Spectrum update.

You might have seen or heard about mobile phone spectrum in the news recently. It’s a topic that’s been brought into focus by the planned 4G spectrum auction due to take place next year, and it’s a subject that’s really important to us.

Why? Well, put simply, radio spectrum is the lifeblood of a mobile network. It’s the radiowaves that carry your mobile calls, send your texts and connect you to the internet, and as a result, the spectrum up for sale at next year’s auction will be hugely important  in shaping the quality and type of services mobile networks will offer in the future.

Here’s a quick potted history of how spectrum has been distributed in the UK to date.

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Guest post: Five essential new free apps.

Christmas is coming and while the goose might be getting fat we all know that putting that big bird on the table and presents under the tree is a costly affair, particularly with Greece doing their best to ruin the world’s economy. So what you need is some fun and function that comes at our favourite price, free, gratis, on the house.

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Give an Hour for Race Online 2012.

On the whole, we’re a pretty digital bunch here at Three. Whether we’re at our desks reading emails on our laptops, making notes in a meeting on a tablet, or out and about with our smartphones, the internet is something we use every day of our lives. And that’s especially true for Read More.