Tethering your smartphone on Three.

Throughout my time at Three, I’ve been part of some really exciting changes and developments. From the launch of the UK’s first mass-market £10 Mobile Broadband package, to our role in the Terminate the Rate campaign to fight for fairer mobile pricing, and supporting Skype when no other operator would. We’ve done a lot that I’m proud of.

But there’s one thing that by far and away gets me the most excited, and it’s what our network was designed for.

We know that the language of megabytes, gigabytes and fair usage policies can be confusing, so we wanted to make a change that meant people didn’t need to worry about it. That change came in the form of all-you-can-eat data on The One Plan, and your response has been overwhelming.

The One Plan is by far our biggest selling plan, and if you’re one of those customers already on it, we really do want you to be using all-you-can-eat data to its full potential.

New smartphone functionality has meant that your phone is capable of so much more than simply letting you update your Facebook status when you’re on the move. That’s why we’ve squeezed as much value as possible into our hero offer The One Plan, as well as taking the decision to incorporate tethering in the package.

That means you can use your smartphone to connect other devices to the internet, either by switching on your phone’s Personal Hotspot functionality so that it sends out a WiFi signal, or by connecting your phone to a device via a USB connection – you might know this as ‘tethering’ or ‘using your phone as a modem’.

We’ve also launched a SIM Only version of The One Plan for just £25 a month. Just like our hero 24 month version, SIM Only comes with tethering as part of the package, as well as loads of minutes, texts, and all-you-can-eat data.

Some other networks are cutting back on data and internet allowances, but we’ve worked hard to get The One Plan right. We want you to really make the most your smartphone’s functionality, so we’re encouraging you to tether as much as you need to – without worrying about the cost.

So The One Plan has been our priority in the first half of this year. It’s where we’ve focussed our attention, but it’s now time for us to be looking at data and tethering across the rest of our plans.

We know you have questions about the future of tethering and data on Pay As You Go and our other contract plans as tethering isn’t allowed on these at the moment, but there’s a lot of work and number-crunching for us to do behind the scenes  - we’re looking at what’s possible, but we’re not there yet.

There’s a page on our website which spells things out – take a look if you’re unsure about how you can use the data on your current plan.

It’s my job to make sure we’re there every step of the way as the demand for smartphone data grows. We can’t do it all overnight, but we’re working hard on it.

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  1. Moderator: Claire

    @Tony – Hi, we have sent you an email. Thanks.

  2. Tony

    @Claire. Hi, ya my email address is [removed from mod]. Please can you sort the problem that you have found at the mast for postcode **** ***. How long until the problem that you found will be sorted as I could not even get connected to the internet at all yesturday. These speeds at **** **** are just unacceptable. Please can you let me know asap? Can you also explain why three engineers keep telling me on the phone that there is no problem with mast at **** *** when you yourself have confirmed that there is a problem with mast at **** ***?

  3. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul – Hi, the 2GB tethering will only apply if you upgrade to a new handset or different tariff. If you stay on the same tariff the tethering will remain the same. Thanks.

  4. Paul

    As an existing customer on the one plan, will my contract be reduced to 2gb a month on tethering if I upgrade or renew without an upgrade, if this is the case that it will be capped, I’d like to say thank you, it’s been great, but goodbye

  5. Moderator: Claire

    @Tony – Hi, I’ve checked the area and there is an issue with the local mast. We can have our network team investigate this further for you if you confirm your email address. Thanks.

  6. Tony

    Ya, 3 years ago three at Postcode **** *** had 5mbps speads consistently. Now its at maximum of 1.5mbps average and less than 20,kbps normal. I’v complained to three and they just say that according to their network, there is no problem with contention at my local mast. Three built for the interNOT.

  7. John

    @ADC. Ya three do throttle and they do it like this. Three asign a certain amount of bandwidth to a mask. When that mast becomes crowded (contention) and people complain about it (contention), three simply say “there is no ploblems for your local mast at our end so everything is ok with your local mast”. What a load of rubbish. I as the customer know different. Three, built for the interNOT.

  8. Moderator: Chris

    @acd Ah, in that case if you have a look under our terms on conditions for all-you-can-eat data here – http://bit.ly/189WB92 it makes it clear that your maximum monthly usage would be 1TB and there’s no pre-determind daily/weekly usage limit running alongside this. As for minimum download speeds on Traffic Sense I’m afraid I couldn’t say as there are a number of factors to take into account such as network availability, number of connected users in the area etc.

  9. adc

    @Moderator: Chris April 16, 2014

    I’ve seen and read both of the documents you refer to. Unfortunately it is clear from this thread and from other sources that users are experiencing severe throttling above a certain level of usage. What this level is I don’t know.
    If it is extreme, then fair enough, if it is high but reasonably foreseeable (in my case, a maximum of 10% of your stated 1 TB limit), then I could not accept that.

    My absolute maximum of 100Gig/month would not always be reached and I would generally use less, sometimes far less, than this.
    It would be far better if Three set a maximum monthly, weekly or daily usage limit so that potential customers can confidently enter into new contracts.

    Are you able to confirm the minimum download speed a traffic managed user would likely experience at peak times ?


  10. Moderator: Chris

    @acd – Hey, we use a system called Traffic Sense to manage the data on our network and there’s more info on that over here – http://bit.ly/K2qNrK as well as more details of how we break this down here – http://bit.ly/MI3wMt. We allow data usage of up to 1TB per month on our all-you-can-eat data plan. Hope this clears that up for you. Cheers.

  11. adc

    I am about to buy a One plan sim only deal for the
    unlimited data facility.

    Can you please advise whether a maximum monthly usage of 100Gig would attract throttling under your traffic management operation.

    If so, what level of maximum monthly usage is defined as acceptable ?
    Taking into consideration that your sim+phone AYCE data plan is 2Gig/day, around 30Gig/month.

    Thanks for a clear response.

  12. Moderator: Chris

    @Dave – Hey there. We haven’t made any changes to any of our sim plans, when we said new plans we meant contract handset plans :)

  13. Dave

    @Rich sorry when you say new plans are the sim only plans new?

    Does the ultimate internet 200 sim only plan include 2gb of tethering for free?

  14. Moderator: Chris

    @Michael – Hey there, that would depend on when your current contract started. If you can confirm the best email address to get you on (I’ll edit this out of your comment) we’ll be in touch for more info so that we can check up on this for you. Cheers.

  15. Michael

    I am on the One Plan eat as much data monthly plan. If I use my iPhone to tether to an iPadAir is that included in my data usage or is there a restriction on how much data I can use/an additional charge? Thanks

  16. Moderator: Richard

    All our new plans now come with 2GB tethering as standard for no extra cost. Sorry for any confusion @Dave :) >Rich

  17. Dave

    Mods – a question as I have no received 2 different answers from your customer service centre.

    Your Sim only plans with unlimited data (not the one plan) – do they now come with the 2GB tethering allowance included for free or is that still another £5? One said that tethering wasn’t allowed, the other guy said 2GB is free and included in the contract.

  18. Moderator: Kris

    @Carole Thanks for highlighting that Carole, look at it as more of a response to the statements that both of you made, no need for name calling =)

  19. Carole

    @Kris. It seems that neither I nor Hannah had a question. Surely this shows how silly both you and three are.

  20. Moderator: Kris

    @Carole Hi there, your question is very similar to Hannah’s on the thread, so hopefully the info I’ve given there answers your question as well. Thanks.

  21. Moderator: Kris

    @Hannah Thanks for your feedback on the changes we have made to certain plans and the signal issues in your area. Our All You Can Eat data offerings have largely been a success, especially when it comes to The One Plan. As the new tariffs have been rolled out, we have had many messages regarding the data usage on them, as with the removal of The One Plan from our Smartphone packages, many customers now have to make a choice over how they upgrade. They can take a new phone and lose out on the uncapped Personal Hotspot usage, or they can stick with the phone they have or buy a new device outright to keep their plan as is, or change to a sim only deal on The One Plan.

    This allows us to to cater for customers that use their packages in different ways. When it comes to those users who use our network mainly for tethering, we have found that 90% of them use less than the 2GB per month which our new plans allows. The other 10% who do use more than that, can continue to do so when it comes to their upgrade times if they so wish. We don’t have any info to confirm or deny that the area you have mentioned is worse than the rest of the UK when it comes to the number of people using our network for Personal Hotspotting. Just like anywhere, the speeds and strength of signal at masts all across the UK will depend on the ratio of users to masts. It’s unfortunate that in the areas you would be using your device in, that your contemplating switching to another provider, but you may experience similar issues with whoever you go to, based on the same principles.

  22. Hannah

    Well, all of my friends and I were once on three mobile broadband contracts a few years ago. We all decided to drop our mobile broadband contracts due to the selfish tetherers taking advantage of unlimited tethering and downloading TBs of data and clogging up the network and causing contention in many area’s all along the south coast from Portsmouth to Brighton. Every time one of my friends or I contacted three about the contention, three alway responded with that their computers show no contention but we as customer knew different. We were all relieved recently once we all heard that unlimited tethering will be capped to 2GB per month on the one plan as neither my friends nor I need unlimited data nor unlimited tethering. We were all about to sign up to new mobile broadband contracts once again as the contention should now ease. However, as we now learn that the sim only 1 month and 12 month one plans will retain unlimited tethering, we have all decided not to sign up to new mobile broadband contracts and will steer clear of three as we continue to hear that contention still remains along the south coast from Portsmouth to Brighton, meaning that contention will only get worse as three has made it cheaper for selfish tetherers to download TBs of data. Bad move three. I think that three have no idea what they are doing. This shows bad business three.

  23. Carole

    Well, I was on Three mobile broadband some years ago and I dropped my contract due to the network getting clogged up and contention on a lot of masts in different area’s because of the unlimited tethering. All of of my friends also dropped their Three mobile broadband contracts for the same reason. Once we all learned that unlimited tethering will be capped to 2gb, we all considered to get new Three mobile broadband contracts once again. None of us need unlimited tethering nor unlimited mobile broadband. Now that I along with my friends have learned that unlimited tethering on the one plan will continue to clog up the network and cause contention in many area’s, none of us are going back to Three mobile broadband. Yes, Three has indeed made it cheaper for selfish tetherers to download TBs of data, thus clogging up the network and causing contention in many area’s. You have made a rubbish move Three.

  24. Moderator: Stephie

    @Dean – Hi dean, There is no change to your existing tariff. If you do wish to upgrade you would change on to our new plans, the tariff cost and bundle would depend on our current offers with the device you pick.

  25. Dean

    Hi, im currently on the one plan with my s3, i easily use more than 2gb each month!(ive currently have not been limited with tethering and still am not). My contract in up in april, if went sim only on the same plan will i then be limited to 2gb of tethering allowance? Or if i upgaded to the galaxy s5 and kept my same plan will tethering be limited? Thanks

  26. Moderator: Madeline

    @Dan – We’re looking into providing Pay As You Go options to use Personal Hotspot as well, but we’re still finalising these. We’ll let you know if the situation changes.

  27. Dan

    I think that things are starting to make sence now. Three seem to be contradicting themselves. Three caim that tethering on the 24 month one plan has been capped to 2GB to make things fairer for everyone. The reality is that on the 1 month and 12 month one plan, Three has just made it cheaper for high data user’s to tether TB’s of data. C’mon Three, I think that you owe an explaination for this contradictory statement. How are things fairer for everyone? Why have you made it cheaper for high data user’s to download TB’s of data? Why don’t you provide unlimited mobile broadband?

  28. Damian

    @Carl. Think what you like about tethering and downloading TB’s of data. Three will always throttle your speeds illegally without letting you know what they are doing. Three’s traffic sence is just lies. Three throttle anyone using high amounts of data. Can you just imagine how clogged up Three’s network would be once 4g is rolled out nation wide because of people like you. Three should limit tethering to 2GB on all plans to stop people like you clogging up the network.

  29. Carl

    What a result! My 24 month one plan costs me £42 a month and ends next month. All of my friends and I were getting a bit worried recently once we all heard about unlimited tethering will be capped to 2GB a month. We all now learn that the 1 month and 12 month one plan contracts will retain the unlimited tethering at £23 and £20 a month respectively. This means that we still get to tether and download TB’s of data at a much cheaper price. Thank you Three for looking after us high data users and making it cheaper for us to tether and download TB’s of data. What a result.

  30. Moderator: Madeline

    @Thomas – I’m afraid tethering isn’t available for PAYG. Tethering is only available on pay monthly and SIM only plans. You can view our price plans here

  31. Thomas

    According to the info page on Support section, PAYG does not allow tethering. Is there any way tethering option can be added? Or one must choose to a pay monthly plan? Or can user be able to switch between PAGY and Pay Monthly back and forth every 30 days?

  32. John

    Well I say this. Just as tethering is not allowed on payg, so it also should be with phone contracts. Im also a 3g mobile broadband user and also welcome the tethering cap as since ayce data on the one plan has been available in the last few years, I have seen a drop in my 3g mobile broadband data speed. My friends in other areas report the same drop in 3g mobile broadband data speed since the ayce data on the one plan has been available. We have all been debating for the last year as to what carrier other than three would best suit us all. However, since finding out about the tethering being capped at 2gb, we all now would like to stay with three mobile broadband as we all also agree along the lines of Sammy that mobile broadband speeds should now slowly increase over the next few years. ayce data be used to tether has been clogging up the bandwidth on the masts causing contention just as jamie has said. Well done three and please try to keep three services fair for all customers.

  33. Jim

    @Mark. Yes Mark you are correct but misinformed. The more unlimited tetherers using specific mast and continue to do so most of the day continue to use the bandwidth assigned to that one mast therefore reducing the bandwidth a specific phone, dongle or mifi can use to its maximum potential on that one particular phone mast. The more poeple using that must means that the bandwidth assigned to that mast is shared between all connected to that mast. This inturn means that unlimited tetherers have the upper hand. As a mobile broadband user, I welcome the 2gb tethering limit. As suggested by Sammy, over the next to years, 3g broadband customers should slowly see an increase in data speeds.

  34. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sammy – Hi Sammy, thanks for the feedback. We need to ensure that it’s shared out fairly and everyone has a great experience on the network so great to hear that you’ll be benefiting with the new plans :-)

  35. Mark

    Can I just say that all the comments regarding amounts of data a phone uses are bunk! Download speeds are capped by the bandwidth of your reception, this is governed somewhat by how good your signal is. If I tethered 50 devices to my phone and had them all downloading movies I would use no more bandwidth than simply downloading one movie on my phone. The phone can only receive so many intermittent packets of data at a time, PHONES DO NOT USE A CONSTANT STREAM OF DATA. There is no excuse for tethering limits! when they say it uses more bandwidth they are lying, your phone uses a set bandwidth regardless of how many other devices you have attached.

  36. Sammy

    @ jamie. Hi, yes I agree. I was about to drop my mifi mobile broadband contract due to selfish tetherers using up all the bandwidth in my area. Now that tethering has been capped to 2gb, I will keep and renew my mifi mobile broadband contract in hope that I will once again have better mobile broadband speeds as the one plan contracts come to an end. This probably means though that it may take a couple of years until my 3g mobile broadband speeds are at tip top. A big thanx to three for capping unlimited tethering.

  37. jamie

    I thank the stars. Maybe now that unlimited tethering is capped to 2gb, just maybe my local mast will suffer less contention and give my better speeds so that I can actually watch youtube on my mobile broadband dongle. A big thank you to Three for taking the unlimited tethering away from selfish tethering users.

  38. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Mosomi – I understand where you’re coming from Mosomi but our aim is to make sure it’s a service being made available to all our customers with a limited amount as opposed to what is happening right now which is, too many people using way too much and most folks not having a good experience. We’re really just trying to balance out useage with experience, which isn’t the worst way to look at things.

  39. Mosomi

    Disappointed with the regulation on tethering!the main reason for coming to the three was the great data as you have the least reliable network reception but with a cap like this might as well go back to a previous provider!live on the go and use tethering for running my tablet!very disappointed

  40. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Miyo – I’m happy to send your feedback on Miyo. I understand where you’re coming from but as you said yourself, you’ve been able to tether on a plan which doesn’t support tethering as such for however long. For the people who’ve paid for The One Plan or a tethering add-on for however long but their experience has been limited due to the amount of users Tethering whilst not having any of these premiums, I’m sure would welcome these new measures. Whilst not knowing what your regular MB useage is per month, we also have users sharing with us regularly that they enjoyed MB useage to the tune of 10, 15, 20Mb or the likes, so whilst our opposition can offer one thing, we can offer another – That’s competition for you. I hope you stay with us for the foreseeable.

  41. Miyo


    I too noticed that with the carrier update 16.1 I have been restricted from tethering on my iPhone. I am not on the One Plan tariff and understand I need to buy an add-on for tethering.

    Having looked at what other networks charge for tethering, it seems Three are alone in charging extra. EE, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone & Tesco charge no extra for tethering, provided you keep within your data allowance.

    Three prides itself as a ‘data’ friendly network and has been bold and disruptive in the market by introducing aggressive plans and incentives (such as ‘Feel at Home’). This is all great, but the Tethering add-on just feels backwards.

    I rarely need to use tethering and when I do I probably only use it for 10 minutes at a time. But it is important for me to have this option and at £5/month extra I feel this is prohibitive and uncompetitive.

    Let people use tethering as an included feature and you’ll probably find people buy more data as a result. However, at £5/month you risk not only turning off customers from purchasing this add on, but also risk customers moving to networks that charge nothing at all. As tethering is important to me, I’m compelled to do just that.

  42. Moderator: Nicki

    @mike – Hi there, no news of our price plans changing but they can change from time to time. Any changes would only affect new sales/upgrades. If you weren’t to upgrade you can remain on your current price plan on a rolling 30 day basis.

  43. mike

    Im on the one plan 24month contract. I have 18 months of contract left. When my contract ends, if I dont upgrade and continue the contract, will I still have unlimited tethering or will I be subject to the upcoming 2gb tethering limit?

  44. Mark

    @nicki, Tethering allowance? are you telling me that I have to pay for the privilege of using a feature of my own phone? That is quite literally insane! I download a piece of software to my phone, then copy it to my laptop, that is a faff but apparentlly free. Or I download through the phone to my laptop and I have to pay O.o! Preposterous.

  45. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark – Hi there, in order to use tethering you’d either need to be on the One Plan or have a tethering addon. There’s more info available here. If you’ve been tethering before without being on the One Plan or having an addon it’s likely it’s been detected and blocked. The All You Can Eat data does not give you a tethering allowance. If you’d like us to clarify what’s included in your price plan or if you’d like to discuss your tethering options please give us a call on 333.

  46. Mark

    I am on the Unlimited 500 ALL YOU CAN EAT DATA tariff and am having a problem with tethering, it seems that I can no longer use a feature that is part MY PHONE and is nothing to do with three at all. I can only think that this is a sick joke, can you imagine if the water board came to your house and started telling you that you can’t use the spin cycle of your washing machine because they supply the water. I took out the contract with three for the very purpose of using the data connection with other devices when necessary. If I am unable to regain the use of this feature of MY PHONE then I’ll simply cancel the contract and sign up with a provider who isn’t stupid enough to try and tell me what I can and cannot do with my own equipment!

  47. Moderator: Pamela

    @Mick Sorry you’re so unhappy, that’s not what we want at all. It wouldn’t be feasible for tethering to be free though, there has to be some kind of charge. Hopefully when comes to renewing your contract, you’ll agree we’re the best value for money, if not, we’ll be really said to lose you :-( Thanks, Pamela

  48. Mick

    Gutted isn’t the word. All you can eat data should mean that, including tethering!!!
    So I can have an add on, this should be free of charge.
    Having been on this network since Nov 2012, I am gutted you want an extra £5 a month for tethering. Very short sighted. You’ve had £35 a month out of me and will be getting no more. I was going for another 2 year contract with 3, but no more.
    I will take my money else where…
    Gutted !!!

  49. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Jay – If you are wanting to tether on the ultimate 500 plan then you would have to purchase the add on to allow this. You can get information about this here: http://bit.ly/1n1E4Ta >Bernie

  50. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Callum – This will not charge you extra if you have the all you can eat data add on. If you do not have the tethering add on though this feature may stop working at some point as you need the tethering add on to allow you to do this. You can confirm if you have the add on by checking your My3 account :) >Bernie

  51. Jay

    Hi I would like to use my data allowance on my iphone 5s on my laptop when i am on the move on business. are there additional charges for tethering on the Ultimate Internet 500? data is unlimited on my phone so would be most convenient. thanks for any advice. J

  52. Callum

    Hi, I’ve just come across this..

    I recently started the 12.90 a month ultimate internet plan, with all you can eat data.
    I didn’t realize there was a discrimination between tethering and just using the internet on the phone.

    I can Tether as it’s working on my computer..
    I am wondering am i being charged extra for this? to later find out by how much when i see my bill?


  53. Moderator: Claire

    @David Stobbs – Hi, you can turn off personal hotspot in the Wireless Settings on the phone. Thanks.

  54. David Stobbs

    Can I prevent my phone from tethering?

  55. Moderator: Claire

    @Martin – Hi, sorry to hear this. Can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check this for you? We won’t publish the postcode. Have you always had speeds like this? Thanks.

  56. Martin

    what a letdown,I’ve given up my dongle with full internet,to this rubbish,now i can’t even talk to my friends online. i may leave 3 and go back to better network.

  57. Moderator: Claire

    @Graham – Hi, if you are on the one plan just now it won’t affect you as an existing customer only if you change plans at point of upgrade. Thanks.

  58. Graham

    It is my belief that there are plans in place to cap the unlimited one plan to only tether 2gb of data to other devices. Is this the case and how as an existing customer do I stand contractually??

  59. Moderator: Chris

    @Nichola Cawthorne – Hey Nichola, I’m sorry to hear you feel a bit let down with your plan :( Different packages do have different allowances for tethering. Do you know which one you’re on so that I can clear this up for you and let you know your options? Cheers.

  60. Nichola Cawthorne

    I have a all you can eat package, I don’t know whether this counts for anything, but also my friends with the same package can all use tethering, if I had known I wouldn’t be able to I wouldn’t have changed to 3 and would have stayed with EE, I am really regretting that decision.

  61. Moderator: Ahmed

    @DaveC – Hi, that’s an email been sent out to you now. Look forward to hearing from you.

  62. DaveC

    @Moderator: Pamela my email address is [Removed by Mod]

  63. Moderator: Allan

    @John – Not without a tethering add-on John. This is £5 per month for 1GB of data and can be purchased through My3. Unlimited tethering is included in all versions of our One Plan though. Thanks

  64. John

    Can I use my phone as a modem for my galaxy 3 im on the 500 plan

  65. Moderator: Pamela

    @haley mcculloch We would be best having a look at your account Haley – can you get back to us with an email address please, we won’t publish it. Thanks Pamela

  66. haley mcculloch

    i can not connect to the internet with my all you can eat pakage

  67. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ben – Hi there, on the One Plan there’s no limits. If you’re on any other plan and have purchased the tethering addon then this will have a 1GB tethering limit.

  68. Ben

    Is there a limit on the amount of data you can use on a tethered device? So if my laptop was tethered to my phone on The One Plan would there be a data cap when using my laptop?

  69. Moderator: Richard

    @Anna – Hmm, it should only take 24 hours for an add on to activate… I’d like to check your account for you and look into this further. Can you reply with your full name, number, postcode and DOB? ( This is safe to do so because I won’t be publishing these details publically on the blog =] ) Thanks.

  70. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Saphal – You wont get any out of bundle charges because you have all you can eat data. If you don’t have the add on though then the service can stop at any point as you are not eligible to tether on the ultimate 500 plan. >Bernie

  71. Anna

    @ahmed They tried to go through troubleshooting but it is hard when the only phone I can ring them from is my mobile- so they didnt really help at all I ended up getting a bit frustrated.

    Yes I tried restarting my phone- i even took the battery out then put it back in- but no luck.

    Is there anything else you would reccommend? I’m going to go into a store on Friday- earliest I can go due to work.

    Thank you

  72. Saphal

    But I already have the tethering option on my iphone and can connect to it with other phones. I just want to knw if I will get charged for it or not Im on ultimate 500 plan and have unlimited data

  73. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Anna – Hmm, that’s odd. What were you told when you spoke to our team on 333? Is this the first time you’ve bought an Add-on or has this issue happened before? Have you re-started your device as sometimes that might just do the trick to kick start it.

  74. Moderator: Pamela

    @Saphal You won’t be able to tether on the Ultimate 500 plan without a tethering add on which is £5.11. Thanks, Pamela

  75. Anna


    I am wanting to use my mobile internet as a hotspot/tehering for my laptop. I have read up a bit and found that I am not on the one plan etc.

    However, i bought an add on last night for 5 pound per month for tethering- however when I go to connect to the internet it still comes up with the message from 3 saying that it is blocked.

    I tried ringing customer services and that got me no where if im honest. Obviously I dont want to pay the extra for the add on if it wont work???

    Please help!!

    Thank you

  76. Saphal

    Does it charge you if ur on ultimate 500 and use tethering or is it completely free or do u have to be one one plan to tether free of charge

  77. Moderator: Pamela

    @DaveC – We’d be best looking at your account first Dave. Can you get back to us with an email address please – don’t worry, we won’t post it :-) Pamela

  78. DaveC

    Thanks for the link but doesn’t help, tethering isn’t available as an add-on for my phone.
    Can’t I just upgrade to the One Plan?

  79. Moderator: Daniela

    @rachel – All the information you need on tethering can be found on the following link – http://bit.ly/1d9LIFI :)

  80. rachel

    Please can you let me know how many things can use your tethering? Does it slow it down at all?

  81. Moderator: Allan

    @Dave C – Appreciate that Dave, we feed back all comments such as this into the business so they get looked at. Can’t say for sure whether anything will be done but as I say will make sure it’s fed back. Thanks

  82. DaveC

    @Allan Didn’t realise it was that old. My plan is the ultimate internet 500 and according to My3 the add-on is not available which is pretty poor for an over £30 a month contract.

    I am not saying I was missold my contract as the question never came up but coming from Orange on a contract costing half the price I assumed ULTIMATE INTERNET would allow me to do more of what I had been doing previously.

    Reading through the comments a LOT of people signed up for ultimate internet assuming they would be able to tether so it looks like it has not been made particularly clear.

    Perhaps it is time for Three to review their tethering policy allowing users on ultimate internet the ability to tether for free.

  83. Moderator: Allan

    @Dave C – The article is 3 years old now Dave, tethering has been made available to most other plans now, however this isn’t free. It’s £5 per month as an add-on. You can find out more about the add-on on our website here Thanks

  84. DaveC

    @Allan what about the expansion of the tethering across other plans as mentioned in the article.

    “So The One Plan has been our priority in the first half of this year. It’s where we’ve focussed our attention, but it’s now time for us to be looking at data and tethering across the rest of our plans.”

  85. Moderator: Allan

    @Dave C – Most plans are able to add the tethering add-on for £5 per month now. What plan is it you’re on? I’d call us on 333 in order to check if this can be added or not. Thanks

  86. DaveC

    I bought a new htc one phone on the unlimited internet plan and did not realise one of the things I wanted to do was not included. This was to use it as a mobile hotspot to allow my daughter to connect to me and play minecraft when away from the house. It turns out this is tethering and is not allowed on this contract and is not available as an add-on.
    This is very disapointing as I am locked into the contract for another 18 months.
    Reading this article I was very interested to see you are looking to extend the availability of tethering to other plans, I would like to think the unlimited internet would be next based on cost.
    Is there any update on this please.

  87. Moderator: Kris

    @Brian If it is being used in a tablet or a MiFi device, then yes, but you wouldn’t be able to use it for tethering if the sim is in a mobile phone.

  88. Moderator: Kris

    @Mike Unfortunately, we can’t offer that on a mobile phone on our network. Sorry =(

  89. Moderator: Kris

    @Ronan NAT types can be pesky blighters when it comes to mobile data, and particularly with mobile phones. As such, they can be changed if using a MiFi device for your connection, but the same can not be said for mobile phones. We wouldn’t recommend messing about with the IP address on your device either =) .

  90. Brian

    My enquiry is whether you can tether the 15.99 5 GB pay as you go sim to a computer.

  91. mike

    i have recently entered into a contract on the ‘one plan’ i was wondering if it is possible to have an open nat type while using my mobile as a wifi hotspot for my xbox one?

  92. Ronan

    I have the one plan and I think it’s great. I bought it for gaming on my ps4 but it gives me a strict NAT type which means I can’t use all the features off the ps4. Is it possible to make changes to my IP address as this would fix the problems that I’m having??

  93. Moderator: Allan

    @Ahmed – I’m guessing this is The One Plan you’re on Ahmed judging by the price. Tethering is built into this plan so it should have been activated from the start so it’s a little confusing. Can you reply with your full name, mobile number, postcode and date of birth (none will be published) and I can check your account, see what’s going on. Thanks

  94. Ahmed

    I am on 12 month plan 15£ a month . I was told by the support team that the tethering will run from 19th December but it didn’t then I called them again and they told me the tethering will be activated within 24 hours from 19th and I waited till 20th but it didn’t work , I called them again and they told me it will be activated by the end of the day , I tried after the midnight but if didn’t work … Now I am on 21th December and the tethering is not working , however I chose this offer to only tether … What can I do ? I hate more lies

  95. Pete

    Great, thanks!

  96. Moderator: Nicki

    @Pete – Hi, yep with the One Plan there’s no limits on the amount of tethering you can use. Any other plan that includes All You Can Eat data, not including the One Plan, has as much internet as you want but not for tethering purposes. If you wanted tethering on one of those plans you’d need a 1GB tethering addon.

  97. Pete

    Can I confirm then – on the one plan 1-month sim only, it’s still all you can eat even when tethering? I’ve spent the morning trying to be sure, but keep getting thrown by things like a page elsewhere on the Three site that says ‘if your smartphone plan includes all you can eat data, then this is for data consumption actually on your smartphone’. It talks about the One Plan shortly after but still doesn’t make it clear whether any limit comes in if you’re tethering

  98. Moderator: Nicki

    @Stu – Hi there, do you know if your new billing period has started as yet? You’d only be moved on to your new plan on your next billing date.

  99. Stu

    Hi , recently moved over to the one plan so I can tether my iPad , been on the new deal 2 days now but still get the message of death every time I try to tether , ??? iPhone 5 and iPad air

  100. Moderator: Kris

    @Dudley, have you had any further dealings with our Care Team about this? If not, we can take you offline to look in to it further for you if you wished? We’ll send you a template email to briefly descrive your issue in, and our team manning the inbox will have a look at it for you.

  101. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sophie – Looking at your postcode the area’s suffering from congestion at the moment. We’re aware of it and looking at capacity increase for the area.

  102. Moderator: Nicki

    @Aiden Litchfield – Hi there, are you able to browse the internet on your phone okay? Just wondering if it’s anything mast related. If you send over your full postcode I’ll double check that just in case. If there’s no issues in the area it may be worth giving our tech guys on 333 a quick call.

  103. Moderator: Nicki

    @alex smith – Has this started to happen since you downloaded any recent apps? We find that some apps are changing customer’s data settings and making it look like you’re using a PC/laptop. If you find that it continues I’d give our tech team a call on 333 and they’ll help to troubleshoot and find that app that’s causing it.

  104. alex smith


    I am not tethering on my phone but my phone thinks I am. This means I cannot access the internet. I have tried resetting my phone, turning it on and off, closing apps etc.

    I am not tethering. Please stop saying I am.

  105. Aiden Litchfield

    oh and just to add to my previous comment I have tried WiFi tether, USB tether and Bluetooth tethering and with all three the internet access cuts off.
    thanks again, Aiden

  106. Aiden Litchfield

    hi, I am currently on the one plan so I have all you can eat data and tethering. the problem I am having is that when I tether to my laptop it will work fine for anywhere between 5 and 15mins and then it will say that there is no internet access.To get round this problem I have to keep turning the mobile data off and back on again. doing this every 5 minutes is becoming tiresome as I have been having this problem for well over a week.
    to check that the problem is not with the settings on my laptop I have connected two laptops simultaneously and each was having the same fault. No error messages have appeared on either device.
    I have the HTC one and have recently updated to sense 5.5 with android 4.3. Not sure if this is the problem.
    my only other theory is that the networks trafficsense system is interfering somehow.
    any help you can give will be much appreciated as I have no fixed landline at present so relying on three’s tethering services which at present for me are pretty poor.

  107. Sophie


    My postcode is [removed by Mod]

    Many thanks

  108. Dudley Lionheart

    @Ahmed, I have spoken with Three customer services at great lengths on ‘four’ seperate occasions now and on each occasion any attempt to fix the issue fails miserably. I actually believe it’s not being taken seriously and that I’m being side-tracked and diverted. I am effectively STILL without the ‘All You Can Eat Data’ which should have been active up to and including the 22 November 2013. On the last occasion when talking to customer services I was told to give it seven days (even though I’ve been without data for four days now). Of course after seven more days the expiry date of my top-up would have been reached anyway but meanwhile I’ve been and still am unable to use the phone for checking emails, checking eBay listings and all manor of things.

    The ONlY comeback I have had from Three UK was to receive a mandatory ‘feedback’ text message from Three asking if I would rate my communication experience with Three’s customer service; on the last text question from Three UK it advised me to feel free to provide info or comments in which I provided the following:-

    Hi Three, yes I would like to add some comments:-

    1. The current rather ‘serious problem’ has still not yet been resolved despite having reported the issue 4 days ago when it happened (a second time now) and despite having contacted Three and reporting it on four seperate occasions to Three’s customer services.

    2. The ‘All You Can Eat Data – All In One 15′ top up tariff is set to expire 22 November 2013, however the All You Can Eat Data from the All In One 15 add-on service terminated 1 week prematurely at approx midnight following 15 November 2013 and has not run it’s course through the full 1 month/30 Day period from the date of initial top-up; in my case the expiry date is the 22 November 2013 and this is confirmed when checking my account balance.

    3. This is a breach of the Trades Description Act where ‘goods and services should be as described’, however I have not received All You Can Eat Data (from the All In One 15 add-on) for the period that I should have received it for which should be up to the 22 November; instead it terminated 1 week before.

    4. Adding insult to injury; ‘
    Three’s customer services should have IMMEDIATELY switched the data back on, assured me it wouldn’t happen again and also compensated me for the ‘first time’ this happend on the previous top up before my most recent too up. Instead I have now been without Internet for many days now and unable to check emails and auction listings to name a few. Three UK are breaching Trading Standards regulations and breaking the law in regards to the All You Can Eat – All In One 15 top up which should be effective for a 30 day/1 month period in which I have been a victim of receiving approximately only 3 weeks (1 week less ) of All You Can Eat Data on two seperate top-up occasions.

  109. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Sophie – Hi, so you managed to get it working through your laptop/desktop now? Have you spoken to our team on 333 about this? Does it work fine elsewhere in terms of connecting to other devices? Can you send through a full postcode so we can take a closer look to see if there’s any issues in the area. Thanks

  110. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Stephen Pierce – Hi, can understand your frustration about this. Unfortunately, our Support Team are best placed to help with this and they can put you through to our tech team who can look to troubleshoot this and see if they can get to the bottom of it. Has this been a regular problem or just started happening?

  111. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Dudley Lionheart – Hi, that’s a bit odd if you feel you still have data left. Have you had a chance to look at your My3 to view your allowance and usage to see where the data has been used? Can you confirm what plan you are on? Your best here would be to give our team a call on 333 as they’re best placed as they can view your account and take a closer look to see why this is happening and what the notes on the account say. Can you let us know how you get on.

  112. Stephen Pierce

    I’m on the one plan and I’m also getting the SIM002 message which is crazy seeing as The One Plan has tethering. I’ve contacted the support team and they made me restart my phone and reset certain things. None of these things worked. is there anything else I can do. Simply the only reason I’m on the one plan is for tethering

  113. Dudley Lionheart

    Hi, I’m experiencing a serious/major issue with All You Can Eat Data running out a week (7 days) before it’s expiry date; therefore hitting an unexpected low.

    To clarify further and regarding my last two All You Can Eat (All In One 15) top-ups, I’m experiencing an unprecedented issue where my data has effectively run-out and stopped working one full week before the actual expiry date and this is currently the second time this has happened now. At this very moment of typing my current All In One 15 add-on is set to expire on midnight ending 22 November and although the voice minutes and texts do continue to function as normal and as expected, the data connection itself has ceased to be functional from midnight ending 15 November (1 week early). As stated this is the second time this has happened.

    Surprisingly when attempting to connect to Internet or using an App that attempts to connect to the Internet, a page from Three is immediately loaded and displayed where it states that you’ve run out of data and if I would like to continue using the Internet then I would have to top-up £10 for 1GB, £15 for 3GB and so on which are for another type of service and NOT the All In One 15 which I use for my iPhone 5s.

    Regarding my iPhone 5s; I too was totally sold into the All You Can Eat data promise and was assured that there was no limit to how much you use; therefore I jumped on board and admittedly use it heavily for all manor of things such as streaming Catch Up TV (like live TV only several seconds behind a live broadcast), YouTube videos, Internet, iCloud, updates, online gaming, Atomic Web Browser that can direct download files of any size, iTunes Match where I constantly stream any of my song collection without storing them on my phone, etc. Needless to say I probably use it more heavily but again was assured more than once that there’s no data limit on All You Can Eat Data. Naturally with such a tariff I recommended it to colleagues and friends.

    Back to the serious issue: Incredibly I contacted Three customer services yesterday soon after this problem occurred and was basically told that they will be getting it back up and running. However in each case this NEVER happened and I was basically lied to each time even though I was assured they were fixing it. At one point I was accused of tethering my phone (even though the ‘unused’ option is there and is NOT disabled by Three within settings – bizarre practice as other operators do disable it for PAYG), and customer services even had the incredible audacity to assume that I may have used my iPhone SIM card in a USB modem dongle/broadband dongle which I never have! (and apparently is impossible even if you tried to do so according to a colleague of mine as it will not function being a phone only SIM).

    Any high data usage on my iPhone will be likely down to things like iTunes Match (streaming each and every single song I play), Catch Up TV which is used a lot for streaming live TV and mostly Atomic Web app that is capable of multiple direct downloads of any size, also constant iCloud transfer and online Drop Boxes.

    Still I have been assured thee is ‘no’ data limits – however currently I have an iPhone that is effectively disabled and as useful as a brick without data that should have been active until 22 November and not terminated 7 days before (2nd time now). I am unable to receive emails and check important eBay listings on the fly as well as other features; this is a very concerning tactic by Three if intended, OR if a fault, then is equally concerning that it hasn’t been resolved via three separate attempts from having reported and getting absolutely nowhere.

    I have been with Three for approx 3 years and have also been using the PAYG ‘All In One 15′ top-up option since it was first released which gives you the all important ‘All You Can Eat Data’. I religiously top up my PAYG with All In One 15 once to twice a month and Three have probably had more customer loyalty from me this way compared to others that have left their contract from issues like the reported phenomenon of users being severely ‘data throttled’ between 3pm to 12am with reported data throttling literally down to “dial-up” modem speeds of the Eighties.

    I for one would like this issue I’m currently experiencing resolved with immediate effect as I am losing ‘days’ of connection time that I legally paid for.

  114. Sophie


    Thanks I finally got it working after deactivating and reactivating the bluetooth several times.
    Everything was working fine for a week or two and now it is almost unusable. It is connected but most if the time pages don’t load, I can’t watch youtube videos or anything on iplayer and generally can’t really use it. It is very annoying as I said the only reason I got this contract was for the internet.
    I don’t understand why it worked fine for a few weeks and now doesn’t work? Is there anything you could suggest?
    Many thanks,

  115. Moderator: Allan

    @Steven – That’s not good. You’d be best giving them a call back via 333 so they can try further troubleshooting for you.

  116. Moderator: Allan

    @Alan – You can contact our technical team via 333 to have them look into it for you should you wish. Thanks

  117. Steven Parry

    I am on the one plan but get the sim002 error while trying to tether.

    I got a callback from tech support who advised me to reset my network settings which I did but it has no effect.

    What can I do?

  118. Alan

    Kris. Thanks for the response. I think the app causing issues may be WP Central but the answer isn’t for me to delete a paid for app the answer is for Three to sort out their tethering detection software!

  119. Alan

    Thanks Kris. I don’t use many apps but I think it could have something to do with the Windows Phone Central app?

  120. Moderator: Kris

    @Stu Thanks for the feedback Stu, just letting you know what may be causing the issue and how to get around it. You can call our Tech Support Team on 333 from your mobile, who should be able to raise this to an exclusions list we are compiling in relation to the apps that are changing settings. If that doesn’t suit, we can email you for some more details and forward that to them. let us know how you’d like to proceed.

  121. Moderator: Kris

    @Ben Hi, do you mean when you use your phone as a modem, and you link your iPad to it, the connection drops? If that is the case, are you getting any error messages at all? How long has this been happening for? Had you made any software changes or downloaded any new apps to your phone at the time that this started to happen? Cheers.

  122. stu

    @kris . The app is xbmc which is causing the problem. The answer isn’t really to uninstall the app. The answer is for three to not get a false positive. I am using my phone as it is intended and am not doing anything wrong. I am using a perfectly legitimate application in a perfectly legitimate way and an being penalised because three detects it as a tethered device. The fault does not lie with myself or the application. The fault lies with the three software used for detecting tethering. Is there a technical team I can contact to try to get this porthole resolved?

  123. Moderator: Kris

    @Alan Sorry to hear that Alan. Is it still happening since you left your message with us? We are aware that some apps have been changing internet settings on certain phones, thus leading to the problem you have mentioned. If you can identify which app may be causing this, we’d advise to uninstall/reinstall, and if that doesn’t help, you may need to delete the app altogether. Let us know how you get on.

  124. Moderator: Kris

    @Stu Which app is it you are trying to use? We have had customers get in touch with us in a similar vein, where certain apps are showing this message. It seems to be down to the apps themselves changing certain internet settings on the phone, triggering the tethering status. Our advice would be to do an uninstall/reinstall of the app and if it persists, to delete the app altogether. We appreciate this is an inconvenience, but it will prevent this message from popping up.

  125. Moderator: Kris

    @Vervean It will depend on the package you have. If you are on The One Plan, tethering is included free of charge as part of your deal. If you are on any other plan with AYCE, you can add a 1GB tethering add on for an extra £5 per month. this can be done via My3 or by calling in on 333.

  126. Ben

    It sais that tethering is included in the one plan but when I tether my iPad my Internet gets disconnected untill I switch off then on again. Why is this?

  127. Alan

    Having to reboot my Nokia 1020 several times a day to get round the tethering message despite only using the phones browser. I’ve only ever encountered this with windows phone, android has been fine. 3 really needs to sort this out quickly.

  128. stu

    My network keeps getting cut off and all pages show the tethering warning. I am not tethering and it’s a pain to keep rebooting my phone every time I try and use a certain app. I’m on a 24 month contract and I know I’m not supposed to tether so I don’t. It’s not my fault that the software you use to detect tethering is detecting a false positive. What can I do?

  129. Vervean

    Just wondering I have a 2 year contract on iPhone 4 I have all you can eat data how much would ot charge me to use my internet through my laptop I thinks it’s called tethering or something like that

  130. Moderator: Allan

    @Laura – Really sorry to hear about this issue. I’ve seen things like this happen before. It’s usually down to data saving apps or any app that may change your internet settings. Have you downloaded anything like this?

  131. Laura Holden

    I went into a 3 store a few days ago with my brand new 5s having recently taken out a new contract with 3 and leaving O2. When trying to access the Internet and some apps I keep getting the sim002 message and it won’t let me browse the Internet even though I am not and have not tried to tether my phone. In the shop she took my details and said she would ‘escalate’ it with the technical team. I then got a text to call 3 which I did. I was told to reset my network settings and then try loading a web page, which worked that one time. Now I am still getting the error message more frequently and am really angry. This is a new phone and currently isn’t providing the service I am paying for, which is all you can eat data. Can you please sort this out? It’s really not on and I’m starting to regret my decision to leave O2 in search of what looks like a dead end plan. Not impressed. Laura

  132. Moderator: Pamela

    @Sophie – Here’s a link that may help http://bit.ly/18xxH1G. If it doesn’t then yes, call 333 and speak to our technical team. Let us know how you get on. Thanks, Pamela :-)

  133. Moderator: Lauren

    @Silvia – thanks for your information, I’ve passed this onto our tech team who should look into it within the next few days.

  134. Sophie



    It was connected through a usb on my friends computer but this doesn’t seem to work on mine, neither does bluetooth or wi-fi. Both computers are macs…Would 333 be able to help?


  135. Silvia Polvara

    @Lauren: here is the information you asked for:
    [removed by mod]
    Let me know if you require anything else!

  136. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jarek – we traffic manage P2P file sharing between 3pm and midnight. For full info please check out our TrafficSense policy.

  137. Jarek

    I’ve got a huge problem as whenever I try to download any file from uTorrrent on my own mobile it blocks my internet and I need to restart my mobile. I don’t share internet at all.

  138. Moderator: Lauren

    @Silvia – if you let us know your full name, number, date of birth and postcode (we won’t publish this) then we can raise this with our tech team. Thanks :-)

  139. Silvia Polvara

    @Ahmed: no I have not bought any apps. Can you provide me with a solution or return my money as I have been unable to use the add-on?

  140. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Ashley – Hmm, that’s odd. Can you give our team a call on 333 and they can take a closer look into why this is happening. Can you let us know how you get on. Thanks

  141. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Silvia Polvara – Hi, that’s not good to hear Silvia. Have you downloaded any new apps that may have caused the block to have an affect when you bought the add on?

  142. Silvia Polvara

    I have bought the £5 add-on in order to tether and it isn’t working. It is saying that my plan doesn’t support tethering although I have paid extra on purpose to make it work. I saw several people commented on this but there are no solutions. Can you please help? My add-on has been active for more than a week but has never worked!

  143. Ashley

    @lauren, my phone works great for youtube and iplayer. Tethering to my television or galaxy pad though doesnt have enough speed to do anything other than simple browsing. I have a galaxy s4

  144. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ashley – sorry to read this. Do you experiencing issues with streaming connections on your phone or is it only when tethered?

  145. Moderator: Lauren

    @Stuart – yes, both One Plan sim cards include all-you-can-eat tethering :-)

  146. Ashley

    Hi. I’m trying to tether to my smart tv to use youtube and iplayer. I am on the one plan. The speed seems to get throttled and the smart tv services are unusable. My signal is excellent and I can use apps on my phone without issue. But I would like to use my connection to watch on the big screen. Many thanks

  147. Stuart

    Just want to be sure about this, if I buy a ‘The One Plan’ SIM card, I can use unlimited data through a tethered connection i.e. to my PC?

    Also, there are 2 ‘The One Plan’ SIMs, one is £15/month, the other is £18/month, can both be used for unlimited tethered data?


  148. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Sophie – Hi, that’s a bit odd. Can I ask how you’re connecting to your friends computer in order to get tethering? Have you spoken to our team on 333? Thanks

  149. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Daniel Sherlock – Hi, sorry about that. What email did you send this issue to? Can you give us your email address and we’ll take a closer look into this for you. We’ll edit your email out of your post so it doesn’t appear publicly. Are you using any data saving apps? As that might be the cause of that message. Thanks

  150. Sophie


    I am on the 12 month sim only one plan and was told when signing up that I could tether on this plan (which was one of my main reasons for signing up) but it won’t work. I have an iphone 3g and have internet tethering turned on but when I connect it to my laptop with usb cable it does not show up. Do I need to get Three to do something to allow it to work? I tested it out on a friends computer and it started tethering as soon as I plugged it in.

  151. Daniel Sherlock


    I too keep getting this teathering block message. I’m just using my Nokia 1020. SIM002 is the message. I never had this problem on my unblocked hewi w1 ascend. Email to customers services they never reply! Bit annoyed at the moment last happened this morning around 9.20 9/10/13

  152. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Adam – It’s a case by case issue Adam. So we don’t have a whitelist cart blanche but we can add apps that customers use to a whitelist specific to their account. Just got your E-Mail. Meant to say, as it’s another thing that’ll be asked for, can you try using all apps which are causing this issue and tell us what error message you are getting and at what time you attempted to use them? Thanks

  153. Adam Gregory

    Thanks – I have replied to the email

  154. Adam Gregory

    Or would it be possible for you to recommend a torrent downloading app that is on the whitelist and can be used without issue?


  155. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Adam – OK Adam. What I’ll do is send you an email. Fill it in with the same as we’ve discussed but more so it’s for DPA purposes. I’ll then get in touch with the relevant dept who’ll in turn contact you. To that end, can you include all of the apps you use which is causing this tethering block to trigger and also a secondary contact number just to be sure we can contact you? Thanks

  156. Adam Gregory

    Thanks for getting back to me. It seems to be any torrent downloading app I try, uninstalling them isn’t really going to solve the problem, as that just means I stop trying to do what I want/need to do.
    The main apps would like to use are Ttorrent pro, and Bittorrent, although I use Ttorrent mostly.
    Is there nothing you can activate/deactivate your side? despite being a customer for only 2 weeks I’ve already had two bad experiences with customer services, they just seem to read from a limited script, We also seem to have difficulty understanding each other as well, for these reasons I would like to avoid having to call them again if possible.


  157. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Adam – Hi there – There are numerous apps out there which can change your internet settings. It triggers our tethering warning as you’ve found to your frustration. Obviously you’d like a workaround that allows you to use whatever apps that take your fancy so we’d suggest calling the Tech team on 333 or 0843 373 3333 and discuss with them which apps you’d like added to the whitelist, which’ll enable you to use them going forward. Other than that, you are looking at un-installing the apps which are causing this issue for you. Thanks

  158. Adam Gregory

    Hi There

    I have been on an Ultimate internet plan now for 2 weeks, I have no interest in Tethering as I do not currently have a PC at home. What I do like to do though is occasionally download firmwares for my phone through mobile torrent apps. when I try and download anything with these apps though, I get a tethering warning message saying I am tethering, and I then have to turn my phone on and off to get the internet to work again.
    I have tried ringing customer services, but they were clueless! they kept telling me my plan doesn’t allow tethering, yes, I know that, and I am not trying to! I’m just trying to download on my mobile. Can you please help?
    I would say I’m not a novice when it comes to mobiles, I definitely don’t have any rogue settings activated etc by mistake, it seems to be whenever I try to download on the phone the network thinks I am tethering and cuts off my connection completely

  159. Moderator: Allan

    @Josh – A case has been raised to our technical team Josh. They’re looking into it for you and will be able to sort it out.

  160. Moderator: Allan

    @Josh – If you let us know your name, mob number, postcode and date of birth (we won’t publish these) we can check your account and see if we can sort this out for you, thanks.

  161. Josh

    Yes I am still havin issues, I was aware that it would take 24 hours, and it has now been four days, I understand that this is not any intentional fault, but it is quite frustrating, compounded by the fact that tech support just reads through a list of generic responses that I’ve tried already.

  162. Moderator: Allan

    @Josh – Once the add-on has been added to the account users can start tethering after 24 hours. Are you still having issues or is this working for you now?

  163. Josh

    I recently purchased a £5 1gb tethering add on for my iPhone 4S. According to my account the add on is active, however when I try to tether I am still getting a tethering block! It is the generic block saying that the plan I am on is not designed for tethering and that I Should ring 3 to upgrade my plan. I have tried just about everything short of factory reset to sort the problem, I have also been on the phone to 3 tech support twice and both times were not helpful, told me to turn the phone on and off, which I’ve done 50 times already. This is really starting to get irratating now and I would like the issue to be sorted or my money back. I will be writing a letter of complaint and I will be changing providers if this isn’t remedied.

  164. Moderator: Lauren

    @Martin – what issues are you experiencing?

  165. Martin McEvoy

    I am having problems tethering my samsung galexy s3 to my samsung tab2 and samsung chromebook. This problem only started tonight. I have been on the 1 plan 30 day rolling contract since August and before this on was on the one plan payg for two years. Just spoke to tech support and they want me to do a factory reset which i am not going to do.

    I want to know what the problem is.

  166. Moderator: Lauren

    @D Victor – are you still experiencing issues? What error message do you receive?

  167. Moderator: Lauren

    @sye – no particular reason, are you on the One Plan?

  168. D Victor

    Hi.I have recently made a pay monthly contract with The one plan but the problem is that i can’t share internet from phone to my laptop.Please help !

  169. sye

    I have been tethering for years now with different galaxy’s eg galaxy s galaxy s3 s4 and now note 2 and by far the note 2 is awful for tethering at the moment it is unusable can anyone tell me why


  170. Martin


    All sorted now. Thanks.

  171. Moderator: Lauren

    @Martin – is this via an app, web page or while you’re tethering?

  172. Martin


    I’m using the 12 month One Plan and can tether ok, but when I try and play World of Warcraft I get the tethering block message appear.

    Any ideas?

  173. Moderator: Lauren

    @Darren – glad to hear it :-) you’re welcome! Happy tethering :-)

  174. Darren

    @lauren – I don’t know if it’s a result of something the tech team have done or something I have done in my connection settings on my laptop, but either way the tethering wireless connection is working great now, fast and no drop-outs. Thanks for your help!

  175. Moderator: Lauren

    @Darren – I’ve passed this onto our tech team, it should be resolved within the next 3 working days.

  176. Darren

    @lauren – Ah, I see! Details as follows:
    [removed by mod]
    I have managed to get tethering to work since my last post but only for a matter of minutes, then it drops the connection, so if the tech team could check it out I would be grateful.

  177. Moderator: Lauren

    @Darren – we need to approve posts for them to appear on our page.

  178. Darren

    @lauren – how do I send you this information without it being published via my post? I guess if this post with the @tag doesn’t appear in the public area, I’ll have answered that question myself!

  179. Moderator: Lauren

    @Darren – if you let us know your full name, date of birth, postcode, mobile number and how you pay your bills (don’t worry, we won’t publish it!) I can raise this with our tech team.

  180. Darren

    Thanks for the response. I waited until my allowances refreshed – today -but am still getting the sim002 error when I tether. My PC connects to the wireless network but won’t connect to the internet. Very frustrating given that I switched to this plan specifically for this feature and the guy in the 3 store said it would work easily (and didn’t mention having to wait until the new allowance kicked in).
    Can someone check my account specifically and tell me if it should be working, or perhaps it doesn’t kick in until a working day not a Sunday! ?

  181. Moderator: Nicki

    @Pat – Hi there, can you give us the exact wording of the message you’re receiving as we’ve got lots of different alerts that go out. What’s the full postcode for your new location? It could be this area doesn’t receive as good a signal as your previous location.

  182. Moderator: Nicki

    @Darren – Hi there, have you just requested the change of price plan? Any changes to your price plan only comes in to effect on your next billing date (ie when your allowances refresh) so it could well be you’ve not actually started the One Plan as yet.

  183. Moderator: Nicki

    @Scotty – Hi there, tethering is only permitted on the One Plan so you’d need a tethering addon. You can get this via 333 and it’s £5 per month for 1GB.

  184. Pat

    Hey well my mum has galaxy S3 with the one plan im using her phone as a modem as we need to get wired internet … moved recently so i get the data usage warning ….. is that something i should worry about ?? also when i try to play League of Legends on my laptop and use the phone as a modem the internet goes off but when i browse normally it works fine any ideas why ?

  185. Darren

    I have just switched to the monthly One plan which allows tethering, but although the wireless signal appears, and I can connect to it, I can’t get onto the internet. My browser opens with the Sim002 error, saying my plan isn’t intended for tethering. Why is this happening when, as advised, I switched to the One plan specifically for this? Is there a delay in my account being updated or a fault with your ‘misuse’ detection?
    Any help much appreciated.

  186. Moderator: Megan

    @Chris – Are you receiving this speed from another device whilst tethering from your phone or did you perform the speed test directly on the phone? The dongle is specifically made for providing internet access to another device so in general the dongle would report faster speeds than the phone. Have you used your phone for any p2p sharing activity? We limit the speed users can receive on detection of this activity. Info on Traffic Sense can be found here. Also, different networks use different frequencies so the change in speed between networks could be due to how your phone works with the Three network. These are just some of the reasons why there may be a difference in speeds, however, there are a lot of factors that can affect it More info can be found here.

  187. Moderator: Megan

    @Toni – Hi Toni, if you’re referring to ‘The One Plan’ then yes, it is truly unlimited :)

  188. Toni

    I was thinking of going on the one month rolling contract with you at £18. It includes tethering but how much tethering can I do or is it unlimited? Thank.

  189. Scotty

    I’m on a contract with 3 on the Internet 500 plan will I be charged on my bill If I use the mobile hotspot or do I need to buy the add-on before it will let me use it?

  190. Chris


    I’m a data customer who has also recently signed up to the ‘One Plan’ and i’m in an Ultra Fast area with good signal coverage. When placed side by side on the window sill, both the phone and dongle report 5 bars of signal.

    However the phone will only give 0.7 mbps download / 0.1 mbps upload, whilst in comparison the dongle gives 5.7 mbps download and 3 mbps upload. This is pretty consistent at all times of the day and night, and remains exactly the same whether i’m inside or outside.

    Is there a reason why there is such a huge void between the two?. I know from experience that the phone is capable of at least 4 mbps download / 2 mbps upload, as those were the type of speeds which I was getting from my previous network.

  191. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ken – sorry you’re unhappy with this, all-you-can-eat doesn’t include tethering. More info can be found on this here.

  192. Ken sadler

    I have just moved from 02 this week what a big mistake, I signed up to three last week I told them indeed Internet on the move and to share that on other devices I was sold a package all you can eat data, great I thought only to find I can only use this on my phone and if I what it on other devices I will have to pay for add-on £5 for iG, So what was the point of signing up all you can eat!!!
    Stuck now for the next two years.. Never again will I go on three.

  193. Moderator: Allan

    @Matthew – There is no limit when you’re on The One Plan

  194. matthew


    Currently on the one plan. If I used my smartphone for tethering is there a limited amount of data that I can use??



  195. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dars – oh no! Have you tried rebooting?

  196. Moderator: Lauren

    @JC – wifi hotspot is tethering, yes.

  197. Dars

    I have just started with the One Plan and the tethering isn’s working. It shows the Tethering Block message even though I’m on a contract to tether?? How do I fix this?

  198. JC Denton

    It isn’t clear to me whether Three counts WiFi Hotspot use as being “Tethering” use, do they?

  199. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ajay – Hi there, in order to use your hotspot (tethering) you’d need to be on the One Plan or have a tethering addon. What price plan are you on?

  200. Ajay

    I have opted for ’3′ all u can eat data plan with £15 a month.but the problem is when i switch on the hotspot then my mobile data network gets disconnected.
    It does not allow working of both i.e hotspot and mobile data simultaneously.

    I was using other service provider before witching to 3 where it was working absolutely fine.

    Can anybody tell me the fix this?

  201. Moderator: Lauren

    David – you can use it for both.

  202. Moderator: Lauren

    @Aryan – sorry to read you’re unhappy with this. I’m afraid you’re only allowed to tether on the One Plan or with a tethering add on. More info can be found here: http://www.three.co.uk/tethering

  203. Moderator: Lauren

    @Wayne – your account will change on your next billing date, has this date passed? Have you tried rebooting?

  204. Aryan

    I am with three for nearly 4 years and tethering happily. I get a new contract with three last month and I didnt know that one plans only allow tethering. I have 500 plan atm and im paying 35 a month. I talked to three last week and they asked me to pay £5 extra to get 1gb a month. This is stupid. I told them that I didnt know this and I am happy to move to one plan and they said no u can’t!!! They asked me to pay £700 to cancel my contract. I will never get a contract with 3 again. Its a stupid network and they dont help anyone

  205. Wayne Clarkson

    I have changed to the one plan which starts today, I am getting the tethering blocked page!!!

    My account page says the one plan, does it take a few days to take effect or is there a setting on my S4 that needs changing?

  206. David

    Hi, I just bought the tethering add on but I’m a bit confused. I only have Essential internet package so if I use up the 500MB can I use the tethering allowance for normal data surfing or is it only for tethered data? Silly question but I thought I’d ask before I incur some charges.

  207. Moderator: Nicki

    @Darren – Hi there, if you give our technical team a call on 333 they’ll be able to discuss this with our network engineers to see what can be done for you.

  208. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ruth – Hi there, when did you purchase the addon? It takes 24 hours for the addon to be activated. If you’re still having issues I’d suggest giving our tech guys a call on 333.

  209. Darren

    Hya just noticed that you are blocking my Security camera software Neteye from connecting to my cameras when on data when out and about whenever i have my routers ip address added to the app you block my phone from data connection saying that im tethering ,when I am not I am just wanting to get the live feed from my security cameras on my phone I am on the ultimate internet package unlimited data plan being as this is not tethering can you unblock this app from your tethering restrictions?

  210. Ruth

    Hai, i use ultimate intrnt sim 200. i bought the add ons so i can tether my internet connection. My account says that the add on is currently active. I reset my network settings and try to tether my phone. But the same message keeps coming when i try to open any website on my laptop. Do i miss something here?

  211. Moderator: Nicki

    @Andy – Hi there, if you’re receiving the tethering page and not tethering this is usually due to a 3rd party app changing your data settings. If you call 333 our tech guys will be able to help identify which app is causing this.

  212. Andy

    I’m on Ultimate Internet 500 with AYCE data & get the Sim002 tethering page quite regularly, despite never having tethered. It happens when browsing on chrome, sending emails, streaming iplayer, syncing files (to dropbox via dropsync & google drive with the official app).
    It’s obviously an issue with Three’s infrastructure misinterpreting my internet use but the only advice I got from support was turn my phone off & on again and factory reset it!

  213. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mo Have you tried rebooting your phone and resetting your network settings? How long have you been on the One Plan?

  214. Mo

    I was on old plan sim 300. I used to buy all u can eat data adds on, but I couldn’t use my phone as a modem. so I have just switched to one plan sim, only because I wanted to use internet on my laptob. But unfortunetly It doesn’t work for me, and I have the same problem as before. I’m so upset.

  215. Matt

    I’ve been using an app called ttorrent for downloading the odd music tracks since October last year, only recently I noticed that whilst using it, it was accusing me of tethering and suggested that I turned phone on and off and it suspended my Internet till I did this. Wondered if anyone else had this problem

  216. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – tethering is only included on the One Plan or with a tethering add on. You can check what type of add on you have via My3.

  217. John

    Hi I am on the Text 500 plan with internet add on. i was able to tether this to my tablet and it worked fine. Is this data usage included in my plan please.

  218. Moderator: Lauren

    @Martin – We don’t have a heavy user policy at the moment.

  219. Martin

    Hi Nicki, thanks for the reply. So, being as I do not use P2P, will I ever be effected then given the estimated usage (40-50GB month roughly) and between the times 3pm and 12 midnight. Last thing I want is to sign up for 24 month contract and have blinding service only to find that 1 month later I get throttled. I need a figure of what 3 say is fair usage and what services they count that against. And your reply to Andrew Spring say there are no limits, so is that really the case?


  220. Moderator: Nicki

    @Martin – Hi there, the only aspect we manage at the moment is P2P file sharing. We do not ‘throttle’ speeds but within our terms we do reserve the right to run a traffic management policy.

    As you know this info can be found at Three.co.uk/Traffic

  221. Moderator: Nicki

    @andrew spring – Hi there, there’s no limits on the One Plan for tethering. Check our guide at Three.co.uk/tethering

  222. Martin

    Hi, I have been advised that on the One Plan with the phone I can teather to my home network and use to replace my landline BB. I asked several time is Three throttle’s data and told each time ‘no’. But tonight I find you use TrafficSense, so that could end up throttling data. I can use anything from 30gb to 50gb or so a month (and if we get a new smart tv, it will be more than that), but not ever file sharing, it’s things like iplayer, youtube, online backup, access to my server (stream music and photo’s to and from when out) and internet. I really am so close to getting my 2nd and 3rd contracts with you, both on one plan, so please sell it to me!
    I have been singing the praises for Three as the download speed on my ipad is hitting the 20mb rate, so thats why I want to ditch the landline!

  223. andrew spring

    hi is the one plan unlimited tethering as i would use it for streaming alot or is there a fair usage policy and if so what is the limit please help with this thanyou

  224. Moderator: Nicki

    @Alison Bowdrey – Hi there, I’ve checked with our tech guys and the addon takes 24 hours to activate on your account so you’ll find it won’t work until then.

  225. Alison Bowdrey

    I purchased the tethering add-on for my Ultimate Internet 500 plan yesterday and My3 says it’s active but I still have the tethering block page enable so I cannot use my add-on. Can you please advise, I chose to use tethering as a cheap way of getting internet on my laptop while I am in onsite accommodation for work. Very unhappy that I’m still being blocked after I have purchased the add-on which you advertise as a solution to tethering at £5 extra a month.

    Thanks in Advance

  226. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dan – Hi there, sorry that you’re unhappy with this however this is correct I’m afraid. You’d only be able to move to the One Plan at the end of your contract. Remember that if it’s the AYCE data you’re after there’s an addon for all price plans.

  227. Dan

    Just wondering why i cant change my plan to “The One Plan”. I am on Internet 500 and would like to change plan but i cannot apparently even though i am happy to pay the extra each month. 3 obviously don’t want my money which is an odd business model.

  228. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – sorry to read this. Tethering is allowed on the One Plan or with an add on, if you’re having issues our technical team will look in to this. I’m afraid 72 hours is the currently service level they’re working to, they’ll get it sorted as soon as they can.

  229. Simon

    Have been tethering on the ONE PLAN for a number of months.This morning whilst surfing facebook on my ipad through my note2(official tether) I get the generic tethering blocked message .It advised me to contact three on 333.Since then I have not been able to tether even after rebooting both devices as advised .Threes technical team are looking into it but could take up to 72 hours to remedy.Errrrrrghh .
    Doing my head in as to why it just blocked me out like that with no explanation.I am paying for tether on the one plan so what the heck is going on !??!???

  230. Moderator: Johanna

    @JD – We include tethering as standard on some of our plans, with all-you-can-eat data too. Give the team on 333 a call and they’ll be able to add the tethering add-on to your plan.

  231. JD

    Where can I get a tethering add on? I am on the Sim 300 plan, but cannot see that under my options.

    Three really need to get their act together, all the other networks like O2, and Vodafone include tethering as standard.

    Since the internet quota is set there really is no reason why Three should not be doing the same.

    Stop being so greedy and start thinking about providing value to your clients, otherwise companies like EE are going to start looking like a good alternative!

  232. Ellie

    @Marty – Hi Marty, we have no news to share on this at the present time but we’ll be sure to keep customers updated if this changes in future.

  233. Marty


    Thanks for the reply but you’ve not answered the question. I’m fully aware that I could pay even more money to add tethering but as the initial post said “So The One Plan has been our priority in the first half of this year. It’s where we’ve focussed our attention, but it’s now time for us to be looking at data and tethering across the rest of our plans.”

    So any news on when or even if this is going to happen.

  234. Moderator: Lauren

    Hi Jim – tethering isn’t included in all you can eat. More info can be foundhere.”> here.

  235. Moderator: Lauren

    @Marty – we have a tethering add on available for most other plans. :-)

  236. Moderator: Lauren

    @Phil – sorry you were misinformed. Unless you’re on the One Plan or using a tethering add on you should never have been allowed to tether in the first place. Our T&C’s on all you can eat can be found here.

  237. Jim Smith

    Been using 3 phones/network happily for many many years now and have used tethering for nearly as long. After renewing my contract recently, i am rewarded with a block on tethering and told i can have 2gb for an extra £5 a month on an “all you can eat data” contract. This “all you can eat” statement is now only partially true and is certainly misleading in my opinion. It seems like a petty, penny pinching tactic to me and i personally will not be upgrading to the miraculous “One Plan”. Anyway, if this block isn’t removed soon this shall be my last contract with 3. Poor show 3, poor show. Cheers Jim

  238. technology

    To tell the truth this was an incredible advanced post however as with most excellent writers there are some items that could be labored about. Nevertheless in no way your significantly less it had been exciting.

  239. Marty

    “So The One Plan has been our priority in the first half of this year. It’s where we’ve focussed our attention, but it’s now time for us to be looking at data and tethering across the rest of our plans.”

    copied this from the post above, so is there any news about bringing tethering to other plans that have all you can eat data.

  240. Phil

    I a really not happy with 3, I upgraded my phone in Dec and was told I would be able to continue tethering by the shop staff. After 4 months I get the tethering block. I rang 3 and the rep told me he had spoken to shop they denied telling me tethering was allowed. I have a witness to the conversation in the shop. I have been a 3 customer for several years. Tethering charge is a rip off. I will be leaving 3 and taking the 4 other contracts in my house with me.

  241. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ewen – Tethering is included in our One Plans…

  242. Ewen

    Can’t help but agree with Dougie. Most other oporators don’t charge twice and for me it’s a deal breaker. Been with three for many years but this is the end. If I upgrade the tethering is not included and I’m not willing to pay extra when I can change operators and get a better deal with tethering included.

  243. Dougie

    Tethering charges. What a total scam. There’s no reason what so ever for charging us twice for our data, it’s day light robbery.

  244. Ellie

    @Kay – Sorry to hear this Kay. We’d recommend giving the team a call on 333 to discuss this, they can run some diagnostics and find out why the tethering block is still activated.

  245. Ros

    @Ian – Hi there, tethering is only included if you’re on the One Plan or One Plan SIM only. However, you should be able to buy a tethering add-on with most plans, which you buy on a monthly basis for £5. More details here: http://support.three.co.uk/srvs/cgi-bin/webisapi.dll?command=new,kb=mobile,ts=mobile,t=article,varset_cat=internetapps,varset_subcat=3582,case=obj(3599),varset_username=Mobile:mobileUser&typeSearch=’tethering*’ Hope that helps.

  246. Kay

    Hi; I have bought the tethering add-on and although it says its active my internt access to my computer has still been blocked. Why is this and how can this get sorted!?

  247. Ian

    I’m on the SIM 300 1 month plan with all you can eat data- how can I tether my phone to use my iPad?


  248. Moderator: Lauren

    @Catherine – it can take 24 hours to activate, have you tried resetting your network settings?

  249. Catherine

    Hi in on a month rollin sim only using Nokia lumia 620, i applied the tethering add on to my contract yesterday online, it says active in my, my3 account but when I try connect to the laptop its still got the tethering block on please help iv taken the sim out and left phone off like it says on the support web page and when i call 333 that’s what in told to do but its still not working :-(

  250. Catherine

    Hi in on a month rolling contract i applied the tethering add on, it says its active but when i try to go on my laptop it says there’s a tethering block, i applied it yesterday and its been active since yesterday evening, can anyone help?

  251. Ros

    @Stuart – Yes you’re fine to do that, long as you have All You Can Eat on the One Plan, tethering is included :-)

  252. stuart

    Hi im on the one plan that allows thethering am I ok to use the for my ps3 .for gamming ? Or will I be told to stop ?

  253. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ryan Lloyd – Sorry to hear you’re having a few network issues. The best way to get this sorted is to chat to the team on 333, they can troubleshoot for you.

  254. Ryan lloyd

    Hey there im on the one plan and i use it to tethering to my xbox 360 and its way too slow even my internet to extreamly slow i dont know why this is im using an iphone 4 and ive got 4 blocks in the corner and them most i can get in kbps is 500 or less but on my sisters plan on tmoblie shes on 3-4 mbps with no teathering included but she can still tether ive been with 3 now for a year and a bit and i just want u to answer me its not a superfast network at the moment its superslow please comment or write back im intrested in what 3 has to say thank u

  255. Ellie

    @Rob – Hi Rob, tethering is only allowed on the One Plan, we have systems in place that prevent tethering if your plan does not support this. If you’d like to tether on your device in future, you’ll need to purchase a tehering add-on in My3.

  256. rob

    I’m not on the one plan and have been tethering for about a week with no problems. Woke up this morning and getting blocked again. It started working on new phone for a week or so now blocking strange. I’m just wondering if they have had problems with blocking and that’s why I wasn’t getting blocked for past week or so. So if any knows anything I would like to know more info.

  257. Ellie

    @Jez – Hi Jez, tethering is only included on the One Plan I’m afraid, or with the purchase of a tethering add-on in My3. You can find the info on tethering terms and conditions here

  258. Ellie

    @Emily – Sorry to hear this Emily, you mentioned that your have strong mobile reception in Aberfoyle, are you having signal issues inside your house? If so could you please send a full postcode (we won’t publish it) so we can check the masts in your area. If your indoor coverage is good and you can use mobile data whilst inside your house then it would definitely be worth giving the technical team a call on 0843 373 3333 or 333 to they can look into this for you.

  259. Jez

    I’ve been with 3 for years and recently moved to a SIM only deal. I’ve used tethering in the past, but recently tried again and got the message that the plan I was on was not “designed” for tethering.

    Clearly, what 3 have done is just blocked a perfectly reasonable use of my phone and will now charge me extra to remove that block.

    Given that any tethering use would still be within the data allowance I am paying for, how is it fair or reasonable for 3 to say that I’m not allowed to tether?

    Would it be fair for 3 to tell me what sites/apps I’m allowed to use?

    I think 3 have got a real chutzpah!

  260. Emily

    Hey I recently joined up to The One Plan as I need the tethering option as a main internet connection for my laptop while I’m living on Islay. I have strong mobile reception when I try it out in Aberfoyle, however while my computer is picking up that my phone is emitting a signal when I go onto tethering, and is connecting to it, it’s then coming up with an error message on my computer saying there is no connection.

    My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S1900 and I’m using Windows 8, please any information in how to overcome this would be brilliant. I was going to get a mifi in store but was told by phone would work better as a wifi device.

  261. Moderator: Johanna

    @Paul – you can indeed do that and nope there are no plans to introduce AYCE data for the dongle. Our mobile broadband plans are amongst the most competitive out there.

  262. Paul

    You wrote “You need to use a mobile broadband sim card in a dongle, the maximum data package we offer on a mobile broadband package is 15Gb.”

    So if I get a fast mobile phone I can put in a one plan sim, tether the phone to a PC that makes the network connection available to my local network and have AYCE that way?

    Any plans to to AYCE for dongles?

  263. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – Phone sim cards (E.g on plans such as One Plan, Ultimate Internet 100 ect) aren’t compatible with USB dongles. If you tried to use this it’d be blocked. You need to use a mobile broadband sim card in a dongle, the maximum data package we offer on a mobile broadband package is 15Gb.

  264. Paul

    With regard to tethering/AYCE/One Plan (yet again).

    I think I was a little unclear on one point.

    When I pointed out that I know how to tether a phone to my PC and have other PCs on my LAN access the Internet that was an example of what I could do at home, not what I want to do at work.

    What I want is to get a mobile broadband sim on the One Plan, shove it into a Huawei USB dongle, plug the dongle into a Draytek router and give a network of machines AYCE access. I know how to do it technically, I’d just like confirmation that I’m allowed to do it.

  265. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – we’d call that tethering, I was meaning dongle as in the USB stick with a sim card in it rather than a phone. Sorry for any confusion. You can use dongles for data access. If you have a wifi hub that you can connect your dongle to or a data sim card in a device that allows a personal hotspot then you’re allowed to do this. With phones you can only tether on the One Plan or with a tethering add on.

  266. Paul

    You wrote “Dongle’s don’t have the functionality to tether, it’s plugged via USB directly in to a PC/mac.”

    Ummm, my Nokia connects to my PC via USB in order to give my PC internet access. I’d call it tethering. So would wikipedia which gives examples of wifi, bluetooth and USB as possible connection methods. If you want to include network sharing in your definition of tethering, I know how to make my PC route the network connection to other PCs on my hard-wired LAN.

    BTW some dongles will plug into some models of Draytek router and work quite happily. So dongles are not just for PCs and Macs.

    If the response comes down to “the dongle/all you can eat/one plan combo is unsupported” please clarify “unsupported.” The term has diverse meanings varying from “You can try it but it may not work and we will not offer any help if it doesn’t” to “We do not permit this whether it works or not and will terminate your contract if we catch you doing it.”

  267. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – thanks for your feedback, I’ll pass this page on to the online team to review. Dongle’s don’t have the functionality to tether, it’s plugged via USB directly in to a PC/mac.

  268. Paul

    You wanted to know where I saw a reference to tethering a dongle. I don’t know exactly where but a google search returns a link that returns similar info: http://www.three.co.uk/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBISAPI.DLL?Command=New,Kb=Mobile,Ts=Mobile,T=Article,varset_cat=billing,varset_subcat=3770,Case=obj%283722%29

    It states “If you already have a 3G device, like a phone or dongle that you’re left with at the end of your contract, or if you bought a phone without a SIM, you can get a SIM with us. You can use a Three SIM in any unlocked 3G phone, tablet or dongle.”

    The query I have is that I found another page (which I lost again) which mentioned tethering with phone but did not specifically mention dongle. And whenever I speak to somebody on the phone I get told I can tether a phone but not a dongle. Or I might be able to use a dongle until you cut me off.

  269. Paul

    You wanted to know where I saw a reference to tethering a dongle. I don’t know exactly where but a google search returns a link that returns similar info: http://www.three.co.uk/SRVS/CGI-BIN/WEBISAPI.DLL?Command=New,Kb=Mobile,Ts=Mobile,T=Article,varset_cat=billing,varset_subcat=3770,Case=obj%283722%29

    It states “If you already have a 3G device, like a phone or dongle that you’re left with at the end of your contract, or if you bought a phone without a SIM, you can get a SIM with us. You can use a Three SIM in any unlocked 3G phone, tablet or dongle.”

    The query I have is that I found another page (which I lost again) which mentioned tethering with phone but did not specifically mention dongle. And whenever I speak to somebody on the phone I get told I can tether a phone but not a dongle.

  270. Moderator: Nicki

    @Paul – Hi there, sorry where are you seeing a reference to tethering a dongle? Could you send us the link please?

    A dongle would plug directly in to your PC/Laptop to provide the internet connection and a MiFi device you could use to connect up to 5 devices to it as long as they have wireless capability.

    With a phone you’d be able to use this to tether a device that has wireless capabilities as long as the phone is on the One Plan or you have a tethering addon.

  271. Paul

    I’m interested in the One Plan and tethering and all you can eat. Trouble is, as I wander around your site I find inconsistencies.

    One page specifically says you can tether a phone or a usb dongle. Another talks about “tethering your phone” but doesn’t mention dongles – accidental omission or intentional?

    This is important to resolve. I’d hate to tether a dongle to my PC, eat a lot of data, then get hit with a surcharge and/or contract termination because I’d used a dongle and not a phone.

  272. Moderator: Johanna

    @Garylackjaw – Apologies if you were given the wrong info when you took out your plan. You get 2GB of data with your tethering add-on and you won’t be charged any extra.

  273. Garyslackjaw

    I have a sim unlimited 600 plan and have recently added tethering and have a few questions.

    How much data do I get for a fiver and will it just end when I have used the data or will I go over and be penalised?

    I only ask because I don’t see any way of keeping tabs of usage?

    Also you can mark me down as another customer that was lied to and assured that unlimited tethering was acceptable at no extra cost on my plan…

    Poor show three.

  274. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gary – Hi there, sorry you’re having issues with your phone. If you’re trying to tether you’d need the One Plan or a tethering addon, but if you’re not trying to tether and you’re receiving this message it’s likely there’s a 3rd party app changing your internet settings and the way it’s trying to connect to our network.

    If you’re receiving the message and not trying to tether our tech team on 333 should be able to help troubleshoot what apps you have installed and when you installed them in relation to when you first started receiving this message. While it’s true that we wouldn’t be able to arrange to send your phone to Apple for a repair if you’ve installed non approved software, we should still be able to help you troubleshoot this, unless it’s felt that the issue is a direct result of placing non approved software on the phone.

  275. Moderator: Nicki

    @anthony – Hi there, sorry if you’ve been misadvised. I can confirm that tethering is only available on the One Plan or with a tethering addon. If the tethering addon has been added and you’re still having issues it could be caused by a 3rd party app. We’re finding that some apps change your internet settings and the way your connection behaves. If it’s added and you’re still having issues it may be worthwhile raising this with our tech guys on 333.

  276. Moderator: Nicki

    @Connor – Hi there, if you have the One Plan or a tethering addon you should have no issues in tethering although we’ve seen some customers having issues due to some 3rd party apps changing your internet settings. Can you confirm that you’re either on the One Plan or have a tethering addon?

  277. Moderator: Nicki

    @Aleks – Hi there, I’ve dropped you an email with the details we need.

  278. Gary

    Only Been with Three a few weeks and it started great but now thinking Of leaving Three. I used quite a lot of data with my Iphone over the first few weeks probably managed 10gb. Now when i try To download i get a message saying your teathering or using your Phone as a modem. Phoned up Three and was tol i cant download anything as the Iphone was not desined To download from third party apps. When i said i had a jailbroken device, my reply was well thats your problem and the indian tec guy just hang up. Three if your offering all you can eat data stop putting walls in the way. I was downloading data fine for weeks till i must have got To sum sort Of limit that you have added To throw up the tethering or modem usage message.

  279. anthony

    I am new to three.in my first month,When speaking to sales person to join three i specifically told them i would be wanting to tether and was told no problem i can do all that so i went ahead and joined… I am on the essential sim plan and wanted to tether so i have now had to add tethering to my account even though i was told i could tether withing my package…its been 2 days since adding tethering to my account and still i have no access to net using device as a wifi hotspot i continually get the tethering warning..Its not a good start to my relationship with you guys.

  280. Connor

    I’m on the same plan as my sister with same phone, but her phone allows her to tether but mine justs disconnects after a few secs and blocks me…

  281. Aleks

    Lauren, if you can provide me with an address to send the details to I will be happy to.

  282. Moderator: Lauren

    @Aleks – sorry to read this. Some apps change the way you connect to the internet so it looks as if you’re connected to a computer. Having said that, you should be able to use your phone for most things without being restricted. If you send your name, number, date of birth and postcode I can flag this with our tech team for investigation (we won’t post your personal details, don’t worry!).

  283. Aleks

    I have had my data blocked by three several times in the last few days because of suspected tethering. I have not used tethering on my phone since I changed from the one plan and find it distressing that when speaking to customer services rep Mitul I was told that three cannot support any third party apps. I mention this because the app which triggered the block to my data worked absolutely fine with data access before i changed my contract and should continue to work after. The contract states that I not use the phone for tethering, which I am not, so there is no reason to block my data! There is nothing in the terms and conditions stating which programs are not supported by three and it seems that the refusal to provide the service that I have paid for just because three cant tell that I am not tethering my phone is disgusting. For a company that prides itself for being built for the internet you should really be able to tell if I am tethering or not as it just seems like you block any program which is not a mobile browser. The contract is for data, not access to data through a mobile browser, and if your systems are not sophisticated enough to distinguish usage then it should not be the assumed that I am in breach of the contract. In this case surely three are breaching the terms as it says service will only be suspended if I am in breach of your terms and conditions, which I am not. Either Refine your systems or remove whatever block you have that restricts the service I have paid for.

  284. Moderator: Lauren

    @Katy – I’m sorry you were misinformed about tethering, you should have been advised that tethering is only permitted on the One Plan or with an add on. Full information about tethering can be found here.

  285. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jamie – have you tried rebooting your phone/resetting network settings?

  286. katy

    I have been with 3 for 8 months now and have used tethering unlimited then all of a sudden my tethering has been blocked and i have been told i can buy the addon but will only get 2gb. The disgusting thing is that the guy who sold it to me never once mentioned the one plan and told me i would never have a problem tethering on because he does it all the time and he works for 3. I feel totally cheated and misled,i still have 16 months of my contract so i cant cancel even though i was missold this product and i now have been left with a bad taste in my mouth,really poor service 3,sales guys just out for comission!

  287. Jamie


    I’ve recently upgraded to a iPhone 4S on the one plan . Personal hotspot was available on my iPhone 4 but is no where to be found on my new Device, why is this?

  288. Ellie

    @Marty Bell – Hi Marty, tethering is currently only included on the One Plan, however you can also purchase a tethering add on from My3 if you would like to tether on our other plans.

  289. Marty Bell

    Any news about tethering coming to any of the other price plans.


  290. Ellie

    @mrs d dale – Hi Mrs Dale, we’ve responded to your previous comment on the ‘Help & Support’ post.

  291. mrs d dale

    I have tethering on my phone. One plan. It keeps stopping every time I get to what I want its really annoying. What can be done to keep me on line,? I dont use it that much!!!!

  292. Ellie

    @Stephen – Hi Stephen, sorry to hear you have been having trouble tethering on your phone. We’d recommend trying the technical team on 333 again as they are in a better position to advise you.

  293. Stephen

    Tethering is a no go now for me, I am on The One Plan and using a Samsung Galaxy S2. However the phone refuses to assign ip and gateway information. When it does, it lasts for a few minutes before disconnects. Then will not tether again. No help from customer services, blamed the laptop. Very unhelpful,

  294. Moderator: Johanna

    @John – Just to confirm you have the tethering add-on and you’re getting the tethering block?

  295. john

    also been getting sim002 tethering block, got a sim only deal with add on, worked for about a week, been trying to get sorted for last 10 days, fed up with apologies and told wait 72 hrs……..then told wait another week!, this is after 10 days of ringing 333! asked for pac code today ….had enough

  296. Ellie

    @Suvash – Sorry to hear you have been having problems with your tethering add-on. We’d recommend calling the team on 333 so they can find out what is causing the tethering block to be applied to your account.

  297. suvash

    Hi guys..i have htc windows 8 from three..and have a teethering add on..used to work fine..but now its says teethering blocked…some code policyy..
    reference “sim002″.
    . Can anybody help me..
    do i need any special software to use teethering..

  298. Ros

    @Sarah Travers-Spencer – Tethering is only included if you’re on the One Plan or One Plan SIM Only, so yes, you’d need to get a tethering add-on in order to tether.

  299. Sarah Travers-Spencer

    I have an Ultimate Internet 500 plan. Do I get tethering as part of this or would I need to buy a tethering add-on?

  300. Moderator: Johanna

    @David – Unlimited, it’s all you can eat tethering.

  301. David

    Is tethering on both one plans unlimited or is it capped?

  302. chris

    after a two year nightmare contract never again

  303. Ros

    @Ben Anderson – Hi. Tethering is only included in The One Plan and One Plan sim only. I’m afraid if you were told that your SIM 600 included tethering then this was incorrect, so I’m very sorry if you were given this misinformation. This will be why it worked for a time and then stopped working. The tethering add-on is £5 a month and allows you to tether with 2GBs worth of data, however this doesn’t (and shouldnt) affect the All You Can Eat you already have with your plan which you can use as normal.

  304. Ros

    @Priyan – Hi there. Have you spoken to the Technical team on 333 about this at all?

  305. Ben Anderson

    I bought my SIM Only (SIM 600) in June last year when I was due an upgrade. I was promised I’d have tethering included.

    I did indeed have tethering, but around November/December time my tethering suddenly stopped working! Representatives over the phone said I would have to pay £5 a month extra to get tethering, but this would also reduce my data allowance from all you can eat to only 2GB!

    I have contacted the complaints department twice via the online form with no response (not even an automated reply) and I am starting to get very frustrated.

    Why was I promised tethering? Why was it suddenly removed 6 months later? Why should I pay an extra £5 a month and get less on my contract as a result!?

  306. Priyan

    I got iPhone 4s with 1 plan. I enabled tethering. Though my computer connects with iPhone, I am not getting internet service. iOS is updated. Any remedy?

  307. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tee – if you have the £5 add on, there should be no termination fee as it’s a one month add on.

  308. Tee

    How much is the tethering termination fee after the first month?

  309. Ellie

    @Shail – If you have all-you-can-eat data on your plan you can download as much data as you like, the only thing you can do is use tethering. The fact that tethering is only included on the One Plan does not mean there is a download limit on our plans which contain all-you-can-eat data.

  310. Shail

    I wanted to know if tethering is allowed only on the ONE PLAN then what does unlimited data on other plans constitute.Can I download unlimited data on my phone without any limit like 5gb or 25gb?

  311. Ellie

    @Aaron – No worries, happy to help!

  312. Aaron

    Massive thanx for your quick responce!

    Apoligies if i posted on wrong part of blog, its the first/only official three blog i found, browsing on my phone, concerning tethering.

    Thanx again.


  313. Ellie

    @Aaron – Hi Aaron, sorry to hear you have been experiencing problems using your tethering add-on. I have passed your comment on to our social media customer service team who will be in touch via email within 5 working days.

  314. Aaron

    Ive got a bit of a problem regarding tethering that customer services have not been able to sort out.

    I took out a sim only contract; £12.90 per month (unlimited mobile internet) and with this opted for the £5 per month tethering add on.

    When i first got my sim i tested the tethering with some very light browsing and it worked fine. But ever since, whenever i try to tether it is blocked and i get the ‘your mobile internet has been blocked as tethering is not included on your package, please reset phone to re-enable mobile internet on your phone.

    Customer services have confirmed that my account has an active tethering add on with 1gb data available, but despite handing my issue to various departments, have been unable to tell me why you are blocking my mobile internet when i tether or give any clear idea on how they are going to start allowing me to tether.

    I am getting rather frustrated that i have paid for a service that i am not being allowed to use, and that customer services are not really showing willing or able to help with this matter.

    Have you seen this issue before, and iff so how is it rectified? (So i may advise the people who are suppost to be sorting it for me). Also, do you thonk it fair that i am refunded for the tethering add on for the ammount of time you have not allowed me to use it?

    Cheers! I hope you are able to make me feel a bit more confident this issue can be resolved quickley.

  315. Moderator: Nicki

    @rog – Hi there, If you’re paying £25 for 7GB then you must be on PAYG – have you had a look at our contracts? We offer 15Gb for much lower prices. Check our deals here.

  316. Moderator: Nicki

    @Roy – Hi there, if you have the AYCE addon you’ll get the unlimited internet, but the tethering addon will be limited at 1GB of tethering. The AYCE addon is not for tethering use.

    Unrestricted tethering is only available on the One Plan. Check our guide here.

  317. rog

    My BT landline speed is 0.125mbs making it almost unusable.I.E. yoiotube clip of 2 mins has to be paused for 5 mins before you can view.
    Noticing that I had a good 3G reception from 3 in my area I thought that a solution would be to get a dongle .. so I purchased one. Works perfectly and on a good day i can get 6mbs. Problem is that I still can’t use it as a solution owing to mobile broadband costs. i.e. 7GB = £25. If you view a few youtube clips, stream BBC iplayer and download a few songs, the allowance is gone in no time at all. Are there any future plans to make mobile broadband more competitive so that it can be used as an alternate to landline BB.
    I can’t see why mobile dongle is so restricted yet you can tether a mobile and have all you can eat data for less per month than 7GB on mobile.

  318. Roy

    I have bought a tethering add on (I am using the Ultimate Internet Plan) for my laptop. I have an all you can eat data allowance for my phone, but it says on my account info that I have 1024 for the tethering. Does this mean that I only get 1024Mb a month on the tethered laptop, but still get unlimited on my phone? Why does the limit not get transferred from my phone to my laptop?

  319. Moderator: Nicki

    @alin – Hi there, if you’re having issues with eye pain perhaps try to spend less time looking at the screen, turn the brightness down, or seek medical assistance if you feel the need for it.

    With regards to tethering and using your phone as a hot spot, this is available if you’re on the One Plan or have a tethering addon. Check our guide here.

  320. alin

    im not pleased by my iphone 5 since i buy it… 1. i have eye pain case i stay too much on internet and i cannot use internet as an personal hot spot to unse unlimited internet on my laptop like all my friends doo but they have samsung and they pay 37 pounds for unlimited data on laptop.
    What can i do?

  321. Ellie

    @Mutto – You should be able to purchase this in My3. I’d recommend giving the team a call on 33 to check if this add on is compatible with your SIM plan.

  322. mutto


    There is no option to buy a £5/month tethering option with the Sim600 plan, as far as I can see.

  323. Ellie

    @Mutto – The only plan which includes tethering is the One Plan. Sorry you are disappointed that you can’t tether on SIM 6000 but our tethering policy was outlined in the terms and conditions which you signed when you took out your contract with us. If you would like to add tethering to your plan, you can buy a tethering add-on for £5 per month via My3.

  324. mutto


    I’m on a SIM 600 12 month plan.

    I have to say it’s a bit annoying that I can’t tether – it’s like using my phone but viewing on a larger (computer) screen.

    The plan I’m on is ‘all you can eat data’ so what’s the big deal?

  325. Simon P

    Thanks for replying re £5 tethering option. Thing is, I want it so infrequently that £5 a month isn’t really worth it. It’s once a blue moon I want to tether, maybe 10-15 times a year if that. £60 a year is not a cheap rare, blue moon. I’m sure you can see from my usage I’m no heavy user. Thanks anyway.

  326. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jean no it doesn’t include tethering, you’d need to purchase an add on via My3.

  327. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon P – tethering is not permitted on that package, you can purchase a £5 tethering add on for 1Gb of data via My3.

  328. jean

    ive recently purchased the galaxy s3 and its on the uliiment internet dose included tethering free
    appreciate your advice

  329. Simon P

    Hi, I’ve just joined from O2 on a monthly Sim only – Ultimate 200. Impressed so far but can’t tether on the odd rare occasion when my iPad 3 leaves the house. It’s very rare and not worth the £60 a year charge. Is there an alternative, like a daily one-off tethering tariff fee, say £1.00 ??

  330. Moderator: Nicki

    @jackie – Hi there, so that we can look in to this for the user can you ask them to please get in touch with their account details so we can look at their stats.

    They can get in touch via 333 from a Three phone, 0843 373 3333, or via our email facility.

    We’ll then be able to pull their data stats for both devices and troubleshoot where necessary.

  331. jackie

    Still waiting…………………………………………….

  332. jackie

    Hi guys still waiting for a response!

    One plan user whose speed is a fraction of what he is getting on an ipad with 3 in the same location at the same time. The phone is an s3 and the speed has dropped from 8mb/s to 1mb/s
    whilst the ipad remains at 12mb/s

  333. jackie

    Its the one plan!!!!

  334. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jackie – your friend may be traffic managed if he’s tethering outside his terms and conditions e.g. tethering without an add-on or not on the One Plan.

  335. jackie

    Nikki thanks for the reply the ipad is STILL running at the same speed! So its not a mast issue!

  336. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jackie – Hi there, we don’t throttle any traffic. We do run a traffic management policy for P2P file sharing. This is in the T&Cs.

    What’s his full postcode and I’ll check for any issues on the mast.

    It’s important to realise that coverage can be affected by a million and one different factors, it doesn’t always mean there’s a network fault, and certainly not throttling. Things like the weather, number of users in the area, temporary structures, and even the thickness of walls can affect your coverage. There may also be areas where your signal isn’t as strong as other areas, but this doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything wrong with the network. For tips on how to improve your coverage check out http://ow.ly/fsUqI

  337. jackie

    Hi 3, a friend of mine is using an ipad with 3 and getting 12-16mpbs, fantastic speed! He got an S3 yesterday and was getting 8mpbs when tethering yesterday but trying it today it appears to be throttled at 1Mbps. Can you advise why and where in the t’s and c’s this is advised seems a bit unfair!

  338. Ellie

    @Sam – Sorry you feel this way, our Ts&Cs are pretty clear on this. You have to be on a plan which supports tethering or have a tethering add-on.

  339. Sam

    I have I phone 4s and joined 1 month ago I haveultimate Internet I think n cannot tether without paying for the add on which I think us disgusting when I’m paying 37 pound a month anyway and it’s a feature that can be used on other networks for free and have this package for Internet usage in the first place my partner only pays 15 pound a month and can tether for free, disgusting if I new this before joining I certainly wouldn’t of

  340. Moderator: Johanna

    @Vincent – Well this is probably because you are only allowed to tether if you’re on The One Plan. By doing so you’re breaking Ts&Cs… your friends will also get the tethering block soon too.

  341. Vincent

    I’ve got the ultimate Internet 1000 since may 2012 and I used the tethering everyday to my laptop but since 1 week I can’t do this. I know 2 other people with the same plan and they still can use the tethering. Why??? Sorry for my English I’m french. Thanks.

  342. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nic – Tethering is only inclusive on The One Plan. If you do want to tether you can but you’ll need to buy the £5 add-on.

  343. Nic

    I have just upgraded to ultimate internet 500 and tried to tether my phone to my laptop as the internet is out at work and i had a message saying this is not what your phone was intended for and a link to the three code of conduct, why?

  344. Moderator: Johanna

    @Steve – It’s included in your plan :-)

  345. Steve

    I have an iPhone 4 on the one plan and have just brought the new ipad wifi only.
    How much will I be charged to Tether Wifi from my iPhone to my ipad ? Or is it free?

  346. Ros

    @Noelle – Nope you shouldn’t do, it’s a good idea and exactly what I’m going to be doing myself :-) Tethering is included in The One Plan and One Plan SIM only so you’ll be fine.

  347. Noelle

    Sorry forgot to add that I’m on a 24 month contract :P

  348. Noelle

    Hi, my iPhone 4 is currently on the One plan and I’m wondering whether I will get additional charge if I tether my phone to the iPad mini? As I’m planning on buying the iPad mini :)

  349. Ellie

    @Alec – You should receive the same level of service on your S3 so there’s no reason why you couldn’t do this.

  350. alec

    quick question…I have the one plan and a galaxy s3.I also currently have a huwai mobile dongle (15 gig) do i need to renew the dongle package when the contract ends?Or can I acheive the same level of service using tethering via my s3?Thanks

  351. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jim – Just checked. The add-on permits tethering plus gives you an extra 1Gb, any previous allowances can also be used for tethering as well.

  352. Jim

    @Lauren – I’m on the Essential Internet SIM 200 12 months and pay £5 for the tethering add-on. My tethering allowance has stayed at 1024MB despite a reasonable amount of tethering and the 500MB data allowance for the phone tariff has been eroded.

  353. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jim – what package are you on? Does it not take away from the 1Gb tethering allowance?

  354. Jim

    When I tether wirelessly from my iPhone to android tablet using a tethering add on, it works fine but the data used is subtracted from my iPhone tarriff allowance rather than my tethering allowance severely limiting its usefulness. Any solutions?

  355. Moderator: Nicki

    @alex – I’ve responded to your other comment. Our channels are only manned Monday to Friday (0900 – 1730) so comments will only be published during these times.

  356. Moderator: Nicki

    @Alex – Hi there, are you on the One Plan or have a tethering addon? If not it’s likely our detection systems have detected you shouldn’t be tethering and have blocked it.

    If you do have the One Plan or a tethering addon and you find that the hotspot facility has disappeared could you try resetting your network settings and also check that you don’t have any data saving apps such as Onovo running.

  357. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sue – Hi there, it’s likely it would be a similar experience. The signal would be the same. The only thing that may improve it would be the fact that it’s a newer device and the Galaxy SIII is capable of receiving HSPA+ however depending on the area you live in the experience may remain the same. What’s your full postcode and I’ll check to see if your area has been upgraded to HSPA+ as yet.

  358. Moderator: Nicki

    @Rix – Hi there, if you’re able to tether at the moment you’ll find that this will be detected and you’ll no longer be able to use it. To tether you’d need to be on the One Plan or have a tethering addon. The AYCE data does not cover tethering. For more info on tethering check out our guide.

  359. alex

    Hi I am on all you can eat and was able to teather from my phone but now there’s a block on it, before it was fine used it on ps3 and laptop now there saying it’s blocked, WHY!!! I pay my bills always on time and yet no one has helped me with my cause

  360. Alex

    Hey, i have been tethering using my iphone since i got it around this time last year, however after updating it to iOS 6 it has stopped working, do you know why? Thanks

  361. Sue

    I am thinking of taking up the One Plan with a Galaxy S3 and tethering to my mac mini. At the moment I use a PAYG broadband sim with Wireless Modem Huawei E586 but it’s slow and watching videos and streaming is impossible. Would tethering on the One plan be any better?
    Thank you.

  362. Rix

    Hi, I’ve recently purchased the pay monthly SIM only plan – where I get 600 mins, 5000 texts and all you can eat data for £18.90. Sorry not sure of the plan name.
    I have not purchased an add on for tethering, but its allowing me to. tether to my iPad.
    Am I going to get charged for this at a super high rate, or does the all you can eat data cover this?
    I have tried to find this on the website but have been unsuccessful.
    Looking forward to your reply.

  363. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dan – I’m afraid you can’t tether with that package.

  364. Dan


    I have an iPhone 4S with the ‘Internet Texter 300′ plan. I also have the ‘All you can eat data’ add-on. Can you tell me if I set up tethering in order for me to link my wi-fi only iPad, would there be any additional cost of use, or would the ‘All you can eat data’ cover this?

  365. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ben – the One Plan really is all-you-can-eat :-D

  366. ben

    hi im on the one plan and like to use tethering and get rid of my home fixed broadband. is is there a limit to how much data i can use or is it realy all-you-can-eat

  367. Ros

    @Tigger – Hi there. In Ovi Suite, there’s a service called “One Touch Access” – you can tether via this as long as you’re on the One Plan or have the tethering add-on. Alternatively, here is the link for the manual: http://www.three.co.uk/static/user_guides/Nokia_N97-1_UG.pdf. Hope that helps.

  368. Tigger

    How do I set up tethering on my nokia n97 to my laptop

  369. Ros

    @alex – Hi Alex. Nope, no limit to the number of devices you can tether :-) Long as it’s for personal use, not to power a business!

  370. alex

    hi there
    on the month by month sim only one plan is there a limit to the number or type of devices i can tether to? I assume its ok to tether to tablets, laptops and other phones as is needed?
    thanks indeed

  371. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – sorry to read that. Have you got the all you can eat add on?

  372. paul

    Hi, I didn’t mind when I got tethering warning message like once a day, however in the last few days I have had this nearly continuously!
    I wouldn’t mind but I haven’t even used my mobile as a hot spot, I have no need to with wireless via virgin at home and unlimited out and about..
    Why is this happening all of a sudden?
    Is this some hard sell by three to force people to upgrade/ purchase the add on!!!
    I could understand if my mobile data access was quite large but its only about 1gb a month…
    Look forward to your response to this…

  373. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jaime – hello there! We wouldn’t remove the all-you-can-eat allowance as this is what you signed up for. :-) You can browse to your hearts content!

  374. Jaime

    Hello lovely Lauren!

    I am thinking about taking up a 12 months sim-only contact which has an All-you-can-eat data plan but it’s the Ultimate Internet plan and not The One Plan. If I go for this contract, is it true that you can change the T&Cs at any time during the 12 months contract to remove the All-you-can-eat usage policy? Thank you! :)

  375. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chris – you can tether with this phone if you have a tethering add on or you have the One Plan.

  376. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gerard – you can purchase a £5 monthly rolling tethering add on for 1Gb, tariff permitting. Call 333 for full info.

  377. chris lanigan

    How can i tether my 3 mobile phone (samsung galaxy ace) to my android tablet?? Is this even possible??

  378. Gerard

    Hi. I’m on Text 500 with an iPhone 4s. Would like to tether my iPad 2 for the very rare occasions when I take my iPad to work. Can I add tethering to my package? Replies I’ve read so far provide inconsistent advice.

  379. Moderator: Lauren

    @Edurado – you can purchase the One Plan on a monthly rolling sim only contract for £25 a month. More details here.

  380. Edurado

    Hello, I am a foreign student with one year left in the UK. Can I have ‘one plan’ with Tethering on a 12 month contract? Or only 24? Thank you, Eduardo.

  381. Additional Info

    It is in point of fact a nice and helpful piece of information. I am satisfied that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  382. Ros

    @Graham – You’ll need to give the team on 333 a call to find out what they can offer you, but the The One Plan will include tethering. Hope you get what you need.

  383. Graham

    I’m on One Plan and coming to the end of the 24 month contract. If I keep my existing phone what options are available that retain Oe Plan tethering?

  384. Moderator: Lauren

    @Shakey – I’m afraid that is our policy, we currently have no plans to change this for now.

  385. Moderator: Lauren

    @James – yes if you tether to your laptop this will use your data.

  386. Shakey

    Why is tethering restricted to the One Plan? Three make a big song and dance about no hidden limitations with the All-you-can-eat data, yet tethering is not allowed and this isn’t clearly advertised until you try to do it.

    Surely all-you-an-eat data is all-you-can-eat data, regardless of exactly what the data is. There’s still only a single device connected to the Three network, and therefore no additional load.

    All-you-can-eat is subject to 1000GB monthly cap and fair usage terms, but what about fair usage for those paying the bill? I hardly think patching my laptop to my phone because I had to do some work for a few hours while my girlfriend is without internet is unfair. Paying for an add-on just in case I *might* need to tether once in a while, I’d say, was rather unfair.

  387. James

    Hi, I have tethered my iphone4 to my laptop as it gets a better wireless signal, but I think it is using up my available download….is this right?

  388. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jackie – are you trying to use the hotspot option on your iPhone? If you try resetting your network settings this may bring it back up.

  389. Jackie

    Hi there

    I am on the one plan and do not have the hotspot option showing on my phone so that i can tether to my Ipad, what do i need to do.


  390. Moderator: Lauren

    @Fadi – you can purchase a 1Gb tethering add on for £5.

  391. fadi


    I am on all you can eat data 12 months contract since three months ago. I would like to be able to use my current contract with the addition of being able to have the “tethering” function, Is it possible to have it as an add on and how much would it cost me to have this feature?


  392. Ros

    @Steve – Good choice :-)
    1) Yes it does, tethering is included in The One Plan
    2) Yes you can, as long as it’s not for Business use.
    3) We can update our Ts&Cs at any time, but we don’t plan to change this feature of The One Plan at the moment. Ts&Cs are always available online.

  393. Ros

    @Laszlo – I’m afraid not, only if you’re upgrading your contract…

  394. Ros

    @Wallis – Tethering isn’t permitted on the Europass I’m afraid, sorry about that.

  395. Steve


    I have a question. I’m considering getting the Galaxy Note 2 when it’s released on 3, on The One Plan. I only want to do this if I can use the tethering function to replace my fixed-line broadband.

    1) Does The One Plan allow me to use my phone as a wireless hotspot (where it sets up a Wifi signal that other computers can connect to?)

    2) Can I allow other people (i.e. in my household) to connect to my 3 wireless hotspot without breaking 3′s ts&cs?

    3) If I and others can use my wireless hotspot to connect, would 3 be able to alter their terms to remove this function? (I need to know this since I would be buying the phone on contract, not PAYG, so please confirm whether the existing contract ts&cs would apply for the duration of a contract).

    If you need me to clarify my questions please email directly.


  396. Laszlo


    I have “all you can eat” unlimited contract.. can I change it for the “the one plan” ????


  397. Wallis

    Im on the one plan but I am currently abroad and using a europass if I turn my personal hotspot on will I get charged extra on my bill?

  398. Ros

    @Julie_M – Yes you should have the hotspot option on your iphone and that is how you would tether it, it should be directly in ‘Settings’, 3rd one down, called ‘Personal Hotspot’, you can then slide it to ‘on’ or ‘off’. And yes, tethering in this way is included in The One Plan. If you were on another plan you’d need to buy it as an add-on.

  399. Julie_M

    I’m looking into buying an iPad, and understand that because I have an iPhone 4 on The One Plan I can tether it to my iPad, therefore only need a wifi iPad, not a 3G one (yay, saves about £100!) but just want to check that I understand this right. My friend, who has a vodaphone iPhone and a wifi iPad has an option in the settings on her phone to make it a “hotspot” but my iPhone doesn’t have this option. Without this how do I tether it to an iPad?

  400. Moderator: Lauren

    @Adam – tethering is only available on the One Plan or with an add on if your tariff is compatible.

  401. Adam

    Hi there,

    Apart from the One Plan, can I tether my unlimited data which I have on 3?

    I.e. I have a plan with unlimited data on 3, which is not the One Plan.



  402. Moderator: Nicki

    @Rob Hanley – Hi, I’ll pass the suggestion on to the team to see if this is something that we’d want to update.

    I’ve emailed our online ream regarding it being displayed on My3 as a countdown. I’ll come back to you as soon as I hear back. If you’ve just bought the addon it’ll be displayed on your next bill. It won’t be within your welcome letter unless it was part of the original sale.

  403. Moderator: Nicki

    @Kurt – Hi there, you’d still be able to use the phone for calls/texts while you’re using the phone as a hotspot.

  404. Moderator: Nicki

    @David – Hi there, when you’re tethering through the WiFi hotspot you’d still be able to use the other functions of your phone :-)

  405. Kurt

    I am thinkiing of upgrading to the one plan with S3. Can I still make or receive phone calls while I am using the phone as mobile hot spot and say surfing the web using tablet by tethering to my mobile. Or will there be an interruption int the internet connection during the call.

  406. Rob Hanley

    But that page makes it sound as though I can simply go online and buy the add-on – yet it doesn’t appear for me. It doesn’t go into any detail as to what plans you can buy this add on for, stating only that some older plans are not compatible with tethering. Can three update this page to better inform people, and to inform under what circumstances they will need to call customer services? I still don’t understand why I can’t just add it online.

    Anyway, just tested to see if tethering works for me now and it does – I’m unlikely to go over any allowance as I only use it lightly when out of home anyway but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere in My3 Account to check what I’ve used for tethering. Will this appear after my next bill date? (I only changed it this last week.) There is no mention of the tethering add on anywhere, including in the welcome letter. Sorry for being a nuisance, I like three but I think some things could be made easier

  407. David

    I was wondering how using a phone as a personal hotspot to create a wifi signal to tether devices with affects the usability of the phone. Can you still make calls/browse the internet/use apps etc. whilst the phone is operating as a hotspot or is it effecively locked up and unusable until you turn the wifi hotspot off? In case the answer is “depends on the phone” I am considering an upgrade to either the HTC One X or the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Thanks in advance.

  408. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rob – sorry to hear you had a poor experience. It states on our website that tethering is only available on the One Plan or with an add-on. You can find this information here. I’m sorry you felt you were mislead regarding this. Previously some tariffs permitted you to tether when it wasn’t included however we have recently enforced this T&C.

  409. Rob Hanley

    Well, I spent 35 minutes on the phone being put on hold and being put through to various different departments asking about this simple change. I hope it isn’t going to be like this when I want to cancel the add-on when I think I won’t use it one month (a shame I can’t do this online.)

    I do think it should be made a lot clearer that all you can eat data does not include tethering – as I had a contract previously that allowed tethering I assumed it would still be possible with this. Various other people have also said this, so it is obviously not made clear at all – do three not care, or is this feedback ever taken on? Ideally this should be made very clear to the customer when buying, as obviously many people want it: A simple sentence “You will need to buy an add-on to tether on this plan” would be all it takes – but I guess Three prefer to trick people in? The fact you then have to call to add this because the option is not available online (why is this?) just makes it worse. You should not have to dig for this information, or wait for your letter to arrive to show you that tethering is not an option. (I upgraded over the phone and was not told.)

    Saying that, the coverage for three is good in my area and is now a better experience for 3G than other companies I have used, which is why I have stuck with 3. It’s just a shame that this is sometimes let down by poor customer service and not so flexible plans/pricing when you need to save money.

  410. Moderator: Kaz

    @Rob Hankey – Only the One Plan has tethering included, it’s best to give customer services a call to see if the Tethering add-on can be added to your account.

  411. Moderator: Kaz

    @Gary – Sorry to read this, I’m afraid only our technical support team can look into this issue for you, the best number to call is 0843 373 3333.

  412. Gary

    Hi, I recently bought the £5 add on pack for my HTC explorer phone, when I try to use the Internet on my laptop or PC through tethering I always get the “Are you using your phone as a modem or personal hotspot?” page coming up. Sometimes it works for 5 minutes or so but most of the time this page comes up. I have tried 5 different browsers and 3 different computers and they all have the same problem. I have phoned twice and while the people on the phone were very polite they kept getting me to do the same things over and over (cmd, ping, restart computer, delete temp files etc.) and none of it is working.So every time I phone they will get me to do the same things over and over again which is a bit annoying because I know the problem is not at my end.

    I am getting to the point now where I am going to send my phone back and go back to my old provider who I had no problems with. I don’t want to do this but I feel as if I have no choice. Any ideas?



  413. Rob Hankey

    I was due an upgrade and instead if upgrading to a new phone moved over to the pay monthly SIM 600 plan for £15 a month to save money. (I use an iPhone, if that makes the plan any different at all.)

    I didn’t realise tethering wasn’t included and this is something I may need on occasion in the future. Is it only the one plan that supports tethering? There is no option to buy a tethering add-on in MyAccount, so I assume I can’t get it. I’m still within 14 days of moving to this so I should be able to call 333 and change again or cancel completely – but before that hassle, which plans support tethering? I don’t require so many minutes and texts as the one plan offers and would rather pay as little as possible with the add on as an extra if it works out cheaper. I’m guessing the £10 a month plan also doesn’t support this? Clarification would be great as the link to tethering support seems to suggest the add on should be available to me.

  414. Moderator: Lauren

    Martin – there is no option for the One Plan without tethering, there are all you can eat packages without tethering but these differ from the One Plan. We can’t comment on prices though, we don’t deal with upgrades here. Best to speak to 333 if you have issues with the pricing.

  415. Martin Almond


    I am a three customer and I am upgrading to an S3, as of yesterday. When I called to upgrade, I was told my plan would cost £34 per month, with the phone being free, I know on the website it say £33 per month with a £29 charge for the phone, so I can see in real terms I am paying the same price, or there abouts. I agreed to this and it was being put through and I mentioned about tethering on the phone. Even though I had been told the deal I was signing for was The One Plan, which I thought included tethering, my brother has The One Plan and includes tethering, my plan was increased by £1 per month to £35 so I could use tethering. I still went ahead but now feel as a customer of Three for many, many years, that I may not have got good deal. Could you confirm if it is correct there is an option for The One Plan for £34 a month without tethering, or am I paying over the odds, I know not by much, but I just wanted to know.



  416. Ros

    @Carwyn – Hi, I’ve taken your email address and someone from our Customer Care team will be in touch to see if they can help with this.

  417. Carwyn

    Hi, I am on the old text 500 plan and would like to get the £3 ayce data add-on. I understand that you cannot tether with this, but is it possible to have the £5 tethering add-on as well? I have call customer services but they didn’t understand what I was after. Could you help me please?

  418. Moderator: Nicki

    @Matthew – Hi there, the tethering addon is £5 for 1GB of tethering. You can also get tethering (no limits) on the One Plan :-)

  419. Matthew

    I have been looking at the Ultimate Internet 100 plan, how much would it cost to add the tethering add on? what is the cheapest pay monthly contract with Samsung galaxy ace with tethering added on?

  420. Moderator: Nicki

    @Angie B – Hi there, our policy’s always been only to permit tethering on One Plan or with a tethering addon (this tethering addon was previously called Internet Max). Although it’s never been permitted, admittedly our detection systems weren’t always able to detect tethering – this has now been addressed and tethering is correctly detected.

    I’ll email you separately for your account details in order to raise this with our technical team. The issue that we often see is there are a number of apps that change your internet settings to act as if it’s being used other browsers commonly used on PCs/laptops. Due to this it’s detected as tethering but our technical team can run through this with you to identify what may be causing the issue.

  421. AngieB


    Long story short. I had an HTC Wildfire, it’s memory kept getting full so I decided to upgrade early. I tethered on this contract never went over my data allowance. I understand 3 brought in a policy retrospectively but i did not realise i was not supposed to tether. I upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy SII and the Internet 500 contract with AYCE data. I tried to tether but I got a the SIM002 message. I upgraded to the One Plan when I realised I couldn’t tether. This was on the 9/7/2012 I am still getting the SIM002 message. It is driving me crazy.

    I tried again this morning. Switched my home wireless off to try. Turned the phone off, took the battery out and the sim. Turned it back on five mins later. Switched tethering on and paired with my Mac computer. It let me browse the internet for about 10 mins. I switched to my iPad then to see if it worked on there. As soon as I went onto a browser SIM002. I tried again on the MAC and I got the SIM002 message. Switched my phone off and my iPad, switched the phone back on again but not my iPad. I switched tethering on and paired it with my Mac again and browsed for 10 mins, this time I didn’t try my iPad and after 15 mins I got the SIM002 message.

    Someone on another forum suggested that once you have had AYCE added to your sim card you can never tether. I hope he’s not right.

  422. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ellie – Hi there, if you’re looking to tether using your phone, you can do this if you’re on the One Plan, or have the £5/month tethering addon. Check out our guide here.

  423. Moderator: Nicki

    @dan – Hi there, yep that’s correct, the AYCE data does not support tethering. You could take our ‘Add Tethering’ addon for 30 days which would give you 1GB of tethering (just remember to cancel if you no longer need it).

  424. Moderator: Nicki

    @yas – Hi there, if you’re not tethering you should not be getting this message. We’ve seen cases before that customers get this error message due to the was certain applications change your internet settings to make it look like it’s coming from browsers such as Mozilla. This is then automatically picked up by our tethering blocks.

    Sorry it wasn’t fixed on the same call, although I think the 1 second request is a bit unrealistic unless they have super fast typing skills :-) I’m going to email you for your account info so we can get this raised with our tech guys.

  425. Ellie

    I currently pay for unlimited data and uses up alot of my pocket money, somtimes i need to tether so i can use my ipad out and about for homework and assinements but its so expensive, even for casual use… Is there any deals you can offer for me and my htc desire s?

  426. dan

    I will need the teether for 30 days im on text 500 plan ,
    with one gig of internet i would need unlimited data for a month for work
    after talking to a sales rep i was told the all you can eat was my best option but up on reading online
    i see it wont support usb teethering
    is this true

  427. yas

    I called yesterday 4 times and reported that i have a data plan of (unlimited internet). but as soon i got for Youtube browsing or online streaming with some andriod application which i did used in past successfully. But this time it don’t allow me to use data on streaming instead a three warning massage comes up saying as ” are you using your phone as modem or personal hotspots? reference SIM002 and then page explain tethering come us and nothing happen. This is what happening since last 2 days which i reported and they couldn’t resolved. They done few checks but couldn’t resolve issue and said somebody will gonna call you latter. But i want it to be resolved in 1 second not somebody will comeback in unlimited time!. Here i want to mention that this data usage was working fine a month ago on same applications (online streaming) and Youtube but now it seems that three had capped my data usage or something that as soon my phone use data stream three block massage come up and block everything. I think three need to check my account setting from back end as they did blocked my services few times as delayed paying bill previously, probably something need to be checked up technically.

  428. Moderator: Johanna

    @majid Hussain – AYCE tethering is a perk of The One Plan, so no I’m afraid that’s not possible.

  429. majid hussain

    Im on Talk 500 with 2gb internet. I recently got a text from three saying i can have a All you can eat data add-on for a extra £3 a month. What i want to know is if i buy this add-on can i use tethering? as i use my phone internet on my ipad but 2gb is not enough.

  430. Moderator: Kaz

    @Peter Davies – If your phone has a tethering option, the one plan will allow you to tether. I’m afraid I can’t comment on your particular phone.

  431. Peter Davies

    At the moment I have a SE x10minipro but will be upgrading next month. If I was to change up to The One Plan now using my x10 I can’t see any way of using it to tether. Word around the web says you have to “root” your phone, something akin to cracking or hacking I’m guessing. I know the iPhone has a tethering option but is it genuinely as transparent as you imply here?

  432. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jak – if you wanted to upgrade your phone plan to the One Plan and cancel your mobile broadband contract then you can, yes. It won’t ruin your battery however tethering does drain your battery so you may need to charge it quite often.

  433. Moderator: Lauren

    @Malcolm – you can use a mobile broadband sim in a phone however you can’t use a phone sim in a mobile broadband device. Please note, if you’re using a mobile broadband sim in a phone then any calls/texts made will be chargeable.

  434. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dave – you may not have the correct outgoing mail server settings. Details of most email providers can be found here.

  435. Jak

    I’m at the end of my Three monthly phone contract as well as my Three Mobile Broadband contract. I’ve spoken to the Mob Bband India folk trying to discuss consolidating both contracts with The One Plan. A supervision was forceful in explaining lots of reasons why tethering would ruin the battery of an iPhone, “probably just after warranty had expired”. Clearly, his job in to keep me on a mobile broadband contract. I’ve not tried the Phone people yet.

    So what is the truth? Can I replace my two Three contacts with The One Plan without wrecking the iPhone?

  436. Malcolm

    I am on a pay monthly Mobile Internet plan which is normally used in a MiFI.

    Can I use the sim in a smart phone and tether the laptop with out being charged extra?

    I don’t use it as a phone for calls just for checking emails.

    Only its so much easier than carrying all 3 devices around with me.

    I have been testing it today and it works well.

  437. David Margison

    Hi I use tethering while working away, using windows live mail, I am able to receive emails but not send them, could you explain the settings required to do this

    Regards Dave

  438. Moderator: Johanna

    @Shyuan – Sorry if it’s confusing… The Only plans you can tether on inclusively are The One Plan or One Plan SIM-Only – these plans allow you to use all you can eat data to tether. On other plans you will need to buy the tethering add-on, details here. Tethering is not available on Pay As You Go. I hope this all makes sense.

  439. Shyuan

    Three makes me confused. May I know which are those simcards that can do internet tethering? Can you please list them out? As your staffs give inconsistent info about this. So far I can only confirm myself that The One Plan does the job. What about other simcards? I would like to have a simcard which I pay a certain amount of money then I can make calls, texts, internet on mobile and do tethering.

    Or, if there is any normal PAYG simcard which can addon internet tethering option?


  440. Moderator: Nicki

    @Andrew – sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with your tethering. What’s your full postcode and I’ll check for any faults or work being carried out that could be affecting your signal. (Don’t worry we won’t publish your postcode)

  441. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lisa – Hi there, there are no plans to remove tethering from the One Plan.

  442. Moderator: Nicki

    @jward – Hi there, this software is currently in testing. I’m afraid I cannot comment as to whether or not the new release will include tethering or not as this would be for Nokia to announce. As soon as we have info we tweet with #ThreeSoftwareUpdate

  443. Andrew

    Tethering data rates are simply awful and have been for the last couple of months.
    It’s all very sporadic – one minute there’s a good -ish connection , then next nothing.
    I’m doing a repeated ping test now (-t) and seeing times from around 100ms up to dead stop (>3000ms) for a packet. Almost unusable. What’s up ?? Why’s this ?
    update the usb drivers on my pc – no difference, restarted my phone numerous times – no difference, restarted my computer – no difference, so conclude its the network.
    Tried calling Indi-Ah, but they have no idea.
    Help !!

  444. Lisa


    I have an Iphone 4s on the one plan, and I’m about to purchase the New Ipad WIFI only. I will be using my phone to tether. Could you shed some light on whether or not three reserve the right to alter contracts and could legally remove the free tethering on the one plan in the future?



  445. jward

    When will the next firmware update be enable for nokia lumia customers, we have been waiting for tethering for a long time and most other uk carriers have now allowed it, when will 3 take it out of testing?

  446. Moderator: Johanna

    @jean – Apologies it took you a long time to get through, but I hope you got the information you needed. We can do network checks here with a full postcode.

  447. jean

    i have recently joined 3 network but found the signal strenght where i live is not good at all it says it should be ok thankfully I am on a month only sim, but i find wheen you phone up you are on the phone for ages, i phoned on thursday of last week and was cut of four times i eventually when to the 3 shop lady put me through and i was on the phone for 48 minutes which is disgusting.

    I am hoping they sort my problem out but come on 3 you really need to sort your customer service out, thiis was not very good.

  448. Moderator: Lauren

    @Bob – replied to your comment in another thread.

  449. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jon – you cannot switch to the One Plan mid-contract I’m afraid. You can purchase 1Gb of tethering for £5 per month on your price plan. This can be done via My3.

  450. Allan

    @cesare Should have done your homework… I spent about 15 minutes online and half hour in store. Result is I quickly learned that the One Plan was better suited to my needs – AYCE data and tethering.

    Look around all the other networks – you wont find a plan like this anywhere else.

    If you’re on PAYG, surely you can just move to the One Plan?

    The store made the ‘switchover’ painless for me too…activated my sim, gave me instructions on moving my number from my prev provider….. great deal.. HOT from me.

  451. bob

    constant network problems in [removed by mod] area!!!! what is goin on????

  452. Jon

    I have been thinking, since Google I/O, that I may get the Nexus 7 tablet. It is WIFI only so I would need to tether it with my HTC One X when I am of at home. I have the Ultimate Internet 500 plan, no tethering, at £30 per month. My question is how much would it cost on my plan to have tethering enabled as an add-on? Or is it best to switch to the One Plan, and much will that be per month?

  453. Moderator: Kaz

    @cesare – Sorry you feel that way, it does state in our Terms that you can not tether using a PAYG SIM. Tethering is only allowed on The One Plan or if an add-on is purchase on a contract plan.

  454. cesare

    Three, you are full of crap. I did not enjoy your introduction to many innovative stuff, all I know is that I bought a pay as you go phone from you only because you had the all you can eat data, I have used the hotspot for months and then stopped. It took several phone call for me to hear that you do not provide data as hotspot.

    I will give you the worst feedback I can online and in person, and of course I will look for other companies.

    Three sucks.

  455. Moderator: Lauren

    @Josh – there may be congestion in the area. If you send the full postcode (we won’t publish it) I can check for any issues in your area.

  456. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tim McGrath – Hi there, it depends on what iPad you have. The ‘new iPad’ is capable of tethering but the previous versions don’t support tethering. If it’s the ‘new iPad’ you’d just need to update your carrier settings to pick up the tethering settings.

  457. Josh

    So I have a Samsung Galaxy ACE and I pay £15 a month for the package where you get unlimited use of internet etc. How come before 3pm the internet is amazing for my laptop but as soon as it hits 3pm it goes horrible and laggy.

    I have to do this for a while because I can’t get broadband at the moment and my old SIM card it did this but as soon as I got a new one for the first week the internet was fine all day and then again it started going bad at 3pm again. I pay that £15 for good internet all day when I need it not just for a short period of time.

    Could you explain why it goes bad?

  458. Tim McGrath

    I’ve just taken out a 2 year iPad contract with 15GB a month is it possible to get tethering turned on for this?

  459. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tom D – Hi there, I’m afraid there’s no way of changing the NAT type. It’s built this way by the manufacturer and it’s something we’d be unable to change as it’s made that way I’m afraid.

  460. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tom D – Hi, you shouldn’t experience any difference. The only thing to watch for is if you’re tethering through a WiFi hotspot you’ve got another step it’s going through so as with any WiFi there may be a bit of a lag. Re ps3/Xbox – this depends on the phone and the game – certain games require different NAT settings, which manufacturer’s may have restricted. It’s not something we can guarantee I’m afraid.

  461. Tom D

    Ok, I can connect with my ps3 via my iPhone. But it says my nat type is 2. (which is good) but when on certain games I get nat type strict??? Is there anything I can do to change this? I’m using a ps3 to tether with an iPhone 4.

  462. Tom D

    Hi Mods, after successfully getting my broadband contract cancelled last month I’m upgrading my plan to the one plan so I can tether. My questions are – 1, I get speeds between 3-6 Mbps (off peak times) which is really good I know. Would me tethering through a laptop slow the speed down or would I get slower speeds? 2 – I’ve seen videos on the Internet that you can connect to the net via ps3/Xbox and play online gaming. Is this possible? Thanks in advance

  463. Moderator: Nicki

    @Harvey – Hi there, there would be no charges for this. All you’re doing is tethering to a VPN, it doesn’t matter the location of where the VPN is. It’s the same as just connecting to a website based in Switzerland. The only time you’d be charged is if you’re outside the UK yourself :-)

  464. Harvey

    Hi there,

    I just moved to a new place in London where there is no broadband activated yet, so I am using my Three mobile phone as a Wifi Hotspot to connect to the internet from my laptop.

    It works perfectly and I have unlimited tethering included in my price plan (The One Plan), but I am worried about using my OpenVPN connection tunnelling to a server based in Switzerland: would Three charge me for data roaming as if I was physically tethering from Switzerland (tethering from abroad is not included in the plan) or shouldn’t I worry about that?

    This is the setting I use: using my mobile phone as a Wifi Hotspot, connect to it from the laptop and then run OpenVPN on the laptop.

    Is it safe to do that or will I be charged for data roaming as if I was tethering from abroad?

    Thank you for your help.

  465. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ben – Tethering is included in The One Plan, so no extra charges :-)

  466. Moderator: Johanna

    @Paul D – If you’re on The One Plan you are absolutely able to tether with all you can eat data. We only manage traffic when using file sharing sites, to make sure the rest of our customers have a fair experience on our network. If you’d like to share a full postcode we can check the network for you.

  467. Ben

    Hi there,
    If I wanted to get an IPhone 4s on the one plan, would I have to pay additional charges for tethering/ personal hotspot or would It be covered by the unlimited data?
    Thanks :)

  468. Paul D

    What’s going on?

    I sign up for the One Contract which I am given to understand includes ‘All you can eat data’ and tethering.

    When I first connected I was getting tethered download speeds of 4-5 MB per second, but after less than 24 hours of moderate usage my download speeds are down to 0.2 MB per second.

    Am I being throttled? or is the infrastructure inadequate? I’m a bit worried that I may have been conned!

    I’d study the T&Cs but as of Saturday evening 23rd June, the website is offline for ‘essential maintenance’.

    What’s going on?

  469. Moderator: Nicki

    @Peter – Hi there and welcome to Three :-)

    Yep we’re a 100% 3G network so don’t have a 2G network therefore our sims would only work in 3G phones.

    You can add tethering on to the price plan for £5.00 per month through customer service.

  470. Peter

    I’ve signed up for a pay monthly SIM 300 plan (£15 AYCE 1 month rolling contract) after a phone call from 3.

    I was a bit suprised to see I needed a 3G phone but that’s another story.

    Before I open the packet, register and invalidate a return, can you tell me if I can get a tethering add-on for this plan?

  471. brian

    Sorry – I disagree; I bought this phone with a tethering capability and “all you can eat data” – not “all you can eat but”….. You may think your terms and conditions make it clear, but the evidence of unhappy customers speaks for itself – many, many people are “caught” after believing “all you can eat data” is what it says on the tin; If you want absolute clarity then your message should say “all you eat data but only on the specific phone”…- which I guess is not quite such an attractive marketing message !

    Bottom line – the data goes to my phone – where it then goes should be my choice !

    I’d accept a restriction on tethering if it was made clear, and I’d reluctantly accept a limit to the volume of data I can use via tethering – again if it was made clear – but the current position leaves me an unhappy customer unwilling to pay £5 per month for the odd time I tether my iPad..

    We may have to agree to disagree – but I am not happy !

  472. Moderator: Johanna

    @brian – All you can eat data is as much data as you can use on your smartphone, so it is what it says on the tin. Tethering so you can power other devices is a different ball game. We think our Ts&Cs make this clear.

  473. brian

    I too am extremely disappointed tethering is not allowed on my all you can eat data plan; All I am doing is looking at information in a more readable format on my Ipad than I can do on my phone – “all you can eat data” should mean exactly that – I am quite happy to be blocked from using both devices to access different internet sites at the same time – but to be prevented from viewing something on my Ipad (that I can view on my phone) when my phone is only acting as a conduit, is wrong. It is also not clearly stated during the sales process when the phone being sold includes a tethering capability. Maybe Ofcom should take an interest in terms and conditions – indeed is this an “unreasonable term and condition” in a contract which would make it unenforceable. Any good commercial lawyers have a view ?

    Not good enough three – if you pay for all you can eat data, then that is what it should be.


  474. Moderator: Johanna

    @Paul Chapman – All you can eat data means you can use as much data as you want on your smartphone. Tethering/using your phone as a modem to power another device is unique to The One Plan or One Plan SIM-only. I’m afraid if you want to tether on another plan, you will need to buy the tethering add-on.

  475. Moderator: Johanna

    @Derek – Our policy is not to upgrade contracts mid-term. Great that you got what you’re after but you do usually need to be in last month of contract.

  476. Paul Chapman

    I’ve just renewed two contracts for my wife & I but very disjointed to learn that tethering is not permitted on an all you can eat data tariff with paying a further £5. I’m sorry to say that I’ll be calling three in the morning just before sending 2x Samsung S2′s back if this isn’t sorted!

  477. Derek

    I have three contracts with “3″ network and although coverage is great most of the service are great, But be sure you never need to go through Customer service !! I tried to add a contracts minutes to another contract (Giving “3″ an extra 18 months worth of custom) to be told in No uncertain terms “Cant be Done”!! when I told them that as soon as the contract was up it would be cancelled! LO and Behold it magically could be done!! bad luck for three all my contracts will run to the end of said contracts then my business will be going elsewhere!! AND I HAVE BEEN A CUSTOMER SINCE THEY STARTED!!!!! beware folks !!

  478. Moderator: Lauren

    @Nick – the One Plan includes tethering. You can purchase a tethering add-on for one month for your current contract via My3 if you want to test the connection :-D

  479. Nick

    Hi, I’m currently on Sim 300 1 month (£15 a month, AYCE internet). Looked through the artical and price guides and stuff and I just want to make sure, does the one plan effectively include all you can eat data on Tethering, if so, I’ll at least give this a shot for a month to help me decide if it’s better than my ADSL.



  480. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mr Evans – If you’re having issues with your coverage please advise us of your full postcode and we can check for any faults, work going on or planned improvements. Don’t worry we won’t publish your postcode. Sorry if you’re unhappy with our position on tethering however it’s only available on One Plan, or with a tethering addon as per our policy.

  481. Moderator: Nicki

    @tony addison – Hi there, you can tether on the One Plan, or with a tethering add on. The AYCE addon does not allow for tethering. Check out our guide here

  482. Mr Evans

    I was literally about to buy the add-on for unlimted data to use with my tethered laptop, but seeing the additional charge and a switch of contract just to get what I want is frankly ridiculous….and reading the comments on here supports that view..

    3G (with or without tethering) will never be as usable/reliable as the hard-line option that heavy users would require to download films etc, so the tethering charge really is ridiculous, and is cynical profiteering by 3.

    Personally my coverage is poor anyway (despite coverage maps claims by 3) and my 20-30kps download speed I get at home tethered with my laptop is akin to the old modem days.

    People vote with their feet and my contract is up for renewal shortly…

    Perhaps a policy review is in order 3…?

  483. tony addison

    Well 3 im yet another unhappy customer whos just found out i cant tether will my alll you can eat data.It seems clear if you dont sort this out without the ..we can sell you an add on crap you are going to loose a lot of customers and get an awfull lot of bad press.Im sure who ever thought the con up got a good bonus for it ,it just stinks of the typical coporate greed that we are getting used to nowadays.

  484. Moderator: Nicki

    @Shane – Hi there, the Ultimate Internet will give you AYCE data. If you then choose to add on the tethering addon this will give you 1GB dedicated tethering allowance. You’ll still have the AYCE data for your general surfing but not for tethering.

  485. Shane

    Sorry, can’t be bothered to trawl through all the previous post on this thread….

    If I were to sign up for Ultimate Internet 100 and pay extra £5 for tethering would that mean that I would get ‘tethered All you can Eat Data’ or just the 1Gb for tethering….?

  486. Moderator: Lauren

    @Scott – Sorry to read that. You can change your pin via My3. I’ve passed your comments to our Social Media Care team who will look into this for you.

  487. Scott Edlin

    Reading the comments on here I am in a similar situation.

    Upgraded to an iphone 4s in november 2011, was 100% sure I was moving on the One plan which as you said includes tethering.

    Ive been using it fine until a month ago when it came up saying it is blocked and not allowed!

    I checked my account as I dont get paper bills. It turns out I am on a completely different tariff with an inet add on!

    How the hell does that happen?! I then try and phone you and it tells me to enter a pin number to talk to someone, what pin! How ridiculous, fed up of 3 service and the 100s of phone calls I get a month from your call centres trying to sell me something.

    I will be leaving when My contracts up.

    In fact youve breached my t & c by signing me up to the wrong contract and have mis sold to me, either contact me and sort it or cancel my contract without penalty and you can have the phone back, fed up with your service.

  488. Moderator: Kaz

    @Miguel – I’m afraid you will not be able to tether with the AYCE add-on. Tethering is only allowed on The One Plan or if you have purchased a Tethering Add-on.

  489. Moderator: Kaz

    @Alex – Having all-you-can-eat data doesn’t necessarily mean you’re allowed to use it to tether. We only allow tethering on the One Plan, or on our current Pay Monthly phone contracts with a tethering Add-on. We’ve never allowed tethering if you’ve only got an all-you-can-eat Add-on. You can see whether your plan is compatible with a tethering Add-on at three.co.uk/my3.

  490. Miguel

    hi all,
    have the unlimited date add on on my contract phone, not the one plan.
    does this mean i can still tether my devices and not be charged extra data rates?

  491. Alex

    I’m sorry, but you can’t bang on about how this is a brilliant feature.

    I paid for unlimited data, and that is exactly what I should get. How I use that data is absolutely no business of Three’s. I only use my phone for the internet, and when I’m working away from home, I tether it to my works laptop to prevent having to pay hotel fees for wireless.

    This has worked for months and months, then all of a sudden, I get the silly block page from Three to tell me off for using data I pay for in the way I want to. Seriously poor service. Utter tosh.

  492. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – Is it jut your dongles you’re having connection issues with?

  493. Moderator: Lauren

    @Duncan – Hi there. Sorry to read you had issues with your contract. I’m afraid you are not able to tether with all-you-can-eat, you can only tether with an add-on or with the One Plan. Details on this can be found here. I’ve passed your comments onto our Social Media Care team who will email you for more info.

  494. Paul

    Had terrible problems just getting a DATA connection in my E586 or E353, but guess what?

    MOVE THE DATA Sim to my mobile, it works perfectly in WiFi Hotspot mode. How crap is that?

  495. Duncan Andison

    I only now know you don’t allow tethering on the Sim only accounts but in fairness, why should I when Three Staff don’t know it either, hence the reason I am in the mess I’m in now. This is an attempt to air my complaint in the hope that someone who can understand me will contact me.

    A little while back I went over my 2gbs on a previous phone and one thing led to another and I rang Three to buy the HTC One x, The one Plan as I needed to tether. April the 5th if I recall correctly (the day before easter bank holiday weekend) I was told over the phone I would be with me the next day, Bank holiday Friday, I think not. Although they insisted it would be even though I challenged it. I hung up and decided to go to the branch.

    Of course, this meant I had to cancel the over the phone order. At the shop, I was informed it would take several days to cancel and this had to happen first before I could take the monthly contract with them (once again I told them I would be away on holiday and needed this before then).

    Not to worry, you can buy the phone and get all you can eat on a sim only 12 month contract. Great said, I can tether with this can’t I, as I need to connect to my iPad. oh yes of course. The cancelling of the previous account seemed but after several phone calls over a number of hours it seemed to be resolved. Thank goodness, I hope I never have to call again.

    2 months on and I get a block from tethering…. Red Rag meet Bull.

    While remaining remarkably calm given I was transfered 4 times, cut off once and promised by the member of staff who called me back ( the one helpful person I found at three) that I could get an add on for tethering for £5… hey, the trouble I have had with Three, £5 seemed a good deal just to get off the phone. He transferred me to the team to sort it…… after an hour on the line I was told I couldn’t have it.

    Complaint logged.

    That was a week ago. I received a call while I was in the car and they asked whether it was convenient or should they call back. I asked for them to call back a little later, wouldn’t be long before I got back home. No call.

    Today, missed phone call due to call of nature…… but, text message advised to call them back to resolve. So I did.

    I was told that they would only try once per day (even though I was on the phone to them right then) and that they would call sometime tomorrow. I asked why not this later today (only 1pm). I was then informed that most customers don’t like being called more than once. I explained to them that I wasn’t interested what other customers liked/wanted, this was my complaint not theirs…. I was then informed I believe more than once “That’s just the way it is”

    Now, apart from wanting to continue with “Some things will never change” I had to ask the member of staff to stop justifying why they would not return a call to a customer when they specifically said it was ok… saying other customers don’t like it wasn’t helpful at all. At that point I had to add, “When you are in a hole, stop digging.”

    I am at a complete loss for words at the level of incompetence Three UK have managed to demonstrate, it is truly remarkable. To be able to generate a further complaint when dealing with a complaint is a skill that thankfully, most companies do not have.

    Me, I am £450 down on a phone that has a contact that isn’t suitable for my needs after being advised it would be. The £25 “the One Plan” (sim only) is about the same price as a number of specials that have been kicking around for the contract and the phone….

    No doubt this message will not be approved to appear on here so, I will keep a copy of this to send to the Ombudsman, Three’s CEO… newspapers, Create my own specially keyworded Webpage telling the world about how poor the service is…. loud hailer on a street corner! By now you will be able to tell I am pig sick and will not go away!!!

  496. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andy – Having all-you-can-eat data doesn’t necessarily mean you’re allowed to use it to tether. We only allow tethering on the One Plan, or on our current Pay Monthly phone contracts with a tethering Add-on. We’ve never allowed tethering if you’ve only got an all-you-can-eat Add-on. You can see whether your plan is compatible with a tethering Add-on at three.co.uk/my3.

  497. Andrew

    Hi, I’m very disappointed to just find out that Three charge and extra £5 for tethering… I use to be on t-mobile and it was free but they had a fair usage policy, I chose Three because of the all-you-can-eat data plan but the fact they are charging extra for this service that is built-in to most new phones is terrible, Also you only get 2gb/month for £5 when the contract I’m paying for has an all-you-can-eat data plan… How can they charge for this service which is simply transferring where you can use the mobile internet in which you already pay for? You can also do most things on the phone that you can do on the computer anyway so it isn’t really that your going to use more data just It’ll be through a computer rather than phone.
    I hope to hear an explanation into why they charge for the service and how it differs from using the mobile internet on the phone or tethering to a laptop.
    Thank you,

  498. Moderator: Kaz

    @Roy – Tethering is allowed if you are on the One Plan. I’m not 100% sure if the Xperia X8 allows tethering. Most new 3G phones now allow tethering, it’s best to check the phones you like the look of.

  499. Roy

    Tethering… I am on one plan, can my Xperia X8 be used for tethering? If not, can you kindly list 3 phones which do allow tethering, thanks.

  500. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – We’ll do this only if you’re an extremely high data user (in our list of the top 5% of our high data users) and if you’re using data in the peak hours from 3pm to 12 midnight. If you are, try to move some of your data usage outside these hours. If you manage to do this, you should see a speed improvement after a few days.

    Like all mobile operators, managing traffic across the network is a necessity. Although this can mean that some users may get slower speeds at peak times, we try to make sure that all of our users get fair and balanced access to our network. We’re doing this to provide the best possible experience for all our customers and our terms and conditions include this. You can read our terms and conditions at three.co.uk/terms and see our traffic management policy at three.co.uk/traffic.

  501. simon walker

    Hi I am on the one plan which I bought primarily for the tethering service. It is advertised as all you can eat withh no fair usage policy. However I am now being capped to speeds of 0.02 mps which is unusable. It’s a complete breach of the terms and conditions and misrepresentation. I expect this to be sorted or I want the contract cancelled without penalty. Beware consumers, three are crooks.

  502. Moderator: Johanna

    @Adam – Tethering is only inclusive on The One Plan, I hope you got your add-ons sorted.

  503. adam

    toke out a new contract with three. with all you can eat internet. to find out once ive downloaded 1 thing i need to take out a tethering addon. not happy at all.

  504. Andy

    Well! two hours of downloading Vista SP 1 and SP2 rendered my completely without a laptop internet connection, even my trusty ZTE dongle refused to play.

    However, a new day brings new inspiration and after manually reinstalling the ZTE modem driver I restored that, which made me wonder about the WiFi drivers. Can you believe I was still using drivers from 2007? Lesson learned – selecting “automatic updates” does not update everything! The 2009 drivers that were found online magically cured the connection problem so I am now up and running with WiFi Tethering.

    It’s been a pain getting here – not three’s issue – but well worth it! And no, I am not being paid.


  505. Andy

    In a rare moment of sanity I tried the WiFi tether with a works laptop – perfect – 4Mb download an’all. So my problem is with my personal computer, not three or my phone.

    Want me to post the solution on here when I work out what’s going on?
    I am running Vista on a Fujitsu Siemens laptop, the work one has XP on a HP.



  506. Andy

    @Nicki – thanks for the confirmation.

    II was quite surprised not to be given a new SIM when I signed up, really.

    I don’t get any errors as others have described – just the ‘local only’ notification. As I say it’s fine when wire-tethered (USB).

    I will try again tonight, and call 333 if I can’t make it work.

  507. Nicki Macleod

    @Andy – Hi there, glad you’re liking the SII.

    If you’re on the One Plan there should be nothing stopping you from being able to tether.

    Are you still experiencing the same problem? It’s likely this wouldn’t be caused by the sim card, but with it being 6 years old there may be a slight chance the sim card is faulty. You’d be able to get the sim card replaced free of charge in a Three store if you advise them that it’s faulty.

    I’ll ask around our tech guys to see if they’ve seen this problem before and come back to you :-)

  508. Nicki Macleod

    @Nicky –

    We’ve recently started to better enforce our terms and conditions. These say that we only allow tethering on the One Plan, or on other Pay Monthly plans with a tethering Add-on.

    If you’re trying to tether without a tethering Add-on and your terms and conditions don’t say that you can, even if you’ve been able to do it previously you’ll find you won’t be able to use this service.

    You can see whether your plan is compatible with a tethering Add-on at three.co.uk/my3

  509. Andy

    d’oh – sorry I don’t mean it says “internet only” I mean “local only” of course



  510. Andy

    I sent you a message about WiFi tethering – while waiting for a response on that I thought I’d try it with the cable – and hey, after downloading a couple of drivers it works just fine.

    So it’s Just the WiFi – -



  511. Andy

    Hi – well I did it and signed up for a Samsung Galaxy S II (decided the S III is a bit gimicky) on the One plan.

    That was Saturday, this is Monday and I am still on a steep learning curve, but it bothers me that I can’t get the Wifi tethering to work – my laptop connects but says “internet only” in the network map graphic.

    Is the fact that I am using the old SIM card from my 2006 Sony Ericsson C903 anything to do with it? Or am I missing something? Grateful for any suggestions or help.

    Another of my concerns, speed – by the way – is 3Mb/s, just as good as the dongle I also have :-) nice one three!



  512. Nicky

    I called up Three Mobile when I first took out my mobile plan to ask if tethering was permitted because I required it as part of the plan, I was told tethering was fine on my current plan of Apple iPhone 4S / Text 500 All-you-can-eat data and have had no problem using tethering.

    From reading the posts on here, it seems you are saying different to how I was adviced in the call center, so are you saying that my tethering can be removed at any time because it isnt a part of the plan? If this is the case, I will certainly turn from one happy satisfied customer to one very unhappy and unsatisfied customer?

  513. dean

    @doctorkesh, according to three store staff there was sumone who done the exact same and he was fine…its the only truely unlimited, im yet to clarify wether they restrict your speed after so many gb tho….

  514. Moderator

    @Chaz – Hi there, by any chance do you use Dolphin browser on your phone? This appears to be causing the tethering block for some customers. Our technical team on 333 will be able to assist you in trying to get this block lifted.

  515. Chaz

    @Kaz. I have purchased Internet Max (2Gb) at £5.11/month and My3 confirms the addon is Active. However, I still receive the SIM002 tethering blocked message. I never got that message until I purchased AYCE. I rang 333 and they say they have cancelled AYCE ( and it no longer shows in my Addons). However, I’m still blocked. If you are able to get someone to resolve this, then my number is [removed by Mod] (I assume the number wont be posted to the forum) Thank you.

  516. Moderator: Kaz

    @Chaz – I can confirm that tethering is only allowed on The One Plan or if you have purchased a Internet Max add-on. If you add AYCE data to your price plan it cannot be removed until it’s time to upgrade. Please let us know if you would like me to arrange for someone to call you to discuss your issue in more detail.

  517. Moderator: Kaz

    @Sun – You are only able to tethering on The One Plan, or if you buy a tethering add-on. More details can be found here

  518. Sun

    Hi I am based in Ireland, which plan offered by 3 allows me to use tethering? There are a number of so called Flex Max plans on the 3 website. Cheers Sun

  519. Chaz

    I was on Internet texter with 1Gb data included and tethering worked fine. I saw an ad for AYCE at an additional £3 and bought it via my phone’s connection to Planet3/My3. I did not see anything that said tethering would be blocked. Shortly after, I started getting SIM002 every time I tried to connect to internet. Rang Three who said they would only cancel AYCE if I bought Internet Max (2GB) for an extra £5.11. [This contradicts their website - the website says it can be cancelled after a month, Three say its a life-of-contract upgrade and refuse to cancel it]They confirmed that if I bought Internet Max I would get my original 1Gb inclusive, plus the extra 2Gb, and tethering would be restored. So I agreed (not like I had a choice). 24 hours, multiple reboots of phone and pc later and several hours on the phone to Three later, I still dont have tethering restored. Its still blocked. They’ve promised “someone” will ring me in about 48 hours. So far, all this has done is cost me more and reduce my service.

  520. Moderator: Johanna

    @Cjpal3 – Right you can indeed use the personal hotspot on the new iPad – data is included in your MBB plan. You cannot use a One Plan SIM in an iPad though, as it is for phones only.

  521. @Cjpal3

    Saw further up this list re tethering ipad3 on one plan – can you confirm that I can
    connect an ipad3 to the one plans personal hotspot – thanks

  522. Moderator: Johanna

    @JP – You can only tether if you’re on The One Plan, One Plan SIM-only or have a tethering add-on. If you’re on another plan with no add-on, it wasn’t permitted and I’m afraid we’re enforcing this.

  523. JP


    I have been using my phone to tether to my PC for the last few weeks; however I tried over the weekend and have been unable to gain access. It displayed the message that it may not be possible depending on the plan I am on. Has anything changed recently and how do I go about getting this issue rectified?


  524. Moderator: Johanna

    @Carl – Which phone are you using to tether?

  525. Carl

    I am on the one plan n still can’t tether my devices

  526. Moderator: Sedge

    @Erika – You can only tether if you’re on The One Plan, The One Month rolling SIM or if you purchase the Internet Max Add on. The all-you-can-eat add on doesn’t include tethering I’m afraid.

  527. erika

    I’m on a 24months contract with 3. my contract is the internet Texter 300. I need to use my iphone 4 as a modem for a couple of weeks until i complete the setup of my broadband. Can I just buy the AYCE add-on for a month and use the tethering function without incurring other costs?? thanks

  528. Carl

    @johanna-a Samsung netbook n210 plus

  529. Moderator: Johanna

    @Carwyn – I’ve emailed you now…

  530. Carwyn

    Hi Johanna,

    I have more info regarding this issue, could you please contact me via email?


  531. Moderator: Johanna

    @Carwyn – Hello, I’m afraid you were given the wrong info :-( You can only tether with Internet Max, One Plan, or tethering addon. You should be able to cancel and add add-ons in My3. If you have an issue doing this come back to us and we’ll email you for your account details and arrange.

  532. Carwyn

    Hi there,

    Just been on the phone to Three customer services and was enquiring if I can change the X-series for the Internet Max add-on for tethering. The gentleman said he would ask his supervisor and put me on hold for about 3min. He came back and said that I do not need to change the add-on and yes you can tether you have 2gb with the x-series, you can now use it for tethering as well. I asked again if this was correct and he said he asked two people to check. I informed him that it said differently on the three website, but he insisted I would not be charged for tethering on the X-series add-on. Could someone please clarify this as I do not want to be billed for tethering!

    Many thanks

  533. Moderator: Kaz

    @Joe – Tethering is not included with the ultimate plan, you would need to purchase a tethering add-on for £5 pm. Tethering is included with the One Plan though if this is an option for you.

  534. Joe

    Hi in Support / Internet & apps./ Internet / Get more internet use with an Add-on. it is stated that with an ultimate plan you will not need an add-on. Does this mean tethering is unlimited with an ulimate plan? I would be more likely to grab an ultimate plan as Ive fairly low use of calls/texts so Im keen to find out the tethering options for those packages.

  535. Moderator: Kaz

    @Clarissa – I can confirm that tethering is unlimited on The One plan, you can find out more information on our website here

  536. Moderator: Kaz

    @Joe – Just to confirm, tethering is including on the One Plan and you will not be changed extra.

  537. Clarissa

    After much time spent searching for the actual tethering allowance I find the significant fact – Tethering Add On allows just 1gb per month. Now the question I cannot find any answer to and is a deal clincher for me, is, How much tethering allowance on the One Plan? 1gb as in the Tethering Add On, or more, or unlimited?
    Thank you for clarifying this piece of information which is frankly, obscured to the nth degree throughout the Three Mobile website.

  538. Joe

    hi I just recently purchased phone on three for £36 pound a month on the one plan if tether from my samsung galaxy s2 phone will i. charged for thering

  539. Moderator: Johanna

    @Carl – You shouldn’t be getting delivery reports, but if for some reason you do then come back to us. What device are you trying to tether with?

  540. Carl

    I am very happy on 3 I find my Internet is fast my signal is great most places being from a small welsh valley this is great has orange/t mobile r terrible round here. This is the first I’ve heard bout delivery report charges though. I do not want delivery reports and far as I know don’t get them but I am new to the I phone so not sure if I am getting them and not realising. If I get my first bill and there’s charges for delivery reports I will leave the network definitely. Also I am on the one plan but am having trouble tethering my phone to my netbook and have been unable so far to use it to connect it to the Internet any help with this would be greatly appreciated

  541. Moderator: Sedge

    @Leomeza – We don’t offer unlimited WiFi but with The One Plan you have worry-free internet so you can use your smartphone the way it was intended to be used without running up a large bill.

  542. leomeza

    I want to buy the iphone 4s with the one plan at £34 per month, just wonder if three is also offering unlimited Wifi openzone like T mobile on the £36 full monty plan. tks

  543. Moderator

    @Darren – I’m afraid tethering is only available on the One Plan, or with a tethering addon. While the AYCE data addon will give you as much internet allowance as you want, it doesn’t include tethering.

  544. Moderator

    @Michael – Hi there, you’ll be able to buy a tethering addon. You can get this through 333 or on My3 I’m afraid tethering isn’t included within the package.

  545. Darren

    Hi, I was wondering about the all you can eat data. I am on contract with Three and if I get the AYCE data and tether it to my laptop will it still be unlimited data on my laptop or will I be limited to a certain ammount? Thank you =]

  546. Michael

    Can I get tethering included in In a SIM 300 monthly rolling contract.

  547. Moderator

    @Livio – You can use the Note for tethering if you are on the One Plan or have a compatible add-on. You can find out more information about tethering here: http://www.three.co.uk/tethering. Speeds can vary depending on the speed capability the device has, the Note is HSPA+ compatible.

  548. Livio

    Hello Kaz, just a couple of questions please, i have a Samsung Galaxy Note and am wondering if the phone has the wireless tethering functionality to support ‘The One Plan’ broadband (SIM only rolling contract), also, is there a difference in data speeds given over to a ’3′ network ’3g broadband dongle’ and the 3g speeds on a ’3′ 3g phone, or are all ’3′ 3g network data speeds the same regardless of if it’s a phone or dongle?

  549. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mich – You can not tether using a PAYG SIM, however you can tether with The One Plan SIM only plan, or if you purchase a tethering add-on for any other SIM only plans.

  550. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mark – Unfortunately tethering is not allowed on our PAYG plans, only contract plans. You will not be able to connect your tablet to the internet via a PAYG phone. I would recommend you look into getting The One Plan if you wish to tether. This plan is available as a SIM only, 1 month rolling plan, or contract phone plan. Find out more here

  551. Mich

    can i use my mobile as wifi hotspot on a 1-month rolling contract? or is there an add-on for payg customer to use for tethering/wifi hotspot?

  552. Moderator: Kaz

    @doctoresh – Just to confirm The One Plan does come with AYCE data which has unlimited data and you can also tethering on this plan. There will be no extra charge to tether.

  553. Mark

    I also wanted to add that i would love to geth the big one plan, (£25 a month), with lots of minutes and texts but i cannot get reception at my house, kt13, which is a massive shame so i have to stick with my o2 £30 a month contract for that but wish to use the three sim for my internet at work.

  554. Mark

    Hi – i am thinking of purchasing your deal on the samsung galaxy ace, £99.99 – great deal), and the reason for this is i want to get a sim with the AYCE data so i can connect my tablet to the internet and surf and watch tv.
    Question 1. When i go to buy the phone, it asks do i want to add the ” all in one 15 add on”. Is this part of the one plan, where i can use it to tether?
    Question 2. Do you do a credit check for this as i have bad credit from a while ago?
    Many thanks.

  555. doctorkesh

    I just wanted to ask one question. I have a motorolla xoom 3g and have bought ‘The One’ plan. I have inserted the sim in xoom and it is working fine. Just to clarify, I can connect the xoom to my pc and download stuff. Now, I know that tehtering is allowed on the one plan. Am I allowed to download and use all the internet that I can via this route? I am a heavy internet user and my download ranges between 200-400 gb a month. I do have BE broadband connection, but that does not run as fast as three’s sim in the region where I live.

    Can you kindly please tell me whether I can use really ‘unlimited internet’ by tethering the xoom to my PC via usb cable or will I be billed for it?


  556. Moderator: Kaz

    @Andy – The only way you could test AYCE data on a smartphone is to purchase a SIM Only 1 month rolling contract. Click for more details here it’s the last price plan. However, you will need access to a smartphone which would take a Three SIM. Regarding speeds, it’s pretty impossible to state if you’re data speeds will be the same, but a Galaxy Note with a Three SIM inside should see similer speeds, but I can’t guarantee this.

  557. Andy


    I’ve been with three for ages, have a dongle which I use with my laptop and an old S-E C903. The phone has died, so I am considering replacing it AND the dongle with a modern smartphone one the One plan, using the WiFi tether instead of the dongle.

    Question is, will download speed be as good via the smartphone as it currently is via the dongle? (Dongle usually gets >3 Mb/s at home). I experimented with my son’s whizzy new smartphone (Samsung Note on another network) and was disappointed to find we got only 1Mb/s.

    Is there any way to test this before I commit?


  558. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mark – This does not sound correct. You are allowed to tether on the One Plan. Have you spoken to customer services on 333 about this issue?

  559. Moderator: Kaz

    @Duncan MacKechnie – You can only tether using your iPhone if you are on the One Plan or you purchase a tethering add-on which gives you 2gb of tethering per month. In terms of speeds, it depends on the network and which MiFi you are using. It’s very hard to say if it’ll be faster.

  560. Craig Steed

    The latest iOS update brought back the ability to toggle 3G on and off on the iphone 4S, are three planning to push a carrier update out to allow this as its essential in weak 3G areas when you just want to make a phone call without getting cut off mid way through…..


  561. Mark

    Ive just got a new contract and new phone upgraded to the one plan now i can no longer tether my phone i was on the 500 plan before and it worked just fine.I now have all you can eat data which is of no use to the tablet that was only connected one before i upgraded.
    p.s phone has been restarted

  562. Duncan MacKechnie

    hi , I bought a mifi and did monthly contract , I lost the mifi which worked great , phoned 3 and told them and they have stoppe the SIM card I was going to buy a new mifi which is £45 , but, I have an iphone 4s would I be better getting a 3 sim card for that on a similra contract to the mifi ( £15 a month) – would the performance be as good as the mifi – as it would save me £45 and I could stil tether to my IPAD ??


  563. Moderator

    @Chris Bird – Hi there, unfortunately phone sims can only be used in a phone, and mobile broadband sims can only be used in mobile broadband devices (ie MIFI and dongles).

  564. Chris Bird

    Hi, im planning on getting the sim only 30 day contract, and i already have a contract for phone with shitty vodafone, can i use my 3 3G dongle or could i use a mifi that i used to use with this sim and get on the internet? else that means forking out for another phone with tethering,


  565. Moderator: Johanna

    @Damian – I think if you take a look through our comments you’ll see we don’t shy away from publishing ;-) No you can’t tether on PAYG. If you don’t want to take out a full contract you could try a SIM-only 1 month rolling

  566. Moderator: Johanna

    @Bradley Kelly – I found this guide here that may be useful.

  567. Moderator: Johanna

    @Holly Dunkley – You can indeed :-)

  568. damian

    im on pay as you go and i get the all in one 15 add-on i was told by the mananger i am allowed to teather on the all in one 15 add-on and above. after talking to customer services today about slow internet speeds i was told i wasnt allowed to teather. so theres a few things i want to know and im sure others do as well.

    1. am i allowed?

    2. if not how can i teather on pay as you go

    3. if you cant teather on pay as you go then why leave it just to contract payers, this seems a little unfair.

    now if you are saying i have to have a contract to teather im afraid that will never happen. i have been on contact with you before for both phone and broadband you you wouldnt let me cancel within the 14 day policy like it says im allowed on my contact agreement. i have been a customer with three for over 2 years now and upto now i have been very happy. if i cant teather on pay as you can i will be requesting my PAC code and leaving three for giffgaff. also i will be making an offical complaint to who i see fit cause this is just stupid. if i sound angry thats cause i am.

    enough said

    p.s if any mod edit and dont publish this comment i will take it as you dont wont your customers knowing the truth about three and i will leave. its not a threat but a promise

  569. Bradley Kelly

    To comnect my iPhone 3GS Internet to my PS3, would I need to connect the phone to the PS3 via a USB and turn on Personal Hotspot?

  570. Holly Dunkley

    I have the One Plan. can i download for free when using my iphone as a modem?


  571. Alice

    Thanks, I am enjoying tethering without worrying about hitting the 1gb limit I had on my 3 dongle.

  572. Moderator: Kaz

    @Alice – That is not correct, The One Plan is not changing.

  573. Alice

    Hi, I just spoke to a Three cancellation staff member on the phone. He informs me that tethering will not be allowed soon with the One plan. Is this correct and when will it happen?

  574. raj

    Your 3G is really faster (upto 550kbps) than my home wifi (sky) – in my area.
    But, your converage is poor. Can you work towards improving it on isle of dogs.

  575. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Patrik – Great to hear that our network is faster than your home WiFi ;) If you’re on The One Plan, tethering is included and you won’t be charged extra for downloading the PlayStation update :)

  576. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Andi – You could always buy the Internet Max Add On or take out the One Month rolling SIM for a month which will allow you to tether. Hope your house move is stress free :-)

  577. Patrik


    My Wifi at home is extremely slow. And unfortunately I have been downloading an update for my Playstation 3, it took a long time. Now I wanted to play a game with my friend, but I have to re-download an update for the game too, and this update is even bigger (in size) than the previous update. I just want to scream.

    I have “The One Plan”, and my iphone speed is currently faster than my Wifi.
    The update I want to download is unfortunately 1.3GB big. Will I be charged extra if I chose to use tether my Iphone with PS3 so I can download this update faster?

    The reason I ask is because the update is quite big, and I would prefer if someone actually working for three to answer me.
    Kind regards


  578. Andi

    Hi Joanna, I’m moving house and will be without internet for a couple of weeks, I don’t have an existing Three account — is there anything I can buy to get tethering just for 1 month? It seems none of the PAYG allow it even with the add-on.

  579. Moderator: Johanna

    @Shaun – Oh Apple know for sure that we have iPad owners itching to use Hot Spot and as soon as it becomes available in April, you guys will be able to use it.

  580. Moderator: Johanna

    @Alin Campan – Yes we do offer tethering, but if you want to make the most of all-you-can-eat tethering you’ll need to buy The One Plan SIM-only, which is £25. If this is too much you can buy one of our other SIM only plans and the tethering add-on, but the limit is 2GB.

  581. Shaun

    Johanna can you let the right people know that us loyal 3 users require the personal hotspot feature of the iPad to be activated imminently.
    you’re getting direct debits every month so please deliver fast. Thank you…

  582. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jay – It depends which add-on it is, you can buy a tethering add-on, info here.

  583. Moderator: Johanna

    @Greta – That’s no problem at all but you’ll need to be on The One Plan to tether with your all you can eat data :-)

  584. Jay

    I have a 12 month sim only with 2 GB Internet add on. Will I get charged for tethering?

  585. Alin Campan

    Hi there i am on the giffgaff network and they do not allow tethering. I have an iPhone 4S and the new iPad and would like to come back to 3 again if I get a unlimited data that allows to tether and that won’t block me. I’m looking for a cheap deal maximum £15 a month pay as you go not 1 month rolling contract. If you can offfer me a great deal with unlimited data and tethering then please let me know. I’ve got another 4 days left if I wish to make any changed with my iPad. I have got the 16GB wifi and 4G version for £499 and did want to buy the 32GB wifi only for £479 but as my giffgaff network doesn’t allow tethering then that’s the reason I’ve selected wifi and 4G version. Please message me three team thank you and just to say I was on three before but left as I’ve had terrible signal at home and even in work. If I got 4 days left out of the 14 days then hope I can change my 16GB wifi and 4G for 32GB wifi only and using tethering from mobile to power the iPad.

  586. Greta

    I am thinking about to get all you can eat plan and get the Iphone with it. I’m also a mac user and I was thinking is it going to be possible for me to connect my phone with my computer and use Internet? And am I going to be extra charged if I would like to use the Internet on my mac trough my phone. thank you

  587. Moderator

    @Mike – It should not disconnect your call, no.

  588. Moderator

    @Tony – The Personal Hotspot feature on the new iPad will be supported by Three. We are waiting for Apple to release new carrier settings which will effectively switch this functionality on for all users of the new iPad on Three. We expect that the new settings will be sent in the background over-the-air, but we are reliant on Apple to push this live. If the update doesn’t appear OTA then syncing your iPad to iTunes will also work. Apple have told us that they will issue this update by the end of April. Once this is activated you will be able to tether your new iPad to your iPhone.

    You will only be able to tether your iPhone to your iPad (iPhone working as wireless hotspot rather than iPad) if you have a tethering add on. You will not be able to tether with your current All You Can Eat plan.

  589. Mike

    If I am using tethering and I receive a voice call does my data connection stop for the duration of the call. My phone is iPhone 4.

  590. Tony

    I have just got the new iPad. I also have ip4 I was on texter 500 plan but have just purchased all u can eat data add on, will this allow me to tether my iPad to my iPhone? Or should it be another add on that I should have bought?


  591. Moderator

    @Simon – If you’re on The One Plan, it forms part of your price plan so there are no extra charges for it.

  592. Simon

    I have to say this whole tethering offering from Three and other mobile companies is really rubbish.
    Data is data. There is no difference to Three in me using the data to get the internet on my phone or by using the data via tethering from my tablet or laptop so why do I have to pay extra for a tethering add-on? I’ve already bought unlimited data and now I have to buy tethering data?? Another way to fleece the customer it seems.

  593. Moderator: Johanna

    @Neil – I’m afraid it will only work for a short while before it blocks you from doing so…

  594. Neil


    I am on the Text500 plan with all you can eat data. From all the other postings it would appear that I would need to purchase the tethering bolt on. However, out of curiosity, I tried creating a personal hotspot. The iPhone allowed me to do it and I could connect my laptop to it and surf the internet. As it seems I am allowed to do it, will I be charged extra or am I safe to carry on surfing ?

  595. Paul Garbett

    “I have bought the new iPad and I have a 15 GB mobile broadband pay monthly micro sim that was previously for my old iPad 2. The microsim works fine in the new ipad. The new iPad supports tethering however this option is not currently enabled. How do I enable personal hotspots on my new ipad3?”

    The question above is one I would love to see answered – a Three support guy called me today & said to enable cellular data on the new iPad – sadly that option doesn’t seem to be available. Any help would be very much appreciated as I expect (a) there will be a number of people asking the same thing and (b) it is very likely I am missing something very obvious..

  596. Moderator: Johanna

    @Everton – I’ve emailed you to get a little more info…

  597. Moderator: Johanna

    @Chris – You can tether inclusively on One Plan or One Plan SIM-Only. If on another plan you’ll need to buy the tethering add-on.

  598. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jas – Once the hotspot function has been enabled by Apple, you’ll be able to use it.

  599. Moderator: Johanna

    @Michael – When the function becomes available, yes you can.

  600. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nikki – No afraid not, you can only tether on The One Plan, unless you buy the tethering add-on.

  601. Everton

    I have a Sony Ericsson Experia X10 with the SIM 300 12 month plan which gives me 1Gb of data each month. Last week,I added all-you-can-eat data for an extra £3 a month. Since then, I’ve been unable to access any website apart from the My3 page. Whether I use the stock browser or any other web browser, I keep getting a tethering warning message, even though my phone isn’t used for this purpose.

  602. chris

    I’m on pay as you go with an iPhone 4s. I buy the £15 a month add on with gives me unlimited data. Can I use this data to tether to my laptop or iPad? Is there any extra charge for this? If not what is the best way for me to get unlimited data that i can tether?

  603. Jas

    I have bought the new iPad and I have a 15 GB mobile broadband pay monthly micro sim that was previously for my old iPad 2. The microsim works fine in the new ipad. The new iPad supports tethering however this option is not currently enabled. How do I enable personal hotspots on my new ipad3?

  604. Michael

    I have a 15GB mobile internet plan with 3 on my ipad. Can I tether using this with my iphone? Will there be any additional charges?

  605. Nikki

    I appear to have a text 500 plan – can I tether on this? Bit puzzled really as I click on a One Plan when I ordered!

  606. Moderator: Kaz

    @si react – to answer your first question, you can tether with a standard data option, but you will need to purchase the tethering add-on to be able to do this. And you can only upgrade to the One Plan if you are within the last 30 days of your minimum contract period.

  607. si react

    2 questions:

    if you’re on a text 300 plan and HAVEN’T opted for the AYCE option, can you tether, using your standard data allowance?

    Kaz – you advised one person on a certain deal that they could add the tethering add-on, or move to the One plan – can you move to the One plan if your contract hasn’t ended?

  608. Lee Brown

    i think the one plan is fantastic but the coverage in east anglia need to boosted up i get 3 bars out of 5 my iphone 4s.

  609. Moderator: Johanna

    @Anthony – Tethering is only permitted on The One Plan and One Plan SIM-only, unless you purchase the tethering add-on. All you can eat, really is all you can eat – you can use as much data as you want on your smartphone.

  610. Anthony

    What a load of rubbish! Three are doing nothing to encourage the use of data networks. I have recently purchased an all you can eat data plan from Three only to find that it is nothing of the sort. Three prevent me from tethering my laptop to this phone asking for me to pay an additional £15 per month to update to a plan that does allow tethering. It is a total rip off. Why should I pay twice to use my data? Three know full well that with the current network speeds you can use only a fraction of the data allowance when using only a phone. All you can eat is a lie. You should be ashamed to work for a company that misleads its customers.

  611. Moderator: Johanna

    @Paul – Thanks for your positive feedback :-)

  612. Moderator: Johanna

    @Steve F – I’m afraid it is against Ts&Cs to use a voice SIM in a MBB device. It’s a business decision not to offer AYCE on MBB SIMs but our pricing is very competitive.

  613. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jacqui – I’m afraid you can only tether on One Plan or One Plan SIM-only. Apologies if this wasn’t clear :-(

  614. Paul

    Ive been on the ayce data one plan since nov 2011 and am very pleased.got iPhone 4s and very pleased with Internet speeds etc.i couldn’t get signal in house(north Herts),with tmobile but ok with 3.
    Three,no complaints from me ,I think you’re pushing the boundaries and making other networks get their fingers out to be competitive.
    If anybody going on one plan,join quidco and get cash back,I got £109 back on laying out £189 for iphone4s

  615. Steve F

    Very disappointed. I have a 3 MiFi device and wanted to purchase a AYCE SIM ONLY package that would allow me to connect my iPad, iPhone, iMac as I have very poor connection speeds via wired BT connection. I though the £25 PAYG plan was a dream come true – until I tried to use it in my MiFi. It worked for a few hours brilliantly but then a web page appeared on my browser telling me the SIM could only be used in a smart phone and would not work otherwise. It also said that there are plans that are more appropriate and cheaper available for data only- well if thats the case I cant see one on the tariff list. There was no warning when I purchased from a 3 store that it wold not work in one of your own MiFi devices. Why the restriction? Why dont you offer an AYCE data only plan. I have one for the iPad – but thats limited to 10GB per month. I feel cheated by this and have wasted £25.

  616. Jacqui

    I recently upgraded my SIM only contract to AYCE data. When I bought my iPAD I enquired in the 3 shop about purchasing the 3G version and was told I did not need to as I would be able to tether my ipad to my iphone and use my data allowance to browse.

    When I first changed my plan to AYCE I was able to tether and now I can’t.

    I now have an iPAD that I was intending to use on the go and now I can’t – I am very annoyed with 3 about this.

  617. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Mantas – I’ve dropped you an email so we can look into this for you.

  618. Mantas

    I’m so lost. It drives me nuts. Some months ago I have purchased dongle because it’s “Mobile Broadband” option and I need broadband. It includes 15 GB which is extremely small amount to call it Broadband. Of course these 15 gigs were not enough so I tried purchasing sim only offers, I did purchase all you can eat data 300 rolling contract to use it through my phone because Sedge commented here that you can tether with one month rolling plans. Well, I can’t and I get the message that I cant when I try. I also tried to purchase an add on but it doesnt seem to be possible. Is there any solution to this or have THREE cornered me to pay £24 for 18 months for data allowance so small? I also wonder why sales consultant didn’t offer me some phone with £25/month with the one plan which would allow me to use all the data I can eat and tether. I’m losing the point of this dongle thing. Yes it may contain fastest technology but this technology also present in samsung galaxy s2.

  619. Lionel Grant

    The One Plan has certainly been the number one premium tariff on the SIM only marketplace. Gets a glowing review – http://www.simonlydealscomparison.co.uk/3-the-one-plan

    Interesting to see what the 3 network do now that T-Mobile have introduced their rival plan, The Full Monty.

    Over to you 3…

  620. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Dean – I’ve dropped you an email but just to confirm again, you can tether on both The One Plan and the One Month rolling SIM.

  621. Dean


    Last time i checked, The One Plan only allowed tethering if you signed up to it on the 24 month contracts. Are you able to unlimited tether on the rolling 1 month sim only? I.E – this one http://store.three.co.uk/view/product/ql_catalog/threecatdevice/1001?tariff=2281

    Thanks (any chance you could email reply? cheers)

  622. Moderator: Kaz

    @arif ahmed – I’m afraid you will need to purchase the Tethering Add-on to tether, you can do this by access your My3 account or give our colleagues at customer services a call on 333.

  623. Moderator: Kaz

    @J – Using you WiFi Hotspot on your phone does mean you are tethering and the Ultimate internet plans do not have tethering included. To to able to tether on this plan you can purchase the Tethering Add-on for an additional £5 pm for 1gb. Alternatively you could move to the One Plan which does include tethering.

  624. arif ahmed

    i cant tether!! this blocking site keeps coming up
    i pay £20, 600 mins, 3000 texts and all-can-you eat data. help:(

  625. J

    Is tethering the same thing as using your phone as a wifi hotspot.???..

    So if you are on an ‘ultimate internet’ plan, does this mean you cannot use the wifi hotspot option without incuring additional charges?

    I’m hoping tethering refers to specifically connecting your phone via USB and using as a direct modem that is only possible on the ONE plan…..

  626. Moderator: Sedge

    @NJ – Yeah, that’s correct and yes you’ll be able to keep your number :0)

  627. NJ

    So, just to get it straight, The One Plan SIM Only would allow me to tether my iPhone 4S? Can i take my number with me?

  628. Dave

    As I get ever closer to my monthly limit of 15Gb due to increasing use of Skype, I recently embarked on a SIM-only ‘One Plan’ deal.

    Such a pity Three neglected to point that they don’t have settings for anyone wanting to teher a Windows Mobile ‘phone as a modem. I’ll warn folk AWAY from the One Plan unless they want to go to added expense of a second ‘phone (that won’t have compatible transferable progs with their existing WM device). Even with year and a half of 3 Mob’s dongle BB, I’ve NEVER seen 7.2 megabits – rarely exceeds 170 never mind 7,200!

    If unable to source a cheap Symbian device, I’ll not be continuing the One Plan. Plenty of results on net if typing in “unlimited mobile internet’. I doubt their connections are as erratic either!

  629. Moderator: Kaz

    @Elizabeth – You would need to activate personal hotspot on your iPhone, please click here to the manual and turn to page 145 and it will explain how.

  630. Elizabeth

    I have just got a 4s from yourselves on the one plan and I don’t have the hot spot option!
    Any ideas?

  631. Randomer

    @Moderator Kaz Yes please do!! Your help is greatly appreciated!!

  632. Moderator: Kaz

    @Randomer – Sounds like I need to arrange for someone to contact you are get this sorted. I will email you a request for more account information.

  633. Moderator: Kaz

    @Sally – The best way to use our network to tethering with your iPad is to get a Mobile Broadband MiFi. It is a wireless device and will give you up to 15gb of data per month. Alternatively you could change to the one plan, it’s best to give our colleagues at 333 a call to discuss if this is possible.

  634. Randomer

    Hey I was just wondering about this, but I can’t access the internet on my phone because it keeps saying i have teethering on when I DON’T have it on, and i have checked to ensure that it is not on and I have no idea how to fix this problem…. please help!!

  635. Sally

    I am on the texter 500 plan with the Internet and email add-on. This gives me, I believe, 3gb a month all together. However, last month I went over this allowance and very quickly ( within an hour) had an extra charge of £10.
    I now need more than 3gb a month, but I also need to tether my iPad.
    I can’t get the AYCE add-on because I can’t tether on that. The Internet and email add-on doesn’t give me enough data. What are my options now? My contract on my iPhone ends in September. Is it possible to change onto the One Plan so I can get unlimited data AND tethering? And how will this affect the end of my contract/ when I can upgrade? If I can change plan, will I be committed to this for another 24months without being able to upgrade?
    Please help!

  636. Moderator: Johanna

    @Adam M – Hello :-) Yes indeed, it’s easiest to do this by popping into a Three store.

  637. Adam M


    I would like to know if i on switch The One plan sim card for a micro sim card for free?
    The reason i asked is because the new phones are now come with micro sim cards support only?

    Also has Hebburn got the New HPSA+ 21mbs speeds yet or we getting the new 41mbs instead?

    Thank You.

  638. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Scott – Could you try a factory reset and let us know whether it reappears.

  639. Scott

    Your plan: SIM 300 1 month < i have just switched to three. i have bought AYCE data for £5.11 a month. the internet tethering option has not appeared on mu iPhone 4. i bought the iPhone 4 from apple and used a sim from O2 and have now switched sim to 3 and kept O2 number. why can't i see the option and how can i get it.

  640. Moderator: Johanna

    @Adam – No I’m afraid you can only tether on One Plan and One Plan SIM-only, unless you buy the add-on listed here.

  641. Adam

    If i were to take out a text 300 plan and then paid an extra £3 for the AYCE data add-on, would i be able to tether?
    Many Thanks

  642. Moderator: Johanna

    @ryan – If you’re on the Text 500 plan, no tethering isn’t included – only on The One Plan or One Plan SIM-only. If you want to tether you’ll need to buy the add-on.

  643. Moderator: Johanna

    @Chris – It’s only included in The One Plan and One Plan SIM-Only. If you want to tether on another plan you will need to buy an add-on.

  644. ryan

    HI There

    I have just bought an iphone4s contract on AYCE data package.


    Can I tether this to run my laptop and ipad using the phone and if so how?


  645. Chris

    Is inclusive tethering available to all-you-can-eat tarrif in pay monthly? Or is only available in The One Plan?

  646. Elbie

    super, thanks! upgrade ordered for delivery tomorrow :)

  647. Moderator: Sedge

    @Elbie – Ah yes, you’ll be able to tether your iPhone 4S to your iPad :)

  648. Elbie

    I meant using the Personal Hotspot funtionality

  649. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Elbie – Unfortunately not, you can only use the SIM in the device that it was intended for. So if you’ve got a Micro SIM for your iPhone 4S with all-you-can-eat data, you won’t be able to use the same SIM in your iPad, you’ll need to purchase a Micro SIM for the iPad which you can do here.

  650. Elbie

    So if i get an iphone4s on the one plan I can use the ayce data on my ipad2? sorry if this is a dumb question – I just want to be sure

  651. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jon – Yes indeed :-)

  652. Jon

    can you confirm that the monthly sim only One plan allows tethering?

  653. LG

    Three… your network, tariffs and overall policies are amazing!

    Thank you!

  654. David

    The lack of tethering on AYCE is ridiculous. I recently changed tariff to get AYCE, didn’t read the TOC stating the lack of tethering so kind of my own fault, but this downgrade from what I did have was not mentioned over the phone.

    The one argument often put about to not allow tethering is it will use more bandwidth. I wanted to tether my iPad and browse a few webpages over lunch on a bigger screen. I used to do this, but now I can’t. What I can do however is sit and stream iPlayer until my battery goes dead. What is going to be a bigger load on the 3 network? If load is a concern monitor it for abuse, you can somehow tell when tethering is going on (iPhone) even when the phone is using an encrypted VPN so it isn’t done via data sniffing so look at how much data is being used and warn instead of blocking light usage.

    AYCE data is misleading advertising at best.

  655. Moderator: Kaz

    @Robert – It’s very difficult to compare internet speeds with two different devices, it really depends on how the network is performing at that time and which devices you are comparing, theoretically using your phone to tether should not be any different. The only issue we can think of regarding your phone is if the WiFi function is used a lot whilst tethering it could potentially over time degrade the battery, but this is nothing new. There are no other known issues.

  656. Robert

    I currently use my laptop with PAYG mifi, and this meets all my internet access requirements. I have a separate mobile phone contract.
    I am considering the One Plan with iPhone 4s, and tethering my PC to the iPhone instead of using the mifi. This would allow me to combine all my internet and phone requirements in one contract.
    However, I have been warned about two issues:

    1) The mobile broadband speed on a mobile phone contract is much slower than mifi
    2) Heavy usage with tethering can damage the the phone.

    Can anyone comment on these two issues?

  657. Moderator: Kaz

    @Tony – Thanks for your comments, you are only able to tether on The One Plan or if you purchase an Internet Max add-on if on a contract plan. Tethering is not available on PAYG, AYCE data can only be used on your mobile devise. If you would like to tether, you’ll need to move to The One Plan.

  658. Moderator: Kaz

    @john – Sounds like you have an issue with the details on your account. The best thing is for me to arrange for someone in customer services to contact you and arrange for this to be removed. I will send you an email requesting some details. Sorry for any inconvenience.

  659. Tony

    This is, in my opinion, very thin ice for 3 to skate on. Blocking AYCE PAYG phones from tethering will backfire, oh greedy ones. People are not stupid. If we got cable like speeds, fair enough, but 3g is no where near. Data is data, be it to a smartphone or via that phone to a lap top. It is no skin off 3′s nose, but – aha – they are trying to pedal their overpriced dongles!
    It is probably going to take a legal challenge to sort this out, and make greedy 3 backpedal. But your bald statement of AYCE data will only bring you to accusations of breaking contract and misleading advertsing. This is going ot be interesting. But I and many others will simply leave you and opt for faster cheaper Virgin media cable. Which will probably serve you right. Greed can be costly. My letter to 3 is being drafted tomorrow.

  660. john

    im on the one plan. i constantly get tether block notice and cant use internet till i switch phone off then on. and this is when i dont have usb cable connected to phone or use any tethering or hot spots on phone. is there a restriction on what sites i can visit and download from.

  661. Moderator: Johanna

    @Steve – Indeed it does :-)

  662. Moderator: Johanna

    @Lee – you can phone straight away as there’s a 14 day cooling off period.

  663. Moderator: Johanna

    @Steve- We’ve spotted this issue a few times now, I’m emailing you for your details.

  664. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ray – I’m afraid not, your MBB SIM and voice SIM can’t be swapped over. I’m afraid it will soon get blocked if you do this.

  665. Steve

    I have just upgraded to an all you can eat data plan, now any time I use the internet I get a warning screen accusing me of tethering, As If I haven’t had enough problems with three recently its constantly interrupting my internet access.

    I have un installed apps and even contacted a couple of the companies that the 3 store accused of being at fault but they have replied categorically stating that they do not relay on a tethering system but are network based.
    I understand why they don’t want all you can eat tethering on the cheap deals but stop accusing us of doing something we are not.. any help would be highly appreciated.

  666. Ray

    Hi there, i’ve looked through the questions and couldn’t find one that matched. I’m currently using a PAYG 15 all in one unlimited sim for my iphone, and a separate pre-loaded 3gb sim card in my mifi. Put together they cost me around £25 a month.
    I was wondering since tethering is allowed on the one plan and my iphone 3g doesn’t work as a hotspot (which is why I use a mifi device) can I use it in the mifi instead? so it covers everything rather than having to buy two separate three deals each month. One for my iphone and one for everything else that uses the mifi. It would be simpler.

  667. Steve

    As this is an old post (june 2011) Does tethering still come as standard with new One plan contracts today?

  668. lee

    Hi i just ordered Samsung galaxy S2 on txt 500 with AYCE data, its due to arrive on Monday 13th Feb. I made a mistake with the plan I ordered as I thought it included tethering.Am I able to phone Three once it arrives & upgrade to The One Plan before the contract actually commences. Thanks Lee

  669. Moderator: Kaz

    @James – You will need to enable personal hotspot on your iPhone 4. Please click here to read how to switch it on. Turn to page 145.

  670. Moderator: Kaz

    @Alan – This sounds like I need to arrange a call for someone in customer services to contact you to resolve the issue. I will send an email requesting some account details, once you have replied I will arrange this.

  671. James

    I am on The One Plan SIM Only 1 month and using my iPhone 4 I am unable to setup a Personal Hotspot is tells me to contact Three. Should this just work?


  672. Alan


    I’m on the SIM 300 1 month – All-you-can-eat data plan. Whenever I use the Windows Live Messenger App on the iPhone (OS 5.0.1) over 3g it hangs when trying to connect. Then whenever I try and access anything after (e.g. browse the web) it’s blocked and I’m sent to a page saying I’m tethering when I’m not… http://connection.three.co.uk/Tetheringblock.

    I can unblock it again by switching mobile data (3g) on and off, but this doesn’t solve the issue, which presumably, is related to your tethering detection method and may affect other Apps too?

  673. Moderator: Kaz

    @Phill – You can either have AYCE data without tethering or an Internet max add-on with tethering and a 2GB data limit. I’m afraid both are not allowed, sorry.

  674. Phill

    Hi I have SIM 300 – 1 month All-you-can-eat data.
    I am interested in tethering. If I buy the add on Add Internet Max £5.11 a month I will be allowed to tether.

    Will I be restricted to 2gb of tethering as its a 2gb add on or will my tethering be unlimited like my normal data?

    Thank you for reading, I hope you can help.

  675. Moderator: Kaz

    @Sam – I’m afraid you are unable to tether on this plan. You’ll need to purchase an Internet Max add-on to tether. Click here to find out more.

  676. Sam

    Hi guys,

    I just upgraded to all you can eat on the text 300 plan. Will I be charged extra if I do decide to tether now? I’ve not tried it out of fear!


  677. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Mischa – We can’t confirm the speeds you’ll expect as it varies on a number of different factors, you can find out more about speed and coverage with us here.

  678. mischa

    what sort of speeds will I be able to expect when tethering my 4s?

  679. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sean – yes indeed it does :)

  680. sean

    does your phone still ring and work as normal whilst tethered to a laptop/tablet ?

  681. Moderator: Johanna

    @Suhaas Pansotra – You certainly should be able to use it, if you’re on The One Plan. Have you spoken to the team on 333?

  682. Suhaas Pansotra

    I have the one plan on three with an Iphone 4s but when i try to setup personal hotspot it says contact three but i thought itt was included in my contract.

  683. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Cazz – I’ve dropped you an email so we can look into this for you.

  684. cazz

    Im on plan with unlimited internet but its not The One Plan.. When i browse on my phone I am constantly getting error that tethring is not included..turn it off, reset to defaults, deleted browser.. i tried anything but i still get this error.. Went to 3 mobile shop twice.. first time they told me that its fixed but got it hour later again, the second time the guy told me that if i get this error to turn off my mobile connection for a minute then turn it on again.. it doesnt fix it..still getting the message that im tethring and cant use my phone.. could you please help ?

  685. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dean – Please can you confirm which version of the iPhone 3 you have.

  686. Dean

    personal hotspot??? were do i find this on a iphone3??? or do have to download an app.

  687. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dean – Absolutely :) You just need to turn on the personal hotspot function on your iPhone.

  688. Dean

    If i was to buy the one plan sim only, could i use my i phone 3 tether. which means i could use it for my internet on laptop and ps3 and how would i do this?

  689. Moderator: Johanna

    @Fay – You can only tether on The One Plan or One Plan SIM-only. If you are on another plan, you will need to buy an add-on.

  690. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sam – I’m afraid it isn’t, unless you buy an additional add-on. Tethering is included in One Plan and One Plan SIM-only.

  691. fay

    Hi, thinking of up grading my three contact to all you can eat galaxy ace plan for £18 a month but at themoment i tether my phone for the internet i have been told you can’t do this with the galxy ace but it will wifi why is this? and can i be sure it wont charge me more if i wifi it too much in a month as cost is important to me?


  692. Sam

    Is it possible to tether on the SIM 300 or SIM 600, all-you-can-eat-data plans?

  693. Dave

    @ lee

    Apologies firstly for appearing to undermine the response given by Kaz. This is not intentional but lee you are incorrect in saying that data costs £10.00/mb. It is a lot less than that however it must be said that data usage abroad is very expensive regardless of which network you are on. I would estimate that daily, moderate browsing whilst abroad would cost in the region of £100.00/month so quite expensive. For pity’s sake don’t be tempted to download anything as this has the potential to cost a lot of money…. Trust Me I know.

  694. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dave – I’m afraid I don’t have any news on any new tablets coming to Three, sorry.

  695. Dave


    Many thanks for your prompt reply. The Asus is a wi-fi enabled tablet but soes not have 3G, hence the question.

    I will be purchasing the Asus unless……….. do you know if there is a wider selction of tablets coming to three soon as I would prefer to have one on a contract with you.

    Thanks again,


  696. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dave – I can confirm that because you are allowed to Tether on The One Plan with your iPhone 4, it can be truned into a WiFi hotspot and should connect to this tablet. Afraid I don’t know too much about this Asus device, so you’ll need to make sure it is wireless enabled.

  697. Moderator: Kaz

    @lee – We have have page on three.co.uk that should answer all your questions. Please click here

  698. lee

    I am already on the one plan and use tethering now and again, however I am going abroad in a months time, travelling between Dubai and India. I realise on my current plan, it will cost me £10 per mb to use the internet, although I do not know in real terms what this will actually allow me to do, How much does the phone use, per email reading and sending for example, Also when browsing sites and maybe sending messages how much data does this use, also if I tether the phone to computer does this use more data or the same amount.

  699. Dave

    Hi mods

    Could you help with a technical query. As you may recall I previously blogged you asking for some advice in respect to selecting a tablet.

    I have since decided that I don’t want to go down the iPad or htc glyer route and have a keen eye on the new Asus Transformer prime which you do not stock.

    I have an I phone on 4 and a USB modem on contract witth three and the iPhone is on the one plan. Can you please advise if the phone can tether with an android tablet such as the transformer and if the USB modem can also connect with the tablet.

    As you will appreciate this is a fairly large purchase that I am contemplating and need to know that at least one if not both devices I have will give me the connection to the internet. Of course if none of these will provide a connection then I shall reconsider this.

  700. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Darren Bass – You’ll be able to get all-you-can-eat data if you top up £15 per month on Pay As You Go, the big difference between Pay As You Go and The One Plan is that you can tether on the One Plan (Use your smartphone as a personal WiFi hotspot), if you think you’ll want to do that you should get The One Plan or The One Month rolling SIM if you don’t want to commit to a 24 month contract.

  701. Darren Bass

    Hi there,I am considering moving my phone service to 3 pay as you go.
    Can you please explain to me insimple terms,if I can in any way get a pay as you go version of the one plan?
    And if i would need to top up the £25 ppound add-on ontop of a regular topup,or if indeed the add-on is the top-up?

  702. Moderator: Kaz

    @Justin – I’m afraid you are unable to tether on the Text 500 with AYCE data. We only allow tethering on The One Plan if if you have purchased the Internet Max add-on. Here is a link about tethering.

  703. Justin


    I am unsure if I can tether with my plan. I have been on the Text 500 plan with 1gb allowance for the last few months and last week i added the AYCE add on for £3 a month. My account now reads;
    Voice Minutes 492
    Internet (MBs) 921
    Texts 4997
    All-you-can-eat data Included

    Can i use the 921mbs of data to tether or is that now redundant because of the AYCE.


  704. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ali – Quick answers. 1 – Yes, 2 – there is no limit, it’s AYCE 3 – Nope :)

  705. Moderator: Johanna

    @Colin – hmm thanks for sharing that with us, he’s got it wrong and you will be cut off if you do that, after receiving a warning message. Which store was it?

  706. Moderator: Johanna

    @Rex – You can’t use phone SIMs in MBB devices but we’ve got no issue with you swapping a voice SIM from phone to phone. The One Plan’s Ts&Cs can be found here, within Pay Monthly Packages. You can tether within the One Plan, you’ll see in the Ts&Cs there are no restrictions, whereas the other plans state that data is for smartphone use. I’m afraid we’re not a technical team, so if you want to chat about ports, either give the team on 333 a buzz or we can arrange a call for you – just let us know.

  707. Moderator: Johanna

    @adam – Do you have an existing contract with your S2 already? If it’s unlocked then you can put your SIM into the phone and get AYCE added, but let us know if you have any issues.

  708. Moderator: Johanna

    @becca – If you are on The One Plan or One Plan SIM-only you can tether as part of your plan, at no extra cost. But if you are on another plan you will need to buy the add-on, which enables this but it won’t mean you can tether with your AYCE data. A little info on the add-ons here.

  709. Colin

    @SEDGE in reply to; @ Naveed – As part of the T&C’s of your contract, you’re unable to SIM swap, i.e. use your voice SIM in a Mobile Broadband device, we ask that you use the SIM for the device it was intended for, so you’ll be able to use your voice SIM in any phone, just not Mobile Broadband products.

    You may wish to tell your store manger the T&C’s cus he said I could plug my All you can eat 4s Simm into my MIFI.. he even gave me a micro sim convertor!!!


  710. simon


    your link took me to the career centre!

    assume there are no plans to introduce the ability to tether with the AYCE add-on? I won’t opt for it unless it does.

  711. Ali

    I have got one plan. My questions are fairly simple.

    1. can i tether my iphone with my laptop?
    2. what is the data limit for tethering?
    3. Do i have to pay extra for tethering?

  712. becca

    i have unlimited internet on my phone but it blocks the use of the internet sharing! i rung three and they told me as long as i drop my internet down to 3 gb i can then use the internet sharing function if i want unlimited internet i cant use it as a modem! cheeky i think. you out to make me purchase a dongle aswel!

  713. Rex

    I see you post many times you want a sim card to be used in the device its for and don’t change the device its in but I got my one plan as sim only and then got a phone that tethers after, the phone was from 3pay but no where on my card does it say for use with phone only anywhere, no did the data sim I saw in store say only use with dongles and ipad and so on.

    I was also shocked to know that your store guys have NO idea if port 21 is open, I needed this plan and made it clear for working on my help website on the move, tho they did say it could make my internet run slower if I did use port 21, I am also shocked there is no T&C/TOS for The One Plan, and so was your people in the store, we both looked on your site together to find this fact out.

    So I would like to see some clear gild lines about that is ok and not ok I also see that streaming Vidoes can get you a charge, well if I own the DVD and don’t want to damage it I still in my legal rights to stream it, but now I feel I better not cos I can’t aford any charges to be added for no reason, fair is fair some people don’t use online service like they should and steal but there are many of use that own the legal rights to the movie I was shocked to see this, and before you say use a site that makes you pay again just to watch online well this is not acceptable.

    So can you show me a link so I can see what ports are supports as 21 is very important to me.

    Also I been told I can use this for almost anything and I can get around 3 meg where I was told it meant to be able to get up to 7 but they forgot to tell me that was on a 3G+ device that I indeed photo id for if I was going to get on contact, also in wifi tether mode will The One Plan let this work I am on The One Plan £25 per month.

    I like these things cleared up as if I can’t I might have to drop this contact in a few months.

  714. adam

    HI guys can you answer this question for me as the guys on 333 don’t know the answer basically i get 500mb and 300 mins/or texts and wanted to get all you can eat data for the extra 3 pounds a month, however the phone i got with the contract is like a 4 year old old sony erikson cedar and not really a smart phone so can i use this for my samsung galaxy s2 that i’ve jjust now purchased to get unlimited data for apps and internet?


  715. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Naveed – As part of the T&C’s of your contract, you’re unable to SIM swap, i.e. use your voice SIM in a Mobile Broadband device, we ask that you use the SIM for the device it was intended for, so you’ll be able to use your voice SIM in any phone, just not Mobile Broadband products.

  716. Naveed

    I have got iphone 4s with all you can eat data. Tried to use my sim card in dongle and connected it to the Laptop and my sim card was blocked and message displayed that I am not allowed to use my sim card with laptop via dongle.
    Can I use any other smartphone e.g Htc or nokia smartphones to teether sim card with laptop or I can only use it with Iphone 4 s ??

    Comments appretiated.

  717. Moderator: Kaz

    @simon – Afraid it’s not possible to tether with the AYCE add-on. The only way to tether is to purchase the Internet Max add-on, more details here

  718. simon

    is it still not possible to tether with the AYCE data add on?
    why is it different to the AYCE available on the one plan?
    is there an option to add on extra Data with tethering allowed?

  719. Moderator: Johanna

    @Steve B – First of all can I check you’ve followed the specific instructions for the device you’re using – you can find your device and choose set-up email here. If you’ve followed the process and it’s still not working, let us know and we’ll get one of the technical team to get in touch with you.

  720. Steve B

    Hi. got myself a one plan” all you eat data” packages and have no problems tethering from my iphone to my lap top.

    In outlook, i can recieve emails but cannot send them, i have read that some networks use different ports for sending mail, but don’t want to mess up my phones settings.

    Can you please advise, the simplist solution, so i camn send and recieve.


  721. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Tom H – We don’t have a suggestion box as such but rest assure, we listen to all of your comments and feed back here and pass it on to the relevant teams so thanks for letting us know your thoughts. It’s great to see that you’re happy with Three :)

  722. Tom H

    Oh well, it would be great if three allowed dongle use if you were allowed to tether, do you have a suggestion box? I am pretty sure many other people would like to suggest this as it seems fair, although maybe less fair with all you can eat, I’m sure I could eat a lot with unlimited data in my HSPA+ MIFI!

    I am pretty annoyed but fortunately I have an old Nokia 3120c which I dug out of a cupboard (still with full battery after about a year of collecting dust!) which I can bluetooth tether to my tab for light browsing (400kbs isn’t really fast enough for streaming video). It was just I had the sim and hoped I could make use of it for when I’m between hotspots.

    Thanks though for the quick reply, its great to get a speedy reply to questions without the hassle of calling customer services….(who are really good BTW!)

  723. Moderator: Kaz

    @Simon – I’m afraid not, a phone SIM is only allowed in a device it was intended for and can’t be used in a dongle. Sorry.

  724. Moderator: Kaz

    @Tom H – Really sorry but a phone SIM can only be used in a device it was intended for. Only a MBB SIM can be used in a tablet or dongle. If you would like to get a Broadband SIM, click here for our current deals.

  725. Simon

    Do you know if using a One plan sim in a dongle would be allowed by the T&Cs anytime soon? I get faster speeds (6mb) over 3g than I do over adsl (0.5mb) and would love to buy an extra One plan sim to use for home broadband.

    It seems like the natural next step if you allow unlimited tethering would be to allow unlimited mobile broadband since it is the same thing? I’m just not keen on leaving the hotspot feature on all day the phone seems to get very hot.

  726. Tom H

    Hi moderators, several months ago my broadband sim died so I was able to use a phone sim I had available in my first Gen MIFi, this was a huge necessity at three time as I had no other internet and was a requirement for me to access study materials at my university. Now it appears that this its no longer allowed, with no notification from three… As I am on a capped internet addon with tethering enabled, why on earth can’t this sim be used in a dongle, it is not like I can exploit the system as I only have 2gb of data (that I can easily use on a phone without tethering) Unfortunately it was only after I purchased a 3g dongle compatible with my android tablet that I have realised that three have altered their policy. I have a sim card on contract that I am not using often but would like to keep, is there a way I can use this in a dongle or is there a dongle add on that I can use with this contract?

  727. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sarah – If you’re on The One Plan then you shouldn’t have a problem tethering and there isn’t a data limit. I’m going to drop you an email, so we can get some info and look into this for you.

  728. Sarah

    Hi, I have a galaxy ace with the one plan. Yesterday, I worked out how to tether to my iPad, worked perfectly. Today, the iPad can’t find my phone as a wifi, and my phone is showing ‘mobile AP error’ in the settings. On my allowance, it says I’m out of data, aLthough below that it says to ignore data allowance info if you are on the one plan, and I wondered if this was why the tether won’t work? If not, why?

  729. Ray

    I am still unable to tether my phone despite being on the one plan since I upgraded at turn of the new year. It is now acknowledged that three is at fault – its called a landing beach error apparently. I have been given a ref no regarding the escalation to technical, but have yet to see any progress despite reasurances. I have web emailed to that effect. Thing is I am not asking for anything special or different just access to the service I am paying for. Unless this is resolved today II suppose I will have to resort to a complaint though my experience so far does not fill me with confidence that will achieve much.

  730. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Simon S – We ask that you use your SIM in the device it was designed for, SIM swapping isn’t allowed as part of your T&C’S.

  731. simon s.

    i am on the one plan.. i am also have a 3 dongle – can i use my sim in the dongle?
    is that allowed? can’t see what difference it would make but thought i would check

  732. Moderator: Kaz

    @James McGuigan – Thanks for all your feedback on the connectivity issues that some of you have experienced when using the MiFi E586 together with your Xbox. Having investigated things further we can confirm that a compatibility issue is preventing some games from loading properly when your Xbox is connected to the internet using the MiFi. Not all games are affected.

    The team at Huawei, the manufacturer of the MiFi, now believe they have established a software fix which is currently being tested. We hope to make it available very soon and will be able to confirm timings once testing is closer to completion – thanks again for your feedback and patience while we’ve been getting to the bottom of things.

  733. James McGuigan

    Hi, I have been using my Samsung Galaxy Ace for wireless tehering. Previously to owning this phone I had a Hauwei Mobile Broadband Dongle and since then a wireless Dongle also made by Hauwei (I think). My speeds are pretty good where I live and I usually have HSDPA speed or 3G. My issue is that when using the dongle for XBOX Live a warning comes up saying the NAT configuration is set to moderate which allows some users to connect with me via XBOX live but from my phone the NAT configuration is set to strict. I am unable to change this and am told it is the network which specifies the NAT configuration. After phoning on a few occasions I realised there was not much point in talking to the call centre staff who had no idea what I was talking about, although they were polite and as helpful as possible. They tried to sell me a contract for £25 per month saying that I would get faster speeds but I told them I bought the phone outright and used either the £15 or £25 per month add ons (sometimes both in one month) depending on how many minutes I was using and the fact I was going to get unlimited access to the internet was the attraction of not been tied to a 24 month contract. The speed I revieve is good enough to play XBOX Live but as the NAT is strict I cant use it. Something I think that 3network should be trying to resolve. Also, why set the dongles to moderate and the phones to strict, If the service offers unlimited inernet it should be to do what the consumer decides to use it for, settting the NAT configuration to “open” is the only way this can happen. I understand it has something to do with the networks firewall system allowing certain traffic in and out of your system, but if this was an issue it still does’nt explain why dongles and phones with the ability to tether are configured differently.

    Many Thanks

  734. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Lebowski – What plan are you currently on? If you’re on a Text or Talk plan you’ll be able to get all-you-can-eat data for an additional £3 per month by calling 333.

  735. lebowski

    Hi there ,
    Just bougt the iphone 4 with 500mb data allowance on a 24 month contract –can I pay extra to have all you can eat data plan ?

  736. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ray Busby – Sorry to hear that’s happened but glad its been escalated for you. Let us know how you get on with your call.

  737. Ray Busby

    I tried to tether on my laptop mistakenly thinking my upgrade to the one plan was active. It wasn’t and I was blocked with the tethering message. I am now on the one plan though my laptop still wont let me connect through my htc sensation as a wi fi hotspot. Its still showing the same tethering block. Other devices connect fine. I have lodged this with three support and it has been escalated.

  738. Moderator: Kaz

    @Leon – I’m afraid you are not allowed to tether with the AYCE add-on, sorry.

  739. Leon

    If I have a phone with an All-You-Can-Eat add on but am not on The One Plan, can I tether to my laptop? Thanks

  740. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Steven – Sorry for the confusion, you can ignore that number! We’re just getting all of our systems up to date, if you’re on The One Plan then you can completely ignore that number.

  741. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Craig – It’s due to the cost associated to the iPhone, it costs us more to purchase the phone from Apple which is why it’s at a higher price point.

  742. Craig

    What a refreshing change to see a provider include and “all you can eat” package.

    Question… I noticed the iPhone all you can eat tariff has a different cost than the Android versions. With the iPhone handset having an up front cost, why is this?

  743. Steven

    hi, im currently trying to download a WoW patch through my tethered iphone im on the one plan and was told i got unlimited data even whilst tethering but my data is still going down when it hits zero will i get charged anything for going over as the patch is quite big????

  744. Moderator: Kaz

    @Robert Dougas-Jones – You will not be able to tether because an error message will appear whilst browsing, unless you are on the one plan or have purchased the Internet Max add on.

  745. Robert Dougas-Jones

    Has “3″ ever taken action against any individual customer for tethering whilst not on the “ONE PLAN”
    Answer that one Mr Moderator.

  746. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mike Conyers – You can only use tethering while on The One Plan or if you purchase the Internet Max add-on. The AYCE add-on does not include tethering and you should have been told this.

  747. Moderator: Kaz

    @john p – It’s very difficult to confirm what speeds to receive with a LG optimus 3d. I see no reason why you shouldn’t experience the same speeds as your dongle.

  748. john p

    im looking to get a lg 3d optimus on the all u can eat datta plan so i can tether/wifi hotspot and run my pc and ps3 off it …….. is this possible what speeds will i be getting im currently getting .. 1.5 on 3 e220 dongle

  749. Mike Conyers


    We recently updated one of our phones with you and specifically said we needed unlimited data as we would want to tether the phone – we are now told we need to pay more than we were advised if we want tethering.

    This is ridiculous.

  750. R Douglas-Jones

    How long before only those camping under the masts can get a signal, must be a reason why O2, Orange, T Mobile, have no unlimited data plans, its a nightmare waiting to happen, and its started in Jesmond Newcastle where so many students at Newcastle University are on “3″ that no one can get a signal.

  751. Des

    Thank you Johanna. That doesn’t sound like good news as I heavily depend on the one plan for Internet and mobile usage. Even my friends 3 dongle does not work properly recently.

  752. jane

    This is rubbish! Don’t be fooled by them!
    They said one plan is only available to new consumers, so I had to get myself a new contract even though my other one is 16 months into it. But when I phoned 333 to check it out, they would be able to do the one plan package for me with £5 extra a month! This is a violation of unfair tradiing regulation 2008.
    Three I hope you go down!

  753. Moderator: Johanna

    @Des – I’ve had a look at your postcode and can see that a nearby mast is congested which may be impacting the speed. I’m afraid we can’t access any more info than this, so give the guys at 333 a call and they’ll have more info. There is a new mast planned for March, so long-term there’s investment on our network in your area.

  754. Des

    Thanks sedge my postcode is ox2[remove by Mod]

  755. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Des – So I can look into this for you, could you let me know your full postcode :)

  756. Des

    I am on the one plan contract living in ox2. What is up with the Internet speed. I use my iPhone for tethering. Was working fine till the 14th I believe. Back from the weekend and it is still the same! Speed is worse than dial up!

  757. Moderator: Johanna

    @David Kennedy – I’m afraid I’m going to have to ask for your full postcode so I can check again for you?

  758. Moderator: Johanna

    @Neil Rose – The only traffic management that’s done is if you’re using peer-to-peer to sites in peak hours, if not your speeds should not be affected. Are you noticing that speeds differ depending on the time of day? The only other thing I can think of is if you’re tethering and not on The One Plan or One Plan SIM-only?

  759. David Kennedy

    i stay in ka13 in Scotland and 3 said maintenance would be carried out on 12 th dec. this is 14 th and reception is pathetic now in that it cuts out all the time!
    When is this going to be sorted?

  760. Andy

    @Neil, welcome to the “fobbed off with the same old excuses again” club. If you, me, or anyone else decided that they were only going to pay say, 15% of the full amount for their contract, at the end of the day the result would be a CCJ and a visit from the bailiffs. The results of 3 being unwilling or unable to keep it’s promises? More customers conned, like you and me, and no payback for the lies, because they use every service providers favourite weasel words “up to”.

  761. Neil Rose

    333 is the number i rang and thats what the told me, if 3 is speed capping i wouldnt mind id just like to know

  762. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Neil Rose – Sorry Neil, 333 will have the most accurate and up to date information on the work that’s been carried out in your area.

  763. Neil Rose

    just spoke to three C.S and they say there is no work being carried out in my area and no planned work or any resent work completed, i feel now that im being give the run around and that you are capping my speeds! can you tell me where you got the info that work was being carried out? because C.S claim over wise!

  764. Moderator: Sedge

    @Neil Rose – Unfortunately we cannot confirm timings here, if you give 333 a call or tweet @ThreeUKSupport they’ll be able to let you know more details.

  765. Neil Rose

    Any idea of a time frame of when the work being carried out will be completed?

  766. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Neil Rose – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and there’s work being carried out at the moment which is why you’ll be experiencing slower speeds than usual, when the works complete you should see an improvement in your coverage :)

  767. Neil Rose

    My postcode is BS1[Removed by mod], its been going on for about a week now! its slow to the point where youtube vids wont even stream

  768. Moderator: Sedge

    @Neil Rose – We haven’t made any changes but we do manage speeds at busy times on busy sites. As this is a recent change could you let me know your postcode and I’ll see what the issue is :)

  769. Neil Rose

    hi im on the one plan and use my N8 tethered to my lappy for the last six months my speeds have been great about 7 mb/s but now in the day my speeds are 0.5 mb/s but after midnite my speeds shoot back up, have you started capping peoples download speeds in the day? i know i download a lot but i was promised at signup that this was fine and would not be capped in anyway and that there was no FUP, Has this now changed?

  770. RobM

    @ Kaz – thanks for the reply but my point was simply to question why “all-you-can-eat” data means one thing for some plans and something else for others. If it truly is “all-you-can-eat”, of course. If it isn’t genuinely “all-you-can-eat” then there should be some differentiation in the description of the products (all-you-can-eat data on The One Plan / all-you-can-eat data on all other plans).

  771. Moderator: Kaz

    @RobM – You can find out all you need to know about tethering here

  772. RobM

    Hi – Just wondered if there was a specific reason why tethering is allowed on The One Plan but not others? It’s called “all-you-can-eat” regardless of the plan, so what’s the difference?


  773. Moderator: Kaz

    @James – You can only tether if you are on The One Plan.

  774. James

    I’ve been told that with my all-you-can-eat data, I can tether my phone. Is this correct?

  775. Moderator: Johanna

    @Darren – The only stipulation is that it’s for personal use not business use, but there is no cap :-)

  776. Moderator: Johanna

    @Justin – You’ll be able to check how much data you’ve used on your monthly bill :-)

  777. Moderator: Johanna

    @Richard – Hmm interesting, we can assure you it isn’t capped! I’m afraid we don’t do deals here, just pop into a store of give the sales team a buzz on 0800 358 8460.

  778. Darren

    I have The One Plan, and I do like it and find that it far exceeds the speed of my landline broadband. I have seen it reach 12Mbps. However, I wanted to know whether Three have a fair usage policy, and hence whether the internet will be slowed down after a certain amount of data is used in a month, because I do use it instead of the landline internet.


  779. Justin

    Hi moderators

    Just a quick question probably not that interesting, but I have just swapped to the one plan monthly sim and I wanted to know, when you check my allowances page on my account, will it still show how much data I have used or will this just be blank?

  780. Richard

    I was told by someone at Orange in Woolwich today amongst half hearted responses that your all you can eat data on The One Plan is capped at 3GB under fair usage and that your rates are cheap because they reflect the quality of service.

    I’m unfortunately stuck with Orange until the 6th March 2012 but I plan to get on The One Plan with an iPhone 4S as soon as I can. I’m also looking for a little deal based on the figures I got from sim only plan elsewhere, is there someone who can call me to negotiate this?



  781. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Andy – In which case, there may be an issue with your device. Would you like me to arrange a call for you so we can look into this for you?

  782. Andy

    Johanna, I could give you a dozen post codes, in a broad sweep between Dartford in Kent and Camden in North London – I get the same rubbish results regardless of location, with the odd (very rare) acceptable result.

  783. Moderator: Johanna

    @Kenny – If you exceed your data limit you’ll be charged and if you continue to tether it will eventually get blocked. Sorry for such a gloomy response but tethering is a perk for our One Plan and One Plan SIM only customers.

  784. Moderator: Johanna

    @Darwin Colgan – We’ve got no plans to introduce this, but we also can’t predict the future :-) If you want to tether on PAYG you can with an Internet add-on.

  785. Moderator: Johanna

    @Andy – Would you like us to check the network in your area for you? If so, leave a full postcode.

  786. Kenny

    If you are not on the one plan do you get blocked from tethering? Or would you be charged an additional fee?

  787. Darwin colgan

    @kaz will we be able to tether on all in one 15 all you can eat data pay as you go in the future?

  788. Andy

    Don’t know why your all bothering about what plan you can tether on and what your data limits are. Unless you last connection was a dial-up modem you won’t see any improvement, and the data rates that you will actually get mean that you will be waiting from now until doomsday to actually hit your monthly limit. I am stuck with a Samsung Galaxy SII that I got on the One Plan specifically to used tethered, only find that the average data rates that I get make it useless for even basic web browsing. I did actually once get a freak result of 6Mbps, but normally speeds are not even a tenth of that – more than just a little bit slower than the “up to 21Mbps” that 3 claim for their HSPA+ service.

  789. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Albert – No, you can only tether if you’re on The One Plan or the One Month rolling SIM.

  790. albert

    i use nokia x7 on the text plan with all-you-can-eat-data included,am i then allowed to use my x7 nokia as a modem? and if yes, how do i go about doing it
    thank you

  791. albert

    I’m on the text plan with all- you -can eat data included,am i allowed to tether?

  792. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Carlo – You can only tether if you’re on The One Plan or the One Month rolling SIM.

  793. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Darwn – No you can’t, you can only tether if you’re on The One Plan or the One Month rolling SIM.

  794. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Darwin Colgan – No you can’t, you can only tether if you’re on The One Plan or the One Month rolling SIM.

  795. Darwin Colgan

    @kaz I have the all in one 15 all you can eat data on pay as you go am I allowed to tether with pay as you go all in one 15 all you can eat data?

  796. Darwin

    @ moderator

    I have got the all in one 15 all you can eat data on pay as you go
    Am I allowed to do tethering on that?

  797. carlo

    Now this made so confusing. Can mods explaiin every plans and the usage and the agreement of each plan.

  798. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Singh – If you’re on The One Plan then you can tether on your smartphone without any additional cost.

  799. Singh

    Hi 3 moderators

    i wanted to knw dat will i get charged if i use internet on my laptop through mobile tethering(wi fi hotspot)??
    i got one plan (all u can eat data) on my mobile.


  800. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Danny Tuppeny – We don’t have any plans to stop our all-you-can-eat data plans.

  801. Danny Tuppeny

    @Kaz Thanks for the info – seems weird you’ll let us do it on The One Plan, but don’t allow it in a MiFi with the same terms. But meh, this might make me get a Lumia on Three – broadband is ropey around here, and the 10GB cap on MiFi means no apple TV (which is around 2GB/movie, which almost blows the cap if we watch once per week).

    Since its not mentioned in the terms, do I have grounds to cancel my 24 month contract if you change your mind on the tethering/unlimited data?


  802. Moderator: Kaz

    @Alan – Sounds like a one off, please can you confirm the phone you use and we can look into it.

  803. Alan

    Took out the One Plan rolling monthly contract just over a month ago. Even though I have seen something about the account details online only showing 1GB of data available (and to ignore this), ever since that figure reached zero, I am still able to access the Internet, but can no longer access my companies VPN. Since this is one of the main features I took the contract out for, it is somewhat disappointing. Is this normal or just a one off ?

    Originally submitted 26th November.

  804. Moderator: Kaz

    @Rehan – That sounds strange, having a SIM only plan with us will not affect your data speeds. Please can you supply a full postcode so I can check for any issues in your area.

  805. Moderator: Kaz

    @Danny Tuppeny – That is correct, if you’re on the One Plan it’s fine to tether and can be used for anything, all we ask is that it’s for personal use only.

  806. Rehan

    I got a Sim only One plan monthly contract 2 days ago. I’m using a Sony Xperia Play phone. I haven’t tried tethering yet but the internet speeds are very slow. I called the Call centre and was told as I didn’t buy the phone from 3 so I shouldn’t expect decent speeds. Can you please help as I thought there is no traffic management on Three but seems I was wrong. Or advise us as what realistic speeds to expect. Thanks.

  807. Danny Tuppeny

    I’m considering switching to The One Plan for my phone, because Broadband around here sucks, and although I got a Three MiFi yesterday, there aren’t any 1-month packages that include more than 10GB data, and occasionally we’ll need more than this.

    If I get the 1-month rolling One Plan with unlimited data and tethering, am I right in thinking as long as the Sim is in my phone and tethered, I can use it for anything (eg. Streaming a movie over Apple TV, via the phone)?

  808. Moderator: Kaz

    @Rob – I have just sent you an email requesting some account details. Once you’ve replied I will arrange a call asap to get this issue resolved.

  809. Moderator: Kaz

    @Nav – I can confirm if you are on The One Plan SIM only it does have All You can eat Data with no fair usage policy. You are OK to tether, but the SIM can only be used in a device it was intended for, so afraid you can’t transfer it into a dongle, sorry.

  810. Nav

    I purchased three SIM only 1 month contract (The one plan- £25/month) two days back and absolutely loving it. I am actually a bit scared as well. I used loads of data (I mean loads!) by tethering from my HTC desire to laptop. Called call center and asked them. At my surprise, they said there is no fair usage policy and I can use as much as I like!! Is this true?

    If yes, can I put my SIM card in a USB HSDPA dongle and plug it into the USB port of my laptop to get online?


  811. Rob

    He, I posted a few days regards my text 500 plan and receiving the tethering warning page, is there any chance you could mail so i could get this problem resolved

  812. Moderator: Kaz

    @Layla – Everyone on the one plan (any version) has AYCE data and can tether!

  813. Layla


    There are 2 The One Plans. I’m on the older version which has a data cap (although generous)

    Can people with the older One Plan still tether?


  814. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Marc – Sorry to hear you find our tariffs confusing. If you only purchased your phone yesterday, you’ll be able to send it back and sign up to The One Plan, the plan that you can tether on.

  815. Marc

    I wish this was made clearer to me on the 3 website when I placed an order for a new phone yesterday!!

    So now I have a phone on the way on a Text 500 All-you-can-eat plan on the way and I can’t tether to it!!?? Surely 3 must make it clearer that not all of their All-you-can-eat plans are the same?? I really thought it was going to be straight forward with 3 as you make a big deal about how simple and transparent your plans are. I guess they’re no different from the rest!

    How do I go about getting this resolved as I really do need the tethering option?

  816. Rob

    Thanks kaz

  817. Moderator: Kaz

    @Rob – They are a few customers are having this issue, it’s best I get someone to look into this issue. Going to email you request for some more account details and then arrange someone to contact you.

  818. Moderator: Kaz

    @David – You can purchase an Internet Max add-on Here, which will allow you to tether.

  819. Moderator: Kaz

    @BeAnS – Something is wrong here. If you are on The One Plan there is no reason why you should not be able to tether. It’s best I get someone to call you to discuss this in more detail. I’m going to email you a request for some more account details, after you have replied I’ll arrange a call.

  820. Moderator: Kaz

    @Sunjay Bhogal – I can confirm if you are on the one plan tethering is allowed and because the one plan comes with AYCE data, you don’t need to worry about any data usage limits, it is unlimited.

  821. Rob

    I’m 500 text plan with the all-you-can-eat-data add on. I’m constantly receiving the warning page from three with regards to tethering. I’ve spoken to the in store staff and they have replaced both my handset (Samsung galaxy s ii) and sim, to no avail. They’ve also contacted customer services and they have confirmed that i haven’t gone outside off my provisions. I’m just wondering when this page will stop appearing as everyone seems to be at a loss to helping me.

  822. David

    @Mod What tethering options are there for exisiting Pay Monthly customers (3 yrs now) who aren’t on the One plan? I do not wish to upgrade my contract, but would be willing to pay a small fee to enable tethering on my new iPhone 4S. It seems totally irrational for 3 to offer AYCE data to all customers, and then dictate to them how they can use this data. Now from a commercial point of view it makes total sense to force people to upgrade to the One plan to avail of unrestricted tethering….

    I think 3 is far and away the best network in the UK, for mobile data speeds (rural coverage is a whole other kettle of fish), and the level of customer service on here (and twitter) is excellent. But I can’t help but feel that a few commercial decisions are holding 3 back from owning the lions share of the smartphone market.

    C’mon 3, I’m rooting for you to sort this one fast and leave the other networks even further behind.

  823. BeAnS


    I used the all in one 15 plan on Pay As You Go which included unlimited internet to tether with my pc both through usb and WiFi with absolutely no issues, now that i have taken out a contract which i am paying £33 a month for i can no longer tether my phone to my PC at all without being confronted by the Tethering page, if i am paying so much a month to have unlimited internet, why must i now pay more just to be able to utilise it? I have been a customer with Three for just over two years and have never had a problem until this day, at thos point i am simply considering cancelling my contract at whatever cost and going to another network.


  824. Sunjay Bhogal

    Hello, I am on the One plan using the Samsung Galaxy s2. I am now seriously thinking of ditching my home landline and broadband connection and use my Samsung Galaxy as the main broadband connection via the 3 network. So far I have connected my laptop and Playstation 3 and have streamed bbc iplayer and lovefilm.com. Can you confirm that I am allow to use the tethering service for this and it is safe for me to go ahead and cancel my home landline/broadband connection. I am looking at about 15 gig of usage per month. The one plan allows me to do this ?

  825. Moderator: Johanna

    @Craig – You can pay an early upgrade fee and then start a new 24 month contract on The One Plan, but you can’t just switch to The One Plan mid-contract without paying the fee. That maybe where the confusion lies… Come back to us if you need to though.

  826. Craig

    @Sedge- Reference your comment to Barry, I’ve enquired to 3 customer services about changing my Internet texter 900 plan to the One plan on 3 occasions (i’m 13 months into contract) they keep telling me it is not possible! Is this the case or is it lack of knowledge in the call centre, what costs would be incurred, as every time i ask the question I get a flat no!

  827. Moderator: Johanna

    @Unknown – You can only tether on The One Plan and One Plan SIM-only. You may have unofficially been able to for a while but we do have systems in place to stop this.

  828. Moderator: Johanna

    @Raven – Emailing you now to get some account information from you…

  829. Unknown


    I got a payg sim with 15 add on and can always tether no problem I have not had a page popup saying that I can’t

  830. Raven

    I have plan text 500 with all you can eat data on.
    Form a start i was able to surf internet.
    Now cant even open google because got this warning about tethering.
    Facebook dont work as well.
    Tried to switch off phone and on again, Nothing helps.
    I did not even once switched tethering or hotspot in my phone !

    Email me with answers.
    Will stop payments and go to my lawyer to raise a case. Will not pay for something i cant use !
    And im a customer of three about 6 years !!!!!!!

  831. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Grando – Unfortunately not, you’re only allowed to tether on The One Plan or on our One Month rolling SIM.

  832. Grando

    Is tethering allowed with PAYG £15 all you can eat data?

  833. Moderator: Johanna

    @dan – You can’t tether using the AYCE add-on which will explain the issue. You can get AYCE removed though and your add-on back if you want to. Give 333 a call and if you come across any issues come back to us. Sorry for the confusion.

  834. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ceejay – I’m racking my brains but have no idea what could be stopping your from tethering… Were you never able to tether or has this issue just started?

  835. dan

    Hi i have been on the 900 plan and had the 1gig limit and i was also buying the extra 3 gig add on
    i was always tethering with my phone with no problems. the other day i spoke to customer service and they informed me that i could change to all i can eat data for an extra 3 pounds which is less than the add on.
    She told me that once it was added it could not be removed. i thought this was ok.
    So since then i am now getting a message on my computer when i try saying that i cant tether.
    Whats going on?

  836. Ceejay

    I am on One Plan when I tether my iphone 4 with my ipad, it connects but unable to open any page. I tried to open different pages but it could not. But when I connect my ipad with my home WiFi it does work and opens any page without any problems.

  837. Moderator: Kaz

    @Rach – I’m afraid tethering is not allowed on PAYG, it’s only allowed on The One Plan which is a contract plan. If you continue to tether a webpage will appear asking you to stop.

  838. Rach

    I got a payg sim from three last month and bought a £15 add-on with all-you-can-eat-data.
    Tethering is allowed. What is going on? Is it illegal if I continue to tether?
    Thank you.

  839. Moderator: Kaz

    @lisa – Sounds like this is a device issue, you need to make sure the software and drivers are all installed correctly. You could possibly contact Nokia for instructions on this.

  840. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dennis – Yes the The One Plan SIM only one month rolling contract it does support tethering :-)

  841. Dennis

    I have an easy question..does the One Plan -SIM Only with a one-month rolling contract- support tethering?? In that site (http://support.three.co.uk/srvs/cgi-bin/webisapi.dll?command=new,kb=mobile,ts=mobile,t=article,varset_cat=internetapps,varset_subcat=3582,case=obj(3599),varset_username=Mobile:mobileUser&typeSearch=’tether*’) it says that it does…but in the 3store of Leicester (Granby Street) they guaranteed me that it is supported only 24-month contract!!
    Which is true??
    Thanks in advance
    (sorry for the bad english)

  842. Moderator: Kaz

    @Laz – Make sure that the phone is in phone mode. If your phone has opened in “USB mode” then click the phones home button to return to the phone mode. Open the phones settings menu and then enter the “Wireless and Network” option (which is the top option in the settings menu). After progressing this far you will need to find the option of “Tethering and portable hotspot” which will be at the bottom of the screen when you first enter. Inside the “Tethering and portable hotspot” menu you will notice the top option is “USB tethering” with a small tick box beside it. You will need to tick the box and then just put the phone down and let the computer or laptop do it’s thing as it installs a number of drivers. From this point on everything you need to do will be through your computer or laptop. As soon as the drivers are installed you will notice an icon in the bottom corner saying “Network” by clicking on this the phone will be able to access the internet.

  843. Laz

    The Phone I’m using is Samsung Galaxy S2 and I’m on the one plan.

  844. Billy

    I’ve been trying to use my phone’s data connection (HTC Desire S, Talk 500 with unlimited internet add-on), but I’m being redirected to a page telling me off for tethering. I’m not trying to use tethering. I tried Three’s advice of restarting phone, powering down and removing SIM, but the problem persists. Now the helpline staff tell me they’ll give me an update in 2 WEEKS?! This is unacceptable. I’m paying for a service that I’m not receiving.

  845. lisa

    @Kaz …… I am on the one plan …. when I connect with the cable and use the Nokia PC suite it says it cannot connect, and If I select Nokia Modem via the windows network selector it asks me for username and password …. thanks :)

  846. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Guy – This is something that we’re currently policing, if you continue to tether you’ll get redirected to a page online that’ll ask you to stop tethering. If you want to continue tethering, we recommend that you purchase our Internet Max Add On.

  847. Guy

    how come i can tether on my current plan and i always have been able?
    talk 900 tho it’s only 1gb

  848. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Laz – So I can look into this for you, could you please let me know which phone you’re using?

  849. Laz

    Hi, I’ve been trying to use Tethering, but when I try USB tethering alone, I have no connection, but when I use Wifi-Hotspot, my Laptop gets a connection from my phone. Am I doing something wrong? I want to get a connection from USB tethering or do I have to use Wifi-Hotspot?

  850. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Barry – Tethering, or using your phone as a personal hotspot, is a feature exclusive to The One Plan, and is not offered as part of any of our other packages, regardless of whether they have all-you-can-eat data included. The One Plan is our number one tariff, so we’ve packed as much value as possible into it. If tethering is your thing you can move to The One Plan as long as you’re 12 months in to your current contract, though there may be a cost associated depending on your current plan.

  851. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Baris – I’ve dropped you an email.

  852. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Danny – I’ve dropped you an email.

  853. Moderator: Sedge

    @ JC – So we can look into this for you, could you let us know what phone you’re using and what software update you’re currently on.

  854. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Alan – Ah! You found the tethering post :) We didn’t change our policy, we’re now just policing it to make sure our customers don’t tether on any plan other than The One Plan.

  855. JC

    Just got myself the One Plan. Have tethered successfully to my lap top and browsed. However Outlook won’t send emails. Any ideas?

  856. Danny


    hi i have recently got the all you can eat data add on, whenever i try to load a web page on my phone using dolphin hd browser i get redirected to a page saying i am tethering, any idea’s?, been on phone to 3 technical support and they cannot seem to get it working?


  857. Barry

    good evening just reading through past comments and kinda found the answer i was looking for i have the text500 plan with ayce added on. but my new question is why cant a data plan with the all you can eat data added on use the mobile phone as a hot spot? the only difference between this plan and the one plan is 1500mins of talk time and 2000mins of 3-to-3 talk time. so in internet terms their the same and as a traveller i was looking forward to being able to browse the internet when out and about on my laptop and now finding out that i cant and would have to pay £15+ a month for a dongle . so general question is why cant an ayce plan be used as a hotspot when their is no difference between it and the one plan

    Barry :-)

  858. baris

    sedge, i have the same problem with Giovi. i cant use dolphin browser on my phone it completely diverts me to the connection.three.co.uk and tells me that i am using my phone as a wifi hotspot or modem. and i need to reset the phone to use the internet again. i called your customer services 4 times today. and they dont know what the problem is. its the best browser in android. but what is wrong with 3UK?

  859. alan

    tethering was always allowed on the ‘flexi plan’ with data allowence up until last month but after spending over a week and dozens of calls to / from CS and tech help we have now found out tethering is no longer allowed with this tariff. why oh why wasnt we warned, and why didnt CS / tech help even know about this change of policy?

  860. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Giovi – Your grammar is absolutely fine – don’t worry! I’ve dropped you an email so we can check this out for you :)

  861. Giovi

    hi i have recently got the all you can eat data add on (i dont know if that is relevent but the problem started around the time when i got it) well anyway whenever i try to load a web page on my phone using dolphin hd browser i get redirected to a page saying i am tethering but the stock browser works fine its odd and dolphin is the best browser i have see on android so i would like to keep using it

    (sorry for the bad gramma)

  862. Moderator: Kaz

    @Lisa – Yes you can tether using an N8, but it is only by cable, not wireless. Can I also confirm which price plan you are on because tethering is limited to The One Plan.

  863. Moderator: Kaz

    @Amber – Sorry to read this. You can tether on this plan, however you’ll need to purchase an Internet Max add-on. There are more details here. If you would like me to arrange a call for someone to discuss this in more detail, please let me know.

  864. Amber

    Basically, I went into the three store to get a contract dongle, and they told me that all phones and all plans could be used for tethering, they told me what is was, and I thought as my phone was old I would get a new phone and a better plan, than my pay as you go contract with O2, I chose the text 500 plan, which I was told could be tethered, I got home set up my phone and tried to tether it, it said I had a teathering block so I rang three to which they informed me that only on the one plan, could you tether, so now I’m stuck with a contract that I can’t tether on, and aparently I can’t change my plan over to the one plan, I’m really not to happy with three at the moment feel like I’ve been lied to, I should hve just stayed with O2, also signal on three is horrendous, I get signal hardly anywhere around Kidderminster

  865. Lisa

    I want to tether my N8, but can’t find the isp/network settings that my modem requires to access the 3 network…. can you help?

  866. Lorraine Wiles

    Hello, i just wanted to ask if three can supply me with a static ip address on my mobile?

  867. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stephen O’Connor – If you head to Settings, you should see ‘Personal hotspot,’ which is third down.

  868. Stephen O'Connor

    Have an iPhone4 on the One Plan. Can someone point me in direction of instructions on how to configure Internet Tethering? Laptop running Windows 7. Thanks

  869. mike

    Kaz thanks for your reply,i am going to hold off sending it away at the moment as i have a need for the internet connection and then we are camping at Christmas so will need it then,only in my third month so i will have time to get it sorted early next year.


  870. Aj

    I have some info to the Tethering block page issue a few people have reported on here.

    When switching to the phone internet from wifi, I would always get the tethering block page despite never having configured or used tethering. It would work eventually after restarting the handset a few times. Turns out it was being caused by the Dolphin Web browser I was using. I have uninstalled Dolphin and internet works fine everytime now using the default web browser. This is not ideal but better than no internet.

  871. Moderator: Kaz

    @mike – That does not sound correct. Just checked the HTC website and can’t see anywhere it states your wireless router setting would be limited. We do not cut the connection after a certain time either, it could be an issue with your phone, if you give 333 a call we can book into our repair centre to take a look.

  872. mike

    Hi every one ime on the one plan with the all you can eat,fantastic value with a wildfire s,when i tether with a usb lead every thing is fine in fact ime tethered to my laptop now,the problem comes in when creating a wifi hot spot which i need for my archos 101 the hot spot only stays alive for 20-30 min,its not a signal problem its happened nearly 100 times now so that leaves limitations within the phone settings or 3 cutting connection after a certain time,can you confirm that 3 dont cut the connection after a certain time please and does any one know if the phone has a time limit built in.
    thanks mike

  873. Lorraine Wiles

    Hi I too have been having problems getting some online services to work whilst tethered, http://www.portforward,com have a little utility to check your pcs open ports, and all ports both ways (TCP and UDP) are blocked. Ive spent many hours over the last 2 months trying to look into the problem online and on the phone to Three tech support departments, and so far only found out Three blocks all ports, either with a firewall (/NAT server?) or by connecting us through a second network (which explains why i have 3 ip addresses (4 if you count wifi ip addy as well as usb, and 5 if you count the loopback ip addy) =
    1,wifi ip addy=
    2, usb addy=
    3, internal ip address=
    4, internet ip addy (example) =
    (plus an internal loopback ip= (no idea what this is for, but if you try to connect your pc to it, you connect back to your own pc))
    Unfortunately ive read today that if three does have us put through a second network, its impossible to have any ports opened, and the only way around it is by three assigning a static ip address direct to the phone, which can be.. and is done world wide, but at extra cost. and thats only if the mobile network supports static ip addresss..
    If its because of the firewall then again we’re at threes mercy as to whether they will port forward to our devices.. some people say thats its a crafty way to throttle advertised “unlimited broadband deals”
    But whether either of the above possibilities are true or not i dont know for sure, and so far nobody ive spoken to at Three seems to know either. I have opened a tech issue about this twice now and still not heard back about the problem, i will phone back again on monday and try again to get an answer.. as this phone is pretty much a £35pm plastic ornament at the moment :(
    Not much help i know but hopefully this info will save you wasting many hours like i have done trying to resolve the problem yourself

  874. Moderator: Johanna

    @Andrew – This isn’t an issue we’re aware of, you’ll need to give our technical team a call on 333 and they’ll take a look for you. Come back to us if you don’t get to the root of the issue and we’ll see if we can get any info.

  875. Moderator: Kaz

    @Richard – If you’re a Pay Monthly plans and want to tether, you’ll need to buy an Add-on. Choose Add Internet Max or Add Internet & Email which costs £5.11 per month for a 2GB allowance. To buy an Add-on, visit your My3 account on your phone or computer and select Buy Add-ons. I’m afraid there is not an internet lite addon. There is more info here

  876. Andrew

    Hi, seems to be an issue sending email via outlook while tethered (receiving ok). I am using an iPhone 4 on the full £35 Package.

    Is there a port blocking issue or something that i need to set? I am using two different email services (blueyonder and my own domain) but neither send when tethered, they just jam in the outbox “sending x of y”. When I connect by wifi or cable everything clears.

    I can’t find anything obvious to change in account settings – the basic settings are my email providers leaving only the ‘more settings’ to play with.


  877. Richard

    Hey, I am finding a lot of conflicting information and would like some guidance please! I’m on a SIM 100 rolling contract plan, and am looking at an addon to provide tethering. Online chat support said I could do it with add internet max, and so does this website:


    However, when I am on the my3 website to buy the add internet max addon, it doesn’t mention anything about tethering, just mobile use. There is an add internet lite addon than allows 1GB of internet usage and explicitly mentions with tethering but is twice the price? What is going on, am I just being stupid?

  878. Moderator: Johanna

    @Scott Lloyd – Tethering isn’t permitted on text plans + AYCE which may be why you are having issues. AYCE data is as much data as you can use on your smartphone and if you want to tether you can do this on The One Plan or One Plan SIM-only.

  879. Moderator: Johanna

    @Noel – It is possible with the £25 all-in-one add-on :-)

  880. Moderator: Johanna

    @Scott Lloyd – I don’t believe this should be blocked, I’m going to check this out for you…

  881. Noel

    Is tethering allowed on PAYG tarrifs? If not how much will I have to pay?

  882. scott lloyd

    I have a text plan with all you can eat. i just want to download large files using a torrent client but this hets blocked by three whnever I try – very dissapointing – and I have to switch off/on to restore service – even more dissapointing…all you can eat doesnt do what it says on the tin

  883. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Rana Asrar – Would you like me to arrange a call for you?

  884. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Oli – Sorry Oli, would you mind just confirming when you experience problems when you tether?

  885. Oli

    I’m having the same problem with tethering and all you can eat data. Why does it matter whether i’m browsing on my phone or plugging into my laptop and browsing the same pages there?

  886. rana asrar

    Hi there,

    I am a three customer since last 6 years. I have been using internet Max add on since last year. since I am using it on my iphone, it worked like a charm, never gave me a problem apart from some network issues occasionally. The latest add on All you can eat data is now my chosen add on at the moment, which is really good for me and i can use it as much i want to use it on my iphone. But there is a problem which happened to start after i chose this new add on. whenever i use ‘skyfire’ browser or msn messenger on my iphone4 it stops the internet and the browser comes up with a message that i am using iphone as a modem. All other apps which require internet are working fine. The afore said apps work alright on wifi and these were ok on internet MAX add on.
    Three technical team could not help me in this regard even after several hours help on the phone and many resettings on iphone and complete restore as well but no luck and finally i have stopped using these apps just to avoid the issue but i want to use these apps on this add on.
    Any help will be much appriciated. My iphone is on software ver. 4.3.2(8H7)

  887. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Louis – What sites are you trying to access when you get this message? Which plan are you currently on and which devices are you using your phone SIM in?

  888. Louis

    Hi…im having a really big problem…the same as Tony’s enquiry…if i browse to a web page from my phone web browser, I am taken to the tethering block page even though I am not tethering. It says ‘Are you using your phone as a modem’ and im not…all features checked out and i have called 333 numberous times and theyre completely useless just telling me to ‘turn on switch off my phone’

  889. Mark

    Am I allowed to use the £3 add-on as a Personal Hotspot on the iPhone 4?

  890. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Alex J – Yeah you can only tether if you’re on The One Plan. As for the upgrade fee, it depends on the individual – we don’t have access to your personal account information here so you’ll need to call 333 to see how much it’ll be for you.

  891. Moderator: Sedge

    @ David – No problem :) You can keep an eye on things here.

  892. David

    @ sedge – thanks for finding that out! Is there a link I can go to for updates on local issues?

  893. Alex J

    So to confirm, the £3 add on for unlimited all you can eat data does not allow tethering but the one plan does?

    Also you mention there may be a fee to upgrade to the one plan after 12 months of being on your current deal, I’ve heard £10 been talked about for this fee, can you tell me if it may be more than this please.

  894. Moderator: Sedge

    @ David – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and an issue has been raised in your area, the extent of the issue has not yet but identified but our team will be working on getting this fixed as soon as possible.

  895. David

    @Sedge – postcode as requested BT70 [Removed by mod]. Phone and texting are working fine and 3G was great until a week ago.
    Thanks for your help.

  896. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Dave Fyfe – Unfortunately not, you can only upgrade if you’ve passed the 12 month mark on your current contract. You could then upgrade but there may be a fee associated.

  897. Moderator: Sedge

    @ David – Could you send through your full postcode and I’ll take a look for you (Don’t worry we won’t publish it!).