Digital Christmas.

Christmas is evolving but is that a bad thing? It’s clear to me that the mobile internet has made a huge difference to the way we plan and enjoy Christmas.

We’ve discovered that these days people send, on average, only 10 Christmas cards, compared to the 40-odd people they will wish merry Christmas to via social media on the their smartphones. Some might think this is impersonal, but I think we wish more people a merry Christmas this way. It certainly saves time on looking up addresses, and money on buying and posting cards.

In fact the average Brit will spend 15 minutes of Christmas day itself on their phones checking out Facebook or Twitter, talking about their day and thanking people for their gifts. Young adults (18-24 year old’s) illustrate this trend even more so, spending 20 minutes of Christmas day on the mobile internet, wishing 50 people a merry Christmas this way and sending only 6 traditional Christmas cards.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen a big difference in the way I, and my friends and family, are using smartphones in the lead up to Christmas. I check prices on products before I commit to buy, I buy Christmas presents whilst walking the dog and I have started to create my Christmas  menu from delicious recipes I’ve found from  food apps. I’m not alone as 57% of men and women have confessed that the mobile internet has taken some of the strain out of planning for Christmas. With more than a third of women (32%) admitting that having internet on the go has made them more time efficient in the build up to Christmas.

And perhaps most tellingly, 40% of the nation is cheerful that the mobile internet has helped them save their pennies when buying gifts for Christmas.

Check out this article on Discover for tips on avoiding Christmas queues, with a little help from your smartphone.

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  1. Moderator: Lauren

    @Carl – no word yet, keep an eye on our Coming Soon page for new releases.

  2. Carl

    Hi, just wondering if there is any news on whether the Asus pad phone 2 will be coming to three?

  3. Ellie

    @Nadeem – Sorry to hear you are having problems activating your SIM, it sounds like something has gone wrong and the SIM activation may need to be done again. I’d recommend giving the team a call so they can see what is causing the delay.

  4. Nadeem

    Three is awesome. Because they are big boned it takes them 6 days (and counting) to activate a sim. Maybe they’re big boned because they are Neanderthals, inbred and incompetent.

  5. Moderator: Nicki

    @James – Hi there, sorry to hear you’re unhappy with our current pricing – I’ll certainly feedback your thoughts.

    We’re constantly getting stock in so phones will be turned back on as and when we receive stock.

  6. James

    what’s going on with your device range lately Three? for example the Nexus 4 £35 per month and £29 upfront for a handset which costs £279 sim free. Hardly the deal of the decade is it? also of the 68 phones (well, variants of a handful of phones) about 26 of them are out of stock?! You’ve also lost the edge on pricing bigtime!

  7. Trevor Standen

    You have to be in it to win it.

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