Samsung Galaxy S II available on Three.

Back in February we announced that we’d be ranging the Samsung Galaxy S II, and I can now confirm that it’s now available on Three and will be available in 3Stores from Friday.

The Galaxy S II is the ultimate Android phone, it comes with a Dual core processor and runs on Gingerbread; version 2.3 of Android. It’s also the slimmest smartphone yet, measuring in at an impressive 8.5mm thick.

It comes with an 8MP auto focus camera with an LED flash as well as a 2MP front facing camera on its 4.3 inch Super Amoled Plus Display which is Samsung’s leading screen technology. This means that the screen is really crisp and clear – perfect for those of you who enjoy taking your own pictures or even viewing them on social networking sites such as Facebook.

The Galaxy S II is integrated with Social Hub Premium allowing you to juggle work document and your personal social networking channels on one page. So whether it’s Facebook, work emails, Linked In or even an excel document, you can now open them all up on one screen.

Take a look at our video and let us know how you’re getting on with yours.


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  1. Moderator: Nicki

    @Chan – Hi there, sorry you’re having issues with your phone. Is this just with your sim card or all sim cards?

    If it’s limited to one sim card we could get your sim card swapped in a Three store but if it’s with every sim we’d need to book your phone in for a fault assessment with the manufacturer at their nominated repair centre. How long have you had your phone for? Do you know if it’s still within warranty?

  2. chan

    My galaxy s2 no longer recognises sim cards. i have done factory reset and still doesnt work. can any1 help?

  3. Moderator: Kaz

    @amanuel – I afraid I don’t have dates for this release at the moment, sorry.

  4. amanuel


    Any news on when Three will be releasing Ice Cream Sandwich for the Galaxy S2


  5. Cell phones

    Samsung Galaxy S modifications are definitely the best in the smartphones. In my eyes this mobile phone is perfect, having great processor and the best advantage is the Android OS.

  6. Moderator: Johanna

    @simon moore – We’re looking into this for you now, can you give us your Gtalk version number and details please?

  7. simon moore


    I’ve just upgraded one of my handsets (sg 2) to 2.3.4(three firmware) However, unlike my other sg2, (non three firmware), it does not appear to have the video option in google talk. So as to help my decision as to whether to set this handset free also, could you please offer an explanation as to why this feature is not there.


  8. Moderator: Kaz

    @Will – I can confirm that this update will be coming, just can’t provide any dates at the moment.

  9. Will

    Appreciate the fast responses Kaz. Is the 2.3.4 update definitely being released through three? Just heard it’s been rolled out through select countries at the moment ( and getting the update to us would surely make a lot of customers happy as it improves battery life in dual core phones!

  10. Moderator: Kaz

    @Shawn Pung – No, your phone will remain unlocked if the software is updated.

  11. Shawn Pung

    hey there, i had unlocked my samsung Galaxy S2 two days ago. i wonder if i update the software of the phone, will it be locked again? Thanks~

  12. Moderator: Kaz

    @Leemo – Afraid I have no news about this update at the moment. We will let everyone know asap.

  13. Leemo


    I was just wondering when the KE7 update will be available for the Samsung Galaxy S II? I heard it improves battery and stops the phone getting so hot. Also, when will android version 2.3.4 be available for it?

    Thanks in advance,


  14. Moderator: Johanna

    @Leemo – What devices are you looking for updates for?

  15. Leemo


    I was just wondering when the KE7 update will be available? I heard it improves battery and stops the phone getting so hot. Also, when will android version 2.3.4 be available?

    Thanks in advance,


  16. vinay


    Don’t know if it was because of the comments you passed on, it looks like better sense has prevailed about stock roms wrt gingerbread as released by manufacturer atleast for the HTC Desire from three!!/ThreeUK/status/93971591511289856 But hopefully the trend will continue for all android handsets in the future from Three network.

    Are any such confirmations available regarding the samsung galaxy S2 icecream sandwich update and whether presently branded Three roms will revert to stock HTC roms with future updates for this particular handset???? Any definitive answers on this count may have a bearing on my next handset which is likely to be the samsung galaxy s2 (unless something better turns up in Aug). Is the NFC version of the SGS2 being released in about a month as I can see from some blogs? Is three stocking that version of the SGS2?

  17. vinay

    Thanks Kaz,

    Hope Three releases handsets on stock firmware rather than branded firmware in future as that would be more beneficial to customers. Customers who now buy stock handsets from resellers might instead buy directly from the network if stock handsets are available.

  18. Moderator: Kaz

    @viney – This phone is only sold branded and locked to the Three network I’m afraid. But I will pass your comments onto the devices team for consideration.

  19. vinay

    Does Three sell the samsung galaxy s2 with stock firmware ie without any three network branding and modifications of firmware, including extra apps etc?

    I am asking because your upgrades teams have no idea about this issue. I have a htc desire from three network with stock firmware. I used to get updates as released by HTC, while the branded handsets from three were getting it after lots of delays. I have absolutely no problem using the Desire presently on three network, so cant understand what the ‘network optimisation’ issue is about. Take most handsets available on the market and pop a sim card of any network and all will work fine, so this ‘network optimisation’ is a non-issue for customers and just delays software updates for customers.

    Upgrades had called me yesterday asking me if I was interested in upgrading to the samsung galaxy s2 on both my contracts (following up on my enquiry from two weeks ago), I paid a penalty for early upgrades on two of my contracts and upgraded yesterday for samsung galaxy s2 on the one plan for both my contracts, but ended up cancelling both the upgrades today. I cancelled because the plan i was getting was the same as available on three website for new customers. Infact the first offer was for 40£ monthly on each of my contracts for 2y for this phone while the same is available on your own website for 35£ a month! Then after an early upgrade penalty of me paying the remainder of the monthly fee for the contract duration, they agreed for 35£ a month but I cancelled as realised it was the same as available for new customers and i was losing my existing customer discount. Been with Three for 5y with two contracts but now looking elsewhere.

    Infact if i were to just take a PAYG sim card from another network and pot my number and then take a three contract via then Three network themselves would pay me via quidco an amount of 150£ for each contract! So I would be saving 300£ for both contracts if I bought via Three network contracts via quidco instead of directly or upgrading via Three. Ridiculous situation so i just cancelled both my upgrades from three network.

    Looking for a samsung galaxy s2 unbranded handsets +/- contracts now for both my numbers. Will go and buy PAYG simcards today in preparation for porting my numbers after paying the early termination fee.

    Wish Three could sell unbranded handsets with stock firmware. I know they can because I bought both my HTC Desires unbranded from Three network last year when the phones were released. So why cant they do the same with other smartphones as well and keep more customers.

  20. Simon


    Could you please tell me what extra software three put on the phone? I can see the annoying crap that samsung have included with their hubs etc(Does ANYONE, ever want these, erm, enhancements?) Will carriers and manufacturers ever understand the effect this rubbish has on sales.

    In defence of three however, the bloatware seems to be decreasing as time goes on, unless you guys are just getting better at hiding it. It would also explain why you guys say you roll out the carrier update a couple of weeks later than the generic release, as opposed to the several months, non existent updates on older phones

  21. Moderator: Johanna

    @J – No problem :-) Glad you managed to update too! You can get your phone unlocked by us for £15 and nope this won’t void your warranty. I’m afraid you can’t remove any of the Three services you’ll find installed within your phone, but they should take up very little memory. Re your last question – no matter what happens to the phone after, if you flash the device you will lose the warranty… it’s like having a product with a security/warranty seal. If you take it to a friend and he only opens the device to have a look (doesn’t do anything else), the company probably wouldn’t warrant the device from there onwards as the seal will be broken. We have to go with the manufacturer rules which is always like above.

  22. J

    Thanks for the incredibly prompt reply Johanna : )

    Well according to Kies it says that I am on the latest update – Ver

    However I tried the changing the Admin rights for Kies and that seems to have been the problem. Looked up online as to how to force the program to open as administrator and this time it updated the firmware. Thank you.

    As to using the phone abroad and payng to have it unlocked, does it invalidate the warranty?

    Also, is it possible to remove some of the bloatware on the phone, I also slim down my new PCs of bloatware after purchasing them. I’m happy to remain with most of the Samsung applications but I have no need for most of the 3 apps.

    Finally, between the two colleagues who have SGS2s. One swears by flashing and the other says that it will invalidate your warranty. I appreciate that if the flashing causes the phone to crash terminally then you would not be in a strong position to claim on the warranty but if something such as the screen becomes defective whilst the phone is running a slimmed down ROM then surely this should be covered as the ROM would not have a bearing on the screen. In essence if the defect does not relate to the ROM then surely you would be covered? Otherwise it would be a bit like buying a computer with Vista preinstalled and then upgrading to Windows 7 and finding out your waranty is invalid if your harddrive were to fail.

    I know a lot of questions but it seems to me that it is a bit of a grey area, with common sense not necessarily playing a part ; )

  23. Moderator: Johanna

    @J – If it has the Three boot-up screen to start I would say it’s one of ours – do you also have a link to Planet Three? It is simple enough to unlock phones, our CS team will do this for a small charge – it’s often done if people want to go abroad and use a foreign SIM. Now your update issue – have you definitely got the most recent version of Kies installed? Also, do you have admin rights on the PC you are using to update?

  24. J


    I’ve bought a secondhand phone which I was told by the seller is totally stock.

    My phone currently when I dial *#1234# shows as being:

    PDA: I9100XWKE1
    PHONE: I9100NEKD5
    CSC: I9100H3GKD4

    Build Info: Tue May 3 20:26:10 KST 2011

    When I connect to Kies it does not inform me of an update. Could it be that this phone is not a stock 3 phone? I am slightly suspicious as the seller told me that it was easy enough to unlock if I wanted to use it on other networks. Therefore by inferrence, the seller knows how to unlock SGS2′s. Before anyone says about buying 2nd hand phones, I know where the seller lives, he’s given me the original paperwork from his PAYG purchase including receipt, a signed a written letter stating that he is the legal owner and not lost the phone and is selling it to me and he’s even photocopied a copy of his passport and photo-driving licence, should there ever be a question of ownership.

    My question is not relating to buying 2nd hand phones but whether mine is a stock original phone. I have two other friends with SGS2s. One has a totally stock phone and it automatically updated recently to KF4 via Kies. The other flashed his phone and his settings are PDA: XWKF4 Phone: NEKF2 CSC:H3GKF1. He said he manually updated it as Kies doesn’t work on a flashed phone.

    I’m now slightly concerned that the phone may have been tampered with purely on the behaviour of Kies telling me my phone cannot be updated. Could anyone confirm whether my settings above are the stock settings that the phone should have come with when new? It gives me the 3 boot up screen on start, so I figured that it was stock but would like further clarification from other viewers please.

    Many thanks and keep up the good work, it’s been really useful so far in keeping me informed of developments.



  25. Moderator: Kaz

    @Marcus – I incorrectly stated that the KF4 update was generic software. Jo is correct, KF4 is a Three network branded software update. Regarding your other point, we state 2 to 3 weeks after a generic software update, however it will always depend on how testing goes, we don’t ever want to release an update that has not been thoroughly tested.

  26. Marcus

    @Moderator: Johanna

    Thank you for your reply.

    Firstly, can you please clarify – Is this KF4 update a Three network-branded software update for Three branded Galaxy S2 handsets or an update for ‘unbranded generic’ handsets?
    I assume it is for Three branded Galaxy S2 handsets (with Three network-cutomised software).

    I ask because Kaz stated on July 5th, 2011 that:

    “There is an software update planned to go live tomorrow through Kies. However, this is a generic software update (KF4). Our version will follow soon”

    Also, yes, I’ve already read the ‘Everything you need to know about software updates’ post. Specifically the part:

    “Generic software is always released first, it comes from the manufacturer and isn’t optimised for the Three network. Customised software happens next and comes from us; it’s usually released 2-3 weeks after the Generic software.”

    ’2-3 weeks after’??!

    Was that a wind-up by Sylvia Chind? …That was funny, but somehow, ’2-3 weeks’ ……I don’t think so!

  27. Moderator: Johanna

    @Marcus – At the top of the blog we state we are listening but we don’t have time to respond to all your questions, so apologies you were waiting for a response… Just fyi KF4 is live on Kies now. Sorry you don’t agree with the statements that Kaz posted but we stand by them – it may also be worth reading our software updates post if you haven’t already. As much as we’d love to give specific dates and times for each software update there are many variables which impact these dates and times, so we’ve learned that it’s better not to be so specific as it frustrates you when the timescales move.

  28. Marcus

    Virtually a week has passed since I posted on this blog and I’m still patiently awaiting a response from the moderators. Therefore, can a moderator respond to my post below when possible please?

    I will add that, I’m not sure I hold out much hope of getting much of a response though, as after reading the post by Moderator Kaz, it seems to me that ‘Three’ still don’t really get it?!

    He recently stated that:

    ‘Samsung will release several minor SW updates on their generic SW – also some on customised for specific operators. In reality we are not behind, however we do have a minor firmware update planned for release soon which will help data performance and improvements on battery. No set date just yet for this release, should pop up in Kies soon.

    1. These ‘minor updates’, as you call them, are very useful and valuable to us handset owners (in order to fix bugs etc), hence why owners a continuously enquire about them on this blog site. Most handset owners are fully aware that generic updates are released 1st and then network-branded updates, often take a ‘long’ time to follow (that’s when Three are supposedly testing them and optimising them for the network…??!)

    2. ‘In reality we are not behind’
    - Actually, in reality Three, as so often, are behind! And this has been highlighted by several Samsung Galaxy 2 owners, but of course the handset owners are wrong and you’re correct?!

    3. ‘No set date just yet for this release, should pop up in Kies soon’.
    - Yet another quite unhelpful and generic response from Three!

    Then yesterday, Moderator Kaz went on to say: ‘There is an software update planned to go live tomorrow through Kies. However, this is a generic software update (KF4). Our version will follow soon.’

    - If this is the case, I don’t find this very helpful. It’s quite obvious that the enquiry is about the Three network-branded software update – of which I believe Three has provided NONE since the handsets release(?)

    But I guess Samsung Galaxy 2 owners should not worry, as the Three network-branded handset software update will be coming….on the….ermm ……’SOON’?!

  29. Pete

    Is it ok to flash the KF4 update onto my 3 sgs2?

    there doesn’t seem to be a changelog… any information at all please?

  30. Moderator: Kaz

    @Amanuel – There is an software update planned to go live tomorrow through Kies. However, this is a generic software update (KF4). Our version will follow soon.

  31. F khan

    When will 3 customers have access to gs2 updates.pls reply.your service has been v good so far

  32. Amanuel

    Is the Samsung Galaxy S2, KE7 update available from Three yet?

    I tried connecting my S2 phone (on THREE contract) to Kies over USB to my computer and checked for updates but didn’t receive anything.


  33. Moderator: Sedge

    Barry Devereux – Good to hear that you’ve got good signal at your house. Here’s a range of phone’s that we have for £15 per month. Let me know if you need a hand with anything else :-)

  34. Barry Devereux

    Hi 3 at the moment I am with Vodafone paying £15 a month to use the internet,facebook and phone.Where I live there signal is useless taken ages to connect only showing one bar connect.I have this monthly contact with them till October.As I have found that there dongle will not work in my area on my PC so I changed to a 3 dongle I use on my PC and it works great. I was wondering what 3 offers in phones on a £15 monthly tarriff .

  35. Moderator: Kaz

    @Michael – Samsung will release several minor SW updates on their generic SW – also some on customised for specific operators. In reality we are not behind, however we do have a minor firmware update planned for release soon which will help data performance and improvements on battery. No set date just yet for this release, should pop up in Kies soon.

  36. Colin

    I cannot agree more with the previous posts and feel incredibly disheartened by the way information is being fed back in such a generic and un helpful way.

  37. Michael RT

    I have just signed up for a 2 year deal with three, again, with a galaxy s2..

    I have to say I have noticed sluggishness where there shouldn’t be sluggishness in the UI. A friend of mine has a Galaxy S2 on another network (so one of your rivals) and it is on firmware Ke2, and it is smoother than my ke1 handset.

    Also I’ve noticed that battery life could be better, and this does beg the question, why hasn’t three released newer firmware as yet? What’s going on?

    If developers can release how to methods for novices to manually update firmware, then surely it can’t be that complicated?

    Come on Three, get Ke7 to us, we’re paying our contracts and giving you business, improve your user experience and you’ll have happier customers, who are more likely to recommend three as a network, and more likely to sign new contracts!

    Stop dawdling and update us! Please?

  38. Marcus


    Whlist I and, I’m sure, other Samsung Galaxy S2 owners are aware that you do not personally work in the technical department of Three, can I make a suggestion… Rather than just repeatedly giving the same stock answer – ‘There’s still no fixed timelines. As soon as we can let you know more’ – Can you please actually request (on our behalf) a more detailed update from Three’s technical department re: software updates and specifically, the release the latest firmware update for Android OS – Gingerbread 2.3.3, on the Galaxy S2?
    As several posters have already noted, Three users still only have version ‘KE1′ (which is quite a bit behind the version available on non-network branded handsets).

    Phones are often released with several bugs that may only be discovered post release. The software updates are released to fix these bugs and will often improve many functions of the phone e.g. improve battery management.

    I’m aware that software updates often take alot longer to be released for network branded handsets compared to unbranded handsets – which I and many handset owners find very frustrating, and this leads me to believe delays must be network-related?

    Three (but not exclusively) seem to have be associated with the slow roll out of software updates for phones. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how important they are for phone users and I really do think it’s time Three started taking this abit more seriously and providing more detailed information.

    When I enquired about this matter last year, I was informed, via this Three blog, that Three would be looking at reviewing how they handle the release of updates. However, I see no evidence that anything has changed at all.

    I’m sure I’m not alone – It is really frustrating being locked into long contracts with nice advanced smartphones but not knowing if or when software updates will ever be released.

  39. StephenC

    @ Sedge,

    Thanks for the prompt response. I’m assuming you meant 2.3.4, as we’re already on 2.3.3 on the SGS2. What I’d like to see asap, are the bug fixes via the firmware upgrades that Samsung has provided and have been rolled out to unlocked phones and other telco’s have provided.

    As Jacky says, we are on KE1, but KE2, then KE7 and now KE8 (for the India market) have been released and contain several useful bug fixes, i.e. making the battery last longer. So, here’s hoping Three roll those out to us “premium” customers asap?

    Thanks, StephenC

  40. Moderator: Sedge

    @ StephenC – There’s no fixed timelines for when 2.3.3 will be available on Three. As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know :-)

  41. Jacky

    In regards to firmware, we are currently on KE1 and the latest on my bro’s o2 sim free version is KE7 so a little bit behind yes!

  42. StephenC

    @Sedge – when you said “There’s still no fixed timelines”, were you referring to the 2.3.3 firmware updates or the release of 2.3.4? There have been several updates to the 2.3.3 firmware so far by Samsung, ans from what I can tell, none of these have been made available to 3 users just yet…hopefully that will change soon?

  43. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Sai – Skype do their own app on Android, there’s newer features within the app and they’re constantly improving it to bring you a better experience. As Skype’s app is performing so well we don’t really need skype on Three anymore. With plans like all you can eat, you’ve got all the data that you need to run Skype on your Android phone.

    As for WLM on Three, if you’re using an older Android phone then planet 3 will have the latest version of our version of WLM. There’s no official one from Microsoft in the Android app store at the moment.

  44. Sai

    Is there any particular reason why the “Skype on 3″app won’t be launching for new Android phones? In addition, how do I get the latest version of Windows Live Messenger app onto the phone? Thanks.

  45. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Kerim – There’s still no fixed timelines. As soon as we can let you know more, we will :-)

  46. kerim

    Can i have a rough date for when 3 will release the latest firmware update. Its just way behind on the updates available on the sim free version. and also when the Android 2.3.4 will be released?

  47. Moderator: Kaz

    @Simon – I’m afraid there will not be any phones launched this year with the Skype for Three app. You will need to use the official Skype client that can be downloaded from the app store.

  48. Simon

    will there be a Skype for Three app coming out for the new handsets that have been launched this year?

  49. Mazz

    Thanx pete i was indeed talking about samsung galaxy sII. Yes it definitely says on the website, skype on three works with this phone. I just wanted to confirm it. Also 3s online customer sales person on the website told me that it works with samsung galaxy II.

  50. Pete

    @Mod Kaz – yeah thanks for that but the official skype application and the lack of skype on 3 on new phones is not good for us 3Pay users is it…won’t be able to buy one of those now.

  51. Moderator: Kaz

    @Pete – This is an error on the website and we will get it changed asap. well spotted. Just to confirm there are no phones launched in 2011 by us that have ‘Three on Skype’.

  52. Pete

    @Mod Johanna – I’m sorry for bringing this up but I’m assuming that MAZZ is refering to the Galaxy SII, If so you’d better take a look at the “mobile detail” on your site… look under applications in the mobile detail of the SII and you’ll see it says that it says under skype on 3 – YES.

  53. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mazz – It’s a lovely phone! The battery life’s been improved but no it doesn’t support the Skype on Three app. Would you be thinking about getting this phone on The One Plan? If so all-you-can-eat data means you can use Skype’s app to your heart’s content. Phone details here.

  54. Mazz

    Hi guys, interested in buyin this phone. But would like to know something’s , does this phone support skype on ’3′. And if yes, does it drains battery like skype in the app market?

  55. jmeasey

    One word of warning for all potential Galaxy S 2 purchasers – i would recommend going into a shop and looking at it first, rather than just ordering it online/over the phone. I was all set to get one instead of an iphone as an upgrade, as it looks brilliant and i really like my current Android phone (HTC Hero), but i saw one in a shop on saturday and the screen size is just ridiculous! Its huge and (in my opinion!), you would look really odd walking around with it! Even before playing with it, the size totally put me off and made my galaxy S2/iphone 4 decision very easy!

  56. Moderator: Kaz

    @crystalocean – At the moment Three is only stocking the official version of Galaxy SII , which is available on the market. This version does not support NFC. Once Samsung officially announces specific plans/dates for an NFC version we’ll quickly analyse and make a decision to range it or not.

  57. crystalocean

    The same with Zoro25, I ordered the galaxy S2 from three and find out samsung was thinking to release the new version of it… Could you please confirm the next stock will be with or without NFC?

  58. Zoro25

    @kingsley and Mod_Kaz

    Regarding the NFC question

    Samsung has confirmed that there will be UK NFC models released in June.

    My question now is that will Three ship these new models or will it be another vendor?

  59. Mo BILITY

    @James- “The problem is that all mobile telco’s mission is to extract the maximum monthly £ from us” that made me giggle a little bit and well said. In a way I may be just like you or even worse in terms of data usage but worse than you in terms of voice allowance not sure about text allowance. In the old days before the all-you-eat-data, I was on a plan that has 3gb data allowance but I had extra 3gb data add-on place on my plan just to get enough to last me the month but still I used to breeze through that like knife through butter. I had 1100 minutes voice allowance and it was the same story so I was more than happy when The One Plan was introduce by Three bless them.

    Now I am on The One Plan 2000 voice minutes – 5000 Three to Three minutes and 5000 text messages but still I breeze through this 2000 voice minutes and more than half the Three to Three to minutes, what I barely touch is the text allowance I am not a fan of texting sometime I use just 10 or even less. Apart from what I use outside of my allowance, my month bill should around £27-£30 if not for those outside of allowance usages and all this was made possible because I had to paid an upfront fee like you said which I don’t regret at all, I just wonder what happened to all those good old deals from Three? I just hope that Three can re-visit those deals or revamp The One Plan, I don’t want to believe that people are not willing to upfront fees for flagship smartphone with better data allownace for a better monthly fees do you James?

  60. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ruth – Glad to hear you’ve got it sorted. Not just yet but you can keep an eye out for the latest accessories here.

  61. james

    @Mo Bility – That’s kinda what I meant when I pointed out the iPhone plans and suggested that the SGS2 is £2 pm overpriced. I fully agree with you that Three got data “nailed” on the one plan (I have 1 or 2 complaints regarding the fact that there is wiggle room for three to use traffic shaping, etc) , but on the whole it’s a very good deal. Smartphones do indeed suck down the data, no disagreement there either. In fact if we are at all alike in usage, I use far more data than voice minutes for example.

    I can certainly see your point regarding more price options, I take it you mean offer the handset on the oneplan for a cheaper monthly cost with an upfront charge for the handset? Or even offer lower voice & text mins with more data for lower plans? The problem is that all mobile telco’s mission is to extract the maximum monthly £ from us – and to that end my point simply is and was to @Darren that even at £40 per month I don’t see any better offerings out there. Any company’s primary concern is to maximise profit for it’s shareholders, customers are secondary so Three are doing just that, that isn’t to say I (as a customer) wouldn’t quite like them to give me even better deals, just that at the moment, they don’t seem to be evil unlike the other guys with their pathetic data caps and woeful restrictions, which if you were with Three in the early days you will know is a complete 180

  62. Ruth 2000

    Thank you for your reply about the game. The phone is being changed Thursday. The camera is brilliant. I spoke to samsung they said the phone was faulty and should be changed. I would like farmville for android and bejewled blitz I’ll miss those games. I will uninstall the game and wait a few weeks as you suggested. Are there covers for the phone yet?

  63. Moderator: Kaz

    @Kingsley – I’m afraid the SGS2 is not NFC enabled.

  64. Kingsley

    Does the SGS2 on three have have NFC? i know there’s a few versions about..

  65. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ped – Yes the Samsung galaxy S will be getting the gingerbread update – It is due to be released at the end of this month, but I do not have a confirmed date just yet.

  66. Ped

    Just out of interest, do we know if good old Galaxy S users are ever going to get Gingerbread?
    I’ve been looking everywhere and all I get is mixed messages…it would be nice to get some kind of ETA, not only because I love my Galaxy S, but also because it keeps looking at me with puppy-dog eyes, begging to be upgraded.. :o]

  67. Mo BILITY

    @ James, Thanks for your suggestion about flagship phones for flagship price and I agreed with you on that but for that kind of money, we should get more options. You and I both know that smartphones today eat, drink, sleep and wake-up data and Three knows that more than all other networks, hence The One plan for people to utilise the full potential of their smartphones. My point is if Three made more options available under this plan for other smartphones why not SG2?. Coming to your Sim free option we can both get different satisfaction if I bought PAYG for £399 from an operator of my choice and then take out a rolling monthly contract from the same operator and pop it in and be happy similarly you could buy sim free and pop in a sim card of your choice and be happy. To your suggestion of me going elsewhere, I am here with Three and have being for Three years now and have one of the most popular flagship smartphone of Twenty Ten……….take a guess and by the samsungs are not for me. I am just hoping that Three shoul not repeat the same pricing for smartsphone that I am looking forward to this year.

  68. james

    @Ruth – It sounds like the game you are trying to play has a bug and when it freezes uses the full resources of the cpu and this generates the heat. It is likely to be the case that the game isn’t yet compatible with the SGS2. Try some other games and apps before returning the phone, also you could contact the game developer and ask if they know why this may be happening. If the phone behaves similarly with lots of other games and apps then I would think about returning it after calling Samsung technical support. As good as the guys at three may be, there is no substitute for talking to the people who made the hardware ;)

    As a side note, “android fragmentation” will for the foreseeable future be an issue. The sheer number of different phones out there, running different versions of android on different hardware means you may often encounter games and apps in the android market that, although you can buy them, aren’t actually compatible with your handset. Having said that, major developers will always try and update their apps & games to work with the latest mainstream hardware (i.e. sgs2) so it’s often just a case of waiting a few weeks for an update.

  69. Moderator: Sedge

    @ DavidD – If you send through your order reference number I’ll be able to let you know when your S II will arrive.

  70. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ruth – It should have been 48 hours now, is the internet working yet? If you think the phone is broken they’ll be able to look at it in a 3Store or you can send it to be repaired by calling 333.

  71. Ruth 2000

    I was wondering why my new sanding galaxy ll 2 overheats and freezes. Is this normal. I’m also having a problem getting on the Internet. The phone looks good and has a lot going for it. It looks the part just needs to iron out some of the teething problems.

  72. james

    @Mo Bility, If you had read and understood my post, I mentioned “sim free” not PAYG, I have absolutely zero interest in PAYG or your thoughts on PAYG pricing. I don’t see my post reference you at all, it referenced @darren, and I was pointing out the FACT that three’s PAY MONTHLY offerings on this handset are market leading.

    For your information the mistaken belief you can purchase the handset on PAYG for £399 from an other carrier is exactly that…. mistsaken, as the carrier pulled the offer a few hours ago. If you find it again, maybe elsewhere maybe you should buy it!

    If you don’t like the offerings from three then no one is forcing you to buy are they?! go elsewhere! You want a flagship phone? you pay a flagship price! if it’s too expensive for you may I suggest the HTC Wildfire, a very popular PAYG handset

  73. ruth

    I got my new samsung galaxy ll s yesterday. i cant get the internet and customer service say it eill take 48 hours and the handset freezes on a new game and gets very hot. im disapointed as its a brand new phone. i think i.need to send it back.

  74. DavidD

    After upgrading contract on Wednesday, I was told to expect a text with delivery time on Friday. Since no text, I called today and was told, earliest would be next Wedneday 11th…. now I am reading it could be next Friday 13th.. unlucky for some!

    So, what are the expected delivery dates to customers through the different channels?

  75. Banjo

    I love the look of this phone. According to the coverage checker, Three would be best for me for 3G service. I don’t want a 2 year contract, why would I? The shelf life of mobiles is already half that, it’s rare that I have a mobile for 18 months – let alone 24. So although the One Plan seems to offer the best deal for smartphone users, the lack of options actually makes it prohibitive to many. Didn’t realise the One Plan basically meant “One Option”. Oh well, I have a phone, I have a contract, Three misses out on my custom.

  76. Mo BILITY

    @ James, Thanks for the speech and for what you think is “mathematical facts” I don’t really know where you have been looking but I know for fact that the SG2 is available for just under £400 else where on PAYG that is £100 less than what Three is offering the SG2 for on PAYG. I have put this to Mod@Kaz but he said no comments. You mention the iphone and even the iphone has more options on The One Plan, I will be interested to see the statistics on this phone as to how many people will sign up to this deal of £40 which according to you is such a good deal for two years.

  77. james

    I’ve been looking around online to see where these amazing deals are on this handset that would affirm @Darren’s claim that three has priced themselves out of the market but must say am having trouble finding them!

    There are other options though if the £40 a month one plan is too expensive… you could buy the handset sim free for around £500 and take out a £25/month 1 month rolling one plan contract, although that would workout more expensive over 24 months…

    It would be prudent for three to offer the handset with an “upfront cost”, like they do with the iphone, if you look at the iphone the sim free cost is £510, the one plan base cost is £25. Three offer it on one plan for £35pm + £69 upfront, so… your paying £10 per month for the phone + £69, over 2 years = £309 this is, basically what the handset is costing you, which means three’s subsidy for you signing a contract is £201. On the Galaxy S 2 the phone is available widely at just under £500 sim free, on the one plan they are giving it away free for £40 per month, £15 more pm than the base one plan cost, so this is the cost of the handset £15 x 24 = £360, which means three’s subsidy is around £140, which is £61 less than iphone 4, so they could offer it for £38pm free on the one plan

    One thing to remember though, is that these are consumer prices, not “trade” prices, no doubt three will actually pay a lot less to purchase these handsets, so in fact, the subsidy in probably substantially less, not that that makes much difference to us, as we pay retail prices regardless.

    On the whole though, I fail to see how, with the one plan being streets ahead of any other uk network for value, the prices three have announced for SGS2 aren’t competitive, in fact, they are, in my opinion, the best deals out there right now.

    Also remember you get £109 cashback at a leading cashback website for taking out a one plan contract at the moment! Need I say more?!

  78. joe84

    I’ve just been told by the Online Store customer services line that the GS2 handset I ordered on Wednesday won’t arrive till Friday 13th of May (spooky?), but nothing about that was mentioned in the ordering phase and the help pages say you do next day delivery for orders before noon. Why “release” a phone you can’t ship?

  79. Darren

    I have to agree with Mo BILITY! The price of £40 a month is crazy. This now explains why we weren’t told about these prices in advance! I got my hopes up but you’ve priced yourself out of the market. It’s a shame.

  80. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mo BILITY – They are the plans for this phone. The range of plans we offer allow customers to select one that best suits their needs. Afraid I can’t comment on the PAYG price.

  81. Moderator: Kaz

    @Matty – You are right, the Galaxy S II has a 16gb internal memory. We are only ranging this version. I’m interested to know where you saw 8gb listed. I could not find it anywhere. Thanks

  82. Mo BILITY

    @Mod. Kaz, Let me re-phrase my point, I meant on “The One Plan” this phone will be of no better use to most people certainly not to me if am only allow 1gb data on the other two plans you referred to for such data hungry device. So I think Three should go back to the drawing board and come up with something better on “The One Plan”

    Again do you have any comments on the £100 difference between Three and others for PAYG on this phone? This phone is £100 expensive on Three PAYG

  83. Moderator: Kaz

    @Richard – Yes it is. Please click here to find out more

  84. Moderator: Kaz

    @jmeasey – You can upgrade from 90 days before your contract is due to end. However you will get the best offers from 30 days left.

  85. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mo BILITY – There are 3 options for this phone, ranging from £35 to £40. Please click here for more details.

  86. Moderator: Kaz

    @Adam – Each channel will be different. If you want this phone before the 13th, it’s best to go into store.

  87. Richard

    Can you confirm if this phone will be available on ‘the one plan’? Thanks.

  88. jmeasey

    does anyone know how soon before the end of a contract you can upgrade? My contract has 2 1/2 months to run – so any chance i could get this phone now do you think?!

  89. Matty

    Your site says the phone memory is 8gb, but I thought there was only 16 or 32gb varieties. Will you be offering the 32gb model also? I don’t mind paying extra!
    Any mention of the NFC chip too?

  90. Mo BILITY

    Surely Three can do better than this one option tariff system, this is basically telling people £40 or nothing. How many people can afford £40 for two years at time like this? So many people like this phone, pls give people a bit more choices. Aside from this how can Three explain the difference of £100 between your PAYG and that of others?

  91. Bobby

    Fantastic news. Another thing, it says internal memory is 8GB, I was under the impression 16GB was the minimum with the Galaxy S2?

  92. Adam

    If it’s available in store from Friday, is there any reason the earliest delivery online is May 13th? Or is that an error?


  93. Shaun McGill

    I may have to move from 3 PAYG to contract for this one. Played with it for 15 minutes yesterday- it is far and away the best smartphone I have used to date.

  94. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ken Lo – Good spot, we have already seen it and are changing it now. Thanks

  95. Ken Lo

    Hey guys :)

    Your online store says 1.3 megapixel front facing camera – I think this should be 2 megapixels. At least that’s what you have in the blog post here and in the official Samsung specs :)


  96. Moderator: Kaz

    @Shaun McGill – Yes there is – click here to find out more

  97. Moderator: Kaz

    @Pete – It’s £499.99 on PAYG . Click here to find out more

  98. Moderator: Kaz

    @Paul – The Samsung Galaxy S II will be available in store from Friday.

  99. Moderator: Kaz

    @Martin – It’s live on now. Sorry for the slight delay.

  100. Cyps

    Great video, from the reviews and previews I’ve seen, this phone looks like the new benchmark for smartphones.

  101. Oni

    It’s out, It’s out, the SGS2 is out…thank you three and thank you to all of you guys here in the blog!!!

  102. Shaun McGill

    Any pricing details yet?

  103. Pete

    @Mods – Could you tell me how much is it to buy on PAYG..?

  104. Paul

    Good news, but it doesn’t seem to be showing in the store at the moment.

  105. Martin

    When you say ‘now’, do you mean ‘now available in store’ or ‘now available in store and online’ – can’t see it on the website or by following the ‘Three’ link above…

  106. Dean

    Am currently on the phone trying to upgrade but am being told it’s not launched yet. Any news on when customer service will get the news?


  107. Oni

    @silvia:Iclicked on the link you provided and I tried checking the three site but I can’t find the SGS2 on its list????
    I thought that it is already avialable????

  108. Rich

    Woohooo finally! :)

  109. andy

    hi when can i get this phone is it from today cause am due a upgrade but checked website but its not showing on there thanks

  110. Darren

    There’s no pricing details and it doesn’t appear on your website… what is going on?

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