Galaxy Nexus is coming to Three.

There have been a number of tweets and posts flying around the social sphere about this phone. I’ve had great fun reading the rumours about what you all thought Google and Samsung were bringing to your fingertips. It’s been an exciting run up to today, and I can now confirm that the Galaxy Nexus will be coming to Three (I wanted to tell you sooner, promise!).

First things first, it’s what the Android-lovers among us have been waiting for. Yes, you guessed it -the Galaxy Nexus is the first Android Smartphone to come on Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) version of the operating system; also known as 4.0. This makes the phone super quick and even offers panoramic image capture.

There are plenty of exciting features on this phone but the thing that really makes the Galaxy Nexus stand out for me (apart from the super slim keyless and curved design – I told you there’s too many things to choose from!) is the HD screen, it has Samsung’s new HD resolution super AMOLED technology. The colour on this screen is incredibly vibrant, it’s got great outdoor visibility and the wide viewing angles really take this Smartphone to the next level.

Take a look at our sneak peek video and let me know what you think. Does it live up to all your expectations?

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  1. Jag

    Hi Johanna, that’s great… thanks for the quick response!

  2. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jag – We’ve just been double checking this. Google have released an Open Market software update – Jellybean and it will be available to all Three customers direct from Google. It’s a staggered roll-out so we can’t give timings, but it’s on its way! :-)

  3. Jag

    Hi Mods,

    I’m really struggling trying to decide where to ask this question, picked this as it is related to Nexus.

    Can you clarify how the OTA updates work for the Nexus handsets locked to Three?

    Do they come via Three or directly from Google?

    If via Three does that mean you will doctor the update and how much of a delay does this cause to the update?


  4. macca

    why is the Galaxy nexus One plan £41 when the new HTC One X plan is £38?
    Surely as the HTC One X is the new release, quad core phone, with double the memory, a better camera and the Galaxy Nexus has been out 4/5 months.
    Shouldn’t the Galaxy nexus One plan have dropped by now? to around the £30 mark.

  5. Moderator: Kaz

    @Rednus – Afraid there are no plans to launch a Three Skype app. What issues are you having the the official client app?

  6. Rednus

    Hey any news on the Three’s skype app. The official app is really bad…

  7. TakashiM

    I have to say that I’m utterly disappointed with the early upgrade offers with three, basically I’m better off taking a new contract on the galaxy nexus than updating my current one early to get it. makes you wonder about their priorities, customer retention? or new customer acquisition?

    such a good network, the customer service is a total let down.

  8. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Kieran – It’s completely unlocked :)

  9. Kieran

    Is the Galaxy Nexus on three locked or unlocked? I’m nearly sure that all Nexus phones come unlocked no matter what network but I want to double check this.

  10. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tahir Ahmed – We’re really sorry you weren’t able to get your Nexus on the 22nd and there’s been some confusion about your delivery date. I’ve passed all your feedback on. If your phone doesn’t arrive today, let us know and we’ll look into this for you.

  11. Moderator: Johanna

    @Nitsy – All feedback is passed on to the various teams, who we work closely with. The deals you are offered by the team on 333 are the best they’re able to give and we aren’t able to influence this. Deals do change and I’m afraid as with most companies we aren’t able to say when new offers will be running in advance.

  12. Tahir Ahmad

    Purchased a nexus on payg on Saturday with website stating a delivery date of 22nd. never came, delivery delays until Friday. Still no confirmation email for friday’s delivery and the sales advisor said he has no idea whether the phone was in the warehouse yet.

    Stunningly poor customer service.

    Why are you advertising and selling a phone you do not have? Why don’t you (Three UK) realise that with ridiculous delivery times of ‘anytime between 8.30 and 5pm’, it takes the arrangement of people and schedules (i.e. taking annual leave / asking someone not to leave the house until a delivery arrives)?

    Oh and I am not allowed to cancel my order and purchase elsewhere. I have to wait until my phone arrives, order a return bag and then wait for someone to collect it.

    I can’t believe how bad an experience this has been. Never, ever again.

  13. Nitsy

    Hi Moderators

    Another quick comment

    Johanna you mention that as social media team you are not able to change the plans. This I can understand. Could you please pass our comments to the people who have the say on plans, so that they could understand the frustrations all the existing customers are facing.

    Just to let you know all our comments have not been totally directed at you (the moderators) as such but they are definitely directed to the overall organisation (which you do fall under) however they are specifically for the people who are making decisions about plans.


  14. nitsy

    Hi Moderators

    I am very surprised that a paragraph of my previous comment has been removed.

    I understand that the following is your policy:

    No commercial messages.
    We won’t publish any comments that appear to be promoting a non-Three product or service.

    However what I wrote was an indicator to Three as to what one can achieve without even being a customer for 6 years with a another network.

    Anyhow this is a minor matter what I would love is the answers to my previous comments.


  15. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mo. Bility – Good spot, we think we have an answer for you now… The messaging vibrate control is within Messaging app settings – the devices team just tested that, and it worked fine. So, the messaging settings don’t follow the default silent/vibrate settings, they are separately defined within the Messaging app itself.

  16. Moderator: Johanna

    @Vinay – Thanks for taking the time to feedback your thoughts and experience. I’ve passed on your comment to both our retentions and retail teams. I’m afraid as we’ve said to other customers upgrading on here, the team at 333 and in-store will offer the best deals they can and we (the social media team) don’t have the power to change deals offered, but all feedback is useful and we’re constantly evolving our plans and packages for both new and existing customers.

  17. vinay

    Hi Moderators

    I fully agree with the sentiment expressed by many who are trying to upgrade and after the previous call a while back where i gathered no upgrade discount and the same was reiterated by three store a few days back when i popped in enquiring about an upgrade.

    If i move to another network I will get a cashback via quidco or similar schemes like topcashback etc.

    Even three themselves would give me a cashback if I came via quidco. All I would need to do is use the well known tactic of asking for my PAC code and moving it to a PAYG contract with another network and after a few days come back to Three via quidco etc and get a cashback of £109 per oneplan contract. I have to oneplan contracts (monthly) at the moment after finishing my HTC desire contracts recently. Obviously quidco passes on a portion of what they get, so three would be paying quidco a lot more than 109£ per contract. Wouldnt it be worth the hassle for three and upgrade customers so that they can remain with three if they were offered the £109 discount and three saves on the extra that goes to the likes of quidco instead. Both three and the customer would gain if upgrade customers got a discount instead of moving elsewhere.

    More over orange gives discounts to employees of many employers like the NHS. Similarly vodafone gives many employees of some employers a discount. They offer presently 20% discount to nhs staff and loads more employees too for sirect customers. See So if i go to vodafone / orange i get 20% discount on contracts worth more than 20£ a month which is a good savings. The discounts are applicable for new and upgrade customers and upto 5 family members too. Does Three have any similar competitive offers???? These discounts are well advertised over at forums and other places on the net.

    Every other network i can get unbranded handsets from third parties like carphonewarehouse, phones4u etc etc and get competitive offers compared to network direct. With three it is the opposite, if i want an unbranded handset and go to the same third parties to get a three contract, the same oneplan is costlier than on three network website. Why would anyone in their right minds get an unbranded handset with three network in these circumstances when there are better offers by other networks for the same phones.

    Some feedback about your three shops. A couple of days ago i went to whiterose shopping centre (leeds) and visited various network shops there including thirdparty stores like carphonewarehouse etc. Almost all the shops the reps come to you wanting to sell and explain everything even when they find out i might not buy that day. But three store there is in stark contrast, the reps didnt want to get off their backsides in front of the computers at the back of the shop. Some rookie who didnt know anything was up front and poor chap was going back and forth for every question to ask them at the back of the shop. Enough said for customer service. I felt sorry for the rookie salesperson getting absolutely no support from the bums sat on their backsides at the three store at whiterose shopping centre at leeds a few days ago.

    Looking more and more like it is time to move on from three. You do a good job on the blog but unfortuately the same cant be said of your stores or 333. Am waiting for written confirmation about the nhs dscount from vodafone and orange before moving on as looks like i wont get any discount for being with three for more than 5y with 2 contracts with 2 oneplan contracts presently on a monthly renewal basis. PAC code time in the next few days I guess. 20% discount is too much to ignore from vodafone and thats for new and existing customers and 5 of their family too as can be seen from the link given by me above and one can get it over the phone or online or at the shop at vodafone. If any such scheme exists at three then please let me know.

  18. Mo. Bility

    Does anybody know why the Nexus doesn’t do vibrate only notifications? I have tried but its just not working, I don’t like my phone ringing, I like it on vibrate but for some unknown reasnon(s) Nexus has vibrate option but doesn’t work.

  19. Nitsy

    Andy, Will & Ricardo

    I put forward the exact same arguments when I last spoke to the sales rep. As you mentioned parrot answers is all I received. I get a feeling we are wasting our breadth. Though I hope not, as a customer for 6 years I was expecting better and still am.

    Just to add an answer to the question of what has changed in the 18 months that the existing customers can’t get specific suitable deals?

    My answer to that is the cost of handset has nothing to do with the plans, I get a feeling it is the greed of making customers pay more money for things which will never get used and keep us in a contract for two years, is dictating these terms. It comes down to higher profit and galaxy nexus proves to be the perfect excuse to achieve this aim. The desire was almost the same cost when it was released. It was also the top of the range as nexus. So the points about desirableness and expense prove to be redundant.

    I am going to repeat myself and would like to ask this question again, are these the only deals that will be available for existing customers? Are things likely to change with time? If so in a week possibly as it was with the Desire? or has a hard line been drawn with the current deals?

    [info removed by Mod - check our comments policy]

    Look forward to your reply

  20. Will

    @Andy- good points well made. I also got a Desire brand new and unbranded as part of my upgrade. this was just after release and I was delighted. Now I am less enamoured and will obviously consider my options elsewhere as 24 months @ £34-40 per month is to much for me.

    @mods- well, now you have heard from a few of us who share the same concerns around upgrade prices and the lack of customer loyalty flexibility. the ball is in your court.

  21. andy

    I totally agree with ricardo and Will.
    The reponse I got was this the phone is new and expensive, but the HTC desire isn’t. I agree, but it was 18 months ago when I got it on it’s first day of release!!

    When it comes to the factors for offering the price I would have thought I’d have been in a good position.On the One Plan, already out of the 18 month contract, being with you since your very first awful £400 NEC phones, have 2 accounts under my name, one which was had bills of several hundred pound per month last year …I had words with the wife about that :-) then upgraded her plan.

    I also agree with paying an upfront cost. I’d be much happer paying less per month with an upfront cost than £34min. It’s a large commitment with the current job market – I don’t know what I’ll be doing in 2 years time. I know I may pay a similar amount over the contract life, but I’d like some control of that. Other networks do seem to offer this, as have you in the past on upgrades.

  22. Will

    @sedge Thanks for taking the time to respond to me. You say that ‘The Galaxy Nexus is one of the most advanced smartphones to be released this year, and when we’re dealing with devices that are so cutting edge (and often expensive), we won’t always be in a position to differentiate our offering for new and existing customers.’

    I don’t disagree that the phone is expensive. However, when I upgraded to my current HTC Desire (April 2010), it was the most desirable and expensive smartphone available. I still managed to get a good deal and stay on my existing tariff. So, what has changed in the last 18 months? Because £40/ month over 2 years for the One Plan is not going to do it for me!

  23. ricardo

    “…I’d be happy to arrange another call with our upgrades team if you’d like to talk through your options further…”

    Thank you for your availability in talking with us about this. I think that not only Will and nitsy and myself and a lot more people in this posting in this blog would like another call with the upgrades team to discuss options… but, and this is an important but, if it’s to tell us what we already know, ie the prices for new and existingclients are the same, then there is no point. That will just irritate us further.

    This is not about us wanting to have the latest phone for nothing. This is your loyal clients (us) expressing their disapointment for not getting anything out of that loyalty. What really strikes is the lack of flexibility… why not offer plans with some upfront cost for example?

    Also allow me to quote on another part of your comment;

    “When a customer comes to upgrade we do consider a number of factors to help us reach a reasonable offer. The plan you’re currently on, the plan you want to move to, the new smartphone you want and how far you are into your current contract term are all important.”

    Not really, not in this case at least. We are all existing customers and the response we got was the same, NO special offers for existing customers. Plain simple, your representatives are not looking at any history they are just offering the same prices (of course they are just doing their job and what they were told to do)

    I sincerely hope Three reviews this policy for the benefit of its customers and at the end of the day Three itself which is just one among many competing for the UK mobile market. Don’t drop what makes you different from yout competitors and made us choose you.

  24. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Will – I’m sorry we haven’t been able to offer you an upgrade on the Galaxy Nexus that you’re satisfied with. When a new smartphone arrives on the market we do our very best to offer it at the most competitive price we can to both existing customers and people wanting to join Three. There is no cut and paste template and each new device is treated differently. The Galaxy Nexus is one of the most advanced smartphones to be released this year, and when we’re dealing with devices that are so cutting edge (and often expensive), we won’t always be in a position to differentiate our offering for new and existing customers. When a customer comes to upgrade we do consider a number of factors to help us reach a reasonable offer. The plan you’re currently on, the plan you want to move to, the new smartphone you want and how far you are into your current contract term are all important. I’d be happy to arrange another call with our upgrades team if you’d like to talk through your options further?

  25. martin.Cat

    @ Will and others

    Totally agree with the upgrade comments for the Nexus. I also have the HTC desire and got this on 18 month contract when it first came out on an upgrade deal after being with 3 since they first started. I paid fee for handset and had hope to do same but not an option now apparently

    I had orginally wanted to upgrade to the HTC sensation and agreed a deal for this at £17 / month but AYCE doesn’t allow teethering despite being told it did twice on phone i asked on here and hence the order was cancelled when three rung and admitted they were wrong. I then heard about the Nexus so decided to wait despite already having a PAC code.

    When Three started taking orders I rung upgrades to be told that i couldn’t have one and they wanted me to have the Galaxy Europa so as you can imagine i laughed and promptly asked for a PAC code. But apparently i will have now lost my £25 loyalty discount (which wasn’t transferable to new tarrifs) so will defo use it this time

    Since then Three have rung several times offering me the Nexus at £35 a month which is the same for new customers.

    I am actually glad i didnt jump into the Nexus anyhow has there seems to be a few problems with such as volume muting so am now waiting for other networks to show their hand. I qualify for O2 open discount through work and Virgin XL £8 per month disociunts so currently looking at low £20s

    To be honest i am fed up with the parrot trained off shore customer service calls and am currently ignoring them

  26. Will

    ‘That is very disappointing, it seems like existing customers are as valuable as new customers, fair enough, if that is the line Three is taking then so be it. I’ll give it a few days to see if the situation changes but I get a feeling it’s not going to. I will most likely have to take my business elsewhere’

    @nitsy I totally agree with you (and a previous poster) on this. I took an HTC Desire 18 months ago for £50 upfront and remainined on my existing tariff (talk and text 500 for £18/month approx). I was very happy with this.

    Fast forward to now and the idea of a loyal (since 2004!) customer being offered something similar seems laughable. It appears that it is the new customer price or nothing. I don’t see why, because the Desire was equally as high-end (and expensive to purchase SIM-free) on release and yet I was able to get it for a small fee and on very reasonable tariff.

    Maybe I’m just moaning, but I wonder if the mods will read this and respond as to why Three appear to have changed their tune on this? I would be interested to know if any other long term customers apart from Nitsy have experienced similarly inflexible responses from Three.

  27. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Shyam Avvari – I’ve just checked in with our Skype team, you need to download the Skype app from the Android Market as the app you’re using isn’t compatible with the Nexus.

  28. Shyam Avvari

    Hi Sedge.. just removed and re-installed the app, but to no joy.. still the same.. i am using Skype_0.10.0.14_hutch_live.apk


  29. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Shyam Avvari – Great to hear you’re enjoying your new Galaxy Nexus :) Have you tried deleted and reinstalling the app?

  30. Shyam Avvari

    I got my nexus galaxy yesterday from three. Surprisingly three has not added anything to the phone. Not even a logo let alone the apps.

    Happy with the phone so far. Only one problem is that three’s skype app does not work. Keeps crashing. Hopefully will be sorted out soon.

    Thanks three.

  31. Nitsy

    Hi Sedge

    That is very disappointing, it seems like existing customers are as valuable as new customers, fair enough, if that is the line Three is taking then so be it. I’ll give it a few days to see if the situation changes but I get a feeling it’s not going to. I will most likely have to take my business elsewhere


  32. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Nitsy – These are the tariffs for existing and new customers.

  33. Nitsy


    Thanks for the reply.

    Not sure if it answers my question though, are these the only deals which will be available for existing customers or will there be more in a week?

  34. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Nitsy – Just to confirm, the Galaxy Nexus is available on our network, you can find the price of each tariff here.

  35. Nitsy

    @ricardo – Hear Hear Brother

    I was called yesterday to change my contract to a much discounted plan which offered me excellent things. Whilst I wait for this phone I took the option as it was saving me money. I requested that a Three Sales Representative give me call when the phone is launched to provide me upgrade option as a valued customer. So far so good.

    Today I get a call to suggest that the best option available is the Internet option. What is the point. Why call me when all there is available is a 24 month contract at £34 I can get on the internet as a new user.

    I remember this was the case when HTC Desire was initially launched. I, after days of going back to Three managed to get an option which suited my needs and I paid a little upfront for the device.

    A question, this phone is properly being launched tomorrow, would the sales representatives have more options available for long time Three customers? Is this reason why I haven’t been given any other options, the launch hasn’t happened fully as yet, i.e. all packages have not dripped through yet? If this is the case then I don’t mind waiting a little. If this is not the case then I would be very disappointed in Three. I’ll reserve that judgement for a few days or until your reply

    I have 14 days before I can get out of 12 month rolling contract which I took on faith that there will be better options available in a few days.

    Look forward to your reply

  36. Moderator: Johanna

    @Andy – Hmm that’s not correct, so apologies you were given the wrong info :-(

  37. Andy

    LOL, just phoned to pay an early upgrade fee and then get a price for the nexus, to be told the nexus is not avaliable as an upgrade so i will have to take out a new contract instead, hmmmmm maybe not eh!

  38. ricardo

    @andy – It seems all of use are on the same boat. This is very, very disappointing

    Three is NOT offering special conditions for upgrade clients. The same prices are being offered to existing and new clients.

    According to the customer representative this is so “everyone can benefit”… should read Three can benefit. I can hardly see how I can benefit from doubling the length of my contract and more than triple my monthly payment, specially in the current conditions.

    I also bought an HTC Desire for 18 months with a small upfront cost. At the end of it I choose to stay with Three to on a flexi contract for 12 months which I thought was a good enough situation because I could upgrade at any point. Now I discover that the offers are what they are…

  39. Moderator: Kaz

    @andy – Sorry you feel that way, but I really can’t discuss upgrade options for individual accounts. If you would like me to arrange a call with customer services to discuss this in more detail, please let me know.

  40. Simon C


    Just phoned c.s. to upgrade to the Nexus, and was offered the £34 deal (as can be seen online for brand new customers), so it seems they could be limited to what they offer us loyal customers. Slightly disappointing as my current phone is the HTC Desire which hasn’t had its version of Android updated for far too long.

  41. andy

    Yep, I too was offered just the same offers as on the website.
    Very different to when getting my HTC desire 18 months ago. Not great when the person says “you’ll nearly be paying the same as you do now” when I’d go from £25.50 to £40 per month. At the time my HTC desire on an 18 month contract was only £17. I know this phone is a little more (About £50-£60 more retail price), but that rate is far too much in comparison.

    18 month contact plus £50 phone cost was £356
    By 18 months (with 6 months conrtact still to pay) on the cheapest £34 tariff would be £612
    Both offers on the first day of the phone being on three also.

  42. Moderator: Kaz

    @Jason Ovenden – I’m afraid the winners have been selected and notified. Sorry you didn’t win and better luck next time.

  43. Moderator: Kaz

    @Jason Ovenden – Yes it is!

  44. Moderator: Kaz

    @ricardo – I’m afraid we don’t have access to any account details here so I’m unable to look into your account to see why you were offered this deal. You would need to discuss this with customer services. I will pass your comments regarding the sales team to our guys in retail.

  45. Moderator: Kaz

    @Kieran – It’s best for you to go into store and discuss this with them. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  46. Kieran

    I’m currently a Three customer on The One Plan with over a year left. If I wanted to buy this phone, could I walk in to a Three store and buy it for £499.99 (as per PAYG price) without having to top up? Would be be able to get a discount at all?

  47. vinay

    No worries Kaz. My first attempt at a cheesy poem if you can call it that. Have a nice day

  48. ricardo

    Ok. I need some clarity here regarding the pricing of the nexus.

    I’ve just contacted your customer services to inquire about my upgrade options, your representative limited himself to offer me the exact same deals you announce on the website. He was particularly insistent with the 40 pounds a month one…

    The conclusion is that you are NOT giving better conditions to existing clients on upgrades. The prices for whoever wants to upgrade are the same as the ones from a new customer that walks in into a store. That is very disappointing.

    Can any of the mods either confirm or contradict this?

    Second you have to give better training to your sales guys. After some discussion he offered me a Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S for 25 pounds a month, not before guaranteeing that it is AS GOOD AS the new Nexus. Really? If they are so similar why are you selling one for 25 and the other for 40 pounds? A sales pitch that doesn’t make any sense to any client on the other side of the line. All you are achieving is to piss off customers. Totally unnecessary.

  49. Jason Ovenden


    Seeing as its launch day for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on 3Three, it’s it now available for people to upgrade?


  50. Jason Ovenden


    Where can we find the details of the winners for the Galaxy Nexus competition and I thought it said the winners will be notified via email on the 18th but you state that they have already been notified.

    I entered yesterday but my entry was waiting for the moderators to approve my entry, can you tell me if it went through as it said that entries were still valid for the 16th but when I checked this morning it was still waiting to be approved.

    Please can you explain…..?


  51. Moderator: Kaz

    @vinay – I don’t think we ever received this entry, unfortunately the competition has closed and the winners have contacted. Sorry for any confusion caused and I’m sure there will be more competitions coming soon. p.s. Like the poem :-)

  52. vinay

    since i cant seem to find the post for the competition for the galaxy nexus, i will post it here anyway since i took the effort of writing something cheesy. Hope you consider this as my entry to the competition! Entry as below …

    “I am no poet
    But Sedge, Kaz and Johanna got me to write this cheesy Sonnet
    About the Samsung Galaxy Nexus debuting on Three
    In the hope I could win a tasty ice cream sandwich gadget
    So here’s me singing this racket
    Hoping to see you guys blogging via this gadget
    A HD screen to watch a snap of Sedge, Johanna and Kaz!
    With an MHL port to see them on a Samsung TV I hope to win in time!
    Or instead use the USB OTG feature for watching some movies from a flash drive
    Or just use All Share if Three doesn’t throw in the free MHL OTG cables!
    Need I say I will explore the enterprise features by Julian
    Getting software updates faster from google will no more be a chore
    So galaxy nexus will you be mine if the gods of Three blog so divine
    Then you will be mine until the next gadget comes along the line!

  53. vinay

    I am pretty sure I saw a competition posted on this blog saying last date of 17th nov for winning 3 galaxy nexus phones, but came to post my submission now and the competition post has disappeared!!! Cant seem to find it, is the competition cancelled?

  54. Moderator: Kaz

    @del2608 – Afraid I can’t confirm anything just yet. As soon as I have news, we’ll let you know. Sorry for delay.

  55. del2608

    any news on the shipping date for the nexus? i’ve ordered one through the 3 website and it’s saying Tuesday 22nd but original order confirmation said Friday 18th? desperate to get this phone…..ta.


    @ mod please remove number from last post asap

  57. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Martin.Cat – Sorry to hear our retention team were rude to you. Unfortunately you can only pre-order the Galaxy Nexus online, if this is the phone you want to upgrade to (if you choose to say with Three!) you’ll be able to once it’s available to purchase on our network. As for the tethering, just to confirm – you can tether if you’re on The One Plan or our one month rolling SIM, again – apologies if we weren’t clear about this. If you do change your mind and choose to stay with Three we’re always happy to help you here or over on our @ThreeUKSupport Twitter channel.


    Well I rung up for an upgrade today for the nexus but was told I couldn’t have one. (07859889899)

    My contract has been up since end of Sept and I originally accepted a deal for HTC sensation to replace my desire I currently had but three had lied about teethering on ayce data and after I asked question on here the upgrade was cancelled. I had intended to go over to O2 or Virgin as I qualify for discount and they offered good deals on sensation and galaxy @2 but then I heard about the nexus so decided to wait and therefore didn’t use pac code.

    Today your customer retentions were to be frank damm right rude. I got my pac code so am now shopping round for nexus so after being a customer from the beginning so long three I have had enough of the useless call centres. Unfortunately for you customers have a choice.and you would do well to remember this

  59. Moderator: Kaz

    @Chris Lambert – We are looking to have this phone in stores by the 18th November, but cannot confirm this just yet.

  60. Chris Lambert

    Hi, would you be able to confirm when the Galaxy Nexus will be available in stores. Will stock be in on the 17th?

  61. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Mo Bility – It’ll be available from the 17th November, it’s available to pre-order online here.

  62. Mo Bility

    @ mod Kaz, when will the Galaxy Nexus be available for upgrading customers?

  63. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ryan – Afraid I don’t have any news for you regarding new plans. We currently only have 12 month SIM only contract. Sorry I can’t help any more.

  64. Ryan

    I’m on a 30 day rolling contract, will I be able to upgrade to this on the 17th? And will there be any 12 month contracts? Vodafone have a 12 month contract through phones 4 u and guaranteed delivery before 9am on launch day. If 3 don’t hurry up and announce tariffs I’ll just have to switch back to Vodafone (which I really don’t want to do if it can be helped!)

  65. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Dave – As it stands we can only confirm that it’ll be with Three on the 17th November. We’ll let you know more when we can :)

  66. Sebastien

    I want to pre-order this phone…NOW!!!!
    Come on three let’s get a move on!!!!

  67. dave

    @Peter – It will be available for upgrade on the 17th as come your sales team know nothing about this.they are sayingno dates due to testing and offers,,then they try to fob me off with another phone???? whats going on a little more info would be nice,been with 3 a very long time dont want to go to another network,phones4u are taking pre-orders already,,and ur sales team acting dumb

  68. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mo Bility – On the 17th November

  69. Moderator: Kaz

    @Peter – It will be available for upgrade on the 17th as well.

  70. Mo Bility

    When will you start taking pre-orders? (upgrading customer)

  71. Peter

    When will those eligible for an upgrade be able to order if it is available on 17th Nov?

  72. Jamie

    I work for 3 n the sales department up in Glasgow. Already got about 20 call backs for this phone. Going to sell out very fast. Better be quick guys :D

  73. Moderator: Kaz

    nitsy – I can confirm the Galaxy Nexus will be released on the 17th November.

  74. nitsy

    Any idea on a firm release date on the network? November 17th seems to be a date which is flying around on the tinterweb

  75. Moderator: Johanna

    @Wilf – There are no known issues with the battery life on the Nexus but as with any device it depends on how many apps are running in the background. Check our saving battery life blog post.

  76. Wilf

    Will the Nexus actually have a battery that can power it? My galaxy s 2 is two weeks old and the battery life is atrocious – to the point where if it’s still on by bed time I’m amazed at my luck.

  77. Moderator: Kaz

    @andy – Afraid I can’t give you any more details about the Galaxy Nexus just yet. It will not though. Keep looking here for any updates.

  78. andy

    Is this blog the best place to find out when the phone can be pre-ordered or ordered?
    I don’t want to have to keep phoning customer services to renew my contract until I know it’s available.

  79. Moderator: Kaz

    @thanndar, no sorry we are not ranging the Galaxy Note.

  80. thanndar

    Will you guys be stocking the Galaxy Note at any time?


  81. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Mircea D – Sorry that you’ve not had a great experience with us. Do you have your order reference number at all?

  82. Mircea D

    I wonder if would worth to become a 3 customer if for buying my phone it cost me 2 days of emails and phone calls with the request to understand where is the problem and I can not find any explanation.Yesterday I spoke with the credit department and they asked me all the data of my debit card and I agreed to withdraw the deposit from my debit card. At the end of the conversation they told me that you have to wait for an email confirmation when will come my phone.What to do more?

  83. James

    I’ve been looking forward to the Galaxy Nexus for some time now, though I must confess to a certain amount of trepidation toward attempting to upgrade with Three.

    The website states there is the option to upgrade early. Will I be able to do this for a reasonable fee? While I don’t expect to be given such a handset for nothing, I would certainly like to think I will not be asked to pay what is essentially the cost of an unlocked handset.

    When trying to upgrade to my current tariff and HTC Desire, Three made it very difficult indeed. New customers were being offered better deals than I was, and I wasn’t even allowed to take the exact same deal they were being offered! I had to take out a new contract altogether, which I’m sure you’ll agree is utterly nonsensical – unless you factor in, perhaps, claims to be the fasted growing network? In my instance I was an existing customer forced to pose as a new one.

    I’ll have been a Three customer for a total of around 6 years (the signal and deal I have suits me well) soon and hope some of that loyalty will, if not be rewarded, at least go un-penalised. I refuse to sign up for another two years if I’m to be treated as a second-rate customer and, frankly, a mug this time round.

    Fingers crossed getting my hands on a Three Galaxy Nexus won’t be a chore!

  84. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Abdul – We can’t confirm anything just yet I’m afraid.

  85. Moderator: Sedge

    @ T White – I’ve dropped you an email.

  86. Moderator: Sedge

    @ – We can’t confirm our pricing at the moment I’m afraid.

  87. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Tahir Ahmad – All the software updates for the Nexus come direct from Google.

  88. Tahir Ahmad

    My concern with Three (as a customer since 2003) that updates to the device’s firmware etc will take ages to arrive after release by Google if at all. I’ve a few androids with three now and they are stuck on the original firmware as you haven’t bothered reviewing / releasing updates.

    You have a responsibility to your customers and you should ensure people that with a Nexus handset, all updates will be forthcoming. As that is a major selling point of a Nexus device.


    European release date confirmed as 17th November now can we have There’s prices?

  90. T White

    Sedge – Yes please, would it be possible to arrange the call for Saturday?

  91. Abdul

    Will this phone be available with pay as you go? I’d love to join three but sadly I will the country ~10 months.

  92. Moderator: Sedge

    @ James – Not yet, we’ll let you know more when we can.

  93. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Will – You won’t be able to pre-order the Galaxy Nexus but we’ll let you know when it’s available on our network.

  94. will

    any news on when we can pre order the nexus?

  95. James

    So is there a solid release date set yet?

  96. Moderator: Kaz

    @vinay – Afraid we don’t offer that service currently. I will pass your comments onto the most relevant department for consideration.

  97. vinay

    vodafone has a buy back scheme for old phones to trigger upgrades.

    Does Three have a similar scheme? If so can I have details please. I would be interested in upgrading via such methods rather than have old phones piling up at home.

  98. Kevyn

    What price do the contracts start at for the Galaxy nexus? I’m going to guess £35 per month, 24 months, free phone?

  99. Mark

    Dates please?? Any ideas? I need shot of this iFone!

  100. DC

    Any news on a release date on 3 yet? I would much rather get this phone on the One Plan but if it’s going to be weeks before it’s released I may buy it SIM-Free.

    Could you at least indicate if the plan is still to release it in November, I reckon I can hang on one more month!


  101. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Matt – The 32GB won’t be coming to the UK I’m afraid.

  102. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Adbul – Sorry to hear that you’re upset with the way you were treated. Unfortunately, if your phone does have water damage (there’s a number of ways that water could have entered your phone), then you’re not covered by your warranty. However, would you like me to arrange a call for you so you can speak to us about the way your repair was handled? Again, I’m sorry that you feel cheated by us and that you’re without the Galaxy S that you took on for a two year contract.

  103. Abdul

    I had the worst experience with Three.
    My Samsung Galaxy S failed just after 1 year. When i phone to inquire about how to get it fixed the engineer told my that i would have to send it to them and told me what is covered by the warranty. He said liquid damages and intentional damages were not covered. When i inquired what Liquid Damage meant i was advised when the damage is caused by water entering the device. I was also told that if the engineers were unable to fix the phone that i would be given options to pay for the repair instead.

    Being pretty confident that my device will qualify for warranty repair based on what the engineer advised i sent my phone using the envelope provided by Three as i my phone was in tip top condition and did not come in contact with water. I always took good care of it and never dropped it.

    I was horrified when i received a letter from Three saying my phone could not be repaired because of a liquid damage. My efforts in defense went in despair as they kept on telling me that i obviously damaged it as that’s what their engineers had noted. They would not even offer me an option to repair my phone for a fee. I was prepared to have them repair it rather than taking it to a third party as i was told that i would have to pay an admin fee of £20 regardless.

    My contract is for 2 years and now i’m without a phone for the remaining 1 year. I felt three dealt with this situation very unprofessionally and did not think about the welfare of the customer at all especially as they wrongly connected the damage to liquid entering the phone.

    I feel so betrayed will never continue my custom with Three once both my contracts pass the contractual periods.

    I never had such a service before with any other service providers (such as t-mobile, o2) and have repaired my phones many times without any quibble.

  104. Matt

    Will the 32GB version be available in the UK?
    and will this be available on The One Plan? It’s the perfect phone for the one plan. :D

  105. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Raulvibes – Yes, it comes with the HSPA+ feature.

  106. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Thanendar – Thanks for your great blog comment, it’s great to see that you’re happy with us and recommending your friends :)

  107. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Mike – It’s got 16GB of internal memory.

  108. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Samsung Galaxy Nexus – I’ve just taken a look at the blog on an iPad 2 here and it appears to be working. What part of the blog isn’t working your end?

  109. Moderator: Sedge

    @ T White – Sorry to read that you had a poor experience with us. Would you like me to arrange a call for you, so we can see if there’s anything else we can do to help?

  110. T White

    Bob – buy the phone unlocked and save yourself some bother. I do not recommend a fixed term contract with 3 – When it was time for my upgrade I called them to agree the details for my new contract and new phone, they sent me the wrong phone (a much lower specced model) in an already opened box (so I could not return it). I phoned to complain and they feigned ignorance telling me they would never have offered me such a deal – even though I had asked them to confirm the contract details along with the model of the phone when I was arranging the upgrade.

    I told them I wanted to sell the phone they had sent me so that I could at least put the money towards the phone I actually wanted in the first place, and if it wasn’t too much bother could they at least give me the unlock code so I could make little bit more of my money back by selling the phone unlocked. Of course they said… for a fee.


  111. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Hello, your blog does not show correctly on the ipad2. Could you fix this?

  112. Big Kate

    Can i just say to paul, yes they can be bad. They have messed me around as well, but with persistence we worked out a solution that worked for me. OK now the ‘contract’ I am on is worse than the a standard contract that they now offer. i am on a rolling month to month contract that offers 512Mb of data and I could get exactly the same contract with 1GB of data. But I don’t use any data – so what the point. With three it just takes time and effort to sort issues out but it can be done.

    currently i am waiting to see what the deal with this phone is before deciding whether to go with galaxy 2s or this, well actually its for a friend. I think I ‘m going to be importing a Droid 3 since NOBODY is doing keyboard phones any more in the UK. I wish people would realise that some of us used to buy nokia communicators before nokia sol itself to microsoft

  113. Mike


    We really need to know if this is 16gb or 32gb. Please advise urgently!

    I have a really old Nexus One bought on day 1. It’s got a 32gb SD in it. It would be totally embarrassing if Google’s flagship phone couldn’t support an upgrade from this with my current media library.

    Plus this supports 1080p video recoding. That will eat space in no time. 16gb would be a joke.

  114. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

    Hello, your weblog does not show correctly on the ipad2. Could you fix this?

  115. thanendar

    I have been with Three for two years now. There have been some minor billing issues but they were all sorted with a free phone call. Overall I am berry happy and have converted many friends to Three’s 1 plan. My contract ends on November 7th. And will be renewing on the 1 plan with the Galaxy Nexus ASAP. In my opinion 3 have pioneered good value mobile phone contracts in this country and should be commended for it.

  116. Raulvibes

    I have one question. this device comes with HSPA+ or LTE. In UK LTE isn’t available but what about HSPA+ in three. Will this handset able to use three HSPA+

  117. Moderator: Kaz

    @Will Finley – We do offer 12 month and 1 month rolling contracts. You can find out more information here

  118. Moderator: Kaz

    @paul hotchkiss – Really sorry to hear this Paul, would you like me to arrange a call for someone to discuss this in more detail?

  119. paul hotchkiss

    I would just like to tell everyone this has to be the worst phone provider ever customer service is very very poor cutting my phone not letting me speak to a team leader trying to charge me the earth for a upgrade not even looking into my account dont buy from this company or take out a contract you will be disapointed !!!!!!!!!!!

  120. Moderator: Kaz

    @Lee – No updates at the moment, sorry.

  121. Lee

    Any word on whether you will have the 32gb model? 16gb and no SD card makes this a non-purchase for me. Even my watch has more storage than that!

  122. Dan

    what weather clock widget is that?

  123. TakashiM

    GREAT STUFF, my HTC Desire was getting old, this IS the phone i’ve been waiting for, doesnt matter what people say about the screen (pentile screen debate) or the fact that it runs a 5mp camera. my requirements are met, namely:

    - A 4”+ Amoled screen / after experiencing amoled on my desire i dont feel lke going back the faded colors of lcd screens. so the 4.65” Super Amoled is perfect

    - An NFC enabled device, with android beam it will only get better overtime

    - An Android 4.0 ice cream Sandwich device

    – and a phone with internal memory, this may not be a problem for most people on android at the moment but for people using the desire it has been a pain to deal with (even with A2SD)

    The rest, is up to the release date………….. so GUYS when can I get my hands on one (or two)

  124. vinay

    Thanks Johanna for checking it up. Guess the nexus is out for me as I’d prefer more than 32gb which is possible using SD cards or USB on the go feature to plug in external flash cards or hard drives using a powered USB hub as can apparently be done with the SGS2. Does the nexus have the USB on the go feature too? If it does then the lack of microSD card space won’t be an issue for me.

    I feel three does not advertise the features of such gadgets adequately. If you did have videos of using phones like the SGS2 / note / galaxy nexus and show the usefulness of various features like mirroring the screen on a large screen tv or projectors VIA MHL cable without the need for docking stations or using various docking stations, using USB on the go and using USB A – B or B to A transfers from various devices or flash memory drives or portable hard disks VIA a powered USB hub etc then more people will use such features and might get more sales. Just see other blogs like clove doing some such videos. With you guys getting first access from manufacturers you can leverage that by doing such useful videos and post on blog and website to generate more sales hopefully and customers benefit too by learning how to get the most out of their gadgets. Such features won’t be available on most other smartphones.

  125. Will Finlay

    I echo the comments made by Ryan. Three UK appear force everyone onto 24 month contracts which are just far too long. I’d like the option to buy the handset SIM free, on PAYG at a reasonable rate or even a 12 month contract.

    I think 3 need to realize that they are losing a large segment of the tech-savvy market through just offering handsets on 24 month contracts.

    However I see OCFOM have stipulated: “From 26 May 2011, the tie in period for new phone or broadband contracts will be limited to a maximum of 24 months. And consumers and businesses must also be offered a choice of contract lasting no longer than 12 months.” [source:

    What are your comments on this?

    Like I said, ideally I’d want to see the handset available SIM-free or on a PAYG basis at a reasonable rate. Fingers crossed you’ll be able to do this.

  126. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ryan – We haven’t announced our plans yet for the Nexus but we will do soon – great to see such a Nexus fan! :-)

  127. Moderator: Johanna

    @Vinay – I checked the Nexus we have here and it doesn’t have an SD card slot…

  128. vinay

    @ Johanna, Will, HishMaj

    as per this link and someothers the galaxy nexus comes with microsd slot. But dont know how accurate this is.

  129. vinay

    Thanks Sedge,

    Clove is getting stock of the Note on the 1st nov. Is Three getting any stock of the phone soon and what will be the pricing for upgrade customers for phone subsidised by contract.

    Since you have both phones, can you please do a comparison video of the features of the Galaxy nexus and the note, I mean something like this (but in video instead of text)

  130. Ryan

    Will we be able to buy the phone sim free from yourselves? As I have a rolling month contract going (can’t commit :P) But I’d like to buy the phone from yourselves then I only have to deal with one store for any problems… Or will there be any 12 month contract options? I can’t keep a phone any longer than the next Nexus device, had both the Nexus One and Nexus S

  131. Moderator: Johanna

    @will and @HishMaj – You’re absolutely right, our mistake sorry!

  132. martin.Cat

    Was going to jump jump as already armed with pac code but will hang firefor the Nexus. I was looking at the HTC Sensation after having the HTC desire for 18 months.

    On another note is it me or do others find the comments the wrong way round? Can we not have the oldest first then scroll down. It really bugs me that you have to read a comment top to bottom then scroll up then down then up to read others

    Or what about a filter option so we can pick oldest first or newest first lol

  133. HishMaj

    It doesn’t have an SD card slot, Sedge :)

  134. will

    @Traceline according to engadget the phone wont have and sd card slot

  135. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Traceline – Galaxy Nexus has up to 16GB internal memory and an SD Card slot.

  136. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Vinay – We currently work with a team of bloggers who trial the phones that we range for us. The Galaxy Nexus won’t be customised to Three, it’s a ‘Pure Google’ software device. It doesn’t have a S-Pen, we did try it here to see if it’ll work and unfortunately – it doesn’t. As for our price plan, we’ll update you as soon as we can.

  137. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Simon C – We can’t confirm the timings just yet but we’ll let you know more when we can :)

  138. Simon C

    Any idea when exactly it will be available? Due for an upgrade in December and liking the look of this one….

  139. Traceline

    can you confirm storage options or even if it has an SD card slot?

  140. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Spences10 – We’ll can’t confirm the pricing just yet I’m afraid.

  141. SuperRon08

    If this is available with unlimited data for £35 or less then I think I will definately be jumping ship from T-Mobile to Three.

  142. vinay

    If you have handsets for trial, can we have a video comparison of the features of samsung galaxy nexus and the samsung galaxy note please. I gathered from an earlier reply on another post that you will be stocking that phone too.

    Also i gathered that the SG note will be branded when available from three. Can you say whether the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be branded. I ask this because all google experience phones are usually stock android software and wish to know if the software will be modified to put a Three version of the software that may delay future software updates released for the stock phones.

    Will the UK versions of the Samsung galaxy nexus and samsung galaxy note be coming with NFC?

    Will the Samsung S-Pen that works on the Note work on the Samsung galaxy nexus? Does it have similar S-Pen apps like the nexus? Nice to hear that Three has been one of the first to announce stocking the phone. Am interested in knowing the prices for upgrade customers. Am on a monthly One plan so can buy if unbranded software. I am not too fussed about three sticker etc on the outside of the device.

    Have a nice day

  143. Shane Dean

    Phones 4U tells us that it’ll be offering the Galaxy Nexus free on £46/month contracts, and for £29.95 on a £41/month contract. That’s pretty steep. We’re also hearing that Vodafone and 3 will be stocking the handset.

    According to Wired review

  144. Shane Dean

    Ooohhh….I’ve still got a year to run on my One Plan so will have to buy it PAYG or similar. Any ideas on pricing? Anyone want a Desire HD? lol

  145. andy

    Excellent, I didn’t expect you to get this phone!
    Just as my contract comes to an end.

  146. Mo Bility

    Please don’t laugh! for some reason I got my dates mixed up, I thought tuesday was the 19/10 so I stay up all night monday into the early hours of tuesday waiting for this announcement and then at 3am I realised it the 18/10. Basically I have stayed up very late two nights in a row now but boy am I glad you bet I am and even more excited that THREE will be offering this handset. I am a big HTC fan but am prepare to jump ship on this one and can’t wait because my upgrade is long overdue.

    Thanks THREE

  147. Bob James

    Excellent, I was hanging out for an S2 when my contract’s up but I may see about one of these instead!

  148. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dan C – Glad you’re loving this phone, no news on dates or pricing just yet. All will be revealed soon.

  149. spences10

    What’s the retail price goiing to be??

  150. Todoleo

    Looks great! I love your choice of trailer! (Serenity)

    I’m looking forward to hearing of pricing and availability for the device.


  151. Bob H

    Hmm, I have been debating trying Three for a while, but people have warned me off. This news might make me jump ship from Orange however.

    I have a customised & original Nexus One from the first batch sold by Google. I haven’t found a need to replace it and I am SIM only for now.

    If Three’s price is right and it isn’t a long contract I’ll take one. Thanks!

  152. Danny Thompson

    Congratulations on getting this smartphone, it is a doozy. I put off buying the iPhone while waiting for this device. And it looks like I did the right thing.

    Nice one Three :-)

  153. Dan C

    Great choice taking this phone, I was up at 3AM to see the announcement and I had a feeling Three were going to take it. And news on dates or pricing on The One Plan or PAYG?.


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