Three to launch leading edge 3G service.

As most of you probably know by now, at Three we’re focused on giving our customers the best mobile internet experience we possibly can.

Since we launched the UK’s first solely 3G network back in 2003, we’ve continued to invest and improve the technology that powers our network to bring you the best data experience.

It was for that reason that last year we invested millions in upgrading our network to the next generation of 3G technology: HSPA+. HSPA+ currently runs on the 21Mbps technical standard, meaning people can now experience download speeds in excess of 10Mbps.

Now, once again, we are going to move the game on and bring another first to the UK market.

We’re now in the process of finalising our plans to roll out what’s being described in the USA* as 4G.

But let’s be absolutely clear – this isn’t 4G as in Long Term Evolution, or LTE as it’s also known.

Instead it’s the leading-edge version of HSPA+ 3G technology called DC-HSDPA (which stands for Dual Carrier High Speed Downlink Packet Access ), and it runs on the 42Mbps technical standard. So compared to standard 21Mbps HSPA+, this dual carrier technology offers customers twice the speed potential.

DC-HSDPA will deliver huge benefits for our customers. The obvious one is speed, with massive improvements in both download and upload speed. Because the technology uses dual carrier equipment – meaning it can latch onto two signals at the same time and transmit and receive double the data – it will also improve capacity across the network too.

Again, for our customers, this will mean more consistent speeds especially in busy areas and at peak times of the day. As our customers use more and more data, moving to DC-HSDPA will help us create the capacity to continue to offer a great service.

In fact we already have the technology up and running as a test along a small part of the M3 corridor and south west London.

The nationwide rollout is expected to commence later this summer.

As well as continuing the 42Mbps roll out, we’ll also be running our own Long Term Evolution (LTE) trial in the next few months to get ourselves prepared for this technology, when the spectrum needed to run it is made available.

The likelihood is that this leap is still more than a year away at the earliest. But in the meantime, we’ll continue our ongoing network improvement programme to ensure that whatever it is you want to do via the mobile internet, we are the network to be on.

*The 42Mbps Technical Standard has been described as 4G by T-Mobile in the USA: see here for further details:

15/03/12 – We’ve edited this post since we published it initially to make sure that the terminology we use to describe our network is up to date and consistent across all our marketing.

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  1. Moderator: Stephanie E Moderator: Stephanie E

    @Paul, It could be that the area you are in is preventing you from getting the highest internet speeds possible. Please can you send us your postcode and I’ll have a look at your area. Thanks

  2. Paul

    @Nicki, sorry you misunderstood me, forget speed test results a minute, I mean my phone never uses dc-hspa+ 42 mbps connection, no matter where I’ve tested my galaxy s4, my phone only ever uses hspa+ 21 yet I’m in an area enabled for dc-hspa so either there’s an issue with the 3 cell my phone connects to or there’s an issue with my s4 or the coverage checker isn’t accurate and where I live is only an hspa+21 area and not dc-hspa+42 as stated on the coverage checker.

  3. Moderator: Nicki

    @Paul – Hi there, 42Mbps is the highest speed it can achieve. You’ll find that the realistic speed is 12Mbps in an Advanced 3G coverage area. When you’re able to receive 4G and in a 4G coverage area the realistic speeds would be 14Mbps. More info can be found on our network page.

  4. Paul

    Why is it my new Galaxy S4 LTE i9505 model never connects to the three network at 42 mbps, 21 is the highest I ever get and according to the coverage checker I am in an ultrafast enabled area!

    I use the app network signal info pro to monitor the connection rate, it never goes higher than 21 mbps hspa+ and speed tests I run confirm that as I average 2 to 5 mb/s download, that’s way down on what most three customers are getting and I don’t exactly live out in the sticks!

  5. Ellie

    @Don – The iPhone 5 model that we’re currently selling supports the frequency we’re planning on using for our LTE network. In addition to the 800mhz we recently bought, we will also have some 1800mhz frequency when we roll out our LTE network. The iPhone5 supports this frequency. Whilst the iPhone5 is compatible with the 1800mhz frequency, this is currently disabled within the phone settings. We will work with Apple to get this enabled when we roll out LTE.

  6. Don

    Can someone tell me if the iPhone 5 is DC-HSDPA enabled on the 3 network. Will it have to be “jail break’d” which I presume would affect my guarrantee. According to 3 I am in a hi speed internet area but only achieving 3G speeds. On another network it would be 4G. – 3 don’t appear to have published an answer to the question.

  7. Moderator: Nicki

    @Rich – What’s your full postcode and I’ll check for any issues within the area. Keep in mind that speed is dependant on lots of factors like your device, your distance from a mast and how many other people are also on the network at the same time.

  8. Rich

    Well I Have bought the latest ascend p1 and use it on payg, I was getting hspa+ 14mbps download and 5.76 upload here in the bodmin area but after this weekend there is no hspa+ only standard hsdpa, I thought it was the phone so I tried a giffgaff sim and was getting hspa+ again, so much for being the fastest network lol, giffgaff are beating you ! cannot even upload a video from my phone to youtube any more without it taking hours !

  9. Ros

    @kay – You can check for Ultrafast in your area here. I’m afraid we don’t have dates for when specific areas will get it, it’s best to keep checking and of course if you have a compatible phone, you”ll probably see a difference!

  10. kay

    Hi I wanted to know if DC-HSPA+42 is available in Harrow, Middlesex (London HA1). If not when will it be ready

  11. Lucas


    Thanks for that. When you say more coming soon, do you have any details on that (when)? Also, do you know when the Galaxy S3 LTE version will be available?


  12. Moderator: Johanna

    @Lucas – We can indeed – The iPhone 5, HTC Windows Phone 8X, Nexus 4 and Sony Xperia T. And coming soon the Nokia Lumia 920. With more to come :-)

  13. Lucas

    Can anyone advise what phones available on Three are compatible with DC-HSDPA+?


  14. Moderator: Lauren

    @Imran – sorry about that! Try here. Scroll down to >Check if it’s in your area.

  15. Imran

    @ Nikki

    The link you gave for checking Ultrafast Internet (DC-HSDPA and LTE) via your coverage checker is a dead-link:

    Page Not Found

    We are sorry, the item you requested cannot be found.

  16. Moderator: Nicki

    @Scott – Hi there, you can check for Ultrafast Internet (DC-HSDPA and LTE) via our coverage checker.

  17. Scott

    What uk cities and places currently have dc hspda. I can’t find this info anywhere. Thinking of joing three.

  18. Moderator: Johanna

    @leigh – it does indeed and we have some great SIM deals :-)

  19. leigh

    Hi, I have brought the new Nokia 920 sim free and I am deciding either the Three network or EE. Does the Nokia 920 support 42mb dc-hspda? I know it is not in your product range but I need to to know about dc-hspda to choose.


  20. Ros

    @james – Hi. At the moment it’s the iPhone 5, Sony Xperia T and Windows Phone 8X by HTC. What handsets coming up are you particularly interested in?

  21. Ros

    @Clive B – Hi there. I’m afraid we’ve no news at the moment as to whether we’ll be ranging that phone, we will announce when and if though. In terms of other DC-HSDPA devices aside from the iPhone5 that we do have, they are as follows: Sony Xperia T and Windows Phone 8X. Any of those take your fancy?

  22. Clive B

    I’m due an upgrade soon and want the Samsung Note 2 (I don’t want an iPhone). Can you tell me please when you will have a DC-HSDPA enabled version of this phone available. I’m a big fan of 3 but would hate to be forced to go to EE to get decent download speeds.

  23. james

    What handsets are dc hsdpa compatible and what handsets coming up will support it?

  24. Moderator: Johanna

    @Andrew – We can’t give timescales I’m afraid but our coverage checker is available here – this will tell you when it’s arrived in your area.

  25. Moderator: Johanna

    @George Barlow – You can check via our coverage checker, available here.

  26. Moderator: Johanna

    @Lee – So we have the Sony Xperia T too… We’re announcing new phones all the time so watch this space.

  27. Andrew

    Hiya im just wondering when dc-hsdpa will be in the manchester m18 area


  28. George Barlow

    Please can you tell me if DC-HSDPA is available in the Hull area?

  29. Lee

    Sorry i meant nicki

  30. Lee

    Hi Niki lets take 4G out of it for the moment what i am talking about for now is DC-HSDPA.You have not really directly answered the question i asked..Your answer would be helpful to me if i wanted a iphone 5 which i don`t.What i am saying is.Why keep selling the inferior samsung models The S3 and note 2 that do not support the DC-HSDPA mode which is part of the ultra network?

  31. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lee – Lots of the devices we range, like iPhone 5, are Ultrafast enabled (based on DC-HSDPA). None of the devices we have available today support 4G (LTE) because our network doesn’t currently support it. When we do launch 4G we will ensure we have a range of supported devices and that existing customers will have a way of upgrading to that part of our network once it is available.

  32. Lee

    I can`t really understand what the hold up is with releasing the LTE versions of the Samsung S3 And the note 2.Your pushing on your website regarding the ultra network but the handsets from samsung your selling at the moment do not even support either DC-HSDPA or LTE modes.I would imagine in the next coming months the people that have gone out and got a 2 year contract with the lower spec handsets are going to be very disgruntled customers.

  33. Moderator: Nicki

    @Robert – As of last week you can!

    When you search for your postcode it shows you the results as “Indoor/Outdoor coverage” and “Ultrafast Internet” The definition of Ultrafast Internet is then given as the availability of DC-HSDPA and LTE … so in short Ellie’s correct.

    I can confirm that our coverage checker has never shown 2G coverage – it previously only showed “Indoor and Outdoor Coverage” and “Outdoor Coverage”

  34. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tim – Totally wish we had the facility to ‘like’ comments on our Blog as we can on Facebook :-) Loving the speeds and long may they continue!

  35. Robert

    you know as well as we all do, that you can not check DC HSDPA coverage on three website, it only shows general 2G and 3G coverage, but for some reason it didn’t stop you in placing this unhelpfull comment “If you are looking to check whether you have DC-HSDPA in your area already you can do so with our coverage checker.”
    I would love to be proven wrong Ellie, go on, prove me wrong

  36. Tim

    Just received my iphone5 upgrade, I live in north Essex and just ran a speed test – 15mbps download and 2.4mbps upload – that is faster than my landline based broadband.
    Keep up the good work 3.

  37. Ellie

    @Robert – If you are looking to check whether you have DC-HSDPA in your area already you can do so with our coverage checker.

  38. Ellie

    @Rob – Sorry we can’t say for sure right now. We are hoping to make a map available soon.

  39. Robert

    and why there is “no imediate plans for this” Lauren?
    any making sense reasons?
    You people are good at replying to questions and not really anwering them.
    is this how you are being trained by your bosses?

  40. Rob

    Hi when will DC-HSDPA be available in Bournemouth?

  41. Moderator: Lauren

    @Lee – we may start ranging this at some point but there’s currently no immediate plans for this.

  42. Andre Carneiro

    Just read aboutt his HSPA upgrade.
    You guys are just amazing. Amazing technology, amazing value and amazing data allowances.
    (Amazingly rubbish C/S, too, but best not get into that!) ;)

    I can’t wait for LTE to be rolled out.

    Thanks and I hope you carry on being the best network around! :D

  43. Lee

    Hi Three please release the LTE model of the Galaxy note 2.People want that version because it has the DC-HSDPA 42mb and can use your new speed upgrades and is future proofed.As said before by someone else iphone 5 has lte already.

    Why would we now buy the non LTE version as It does not seem worth it against the new model.I know alot of people are asking your sales team the same question.

  44. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andrew – there is HSPA+ available in your area :-D

  45. Andrew Gee

    Hi, is it possible to find out whether HSPA+ is activated on any of the sites near [removed by mod]? Thanks

  46. Moderator: Johanna

    @Zara – We haven’t made any announcements about this device yet… 4G/LTE will be with us next year :-) We have a little more info available on our website here.

  47. Zara

    Hey :)

    When are you planning to release the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE with 4G? I can’t seem to find anything about it on your website…

    & do you know if existing S3 owners will get an upgrade or not?

    Vodafone have announced their S3 LTE and 4G release dates and since you are apparently ‘built for the internet’ ;) I’m assuming you have plans to roll out 4G very, very soon :) x

  48. Ros

    @Dave – Hi there. Keep an eye out, we’ll have network news very soon!

  49. Dave

    Hi Mods,

    Lots of people including myself are looking for info on the rollout of DC HSPA + and 4G LTE.

    Is there any chance someoan rustle up a timetable of events, albeit indicative.

    People make their buying decisions on the basis of the information they have and a 24 month mobile phone/ mobile broadband contract is a fair commitment to make without good reliable info.

    As an example you have been talking about DC HSPA for quite a long time and it seems that only 50% of your masts will be enabled by year end, what about the other 50%- will these be enabled next year or not?.

    In regards to the rollout of LTE I know this will be dependent upon how much spectrum Three will be succesful in winning at auction so am happy to await info on this but in terms of DC HSPA I seriously belive that you should be shouting this from the rooftops rather than keeping mum.

    I am and will be generally supportive of Three as your one plan is very good value particularly given the recent announcement on LTE by EE- There is not much chance of me signing up to a limited bundle costing in excess of £50/month!!

  50. Moderator: Lauren

    @Robert – we’re not currently ranging the S3 with LTE but yes it should connect to DC HSDPA. We don’t have the facility for this yet but this may change in the future.

  51. Robert

    1. Does Galaxy S3 LTE allow you to connect to DC HSDPA?
    2. Do you have a facility where your potential customers can check where DC HADPA is working at this moment?

  52. Moderator: Lauren

    @Robert – We hope to upgrade 50% of our network to DC-HSDPA by the end of the year. The iPhone 5 and Sony Xperia T can both connect to DC-HSDPA. Yes, speeds don’t vary depending on price plan. If you have a compatible phone and are in an area that has been upgraded, you should be able to get the same speeds on the One Plan as you would with any other tariff.

  53. Robert

    I have a few questions to three:
    1. Is DC-HSDPA service available in all over London at least?
    2. Nicki said this “At the moment there’s only 1 phone that we offer which allows you to connect to DC-HSDPA.” which phone is it and what speeds are being achieved on this phone?
    3. Do you get the same internet speeds on “one deal” and “unlimited internet”?

    I guess three has the best internet network in the UK but speed slows down because they are selling all those unlimited internet deals.
    I’m seriously considering getting LTE from EE when it gets released, they are not planning to sell unlimited internet, so the network will not be getting jammed with people downloading movies, and the speed for essential connection will get very good.

  54. Moderator: Lauren

    @Terry – ahh got to love a bit of all-you-can-eat ;-) We’re looking to release 4G ourselves next year as well :-D prepping for that!

  55. Terry

    Hiya.. I saw some silly prices for 4G plans in metro today.. so silly that it made me come to three blog and see what my network is upto.. capped internet at 50+ quid its scary and I rather keep the one plan at this price because if its not unlimited its not worth it. so what three is upto any way?

  56. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ash – Hi there, you won’t need a different data plan to access these services.

    At the moment there’s only 1 phone that we offer which allows you to connect to DC-HSDPA. On this phone the indicator doesn’t change.

  57. Ash

    Will DC-HSDPA require an updated data plan or will we be able to use it on our current contracts? Also, how do we know it’s connected to DC-HSDPA? Will the indicator change?

  58. Moderator: Lauren

    @Julian – it’s being rolled out at the moment and should cover half of the UK by the end of the year.

  59. julian nelberg

    It seems this DC- HSDPA upgrade is never going to happen! My HSPA+ mifi router is getting slower and slower, presumably as Three keep selling more and more “unlimited” data packages to smartphone users. Even my Vodafone mobile (iPhone 5) now regularly achieves 14mbps after they upgraded to DC-HSDPA last year. I’ve given up waiting and will now switch to EE 4GEE when they launch later this month. Sorry Three

  60. Moderator: Nicki

    @Aman – Hi there, HSPA+ currently runs on the 21Mbps technical standard but DC-HSDPA runs on the 42Mbps technical standard so compared to standard 21Mbps HSPA+, this dual carrier technology offers customers twice the speed potential.

  61. Aman

    Hi. just wanted to ask which is better HSPA or DC-HSDPA

  62. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom D – we’ve had no word about DC-HSDPA upgrades yet I’m afraid.

  63. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ash – it should be yes, can’t advise speeds. Average is around 1-4Mbps. It all depends on your device, number of users in the area ect.

  64. Tom D

    Are any masts near me getting upgraded to DC-HSDPA anytime soon? [removed by mod]

  65. Ash

    Is HSPA+ available in [removed by mod]? and what speeds can be reached in this area?

  66. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom D – maximum speeds available on HSPA+ is up to 21Mbps however depending on device/traffic ect top speeds can reach over 10Mbps.

  67. Tom D

    @lauren thankyou. Do three cap the speeds with regards to HSPA+? Also what speeds can I achieve with the new iPhone 5?

  68. Tom D

    @lauren thankyou. Someone on three support (twitter) told me it wasn’t available…. Do three cap the speeds with regards to HSPA+ ?

  69. Moderator: Lauren

    @Nick – we offer all-you-can-eat on many of our price plans. The maximum we offer for mobile broadband is 15Gb.

  70. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom D – HSPA+ should already be active in that postcode area. If you have a phone that is HSPA+ compatible, you’ll see an H+ instead of 3G symbol when connected.

  71. Nick

    It’s a shame you didn’t roll out DC HSPA+

    I use a Zalip 3G HSPA+ router with a three SIM and get an average 6Mbps with peaks of up to 14Mbps and was hoping to get faster speeds – but of course the main thing is the amount not the speed – we need more data on our monthly plans not faster speeds 6Mbps is good enough for most things

  72. Tom D

    Hi can you tell me when HSPA+ is going to be available in my area. Postcode of [removed by mod]. Thanks.

  73. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jiga – if you send the full postcode (we won’t publish it!) I can check this for you.

  74. Jiga

    Hi there, I was wondering if HSPA+ has been rolled out in Milton Keynes? If not then when is it likely to. Thanks.

  75. Moderator: Lauren

    @Stuart – yes it does.

  76. Stuart

    Does the iPhone 5 nano-sim have HSPA+ compatibility?

  77. Ros

    @Utkarsh Pednekar – We’ll be launching our own 4G in 2013. Hope that helps!

  78. Ros

    @Paul – The first yes, the second no, not yet..

  79. Ros

    @Simon – Yes HSPA+ is available in the postcode you mentioned.

  80. Utkarsh Pednekar

    Dear Mods … is LTE coming on Three. Looks like Three has got a deal with Samsung to deploy LTE Network. I have also read that Three may be able to launch LTE Network soon ….

  81. Paul Newton


    Can you tell me if I HSPA+ is available at [removed by Mods] and [removed by mods]?


  82. Simon

    @Lauren – that’s a shame that this post is from February and the DC HSDPA roll out hasn’t moved on at all from where it was.

    Any idea when it will be rolled out to [removed by mod], and if not, is HSPA+ available here?

    Thanks! :)

  83. Moderator: Lauren

    @Zipher16 – If you send your full postcode (we won’t publish it) I can see if you have HSPA+ there.

  84. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – I’m afraid not.

  85. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – DC-HSDPA is currently still only available in the areas specified above.

  86. Zipher16

    hi….i have been using three for over a year….in my location i use to get a HSPA+ connection before…(RH10) the mast that i get connected to is on college road or on the crawley college to be very specific. I was using a Galaxy S 2 but after the mast on college been deactivated and then reactivated recently…I have never got a HSPA + coverage… On speaking to the customer service team i was told that i dont live close enough…but even if i go close to that mast or even if i spend hours in that particular area…i never get the HSPA+ coverage… So i dont rele know what is happening..

  87. Moderator: Lauren

    @Bobby – DC-HSDPA is still only available in the areas mentioned above and we’ll be launching 4G in 2013. We’re already delivering speeds that give a great experience on any phone though!

  88. Moderator: Lauren

    @Antony – if you send the full postcode (we won’t publish it), I can check for you.

  89. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dan – HSPA+ has been rolled out at most of our masts, DC-HSDPA is still only in the area’s mentioned above.

  90. Moderator: Lauren

    @Greg – we only have DC-HSDPA available in the areas mentioned above so far.

  91. Paul Newton


    Is the chart/database that you refer to available to view online? Allowing everyone to look up the information themselves, rather than having to post a comment to ask would allow you to deal with other queries.


  92. Simon

    Could you please tell me if DC-HSDPA is available in [removed by mod]? Thanks.

  93. Bobby

    Hi, i’m thinking of joining Three when I purchase the new iPhone 5. Can you tell me if DC-HSDPA is available in Romford? Also, will you be rolling out 4G/LTE is this area in the near future?

  94. Antony

    HSPA+ in the ML1 postcode? It is not there now, but any new on when / if it is coming?

  95. Dan

    Hey, Has this HSPA+ rolled out to Brighton yet? :)
    Looking to take full advantage of this using the iPhone 5 apon release.


  96. Greg

    Hi, do you guys know if DC-HSDPA is available on Three in central and north London? If not, do you know when it will be available? Thanks

  97. Moderator: Johanna

    @Zach_Manchester – Welcome to Three :-) Yes it’s available in the Manchester area, do you have an HSPA+ enabled device?

  98. Moderator: Johanna

    @Tom – We’d love to give you some more info…but we can’t just yet. We will post as soon as we can.

  99. zach_manchester

    Hi there!

    I recently joined 3 and so far, have been quite happy. Could you tell me if HSPA+ is in the Manchester region (postcodes M15 and M15) and also near Manchester Airport – postcode M90. If not, do you have a schedule for rollout?

  100. Tom

    Does this mean you will release True 4G, and not

    Lame Trashy Exaggerated 3g??

    if you can roll out 42mb on 3g,

    where other networks are releasing LTE at slower speeds,

    can we expect speeds in the range of 100mb on your 4g network???

    or Lame Trashy Exaggerated (LTE)

  101. akram

    Ok, thanks for looking into it.

  102. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dave – that area is already upgraded to HSPA+. We’ve no further info about DC-HSDPA yet.

  103. Dave


    Is there any information on a rollout for postcode [removed by mod]. I’m due a new handset soon and wondering if this is something I should consider when deciding.

    Thank you

  104. Moderator: Johanna

    @akram – On our database it shows that hspa+, so we’re sorry if the info was wrong. We can only assumes this means that it is coming… The guys on 333 have the most accurate up-to-date information though. We are not a customer service team, although we help where we can.

  105. akram

    I have also contacted the three technical team today and I stated that you have informed me that it is available in my area and my galaxy nexus should be able to use hspa+ but was told that this is not correct and the most I can get is up to 3mbps! they flat out said that the information you have given me on this blog is not accurate and that I should let you know.. I think that it is ridiculous that I am getting different answers from Three. Could you please clarify. Thanks.

  106. akram

    Thanks for checking that. but I have not been getting the increased speed. And my phone is not showing ‘H+’. using a galaxy nexus. any ideas why?

  107. Ros

    @Josh – We’ve concentrated on rolling out HSPA+ throughout this year, so not yet. But we will update you with network news as soon as we can.

  108. Ros

    @akram – I’ve checked for you and yes it has been rolled out in your area.

  109. Josh

    Hi there, just wondering if three have rolled out dc-hsdpa yet??

  110. akram

    Hi. Could you check the hspa+ availability at [removed by Mod] please? thanks :)

  111. Ros

    @Andrew – I can see there is a new sit going live in the next few months, but I’m afraid I don’t have a date for it yet. Do check back in a few weeks, we should have a better idea soon.

  112. Andrew

    When will you upgrade your mast in [removed by Mod] Area? reception and speed very poor. thanks

  113. Moderator: Lauren

    @Scott – Amazing speeds!

  114. Scott

    Three are great at internet. Getting download speeds of 18Mbps here in Bristol on my iPad! So fast compared to Vodafone & O2′s 2Mbps that I was getting on the same device!

  115. Ros

    @Dai – I can’t tell you speeds, but I can tell you, you should have indoor and outdoor coverage, although not of the ‘strongest’ type. According to our chart, your area does have HSPA+. Hope that helps.

  116. Dai

    Could you tell me what data speeds I can expect using the E586 mifi in the [removed by mod] post code area?
    And if we have yet had HSPA+ installed yet?
    As I’m interested in taking out one of the 15gb contracts but would like to know what I can expect first?
    Many thanks

  117. Moderator: Johanna

    @akram – We’ll need a full postcode to check this for you? If you have a Nexus you should be able to see an ‘H+’ symbol at the top of the screen, if it is running on HSPA+

  118. Moderator: Johanna

    @Neil – We continually develop the capacity and quality of our network, that involves a range of technologies both at the radio end and in the core of our network. In the future that will involve LTE or 4G. The timings of this depend on spectrum both being acquired and then cleared for our use. We can check HSPA+ for you with a full postcode…

  119. akram

    Hi. I was wondering if HSPA+ has been rolled out in Sheffield yet. I have a galaxy nexus and I’m dying to take advantage of it :) thanks.

  120. Neil

    Hi, what’s the situation with this now that it’s been announced that Everything Everywhere (Orange & T-Mobile) can (not necessarily will) offer “4G” from September 11th 2012?

    Also, can someone check for me if my local mast(s) has/have been upgraded for HSPA+?

    Many thanks.

  121. Moderator: Kaz

    @Sam – I’m afraid we are unable to provide a list of where HSPA+ has been rolled out just at the moment. I have checked for any local mast issues and it all looks OK in your area at the moment.

  122. Sam

    Hi Has DC-HSDPA been launched for postcode (REMOVED) Also is HSPA+ available? i get 3mb download speeds, but only if I attach my dongle to the external aerial on my roof! Thanks! : )

  123. Moderator: Nicki

    @Brian – Hi there, it’s a gradual rollout. I’ve just checked your postcode and it’s been upgraded :-)

  124. Brian

    Hi. Has HSPA+ been rolled out to all ’3′ transmiting masts? In particular to those in the area of [removed by mod]?
    Thanks, Brian.

  125. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sharon – Hi there, sorry you’re having issues with our coverage. Can you please send us your full postcode (don’t worry we won’t publish it) so we can check for any faults, works being carried out, limitations, or improvements planned.

  126. Sharon

    I have both a Three mifi dongle and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Three.

    I get a 1mb connection on my dongle and get NO service (phone signal or wifi) on my Nexus

    To get a phone signal i have to stand outside and constantly turn aeroplane mode on and off to try and force it to get a signal, it then jumps between full bars and no bars, so if you actually get the call to connect, you have to be quick before you get disconnected!

    considering i have such a poor service here, will the upgrade bring me any benefits, and will i need to change my Huawei E585?

  127. Moderator: Lauren

    @Em – Sorry to read that. There’s currently no issues in that area. Has the service always been slow there? Does it work okay on your phone when you’re not tethering?

  128. Em

    My internet is unacceptably slow at [REMOVED BY MOD]. I’ve been with three for 6 years and I’m contemplating leaving. After years of “phones with buttons” I treated myself to an iphone as a graduation present on the belief that I could tether the phone internet to my laptop (I’ve recently moved to a new town for work, and my new place doesn’t have wireless. I actually went into the three shop to buy a dongle. However, the sales guy was so nice and convinced me that upgrading would be a good idea.)

    Without exaggerating, it takes 10 minutes (!!!!) to load the google homepage, that’s if the connection doesnt “reset”. I can’t even check email. Please please get someone to fix it. My friends in the same building who have forked out for three dongles are also finding them useless. I’m writing this on my friends laptop who’s with Orange/T-mobile. It’s laughable how much faster it is. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER.

  129. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – if you send your full postcode we can look into this for you (don’t worry, we won’t publish it!).

  130. john

    whats going on three mobile internet since yesterday i am unable to get internet on my mobile
    yesterday also i have little disconnect and today am at weybridge and there no any internet signal on my phone its been an hour now…………………

  131. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ian – I’m afraid we can’t provide this level of detail. If you chat to the network team on 333 they may be able to share some info.

  132. Ian

    Thank you for your reply on HSPA+ in my area. As I am getting relatively low speeds for HSPA+ in DL[removed by Mod] I think my external antenna may be pointed in the wrong direction. Any chance you can tell me which directions are my nearest 2 cells on a compass from this postcode? Also are there any new cells planned for the area? Regards, Ian.

  133. thomas Keir

    so we can”t be told where the hspa+ network has rolled out to—why not ? Three should be shouting from the rooftops and placing adverts in each areas local papers about the new high speed service thats now up and running in the area. I had a + sign next to my H signal on my phone for a few days but has since been so erratic I wonder if the hype is matching real world signal reception. If I get a + sign one day–why can’t I get it every day as I live hardly a mile from the transmitter (with nothing inbetween) Its so frustrating.

  134. Moderator: Kaz

    @Yassine – Thanks for your comments and I will pass them on. Afraid I can’t tell you where our HSPA+ network has rolled out to at the moment. Sorry.

  135. Yassine

    Now it does look like its solved. But it would be good from a customer point of view to let us know about it by sending a txt. I have suffered for a week.

    When r we getting the new HSPA+

  136. Moderator: Kaz

    @Yassine – We did have a known fault in your area. Please can you confirm everything is working fine now.

  137. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ian -I can confirm your area has already been upgraded to HSPA+.

  138. Thomas Keir

    Hi–I have been with Three network for many years now and was surprised to see a + sign next to the H signal indicator on my phone for the last two weeks. Searching the internet on my phone was quicker than my home wi- fi. I was really pleased but the signal seems to be erratic from day to day with the + sign not always visible. I receive a very good signal at my home FK10 2 BN so I cannot understand why the high speed signal is so erratic as I can see the transmitter from my home. The area where I work FK10 1PD is not well served by the three signal as the only transmitter system is to the east of the town. The west of the town which is increasing in population and the industrial area along the river is crying out for a mast to serve this area with a good signal. Are there any plans to erect a mast in this area? It’s great that Three are at the forefront of high speed mobile broadband but it seems they are improving the speed only in areas already covered and not expanding with more transmitters. Other network operators in my area have 3 or 4 masts to Three’s 1 . I am sticking with Three for now and I am waiting to see what develops after the new frequency auction later this year.

  139. PiRat

    In my village I get 3 bars signal and 7Mbps down 2Mbps up, drops a few Mbps during peak times (5-10pm)but that’s understandable, highest I’ve ever had is 9.2Mbps downand 4.5Mbps up.

    Looking forward to HSPA+ 42Mbps.

    I hope 3 along with other UK providers won’t mislabel 4G as it has been done in the US and other countries, LTE is a 3G technology, LTE Advanced is 4G.

  140. Yassine

    I have been having 3G network problems since 4 or 5 days. Coverage is good in my area (REMOVED) and (REMOVED) the problem is that 3G is on some times n off other. I do work with my phone a lot n this is really annoying me as I don’t really know when it will be resolve. I used to have very good coverage indoor n outdoor. Please inform me what’s going on.

  141. Ian

    Can you check if there are any upgrades planned for HSPA+ in the (REMOVED) area? I get about 2mb at the moment but would like to know if this will increase soon.

  142. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jeremy – sorry to read that :-(

  143. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rich – glad to hear you’re enjoying your new phone! You’ll be able to see if you’re connected to HSPA+ because it will show H+ instead of 3G next to your signal bars.

  144. Jeremy Wild

    Well still no change in speed, guess it looks like I’m sending the phone back, don’t see the point if it doesn’t work in my home town when every other network has great coverage, disapointed.

  145. Rich

    Hi all

    I am new to Three and apart from initial issues in my home due to a cell tower failure all has been well. I can stream video and my S3 works as a WiFi hotpot, BBC iPlayer and whatever. I live in SE1 London. I don’t know if I am accessing HSPA+ but I’m trying to find out.

    Signal problems are usually down to physics. If there are many users in the cell area then the connection will slow, if a tower goes down then the traffic has to be routed via adjacent cell towers and that can mean that you don’t get any access even tough you have a signal. Make sure you have ‘packet data’ turned on, depending on phone software you may be able to lock onto a particular signal which can help.


  146. Jeremy Wild

    Sigh. This is depressing, I hope speeds pick up by tomorrow. I live in the centre of the town, and even google takes 5 minutes to load standing outside in the centre.

  147. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jeremy Wild – Hi there, as I was saying the other day there is currently work being carried out until this evening so this may be causing issues. Every network, and indeed every mast on a particular network will give off a different experience based upon what’s physically between you and that mast. While you may experience faster speeds with 1 network there’s no guarantee you’d have the same experience with another due to the location of that mast.

    If you picture the mast as a torch shining a beam, if you put a bit of paper over one side of the beam it’s going to limit the light coming through that side. Masts are similar in their operation so your coverage totally varies depending on your physical location. Even things like the weather, temporary structures and thickness of walls can affect your coverage.

  148. Jeremy Wild

    @kaz, [removed by mod]

  149. Moderator: Kaz

    @Jeremy Wild – If you can supply a full postcode I will check for any issues in your area.

  150. Jeremy Wild

    So what I don’t get is, in my town we have an O2 mast and a Three mast. O2 gives perfect coverage everywhere. Three gives poor speeds even outside. I don’t get why one mast would be faster than the other? Is the Three one a slower inferior mast? Also is it due to be upgraded anytime because I really can’t deal with these slow speeds for two years.

  151. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jeremy Wild – Hi there, sorry to see you’ve been having issues. I’ve checked the coverage in your area and can see that the area you live in is showing as good outdoors, but with some indoor coverage available. In that, it’ll vary from room to room with certain areas being better than others. At the moment there is work being carried out in your area until Friday so this may also have an impact on your coverage until then.

  152. Jeremy Wild

    Hi, I really need help with my phone, I just got an iPhone 4s, unlimited Internet package with tethering with you, but the 3G speeds are so so slow in my area – [removed by mod]. It is slow pretty much everywhere in my town despite being close to the mast. My previous O2 speeds were 100x faster. Is there a problem with the Mast in my area? I’m really disappointed as you give the impression as the fastest network and also the signal map showed I should get good reception. Please help me otherwise I’m sending the phone back, thank you.

  153. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dave – Glad you found our last post informative :-) As I’m sure you can imagine there’s a lot going on behind the scenes and as soon as we’re ready to share more information we will.

  154. DAVE

    Hi folks

    Would it be possible to get an update on the provision of DC HSPA and if possible a little something of the stance on 4G LTE. The original post by Mr Sheppard was really well written and highly informative however in the face of the pace of progress in the mobile world 4 months is quite a long time and some news would be great.

    I have two mobiles and a data dongle all approaching the end of the contract term and I want to be as best informed as I can be before renewing. Whilst I appreciate you probably want to keep mum about what you are up I would advise that I am considering going onto pay as yo go until their is some news on devices and infrastructure as at present I have nothing to support entering into a new 2 year contract on a phone and network that is under so much change and I don’t want to commit to a contract only to find that the device is unable to take advantage of the faster data speeds being advertised by other networks. I have always been generally supportive of three but the lack of information and your dogged refusal to advise a where and when plan for the rollout of DC HSPA is becoming quite frankly tiresome.

  155. Moderator: Johanna

    @Rob – I’m afraid we do need a full postcode to check this out for you? I won’t publish in full. If you are having continued issues you may be eligible for our Home Signal device, the team on 333 can run some diagnostics and advise.

  156. Moderator: Johanna

    @SIM – We don’t have any network news we can share just yet, but we will be updating this blog when we do. So it’s a little too early to get into device detail but ask again when we have more info to share.

  157. Rob

    Any news if post code area OX29 (Eynsham) will ever be upgraded as coverage is rubbish, nothing like what 3′s coverage map says, no signal indoors and not offered a home signal box. Still have 2g fall back at the moment but that’s poor and still can’t get it inside. Outside of Eynsham, signal is superb though

  158. SIM

    Any further news on when DC-HSDPA will be rolled out? Also will the MiFi e586 model be able to handle DC-HSDPA, will it require a software upgrade, or even new hardware?

    I’d like to know because I don’t want to buy an e586 now only for it to not be compatible with DC-HSDPA. Thanks.

  159. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dominic – Hi there, sorry you seem to be having issues in cancelling your contract. It’s obviously in our best interest to try and retain customer, hence why we have a retentions department who will ask why you’re wanting to leave and try to assist in any issues you’re having in order to save you leaving. Sorry if you feel the process was stressful in any way.

    If you still have any outstanding issues, please let me know and I’ll arrange for someone in our social media care team to contact you.

  160. Dominic

    3 claim to be the fastest growing mobile network in the UK. I wold strongly recommend anyone against sign up to 3 for anything. The reason for this your customer service is the worst service i have ever received in my life.
    When you ring 3 and go to what i guess in an offshore contact centre, do you get past pillar to post, but no matter what your calling for every single one of your advisor try and sell, they don’t take no for an answer, things they might say me- ‘i can see you a valued customer would you like to upgrade to bla bla bla’ me- no thanks ‘but i can give you a great deal’ me- ‘no thank you can you do what i’ve ask you to help me with’ advisor-’does anyone in your family want to take the contact on’. WHAT THE HELL is your company all about hard basically pressuring people into sales. The reason i called up was to give 30 days notice to cancel and after your advisor tried to sale me everything from a phone to the seat he was sat on, he told he would send out a my final bill which was back in April, no bill came and today when i got home i had a letter from debt collectors because your advisor didn’t his job properly! but its ok because every person i come in contact with I’m going to warn them to stay well clear and never go anywhere never the ‘UK’s fastest growing network’ .

  161. Moderator: Kaz

    @Gareth – Afraid I can’t give you any details about dc-hspa at the moment, as soon as we have more news, we’ll let everyone know.

  162. Gareth

    Will we be able to check online when dc-hspa will be coming our way? FYI I’m in the ST9 area if you can give me some ideas of when we’ll get it, then I can cancel the landline broadband!

  163. Moderator: Kaz

    @Graham Tully – Thanks for your comments and we do welcome all feedback. I will pass your comments onto the most relevant team. In the mean time, I’m more than happy to check for any issues or future upgrades to our network in your area, just need a full postcode.

  164. Graham Tully

    Improving network speed is nice but what about improving geographic coverage and, more importantly, customer service? A couple of months ago, you took the mast in the centre of Hedge End (SO30) offline for maintenance. You gave some of your customers a credit when they rang up and complained but others (like my wife and I) you just fobbed off with an apology. It’s issues like this that drove my wife to leave you and when it comes to the end of my contract, I’ll be doing the same. Your failings used to be sufferable when you were cheaper than everyone else but O2 are pricing very keenly these days and the difference in contract prices means your service has lost a lot of its desirability. The just-announced merger of O2 and Vodafone’s networks makes O2 even more attractive. Even in areas where they still won’t offer 3G, they’ll still have 2G as back up. That’s something you haven’t been able to offer since the end of 2010. Sometimes all people want to do is send a text or make a call. Too often, your network lets people down in this respect. You can have the fastest network out there but if there’s no signal it means nothing.

  165. Moderator: Lauren

    @Matt – you should have good Three signal in that area. There’s some planned maintenance going on in the area until 10th June. You may experience degraded service until then.

  166. Matt kerridge

    Hi. Currently receiving poor to no coverage at postcode [removed by mod]. I believe there is small monopole mast on the roundabout. Can you confirm this is active as I can remember the coverage was very good here because of the mast but now I have moved back to three it is poor.

  167. Luke Stevens

    @Slawomir O2 and Vodafone have some 3G on the 900mhz range but all the other networks (Including O2 and Vodafone) use the 2100mhz band.

  168. avnish gautam

    Very nice post about 3G services. Thanks for sharing this useful post.

  169. Moderator: Johanna

    @John – I’ve had a look at your postcode and no reported issues at all. It’s tricky to know what’s causing this but if you call the team on 333 they can run some diagnostics for you.

  170. Slawomir G.


    I would like to ask question about frequency of HSPA+. For example in Poland, Lituania, Latvia, France – HSPA+ works on 900Mhz – in UMTS900 – how is in England?
    I found webside where people can locate their nearest mast
    I never seen different frequency for Three network than 2100Mhz


  171. John

    I am getting poor upload speeds in the TW3 [removed by Mod] area (less than 100 kbps, sometimes even 10 kbps). It seems fine in other areas (around 2000 kbps). Is there a local issue?


  172. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dave – Afraid I don’t have any more details regarding this roll-out at the moment. As soon as we do, we’ll let everyone know.

  173. Dave

    Hi Folks,

    Is there any chance of an update to the rollout of HSPA+/DC HSPA+. The reason for asking is that I am due an upgrade soon and I would like something to base my next phone purchase on. Overall I am pleased with the service provided by three albeit with the occassional problems in respect to coverage which happily seem to have settled down since there was work done at the mast nearest to home and work.

    I am resigned to the fact that we wont have 4G anytime soon and hence my interist in DC HSPA but I fail to see the benefit in three being oh so secretive on the rollout of faster data media. Loads of people including myself have enquired about the rollout only to be told by the mods that they cannot give out this information just yet.

    Come on three, let your customers know when to expect faster MBB and I am sure that new and long standing customers like myself will reward you by signing up for another contract at renewal.

    If your only response is to say we cannot give information on this just yet please dont bother as quite frankly this one is wearing a bit thin now.

  174. Moderator: Lauren

    @Scott – there was an issue with your local mast, this should be resolved now. Try rebooting and see if you’re able to access the internet now.

  175. Moderator: Lauren

    @Luke – do you have the all-you-can-eat add-on? Is it only when you use Chrome for Android?

  176. Scott

    Hi there, having some issues with mobile internet on my iPhone 4s for the last few days in the [removed by mod] – [removed by mod] area, the phone is reporting 3G availability but no internet app is able to get any throughput. It’s been on and off but mostly off for quite extensive periods. Any issues to report?


  177. Luke Stevens

    Your anti-tethering page is really annoying. I get it often when even using the internet on the android google chrome browser.

  178. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ian – I’m afraid we can’t check if there’s HSPA+ available in your area yet however I can confirm the One X is compatible. You’ll see an H sign next to your signal bars in place of 3G when you’re connected :-)

  179. Moderator: Lauren

    @Luke – I’m afraid currently foreign customers currently dont have access to roaming on AT&T’s LTE network. This may change in the future however we don’t have a date for that yet.

  180. ian

    hi im trying o find out if hspa+ is in my area as im due an upgrade and was ondering if htc one x is hspa+ compatible thanks

  181. Moderator: Kaz

    @David – Thanks for supplying your postcode. Looks like there is an issue with your local mast and we have some planned work arranged for this weekend to fix the fault. This will hopefully resolve your issue and I’m very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  182. Moderator: Kaz

    @Chris Wildey – Sorry to read that you have been experiencing network issues in your area. I can look into this for you, just need a full postcode so I can check our coverage checker. Don’t worry I will not publish your postcode.

  183. David

    (REMOVED) Thanks.

  184. Chris Wildey

    The Three network is being expanded in our area which we are thrilled about as fixed broadband does not work in our rural location. We have been on the edge of coverage for a long time but did enjoy a reliable 500 to 1000kb/s signal. A new mast went live last week in Kington Magna, Dorset (SP8) giving very strong signals on our dongle but all this week, the signal keeps going entirely, and even my android phone shows either no coverage or just roaming.

    I’ve tried your help lines but all they want to do is to reset my computer settings etc which won’t solve the problem – how can we find out what the status really is, whether this problem is known about, and when the network is likely to be reliable again?

    I’ve tried the dongle into both an XP laptop as well as a TP-Link 3.75G Router (MR3220).

    Many thanks

  185. Moderator: Kaz

    @David – Please can you provide a full postcode and I’ll check for any network issues in your area. Don’t worry, I will not publish your postcode.

  186. David

    Hi just received a message from 3 saying you are improving the network. my area is KA3 (Kilmarnock)

    could you tell me more on what will be the improvements?


  187. Luke Stevens

    When data roaming on the iPad 3 in the US does 3 support roaming onto AT&TS LTE network?

  188. Moderator: Lauren

    @Moe – I’ve replied to your post on another thread.

  189. Moderator: Lauren

    @Moe – Sorry to read that. If you send over your full postcode I can check for any issues in your area (we won’t post it!).

  190. Moe

    Since Feb my Gnexus internet speed has been between 30-300kbps. I was told by the tech team that work was being done in my area and speeds would improve at the end of March or early April. Nothing has changed and was recently told that the work would be completed on June 7th, now my connection is very often NONE! The bars are often not blue. Its kinda pathetic when the main USP of 3 is unlimited data and you cant even access simple pages yet alone watch videos and movies through YouTube or BBC i Player

  191. Moe

    From 30-300kbps speeds since end of Feb and being told by tech team that there was work being done in my area and all would return to normal or even faster at end of March or early April, then no change and was told that the work would be completed on 7th June. Now my internet speed is NO CONNECTION. The reception bars are very often not blue and cannot do anything.

  192. Sebastian Gorgon

    @ Nicki – I read many articles across the internet, contacted HTC and everything says that HTC One X does support DC-HSPA

  193. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sebastian Gorgon – Hi there, I’m afraid the HTC One X does not support DC-HSPA. Thanks.

  194. Sebastian Gorgon

    This is regarding DC-HSPA but my area doesn’t even have HSPA+, is HTC One X compatible with DC-HSPA anyway?

  195. Moderator: Johanna

    @Barbara – The 4S isn’t fully compatible but it will be able to latch on to HSPA+ to a point – so you should notice faster speeds.

  196. Barbara

    You mention a few android phones being compatible with HSPA+. Is the iPhone 4s compatible with this new network?

  197. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dave – We couldn’t possibly comment just yet, but we will update our blog with our news and views on network.

  198. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dave – So Apple devices only ever show 3G if they are on 3G, they don’t differentiate between the different flavours of 3G. So they will never show “H” or “H+” or “DC” like other devices do. The only real way to know what they are hooked up to is by the kind of speed you are getting…

  199. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jan – Sorry to hear that when the Orange mast went down you had no signal, we do use their 2G masts as fallback in a few places. If you post your postcode I can take a look to see if there any new masts planned in your areas…

  200. Dave

    Hi mods

    I have been reading that EE will be rolling out LTE on their 1800 MHz frequency. I know it is unlikely to happen but are three considering using their 2100 MHz frequency for the same purpose. Now there would be a bun fight I suspect.

  201. Raulvibes

    @ Sedge

    Thanks. This helps a lot.

  202. Jan

    Hi, I am a bit confused about the mast/lack of/signal in my area. When I signed up on the 12month contract with yourselves, I was told I wouldn’t be able to get 3G at my home location, and that my 2G signal would be using the Orange mast, shared. Recently, the Orange mast was down for a week, and true to form, I had no signal whatsover on my phone in all that time unless I went out of the area. When I asked about this in an Orange shop, they denied that you shared their masts. Hmmm. Well my main query here now is that there are NO Three masts shown anywhere on the map in my area, or where my partner lives (22 miles away) and yet I can get a 3G signal in the middle of nowhere. Why are there no plans to put masts up in two highly populated areas? Why does no mobile phone company think that people in this large village, or where my partner lives, 3 miles away from a large town, and also in a large village, need to get internet coverage on their phones? Not only yourselves, but no other phone company can provide a 3G signal. Gutted about it to say the least. We are not in a remote area by any means, and would like to have assurances that something will be done about it pretty soon, so that we can live in the 21st Century, and not in the 1950s. :(

  203. Dave

    Hi mods

    Can you please advise if the new iPad will display H+ when in an area where this has been enabled. Also what will be displayed when DC HSPA + i omens to three.

  204. Antony

    Tried it many times. Looking at your Coverage Map I should have a good signal.

  205. Moderator: Sedge

    @Antony – I’ve taken a look at your postcode, there appears to be no outstanding issues in your area and all the scheduled work is complete. Have you tried a factory reset to see if that helps at all?

  206. Antony

    My postcode is BD16 [Removed by mod]

  207. Moderator: Sedge

    @Raulvibes – The HTC One x and One s, the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Note, and the Google Nexus phone are all enabled with HSPA+ technologies and will display ‘H+’ when they’re in enabled areas.

  208. raulvibes

    Hi MODs

    I am due to upgrade my contract and would like to know which currently available handsets or upcoming samsung galaxy are able to support this new service. Right now i am using HTC desire and fastest i can see is H. Please tell me how to choose handsets for 3.5G or H+ which i have to live for next 2 years until LTE will be ripen.


  209. Moderator: Johanna

    @Antony – Sorry to hear that. If you leave your full postcode, I can take a look for you?

  210. Antony

    The signal in my area has got quite poor since you “upgraded” the transmitter. From full HSDPA to about 2 bars and dropped calls. Feels more like a downgrade.

  211. Moderator: Kaz

    @Luke Stevens – This is strange and will need to ask someone to investigate this problem and get back to you.

  212. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dave – Sorry to read this. I have emailed you a request for some account details so we can arrange for someone to contact you to discuss your issue in more detail.

  213. Dave

    Hi team

    I have called 333 several times over the poor coverage and very slow speeds at Ab 12 5 gb. Periodically I get no coverage at all. A little fed up repeating myself to them over the phone, I sent them an email asking about the coverage and enquiring about getting a femtocell. This was some 6 weeks ago and they have not responded to my email.

    I have in the past been very supportive of 3 as the signal at home is nothing short of excellent however I will not tolerate being ignored by CS. Can you please find out the issue at this location and please let me know how I can get my hands on a femtocell. As things stand I get a good signal at home but at this location it is at best patchy. I don’t want to move networks but if something is not done soon I will be forced to consider this.

  214. Luke Stevens

    Something bizarre happened on my new iPad. I went to the US and used an AT&T sim while I was over there for my iPad. I’ve just gotten back and now my iPad says “4G” in HSPA+ Areas (I know they are HSPA+ because I have an android, which shows H+) and 3G in HSPDA areas.

    I know this is unique to AT&T and they are the only network in the world that shows HSPA+ as 4G on the iPad.

    Do you think part of the carrier profile got left behind?

  215. Duncan

    @mod Email away. When should I expect a reply?

  216. Moderator: Sedge

    @MikeH – As with all previous iPhones and iPads the new iPad will just show 3G for all types of 3G connections.

  217. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Duncan – Sorry for the delay, we’ve dropped you a line now.

  218. Ian Ritchie

    Thanks for this. Yes, I can get good 3G coverage here – my iPad has a 3 sim card – but the WebCube wouldn’t function at all, hence the need to know when my local mast might be upgraded to HSPA+.

  219. Duncan

    @mod Still waiting on the email. I would guess you where looking at lunchtime yesterday as I got 5 bars of 2G signal for around 30 minutes then it went away again. Where you looking at it?

  220. MikeH

    I got a pay monthly microsim for my new ipad the day they were released. Been using it out and about around london and NI and have never seen the connection indicator flip from 3G to H, when i know that in each location i’ve been able to use the 3 mifi showing H each time.

    Is this a misunderstanding on my part or should the ipad v3 show H when in a HSDPA zone?

  221. Moderator

    @Duncan – Hi there, I’ll email you separately so that we can check your account to see if there’s anything we can help or clarify for you.

  222. Moderator

    @Nicholas Crompton – I’ll email you again to see if there’s anything we can be of assistance with.

  223. Moderator

    @Ian Ritchie – Our network programme is currently ongoing. We’re looking at the possibility of providing a map showing where HSPA+ is available however there’s no timescales for this at the moment I’m afraid. Looking at the postcode it’s showing as strong indoors and outdoor coverage so you should be able to connect to 3G no problem at all :-)

  224. Moderator

    @Luke Stevens – Sorry you’re annoyed with what you’ve been advised. I can confirm that Home Signal is only available following lots of troubleshooting and to customers meeting certain criteria. I’m sorry if you don’t meet the criteria required for Home Signal.

  225. Duncan

    @Kaz its my work address ([Removed by Mod]). If you look at the coverage map the coverage starts to drop as soon as you go onto the Belmont Road from Hawthornden Way and then onto Massey Ave it never really gets more than 2 bars untill you leave the [Removed by Mod] area. This has been really frustrating and I am in the process of writing to OFCOM due to a number of other issues (triple billing and saying I would get a discount as I was looking to cancel to see if the situation improves and now I am unable to cancel without a cancelation fee) and with this one (as your coverage map is clearly wrong ). The call centres make the matters worse.

  226. Luke Stevens

    I am extremely annoyed. 333 won’t give me a home signal because I’m on a sim only and they will only give me one if I upgrade to a 24 month contract. It feels like such as con. Just to make people take out a contract. I already offered to pay for the home signal box. So basically Three is refusing to help my coverage problems when they can. Its their fault in the first place for not providing coverage.

  227. Ian Ritchie

    I just bought a Web Cube and I can get 5Mb/s download through it in central Edinburgh. Unfortunately it doesn’t work at all at my home (at [Removed by Mod]) and I suspect the problem is that my local mast has not been upgraded to HSPA+ yet. Can you confirm this and tell me when I this mast is likely to be upgraded. I can get 3/4 bars of signal strength (and would like to use the WebCube as my ADSL here is poor).

  228. Nicholas Crompton

    Once again we have an article from ’3′ claiming to offer the best mobile internet…..and once again I’m left thinking that I mst be on a different planet.

    The current service in my area has always been poor, and recently has become inothing short of dismal….and getting worse. At the end of 2010 I had the very same problem as I do now – plummeting download speeds and nothing better than a 3G service – when just across the road the ’3′ signal was consistently HSPDA . That is, when I could get connected.

    At that time – someone from Head Office looked at the problem for me – and tried sending me a Wi-Fi modem to improve my connection. This worked from Dec 2010 to September 2011…..however now, the same thing has happened again.

    Since Sept last year – my connection times have soared – up to the point where it’s a lottery if I can actually get connected – whilst ownload speeds have plummeted, Speeds which were usually around 350kbps 430kbps last year – are now no more than around 25-40kbps at best. This means that the average download of a music album has gone from around 30 or 40 sconds to nearly 3 hours in some cases…!!

    I see from the ’3′ website coverage checker tha my area is in some kind of ‘black hole’ – where the signal strength is at its weakest – whilst being surrounded by streets and houses that receive top strength signals from ’3′. I also notice that ’3′ have NO plans for any imminent maintenance in my area – so how they can claim to be offering the best service around is utterly beyond me…!

    Is it TOO much to ask for a little dish to be added to the local mast so that my area gets a decent strength signal..? Up to now – I have been a staunch supporter of ’3′ because when the service works – it’s very good.

    However – I spend a fortune on my PAYG Mobile Broadband – and if the service remains as dreadful as it has now become – then I’ll be taking my (considerable) spending elsewhere.

    Could some one please arange for the same guy who helped me last time – to get back in touch to sort this out….?


    A Very Disgrunteled Customer.

  229. PiRat

    A major problem is masts still on HSDPA, it means my phone keeps switching between HSDPA/HSPA+ when browsing/downloading, really annoying, especially as the local HSPA+ mast does 5Mbps+ and the HSDPA mast does ~1Mbps.

  230. Dave

    Hi Mods

    Is there any chance of an update to HSPA+ . I read about 6 months ago that you had already upgraded 70% of the network to 21MB however I have been using my new IPad in 5 different locations in Scotland and not found HS anywhere. I have used my iPad in Aberdeen, Glasgow, and Inverness recently and am yet to see HS +

    I see you are now upgrading the network to DC HSPA+ which is great news however a likely timetable for both upgrades would be good to see. I know that you want to keep this under wraps from a commercial standpoint but some indication on the completion would be good.

    Incidentally this is not a complaint I am just eager to use my pad to its full potential, yes I know that we won’t be seeing 4G LTE advanced in the UK on this release of the IPad.

  231. Moderator

    @Duncan – is this your home postcode you’re struggling to get signal at?

  232. Duncan

    @mod Yes I have and they are insisting I should have a signal and I dont. Its not the handset as I am getting 5 bars in other places. I am not the only one. Its very frustrating

  233. Moderator

    @Andy – We currently don’t have any phones that as DC-HSDPA

  234. Moderator

    @Duncan – have you tried talking to our 2nd line network team via customer services? They might be able to discuss further options with you.

  235. Andy

    Okay – so Samsung supports HDSPA+ Great!
    Are there any others?

    What phones will support the new DC-HSDPA standard?



  236. Duncan

    @Kaz No the problems are still there and I can confirm other users are having the same problems as well at BT4 3SX. While the engineers were working at the mast I was able to getting 2G connections on occassion now either 0 bars 1 bar of 3G or no coverge. What I find really strange is that in the middle of no where you get 5 bars of signal but in an area which has significate number of users (and a highly important area of Northern Ireland) you cannot get a signal. Please note Orange and Vodaphone both have 5 bars of 3G signal.

  237. Moderator: Kaz

    @Duncan – Just checked your postcode for any mast issues and all are working fine. You should have Indoor and Outdoor coverage. Unsure why you would have no signal, could it be a phone issue?

  238. Moderator: Kaz

    @john – That’s correct. The Galaxy S II supports HSPA+ and will show the H+ symbol when connected. Sorry for the delay in replying :-)

  239. john

    I take it that the samsung galaxy s2 will be able to use the new improved hspa+ when it comes through and it will show as H+ in the notification bar when it does

  240. Duncan

    Hi. Any update on the mast in the (REMOVED) area. Still no bars of signal or no coverage.

  241. Moderator: Kaz

    @William waddell – Sorry to reads this. I will arrange for someone in customer services to contact you and discuss your issue in more detail. Just need some more account details so will send an email requesting them.

  242. Luke Stevens

    @Tom thats sounds like a great idea. You’ll be trashing your credit rating.

  243. Moderator: Kaz

    @Justin Rowe – Just checked for any mast issues in your area and all masts are working fine. Are you still having coverage issues?

  244. Moderator: Kaz

    @Luke Stevens – The HTC One X does support HSPA+.

  245. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Richard Williams – I’ve taken a look at the postcode you sent through, you’re in an area with good indoor and some outdoor coverage. There’s no faults or issues appearing on our system I’m afraid, there’s also appears to be no planned improvements coming your way for the next few months.

  246. Richard Williams

    I have found this forum and hopefully you will be able to help. I have just purchased a New iPad and opted for the Three sim based on the great offer that was available. However, the reception at work is pretty patchy. I get intermittent 3G inside our building – and it is not much better outside. A friend gets reasonable reception to his Three MiFi but claims that his Three phone gets nothing in the office. Is there likely to be any upgrades in my area. Otherwise I am going to have to consider changing to Vodafone – even though their package was far inferior. Postcode is – SP11 [Removed by mod]

  247. William waddell

    Recently just took out a contract with 3. Customer service can be abrupt with you. Had phone for 1 month was told I could receive sky go with this handset, but guess what this phone is not compatable for sky go. I go over my minutes without realising and 3 charge me £76.00 for the privilage of using my phone. I have only been with 3 for 1month and I have been misinformed been shouted at and owe them £150.00 already. Guess who am contacting, yes thats right watchdog and consumer direct and trading standards.

  248. Tom

    Wow 3 are improving the network. Not heard that one before.

    Expect a call from me soon, I’ve only two months left on my contract but as you can hardly keep up your end of the bargain I don’t think I can keep up mine, I’m cancelling my direct debit.

  249. Justin Rowe

    You refer to work being carried out on a mast in the (removed) area, when is this scheduled to take place? Thank you.

  250. Luke Stevens

    Does the new HTC One X support these new speeds?

  251. Moderator

    @David Smith – Hi there, nope you won’t need a new sim card to receive the faster speeds, as and when they’re made available :-)

  252. Moderator

    @Duncan – Hi there, there’s currently an issue with your local mast I’m afraid. Engineers have been assigned and we’re awaiting a time for a joint meeting on site to investigate the fault on the mast. Sorry for the inconvenience Duncan, but hopefully it should be fixed soon.

  253. David Smith

    Hi, I have a SIM from 2010 in my ipad (3rd Generation). I assume I don;t need a new SIM to be able to get HSPDA+ ??



  254. Duncan

    @Johanna the postcode is [Removed by Mod]. Currently sitting at 0 bars of 3G

  255. Moderator: Johanna

    @Duncan – If you give us your full postcode we can check this for you? (I’m afraid we don’t store them, so can’t look back)

  256. Moderator: Johanna

    @lj – They’ll be able to use HSPA+ if it has been rolled out in your area :-)

  257. Duncan

    @Moderator Update. On Friday it looked like that 2G was getting switched on and off all day as I was getting 5 bars of 2G coverage for a while and then it went off for a while and then it came on again. Today is back to no coverage or at most 1 bar of 3G for a brief moment. It is usually 0 bars of coverage or no coverage. Is there work being done?

  258. lj

    wil htc sensation and nexus or the one be able too use the new uk version of 4g??? in other words does any phone too date support dc-hsdpa???

  259. Dave D

    Thanks for the reply Johanna.

    I guess I had better just hold off on buying a dongle until more info is available.

    If there is a trial running in SW London, what are they testing with? Surely they must be using a compatible device?

    I have to say, it seems a bit daft for Three to have made this announcement without giving you guys the information you need to help customers.

    Thanks for your help though

  260. Moderator: Johanna

    @Justin Rowe – I haven’t misunderstood your question, we can’t give that level of information I’m afraid.

  261. Justin Rowe

    @Moderator: Why would you not be upgrading an old Orange site? You’re all part of MBNL?
    Have you misunderstood my question? Could you give me as many details as possible about the work going on in the LL41 [removed by Mod]area? Is it a capacity upgrade at an existing site, a new site being added/upgraded etc, and any dates you have for the work…. Thanks

  262. Moderator

    @Duncan – Received your email thank and are looking in to it now for you.

  263. Duncan

    @Kaz Details sent. Other networks are fine. Orange and Vodaphone have 5 bars of 3G signal. The signal now is worse than before. Text messages are now not coming though in a timely manner. One was recieved a hour and half after being sent. I was also sent an important one which still has not arrived and was only notified after a phone call.

  264. Moderator: Johanna

    @Justin Rowe – I’m sorry but they’re details we’re not able to give. We wouldn’t be upgrading an Orange mast though…

  265. Justin Rowe

    @Moderator. I’ve been told that a site upgrade/maintainance is due at a cell site near me soon, (LLremoved by Mod), could you please tell me the site reference? Is it the “Orange” 2G mast GWY0030? … Are you upgrading a 2G mast to 3G? I would like as many details on this as possible please, not just “we’re upgrading a local mast in your area in the next month”. Many thanks.

  266. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dave D – Sorry I didn’t respond to this… the truth is I investigated it and I don’t have a definitive answer yet. Once we get more info, we’ll blog about it.

  267. Dave D


    Back on the 1st March I asked a question about whether any of the current broadband dongles and mifi would be able to make use of the new top speeds once the upgrade is complete.

    Johanna replied to say that she was trying to find more info but there still hasn’t been any reply yet. Various other people have also asked similar questions too.

    So, will any of the current devices operate at the higher speeds?

  268. Moderator: Kaz

    @Duncan – I’m going to send you an email to request more details so we can look into this in more detail.

  269. Moderator: Kaz

    @Kieran – OK, thanks for letting me know. I have emailed you a request for more account details so someone can contact you to discuss this further.

  270. Kieran


    Just so you know, that fellow Duncan in BT 4 works with me. We’re not the same person, his first name just so happens to be the same as my surname – just clearing that up to make sure there is no confusion.

  271. Moderator: Kaz

    @Kieran – I’m really sorry to read this and all I can suggest is that I arrange for someone in customer services to contact to discuss this situation in more detail. If you would like me to arrange this, please let me know.

  272. Duncan

    I am also having difficulties in BT4 area. As a result of this my phone is having to be constant charge as the phone is always looking for a signal. It varies from no signal to 1 bar without moving the phone.

  273. Kieran


    This morning I asked around and found some one else on Three in my building (in BT5) that has been having exactly the same issue (No service a lot of time). I should mention that this constant changing between NO SERVICE and 3G drains the battery down very quickly – we both experience this. He is happy for me to supply his name and number as he has already called up to complain to be fobbed off by Tech support.

  274. Kieran


    I’ve never got good indoor 3G coverage in this area (I’ve been working here for 3 years and with Three most of the time). Until a few days ago I spent the past 2.5-3 years getting full bars on 2G fallback maybe 75%+ of the time (indicated by the ‘O’ symbol on my iPhone 4 and now my iPhone 4s and the rest on 1 bar of 3G. Now I spend maybe 25-50% of my time on 1 bar of 3G and the rest of the time it says NO SERVICE. Seems to me that turning off the 2G fallback has affected me greatly and I’m not happy to continue paying over £35 for such a service.

  275. Moderator: Kaz

    @Kieran – Are you still having issues with coverage because I’ve just checked for any signal issues in your area and everything looks fine. You should have good indoor and outdoor 3g coverage with no need for any 2g fallback.

  276. Moderator: Kaz

    @daz – Thanks for your comments and I will indeed pass this onto our online team to investigate.

  277. daz


    thanks for that, I tried again and I have found what the problem is with your web site.

    If anyone picks more than Three phones then the yellow compare boxes vanish with no warning that too many have been selected. I have always wonder why I could never get this to work, I must have always tried to select more than 3 boxes.

    I would suggest that this problem is pass on to your web team as this may be happen to a lot of people who like me just give up and use another mobile operators site instead.

  278. Kieran


    The network team have been in touch and deny that the orange fallback in (REMOVED) has been turned off. I’ve spent 30 minutes or so on the phone today and haven’t gotten any where.

  279. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Justin Rowe – Hey Justin, thanks for your postcode. I can’t seem to find your previous comments – have you experienced a recent issue with your coverage? I’ve just taken a look at your postcode and you’re in an area outdoor coverage. There’s some work being carried out on one of your local masts later this month so you should start to see an improvement in coverage once that works done.

  280. Justin Rowe

    @Moderator: LL41 [Removed by mod]

  281. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Luke Stevens – We currently cover 97.5% of the UK and are constantly working on ways to strengthen and grow our network, I’ve taken a look at your postcode and your in an area with indoor and outdoor coverage. There’s work being carried out on one of your local masts at the moment which may be the reason why the coverage isn’t at full strength. Once the works complete you should start to see an improvement. We can’t confirm timings here of the work that’s being carried out on masts but if you’d like to know timescales you can always tweet @ThreeUKSupport.

  282. Luke Stevens

    Coverage is still rubbish at NR7 [Removed by mod] and several indoor locations around here. How can you not cover a highly populated area? Used to be fine with Orange fall back. Not my device. Have friends on Three and my own iPad and 4S have poor coverage.

  283. Kieran Duncan


    Can you please update my account with that info? I called through to Tech support and they didn’t seem to grasp the concept of 2G fallback being turned off and how this may cause problems for some. I had actually called through to cancelations however they insisted on passing me to Tech support to verify what you had already told me as they didn’t understand it. They said they would have the network team call me back at some point. My phone number is [Removed by mod]


  284. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Kieran Duncan – We’re always looking at ways to strengthen and grow our 3G network so that we don’t need to reply on the 2G fall back, as a result, there’s no longer 2G available in your area.

  285. Kieran Duncan

    BT4 [Removed by Mod]

  286. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Kieran Duncan – So we can look into this for you could you please send through your full postcode.

  287. Kieran Duncan

    Have you switched off 2g fallback in the BT4 area of Belfast? I’ve worked in this area for 3 years and through out the day I would normally go between 1 bar 3G and up to 5 bars 2G… but now as of yesterday (or just before) I spend half my time with 1 bar 3G and the other half NO SERVICE. I really would not be happy if things are going to be like this from now on as I don’t want to pay over £35 a month for NO SERVICE quite a lot of the time.

  288. Moderator: Johanna

    @Luke Stevens – There are two mast upgrades planned – 6th April and the 17th April :-) Why not order a free PAYG SIM and test our network.

  289. Luke Stevens

    Oh ok. I don’t suppose there are any new masts planned or upgrades to improve coverage near NR7 [removed by Mod] then?

  290. Moderator: Johanna

    @Justin – I can happily check out the network plans in your area, if you’ll post a full postcode for me?

  291. Moderator: Johanna

    @Paul Noon – I’ve checked your postcode and you should be getting good signal but clearly you aren’t. So you have 3 seperate devices unable to get signal. Not just your 3GS?

  292. Moderator: Johanna

    @Stu – I’ve just checked your postcode and there are no plans at the mo for new masts and I’m afraid any upgrades are unlikely to improve distance of existing masts. You should have strong 3G in your area…

  293. Moderator: Johanna

    @Daniel – Yes, we’ve seen this once or twice. Either call the team on 333, tweet @ThreeUKSupport or let us know if you want us to email you for more info (ie account details).

  294. Moderator: Johanna

    @Luke Stevens – At the mo, only existing customers with coverage issues are in the running to get Home Signal from our team on 333. The team there will be able to run some diagnostics and let you know whether you’re eligible for Home Signal. Moving forwards we hope this will be more widely available, for new customers etc, but that won’t be until a few months time.

  295. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jon – Most of our network will be upgraded to HSPA+, I’m afraid we can’t give more detail but it’s highly likely you’ll benefit from the upgrade soon.

  296. Moderator: Johanna

    @Daz – Just click one of the yellow compare boxes :-)

  297. Moderator: Johanna

    @Anonymous – If you’ve been speaking to Exec directly, then happy for you to pick it up with them. Let me know if you want us to drop you an email and escalate this for you?

  298. Daniel

    Alas I am not alone on phantom tethering page, pain in the neck as the phone is not tethered at all

  299. Justin

    Recommendation for you to make to MBNL, upgrade the “Orange” site ref: GWY0030. We got about one bar of 3G in outdoor locations only in our village when you upgraded the old T-Mobile site in the next village a few years back, the next village on has had 3G for much longer. Personally, i’m getting a little close to giving up and accepting that you’ve forgotten & bypassed on our village when all surrounding areas are covered. I will also point out that we are not a small, small, village. Theres a population of 5,000 odd and even TalkTalk saw worthy of upgrading our exchange by LLU early this year, providing us a 20mb home bb connection where even BT still only offer 8mb. Do yourselves a favour and get even a 3G site here, nobody needs HSPA or +, but Oranges 2G leaves a lot to be desired. From an ROI point of view, we’re a small village with a smallish population, BUT we have a HUGE level of tourism being smack bang in the middle of the snowdonia national park. A reply is not only welcome but anticipated! :)

  300. Paul Noon

    Hi – I now have four three accounts but cannot get phone coverage in my home (E4 removed by Mod). It’s really frustrating, I have logged the problem, but just get one bar or searching on my iPhone 3GS. Thinking of switching to another carrier soon if there is no prospect of a change.

  301. Stu

    Sounds great. I currently have no network where I live (GU51 removed by Mod), will this upgrade also improve viable distance of existing masts, or are there plans to put a mast nearby?


  302. Luke Stevens

    Hi, I have been having a lot of trouble trying to get your home signal boxes. I’m being told conflicting information and would really like to have coverage at my house. Other family members also wanted to take out contracts though I am unable to do so because you do not supply coverage at my home. The home signal box would change this.

  303. Jon

    Well its great to hear of people getting DC-HSPA… some of us I’m sure would love HSPA+! I’ve read about people complaining that they “only” get 3 or 4 megs downstream, I’d be happy with a constant 2. Today I upgraded one of my mobile bb contracts with you to get a new iPad but probably will cancel tomorrow as I’ve realised Three are clearly not going to make the effort to upgrade my area (CB2 removed by Mod), yet other customers are getting substantially more for their money . HSDPA to HSPA+ is only a software upgrade isn’t it? Is it a particularly long or costly process? One of my closest transmitters (if not the closest) is right by the M11… so its not as if its hardly ever used. Very disappointing. Credit where credit’s due, my Home Signal box works a treat thanks as otherwise I have a useless signal on the ground floor of my house, but that’s probably the only contract I’ll hang on to out of the 3 I have when its time to renew.

  304. daz

    How do I use compare on

    I can tick the boxes next to each phone but can’t find how to see the results?

  305. Anonymous

    I quote from my previous post “They will at first deny that there is anything wrong, then after two months of investigating (put off by one week at a time) acknowledge the problem, followed by scheduling an engineer to resolve this. The entire process (from past experience) normally takes c.6 months to resolve.”

    Sounds like I need to go around the same procedure again. Can Three actually now make this official? That it will take six months of you complaining before your issue is resolved?

    Extremely unhappy about the situation.

  306. Anonymous

    Not only am I experiencing drop outs, I have also got a sudden drop in service (till last Thursday I got 4 bars of service and about 2-3mbps of download speed in same roughly 10 square foot area since the last 8 months). Since last Friday, I have been getting 1 bar of service and about 300kbps of download speed in that same area.

    Quite clearly a network issue. I find it unplausible that you all of a sudden overnight got s much of an increase in service that you started experiencing congestion.

    All I can say is this is typical Three. I had EXACTLY the same issues in the same area for 5 continuous months, till the executive office got involved and got my issue resolved. Will Three acknowledge the issue and get it resolved? Or should I contact the executive office again or leave Three for a more consistent provider?

  307. Moderator

    @Anonymous – There’s currently no reported issues just now. There’s some capacity upgrades booked for June at local which means there may be some congestion in the area but any issues you were experiencing before should now be resolved. Are you still experiencing drop outs?

  308. Anonymous


    My postcode is [removed by mod]

  309. Moderator

    @Anonymous – could you please provide your postcode again and I’ll check for an update? (We don’t save postcodes).

  310. Anonymous

    “@Anonymous – Just taken a look at your local masts and a mast close by has a network alarm. This means it is currently faulty and will be investigated/fixed as a matter of urgency. Things should be back to normal within the next few days. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.”

    I appreciate I only wrote my comment a couple of days ago, but this problem has been going on for just over a week now. From Kaz’s comment quoted above, it sounds like Three are aware of this problem with “alarms going off” regarding this. Yet, it looks like despite alarms going off in what is clearly a very high traffic area for all mobile operators (City of London), Three either:

    1. Don’t have it as a priority to resolve a mast issue in a high traffic area (could not care less); and/or
    2. Are being unable to resolve the issue (quite surprising – you would sincerely hope that it is something Three’s engineers are capable of solving quickly); and/or
    3. Are waiting for parts, but don’t have a fast and effective enough system to resolve issues quickly.

    I hope the answer is none of the above and that this issue can be resolved quickly (for my sake at least!) but it certainly does not look like it. Just as a reminder, Three typically take on average between 3-6 months to resolve a network mast issue, by delaying it one week at a time, but just hope that this can be turned around much quicker than the “standard” turn around time!

  311. Moderator

    @Mike.c – There’s some new masts going up in the surrounding areas in the near future which may improve service

  312. Moderator

    @Brian – Ah okay, could be then. We don’t have information about specific postcodes yet I’m afraid!

  313. Mike.c

    [removed by mod]

  314. Moderator

    @Luke – looks life it! HSPA+ goes up to 21Mbps. Re: mast upgrades – it should take around the same time, yes.

  315. Moderator

    @Mike – if you send over you full postcode (we won’t publish it!) we can check!

  316. Brian

    @Moderator – thanks for the reply. I am still confused, haha! Let me describe the scenario slightly different.

    Tests ran at the same time in exactly same place on the following devices:

    1) iPad 2 = 5mbit
    2) iPhone 4S = 5mbit
    3) New iPad = 10mbit

    Test 2

    1) iPad 2 = 3.5mbit
    2) iPhone 4S = 3.5mbit
    3) New iPad = 7mbit

    So as you can see whenever I run the tests the NEW iPad gets double the speed down (and upload actually) as the other devices.

    The new iPad supports connecting to two masts at once (DC HSDPA) the others don’t, so it seems that it is utilising 2 connections. See what I mean?

  317. Luke

    If you go ahead with the roll out. Technically will it take around the same time to upgrade a mast with DC-HSPDA as it did with HSPA+? Is so then would full rollout take about the same time?

  318. Luke

    I managed to get 32mb/s in SW London on my new iPad. I take it this means I was definitely on DC-HSPA? Those speeds would not be possible on normal HSPA+. Am I correct?

  319. Mike.c

    Am I due an upgrade in the area in the near future?

  320. Moderator

    @Mike – We’ve upgraded most of our network to HSPA+ but I’m afraid we currently can’t comment on specific postcodes.

  321. Moderator

    @Brian – We currently are triallilng DC HSDPA along a small area of the M3 corridor & SW London.

  322. Mike.c

    Could you tell me if pe3 area has hspa +?

  323. Brian

    @Moderator – thanks for the info. So, is my new iPad using DC HSDPA already tho? As I get double what I get on iPhone etc…I.e. devices which don’t support DC HSDPA. 5mbit on iPhone, 10 on iPad, 3 on iPhone, 6 on iPad etc..

  324. Moderator

    @Moe – If you send over a full postcode I can confirm dates on when work is going on in your area

  325. Moderator

    @Brian – We’re currently finalising the roll out of HSPA+ which supports speeds of up to 21Mbps – we’re rolling out DC-HSDPA during the summer :)

  326. Moe

    So question is when, if ever, will I get to see these speeds in LEYTON E10?

  327. Moe

    For the past 4 weeks I have been get getting average speeds between 50kbps to 400kbps in my area E10. Occasionally at 4am it might get to 2mb. Its defo not the phone because have done comparative tests with my friends voda chip. Been assured by the technical team that there is work being done in my area and this will be completed by 1st April. Although I have to say, I assume this new service is up and running in West London because last time I was there I managed to get max speed of 7MB, with average between 4-6MB So thats impressive and hope to get those speeds in my area soon.

  328. Brian

    Have u guys started these trials in the north east of England? Was getting upto 10mbit down earlier on new iPad and about 5mbit on iPhone 4s….is it here early?! :)

  329. Anonymous

    Thanks Kaz. Sincerely hope it gets resolved in the next few days.

  330. Moderator: Kaz

    @Anonymous – Just taken a look at your local masts and a mast close by has a network alarm. This means it is currently faulty and will be investigated/fixed as a matter of urgency. Things should be back to normal within the next few days. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  331. Moderator: Kaz

    @luca – Afraid I can’t confirm if HSPA+ has been rolled out in your area. But I would recommend purchasing a Three UK PAYG Micro SIM for your iPad whilst in the UK. This will avoid any any roaming charges and you can use our network to its full.

  332. Anonymous

    Is there a problem with a mast in the city of London (REMOVED)

    Used to get 4 bars with 3mbps service. Now getting 1 bar with 500kbps – and by the looks of it, frequent connection drop-outs in connection.

    Can this be looked into? No point in complaining to the Three complaints line. They will at first deny that there is anything wrong, then after two months of investigating (put off by one week at a time) acknowledge the problem, followed by scheduling an engineer to resolve this. The entire process (from past experience) normally takes c.6 months to resolve.

    Is there any way to cut this entire procedure out and possibly resolve what is clearly a problem as soon as possible, rather than go on about it for 6 months?

  333. luca

    hi, i am roaming on 3 uk (i have the italian 3) with my ipad, will i be able to get hspa+ in london (SE16 and EC4 for example?)

  334. James Vincent

    Went into a 3 Store today. Spotted ipad3 on display with a pricing guide next to it. Saw it referred to as “WiFi & 4G” Version. Looked on the display to see what was showing and next to the signal bars was – ’3 3G’. Not sure if it had fallen back from HSPA+ for a few moments or not.
    All the sales Advisiors need to do is just advise the customer about the 4G display & explan it’ll NEVER work in the UK as we will be using different Frequency bands.

  335. rob

    All these upgrades are pointless when the masts are congested (or at least I’m guessing that is the reason). In my location I’d be lucky to get anything above 100-200kbps apart from at 3am or something where I might get 1mbps.

    At times it has been so slow websites time out on my phone. Before I moved to three I used to get 2mbps-5mbps depending on the time of day. Glad I’m leaving asap.

  336. Tom

    LTE-A is not 4G,

    it’s not 1gb/100mbs standard speeds.!

  337. Moderator: Johanna

    @fredflint – Hi, I’m not sure what you’re asking us here?

  338. Moderator: Johanna

    @Shaun – Ah thanks :-) It’s not HSPA+ enabled but it can latch on to the new network to a point, so better than 3G but not full HSPA+.

  339. Nigel Burch


  340. fredflint

    The SGS1 9000 is 7.2mb

  341. Shaun

    Hi, is the iPhone 4 capable if the newer faster speeds? Thanks… Ps three network rocks especially the data allowance, personal hotspot etc!

  342. Moderator: Kaz

    @Nigel Burch – There are speedtest apps you can download from Google Play.

  343. Nigel Burch

    Can you tell me how to check download speeds on my SGS19000 please?

  344. Anonymous

    I used to be a fan of Three. But sorry to say my views have changed. For iPad/data dongle I still think it is the best network in the uk. For mobile phones, afraid I cannot say that. I am prepared to do a little bit of a trade off in 3G availability to ensure I get good indoor coverage (so I can make an receive phone calls). With Three only operating in the 2100 spectrum, this is not always achievable.

    I have also noticed that Three’s uk is generally slower than Vodafone. I say “generally” out of about 2 years of experience. And using both Vodafone and Three simultaneously, at different times of the day, in different locations. Generally Three for me averages around 2mbps with under 1mbps in London during the day. On Vodafone, I average 2-3 Mbps and consistently get over 4 mbps in central London during the day.

    Now to defend Three slightly. The “4G” signal that people are referring to as receiving on their iPhone 4s, is not a fault that lies with Three. It, believe it or not, lies with AT&T! AT&T have somehow convinced Apple to show HSPA+ after the iOS 5.1 update as 4G. This change has been implemented by Apple across the globe and people will notice the 4G signal even if they are not necessarily on LTE, but on HSPa+ also. You will note this on the new iPad also.

  345. Anonymous

    LTE isn’t 4G. LTE-A is.

  346. jonnyb


    “the new Ipads and the new Iphone will also be using 4g LTE.”

    Well the new iPhone might but the new iPad just announced won’t (in Europe at least). The LTE in the new iPad will only work in the US on their LTE frequencies which are different from the frequencies that will be used in Europe, (including the UK). So the best you can expect from the new iPad here is 42Mbps once those speeds are rolled out here.

    The fourth generation iPad will, hopefully, work on LTE networks in the UK when they are finally rolled out.

  347. jonnyb


    “I’m afraid that is not possible, 4g is not available on our network, we are only a 3g network.”

    Yes, I’m fully aware of that! I was just worried Three were doing an AT&T there as Luke said ‘My iPhone 4S is now showing 4G’ and Sedge didn’t challenge it. See how confusing things can get when the wring terms are used?

  348. Moderator: Kaz

    @Aaron Sloman – That is correct you should be able to give 30 days notice after the first month at any point. I’m unsure why you are having trouble with this. I can only suggest popping into the Thee 3 store where you purchased the mifi and discuss it with them.

  349. Moderator: Kaz

    @Jonathan Beadle – I’m afraid that is not possible, 4g is not available on our network, we are only a 3g network.

  350. Aaron Sloman

    I was told in the three shop that if I bought the E586 mifi device on a monthly contract with only 1 month required I could cancel after 30 days and then switch to buying PAYG sims as and when I need them. I have been trying to arrange the cancellation and I keep getting passed from one operator to another. I’ve been on the phone for an hour and talked to six people each of whom passes me on. Have I just been unlucky or are all three customers treated so badly?

  351. Jon

    HSPA+ is not 4g, and never will be.. 3 I am afraid this is a huge Fail, and i am sure will loose you alot of customers, especially with new handsets more commonly utilising 4g, the new Ipads and the new Iphone will also be using 4g LTE.

  352. Jonathan Beadle

    @Luke Stevens

    So you’re saying you’re actually getting a 4G symbol in your status bar on your iPhone 4S – in the UK?

  353. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Luke Stevens – Yes, it’ll be HSPA.

  354. Luke Stevens

    My iPhone 4S is now showing 4G in most places I go after an update to 5.1 from 5.0.1. I take it this is just HSPA+ 4G?

  355. Moe

    @Moderator: Sedge

    Spoke to the second line department and the guy told me there was work being done on the mast in my area and speeds would be effected for up 2 28 days. So seems like he was just fobbing me off.just done speed test ping is 1000ms and download is 1205kbps which is better than the usual 100-700kbps i get in my home vicinity during the day time so decent speeds are very inconsistent and infrequent

  356. jonnyb

    Thanks Johanna – your detailed explanation was more than I needed, really. My question was, quite simply, will my iPhone 4S be able to use the newer 42Mbps technology you’ll be rolling out (I understand the speeds are theoretical maximums)? Thanks. :-}

  357. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Jonnyb – The 21Mbps and 42Mbps speeds are (theoretical) technical standards and real life speeds will vary. While we have had customers report speeds on HSPA+ of well in excess of 10Mbps, that is not the average speed seen. Average speeds are hard to categorise because there are a huge number of variables that can affect what you experience – for example your distance from your nearest site.

    If you have a ‘21Mbps’ enabled device, you should be able to use the 21Mbps technology in most places – although we are still finishing the roll out of this upgrade.

    We can’t share anything on 42Mbps roll out just yet, but as soon as we can, we’ll let you know.

  358. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Moe – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and you’re in an area with strong indoor and outdoor coverage, there’s no work being carried out at the moment so you shouldn’t experience any issues with your speed.

  359. Moe

    @ Moderator
    Post-code is E10[Removed by mod]. Are there any issues in that area that will effect mobile phone internet speed?

  360. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Austen – We can’t confirm the devices that’ll get this additional service at the moment. We’ll let you know more when we can.

  361. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Mike – You’re in an area with indoor and outdoor coverage, there’s work being carried out in your area at the moment – when that works complete coverage may be improved slightly.

  362. Yatin

    Regarding the new products launching on Three, especially the new iPad, I think it’s time the data allowances on the iPad SIM only contracts increases in line with usage. The new display and better camera will vastly increase data use, and with Three being the only major UK network to have any clarity on DC-HSPA+, I for one will be buying a data plan with Three to go with my new iPad.

    My personal suggestion (I work part – time in a major phone store that sells mobile products from all the UK networks, and study Computer Science at university) would be to increase the base tariff to 5GB for £7.50/month and have 15GB for £15/month. Additionally, offering a discount to students would be welcome addition for the iPad contracts (such as 10% off/month),

    This would work brilliantly, especially for marketing purposes, as £1/GB would sound fantastic to customers. Perhaps offer an additional tariff of 10GB for £10/month? Additionally clarity on whether it is possible to request a “cap” on data to prevent additional charges would help with discussions with customers.

    Thank you

  363. Mike

    its LE16 [Removed by mod],thanks. Have ordered a 4G ipad already, just trying to decide which network to use.

  364. Austen

    Will my Galaxy Nexus take advantage of this?

  365. jonnyb

    Thanks, Johanna. So, to clarify, I can already potentially get the 21Mbps speeds but I will be able to get a theoretical 42Mbps once the further enhancements are rolled put?

  366. Moderator: Johanna

    @jonnyb – The iPhone 4S already takes advantage of the HSPA+ network, where it’s available.

  367. jonnyb

    Will the iPhone 4S be able to take advantage of the HSPA+ upgrade?

  368. Moderator: Johanna

    @Icl – There are plans to improve the network in Northern Ireland and it’s worth keeping an eye on the Spectrum debate.

  369. Moderator: Johanna

    @Moe – There is no such things as normal as there are so many variables but we can check the network for you, with full postcodes?

  370. Moderator: Johanna

    @David – You have perfect 3G coverage in your area. 42Mbs is not available yet and is a theoretical speed. As HSPA+ is rolled out you may well notice an improvement :-)

  371. Moderator: Johanna

    @CS – I’m afraid we can’t reveal exactly where HSPA+ has been rolled out, but it will cover the majority of our network when roll out is complete. The iPhone 4 doesn’t support full HSPA+.

  372. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mike – More details to follow on iPad, but it will be available from the 16th March :-) We need a full postcode to check the network.

  373. lcl

    While reading about Three and all of these interesting new technologies that they’re planning to implement, I feel like they’re jumping the gun in some instances. I live in Northern Ireland, and despite giving post codes for the staff here to check, I have yet to find one area that they have considered upgrading or adding coverage to. There are many small and medium sized towns around here with NO 3G coverage whatsoever (I can name at least 10 off-hand). It falls back onto Orange’s 2G network, with whom Three have a roaming agreement, yet don’t happen to pay them for data access also (that’s why you don’t get 2G data on Three).

    So what’s the point in having a wonderfully fast smartphone with 42mbps DC-HSPA+ in town, yet when users who have to travel around a bit (for example, some of your greatest income, I suspect – business users) travel out of the cities into a medium sized town for work and get zilch, zip, nothing? At least on other networks there is the reliability of being able to send/receive emails, iMessages, etc, despite being woefully slow.

    So my question is: Are Three going to actually allow 2G data anytime soon, to facilitate people who actually do need data everywhere? Or are you going to actually do something to extend your own network within Northern Ireland? Without having to spout post codes at you again to get coverage information, would it be at least remotely possible for someone with an ounce of sense to look at the entire of Northern Ireland for me and tell me if there are any plans to EXTEND coverage ANYWHERE?

    Thank you.

  374. CS

    Does the iphone 4 support HSPA+ ? At one stage I was getting 3Mbps but now the best I can hope for is 1Mbps. I just happened to stumble onto this post and was hoping to find out if the HSPA+ is available in Belfast.

  375. Moe

    My current speed on Galaxy Nexus with AYCE is around 100kbps-700kbp around my house (Leyton E10) when I have tested in in Canary Wharf area it was around 3-4mbs is this normal for both areas or am I being sold short?

  376. Bob T

    All we need now is greater usage allowances for the mobile broadband packages i.e. 40GB -> Unlimited

    Three would be perfect in my eyes after that!

  377. David

    Hi I have a iPhone 4s, live in London and I get speed of ~1-3mb and noway near 42mb that is suggested? is my connection limited? my postcode is SE15[removed by Mod]

  378. Mike

    Will the new ipad be compatible with Three upgrade? Just wondering when you plan to up speed in LE16 area?Thanks

  379. Stan

    Was I the only one who misread the title and thought Three was launching an EDGE service? :D

  380. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Bart – I’ve taken a look at your postcode and there’s work being carried out on one of your local masts at the moment which is why you may be experiencing slower speeds than usual, once this works complete you should start to see an improvement.

  381. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Gary Brogan – The premium dongle is the best dongle in our dongle range, you shouldn’t need to buy a new one. Would you like to send through your full postcode and we’ll see if there’s any issues in your area or improvements coming your way?

  382. Bart

    Hi Can someone please check my postcode B77[Removed by mod]. I connect with Iphone4 max i can get most time is 1.3Mb Down and 1.7Mb Up. I think Im connect to B0429. At my work place B78[Removed by mod] i can use max speed 6Mb download and 4Mb upload.

  383. gary brogan

    i have the premium dongle will i have to buy a new dongle to achieve these sort of speeds????????

  384. Cloudane

    @Meh – it’s probably down to where you live and the congestion etc. Perhaps EE aren’t as good that way.

    I’m in a rural area and as such often go into 2G zones (regardless of the network). They have two 2G networks, whilst Three has one borrowed one which they’re trying to stop using. Combine that with a lack of congestion problems here, and it’s better for me.

    Can’t see that changing in the near future unfortunately. The 2G networks have masts out in the countryside (partly because they got in before all the public mast hysteria, partly because of 900MHz having better range) – 3G is mostly sat in fake flagpoles in town.

  385. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Sam – All the work that was planned for your area is now complete, you’re in an area with some indoor and outdoor coverage – there’s a new mast planned for your area in three months though so once that’s up and running you should start to see an improvement.

  386. Sam

    So when is three going to fix my Mobile Broadband at postcode CV13 [Removed by Mod]?? 4G Is great as long as the local mast has enough backhaul to cope. Mine is a rural mast, so not exactly oversubscribed. Anyone give me an idea? I know my mast is in Wellsborough.

  387. Meh

    @Cloudane : Wow you switched to “Everything Everywhere”?
    That has to be a massive mistake IMO. I joined them 17 months ago, and I regretted it since 16.5 months ago. Thier 3G network appears slower than their 2G, it makes me sick to be on them and waiting for my contract to end so I can switch to 3.
    My girlfriend is on o2 which offers some acceptable service but not great. we use Vodafone for work with same or slightly worse results to o2. but my colleagues with 3 networks are flying by.

    No one really cares about SMS or Phone calls anymore, because there are so many ways and means to do it all over the Data streams for free.

    Hope the HTC one comes out REALLY soon. HTC one X + Ubuntu mobile for fun, on a 3 network. Good times :D

  388. Cloudane

    The balance between a commitment to LTE and honesty with how long it’ll take before it’s ready to start being rolled out is much appreciated, and this looks like a very useful upgrade in the interim.

    Due to the gradual shutdown of 2G data coverage I switched to the competitor associated with the magenta colour for now (they have two 3G networks and two 2G networks thanks to the deal they struck with another colour, which is extremely useful in rural areas like mine) but I continue to be impressed by 3 otherwise and will continue to monitor the situation.

  389. Sam

    Sounds awesome! But to be fair, i’m not really interested in putting any more money into 3 until they sort out the speeds in my area, CV13 [Removed by mod]. I get 5-6Mb download speeds at 2-6 in the morning, but as the day goes along, it gets slower and slower to less than dial up speeds in the evenings when I need to use it!! I have 3-4 bars of signal, but whether I use my payg dongle or the pay monthly dongle, it is still as poor in the evenings. Strangely the speed tests always work fine when on the phone to 3 technical support when they take control of my laptop!!!

  390. Dave

    Hi folks

    I would like to join the bandwagon of people enquiring about the availability of hardware that will support the 42 MBPS version of HSPA +.

    As I see it 4g is not going to be available for a couple of years yet and a clear statement from 3 would assist in the buying decision for a lot of customers like myself.

    I am contemplating buying a £500 tablet plus taking on a Mi fi on monthly contract. This is a fair bit of expenditure when you consider that there may or may not be an announcement on kit that will support the new 42mb standard which to their credit three are rolling out ahead of the other UK networks.

    That said we need a statement on the timetable of devices that will support the new standard, something like 42 mb dongle in 6 months, mi fi in 9 months , handset(s) in 12 months etc etc.

    I know it is very hard for you to predict when 4g enabled devices will come on the go, but some clarity on the availability off 42 mb capable devices would be much appreciated after all you are rolling out the new standard now.

    Kind regards


  391. Christian

    @Kaz Thanks for the update! It’s admittingly disappointing that I’m getting bad speeds, but it’s great that the masts are being repaired. Hopefully this fixes it.

    Thanks again for the quick replies! :)

  392. Nc

    @Kaz Many thanks! The issue has been resolved, was really quick response. All I can say now is I love three.
    (please del

  393. Moderator: Kaz

    @Nc – I have sent you an email with a request for more account details so we look into your issue and arrange for someone to contact you and discuss this in more detail. Afraid I don’t have access to accounts and cannot look into this.

  394. Nc

    @Kaz All I want is my 20 pounds back and in future it shouldn’t let me surf once I reaches my monthly allowance

  395. Moderator: Kaz

    @Christian – Just checked for any local issues in your area and the local two masts are faulty. There has been worked booked into to fix these issues early next week, so things should be back to normal v soon. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  396. Moderator: Kaz

    @Nc – I’ve just published both your comments and can assure you we welcome customer feedback and I will forward your comments onto the most relevant department. Regarding your issue, I’m, more than happy to arrange for a colleague in customer services to contact you and discuss this issue in more detail, please let me know.

  397. Nc

    Wow you blocked my comment, I am simply trying to understand why have I been ripped off. Your system should either inform user if they go over their allowance or simply don’t let them surf the internet. 20 pounds for 195 Mb is simply not acceptable. Is anyone really listening?

  398. Bob X

    I’m going to agree with Gareth – having a list of HSPA+ enabled kit on the Three site would be very useful. For example, consensus seems to be that my ratty old Xperia X10 won’t do it, but there’s some sites that say that it will. (That said, I’m content with “ordinary” HSPA speeds on Three).

  399. Kevin

    Come on peeps.. who cares what they call it.. its faster and that’s what counts… they could call it HP-42G-SA+LTE for all I care… at the end of the day its the Mbit transfer rate that counts. When you get cable you don’t ask for DOCSIS 3.0 package you ask for the 30 -100 Mbit package. I’m just glad 3 are going to stock the Galaxy Note and upgrade the network to what the Note can handle. Well done 3..

  400. Christian

    @Johanna Thanks, I’m on the Sensation XE, my postcode (REMOVED)

    Thanks again for your reply and help

  401. Kid

    love how people don’t understand. the higher the network speed = higher throughput which means faster speeds for everyone!

  402. Nc

    Three why have started ripping your loyal customers now.

    I pay eight pounds for 5gb, in five years I hardly used it and today I went over the limit and I have been charged 20pounds!! This is ridiculous.

    On speaking to customer service I was told again and again to upgrade to15gb and we will waive this charge off. this is aggressive desperate marketing. I use a mifi and i don’t get notifications. Then they say we will waive 10 pounds off.
    I am three mobile and broadband customer for over five years and this is unacceptable.

  403. Moderator: Johanna

    @Gareth – Trying to find out a little more info for you…

  404. Gareth

    What devices will you be selling that take advantage of these speeds? I don’t see anything with these speeds available. I have just got the new 3G Galaxy Tab 7.7 and it’s 21Mbps max and looking at the new HTC One series phones that are about to be launched, they have a max of 21Mbps. So I’m slightly confused as to how customers are going to use these new speeds?

  405. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dave D – Just trying to get a little more info on this for you…

  406. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sunjay Bhogal – I’m afraid we can’t confirm when HSPA+ will be in each individual area.

  407. Moderator: Johanna

    @Karl Hobson – Glad you’re excited too! :-) I’m afraid we can’t provide info on HSPA+ in individual postcodes but it is rolling out across our network, so if you have an HSPA+ enabled device, you’re more than likely to be able to make the most of the changes soon. I can see that there is a little maintenance happening on your nearest mast, due for completion by close of play tomorrow.

  408. Sunjay Bhogal

    I am still waiting for HSPA+ at my home postcode CR0 [removed by Mod], was told this to be activated by the end of February, it is now March.

  409. Karl Hobson

    Hi guys, all this talk of improvements is all very exciting news, could you please check my post code and let me no if or when cell site improvements will take place…Many Thanks
    WF4 [removed by Mod]

  410. Dave D

    Will both of your current broadband dongles and mifi work at the new up to 42mbs speeds once the upgrade happens or will we need new devices? Their description on your website says “up to 21mbs” but it is not clear if this is a restriction of the hardware or your current network.

    Looking to get a new dongle but don’t want to buy something that is about to become obsolete.

  411. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ed Gould – If you are using an HSPA+ enabled device, yes you can expect an improved service. I’m afraid we can’t yet confirm where it’s being rolled out but it will be across the vast majority of our network. I’ve checked your postcode anyway and there is currently some maintenance taking place on your two nearest masts. The completion dates are March 2 and March 9, so the network in your area should improve.

  412. Moderator: Johanna

    @Christian – What device are you using? Also, can you leave your full postcode please and I’ll check the network for you?

  413. Moderator: Johanna

    @Andy M – Yep you can put your SIM into your Lumia and if the network near you has been updated to HSPA+ then yes you can indeed make the most of it :-) I’m afraid we can’t confirm where’s been updated yet.

  414. Moderator: Johanna

    @Stan – What you want one? We’ve made no announcements on ranging this phone I’m afraid.

  415. Christian

    I have to argee with Will. The customer service team, while very polite, aren’t trained to deal with speed issues. In my student flat, on HSPDA, with full signal, I get from 5KBps to 20KBps for the vast majority of the day, every day. Obviously 5KBps is very bad; but both times I’ve phoned about it, I’ve had no help. I’ve only been told that 5KBps is okay (which I’m sure follow readers and yourself will disagree).

    With all the talk from Three about fast speeds, it’s very disappointing that I’m stuck with 5KBps to 20KBps at my student flat. Even more disappointing when everywhere else I’ve used Three’s service, I’ve got great signal, but rarely anything more than 30KBps.

  416. Andy M

    I’m from the US and have a Nokia Lumia 710 from T-Mobile USA (which is a ’4G’ HSPA+ phone). I’ve also got an iPhone 4 on the One Plan from Three. Will I be able to put my 3 SIM into my Lumia (just had it unlocked) and get HSPA+ speeds?

  417. Nigel

    This is appaling you say all this stuff about wat your gonna do to make it better but its just the same as the last thing you made and why not call it 3.5g

  418. James Cridland

    I note that the model of the Galaxy Nexus phone that 3 has been selling since November, and on which I type this, is HSPA+ enabled. Yay.

  419. Mike

    Are you seriously attacking their referral to 4G? They clearly state that this is not 4G but that T-Mobile refer to it as 4G. LTE is not technically 4G either as determined by the European Mobile Tech regulator, there is not a significant difference in the technology between 3G and LTE, at best it is 3.8G just as HSPA is 3.5G.
    Be thankful that 3 have bothered to invest in upto 42mbps in the lead up to LTE and not just sticking with upto 21mbps.
    And as for quoting Wikipedia, everyone knows it’s one of the most unreliable sources out there, I could go and edit an article to say LTE is 5G and it would still be published.

  420. Hip59

    Well ive followed this deabte all day today 29th Feb 12. Have to say well done three for taking on board users comments and changing the title of your post. NO matter what you do some ppl will moan, but I think the fact that you changed the title of your post and provided more information shows how much three has changed for the better over the last year or so.

  421. Leveena

    Blackberry is good

  422. Ed Gould

    With this new rollout? Will the coverage be improved over the existing service? And will it be nationwide to every mast or just be patchy coverage of the masts like the current form. I currently live less than a km from a mast, yet I get 1bar of signal inside. Can you check whether the mast near me for the postcode EX3[removed by Mod} is enabled for HSPA+ ?

  423. Dave

    Hi Folks.

    Let me begin like I have done in the past. I am a satisfied and happy customer of three, I have my phone and my wifes phone and a dongle all on contract with three and have always enjoyed good phone and data reception due to the local mast being some 1/4 miles from my house.

    It is refreshing to hear and see three being transparent and open about the HSPA + /LTE rollout.

    I am just at the moment a little frustrated that the only tablet available on the network is the Ipad 2 which is not everyones cup of tea. To the best of my knolwdge it cannot keep up with the 21MBPS deployment of HSPA+, not to mention the soon to arrive 42 MBPS service.

    It is great that 3 are moving with the times in terms of upgrading the network however appear to be dare I say it painfully slow at releasing new tablets that can support faster data service. Even more so people like me for example base their buying decisions on the availability of devices and I would like to see and hear more information on “coming soon” tablets, dongles etc that can and will support the faster data service. Like I say, I am a really happy customer in terms of phone service, it is just the lack of a decent selection of tablets either now or in the future. You broadcast that you are the network built for data and this goes somewhat against the grain when you actively market only one tablet.

    Could we customers get some commitment that there will be a better selection of tablets in the future. I am at the point where I will buy a tablet but I would much rather do this via coontract with three obviously linking this to a data plan.

    Even if you were to advertise on this forum for example that there will be a tablet release sometime in the next quarter that would be enough for me to await this although when I say me, I mean the many customers in the same boat who dont want to fork out a large sum of cash for a tablet that does not come linked to a data plan.

  424. Craig Campbell

    I’m very glad to see your change of heart regarding the “4G” branding. I live in the US, and use T-Mobile, whom I think were one of the worst and prime offenders of the fake 4G moniker. When I’m in the UK (several times a year) I use Three, and your service and pricing just cannot be beat! (Hint, hint, please launch a network in the US with the same pricing :-D )

    I think the use of the 4G term for HSPA+, of whatever speed, is just highly misleading, and will cause nothing but customer confusion when it comes time to launch genuine 4G (at least by some people’s definition) LTE. What on earth would you call it without adding to customer confusion? AT&T in the US are already falling prey to this. They jumped on T-Mobile’s bandwagon of calling HSPA+ “4G” and now that they have launched LTE, they are labeling it “4G LTE.” This is all very well for we techies, but how on earth is a regular consumer supposed to know which technology their phone supports, and what speeds to expect?

    T-Mobile US will encounter the same problem when they launch their LTE network late next year.

    If you wish to brand your HSPA+ 42Mbps as “3G+” or “Super-3G” or something, that’s fine. It could still cause some confusion between current owners of 3G phones, but I think in the long run it would be simpler.

  425. Stan

    Lumia 900?

  426. Ben

    4G or not 4G ? ? ?

    Agree with Jonathan C, why lie/mislead ?

  427. Ben Smith

    @Ryu Kent – That’s because they changed the post after publishing it but didn’t put a note in to say it had been updated.

    @Sedge – Common best practice is not to hide a description of a change in the comments, but to add a line at the beginning or end of the post itself.

  428. Moderator: Kaz

    @John Joe Cassidy – We are rolling out HSPA+ across our network, however I’m unable to give you any details on what speeds these will be rolled out. Also, I can’t confirm any details about HSPA+ in Northern Ireland, sorry.

  429. Jonathan C

    Thanks for having a change of heart, it at least shows you listen :)
    You also get bonus points for publishing all our critical comments. Some network providers might have just deleted them and tried to brush it under the carpet.

  430. Luke Stevens

    Will this really help any normal HSPA+ phones at all that only support up to 21mb/s?

  431. John Joe Cassidy

    What about places that have not been upgrade to HSPA+ yet? When they are upgraded will they go directly to 42Mbps or to 21Mbps and then upgraded later to the 42Mbps standard?

    Do you have a time scale for a full network HSPA+ upgrade? Haven’t managed to get a HSPA+ signal in Northern Ireland yet.

  432. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Ben Smith – I posted a note, unfortunately as the comments come in it gets knocked down.

  433. Barry Collins

    Well done 3 for coming to your senses.

    But your moderator’s insistence that you weren’t trying to claim it was a 4G network is rather undermined by the grab taken from the website earlier:

  434. Michael

    This is a very bad move, I don’t like it. LTE isn’t even ‘proper’ 4G (as was originally defined by the GSMA). Now go sit on the naughty step and consider your actions…

  435. Ryu Kent

    This post is NOT MISLEADING. Look at the title. It says 3G. Three are being honest and saying that although others call it 3G, they are clarifying that it is not. It’s so disappointing that so many people didn’t bother reading properly and accused Three of being misleading when actually they are being more honest than the other networks are. Three I applaud you for this post. Don’t listen to the hater and trolls out there. Your post was VERY CLEAR and left nothing ambiguous. I have increased my respect for your company today!

  436. Moderator: Sedge

    Guys, you’re right! HSPA+ 42Mbps is the leading edge 3G service it’s not 4G, we weren’t trying to claim that and the blog post makes it clear. We’ve updated the title following your feedback.

  437. hg

    Knock, knock – Ofcom, Ofcom, where are you??

  438. David

    This is all very well but I wish Three could get their act together with normal data roaming. At home I either get a 0-1bar signal on 3G or a five bar signal when it on 2G. FIne for voice calls but for data this is useless since 3 knobbled the data roaming. The phone holds onto 3G for bitter life but with slug like data speeds – or if it flips to 2|G you lose data all together.
    While I applaude the innovation I’d quite like to get what I pay for at the moment.


  439. MrSiJo

    This sounds awesome!
    It would be great if you could push this out to rural areas that have sub 1Mb ADSL broadband! e.g. people like me! :)

  440. Ben Smith

    Although my criticism still stands, you’ve now changed the post to make the ’4G’ claim less prominent. Wouldn’t it be polite to add a note explaining the change. We can still all see the original title – it’s in the URL slug.

  441. Paul Ockenden

    Even LTE isn’t 4G – for that you need LTE-Advance.

    Basic LTE is a 3G standard.

    If it’s so confusing for a technical audience (which I presume most of the people posting here are), imagine how much worse it must be for the poor old consumer.

    Yesterday I wrote my latest PC Pro column, and commented how pleased I was that none of the UK networks had gone down the same route as T-Mobile-US. Imagine my surprise when I saw the (original) blog post from Three this morning. The timing was impeccable!

  442. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Tony – There’s no secret, we’re really pleased with how the roll out is coming along but we just can’t confirm the roll out on the blog until it’s complete.

  443. james vincent

    DON’T make the Mistake that USA have done. When advertising HSPA+ 42mbps. DROP THE ’4G’. Dont confuse consumers. This is lazyness and Three WILL suffer when 4G LTE does acctually come along. It’s HSPA+ 3G. You need to advertise. Don’t let the UK down. Dont make me think less of you.
    IF americans wanna screw up and just be idiots about their networks as Tmobile & AT&T have, let them. Dont mess it up for us.

  444. Jonathon Moore

    This is completely misleading HSPA+ is not 4G. LTE is 4G.

    This is like calling ADSL2+ over copper “fibre-optic broadbad”. It is an upgrade but why try to fool people?

  445. Stew

    At 3, haven’t you learnt your lesson from the past by announcing new improvements to the network but muddying the waters and then being subsequently bombarded by irate and confused customers when to the message wasn’t clear to start with. Listen to us, do yourself a favour and be honest, don’t try to hide under the banner of 4g,I can see what will happen, people tied into contracts and then claiming they were miss sold a service based on wrong information. We’ve seen many of those comments before on this blog. 3 need to focus on getting better indoor reception never mind “4g”

  446. Tony

    @moderator Sedge, why the secrecy about HSPA+ rollout? I don’t get it, surely you should be shouting about all the places it’s available now? I don’t have any issues with the service you provide, in fact I’m continually amazed by how fast data is on my phone now and the fact that ‘it just works’ like it should. The new improvements announced here is great news to all of your users.

  447. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Chris – Not at the moment, we can’t confirm where the areas are with HSPA+ until the roll out is complete.

  448. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Richard Yates – Our Premium dongle, our new MiFi with up to 40% faster speeds and the Galaxy Nexus are all HSPA+ enabled.

  449. Spike

    I agree with Jonathan C, this is NOT 4G and you shouldn’t be calling it that. Surely this is something the ASA should be looking into. Tut Tut Three, not good for you.

  450. Will

    I agree that this is a very misleading post and would much prefer the headline to be change to “Faster HSPA+ coming soon…” or similar. You are going to create a lot of confusion and just because T-Mobile in the US are using the term, doesn’t mean to say you should as well.

    As the Jonathan C stated, you’ve been clear in your marketing recently but this falls short of it.

    On the upside, it is to be appreciated that you are launching HSPA+ at the theoretical standard of 42Mbps. However one thing that is disappointing at the moment is some of your sites are still HSDPA class 9 sites and there is no online tool or availability of information to see what sites are upgraded and those that are not. The only way I can tell is if I take my Samsung Galaxy Nexus and look at the class of 3G offered. Class 9 for HSDPA or class 11 for HSPA+ Telling customers that 70% of the network has been upgraded and the rest will be “soon” is poor. That same message has been repeated for months. Can’t you produce a rough map or table to show when each area / mast will be upgraded? Virgin media manage to do this with their cable network, why can’t Three UK do so?

    Additionally, your customer service teams appear to have no training in dealing with speed concerns. I called recently to say that I was only experiencing speeds of around 200kbps on a HSDPA cell and I’ll like to report it as a fault. I was advised that there was no process to report speed issues for customers using a handset and that I should just be happy with that speed.

    Can you please re-design your troubleshooters and training to allow your customer service teams to be able to handle speed faults? The fact you are posting a blog post on this shows that you are targeting customers where packet data speed is important, however you do not appear to have the support structure in place for when these speeds fall sort of expectations.

  451. Andy Fraser

    Jonathan, we have to separate the marketing terms from the technical terms. In my experience non-technical people don’t understand all the standards that are currently being called 3G. I’ve already seen 3.5G used for HSPA/HSPA+.

    I’d love to see 4G refer only to LTE but even if Three did call it 3.5G or 3G+ someone else would call it 4G and in the consumer’s mind 4G is better than any sort of 3G even if they’re both the same. The Americans have already started this. It may confuse things in long term but Three need to attract customers to keep going so they play the marketing game.

    As long as I can translate the marketing terms into technical terms, and this article is very clear on what Three are calling 4G, then I’ll put up with it.

  452. Richard Yates

    Agree with all of that, especially the compatibility issue. What do you sell that can actually use HSPA+?

    The whole phone world laughed at T-Mobile when they came out with this bogus claim in the Us. If you want to look stupid too, go right on

  453. Mark (ISPreview)

    Actually, according to the ITU only LTE-Advanced is 4G because it can deliver 1Gbps speeds, which is a part of the official spec. Calling HSPA+ 4G is indeed likely to confuse.

  454. Ben Smith

    I echo Jonathan C’s comments.

    Explain why HSPA+ 42 is better than LTE due to current battery / device issues, can be delivered quickly and is a good interim solution, but for goodness sake don’t call it 4G. It will confuse customers and give further weight to the perception that mobile operators’s marketing is all smoke and mirrors – something Three was absolutely blazing a trail against with AYCE data as an honest and understandable alternative to ‘unlimited’ with all its small print.

    Please re-think. Call is ‘super 3G’. Call is ‘better than 4G’. Just don’t call it 4G.

  455. HarryMonmouth

    Brilliant! I put an HSPA+ device on 3 only yesterday. Good timing. Shame I moved out of SW London last week. Bad timing.

  456. Steve Ralph

    The speed increases are very welcomed but I agree with Jonathan C, LTE is 4G, and you calling this 4G will just cause confusion.
    Do I take it that it will require yet another new dongle to take advantage of this?

  457. Danny Thompson

    Please, please, please, please do not market HSPA+ 42 as 4G. It is wrong on so many levels. Something like Three+ or Three++ fastest in the land would be so much better (and factually accurate too)

  458. Mark S

    Did that guy read this article? Ok , I would agree that the marketing of this is critical to be honest and honesty is the best policy. You will be respected for calling this 3.5G by promoting the speed benefits.

    Don’t get sucked into the USA hype/lies/marketing, tell it like it is. Afaict late has serious interference issues and eats battery so long live 3G.

  459. Ashley Snowdon

    I concur with Jonathan C. I got very excited seeing “4G comes to Three.”

  460. tapper


  461. redleema

    @Jonathan C. 4G has recently been redefined by the ITC and does cover HSPA+ which is a bit baloney and I’m in total agreement with you (along with many circles and bodies). As you are aware, this has become vulnerable to market exploitation. 4G being defined as 14.4Mbps at the extreme bottom end is ridiculous in my opinion.

  462. Stuart

    You promised a few months ago that you would not get into this fake 4G rubbish as the US carriers have done. This is disappointing. You are opening up the doors of confusing advertising to all the other carriers to abuse and lie to customers just like in the States.

  463. Daniel

    @Jonathan C, LTE isn’t even technically 4G, its 3G. Something is only 4G if it reaches beyond 100Mbps, so the only 4G candidate is LTE-Advanced.

  464. redleema

    Appreciate the clarification of 3′s “4G” implementation and speeds rather than just throwing the 4G term at us which has become more of a marketing term in the USA.

  465. Gary Moncrieff


    When you expand in N. Ireland this year will it be these high speeds installed from the start? I understand the catchment areas of N. Ireland make it more expensive to rollout here.

  466. Josh

    Hi there,

    It’s great that you’re upgrading your network to support the 3G latest standards, but isn’t it just misleading to refer to a 3G technology as 4G? Just because another mobile network somewhere else in the world has been equally as misleading does not mean that someone should and can do that in the UK. Instead, just shout about the capacity and speed of your network as opposed to attempting to sell off the back of, well, a lie.

    Apologies for being abrupt, but Three made a song and dance about other networks misselling data plans as ‘unlimited’ as they had a fair use policy; selling 3G technology as 4G seems to be meandering down the same well trodden path of lying to consumers.


  467. Chris

    Do you have a map available yet showing where “basic” HSPA+ is available?

  468. Jonathan C

    *sigh* I respected you when you stood up and went for clear marketing and actually made Unlimited data mean Unlimited.
    Now you’ve shown you are indeed evil by mismarketing HSPA+ as 4G just because someone else did in a completely different country. According 4G is LTE, not HSPA+.
    Come up with a different name. Perhaps 3.5G or 3G+ or something.
    Calling it 4G is just going to lead to mega confusion down the road once LTE gets rolled out, especially when we try and buy a phone that is 4G compatible, only to discover that it is the wrong 4G.

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