Google Chromebook is coming to Three.

I’m sure by now that lots of you will have heard the exciting news from Google. Over in San Francisco at the Moscone Convention Centre, Google announced the arrival of Chromebooks, and we’re really excited to be their 3G connectivity partner in the UK. We can’t say much more about the announcement at the moment but take a look at our press statement below:

“Today at the annual Google I/O developer conference in San Francisco, Google unveiled Chromebooks, a range of new computers built and optimised for the web.

Three is delighted that we’ve been selected as the 3G connectivity partner for the Chromebook launch in the UK. We’ll have more details to share in the next few weeks so stay tuned.”

I’ll be back to let you know more as soon as I can :-)

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  1. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jules – I’ve just double-checked and although we don’t sell Chromebooks any more we are still indeed the connectivity partner. You should have received a SIM with your Chromebook though.

  2. Jules

    Why have 3 Customer Services just told me that you don’t support using your Data-only SIMs in Chromebooks?
    Have you stopped being their “3G Connectivity Partner”?
    ChromeOS Help still directs UK Customers to to buy a data SIM card – but’s “Help” say they’ve never heard of it and don’t support it.

  3. Mark Thurman

    Thanks @Kaz,

  4. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mark Thurman – The Chromebook is only being sold in the two outlet you mentioned, PC World and Amazon. We have no plans to range this at the moment. Sorry.

  5. Mark Thurman

    Will Three be selling these in-store at all or are you only partnering on the data plans?

    I dropped by PC World on Tottenham Court Road yesterday and they said they are an internet purchase only. The only other outlet i know of is Amazon. I actually want to see/feel/test one of these before I spring £400.

  6. Retired Old Man

    I’ve been using computers since the early 80′s and regard myself as being quite tech savvy. Even so, with Windows based PC’s, I am constantly irritated by the way the PC is hijacked by all sorts of updates – Windows, Virus, Adobe, Java etc etc. So, I’ve been watching the development of Chrome OS with interest. This not just for myself, it is also for my wife who although being something of a technophobe as regards PCs, loves the idea of the web, and web surfing. She asks ‘why can’t I just turn it on – like the TV – and go on the internet?’

    I’m guessing there are a lot of people like my wife out there, who will be empowered by a simple to use net connection device. I hope the Chromebook lives up to the hype. If we choose to eventually buy one, I might even use it myself!

  7. James

    I think Google may be ahead of you guys in offering up details of your data deal with them unless you have something else under wraps ;-)

  8. James

    @seatrout99 why would you want increased storage from 16GB and worry about Samsung’s history of software/driver updates? A Chromebook is designed to be used in the cloud – i.e all your docs will be in Google Docs, email in Gmail etc so there would be nothing to store on the 16GB drive? And updates would be pushed by Google rather than the manufacturer?

  9. Jim Palmer

    Anything that cuts the hassle of owning a computer is welcome, unless you are a technical wizard you can do without Windows Crashes, Updates, Backups,Internet Traffic Management, Virgin Mobile Customer Service etc which cause so much annoyance!

  10. SERGIY

    Yeah, the only thing – Chrome itself is sooo lame – ye it may be faster by a milisecond, but it crashes all the time, then it not always keeps your browsing tabs, and it cant even save the page as a single file!!! so lame!! opera rules!!

  11. seatrout99

    Looks like it’s going to be the Samsung’s Chromebook Series 5(£400 with 3g) this will be abig,big let down for all buyers if Samsung don’t swap out the Intel Atom & integrated graphics for something a bit more powerfull & improve the storage capacity to something better than 16Gig.
    Also, Samsung have never been the greatest for software/driver updates-so if there are any glitches you might be waiting a while for a hotfix-so be warned.

    I would wait 6 months or so for the customer feed back to come in by the skip load before purchasing this product.

  12. RIO


  13. P Turoczy

    More on this…

  14. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Keith – Sorry Keith, I’m not completely sure what you’re asking?

  15. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Dougal – Chromebooks are designed to run web applications rather than traditional applications so Skype won’t be supported. Chromebook comes with full support for Google Talk and other services similar to Skype are expected :-)

  16. keith

    any thing got to better than ti is now

  17. Dobri Pesic

    I would like to congratulate 3: for bringing to everyone’s attention the news about CHROMEBOOKS. I too am excited to being able to adopt the new and inovative concept. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  18. Dougal

    I’ve heard that Chromebooks will not support Skype. Is this correct and if so what are the plans?

  19. David

    Any update? Can’t wait to get my hands on a Chromebook, so really interested in how the 3G is going to work with Three.

  20. Moderator: Sedge

    @ James – Not just yet, we’ll let you know as soon as we can :-)

  21. James

    Given its a month after this post I don’t suppose there is any more detail yet? ;-D

  22. Michael Walmsley

    I’m looking forward to giving Google’s Chromebook a try. Obviously price will be a factor but I think this willbe the first real mass produced gadget that will allow us to live in the cloud. I doubt it will have the mainstream appeal of an iPad bit I think it may well be a pointer to where technology is going.

    Good luck, guys!


  23. training

    I am looking forward to testing Chrome in Three. Bring it on!

  24. Matthew K

    This is the kind of thing that would bring me back to three even after all the bother with them.

  25. Abul

    As 80% of the usage of my PC is the browser, Chrome is looking to be a nice affordable solution.

    Nice scoop for Three to get the exclusive on it. Well done.

  26. den

    Off topic – Please can you give me a date of when Android 2.3 will be available for HTC desire. I have been waiting ages and I would like to know.

  27. Hands0n

    An exciting pairing of the new Google cloud OS and hardware with Three, another first in rapid succession to the others that you have announced so far this year. Having used ChromeOS recently I am left a little underwhelmed at its performance. But there is a great potential there for a simple low-cost device running the OS to make a significant impact into the home, maybe even the small office.

    The choice of Three as the UK 3G connectivity partner is a ringing accolade. Well done indeed.

  28. Matteo

    I’m looking forward to the Chrome netbooks. I wonder how the pricing of the plans will be compared to a normal netbook.

    Lets just wait for the updates…

  29. Andy

    Phenomenal news, can’t wait to see them in action.

  30. Mike

    As nice as this would be, Currently using ChromeOS here, It really is lacking in things which you need from day to day. I hope this gets improved alot before Chrome OS devices launch.

  31. Bernard


  32. Gary Moncrieff

    Not sure if this is a good move or not, but good job getting the partnership. I say this as from what I have seen and tried of Chrome OS it isn’t at all good, Meego is a far better OS.

  33. James

    Great news :-D

  34. Lee Jarratt

    This is pretty exciting stuff :)

  35. Thom

    LOL, I meant blogged not blooged :) Google Chrome OS – What is it for and is it any good? | Thom’s HeadSpace

  36. Thom

    I want! I’m really excited about these Chromebooks, in fact I blooged about it when they first were announced back in 2009. I can’t wait to get my hands on one. Working solely in the “cloud” seems like a hard concept for people to get but for an everyday “living room” PC I think it’s ideal. I can imagine it being something that everyone in the house would want to use

    If you need anyone to test let me know :)

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