Windows Phone 7 is coming to Three.

All in all, 2010 has been busy but exciting. We’re pretty chuffed that we’ve managed to make most of the top smartphones available to you guys.

Launching iPhone 4 on Three was no mean feat. And for those of you that have resisted the temptation of Apple, Google’s Android on the HTC Hero & Desire, and on the Samsung Galaxy S & Portal has proved a popular alternative.

But we’ve got one more massively exciting announcement up our sleeves, and it’s one we’ve been doing our best to keep a lid on!

Those of you itching to get your hands on the much talked about, but cloaked in secrecy, Windows Phone 7, can do so with us. I can confirm that we’ll be ranging a Windows Phone, running on the Windows Phone 7 operating system before the year is out! Excited? We are. Want to win one? We’re running a competition – you can find out the details and enter here.

We’re really excited about this one… keep your eyes peeled for information about the phones that are running Windows Phone 7, and which will be coming to Three, very soon.

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  1. chillfire

    Thanks for the response,

    To be honest, for now I am happy with the phone, only 4Gb left after 5 days and that’s without any music on it..
    As I mentioned I need a windows phone as part of my job, but I don’t have any other options on 3 for a different win 7 phone.
    So there are no options for me at the moment to swap and even if I did pick another handset I would definitely end up with a phone I didn’t want for 2 years, a big fat catch 22 you might say.

    What I am not at all happy with is the fact that the information I was given (and so have 3 retail staff I have spoken too) was incorrect when I purchased it leaving me with a phone that I am going to HAVE to upgrade in the next 12 months, leaving me out of pocket by +/- £400. This is really a trading standards issue I suppose?

    I really do not understand how I cannot be allowed to get a free upgrade in 12 months time to a new win 7 phone, I suppose it really depends on if I am going to spend more than the trade price for the phone over the next 12 months, surely over the last 4 years or so I must have built up a fairly nice profit for 3?

    On a side note (kind of) who does you ‘real’ testing for new handsets when they get released?
    Is there any chance of testing the new 7 phones when they come out on behalf of 3, this wont cost you anything and would give me the chance to possibly get a phone that does what I need it to?

    By the way I was told by the upgrades team I could not return the phone if I have turned it on/used it…

    Can someone please tell me what the email address is to send my complaint to?
    The one 333 gave me was incorrect and the email has bounced.


  2. Moderator

    @Chillfire – If you’re not happy with your Omnia 7 you can return it, as you’re still within your 14 days. If you want to discuss other phones then yes that’s a call to 333 and they’ll run through all your options. I don’t believe we can let you keep the phone until an upgraded model is released because we will need you to fulfil your contract with us. Thanks for the feedback you sent across to me, this has been sent to the retail team and they are making sure all the team are up-to-date.

  3. chillfire

    morning, can someone drop me an email if anything is being actioned for me or if I need to try to talk to 333 again?

  4. chillfire

    Yes I know Arne refused the delivery because I told him my phone didn’t have the SD slot…

    The problem I have is the phone is part of my job, ie I build mobile apps, so I need a phone on the 3 network that is windowsphone 7 series that has more than 8Gb of storage, this leaves me stuck with the phone who’s spec changed from when I bought it to when it got delivered.

    I tried to explain this to the 333 guys – all I want to be able to do is use the phone as it is now but have the opportunity upgrade it if/when the new phones get released to 3 that have more memory. I explained that if I return the phone I have to leave 3 to get a different one on a new network, they weren’t very passionate about wanting me to stay.

    I have emailed proofs@ to see what they can do, but the 333 guys were trying to tell me that this blog wasn’t owned by three so I shouldn’t believe what is posted here (until I gave them the URL for it) and that the 3 site never said the phone was expandable..(I got screenshots as oone as the confusion started).. so I wasn’t too impressed with them to be honest.

    Is it possible to meet up to discuss the problems I have had/am having around this phone?

    On a plus side I was at a developer event today and the phone was enjoyed by many a greasy finger, also a lot of impressed faces when I told them the deal they can get on 3.


  5. Moderator

    @Arne Helseth – It’s not a problem if you want to return your phone within the first 14 days of delivery. If you do have any problems getting through to customer services then I can arrange for them to call you.

  6. Moderator

    @Chillfire – You should be able to return it, no probs, within the first 14 days. Sorry you’re disappointed :-(

  7. Arne Helseth

    chillfire: You should have done what I did, refuse delivery. By now all their internal systems will be updated to show no SD slot so any attempt to speak to their customer support will be like having a root canal.

    Good luck in returning it.

  8. chillfire

    I can now confirm the Samsung omnia 7 doe NOT have a microSD slot, very disappointed to say the least.

  9. chillfire

    I see the omnia 7 specs have been updated on the site to say it does not have any microSD slot anymore.
    Does this mean we can return the phone if we don’t want it now due to the lack of expansion and wrong info on the site?


  10. chillfire

    may have found the problem US and UK version of the phone may be different


  11. chillfire

    Same question as arnehelseth, can anyone confirm if the omnia really does have an SD slot?

    The review here
    says that the SD slot is under the battery it is NOT a standard expansion slot for cards to be taken out and used elsewhere, it is storage extension only. Once the card goes in there it gets used by the phone as part of the total storage available.

    I will more then likely send it back if I cant extend the storage space, shame really.


  12. Arne Helseth

    That’s what I figured. You should be getting quite a lot of devices sent back then as everyone I’ve spoke to needs more than the 8GB onboard storage.

    What’s especially worrying is that I had a long chat with your support rep and he went away twice to confirm it did indeed have a slot.

    Thanks for your answer though.

  13. Moderator

    @Arne Helseth – I’m sorry but you’ve definitely been misinformed. No Windows Phone 7 has an HD slot. Thanks for flagging, we’re getting all our copy amended and our teams rebriefed :-(

  14. Arne Helseth

    So, does the Omnia 7 really have a SD card slot? All information online (as well as info from Microsoft and Samsung reps) points to it being 8GB with no SD slot, yet Three has it listed on their website with upgradeable memory (upto 32GB) – this was also confirmed to me by your customer support, but he was most likely quoting the Three website or intranet knowledgebase…

    My handset is going back to Three and contract cancelled if in fact it turns up with no expandable memory.

    It sucks there are no stores (at least up in the NE) with stock though, had there been I could have verified with my own eyes rather than taking some random persons word for it.

    Question: Is the launch shambles down to you, the operators (including all others like Orange, O2, T-Mobile etc), Microsoft or the device manufacturers? According to sources elsewhere shipments have contained a lot less handsets than ordered by networks/stores – this kinda makes me worried there is an inherent fault with either the hardware [or more likely] the software.

  15. Moderator

    @Chillfire – Phew!! Hopefully the hunt is over. Let us know how you get on with your new Windows Phone :-)

  16. chillfire

    Just had a call from 333, new omnia 7 arrives tomorrow – very happy


  17. chillfire

    I found the buy now button unfortunately I was hoping to upgrade in store.
    Called 333 and they have no stock, possibly this afternoon.

    Is there anyway to find out if there is physical stock in stores?


  18. Moderator

    @Chillfire – Launched the same phone as Orange today too :-) You can buy it online here

  19. chillfire

    Morning, any updates on omnia 7 availability?

    It looks like orange had a good morning in London with the microsoft hardware launch –


  20. Moderator

    @Chillfire – No probs, I’m just checking this out for you and a few others asking on twitter. As soon as I know, I’ll let you know :-)

  21. chillfire

    Thanks moderator, is there anyway to find out where there will be stock?
    Or will the people at 333 have a better idea on from the 21st?


  22. Moderator

    @Tim C – Not to start with I’m afraid, but never say never.

  23. Moderator

    @Chillfire – Thanks for your feedback, really useful to know. We’re launching the Samsung Omnia 7 on Oct 21 as planned. As an existing customer, calling 333 is your best option for getting hold of the handset quickly. We’ll have limited stock, so it’s possible the Maidenhead store won’t have a batch from day one. So there is no hold-up as far as we’re aware :-)

  24. chillfire

    I just came out of the Maidenhead 3 store.
    I asked about the Omnia 7 and was told they were only launching the HTC and the nokia this month….

    Called 333 (and after wrestling with the myriad of number selections…)

    I asked about the Samsung omnia…. long pause, no updates about when it will be launched and no specific dates either…
    Then was told I could get any phone I wanted on that operating system, but there was only one windows phone available.

    This is really disappointing, can anyone at 3 comment on whether this lack of information is a manufacturing problem or an administration issue. I really thought the phone was to be launched on the 21st of October?
    And with no information form the 3 team it makes me wonder what the hold up is or who is causing it?

  25. Andy

    @ Gary Moncrieff

    He specifically said that all details of the handset launch had been deleted from their knowledge base so it appeared that it now wasn’t launching on Three. No matter now anyway, i’ve finally left Three!

  26. Tim C

    Hi Mod, will three be making this handset available on PAYG?

  27. Gary Moncrieff

    @Andy just maybe the CS person you spoke to couldnt be bothered to read the memo stating this phone was being launched? Happens everyday in every company.

  28. Moderator

    @Bo – Diddly – check out our coming soon page and register for updates…

  29. James Murphy

    Underwhelmed is, I think, my response to the Omnia 7 – seriously is an unexpandable 8Gb enough? Especially if I can only have 1Gb of data a month. Have to wait get access to the offers to see if the price is sensible. Any more phones coming (“yes”, “no”, “I’m not allowed to comment”)?

    On an equally serious note – you’ve always sold yourself as the 3G network but seem to fail to deliver on that promise of data for many of your potential users – I’d much the option to have more data and an allowance of minutes that has a far more realistic relationship to the number I actually use in a month i.e. not a lot.

  30. Andy

    This is becoming farcical, despite being told this a week and a half ago, when I called back to ask for some info today, I’ve been told that the phone has been pulled and that there’s no indication it will now be launched on Three. Your CS department are yet again in the dark about a handset launch! Well done Three, you deserve a slow handclap.

  31. Moderator

    @Chillfire – We’ve just announced our Windows Phone is the Samsung Omnia 7 :-) A little more info here

  32. chillfire

    coffee sounds like a good idea!

    I am guessing the Windows Phone 7 press conference at 230pm today ( will be the point in time we have to wait for, before you can tell us what handsets are being released and when we can get them in stores?


  33. HAK

    the WP7 will be from samsung and a 4 inch superAMOLED touch screen :)

  34. Bo Diddly

    I have contacted 3 customer services today and they tell me that the Desire HD is scheduled for launch on Three on 18/10/10

  35. Moderator

    @TakashiM – Not long to wait now and you’ll know for sure which WM7 we’re ranging ;-)

  36. Moderator

    @Chillfire – Yeah sure pop in, we’ll put the kettle on and have a phone waiting for you. Haha – great that you’re excited – not long to wait now ;-)

  37. Moderator

    @Karl – I don’t have any details on whether we’ll be ranging the HTC Desire Z but if you love Windows Phones so much why don’t you hang on just a little longer for our WM7 phone? Have you registered and entered our comp?

  38. TakashiM

    @ Mod

    Will THREE be featuring the HTC Mozart as one the new WP7 handsets ??

  39. chillfire

    I have to drive past the Three HQ in maidenhead every week, any chance of popping in to grab one of the new #WP7 phones?
    These phone are going to make a big difference to the mobile market, I have had a quick play with one and they look and feel awesome, the one pictured is a little longer than my N95 8GB, but is not as thick.
    I cant wait for them to come out and will be heading off to the local 3 store for my upgrade!


  40. Martyn

    So will i void my warrenty if i root my desire so i can install froyo, and what features will the update from you guys be missing (its taken months to be re-written, theres gotta be some big bits missing/added)

  41. Karl

    Could you tell me if the HTC Desire Z will be available? i have the TYTN II and am more than happy with it, i have held out for the new WM7 phones for the last 6 months, i have refused to go over to android, but would rather get a phone with a full keyboard, i love my tytn ii so much, that when i damaged it last month i claimed off of my insurance to get it repaired, you cant beat Windows mobile, and i just cant get on with a phone without a keyboard. will the phone be available to those that are not due for an upgrade? (like the X10 Mini is?) i upgraded my contact about 3 months ago so my misses could have the shiney new 3Gs! sorry for the mass amounts of questions!

  42. Moderator

    @Andy – Yes the Desire HD is coming soon the team at 333 are correct. I’m sure you’ll appreciate that we can’t jeopardise our relationships with our partners by announcing the handsets before agreed? I think we are open and honest and we’re looking at ways in which we can give you guys an idea of which phones are coming up, so watch this space.

  43. Moderator

    @Andy @Colin @Sean M @Paul – I can confirm we will be ranging the Desire HD but we don’t have a launch date yet :-)

  44. Moderator

    @John – We can confirm we’re ranging the Desire HD, but we don’t have a date yet…

  45. Moderator

    @Martyn – Sorry I posted on this on Monday but it was under the HTC Desire blog post so you’ll have missed it… We’ve tested it and fixed the twitter bug from our end and we’re waiting for it to go up onto the OTA server… So we can’t give a definite date as it’s out of our hands at the mo but hopefully by end of next week.

  46. James Murphy

    @Andrew – UK launch (not release) is probably on or about 11th October when there’s a press conference (plus there’s a UK developer event on 7th which will probably shed a bit more light) and release date is currently suggested to be 21st October but the press conf on 11th should make things a lot clearer and allow Three (and others) to make more meaningful announcements.

  47. Andy

    You didn’t publish my comment from yesterday which just gave information I was given from your CS department. Why are you witholding it? They also advised that the Desire HD is Coming Soon as well but you’re debying knowledge of that too. I didn’t realise you censored your blog quite so much, what’s the point in having it in the first place if you’re not going to allow discussion and sharing of information???

    My contract is up for renewal in November but I’m fast running out of patience with Three claiming to be open and honest, but failing to actually put that into practice.

  48. Moderator

    @Colin – Sorry no news on the HTC Desire HD!

  49. Andrew

    @Moderator, Some websites have rumours of WP7 handsets being released as early as mid October. I know that you cannot give us, and possibly don’t even yet know, exact release dates for Three, but can you at least give us a clue as to whether these rumours are in any way close, or are we talking about late 2010 as in reality meaning the last few weeks in December?

    I’m sure that there are many potential WP7 users who would be happy to wait for a handset on the Three network, even if it comes later than other networks, if there is a time frame they can relate to.

  50. John

    I have been told by the 3 staff in a store that 3 will be doing the Desire HD and BB torch from early October.

  51. Martyn

    any news on the froyo update for HTC desire? whats taking so long?! first we were told “end of summer” (thats long gone), then “the end of september” which is tomorrow…

    also how many of the new features are you disabling in the Three distributed update? (im guessing the one which lets you use it as a wifi hotspot is first on the kill list as that would kill the mifi devices)

    will i void my warrenty if i root my desire so i can update it myself? im getting sick and tired of waiting for Three to release it!!

  52. Colin

    Any news on the HTC Desire HD yet? That’s the one a lot of us are really interested in!

  53. Moderator

    @James Murphy – just had word from our devices team – we haven’t disabled any of the Windows Phone 7 functions. We’ve just added in quicklinks to our My3 account management tool :-)

  54. Mike E71

    Windows? A complete turn off, I`m afraid – but then I`ve been using Linux on the computers for years. Will the boot up screen consist of grinning faces with too many teeth? Will pop up nag boxes constantly demand attention and will Microsoft dump the OS in 12 months for another with the usual upgrade fee?

    I can`t believe anyone`s even considering it – given the alternatives..


  55. Moderator

    @James Murphy – Thanks for your feedback and your interest. I can pass your feedback on to the devices team :-)

  56. Moderator

    @David – Thanks for letting us know you’re requirements ;-) We hope you’ll all (well even a large chunk of you guys would be good) be happy with the phone we range.

  57. James Murphy

    Probably too late (in terms of your bringing your first phone in) – but can I please enter a plea that you do not choose to disable any of the facilities that the phone provides?

    You (three) seem to be more positive than most in this regard but it is probably the case that MS will offer the option to “tailor” the phone a bit and my needs are for some of the edge cases of capability (one of which is missing from my current phone – due to the manufacturer choosing not to include a cab file).

    Oh and @AJE – that’s a picture of the emulator for developers – if you don’t like the “phone” its quite possibly ‘cos its not real. If you don’t like the UI… well no one is going to make you buy one (-:

  58. Rid

    That’s all well and good but when are HTC Desire owners going to see a 2.2 update?

  59. David

    I hope that you push for a phone that has more than 8gb of storage or you offer unlimited wireless music streaming via the phones zune player.

  60. AJE

    I don’t wish to rain on anyone’s parade, but does anyone else think that phone is a little….well….er….ugly?

  61. Moderator

    @KP – Well not long to wait now and I hope it lives up to your expectations :-)

  62. Moderator

    @Phil – Sounds a bit odd, we’re taking a look now and thanks for flagging! I can’t be sure whether you’re entered, bit of a pain but may be worth entering again, just in case.

  63. Moderator

    @David Murray – Exciting huh :-)

  64. Moderator

    @TakashiM – Yes we’re launching with one handset but we’re pretty confident you’ll love it ;-) As always, watch this space for news.

  65. Moderator

    @Andrew – Pleased you’re excited :-) You can upgrade 110 days before your contract end but we usually recommend waiting until the last month as that’s when we can offer you the best deals. Let me know if you have any issues upgrading early and I’ll look into it for you.

  66. Moderator

    @James – Nope sorry it’s all hush hush at the mo ;-)

  67. Moderator

    @bluesxman – :-(

  68. Moderator

    @gerrymoth – Thanks for flagging the Chrome issue, the team are taking a look into it. By all accounts it’s pretty special ;-)

  69. Moderator

    @Nigel Jones – Well I can assure you the team here are really excited about the Windows Phone having seen it :-) Good luck in the comp!

  70. Nigel Jones

    Entered ;-)

    I’ve not been totally convinced by WinMob in the past, though I’ve never owned such a device. Certainly a tough challenge to complete with Android/iPhone at the high end (or to a lesser extent maemo/meego/S60/Blackberry), but WM7 is clearly a big step change/reimplementation so intriguing to see if MS can pull it off & grab a significant slice of the market.

  71. gerrymoth

    The competition website doesn’t seem to like Google Chrome browser

    Managed to enter my details though. Never really had a windows phone so the WM7 might be something different :D

  72. bluesxman

    Don’t hold your breath for software updates.

  73. James

    Which phone exactly will this be?

    Can you tell us? or at least give us the manufacturer?

  74. Andrew

    Great news! It was looking like I was going to cave and get an iPhone, but not now!

    @Admin – Has Three’s policy of being able to upgrade from 110 days before contract end changed? A while back I was given a date by CS that I could upgrade from, but when I checked again recently via the automated service it suggested that I had two months longer to wait than CS told me over then phone.

  75. TakashiM

    you say ” A windows phone”, i hope that doesn’t mean you will only have one handset ???

  76. David Murray

    I’ve watched loads of vidoes about this mobile OS. Looks rather amazing. I can’t wait to get mine.

  77. Bazinga

    I just wet myself 3 times.

  78. Phil

    Just one thing – the competition page doesn’t require the “i’ve read the terms and conditions” box to be ticked and I forgot to do so – am I still entered.

  79. KP

    This is will only shake up the market if it has a responsive UI, excellent integration of social media and perfect exchange. If it does, I’m going to be tempted to stand in line for one.

    The ability to quickly review, edit and email word/excel updates (like in the WP7 demo) is a large enough temptation to keep me interested…

  80. Paul Coates

    Exciting times! This phone has got the potential to shake up the market. Can’t wait!

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