HTC Flyer coming soon to Three.

HTC have just announced their first tablet at Mobile World Congress (MWC). It’s called the HTC Flyer and I’m really excited to confirm that it’ll be coming soon to Three.

The HTC Flyer has a 7inch touchscreen which makes activities like e-reading, watching movies and browsing the web really quick and easy. Flyer is a pocketable size tablet which makes it convenient to check maps, buy apps or download music while you’re out and about. I already know that I’ll be taking this to all my future meetings rather than carrying my laptop around.
The HTC Flyer is a tablet version of HTC’s smartphone Sense UI and runs on the Gingerbread version of Android; also known as 2.3. It also has a 5MP camera with an LED flash and a front facing camera which is great for video calling.

The HTC Flyer comes with a really useful app which lets you takes notes on the move. It’s the Evernote app, and you also get a magical pen so you can easily scribble away. It also makes book reading more fun with clever highlighting and annotation features. It comes with 32GB of storage which gives you plenty of space to make lots of notes, download music and apps.

HTC has also launched a great tablet into the market, and I’m really happy to bring it to Three. Take a look at Matts (very) quick sneak peek video and let us know what you think. Matt will be back soon to bring you a full review of the tablet.

13 Responses to HTC Flyer coming soon to Three.
  1. Moderator: Kaz

    @M Bility – Yes I can confirm that we are going to be ranging the HTC Flyer, it’s an exciting product that we are looking forward to selling.

  2. M Bility

    HTC Flyer is no longer on your “coming soon” list what does that mean? I hope you are still ranging it.

  3. ElshanF

    Aghh I’m so exicted for this :D, I’ve got my Hero with 3 now to bring room for the Flyer, do yous know when it will be out or a early price?

  4. Moderator: Johanna

    @Iain Chapman – We have no plans to amend our roaming costs at the mo but we’ll post if we do.

  5. Iain Chapman

    As you move into the Tablet market and as smartphones are now the phones of the moment, do you have any plans to address the costs of data roaming within the EU or ROW?

    I’m thinking opt-in scheme were you get an amount of MB per day for a set (small) fee.

  6. danny curtis

    Looks awesome! Real competition to the Tab & the iPad….

  7. james

    This tablet looking good especially if the price is right. I hope HTC have the HTC Sense pun intended to release 3.0 Honeycomb soon after launch. It has excellent hardware spec and very cute looks. It is less ungainly than the 10.1″ android tablets
    Hope we an have release dates and prices soon

  8. peter holden

    Great news though . Android Central has just broken news that Honeycomb will come to HTC Flyer..


  9. Moderator: Kaz

    @peter holden – OK, the new Samsung tab 10.1 looks like a lovely tablet, I can see why you want to.

  10. peter holden

    @Kaz sorry, was hoping for the new samsung tab 10.1 that vodafone has snaffled up.

  11. Moderator: Kaz

    @peter holden – We already range the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Inspiron Duo (tablet/Laptop hybrid) and the Commtiva N700. No more to announce at the moment.

  12. barflord

    Can’t wait and with threes industry leading data tariffs going to be a perfect match.

  13. peter holden

    is this the only tablet you guys are getting?

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