Samsung Europa guest review.

Jonathon Legget is a writer for From time to time Jonathon will be doing guest reviews on handsets for us. Here is his guest review on the Samsung Europa:

Even if you only have a cursory interest in tech, it’s unlikely you’ve not heard about the Samsung Galaxy S. With sales exceeding five million, it’s one of the best-selling Android phones so far. And with good reason. It’s a stellar bit of kit.

The Galaxy Europa is perhaps best termed as the Galaxy S little brother, packing in a lot of the features that made its predecessor such a hit into a compact form factor. But for a fraction of the outlay.

One of the key selling points of phones that run Google’s operating system is that they’re great for apps or applications. The Europa is no exception and, as with all Android phones, comes with some pretty smart Google apps pre-installed, including YouTube, Gmail and Facebook for social networking while you’re on the go. And of course you get to choose from tens of thousands of practical applications and games from the Android Market, too.

But what about the phone itself? Well, for a budget blower that you can pick up for free for the pocket-money price of 12 per month, it does a good job of looking the part – with a glossy black finish and cute rounded edges adding up to a pretty appealing package. And the pleasingly small pocket-friendly dimensions (108 x 56 x 12.3 mm) more than make up for its slightly disappointing plastic back cover.

We found accessing features and typing on its 2.8-inch touchscreen a breeze. That’s due in no small part to the fact that the Europa capacitive display is one of the most sensitive we’ve used, enabling emails, texts and status updates to be tapped out quick-smart. And with seven customisable homescreens, there’s also ample scope to really make this mobile your own and fill with widgets and shortcuts for apps and services.

Just under the screen, there’s a selection of buttons for ending and starting calls, plus a rather handy key that takes you straight to the Android Market. There’s also a D-pad for scrolling through menus. We didn’t make much use of the latter, but it’s nice to have for those snow-bound moments when your fingers aren’t as nimble as they might be.

Onboard memory is a none too shabby 170MB. And there’s a free swappable micro SD card provided in the box to allow you to expand capacity by up to 1GB, that’s space for about 250 songs or 125 high res snaps. But if you really need more room, you can always nab a bigger micro SD card.

We were more than a bit taken with the Europa. It’s easy to use and it’s no slouch in the looks department. If you’re in the market for an Android phone, but don’t fancy paying top of the range prices, it’s a smashing little handset.

21 Responses to Samsung Europa guest review.
  1. Moderator: Stephie

    @Castro Akuga – Hi there, this phone is no longer available to order. The closest spec handset in which you could order would be the Samsung Galaxy Fame. Follow this link for more information:

  2. Castro Akuga

    Please, what’s is the away forward for someone to oder online?

  3. Moderator: Lauren

    @Luke – in that case you may need to book it in for a repairs assessment. If you call 500 from a Three phone or 0843 373 0500 our customer care team can book it in for you. Alternatively you can visit a Three store.

  4. Luke Greenwood

    Hi i tryed a nother usb yesterday evening but it still did not connect.

  5. Moderator: Lauren

    @Luke – do you have access to another USB you could try?

  6. Luke Greenwood

    Hi I have a Samsung galaxy Europa and I have been trying to it to connect to my laptop and it won’t connect. I have kies downloaded on my laptop and I have usb pluged in my laptop and I have the usb pluged in to my phone but kies still says please connect your device wen it is already connected.

  7. Moderator: Johanna

    @sylvia Warren – You can only tether inclusively on The One Plan and One Plan SIM only I’m afraid. If he’d like to tether on another plan he’ll need to buy the tethering add-on.

  8. sylvia warren

    My husband has a samsung europa for tethering on the £15pm all u c eat data. He connected it up at home, S Yorks, but when he got to scotland he couldn`t get it to work? He wants it to connect to his laptop as he is away all week. He ran out of data on the 3 15gb dongle. He, and I, are desperate for some help.

  9. Moderator: Kaz

    @Wai-Lun – Sorry to hear that you have a couple of issues with your phone. I will need to ask the devices team about these, however I will have to ask next week now. Leave this with me and I will get back to you. Regarding the ‘Social Hub’ app, the Samsung website does say that your phone has it installed.

  10. Wai-Lun

    Hello, I have had this phone for about 1 and a half weeks now. So far I think that this is a stunning phone. The only thing is that I think some features either do not work or are not there, even when it saids on the box it has it.

    First of all the ‘navigation’ app is on the phone but it doesn’t work. It saids ‘waiting for location’ but that is all it saids all the time. Can you tell me how to fix this?

    Secondly on the box it said that the ‘Social Hub’ app was on the phone but I can’t appear to find it on the phone. Can you tell me where to find it?

    Please contact me on mt email given ( and on this page.

    Thank You!!!
    Pillot21 Productions Team

  11. Vincent Lacey

    I’ve had this phone for 3 weeks and I’m really happy to report it is a wonderful phone. I would recommend this phone to anyone looking for a budget Android smartphone.

  12. Moderator

    @dannii – we have emailed you to go through the next steps. Really hope this can resolved soon. Thanks Mod

  13. Dannii

    I really feel like I am being ignored, the only reply I have had is you saying that you were going to contact me, but didn’t. I really really need your help, everytime I phone 3 I do not get any where. They do not believe that the Factory unlocked iPhone I have is real… they think that I bought it through 3 – despite them having no proof that I had.

    Can you please help me?

  14. Dannii

    Hiya Mod,
    I know you’ve probably seen my email & I know I am a pain but everything is just going wrong with 3. I really need your help because when I talk to customer services they tell me that I am lying & my iPhone isn’t from Apple themselves. Urgh! I cut up my standard sim…. in hope that it would work in my iPhone 4 but it didn’t. Now, I don’t have phone access! Yep, my fault but if I hadn’t have been messed around with 3 customer services then I wouldn’t have even tried.

    Can we get a iPhone Sim Only, Sim 15, Micro Sim Card for my account (usual number) sent out to me? And the contract cancelled from the mistake that was made by 3 customer services? Also any records of my Apple Purchased (Factory Unlocked) iPhone 4, can you please make sure is removed from the system as that is what stops me phoning 3 – because I am accused of basically trying to pull the wool over their eyes, then they give me numbers to cll that have nothing to do with what I want to do… talk about time wasting

    Really need your help!
    Thank you, Dannii

  15. Dannii

    Phew! Thank you :)

  16. Moderator

    @Dannii- Got your emails… sorry we will be in contact this afternoon. :-) Speak soon

  17. Dannii

    Hiya Mod,
    I’ve sent you 2 emails, I really really need your help! I am getting a load of crap from the call centres :(

  18. Moderator

    @ Martin- Glad you found the link! Europa is eligible for the Android 2.2 Froyo software update but is currently 2.1. Hope this clears it up for you :-)

  19. Moderator

    @ Martin – Yeah this phone is available on Pay as you go. Click here to read more. It’s currently offered at £119.99. :-)


    Found it on three website now at £120 think you need to break the £100 barrier as carphone W have it on other networks at £89.

    is it Android 2.1 or 2.2 if not 2.2 will this be availble soon?


    Will this be available on pay as you go? If so how much? I know several people looking to buy android phones for Christmas presents for teenagers and don’t want contracts for them. The nearer you get to 100 pound the more you will sell

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