Goodbye out of bundle data charges.

It was December 2010 when we first announced the launch of all-you-can-eat data. Without doubt one of the most significant milestones in Three’s history here in the UK. It was initially a ground-breaking feature of The One Plan, then Pay As You Go last year. Smartphone customers already with Three could even add it to their plans for just £3 extra a month.

We’ve come a long way since December 2010, and today we’ve added another chapter to our data story with a brand new family of smartphone plans. It’s a change that we believe will bring worry free-internet to even more of you.

First, a bit of background.

The idea of completely unlimited data on your smartphone was revolutionary in the industry when we first introduced it, and to an extent, it still is. It was born out of the insight that for the majority of us, the world of gigabytes and megabytes is a confusing place. How much do I need? What happens if I go over my allowance? Isn’t it really expensive? Will I end up with a massive bill?

We also recognised that the term ‘unlimited’ had started to lose its meaning. The many and varied hidden caps, fair usage policies and out of bundle charges being enforced by operators had started to erode trust, and for a period of time, even we weren’t whiter than white. In theory, if the plan you’re on has an ‘unlimited’ allowance of some kind, you shouldn’t ever go out of bundle, right? Sadly, that’s not always been the case.

So we launched all-you-can-eat data, and along with the promise that we’d never let you hit a limit or go out of bundle simply by using data on your smartphone, we pledged that we’d remove all reference to unlimited allowances where we didn’t really mean it, including when it came to voice and text. Our aim was to offer transparency on our plans, so you could be confident that you knew exactly what you were paying for.

Unsurprisingly, completely uninhibited, unrestricted data on your smartphone was a concept that went down rather well with you guys. Many of you now opt for The One Plan when you decide to join Three or to upgrade, predominantly because of all-you-can-eat data and the peace of mind it gives.

So today, because we’re a network with data at our heart, we’ve made some changes to put data at the heart of our tariffs, too.

It’s a change that we believe gives the same level of transparency and peace of mind across all our plans when it comes to data, but we haven’t gone for a one size fits all approach.

Allow me to introduce our brand new tariff families. From Thursday you’ll be able to buy, or if you’re nearing the end of your current plan, upgrade to one of our Ultimate Internet Plans or to one of our Essential Internet Plans.

Both are designed to help you do everything you want to with the mobile internet on your smartphone, without the worry of a surprising bill at the end of the month. The One Plan, the original all-you-can-eat data plan which still includes tethering and Three-to-Three minutes as exclusive features, hasn’t gone anywhere, and our SIM Only plans remain the same too. But from Thursday, our Essential Internet and Ultimate Internet Plans will replace all other contract plans that are currently on sale.

Like The One Plan, our new Ultimate Internet Plans offer all-you-can-eat data for those wanting to fully embrace the mobile internet without feeling restricted or worrying about cost. These also come with 5000 texts as standard, and depending on your usage you can choose either 100, 300, 500 or 1000 minutes to any other network.

The Essential Internet Plans on the other hand, are designed for those that want to discover the mobile internet for the first time or are just occasional internet users. It too comes with 5000 texts as standard plus 100, 300 or 500 minutes, but offer 250MB of data with absolutely zero chance of out of bundle data charges.

You’ll receive text alerts if you’re nearing your data limit so that you always remain in complete control. If you do hit your limit, you’ll get another text to let you know and we’ll halt your internet access there and then, so there’s no chance of you going out of bundle.

In that text we’ll give you the option to boost your data allowance by another 250MB for £2, or to all-you-can-eat for £5, both of which last for 30 days. You should be back online again in no time. Or you can simply choose not to use the internet again until the start of your new allowance – it’s your choice.

Existing customers on our older tariffs that aren’t yet eligible for an upgrade can continue to add all-you-can-eat data to their plans for an extra £3 per month. The terms of your contract with us won’t change as a result of our new plans.

As mobile internet usage across the UK soars, the amount of data you get for your money when you choose a new price plan has never been more important. We can guarantee that you’ll never pay more than you expect to for data on any of our new plans.

No surprising data bills, no sneaky out of bundle charges. Just worry-free internet from Three.

202 Responses to Goodbye out of bundle data charges.
  1. Roland

    Good idea

  2. Moderator: Nicki

    @jonathan sims – Hi there, tethering is permitted on the One Plan or with a tethering addon. The One Plan doesn’t have any restrictions on tethering however the addon for other plans limits you to 1GB of tethering. Check out our tethering guide here.

  3. jonathan sims

    i am interested in a plan from three and i need to be able to tether with unlimited data… please could you tell me whether ultimate internet 1000 or the one plan would be better for my needs

  4. Moderator: Lauren

    @David – tethering is only available with the One Plan or with a tethering add-on. The add-on is only compatible with our newer tariffs. Details of what is included in your tariff can be found in our Price Guide.

  5. David

    After being with 3 for over 6 years now I was offered a really sweet contract that I’m mostly happy with except for one thing that seems to have disappeared ‘Tethering’. What happened? Tethering was a massive part of my day and I’ve been told that I cant tether on the current “plan” that I’m on and the option to even buy the option to tether isn’t there either. Why can I not buy the option to tether? Why can I not tether? And most importantly, when I was being told I would have unlimited data usage, why was I not informed that tethering would not be an option? I feel I should have been told this when the amount of data I was using before was checked by the representative.

  6. Moderator: Kaz

    @dann – Unsure what you are exactly asking, sorry. Please can you explain in a bit more detail.

  7. dann

    hi what all can i get if a top up for 5 pounds..plss

  8. Moderator: Johanna

    @ford – Yes we can confirm all you can eat data really is as much internet as you can handle on your smartphone :-). If you want to use your phone to tether this is exclusive to The One Plan or One Plan Sim-Only.

  9. ford

    i have just purchsed a contract with threee for 24 months the one plan, i have bought this in good faith thinking i will now have UNLIMITED internet, please can someone state here that this is completely corrent otherwise i will be ending the contract asap… Thankyou, Ford.

  10. jojo

    @luke stevens thanks for that tip im going to look at there plans ive been thinking of switching networks and im glad to see that after looking at this page im not the only 1 who has this problem with 3′s so called all u can eat data, that bars u from every site except facebook and ebay..Also i notice all reps on this page look very english yet when ev i phone 3 customer support i get a rep that cannot understand my language nor do i understand them….also ive never been able to mms

  11. jojo

    @EJ haha ive been thinking bout just doing that getting new sim to,, its a joke,, i used my so called all u can eat data on my phone alot and then everything except facebook and ebay got blocked lol

  12. Moderator: Nicki

    @EJ- Hi there, we had been trialling the high usage aspect of TrafficSense (top 5%) however we are no longer trialling this while we analyse the learnings. What is it you’re doing when you’re experiencing these speeds? We are still managing file sharing across our network between 3pm and midnight.

  13. EJ

    Lauren Said – “@Swan – We won’t manage data traffic for most of our customers. We’ll do this only if you’re an extremely high data user (in our list of the top 5% of our high data users) and if you’re using data in the peak hours from 3pm to 12 midnight. If you are, try to move some of your data usage outside these hours. If you manage to do this, you should see a speed improvement after a few days.”

    Lauren…..I am having the exact same problems as as these guys and see speeds of sub 20kbs! Are you telling me I am ALSO in the top 5% of users?! and your solution is for me to use the internet outside the hours of 3pm to Midnight!
    I work 6am until 6pm……….So where do you suggest I (and many people who actually have jobs) fit in ‘browsing’ the internet?!
    Am I to be expected to eat into my precious 4:30hrs ish sleep I currently get to catch up on all the sport/news and friends on the internet?!

    It is a joke and I ended up buying a new sim card yesterday and registering it in false details……..which i do not condone but then I don’t condone blatant lies and fobbing off on 3′s behalf either!

    /Rant over

  14. Michael

    It remains a mystery how 3 justifies disallowing tethering on certain contracts. I don’t need unlimited data, but I only use a quarter of my data on my phone and I would happily use some of the remaining data by connecting my laptop to my phone. But that’s not allowed. Why does the data-friendly network want to charge me twice for exactly the same volume of data? This sounds abusive and I am surprised Ofcom hasn’t intervened yet.

    Also, if 3 is so transparent, why does it want to charge me for using an SMTP server other than 3′s and few others to send email? I was charged in the past. Is this still the case?

  15. Luke Stevens

    Does that mean that Everythingeverywhere (TM and Orange) are the only networks that offer truly unlimited then? They don’t restrict the top data users. Why are you guys jumping out the truly unlimited band wagon?

  16. Scott Mackenzie

    Lauren i am one of those unfortunate people who have been getting throttled, and getting between 5-20kb speeds on a good day, making any internet use impossible. not even slow surfing just constant timeouts, and connection errors.

    While i understand three’s reasons for limiting download speeds at peak times, there is a vast difference between limiting and making impossible.

    Also implementing this with no advertisements or warnings of any kind is ethically and morally wrong.

    i took out a new account with three just 2 months ago after reading your page on all you can eat data. this particular section on your blog was the clincher :

    ‘Unlike other data plans, there are no restrictions and no crafty ‘fair usage’ policies containing hidden data caps. We’re leaving behind the ‘old mobile’ world of limits and allowances in favour of a new world that gives you the freedom to use your smartphone to do everything it was designed for without the worry of cost.’

    Well restricting me to 5-20kb every night is certainly a ‘restriction’ and i would argue its certainly a crafty ‘ fair usage policy’ by another name.

    i also asked in store when i bought the sim card and was assured there is no throttling, download limits, etc of any kind.

    To say i’m frustrated and pretty annoyed is an understatement. You claim only the top 5% are restricted like this and on the traffic sense article on this site it claims: ‘We don’t block file sharing. We just manage it at times when it affects the enjoyment of most other users using our network to do other things, such as browsing’

    So why can i not surf without constant timeouts etc when i’m not filesharing? like i said above restriction is one thing but 5-20kb is basically like blocking all web access, perhaps 50kb would be slightly fairer and at least make myself and no doubt others actually be able to access websites.

    Can you perhaps tell me what is deemed high data ? on an all you can eat unlimited data package? and what numbers the top 5% actually use ? as i do not believe i could possibly be in the top 5%.

    Unfortunately three is making it impossible for me to continue to stay with them, which is a pity as before the throttling i was extremely happy with my service.

  17. Moderator: Lauren

    @Swan – We won’t manage data traffic for most of our customers. We’ll do this only if you’re an extremely high data user (in our list of the top 5% of our high data users) and if you’re using data in the peak hours from 3pm to 12 midnight. If you are, try to move some of your data usage outside these hours. If you manage to do this, you should see a speed improvement after a few days.

    Full details can be found here.

  18. Moderator: Lauren

    @Blair – I have replied to your post on another thread.

  19. Swan


    I have been thinking about joining Three to take advantage of the All You Can Eat data plan on the One plan. I have just been reading on some forums that many users are experiencing ‘Throttling’ of their connections between the hours of 15:00 and 23:59 because they are in the top 5% of ‘heavy users’. They are reporting that the throttling is limiting their connection to as little as 20Kbps, half the speed of dial-up! In this day and age of HTML5 and flash/media rich content, this speed would make internet browsing impossible.

    Can anyone comment on why this is happening when there is no mention of it anywhere on the Three website.


  20. Blair

    The One Plan as they WILL throttle you down to 20kbps connection which is half the speed of dial up and takes 5 mins just for google to load.

    They claim they dont they claimed it was truly unlimited but they have slyly changed this so it is no longer unlimited.

  21. MikeW

    Another aspect to my problem was that “HTC Sense” seemed to be using 3G bandwidth, even when I left the phone connected to WiFi. Sometimes, when I picked the phone up, it was showing the “WiFi Disconnected” icon – which would then disappear after a few seconds, and would re-connect to WiFi.

    It turns out that there is a hidden setting for WiFi, found under “WiFi Settings” -> “Advanced”, called “WiFi Sleep Policy”. By default, it seems to be set to “After 15 min”.

    It looks like this means WiFi gets disconnected after 15 minutes of being idle – so forces all background data back over 3G.

    I’ve set mine to “Never”, so the background sync work should continue to use WiFi. Another option would be “Never when plugged in”.

  22. MikeW


    2 days on, and HTC sense has not used a thing. Allowance on my account has only gone down by 5MB, with everything else running/sync’ing as normal.

    I’d complain to HTC if I were Three; I can’t have the only phone to be caught out by their actions!

    A shout out for the “Traffic Monitor” app that helped me work this out…

  23. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mike – Glad you’ve got to the bottom of it. Let me know how you get on :-D

  24. MikeW

    @Lauren -

    Aha… I have discovered there are 2 apps called “HTC Sense”. One is for the UI, while the other appears to be related to the sync & dashboard services that HTC supply at

    However, it seems that HTC shut this service down in March, according to and this message:

    That timing coincides perfectly with the alarming increase in bandwidth usage on the phone.

    My solution:
    First, go into Menu -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> HTC Sense (the 2nd one with green HTC icon, not the first one with the UI icon). Then hit “clear data”.
    Second, go into Menu -> Accounts & sync and (under Manage accounts) look for the one for HTC Sense. I unticked “Sync HTC Hub”, unticked “Sync HTC Sense”, unticked “Update when opened”, and set “update schedule” to “Manual”.

    Lets see if that works…

  25. MikeW

    @Lauren – Turning off the background data might help me get to the end of the month, but what I want to do is find the rogue app, and get it to stop (ab)using my bandwidth – I want the rest of the apps to carry on as (previously) normal.

    After all, it managed to use 100MB in one night – which is 2 weeks of my normal usage. And 95% of that was upload… something is seriously wrong with that one app.

    The problem is that “HTC Sense” is built-in, and is the phone’s UI – which makes it an app that I don’t really want to kill for very long.

    But I still don’t understand why my phone’s UI would be trying to *upload* 95MB in one night!

  26. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mike – you can switch off background data or install a task killer app to close down any app’s you are not using.

  27. MikeW

    I don’t have AYCE data on my HTC Sensation – I have a package with a 1GB allowance included.

    However, where I used to use between 150MB and 300MB, the last 2 months have been triple that (735 and 909), and this month will now run out early (only 280MB left for 11 days). That’s with no real difference in usage by me. A coincidence that there is a drive to get people to upgrade, perhaps?

    My allowance dropped by 110MB overnight last night (Saturday evening). Luckily, I had added a traffic monitor app, which showed that “HTC Sense” transferred 100MB alone last night (95% uploaded). That’s an internal app!

    Any similar reports of something going haywire?

  28. Nicki Macleod

    @Raymond – Hi there, it’s difficult to say without having a look at your account and postcode areas. Are you finding this is happening at certain times of the day?

    I’ll email you for your account details to have a look for you. Thanks.

  29. Nicki Macleod

    @Neill – Hi there, no the One Plan still includes the All You Can Eat data – we’ve just now included the AYCE data in our new Ultimate Internet plans too :-)

  30. Raymond

    Sorry have to get this off my mind, why are my download speeds going slow then fast then slow again? I’ve never had this problem before? Thanks.

  31. Nicki Macleod

    @Raymond – It’s difficult to see without looking at your partner’s actual account as we do have various network policies in place.

    We’ve always had traffic management policies in place and we’re always looking for ways to give the majority of people on our network the best possible experience. This means that we regularly review and sometimes update our traffic management policy. You can always see the latest version of our traffic management policy at

  32. Neill

    Does this mean the all you can eat data on the one plan I have is gone! If so I’m changing providers cos that’s very annoying

    Why give with one hand and take away with the other

  33. Raymond

    Im not too happy here, my partner has been using the one plan for months and never had a problem with download speeds, and as I remembered three said they don’t throttle speeds on the one plan, but she called up and they said they are throttling her speed her speed is as low as 0.23mbps that ain’t acceptable three as I get over 5.0mbps I thought three was different but im beginning to have second thoughts.

  34. Nicki Macleod

    @News – Hi there, definitely no fair use policy with our AYCE data packages :-)

  35. Moderator: Johanna

    @Lani – It may well deactivate once the system picks up you’re using it, unless you buy the tethering add-on.

  36. Lani

    I am currently on the ultimate internet plan with all you can eat data but i can use my personal hotspot. What does this mean ?

  37. Moderator

    @Stevie B – I’m afraid you are unable to move to the One Plan mid-contract term.

  38. Stevie B

    Hi There,

    I already have a contract with 3, and the handset is a Galaxy Ace. The contract I am on is “text 500″.

    What I would like to know is this, would it be possible to upgrade this contract to “the one plan” for the remainder of the contract? Obviously my monthly payments would be higher, but I don’t have a problem with this, as I am thinking of getting rid of my BT landline.

    Thanks in advance.

  39. Moderator: Kaz

    @hermitage – Have you considered selecting a Pay As You Go option instead?

  40. hermitage

    Hi this is great news, I have to contract with 3 but am thinking about leaving as I’m trying to get a contract for my 12 year old daughter or just add one for her on to my account, but as I don’t have a bank account now your saying I can’t and that is the new thing you must have a bank account so you can set up a direct debit, I’ve been with you over a year with mine and my partners phones on 3 both contract both in my name seams really unfair that I can’t add another phone for my daughter because I don’t have a bank account, I was told to ask someone else to get it in there name for her!!!! That’s not an option or I would have done that ages ago, my only other option is to end both my contacts and go with orange as I can get all 3 of us on contract without a bank account , but I would much rather the 3 of us can be with 3, is there any help or anything else I can do to get my daughter a contract phone with 3? X

  41. Moderator: Kaz

    @Thomas – Unfortunately you are only able to use a phone SIM in a device it was intended for. However, as it is a One Plan SIM you will be able to tether on your phone with your iPad.

  42. Thomas Mason

    Hi have two contracts with you. One I’ve had for 5 years and another that I was forced to continue after my ex walked out on me. I am left paying for her service which includes the one plan with unlimited internet however seeing as I already have a mobile phone contract I thought that buying a 3g dongle would allow me to use the other sim in this as a solution for using my tablet out and about. However I am shown a message saying my sim will be blocked.

    Why is this?

  43. Moderator

    @Samuel – Unfortunately we’re unaware on the specifics of you’re case however I’ve spoke with our Executive Office and they’ll be responding directly to your letter.

  44. samuel

    Can you explain why my entry has not been published? For your information here it os again. In order to to open, frank, blanced and honest, this entry should be published. I have been a long standing customer of Three since 2003 and in October 2010, was upgraded to the One Plan. There has been numerous problems with the network and the HTC Wildfire handset which Three provided me, culminating in Three actually losing the same whilst in for repair. Three was so lacklustre in its appoarch and after complaining to the Executive Office, I was given a Samsung Galaxy W. Three still gave me cause for concern and I was left with no option but to refer the matter to the Ombudsman, who found in my favour and ordered that Three replace my handset, awarded me £40 compensation and send me a letter of apology. Three did so and immediately terminated my account. This is wholly unsatisfactory. Three had no right to do so and should reinstate the same immediately. Can you advise why this has been done and let other readers of this blog aware of the stance Three can take when a decision goes against them.

  45. Moderator

    @Glen – Hi there, I’m afraid this is just available on our new phone packages.

  46. Moderator

    @Laura – Glad to hear you’re getting on great with your contract. The only thing I could think of would be perhaps going through a change of ownership for someone else (say a friend or family member) taking over your contract for the period you’re away.

  47. Moderator

    @Danny – It could be that you’re on an older plan that was described as ‘unlimited’ but had a fair use policy attached to it. We started to move away from that term quite a while ago as every company had a different view as to what ‘unlimited’ was and the fair usage policies were different from one network to another. All customers were informed of this change within their bills and we started to tell you upfront what your allowance was without the words ‘unlimited with a fair usage policy of ___’ We’ve never changed your contract, if you check your terms it’ll clearly state what your fair use policy was.

  48. Glen

    Is this avaliable for the ipad plans, if not is there going to be a new plan for those???



  49. Laura

    Hi, I am on the One price plan (all-you-can-eat) i have my contract 9 months and I am delighted with the service, however I will be going to Ireland (Rep.) for 3 months and I will not be using my phone. is there any chance of reducing my tariff for these three months while I’m away and won’t be using it???
    Many Thanks,

  50. Danny

    When I took the contract it included unlimited Internet use so in my eyes you are breaking that contract by charging me for it so no not a well done three in my next contract think I will change to another network that keeps with the contract you sign thanks

  51. samuel

    I am extremely annoyed by Three and its total unprofessionalism and lies. I have been on the One Plan since October 2010 and have had to raise a few concerns as many customers have. I lodged a complaint with Three in August and it went to the Ombudsman. In January 2012 they found in my favour and order Three to pay me 340 compensation and send me a letter of appology. Three did so and immediately advised that they would be terminating my account!. This is totally wrong and furthermore, I have had numerous conversations with Three staff who have confirmed that, provdiing that I do not change my contract, I could remain on the same tariff forever.

    Three have blatantly lied and it needs to be sorted out. I intend to take the matter as far as I can, to your parent company, in the courts and the press if its not sorted.

  52. Moderator

    @Scott – We were having some issues with My3 last night. You could try again now or call 333 from your Three phone or 0843 373 3333 from another line to upgrade over the phone :-D

  53. Scott

    Hello all, me again.

    I’m trying to upgrade my other account online now, the checker says I can upgrade but when I click on the phone I want, I get:

    “Whoops! Looks like an error has occured trying to set-up your upgrade.
    We know about this and will fix it as soon as possible.”

    Please fix it, I want my shiny new phone :)

  54. Moderator: Kaz

    @Amy – No, you should not be able to tethering on this plan, if for some strange reason you are tethering it will not be any extra, it will just use your data allowance. Please read here for more details.

  55. Moderator: Sedge

    @Hifas Faiz – Tethering is only allowed on The One Plan, the One Month rolling SIM and with the Internet Max add on. Sorry for the mixed messages that you’ve received but it’s not included on your current plan – you will need to buy the add on, if you want to tether.

  56. Hifas Faiz

    Is tethering allowed on the Ultimate 500 plan.
    I called customer services today and one of your colleagues said that it is included in the plan.
    But when I go online to buy it, there is an extra option that says “Add tethering (Monthly rolling). (£5 a month)”, so I’m a bit confused by this, did the salesman make a mistake.


  57. Amy

    Hello, i’m really confused. I’m on the Text300 plan and my phone lets me tether and everything… Does this mean that if i use this i will get charged for tethering on top of what i pay? I cant seem to find any information about this. Thanks.

  58. Moderator: Kaz

    @Luke Stevens – I can understand your frustration but unfortunately I do not have any updates for you at the present time.

  59. Luke Stevens

    Is there any update on data roaming packs for this summer? Really annoying now. Does the executives now realise that 3 is the only network in the UK without data roaming packs?

  60. Moderator

    @Kevin – Hi there, while we appreciate our loyal customers, we’d not be in a position to offer this without a charge I’m afraid. We believe our deals and our All You Can Eat data is highly competitive at £3 per month for as much data as you want. When you come to upgrade you could perhaps look at one of our new Ultimate Internet or One Plan packages which offer All You Can Eat within the package.

  61. Kevin

    I have just had a text asking me if I want to pay £3 a month for more data usage. Why can you not give unlimited data to customers that have been with you for a long period of time, and have been loyal to three.

  62. Moderator

    @doug bramwell – as there are no issues appearing in your area, you may be experiencing issues due to an issue with the phone. Only through troubleshooting with our advisors would we be able to narrow the issue down.

  63. doug bramwell

    UNBELIEVABLE !!! Point proven !

  64. Moderator: Johanna

    @doug bramwell – I’ve checked and can’t see any issues at all. If you speak to our customer services team they should be able to run some diagnostics for you and have a clearer idea why you’re having these issues.

  65. doug bramwell

    Do you moderators not get fed up of typing “let us know ur postcode and we’ll check coverage in ur area” or “good coverage for that postcode”. I can assure you you’re not as fed up as we are. We don’t complain about lousy coverage for fun so tell the powers that be to get their act together. Incidentally my postcode is OL8 [removed by Mod]; I have great difficulty making / receiving calls & internet is aluxury

  66. Gordon Coffey

    Re Abbas!

    Get your blackberry somewhere el Avoid three! Terrible customer service!!

  67. abbas

    i am going to get a blackberry bold 9900 and i am 10

  68. Moderator: Johanna

    @Scott – Sorry to hear that! I’m afraid I can’t look into what’s happening here but you can upgrade by calling 333 or popping into a store.

  69. Scott

    I’m trying to upgrade one of my accounts online to the One Plan, on the 24th March the online checker said I could upgrade on the 26th. On the 26th it changed to “Sorry we cannot upgrade your account online.”

    What’s happening?

  70. Shajjad

    Simply amazing and a great plan indeed.

  71. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Alasdair – Welcome to Three :0) Not at all, coverage will be there same whether you’re on PAYG or a contract tariff. If you’d like, you could send through your full postcode and I’ll b able to check it out for you. There may be work being carried out in your area at the moment which is why your speeds may be varying.

  72. Alasdair

    Hi guys, I’ve recently joined Three UK from Vodafone, and joined purely on the basis of the internet packages. I’m currently just using a PAYG Sim with the £15 AYCE data addon, as I want to test the network before committing to a long contract.

    What I have noticed is that, although the connection is pretty good in the Leicester area, the speed (using on my Android phone) varies massively depending on time of day.

    Am I right in thinking that PAYG data plays second fiddle to Pay monthly customers? This is completely understandable, but I can’t find anything in writing to say so or otherwise.

    Thanks for the help in advance


  73. Moderator: Johanna

    @rushden9 – That is bizarre! Thanks for letting us know though.

  74. Moderator: Johanna

    @Steve Byrne – Sorry you don’t think this is clear. All you can eat allows you to use as much data as you want, on your smartphone – if you want to use your smartphone to tether another device only The One Plan and One Plan SIM-only offers this inclusively. You can buy a tethering add-on if you wish to though.

  75. rushden9

    @mod Johanna, I have found that the link to the blog on homepage on broadband works fine as you guy’s checked however if like me you are using 3 internet and teethering for your computer the link to the blog becomes a dead link. WORK THAT ONE OUT!!! ;-) lol

  76. Moderator: Johanna

    @rushden 9 – Thanks for keeping us busy ;-) Yes we’ve released our bespoke version of ICS for SII – I’m afraid if you have an unbranded phone you’ll have to wait for Samsung to release their update directly. Can you post the URL please so I know exactly what you’re talking about?

  77. Moderator: Johanna

    @rushden9 – Thanks for sharing this feedback with us. The X-series add-on should have been cancelled last year, so apologies that this didn’t happen and it certainly shouldn’t have caused you more issues when cancelling it. Let us know if you have any ongoing queries and we’ll do our best to help.

  78. Moderator: Johanna

    @Alex Almond – Sorry to hear the network hasn’t been so strong in your area. I’ve had a look at your postcode and a mast upgrade is due on the 2nd of April, finished 6th April. Let us know if this improves your coverage.

  79. rushden9

    @mods re my last post just read it, it does not make much sense i think about what i am going to type but then miss half of it. about the options comment I meant for the galaxy note options to add teethering option when have one plan selected WELL DONE. I do feel that you do listen so please try what I asked about teethering a handset and checking that link. Just asked my mother to test it she has home broadband and the link works fine however just asked a friend of mine who also tethers his mobile and he has the same issue as me. I have heard that you have released the update for ics for the samsung galaxy s2 I have an unbranded one and still no update good old samsung. Any idea about the ics update for the galaxy note yet????? thanks for your help in these matters and I will try y best to keep you busy.

  80. Steve Byrne

    Having been a 3 customer for years, I saw the ‘all you can eat’ data plan for £3 extra a month and signed up, as I currently tether my iphone with my 1Gb allocation and it gets used quickly.
    Now getting the ‘You seem to be tethering, no can do’ message.

    If the All You Can Eat extra had said that there were restrictions, I wouldn’t have bothered to sign up. Perhaps you could change the add on to ‘All You Can Eat (as long as we decide the menu).

    It’s definitely misleading, and certainly disappointing. Been with 3 forever, and would sign up for the one plan if I could upgrade, but crazily I’m not allowed.

    Not impressed.

  81. rushden9

    @paul I don’t put www. that is what happens when you go on the link on the home page for me it is a dead link for the blog maybe you can try it and let me know what happens. @mods just a thought aswell what are you guy’s using three internet or bt can you try teethering a handset to a computer and go on the link if not i don’t understand why meeeeeeeeeee I also see that online team have removed all options heyyy well done. Right to the main issue I do not know if customer services have done anything of a specialist team have done anything but now everything is workin brilliant. But I think what has happened is I upgraded Friday last week on doing so x-series silver was cancelled I was in dead land until todaay when I got my new allowences and I don’t know but now straight on everywhere and everything I am sorry for the rant but at the time you just feel like nothing has been done when it was a known issue and the first thing you are told is you must pay more money to have the internet to work properly that is was get’s me more angry. but at least now is all working but not after an argument I will still pass on the info as I find that the way i see it is nothing had been done due to as soon as x-series was cancelled it all went wrong.

  82. Alex Almond

    Could you check my post code too (bb9 removed by Mod). I’ve been on your mobile broadband for years, just recently its degraded to being barely usable during peak time, certainly not capable of gaming or video.

    It’s a shame because in the past you have been surprisingly good, with ping times to of 60 – 120ms. It’s now 10:30 at night and i’m getting rapid fluctuations between 800ms+ and 3800ms.

    I agree with paul, i’m not after great bandwidth figures, I’d just like consistancy.

  83. Moderator

    @Paul – Showing as very strong 3G coverage in that postcode :-)

  84. Paul

    Whoops, need to correct myself.

    The T & C’s no longer give a blanket rule on upgrading contract at any time to a more expensive one. It now gives Three a lot of wiggle room on the subject. What about a combination of AYCE data and a tethering add on?

    I also put above that I see the speed drop at all times of the day – should have put that I see the speed drop at peak times (notably between about 5 – 7pm) all over the country. It wouldn’t be awful if I went from getting 4-6 Mbps down to 1 Mbps or so; however at peak times it just crawls along. When I posted last night, from Romford, I was getting 80kbps. Right now, in Dover, I am getting 3.87 Mbps down and 1.84 up. That’s on a par with my (quite rural location) home broadband, with a better upload speed. If the network can be stabilised so we don’t get massive drops in speed at peak times, this becomes a viable alternative to having a fixed line at home.

  85. Paul

    Will shortly be moving to [removed by mod]. The thing is, I work all over the place and I notice this speed drop at all times of the day. But I would be interested in developments around my new postcode; I’m thinking of ditching landline broadband…

  86. Moderator

    @Paul – we are currently working to upgrade our masts to cope with the amount of traffic we are receiving. If you send us over a postcode (we won’t publish it) I can check for upgrades/new masts in your area.

  87. Paul

    @rushden9 Don’t put “www.” in front of

    @Christopher Harvey (and anyone else struggling with changing plans) There always used to be text on the Three terms and conditions which I think you can search on the website. It specified that you could upgrade to a more expensive plan during your contract term. If this clause still exists I think Three will have a hard time contradicting themselves; it seems indefensible to me.

    Now, mods – do you have any information to share on network load, data-wise? With all these users having AYCE data, I find that around this time of day speeds drop to almost nothing. Will the investment in new infrastructure help this?

    Please understand, I LOVE Three and have nine years of good mobile experience, which I wish to continue.

  88. gaz

    Sim card was registered about 2nd march

  89. Moderator: Kaz

    @gaz – It should be applied to your account when you register your PAYG SIM.

  90. gaz

    I changed my number to 3 seven days ago
    does anyone know how long it take s for the £10 free credit to be applied to your account

  91. Moderator: Johanna

    @Peter W – Thanks for your positive feedback :-)

  92. lte

    Simple question

    Traffic shaping and port blocking or are you using user agent string detection?

    The question being as I do not want to phone india after buying this unlimited data to then be told it isn’t compatible with xyz

  93. Peter W


    I had some problems with blocking my Galaxy S2 – the network thought I use tethering which was not the case. After a few phone calls they were able to add an exception to my number for Dolphin Browser and I haven’t had any problems for over a month now. Three is honestly the best network I have used!

    All the best!

  94. Moderator: Johanna

    @Scott – That’s right I’m afraid, you can only move to The One Plan when your contract is up for renewal. You could buy the tethering add-on.

  95. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sally – I’m afraid you can’t upgrade to the One Plan without paying an early upgrade fee and then yes you will start a new 24 month contract, but you will be able to upgrade your phone.

  96. Scott

    I added the £3 AYCE to my sim 300 plan and now cannot tether the device. This is fair enough but the rediculous situation is 3 will not let me upgrade to the one plan as I’m still in contract, even though it would cost more and I don’t use anything outside my £10 per month allowance!! So I can no longer use my ipad and without getting another contract out I cannot resolve this situation either. Madness.

  97. sally

    hello, I need both tethering and use over 3 gb a month. Therefore I need the “one plan” I am 6 months away from the end of my contract on the iPhone 4. If I change to the ” one plan” now, will I be tied to another 24 month contract and no option to upgrade my phone?

  98. Moderator: Kaz

    @rushden9 – Good spot re the options on the Note basket page. I’ll pass this onto the online team. And I’ll also pass your comments on about the blog.three links. Have a good weekend!

  99. rushden9

    @kaz, sorry to be a pain but just been looking at the samsung galazy note which I find is very well priced carn’t wait till I am due uograde in June. Well I ended up at the page where you actually confirm the contract and you have an option to add any extras i.e. international saver £15.32 or teethering for £5 per month buttttt I had selected the one plan why do you have the option to purchase teethering on the one plan.

  100. rushden9

    @kaz, Okay let me tell what is happening at my end so you can pass it on when I click on the link it come’s up with this.
    Oops! Google Chrome could not find
    Try reloading: http://www.­blog.­three.­co.­uk
    Additional suggestions:
    Access a cached copy of http://www.­blog.­three.­co.­uk
    Go to http://www.­three.­co.­uk
    Search on Google:
    However when you go to about three and then click on the blog link there it come’s up ok and the webpage being BLOG.THREE.CO.UK so please pass it on and you tell me because I am baffeled.

  101. Moderator: Kaz

    @rushden9 – I’ve just checked this link again in chrome, Firefox and IE and it’s working fine for us. We do welcome all feedback and I will pass your comments onto our online team to investigate.

  102. Christopher Harvey

    To start on a positive I have been very impressed with the three network since moving from O2 in October. However, I have been less than impressed with your customer service. When I purchased my iPhone text 500 plan (with 1GB internet) in October I was told that I could upgrade to the One Plan at anytime. This has now become essential for me as I need to tether my iPhone to my iPad.

    I have contacted customer services and have been told I cannot change to the One Plan. My only option is to pay an extra £5 a month for 2GB of data to allow me to tether. 2GB may not be sufficient hence I need the unlimited data of the One Plan! Obviously as I was told at the point of sale I could change to the one plan at anytime I am less than impressed that I have been told I cannot.

    I have also been angered by the lack of contact from your customer service team. I have completed your online complaint form. I had a call a few days later from an advisor that gave me incorrect information and has still not even got close to resolving my issue. I am still awaiting a call.

  103. rushden9

    @Johanna, Sorry but the bit about that you listen to your customers feedback and all that NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! sorry but no I have asked 5 times for the blog to check the link to the blog on the homepage (near the bottom of the page) and still nobody has posted an answer. Mod Kaz answered saying that it was working ok for him but I have checked on multidevices and the same dead link every time all I am trying to do is to let you know when something on your website is not working.Mod Sedge answered when i wrote log instead of blog when I corrected myself still nothing how hard is it or is it that you do not want many people to find you.

  104. William

    Hi mod, thank you! It would be very useful though if the repair can be accelertaed as the issue has been for a few weeks already…

  105. Moderator: Johanna

    @doug bramwell – Yes we certainly do take notice of customer comments and feedback and explore every issue raised. If you post a full postcode, I can check the network now for you? Are you a PAYG customer? If on contract you should have no restrictions to your internet access – 333 can run a simple fix for this without the need for checks. I’m not sure why you would have had your internet allowance removed – was it part of your plan?

  106. doug bramwell

    Does anyone at 3 take any notice of customers’ comments ? I regularly read the blog and the same comments keep cropping up. I have reported very poor reception in OL8 but told it’s a reasonable reception area – IT’S NOT !!!!! I have tried to obtain access to ” over 18 ” sites over the ‘phone, as I don’t have a credit card, only to have my Internet allowance removed on the promise of a bigger (2GB) allowance then nothing happened. Most of my friends have cancelled/not renewed with 3 in the last 12 months because of poor reception and very poor service so it now costs me to ring them and my 3 to 3 allowance is virtually useless. I have to keep my old o2 ‘phone so that my office can contact me at home and in many other areas of the country. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is ! Can’t wait for my contract to end.

  107. Moderator: Johanna

    @Stan – Great news, very pleased you’re impressed :-)

  108. Stan

    I have noticed my signal has gone up in previously black-out zones ( including for T-Mobile), my old network,… just as soon as my PAYG top-up is up ._. Ah, well, Ill get one on Friday :D Anyway, service in Barrow has gone from No-service to 3-4 bars! very impressed

  109. Web Dude

    @sedge “don’t forget you can always tweet @ThreeUKSupport.”

    Some of us “old timers” don’t “DO” Facebook or Twitter.

    Online “chat” is something which I have used (with other companies, in UK and elsewhere) and having a transcript of that sent as an e-mail afterwards means any promises or weblinks are documented for reference. No idea what is or isn’t possible with FB/Twit chatter but for many, e-mail might be their preference.

    PS regarding 0845/0870 – I understand some networks include 0870 (which is, after all, meant to be equivalent to “national rate” calls like 01/02/03. 0845s were described as “local rate” when BT charged different for local or national numbers, but by now should be sufficiently common for them not to be charged at high cost. 0844, 0871 and various other numbers are at higher than “normal” numbers because many provide some income to the recipient [business]. Hope one day that calls from mobiles to 0870 and 0845 can be included – many landline line rental fees do include them, off peak, yet most of the 8-12 pounds paid for landline rental is for maintaining equipment and being able to repair line faults without extra charges, so not much left over for free calls to 0845/ 0870, and yet they’re not costing 20++ p per minute even in the middle of a day from a landline.

    [I have followed telecom costs for 30-odd years and had to write software to calculate charge costs in the 80s, though obviously don't know all the contracts and problems for mobile vs landline charging.]

  110. Moderator: Kaz

    @William – I’ve just checked for any issues in your area and a local mast is become faulty which will affect both locations. I can’t give you any updates on when this will be resolved, but can assure you we are treating this as a matter of urgency. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

  111. Moderator: Kaz

    @James – Thanks for your comments, we encourage and welcome all feedback, I will pass this on to the most relevant team.

  112. William

    Hello mods, I have a few locations for you where reception seems to have gone worse recently:
    Postcodes are: (REMOVED)
    Can you please check for me if there are any works ongoing there?
    Thanks, William

  113. James

    A recurring theme on the data roaming message is that you’re waiting for other networks to reduce rates to pass the savings on… but every other UK network has data bundles for roaming in the EU, and Vodafone even does a worldwide one. They haven’t had to wait. You might be small in the UK but your parent company hardly is, and you have other networks within the EU where you could lower the rates or do a bundle.

    O2, £1.50 per day for 15MB.
    Vodafone, £2.50 per day for 25MB.
    Orange, £3.00 per day for 30MB.
    T-Mobile, £1.00 per day for 3MB.
    Three? £1.28 per MB.

    Sort it out!

  114. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Stew – No confirmed dates yet I’m afraid, it’s in testing our end – we’ll let you know more when we can.

  115. Stew

    Hi, can you tell me when the new ice cream update will be available for galaxy s2

  116. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Steve – I’ve dropped you an email so we can arrange that call for you.

  117. Steve

    Hello Three moderators,

    Could you arrange that call you mentioned when Sedge said ”would you like me to arrange a call for you from our Executive team – they’ll be able to help resolve your outstanding issue?”

    Perhaps they will be able to help if I tell them my sad story. I believe you can ID me from my email address.



  118. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Doug Bramwell – Sorry to hear you’re unhappy with our customer service team, don’t forget you can always tweet @ThreeUKSupport.

  119. doug bramwell

    Forget all the talk of “all you can eat data” etc., sort out your pathetic coverage and “difficult to use”call centres !!!

  120. Moderator: Kaz

    @Sergio De Gregorio – Only The One Plan includes tethering. It’s not included in any of our other phone plans. If you would like to tether on Essential or Ultimate plans you just need a Tethering Add-on. which is only £5 for 1GB.

  121. Sergio De Gregorio

    Would these new plans allow tethering?

  122. john

    I have visited the site once again and it seems to be working ok now thanks. must have been some sort of delay. i am on a phone sim only. no broadband as i have no phone line.
    Thanks for your help.

  123. Moderator: Kaz

    @john – That sounds strange, can you confirm if your SIM is a phone SIM or mobile Broadband SIM please.

  124. Moderator: Kaz

    @Johnh – There is no difference. If you are connecting your phone to a wireless enabled device and are accessing the internet this is classed as tethering.

  125. Moderator: Kaz

    @Ali T – Thanks for your comments and I will pass them onto the most relevant team for consideration.

  126. Moderator: Kaz

    @K – You can only tether if you purchase a tethering add-on for only £5 per month.

  127. Shariq Alam

    I think this is one of the best decision 3 mobile network has made, giving customers what they want rather than giving them everything they do not want and have to pay for the service which they do not use at all. The market leading is still The One Plan deal simply because it allows in tethering which most of the network has a black face towards it. Thanks for the new changes. Well done guys..

  128. Ali T

    Interesting that MMS usage STIiLL hasn’t been addressed by the
    contracts team… I mean, seriously? How difficult can it be? I for one would be happy 2 lose 2000 of my 5000 text messages if it meant that I had an additional 500 mms messages to play with. And yes, I know I could subscribe to a social networking site & upload my pics but quite frankly I prefer being a luddite when it comes to Facebook. & I enjoy the silence. So come on 3 please sort out MMS which is fully within your capabilities and roaming!

  129. K

    If I go to all you can eat…..can I tether ?

  130. john

    I am registered on the android three app and can access my account. however i cannot gain access to my account on the website as it asks for my dongle number but i am not on broadband

  131. Johnh

    I’m confused with the difference between using the wifi hotspot application on an android device and tethering – I don’t have one of the plans that allow tethering, but I’m able to use the wifi hotspot application. Could someone explain the difference please. Thanks

  132. Steve

    I’m surprised at your reply Sedge. Sorry if I judged the moderators harshly.

    Well like I said, I received a letter from Three (no call, no acknowledgement, no politeness) saying effectively ‘can’t help…talk to ombudsman.’ I thought Three might have called to talk to me….perhaps, due to my issue, they couldn’t get through, and don’t like landlines.

    After the rudeness of not even returning my call, I took the letter’s advice.

  133. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Steve – Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment, we must have missed that one. Would you like to send through your full postcode so we can take a look at the coverage in your area? Alternatively, would you like me to arrange a call for you from our Executive team – they’ll be able to help resolve your outstanding issue?

  134. Steve

    Time to do that an go very public with all my screen shots. Thanks for the ‘support’

  135. Steve

    My comment has been awaiting moderation since the 7th! I have now just received a letter from three seemingly sent in a hurry telling me to write to an ombudsman. I think I know what you have been up to dear ‘moderators.’

  136. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Jonathan C – Yes, you can upgrade your contract mid-plan – that won’t be an issue. As for the second question, when you add your 30 day additional 250MB it’ll last for 30 days regardless of where you are in the contract.

  137. Moderator: Sedge

    @ Iain – The old deals have gone now, we’re offering The One Plan, Essential, Ultimate as well as Pay As You Go.

  138. Moderator: Sedge

    @Melissa Allen – It’s a special number, you can find out the details here.

  139. Jonathan C

    If I get an Essential Internet plan, but then find I’m having to frequently boost my allowance, is it be possible to upgrade to the equivalent Ultimate Internet plan mid-contract?

    Also on the Essential plan you say the £2 250MB boost lasts for 30 days. So does this mean when the new contract month starts, it will finish off the boost allowance before using that the contract MB’s?

  140. Melissa allen

    Can you please tell me why we can not use our minutes to call 0845 numbers?

  141. AJE

    @Moderator Johanna:- then I’m afraid that is likely to be a deal-breaker.

  142. Gavin

    iPad 3 with all you can eat data please!

    I’m sat here with a credit card waiting to place an order…

  143. Christian

    @Johanna Hutchison Whampoa own a network in Ireland too. Under the exact same Three brand as the UK. How come roaming charges are so expensive in Ireland when you’re not even roaming, you’re using your own network?

    I could understand the higher cost (after all, an unexpected user is now taking resources from a mast that isn’t typically local to them). But it’s your mast, run by the same network. Why such the massive fee for UK customers in Ireland, and vice versa? :(

  144. Yiu-Choy Shing

    I think they should introduce an additional plan to accommodate the intermediate internet users where they don’t need alot of data bundle but can’t survive on 250MB every month!… I’m on the 1GB bundle and use about 900MB a month on average with a moderate use of WiFi (which is used because it gives faster connection)…
    So you see, if and when I upgrade my plan, then I’m stuck with ‘ULTIMATE’ plans which won’t benefit me because I use WiFi to get better downloads/connection speeds or ‘ESSENTIAL’ plans which forces me to buy more data bundle when I run out of data every middle of the month…
    Plus I also think the price different for these plans is so small, people may as well go for the Ultimate plan just so that they don’t run out of data allowance and forcing them to buy more data bundle every month they run out of data allowance.
    What I think Three should do is bring out an ‘INTERMEDIATE’ plan where by you get something like 750MB/1GB data allowance to each corresponding minute/text plan at the ‘ESSENTIAL’ plan prices and have the ‘ESSENTIAL’ plans priced LESS cause I think those prices I see now are just day light robbery!!! Then, I would say THREE have got their new plan change near perfect…
    Hope this gives insight!!! :P

  145. Sharif

    I’ve been on 3 for 6 6 years they have changed so they don’t give a dam about old great upgrades all too expensive

  146. Moderator: Johanna

    @AJE – It’s a we’re sorry we’re not planning on getting the Pureview 808, sorry :-(

  147. Moderator: Johanna

    @Vinnie – We’re not waiting on other operators… we’re hoping rates get reduced so we can pass on these benefits to you. There’s some advice on managing your data roaming settings here.

  148. Moderator: Johanna

    @Luke Stevens – We’re hoping roaming rates get reduced, but I’m afraid until they do we can’t give any more info. It costs us, when you roam onto other networks, which is why we have to charge you guys.

  149. Iain

    @Johanna When you factor in the new handset costs that have been introduced, using your method I would get 400 less minutes for 87p extra per month than the old tariff!

    Would I be able to get the old deal through retentions or have the old tariffs completely gone?

  150. Moderator: Johanna

    @Shocking – You can get AYCE data added to the plans for either £3 a month (if length of contract) or £5 a month if you want to switch on and off, so we’re offering better value for money than before.

  151. Moderator: Johanna

    @Iain – You can get the Lumia 800 on Essential internet for £20 a month, then you can add AYCE data for a further £3 a month – so £2 cheaper than before, for more data…

  152. Vinnie

    Why do you have to wait for other operaters to make roaming costs a thing of the past? Also could someone explain to me why when I’m abroad I’m charged for internet/downloads when I haven’t used it? Indeed I’ve turned off everything I can to stop it!

  153. solomon

    Hi at the moment i am on £25.00 mth 500 mins with 3, and now looking for upgrade to sony xperia s.
    But you are offering me a new contract for £36.00 mth and i want to pay the same as i pay NOW.
    Considering ive been with you since the start , i get the impression that long serving custermers are not VALUED as much please prove me wrong.

  154. Luke Stevens

    How soon do you think it is likely to be when the roaming rates are reduced (Like data packages etc.)? Or atleast can you tell us when you guys are planning to try and get it released? No promises I understand.

    Also can you tell me why 3 Ireland customers etc. can roam here free or charge yet we have to pay a fortune on data there?

  155. Shocking

    The new tarrifs are piss poor, price plans that gave 1GB yesterday now only give 250mb. In many cases the handset prices have went up in general. Where is the benefit or good deal to the customer? Good bye three, hello t-mobile or tesco!!

  156. james vincent

    The new plans are great. And the 5000 texts should definitely stay. For those who can send high amounts some months

  157. Iain

    The Lumia 800 on Text 500 cost £25pm yesterday with 1GB data but is now the same price with 250MB of data, how is this a good deal for existing customers wishing to upgrade? There is now no middle ground for data usage, unlimited is too much for some people!

  158. AJE

    @Moderator Johanna:- Er….is that “Sorry we are not getting the Pureview 808″ or “Sorry, we have no news on the Pureview 808….yet”?

  159. Jonathan

    Two years ago I got the flagship Android phone of the time (HTC Desire) on Three with no upfront fee on an 2 year Internet 100 contract for £17/month with 500MB usage.

    Until the HTC One prices are released, the current flagship HTC is the Sensation XE. This would be £22/month with a £99 upfront fee and I’d only get 250MB usage. I know I got a good deal with the Desire and inflation affects prices, but it is still a significant cost increase (£219 over the two years) for less bandwidth when I come to upgrade next month. :( £291 more if I go for the AYCE.

  160. Moderator: Johanna

    @daz – We’re lobbying to get roaming rates reduced, so you guys can reap the benefits.

  161. Moderator: Johanna

    @Stew – Just picked up your comment on Twitter too :-) There isn’t a cheaper deal that will do the same thing. Stick on One Plan SIM only if you want to tether inclusively.

  162. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sam – It’s still there, within The One Plan :-)

  163. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sam – There never was an unlimited tethering add-on… The only plans you can tether on with all you can eat data are The One Plan and One Plan SIM-only.

  164. Moderator: Johanna

    @dazman – AYCE is really AYCE, you should only have to purchase this once. Are you on PAYG? You need to convert your £15 top up to all in one 15.

  165. Moderator: Johanna

    @Stan – have you had a proper look through our plans? You can here.

  166. Stew

    Hi, im on Sim only one plan paying £25 a month. What’s the cheaper deal that will do the same thing. I need tethering

  167. Moderator: Johanna

    @AJE – Glad you approve of our new plans :-) We’re in support of reducing roaming costs, so you guys can reap the benefits, as has been widely reported in the media. Ha, sorry re the 808 Pureview!

  168. Moderator: Johanna

    @Andrew – Thanks for your feedback. So you could get an Essential Plan, with an AYCE add-on :-)

  169. Bob X

    @Meh – kind of agree with you – 5K texts is “unlimited” in my book. I too would have preferred 500 – in effect giving me the same deal as the old (?) Texter500 plan with the AYCE add-on.

    @Three, will you stop tempting me when I’d decided to leave come contract end! The new plans look superb – easily beating the best available elsewhere – other networks should feel shamed. Now if I could send MMS’s to non-Three phones; phone freephone numbers and didn’t get a monthly message that I’d run out of credit (on my contract) when in fact I’d hardly used it then I’d consider staying.

    One question though – these new plans, I’m assuming that they’re available for SIM-only deals, any clues as to whether they’re going to be available on durations other than 24 months?

  170. Sam

    I know several people considering switching to three from o2 because of Three’s unlimited tethering option, but it seems they now may as well will stay with o2. Tethering is very useful for when travelling the uk with the terrible expensive and slow wifi at many hotels!

  171. Sam

    Wow, seriously not impressed by Three removing the Unlimited Tethering option on its new Unlimited contracts, and charging £5 for just 1gb of Tethering data!! would at least expect 5gb of Tethering data for £5!!!

  172. Ian

    It would be wonderful to have a plan that allows tethering for those of us who make little in the way of phone calls and texts.

    Personally I use about 3GB per month on tethered data, making the One Plan the only viable choice, but I only use around 100 minutes and 300 texts, meaning I’m paying for hours and hours of unused call time. A reduced price package with fewer minutes & texts which still allows all you can eat tethering would be music to my ears (and I’ll second the cries for roaming data bundles too).

    Many thanks.

  173. daz

    I would also like to know about Data roaming, remember Three like home? that was great for data roaming on the Three networks.

  174. dazman

    as much as i think 3 are great, i also disagree as its not exacley “all you can eat” data as i use the internet consistantly and find myself having to purchase the “all you can eat” several times a month as they give you a set amount to use for 30 days, hence it is not “all you can eat” as you still have a limited amount!!

  175. Stan

    You’re next revolutionary thing:

    Customisable plans. I’d love AYCE + 50 Mins, 100 texts, as I phone and text very little, And am mainly on you network for your great data plans. Any phone, different base prices.

    Imagine the flexibility! It would enable me to get a great value data plan, with only the essential C & T’s at about £20 varying on the phone.

  176. richard

    Still not flexible enough for me. I would personally prefer around 200 mins calling and 50 text + unlimited tethered internet. This is my dream package.

    Dreammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm on

  177. AJE

    Thank goodness. I’ve stated on more than one occasion in the past that The One Plan was so over the top in what it gave that mnay users would be paying for things they simply would not use; I, for one, could not envisage using anywhere near 2,000 minutes call time in a month. So well done Three for dealing with this……partly.

    As Meh has pointed out, 5,000 texts!?!?! There is no way I could send over 160 texts a day every day; and, if I could, I’d have serious concerns for myself. So on this I’d still be paying for something I’d never use. Please do address this also.

    I’d also like to throw my cap into the ring regarding data roaming. It is very restricting when abraod to switch off all internet access for fear of the bill you might be building up.

    Finally, I presume that all these tariffs will be available on the new NOKIA 808 Pureview that you WILL be stocking – hint hint!!

  178. Andrew

    As much as the new plans help a lot of people my idea plan would be

    around 500 mins
    500 texts
    AYCE data with tethering

    i use a ton of data (40GB last month) but my minutes and texts just lie idol and never get used

  179. Moderator: Kaz

    @Meh – thanks for your comments, I will pass them onto the relevant team for consideration.

  180. Moderator: Kaz

    @PW – These changes only apply to our contract phone plans.

  181. Darren

    Another great move by Three, for the last 9 years its always the Three network that have removed barriers and moved forward with great ideas. It seems to me 3 knew 9 years ago what would be happening today with smartphone’s and data usage etc. Well Done

  182. Meh

    You could reduce the price by removing the useless features, such as “5000 texts as standard, and depending on your usage you can choose either 100, 300, 500 or 1000 minutes to any other network”

    Change that to 500 texts, 100 minutes, and you’ve created the best plan at the best price possible. Skype your calls for cheaper costs, and use gtalk/msn or anything on your phone for free messages.

  183. Danny Thompson

    How many times in a quarter do I have to post “Nice one Three”? Yet again you’ve scored a massive coup with extremely keen contract plans that address the needs of any smartphone user.

    Owning and using a smartphone, with Three, has just got a whole lot simpler. Thats nice.

  184. PW

    Does this mean I will no longer have limits imposed on my current mifi?

  185. Moderator: Kaz

    @steve – Afraid I don’t have any news regarding roaming bundles but will pass your comments on to the most relevant department for consideration.

  186. Hip59

    Well done three another great move and it reduces the number of plans you have which is also less confusing for users. I have had a bit of a hate and lover affair with three over the years myself, but have to admit the one plan and the steps three have taken to inprove CS have made me love the network again. I know calling the CS centre which is based over seas can be hard at times, but three have inproved the skills of the staff there and increased online via this blog/twitter etc which all adds to assisting the user.

    No matter what three do, some will allways moan, but three broght us the internet yes first through the walled gnd in the early days to now the one plan which I love, they fought for the ending or cutting back of the MTR and I know they are working on data roaming at a time when the EU is cuting costs of data and UK looking forward starting 4G or 3.5 3g. Three really is the network to belong to now. Keep it up guys.

  187. Steve

    +1 for data roaming bundles – every other network has bundles which are cheaper than Three.

    As far as I can see this is a bait and switch tactic. Get people used to using their phone all the time, then whack them with a £1.25/MB charge when they go on holiday.

    Only the thought of another battle with your utterly incompetent call centre (my account history will back up this claim) to get a PAC code puts me off switching.

    This needs sorting, Three, as an absolute priority.
    (In the next fortnight before I go on holiday please!)

  188. Moderator: Kaz

    @colin – It will not be long now, but can’t give you any dates just yet.

  189. colin

    When is the galaxy note coming out. Waiting for this baby so that I can leave my current provider

  190. Steve

    This sounds great…However:

    Before joining Three I used the coverage checker…it said it would work inside and out where I live. Not content with this I had a friend come round with his Blackberry…it worked quite well and showed two bars.
    So I joined on all-you-can-eat, and got a Samsung S2… If I prop it up against the window I receive the occasional call, but can never pick up the phone or the call is dropped (all calls must be hands free). Most calls are not connected or drop. My bill says I got 500 MB of use and managed to send 3 texts and make 80 minutes of calls last month; I think most of these are away from home; all this for £45 a month (so about 50 a minute on a contract!!!!). I complained to Three to be told the ‘Samsung has issues in low signal areas.’ I was offered a phone that worked, but I would have to pay another hundred pounds to get one!!!!!!! After thinking about this I have complained again about the £100 offer; it seems very unfair to me: Why should I pay more when I went out of my way to check coverage, and beyond that reality with a friends phone?

    The lesson: don’t believe anything, and only join if you have tested the phone you are getting at your location.

    P.S. After my second complaint Three have not contacted me at all. I am trying to work out who outside of three to tell the shocking story of this customer service. This is like the dark ages of phone coverage; I live on the south coast in a centre of population….Beware all.

  191. Moderator: Kaz

    @James – Afraid I don’t have any news for you, sorry.

  192. Moderator: Kaz

    @Mat – Only The One Plan includes tethering. It’s not included in any of our other phone plans. If you would like to tether on Essential or Ultimate plans you’ll need a Tethering Add-on. which is only £5 for 1GB.

  193. Moderator: Kaz

    @andrew hadley – Thanks for the great comments.

  194. andrew hadley

    i have been on 3 for about five years mainly payg but now one plan sim only, i cant ever see a reason why anyone would use another network, keep it up

  195. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dee – thanks for the comments, we have launched our new plans based on clear insight into the needs of customers when it comes to using the internet on their phones. For a large majority of people they want to stay in control of their costs – part of that means not worrying about surprise data charges on their bills. Our Essential plans allow customers to choose their spend whilst also giving them options to increase their data limits when and if they have the need.

  196. mrplow

    GiffGaff is truly unlimited, got 3 heavy data users using GiffGaff ‘goodybags’ and have never had an issue whatsoever.

    Personally I’m on the three all-you-can-eat plan (because I wanted a 4s and need the tethering option) and the service has always been excellent.

    I just wish Three would offer an all-you-can-eat tariff for my MiFi.

  197. Moderator: Kaz

    @FooFan73 – Glad you like the new plans. Thanks for the great comments.

  198. Dee

    With all due respect and recognition of unique offer why to cut off data connection completely when you hit the limit? Could you just slow it down to crawling 64k so at least I’ll be able to send an urgent email? Many European operators have this option and most modern phones become annoying useless semi-bricks when their internet oxygen supply gets cut off. All-you-can-eat is fantastic offer for internet addicts and currently has no match in UK, but cutting casual users when they hit 250MB (guess how easy is that with a modern smartphone if you know nothing about wireless traffic and data services?) – is like stubbing in the back.

    Make it too slow for data-hungry services like YouTube when user hits the limit, but leave it alive.
    Imagine complete blackout at home and your dying mobile “Dial 123 to top-up your bal….”

  199. FooFan73

    I can’t ever see me leaving Three.

    My One plan Galaxy S2 offers me everything I need in a phone and my kids love how much they get on their PAYG top ups compared to their friends on other networks.

    These new tariffs look great. As a hard of hearing person I seldom use my minutes but when I upgrade I can now have a tariff with unlimited internet, lots of texts but less minutes and it’ll cost less than my current One Plan

    Well done Three!

  200. Mat

    As someone who uses bucketloads of data, and hardly any calls, this makes me like Three even more, but will these new tariffs (particularly the ultimate internet plan) include/allow tethering?

  201. James

    Still waiting for some news on what you’re going to do about data roaming!

  202. Gareth

    This is excellent news. GiffGaff and other networks should take a leaf out of your book and actually give “Unlimited” internet if advertising it or simply stop.

    I love the idea of being able to boost your data to all-you-can-eat for £5. That’s great news for people who maybe only use it every now and then.

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