The Three Bus does Bestival.

So we’re almost at the end of festival season and couldn’t have missed our personal favourite – BESTIVAL! Despite the weather, we made the trip down south and caught the ferry to the Isle of Wight for the last music festival of the summer.

Situated in the main arena, The Magic Meadow, our Three Bus welcomed visitors to the festival with a big “Hello”. It was ‘The Year of the Fantastic’ and Bestival goers didn’t disappoint with their imaginative (often completely mad) fancy dress outfits. We had a constant stream of unicorns, Willy Wonkas, Oompa Loompas, Thundercats and super heroes checking out our bus and all our products on board.

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New Pay As You Go on Three.

Once upon a time, the textbook Pay As You Go user had a clunky 2G phone which didn’t let them do much, other than make calls and send texts. And if they did manage to get onto the internet, their credit wouldn’t have taken them much further than Google.

But over the past few years it’s been really interesting for us to see how the behaviour of Pay As You Go customers’ has changed. And we’re glad to say that the world of Pay As You Go is a much brighter place now.

At Three, our network was designed for the mobile internet which means that our customers can get online in more places, more of the time. And we’ve really focussed our attention on making sure that we only range purely 3G phones that are not only desirable, but affordable too – a few months ago we launched the market’s first Pay As You Go Android phone for under £100.

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