Samsung Galaxy Pro coming soon to Three.

Samsung has just announced their Samsung Galaxy Pro and I’m happy to confirm that it’ll be coming soon to Three.

The Galaxy Pro is a great smartphone, it features a 2.8” touch screen and a Qwerty keypad and runs on Google’s Android 2.2. This gives you access to over 200,000 apps that are available to download from the Android Market. So whether you want an app to allow you to listen to music, do your weekly shop, interact with your friends. They’re all there, ready and waiting.
One of the things about the Galaxy Pro is the hotspot feature, you can turn your Galaxy Pro into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot at the touch of a button; this is great for those of you who are on the all-you-can-eat data on the One Plan as you can always be connected to the internet and you won’t have to worry about your bill at the end of the month.

Personally, my favourite thing about the Galaxy Pro is the Samsung’s Social Hub Premium feature which comes for free on the phone. Brendan talks about this in more detail in the video but this allows you to manage your social life from one central place. You can integrate your favourite services such as Instant Messaging, e-mail (I have my work and personal account loaded) and social networks in your smartphone and Social Hub updates them in real-time. It’s a great feature that I think you’ll really enjoy it.

There are lots of other exciting features on the Galaxy Pro but this is just a sneak peek – Brendan and I will be back to give you a full unboxing review once it’s available on Three. For now, let me know what you think.

21 Responses to Samsung Galaxy Pro coming soon to Three.
  1. Sam

    Fantastic phone, please stock more like this – I notice three have discountinued this handset in stores. Not everyone likes pure touch screen devices, this phone has both and is a pleasure to use – the android operating system makes google apps really come to life on the move, the best thing about it is that it is actually good at the basics like calling and texting as well as all the other stuff.

    I’m sure that you sell a lot of blackberrys but please, please keep selling a decent range of Samsung and the nokia qwerty devices.

  2. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Jade – Glad to hear you’re loving your phone Jade :-)

  3. jade

    I love samsung galaxys s and i got a giorgio armani 1 and i think rhere great

  4. Moderator: Kaz

    @Abhishek – The Samsung Galaxy Pro we sell is Silver. Please click here to find out more

  5. Abhishek

    I saw most of samsung galaxy pro comes with silver colour keypad….. But i like the black colour as u shown in review….. Is it available in market??????? When it will launch????? Plz help me…..

  6. Moderator: Kaz

    @Chris – It is slightly confusing, but I can confirm that the Pro available is the one shown on our website

  7. Chris

    This video shows the black model, but Three stores only have the silver version! (silver keyboard) but they call it black – very confusing!
    Does anyone know if the black version as shown in this video is available for sale on Three??

  8. Moderator: Kaz

    @Stuie – Yes it has, that’s because it’s launching next week. Keep your eye on for more details next week.

  9. Stuie

    Hi there. The Galaxy Pro seem sto have disappeared from the “coming soon” page linked int he article. Is it still on its way?

  10. Junip Shadier

    £100 might be the right price for this phone without contract but when it first comes out it would probably cost around £140. Anything higher than that would be too outrageous a price that will definitely make other just wait for something better or look at other offerings from other manufacturers.

  11. Moderator: Kaz

    @MiAmRA – They are not any more announcements about this phone just yet. As soon as there is we will let everyone know.

  12. MiAmRA

    Will the Galaxy Pro be sold without a simlock when its sold as pay as go or with a contract?

  13. Slavik

    @MikeE71 – there is no long term commitment from Samsung to update software of mid range phones.
    Have a look on Samsung Galaxy Portal – very good example.
    If you want software updates from Samsung you need to get very expensive top end phone for £400-500, that is the price.
    This one looks really underspeced – £100 max IMO, not match to E71/E72.
    For this form factor I would go for HTC ChaCha.

  14. Moderator: Johanna

    @MikeE71 – Thanks for your feedback on the phones we range and on the vendors we work with. That’s interesting re the N8, we haven’t experienced this at Three.

  15. Moderator: Johanna

    @Kintesh – We haven’t confirmed the pricing yet but pleased you like the phone :-) Keep an eye on for details of prices.

  16. Mike E71

    Looks like Samsung may have lifted the business phone`s crown from Nokia. Nearly three years since the E71 – this phone instantly makes the E71, E72 and E5 look from another decade.

    Let`s face it – the candy bar shape is the only one that can be safely enveloped in a hand and typed on while out and about.

    You just hope that Samsung will have looked at the E71 and built on its features. Such as a front facing camera and so on.

    Look at Nokia with their long term support of the E71. Now on it`s fifth software update – that`s commitment to the customer. If Samsung does the same for this device, so it`s still fresh in three years time, it would surely make people happy.

    I guess the specs will tell whether Samsung have gone seriously for the business crown – or whether this is `just` a `Facebook special` – actually, it needs to be both in 2011.

    Whatever – there`s some smart choice of handsets from Three recently – with Samsung and the new HTC phones previously announced.

    Incidentally, I have been out in the Philippines for a few weeks and one Telcom has withdrawn the N8 from sale due to “customer returns”

  17. Kintesh

    if this is under £100 i will buy it next day as i am on sim-only contract with three. that is the price range for this one?


    Love the front-facing portrait QWERTY form factor. Hope this Android comes to the US too…

  19. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jonathon Marks – I’ve just asked our devices team but we’re waiting for confirmation from Samsung

  20. jonathon marks

    will android 2.3 be coming to this?

  21. mark shepherdson

    I think this phone would have been great for my girlfriend

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