The latest dongle technology comes to Three.

I can’t live without my dongle. There, I’ve said it. As head of Mobile Broadband it probably comes as no surprise to you, right? Well more than 1 million of you now have one on Three, so I suspect that I’m not alone.

Though we suspected we were on the cusp of something big when we launched the UK’s first £10 a month Mobile Broadband plan back in 2007, we couldn’t have imagined then how quickly the dongle would become such a staple part of our digital lives.
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Guest post: The best apps for the iPad 2.

After months of speculation, rumour and outright fantasy the iPad 2 is has finally arrived and this week Three confirmed that it’ll be available on their network. Thankfully we can now turn to the rather more concrete job of working out what it’s going to do best with its brand new dual core processor and two new cameras. So after solving child poverty, putting an end to war and feeding the world’s hungry, what else is the dream machine best for? Here are five of the first things I’ll be downloading to my iPad 2 when the people at Three send it over. Don’t make me beg!

Now is also a good time to let you know that the social media team have given me a week off next week – how nice! I’m running the Rome Marathon so I’ll be back the week after to let you know which apps got me to the end in record time. Or at least, that’s the plan!

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