LG Optimus One available on Three.

Hey Guys- Everyone’s been talking about Android recently and with the launch of LG’s Optimus One I’ve had another opportunity to take a look at it.

The Optimus One is the third LG Android phone to be launched in the UK, but
it’s the first to feature the latest version of Android’s operating system -Android 2.2 or FroYo.

The most exciting new developments for me include a built-in mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, so if you’re somewhere that hasn’t got Wi-Fi coverage, you can create your own.

And you’d expect from an upgrade to Android 2.2, everything’s just got a lot faster. The operating system and browser are 2-5 times faster than before and when you use the phone, you can really tell.

There’s also a 3D media gallery, which makes scrolling through your photos and videos much easier. It looks great and it really makes your pictures stand out.

The Optimus One also includes a really sensitive touchscreen and LG App Advisor, which provides fornightly recommendations of the best apps out there.

It’s also the first phone on Three’s network to have a piece of technology built inside to give it two internal antennas instead of the usual one for picking up Three’s 3G signal. This makes sure you get the best download speeds on our 3G network.

Until the end of 2010 too, the Optimus One comes with a free car mount and charger so you can make the most of Google Maps, when you’re on the road and don’t want to get lost this winter!

15 Responses to LG Optimus One available on Three.
  1. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rich – I’m afraid we have no information about any new software updates on this model.

  2. Rich

    So. Gingerbread update? Its avalaliable for this phone now. Come on sort it out.

  3. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Bean – LG haven’t released a timescale for the Optimus One Gingerbread update I’m afraid. We’ll let you know more when we know more :-)

  4. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Bean – LG haven’t released a timescale for the Optimus One Gingerbread update I’m afraid. We’ll let you know more when we know more :-)

  5. Bean

    Hi. I was just wondering when the optimus one will be getting the 2.3.3 gingerbread upgrade from 3 ???

  6. bean

    Hi i love my optimus one.i was just wondering when 3 was going release the 2.3.3 upgrade. T-mobile have already released theres. Thanks in advance

  7. Shabs

    Got the Optimus One about three months ago…is a gerat phone…and I really love it.Just wanted to know that will Three upgrade the phone to Gingerbread, since I have heard that LG has confirmed that they are gonna upgrade all Optimus phones to 2.3.3 or Gingerbread.

  8. Moderator: Kaz

    @shah – Thanks for your comments and glad it’s all sorted.

  9. shah

    just sorted it! cheers anyway.

    Since I’m here I’d just like to add that I think it’s a cracking little phone. I’ve had the HTC HD2 uptil now. I got a bit tired of lugging that brick about (although youtube and internet viewing was brilliant). the LG can be used with one hand and the typing is much better than the HD2. Was thinking of getting the samsung s after one of my friends got it but apart from the Amoled screen I think this LG has just as much potential. Considering it’s so much cheaper i think it’s much better value (would have considered the nexus s if available on 3). I noticed some reviews in the magazines and the web have criticised the screen but I think it’s just fine – as good as my HTC HD2. You can increase the brightness if you want. the phone itself is very responsive. Have not played any games or watched videos yet. The dual antennas definately help. It’s difficult top get a good signal for calls let alone browsing with my HD2 but had no problems today with the LG. In fact a colleague mentioned that web page loading appeared just as fast as his Iphone 4!

    Best mid range phone on the market on any operating system (even better than some high end ones)

    and no I don’t get paid by 3!

  10. shah

    Hi, Just received the LG Optimus One. Great phonefor the money. whilst personalising the home screen i seem to have lost the green caller/dialing icon at the bottom tab of the phone. I know how to drop icons to the bottom tab but I can’t see teh aller icon anywhere. The messaging, email and contacts icon are all in the applications menu but the caller icon isn’t?! Anyone know how to rectify this please?


  11. phil

    It’s a great phone, I am trying to get one on an upgrade.

  12. Moderator

    @Jacob – Hi, thanks for the post, the LG Optimus One will be available on PAYG from next week in store, afraid I can not give you a price just yet, however if you call your nearest Three store on Monday they will be able to help. Sorry I can’t help any more. Regards Mod.

  13. Jacob

    How much will it cost on PAYG ?

  14. Moderator

    @Rob – Thanks for your post. I can confirm that the LG Optimus One will be available in store from next week as a PAYG phone. Please check our store locator for your nearest Three store. Good luck. :-)

  15. Rob

    When will this be available on pay as you go?

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