that I have tried to synch the phone, I have had it working on other SIM cards from operators and I just keep getting Invalid SIM. I want to try this handset so I can decide when my next upgrade is due whether or not I want the latest iPhone. I appreciate I am not a huge customer but I am very frustrated the fact nobody seems to listen or care. Can you please let me know if:

    - I can use this phone with my 3 SIM card
    - Any process I need to follow
    - Any changes I may need to make to my contract

    Thanks in advance, but I really am at my wits end here.

  392. Ian L


    I know 3 doesn’t offer Visual Voicemail at the moment but only O2 does so it isn’t like 3 are specifically doing you out of a feature, they all are!!

    Seriously though have you tried an app called Hullomail? (I have no vested interests with the app or the company BTW) but it is free and offers you everything Visual Voicemail does and more. I have it on my phone, easy to install and now I don’t miss Visual Voicemail in the slightest.

  393. Waqar


    got my response kinda makes sense, hard to explain


    Thanks for persevering and getting back to me!

  394. Moderator

    @ JLW – Yes that’s a genuine number – give them a call :-)

  395. Moderator

    @ Waqar – I’ve sent you an email, I hope it makes sense :-)

  396. Tim

    So apparently hassling you enough via commenting here will eventually result in getting the content-filter removed for free. Presumably as you have now done it for at least one person you can now do the same for the rest of us? I’m sorry but “we’re working on it” just doesn’t cut it. There’s a button that turns it off, press it before you lose all those lovely new customers who are on 30 day contracts.

    Longer rant;
    I suspect a lot of tech-savvy early adopters who bought the iPhone 4 SIM-free will have signed up for one of your SIM-only month to month contracts. You really need to live up to their expectations or you are going to just lose them all again. I switched to 3 as I thought your 3G network would be a lot better than anyone else, and to be fair in practice it has been better than O2 but really it’s pretty marginal. Pulling stupid petty tricks like this content filter, which as anyone with half a brain can see is just a money making exercise rather than anything to do with “think of the children”, is not going to impress those customers. When I was considering switching to 3 I read all over the place of the legendarily bad customer service, but I thought to myself that that wouldn’t really matter as having been with O2 for many years I can’t remember when I last had any occasion to phone CS. I figured if the CS is terrible what does it matter, why would I need to ring them? How wrong I was. I had been used to anything I wanted to do being available through the website. Activate a SIM? Through the website. Swap SIMS? Through the website. Doing it myself – no problem. With 3 it involves ringing CS, and here’s the hilarious part – they are paid to do these things for you and they, at least for me, have managed to screw up every single little simple task I have rung them about. It’s really pretty pathetic.

  397. Waqar

    @ Mod

    When will the my3 app be available? please can you feedback it should have info on how much data we have used as this is not available atm.

    also please introduce visual voicemail soon – this is a major feature and will bring a lot more custom to 3. I know a lot of people are enjoying the iphone 4 on 3 but this would enchance the service.

  398. JLW

    I’ve received a Txt saying call 08003589048 to upgrade, is this a genuine Three number?

  399. Waqar

    @ will

    No I haven’t received any info yet. The mod said he/she was looking for sensible answers before they got to me? This wad last week?

    @ mod

    Any update on this please mod? It’s been a while?

  400. Liam

    I used to be on o2 which was quite a good network, however things only lasted one month which is what I hated about there network, I have been on orange, and also vodaphone, tesco, I think I have been on every network. I’m going to be completely honest with you “Three-Team” On your website out of Orange and “3″ says 3 covers more area of coverage, that is a complete lie. “Three” Is a great network, but the coverage is terrible worst I have ever been on, I will admit “Three” have tryed to improve there network, but where I live which is in Cottingham Near Hull, It’s a very bad place for signal here, and my friend lives in “Paul” just outside of Hull, and apparently he can not get no “3G” signal anywhere he lives. More inprovments need to be made with “Three” Yeah I use there “MSN” and “Skype” quite frequently, however they are still a long way to go been the best network, It’s good for value, but Orange is better for signal, also another issue with “Three” is that they lie about there website, under “What makes us better” link, they clearly state that “” is free, when clearly it is NOT! False advertising used there.


  401. Richard

    @moderator. Can you please explain to me the ridiculous news that 3 are blocking the site for all the iPhones. It has to be the most stupidest thing I have heard.

    1. If you sell the iPhone on contract then you already have the suckers silly enough to do so tied in for 18/24 months so it does not matter if they jailbreak the handset or not.

    2. If they purchase one on PAYG then again you’ve made your dosh from that sale

    All you have done is stopped people in making the purchase via either of the above ways in the first place so losing revenue you can’t afford to lose. if they choose to wish to enhance their iphone with App’s that Apple don’t want in the App Store then its their right to do so. Jailbreaking is not illegal and does not effect the phone in any way as much as I’m sure you’d wish to tell us so. Anybody now wishing to purchase an iPhone but was not sure what network to go with has now had their choice made easier. NOT THREE!!

  402. John

    I just transferred onto 3 from O2. The content filter is ridiculous. But otherwise service is good. I’m on PAYG. Can I get an Internet bundle with that?

  403. Moderator

    @ Paul – With the iPhone 4 Skype calls will come out of your internet allowance I’m afraid.

  404. Moderator

    @ Lee – Yes, no probs – you should be able to change your plan six months into your contract. Hope you enjoy your iPhone 4! :-)

  405. Will

    @Waqar Have you received any further details regarding the price-plan and misleading “discounts” issue yet?

  406. Moderator

    @James Bernardo – I have dropped you an email about the adult content filter. VAT is included in the plan but it is separated out on the bill, which is causing some confusion.

  407. salmacis

    Just switched from O2 to three. I’m very annoyed about the content filter, which is a shame as otherwise the connection speed is pretty good.

  408. Paul

    Hiya!!! so before when i had a nokia… we had free skype use!!! “not out of my internet allowance” does this still apply with my iphone 4?

  409. Rob

    I’ve been hit with Three’s ridiculous filter also! No mention of this was made when I shelled out £189 for my iPhone and 24 months at £30! I’ve been on the phone today for almost an hour trying to sort it out and was passed around 5 times before being told i’d have to pay £5 extra a month to view the internet which is inherently uncensored, go figure?

  410. Alex W.

    Will Three waive the fee for unblocking the internet on these phones in the mean time? Charging for it is like some sort of porno protection racket: “pay us £5/month, or you might get sent to our adult video store when you’re browsing”.

  411. Moderator

    @ Oli – We know this is an issue and we’re sorry it’s affecting so many of you. It is being looked into and I’ll post an update when I have one.

  412. Moderator

    @Adrian – Yes it is possible to lock the iPhone 4 in the same way. Just ring 333.

  413. Oli

    Great, so I’ve just been hit with Three’s ridiculous filter which includes sites such as To make people pay extra to remove this is slightly disgusting, especially when previously on my E71 I had unrestricted access with Three. I would much rather not have half of the Internet blocked on my phone compared to being ‘protected’ by 3.

    Sent from my censored iPhone.

  414. Alex W.

    Hold on, there’s a £5/month charge to get the filter removed? In that case I think I’ll be going in for a refund. I’d rather go to T-Mobile if it’s going to cost the same for an unrestricted internet service.

  415. Ian

    Mod said @AJE – Protecting under 18’s is our key concern, but we are looking at an opt-in/opt-out process for adult content. As we continue to investigate the best way of doing this, we can change the internet add-on on your account which will give you access to sites that were previously not allowed. At the moment there is a charge for this.
    Still using an X Series N95-8GB from 2008. Have unmoderated internet access. Back in in March 2008 to get the
    filter lifted involved providing a credit card no, having it charged £1, and £1 credited to your account. Not rocket science. Why can’t you revert to the same system? – Quite a cheek to have to pay for unmoderated access.



  416. Nigel

    Are there any plans to improve planet 3 for the iphone as currently there are only a limited set of services/pages available (as compared to other handsets)?

  417. James

    Filtering sites on bad language? Is this China?

    I can access sites using a proxy, but it is slower and less convenient. Five pounds a month for uncensored internet is an utter disgrace.

  418. Moderator

    @Imran Mohammed – 1, The apps store issue is fixed – is it all ok for you now? 2, Yes you can still receive data on 2G, try the following if you aren’t able to – Go to: Menu > Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. Once you Reset the network settings, restart your iPhone4 – let me know if this doesn’t work. I can drop you an email re internet content filtering if you’d like it to be removed?

  419. Moderator

    @C – We have a filter in place at the moment to protect our under 18 customers but we do understand that this is restricting for many of our customers. We are looking into this issue but yes there is currently a charge to get the filter removed.

  420. Waqar

    @ mod

    I seem to be getting no response :-(

  421. James Bernardo

    At no point in the online order process is it made clear that VAT is not included in the boldly advertised £30pm tariff, the tariff in reality is £35pm. This feels sneaky and designed to entice customers with a great advertised tariff that apparently undercuts competitors.

    I moved from o2 after 7 years and have always had VAT included in the advertised tarrif i picked, nothing can be done now but i did shake my fist when i got my bill through today

    Adult Content – in attempting to access sites that are satirical or merely midly nsfw i am confronted with a restriction and links to Mega XXX, Playboy, Gay and Bi Guys and more……seems as thought its almost set up to entice people to pay for pornographic content

  422. Adrian

    I noticed in the Three website that to get any Three mobile unlocked, it is possible to pay £15.00. Is it possible to unlock the iPhone 4 in this way?

  423. David

    Right after a lengthy phone call twice which the first time I was put on hold for 10 minutes and the system convienenrly dropped my connection I was told that the government requires that filter in place haha but I took the xseries silver which apparently gives me an extra 2gb of data on top of my 1gb I get already (and damn do I use it quickly) anyways I can safely say that stupid filter is no more hoorah

  424. Moderator

    @Kenny – Not yet… but we’ll let you know when there is ;-)

  425. Kenny

    Is there a My3 app for the Iphone 4?

  426. Lorry

    Hi, i phoned customer service to upgrade to iphone 4 about 2 weeks ago, i was told that stock would be coming in on monday (9th) and that i should call back, i did and was told that i now have to wait untill 21st of september…is there seriously no stock untill then? Also does this mean that none of the 3 stores will be recieving stock of iphone 4 untill then?

  427. Moderator

    @Daniel – I’m sorry your delivery date has changed. It usually takes six weeks for the iPhone4 to be delivered so if it takes any longer let me know.

  428. Moderator

    @AJE – Protecting under 18′s is our key concern, but we are looking at an opt-in/opt-out process for adult content. As we continue to investigate the best way of doing this, we can change the internet add-on on your account which will give you access to sites that were previously not allowed. At the moment there is a charge for this.

  429. Moderator

    @Lee – Yes, you can move to a lower priced 24m contract package once you have completed half your current contract term, i.e. 12 months and pay a £10 administration charge. Hope that helps! :-)

  430. Moderator

    @Will – Pleased you are happy again Will! :-)

  431. Adrian

    Moderator, you said:
    “@Adrian – No this isn’t true. We take a sensible approach across the handsets and tariffs and the internet filter is used across all our phones and plans, unless you request to have it removed.”

    I have contacted Three customer services and they have said it can be removed by purchasing the X-series add-on for a further £5.00. I was under the impression that I had Internet access included and surely access is access? I’m starting to get really miffed with this, I am absolutely stunned at the whole explanation. I vowed I would not come back to Three and I’m regretting already. Can you please confirm the I have to buy this additional add-on to get unfiltered access. Moderator, can you get this removed from my account please? (for free as it should be?)

  432. Moderator

    @Matt – sorted I hope!

  433. Imran Mohammed

    @Moderator – 1) Can we please have an update on the App Store over 3G issue, I have emailed Kevin Russell. 2) When the iPhone switches to 2G can we still receive data, if so what APN Cellular settings should one use? 3) How do I remove the Internet content filtering?

  434. C

    So how do you get this Internet filter removed?

    I spent 30mins arguing this morning that I was not getting the full internet access that I had purchased ie £30pm unlimited internet access, yet I am being censored from visiting certain sites.
    I was told that I could pay an extra £5pm to be able to access all sites, but you say that it’s possible to have the filter removed – do you mean free of charge?
    I don’t intend to pay extra to have this filter removed!

  435. Waqar

    @ mod

    Have you had a chance to look into my query from last week? Thanks

  436. Will

    Please ignore my last comment as I was being Mr Grumpypants. Have since spoke to lady from India (I think she was the nice one that I spoke to when I confirmed my upgrade) and we’ve smoothed things over now.

    Thanks for your help again Mod, I may have to send another embarassing email to Three to tell them how lovely you are and deserve a pay rise ;-)

  437. Alex W.

    I called up to get the filtering removed, and apparently the only way to do that is to add a service called “top shelf” to the account, for free. There’s no reason for it to be named that. This is humiliating and degrading.

  438. Daniel

    Hi there. I have pre ordered my iPhone 4 on Saturday. However i am told delivery of 21st September which is more than a month away. I was told when i called on the Thursday that i would recieve my phone on the 23rd August. Are you able to confirm when your next delivery of phones is due to arrive as i have been told i will recieve my order as soon as the stock arrives.

  439. AJE

    @Moderator – excuse my ignorance, but what is this internet filter? What does it filter out/prevent you from accessing?

  440. Will


    “@Adrian – No this isn’t true. We take a sensible approach across the handsets and tariffs and the internet filter is used across all our phones and plans, unless you request to have it removed.”

    I’ve “requested to have it removed” but it’s still very much there. What you probably meant to say was “…unless you pay us an extra £5 per month for the privilege of being treated like an adult and getting the service that you already thought you were paying for!” :-(

  441. Moderator

    @Adrian – No this isn’t true. We take a sensible approach across the handsets and tariffs and the internet filter is used across all our phones and plans, unless you request to have it removed.

  442. Matt

    Any chance Three could sort the problem with the App Store ? Half the time just get HTML code ? The problem is well posted on numerous forums !

  443. Adrian

    Moderator, is this correct? The Internet filter is on the lower iPhone plans and not the higher ones? Really?

  444. Will

    @Keeg – Thanks for that, does the contract say what the discount is for? For example, on the upgraded accounts it clearly states it is a “loyalty discount (retention)”. My issue is that if new customers are getting a discount too, then this “loyalty” discount is meaningless unless it’s based on the deal that all customers get. I’d have much preferred Three to be honest in their pricing policy but given the other little surpises, like restricting internet access unless you pay extra, I guess that would be expecting too much. :-(

  445. Lee

    I have upgraded to the iPhone 4 on the ‘one’ tariff on a 24 month contract. I just wanted to ask if I would be able to downgrade my tariff at any point, and if so, how long into the contract this can be done? It’s a great deal, but I will never make a dent in any of the allowances!

  446. David

    If this app store issue is not related to the content filtering that three has in place then why is it I can not actually disable it I have verified twice now once with credit card and once with customer services and low and behold NEITHER has worked hence why I do think the problem lies with this damn walled garden three likes to impose just disable the bloody thing it’s useless

  447. Waqar

    @ will

    I’m the same that’s all they’ve said to me.
    Apparently new customers it says ” recurring discount” it’s a joke tbh. Should be a lot clearer. Says we r getting a loyalty discount but we r not. The mod is looking in to it, am waiting for a response, will let u know how i get on

  448. Keeg

    Your nit getting full Internet abilities on 30 pound per month price plan (sorry my mistake on my last post lol)

  449. Keeg

    I am a new customer and contract states 35 pound per month with five pound discount, hope this helps.
    Also the Internet filter is on the standard 30 pound per month priceplan but if you pay five pounds more you get an extra two gig data with no filter. I think this should be made clear on the advert because your not getting full Internet abilities on the basic 35 pound per month.

  450. Will

    @Waqar I’ve had a response but it’s not a very satifactory one. Apparently, the iPhone 4 tariffs are £5 more than advertised but everyone (new customers included) get a £5 discount… Not quite sure how that’s any different from just giving the advertised priceplan instead or how new customers qualify for a “Loyalty Discount (Retention)” as it’s clearly labelled in the contract letter! Maybe a “new customer” could share with us how their details are stated on their letter to help make the matter a little clearer?

  451. Yevgeny

    Did buy two this morning. Thank you

  452. Moderator

    @Yevgeny – I’m afraid we don’t have a break down of stock in our stores. The best thing to do is ring them. You can find the number here.

  453. Yevgeny

    Hi there.
    Can anybody tell me if possible if there is any stock of iPhone 4 in Worthing, West Sussex branch?
    I want to order 1×16 and 1x32gb phones online, but earliest delivery date is Monday next week. Wanted to have them by weekend.
    Many thanks
    Please excuse my English.

  454. Adrian

    I know it has been talked about several times, but inhale to make my feeling known and add to the conversation, I am really disappointed that Three filter my Internet experience. I find it offensive that I cannot look at what I want to, after all, I’m a responsible 35 year old manand Three make me feel like I’m 15 again. Come on Three, get it in order and remove this stupid and heavy handed filtering!!!!

  455. Moderator

    @ Lee Watson – London General Insurance Company underwrites Three’s insurance. Call them on 0800 3584850. Insurance for the iPhone starts at £12 per month. I hope this is useful :-)

  456. Moderator

    @Waqar We’re looking into this at the moment.

  457. Waqar

    @ mod

    Any reply to my post from yesterday?

  458. Lee Watson

    Hi, I received my iPone 4 on Monday. I am wanting to get it insured immediately really – what are my options? Who underwrites 3s insurance and what is the monthly cost?

  459. Moderator

    @Keeg @Ryan We are looking into this and will get back to you as soon as we have answers.

  460. Keeg

    @Ryan thanks for letting me know that it’s happening to others, I had an iPhone on 02 and it never happened in two years, doesn’t happen on wifi either, very strange

  461. Moderator

    @Andy – At this stage we aren’t doing iPhone 4 upgrades in store. The best option is to call 333 from your Three phone.

  462. Moderator

    @Ryan – Yep sorry, we know this is an issue. Our technical guys are looking into it and we’ll post the response when we have more info.

  463. Moderator

    @Sofia K. Really sorry that things haven’t been sorted on this one. We’ll drop you an email and get this looked into.

  464. Andy

    Shortly about to enter my upgrade window and looking at either the iPhone 3gs or 4, are in-store upgrades now available as long as the phones are in stock.

  465. Waqar

    @ Will
    Please let me know how you get on?

    @ mod

    Thanks for the response yesterday but it was kind of vague and doesn’t resolve the issue, there’s more ppl in my position and it’s frustrating three are doing this to be honest, so much for loyalty?
    I would really appreciate a more detailed response to the query from Will and I.

  466. Ryan

    @ Keeg

    The apps store issue seems to be pretty widespread. I had it on my 3GS running iOS 4. I have friends on other networks and they are having similar issues. It can be really annoying!

  467. Sofia K.


    My adventures with 3 continued thus:

    As I was told on the phone I called them yesterday (Tuesday) at 6 p.m. in order to find out what happened with the shipment. I told the girl who answered my call that I had only twenty minutes in my disposal before I had to go to work and I explained to her what had happened and expected to see what could be done to rectify the problem. She announced to me that the address on file was still the old one (!) and told me to stay on the line and she would look at the problem. After 7 minutes on call waiting I had to give up because it was time for me to go to work.
    I called two hours later (at 8 p. m.) just so I could tell someone to change my address. They told me it will be done. I called again at 10 p.m. and spoke to a guy, who after 20 minutes told me that a) I had to talk to the Upgrades department the next morning because currently was closed, b) my old address was still on file and c) there was an error with my order! It took about 7 calls from Friday to Tuesday night in order for someone to let me know that there was a problem with my order!
    I followed the last guys’ advice and called them this morning (Wednesday): my old address intact, and after another twenty minutes a guy told me that indeed there was an error, they are truly sorry no one noticed and due to limited stock the iphone will be delivered to me on the 24th of August! When I protested by saying I was possibly one of the first people to order the phone on Friday morning, he told me I should have talk to the upgrades department directly sooner. I said that no one notified me of that, to which he replied that probably I had called on times that the department was closed. I pointed out that I had called at various times such as: 11 a.m., 12 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m., 8 p.m. and only when I called at 10 p.m. someone said that the upgrades department was closed for the past half an hour!!!!!
    Anyway, bottom line is that there is nothing they can do in order for me to have the phone sooner than the 24th August. So I am truly sorry! This is appalling behaviour. I got my PAC and will try to find someone out there who appreciates me as a customer!

  468. Ian

    Thanks Mod, great service, all ordered up! Keep up the good work!

  469. Moderator

    @Kris – we don’t have a date for this at the moment I’m afraid :-(

  470. Moderator

    @Damian – if there’s anything I can do to help here, just let me know..

  471. Moderator

    @Sofia K. – So sorry to hear about your experience here. It looks like we’ve made a number of mistakes – please accept my apologies for this. Have you had any joy with your phone arriving? If not, please let me know. I’ll see what I can find out for you.

  472. Moderator

    @Dave – we’re aware of this and we’re looking into it at the moment. It’s in no way related to the way that we filter age-inappropriate content though.

  473. Moderator

    @Keeg – we’ve noted the apps issue. Our technical guys are investigating.

  474. Moderator

    @Ian – we do still have some 16GB phones in stock for upgrading customers, so I’d suggest giving us a call again :-)

  475. Moderator

    @Will – thanks for the email, I’ll take a look. I can’t access customer details so I can’t see what makes up your offer, but I can certainly ask someone to look into it.

  476. Moderator

    @Bill – no plans for visual voicemail at the moment.

  477. Moderator

    @Simon – then if you can hang on just a couple more weeks, you should find that the upgrade options available to you change :-)

  478. Kris

    When will the 16gb iphone 4 be available to purchase online please?

  479. Damian

    After a brilliant start with the phone turning up on Saturday, having the same issue as you with making calls (get message saying phone isn’t activated yet, wait 24hrs).

    Spent the best part of 3hrs on the phone to CS. Was bounced back and forth between website team, CS and iphone support. Still not much clearer to what the problem is but there is a problem!

    Have now been left with a promised of a call back in the next few days. Fingers crossed.

  480. Dave

    Hi I have seen this question being asked before however I cannot recall seeing an answer. Can you please advise when the I Phone 4 will be available on a buisness plan.

    I am a buisness customer and am due to enter the upgrade window very soon.

  481. Sofia K.

    Despite the fact that this is a blog and not a complains forum I have to let people know about my experience. I am an existing 3 customer whose contract has run out since April and I had decided to wait a few months and get the iphone 4 (16gb) as part of my upgrade deal. I called 3 early(ish) on Friday morning (around 11 a.m.) and ordered my upgrade. There was an issue about my debit card being rejected because 3 had my old address on record (despite the fact that I had already made sure to update that online) but I thought they rectified that and now my new address was on record. The man I gave my order to told me the iphone would be delivered to me on Monday.
    On Monday I got no text to confirm the delivery time so around 4 p.m. I gave them a call only to hear that a) they had my old address on their system and b) I made my order late in the day so my order would be delivered the next day. When I asked them why everyone told me the iphone would have arrived on Monday he said he did not know and that he saw that I made my order late on Friday. When I disproved that by stating that I’ve placed my order at 11 in the morning he changed the subject and told me the iphone would be delivered today (Tuesday)!
    I waited today (Tuesday) until 12 p.m. and when I did not receive any texts to confirm the delivery I called them once again. What they said was a) they still had my old address on record (how many more times do I have to call them before they put the right address on record me wonders!!!) and b) they wouldn’t know what’s wrong with the delivery until after 6 o’clock!!! Oh and it’s 4 o’clock now….no confirmation text, no phone!
    I am sorry but if 3 does not have iphones to supply their current customers with they should just say so instead of lying through their back teeth!!!!

  482. Dave

    @ Simon, that’s the exact same thing that we got told. I wouldn’t expect at any point in my upgrade window to have to pay more than a new customer!!

    @mod I understand that the deals you are offering are competitive and you can’t afford to give them away and I would be happy to pay the £99. What I object to, is being asked to pay £129, when a new customer gets it for £99!

  483. Keeg

    I’ve now solved the share price streaming problem but am still struggling to download apps from the app store due to the fact that I get a load of words that don’t make sense instead of the description of the app, pictures, reviews and the download icon,

  484. Ian

    Hi, could you tell me why some people here are saying they are being offered the 16Gb as an upgrade but when I phone 333 they tell me there is no 16Gb stock? I am willing (albeit slightly reluctantly) to pay £129 for the £30p/m as I am in my upgrade window but don’t want to wait two months for the sake of saving £30. Why is it not being offered to me??

  485. Will

    Sorry Mod but I’m with Waqar on this.

    Having received written confirmation of my upgraded iPhone 4 contract yesterday, it states that I am being charged £35p/m (less £5 loyalty discount) for the Internet Texter 500 package (500 mins etc etc). Yet this package is clearly advertised on the website at £30p/m including for new customers (so it can’t possibly being including the retention discount). So we’re being overcharged by £5p/m for the same priceplan and penalised for being existing customers? If you’re offering a loyalty discount, you can’t simply negate this by raising the price of the offer to compensate! How exactly do Three explain charging extra for the same priceplan advertised at the time of upgrading?

    I have sent you an email this morning about this and am really looking forward to a response.

  486. Bill

    Still no plans to implement visual voicemail though, right?

  487. Keeg

    I’ve just re-joined three after having an iPhone 3G on o2 for two years, I’m finding the iphone4 on three has a few teething problems, for instance the apps on the AppStore don’t display correctly it’s just loads of words, nothing like it shud be, my share price app doesn’t stream live prices but it does on wifi and it did on O2, and then there’s the restricted Internet where three block some sites unless you buy a five pound add on, I must say I know that three are new to the iPhone but there’s definately improvements to be made.

  488. Simon

    my contract actully ends on the 17th Sept, so only next month!

  489. Moderator

    @Simon – it sounds like you might be trying to upgrade fairly early on within your upgrade window – we do offer our best deals when you’re in the last month of your contract, so you might find that the upfront charge lessens as you get closer to this date.

  490. Richy

    @ Bill L – I also cant get my talk talk email to work.

    Could you tell me what settings you used?

  491. Moderator

    @psehmi – One part of our handset customisation process is to prioritise our own network as we’re a purely 3G network. For areas that our 3G coverage hasn’t reached yet, we partner with Orange to make sure that you can fall back on 2G if it’s needed. We believe in the strength of our 3G network, and supporting a 3G phone on a 2G network that isn’t our own has two consequences. One, that it’s a lot more expensive to carry the call on another operator’s network and this works against the pricing we offer our customers, and two, that we can’t control the experience you’ll receive when you roam away from us. Hope this helps.

  492. Moderator

    @Ross – I’ll drop you an email and I’ll see what delivery info I can find for you.

  493. Simon

    Why am i being asked to pay £129 for my upgrade when its advertised at £99 for the 16gb iPhone4? been with Three for many years and have a internet package and two contract phones… Not looking good for me staying!

  494. Neil

    Just wanted to say many thanks for taking the time to contact me about the problem I had. I only wish the store staff and CS could have been as helpful in looking for a solution to the problem. However I guess this site is now a big part of CS and only wish it was manned 7 days a week.

  495. Joe

    Will the Iphone 3gs be available in 16gb?

  496. psehmi

    Have Three removed the option to Disable 3G? I tried doing this to save battery, as suggested on the Apple website, but I can’t find the switch in Settings > General > Network?

  497. GarethDPhillips

    THis blog is a great idea. I hope you really are listening! Three need smarter better and more user friendly voicemail notifications. Other UK networks put a little message waiting indicator on your screen, on the iphone this is a red dot on the phone app icon I think. WHy do 3 just send an SMS, its a bit naff. what is the reason for this?

  498. Ross


    No my iPhone didn’t turn up today, must have been a screw up in the email I was sent, hopefully I can persuade someone to stay at my house tomorrow for when it’s (hopefully) delivered.

  499. Moderator

    @Waqar – Apologies if you were told that the deal you were receiving on iPhone was individual to you. We do have offers from time to time that are exclusively for our existing customers, but we of course shouldn’t be telling you this if it isn’t true. I’ll make sure that this feedback is passed onto our Upgrades team.

  500. Moderator

    @Ross – it’s possible that some deliveries went out today, but I believe the bulk are arriving tomorrow. I’m really sorry if yours hasn’t turned up. Can you let me know? I can take a look.

  501. Moderator

    @Waqar – working on it as we speak :-)

  502. Moderator

    @Damian – Woohoo!! :-)

  503. Moderator

    @Gary – yes, you can tether with Three. We’ll give you a call about your email problem.

  504. Moderator

    @Andy – Micro-SIMs can take up to 24 hours to activate – has everything gone through now?

  505. Moderator

    @Bill L – I’ll drop you a note about this, we’ll give you a bell.

  506. Moderator

    @lee – I can drop you a note about this :-)

  507. Moderator

    @Dave – you are able to upgrade within roughly the last 3 months of your contract, but we do offer our best deals while you’re within the last 30 days. Smartphones like iPhone 4 are costly, and while we’d love to offer big discounts on them, we can’t always afford to. I’m sorry that we haven’t been able to offer you a deal that you’re happy with :-(

  508. Moderator

    @Neil – we can give you a call about this. We’ll send you a Micro-SIM but we won’t activate this, or deactivate your old SIM, until you call the number included on your SIM packaging :-)

  509. D

    After placing an order online for iPhone 4 on Friday morning, I received an email stating my details don’t match what’s required for the credit check. I phoned up that day and spoke to an advisor, who found out the problem was my address. He said they sorted the problem and my order was placed and I should expect delivery by Wednesday. I hadn’t received an email confirmation so I phoned today and they said my credit score was too low.

    Firstly I’m disappointed that nobody let me know about the problem. Secondly, I doubt the accuracy of the information – I’m a homeowner who’s never missed a credit card/direct debit/bill payment in my life and I’ve never had difficulty before. I am now being told I have to wait 2 months until I can place another order. I would like someone to investigate and tell me what’s going on.

  510. Moderator

    @Mike – you definitely get 6 months on The One Plan, just checking on the others :-)

  511. Bill L

    Re previous post on email -

    Got it to work IFyou switch off wifi!!

  512. Waqar


    i was told exactly the same thing, and also i was told that i was given a £35 package (internet texter 500) for £30, because I am a “loyal” customer, but looking at the website there is no difference, i feel let down too.

    mod please can you shed some light on these issues? i know the phone is expensive and the deals are good, i dont mind paying the £99 but to be given a price plan at £35 pm when it should be £30, then making it look like i have a discount, is wrong, don’t you think.

    I look forward to hearing from you

  513. Moderator

    @Louise – apologies that you were led to believe that the deal you were being offered on iPhone 4 was exclusive. We do always try to offer the best deals to our upgrading customers, but when it comes to some very expensive smartphones, we simply can’t afford to also offer big disounts. We try to make up for this in other ways by offering competitive price plans that give you more than enough of everything you need.

  514. Ross

    Hi Mod, quick question. I ordered my new iPhone 4 at about 5 mins to 10 friday morning :) Recieved an email on Saturday saying it would be delivered on the 1st August. Now thats a Sunday so I assumed it meant Monday (today) as I got it on Saturday and with next day delivery that would make it Sunday but there is no post on Sunday.

    Your recently replied to @Damian saying “I believe orders are being delivered from tomorrow.” So just to make sure you are meaning Tuesday not Monday? I only ask I I have had to arrange for someone to be available at home all day today (I couldn’t afford to take the day off work) so it’s a bit of a pain if it’s actually going to be Tuesday.

  515. Waqar


    are you looking at getting an app for my for all us i phone users? i know you can access through bookmarks but it would be great to have an app?

  516. Moderator

    @Njones – Yep, it’s something we’re looking at right now. In the meantime you can head to through your phone’s browser. This should work over both 3G and Wi-Fi :-)

  517. Moderator

    @Ian L. – great suggestion about a fourm and it’s certainly something we’re looking at. The blog has surpassed our expectations, and we’re thrilled that our customers are finding it useful. We’re still working through the detail of our returms policy, but we will honour the 30 days as outlined by Apple. If you feel you need to return your phone, let me know and I’ll pass you through to the right team who’ll be able to pick up your query. Thanks for the feedback on internet filtering too. Opt-in/opt-out is something we’re on the case with :-)

  518. Moderator

    @Leon – I’m afraid we don’t have any plans for visual voicemail at the moment. Great to hear you’re happy with your new phone! If you have any questions about tethering just let me know.

  519. Damian


    It turned up at 8am on Saturday morning by RM Special Delivery. Clearly someone at Three was just as eager for me to get the phone as I was to receive it. What brill service. First time with Three but so far 10/10!

  520. Gary

    Is it possible to tether the iphone 4 for use through a computer??

  521. Gary

    Can’t say I’m impressed thus far with the customer car.
    Still can’t send email from my iphone4 ( want to send through Wanadoo{ that’s orange} home provider.
    It’s really frustrating and the help line is frankly clueless!!!!!!

  522. Moderator

    @Damian – I believe orders are being delivered from tomorrow.

  523. Andy

    Hi, my iPhone arrived Saturday, didn’t set it up until Sunday but the SIM is still not activated…it picks up the 3 network but can not get any data or send texts/phone calls etc. How long should I wait before calling CS?

  524. Bill L

    Not too sure if this is the correct forum but it does concern people who wants an iphone and want to send email emails!

    How do I get my email to work on the iphone? If I knew there was a smtp problem on the network I would not have chosen 3!

    I have followed the smtp instructions to get email sent from my iphone but I cannot get it to work with my talktalk emails on my iphone. Googling this problem has found that this is a common problem and it has not been solved!

    I have used all the three mentioned ports – 25, 587 and 465.

    Are there separate settings when I am using wifi and 3G and when I am only 3G connected?

  525. lee

    **************@NIGEL FIELD or MOD *****************

    I was going to get an iPhone on three but nobody will answer my question – online chat says to speak to you

    If you buy the £30 deal and it does infact restrict content (which might not be adult content) and you have to then pay per month to have the block removed then you could in affect get the same tariff from another network but you’d get the btopenzone/cloud for the same price as the £30 plus content block restriction.

    I’ve seen you say if its affecting you let us know and we’ll get back to you but can someone let me know because it affects who to get the phone from.

    Three looks competative but if your iPhone gets sneakily crippled because of some dodgy money making scheme then you could go elsewhere. I have seen the messages saying you have a duty etc to ensure whoever doesn’t see whatever but the other networks manage it fine.

    Can i have a straight up answer please. I want the information before i buy – for all i know you could drop me a call after ive bought one saying you have to pay or tough luck.

    [jarita] Lee, in regards to this query I’ll recommend to leave a query on our blog.

    [jarita] Well, we don’t have any information as such as of now, so I’ll request you to post a comment on our Blog and our moderator will get back to you in regards to this.

    ”@Ross – if you find the internet filer is affecting you, then drop us a comment on the blog and I’ll arrange for someone to give you a call.

  526. Dave

    Having been a loyal three customer for a couple of years, I’m now going to be leaving them.

    Our upgrade window starts on the 16th October and we called customer services today to enquire if we could upgrade towards the end of September as Apple are only offering the free bumpers for iphones purchased before 30th September. Disappointingly, not only were we told that the only way to do this would be to pay termination fees (we’re only talking a couple of weeks!) but that if we were to upgrade in October it would cost £129, not the usual £99 for new customers for the phone!! So a new customer gets it cheaper! If we wanted to get the iphone for £99, we would have to wait until the last month of our contract in January. So instead of getting £30 a month each from my fiancee and I for the next 27/28 months, they’ll get £20 a month for the next 4 months before we take our business elsewhere. The only thing I regret is staying with three when we last upgraded and not moving for the iphone then.

    Thought it was worth mentioning for anyone else that is waiting for their upgrade window to start only be stung with the information that they will have to pay more than a new customer!

    To end on a positive note though, well done to the mods that have kept the information going!

  527. Neil

    I am an existing customer on a new 18 month contract and have purchased an iPhone 4 from Apple however I cannot use it because nobody from Three in store or at Customer Service has been able to supply me with a micro SIM on my existing number despite what it says on your website. It appears, or I am told by store staff, all micro sims in store are pre- assigned numbers so I need to call Customer Service. When I call Customer Service I am told that they can send me a micro sim card but my existing sim card will stop working until the new micro sim card is activated. I have been promised a call back by Customer Service to resolve this problem but have heard nothing in over 24hrs. I cannot be without my phone waiting for a micro sim to arrive surely there is a simple solution to this – HELP !

  528. Mike

    Is there a spotify premium trial with the iPhone contracts?

  529. Tom

    @Alex W If you look on the Apple website, 3, 02, Orange and Vodafone are all listed as having the iPhone. No mention of T-Mobile so maybe they are getting theres from an unoffical source!

  530. Louise

    I upgraded my phone last week to the iphone 4, and have to pay £99 for it on my next deal having been told that it was an exclusive price for loyal 3 users. Now 3 have begun selling the iphone in store so i phoned them and asked what the up front fee would be to new customers taking out a new contract on the iphone 16g ( same as my iphone) and was horrified to learn it was £99. So i got absolutely nothing for being a loyal customer (i have been with 3 for 6 years). Why is this? I feel really really let down by 3 and want to know why you are treating loyal 3 customers in this way?

  531. Njones

    Hi. Just picked up my iPhone 4 from the three store today :D. I was just wondering if three has any plans to produce an app for customers to track their usage (minutes, texts, data etc) like some of the other networks e.g. O2, because I have found going on to planet 3 etc can be a bit of a hassle, especially as it doesn’t work when you are connected to wi-fi. Everything else is great though!!!

  532. Ian L.

    Well I was at my nearest 3 store at 0620 this morning! Come 0715 the store opened and there are a small gathering of people waiting to get the phone. I was with 3 (or is it three now?) for 4 years or so before I jumped over to O2 because you didn’t carry the iPhone. Glad to be back and looking forward to seeing how the network has improved over the last 18 months. As far as 3G coverage goes you have a much better signal in many places I have been around the country (my wife is still on 3) apart from those black spots where no carrier gets a signal!

    The use of the blogs has been great to get a proper and timely response to questions although you must be going slightly mad using copy and paste for all those who can’t be bothered to read the thread and realise their question has been asked many times already. Indeed, it has been so successful in my mind that it would make sense to have an official forum where mods can answer questions as the blog side of the site isn’t really promoted that much meaning a lot of people are missing out on useful information as well as seeing a ‘human’ side of the company.

    One thing I haven’t seen is any variation of the the return policy and they didn’t know in store today. Could you clarify if it has changed related to Apple’s statement of a 30 day return policy regardless of whether the phone is ‘used’ or not?? I know you were working on it so apologies if I missed a specific statement.

    I haven’t been affected by the internet filtering issue and don’t recall it being an issue when I was last on 3 – if it existed. I realise that 3 have a responsibility to help protect those underage from the badness of the internet but the internet is just too big and varied to be filtered effectively and redirecting people to your own porn portal seems a bit crazy from a business perspective (you can have porn as long as you buy it from us…) In the future a proper opt-out of filtering should be available, you already do it on mobile internet I believe which renders the argument for having filtering in the first place a bit pointless.

    Anyway, my number ports on Tuesday (had to ring customer services which is always an adventure but mission accomplished) so I can finally get the phone out in the wild and I can finally retire my faithful 3G to the great recycler in the sky.

  533. Leon

    I havent found anything on your site about internet tethering, but I just tried it out over bluetooth and it just works! This is so much better than any of the other carriers. Your handling so far is extremely good. I ordered mine the day my upgrade was due (32gb) and it came the next day, noon, amazing. Only question I have; do you plan on adding visual voicemail any time soon?

  534. Richy

    @ Dan – To increase the duration of the ring before it hits the voicemail follow these steps:-

    It worked on my iphone 4 and 30 seconds is the max.

  535. Damian

    Placed an order at 10 this morning. Just received an email stating delivery will be made today. I’m sure it isn’t coming today but when should it arrive.. Monday?

  536. Gary Moncrieff


    It will be some time before you get white iphone 4′s as manufacturing problems mean they are delayed, better to post this on the page.

  537. Moderator

    @muj – we’ve haven’t yet had any stock of white iPhone 4 I’m afraid :-(

  538. Brendan Arndt

    @Dan – we believe 30 seconds is the maximum and that you can set this using a shortcode, but Apple will be able to give you the detail. Sorry I can’t be of more help

  539. Donald Duncan

    @TBH… Nice one. Despite being told, people on this page continue to flagrantly disregard your comment! (@Moderator listened though, well done.).
    I, on the other hand, ordered iPhone online today and look forward to being proud owner of iPhone before middle of week.

  540. Moderator

    @Alex W. – yes, you’ll be covered for tethering by our existing Broadband add-ons. Plus we can unlock your iPhone for an admin fee of £15.

  541. Moderator

    @Cogu – aopologies but you may not be able to sign up in-store with Portuguese ID. My suggestion would be to buy online. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help.

  542. Moderator

    @Ross – if you find the internet filer is affecting you, then drop us a comment on the blog and I’ll arrange for someone to give you a call.

  543. muj

    You removed the white iphone now it was on in the morning.

  544. Moderator

    @Waqar – we do, it’s in the top yellow bar on this page

  545. Dan

    Hi, I have a question about my iPhone 4. I’d like to extended the time the phone rings before it goes off to the voicemail, but I don’t know how to do this on the iPhone 4. I’m not sure what is the maximum time I can set it to, but if 30 seconds is possible, I’d very much like that. Thank you.

  546. lee

    Yer fantastic stuff three, 32gb only available online.

    Tried calling the store and no answer, tried all day.

    Tried calling sales who cant sell it so wont tell me anything but try selling me a 3GS.

    Asked the online people and they tell me to ring the store and they are not allowed to say when the 16GB will turn up online.

    Never been with three before and am very skeptical of even trying you at all now.

  547. Alex W.

    Thanks for the confirmation, Mod. You’re up on Apple’s site and everything so I don’t know who they’re trying to fool. On a related topic, Apple’s support page says you’re going to be doing iPhone unlocking, as well as tethering. Any info on that? In particular, will tethering be handled through the existing “Broadband Lite” and “Broadband Plus” add-ons?

  548. Cogu

    I’m Portuguese and just went to a 3 store with a Portuguese driving license (photo id) and my Id card (also photo id) and was told I cannot get a phone with 3 because it is not a uk document, what is that all about and what can I do? My government will not give me a passport as I am not attempting to travel outside the EU. such bureaucracy is really bad, I don’t get this on any other network. Is there something I can do?

  549. Ross

    Hi Mods, just wanted to say thanks for all the helpful info yourselves and fellow commenters have left on the previous iPhone 4 article. I bought my phone online today (couldn’t risk there being no stock at the store tomorrow) and looking forward to monday evening when I get to have a good play with it. After reading various comments and solutions in the previous article am I correct in thinking that if I want the content block removed, (so I can access b3ta etc) all it should take is a phone call to yourselves to remove?

  550. Gary Moncrieff


    White Iphone has been delayed a number of times and isn’t even available yet

  551. Waqar

    @ mod

    Thanks, It would be good if u can show this on the site as it is misleading

  552. Moderator

    @Waqar – we don’t have any stock of iPhone 4 in white. Sorry :-(

  553. Waqar


    hi mod you are currently selling iphone 4 in white? onlya few days ago apple said it would not be available until the end of the year, is the white actually available??

  554. Moderator

    @James – thanks! You’re very welcome, and keep us posted on how you get on :-)

  555. James

    I’m an existing customer who received the iPhone this Tuesday.

    Apart from not receiving a microSIM with the phone (I had to go to a 3Store to pick one up) everything has been great. The network speed is excellent and 3G is usually available (did a bit of travelling the last couple of days and couldn’t get 3G in certain remote spots, but that was to be expected). Not to mention the phone itself is AWESOME! I do have the ‘death grip’ issue, but it hasn’t affected me during normal use. Plus, I should be getting my case from Apple sometime soon!

    So thank you Three for offering the iPhone to customers (I always thought that Three should’ve had the iPhone from the start) at a very reasonable price, and thank you mods for taking the time to answer all our questions!

    Happy customer here :-)

  556. Moderator

    @Alex W. – Glad to have you on our network! And just to reassure you, yes, our iPhones are bona fide Apple ones :-)

  557. Moderator

    @Jake Chambers – we aren’t currently selling SIM-free iPhone 4s, but you could buy one directly from Apple. If you decide to do this, then feel free to give us a ring or pop into your local store and we’ll be able to swap your current SIM for a Micro-SIM.

  558. Alex W.

    Thanks to your (surprisingly quiet) Edinburgh store I’m now the proud owner of an iPhone 4. When I phoned up T-Mobile for my PAC they spun some yarn about how they can’t do the same sorts of tarriffs because Three and Tesco are getting their handsets through unofficial channels. That’s nonsense, right?

  559. muj


  560. TBH, Would Like To Own iPhone

    Just a quick heads-up – in the last para you wrote “an iPhone 4″. For some reason which I have never worked out iPhone 4 must never be preceded by definite or indefinite article; it’s so special, the English language is altered slightly in its presence. Basically you must to talk about iPhone as if you are comedy Russian.

  561. Jake Chambers


    I’m currently a customer on 3 who is not near the end of my contract. Will I be able to purchase an iPhone4 from three to use on my existing contract?


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