All-you-can-eat data, now for all customers.

At the end of last year when we originally launched At the end of last year when we originally launched The One Plan, there was one key thought that really guided us. It was what our customers were telling us they desperately wanted, but that the mobile market wasn’t providing.

That thought? Peace of mind.

We knew that for many, the language of gigabytes, megabytes, data and downloads was a foreign one, and one that you didn’t want to worry about learning. Not only that, but you needed confidence that your price plan had you covered; that no matter what, at the end of the month, there weren’t going to be any nasty surprises.

So The One Plan, with its 2,000 any network minutes, 5,000 Three-to-Three minutes, 5,000 texts and all-you-can-eat data, was born.

Nearly a year on, and The One Plan is still our most popular Pay Monthly plan. Over 80% of people signing up to it on Three do so because of the all-you-can-eat data and the complete and utter peace of mind that it gives them.

So, from 7th October, we’re giving everyone the chance to take advantage of all-you-can-eat data. Our existing customers will be able to add it to their Pay Monthly handset plan for just £3 a month. And for everyone else we’re launching a range of new all-you-can-eat tariffs available from £18 per month to sit alongside some of our existing Talk and Text plans.

The new Talk & Text plans, which start from £18 per month with a smartphone, are:

Talk 300, Talk 500 or Talk 900, all with all-you-can-eat data give you:
-          300, 500 or 900 minutes or texts
-          All-you-can-eat data

Text 100, Text 300, Text 500 or Text 900, all with all-you-can-eat data give you:
-          100, 300, 500 or 900 minutes
-          5000 texts
-          All-you-can-eat data

If you’re an existing customer, everything else on your plan stays the same, including our policy on tethering. Same goes for the new plans – if you’re using all-you-can-eat data you’ll still only be able to tether on The One Plan. More info on that here.

So put the date in your diary – the 7th October. It’s the day that all-you-can-eat data becomes available from £18 per month on a Pay Monthly plan (or an extra £3 per month if you’re already with us).

We’ve invested heavily in our 3G network to make sure it’s in the best condition it can be to meet your smartphone needs, and it gets bigger, stronger and faster everyday. We’re even rated No.  1 network for smartphones – best for overall quality, value and ease of use*.

Our new plans are designed to give you every opportunity to use our network to its full potential, without the worry of a bigger bill. And we hope that from the 7th, that’s exactly what you’ll do.

*All figures are from the independent YouGov Smartphone mobile internet experience report wave 7 (June 11). For more information go to


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  1. Dudley Lionheart

    Dear Moderator, when answering my previous post could you also possibly delete the accidental ‘duplicate’ one (only one not both), as the duplicate was done in error thinking the first attempt hadn’t gone through, but later both suddenly showed.

    Many thanks.

  2. Lee Baker

    I am upset by this as I have recently upgraded my phone to the latest iPhone handset and I was not made aware that I could have a lower tariff upon taking out my contract and stayed on the one plan. If I had known I would have opted for a lower tariff as I know where get anywhere near half my limits. But I was a heavy internet user.
    The service agents in Three stores should be making people aware of this instead of keeping higher tariffs for more commission.

  3. Moderator: Lauren

    @Philip – sorry to read this :-( if you call the Business Tech Team on 337 they should be able to help you out here.

  4. Philip

    I am angry because I have just started a 24 month Business contract on Three with ‘All You Can Eat Data & Tethering” but as soon as I tether during the Trafficsense period 3pm-12am I get 100-200kbps download speeds. If I restart my phone and do a speedtest on the handset I get 18meg, if I tether again it drops in seconds to 100-200kbps. I am not using it for torrents or p2p just simply websites which load like I am using a dialup modem in the 1990′s. This is appalling for a business account. Sort it out please Three

  5. Moderator: Nicki

    @marcus – Hi there, if you’re receiving the tethering page and not tethering this is usually due to a 3rd party app changing your data settings. If you call 333 our tech guys will be able to help identify which app is causing this.

  6. marcus

    I bought the monthly contract at 13 £ /month (all you can eat data) but every time I’m using torrent three stop my internet because of tethering even if I’m not doing it… and my wifi and my bluetooth are turn off, anyone to help??

  7. Moderator: Lauren

    @Carol When buying your SIM card ask the shop for a micro SIM – this will fit your iphone 4. Thanks.

  8. Carol

    We are tourist to UK and understand that we can buy “All you can eat data” sim card for use 30 days at GBP15 at Terminal 4 of Heathrow Airport. My question is what is the size of the sim card available, does it fit iphone 4s?

  9. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sara Richards – I’m sorry you had such a shock! This is something the customer service team can look into for you, available on 333. I’m afraid we don’t have access to your account. If you’d rather not call, tweet @ThreeUKSupport and they’ll follow you so you can direct message and share your account details.

  10. Sara Richards

    I am really angry and confused about my last bill. I normally pay around £35 pm but last bill was £135.. I thought I had a capped usage credit limit of £20. This is what I was told when I signed the contact. I have never actually gone over around £45 so this was shocking. I received a message from “three” stating that I “had nearly used up my credit limit” in which case I checked and I still had over 200 minits available so again I am now shocked and disputed to see what has happened. I have 3 contracts with three and have been a valued customer for over 5 years. I am now contemplating changing my network providers when my contacts finish. Could you please get back to me ASAP. Thank you

  11. Moderator: Johanna

    @chloe – You can’t use up all of your data if you’re on an all you can eat plan… Did you have a message telling you you’d used all of your data? Can you check which plan you’re on and let us know? You can do this in My3 or on your ebill.

  12. chloe

    So apparently I’ve used up my all you can eat data? Meaning that I can’t access my emails or use my bbm? I’m actually so annoyed by this as you can hardly advertise all you can eat data and then tell me that I’ve used it all up? Also, if I’m paying for all you can eat data then I don’t expect it to run out, especially if I only paid my bill about a week ago.

  13. Ellie

    @Nic H – Sorry to hear this Nic, if you’ve not activated the portable hotspot on your phone then this tethering warning shouldn’t be appearing. We’d recommend calling the team on 333 so they can run some diagnostics and try to identify what is causing the problem. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

  14. Nic H


    I have a Galaxy Note II on contract with three (monthly rolling). I drive for a living so all you can eat data is great for catching up on emails or Facebook or whatever when I’m at work. Messages from Facebook are sent to my email account where I can read them and click on a link at the bottom to log into Facebook and reply…. except the past few days when I click on the link I get a warning about tethering (had to look it up – I don’t need it or use it) and have to restart my phone to unblock my internet access. All the tethering settings on my phone are set to off and it’s really annoying!! How can I resolve this?
    Thanks Nic.

  15. Ros

    @Br0n50n – Hi there. It is probably a 3rd party app that is causing this, the tech team on 333 can help as they should be able to identify which app it is.

  16. Br0n50n

    I’m having problems with tethering, three keep saying I’m tethering my Samsung s2, when I’m not, why is this? I’m bloody angry about this.

  17. Moderator: Nicki

    @Utkarsh Pednekar – Hi there, I’m afraid the work has now been delayed until the 19th January 2013.

  18. Utkarsh Pednekar

    Any Idea when the network Mast will be upgraded at [removed by Mod]. Last time I heard that it was due for an upgrade on 15th Dec.

  19. Ros

    @Matt – Yes the All You Can Eat covers that :-)

  20. Matt

    I have The One Plan with all you can eat data. I was wondering if tethering to download stuff onto my laptop will cost extra, or if the all you can eat data covers that?

  21. Ellie

    Hi Mike, Sorry to hear you have been having issues. We will be in contact via email.

  22. Mike R.

    Recently I started getting ‘tethering’ warnings – my phone isn’t, and has never been, tethered. The warnings have gone but I now find that every time I try to file share after a few seconds my internet access is disabled. I have to turn ‘Mobile Data’ off and on to regain internet access. I am on a monthly sim with AYCE and didn’t have any problems until approx. 10 days ago. I have phoned India twice and done exactly what they asked me to do with no success. They have escalated this, at my request, to complaints but as the the person at the end is obviously reading from a script they don’t seem to understand the problem – they keep repeating that there aren’t any blocks on my phone. It isn’t the location as I’ve tried it in different places. Reading the forums this seems to have happened to other users. Can this be sorted as I’m annoyed that I’m now paying for something I’m not receiving?

  23. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jordon E – The policy you’re referring to is no longer live… it was a trial that ran earlier this year. Can you share a postcode so we can check the network?

  24. Jordan E

    I am currently on the Sim Only Three One Plan (1 month rolling contract) £25 AYCE data with tethering allowed. I am currently getting 0.21kbps average download speeds and this is not just for what you class as file sharing/P2P but for simply browsing a simple html/css websites. From what I can see tethering on a whole suffers from speed restrictions within the “peak hours”. I see no difference browsing a website from P2P when tethering and under this apparent peak hour 7 days excuse but only when absolutely needed! I must repeat what I read on an earlier comment about if its when only absolutely needed why the 7 day peak hour speed restrictions? When are you going to release some proper information on data amounts in peak times? You sell a contract which allows tethering offering AYCE data yet you restrict us ( I won’t say me because I am clearly not the only one) to speeds less then half of dial up it appears on a lot of my speed tests. When will we get genuine answers and not just excuses accompanied with third world internet speeds?

  25. Moderator: Johanna

    @Utkarsh Pednekar – I’m afraid we can’t access that level of detail at the moment but upgrades are taking place. Let us know if your speeds improved once the maintenance has taken place :-)

  26. Utkarsh Pednekar

    @Ellie Are these new masts for the ‘Ultrafast Network’? At present the speeds at E1 [removed by Mod] are pretty bad. Hoping they will improve once this work is done.

  27. Ellie

    @Utkarsh – Really sorry, I can’t see any statuses you’ve previously been given, however I can see there are 2 new masts planned in your area. Work will begin on these on 15th December, you should see some improvement when these are live.

  28. Utkarsh Pednekar

    Hi guys, is there any update on fixing the 3G congestion issue at [removed by mod]. I am still getting a terrible download speed of 100kbps.

  29. Moderator: Nicki

    @Stu – Hi there, I’m afraid there are no plans for any new masts within the area at the moment although we’re always reviewing this. Looking at the coverage it appears your street is in an area of limited indoor coverage compared to outdoors. There’s also a fault raised on a mast within the local area which may be having an impact – this is currently being worked on.

  30. Stu

    Hi. I get no service most of the time @ home, [removed by Mod]. Any plans for extra masts near me?


  31. Ros

    @Utkarsh – Hi Utkarsh, the upgrade is now due to be completed next month I’m afraid, looks like it’s been pushed back. I can see that 3 new masts are also due to go up by December.

  32. Utkarsh

    Hi, I just wanted know the status of the capacity upgrade on my nearest mast (E1 2AQ). I was advised that it was supposed to be fixed on 30th Sep. please let me know.

  33. oli

    So a £3 price rise…

    Well £18 for 8Mbps is still better than £27 for 2Mbps DSL :)

  34. Moderator: Lauren

    @Shaun – it is yes :-) You can order in store, online or over the phone.

  35. shaun daniels

    is the one plan available on a sim only deal too? if so do i just go in store to see about it?

  36. Moderator: Lauren

    @Laurentiu – if you send your full postcode (we won’t publish it) I can check for any issues in your area.

  37. laurentiu cosma

    From 2 weeks i have one awesome internet connections. I don t change my adress and previously it was a good connections. What is happend now?

  38. Moderator: Lauren

    @Utkarsh – The mast closest to you is congested. We currently have a capacity upgrade booked for that mast for 30/09 however this is subject to change.

  39. Utkarsh Pednekar

    Hi guys. I just got a call from Three Network Team and they said that work hasn’t been done yet and its been extended for another 30 days. every month I am getting a new excuse and I am stuck with 140KBPS data speed. They have been giving me new dates since month of May now. Everytime I call them and they say work has been carried out. I have never seen even 1% of imporvement in data speeds. In fact its getting worst day by day. I live and work on the same postcode [removed by mod] and its almost impossible for me perform my daily work tasks without decent 3G connection. This is the last 30 days I am going to wait … I think HSPA+ network in London is just a Myth.

  40. Ros

    @Utkarsh Pednekar – Sorry to hear you’re having speed issues, but yes I can confirm that 2 new masts are due to go live very near you in the next few months. I hope that helps, sorry I can’t be more specific with dates at the moment.

  41. Utkarsh Pednekar

    Lauren … My postcode is [removed by Mod]. Seems the data is always congested in this postcode. Three Network team have always been telling me
    About new upgrades at my near mast … The speed has gone bad to worse in last few months.

  42. Moderator: Lauren

    @Utkarsh – If you send your full postcode (we won’t publish it) I can check for any upgrades going on in the area.

  43. Utkarsh Pednekar

    Guys, Everytime I call Three Networks Team they keep telling me that the work has been carried out. Is it really possible that the work is carried out for over 4 months now? 200kbps is way too slow for a 3G service. I moved from O2 to Three last November. I feel that overall Three Network in London is congested for Data. Please help me or else I may have to move to Orange-Tmobile

  44. Moderator: Johanna

    @Utkarsh Pednekar – Work being carried out on your nearest mast on 20 – 24th Aug. Another nearby mast is also due to be upgraded on 9th September. I hope this helps.

  45. Utkarsh Pednekar

    I am having this problem since 4-5 months now. The data speeds are always low indoors and outdoors. Three Tech Team haven’t been that helpful. I was expecting to get a decent speed of atleast 2mbps. Please advice. Once again my post code is E1[removed by Mod]

  46. Moderator: Kaz

    @Utkarsh Pednekar – Just checked your postcode and can’t see any issues in this area currently, you should have good signal. How long have you been having issues?

  47. Utkarsh Pednekar

    @Kaz My Post Code is (REMOVED) . My data speeds in the locality has still not been improved. I just got a download speed of 0.14Mbps on app. Please lemme know an approximate time frame when this issue will be resolved. Thanks

  48. Moderator: Kaz

    @danny – As long is it’s used for personal use and your not accessing P2P sites, yes it is AYCE!

  49. Moderator: Kaz

    @Tye – You can only tethering on that plan if you purchase the tethering add-on. I’m afraid it’s not included with your plan

  50. Tye

    Im on the all you can eat data plan with 300 min and 3000 txt and my phone has the option to be a WiFi hot spot will I be able to use this to connect my computer???

  51. danny

    is the all you can eat data really all you can eat? i use it alot to stream movies on the sky app and even use my iphone as a hot spot for my iPod, but even tho its all you can eat i geta bit worried that i am using lots.

  52. Moderator: Kaz

    @Utkarsh Pednekar – Please can you supply a full postcode and I’ll check for any improvements in your area.

  53. Utkarsh Pednekar

    Guys. There has been improvement in the data speed at my location. Is there any tentetive date when this will be fixed.

  54. AdamJames

    Checked my friends phone and even my mum all on android all on three and all around the Guildford area they all have the same problem of nothing loading that’s why I thought it would be a mast or something but as you said it wasn’t then I don’t know.

  55. AdamJames

    Yes I topped up yesterday and speeds were around 45kb today too and now they have dropped to nothing I can’t get into web pages planet 3 or anything.went over my settings there correct so I’m lost on what it could be.I know its not traffic sense.just I can’t figure out what else it is.

  56. Moderator: Kaz

    @AdamJames – Thanks for your comment, just checked for any network issues in your area and it all looks fine. Local masts are all working OK and you should have strong outdoor and indoor signal, are you still experiencing issues?

  57. AdamJames

    Hi I was wondering if any repairs are going on at (REMOVED) that’s Guildford as my internet and a couple of people I know here is stuck at the same speed test level of 45kb.would have thought I was being traffic sensed but I don’t use much internet and its outside peak hours that its running slow too.thank you for any help you can give.I tried customer service but they couldn’t help much.

  58. Moderator: Johanna

    @Utkarsh Pednekar – TrafficSense will only impact you if you’re file sharing… The heavy user trial is no longer running.

  59. Moderator: Johanna

    @Utkarsh Pednekar – We’ve had a look at your postcode and there are mast upgrades taking place next month, which should hopefully improve your speeds. Let us know how you get on.

  60. Utkarsh Pednekar

    @Lauren I just used the Speed-tester app today (off peak) and got the download speed on 0.12Mbps.
    I am not sure why this is happening. I have a feeling that I am capped under Traffic Sense. I haven’t been using heavy data recently.

  61. Utkarsh Pednekar


    My speeds have never improved where I live. The only time I jhad a decent speed when I was in sheffield back in Feb. Even the speed at postcode HA3 [removed by Mod] is slow. My work Vodafone gives me a speed of staggerring 9MB on the same phone. My current post code is E1 [removed by Mod] and the data speed I get is in few KiloBytes.

  62. Moderator: Lauren

    @Utkarsh – we don’t cap our speeds for general internet browsing. Are you experiencing poor speeds in all areas? Did you previously have good speeds and they dropped?

  63. Utkarsh Pednekar

    Guys I am on [removed by mod] and have been experiencing problems with my AYCE Data speeds. My data speed is always slow and it has never gone above 500 KiloBytes. I have a full strength signall where I live and work but never been able to achive an acceptable speed. This is now hapenning since 5 to 6 months. I have also checked the same sim in a different phone but no luck. The speed just doesn’t go up. What is the point in having AYCE when Three decides to cap the speed. Please help or else i may have to move back to O2.

  64. Moderator: Lauren

    @Luke – I can confirm that the heavy user trial aspect of TrafficSense ended midnight 2nd June. There may be issues or updates going on in your area which could be affecting speeds.

  65. luke daniel

    the trial of trafficsense is not over because i allways have same speeds same times of day im a cisco qualified networking tech and if what is said is true the speed would vairy

    please tell truth three

  66. Moderator: Nicki

    @luke daniel – Hi there, what time are you experiencing slower speeds, and what are you doing when you’re “being slowed down”? Do you know how long this has been happening for? It’s just our traffic management programme isn’t something that’s new, we’ve always have a policy in place.

  67. luke daniel

    2 months later i still have 40 kb/s internet and people on 333 says my phone is to slow for the internet lol its a htc desire hd i dont think thats to slow seems as 3 sale 600 mhz phones its really is traffic sense wich is way outta order
    everyone fill out form on bbc watchdog website and call consumer direct and ofcom i doubt theyll approve this message

  68. Moderator: Nicki

    @Paul – Hi there, I can confirm that tethering is not included with the All You Can Eat data. It’s only available on the One Plan, or with a tethering addon. Sorry if you feel you’ve been misadvised and feel the need to leave at the end of your contract. Further info on tethering can be found here.

  69. paul

    its not all you can eat

    I was told in the shop at blue water i could tether the phone and did for two weeks then it stopped contacted 333 wast of timegetting the run around then i put a complaint in and all she wanted to do was give me £25 to shut me up.

    I then had a confrence call with the complaints team and the shop the shop said we would not say that but they did and i have no proof as it was face to face in the shop and was shafted by three

    the contract was soposed to be the ultimate price plan that does not have tethering.

    i work in a major teaching hospital in central london and approx 16000 staff and have posted on the staff board stay away from thee and ask them to pass it on to friends and family. when i can get out of this contract i will

  70. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dean – all our comments are moderated and published by ourselves. We don’t monitor our blog over the weekend which is why it has not been posted until now.

  71. bob

    arghhhhhhh you do my head jus blocking all comments that give u bad rep!! learn how to run an inpartial website u scam artits!

  72. Dean

    so now your stopping my posts showing up, good one. i notice how you just respond to every comment about throttling with a copy n paste from the trafficsense page-do u think we are not clever enough to read that on the site? we all have read it and are astounded at your damn right arrogance. i am soon to be fil;ing a case with local courts to get out of contract AND keep phone due top contanst speed drops and throttling. provide the service you sell or feel the wrath of the law!

  73. Moderator: Johanna

    @jojo – It sounds like your phone has a fault – it certainly shouldn’t be asking you to insert your SIM when it is already in the handset. You can arrange for a repair by following the steps here. You should be able to pick up a loan phone from a 3store, subject to stock.

  74. jojo

    no my handset still has age restrictions,, and all the sites i went to wernt blocked originally its only over time and of these where ive used a lot of data that all of a sudden im cut off from them,, and it keeps telling me to put my sim in my handset which its already in (site blocked) at the end of the day 3 has blocked them this isnt just a technical issue,, if i want to use just ebay and fb i have a library next door i can use to go them sites for FREE

  75. Moderator: Nicki

    @jojo – Hi there, I can confirm there are no limits on your data limit. I’m going to email you separately for your account details and a list of websites you’re trying to access so I can check this out with our technical team. Even although you have the age restrictions taken off, there are still websites we’re required to block for legal reasons etc. If you could give us the dates/times and the URLs that’d be great. Emailing you now.

  76. jojo

    i can honestly say that the all u can eat data is not entirely true,, im a pay as u go customer and usually buy the £15 add on which has calling minutes, texts & supposedely all u can eat data..i use my phone internet alot so use plenty of data after doing this 3 started to cut off my acces to most sites (im not just talking about the under age restriction,whiich im in my 30s anyway) no there is another screen saying site blocked all time and when i click the internet option it says cant access sites from this device please place your sim in phone handset..WELL THATS FUNNY BECAUSE MY SIM ALREADY IS IN MY MOBILE PHONE HANDSET!!! at the end of the day even this internet offer has a limit set on it,,not all u can eat,, u use a certain amount of data and they have a machine that puts its lock down on yr internet when i phoned 3 a guy told me this, unacceptable, U SHOULD ADVERTISE WHAT THE REAL LIMIT IS,, NOT JUST START BLOCKING PEOPLE FROM EVERY SITE EXCEPT EBAY & FACEBOOK

  77. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lucian Lami – Hi there, could be an issue on your local mast. What’s your full postcode and I’ll check for any faults/work being carried out in area (don’t worry won’t publish your postcode). The average speed can be anything from 1 – 4Mbps.

  78. Lucian Lami

    Hello. I am a new 3 client from 25.06.12 and probably a new unhappy client.I am calling on 333 every day since, and seems that nobody could tell me what is happening with your all you can eat data. Here’s the thing. I am getting max 200 kb/s at best times and indoors it does’nt even connecting sometimes. What i am payng 34/month for???????? Does anybody hears us customers after signing the contract?

  79. Moderator: Johanna

    @Saeed – We are always looking at ways to better our network and improve the customer experience for the majority. The heavy user trial has come to an end and only impacted the top 5% of heaviest data users across our entire network.

  80. Saeed

    I’ve read about this after looking to get the “all you can eat data” plan with an S3 from three. Now I’m concerned, this is just another fair use policy by another name!
    Use too much data and we’ll punish you by slowing your data connection to dial up speeds!
    yes the TrafficSense trial has come to end, for now, but will you be bringing it back? is this part of the current?

  81. Moderator: Johanna

    @Chani – You can read all about TrafficSense here. But the heavy user trial you are referring to came to an end last Saturday.

  82. Chani

    I am a little concerned by the new TrafficSense. How would this affect me using high data services during peak hours only. Services such as Skype, iPlayer, Netflix etc?

    The point of Three is apparently for its all-you-can-eat data services but how can you then throttle access to services during the only times I am likely to use them.

    I am not a Three customer but I am interested in your network but I have to confess to having major concerns.

  83. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dudley – TrafficSense™ allocates the highest data users a proportional amount of network at peak times. This means that the top 5% highest data users share 5% of our network’s resource between 3pm and 12am. We don’t give anybody a specific speed, so anyone’s individual speeds depend on how many other high data users are using the network at the same time.

    Outside of peak hours, TrafficSense™ doesn’t place any restrictions on high data users, so if you’re able to move most of your usage outside of these times, you’ll find you get a normal or better than normal experience.

  84. Moderator: Kaz

    @Heron – It would be extremely unlikely this type of activity would fall into TrafficSense, but of course I can’t guarantee this. It’s best to read our TrafficSense page to get the full details and to make sure you don’t fall into this high user bracket.

  85. Dudley

    I too am being restricted/data throttled. I have been with Three for over a year and have been religiously topping up my account to maintain what is now apparent; the falsely and wrongly advertised unlimited data with no restrictions package. I switched to the iPhone 4S last year which has a 14.5 Mbps apprx internet speed capability (from the previous 4 model which had 7.5Mbps capability aprrx) and have been receiving download capable speeds on average about 8Mbps when I constantly monitor the connection with speed test Apps for ping, download speed and upload speed. I thought it bad enough I was only receiving apprx 8Mbps download speed for the past year when the iPhone 4S is capable of 14.5 Mbps which made me concerned and doubtful with regard to the upcoming iPhone 5 with purported 4G internet which is alleged to have up to 160Mbps internet speed capability. Therefore if Three struggle to produce only half of the iPhone 4S’s internet speed capability, then what for the near future with the iPhone 5′s 4G.

    Well, it’s even worse than imaginable as since last week (and the same as others are wrongly suffering here) my internet download speeds have been restricted to, on my last test, 46Kbps. As others like ‘Blair’ and ‘tiddydiddler’ have mention Three advertised this service as no limitations or restrictions, if you limit the speed at any time this is still a restriction, therefore this is false advertising. Further more I feel utterly stupid in the thought that I recommended Three and it’s unlimited pay & go data plan to family, friends and colleagues at work; now I have to undo all of that by explicitly expressing to all of the people I had previously told, that Three is using restricting and throttling practices on data and is no longer providing the service that was/is implied through advertising. Although many of the people I had previously and now apparently foolishly (in light of Three’s data restricting tactics) recommended this service to may not all have switched over straight away because of remaining time left on contracts, they certainly will be relieved they hadn’t done so because the service is NOT ‘all you can eat unlimited data’ that is unrestricted.

    With these problems, this country has no future on /with the upcoming 4G when it can’t even cope with the paltry 3G having to restrict and throttle down to the days of 56k dial-up modems of the eighties.

  86. Moderator: Kaz

    @Phil – It’s unlikely, as most people won’t be traffic managed at all. You’ll only have your traffic managed if you fall into the disproportionately highest data user category and during peak hours of 3pm to 12am. Sounds like a local network issue, please can you supply a full postcode and I’ll check for you.

  87. ruoli

    Look, I don’t care you got the traffic or what. This is your company problem, it’s not our problems. we paid the money, you provide the service. You say that is a traffic, i don’t care. I just care the money I pay and the right I get. I just warm you stopping this foolish manage, i don’t know which foolish guy come out with this stupid idea. What I know now is that you just see too many people using it for a long time that you provide too much data then you cannot earn too much money, you feel upset about that so you just make this way in order to save more money and then you will feel happy! Well, i know what your company is thinking about. Everything is for money instead of providing good service to your customer. You, three company, rubbish signal, stingy add on then internet speed limit. The normal 2G speed is at least 15kb/s. Now you say you provide 3G, but the speed is slower than 2G even “0.1G”. You say you are going to make sure everyone is fair but now i just feel unfair!! I think you just do it to all the all-you-can-eat-data customer then you just deceive to us that this is just for top 5%. Who will believe it? Well, the answer is the pig. !!!!

  88. Heron

    if i just browse the web normally during peak hour (is peak hour 3pm to 12am?) and start downloading thing or start to stream videos in non-peak hour, will i be part of the trafficsense ? Thanks.

  89. Phil

    Can someone tell me if Traffic Sense would be the reason why I suddenly don’t seem to get H+ (only 3g or H) on my Galaxy S2 anymore? Everything seems to be on a go slow since Tuesday. Are there any settings on the phone that might have caused this? Thanks

  90. Moderator: Johanna

    @Adam M – Have you had a chat to the team on 333, to see if you are in the top 5%?

  91. Adam M

    I dont downloads 5gb+ of data from 3pm to 12am i only download Large Data after 1am till 11am due to slow speeds duing the day? So why did TrafficSense [no longer affected] put me in 5% Top Users Restriction (3pm to 12am)?.

  92. Moderator: Kaz

    @Adam M – If you are on TrefficSense your speeds will return to normal after 7 days. If you’re able to reduce your data usage at peak times, you will not be part of TrafficSense again. You’ll only be affected if you’re using a disproportionately large amount of data. Most of our customers won’t be affected. There is no fixed amount of data you can use, we just recommend moving your usage outside of peak hours.

  93. Adam M

    Yes Lauren, Also i tolled it could be because since 21St May Old bill, that im on Traffic Sense Limit from 3pm to 12am but The speeds are still slow & what program i try to download sometimes it fails.

    Q1 If im on Traffic Sense? How long will i be restricted from 3pm to 12 am?

    Q2 Is it true that if u go over 50GB monthly the Traffic Sense comes into affect? I use only 80gb monthly

  94. tiddydiddler

    “@Blair – Traffic Sense is different to throttling as we only manage traffic at specific times of day, if it’s absolutely necessary.”

    Traffic Sense is traffic management. You now manage traffic based on user load. User load is analysed, and the figures used to manage the traffic.

    This means, whether publicly documented or not, all users are now bound by a fair use policy. “Use more than ‘x’, drop speed to ‘y’ for ‘z’ length of time”. And that goes directly against what was said on here in March…

    “We also recognised that the term ‘unlimited’ had started to lose its meaning. The many and varied hidden caps, fair usage policies and out of bundle charges being enforced by operators had started to erode trust, and for a period of time, even we weren’t whiter than white. In theory, if the plan you’re on has an ‘unlimited’ allowance of some kind, you shouldn’t ever go out of bundle, right? Sadly, that’s not always been the case…(new paragraph)..So we launched all-you-can-eat data, and along with the promise that we’d never let you hit a limit or go out of bundle simply by using data on your smartphone, we pledged that we’d remove all reference to unlimited allowances where we didn’t really mean it, including when it came to voice and text. Our aim was to offer transparency on our plans, so you could be confident that you knew exactly what you were paying for.”

    There are now limits in place. We hit them, we can no longer eat as much data as we want. That’s a fair use policy.

    I’d also like to quote something again…

    “we only manage traffic at specific times of day, if it’s absolutely necessary”

    You now limit users for seven(7) days from the time they hit the invisible fair-use policy. How can such a policy decide it’ll be absolutely necessary to limit Jim Smiths’ internet use 5 days down the line? How can Three ascertain it’ll be “absolutely necessary” to cripple his internet speeds at 10.38pm on Sunday after hitting the invisible barrier at 3.18pm on the Tuesday?

    I’m sorry, Lauren. You guys must feel like you’re getting a thorough kicking right now, and that’s unfair as you’re just the visible arm of your company. But judging by the backlash, there appear to be a lot of customers who feel like they’re getting a thorough kicking right now too. Sadly, we pay Three for the privilege… ;-)

  95. Moderator: Lauren

    @Blair – Traffic Sense is different to throttling as we only manage traffic at specific times of day, if it’s absolutely necessary. Traffic Sense is designed to give all our users the best network possible by making sure everyone gets fair access to our cell sites. So if you use a disproportionately large amount of data, you may find your speeds reduced at peak times between 3pm and 12 midnight. At all other times, your speed should be normal. Most people will never have their data traffic managed but if you’re getting slower speeds, see our tips to improve signal.

    The only comments we did not approve were duplicate comments you had posted on various threads.

  96. Moderator: Lauren

    @ajmason/Mark – Sorry to read that you’re unhappy, if you move your main usage to outside our peak hours then your speeds should return to normal.

  97. Moderator: Lauren

    @Wayne – We have no specific figure as the top 5% depends on other users in the area. Like all mobile operators, managing traffic across the network is a necessity. Although this can mean that some users may get slower speeds at peak times, we try to make sure that all of our users get fair and balanced access to our network. We’re doing this to provide the best possible experience for all our customers and our terms and conditions include this. You can read our terms and conditions at and see our traffic management policy at

  98. Moderator: Lauren

    @Adam – Is it slow at all times or just specific times of the day? There’s no reported issues just now in that area.

  99. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gaz – We want you to make full use of your data allowance whether you have all-you-can-eat data or a limited data allowance. Traffic Sense is about your usage – it’s simply that if you’re trying to download a large amount of data during peak hours, your download speeds may be lower than they would be at other times of the day. Traffic Sense is to make sure everybody can have the best possible service. We’ll do this only if you’re an extremely high data user (in our list of the top 5% of our high data users) and if you’re using data in the peak hours from 3pm to 12 midnight. If you are, try to move some of your data usage outside these hours. If you manage to do this, you should see a speed improvement after a few days.

  100. Moderator: Lauren

    @Wayne – apologies, it is between 3pm-midnight not 6pm-midnight as previously stated. Try to move some of your data usage outside these hours. If you manage to do this, you should see a speed improvement after a few days.

  101. Moderator: Lauren

    @Joel – We want you to make full use of your data allowance whether you have all-you-can-eat data or a limited data allowance. Traffic Sense is about your usage – it’s simply that if you’re trying to download a large amount of data during peak hours, your download speeds may be lower than they would be at other times of the day. Traffic Sense is to make sure everybody can have the best possible service. Try to move some of your data usage outside these hours. If you manage to do this, you should see a speed improvement after a few days.
    Full info can be found here.

  102. Moderator: Lauren

    @Blair – Like all mobile operators, managing traffic across the network is a necessity. Although this can mean that some users may get slower speeds at peak times, we try to make sure that all of our users get fair and balanced access to our network. We’re doing this to provide the best possible experience for all our customers and our terms and conditions include this. You can read our terms and conditions at and see our traffic management policy at

  103. Blair

    I get 20kbps that just over a third of dial up between 3pm and 12am, i get in from work at 5 usual use the internet till 12am then go to bed now you’ve throttled it so much it usually times out before i can connect to a website it is not fit for purpose. You advertised this service as no limitations or restrictions, if you limit the speed at any time this is still a restriction, therefore this is false advertising and the ASA has been contacted through Ofcom.

    p.s i see you never approved my other comments on what people can do and their rights, this just strengthen my cause.

  104. mark

    Hello, Same speed here Throttling from 15.01 – 00.01 fed up off to T Mobile

  105. ajmason

    Yeah I noticed that I use about 3gb a month and right now after about 4 speed tests my internet slows to 12kbs until midnight I’m not a high data user:-Dand I know its not the mods fault so can’t it get angry.just its been this slow 3pm to 12am for about two guess I’ll just replace my sim.although I know its not that.or lurk tether the data I should be getting after 12:-DI’m on payg but as three can brake the rules :-Dcan’t we all.

  106. Moderator: Lauren

    @Blair – Traffic Sense is different to throttling as we only manage traffic at specific times of day, if it’s absolutely necessary. Traffic Sense is designed to give all our users the best network possible by making sure everyone gets fair access to our cell sites. So if you use a disproportionately large amount of data, you may find your speeds reduced at peak times between 3pm and 12 midnight. Our policy can be viewed here.

  107. Wayne

    Ok so after reading on various forums it seems you top 5% is above 2GB per month which is hardly massive i am sure you will delete this like you have been deleting lots of posts i will like lots of my fellow subscribers be reporting this to ofcom and trading standards as this is a blatent breach of advertising standards and contract

  108. Moderator: Lauren

    @Lionel – Like all mobile operators, managing traffic across the network is a necessity. Although this can mean that some users may get slower speeds at peak times, we try to make sure that all of our users get fair and balanced access to our network. We’re doing this to provide the best possible experience for all our customers and our terms and conditions include this. You can read our terms and conditions at and see our traffic management policy at

    The top 5% is a percentage so it depends on how much data is being used in your area. To avoid having your traffic managed, try to move some of your heaviest data usage to outside 3pm and midnight – for example, you can set large downloads to run overnight instead of the peak hours. If you can change the times of your heavy usage enough, you’ll see your speeds during peak times improve after a few days.

  109. Moderator: Lauren

    @Wayne – Our network is designed to handle massive levels of data usage, and we’re continually improving it. However, all networks only have a certain capacity in a small area, and we need to make sure that we’re providing all our users with the best possible service and fair and balanced access. Our traffic management policy is publicly available at – we suggest checking there regularly for any updates.

  110. Adam M


    Ever since Friday 25 th my internet speeds dropped from 100kbs too 1kbs which mean is impossible to watch vids or even browsering is slow? my postcode [removed by mod].

  111. Huzaifa

    I made a mistake in my previous post. It’s actually 3000 texts, although the question was related to the data anyway

  112. gaz

    hi can anyone telll me if 3uk are starting to rip us customers off and throttling speeds regarding the ayce unlimited internet with no restrictions
    for the last four days between about 3pm and 12 pm the speed on my payg sim card unlimited data has gone down to basically nothing then at 12pm full speed agian
    i went into the 3 shop at washington gallieries sunderland today and the sales assistent assured me there are no restrictions, 3 is unlimited internet with no restrictions at all
    i came home and rang 333 and spoke to someone from the far side of outer india i think if that is being polite and was told 3 now operate traffic restrictions between 3 and 12 wat is going on to us customers
    yet you are still advertising and selling phones,sim cards with unlimited data noing that this is not correct, suely this is false advertising and something can be done against 3uk

  113. Wayne

    Oh btw you claim the time when you are throttled is between 6pm and 12am thats not true its from 3pm-12am
    which is whats happening to me you have effectively turned off my internet between these times

    I will wait for your response if its not satisfactory i will be passing on my complaint to trading standards and offcom

  114. Joel

    I’m a Three customer in two countries and I am very disappointed in data speeds-it is usable (not fast) in mornings and capped to ~10 KB/s in the afternoon. Come on now, I download a movie and you move me to the “top 5%”, and cap my speed for “a week”?. This is ridiculous.

  115. Blair

    we are saved seems like we can legally cancle our contracts without a cost as three have broken General Condition 9.3.

  116. Blair

    All-you-can-eat data on The One Plan.
    What’s the limit?
    There are no restrictions for the all-you-can-eat data that now comes with The One Plan. This means you can use your smartphone as you like – so you can download apps, browse the web, look at maps and check your emails as often as you like.

    Im getting throttled this is a breach of contract and illegal!.

  117. lionel

    how pathetic. all-you-can-eat-data? yeah, just dont download too much. im going to report you and investigate further. please dont advertise with that title if you cant offer that service. how in the hell is anyone who works going to be using their phone that 2am? pathetic.

    oh btw, three have proved they are no different than the other providers with their top5% rubbish. lucky i still have my deal on another network having only joined three 2 weeks ago. thanks to everyone who has brought this forward, i will do the same….had a few friends who were gonna the sg3 on three, gonna make it my mission to see they dont.

    the least you could do is let people how much data the top5% users use?

  118. Wayne

    I too am very disappointed with 3 you sell an all you can eat data plan, suck in all your customers then flip a switch and add limits to your service so its no longer all you can eat its just off peak internet now

    I think we should all contact the ombudsman and complain as this is no longer the product that is advertised

    either you should come clean and state what the real limits are and amend you advertising or upgrade you network and remove the traffic system for one plan customers

  119. Moderator: Johanna

    @Andrew – You’ll only have your traffic managed if you are a disproportionately high data user (in the top 5% of high data users) and when you are using data in a busy cell site area between peak hours of 6pm to 12am. Try to move some of your data usage outside of these hours. You should see a speed improvement after seven days.

  120. Andrew

    I to have had my internet speeds throttled, i was getting great speeds until a few weeks ago, i downloaded a lot one week now my speeds have been limited to a crawl i cant watch youtube its so slow or use skype its to slow, then exactly at 12.00 at night the speeds go back to normal, i have phone three many times and the last time i called the adviser told me to “move to a different area” really thats what he said. my upload speeds have not been affected just download

  121. Moderator: Kaz

    @Lauren – Sorry to read that you seem to be having issues with data speeds. Our network is designed to handle massive levels of data usage, and we’re continually improving it. However, all networks only have a certain capacity in a small area, and we need to make sure that we’re providing all our users with the best possible service and fair and balanced access. We have a traffic management page on our website that explains this in more detail. You can click here to take a look. If you’re worried about traffic management, we can get our Social Care team to contact you, please let me know.

  122. Lauren

    The three one plan all you can eat data is SCAM !!! They will let you use it in the first days then if you continue using it they will put in the top 5% of users who use more data and slow your Internet to a point you can not use it. They want you to pay but not use! I wish someone has warned me before I fall for this SCAM!!! I’m coming back to my old mobile company, at least they let me use 3G when I’m paying!

  123. Moderator: Lauren

    @Steve – All-you-can-eat is still truly unlimited. We only manage traffic in specific locations and at specific times of day, when it’s absolutely necessary.

    Our traffic management policy is designed to give all of our users the best network possible, by making sure everybody gets fair access to our busiest masts. This means that if you use a disproportionately large amount of data in a busy part of our network, you may find your speeds reduced at peak times between 6pm and 12am. At all other times, in all other locations, your speed should be normal.

    Most people will never have their traffic managed. If you’re finding that you have slower speeds, see our tips to improve signal to try and get better coverage.

  124. Steve

    Thanks everybody, was thinking to join three due to unlimited plan, but I can see it’s a scam.

  125. Moderator: Johanna

    @Carlos Rocha – We want you to make full use of your data allowance, whether you have all-you-can-eat data or a set data allowance. Our traffic management policy is all about the context of your usage – it’s simply that if you’re trying to download a large amount of data in a busy area, during peak hours, your download speeds may be lower than at other times of day. We operate a traffic management policy to make sure everybody can have the best service possible. Like all mobile operators, managing traffic across our network is a necessity. Although this can mean that some users get slower speeds at peak times, we strive to ensure fair and balanced access to our network for all of our users to provide the best possible experience, and our terms and conditions include this. You can read our traffic management policy here.

  126. Carlos Rocha

    That is very true Dean. It is ridiculous. It is not just on the one plan, pay as you go are suffering as well. I cannot use the internet in the day but after 1 am everything is back to normal. Now, this is the no FUP Unlimited internet Three have been bangging on about? They should add the fact that this is only good for someone that lives in the night and not for the rest of us that sleep at night. They say that they do this to manage the network for services like peer 2 peer and napster but this is not true, it does not start at 6pm either. I do not use this services, nor do I use tethering but a minute ago 13:08 on the 17 of May 2012 I cannot even send a tweet as it fails or takes forever. Also I cannot do a speed test as it fails with a latency error. This is a WARNING for everyone thinking about getting a plan on Three because of the “unlimited” internet. It is not unlimited, you cannot use it at all. I feel sorry for the people that signed up for the one plan with the rouse of having unlimited internet and not having to worry about downloading whatever they like. You will be able to still do it but only at night. Yesterday all day I was having issues with my phone and the internet being slow. When it got to 1 am and without changing any settings on the phone it suddently started working like normal.

    YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! I will write a detailed entry about this on my site and in my blog as soon as I get a chance. I will spread the word so no one else falls for the same trap.

  127. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dean – we have your email here and will be replying to you soon.

  128. Dean

    @ dave DO NOT TAKE OUT THE ONE PLAN!!! I AM PERSONALLY ON THE ONE PLAN AND I AM BEING THROTTLED!!!! unlimited data yet they have introduced throttling as of 12 may 2012 for top 5% of users. pathetic, illegal, ive emailed ceo david dyson and am looking elsewhere PS 3UK-YOU CANT SELL ‘UNLIMITED WITH NO THROTTLING CONTRACTS AND THEN THROTTLE PEOPLE-ITS ILLEGAL!!! I am now looking for alternative contracts

    @ mods-i think you need to ammened all comments on your blogs to refelct threes new policies they have slyly introduced via website and not informing customers-there are now limits on the one plan

  129. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dave – I can confirm that with all-you-can-eat data there are no restrictions or hidden ‘fair use’ policies on the amount of data you can use. This means you can use your smartphone as you like – so you can download apps, browse the web, look at maps and check your emails as often as you like without worrying about going over a data allowance. I’m afraid it does not cover sending a MMS, it’s best to check out our pricing guide to confirm how much this would be, just click here

  130. Dave

    Some basic questions about unlimited data and sending emails/txts please.
    I’ve been with Three for about 5 week – on ultimate 500 with Unlimited data. I queried a charge on my bill outside of my allowance and was told its only for Downloading , any attempt to send a picture, an attachment or even a smiley icon in an email would be charged as outside my allowance. It would appear that any thing that can be remotely seen as MMS is outside the allowance yet the Three website says I can upload pictures.
    Can I do my mail and add attachment, can I send mms? INCLUDED in my package. I only sent 77 texts last month and went over my allowance . – Even sending a contact via txt is counted as a charge

  131. Colin


    I was the very same, and have now cancelled my AYCE add-on and had my x-series silver add-on (which was no cost) added back onto my account. I should now be able to tether again :) but this whole farce has really brought my estimation of three down.

    I want my current plan, only I want to add AYCE data onto this without changing anything else as per various assertions by three. Seems like this is not allowed as they will not let you have x-series silver or internet-max add-ons at the same time as AYCE data.

    I think this is poor play from three and they have just lost my additional add-on fee because of it.


  132. Moderator: Johanna

    @Steve Peacock – You can only tether inclusively on The One Plan. For all other plans you will need to buy the tethering add-on I’m afraid.

  133. Moderator: Johanna

    @Daniel – Right, I hope I can clear up the confusion. All you can eat data, doesn’t automatically mean you can tether – it allows you to use as much internet as you want on your smartphone. One Plan and One Plan SIM-only customers can tether as part of their plans. Any other plan, can have the tethering add-on – see here for info.

  134. steve Peacock

    Well I was on text 500 with 2gb internet and tethering was allowed, I then added unlimited data to enhance my package now I got tethering blocked were it wasn’t previously and I can’t go back to my original text 500 plan since I’m locked into the all you can eat until the end of the contract! If I’d known this would happen I would never have added “all you can eat”
    I feel really cheated by 3
    give me back my original plan!

  135. steve Peacock

    I too was on text 500 with 2gb of net but “upgraded” to unlimited data, what a joke now I’m blocked from tethering, cause 3 want more money for a tethering addon !!! And now Im trapped on this bloody contract for a year, what a bunch of shysters 3 really are!

  136. daniel

    Im confused, everyone keeps saying that you cant tether if you get the all you can eat data add-on, but ive been told that you can get a tethering add-on for £3 amonth extra even if your no on the one plan i this true?

  137. Moderator: Sedge

    @Neil Houston – They’re added on to the rest of your contract term.

  138. Neil Houston

    The £3 unlimited data add-on, can you buy it (and the £3 tethering add-on) for one month, or are they added on for the rest of your contracts term?

  139. Moderator

    @Taf Hi there, I’d recommend one of the Ultimate Internet price plans. This offers the All You Can Eat data, a variety of minutes and 5000 texts (the texts are standard across all packages). You could then get a tethering addon through 333 or My3 :-)

  140. Taf

    Hi, I would like some advice please. I’m thinking of joining 3, it’s the unlimited Internet with tethering that attracts me, and the good network coverage in my area also. I’m not a massive talker or texted, 500 of each would be fine, the 2000mins and 5000 text on the one plan would be a waste. Are you able to advice on the plan which would best suit my needs? Many thanks.

  141. Moderator: Kaz

    @David – You can upgrade to The One Plan, but will there will be charges involved as discussed with customer services. There is an alternative though, you can get the AYCE add-on for an extra £3 pm and a Tethering Add-on for £3 pm, which gives you 2gb of tethering. And when you you are closer to your upgrade window, change to The One Plan.

  142. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Colin – You’ll need to give 333 a call to get it activated on your account again. That’s not something that we can do here.

  143. Colin

    Finally seems like a sensible answer, I think I may have had the Internet Max add-on built in. This has been taken away from me without my permission. Can I get it back please?

  144. David

    I am currently on Text 500 with a 1000MB download cap. I want to upgrade and pay more to go to The One Plan with all you can eat data and tethering, but apparently I can’t. I am told I need to take out a new contract? This is strange as the post above suggests this plan is for ALL customers.

    Am I actually getting penalised for my loyalty to Three?

    I currently have the iPhone 4 with Text 500 and some time left in my contract. As I said, all I want to do is move up to a more expensive tariff. Why is this not possible?

  145. Moderator: Kaz

    @adonjimmymjdominy – I’m afraid you can only tether your phone on The One Plan or if you have an Internet Max add on. If you are on the one plan I see no reason why you cannot connect to your VPN.

  146. adonjimmymjdominy

    Can you connect to a vpn with an ayce tarrif. Using my galaxy s2 and the apn I cant connect to my home VPN but I can connect using wifi or the 3internet apn. I spoke to customer services but they tried to walk me through setting up a wifi connection and couldn’t get their heads around a VPN connection. I’d happily use the 3internet apn but am nervous about being charged a fortune.

  147. Moderator

    @Colin – tethering has also been available with the Internet Max add on. A lot of older plans did have this add on built in as standard and it was also offered to a few customers through upgrades, so that may be why you were able to tether on older plans.

  148. Colin


    No wonder i am getting pissed of as that is completely and utterly false!!!!! I joined three well before the one plan exisited and tethering was permitted on the plan i joined.

  149. Moderator

    @Frank Schofield Hi there, yep with our AYCE addon you have as much as internet allowance as you want, but the One Plan also offers the facility to tether as much as you want too.

  150. Frank Schofield

    @ Johanna. I have today extended my contract for a further 24 months moving from mix and match 1100 with an Internet max add-on – were I could tether my phone to the laptop and use 2GB of internet. I have “UPGRADED” to THE ONE PLAN with AYCE. Am I correct in my understanding that THE ONE PLAN I have “UPGRADED” to, I am free to tether my phone to the laptop and use 10GB, 20GB 60GB 100GB of internet without fear of being billed, cut off, charged or a reduction of service that I have otherwise enjoyed?

  151. Moderator: Johanna

    @Colin – Apologies I thought you were PAYG. Tethering has only ever been permitted on One Plan SIM-only – only on other SIM-only plans with an add-on.

  152. Colin

    Eh, where did i say i was on PAYG??? I was on a 30 day sim only contract and it was expicitly allowed and 3 REMOVED it from me and wont give me it back.

  153. Moderator: Johanna

    @Colin – It was never allowed on PAYG… It just wasn’t blocked initially.

  154. Colin


    I was on a plan that allowed tethering and when i changed to AYCE (being tolding nothing would changed) tethering was REMOVED. That’s what pisses me off. 3 removed my tethering even though i was told nothing would change.

    And before you use the same excuse as you did with Paul about ‘getting away with it’, it was not just getting away with it, it was expresely allowed and was state on these blogs many times.

  155. Moderator: Johanna

    @Colin – All you can eat data means you can use as much data as you want, on your smartphone. Tethering is a benefit of The One Plan or One Plan SIM-only. If you’re on another plan and want to tether, you’ll need to buy the add-on.

  156. Paul

    Paul, I hear you my friend. 3 tout themselves as being holier than thou. Just as bad if not worse than the rest of them.

  157. Colin

    3 are an absolute joke!!!! They pride themselves on being the “honest mobile provider” by not saying data is unlimited when it is not etc. But I have all you can eat data and am not allowed to tether it, that is just pure hypocritical.

    If you check back the posts I have raised this issue a few times, I was on a plan which did allow tethering and had a 1GB limit. I “upgraded” (that’s a laugh) to the all-you-can-eat and was told nothing would change; on this blog, on the call etc. I have now lost my tethering and have no way of going back to my old plan. This is really poor show.

    Also the moderators on here have advised that they would have customer services contact me on a couple of occasions now and I have not been contacted once. Just when I thought one company was actually beginning to treat their customers well I was proved wrong. I’m off, never using 3 again.

  158. Moderator: Johanna

    @Paul – What plan are you referring to? You can tether inclusively on The One Plan or One Plan SIM-only. You may have been able to ‘get away with it’ before but would have been breaking our Ts&Cs. You can tether on any other plan, with the tethering add-on.

  159. Paul

    Be careful if you get this package! Once you ‘upgrade’ your stuck with it for the rest of the contact (for me I have two years)

    It does not allow you to tether your phone, OK I can’t see the problem myself,if its all you can eat; I used to tether my free 500 meg allowance never went over it once.

    The fecking major pain is I use the USB to charge my phone and every time I do, it disables my internet access until I reboot my phone! Even if I select the charge only option on the phone.

    Of course they now won’t let me return back to my free 500 meg data. I think I’ll have a word with them and quote the distance selling act 2000 or maybe the sale of goods act.

    All you can eat data? Yeah Right…


  160. Moderator: Kaz

    @Pete – Congrats on your new phone, and what a great phone. This issue sounds quite confusing, are you trying to access planet3? Because this only be done while connected to our network, and not wifi. If you are trying to access other websites and not one in planet3, I will have to arrange for someone to contact you to discuss this in more detail.

  161. Pete

    hey just picked up my brand new xperia s today and am on the one plan as i wanted to use it for tethering at home, had a cracking start with it the handset is awesome but some websites it connects to with no issues but others it simply brings up that im trying to connect to planet 3 ? and to turn off my wifi ? whats the problem here ? im sure it could be me but any help greatly appreciated :)

  162. lte

    On the face of it £3 month sounds appealing for unlimited data.
    Currently I have a rooted phone and can tether to it and a 3 dongle for my netbook.

    Considering the fact there are numerous reports of issues using applications and being accused of tethering when people are not, I currently only pay £5 month for 500 mins or text 2gb Internet and 5300 3 to 3 calls.

    I was seriously considering paying £3 month, but what concerns me is the port blocking that is obviously occurring as well.

    Can three list all restricted ports and ones that are throttled so I can decide whether to change and loose tethering or if it will adversely affect the applications on my phone such as Orbot

  163. Moderator: Kaz

    @Neil – Tethering is only allowed on The One Plan or if you purchase an internet max add-on. If you would like to tether it’s best to call 333 and purchase an Internet Max add-on.

  164. Moderator: Kaz

    @MMC – If you have AYCE data it will be unlimited, have you checked your My3 account? If should state that you have unlimited data.

  165. Vineeth


    I had posted a couple of days ago regarding the issue of being consistently redirected to the tethering block webpage. I have been in touch with the technical team and here’s what I have come to understand.

    3′s firewall is flawed.

    I am no tech wizard, but apparently when certain apps behave like its Windows/Mac counterparts, the firewall simply blocks internet access and reroutes you to the tethering block webpage. If you are browsing with the ‘Dolphin Browser’, then its likely that you will have experienced this. However everything is fine with the stock android browser. As another user reported, torrent clients are a strict no-no because the servers assume that the application is running on a Windows machine. ‘PULSE’ behaves just fine until I click on ‘continue reading’ and then occasionally my internet is gone.

    I hope Three’s engineers are addressing these issues and adding more apps into the whitelist. I dont want to be stuck with this problem for the next two years. Its really annoying to have to find alternate apps everytime.

    Happy Browsing

  166. Neil

    Well, just for info if anybody reads this. It seems tethering on the iPhone 4 works on SIM 15 and SIM 600 untill your 14 day colling of period has expired, then tethering is removed to catch you out. Im now in a 12 month contract i dont want.

  167. MMC

    I recently got a contract from yourselves, which included an ‘all you can eat data’ Internet package. However, when I checked my allowances just now on the phone by dialling 333, it told me I have all I can eat data, but 1 GB of Internet.

    How does this make sense?

  168. matt

    also having problem with tethering, i have rooted my phone and that hasnt changed anything i am using a galaxy s tried various firmwares and only getting tether blocked you have to join the one plan even though i am on the one plan.

  169. peter s

    thanks Sedge

    just had 3 support contact me to say that Dolphin Browser is to blame, they say 3 network miss-interprets Dolphin Browser as a tethering modem and I should uninstall it. Done that so will see

  170. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Peter S – I’ve dropped you an email so we can look into this for you.

  171. peter s

    tethering block/tethering webpage saga on Samsung Ace continues for 4 weeks now,

    no one here adressed my origial post

    I’ve turned the phone off many many many times but 3′s tethering block webpage persists.

    Reset phone multiple times but 3′s tethering block webpage persists.

    3 appears to have a problem here, which no one at 3 is resolving

    to recap. 3 has had my money (monthly) but has yet have not provided AYCE data in ine with their contract with me – since January 2012

    I’m due to cancel that contract at 3 shop Friday and get the up front costs back for my phone along with 2 months payments

    Shame this, I had thought 3 were the bees knees – not anymore

  172. Moderator: Kaz

    @Deniel – I will need to get someone to contact you to resolve this issue. Sending you an email requesting some account details so we can get in touch.

  173. Moderator: Kaz

    @David – I can confirm that AYCE data can be added to any contract phone plan, have you tried giving 333 a call to discuss this.

  174. David

    Can one of the mods confirm whether AYCE data is still available as an add-on? I can’t find it on the site or through My3 on my phone.

  175. Colin

    Kaz, I have received no e-mail.

    Guy, sorry to hear you have also been duped by 3.

  176. Daniel

    I am having the same problem as Matt:
    “I too am having the problem on my Samung Galaxy S where it keeps directing me to the tethering website. I just added the all you can eat data package to my account 3 days ago. I just casually browse the web on my phone and all of a sudden it accuses me of tethering and tells me to reboot my phone. I have never used the tethering option on my phone!”

    I added the ayce package about a month ago. It was fine until the last week when I started getting redirected to the same site as matt. Trouble is i’m not trying to tether, and I’ve double checked all the settings. This leads to emails not coming through and it is quite bad having to reboot the phone all the time

  177. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Matt – I’ve dropped you an email so we can look into this for you.

  178. Matt

    I too am having the problem on my Samung Galaxy S where it keeps directing me to the tethering website. I just added the all you can eat data package to my account 3 days ago. I just casually browse the web on my phone and all of a sudden it accuses me of tethering and tells me to reboot my phone. I have never used the tethering option on my phone!

  179. Guy

    i agree with collin. i was tethering away, as happy as can be until one day i saw this all you can eat offer. i was informed i couldn’t tether with the add-on, BUT i was also told that i could still use my normal 1GB per month that i was getting before for tethering. i can’t even do that.

    the only way to get round this was to upgrade to the one plan, (as i was told on the phone to 3) because the one plan is for new customers only. i would either have to get another contract (having to monthly bills) or end the one i’m currently on early by paying around £300.

    the best part is i can’t get the all you can eat data removed, so i can have back what i had.

  180. Moderator: Kaz

    @Colin – I will have to arrange for one of our colleagues in customer services to contact you and look into this in more detail. I will email you a request for some more account detail and we can take it from there. Thanks.

  181. Colin

    Kaz, this is pretty poor from three. As per the comment July 8, 2010, “Internet Max is in-built”, which is what I was sold when I joined 3. I do not want the One plan, I have no need for all those minutes and text, I just want my current tarriff with tethering back. I repeat, this has been changed by three even though it was stated nothing would change. Can I get my tethering back please?

  182. Moderator: Kaz

    @Colin – Regarding these comments on tethering back in 2010, I’m not sure which plans the customers are on or if they are referring to an Internet Max add-on. Just to confirm, tethering is only allowed on The One Plan or if you have the appropriate add-on. If you would like me to look into moving you onto The One Plan, please let me know.

  183. Colin

    Kaz, are you going to respond to my comment that tethering has been taken away from me.
    Comment by Moderator August 2, 2010 “@Roger – yes, we allow tethering”
    Comment by Moderator July 28, 2010 in response to a question about tethering “@James – we don’t restrict you using your built in allowance, but we’d recommend buying an add-on to make sure you’re covered.”
    Comment by Moderator July 8, 2010 in response to a question about tethering “@Tim – so sorry. Thought I’d replied to your question on this one, but looking back I think I may have dreamt it! Yes, that’s correct. Internet Max is in-built so that is indeed how it should appear on your bill, and you shouldn’t pay more than £15 a month”

    Need I go on are can you please give me my tethering back?

  184. Moderator: Kaz

    @Colin – If you would like to tether, moving to the One Plan sounds like your best bet. If you would like me to look into this for you, please let me know.

  185. Moderator: Kaz

    @Anderson – I will pass your comments onto to our PAYG team for consideration. Thanks.

  186. Anderson

    Why three don’t launch Pay As You Go All You Can Eat £25,and allow tethering.

  187. Colin

    Thanks for the info Kaz, but when I bought my phone it was sold with tethering, and now that has been taken away.

  188. Moderator: Kaz

    @Colin – You were not supposed to be tethering unless you had an Internet Max Add-on or were on The One Plan. This has just been enforced now, there has been no change on our policy. You can find more about tethering here.

  189. Colin

    It states in the article “If you’re an existing customer, everything else on your plan stays the same, including our policy on tethering.” – when I joined Three I was allowed to tether as this was well before the one plan. I have been tethering for almost 2 years and now since adding the AYCE add-on I cannot tether. This is a change which is not what was stated above and not what I was sold. I’m quite annoyed about this actually.

  190. Moderator: Kaz

    @Colin – I can confirm the AYCE add-on does not include tethering. It states that our policy on tethering does not change and tethering is still only allowed on The One Plan.

  191. Colin

    I have just added the £3 all you can eat date to my plan and I can now no-longer tether. The above article says that nothing changes. Can someone confirm if I should be able to tether and something has went wrong or if the above article is no-longer correct?

  192. Moderator: Johanna

    @Paris_Peach – Just sent you an email to gather a little more info from you…

  193. Paris Peach

    I have same thing i dont tether any devices through my phone yet i have the tethring block everday considering canceling my phone as it a big inconvience on a daily basis.

  194. Moderator: Kaz

    @Maz – Sounds like I need to customer services to contact you to get this issues resolved. I have emailed you a request for more account info, once you have replied I will arrange this.

  195. Maz

    Hi there,

    I’m having exactly the same tethering block issues as everyone else. I have a Samsung Galaxy S II with AYCE data yet I can barely use any of it. Switching the phone off and on again fixes it for a few minutes, however the problem soon returns. Would appreciate some help.


  196. Moderator: Kaz

    @Paul Willows – Sounds like there is an issue. I will email you to request some more account details and get someone to contact you to resolve this.

  197. Moderator: Kaz

    @Vineeth – Sorry to read that you’ve been having issues with the tethering block. I have sent you an email with a request for more account details. Once you have sent this over I can get someone to look into it for you.

  198. Moderator: Kaz

    @Adrian Stewart – Sorry to read about this confusion. The Texter 500 plan can come with or without AYCE data. AYCE plans will be an additional £3. It’s best to give our customer service colleagues at 333 a call to discuss this in more detail.

  199. Adrian Stewart

    I just purchased my iphone 4s 32GB with Three. Lots of tariffs to choose from. I was under the impression that I selected ‘texter 500 all you can eat data’ – I opted for this one and paid an additional £20 on the handset price compared to the ‘texter 500′ package and same cost per month of £36.

    It now appears that I do not have ‘all you can eat data’, but in fact 1GB and if I wish to opt for the ‘all you can eat data’ I must add on an additional £3 a month. Which is not what I thought I was signing up for.

    VERY confussing, and I feel misleading. Even when you look at the price details it says ‘all you can eat data’ ???.

    Why call it ‘all you can eat data’ when it is in fact an add on.

    On the plus side I am more than happy with the iphone and hope that Three will sort out this matter of data for me.

  200. Vineeth


    I recently got a Samsung Galaxy Nexus (18th Feb) on the TEXT 500 plan with AYCE Data. I’m new to Android (my old phone was the relic Nokia 5800) and so the day I got my phone I tested the features and activated the Mobile Hotspot for a minute. I was directed to the tether block website…..Thats fine…. I switched if off and the internet was back on my phone. The next day the same tether block page appears. I’ve been having this problem for about a week now and the tether block webpage goes away when I switch off 3G and Data Access and restart the features again.

    I have been to the Three store and called up customer services. Nobody has been able to figure out the problem. I was lucky to spot this blog to see that other customers seem to have the same issues and had it fixed. So I request the Mods here to address my problem as well.

    Thank you.

  201. Paul Willows

    I have had a Samsung Galaxy Note for a few weeks and up until today it has been fine. All of a sudden I’m getting the tethering block webpage from 3. I have no tethering apps installed. I have never set up a tether of any kind. Why would it just start doing this for no reason? I have barely been able to use the data connection all day. It’s very frustrating after years of hassle free use on Three.

    I’m on the rolling monthly SIM300 plan which has been fine until now.

  202. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Charlie Selfe – I’ve dropped you an email so we can look into this for you :)

  203. Moderator: Sedge

    @Midds – We don’t throttle speeds on our network but we do manage traffic at busy times on masts that are busy. If you want to send through your full postcode we’ll be able to see if there’s an issue in your area.

  204. midds

    SUCH A SHAME the tethering allowance on the one plan is a plastic carrot and if you should dare to eat it you get choked or in this case ‘extremely THROTTLED’

  205. Charles Selfe

    Hi, Im having problems with internet connection on my S2 also – thinks im trying to tether when im not and have never even tried to. Have to reboot to get it too work. Have spoken to 3 technical help loads of times still no joy. Im now considering rooting and flashing a custom rom to see if this will fix although this really is a last resort!

  206. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Dave Dave – I won’t publish your comment as you’ve submitted your full address – we don’t want visitors knocking on your door ;) Unfortunately I cannot post you a SIM but you can order one here.

  207. Moderator: Johanna

    @Michael Nelson – We’re trying to get to the bottom of this issue… I hope you’ve already received your call but in case you haven’t I’ve dropped you an email to get some more info from you.

  208. peter s


    bought Samsung Galaxy Ace from 3 on the high street, fine..except ..exploring its capbilities, I set it up as a hot spot (but didnt use it) since then 3′s tethering block webpage appears 100% of the time as I try to access the web via 3g. I’ve deselected Mobile AP and yes I’ve turned the phone off many many many times but 3′s tethering block webpage persists.

    PS also a little miffed that no one at 3 (during the sale) advised me that the Samsung Galaxy Ace does not support Flash, would not have bought if I had known that.

  209. michael nelson

    i have just upgraded my phone to the samsung galaxy s2 on the text 500 plan with ayced now i work as a taxi driver and while charging my phone in the car it blocked my internet saying they think i am using it for tethering i was not i already have mobile broadband with 3 the mi-fi with 15gb which i use for my motorola xoom. the only way to charge the galaxy s2 is via usb when i phoned 3 they said that if its connected via usb they think its being used for tethering and i will not be able to use internet if i can not use the internet and charge my phone at the same time that is crazy. but now even with the usb cable dissconectred i am still getting blocked with the tethering notice and having to restart phone just for it to happen again after about 1 minute of internet access i was told by 3 that my complaint has been escalated and i should hear within 72 hours from them .i have been a customer with 3 for 5 years now at the moment with the phone and mobile broadband i will be paying £52.78 a month but i am not willing to pay for a service i am not receiving if it is not sorted within 72 hours i will be leaving 3.

  210. Matt

    AYCE Data is all very well and good, but it would be nice to have the choice between that or the 90 day free stuff. 90 day free stuff is the reason I signed to Three in the first place; it suits my life and my pocket as it is currently. Now I will be looking around for a better deal as AYCE data isn’t for me at this moment.

  211. John N

    Hi, I’ve been having the exact same problem as Steve (21st December) I also have a SGS2 is there anything that can be done?

  212. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Hannah – Nope, it doesn’t reset :) It’ll just got an additional £3 per month, you can activate this by calling 333.

  213. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Neil – Yes you can, if you give 333 a call they’ll be able to activate that for you for an additional £3 per month.

  214. Hannah

    Hi I bough a new phone on text 500 and was told i could add AYCE data at any point if I want, but I forgot to ask whether this would then reset the 24 months contract or not. If you could clarify that would be great.


  215. Neil

    Hi advice please? Im on the Sim 300 12 month £10 plan and want to change to the AYCE. Is this possible.

  216. Moderator: Johanna

    @Charlie – That really depends what plan you’re on? If you’re on The One Plan, you definitely have AYCE data. Don’t worry, use the internet freely. My3 just hasn’t been updated to reflect this, but it will be.

  217. Moderator: Johanna

    @Steve H – Yes that’s correct you get 2GB to tether with and 1GB to use on your smartphone.

  218. Moderator: Johanna

    @Savitha – It’s not possible to change your plan but you can get AYCE data added to it for just £3 a month. The team at 333 should be able to set this up for you but come back to us if you need to.

  219. Charlie just got the iphone4s andf the guy in the shop said it was unlimited internet and no fair usage but when i checked my 3 it said i had 1gb??? is this right??

  220. Steve H

    Help, I’m confused!

    I have a 1GB allowance as part of my plan, if I add another 2gig with Internet Max so I can tether my iPad to the phone do I get 2gig of tethering and 1gig of ‘normal’ connection or would all 3gig be available for tethering?

    I’m unlikely to use it this much anyway but interested to know as I would probably only buy a wifi only iPad 3 next time as the extra for the 3G model would be an uneseccary expense if my allowance is shared between both devices.



  221. Savitha

    Hello! I am currently on Internet talker 900 plan and I have completed 13 months of my 24 months contract. I have HTC Wildfire phone. I want to upgrade my plan with All you can eat data. When I called up three customer care, I was siad I cannot upgrade my plan now. I am hugely disappointed and I was not given any other fair options. Why am I declined for a price plan upgrade in between my contract? Earlier, when I signed the contract at the three store, I was said that I can nodify my price plan anytime and that I why I actually chose a Pay monthly plan. Is is possible for me to get a plan with All you can eat data?

  222. Daryl

    I’ve joined 3 at the start of the year and although I was happy with the plan (I’m on the AYCE) I am also getting this annoying tethering block page when trying to browse. I have rung 333 already and had the usual turn it off and on again runaround. I’m on an HTC Sensation and the only temporary fix is to reset the APN option, this lasts for about 2 to 3 pages and then the blocked page comes up again. Given the number of people experiencing this issue I’m furious that 3 haven’t yet sorted it out. It’s clearly a weakness in the way their network is trying to detect tethering. I’m being ripped off by getting charged for a service in cannot use and I demand 3 sort out these issues or give a rebate or discount.

  223. Sheila Prime

    I too have recently upgraded my 900 plan to AYCE and since then I am constantly getting the tether block when I am just trying to access the internet on my phone (Samsung Galaxy SII). I gather from reading previous messages that many other people have this problem. When will 3 get this sorted??
    I feel I am being conned by 3 as I end up having to use my home broadband’s wifi just to be able to surf without the hassle of rebooting the phone every 10 minutes.
    Please sort this out soon!

  224. Moderator: Kaz

    @Julie – I can confirm that AYCE data does not have any limits and yes you can just keep watching TV on your phone. Enjoy!

  225. Julie

    Hi, I have just purchased a sim only on the sim 300 plan all you can eat data. Is there a limit on how much tv you can watch as frilends keep telling me there will be a limit.

  226. Moderator: Johanna

    @Laura – This is a new one on us. Have you spoken to the technical support team at 333? If you need to, come back to us.

  227. Laura


    I have unlimited data and tether my laptop through my phone to access the internet. it all works fine.

    However when it comes to sending emails through outlook it blocks them, stops them going anywhere. Please advise what i need to do to be able to send them out – new ip, different outgoing server?

    thank you

  228. Moderator: Johanna

    @Richard S – I’m going to drop you an email now, to get a little more info from you.

  229. Moderator: Johanna

    @Paul – AYCE data can be added on to any of our existing pay monthly contracts for £3 a month. Samantha was correct, you will need to update your plan first I’m afraid.

  230. richard s

    is there a general problem with people getting the tethering blocked error…when they havent been tethering. My data has been unavailable for a week now and “technical” support can give me an ETA as to when it will be fixed.

    TIA RIch

  231. Paul


    I am on the Talker 500 plan, my contract expired a week ago. I have called 3 customer service to see if I could add All You Can Eat data for £3 per month and was told by “Samantha” in retentions that this is only available to customers on “newer type’s of plans”. This seems to contradict everything that has been said on this forum. “Samantha” checked with her supervisor before telling me this would not be possible before trying to get me to sign up to a new more expensive contract with a new phone. I explained to her that I do not need a new phone she said I could always sell it! .

    Can you clarify if the “all you can eat data” add-on is for all pay monthly contracts as I’m at the end of my tether and have little faith in calling the call centre at this time after 5 years on contract with Three.



  232. Moderator: Kaz

    @Lucas – I think it would be best to contact customer services for them to look into this issue. It not sound like the add-on has been applied correctly. Just give them a call on 333.

  233. Lucas

    I have brought the Internet max add-on but I still can not using my iPhone to tethering! Each time I want to open my personal hotpot, it came up the dialogue telling me “ifs you want to enable this fuction, please contact three” Is that means my tethering function is still being blocked by you?

  234. Moderator: Johanna

    @Almasandia Limasolapopus – They may well be able to get away with it for a bit but their speeds will be slowed and the SIMs may eventually get blocked.

  235. Almasandia Limasolapopus

    @moderator Kaz

    Tethering might not be allowed but 10 kiids in my class all have
    the 300 mins, 3000 texts and all you can eat data on PAYG and they all tether!!!

  236. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Tom – You can only tether if you’re on The One Plan, the One Month rolling SIM or if you purchase the Internet Max Add On.

  237. Tom

    Hey, I just bought the £15 p/m one plan with 300 mins, 3000 texts and all you can eat data.
    My question is, can I use my iPhone to tether to my laptop on this plan.
    I’ve been given 2 seperate answers from the 3 store and Phones 4 U!?

  238. Moderator: Kaz

    @Jay – There are two options on how to tether using a SIM only contract. You can either get The One Plan which allows you to tether, or go for another plan then add the Internet Max add-on. I’m afraid you are not allowed to tether if you only have AYCE data, you must either be on The One Plan or get the Internet Max add-on. Hope that helps.

  239. Jay

    I am about to be away from home as I am about to start a new job down South, so I am looking to get a 2nd SIM – SIM 600 + AYCE data from Three to be used with my 2nd phone. The main priority is so that I can tether off this SIM for work, general browsing and do not want to be limited by capped restriction. I will hardly be making any calls or texts as I have a primary phone for that.

    Could I ask if the SIM600 + AYCE (12 months contract) is ideal please? As I have read that you can only tether on the One Plan only. I don’t want to pay a lot, so for £15 a month with AYCE seems ideal for me.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

  240. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ash – I’m afraid we can’t reveal areas which have been upgraded to HSPA+, but it will be rolled out across the majority of our network within the next couple of months. There is some maintenance taking place on your nearest mast towards the end of this month, complete on Feb 3.

  241. Ash

    Hi im thinking about joining three on the one plan with a Samsung GS2 can any of the admin tell me if the mast in my area has been updated to the faster speeds or if its still max 7.2 post code is S75 [removed by Mod]

    Thanks Ash

  242. Dave

    still blocking torrents. Very naughty should be in the terms and conditions .

  243. Moderator: Kaz

    @Anne F – Yes you can, just give 333 a call to add AYCE data to your account.

  244. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ben H – I’m afraid tethering is not allowed on our PAYG plans, sorry. You’ll need to sign up to the One plan to tether on our network.

  245. Moderator: Kaz

    @Andrew McKenna – Unfortunately tethering is not allowed with the AYCE add-on. You would need to purchase an Internet Max add-on if you wish to tether. here is a link which will let you all about tethering with Three

  246. Anne F

    I am on the text 300 plan with an iphone 4S, with 500mb of internet. can i get unlimited data too?

  247. Anne F

    I am on the text 300 plan and the handset i have is an iPhone 4S, which has 500mb of data. can i get unlimited data?

  248. Andrew McKenna

    I have recently added the all you can eat data to mu texter 500 contract

    I asked the customer service if i can use it for tethering and he said that would be fine

    But on looking on internet it seems only one plan can do this

  249. Ben H

    I’m thinking of getting the All In One 15 pay as you go and wanted to know if free tethering is possible when using my Galaxy S2.


  250. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ashton S – Every time you top-up you’ll need to convert your £15 to an all-in-one add-on, this gives you the flexibility to do what you want with your top-up each month. Just checked your postcode and a nearby mast is having some maintenance later this month – due for completion on January 27. This may well impact your coverage :)

  251. Ashton S


    I’ve just recently joined Three and I am on the AYCE plan for the iPhone 4S but I’m new to it and I have a question. I have topped up my account with £15 so when my first 30 days run out do I need to buy the add on again manually by My3 or will it do it automatically?

    And is it possible to check my postcode too? Because I get 1-2 bars, (at best) my PC is LE10 [Removed by Mod]


  252. Moderator: Kaz

    @Adam M – Just checked your postcode and can’t see any issues with the masts in your area. All seems to be working fine. I’m quite confused about this, your reception should be strong. Do you have any issues making or receiving calls?

  253. Adam M

    (Postcode removed)

  254. Moderator: Kaz

    @Adam M – Can you provide a full postcode so I can check for any mast issues in your area.

  255. Adam M

    I have tried that no difference. Phone is fully working, I live in Hebburn.

  256. Moderator: Kaz

    @Adam M – there is no reason why you should be getting faster speeds using a dongle rather than your phone. Unfortunately you can only use the one plan sim in phone. Have you tried putting your SIM in another phone to see if your phone is in someway faulty.

  257. Adam M

    Hi Again,

    I am still getting speeds between 10kbs to 90kbs on the One Plan same speeds all day[ for last 2 moths], i am in excellent H+ network area but the reason i asked about usb modem is because i get better speeds but [simblock is on] & for people like me know pay a lot of money for the One plan should be allow to put in a usb modem as a temp solution.

  258. Moderator: Johanna

    @Adam M – You shouldn’t notice any difference in the speeds via your phone or MiFi if you’re using them at the same location. Unless you have a new MiFi/Dongle that’s HSPA+ enabled and you’re using a phone that isn’t HSPA+ enabled this could impact the speed. But in answer to your question, we’re not launching The One Plan for MBB.

  259. Adam M


    I would like to know, when if possible the one plan will allowed on usb modem instead of phone? Because i get better speeds via modem than my phone?

    Thank You

  260. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dave S – You’ve been informed correctly by our store team… you can tether on The One Plan inclusive :-) Where are you reading conflicting stories?

  261. Dave S


    I have today bought an iPhone 4S on the One Plan using AYCE Data.
    The guy in the store led me to believe I am able to include Internet Tethering as part of the allowance and this will not incur additional costs.

    I am reading conflicting stories on this so can you please tell me if I am able to tether?


  262. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Steve – I’ve dropped you an email so we can look into this for you.

  263. Steve


    I have had my Samsung Galaxy 2 (On three with “all you can eat data”) for about two weeks and the last week I keep getting a tethering block, many times a day when using internet or network error while using apps. This can only be fixed by rebooting the phone. I have not used the phone for tethering or as a wifi hot spot so don’t know why its doing it. I have swapped the sim card and done a factory reset on the phone but it is still doing it. When I get the error in the internet app there’s a link to the three website which does work. Does anyone have any ideas please?

    Thanks Steve

  264. Moderator: Kaz

    @Graham – Please ignore the data allowance showing on your account if you’re on the one plan. We are currently updating our systems to reflect AYCE data, this should be complete by the early next year.

  265. Graham

    Hi, can I ask why, when I am on The One Plan, with “all you can eat” data, my account shows that I start out woth only a 1gb allowance at the beginning of the month, an allowance which will soon run out. Will i suddenly discover that “all you can eat” really means “all you can eat as long as you’re mot hungry?” …,,,,,,

  266. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Andrew – You’ll need to call 333 to get it added to your account :)

  267. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Sarhan – Yes, you can get all-you-can-eat data on your Text 500 plan. All you’ll need to do is give 333 a call to activate it – it’ll cost £3 per month.

  268. Andrew

    I want to add the all you can eat data for £3 to my contract, but I can’t find it anywhere. How do I add this?

  269. Sarhan

    Hello mods, I may be repeating this, so excuse me if it is double post,.
    Short story, I have the text 500 plan with 1 gb data. I regret not taking the 500 ayce or the one plan, I even didn’t knew about tethering. Can I add ayce for 3£ extra cost? I understand that it’s not possible to tether but i also understand that can’t upgrade to the one plan with that super price offered rrp. The reason I ask this is mainly because on the new web site there are only 2 add-ons with data, only 2gb and far more expensive. I also have to say that I am new and at the start of the contract.

  270. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mike – Ah sorry about that, tethering is only permitted on The One Plan and One Plan SIM-only. We have all-you-can-eat bolt-ons for other plans, as you will have discovered but tethering is a One Plan perk. The One Plan is our hero plan that we’re keen to get customers on, so there’s no reason why it wouldn’t have been suggested to you. Text 500 should come up cheaper though…

  271. Mike

    Hi, im confused (easily done).. Recently came to 3 due to the ‘all u can eat’ good times. Plumped for the text 500 plan and thought i’d be able to tether my wee face off but obviously this isnt the case. This ‘one plan’ was never mentioned and im curious because the one plan seems near identical (price wise) but better and all the tethering chucked in as a cheeky bonus. So what am i missing here?

  272. Dave

    Now ten days without a resolution, getting a bit ridiculous now

  273. Moderator: Johanna

    @ben – Nope no charges, you can use your WiFi Hotspot within The One Plan costs :-)

  274. ben

    if im on the three one plan do i get charged for using my wifi hotspot?

  275. David

    I seem to be in the same boat as Dave, got the text but still getting the tethering block. After phoning 3 I am gonna receive a call later today after the engineer has poked around again. there seem to be quite a few people having the same issue, will let you know what happens.

  276. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Dave – I’ll look into this for you now.

  277. Dave

    I received a text saying the tethering problem has been resolved but it hasn’t. Why am I expected to ring an 0844 number to contact you ? Surely the tethering block could be removed whilst the engineers sort this issue out? Customer service is failing badly here.

  278. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Turker Sezer – Unfortunately not, if you moved to The One Plan now you’d have to pay off the remainder of your current contract which is why it’ll go up to £43 per month. Sorry if you feel like our plans were not clear but just to confirm, you can get all-you-can-eat data on the Text and Talk plans for an additional £3 per month but you can currently only tether on The One Plan or the One Month rolling SIM.

  279. Dave

    If it is a known issue I would expect a quicker resolution. Now into the fourth day.

  280. Türker Sezer

    I found what is my plan, my plan is Text 500. I checked my invoice and other documents which are given us when we signed contract, there isn’t any notice or information about tethering.

    Now i want to change my plan to The One Plan (its price is 35£/per month on 3 website) but i learnt from 333 phone line, if i change my plan to The One Plan for using tethering, i will pay 43£ monthly. I don’t understand why Three didn’t inform us about tethering before contract and why i have to pay more now.

    Can you help me to solve this problem?

  281. Moderator: Sedge

    @ David – So we can look into this in more detail I’ve dropped you an email.

  282. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Dave – Not at all, that’s only in place for customers that tether who are not on The One Plan or the One Month rolling SIM or for those customers that SIM swap.

  283. David

    Am on the one plan but I still get the tethering block message when trying to use any internet based program. I have a blackberry 9105 and using vista. I have spent 3 hours on the phone going through the step by step questions with 3. Have been with 3 for around 7 years and up until now have had no reason to complain but this is driving me mad.. Any ideas?

  284. Dave

    Thank you Kaz. They are already looking into it. So its not an intentional torrent block then ?

  285. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dave – We have seen a very few people experience this issue. It’s best I get one of our colleagues in customer services to call you and discuss this issue in more detail. I will send you an email to request some account details so I can arrange a call.

  286. Dave

    Since purchasing an all you can eat addon, torrent downloads seem to have been restricted. Is this the case ?

    After a few seconds of donloading it stops and if I try to access a webpage I get greeted with a tethering holding page.

    Do you any explanation for this ?

  287. Moderator: Kaz

    @Türker Sezer – Firstly, welcome to Three :-) The best way to find out exactly which plan you are on is to access your My3 account either on your phone or online. Alternatively you could give our customer services team a call on 333 and they will be able to inform you. Regarding tether, this is only allowed if you are on The One Plan.

  288. Moderator: Kaz

    @Joe – All you need to do is give our colleagues in customer services a call on 333 and request this add-on, afraid its not available through My3

  289. Joe


    I’ve got an iPhone 4 with Internet Texter 500.
    On my account, if I click on My Add-ons, I get a few options but no all you can eat data for £3….
    What the procedure to follow to get that option please?
    Does this require that I have to extend the length of my contract?

    Thanks in advance.

  290. Türker Sezer

    I got my Galaxy S2 as contracted for 24 months one month ago. I chose a package which contains AYCE. My monthly bill is 34.93£. But i didn’t choose any specific plan in application. I don’t know exactly which package is sold me.

    How can i learn it and can i change it if it doesnt permit to use tethering?

  291. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Turker Sezer – If you’re on The One Plan or our One Month rolling SIM you should be able to tether without being redirected to the holding page. You don’t need to buy an Add-on. Let us know if you’re on one of those plans and you continue to have issues tethering.

  292. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Lena T – I don’t have an update on this at the moment I’m afraid, we’re currently looking at our plans for next year. We’ll share them with you as soon as we can :)

  293. lena t

    Perhaps I should rephrase my point of 29th Nov as a question.. Modz, when are 3 going to change the usage terms of their 5000 texts on ‘the one plan’ to be truly inclusive and include picture messaging and mms? They all use the same network to travel & if you have your data connection ‘always on’ on your phone it doesn’t even have to change to HPSA to send the text. I would like to know the answer as I have had to tell my kids and partner to STOP sending mms to me and each other as it is now costing too much because the plan doesn’t actually include it. And yes I am aware that Facebook or Twitter allow you to upload pictures however I prefer to be able to chose when I want the world and his wife to see stuff.

  294. Türker Sezer

    Hi again,

    I sent a message about tether block page. After my message, someone called me from Three and said that i can use tether withour any blocking and i dont need any addon to use it. I asked about it again and again. And he approved that i can tether internet using wifi and i can connect from my computer or my ipad using wifi without any limit. But when i share my 3g from my phone using wifi and connect wifi from my ipad, it instantly redirects me to tethering block page.

    Please explain me this tethering problem. Can i use it? Do i have to buy addon? If i can use it, why it redirects me to block page?


  295. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Dave – You can’t tether on our Text and Talk plans, even with all-you-can-eat for £3 but you can with the Internet Max Add on.

  296. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Saif – What do you mean you can only use apps? Why can you not browse the internet? So we can look into this for you could you let us know your full postcode and the phone you’re using.

  297. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Pete – Sorry to hear you’re having issues. Let us know how you get on with your phone call, if it’s still not fixed – we’ll pick this up for you and look into it.

  298. lena t

    I’ve recently joined 3 after being with O2 for 10th years! I’m really impressed with nearly everything BUT (and it’s a big one) I cannot understand why the inclusive 5000 text messages DON’T include picture and multimedia messages. This really annoys me as I can’t understand why 3 are the only network to differentiate between the 2 types. On my old network they would just take 2 of my inclusive texts from my allowance for every 1 mms sent. I think that if 3 want to make the one plan truly amazing they need to consider changing the inclusive texts to allow mms to be included. Otherwise they will gain more customers who were ‘surprised’ and more than a little upset like me at having to pay more than their monthly tariff at the end of their 1st month with thirty new network.

  299. Saif

    You should change the name from All you can eat data to All you can eat data on APPs only. You can not surf the net with this plan…

    @modz – Im getting tired with this tethering rubbish…is there anyway i can get off this plan?

  300. dave

    i do have an internet Max addon, but if I spent £3 on the ayce plan I still would not be able to tether .

  301. Pete

    Hi, I have also been experiencing this tethering block for a week now. Pretty much back to the days when phone was just a phone as my apps hardly work now. Phoned 333 but they didn’t know what the problem was and someone will ring in 48 hours, was hoping for better service than that.

  302. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dave – That is correct, the AYCE add-on does not include tethering. You could purchase an Internet max add-on which will allow you to tether.

  303. Moderator: Kaz

    @Andrea – We are still updating our internal systems. Please ignore this message and I can confirm you do have AYCE data on the one plan.

  304. Dave

    I am on an internet texter 300 price plan with a internet max addon. I phoned today about the AYCE package. I was told there was no way for me to get an AYCE package with tethering is this correct. I was under the impression I could change my tariff to the new one tariff. I am 17 months into a 24 month contract.

  305. Saif

    @mods – Im still getting the tether blocking message….

  306. Andrea

    Yesterday Three activated the “One Plan” contract on my phone. The contract includes “All you can eat data” but when I check my usage I see I have only have 1GB traffic. Why?

  307. Daniel

    Have to say I’m loving AYCE data,



    Change this

  308. Moderator: Johanna

    @Vish – you will need to upgrade your plan if on an old tariff to make the most of AYCE.

  309. Vish


    I am on a old tariff Talk&Text 600.

    Can i get the AYCE addon for 3 pounds added on my account ?


  310. Moderator: Johanna

    @Turker Sezer – We can’t access your email, can you enter a valid email so we can get in touch please?

  311. Türker Sezer

    @Kaz Please also mail me about tethering blocking problem. I can’t connect to websites for a few days. It blocks me always.

  312. Saif

    @kaz – Replied back to he email with details. Hope to get this resolved as soon as possible!

  313. Moderator: Kaz

    @Raj – This is an known intermittent issue which is affecting a few customers and we are looking into as a matter of urgency. I’ll need to grab a few account details to look into your particular case if that’s OK? I’ll email you now and request it. Really sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  314. Moderator: Kaz

    @Saif – This is an known intermittent issue which is affecting a few customers and we are looking into as a matter of urgency. I’ll need to grab a few account details to look into your particular case if that’s OK? I’ll email you now and request it. Really sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  315. Raj

    Hi, I’m on a monthly contract and added the ayce data. At the beginning it was fine but when I woke up I got this tethering warning and it blocked me off. I followed the instructions but still get the warning which is blocking me from using the net. I don’t even know what tethering is until I googled it. And I am definitely sure I did not do that. Can any one give me advice on what to do?

  316. Moderator: Kaz

    @josh – I can confirm there is no fair usage cap on AYCE data, unsure where you read about the 80gb per user policy, this does not exist. It might be worth having a read of this blog post

  317. Saif

    What is with this ridiculous tethering block message when i have NOT been tethering? After following the instructions to turn off and turn on phone i can go on just one or two pages before the whole tethering message comes up again. I am very dissapointed in this service….

    Seriously now i did not pay £3 a month just to get stuck on one page….

    If any help or information about this can be given ( emailed) it will be most appreciated!

    thank you

  318. josh

    Hi there, I am going to put my iphone 4 on three but is there actually a fair usage cap for the all-you-can-eat-data. I have search around on the internet and I have seen people saying that there is a 80gb user policy. Still, I am no where near gunna hit 80gb, but I am interested to know.

  319. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Geoff – You can only use the SIM for the device it was designed for. As you’re on the SIM only plan, you’ll only be able to use this in your Europa or Galaxy Note. If you use that SIM in your iPad, MiFi or Playbook (How many gadgets!) you’ll get sent to a holding page online that notifies us that you’re tethering and you’ll eventually be blocked from accessing the internet.

  320. Geoff

    Fair enough,
    If I tether or put the sim in my mfi (for my playbook), I am not supposed to do it.

    What about blackberry bridge?

    If I stick the sim in a massive huge great Galaxy note or an ipad all is fine?



  321. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Geoff – You can only tether if you’re on The One Plan or the One Month rolling SIM so unfortunately you won’t be able to tether on our SIM only plan. Sorry for the confusion.

  322. Geoff

    I have been on a sim only 300 mins contract for well over a year. I have now been offered a Europa on 300 min etc with AYCE data. the bloke on 3333 reckoned I could not tether but it looks like from this blog I can !

    Can I tether with this?

    This says I can!/ThreeUK/status/66409608209637376

    Is it correct as it conflicts with the three website.



  323. Moderator: Johanna

    @Guy – emailing you now and we’ll get this sorted for you :-)

  324. Guy

    i have spoken to them, they can’t do anything but i am still getting charged for it

  325. Moderator: Kaz

    @Guy – I see now, sorry, when you mentioned ‘add on’ I thought you were talking about a All in One PAYG add-on. You need to discuss this with our colleagues in customer services I’m afraid. Sounds like AYCE has not been added correctly to your account.

  326. Guy

    huh what are you on about?

    i was talking about the AYCA (not topping up or pay as you go) that i’m paying for and “nothing” (another choice word)
    i’v called 333 and they say it should be avtive,,,, well duhhhhh, i wouldn’t just give £3 a month away

    so now i’m stuck with no internet until my next bill in 18 days over half a month with no emails or online radio Absolute 80′s that station is the only thing that keeps me from insanity

    any ideas other than calling some poor chap who had no idea what i’m talking about and keeps saying i can’t see why it’s not working over and over and over again


  327. Moderator: Kaz

    @Guy – Sorry to read that you are having issues with topping up your phone. I can only suggest you visit our Support section on to see if this can help

  328. Guy

    i’m back again and a tad “upset” (i think i can get away with that and not the other word i was thinking of)

    i had a text from 3 saying my data was low,,,,, so i carried on anyway as i was informed that this was a glitch. then i got another saying that i had run out out data,,,, and 30seconds after i read it my internet radio (on my phone) starting buffering (looking on my3 account and it’s at 0mb left) but yet it says the add on it active……

    when i got the add on i get a text and was told while one the phone that it would take upto 4 hours….. but nothing i can’t even google of facebook so yes rather “upset”

  329. Moderator: Kaz

    @Andrew – Really sorry to read you are experiencing issues. I think we need to arrange a call to discuss this in more detail and get it resolved once and for all. I will email you a request for more account details, once we’ve received this I arrange a call.

  330. Andrew

    much the same as Neil and Baris, I’ve “upgraded” to the £3 AYCE data plan and ever since have been getting constant Tethering Block messages although I am not tethering. I’ve had the issue outstanding with CS since 4/11. I was contacted by second line support who asked me to try my SIM in another 3 mobile! I’m afraid I only have one phone so that was a non-starter.
    My data service has actually got worse since contacting the support services and now can manage only a couple of web pages or minutes on a connected app before the block screen comes up and I have to reset the data connection. Not even remotely acceptable level of service and far below what any reasonable person would call fit for purpose.

    BTW charging 35p/Min for the second line support number from a three mobile is just underhand, especially when the message to call them comes through on a text to your mobile with no info on the charges.

    This seems to be a common problem so some information from three would be appreciated. Surely temporarily releasing the tethering block whilst the problem is being sorted by the engineers would keep your customers happy. Given that 90% (warning : made up stat!) of people haven’t a clue what tethering is I think the risk would be minimal.

  331. Moderator: Kaz

    @baris – I understand the issue you have and we just need to investigate it in more detail before we can give you a resolution. If you can provide me with some more account details I will arrange from someone in our customer services department (not technical services) to call you and discuss this in more detail. I can assure you we will fix this issue as soon as possible after the call.

  332. baris

    Kaz are you using an android phone?
    And did you read the comments on this post some people have same problems with me. And im not tethering and get my data blocked with different apps on my phone.
    just to let you know what the problems with that

    thank you
    i dont want to talk with anyone in technical service department anymore.

  333. Moderator: Kaz

    @Guy – Yes, please ignore the data message you see on My3 as we are still updating our internal systems to reflect AYCE data. I can confirm if you now have AYCE data, it will be unlimited.

  334. Guy

    i was unable to upgrade to the one plan without paying £205 plus a higher monthly bill of £35 (from £25)

    so i thought i would buy the £3 add on,,,, and i see it’s active but my normal 1gb data is still going down is this normal?

  335. Moderator: Kaz

    @baris – AYCE data for £3 is unlimited, there are no restrictions at all. However, you are not allowed to tether with this add-on, all the data you use must be used on your phone. The only plan where tethering is allowed is The One Plan. Are you saying that you see this Tethering message whilst using your phone? If so, it’s best if I arrange a call for you to discuss this in more detail. I’m sending you an email now, please reply and then I’ll arrange a call. Regards Kaz

  336. baris

    hi sedge and the other mods.

    i have sent a post regarding to use all you can eat data add on £3. about restrictions about using all you can eat is actually NOT all you can eat. you can always see the webpage that says you are tethering or using your phone as a modem. its not fair. this is unacceptable. i cant use some browsers and some applications in my 3 branded phone with 3 all you can eat data which i pay £3 a month for it. but before i add all you can eat daha i had 500mb internet with my contract and i was able to use everything; now what happened. i paid 3 pounds more and all i see is my internet connection used on my phone is severally blocked by 3. system thinks im using my phone as a dongle. and i cant cancel it. i cant get the all you can it because i CANT eat…. dont make your technical teams to call me back. because when i say i cant use dolphin browser they answer why are you using dont use.??? ? ? ! im using an application and you are restricting it with my paid data plan. its stupid. the blog readers believe me im regretted to make a contract with 3. i cant cancel it its just 6 days old contract. they are telling me you used 1 minute of your calling allowance and 2 of your text messages. what a joke. be aware.

    sedge i mostly read your comments i know that you are trying to solve problem via this blog. i respect that you trying to help other bloggers. but please dont delete this comment as you did last time.

    thank you

  337. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Guy – You can, there could be a cost associated – the best thing to do is to call 333 and they’ll be able to let you know what’s available to you :)

  338. Guy

    so can i upgrade my contract to the one plan i’ve had it for 13 months and it would save my other dongle contract that has a llimit of 15gb

  339. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Guy – If you tether on any plan other than The One Plan or the One Month rolling SIM you’ll get redirected to a holding page online so it’s possible but you’ll get stopped.

  340. Guy

    Is it even possible to tether with the AYCE £3 add on,,,, I’m not asking if it’s allowed or permitted. But if it’s possible,,,,, in the same way that I can with my normal contract with 1gb

  341. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Kate – You shouldn’t have an issue with calling and texting international numbers, did you set your phone up for international use? If you do choose to come back to us and experience issues we’ll be happy to help you here :)

  342. Kate

    I recenlty left Three because texts from my friends back home in Norway simply were not coming through. Neither were texts from my sister in New York. I would love to return and the all you can eat data is a great incentive. But I would like to know if the issue of international cooperation with other networks has been resolved.

  343. Moderator: Kaz

    @Liz – That’s correct, we are still updating our internal systems to reflect AYCE data so please ignore this message.

  344. Liz

    Hi I have recently joined three on the one-plan 35 pound a month with unlimited data so why is my monthly allowance telling me I got 500mb left with 23 days left till i get billed, surely this shouldn’t be saying this? It should say unlimited? X

  345. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Bigal – Yeah, you’ll be able to do that – you’ll need to give 333 a call :)

  346. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Alan – Sorry for the confusion, just to clarify – tethering was only ever allowed on The One Plan. You can find everything you need to know about tethering here. . Thanks for your feedback on your CS & tech team, I’ll make sure I feed that back :)

  347. Bigal

    Hi, I currently have the £5 a month data add on which gives me 2 gig a byte ,should I not have been advised of this upgrade ??? Will I be able to cancel the £5 and take out the £3 all u can eat ……..cheers ……Al

  348. alan

    i am having to consider going onto the ‘one plan’ it myself now that 3 have changed policy for ‘flexi plan’ users who have data included in their tariff. it seems that from the begining of novenber tethering is no longer allowed on the flexi plan. a little change i know but it would have been nice to have been warned in advance; also would have been nice if 3 had informed their CS & Tech help people too, rather than waste many hours of mine and their time trying to work out why it wouldnt work!

  349. Moderator: Kaz

    @Josh – It depends on the price plan you are currently on. AYCE data can be added to contract handset plans, all you need to do is call 333 and ask for AYCE data to be added for an extra £3. You will not need to sign up for another 24 months.

  350. Josh

    would i be able to get the all you can eat data plan on my phone without signing up for another 24 months?

  351. Moderator: Kaz

    @Kieran – You need to give our customer services team a call to add AYCE to your account. Just call 333.

  352. Kieran

    Currently on the Text 300 plan. The “All you can eat data” option for £3 is not available on my 3.

  353. Moderator: Kaz

    @Neil – I have passed this on for investigation and will get back to you asap. Thanks

  354. Neil

    Hi, thanks for replying to my below problem with viewing videos clips from web sites. I have replied to the e-mail with the details you requested, just for the record i have just tried again viewing a video on the BBC news website from a different location and had the same problem, I watched the clip for about 5 seconds, then it stopped, i then refreshed the page but was taken to the Three ‘you must not tether’ page.

  355. Moderator: Kaz

    @Neil – that’s a strange one, you should not be blocked from any websites when just using the internet on your phone. I need to get some more account details from you so will email a request so I can look into it.

  356. Neil

    Why is it since I added the ‘all you can eat’ add on I can no longer view video clips on web sites, for instance, the BBC news website? I may get lucky and be able to view one news clip but after that I get directed to three’s holding page banging on about not tethering etc. Since when is viewing video clips on web sites on your phone classed as tethering!

  357. Moderator: Johanna

    @John – Yep you can use as much of your home WiFi as you want, we won’t restrict this usage :-)

  358. John


    Don’t want to sound thick, but if I was to go on the £15 sim only deal 1gb usage. Can I still use as much Internet usage on my home wifi? O2 previously said I needed to increase my payments so I can I use as much home wifi on my iPhone??? Selling tactic maybe?

  359. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ziyan – Yep, that’s right! You can YouTube away ’till your hearts content.

  360. Ziyan

    I am going to buy the Samsung Galaxy Europa Black in a couple days from Three (ON CONTRACT), main reason to watch YOUTUBE videos and i have chosen the “Text 500 All-you-can-eat” plan, which last for 24 months at £18 a month.

    With the Text 500 All-you-can-eat you get:
    •All-you-can-eat data
    •500 minutes (anytime, any network)
    •5000 texts
    •£3 monthly discount
    •2 months Free Spotify Premium
    •Free PAYG SIM for a friend

    So when it says All-you-can-eat data, does this mean i can go on the internet and i will never get charged no matter how many Youtube videos i watch.


  361. Zoom

    I am going to buy the Samsung Galaxy Europa Black in a couple days from Three (ON CONTRACT), main reason to watch YOUTUBE videos and i have chosen the “Text 500 All-you-can-eat” plan, which last for 24 months at £18 a month.

    With the Text 500 All-you-can-eat you get:
    •All-you-can-eat data
    •500 minutes (anytime, any network)
    •5000 texts
    •£3 monthly discount
    •2 months Free Spotify Premium
    •Free PAYG SIM for a friend

    So when it says All-you-can-eat data, does this mean i can go on the internet and i will never get charged no matter how many Youtube videos i watch.

  362. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ed Wood – No you wouldn’t be charged. As long as you’re on The One Plan you can tether as much as you like :)

  363. Ed Wood


    just wanted to ask as i have the one plan and all you can data, as i have an iphone i was planning on using the internet tethering option for my internet at home and just wanted to check as it is using my phones interret connection that if i say watched a film on my laptop with my phone connected i still wouldnt be charged due to the all you can eat data policy.

    if you could confirm that this is the case that would be great


  364. Moderator: Kaz

    @Seb – I can confirm the one plan comes with AYCE data which is unlimited and you will not be charged. We are still updating My3 to reflect AYCE data, please ignore this message.

  365. Seb

    Right I’m on the one plan I think. It’s £25 a month 2000 mins 5000 texts and all you can eat data. I have the micro sim in an iPhone4s. I’ve downloaded the three app too track my usage and it’s telling me I only have 654mb of data left :s can someone confirm too me that I won’t be charged for going over and that there is no fair usage policy because I got this plan to be able to tether my iPad without the big bill?

  366. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ahsan K – If you’re on The One Plan you definitely have AYCE data. Not all of our systems reflect this at the mo, but the teams are working on it. Use data to your hearts content and I assure you, you won’t be charged.

  367. Ahsan k

    Hello i have bought the new iphone 4s on three with the one plan, including all you can eat data
    However it says i have only got 360MB left? What dies it mean?
    Will i be chraged if i go over this?

  368. Steve

    @ Kas

    Cheers man. Cust’ Serv’ told me the same thing today before I checked back here to see if there was any reply. So, ultimately the answer is real simple, but if you go hunting on the 3 site for this info I would dare you to try and find clear instruction before Xmas. The handset checker on the site still says not compatible. If you have any links into the web or cust’ serv’ guys I’d tell them to sort it out if I were you. I was close to getting moody about it.

  369. seani


    India are clueless, 3Skype on any handset is downloadable from Planet3 and uses a FREE regular call to 3′s Skype server to connect.

    Skype from Android, iphone markets, java, Windows, Linux etc use data only and will work on any internet add-on, although going over your included allowance WILL produce billing costs unless you have all-you-can-eat or a prepaid account.

    Thanks for clarifying fully 3 ! If its not India outsourced care (3GlobalServices) thats unsure its always a 3 employee…..*rollseyes*.

    Thats the one complication with 3…..lack of transparency or training to staff. Pity its backed up by a SOLID 3G network.

  370. Moderator: Kaz

    @WAQAR – I understand that Spotify premium is £10 per month, this data is included with The One Plan and as you have AYCE data, there will not be an extra charge.

  371. Moderator: Kaz

    @Steve – I can confirm that if you’re on the one plan using Skype will be free as you have AYCE data. Just download the Skype client from the Android market place and that’s it. Hope this gives you peace of mind.

  372. Steve

    I’m on this one plan.

    I’m not sure I have total peace of mind however due to Skype. Customer services tell me that I must download it from the 3 store or I’ll be charged for all calls? It’s not available for my phone (galaxy S2) on the three store, BUT it is available from the app’ store?

    So, I think the situation is:

    Use skype whilst tethered and you’re ok,

    use the 3 skype app and you’re ok, but it’s hidden,

    download skype to your phone from the app store and you’re not on the one plan any more, and broke in time for Christmas!!!!!

    Customer services don’t seem to have any idea how video calls fit in to this. One of them told me to make a test call and see if I was charged!

    Peace of mind? I don’t think so sir.

  373. WAQAR

    Hi i have been on the one plan for around 6 months and since the start had a free subscription to spotify that three had provided. unfortunately that came to an end today and was wondering if i subscribe again will it cost me anything?….i understand that spotify uses large amounts of data but is this kind of data excluded from my price plan?

  374. Craig Pickles

    @Craig Pickles – This doesn’t apply to SIM-only customers I’m afraid, you’re right it’s for customers with contracts that inc phones… Then I suggest you should change your marketing all over the place (and on this page) you put “All-you-can-eat data, now for all customers.”…….. It’s the reason I signed up to a 12 Month Sim only because of the blog posts announcing this!

  375. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Che – Just to confirm, do you have the Internet Max Add On at the moment?

  376. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Richard – We don’t offer all-you-can-eat data on our Mobile Broadband products. However, we do offer 15GB for £15.99 which we think is a great deal, it’s the most competitive plan on the market.

  377. Richard

    And for iPad data?! Why do I still have a limit despite it being theist obvious device for all you can eat????

  378. che

    hi i just phoned up to take advantage of this deal and was told because i have the 2gb addon i will not be able to upgrade until this has ran out , is this correct . i dont mind paying for the addon but then paying the extra for all you can eat… i need bandwidth :D

  379. Ben

    @ TheWill T,

    I know how you feel – i have an add-on (since Feb) and i get at least 3/4 every time my ‘Original’ data allowance is due to run out so don’t be expecting a fix anytime soon :–)

  380. Moderator: Johanna

    @TheWillT – Afternoon! Most of the questions on this issue are that My3 doesn’t yet reflect AYCE data… We’re passing all feedback onto the My3 team to make sure the fix stays a priority but agree it’s confusing at the mo. My3 is going through a big overhaul and this update is part of it. Re the SMSs specifically, when we originally raised this as an issue, we discovered it’s due to One Plan Customers also having add-ons on their accounts, which causes confusion in the system. Do you have an add-on on your account still? The adult content filter should now be lifted so if you have the X-Series add-on in place to resolve this, it will be removed in the next couple of weeks. I’ve sent your feedback on, to get an update on this though, so thanks for sharing and sorry it’s irritating you. On the Visual Voicemail request, it’s just a business decision… it’s still a discussion point here but we’ve no plans to introduce it at the mo. Have you tried one of the apps that Danny blogged about? And haha thanks, missed you too :-)

  381. TheWillT

    Hi Jo,

    I don’t mean to sound cranky but isn’t it about time you sorted out and stopped the “You have nearly used your internet allowance…” texts that are still coming out to customers with AYCE data and One Plans? These plans have been live for a really long time now, I don’t think they can be classed as “new” anymore, Not only is it irritating and misleading to customers but it does look a bit unprofessional that it’s taking so long to update your systems. It seems to me that if youfix this you’ll free up a significant amount of your time answering the same question on the blog and Twitter feed.

    Also, one question I don’t remember ever seeing a direct answer for… “Why” don’t Three support iPhone’s native voicemail?


    ps Missed you x

  382. Moderator: Johanna

    @Danny – I’m afraid not, the only SIM-only plan with AYCE data is The One Plan SIM-only.

  383. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nadim Awan – Sorry to hear you’ve had a few issues. When you say it wasn’t a genuine call, do you mean it was a third party seller?

  384. Nadim Awan

    Well, I had a call from Three. Basically they do not have a copy of the original call because it was not a valid call as I said I would think about the offer and did not go through the sale at that moment. Well I will be calling up again in the morning to cancel the contract, and because I have been messed around so much I will have to consider if I should take another contract with Three in the future.

  385. Danny

    I’m on SIM 15 Pay Monthly (SIM Only) Can I get the all-you-can-eat-data added on for £3?


  386. Moderator: Johanna

    @Craig Pickles – This doesn’t apply to SIM-only customers I’m afraid, you’re right it’s for customers with contracts that inc phones…

  387. Craig Pickles

    This is a Lie…. I have SIM 300 – 12 month and have spent 20 minutes on the phone to 333 and have catagorically been told that this is just for customers for a plan that includes a phone. Thanks Three!

  388. Moderator: Johanna

    @Andrew – Tethering is only available for customers on The One Plan or One Plan SIM-only. However it is allowed if you are on another plan and have the Internet max add-on. Adding AYCE to your plan will mean you can use as much internet as you want on your smartphone. We used the term unlimited, along with all other networks when phones had much less functionality and then took the stance to scrap this term – check out this post on us moving away from unlimited.

  389. Andrew

    I currently have tethering available on my plan (although its not the One plan), if I go for the AYCE addition will I lose this functionality? I’d assume that adding the £3 AYCE will not affect any of the other T&Cs on a plan apart from the data allowance. Other than that good call on Three for offering this.

    I am wary as I did get stung when the ‘Unlimited’ data I got when I originally took out the plan was limited by ‘fair use’ and this turned out to be a very solid 500MB restriction. I only found out when I started getting data usage text warnings.

  390. Moderator: Johanna

    @Scott – Just give 333 a call and cancel the 2GB add-on and ask for the additional AYCE for £3. This should be simple, but come back to us if you need to :-)

  391. Moderator: Johanna

    @jacob – this is an addition to your plan, but not strictly an add-on. It’s only available by calling 333 and adding it to your plan. Let us know how you get on.

  392. Nicky

    @martin. I was on the same plan and they let me add ayce for £3

  393. jacob

    On my plan (Text 500) online i cannot add AYCE data, only 2GB is available to me.

    Come on three! fix the my3 website and let me get this addon!

  394. Scott

    Hi, I currently have the £5 2gb add-on. Can this just be automatically switched over?

  395. Martin

    @Johanna – Yes please that would be great.

  396. Moderator: Johanna

    @Martin – It absolutely should be available to you, so I’m sorry if you weren’t able to add AYCE to your plan. Would you like me to arrange a call for you?

  397. Martin

    Currently on Internet Texter 500 plan, This AYCE option is not available to me online, I just phoned 333 to try and get the AYCE addon, but they said it was unavailable on my current plan. I told them about this page but they still said no.

    So much for being available to all customers.

  398. Moderator: Kaz

    @Nadim Awan – sorry to read you’ve had an issue with a delivery charge. I can arrange for someone to call you to discuss this in more detail. Please let me know.

  399. Moderator: Kaz

    @Paul – We are aware of a couple of issues regarding this new offer. It’s my understanding everything is now resolved. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

  400. Moderator: Kaz

    @steve – I’m slightly confused, The One Plan does have all you can eat data. If you are on this plan, your data is already unlimited and you don’t need any add-ons. We have not yet updated My3 to reflect all you can eat data, please ignore this message. This will be fixed soon. Hope that answers your query.

  401. Paul

    @Kaz – they did eventually offer me it after reading the page…….twice( the first time he read it he said it only applied to the packages talked about above). I didn’t take them up on the offer as it would mean losing my tethering ability I have.

  402. steve

    I upgraded earlier this year and stayed on the One Plan purely on the basis that I was told by the 3 customer service chap that I would have the all you can eat data put onto my account. That was months ago, yet my 3 account still shows my previous allowance of 1gb every month……. I am assuming I have been canned into thinking that it would happen automatically, as there was no mention of the extra 3 quid a month add on. Typical sales pitch…..”brand new customers only” springs to mind. Existing customers always getting the worst end of the deal. This really will be my last year with 3…….and I’ve been with them for about 8 years.

  403. Nadim Awan

    I also got charged £1.99 for delivery of my mobile phone when the website says its free. I was fobbed off and told normal delivery is £20.

    “We’ll charge £1.99 to deliver any Mobile Broadband device on a contract, including iPad, Laptops, dongles and MiFi. All other deliveries are free no matter what time of day you place an order.”,/?new,kb=mobile,ts=mobile,t=casedoc.tem,case=obj(1733),varset_username=Mobile:mobileUser?s_search=helpsearch

  404. Moderator: Kaz

    @Paul – That’s not good, I will pass your comments on. Have you been able to upgrade your account now?

  405. Moderator: Kaz

    @Damien – You just need to give 333 a call.

  406. Moderator: Kaz

    @Nadim Awan – Sorry to read that. If you would like me to arrange a call to discuss this in more detail with our customer services team, please let me know.

  407. Moderator: Kaz

    @Joanna Price – Afraid you can’t add this update using My3, you will need to give customer services a call on 333.

  408. Paul

    Just called 333, they nothing about this, I had to direct him to this web page.

  409. Moderator: Kaz

    @Jess – Yes that’s correct. You can access the internet without any fear of going over your data allowance. There are no limits or constraints. Click here to read more

  410. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ian – Sorry to read that, can you provide a full postcode and I can check for any issues and upgrades in your area.

  411. Damien

    I’m currently on the Text 500 plan, and I don’t see the option to add AYCE data. How do you go about adding this to your account?


  412. Nadim Awan

    Hi, I’m not happy. I’ve paid £7 to end my current contract 50 days early so that I can get onto the text 300 AYCE contract. The problem is that my phone will arrive on Monday 10/10/11 but the AYCE addon does not start til my next billing period with is 2/11/11. This is completely unfair. It would have been better for me to cancel my contract 50 days early and pay the £7 and then take out a new contract so that the AYCE will start from day 1. Who can I speak to to sort this unfair issue out? I have spoken to customer services and they have said nothing can be done. I have paid £7 to end my contract early but have to wait an additional 22 days before I can use the AYCE addon.

  413. Joanna Price

    Dear moderators

    I am trying to add the £3 all you can eat data add-on onto my internet talker 500 but on MY3 I can only see:

    internet 10 £2.56
    Internet Max £5.11
    Broadband lite £10.21
    Broadband Plus £15.32
    Internet and email £5.11

    The website say this should be available to all users from Oct 7. What am I doing wrong?

    thanks Jo xx

  414. Jess

    What exactly does all you can eat data mean? does that mean you are able to use any internet for free, or are there certain constraints?

  415. Ian

    All-you-can-eat data has been a great addition, but I am finding that the data speeds in my area are getting slower and slower, especially in the evenings. Today in the BA1 6 area webpages are loading incredibly slowly even at this point in the afternoon, and I do worry that Three’s infrastructure is not quite ready for the surges in traffic that such a fantastic offer is bringing in. Are there going to be network improvements to cope with the new demand?

  416. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Rushden9 – Sorry to hear you’re unhappy, our complaints code is here.

  417. rushden9

    hey-ho here we go again so i rang three today informing them that when i want to access an adult website sometimes the famous block comes up saying unable to access adult content and directed to the part of three’s adult website i pay £40.00 a month on the ayce 2010 and the answer i got was if you activate the x-series silver at an extra cost this problem won’t occur so i have had enough of this c*** please give me a contact address where i can put it in writing about the problem and give three 28 day’s to solve the problem and if it is not sorted by then i can then pass the matter to trading standerds or otelo whoever.

  418. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stew – You can find out all about it here.

  419. stew

    What’s an IPhone 4s?

  420. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stew – Not just yet! We still are planning to begin pre-order for iPhone 4S today, watch this space!

  421. stew

    OK it’s the 7th now can you confirm the official tariff details

  422. Samuel


    Thanks for the response and yes the exec office did call me. However, upon checking my account they could not find any record of the promise made by Usha. In fact you would have thought based on what was recorded that our conversation lasted a matter of minutes as oppose to well over 20. Fortunately for me, I recorded the call and can prove exactly what Usha said. Do we now have to record every conversation now in order to prove what we say! Also, with so many complaints being generated by Three’s appauling customer services, why have they decided to open up a complaints department in India??

    Three, you’re short changing your customers.

  423. Moderator: Johanna

    @Alastair – No we have no plans to throttle downloads, so go ahead and enjoy AYCE.

  424. Alastair

    Will you be throttling downloads from PS3-tethered phones on the One Plan SIM-only? Downloading (totally legally!) game/OS updates and demos via my phone is going to be a bit of an issue if these are throttled.

  425. martin.Cat

    @ Samuel
    My upgrade didnt happen after all too as i got a phone call saying icouldn’t teether despite being told earlier that i could. I was only offered the HTC Sensation on the One Plan at £35 so guess what it was a no and i will swap to O2 at the weekend now armed with PAC and O2 Open code for £125 discount

    Had they offed me the chance to pay an handset upgrade fee like your brother i would have done this as this is what i have done in previous years. I was actually told that that is no longer an option for upgrades

    You would have also thought that i would have been given the 2gb internet max add on that i already have so that i could teetherin preference to the AYCE data.

  426. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Luke Stevens – We can’t confirm where HSPA+ has been rolled out yet so we can’t confirm at the moment whether you’ll be able to use HSPA+ on your iPhone 4S when you get it ;)

  427. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Samuel – I’ve got your details from last time so I’ve dropped a line to the exec office and they’ll give you a call once they’ve looked into this for you.

  428. Luke Stevens

    Hi there,
    When tethering on an iPhone 4S(When it is released) will it be able to take advantage of the new network upgrades to HSPA+ 21MB/s? I know it said 14.4/mbs but will that be compatible with 3? Or will we still be stuck with 7.2mb theoretical maximum?

  429. Samuel

    On Friday 30th September my brother received a call from Three regarding his upgrade. After lengthy discussion and referal to his manager, my brother was offered the following deal. The One Plan and the Samsung Galaxy S2 with an upfront fee of £150 or pay £200 for the phone with a voucher for £200. Both deals came with a £10.21 a month line rental. He was due to get his phone on Monday 3rd October. Monday arrived and no phone, after waiting in for its deliver for the whole day. When he phoned today, Three confirmed that yes they did call him on Friday but could find no record of the deal. How convenient. Why would he make something like that up? I told him to ask if the call was recorded so they said they would check. Now here’s the strange thing, when he told me on Saturday about the deal I telephoned Three to ascertain whether I could get the same as my contract has come to an end. I was told by one of the Upgrade managers called Usha, that yes. When his phone arrived I should call them and once they confirmed it on his account they make me the same offer. Hmmm low and behold he’s received nothing!

  430. Moderator: Johanna – I can confirm that tethering is only allowed on The One Plan and One Plan SIM-only. Thanks for letting us know re the call you had with our customer service team. We are tracing it and making sure all advisors are briefed correctly. Really sorry for the miss-information.


    Hi can you confirm the teethering situation.

    I have just accepted a upgrade offer after giving notice. was offered HTC sensation on text 500 with all you can eat data for £20 month. I asked twice if ayce allowed teethering and was told yes.

  432. James

    @Sedge – not quite true that

    The One Plan – SIM Only £25.00
    Contract length 1 month
    Internet Allowance All-you-can-eat Data

  433. Samuel


    I must concur. Three constantly promote themselves as being the biggest 3G network in the UK and clearly, this is to date, very true. However, being the biggest network is of no comfort to those like myself who suffer from poor network signals. Three have led the way in providing unlimited data, a huge bundle of minutes, texts and same network minutes. I think even the most avid user would find it difficult to use all 5000 three to three minutes each month. Furthermore, having a network designed for data transfer is brilliant and of course the independent YouGov survey supports this or does it. If you look closer at the survey sample and those identified by network providers, only a fraction of the 2000 users were actually three customers.

    Putting this aside, the whole purpose as Marcus rightly states of buying a mobile phone is to make phone calls and Three constantly bang on about this when users want to use their sim card in other devices. Surely, in 2011 we should be able to make and receive phone calls indoors without call drops or network connection issues. If Three spent more time strengthening
    what should be its core activity; namely ensuring its users can receive and make calls up and down the country, outside and indoors, everything else would be a bonus.

    Great Plans and tariffs but let down by poor network and customer service.

  434. Scott

    I agree this is very misleading indeed. I am on a sim only contract which I ‘Pay monthly’ by direct debit, so I am still a pay monthly customer in a way even though its only a sim only contract.. I’m not on pay as you go! To state ‘all you can eat data for all customers’ then tell us we can’t have it on our plan is an insult. What are we then the dogs dinner? Come on Three stop treating sim only contract customers like 2nd class citizens, we have contracts with you whether its monthly rolling or 12 month just like your other customers. Cheers

  435. Neil

    @Stew – Completely agree with you! It is a VERY misleading title! I am a Three customer with a 12 month sim only contract and i am unable to get the £3 AYCE data add on when it is available, so the ‘now for all customers’ is very misleading.

  436. Moderator: Kaz

    @Paul – Your current plan will not include AYCE data, however it is available from the 7th Oct so I think it’s best to give customer services to see how we can add it to your account.

  437. Moderator: Kaz

    @stew – That’s correct, you will not be able to add AYCE data to sim only plans at the moment. Sorry.

  438. Paul

    So…if I’ve just upgraded to a Sensation on Text 500 and the contract doesn’t start til 19th October, should that plan INCLUDE AYCE data? Or will I need to purchase the addon?

  439. andy butler

    Am I right in thinking that there’s a new European law that’s come In where network providers *Can not* charge you silly prices when you exceed your download limit? As far as I know a lot of providers will restrict your download speed after you have reached your download limit.

  440. stew

    So just to clarify then, this AYCE data, now for all our customers, excludes all 3 customers who are on sim only deals and 3 mobile broadband users. What do 3 class these customers as? Shouldn’t the headline read, AYCE now on talk and text plans.
    As for Skype on 3, I really hope you keep supporting it (video calling would be amazing ),here’s hoping

  441. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stew – We don’t currently offer AYCE with our SIM only plans, sorry.

  442. Stew

    Hi mod, my girlfriend is on the Sim 10 plan, one monthly rolling contract with 100 any network minutes, loads of text and 2 gig of internet access. Would she be able to get the AYCE add on to go with her current tariff?

  443. zxcvbad

    omg! This is a greatest news of 2011 so far! I’ll deffinitely will get addon and will be listening to! Three you’re my favorite company keep doing what you do, as this is a trully hi-tech revolution! Now all my friends are on three :p And another thing, not all the people understands what treasure skype on three is. Thats a shame as I’m not sure eather three will continue such developments or not. Skype on three works like a calling card (three has it’s own servers) and that’s why you don’t need to use a data when calling someone, and servers are better solution in this case, because they doesnt have a delay or connection drops but what is most importand skype on three doesnt drain your phone battery like official skype does.. I love iOS but I’ve switched to android because of three skype, for some reason there was no development for apple devices..I think this not a three fault as we all know how closed apple is.. Anyway I don’t like android at all, especially after iphone and I’ve purchased WP7 device, but this was kinda gamble for me as my main purpose was skype on three… wp7 on its start didnt supported voip and multitasking but now its mango update on its way, three was selling samsung omnia 7 so its must be officially supported, mango update on it’s way I’ve heard, I thought three will develop skype on three again, but no news yet. Perhaps someone from this blog can give me some info about this? And yeah, I’ve called customer support :) They not suppose to know that

  444. James not being able to use the internet while roaming onto three’s backup (orange) is a cost cutting excersize that three has introduced by stealth. It most certainly is not true that “this is the same for all networks”. ALL the other networks provide data over 2g because they own their 2g network. This is not true of Three. Its also why they are hoping they will be practically gifted some spectrum next year as their 3g implementation is high in the frequency range and is very poor at penetrating buildings. Hence why we 3 customers often never see a full signal indoors

  445. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stenard – That’s not possible, it’s either or. So you can either opt for the Internet Max add-on or you can add all-you-can-eat data to your tariff for £3 a month.

  446. Moderator: Sedge

    @Martin.Cat – Yeah don’t worry, that’s still going to be available. That’s not an issue, you can only use the internet when you’re on 3G – that’s the same for all networks :)

  447. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Scott – You can only tether on The One Plan.

  448. Moderator: Sedge

    @ David – No it doesn’t, you’ll need to ring 333 and get it changed if you want all-you-can-eat.

  449. stenard

    Can I just check one thing:

    “Ningy on September 27, 2011
    “if you’re using all-you-can-eat data you’ll still only be able to tether on The One Plan”.

    Just for clarification, then;
    The One plan allows all-you-can-eat AND tethering;
    The Internet Max add-on allows 2GB AND tethering;
    This new £3 add-on allows all-you-can-eat but NO tethering?

    Moderator: Sedge on September 27, 2011
    @ Ningy – That’s correct!”

    So what happens with regards to tethering where you have the Internet Max add-on, and then add the further £3 AYCE data new add-on? Does the fact you are “adding it on” to Internet Max mean you now have unlimited tethering, or is tethering only available for 2GB?

    If its the latter – what happens with the mixture of tethering and non-tethering? i.e. if I used 2GB normal data, and 2GB tethering (assume spread evenly over a month). Would that be fine, or would in the first 2 weeks where I, say, used 1GB normal data and 1GB tethering be treated as “using up” my Internet Max add-on, and then mean no further tethering under the new add-on?

    It’s unclear to me and potentially complicated I know!

  450. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ryan – that’s a question for 333 I’m afraid. You usually have to wait till 12 months into your contract to change tariff. We don’t have access to individual accounts here but if you call CS they’ll let you know what’s available to you.


    I have internet max @ £5. This allows teethering and you get 2gb is this still going to be available? The all you can eat is good but I can’t see many using more than 1gb I seldom do and use phone for emails internet daily Facebook even streaming beeb player and Jango and I have never yet exceeded the 2gb. The constraints are more battery life and network.

    Can you let me know if I should still be able to use email and internet when on 2g network as I can’t at the moment maybe its a setup issue or network?

  452. scott

    Why not allow tethering on this new plan ? or will it just be the one plan only for that ?

  453. David.

    Great news.

    Just one question.

    If you’ve got an exsisting internet add on (the add internet max) does this change from 2GB to AYCE?

  454. Ryan

    With my 10 month old iphone 4 could I change to a text 100 plan from the one plan 2010 or is that not how it works? It’d save me sooo much money because I use like 50 of my 5000 minutes a month. :(

  455. Marcus

    This is very good news and Three UK should be commended for taking a lead when it comes to mobile data, HOWEVER, I think Three should also focus on getting there actual 3G network to a standard where all users can actually make phone calls without having to constantly deal with dropped calls (‘error in connection’) or loss of reception. After all, be it a phone or a smartphone, the basic function is to make and receive phone calls surely? (clue is in the word ‘phone’!). Three continuously shout about how good their 3G network is for mobile broadband – but how about for basic calling and texting etc? The ‘cynic’ in me tells me that Three may be so keen in offering this as a way of compensating for their lack of service when it comes to other things like ‘basic’ call reception?

    It’s well documented, despite what Three states (or doesn’t), that since the removal of the 2G network agreement with the Orange network, many Three users actual ability to make calls has declined! I myself can make clear calls – as long as Im standing outside (in a street etc). But as for getting good recpetion inside my work building or flat building – no chance! And I live and work in the centre of London, where one would expect the network to have very good coverage. Prior to the removal of the 2G network, I was able to get reception both inside and outside without problems.

    Mine and other peoples experiences are just not satisfactory. A quick look at the following post (from last year) illustrates this:
    Despite being published over a year ago (Feb 2010), it seems to be one of the most popular blog posts, with probably the most comments on, throughout this whole site – and it continues to have comments posted by unhappy users.
    - Shouldn’t that tell Three something? Why doesn’t Three specifically address the 3G network in relation to call quality in a blog post? I challenge Three and the moderators to do that.

    The Tech support and customer service (via 333) are well aware of these network issues and have often stated that they have no solution and therefore allow users to end their contracts early (or take discounts). Surely it would be more sensible to actually try and address these network issues in order to retain customers?

    Infact an article about Three, published yesterday by the BBC ( ) states that ‘Three currently has the poorest in-building coverage of all the operators’

    I actually like Three and appreciate many aspects of being a Three customer. Considering the size of Three compared to the other networks, I think Three performs well in many areas of mobile phone service provision.

    I’m well aware that the moderators are just that, and as such, may also have limited influence – But, I wish Three would actually address this network issue (for calls) seriously – particularly in the light of very recent reports in the press of Three (themselves) ‘raising fears that the network could run out of capacity in urban areas’ in the near future!!

  456. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Rhys – Currently we don’t offer all-you-can-eat data on our SIM only plans. If you want all-you-can-eat data I’d recommend cancelling your SIM 300 (You’ll need to give 30 days notice if you’ve already signed up!) and joining The One Plan or a Talk or Text plans. You’ll need to cancel your SIM only plan by calling 333.

  457. Rhys

    Moderator: Sedge

    Didnt see it the first time, though caught it on a glance back through that this only affects handset plans and not sim only deals. Please disregard/delete posts.


  458. Rhys

    Hello; Im looking for some clarification on the following situation that I find myself in in regards to this change in data allowance:
    I took out a rolling Sim 300 plan on 16/9/11; I had the activation of said plan/sim delayed until 16/10/11 to allow my current contract with Orange to expire.

    1) When I activate my Sim 300 plan will this include all you can eat data?
    2) Will I have to cancel/provide you with 30 days notice, go through the motions and hassle of getting a new sim/number in order to get all you can eat data added to my account?
    3) Will the all you can eat data be added to my contract automatically after 30 days as it is a rolling contract?

    I ask because few things in life are simple and if theres a simple way or a convoluted and annoying way to achieve the same ends I usually end up having to do the latter.; I have a feeling Im going to be told its number 2 – scrap current contract and plan and take another one out in 30 days.

    Clarification on this situation will be most welcome.


  459. stew

    This headline reads AYCE now for all customers is misleading as it doesn’t include mobile broadband customers

  460. stew

    @cluons, exactly! At 6pm the food dispenser dries up and you’ve only got a starter but no main course.looks like soup from 6pm tonight

  461. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Peter – Using your phone as a modem and connecting it to other devices via Wi-Fi or USB to get you onto the internet is known as tethering. If you want to tether The One Plan is the plan for you.

  462. Moderator: Sedge

    @ David – We don’t offer all-you-can-eat data on our Mobile Broadband products, we offer 15GB for £15.99 which is great value.

  463. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Rob – If you continue to tether on the Text 500 plan you’ll be redirected to a holding page and restricted from accessing the internet. You might have trouble browsing the internet on your phone after you’ve been directed to this page.

  464. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Dave Fyfe – Thanks for getting in touch, we don’t have access to accounts here so I can’t check your account for you I’m afraid but you have to be over 12 months into your current contract to be able to upgrade to The One Plan, there could also be a charge with this upgrade. However, your other option is to wait until 7th October and buy all-you-can-eat for £3? If this is something you’re interested in doing you’ll need to give 333 a call on the 7th.

  465. Peter

    Hi. I have one of (the original) HTC Desires from 3.
    One of the apps on it provides a wifi hotspot.
    Does the use of this – for example to work with a laptop count as teathering under the rules?
    Or is teathering the act of connecting said laptop to the Desire with a USB lead?

    Cheers and keep up the good work.

  466. David

    Can this £3 add on be used on a (proper) data tariff – the sort you’d have if you used a mifi?

  467. Cluons

    The problem with “all you can eat” offers is that most people are hungry in the evening and want to have proper dinner. So when a crowd of 500 people turns up to have dinner and there is only one cook, there is a problem.

    The way 3 get around this is by putting in the small print that they are only handing out small packs of crisps from 6pm to midnight. So if you want to have a proper meal you might have to wait until 4 o’clock in the morning for dinner.

    Oh, and if you were foolish enough to book your table in advance for the next 18/24 months for the dinner set menu (“mobile broadband”) you are now being told that you can now only either have a pack of crisps or move dinner to 4 o’clock in the morning.

  468. Rob

    As regards to tethering, I’m currently on the internet text 500 plan and can use the personal hotspot feature fine as long as I stay within the 1GB. Is this supposed to be the case, as I thought that it was only the One plan that had this feature, but I’ve had it since upgrading my contract last year.


  469. Pete

    This is a fantastic move from three. I’m sure your customer base will explode now!

  470. Dave Fyfe

    Hi I wonder if you can help me. I bought the Iphone on 3 about a year ago and before the one plan was available. I have already called CS to ask if they would put me on the one plan but they said they could not.

    I am on a £35.00/MONTH/ 900 min, month/1gb deal at present and could really do with some assistance with this. Had the one plan been available at the time I bought the phone I would have obviously taken this out.

    My number is [Removed by mod] if you want to check my account before responding.

    Kind Regards,


  471. jay

    this is superb news, really happy. was thinking of upgrading to one plan in may next year but now can keep the current plan i’m on as i dont need the extra mins/txt. my better half will go on one plan though so she can tether. what an excellent move by three.

  472. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Danny – Yes that’s currently correct.

  473. Danny

    Sedge – what is the policy re the new AYCE in respect to SIM-only plans? Twitter users are saying that AYCE add on is not available to SIM-only plans, is that correct?

  474. E Molitor

    Weird, tethering has worked fine for me on PAYG, didn’t realize it wasn’t supposed to work.

  475. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ningy – That’s correct!

  476. Ningy

    “if you’re using all-you-can-eat data you’ll still only be able to tether on The One Plan”.

    Just for clarification, then;
    The One plan allows all-you-can-eat AND tethering;
    The Internet Max add-on allows 1GB AND tethering;
    This new £3 add-on allows all-you-can-eat but NO tethering?

  477. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stew – Like I just said to Mark – We still have best price on the market for MBB so we don’t have any plans to bring all-you-can-eat to those devices at the moment. Our 15GB for £15.99 is great value.

  478. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Mark (ISPr) – We still have best price on the market for MBB so we don’t have any plans to bring all-you-can-eat to those devices at the moment. Our 15GB for £15.99 is great value.

  479. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Harry Fairhall – Our system will restrict you from browsing any further than to a page on (That’s the page that tells you you’re tethering and you need to stop!).

  480. stew

    Mmm, that would have been a great deal had it included tethering. What is 3 planning for its mobile broadband customers?

  481. Mark (ISPr)

    Good to see that mobile operators can still do all-you-can-eat data plans, although if it’s really long-term viable then why not do it on your dedicated Mobile Broadband (Dongle) plans too?


  482. Harry Fairhall

    And if someone doesnt stop?

    Im on a really good plan atm anyway so no need to tether its just for my own peice of mind

  483. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Neil – I’m afraid not, it only applies to pay monthly handset plans.

  484. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Harry Fairhall – Our network software can detect both tethering and SIM swapping activity, and if it recognises you doing either you’ll be directed to a web page asking you to stop.

  485. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Paul Davey – Our policy on tethering remains the same, you can’t tether on PAYG. You can only tether on The One Plan.

  486. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Pete – Touche!

  487. Moderator: Sedge

    You can already get all-you-can-eat data on PAYG, you check out our range of all in one Add ons here.

  488. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stew – Unfortunately not, if you want to be able to tether then The One Plan is the tariff for you.

  489. Harry Fairhall

    Just out of curiosity what exactly happens when you tether a non One Plan sim?

  490. Joel

    Going to be moving from o2 to 3 in January when my contracts up, if I can justify one on a student loan… this can only help matters! May still opt for the one plan for tethering though, always nice to be able to get online on my laptop when out and about :)

    Nice move 3!

  491. Paul Davey

    Hi Sedge, I know it’s not directly mentioned in this article, but do you have any update / intentions re tethering on iPhone PAYG with £15 per month add-on (which includes AYCE data)? Thanks.

  492. Pete

    @Mod Sedge – and did you mean stephen not Stpehen in your reply to him…got ya again…hehe

  493. Neil

    Hi, does the £3 extra per month for ‘all you can eat data’ apply to sim only plans, for example sim 300 12 month (which is what i am on)
    Many thanks.

  494. Pete

    @Mod Sedge – Can you ask the powers that be if they would extend the £3 a month all you can eat data to the PAYG tariffs like 3Pay Please…..

  495. Danny

    Wow! Excellent news of a superb add-on for existing customers. Cheap as chips too. No, really, if you could see the prices of our local chippy, this is a complete steal :-)

    Nice one Three, I really didn’t expect you to surprise me this side of the New Year.

  496. Alison Smorthwaite

    When I started reading this I thought damn I signed up to the one plan just a few weeks ago and now can get all you can eat data for less. Then I read about tethering and was so relieved. Lol.

  497. stew

    I’m on the one plan and find that the 3 minutes, minutes to other networks and all the text are wasted as I hardly use them but I tether my phone and use it all the time for internet access. Am I able to cancel my 25 quid a month rolling plan for this new plan and still tether? This would save me money and stop the wastage of texts and minutes I never use

  498. Simon

    Great news – specially with the likes of Vodafone charging £5 for just 250 MB nowadays.

    I just hope the network can cope with it all, seeing as it’s struggling in my area already :(

  499. Ecored

    Better late than never, i was complaining about this earlier this year, as i’ve now been with Three for 2 and a half years stuck on a 1gb data deal it’s about time.

  500. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stephen – Do you mean MiFi?

  501. Justin Talkowski

    This is great news. I live in a broadband ‘not-spot’ and rely on my three dongle and MiFi™ for data but sometimes those plans just aren’t enough when I need to send / download large graphic files over the air (I’m a designer). So this’ll give me an extra 3gig buffer-zone. Good work gals / guys!

  502. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Gerry – Yes, if you want to tether you’ll need to be on The One Plan. Our policy on tethering hasn’t changed. More info on that here.

  503. nouverah

    Disappointing that I need to pay £30 bucks for another 18months that others can get for £18, wish they had this earlier. I don’t even use half of the one plan mins and texts.

  504. James

    Thats just fantastic!

  505. Gerry

    I take it the new plans highlighted above will not include tethering?, Would I have to take out the One Plan at £25 if I want tethering still?

  506. Neal

    About blooming time! Seriously this is good news those of us who thought we could upgrade but could not, will be able to take advantage if Spotify, grooveshark, tunein radio and the rest!


    Twitter @neal

  507. stephen

    will this apply to my wifi device

  508. james vincent

    Great work 3!

  509. toby

    Excellent to hear

  510. Michael

    Fantastic news! :D

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