HTC Sensation is coming to Three.

HTC has announced its latest smartphone. It’s called the HTC Sensation, and it’ll be coming soon to Three.

HTC Sensation has all the high-end features of its older brother the popular HTC Desire HD, as well as some new and exciting additions. It comes with an 8MP camera with LED flash – this is a great feature for those of you that are budding photographers.
HTC Sensation still comes with a 4.3 inch touchscreen with a much thinner and sleaker design. It’s now fitted with a Dual-core processor and runs on Gingerbread, version 2.3 of Android which means it’s a lot quicker than some other models for things such as browsing and applications.

One of the new features which I think you’ll really appreciate is that HTC Sensation now comes integrated with Facebook video chat which works well with one of the most notable changes to the phone the 1.3MP front facing camera. This is great for those of you who have all-you-can-eat data on the One Plan as you can spend as much time as you like on Facebook without having to worry about the bill at the end of the month.

HTC Sensation also comes with 3D animated widgets, so not only can you personalise your home screen to suit your personality but you can now do it in 3D!

Take a look at our Sneak Peek video of the HTC Sensation and let us know what you think :-)

118 Responses to HTC Sensation is coming to Three.
  1. Moderator: Nicki

    @Paula – Just checked online, and I’m afraid it’s no longer available.

  2. Paula

    Is the HTC sensation still available on three or has it been discontinued?

  3. HerosHero

    Yes they have it for ‘upgrade when calling 333, but when a UK number called me saying im due for an upgrade etc they did’nt have it. 333 didnt offer any discounts, and just offered the same deals as what new customers get, normally i would expect a discount as i would be resigning a contract.

  4. Moderator: Johanna

    @HerosHero – I’ve just run round to chat to our retentions team and the Sensation is definitely available for upgrades. Are you at the end of your contract at the mo?

  5. Heroshero

    Yes i am but they didnt have it?

  6. Moderator: Johanna

    @HerosHero – Sorry if it’s a little confusing, it’s possibly one of our third parties if calling from a different number. Are you looking to get the Sensation?

  7. HerosHero

    why does Three seem to have different upgradge departments? I keep getting called by a UK number not 333, which says i can get an upgrade but they dont have the HTC sensation yet. They suggest calling 333 who dont offer any upgrade offers on the phone just standard tariffs?

  8. Moderator

    @Haz – we’ll have stock available for upgrades very soon. Sorry we can’t bring you the HTC Sensation any faster.

  9. Moderator

    @James T – we can’t control the speed at which HTC make their updates available. Once we’ve approved the software it’s up to them to release the new version – hopefully it won’t be long now

  10. Moderator

    @Haz – it will be! :-). The HTC Sensation is online with a delivery date of next week so people can effectively pre-order it. We should have stock to be able to offer through our Upgrades team very soon.

  11. Haz

    How come I am unable to pre-order for my upgrade but new customers can get this phone online? this is not fair.

  12. James T

    Call centre had no idea yesterday….

  13. Haz

    Why is the phone not available for upgrade but is available for new customers… This is not fair!

  14. Warren

    Its out on Three…picking mine up instore tomorrow

  15. Gaurav

    Hope it is not suffering from Death Grip issues?

  16. Grant

    Gingerbread for DHD, where is it?
    Please, with a cherry on top!

  17. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Erica – We can’t confirm the date I’m afraid, we’ll let you know when it’s here.

  18. Erica

    I am just wounding when will it come out will it be before the 17th of June????

  19. Moderator: Johanna

    @Daz 5803 – Thanks for your interest but we’re under no obligation to provide a 12 month contract with phone. As I said though, we do update our plans so we’re not saying we won’t introduce one, we just haven’t at the mo. We think our SIM-only deal is pretty competitive.

  20. Moderator: Johanna

    @Parma85 – We test the software updates to make sure they will run efficiently on our network and their are approval processes to, to add to your 3 steps. We are looking at creating a blog post on software updates in general though, so watch this space.

  21. Haz

    FYI Guys/Gals

    Just spoke to 3 Upgrade and they advised me they will have the Sensation available for pre-order by next week. Hope its true.


  22. Parm85

    Thanks Sedge, although I should point out that I don’t actually own a phone that needs a software update. It’s for future reference and whether or not I opt to join Three when I get a new phone.

    Galaxy S2, Sensation or iPhone 4?

  23. Daz 5803

    Re Joanna, thanks for your reply. I already know 3 offer sim-only 12 month contracts but if you look at your competitors web sites, you will see that they are now offering 12 month deals including phone since the end of May. Do they have a different understanding of the new law than you? 3 will lose lots of customers if they dont follow the trend.

  24. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Parma85 – There are two types of updates that are released, one’s generic and the other is customised. We released customised software on our network as it provides a better experience and results in less bugs and glitches. We’ll let you know when the update is here but it shouldn’t be long now :-)

  25. Parm85

    So, are Three quite slow at rolling out software (Android) updates? If so, why the delay?

    I thought the way updates work is as follows:

    1. Google create/release updated software;
    2. HTC then have to overlay Sense UI on the update before it’s released to the operators (which takes ages); and
    3. The operators then release the software update to its customers, complete with any marketing bundles.

    Is this right? If Google have done their job, presumably the delay must be somewhere between numbers 2 and 3?

  26. James T

    Another Desire update deadline passed, disappointing. My contract is up in August, after 4.5 years do I really trust you for another 18 months?

  27. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Patryk – We currently don’t have a preorder date for this phone. We’ll let you know if it changes.

  28. avaissee

    its ashame android 2.3.3 is still not available from the three network whats taking you guys so long,any estimates of when its going to be released for the desire hd

  29. Patryk

    just like many other people are eagerly waiting for the announcement of information about the release date of HTC Sensation… But I have also another question – how is it possible that I can not make a pre-order at Three, while the third pirty would allow making such an order and even they have information how much it will cost in “The One Plan” (£ 19.99)…?

    excuse me for my language, but i’m still learning it… :)

  30. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Parm85 – Hilarious indeed ;-) Unfortunately, I can’t confirm the date. When it’s here, we’ll let you know.

  31. Parm85


    Hilarious thread. For the billionth time, when will Sensation be released on Three??????!!!!

    Sorry, I just had to ask the question again because (a) I don’t think enough people have asked yet; and (b) I feel all left out by the incessant questioning… So there :)

    Out of interest though, when will the Sensation be relea…..sorry.

  32. Ali

    I can’t wait anymore for the sensation…. Any one tell me when it gonna be available ………………….

  33. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Sohail – We can’t confirm the release date but it’ll be here this month, we’ll let you know when it’s available.

  34. Sohail

    Hi i would like the RELEASE DATE for when 3 are going to launch the sensation

  35. Moderator: Johanna

    @Daz 5803 – Thanks for your interest in this. We already offer SIM-only deals, so we fall within the law. But we are always looking to evolve our plans so watch this space. And yes we’re completely aware that a PAC needs to be transferred in 2 working days.

  36. Jason Ovenden


    Thanks for the update, the Sensation is a nice phone so its worth the wait – I currently have an unbranded HTC Desire HD on 3UK and I got my 2.3 update 2 weeks ago.

    I can tell you that it has not corrected the battery issue in any way, however it has corrected the other major issue that the HTC Desire HD has for some users, the phone used to restart itself intermittently, I have running on the update for 2 weeks with no problems what-so-ever, the updates seem minor but until the HTC Sense has been updated it will not be fully updated.

    Now can’t wait for the Sensation.

  37. Daz 5803

    When are 3 going to offer 12 month deals? See below

    New EU laws, which force operators to give customers the option of taking a 12 month mobile phone contract, are due to come into effect this spring.

    The laws state that all operators must offer customers the choice of a 12 month contract, and that no mobile phone contract should exceed 24 months.

    Operators must also ensure that switching your number to a new provider takes no longer than 24 hours (Ofcom currently says that you should receive your Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) – needed to transfer your number – within two working days).

  38. Moderator: Johanna

    @Rachel – Glad you’re so excited! :-) I’m afraid we don’t give launch dates in advance but it really isn’t far away now.

  39. Daz 5803

    Re Den, I spoke to HTC yesterday and they couldnt give me a date nor did they mention it already being released to 3. I’m happy with the phone but the battery life has got shorter so I’m hoping the update will help. Fingers crossed.

  40. rachel

    ive been told that the htc sensation will be relesed this month but what date! surley you guys know that by now, its already avalable to pre order on some mobile phone sites but nowhere mentions the release date!!! when when when?????

  41. den

    HTC said that gingerbread for HTC desire (original) at the end of june

  42. den

    i agree daz 5803 i talked to htc they said that the update was released for unbranded htc desire (original) 2.-3 weeks ago. htc also said that the update would be released from three not htc.

  43. Daz 5803

    What a surprise regarding the 2.3 update. Not the first/last time 3 will insist on lying to its customers.

  44. den

    Yeah I have been waiting for this update for ages. So pls give me a rough idea when it will be released

  45. vicky

    It’s the end of May. still no Android 2.3 from 3. HTC HD has already got its update. Shame it’s taking soooooo long and most other network providers have already rolled out the updates/.

    so are HTC Desire phones going to get one soon or will it be end of june/late summer?

  46. Moderator: Johanna

    @Erica – Glad you’re excited :-) Not long now….

  47. Moderator: Johanna

    @den – We’re awaiting info from HTC, so as soon as we have it we’ll respond.

  48. Erica

    I have been waiting for this phone for soooo long I just want to know when is it going to come out in three

  49. den

    I am very disappointed in three you promise android 2.3 for HTC desire at the end of may. Then I ask a question and none of the moderators answer it . So now I ask when will HTC desire get android 2.3 ? :)

  50. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jason Ovenden – We haven’t given a launch date yet, but not long now! :-)

  51. den

    It is the end of the month of may. So has three released android 2.3 for HTC desire yet? :)

  52. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nigel – We don’t have access to individual accounts but you will get the best deals within the last month of your contract.

  53. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nigel – Hmm well it is coming to Three Thanks for your feedback though, I’ll pass it on!!

  54. Steve Brown

    Doesn’t look like the update will be out before the end of the month, you have 1 days left now.

    If it doesn’t happen does anyone have a realistic release date.


  55. Jason Ovenden

    Hi, any news as to when 3UK will have the HTC Sensation available…?

  56. den

    It is the end of may. So has 3 released gingerbread update for HTC desire yet?

  57. nigel

    Oh and he also offered me an upgrade on my soon coming to an end 18 month contract to a Samsung galaxy s2 for £45 a month, £5 dearer than a new contract??? Whats that about?

  58. nigel

    I have today visited the three store in wolverhampton where I was assured by the manager without any doubt that the sensation would NOT be coming to three, was he lying or seriously misinformed?

  59. Moderator: Kaz

    @vicky – still looking at the end of this month for your update.

  60. Vicky

    I have a 3 branded HTC desire. I am still waiting for the software upgrade to android 2.3. Any idea when will this be available?

  61. Moderator: Sedge

    @ FTWcreative – It’ll be with us in June. I can’t be more specific on the date at this stage I’m afraid.

  62. ftwcreative

    Is there a release date yet? I need this phone to develop apps on asap.

  63. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Lil Dancer – It’s still expected at the end of the month.

  64. lil dancer

    sorry to keep asking. it is nearly the end of the month has three made a date to release android 2.3 to htc desire(original)

  65. Moderator: Kaz

    @Tom Forryan – the Sensation is coming out in June, an exact date will follow soon.

  66. Tom Forryan

    Just wondering what date this is likely to come out on three, here in the UK

  67. Moderator: Kaz

    @Darren Long – We have no plans to set up a new CS and upgrade team in the UK

  68. Darren Long

    Any truth in the rumours that 3 are setting up a CS and upgrade team in the UK?

  69. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Flux – It’ll be with us in June. I can’t give away a specific date just yet but as soon as it’s here we’ll let you know.

  70. Flux

    Any date yet for the release of the HTC Sensation? At the end of my contract and desperate for this phone!

  71. Moderator: Kaz

    @mike – I have checked the mast in your local area and can’t see any issues with the masts. Your coverage should be ok, there may be the odd place where signal may be weak, but overall things should be ok.

  72. Moderator: Kaz

    @den – We are just finishing off testing, need to make sure we are 100% happy before we release this update.

  73. mike

    Can you check the mast for (removed by mod) i’ve had htc desire on 3 for two months and the signal is very poor. Thanks

  74. den

    What is causing such a delay because three promised android 2.3 for HTC desire(original) at the beginning of may, then they said middle of may now you are saying end of may so what is causing the delay?

  75. Moderator: Kaz

    @den – This upgrade is due at the end of the month. We will give you a more exact date very soon.

  76. den

    Please can you give me a date of when Android 2.3 will be available for HTC desire. I have been waiting ages and I would like to know.

  77. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Andrew Mouat – We’re not expecting it till the end of the month but as soon as it’s here we’ll let you know :-)

  78. Andrew Mouat

    @Kaz – Is there any further update on when the 2.3 upgrade for the Desire (original) will be available and will it be 2.3.3 or is it just 2.3? I’m getting a little impatient :P

  79. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Kalu – Not that we’re aware of. Are you having trouble with Skype?

  80. Kalu

    A bit off topic, but is there any issues with Skype on Three at the moment?

  81. Ahmed

    @sedge do you know how long will the network coverage would be resolved in my home postcode and surrounding areas?

  82. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ahmed – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and one of the mast in your area is currently affected. We’re working on getting this back up to speed as soon as we can :-)

  83. Ahmed

    Am having problem with the network coverage in home postcode and surrounding area. Can you tell what is happening with the network coverage? my postcode is WR5 [Removed by Mod]

  84. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Lil Dancer – We can’t confirm exactly when it’ll be available on Three, it’s expected at the end of the month but we’ll let you know as soon as it’s here :-)

  85. lil dancer

    when exactly will htc desire (original) get android 2.3?
    Please give me an exact date because I cant wait any longer. I really need to know.

  86. lil dancer

    when exactly will android 2.3 come to htc desire (original)

  87. Lee

    Hmm, release in June-ish… my contract is up (for the 6 or 7th time) in June … want this phone!

  88. TakashiM

    Quick question to everyone, is there any unlocked Desire users that has already received the official Gingerbread update ?

  89. TakashiM

    @ sedge, sorry it took me so long to reply, thanks for the info, i’ll give them a call tomorow, i hope that they have good news for me.

    ps: just to double check, the Desire will be getting it’s gingerbread treat at some point this month right ?

  90. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ahmed – Looking at late May for the 2.3 (not 2.3.3) update on the Desire HD.

  91. Stephen

    i will definitely be getting the sensation… been waiting on it being released for about a month now, cant wait!

  92. Ahmed

    Can you tell me when wil three will release android 2.3.3 on HTC Desire HD?

  93. billgreenwood

    I cannot wait for the HTC Sensation.

  94. Karl Hobson

    I am so pleased i hung back with my upgrade, looks like i will be upgrading to the Sensation as soon as its available, what battery technology are they using on the Sensation and is there any improvement on the Desire, I always keep charger with me for car, computer usb and mains….looking forward to its release on 3 mobile…

  95. Moderator: Kaz

    @Tom Best – I can’t reveal any details just yet. Sorry. More details about the Sensation will follow soon

  96. Tom Best

    Looks amazing. Especially liking the sound of the HTC Sensation + ‘One Plan’. How much do you think it will be monthly compared to the likes of the Iphone 4 / Galaxy S II?

  97. David Mapleston

    Will be having the HTC Sensation with One plan as soon it’s available.

  98. Moderator: Kaz

    @dienamik – Sorry to hear you are having issues with coverage. Please supply your postcode and I will investigate.

  99. dienamik

    off topic

    i have severe network issues, my phone doesn’t work inside my house. i have foned CS numerous times to report my problems. only to be fobbed off that i have a ‘faulty’ sim and/or phone.
    CS response was to send a new sim ‘which will resolve’ the issue. it did not. CS next response was to try to sell me a new phone! how is that going to be any good seeing as the coverage checker says outdoors use only for my area.
    why is it that all services worked until sept last year??
    my phone tells callers its off when its nxt to me with full signal?? my texts come threw at least 1 hour late. my internet says invalid server name when trying to connect to any website.
    three’s CS are a joke trying to sell a ‘service’ to me that they know will not work.
    glad to be leaving after 5 years, i will never use three again after resolving none of my issues

  100. James Taylor

    HTC will be showcasing the Sensation at its roadshow in the coming weeks:

  101. Oleg

    You are a star!
    Thanks a lot.

  102. Moderator: Johanna

    @Oleg – We’ve been told by HTC that the Desire HD and Desire will have Sense 2.1 and not 3.0, but the Sensation will have Sense 3.0.

  103. Oleg

    HI Mods
    Sorry to be repetitive, but i’m a really curious person :) . Does that Gingerbread update you received for testing coms with old sense, or new one, like on Desire HD?
    Thanks a lot.

  104. John

    Thanks @Kaz for the update re HTC Desire update. It’s a pity I have to follow Three to get info on updates for my Vodafone HTC Desire, Vodafone just have no info, will let you know when they infinitum…

  105. Moderator: Kaz

    @andrew – We don’t have access to account details. Let me email you with a request for more account details so I can get someone in CS to give you a call.

  106. Oleg

    HTC Desire gingerbread update you received, does it have sense 2.1 or old sense with a few newer features?
    Thanks a lot.

  107. andrew

    @mod Why did 333 tell me i can’t upgrade my current price plan to the one plan unless i take a new phone? This is pretty cheeky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Moderator: Sedge

    @ TakashiM – Glad to hear you like the HTC Sensation. It’s one of my personal favs too :-) If you give 333 a call they’ll be able to talk to you about your options around an early upgrade.

  109. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Liam – It depends on your contract and how much longer you have left. We don’t have access to your account info here but if you give 333 a call they’ll be happy to do discuss the options around an early upgrade :-)

  110. Scott

    @James, its still correct to say it has two processors, which it does. They are just on one chip.

  111. TakashiM

    Yeah the Desire is going to get the gingerbread update by the end of this month. I was one of the early Desire owners on Three. and if the sensation comes out on Three around june is means that I would have less than a year left on my contract. Mod. Will I then be able to upgrade from my Original Desire ???

  112. Liam

    What are the usual costs for upgrading early ;)

  113. James

    The guy in the video isn’t right, he said it has two processors inside which it doesn’t it just has a dual core processor!

  114. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mariam – The HTC Desire will be getting the 2.3 update in the middle of May. We will keep you updated.

  115. jmeasey

    im getting really confused now, my contract is up in june so do i go for this, the Galaxy S2 or an iphone 4…?!! which is the best phone?!

  116. Mariam

    I hope HTC haven’t abandoned us Desire (original) users :(…
    Will the desire get 2.3 update anytime soon? And will we get the new htc sense?

  117. Will Scott

    Awesome – can’t wait. I hope that ‘soon’ isn’t too long, although HTC did say at the event that the exclusivity was only until June :)

    Hope we’ll be able to register for updates on it soon but the thought of the Sensation on on the One Plan is making me really really impatient. Can’t wait to ditch O2!

  118. Andrew Jones

    Now…… if I can just afford to upgrade early – as I still have a year to go on the HTC Desire contract :(

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