Samsung Galaxy SIII – coming soon to Three.

We have lift off! The hotly rumoured Samsung Galaxy SIII has been officially announced. We’re excited to confirm that it will be available on Three, with pre-order opening tomorrow morning.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII will be available on The One Plan with all-you-can-eat data at £34 per month and no upfront cost. You can view the full details of the plan here.

In addition, everyone that pre-orders the Galaxy SIII with Three before the 30th May will be automatically entered into a daily draw to win one of 26 brand new Samsung Smart TVs.

If you’re new to Three you can pre-order the Samsung Galaxy SIII by calling 0800 358 1799 or by visiting your local 3Store tomorrow.

If you’re already with Three and you’re eligible to upgrade, give us a call on 333 tomorrow from your Three phone.

Don’t forget to register for updates and information about the Samsung Galaxy SIII here.



434 Responses to Samsung Galaxy SIII – coming soon to Three.
  1. Moderator: Madeline

    @Paul Fettig – Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the update, we don’t have any information on the 4.4 update for the S3 at the moment. Although it may be an inconvenience, you’d be best conducting a factory reset on your phone. If this doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll put you in contact with Samsung.

  2. Paul Fettig

    Hi I have an S3 and due an upgrade in a few months. I recently got the android 4.3 upgrade and it is a nightmare. The phone freezes quite often especially when trying to make a call. Also it randomly reboots itself. Is there a fix due out or an android 4.4 update due? I called tech support and they said there wasn’t and I would need to try a factory reset (total pain) and if that doesn’t work send the phone for repair…A bit shocking for a software issue that an update would fix…What do you suggest? Is there an upate due? Thanks

  3. Moderator: Pamela

    @George I’m afraid the Samsung Galaxy S3 isn’t 4G ready. Thanks, Pamela

  4. George

    Hello 3 I have a Samsung galaxy S3 and I have not got the 4g software update. Is my phone compatible for 4G?Iam I not getting the update or do I still have to wait please help thnx

  5. Moderator: Chris

    @Sandy – Hi there, it depends on which phone you’re using? It can be tough for us to tell when new software updates are being released exactly but I’ll get as much info for you as I can. Cheers.

  6. sandy

    can’t see jelly bean update, have been waiting since 1 month. Any rough guess when we would see the update rolling out??

  7. Moderator: Nicki

    @illya – Hi, we’ve got 4.3 for the Galaxy SIII in testing at the moment and hope to have more info soon.

  8. illya

    how about the latest (4.3 I think) update?

  9. Ellie

    @Aldo – We have no announcement on this update at the present time I’m afraid.

  10. aldo

    any news on the 4.1.2 release? It came out on vodafone, o2 and unbranded handsets in the uk a couple of weeks ago. Why the delay on Three?

  11. Moderator: Lauren

    @WS – we’ve had no word yet I’m afraid.

  12. WS

    Could anyone please comment on the the timescales for the Premium update announced by Samsung to land on the S3? Tka

  13. Moderator: Johanna

    @Sean – At the moment the only aspect of TrafficSense running is the policing of tethering on non-permitted plans and traffic management of peer-to-peer sites. What issues are you having?

  14. BLADESMAN1889

    @ Ros,

    Its not that I’m unhappy as I don’t really like the S3 – it just took me by surprise to see the price had gone up thats all.

    Hopefully this new deal that you have done with Samsung [LTE] will see that you [3] will get a nice exclusive on the S4 which is going to be Samsungs flagship 4g device being launched for the UK market of 4G.

    The device is said to be hitting the shelves in March after being unveiled at the MWC in feb 2013. Good times ahead for 3 and Samy – lets hope [thats I hope] that this new S4 is going to be less curvy and more straight sharp lines for the square look [according to insiders/rumours]

  15. Ros

    @BLADESMAN1889 – Really sorry you’re not happy with the deal we are currently offering on the SIII. Deals and prices change all the time. I don’t think this is any different than it has always been. When you consider that for £36 you get All You Can Eat data, it’s still a market beating deal. We are launching our own 4G next year, but in the meantime we are rolling out HSPA+ which customers are already seeing amazing speeds on. Hopefully this addresses some of your issues, but I am sorry that you’re unhappy with the deals we are currently offering.

  16. W. Santos

    Upgraded to JB on Saturday morning, great job Three as it seems we got ahead of everyone else in the UK (for a change!!) The update did not mess around with any of my data, apps, etc. Everything was right there after the process was finished which is great.

  17. BLADESMAN1889

    Can you tell me as to why the S3 has INCREASED in price ? The price on the One Plan had started to come down since launch but when I just checked [expecting to see a further reduction] from 6 weeks or so ago it had in fact gone UP from £31 to £36.

    Thats £5, [I know its rather obvious] but this was a huge shock. It seems that 3 is no longer anywhere near as competative as it used to be.

    Is this a sign of things to come ? are you going upmarket now ?

    Very soon I am due for an upgrade and now find myself looking to check the other Networks to compare prices – which I had no intention of doing before this.

    As you no longer give any benefit/loyalty to existing customers what is to stop people moving away – especially as by the end of this month there will be for the first time a REAL alternative FASTER [4g] network to consider.

    Though I don’t expect TPTB to give a rats a** as all I see on this blog when other customers leave/threaten to leave for very simalar reasons is a response of


    What ????? Whose business model of practice does this belong to – or which bright spark gave the go-ahead to adopt such a flawed response ?

    The reason I often see given as an answer is that your prices are so cheap that this is the best way to show loyalty to customers.

    So what now ?

  18. Moderator: Nicki – Hi there, it’s available now. Check out our guide on how to download here.


    Any news on the jelly bean update?

  20. Ros

    @Phil8715 – No news on that at the moment I’m afraid, but if we are we will announce.

  21. Phil8715

    Will Three be stocking the Galaxy S3 Mini?

  22. Moderator: Nicki

    @Phil8715 – Hi there, as this is a third party they have the ability to charge their own prices and run their own promotions.

  23. Phil8715

    Can you tell why Three charge £31 on the Ultimate Internet 500 with an upfront payment of £99, on another third party site
    For £26 with a free phone?

  24. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andy – Samsung are releasing it in Oct. We’ll comment when we have more info.

  25. Andy

    Any ETA on the Jellybean update for the S3?

  26. Ros

    @CSH – Good stuff!

  27. CSH

    Just to let everyone know – woke up at 3am this morning, went to check time on my phone and BANG! OTA Update notification!! Set it going, checked my phone when I woke up and now have brightness slider, extra power saving options (listed as colors?) in the browser menu. Looks pretty cool so far.

  28. Moderator: Johanna

    @aldo – Sorry it’s taken us a while to come back to you. We can confirm that the latest maintenance release has been tested by our time and was approved on Friday. We now have to wait for Samsung and Android to approve it before it gets pushed live. Just to give you a bit of background… we chose not to take the prior MR has it only had one fix, which would have had no positive impact for our customers. And yes I can confirm if you flash your Three phone it will void the warranty. There’s no way we hold back updates, we recognise the importance of getting them to you guys, but we also need to make sure they are fully tested and issued without bugs.

  29. aldo

    So any response from the product manager? It’s been over 2 weeks. I can understand that 3 don’t intentionally hold back updates by why is it then that we are still miles behind on the updates. Pretty sure all the other UK networks are ahead of us on firmware version so why are 3 so bad? The phone has been improved with software updates, by not providing them we just aren’t getting the experience we should. It seems the only way is to flash generic Samsung software so we get updates direct from them. Could you confirm if this affects warranty with 3?

  30. Moderator: Johanna

    @aldo – we have no reason to withhold updates, it’s not in our interest at all. When we release bespoke updates we have to run tests to make sure they will run efficiently on our network and give you guys the best possible experience. When we have news on Jelly Bean we’ll share it.

  31. aldo

    Any news yet on why three are holding back updates? The rumour mill online is suggesting Jelly Bean could be released for the international galaxy s3 next week so when are we likely to get this? Will three give us this major update or is our only option to flash with stock Samsung firmware and not rely on Three?

  32. Moderator: Lauren

    @Aldo – sorry we must have missed your comments. They’re approved now. We’re waiting on hearing back from the product manager about the updates that are being tested.

  33. Moderator: Lauren

    @Frances – apologies, we must have missed them. They’ve been approved now. Just chased with the Samsung product manager to find out what updates are in the pipeline.

  34. aldo

    Any reason why my previous comment is still waiting for moderation? What is the status on the missing software updates? We need these for the stability and performance enhancements. For example: sadly the phone is almost unusable in bright sunlight meaning the screen brightness has to be ramped up to full (still barely usable but better than nothing). The recent updates have added a brightness slider to the notification menu which would allow this change to be made easily. Right now we have to go to settings, then display, then brightness before we get to the slider which is nearly impossible in bright sunlight if the brightness is already low. Samsung have added this much needed feature so why don’t we have access to it on Three?

  35. Frances

    Why is my coment from the 9th august still waiting moderation? When other coments after that are up on the blog. Lauren you told Aldo that you would check what firmware updates Three were working on for the Galaxy S3, have you any news on that? Many Thanks

  36. Moderator: Lauren

    @Duncan – our Social Media Care team will get back to you via email in around 2-3 working days.

  37. Duncan Farmer

    Hi Kaz… I have replied to your email with my details. If you have someone contact me around 7 that would be great.

  38. Moderator: Kaz

    @Duncan Farmer – Sorry to read this. I have sent an email requesting more account details so one of our social media care team can look into and resolve this issue for you.

  39. Duncan Farmer

    Hi Mods, great blogs and great work but please help me –

    I have to post this here as I have no other option.

    I really wish someone could help as currently I am left utterly disgusted with 3’s customer service.

    Let me start,

    After hours of phone calls and being transferred, lied to, cut off etc I am still no further into sorting out my problems.

    I pre-ordered a Galaxy S3 (amazing device) from Nottingham store and collected as agreed.
    However, I was told by the store sales person (disclosed name) that in exchange for a free cover, which they didn’t have, I would get a £15 refund on my first bill.

    This never happened (this is my 3rd bill currently) – I called customer services who’s initial response was “your were obviously mistaken”, to my horror.
    I explained the whole conversation that I had with the guy in store and provided his full name that was on the sales receipt.

    Customer services raised a complaint for me and advised they would investigate the situation and contact me back within 5 working days.
    Guess what – no contact. I rang back after 8 days (adequate time I thought) and they advised that they had investigated it and said that they would apply the £15 discount on my 3rd bill, not once apologising for not contacting me.

    At this point, I thought it best to explain that since receiving the contract, I had not been able to access all websites, Gambling, Lottery, Twitter etc.

    They said that I needed a ‘Top Shelf Add-on’ – only to find out at this stage that it had never been activated (sigh)

    Today 13/08/12 – I have called again because – Guess what – still no discount applied to my bill (3 months later) and no top shelf add-on.

    I have just spent an hour on the phone, explaining to someone that doesn’t understand me, what has been happening over the last 3 months, over and over again – was then cut off, as I think the information was too much for the person on the phone to cope with.

    I called again and you guessed it, another 30 mins explaining it ALL AGAIN to someone else.

    I have been promised AGAIN that I will get the discount on my next bill and full internet access added. I also explained that the technical Team said I should get a £5 discount for each month I haven’t had the ‘Top Shelf Add-on’ bearing in mind that this should have been on there from day one, I am 31 years old and clearly not under 18 and was bought in store.
    They have now said that I need to call someone else to investigate this.

    I am totally at my wits end and utterly disgusted in the service I am getting.

    I have 2 contracts with 3, one is coming up for renewal in a few months and is highly unlikely I will not be returning based on the rubbish service I am getting.
    I am even considering buying out the remaining 20months on this contract just to get away. Or taking legal action as I am clearly being messed around.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone help with all of this.

    My personal Email is (REMOVED)

    If you can contact me and deal with me directly.

    Please can we sort something without months of investigating and no one understanding.

    Please remove my email address from the blog also.


  40. aldo

    Surely we should just get all the updates,that Samsung provide so our phones are fully supported ? The latest is a base band update XXLH1 from what I can tell but we are already way behind. Some updates add stability improvements, battery life improvements, brightness slider in the notification panel, improved web browser. We need all these updates or we haven’t got a proper galaxy s3

  41. Moderator: Lauren

    @Aldo – can you advise of the update build you are talking about and I can check to see if we are releasing this?

  42. aldo

    I’m reading online that another update is out so that makes us what, four updates behind? Thanks three!

  43. Frances

    HI, Lauren your post doens’t answer the question, three’s last update PDA:LF6/PHONE:LF1/CSC:LF1 is still 3 updates behind samsung. updates are released to improve the device with fixes & new features, samsung & google release updates its then down too the networks to past it on to there customers. Being first to release an update is slightly impressive but what would be better is a constant release of firmware updates for our devices. So what is the answer to some of the earlier posts- are three working on the next update or is that it three will wait til Jelly Bean is released for the galaxy s3, before we can have the next update????

  44. Moderator: Lauren

    @Aldo – we test the software and sometimes make alterations which can cause delays. It depends on the build though, we were the first to release ICS for the SII.

  45. aldo

    From what I can tell we’ve just been given the first software update that Samsung released weeks ago. Really disappointing to be so far behind but at least this is a start. Can we trust that we will soon get the next updates with the brightness slider and obvious stability and performance improvements?

  46. CSH


    Update to previous post – updated new firmware and it has taken successfully. However it appears that it is a stability or general update – none of the new features touted in a lot of websites RE brightness slider, etc. That said not had time to plug back into KiES and see if maybe updates stack behind one another so they have to update in sequence?

  47. CSH

    Evening folks

    With regard to the update I just plugged my S3 into the PC, opened KiES and it prompted me that there was an update available – PDA:LF6/PHONE:LF1/CSC:LF1(H3G). Must be a new update gone live as I use KiES several times a week to port & sync items between handset and PC. Last synced 2 days ago so gone live in the last 48 hours. Wasn’t able to update as yet as handset only had 24% charge (KiES wants it to be fully charged before it considers doing the business).

    Hope that helps and stops the mods getting their ears bent! :D

  48. Moderator: Nicki

    @aldo – Hi there, good news is we’ve approved the update. It’s been passed to Samsung, so now up to them to release it to the market. It’s now out of our hands as such.

  49. aldo

    looks like another update has been released by samsung today – albeit one to remove local search so not really a posive thing – howver this puts us what, 3 or is it 4 updates behind? How come its out on the other networks yet somehow Samsung are taking their time with the Three update? Doesn’t make sense. Are we going to get any support with this phone?

  50. W. Santos

    @Mod then we’re back to my first comment about the long delay for this to happen since a 3 weeks wait is not really what we can call ‘imminent’.

  51. Moderator: Kaz

    @W. Santos – Sorry, slight mix up. We are just waiting for Samsung/Google to push it live.

  52. W. Santos

    @Mod so what happened to the tested version mentioned on the 9th when the ball was supposedly thrown to Samsung/Google?

    @Richard – We have tested and approved a maintenance release and we’re just waiting for Samsung/Google to push it live. I’m afraid we can’t give a date/time but it’s imminent.

  53. Moderator: Kaz

    @W. Santos – No further news for everyone just yet on this update. We will let everyone know as soon as testing is complete and it’s ready to be pushed out.

  54. W. Santos

    11 days since last comment on the update and still nothing. Something is looking really wrong.

  55. Moderator: Kaz

    @Stuart – Sorry to read this, the best course of action is to either give our repair centre a call on 333 or pop into your local Three store so they can take a look.

  56. Stuart

    Had my S3 from launch, although delayed as it is the pebble blue version. I have been having issues recently with my S3 intermittently reporting the SIM card is not inserted, when clearly it is and I have not done anything to dislodge the SIM card from its holder.
    The only way to rectify this error is to power the phone off, take the back cover off, remove battery, rlease the SIM card and then pop it back in fully engaged with click sound, then reassemble the phone.
    Needless to say this is a pain to do and happens randomly but only about once a week.

    Anyone else have this issue?

    Whats my best course of action to get it resolved properly, is it new SIM or replacement handset?

    Any info welcome.

  57. DougieCM

    Not exactly ideal but if you’ve got the Kies Update loop error, then to get round it you need to end the KiesUpdate process in task manager AFTER it’s extracted and downloaded/installed the 267 files but BEFORE it’s finished restoring the 252 other files. Once you’ve done that, reopen Kies and it should allow you to update the firmware.

    Definitely a few bugbears ironed out!

  58. Moderator: Johanna

    @Giles Lawrence – Thanks for feeding this back, really useful update as we weren’t aware of the Kies issue in our team.

  59. Moderator: Johanna

    @Richard – We have tested and approved a maintenance release and we’re just waiting for Samsung/Google to push it live. I’m afraid we can’t give a date/time but it’s imminent.

  60. Giles Lawrence

    Changed from Iphone 4 to the Samsung S3 (which I love…..) just over a week ago, but have come across a small problem which others may find in time…

    I went to sych my phone this afternoon using the Kies software – and upon starting the program, it informed me that there was a new version of the program available and would I like to download it… I said yes…

    However, the program gets to 80% and then suddenly goes about uninstalling the latest update before re-starting Kies and asking again if I want to download the latest version of Kies (v. again!!!

    I’m currently running v. – and even the Samsung site still has this version as the latest available version.

    I’ve tried un-installing the current version and re-installing it again – to no avail.

    Apparently – Samsung are aware of the problem, but have not advised of a solution….

    Just a heads up for others.

    Will post back if i hear any news.

    Keep up the great work 3.

  61. Richard

    Another quick question about updates. Samsung have released another OTA update that adds a brightness slider to the notification screen. Any ideas when they will be made available too?


  62. Moderator: Lauren

    @Geoff – we’ve had no word on that so far. If you keep an eye on our Coming Soon page you can check for any new releases.

  63. Geoff

    Hi I was wondering if you will be stocking the 32gb version of the S3 – there is almost no information available about whether you will or not despite Vodafone’s exclusivity period ending :-/

  64. Moderator: Johanna

    @Richard – We have no timesales yet I’m afraid, we’ve heard rumours of Q4, but we’re dependant on Android.

  65. Richard

    Any indication when you might start making Jelly Bean available?

  66. Moderator: Lauren

    @Bryydo – what model of phone do you have?

  67. Kirsty

    Just got this phone yesterday and i love it

  68. bryydo

    How do i update my phone to ice cream sandwitch?????

  69. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jonny – I’m afraid it isn’t possible but I can see your logic. The team on 333 would let you buy out your contract but this can get expensive. Best bet is to wait until the last month of contract and upgrade, sorry!

  70. Jonny


    I am currently on a contract with Three with a Blackberry Bold 9870. My contract doesn’t end in 7 months (something like that) and it’s somewhere along the lines of £27 a month.

    Would it be possible, to terminate this contract free of charge on the condition that I give you my current handset and go on the One plan for the S3?

    That way, you (Three) are not loosing a customer, and you’re being given the Blackberry handset to recycle.

    Pretty much an ‘early upgrade’.

    I understand if this isn’t possible.


  71. Moderator: Nicki

    @john – Hi there, if you’ve filled out the complaints form someone will be in touch to try and resolve. Hope it gets sorted for you :-)

  72. john

    Nicki. Since the returns paperwork was made out for 3 revive was made out on the 11/5/12 the expiry date of 25/512 which is before the expected date of the blue s3 of 30/5/12 so the delay on the blue s3 did not come into it. Since the three store would have been aware of the 2 week expiry on returns to 3 revive why did they make out the returns paperwork as early as they did? The terms and conditions of 3revive might be outside three ‘s control but they certainly would have been aware of them!

  73. john

    Where the mistakes was made was that the three store made out my returns form on the day I ordered the s3 (11/5/12) when it should have been made out on the day I collected my s3 (8/6/12). Had the three store not made this blunder I would have not fallen foul of the 2 week expiry rule from 3 revive. As 3 revive have pointed out it is for three to sort this one out Nicki?

  74. john

    Nicki .re your latest comment. I did contact 3 revive but they say it’s 3,s problems to sort out. So I have turned into a ping pong ball but like I said earlier I have put a complaint in so let’s hope it’s sorted out

  75. john

    Re my latest comments. I have filled in a complaint form which has been acknowledged so wish me luck!

  76. Moderator: Nicki

    @stephen – Hi there, you can apply to upgrade at any point, however if it’s before your last month you’d be charged an early upgrade fee. This fee is made up of your remaining months x your monthly cost.

  77. Moderator: Nicki

    @john – Hi there, sorry to hear you’ve had with your trade in. The trade ins are operated by a third party called Revive Mobile I’m afraid. They can be contacted on 08452416030. I’m afraid we have no control over their trade in terms. The delay to your phone was unavoidable due to a delay of stock affecting all networks caused by the manufacturer, I’m afraid this was outwith our control.

  78. stephen

    M wifes phone is old her htc broke so shes using her daughters old phone. But its nackard.she needs an upgrade. Is ut possible for her to have an early one

  79. john

    The three store in truro have a duty of care which does .not mean they absolve themselves of all blame. Through their carelessness they have cost me £18 which I would like back.

  80. john

    It’s poor old me
    No help from three.
    When I have been fleeced
    They need me the least.
    Shame on three

  81. Moderator: Nicki

    @dave – Hi there, I’m afraid we’re not able to publish a list, however Samsung will be contacting the winners directly.

  82. Moderator: Nicki

    @rushden9 – Hi there, can you please send us examples of the URLs you’re unable to access?

  83. john

    I have my blue s3 from three. I sent in my s2 for recycling when I got the s3. The delivery date for the s3 given was outside the two week recycling order of two weeks. Three did not point this out to me at the time so I have been paid £18 short on the recycled value of my s2.
    3 revive said take it up with the three store but they did not want to know. I have read in the web that three are the most complained about carrier. Now I know why.
    In the forlorn hope you can sort it out the order number in question is T20725 order date 11/5/12. Order approved 11/5/12. Order expires 25/5/12. Order ref 1489. As you can see the order expired before the expected delivery date of 30/5/12. So why was this not picked up at the time as it was obvious that the trade in was not going to happen in time

  84. Moderator: Nicki

    @Carl – Hi there, no word on this at the moment. It’s only the 16GB that we’ve been informed we’re selling.

  85. dave

    Is there a lIst of winners for the Samsung smart tv draw ?

  86. rushden9

    Please please please please can you ask the website maintanence team to teether a handset to a computer and check links on your website i get alot of faults from the links I only have three internet now and I find there is alot of dead or no data sent from your links heh amazing it only seems to happen on your website it’s getting to be a pain please please please.

  87. Carl

    Hi, just wondering whether three are planningon selling the 32gb/64gb models, and whether any details on pricing are known if you are.

  88. Moderator: Johanna

    @Robert – It’s not something we have any immediate plans for but we’ll update and blog about it if this changes. We don’t update our blog pages as they are date stamped…

  89. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Nothing confirmed at the moment, but we always tweet when they’re available through @ThreeUKSupport

  90. Robert

    Does three have any plans for. NFC wallet…Vodafone,orange,o2 all have money wallets and all will have NFC enabled the end if the year …

    I am on three and have he 02 wallet installed which I use to pay online shopping . In addition O2 say that they will enable NFC in the September 2012 .

    Please also update you blog pages… is still showing” Samsung galaxy s3 comming soon” So chave having out of date web pages

  91. john

    Ok. Thanks for that. Any idea when the customization update will be coming out?

  92. Moderator: Nicki

    @john – It may be the case you could call and speak to our technical when a software update is released in order to find out what it includes, however I’m afraid we wouldn’t be in a position to have all the details for you through this channel.

  93. john

    I have been thinking about your comment. WHY wouldn’t you tell us the content of the customization ? Would YOU download something if you had not been informed EXACTLY what the content was beforehand ? No of course you wouldn’t . So why would YOU expect me to? It’s only to be expected so I do not understand why the reluctance to tell me?

  94. john

    Thanks for that Nicki . It’s just that I like to know what it is I’m downloading

  95. Moderator: Nicki

    @john – Hi there, thanks for the suggestion. I can’t confirm if this would be something we’d look at doing but will certainly pass the suggestion on to our device team :-)

  96. Moderator: Nicki

    @bob kahlon – Hi there, if you chose not to set a Direct Debit up you’d be charged an additional £4 per month. If you do set up a Direct Debit then you won’t be charged this, thus you’re saving £4 a month.

    Sorry if you think I’m wrong however I can confirm what I’ve advised is correct. Please feel free to contact our customer service department on 333 if you still wish to question this.

  97. bob kahlon

    @ Mod Nicki your wrong I should be getting 4.09 a month saving? lol

    Thanks to john for the headsup

    Taken from Three wibesite

    Ways to pay

    There are lots of different ways to pay your bill. We recommend setting up a Direct Debit or a regular debit or credit card payment. It’s easy and you’ll save £4.09 per month.

    three link below,Kb=Mobile,Ts=Mobile,T=Article,varset_cat=billing,varset_subcat=3768,Case=obj%283688%29

  98. Moderator: Nicki

    @S Alom – Hi there, the price for video calls depends on what price plan you’re on. Check out the charges in our Price Guide.

    Pebble Blue is the colour the manufacturer has chosen to describe the phone. I’m afraid we can’t change this!

    Our complaints guide can be viewed here however we do not have a customer service team in the UK, or a UK based phone number. Our customer services team are based offshore.


  99. john

    It might be best for you to give a DETAILED description of the customized update prior to release so we know EXACTLY what we are letting ourselves in for prior to us downloading it as I am afraid your “bespoke” doesn’t quite cover it thanks

  100. S Alom


    Just wanted to know, on the Galaxy S3 if I use the video chat feature would i be charged?? if so the cost etc pls.

    Also, the phone colour isnt pebble blue is advertised and what i orderd, more of metalic. I want to place an official complaint but dont wanna call the CS as they make me angry.

    Please provide me with UK number I call or can some one call me from UK please not the CS from india.

    Many thanks

    S. Alom

  101. john

    Please don’t put bloatware on my phone with your customized update

  102. BLADESMAN1889

    “Our customised software update will offer the same as the generic version but is bespoke to make your experience better on our network.”

    Not this again !

    **Note to self**
    Take long deep breath and count to 10.
    I have been on 3 for some time now, firstly 3/4 yrs ‘out the box’ [no tinkering like Rooting or flashing custom ROMS] and now for the last 18 months WITH the above. I have noticed NO CHANGE whatsoever – my phone is not missing anything [apart from lots of annoying bloatware] and I don’t feel that my experience is comprommised by not having the 3 modifications.

  103. Moderator: Johanna

    @John – Our customised software update will offer the same as the generic version but is bespoke to make your experience better on our network.

  104. john

    Just exactly what are you going to do on this customization update of yours? If you don’t know can you please go and find out thanks :-)

  105. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – We like to make you happy, hope your update’s quick and snappy :-)

  106. john

    How happy I am, full of glee
    I am dealing with good old three.
    I hear of an update coming for me.
    Hope it doesn’t cause untold misery.

  107. dave

    Update wasn’t available for my blue s3 . I assume because it was three branded. Ended up flashing with generic stock firmware. Was a doddle . Ota updates as they are released. Magic. Also rooting phone not required. Managed to get rid of the three bookmarks etc that wouldn’t delete before. Hooray !

  108. Moderator: Nicki

    @Keiron – Unfortunately we still don’t have an update from Samsung as to when we’ll receive stock of the Galaxy S III in blue. We know you’re waiting and as soon as we can give you a delivery date we will send you a text.

  109. Moderator: Nicki

    @Craig Riley – Hi there, no dates confirmed as yet I’m afraid.

  110. Moderator: Nicki

    @john – Yep, it’s a customer’s choice if they download a software update or not.

  111. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Hi there, sorry your comments would only be moderated Monday – Friday. Anything posted over the weekend would be picked up on Monday.

  112. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – I’ve passed your comment to our retail team for clarification on accessories in store. I’ll let you know when they come back to me.

  113. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Hi there, say you were to cancel your Direct Debit and pay each month by credit/debit card there would be an additional charge of £4.00 added to your bill for not having a Direct Debit in place. £34 is the advertised price if you took it up on a Direct Debit basis.

  114. Moderator: Nicki

    @Robert Forrester – Hi there, we have not released any custom software for the SIII as yet. Samsung have released a generic version for the blue version that you can download. We chose not to customize this as there were very few changes. We will be releasing custom software in the future however there are no confirmed dates for this.

  115. keiron

    How long until the pebble blue S3 is sent out to upgrading customers?


  116. john

    Please remove all my awaiting moderating posts thanks

  117. john

    I make lots of posts as you can see.
    As I have been driven mad by three!

  118. craig riley

    Any news when your have 32gb available

  119. john

    I’m getting confused, of course I haven’t had the generic update as it’s a locked phone. Silly me :-)

  120. john

    Please don’t spoil my phone with your customization. I have had the Samsung update so let’s leave it at that. I assume we have a choice to whether we download your updates or not?

  121. john

    I found it quicker to phone up three for some answers than to wait for a reply from this blog as our posts tend to spend an inordinate length of time in moderation!

  122. voiceofreason

    For people waiting for a Blue S3 upgrade go to a 3Store rather than complain about having to wait as most have stock now.

  123. BLADESMAN1889

    Samsung Galaxy S3 users,
    Waiting M O N T H S for updates ?
    Phone full of bloatware ?
    Sadly this is not just a problem with 3 so bear in mind that they are doing their best to ‘optimise’ the update to work with their ‘tinkering’ which sits on top of the Samsung ‘tinkering’ [TW5] of the original Android firmware etc etc.

    So to sum up, you can complain and complain but this won’t make any difference as the 3 update will roll out when its done and not anytime before…………… Or you can ……… ROOT and NEVER have to wait around for all the above – in fact you will get the latest updates etc BEFORE even 3 get it !!!!!!!!!

  124. john

    All is well

  125. rushden9

    @Nicki I don’t know about everybody else but I am puzzelled first you say that the release is for Samsung branded handsets only (in a way) and then you say even if you have a 3 branded handset you can get this update however you guy’s will still get this update in for testing and then maybe only maybe will you release the update if you find that you think that the phone need’s it!!!!!!!!

  126. john

    Re my last comment re accessories, I meant will they be available in the 3 stores?

  127. john

    Any idea when the s3 accessories will become available?

  128. john

    Let’s see if I have got this right. My monthly bill on the 1plan with the s3 on a 2 year contract is £34. As I pay by direct debit I get £4 off my bill yet I am paying £34. Does that mean my original bill was £38 or should I be only be paying £30? I noticed when I was on the 1 plan sim only I was paying £25 not £21. Have I been overcharged and if so how do I get a refund?

  129. Robert Forrester

    Well Three yet again your are last at firmware. I have installed Offical stock rom on both Blue and white S3 from XDA web sites. This was offical stock rom released for unbranded phones . I rebooted my phone and surprise surprise i got an OTA update.

    I have unistalled all your bloat ware and gave my phone the offical unbranded firmware. At least I wil get the updates on time

    Using your firmware stops me getting the updates

  130. john

    Please don’t tamper with the update as when you did the ics update on the s2 you made a right hash of it

  131. john

    Why can’t we have the generic version as I am not sure the customised version would be acceptable especially if you lot have been tampering with it

  132. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – yep this has come direct from Samsung so you’ll be able to get it. We’ll be releasing a custom version at a later date.

  133. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dunk – I’m afraid you wouldn’t be possible to unbrand your phone. Thanks for your feedback, we’ll pass it on. As soon as we have more info on any software updates we’ll let you know, however we don’t have a confirmed date at the moment.

  134. Moderator: Nicki

    @David Jobson – Hi there, I can confirm this is untrue. If you don’t mind I’ll email you directly in order to get your account details in order for us to trace this. Thanks.

  135. dave

    @Nicki . Just to confirm. I have a blue s3 from three. Should u be able to download update at moment ?

  136. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – It’s the generic version that’s gone live from Samsung. Customers who have the blue version will have access to this, but not our customers who have the white Version. A customized version is due to be tested very soon and we’ll update every asap.

  137. Dunk

    I think its appaling that all you are doing is giving your loyal customers gerneric scripts, telling us that samsung have pushed an update out.
    The point is that “samsung” have indeed pushed out a Maintanence fix for thier handset. This means that it is required and I want it the moment its pushed out – as do all the other thousands of customers.
    If you buy this handset from Carphone warehouse on the “3″ network, you get the update straight away, but you are saying that you have to test it! its ridiculous that this needs to happen. Its a maintanence update to improve RAM usage… When you have been browsing the internet on it for a while, it has to re-render the home screen when you return to your launcher – which is poor RAM management. Samsung have fixed this with the update but you have to test it!!!!!
    Is there a way you can unbrand my phone, other than me finding the usual workaround??
    You should at least give your paying loyal customers a date in which “our” expensive phone will be sorted.

  138. David Jobson

    Why have i been informed by customer services that ALL blue S111 are being recalled,I asked for one when upgrading……IS THIS A LIE..!!!!!

  139. john

    I have a blue s3. Is there an update available from three now? I understand that there will be an update for the white later on

  140. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – it will be via a blog post or announcement on Facebook/Twitter.

  141. Moderator: Lauren

    Robert – Samsung have pushed a maintenance release live, available to blue S3s now and rolling out to white S3s shortly. A customised release is coming in for testing soon, so we’ll let you know whwen this goes live.

  142. Moderator: Lauren

    @Keiron – our stock levels are different for the website and for the upgrades team. Sorry about your wait, we’ll send a text with a delivery date when we can.

  143. Moderator: Lauren

    @Dunk – Samsung have pushed a maintenance release live, available to blue S3s now and rolling out to white S3s shortly. A customised release is coming in for testing soon, so we’ll let you know whwen this goes live.

  144. keiron

    Hi, I’ve upgraded my phone to the blue SGS3 yet I have been told the phone wont arrive until the end of June! However, new customers can receive the phone the next day. Why so long for existing customers.


  145. Robert

    I have been with three . I had the Samsung galaxys , the galaxy s2 and I know have the white galaxy s3 .

    Three have always been way behind in formware updates.

    If i have to be honest three are months behind the rest of the carriers. His is something that need fixing as it has went on for three years now.

    Come on three sort it out and get the firmware released. I am on firmware ALE4 which means my brand new phone i received from three is two months behind in firmware updates.
    Even my kerbel is out of date…..

  146. john

    When you notify us of the availability of the update will it be by text?

  147. dave

    Hi. I was one of the lucky ones and received my pebble blue galaxy s3 last week, phone was great and arrived unlocked and unbranded direct from 3. However the back cover arrived damaged. I called to arrange replacement cover and had to exchange entire handset . Upon booting up tonight it would appear 3 are now branding them. I don’t mind if three install apps that I can remove , but when I’m denied firmware updates as they are released. Its not beneficial to a great customer experience. By all means , apply a network lock. Please stopping us from downloading manufacturer updates as they are released. Ps . With the initial s3 I received I got from three , updated this morning with the latest memory management firmware fix.. any response would be much appreciated. Have been with three for 9 years. .no loyalty discount offered feeling like I should cancel.. sorry to I could have got a better deal from carphone w.

  148. Dunk

    Any idea for a date on the update please?

  149. Moderator: Kaz

    @rushden9 – I have an update for you. Samsung have pushed a maintenance release live, available to blue S3s now and rolling out to white S3s shortly. A customised release is coming in for testing soon, so we’ll let you know whwen this goes live.

  150. Moderator: Kaz

    @john – Samsung have pushed a maintenance release live, available to blue S3s now and rolling out to white S3s shortly. A customised release is coming in for testing soon, so we’ll let you know whwen this goes live.

  151. Dunk

    Oh so have Vodafone and O2 – why is it we are still waiting. Its only a ROM Fix, so it shouldnt need carrier approving based on the new EU rules etc.

  152. Moderator: Kaz

    @Stuart – I’m afraid we can only deliver to the billing address for security reasons.

  153. john

    You say IF you roll out the update . Why would you NOT roll out the update. From what I heard from people with UNLOCKED phones the update is useful. Had I known I would be held to ransom by three I would have stuck with MY unlocked phone instead of entering a two year contract with you.

  154. Stuart

    Can I ask why you don’t deliver to a Three store? Only for me to accept a delivery means I have to be in, which means I have to have time off work. You don’t deliver at weekends either.

    However if I order via he CarPhone warehouse they will deliver my Galaxy 3 to thier stores on a Three plan?

    It is very invconvient and I’m suprised Three hasn’t got this option.

  155. rushden9

    I’m sorry but I think somebody is telling porky pie’s again I have been told by your call centre that all software updates come direct from Samsung. So to your comment Kaz can you please explain the bit about if we release the update.

  156. Moderator: Kaz

    @john – Yes, if we roll out this update everyone will be notified beforehand.

  157. john

    Re the latest OTA update for the s3 from Samsung. I take it that as I have a contract with you the update will come via you. Will you notify us all when you release it ?

  158. G

    Got my text with delivery date yesterday… My S3 should be delivered today.

  159. Moderator: Johanna

    @RIchard – Just checking this out for you…

  160. RIchard

    Samsung have released an OTA update for the S3. Any ideas when it will be available for Three customers?

  161. Gary

    Well, thats 20 minutes of my life I’m not going to get back. On the phone to 3 customer services this morning, first chap was amazed that I haven’t been given a delivery date yet so he transferred me to someone else who was supposed to give me a delivery date…..and…… I think he must have been reading the moderators comments from here, you’ll get a text when its going to be delivered no further info.
    At least I’m only being charged my old rate of £15 a month untill the S3 gets to me….whenever that’ll be.
    And just to save Kaz a job I’ll do it for him.

    ‘We’re fulfilling pre-orders as quickly as we can. We are receiving blue S3s from Samsung, but stock is still limited. The team will get in touch directly (vaguely) to let you know when you’ll receive your S3′

  162. Moderator: Kaz

    @G – We’re fulfilling pre-orders as quickly as we can. We are receiving blue S3s from Samsung, but stock is still limited. The team will get in touch directly to let you know when you’ll receive your S3

  163. Gary

    No delivery date today. Better luck tomorrow eh……

  164. G

    I ordered my S3 online on 14th May, still havent heard anything regarding a delivery date. It’s all round bad handling by Three…what exactly is the point of a pre-order…when people who pre-ordered weeks after me already have their phones ?

  165. Moderator: Kaz

    @dave – I cannot confirm this is correct. We are receiving blue S3s from Samsung, but stock is still limited.

  166. Moderator: Kaz

    @Lionel – We’re fulfilling pre-orders as quickly as we can. We are receiving blue S3s from Samsung, but stock is still limited. The team will get in touch directly to let you know when you’ll receive your S3

  167. DougieCM

    Got the text this morning saying my Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy SIII will be delivered tomorrow! :-D

    I ordered mine over the phone on 15 May if that helps anyone who has not yet received theirs yet make an educated guess as to when they possibly will…

  168. dave

    Called 333 to discuss my new blue s3. When it arrived the back cover was slightly bent and doesn’t attach to phone property. Was told I could get an exchange but only a white handset . I don’t mind waiting a couple of months until blue is back in stock but was told by exchange team blue version is being discontinued , which I find hard to believe. Really don’t want a white one.

  169. Lionel

    can you tell us the honest truth, when are we going to receive the blue S3?

  170. Moderator: Kaz

    @Graham – We’re fulfilling pre-orders as quickly as we can. We are receiving blue S3s from Samsung, but stock is still limited. The team will get in touch directly to let you know when you’ll receive your S3

  171. Moderator: Kaz

    @Sajjadur – Here you go

  172. Moderator: Kaz

    @DougieCM – We’re fulfilling pre-orders as quickly as we can. We are receiving blue S3s from Samsung, but stock is still limited. The team will get in touch directly to let you know when you’ll receive your S3

  173. Sajjadur

    Is there any video from 3 mobile network on the Samsung Galaxy S3?
    If so could anyone provide a link?

    Thanks on advance, i need to show it to my mom.

  174. Graham

    I’m surprised that pre-orders of the S3 are not managed with one central list so those ordering over the phone, in-store and online are still placed in a fair queue no matter how they choose to pre-order. My cousin has had his blue S3 for four days now because he ordered it at a Three store, yet I don’t have a delivery date and I ordered mine the day before his via a call to Three. I don’t see how that is fair.

    I’ve called a couple of times for an update since hearing about the delay and apart from the call on Friday (“it’ll be another 2 weeks probably”) I’ve been lied to each time. One time when I called recently I was told I’d definitely be receiving a delivery date within two days. That was a week ago.

    I don’t mind being told bad news as long as it’s the truth. Being fibbed to and strung along, however, is pretty frustrating when someone who ordered the exact same phone after you did was given preferential treatment and handed theirs first. As of Wednesday I’m out of the country on holiday, so if it doesn’t come before then and arrives while I’m away it’ll be another pain in the backside!

  175. dave

    Got my blue s3 on Fri. Its great!!. Surprised to see there is no three branding. Has the draw for the Samsung tv’s been ? cheers

  176. antoni

    The Samsung galaxy s3 in pebble blue finally arrived! :) it looks more a metallic blue but it still looks great :). No text or phone-call to say it was going to be delivered but thankfully i was in to sign for it.

  177. DougieCM report that the Pebble Blue Galaxy S III won’t go on general release until Friday 22 June :-(

    I trust and hope that in the meantime, the pre-orders are being fulfilled and mine comes before then…

  178. Moderator: Johanna

    @antony – that information is wrong… you can indeed pre-order as an existing customer. But if you pre-ordered on the 5th May you got round this? All I can say is we’re fulfilling all pre-orders as quickly as we possibly can. Stock is still coming in…

  179. Moderator: Johanna

    @Gary – You should have been contacted with a delivery date, so apologies you haven’t. We are fulfilling pre-orders and upgrades as quickly as we can get stock in. If you haven’t heard Mon/Tues next week – shout and we’ll try and investigate for you.

  180. antony

    I phoned you up on that Saturday. I first tried the three store in bradford who told me only new customers could pre order and as I was not a new customer and I was wanting it as a upgrade I could not pre order it.

  181. Gary

    I’m an upgrade customer, hence my billing period starting from the 27th May.
    I did the upgrade online.

  182. Moderator: Johanna

    @Phil C – If you can contact the team you ordered from and change the order please? Apologies for the inconvenience, you were given the wrong info and I will make sure this is fed back to the correct teams.

  183. Moderator: Johanna

    @Antony – Apologies, all customers waiting should have been contacted. Can you let me know where you ordered yours?

  184. Moderator: Johanna

    @Gary – Are you a new or upgrading customer? Where did you order the S3 from?

  185. Phil C

    @johanna – Advisor told me twice after asking again to confirm that pebble blue is not been made and only white will be manufactured if thats the case pebble blue is going to be available at some point then how do i cancel or change my order after reluctently ordering the white please??

  186. Antony

    I pre-ordered mine on the 5th of may and I have heard nothing as of yet. Not too please to be honest.

  187. Gary

    Not a dickie bird yet. Nothing since last Friday.

  188. Moderator: Johanna

    @Phil C – No that’s not true! We’re fulfilling our pebble blue pre-orders as quickly as we can!

  189. Moderator: Johanna

    @Gary – Have you been given a delivery date?

  190. Gary

    Superb, had a text last friday telling me there are delays, now some people are getting them delivered.
    Meanwhile, I’m just paying for mine, and have been since May 27th, not really an incentive to get it out to me as soon as possible is it?

  191. Phil C

    Just been told by 3 upgrade dept that Pebble Blue will not be available and samsung is only making them in White. Is this true??

  192. dave

    Just got delivery message from three , blue S3 delivery tomorrow, fingers crossed.

  193. DougieCM

    @James would you be able to let us know when you pre-ordered your Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III so the rest of us may get an idea when we might get ours?

    @Kaz I wasn’t asking you to comment on individual accounts as a lot of accounts tend to cycle on the 1st and I’m sure many of them had a Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III pre-ordered. I received a response to the complaint form on Tuesday and it has been agreed that my account will receive a pro-rata refund of the line rental from 1 June 2012 till the day I receive my Samsung Galaxy S III which in all honesty is more than what I asked for so I am satisfied with that. Only a 7 minute call as well. If only your Customer Service normally involved such speed and ease!

    Conversely I’ve received a further goodwill credit as a result of the over an hour and two attempts it took to cancel my infrequently used mobile broadband contract as the One Plan’s tethering would satisfy this need. Some of the sharp retentions practice involved telling me tethering DAMAGED handsets. Then trying to charge me over 200% more than I was paying at the moment for an outdated and inferior iPad 2 3G (The stock of which I’m sure you’re trying to liquidate and get rid of) with an allowance I’d never use with a dubious contract period that was resisted to be advised. Last gasp attempt was trying to give me 10% of the allowance I had for 66% of the price! – ahem…And despite on the second attempt to cancel the contract advising these three “offers” I was not interested in, the representative proceeded to offer me the EXACT SAME offers!

    Hopefully I won’t have to speak with Customer Services/Customer Options/Retentions for at least another two years to recover from all of this…

  194. Moderator: Kaz

    @Dan – Afraid I can’t give you anymore information Dan at the moment Dan, very sorry.

  195. Moderator: Kaz

    @James – Great news!

  196. James

    My Blue GS3 arrived today.

    Great service three!

    Everyone the phone is well worth the wait!

  197. john

    My local shop has sorted things out re the blue s3 so all is well. Am i subject to the traffic sense restrictions as my signal is poor though i cant understand why as i dont use a lot of data (4gb monthly) & i am on the 1 plan?

  198. Russell

    Just received my new Samsung Galaxy S3 in Pebble Blue…or is it? I read last night that Pebble Blue had been replaced by ‘Metalic Blue’ and looking at the handset it does appear to look more greyish blue than ‘pebble blue’ until you tilt it at an angle or the light hits it at an angle.

    I’m not complaining though, I’ve got the handset ( 8 days late, but thought it would be delayed longer) I’m just wondering, have Samsung REALLY swapped Pebble Blue for ‘Metalic Blue’ ???

    Sounds like there is still a shortage of Blue handsets judging by this forum.

  199. Dan

    My friend just got notification from P4U that his pebble blue is out for delivery tomorrow. He ordered on the 29th May. I have had nothing from three, I ordered on the 4th May. Unbelievable. Such a poor effort from you guys. How about some courtesy calls/texts to let us know?

    Oh and don’t tell me…. “we’re fulfilling pre-orders as quickly as we can. We are receiving blue S3s from Samsung, but stock is still limited. The team will get in touch directly to let you know when you’ll receive your S3″

  200. Moderator: Kaz

    @Steve – We’re fulfilling pre-orders as quickly as we can. We are receiving blue S3s from Samsung, but stock is still limited. The team will get in touch directly to let you know when you’ll receive your S3

  201. Steve

    Well, I’ve still not had my txt, email or call to say that my S3 is delayed, considering that I pre-ordered early last month.Although my Wife’s white one has arrived!

    I’m moving over from a 12 year stint with Orange, and I’m leaving them due to brand damage.
    So for me this is not a great start!

    I’m really not happy with the service that I have had from the offshore customer service team. They could not tell me what number they were going to contact me on, apparently due to DPA, even though I’d cleard the security questons to talk about the account ??????

    I was advised that I will have an update call on Friday, but I’m not going to hold my breath!
    I can’t even raise a complaint as my account is not active yet, and the complaints Dpt do not take inbound calls.
    Again, not the best customer experiance seeing that you can’t talk to the dpt that might be able to help (Sooo frustrating).

    If this how things are going to pan out, I might just reconsider the move over.
    Nobody cares when the service is working! It is the mark of a complany how they deal with issues when things go wrong, and I’ve not seen anything here so far to impress me.

    No doubt a moderator will be along shortly to appologies, but these appear to be empty words that have no meaning.Considring the cash each month we hand over for a “Service” do you think we are getting value for money?

    No wonder there is no brand loyaltiy these days!

  202. Moderator: Kaz

    @antoni – We’re fulfilling pre-orders as quickly as we can. We are receiving blue S3s from Samsung, but stock is still limited. The team will get in touch directly to let you know when you’ll receive your S3

  203. antoni

    please send me my pebble blue galaxy s3!! or at least get on Samsung’s back and get us customers some news regarding the matter! :( poor!

  204. Moderator: Kaz

    @dave – We’re waiting for Samsung to confirm their expected delivery date of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Pebble Blue and as soon as we know more we’ll be in touch.

  205. dave

    I see that o2 , carphone warehouse and p4u sent out galaxy S3 blue handsets today….cumon Samsung what about three ? Wondering if my Friday delivery will come and go. Have you sent any blue handset out yet?

  206. simon hankinson

    Great news. Just got my text saying I will get my blue phone tomorrow!

  207. john

    I have read that you need to brand them hence the delay as the unlocked versions are already out

  208. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – I’ve replied to this on another thread.

  209. Moderator: Lauren

    @David/John – We’re fulfilling pre-orders as quickly as we can. We are receiving blue S3s from Samsung, but stock is still limited. The team will get in touch directly to let you know when you’ll receive your S3.

  210. john

    You are a bit slow on moderating. Carphone Warehouse have stock of the blue s3 so if you are stuck you can get some off them

  211. john

    I hear that there are blue s3′s available in the netherlands so any chance of you lot nipping across and getting some? & before you say your usual ” i have heard nothing” have a look on the websites

  212. david

    When I ordered my s3 on Friday 25th May I was told to expect delivery on 8th June. Does this still stand? I have received no paperwork relating to my new contract (which I had been promised). I rang the other day and was told that as it was in stock when I ordered I should receive it. I’ve not had any correspondence since the delays were announced.

  213. Moderator: Lauren

    @Michael – Sorry to read you’ve had no contacted regarding the SIII in Pebble Blue. Unfortunately we still don’t have an update from Samsung as to when we will receive stock of the Galaxy S III in blue. We know you’re waiting and as soon as we can give you a delivery date we’ll send you a text.
    If you’d like to change your order to the Samsung Galaxy SIII in white, call us on 0800 358 8460 and if we have stock available we’ll happily change your order.

  214. Michael

    Where is my customer service text or email or phone call?
    Where is my blue Samsung Galaxy III?
    Why is your website always slow to load and react?
    Why is your customer service so poor?
    Where is the generic apology for non delivery of Samsung Galaxy III in blue?
    Why are you not even trying to engage or maintain customer loyalty?

  215. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sajjadur – you can upgrade at any time but you may be charged for upgrading. You should receive a free upgrade in the final 30 days of your contract. Call 333 (or 0843 373 3333 from an alternative number) to discuss and check offers available.

  216. Sajjadur

    I have a iPhone 24 month contract that ends on the 09/07/2012. Can I upgrade to this phone early? And if so would a charge be added? Lastly, does upgrading earlier stop me from getting a good deal compared to waiting?

  217. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – Unfortunately we still don’t have an update from Samsung as to when we will receive stock of the Galaxy S III in blue. We’ve had no word about getting the 32Gb and the 64Gb so far.

  218. Moderator: Lauren

    @Taxisanta – The customer care team is in the same centre however there is different teams for different areas of the business. Mobile broadband and phones are not treated differently however.

  219. Chani

    Well, I was thinking to move to Three from Orange and get the 32GB SIII when it becomes available but having read this blog, I think I will look elsewhere for my device.

    Three’s customer service sounds absolutely unacceptable. So glad I found this blog, just saved myself a TON of grief!

    Three, you disappoint me big time. Not a good way to get new business.

  220. Sajjadur

    A great phone, loved its new technologies and the S-Voice inclusion. Waiting from deals from 3 to unleash!

  221. Paul

    Hi, looking at getting a blue galaxy s3, any idea when they are available yet and are you getting the 32 and 64gb versions. thanks. Paul

  222. Taxisanta

    We have 2 MiFi devices and one dongle on monthly contract with 3 and have not had many problems with any of it but with all these disgruntled comments I am not sure about moving our mobile phones over to three contract (Is it a different Department or summat). Any comments advice etc welcome

  223. Moderator: Kaz

    @Daniel – yes you should have received a notification of the delay, apologies for that. We’re currently waiting for Samsung to confirm their expected delivery date of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Pebble Blue and as soon as we know more we’ll be in touch.

  224. Gary

    So it looks like nothing will be announced publicly, but if you complain hard enough you’ll get some form of credit back on you’re next bill. Why make it this hard, just announce that all who have been let down by this fiasco are to get the 30p a day credit.
    Who knows, might even make non customers decide to join the network…….

  225. Daniel

    Hi, I’ve not had any contact from three regarding the delay of the pebble blue. My email address wasn’t taken during the pre order but they did take my current phone number but nothing. I had to have a look on twitter (which I’ve never used before) to find out the hard way. Can I expect some kind of notification from three for when it will be delivered? Surely I should have got a heads up from three?

  226. Moderator: Kaz

    @DougieCM – I can’t comment on an individual account, if you would like me to arrange for someone in our social media care team to contact you to discuss this in more detail, please let me know.

  227. DougieCM

    Surely asking existing customers to pay for a service they have not received is unreasonable?

    After 5 separate ordeals with your Customer Services in the last month, the prospect of another fills me with dread! I have opted to fill in the online complaint form instead.

    I believe that a credit of only 30p per day to our bills, equivalent to a pro-rata difference between the Samsung Galaxy S III on the One Plan and the SIM Only One Plan, which is effectively the service we are receiving is extremely fair and reasonable. I would not consider this compensation but simply us paying for the services rendered until the order for the Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III is fulfilled.

    And while generating an amount of goodwill, you manage to tie us into a two-year contract which at present I do not believe I am bound by. I’d expect by the time I receive my first bill under the new contract with the credit, I will have received my handset. If I were to have jumped ship by that time, then credit should be simply omitted on a final bill.

    As the meerkat would say, “simples!”

  228. Moderator: Johanna

    @Gary M – Our team should keep you updated on the delivery date. We can only apologise for the delay, but we promise to fulfil orders as soon as stock comes in.

  229. Moderator: Johanna

    @Gary M – It applies across all our plans, but will only impact the top 5% of heaviest data users. See here for detail.

  230. Gary M

    I was told be a customer service representative yesterday that TrafficSense would not apply to the One Plan. Comments on here seem to contradict that. Can I have a definitive answer please?

  231. Gary M

    Like many, I had taken the day off work to wait in for my delivery of the pebble blue S3 and like many others I have not had any communication from Three about the delay. On phoning Three I have been told that it will probably be delivered on 1st June. Given the press about 2-3 weeks delay, I’m not holding my breath and I will be very surprised if Three contact me to say otherwise. I’m seriously considering cancelling and returning to my previous provider.

  232. Chrissie

    @ Kaz, As suspected i wasnt contacted, so had to call back again … only to be told that the woman i had spoken to earlier appeared to have done nothing about my request. Spoke to a scottish chap who says (but i really wont hold my breath) that he was going to e mail his supervisor and if he had a reply by 4pm then i cud expect my white phone tomorrow, if he didnt get the response by 4pm then i would get it Friday …. he sounded convincing enough but like i say i’m not holding my breath as i really dont have any faith whatsoever in yr service team and am suspecting this will be yet another fob off … time will tell i guess

  233. Moderator: Kaz

    @Gary – If you are a new customer, the contract will not start until the SIM is activated. If you’re an upgrade customer, your new plan will start in your next bill cycle. It’s best to give customer services a call to discuss this in more detail.

  234. bob

    you would think that if the blue S3 is delayed that Three would of given cumstomers the option to swap to the white but No and you taken the 1.99 for delivery and looks like I been paying 34 a month for a phone I don’t have

    Are Three going to blame samsung for the month billing error.

    You know what the problems are but you want people wasting their time talking to your crap indian customer services centre.

    Do the right thing? why don’t you Three correct the problem with being charge for phones we don’t.

  235. Paul

    I was waiting for phone call to go to my local store and collect a blue phone, but no one has bothered contacting me at all!

  236. @jay

    I am very disapointed that whilst pre ordering the white galaxy s3 that i have to wait untill the 1st of june for delivery . This is poor as it is available on the website now for delivery tomorrow !! This is a poor way to treat existing customers !

  237. daz

    Contacted by local 3 store few weeks back offering me the chance to preorder an S3. Went in to store today and Im told that the delivered phones are only for new customers and I cant have one.
    Ive just cancelled my old 3 contract as it expired 4 weeks ago and ordered one on a different nerwork. 3 is a shambles, stay away!!!

  238. Gary

    Can you understand simple English?
    I am paying for something I do not have
    Nowhere else would this be deemed normal and acceptable.
    I’m not asking for compensation for gods sake, just that I’m having to pay an extra £20 month for something three promised but haven’t provided.
    Three’s issues are with samsung, mine are with three. Somebody should get trading standards or OFCOM onto this.

  239. Russell

    Why when I asked about the white version was I told its out of stock till June 8th, however when I look online it shows the white version as being in stock with a delivery date of May 31st, tomorrow ????

    I’ve been offered an exchange of blue to white, but why should I have to wait till June 8th??

  240. Moderator: Kaz

    @Gary – Samsung’s stock issue is out of our control so we won’t be providing compensation but we will fulfil orders as soon as we are able to.

  241. Moderator: Kaz

    @Chrissie – Can you confirm if you have now been contacted by us about your order?

  242. Moderator: Kaz

    @Paul – Are you waiting for delivery of the blue or white version?

  243. Moderator: Kaz

    @john – It’s best to speak with customer services about your account, Afraid I don’t have access to account details here.

  244. Moderator: Kaz

    @Shaun – it’s best to give customer services a call to discuss the details on your account, afraid I don’t have access to them. You can call them on 333 or 0843 373 3333.

  245. James

    Well I was going to call 3UK today to purchase the SGS3 on ‘the one plan’. I don’t think I’ll bother now what with all the problems that seem to have arisen in the blogs. Will stick to my monthly roll over plan, it seems alot safer!!

  246. Shaun

    Another SIII blue upgrade customer here (got the delay notification text yesterday evening).

    I do hope that my new contract, which is at a considerably higher tariff than my outgoing one, will not be started until I get delivery of the new phone rather than June 1 when I was supposed to receive the phone. Otherwise I am effectively paying for a product that I do not yet have (and until otherwise notified have no way of knowing if/when I will get it)!

    I have no issue with the delay being outside of Three’s control, but it is also even further outside of my control and as such I should not be charged on the new contract until Three has fulfilled its part of that contract.

  247. hayley doyle

    i am fuming as i too have not recieved any communication from three i had to phone them and got a poor excuse of a sales advisor telling me even though i too have waited in all morning assuming my phone would arrive i too had took a days leave from work i too received a half cocked apology and no way of knowing when the phone i pre ordered would be dispatched so should have first priority like the others who pre ordered i had to complain last month as i had no network coverage for 3 days and got a measley £5 off my bill maybe i should of known better.

  248. Gary

    I might be wrong, the lack of product may well be samsungs fault and out of three’s hands, but the ability to not charge people £34 a month for a service they are not getting is!
    Would it really be such a chore to not charge people for a service they cannot receive?
    You know, gesture of good will and all that….

  249. Chrissie

    I appreciate that its not 3′s fault about the problem with the colour, and i have no problem with that… however i am finding yr service team somewhat disappointing …. i still have had no text or email regarding my non delivery of the blue … as u suggested in reply to my early comment, i spoke to the team about changing to the white, assuming that as they were plentiful that i would be able to have this tomorrow … how wrong can one be, you will apparently text me the day before to let me know when its coming?? After voicing my opinion on this appalling *service* the service team are allegedly going to call me back with a date … tho im really not holding my breath on that one!!

  250. Paul

    I have not received any text or email. As a new customer to 3 this poor start is making me reconsider, very poor communication!

  251. DougieCM

    Although it may be reasonable to for Three not to pay compensation for something outside of their own control, surely as customers we can’t be expected to pay through our contract prices for a product that has not yet been delivered?

    How does Three propose to square this circle?

    From other press, it appear that the Pebble Blue might not return to stock for another 2-3 weeks on account of the “Hyperglaze” back cover being a shade off the colour of the chassis.

  252. john

    I take it that you will not commence the monthly deductions from my bank until i pick up my blue phone from my store as i was due to get the s3 end may now it looks like mid june at least (awaiting moderation? But for how long?)

  253. Moderator: Kaz

    @Adrain – I’m afraid we could only inform our customers after Samsung had confirmed the delay with us. We’re waiting for Samsung to confirm their expected delivery date of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Pebble Blue and as soon as we know more we’ll be in touch.

  254. Moderator: Kaz

    @Paul – I’m afraid not, the pebble blue SGSIII has been delayed and will not be available when expected across all UK networks. All Three customers affected will be contacted individually by text or email this afternoon to make them aware of the situation, so hopefully you have received a SMS now.

  255. Moderator: Kaz

    @Anas – Samsung’s stock issue is out of our control so we won’t be providing compensation but we will fulfil orders as soon as we are able to. Sorry.

  256. Moderator: Kaz

    @Chrissie – We can’t guarantee that it’ll be possible to switch to Marble White, but we’d suggest contacting the team you ordered with to discuss your options. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

  257. Moderator: Kaz

    @Gary – We can’t guarantee that it’ll be possible to switch to Marble White, but we’d suggest contacting the upgrades team to discuss your options.

  258. Adrian

    I too pre ordered the pebble blue and got a text mid afternoon. Why did I have to wait that long when everyone knew about the issue done 24 hours before?

    As a customer for many years I am deeply disappointed that I well be put onto a new contract without the phone for what could be Weeks.


  259. Paul

    So from reading your comments, I’ve had no text or phone call, or any other contact from 3 or my local 3 shop where I pre-ordered, so I must be getting my phone today, correct? Mine is a blue one, so if you have no blue ones please let me know.

  260. john

    I dont feel alright
    All you have is white
    I have faith in you
    Waiting for my blue

  261. Anas

    I know its not Three fault that it got delay but last year when I pre-ordered my Motorola Xoom tablet from Carphone warehouse and it got delay by Motorola but as a good will I was offered a free case. So I think three should do something like that as well

  262. Chrissie

    @ Lauren … u state that all customers would be contacted by either email or txt by this afternoon? It is now 9.20pm and i have heard nothing …. I only looked online as i heard a rumor last week that the blue would be delayed and as i hadnt heard anything from yrselves i was looking to see if the rumor was true … should we not at least have been offered the white as an alternative??

  263. BLADESMAN1889

    Firstly let me say that I have many Samsung products and I’m a big fan. However their Customer Service reputation is going from BAD to W O R S E !!

    This is a shame as they make good products at decent prices. They ****ed LOTS of SGS owners by refusing to give the phone the ICS upgrade, then SGS2 owners had to wait MONTHS for the ICS update – very recently they got it. And now all this fuss.

    They need to start CARING for customers.

  264. DougieCM

    I pre-ordered by SGSIII in Pebble Blue a fortnight ago? Still not had any text, e-mail, voicemail, phonecall, carrier pigeon to say that is isn’t coming between tomorrow and 1 June.

    The Pebble Blue was showing out of stock as of yesterday so there was plenty of time to get out a communication but when all the money goes into the network and nothing into customer service, it’s to be expected(!)

    The best we can hope for by means of an apology is from Samsung themselves, possibly in the form of a free period of use of their newly unveiled Samsung Galaxy SIII Music Hub that they pathetically tried to use to bury today’s bad news…

  265. Gary

    As I did an upgrade I wasn’t even given the choice of ordering the white one, only the blue could be selected. I would take the white if offered. But I need my current SIM activated, I use my mobile for business purposes and this could be costing me a lot more than the cost of the phone.
    I haven’t recieved an email and I cannot recieve texts…….

  266. Moderator: Lauren

    @Antony – All affected customers will be contacted this afternoon.

  267. Moderator: Lauren

    @Steve – Sorry you weren’t contacted sooner, we were waiting on confirmation from the manufacturer of this issue. We’re waiting for Samsung to confirm their expected delivery date of the Samsung Galaxy S III in Pebble Blue and as soon as we know more we’ll be in touch.

  268. Moderator: Lauren

    @Russell – Samsung’s stock issue is out of our control so we won’t be providing compensation but we will fulfil orders as soon as we are able to.

  269. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gary – I can only apologise that your sim card was deactivated whilst you were waiting for your new one to arrive. What colour did you order?

  270. Antony

    I have not yet revived a an email or a text. Does this mean I may get my blue s3 tomorrow?

  271. Steve

    Just had a voice mail returning my call, telling me that the S3 is delayed.

    Well, thanks for that, I told you that when I phoned in the first place! my question is when am I likely to receive the handset.

    Things going from bad to worse!

  272. Sean

    Hi Mods,

    You claim TrafficSense is about usage, and that the One Plan has unlimited usage. The time period is pretty much the whole day (that one would be awake anyways) and there’s a good possibility you can hit the top 5% (like I seem to on PAYG everday) just through reading emails.

    Trafficsense is broken. Please fix it.

  273. Steve

    I too like Antony had the day booked off.
    It wasn’t until I saw the news on BBC that there was an issue with this delivery.

    I’m in the process of leaving Orange to come to 3, and I had pre-ordered my wife and myself the S3 on 4th May.
    I called customer service to get an update today but the offshore call handler told me that “if the phone was promised to be delivered by the 30th, then it would be”.

    Not having confidence in what he told me, I called again hoping to get through to an onshore rep for 3, but alas again I went to the offshore team. This time I was told that they couldn’t see a delivery date, and when I explained that I was aware of the delivery issue, I was told I would get a call back today to tell me.

    It’s a shame that after a search on Google, that this was known about before, why it has taken until the day before delivery for us to be contacted (if we were to be contacted at all!).

    I’m leaving Orange due to brand damage, and although the delviery dely is not 3′s fault, you could have communicated this better.

    Not a great start!!

  274. Russell

    I’m very upset that the S3 I ordered in pebble blue will not be released tomorrow as planned by Samsung.

    Whilst I appreciate that this is not 3′s fault and that other networks are affected as well, I’d like to know what 3 or more to the point, Samsung are going to do to show ‘good will’ to those customers like myself who’ve pre ordered the handset in blue.

    I’d expect a company of Samsung’s standing to offer a free case or memory card or something otherwise a lot of customers many of whom have been with Samsung for a long time will feel agreived.

    I recieved a text today saying my handset was goin to be delayed, I’ve contacted 3 and explained that if it takes a few weeks I shall NOT be paying my line rental unless I’m offered compensation as why should I pay £34 for something that I have not yet recieved ( ok I’ve go the minutes but I WANT the phone)

    NOT happy!!!!!

  275. john

    Yes. Thanks for the reply but if you had let me know you were looking into it i would not have thought i had been overlooked

  276. Gary

    As I understand it the S3 is a micro sim and my current xperia mini isn’t, so can you at least attempt to answer the more important question of now that three have shut off my service hwo am I supposed to get a text regarding delivery? Why not shut off my current sim when I activate the new micro sim? just a little bit of common sense go’s a long way.
    Regarding the comments you have posted this morning it seems that the friday delivery is looking extremely unlikely how long am I expected to continue with no service?

  277. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – We have answered your comments now, your comments were still awaiting moderation while we were looking into the issue.

  278. Moderator: Lauren

    @Antony – As a result of the recent announcement from Samsung, the Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III will not be available when expected across all UK networks. All Three customers affected will be contacted individually by text or email this afternoon to make them aware of the situation.

    We’d love to get the Galaxy S III to our customers as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, but due to the unforeseen stock issue at Samsung, we’re unable to deliver as planned. We’re working closely with them to do everything we can to get the delayed Samsung Galaxy S III to our customers as soon as it’s available.

  279. Moderator: Lauren

    @Pete – you would need to contact the individual store regarding early opening times. You can get their number here.

  280. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – We’re happy to confirm that Three customers who have pre-ordered a 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III in Marble White will receive their new smartphone on their agreed delivery date. However, as a result of the recent announcement from Samsung, the Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S III will not be available when expected across all UK networks. All Three customers affected will be contacted individually by text or email this afternoon to make them aware of the situation.

    We’d love to get the Galaxy S III to our customers as soon as possible to avoid disappointment, but due to the unforeseen stock issue at Samsung, we’re unable to deliver as planned. We’re working closely with them to do everything we can to get the delayed Samsung Galaxy S III to our customers as soon as it’s available.

    We have no plans at present to make further increases to package prices for existing customers.

  281. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gary – sorry to hear you had issues with our online delivery service. Did you upgrade to a microsim from a standard sim or vice versa? Your new sim may have been activated for you receiving it.

  282. Antony

    I pre-ordered the blue S3 on the the 5th of may. I have read today that the blue is in short supply . I have also booked the 30th off work to wait for the delivery as I told that should be the day I will get the device. I would hate to I a day off wasted due to a lack a communication. Will I get the device on the 30th?

  283. john

    I like the way you keep my comments “awaiting moderation”.
    What we have hear is a failure to communicate or rather bad news isno news. An example of this is when i went to see the girls in the three store where they insisted there was no problems re delivery of the blue s3 despite my concerns and was brushed off and hustled out the door only to get a phone call off the manager the next day stating no phone till mid june. I wont say i told you so but fully expect this comment to stay in “awaiting moderation”. Like i said bad news is no news

  284. john

    Again i have had to get the answer from elsewhere so again there is no need for you to reply

  285. Moderator: Lauren

    @Blair – We want you to make full use of your data allowance whether you have all-you-can-eat data or a limited data allowance. Traffic Sense is about your usage – it’s simply that if you’re trying to download a large amount of data during peak hours, your download speeds may be lower than they would be at other times of the day. Traffic Sense is to make sure everybody can have the best possible service. It applies to all accounts with us, including BlackBerry users. However, this actually affects a very small number of users who use a disproportionately large amount of data so it isn’t likely that you’ll be affected.

  286. john

    Would you please answer my last comment thanks

  287. Pete

    Will there be early opening on Wednesday for pre-order collections? My store in Watford opens at 1030 but I know that the meadowhall store in Sheffield said they would open at 8am when I asked in store a few weeks ago. Obviously I could contact the store but thought someone on here might know ?

  288. john

    Comments have been made on your fb page re the blue samsung galaxy s3. It has been mentioned that this phone will not be available 30/5/12 in your stores as promised. The other comment is that you are going to increase the monthly charge on the s3 six months into the contract. Could you confirm if there is any truth to this?

  289. Moderator: Lauren

    @Anne-Marie – Ooh it’s a tough decision! You can view more features of the SIII here. When were you supposed to receive this additional credit? Did you get back in touch about it?

  290. Moderator: Lauren

    @Samo – where did you order this? You will need to contact point of sale.

  291. Gary

    Quick update, the reason the online upgrade wasn’t working seems to be because I had selected my place of work as the delivery address, Out of curiosity I used my billing address as delivery address and it went through fine. Now I have a 30 mile round trip to be home when the phone is delivered. BUT…….
    One other annoying point is that as part of the upgrade process the new deal started from the 27th of May, this has had the effect of turning my current sim card off! I have had no service for the last 24 hours and when I try to force a connection to three I get the message that my sim card cannot be used with the network selected, This is doubly annoying in that for a week I now have no phone (Despite being billed for a service I cannot use), and on the day of the new phones delivery it is stated that I will receive a text from the courier telling me when the delivery will be made. How am I supposed to get this text when you’ve turned my sim off?

  292. Blair

    Do not buy the S3 on this network on The One Plan as they WILL throttle you down to 20kbps connection which is half the speed of dial up and takes 5 mins just for google to load.

    They claim they dont they claimed it was truly unlimited but they have slyly changed this so it is no longer unlimited.

  293. john

    No need to answer my earlier posts. I found out by quicker means elsewhere

  294. Anne-Marie Hemmings

    Reading comments about G3 as my Iphone contract will end next month.? Wanted to know how it compared to the Iphone and info on features and function ability (should I stick with Iphone or JUMP?) I joined the Hutchinson 3 Network in 2002. I will say 3 are great from my personal experiences and am sad for all of you having issues with them at the moment. 3 once promised me £50 to buy a new handset and £50 for the excess of a bill I had incurred using my second 3 handset due to the problematic first handset, where I was not able to access my 1100 minutes talk time. I received the £50 for the handset but NEVER received the £50 credit for the calls as promised. I also find that even though it takes ages to fix IT issues (they read from a manual) they get there in the end-usually. Reception at work (Stoke Newington) is attrocious for all 3 users (but then, I’ve never asked any non 3 network how good reception is) & I’ve never reported the poor reception to 3. Back in 2002, 3 network bent over backwards to deal with even the smallest issue (there would be at least 20 apologies within the first 10 mins of the call) but I suppose for customer services 10 years of angry western customers has taken it’s toll? (check out these comments ;-) even though valid) 3 have been BRILLIANT! TO ME, I’ve been with 5 mobile networks and none of them touch 3. :-), just sharing the good with the bad X

  295. john

    Yes it does john. Oh thank you very much! No problem

  296. john

    Will the Samsung galaxy s3 have the Android 4.03 or the 4.04 version?

  297. Moderator: Johanna

    @John – It is indeed :-)

  298. john

    As you know the galaxy s2 can receive h+ signals. Is the Samsung galaxy s3 also capable of doing this?

  299. rushden9

    @mod Nicki sorry but been really busy so just to let you know all my services are working fine thanks but what i will say is that if i use my phone to teether my laptop and on visiting your website alot of the links do not work could you get the online team to teether a handset to a laptop and check this out please. Also i am interested in the Samsung s3 but it works with a micro-sim but i also own the note i believe there is something that you can insert the micro-sim into and it makes it a normal sim please can you confirm this please.

  300. samo

    hi there i pre ordered s3 with a contract 34 pounds A MONTH now i want to cancel it is there any way to cancel the order and the contract as its not yet started as the phone is not recieved yet?

  301. Sajjad Rahman

    @moderator Nicki thanks for the information.

  302. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gary – Hi there, sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. Our online team have thoroughly investigating the details you emailed through to me. They can’t find any issue at all and have tested this on various web browsers and have worked with technical support on possible reasons why this could be happening. We’ve continued to receive upgrades since the SIII was available for upgrade and every one has gone through fine with no issues.

    If you want I can arrange a callback from our upgrades department if you want to process the order that way?

    With regards to keeping your phone number. I’m afraid it’s not possible to move your number from contract to contract. The only way to do this is to port your number out to another network, get a PAC code from them and then use that on your new contract.

  303. Gary

    A change of story, If you cannot use the website then the option to do so shouldn’t be there, I’ve just checked and it still is. Sounds like ‘It doesn’t work, we don’t know why, please stop asking us the question’.

    Also Is there any chance that I might have the reason for my not being able to continue using my current three number if I decide to excercise my right as a consumer and buy the exact same deal with three through the carphone warehouse when my current contract has run its term? Surely it is I that own the phone number and not the service provider, and as such I should be able to transfer it where I want without let or hindrance?

  304. Moderator: Kaz

    @Martin dalton – Sorry to read that you have been experiences issues. I have sent you an email requesting some more account details so we can look into this issue for you. Once we’ve received your details, someone from our social media care team with be in touch.

  305. Moderator: Kaz

    @Yayah – Unfortunately pre-order is unavailable online at this time and you will only be able to order the SIII over the phone or instore.

  306. Martin dalton

    Very disappointed with three, been with this company since 2010 on pay as you go,Contracts with data and mobile and and still have and use then. Not for long now because they have been very unconsiderate in reconnecting my service for outgoing calls. Changed direct debit and they was not able to take money from account. I then asked them to take the outstanding bill from my account and won’t do it. they have done this before and now refuse even tho I have been with them for a while. I have 4 business that I run and also work for the public services on 24hr call outs were we have to respond fast. On doing this we would have to make calls to police frequently and now this is not possible. I have to now say I can not do this because of three and now loosing money. I also disagree in the time you have to be on contract before u can even upgrade, What a joke. I am now consulting with legal team in regards to this and will be doing an show on the radio for anyone who would be willing to give any comments live. I will post on here to let everyone know when this will happen. I sujest they sort this out before they get a summons to attend court and pay for lost of earning.

  307. Yayah

    I asked why I couldn’t pre-order online, but got a totally different answer. I am aware that I can pre-order on store on over the phone. But I want to pre-order online so I can get cash back from Quidco. Can you fix this issue or inform new possible customers why they can’t pre-order the Galaxy S3 through 3 website?

    I really really WANT TO PRE-ORDER THIS phone (online though).

  308. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gary – the Samsung Galaxy SIII is currently only available to pre-order via a store or by calling 333 and speaking to the upgrades dept.

  309. Gary

    Still no information/reason why I cannot complete the upgrade process on the website ( I am eligable), I might wait and get the deal from carphone warehouse when my contract finishes in a month. Except that for some reason if I take on a new 3 contract through the carphone warehouse you cannot directly transfer your number, you have to transfer it to a payg sim then back to the new three account, just unnecessary hoops that you have to jump through. Why do companies make things this difficult? At least I’d get the 32GB card and phone case which three don’t seem to be offering. (plus you get an unlocked phone! I’ve two phones in my drawer that cannot be used as they are locked to three and I don’t see why I have to pay £15+ to have my property unlocked)

  310. Moderator: Lauren

    @Yayah – you can pre-order in store or through our telesales team (0800 358 8460). You can find out where your nearest Three store is here.

  311. Yayah

    Hi there,

    I am unable to make a pre-order for the new Samsung Galaxy S3. It only gives me the option for receiving more info about the phone. I want to make an order online. Please help….!! Android Rocks

  312. Moderator: Nicki

    @Stevarneo – Hi there, no word on this as yet.

  313. Dan

    @Moderator: Johanna – great, fingers crossed. You say by email but my email address was never actually taken during the pre-order…

  314. Pete

    It was in store. I also spotted that carphone warehouse are doing the same deal on three with lots of goodies which is frustrating!

  315. Moderator: Nicki

    @Pete – Hi there, You’d just need to contact the point of purchase to confirm if this is possible. Was it in a store or over the phone?

  316. Pete

    Is it actually possible to cancel a pre-order before receiving the goods? For instance I change my mind and want an iPhone instead?.

  317. Stevarneo

    When will 3 be rolling out the ics update to samsung galaxy note GT-N7000

  318. Moderator: Johanna

    @Dan – The winners will be contacted by phone and email and then they will have a choice whether their names are announced :-)

  319. Dan

    When will the winners of the Samsung screens be announced?

  320. john

    As you intend us to use the phone as Samsung intended you have answered the question thanks

  321. Moderator: Johanna

    @john – Which options are you talking about specifically? We certainly plan to allow you to use this excellent smartphone as intended by Samsung.

  322. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gary – Our online team have come back and advised there are no issues with the ordering system and they are receiving lots of orders coming through. I’m going to email you directly for some account details and if you could provide a screenshot so they can review the issue you’re having that’d be great. Thanks.

  323. john

    Will all the options be on the s3 as some providers curtail some of these on branded phones and the only way round this is to get an unlocked phone

  324. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gary – Hi there, just checking this out with our online guys. Will come back to you as soon as I hear back.

  325. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sam – Hi there, looking at the postcode your nearest mast is 2.6 mile away. The area is mostly outdoor coverage so there’s very limited indoor coverage available. When you are able to get a signal you’ll find that it’ll vary from room to room indoors with certain areas being better than others. There are another 3 masts planned in the area but they’re just at the planning stage so we don’t have a confirmed location or date as yet.

  326. Gary

    Well, I have been trying upgrade my package to the one package on the galaxy s3 for two days now, no luck. I get to the page where I confirm my order and tick the terms and conditions box and then click confirm and all it does is reload the page. Of course if three don’t actually want my custom I could go elsewhere…….

  327. Moderator: Nicki

    @Keiron – Hi there, the actual new price plan charges will be the same no matter if you wait or upgrade early. If you choose to upgrade early you’d be charged the remaining monthly costs of your current contract in advance.

  328. keiron

    I have a iPhone 24 month contract that ends on the 22/07/2012. Can I upgrade to this phone early? And if so would a charge be added? Lastly, does upgrading earlier stop me from getting a good deal compared to waiting?


  329. Sam

    Hi Nicki, Postcode is [removed by Mod], Thanks for any info you can gather :)

  330. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sam – Hi there, what’s your full postcode (we won’t publish it) and I’ll see what I can find out for you. If it’s a rural area it’s likely you’ll only receive limited indoor coverage so this will impact the services and experience available to you.

  331. Moderator: Nicki

    @Shane – Hi there, I’ve asked the question, just awaiting confirmation. Will let you know as soon as our devices guys get back to us.

  332. Moderator: Nicki

    @Paul – Hi there, have you ever had a contract with Three, or is it you believe your details have been used fraudulently?

  333. Moderator: Nicki

    @Suman – Hi there, sorry that you were passed around different advisors. Did they say why they were wanting to call you back and weren’t able to talk there and then? It could be that there were so many calls in the queue that they were offering callbacks instead. What issues is it you’re facing and I’ll see if I can assist you here.

  334. Moderator: Nicki

    @rushden9 – Hi there, can I just check to see if you’ve been getting our emails from our socialmediacare email address? Our team emailed you on 9th and 10th of May but haven’t had a reply as yet. Thanks.

  335. voice of reason

    @Rushden9 if you read TV phone in lines t + c’s correctly it states other mobile operators may cost considerably more. Not really sure that this is the correct post to be asking about a 10p charge.

  336. paul

    why is three after me for a contract that i have not had …

  337. Sam

    Hmm, wanted to pre order one of these, but to be fair 3′s network is so slow around here, even when sitting underneath the mast with a full signal, i wont get above 1mb, more often 256k! Phoned three who said that where I live is a rural one, and that the network will only ever offer a basic 3G service, and wont ever be upgraded to the hspa+ or the new dual channel hspa+!! Is this really the truth? I even asked are they refering to the mast in wellsborough, and they said that they cant comment on any mast upgrades or where the masts are, and basically called me a liar for telling the call centre which one I use, as masts locations are not for public knowledge!!

  338. Suman

    Hi, I want to tell you about my experience calling the Three technical team today. At first after waiting in a queue for more than 5 minutes a agent received the call and asked some basic details, after that she wanted me to speak to other member, so again i was kept in queue. Unfortunately that call get disconnected due to network. I got call back and advised me not to disconnect the phone, and i was surprised. They kept me in a queue for 20 minutes and a gentleman received the called and said You will get a call by us. So please wait for call. Thank you have a good day..and i was shocked. Is this the customer service or i am expecting more?

  339. Shane

    Hello, could you tell me if the Galaxy S3 will come with a 50G Dropbox account included. I have seen this mentioned in places, but not on your site.

  340. Moderator: Kaz

    @rushden9 – Afraid we don’t have access to account details here so I can’t look into this issue. It’s best to give 333 a call to see what happened.

  341. Suman Bhandari

    Hi, i am with three since 3 years, i too have 3 running and 1 ended contract. I am eligible for upgrade but when i call your customer service they offer me the same price as it is for new customer. It really doesnt makes sense to upgrade and get some cheaper option being existing customer. I too wanted to cancel the contract but they never let me cancel nor provide discounts. Its been 2 months already my contract ended.

  342. rushden9

    Hi again, why oh why I was watching Britians got talent on saturday night and i wanted to call the number for one of the acts which on the screen told me it would cost me 0.50 pence however three have charged me 0.60 pence why is that.

  343. Moderator: Kaz

    @rushden9 – I will pass your comments on.

  344. Moderator: Kaz

    @PiRat Yes it is the same, you will be able to use this micro SIM in the SIII

  345. Moderator: Kaz

    @Suman Bhandari – It really does depend on each customers account history when seeking an upgrade. It’s best to call our upgrades team on 333 or 0843 373 3333 if you are nearing the eand of your contract and wish to upgrade.

  346. Moderator: Kaz

    @Shaun – The ICS update for the SII has been available for a few weeks now. You just need to plug your phone into Kies and it will automatically update. Let us know if you have any probs.

  347. Shaun

    All well and good SIII is coming How do I upgrade SII to ICE-CREAM SANDWICH ? Other networks are currently supporting their customers :-(

  348. Suman Bhandari

    Hi, i would like to know the meaning of existing customer and upgrade for them. What is the difference between upgrade and new contract?

  349. PiRat

    Is the Three iPhone micro-sim the same one to be used in the Galaxy S3?

  350. rushden9

    Hi again, Rang your call centre today first thing I did is inform your colluege that I am recording the call and his answer was that I am breaking the law I did not know the law had changed however I did inform him that as long as I informed him at the start of the call and he accepted this condiction I am not breaking the law if you agree with this please can you inform your call centre as I like to have some protection if ever needed.

  351. john

    Thats ok. My comment is still awaiting moderation but i have got the answer elsewhere but thanks anyway

  352. Moderator: Johanna

    @antony – We’re trying to get more info on this…

  353. Moderator: Johanna

    @John – Sorry not sure what that means?

  354. antony

    Just out of interest, if it wasn’t installed by you how was it installed? the only other way I can see it.of happening is if it was somehow included in the android 4.0.3 update that was installed on my phone recently.

  355. john

    Why is my cimment

  356. Moderator: Johanna

    @antony – I’m afraid there’s no way of deleting this app at the mo, but we are aware of it and it wasn’t installed by us. If we find away of removing it we will post a comment.

  357. antony

    Hi, not related to this phone I know, but could any of you shed some light on an app called nyheterna, and why what appears to be a sweedish news app is apparently installed on my HTC sensation but does not appear in my app list and cannot be removed, the rest of the shit that three install.on the phone is bad enough without hidden apps that try to update and crash the phone when I try and open it from the store update page.

  358. Moderator: Lauren

    @Daniel – I’m afraid we can’t cancel an order once it’s been processed, you can refuse delivery and it will be closed when it is returned to us.

  359. Moderator: Lauren

    @Frank – Hi Frank, sorry to read that. I’m afraid that is stated in the T&C’s of your insurance policy. Sorry that you weren’t aware of this.

  360. Lauren Donnelly

    @John – it all depends on what sort of price plan you’re looking for. We currently don’t have any price details on pay as you go.

  361. Daniel

    I pre ordered the s3 with you guys and have now been given an iphone 4 so no need for a new one.

    Spoke to customer services to cancel and they told me it cannot be cancelled!!!!

    Said I will need to wait until I receive the phone and then ring them again! Can this be right?

  362. Frank

    I have been with three for about five years now I had the iphone 4 since dec 2010 I paid my bills via debt card for the past two years when I was ordering my iphone they asked if I want it insured I said I did they said I was but when my phone got broke I called them they put me through to insurence pep they told me your not insured as you pay by debt card and not direct debt should three not have explaind this to me over the past two years when I would phone to make payments well they dont seem to think so.and they think im paying a cancelation fee well I dont think so..oh and unlike them I did explain this very clearly…lol..jokers..

  363. Frank

    Hi everyone just want to say if you have a phone from three and think you have it insured be carful if you dont pay by direct debt or miss one you not insured even if three say your insured they faild to explane this to me and I lost my phone and so my work contacts and my life

  364. Sajjad Rahman

    The phone combined with 3 ‘s connectivity speeds will make it a device worth purchasing.

  365. john

    Which is the cheapest way of doing this? Buy the phone upfront and have a Sim only contract OR take out a 2 year contract which costs more monthly but does include the phone?

  366. Moderator: Kaz

    @Stu – You just need to pop into our local Three store or give us a call on 333 to swop your normal SIM to a micro SIM… You’re buying a very nice phone :-)

  367. Moderator: Kaz

    @rushden9 – really sorry to hear that you are still experiencing issues. I have received your email and will investigate it as a matter of urgency.

  368. john

    The moderation takes a long time to clear on here. Busy people!

  369. john

    Maybe there should be a reduction on the monthly charge after the 2 years are up to compensate

  370. john

    I guess the longer you hang on to a phone after the 2 year contract expires the more its going to cost you which is a pity as some phones are still working

  371. john


  372. Stu


    I’m currently on the sim 300 1 monthly contract but i want to get myself the s3. My plan is to buy it outright rather than getting the 24 month contract as i’ve got a bunch of vouchers for another store but i noticed the s3 uses micro sim and my current sim is not a micro.
    Will three just send me a new micro sim for free if i call up and say i’ve got a new phone that requires it? Or will they want to charge me for the pleasure?


  373. Bobbie

    I am very much looking forward to getting my hands on one of these. I think its awesome

  374. Sajjad Rahman

    Thanks a lot moderator-Kaz for helping me out.

  375. Moderator: Kaz

    @AJE – Thanks for your comments and we’re glad this blog has been of great use. I really cannot give you any information about a windows phone with a Pureview camera. if this changes, we will of course announce it as soon as possible. I will pass these comments onto the relevant departments.

  376. AJE

    @Nicki Macleod – then, in that case, should another network be offering it then I’m likely to be switching. It is not a decision I take lightly as I’ve been with Three for seven and a half years. That camera is just too good to ignore and that, combined with the excellent NOKIA SatNav, makes it the one I want to replace my N8.

    So, since this my be my last post on these pages permit me to make a few observations.

    This blog has been of great use, not just for the articles but also the way you answer queeries and provide solutions to problems that we customers may have. So thanks for that. However, maybe some of this would not be so necessary if your call centres were improved. I wouldn’t say that they are as bad bad as some people on these pages have claimed, but on more than a couple of occasions I’ve had crossed wires.

    Secondly, when these pages anounced “The One Plan” I was one of those who expressed concern that it offered so much above and beyond what most would possibly ever use that we were, in effect, being asked to pay for things we wouldn’t be using. To be fair you have, in part, answered those concerns with the recent release of you Ultimate and Essential Internet plans. However, these all come with 5,000 texts and, as I’ve also said on these pages, there is no way I’m giving my teenage son a plan that will effectively encourage him to do nothing all evening but exercise his thumbs. And I certainly don’t need that many.

    As well as addressing this I would urge you to consider greater flexibility in your price plans, eg say 500 units that can be used as 500 texts or 500 miinutes chat or any combination thereof.

    Anyway, for what it’s worth, those are some thoughts. If NOKIA were to anounce a Windows Phone with a Pureview camera (so long as Windows Phone 8 is a significant advancement on 7.5) in the VERY near future and you offer that phone, then there is a possibility I may remain, with Three. If not……………farewell!!

  377. Moderator: Kaz

    @Sajjad Rahman – You can pre-order the SIII right now, just click here

  378. Moderator: Kaz

    @Antony – Thanks for your comments and sorry you feel that way. I will pass them onto our devices team.

  379. Sajjad Rahman

    Is there any reason why you will not be stocking this phone?

  380. rushden9

    Hi, againnnnnn getting a bit p##### off now tried to go on adult website on my mobile phone and again adult website blockeddddddd however using my mobile as a wifi hotspot and go on my computer works a treat how long do i have to pay for services i do not recieve i have spoken to trading standards and they have told me that because my services are not working properly the fact of not for purpose i am in my rights to cancel this has been going on now for over a year however i still must pay the full monthly cost how long is this going to take to get sorted out i am now going to suspend my direct debit until full services are working.

  381. Antony

    Hi, unrelated phone again, but having seen your response to AJE that you won’t be stocking the 808, I am totally disappointed in 3.
    I’ve had several Nokias over many years with 3, as has my wife and now my kids. We will all be looking elsewhere for future phones and contracts if I have to look elsewhere for an 808.

  382. Nicki Macleod

    @Liam – Hi there, sorry there’s been some confusion over your phone colour. Have you discussed this with the store you ordered it in? What store was it in? What phone was it you ordered?

  383. Nicki Macleod

    @John – That’s strange. I’d wait until your monthly bill is produced and contact 333 to discuss it with them. Have you seen this happening before?

  384. Nicki Macleod

    @AJE – Hi there, I can confirm that we will not be stocking this phone I’m afraid.

  385. DougieCM

    I fully appreciate the loss of the loyalty discount in lieu of Spotify Premium since you no longer offer any contracts with that however your reply regarding the advocates is a little inconsistent considering my advocates discount already carried over from a previous contract!

    I’ve sent off a complaint to Head Office. Following that, given the numbers against only a single USP, we’ll see…

  386. Nicki Macleod

    @Dean Bromley – Hi there, we do have a product called Home Signal available. At the moment it’s only available though our technical team on 333 in a few cases following troubleshooting and checking your eligibility for the product. There’s no link for it as yet as it’s not widely available.

    The best thing to do would be to contact 333 and raise your issues concerning your coverage in your area and then they may be able to look at Home Signal as a possibility.

  387. Nicki Macleod

    @Sajjad Rahman – Hi there, nothing confirmed at the moment regarding PAYG. It’s likely any PAYG options would be made closer to the date it goes on general sale.

  388. Nicki Macleod

    @Antony – Hi there, sorry you weren’t able to upgrade in store. Existing customers should be able to do this no problem and receive the same deals as they would over the phone.

    With regards to your microsim – you’ll be sent a microsim with the new phone and you’ll just need to go to the microsim activation page to activate it when you receive it. It’ll then be active the next working day :-)

  389. Nicki Macleod

    @Howard – Hi there, we’re only aware of an issue on Thursday evening when it was first announced. It’s been working ever since – just checked it and it’s all working here. Is this still an issue for you? What browser are you trying it in?

  390. liam

    I received phone in white colour but when i was telling was looking for white 3 store told me we don’t do in white colour and i had to order in black but when I received i got it in white colour wat the hell is this 3 costumer service trying to do

  391. Nicki Macleod

    @Dan Carter – Hi Dan, no news as yet I’m afraid although in the past we’ve seen that we do have PAYG options available for most phones at the point of it going on general sale.

  392. Bob X

    That’s a pretty darn good deal in my book, e.g. because there’s no upfront cost it actually works out cheaper than the nearest equivalent – the HTC One X (because the One-X has a £29 upfront charge).

    Good thing that I’m not eligible for upgrade yet else I’d be sorely tempted. Although I’ll assume that TOP has the same blocks on certain mobile numbers and freephone/low call numbers that my current plan has (Internet Texter 500).

  393. Nicki Macleod

    @DougieCM – Sorry to hear of the troubles you’re having with our contact centre. I can confirm that no advocate discounts can be carried on to a new contract. I understand that you were given the discount in lieu of the Spotify premium service but even if you had this service on your account this would not be carried on to your new contract either as it’s an additional service only valid for that contract and contractual term. If you then upgrade your contract you start afresh with a new contract agreement.

    I’m sorry if you have decided to leave for a new network but wish you well in the future.

  394. Nicki Macleod

    @John – The phone comes with no upfront cost.

  395. john

    I just made a phone call to a mobile phone which lasted 19 minutes. You charged me 22 minutes

  396. AJE

    Regarding a different phone……….

    I’ve asked this before but I need a definitive answer as my contract is up: will you have the NOKIA Pureview 808?

  397. Dean Bromley

    Looking forward to this phone

    Admin, can you help me though. Been with 3 for 3 years, reasonably happy with my contract, although we do have suspect indoor coverage at my house.

    I’ve read an article recently stating that 3 now have booster ability indoors for those customers who do have dodgy indoor reception.

    My contract is up next weekend, and this could be a deal breaker – do you have a link to this at all? Foolishly, I didn’t bookmark it and I can’t find it anywhere.


  398. Sajjad Rahman

    Would there be any offers on Pay as you go?

  399. Jane Wellins

    PLEASE OH PLEASE DON’T MODIFY THE SOFTWARE! Just leave it as it is! No additions of THREE icons or any of that…or make them REMOVABLE!!

  400. antony

    I just phoned and I got a much better response. Forgot to ask him. Do I need to do anything to keep my current three number? Keeping on mind it will be a micro sim.

  401. antony

    I spoke to a chap in the three store who will not allow me to pre order the s3 as I am a existing customer. I find that very un fair. Not a great way to keep customers.

  402. BLADESMAN1889

    Hmmm ?????

    I have the original SGS and will very likely be getting this SGS3 when my contract expires or very close to expires in Feb 2013.

    I have been waiting very eagerly for this release and although its a beast and is no doubt the best Android out there – I am left feeling UNDERwhelmed – I do NOT like the shape, its too curvy for me – I was hoping for something more squared and something very much more slick looking. This just looks like a lump of plastic and is very disappointing to say the least.

    I do like the size of the screen though 4.8″ is perfect – and will dwarf the new guyphone if the rumours are correct about the size of cr-apples next offering.

    So at the mo, I’m hoping that before my contract is due for an upgrade that something nicer comes along – and that is not what I was expecting to feel after the launch of this phone which I have been eagerly awaiting now for months and months.

  403. Sajjad Rahman

    Best news of the year, cant wait to get my hands on the new Samsung masterpiece

  404. Howard

    You web page to sign up for more info is not responding, please sort it out

  405. Dan Carter

    hmmm not liking the fact no PAYG option considering all other phones are available at a cost even the Galaxy Note is available if you have £500 spare.

  406. DougieCM

    Another upgrade time, another battle with customer service….

    Because I’m on advocates, I can’t upgrade online so I had to phone to pre order the Galaxy S III. I understand it’s par for the course that the loyalty bonuses are going. The only reason I have one is in lieu of the free Spotify Premium I was meant to get with my current contract but didn’t. But not even being able to keep my advocates is a bit much…

    I’ve been a loyal 3 customer since 2008 and even after being dropped in the queues to a further two departments only to be told the exact same thing, I was exasperated and gave up. What is the point of doing so? The objection handling ability of your representatives is appalling. Rather than giving a final answer they are constantly passing the buck and dropping me into other call queues. I should only be getting transferred to another department if there is something else that can be done that they cannot do!

    If I cannot continue to receive advocates on my contract and have to settle for the bog standard at the very least allow me to upgrade online so I can avoid such an ordeal every, single, time I contact your call centre.

    Looks like I’m off to vodafone…see ya! :(

  407. john

    So the phone is half price then?

  408. Robert

    Will be placing my pre-order this evening.

    Was disappointed that when I wanted to order the Galaxy Note a few months ago your sales team told me you didn’t have any plans to stock it but you now have it on the website. Not fussed now anyway, SGS3 is far better :)

  409. Nicki Macleod

    @John – The blog post states that there’s no upfront cost, not free. Is this what you’re referring to?

  410. Nicki Macleod

    @Nick – Hi there it’s the 16GB version that we’re stocking :-)

  411. Nicki Macleod

    @Dan –
    @ Foo Fan Shaun –

    Hi there, there are no plans to sell this as a PAYG device as yet.

  412. Nicki Macleod

    @DougieCM – We will be releasing the 16GB version in either white or blue.

  413. john

    Existing 1 plan contract with my unlocked s2 = £25. S3 2year contract £34. 34-25=9. 9×24= £216. Cost of phone about £500? So does this mean we are getting the s3 half price as opposed to “free” as mentioned in your promo?

  414. Nick

    What storage versions are you guys stocking? As I didn’t get told on the phone what it would be! It wasn’t an option.

    To be honest I’m not too fussed, as the memory is expandable.

    Is it the 16GB, the 32GB or the 64GB?

  415. Nicki Macleod

    @Alex – Hi there, just awaiting clarification from business as to the availability. Will come back to you asap.

  416. Nicki Macleod

    @Richard – Sorry about that. Have chased this up and we’re getting feedback that people are now able to preorder :-)

  417. Nicki Macleod

    @Nick – sorry for the hold up there. Glad you finally got it ordered :-)

  418. Nicki Macleod

    @Rushden9 – Hi there, have asked the question regarding PAYG prices – will let you know as soon as I hear back :-)

  419. Nicki Macleod

    @DougieCM – Glad you like :-) Just awaiting more info regarding memory and colours. I’ll come back to you on this asap.

  420. Nicki Macleod

    @Foo Fan Shaun -
    @Dan -

    Hi there, just awaiting confirmation regarding Pay as You Go. I’ll update you as soon as I can.

  421. Nick

    Just ordered my shiny new GS3 White. Seems they are now aware of the pre-ordering. Yay!

  422. Richard

    I too was told that the phone wasn’t available. Disappointing that a comms wasn’t sent out to staff or staff didn’t read it.

  423. Nicki Macleod

    @Will Scott – Hi Will, thanks for letting us know about this. I’m chasing this now with the contact centre.

  424. Nick

    Your call centre know nothing about the preorder! Tried twice. All they say is that they’ll phone me when its in stock! Can you let us know whats going on?

  425. Nicki Macleod

    @Mark Bridgett – Hi there, sorry about this. We’re working on getting this up and running again asap.

  426. Nicki Macleod

    @Antony – Hi there, you’d just need to call 33 and speak to upgrades regarding your options :-)

  427. Will Scott

    If you’re going to tell your existing customers to call 333 from today to pre-order, at least inform your call center staff that the phone is available on pre-order. I just tried and was told that it’s not yet on pre-order, and I was the 3rd customer to call in 20 minutes telling them they had read online it was on pre-order.

  428. rushden9

    looks brilliant I watched the release online um and arring whether to get one priceplan looks great aswell curious of what the price is to buy one??

  429. Alex

    Any comments regarding availability for business users? I’ve been due for an upgrade for the last 4 months and i’ve been holding out for the SIII

  430. DougieCM

    Well done Three!

    Looks like this wipes the floor with the HTC One X. User replaceable memory and bigger user replaceable battery while still being thinner, AMOLED screen, more of an idea of how to employ NFC and wireless charging.

    The no upfront pricing is also a plus as well compared to the One X.

    Looks like Samsung are segmenting the S III by internal memory capacity and colour. Can Three confirm what versions of which they will be fielding and whether this has an impact upon pricing?

  431. Mark Bridgett

    Unfortunately the website is broken – the registration screen has nowhere to type any details in!


  432. Antony

    Am due a upgrade end of this month. Can I pre-order as this will be the phone I want.

  433. Dan

    Any news on a PAYGO price?

  434. Foo Fan Shaun

    Will you be offering the Galaxy S3 on Pay As You Go too so that those who already have a contract phone with you but are not yet eligible for an upgrade can simply buy the handset with and use it with their existing SIM?

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