Sony Xperia U is coming to Three.

It’s one of my favourite times of the year… Mobile World Congress has arrived! If you’re a techie like me, it doesn’t get much more exciting than this. From tablets, to smartphones, to the very latest apps you name it – MWC has got it.

There are lots of announcements coming up this year, and Sony has got us all excited by announcing the first MWC smartphone that we can confirm we’re ranging – the Xperia U. The Xperia U is the latest addition to our smartphone portfolio and it’ll be available soon.

We managed to get our hands on the Xperia U just before the event so take a look at our sneak peek video and let us know your first thoughts. For me, the big selling point is how customisable it is.

The exchangeable coloured caps give you the ability to personalise your smartphone. Add this to the colour matching illumination bar at the bottom of the phone and yours will really stand out in the crowd. It also has a 3.5 inch reality display with Mobile BRAVIA engine which helps keep all of your photos and videos looking really sharp.

19 Responses to Sony Xperia U is coming to Three.
  1. Voiceofreason

    Now available in 3 Stores!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Shajjad

    Great news, eagerly waiting for the release date!

  3. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jen – the software updates tested and released by us are customised to make the phones run more efficiently on our network.

  4. Jen

    As I was saying, affordablemobiles will most likely have ordered network or sim free versions and will sell them with the one plan for an extra couple of quid a month. I would always recommend going directly to the network so u know where u stand with warranty etc

  5. Jen

    Three usually always run a slightly altered version of software on their handsets which is why there is sometimes a delay in release. Affordablemobiles

  6. Dimic

    Hello, any news yet about the release date of the xperia s?

  7. Guiltybear

    Are we sure, this is the best that sony can bring out. I have the X10 already. And now they want me to drop back to a 5Mp camera, and 720p Video. surely thats going backwards. What about going forwards. end Caps for making it look better? Come on. Its functionality and Battery length thats needed, not some element of “how to customise” your handset.

    iphone 4s, Samsung Galaxy II, Samsung Note are all above these.

    Expected better. Prove me wrong.

  8. Moderator: Kaz

    @Callum – We will tweet everyone and announce it on our Facebook page. Also, if you register for updates for this phone on our Coming Soon page, we will email you when it’s been released. Click here to find out more.

  9. Callum

    How will you let us know when the xperia s comes available?

  10. Jabberwocky

    Points to cover
    1. Dimic – affordable mobiles have probably bought the stock direct from Sony and have made up a price for the One Plan
    2. Dimic – I’ve only ever seen upfront costs on a few phones from Three at lauch (except iPhone) 99% of the time they are free.
    3. Xperia Junkie – You would be able to get it launch day by going to a Three Store rather than waiting for delivery

    I think it’s good that Three don’t launch their pricing until other networks have announced theirs. It gives them the opportunity then to beat their deals and that is what most people are interested in: the package.

  11. Dimic

    Xperia junkie….. You tell me! I went on there cos they sent me an email, its a poor show from three as im concerned. The thing is as its a new phone 3 will probably ask for an upfront charge. If they do thatthen get it from affordible mobs.

  12. mick

    I’ve had the Xperia arc s for about 2-3 weeks now, I got mine from the 3 store where I live (BLACKBURN)

  13. xperia junkie

    How is it possible for to sell the Xperia S from Sony on 3 when the 3 website wont even tell us any prices or when the phone will be available to pre-order. I understand certain things need to be sorted out before anything will be mentioned regarding price. The phone is only a few days away from launch and seeing as 3 wont deliver on a Monday anyway the phone will not be available on day of launch anyway. Please tell us some info ASAP

  14. Dimic

    Hi peeps, just to let u no if u want the sony xperia s u can pre order it on on a 3 contract aswell £37 for the 3 one plan which is pretty good as theres no upfront cost either.

  15. sherry

    how much is this estimated ?

  16. Moderator: Kaz

    @xperia junkie – I can’t give to a release date just yet. It will not be long though.

  17. xperia junkie

    When will 3 release the Xperia S from Sony all other networks have their monthly prices already for every on to see. 3 always seem to be the last network to announce a new phone is ready to pre order I have two contracts with 3 both of them ij their last month and I want 2 Xperia S from Sony the official release date is a week today 05/03/2012 I am free to go to any other network now although I would like to stay with 3 I have a sneaky suspicion that 3 wont release the phone till the back end of March and every one that wants one ie myself who wants it from launch day will have to go somewhere else please 3 launch this phone asap

  18. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dimic – Sorry, can’t give a release date just yet. Will not be long though and we will let everyone know asap.

  19. Dimic

    Why cant you give a release date for the xperia s when most sites have and are already offering pre order

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