Introducing Broadband in a Box.

This week we’ve introduced a brand new product to our broadband range. It’s the first time it’s been launched in the UK, and it’s designed for the significant chunk of the population, especially renters and students, that have told us they want Wi-Fi at home, just without the phone line and the lengthy contract.

So we’ve designed Web Cube, and it’s something that we’re really excited about.

The Web Cube’s Wi-Fi signal is powered by our 3G network, so it comes ready-to-go with a mobile broadband SIM card. It’s really easy to set up – just plug it in, turn it on and connect using the name and password supplied in the box. You don’t need a phone line to get going, as long as it’s plugged into the mains and your SIM is inserted, our network will do the rest.

The Web Cube is HSPA+ enabled to the 21.1Mbps technical standard, to deliver typical download speeds of 2-5Mbps, comparable to those of entry-level fixed-line broadband solutions, with the potential to reach a maximum download speed in excess of 10Mbps. Up to five Wi-Fi enabled devices can be connected at any one time, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, and it has a range of up to 30 metres.

Because the Web Cube is brand new to the UK, before we take it nationwide we’ve chosen to launch in a few key cities first. We want to test the market, so we’ve gone to Leeds, Glasgow and Edinburgh, some of our most successful areas for Mobile Broadband, to kick things off.

We hope to be able to roll-out Web Cube nationwide very soon, so if you’re not in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Leeds but you’re still interested, you can register your details online and we’ll be in touch when we have more information.

In the meantime, if you manage to get your hands on one, or if you know someone who has one, we’d love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Moderator: Johanna

    @Roland – We don’t update blog posts when we stop selling devices, but sorry if it’s caused confusion. Why do you need to super glue the Mifi into its cradle?

  2. Roland

    I would be useful for the original blog entry to be updated to note that the Webcube has been discontinued because it is still accessible on the Three website:

    This is a real headache as the WebCube was so simple for non-techies: a single unit with a plug on, hence great for mobile classroom usage as it only needed to be plugged in to power and to tidy up a single unit with no bits to get lost. It does look like I’m either back to a D100 from ebay or a mifi superglued into it’s cradle…

  3. Colin Dick

    @johanna-I meant to say that the app store only allows 50+mb apps using wifi only. My phone hotspot let my ipad do this, but was cut off by 3. I see the mifi dongle will provide wifi. Will 3 let me swap my 3 dongle for a mifi dongle or will they do the usual and insist I pay more.
    I have 2 phones, 2 ipads and 2 dongles. I do not want to add another contract.

  4. Colin Dick

    @Johanna, Sorry I meant to say that the App Store does not allow apps over 50mb unless you use wifi.
    Hence the problem with the tethering of the phone or the iPad 3.
    Using a phone to upload an app to a 3 iPad or any other device is prohibited unless you pay more money or use another Internet service. Why not just allow it, I mean, my phones unlimited Internet should be just that.

  5. Moderator: Johanna

    @Colin Dick – I’m a little confused about what you’re asking here? We have no issue with you using your data to download apps from the app store.

  6. Colin Dick

    A wifi service is something my phone and iPad 3 can do with the hotspot turned on, the problem is that when I used it I had it it cut off !
    Perhaps you are not aware that the app store will not download apps that are over 50mb in size. Since I have 2ipads, one with hotspot and 2 phones with unlimited Internet access and hotspot as well as 2 dongles I was curious to know if you
    Expected to me use an alternative wifi service to download apps to my3 iPads ?
    And if so why don’t I just do that all the time and not use 3 at all ?
    I know you are going to say I can pay for hotspot but… I pay a lot to 3 already.

  7. Ellie

    @James M – Hi James, no I’m afraid we no longer range this device.

  8. james m

    is this product still available? cant seem to find it on your website?

  9. Garuv Sanjikissin

    I love the internet i will take it to Somalia for my daughters.

  10. Ellie

    @Kam – Sorry if you are disappointed with your device. If you send a full postcode [we won't publish it] then we can check the masts in your area.

  11. Ros

    @pamela – Hi there. There’s no reason why not I don’t believe…

  12. Ros

    @pamela – Hi there. First things first I’d suggest getting your postcode checked to see what’s going on with the network in your area, there might be an issue with one of the masts or an upgrade planned. If you want to send your postcode (we won’t publish it) we can check it out for you. Next step if that doesn’t show us anything would be to contact the technical team who can perform diagnostics.

  13. kam

    this device is rubbish! i used to live in edinburgh when i purchased it, after moving to manchester, the service became patchy and i keep losing my connection even when i am sitting next to the device! i have contacted three support team but they are very difficult to communicate with as the technical team is based in India!

  14. pamela

    can you put pay as you go sim in the cube

  15. pamela

    if i buy the cube on a 24 months contract and i cannt get a decent pickup can i cancel or am i stuck with it for 24 months

  16. Moderator: Lauren

    @James – no word yet I’m afraid.

  17. james vincent

    Is there any updates on when this will be avaliable nationally? I live in South Wales and still being told not in my area yet as its not fully launched

  18. trash

    Dongle deals are a total rip off, 15Gb for £15, when the ONE plan sim gives you tethering & 1,000GB for £25 & if you hit this the facebook mods say you will reset it.

  19. Ronald H

    I just bought the web cube and am now wondering if that was a mistake, … the cube has a usb port not an ethernet port (likely for troubleshooting and programming internally). The cube is slower than my slower two year old hand set. It also is 240V reliant which can be limited in some areas since it is not apparently a switching power supply which every gadget on the market now is. Expect the speed to be about HALF of what you are used to, my nokia 5800 even my HTC chacha is faster. My advice If you need it for a month while moving use it. and cancel until you need it again. I wont use it more than maybe two months. the data allowance of 10GB is OK for now on monthly rolling plan, but more than a couple of months and then as an on again of again hotspot, I would look to another solution. It does not even con=me with a mini usb cable to check that feature. My mistake I expected a little more from the reviews. By the way I have used three mobile for nearly four years, this product was a disappointment.

  20. Jim

    My wife bought one a week ago. The good news: It has a great signal 20 miles outwith the Glasgow roll-out area.
    Her Touch, my iPhone and my Samsung Notebook all connect without a problem. The bad: My wife’s Acer Notebook (for which the Cube was bought) says “connected” but it cannot access the Internet. In Windows Wireless Network Settings, the connection graphic shows full strength as the Acer aquires Network Address. At the point of connection, the graphic changes briefly to “Limited or No Signal” then reverts to Full Strength again. But…no internet is available. I’ve tried matching every setting on my Samsung with the Acer’s but nothing works.

  21. Moderator: Lauren

    @Terry – glad to hear you’re a fan of our Mifi’s! :-D There’s no planned works in your area for now I’m afraid.

  22. Terry Bloomfield

    Hi I am very pleased with Three, as where I live in Scotland I cannot get a broadband line, Three gives me great down load speeds but because of my usage have go 3 Mifis and rotate them (45meg) I also would pay to get one home mobile broadband unit that gives me more megabits , Could you check for me when my local tower is due to be upgraded to the new faster service my post code is [removed].

  23. Moderator: Johanna

    @polished plaster – Very soon we hope… Keep an eye on Web Cube.

  24. polished plaster

    This sounds amazing, i think a lot of people have been screaming for something like this for years, When is it coming to London?

  25. Moderator: Kaz

    @Emma – It’s best to pop into your local Three store to inquire about the Webcube. If you don’t have any luck there, give 0843 373 3333 a call.

  26. Emma

    I live in Glasgow, but the 3 website still says this is unavaliable to me. Why is this? I thouight it was being trialed in Glasgow. Any Idea when its going to be on general sale?

  27. Nicki Macleod

    @Jemma – Hi there, the speed really depends on your area and how many users are using the services etc. There’s no 1 size fits all I’m afraid. The device is capable of HSPA+ enabled to the 21.1Mbps technical standard. It can deliver typical download speeds of 2-5Mbps, comparable to those of entry-level fixed-line broadband solutions, with the potential to reach a maximum download speed in excess of 10Mbps.

  28. jemma

    Can I ask what the speed is on this thing?

  29. Moderator

    @Leith – I’m afraid we don’t have a date for its general release yet.

  30. Leith

    Any news on when this will be available nationwide?

  31. Moderator

    @Chris – Whilst there are no plans at the moment to increase the allowance over 15GB we continuously revisit our price plans and offerings whilst feeding back on customer suggestions.

  32. Chris

    I agree with several other comments here. If you are really serious about competing with the home broadband market (as the R & D and Marketing costs associated with such a product as this would suggest) then you really need to look at raising the data limit from 15gb to something a little bit more usable, after all this is 2012 guys, not 1912 and I know its Jolly olde Victorian England, but 15gb belongs in the dial up days!. The majority of basic ‘free for 6 months deals’ on landline all offer much attractive deals over 15gb mobile broadband, and a little invention called cashback often brings that 6 month free landline broadband deal to 12 months, which makes paying for a landline even more attractive. Yes, it looks a nice ornament, but most people can do the math, and can figure out they are much better off with what they have.connected to the wall!, even if its only to get their ‘free’ 12 months deal.

  33. Moderator

    @Phil – the only real difference between the two is that the Web Cube has an ethernet port. Both units will offer the same coverage. I’m afraid there’s no plans for offering a higher package than 15GB at the moment.

  34. Phil

    I currently use the Mi-Fi unit at home as i don’t want a phone line, what does this web cube offer that I don’t already get throught your Mi-Fi units?
    Also will you ever offer more than 15GB data usage?

  35. Shajjad

    Great idea indeed. Although 15 GB might not be enough for some people like me. Hope you guys look on that.

  36. Greggles

    With most smart phones now featuring mobile hot spot capability, what would be the advantage of thiis – I would assume it’s more powerful?

  37. kirsty

    im in a rental. this would be great i would like to get it as im in glasgow. would it be any good for xbox gaming? with the usage etc

  38. Stephen Hastewell

    On the Dovado 4gr you have a USB socket to plug in your existing mobile broadband dongle. This then acts as a mifi in effect, thus not allowing phone functionality, but does allow simple SMS functions. There are some great features built in that some well known routers do not, and is ready for 4G when available, the real 4G that is. Sadly I too would love something like a router with phone functions that would register as a mobile phone with tethering active cos I could stick a one plan Sim in there and have a real bt killer! The only issue I have with it its that I can’t use the latest firmware cos it keeps dying on me.

  39. John McAteer

    Can I connect 3G wifi mobile broadband through my Dovado 4GR router to enable phone connection?

  40. Stephen Hastewell

    Although this product is fantastic and exactly what I personally need (I’m forced to use a Dovado 4gr with my Premium dongle) It misses one crucial element to all home networking requirements. The lack of Ethernet port greatly restricts it’s usefulness within a home environment. The reason being that in a normal situation a router would take care of all LAN traffic and allow such activity as media streaming, network attached storage and printer sharing, to name but a few. However only allowing devices within a home network to access WAN traffic, means that other expensive equipment is then required with complicated set ups ie a network bridge that acts as a wifi repeater and local area network router. Having an Ethernet socket on the device would allows users to use their current cable modems to relay the WAN traffic from the cube as well as LAN traffic. Thus allowing local media streaming, NAS access and network printing. Basic requirements today! The ZTE with it’s twin Ethernet sockets, and USB dongle socket is perfect for this, acting as an internet gateway for a home network router while having the flex ability of a portable internet device when required. By all mean push the Web Cube, enhance it, build on the idea, but for god’s sake push the ZTE MF10 as much also. Allow us to purchase it online, without having to face the awful experience of using the local 3 store.

    With regards to the data caps, I fully understand. Imagine if your local area was filled with these things, everyone gong about their daily internet lives. Using several devices all at once, playstationsin the kids room, dad downloading files in the study, mum on Iplayer, add to that all the super phones with their YouTube and I player etc before long the network would buckle. The result… everyone hates three, the innovaters become victims of their own inventions. Three may have been designed for the web, but not designed to be a replacement for virgin fibre optic etc They are a cracking mobile broadband company provided you’re covered by their ever expanding network. Just remember you can all drink from the river but if we all drink at once the river will turn into a stream. It’s only the same as being on a genuine fixed line connection and having 20 people all playing Call of Duty at the same time on a 8mb connection. Great for one person, not so great for 20. As time goes by things will change, the backbone supporting the network will get faster, signals stronger and reach further. Until then pay for two contracts get double allowance, I’m sure three would love you for it. Capping you to 15gb works wonders for making people aware of how much they’re ‘drinking’ which in turn works wonders for ensuring people on the whole get a better experience.

  41. Moderator: Johanna

    @Karl Hobson – Thanks for sharing your thoughts, we’re gathering all feedback at the mo.

  42. Karl Hobson

    Hi guys …nice idea but is this not just a mains powered MiFi surely provision for an external antenna would be nice although difficult at the frequency you use due to signal loss in the cable run.
    So an outdoor unit that can be powered via ethernet and plugged into a wireless router would be very appealing to lots of your users that get good outdoor but poor indoor coverage……Just a thought, Regards Karl

  43. Gregg

    Great idea but how about spending a little extra so that I can get a constant signal at home. Up to about a year ago it was weak but there. Now it is non exsistant, So how about getting the signal coverage up before spending money on ideas than wont work if you cant get a signal at home.

  44. Moderator: Johanna

    @Gavin – No it doesn’t I’m afraid… We’re getting amazing reviews back from the guys that have trialled it so far.

  45. Gavin

    Does this have an Ethernet port? I know most things are wireless these days, but I’m sure it wouldn’t cost much to add it, and it would massively boost the appeal in my eyes.

    Yes, there are ’3G Routers’ on the market, but I’ve never seen one with end-to-end support from the Network, so they tend to be unreliable and slow.

  46. Moderator: Sedge

    @Luke Stevens – There are currently no plans to offer all-you-can-eat data, but we believe our great value 10GB and 15GB tariffs offer plenty of data for the majority of our home users. If customers want to regularly stream TV and movies or do heavy downloads our service may not be right for them.

  47. John M

    I think that traditional broadband providers start to look over their shoulders. This is just the first stage, image if three offered this product for £15 per month with unlimited data, it becomes a serious competitor against ASDL.

    18 months time when LTE is making its mark, products like this become a competitor to Cable Broadband.
    Thats the real benefits of LTE, very few people need it on mobile handsets, HSPDA is fast enough for most people, but as a fixed line competitor it’s fantastic, reaching remote places that have no infrastructure.
    It’s devices like the cube and mifi that are paving the way

    John M

  48. Luke Stevens

    From you research. Do you think 15GB is really enough for a few people in a month with a product like this? Have you guys found its not or is it actually ok? I mean for example on my home connection I sometimes use 300GB a month.

  49. Moderator: Kaz

    @RichB – I’m afraid the Web Cube does not have an ethernet connection. Sorry.

  50. Stan

    Yes- As others have said on here, if you can put AYCE on a phone, why on earth can’t you put it on a fixed-line replacement?

  51. RichB

    Does it have Ethernet sockets? If not, what’s the point? I can just plug a Mifi into a USB socket behind the TV and get the same effect.

  52. Leith

    Just got a Mifi on a rolling one month contract, and it looks very promising. Substantially faster than my ADSL as I am a long way from the exchange.

    Would definitely be interested in one of these, but data limit will be an issue. Like others on here would pay more for a significantly higher data allowance.

    Well done 3.

  53. Moderator: Johanna

    @IA – You can indeed but you will need to buy the Cube with data, and it is HSPA+ enabled too, so it should in theory have around the same speeds.

  54. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jason – We’ll need a full postcode, to check the network in your area please? We’re seeing lots of similar feedback re data limits on MBB, so thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  55. IA


    Can I put in my dongle’s sim inside the cube?

    Is it going to be faster than the standard HSPA+ dongle?

  56. Jason

    I just came across this thread as I my internet seems to be down. Can’t even get on to the three homepage. I use MiFi as my main internet connection as I don’t use a landline. Never had any trouble until tonight when my MiFi won’t connect. I live in Wakefield in the WF2 area, I’m guessing there is maintenance, the website is down using my phone too.

    I have MiFi on contract with the 15gb data limit. I have to manage how much I use, and gone over that a couple of times. The WebCube sounds like a good idea, but honestly, you really do need to rethink your data plans. As we rely more on the net for everyday things we need more data. I really love the service MiFi gives me, it can be frustrating sometimes when you approach your data limit and have to restrict your internet usage. I would be happy to pay a little more for an unlimited data usage, maybe capped at 50gb. I see three as innovators, so for them to bring out a data package like that for mobile broadband would bring genuine competition to fixed line broadband.

  57. Hands0n

    A review and pictures of the Web Cube is now posted up on Technoratia

  58. Jonathan

    This looks like another great product/service from three but I am concerned by the advertising of it at

    Firstly, you state “maximum download speed: up to 21.6Mbps”. Does that really make sense? Surely it should be “maximum download speed: 21.6Mbps” or “download speed: up to 21.6Mbps”.

    My main point, however, is that this blog post states “with the potential to reach a maximum download speed in excess of 10Mbps” – 11.6Mbps less than what you claim on the main product page.

    I realise the device is technically capable of 21.6Mbps but I don’t think the ASA would be too impressed that you don’t point out that actual speeds wont be as high as this on the main product page

    Please make actual speeds clearer on the main product page so I don’t have the need contact the ASA.

  59. Gareth

    Great idea and a great looking product, but it’s never going to be a fixed line replacement with those kind of limits. 10/15GB limits are fine for people on the move, but if you seriously want to push this as a fixed line replacement then your going to need to align your caps with the fixed line providers.

    I think most fixed line providers have caps around the 30/40GB mark, except a few which claim unlimited. I work from home and would love to be able to ditch my landline, but 15GB is simply not enough. I’ve just moved from a terrible provider called and looking at my usage, I would need around 40/50GB per month. That’s just normal browsing, streaming music, YouTube and BBC iPlayer. I download tracks from Amazon but very rarely download any big files.

  60. Spockus632

    Just got mine today and already a damn site faster than my adsl by at least 8 times. Getting 8-10 Mbps download where adsl was only 1-2 Mbps.

  61. gary brogan

    hello i am intrested in the cube but plz add AYCE to PAYG thats whats needed desperately any plans to introduce AYCE????in the near future ty

  62. Moderator: Kaz

    @David W – Your WiFi Hub is designed to turn your dongle into a wireless hotspot. The Web Cube is designed as a fixed broadband replacement.

  63. David W

    Can someone explain to me how this is different from the ZTE MF10 Dongle Adapter which I’ve just bought? Was that a total waste of money?

  64. Moderator: Kaz

    @Stan – We currently are testing the market in a few key cities, can’t give you any news on a national roll-out just yet. Regarding the speeds, it really does depend on the strength of coverage in your area. If you are considering replacing your fixed line, have you considered either a dongle or MiFi? Oh, and yes it does have an Ethernet connection.

  65. Dan Carter

    Full unboxing and setup of a Web Cube if anyone wants to see one in action

  66. Dan Carter

    Full unboxing and setup of a Web Cube!

  67. Stan

    Hey,I’m looking into the WC as my Three phone has served me well so far, and I’m desperate to ditch BT’s slow fixed line. When will this product be rolling out to the rest of the country and what are the estimated speeds I’ll get on 3-4bars on HSPA+?
    And, I’ll need AYCE. Any plans for that?
    Or can I use my phone SIM inside with The One Plan. If I can get/use either and decent speeds, I’m sold!

  68. Moderator: Sedge

    @ James – I completely agree, sorry we must have missed that one. Thanks for bringing it to our attention, I’ve now deleted the comment.

  69. Geoff

    Excellent to hear that there is a new mast for my area brilliant to see three are looking at areas with patchy coverage and im looking forward to the improved coverage. the one plan here i come …. fingers crossed

  70. Merri

    This sounds like a godsend buy truthfully 15gb is not enough. Are you going to introduce a AYCE plan? There is no point for the majority of users otherwise, esp

  71. James

    Mods, I find @mohammed’s use of bad language quite offensive. Especially as this is a family friendly website. May I suggest that if someone lacks the decency to write respectfully you do not publish their comment?

  72. Moderator: Johanna

    @Callum – I’m afraid we can’t provide info on where HSPA+ has been rolled out so far – sorry!

  73. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mohammed – Sorry you think that. If you’d like me to check the network for you, I can with a full postcode?

  74. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mohammed – you should have indoor and outdoor coverage in your area. But the best way to check the signal strength for sure, it to try out a free PAY SIM.

  75. Moderator: Johanna

    @Geoff – There is a new mast planned for your area :-) This should improve signal for you. I’m afraid I can’t access a date at the mo but there’s one coming.

  76. Moderator: Johanna

    @Bryan A – The latest dongle is HSPA+ enabled. We’re in the process of rolling out HSPA+ across our network, so this should give you faster speeds. Even without HSPA+ the dongle is designed for better connectivity to our network. How are you finding it so far?

  77. Callum

    Does the DT1 area have HSPA+? Specifically the postcodes [removed by Mod]. Thanks!

  78. Mohammed

    Hows the coverage at le2[removed by Mod]. I’d like to purchase this. It used to be terrible and I was told many times it would improve but sadly nothing happened. Is it fine now?

  79. Geoff

    sure PO3[removed by mod]

  80. Bryan A

    I am a bit of a “none techo” and have the new 3G donggle complete. How will this be better other than allow me more dowl load capicity? Will it make the signal any stronger.


  81. JOhn Radcliffe

    Mifi without the ability to run it from batteries!

  82. Amo

    Good idea but really needs AYCE data as most people are saying. Offer that for about £20 a month and you could really give some competition to fixed line ISP’s.

  83. Neostar

    Great product but badly needs an ALL YOU CAN EAT DATA plan to be useful

  84. Jamie

    Also just want to know one other thing, how much will customers get charged for going over the 15GB cap?

  85. Jamie

    How big is it? Looks tiny

  86. Moderator: Kaz

    @HB – Sorry to read this. I will email you a request for more account details so I can arrange for someone to contact you to discuss your issue in more detail.

  87. Moderator: Kaz

    @muj – Testing is currently being undertaken, thanks for the offer :-)

  88. HB

    That’s great guys but maybe the company could focus a little more on customer service rather than shiny new products? I tried to cancel a one month rolling broadband contract three months ago, after 4 hours talking to various wonderful people overseas more interested in giving me sales pitches it was still no clearer if I’d cancelled it, despite requesting to multiple times. My attempts to make a complaint was even met with a sales pitch. I even sent an email asking for confirmation but received no reply. Today a bill for my supposedly canceled contract landed on my doormat. Oh, the joy! I have no idea where to go from here with it.
    I figured if I posted on here maybe someone could get in contact and actually help me?

  89. David M

    This looks quite cool just a shame there is no AYCE data for it otherwise it would be worth getting in fact an AYCE data plan for any mobile broadband would be good right now considering that we have it for our smart phones, tethering my iPhone to my iPad absolutely kills the battery on my phone when I could just put a sim in the iPad and be done with it.
    Although I will probably just go get a rolling month one plan sim and shove it in regardless for £25 month it’s worth it for the data alone especially for iplayer etc and your system is not exactly quick on the uptake of detecting this stuff to begin with ;)

  90. muj

    Is there any beta testing to do? Email me ;-)

  91. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mark – The Web Cube is our dedicated home broadband solution for customers who want a flexible, cool-looking alternative to fixed-line broadband. Dongles & MiFi are great for those who want a fully mobile personal broadband solution that goes wherever they go.

  92. Moderator: Johanna

    @Adam Rayton – The One Plan is a voice plan, not available on any broadband products. You’d struggle to use all your minutes and texts from a cube ;)

  93. Moderator: Johanna

    @DanielRP – It’s a more static solution :)

  94. Moderator: Johanna

    @Geoff – If you want to share a full postcode with us I can check the network in your area?

  95. Danny Thompson

    Nice. I really do like this. “Internet in a box” pitched at renters and Uni students is perfect. Pretty good too for those who want to get away from the multi-play propositions (TV, Phone, Internet) that cost several tends of £ a month. It would be great to see these on PAYG too. Even fixed 30-day contracts can be a bit difficult for people to get past Credit Checks. They may be just the target audience that BiB (you can use that :-) ) that will not be able to take advantage of this offering. That would be a shame.

    I, also, would like to see an AYCE tariff for product like this. The growth of streaming media from the likes of Sky, BBC, NetFlix and LoveFilm are going to place unprecedented demands. People are going to want to know that they are not going to be hit with extraordinary out of bundle charges for using products like this in the future.

    Congrats on another great innovation on your network.

  96. Mark (ISPreview)

    It certainly looks interesting but a lot of the comments we’ve been seeing about it seem to ask the same common questions. Other than looks, what actually separates this from existing MiFi devices? Does it have multiple antennas inside like the WiBE device or is it more of a cosmetic upgrade that just adds HSPA+ support? Can you fill in the blanks?

  97. Adam Rayton

    I also think it needs the One-plan. I thought you’re giving all customers the one-plan option. I wouldn’t buy it until it has the one-plan.

  98. Todoleo

    Sounds excellent! I would love to be part of the trial of the service.

  99. DanielRP

    Is this much different to the MiFi?

  100. Geoff

    so you are introducing this in places you know will have coverage inside a building so people like me with post code PO33 with no indoor coverage will never see this. i suppose. tell me are you going to boost the signal where i live. since you switched off the 2G in my area myself and a few of my mates had to ditch three. for calls and your broadband 3g coverage is none existent at home.

  101. Andrew Jones

    As you can get a £35p/m ‘The One Plan’ contract for unlimited data (and all the extras) over a 24 month period, I don’t see why you couldn’t have a £25-30p/m unlimited data contract for this web cube. 15GB on a 24 month contract is a bit sparse – iPlayer would eat this in no-time and Sky are about to introduce the ability to view their programs online – no matter what ISP you use – on a pay-per-program or pay a monthly fee for unlimited programs basis. Please rethink the data limits. Thanks

  102. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Owen Squirrel – The Web Cube is a brand new concept from Three that we’re market testing in selected areas of the UK. The best thing to do, is head to your local 3Store in Edinburgh – they’ll be able to run a postcode check to see whether they’d recommend one to you at this stage. If you’d rather wait and you’d like to be kept informed about when it becomes available in your area, please register your interest at

  103. Owen Squirrell

    do i have to live in the City of Edinburgh to buy one, or is living 10 mins from Edinburgh ok?
    as i dont see what would stop it, local masts hapa+ and in still have an EH postcode

  104. james vincent

    I want one! Its looks funky! I can put my MiFi SIM in it!

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