Nokia Lumia 800 is coming to Three.

I’m currently at the ICC in London at Nokia’s annual conference, World of Nokia. It’s where the industries finest gather together to hear about the company’s strategy and roadmap for the year ahead – and boy, does the rest of this year look exciting. Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop has just announced Nokia’s very first Windows phone, Lumia 800.

This is such a big day for Nokia – it’s great to be here and be part of this new chapter. The Lumia 800 really takes their smartphone portfolio to the next level, and it’s an exciting nod to the kind of devices we’ll see coming from them in the future. People are packed into this venue and there are smiles all round. It’s safe to say that no one here seems disappointed.

The Lumia 800 comes on Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango), the latest version of Windows Phone. It’s super quick with crystal clear graphics due to its 3.7 inch OLED curved glass screen – a really beautiful touch and something I’ve never seen on a smartphone before.

We’re happy to announce that we’re now taking pre-orders for the Lumia 800, you can do this by calling 0800 358 3208 or by heading into your local 3Store.

We’ve managed to get our hands on the phone to bring you a quick sneak peek video too.


22 Responses to Nokia Lumia 800 is coming to Three.
  1. Moderator: Lauren

    @Clare – we’ve had no word yet I’m afraid.

  2. clare

    I have Nokia lumia 800 does anyone no when update will be available for windows 8 for it on three network thanks

  3. Moderator: Nicki

    @William – Hi there, this software is currently in testing. I’m afraid I cannot commit to a timescale as it depends on how testing goes. As soon as we have info we tweet with #ThreeSoftwareUpdate

  4. William

    The latest software update for the Lumia 800 has been ready for a few weeks now, and 3 is the last major UK network that is still listed as “waiting for approval” on Nokia’s status page:

    What gives? Can you approve the update already?

  5. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Rushden9 – Sorry for the confusion Rushden9, we’re undergoing a restructure on our website at the moment so we currently can’t change any of the pages. When the work is complete, this will all be up to date.

  6. rushden9

    Hi all again, I see you have the blind man doing the updates for your website again it still say’s that the Nokia Lumia 800 is coming soon to three but no other’s products hhhhmmmmmmm. Also it still say’s on your website recommend a friend and get upto £45 I believe this is not running now hhhhmmmmmm. I am looking for a job and I notice let me know if you have a job for me going email me at lol.

  7. Stuart Bushell

    £37 a month for 24 months – more expensive than the iPhone4 or Galaxy S2. Un unproven phone so goodbye Nokia Lumina.

  8. Moderator: Kaz

    @Brander – Afraid I don’t have any news about this phone. Sorry.

  9. Brander

    Are Three getting the HTC Rezound?

  10. Gary Moncrieff

    @wade Nokia site says its £399.99 on pay as you go but I suspect that is incorrect.

  11. Moderator: Kaz

    @Wade – Sorry no updates just yet, will not be long.

  12. Wade

    Any idea on what the price will be just for the Nokia Lumia 800 handset.

  13. Anowanul Kabir

    My Samsung Galaxy S2 on Three’s One Plan eats this and the Iphones alive.

  14. Sergio De Gregorio

    This is a new beginning. I like this new phone and the new OS. I own a N8 so I will not buy this one but towards the end of next year I hope we will have a higher end Nokia Windows phone to play with..

  15. constantin

    I just can’t wait for it. Greatest phone ever

  16. AJE

    @Mod Sedge. That’s a shame. The Belle appears to be a massive step up Symbian^3 and Anna; very smooth and powerful. IAlthough the Lumia is a very attractive phone, I’m not personally convinced by Windows Phone operating system (or ecosystem as we seem to be expected to call them these days!!) and would have liked to have the option of a Belle device come upgrade time.

  17. Moderator: Sedge

    @ AJE – Great to see you’re a fan of the Lumia 800. We don’t have any plans for Symbian Belle phones at the moment I’m afraid. We’ll let you know our ranging decisions as soon as they’re confirmed.

  18. AJE

    The Lumia 800 is certainly an attractive peice of hardware though I think that it’s a shame that NOKIA did not release the N9 here in the UK. However, are there plans for three to offer any of the new batch of Symbian Belle phones?

  19. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Mark Curtains – We can’t confirm the availability date just yet I’m afraid.

  20. @markcurtains

    Any idea of dates when it’ll be available on3 – please don’t make me go back to Orange

  21. Gary Moncrieff

    Now if only you guys would bring coverage to little old me

  22. liveotherwise

    Can’t wait to see this in action. Nokia make absolutely gorgeous phones, that have been horribly let down by their OS for far too long. I wish they’d decided to go android, but windows has got to be better than what they had before.

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