Samsung Omnia 7 available on Three.

I reported on the Windows Phone 7® so I am sure you will share my excitement as it’s now available on Samsung Omnia 7 at Three. One of the most impressive aspects of Omnia 7 is the screen. It is a huge 4" and made in such a way that makes it really clear and bright. The Samsung Omnia 7 is our first phone which features the Windows Phone 7 operating system so we are extra excited about the launch! The Omnia 7 is based on a ‘glance and go’ system, making the whole experience quicker and with fewer steps. You can customise the unique tiled interface by clicking and dragging your favourite features to different places on the screen and you can also pin a web page or application to the homescreen. It’s also really easy to change the colours around to suit your personality. If you are like me and you live you're life through social networking- you will be happy to know that Omnia 7 features ‘People Hub,’ A feature which makes it even easier to keep updated on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Zune, music and video service, is really exciting. It’s narrowed a gap between smartphones and computers as the experience on Zune is now identical. To learn more check out our latest video and let us know what you think.
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