We’re fast approaching the 3rd of March. A fairly ordinary day in most people’s calendars, but a pretty special day in ours because… it’s our birthday! On the 3rd of March 2012 we’ll reach the ripe old age of nine.

We didn’t want to let the day slip by without engaging in a bit of birthday fun, so we’re inviting each and every one of you to take part in our very own bumper version of the age-old party game, Pass the Parcel.

First things first, mark out the 2nd March 2012 in your diary (we know it’s the day before our actual birthday, but we thought you might appreciate a bit of light relief on a Friday.), and make sure you bookmark twitter.com/ThreeUK in your browser. That’s where you’ll be able to watch the action unfold live on video as it happens.

Our parcel is wrapped up in 333 layers of paper, for you to get one of those layers unwrapped, you’ll need to tweet the correct answer to one of the questions we’ll be posing between 9am and 3.33pm on Friday. We’ll need you to include the hashtag #ThreePassTheParcel, too. All the questions will be shown through our live video stream which will be at the top of our Twitter page but here’s an example:

@ThreeUK Who was the director of the film Nine? #ThreePassTheParcel

@YourName Guido Contini #ThreePassTheParcel

We’ll pick one random winner from everyone that’s tweeted a correct answer along with our hashtag, and we’ll peel away a layer of our giant parcel on your behalf. If we reveal a prize underneath, and you are the lucky winner, that’s what you’ll win.

There’s a twist though. Just like the original, in our game of Pass the Parcel not every layer holds a prize, so you’ll have to keep playing for the best chance of winning.

We’ve got 99 amazing mobile goodies to give away. Like the Nokia Lumia 710, BlackBerry 9790, LG Optimus 3D, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Nexus, accessories and loads more besides. We’ve even got a handful of Sony Xperia S smartphones to give away EXCLUSIVELY before they’re even available in the UK.

The grand prize hidden under layer 333 is a white 16GB iPad 2 and one of our very own high speed MiFis – a winning combination in anyone’s book. The best bit about our final round is that anyone who’s tweeted our hashtag #ThreePassTheParcel and a correct answer throughout the day has a chance at winning the grand prize.

Friday’s questions will be a mixed bag of mobile tech and general knowledge, so there’s something for everyone. We’ll have themed rounds so you can focus in on your specialist subject, but if you want to swat up on your smartphone knowledge, it wouldn’t hurt to have a rummage through the info on our three.co.uk product pages (that’s a hint, by the way!).

We’ll announce all winners on our live video stream on twitter.com/ThreeUK, so if you’re watching you’ll know if you’ve won there and then. We’ll also re-contact all winners by Monday 5th so that we can pop your prizes in the post.

That’s it! All that’s left for us to say is don’t forget to tune in at 9am on Friday 2nd to watch us here, and of course, you can have a quick read of our competition terms and conditions here.

Good luck!

33 Responses to #ThreePassTheParcel.
  1. corsets uk

    i miss it i was too busy that day hopefully i will be able to take part next year

  2. Shajjad

    Happy birthday to three, I have been a user for quite a long time now and have recommended many friends and family members. All the very best!

  3. Dave

    Why is this still on ya home page when today is 07/03/12??? Very upsetting I missed this and got excited till I saw your birth date!!!

  4. happy birthday three

    happy birthday three

  5. Shanique

    I cant belive it happy b day 3

  6. jonathon law

    happy birthday for yesterday :-)

  7. Darren Neal

    Well Done Three on another successful competition and Happy birthday

  8. dave langton

    Happy birthday Three(3),ive been with you from the beggining,and think your the best network,i hope you have a fantastic day :)

  9. joho

    having been with you for the whole 9 years and seen how much you have changed i can say it is a pleasure to say happy birthday :) lets hope you don’t turn into a kevin when you reach 13 lol

  10. Stan


    On other topics, at the auction of spectrum, which will happen when o2 and Vodafone stop moaning about having ‘competitive disadvantage’, what spectrum will Three be buying? 2.6 Ghz? 1800Mhz from EE? or 800Mhz?

  11. Hannah

    @Moderator: Kaz – I was at work through the entire competition you idiot. I certainly can’t follow it at work, can I? I was hoping it would be held on your ACTUAL BIRTHDAY on the Saturday so EVERYONE could take part.
    Screw you guys.

  12. Kevin

    who ever rapped that parcel need a medal..

  13. Kevin

    are my tweets getting trough??? lol

  14. Hannah

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow :D

  15. Lucy Zelazowski

    AWESOME! xx

  16. Moderator: Kaz

    @Hannah – Our pass the parcel competition is live right now!

  17. Mel Butcher

    Awww, I’ll have to miss out on this one as I habve no sound on my computer. Good luck to all who do enter though. Some fab prizes up for grabs.

  18. mary corset

    Wow sounds so exciting cant wait. I will be taking part.

  19. Feralhusky

    Social network only comps are not inclusive. Thumbs down. : (

  20. Hannah

    Ah, glad it’s being held on a Saturday. Last time you held a “live” Twitter comp, it was on a Wednesday when I was in work >_> Looking forward to taking part!

  21. Michelle Russell

    It’s such a shame that the questions are on video cause I’m partially hearing and won’t understand what the question is being asked unless you provide subtitles.

    Would have been great to join in the fun………

  22. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mo Bility – I’m afraid this is a competition that will run solely on Twitter. Tis more than a little tricky to incorporate answers from other platforms I’m afraid.

  23. Mo Bility

    @ Mods, What about some of us who don’t know how to use twitter how do we submit answers?

  24. Moderator: Johanna

    @gilesie – Yes you do, it’s a twitter based comp :-)

  25. gilesie

    Hi, do I have to have a twitter account to play?…

  26. Moderator: Johanna

    @LoneThread/Harrowing/UndeadDevil – Such lovely wishes from a scary sounding username ;-) Thank you! :-)

  27. Moderator: Johanna

    @Greg Draven – Ah :-) All the questions will be shown on our video at the top of the page, so we won’t actually be tweeting, you’ll need to tweet your answer and inc the #ThreePassTheParcel. No need to tweet them @ThreeUK. We’ll be monitoring the hashtag :-)

  28. Greg Draven


    :-) I remember 3/3/3 well :-)

    So just to Qualify my tweet would just need to be ” ‘Answer’ #ThreePassTheParcel” not including my username or shoud it be “@ThreeUK ‘Answer’ #ThreePassTheParcel

    What do ya say?

  29. LoneThread/Harrowing/UndeadDevil

    Happy Birthday for the 3rd Three, you’ve gone from being the new network on the block to the best in the UK for Data.

    Here’s to another 9 years of excellent performance and innovation from Three!

  30. Anowanul Kabir

    This is gonna be so fun. And happy birthday in advance, Three!

  31. Moderator: Johanna

    @Greg Draven – Wow! :-) You don’t need to @ yourself, sorry if that’s a touch confusing!

  32. Greg Draven

    Hi guys.
    Well on 3rd March 2012 I’ll have been a Three customer for 9 years, so double celebration.

    I just want to qualify, you ask us to tweet “@YourName ‘Answer’ #ThreePassTheParcel”, why do we need to include our own twitter username in our tweet?


  33. Paul Armstrong

    Can. Not. Wait. #fact!

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