Windows Phone 8X by HTC and Windows Phone 8S by HTC – Coming soon to Three.

We’ve some great new smartphone news today. We will soon be ranging our first Windows Phone 8 devices. Both the Windows Phone 8X by HTC and the Windows Phone 8S by HTC will soon be coming to Three. I, for one, think that’s something to shout about.

There’s something of a buzz around Windows 8 and it’s easy to see why with these stylish smartphones. They’re all you’ve come to expect from HTC with the added bonus of the latest Windows OS. What more could you want?

Both phones come with Beats Audio™ technology, which will be music to the ears of all you music lovers out there. The 8X also features an amazing 8 megapixel camera – great for taking perfect snaps on the go – as well as a really crisp 4.3” HD screen to show them off on.

The 8S is also a feature packed phone, but is on the more affordable side. It has a bright 4” screen, a 5 megapixel camera and of course, access to over 100,000 apps through Windows Phone Marketplace.

Take a look at the little sneak peek we’ve done for the 8X if you want to know more.

55 Responses to Windows Phone 8X by HTC and Windows Phone 8S by HTC – Coming soon to Three.
  1. Ros

    @gilles – Noted ;-) Will pass your feedback on, though we’ve no plans for this at the moment.

  2. gilles

    please please please…make it available in BLACK and WHITE by christmas and You will have gained one more customer!!

  3. Ros

    @Alina – Hi there. Yes we’re only ranging black and blue at the moment, we’ve no plans for any other colours, but we’re always reviewing the range..

  4. Alina

    Hi! I currently checked Three website for this phone and saw it only in black and blue.. will you provide it in any other colours later?

  5. elliec

    The 8x is a great phone but the Nokia wins it for me due to the larger screen, Nokia maps, camera and wireless charging. I have an HTC desire hd which has been a good phone only slightly let down by poor battery life. I fancy a change and want to give support Nokia in their comeback, I will keep an eye out for news, I suspect with this much support the 920 will come to three.

  6. Ros

    @elliec – Hi there. Yes, we’re aware a lot of people are keen on that phone :-) Whilst we don’t have plans to range it at the momet, we are always reviewing the range, so I guess never say never, but at the moment it’s a no. The Windows Phone 8X not take your fancy?

  7. elliec

    I desperately want a Nokia 920 and really don’t want to leave 3 to get it as your data plans are the best not worried about 4g just yet.
    Reading other posts I am not alone please, pretty please do everything you can to get this phone on 3 asap. I am upgrading at the end of December so if its not available by then I will be forced to go to Orange or t-mobile.

  8. Ros

    @Matt – Thanks for your feedback. We currently don’t have plans to range this phone, however we are always reviewing our range.

  9. Grant

    Please please please make plans to get the lumia 920 on the network. I’m desparate to stay with three, but if nothing is announced before Christmas then I’m off to EE. I’ve waited three months to upgrade and I really want this phone. I like the htc but is lacking in so many areas for me. Please make an announcement soon! Kind regards, Grant.

  10. Matt

    Hi, I am another customer that would love to upgrade to the Nokia 920. I currently have the Lumia 800 and have been very impressed with it so far.

    Please, please, please, please make this Nokia 920 available to us loyal customers.

  11. Ellie

    @Ross – We have no announcements on the exact launch date for this device at present I’m afraid.

  12. Ross

    Any idea how long we’ll have to wait for the 8S? I really want one of these phones, but I think the 8X is a bit big, so I’m leaning towards the 8S at the moment…

    Will there be 8X models on display in your shops? I might be swayed if I can play around with it (or at least see how big it is ‘in real life’).


  13. Moderator: Johanna

    @Saskia – Thanks for your feedback. We do try and range a selection and we’d wholly recommend checking out the HTC Windows phones…

  14. Saskia

    I’d really love the Nokia Lumia 820 to be on 3 so i can upgrade my contract, there is not enough choice for Windows Phone from 3, all other networks are stocking Nokia Lumia 820, why not Three? Why is three so obsessed with Apple and Android? we need some more choice of handsets from 3!!!

  15. Moderator: Nicki

    @Alex – Hi, there’s no plans on us ranging this phone at the moment, but keep your eye on our coming soon page as any future launches will be announced there.

  16. Alex

    Hi there,
    HTC is fine, lovely but, when will you have Nokia Lumia 920?
    Is this coming to Three?
    Kind regards.

  17. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jasmin – Hi there, it’s not available yet. We don’t have a confirmed date but it’ll be soon. Keep your eye on our Coming Soon page for confirmed dates and the colours available. This will be updated when we have any further details.

  18. Moderator: Nicki

    @Zen – Hi there, no details of us stocking this as yet. Any announcements would always be made on our Coming Soon page.

  19. Raj Kumar

    I did mean the Nokia Lumia 820.

    I am OK with the Nokia Lumia 920 not being on Three. Its too big for me anyway but I would like the chance to upgrade to Nokia Lumia 820.

    I haven’t had any good experience with the HTC because of battery issues with Desire so won’t be upgrading to any HTC phones

  20. James Vincent

    Yay! 3 are getting some Windows phones. Need more of these. The line up seems very much apple & android dominated.

  21. Jasmin

    I got my dad to phone to see if I can upgrade to the 8x but they told me its not available yet. It says here that its available to existing three customers?? What colours will be offered?

  22. Zen

    i like that song by the way haha! :D

  23. Zen

    Any plans to range the Nokia Lumia 820, and no i did not mean the 920, i mean the 820, the new one. Any plans for this device? i pre-ordered it on O2 but would much prefer it on Three. thank you!
    Since you’re not ranging the Lumia 920, at least you could range the 820!

  24. Ellie

    @Raj – Yesterday we announced that these devices are now available as upgrades for existing Three customers. Did you mean the Nokia Lumia 920? If so we have no plans to range this device at present, sorry.

  25. Raj Kumar

    Hi – What are the dates for launching of these HTC phones?

    Also any dates for the Nokia lumia 820.

    I have been with 3 since the day 3 launched in the UK and I don’t want to change if I can help it.

  26. Moderator: Johanna

    @Darren McCarthy – I’m sorry, we have no plans to range this phone :-( We have excellent SIM plans though.

  27. Darren McCarthy

    Please please please get the Nokia 920. Been on Three for years but this phone is the deal breaker for me and the family and we don’t want to leave the network.

  28. Moderator: Lauren

    @Stephen – we’ve had no word yet. Keep an eye on our Coming Soon page for all new releases.

  29. Stephen

    When are you getting the HTC One X+
    Are there plans to stock this one?
    I’m due to upgrade soon and want this phone

  30. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sivhead – I’m afraid we’ve got no plans for this just now, this may change in the future.

  31. sivhead

    Its a shame you wont be getting the lumia 920 at launch I was looking forward to joining the 3 network.

  32. Ros

    @Thomas evans – Although we’re not currently planning on offering this handset, we are always reviewing our range so it’s always possible we may in the future. We are aware some customers are keen for us to range it and will certainly feed this back.

  33. Thomas evans

    After reading all the comments I’m suprised that you will not be offering the Nokia 920. Clearly your customers want it and it is the flagship phone for windows 8. Doesn’t really make sense??

  34. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jasmin – Sorry to disappoint you but that’s correct, we have no plans to range the 920.

  35. Jasmin

    My dad got me a Nokia lumia 800 for Christmas last year I have to say…. I love this phone. I am really gutted that the new set of Nokia handsets. Reading the comments on this page, nearly everyone was looking forward to having it on three. There is obviously a demand for it so will you be stocking the lumia 820 and more importantly the lumia 920?? If not I guess I be following the others and I be leaving three to get the phone on another network.

  36. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ben – We haven’t made any announcements about this phone… yet.

  37. Ben

    What about the HTC One X+?

    Are there plans to stock this one with the Three network?


  38. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mrittika – Hi there, I’m afraid we don’t have any plans on stocking this in another colour.

  39. oli

    Pretty gutted your not stocking the Nokia 920. Probably our of your hands but its a shame. I’m going to have to buy it sim free now.

  40. Mrittika

    Thanks for stocking this phone. Will it be coming in the black colour too?

  41. ZakC

    It is a shame that the Lumia 920 won’t be on three from release but I think I can wait. Or just buy the thing on Expansys and sign up for a three sim only contract. Your price plans are a major draw for me. Not too fussed about LTE as 800 band is where the serious performance is. I use Verizon when I’m in the US and Wifi when I’m in London. The call plan, all you can eat data and wicked coverage in London are the big sells for me.

  42. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ali – sorry you feel that way, is there anything we can do to help here?

  43. Ali Sheikh


    I just want to say if you are thinking of getting 3 network, please dont make this mistake, dono about the phone but 3 network is completely rubbish you dont get any reception and very bad reception and network coverage. Customer Service opertors are rude and they dont know what they are talking about not help at all. you will be stuck with 12 or 18 months contract, you have cant leave the contract and you have to pay for the service which you dont even use.

  44. Ros

    @Simon – I’m afraid we don’t currently have plans to range the Nokia Lumia 920, however, we are always reviewing so there’s a chance that could change in the future.

  45. Simon

    Very dissapointed in Three, the 920 is an amazing phone, and yet Three won’t be hosting it!

    Big mistake! looks like another network will have to gain my custom with the Nokia 920! And a real shame as Three knocks other networks out with its network coverage and price plans.

  46. Simon

    ER!! where is the Lumia 920???????

  47. Ros

    @rob sims – Really sorry to hear that Rob, thanks for your feedback though. Although we’re not currently ranging the new Nokia Lumia 920, we are always reviwing our range. These new HTC’s are pretty impressive though I have to say, hard to get across in a photo, but they’re great in the flesh. Hope you re-consider :-)

  48. rob sims

    Feeling really dissapointed that the lumia 920 not coming to three at launch. I like the HTC phones but the Nokia range is so much better. Looks like I be jumping to another carrier then which is a shame because all my families contracts are with three and we always have a Nokia handset. :(

  49. Dominic Blakey

    If this phone isn’t ridiculously priced on a contract, I will definitely go with Three with this phone :)

  50. AJE

    @Steve goral – rumour has it that another network will exclusively have the NOKIA 920 for a period of time and then it will be open to other networks. Probably something to do with 4G availability!!
    It’s a shame – the HTC looks pretty but it lacks the wealth of innovation found in the 920

  51. Moderator: Lauren

    @Steve – we’re not currently ranging that phone, this may change in the future however.

  52. Steve goral

    Both look good, but not as good as the new Nokia. Any idea when the lumina 920 iscoming to three?

  53. Moderator: Lauren

    Not yet – keep an eye on our Coming Soon page for info. We’ll announce on launch day.

  54. Blake Pender

    When will you announce pricing for this, on the One Plan? Tempting this is!

  55. James

    any dates?

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