Sony Xperia Z – Coming Soon.

Sony are keen to start the new year with a bang and they’re doing this by adding the fantastic Xperia Z to their ever expanding Xperia family. And we’re very pleased to say we will be ranging this amazing new phone.

To start with we have to mention the 1920x1080p full HD Reality Display, on a not insignificant 5” display screen. This is one of the highest pixel density of any smartphone out there. Images are crisp and impressively sharp and even in bright light you can easily see the screen.  In addition the Mobile BRAVIA ® Engine 2 optimizes images making them even sharper and brighter and intuitively managing colour and contrast. Overall it’s a stunning visual experience.

The camera on this newest Xperia is also quite something, with a massive 13MP and a Sony EXMOR RS sensor making for crystal clear photos, even in challenging lighting conditions. The EXMOR RS sensor also means HDR video capture without the need for a backlight. There are lowlight sensors on both the front and back of the phone so gone are the days of poor quality videos, Youtube will be your new best friend!

I have to say, this is a beautifully crafted phone. But it’s also extremely durable. At only 7.9mm you might be forgiven for thinking it wouldn’t be, but the Xperia Z’s frame is made from glass fibre polyamide, the same material that’s used as a metal substitute in car parts. Tempered glass and anti shatter films on the front and back, and being water and dust resistant, make this one of the most durable phones around.

But it doesn’t end there, one of the most useful features of the  Xperia Z, is a nifty little feature called Battery Stamina Mode which gives you up to ten times longer standby time. It knows when your screen is off and shuts down the battery-draining apps you don’t need, without you having to lift a finger, and then starts them up again when the screen is back on.

If downloading music and movies are what it’s all about for you then with the Xperia Z you can get access to the Sony Entertainment Network where you can download films, TV shows and millions upon millions of songs. With All You Can Eat data from Three, you won’t have to bat an eyelid about how many films or songs you’re downloading.

Finally, access to the PlayStation®Store with all it’s great PlayStation®Mobile games, means that all your entertainment bases are covered.

We’re really excited to be able to bring this fab new Xperia to you in the not too distant future.

In the meantime check out Basil’s first impressions of the Sony Xperia Z over at Know Your Mobile or take a look at the sneak peek we’ve made.

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  1. Moderator: Johanna

    @Adam – If you are using an enabled device you should automatically be able to make the most of our Ultrafast network.

  2. Adam

    I noted in a earlier reply, that we can not change the options under mobile network settings. so If we are using a DC-HSDPA enabled device, how am I to take advantage of this technology? I have tired to get some advice from the TSI whom have been unable to help me.

  3. Ros

    @Evan – Hi there, yes this is the LTE enabled model, you just won’t see those options in your mobile network settings yet as we’ve not rolled out the LTE part of our Ultrafast network yet. Hope that helps.

  4. Evan

    There is NO LTE/WCDMA/GSM option on the Mobile network settings. But it is a 4G ready C6603 model, isn’t it? Did H3G really approach the 4G speed yet?

  5. Moderator: Lauren

    @james m – our prices can vary all the time, looks like a really good deal just now :)

  6. james m

    On three site few days ago this phone was £69.99 on Ultimate Internet plan – looked again today & now it seems to be free? Is that right?! Why such big price drop in short time?

  7. Ros

    @Alan – Hi, when and how did you order the handset?

  8. Alan Ferguson

    Any idea when this phone is actually going to make its way to my sticky mitt? Still no text to give a delivery date even though it was meant to be here by Thursday…

  9. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ian Smith – Hi there, just looking in to the email for you. Can you please confirm the email address that this was sent to you from? Would you also mind providing your phone number that you were trying to upgrade? (Don’t worry we won’t publish the phone number) Thanks.

  10. biky

    Can’t wait to hold this phone.

  11. Ian Smith

    Just had the following email:
    Dear XXXXX,

    We’re really sorry but your new phone is currently out of stock and unfortunately we’re not expecting it to be back in stock.

    We apologise again for this delay and understand that you may like to talk this through with us, including changing your phone. If so, please call 333 free from a Three phone or 0843 373 3333 from any other phone (5.1p/min from a BT landline, other networks may vary) Monday to Friday 8am to 9pm and Saturday to Sunday 9am to 8pm.


    The Three Team

    This was for my upgrade to Xperia Z (in black). Unfortunately times that customer service are open are incorrect….they close at 18.00 today for the department I need.

    Is it correct that 3 won’t be stocking the Xperia Z?

  12. Moderator: Johanna

    @Kirk Cooper – It’s a lovely phone :-) Which means it’s also a very popular phone. It’s available on pre-order at the moment but you’ll have to chat to the team in the 3store if you’re after a deal.

  13. Jon

    I have to agree with Tam here, he has a very good point, I have just fed this back to your executive customer services after being sold a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 I am November on the basis of it being ‘Ultrafast Internet ready’ when it’s actually not. Luckily your executive customer services are good enough to rectify this and have agreed to exchanged my Note 2 for the Sony Xperia Z when it comes out. If 3 had a more detailed section on this and informed your customer services and sales then it would stop this miss selling for us consumers.

  14. kirk cooper

    I want a xperia Z and was due a upgrade there sending a xperia S on a deal of £10 a month and the phone free
    But i really do like the xperia Z how can i get one the S arrives at my home on tuesday coming but id prefer the Z instead
    I dont need LTE Connectivity as the internet speed i get from three does me for what i use it for
    So three im a good customer i have two contracts and always pay on time 97% of the time
    So can you advice me on how to get a Z with no ipfront costs and a cheaper price plan than your going to roll out on
    I look forward to your response

  15. Tam Keir

    Thanks Ellie

  16. Ellie

    @Tam Keir – Hi Tam, thanks for your comment. We can confirm that the Xperia Z and Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE support DC-HSDPA as well as LTE so customers who buy these devices can take advantage of fast speeds on our Ultrafast network and will also be able to use our 4G network when it launches later this year. Apologies if you feel the communication around specifications for these devices is confusing.

  17. Ellie

    @biky – Yes I can confirm that the Xperia Z supports LTE :)

  18. Tam Keir

    While were on the subject of proper clarification of phone specs. According to Samsungs own spec list for the S3 LTE – it says that the phone is LTE ready (4g) and HSDPA+ enabled. Like Sony it makes no mention of being DC enabled. It wouldn’t really matter if Three had their 4G service up and running and the customer was registered to receive it. But as no 4G service is active yet surely Three have a duty to check these phones out before advertising them suitable for the ultrafast network they have at present – which is DC-HSDPA. I have been with Three for many years and live in a good signal area. I have never had a problem with customer services either. So to avoid certain customer complaints about the use of the term LTE Three should call it LTE-DC until 4g is up and running. If these phones CAN receive DC then all good and well. But if they cannot then Three are selling these phones claiming they can connect to a signal (DC) which they are not capable of receiving and a signal (4G) which is not up and running yet. Somebody’s made a big boo boo if this is the case lol. Please-get this clarification issue sorted out

  19. biky

    @moderator can you please conform that this phone is lte version. Thanks.

  20. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jon – Hi there, our device guys are busy clarifying with Sony. We’ll keep you posted.

  21. Tam Keir

    Deemed has a different meaning from “actually is “

  22. Jon

    @Nicki – Hi, sorry I didn’t mean the colours I meant can Ros confirm in writing that the Z supports DC-HSPDA, but now you state it’s LTE ready, so is it not DC-HSPDA ready only LTE. Thanks

  23. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jon – Hi there, we’re planning on selling both the black and white version. Ultrafast is our terminology for DC-HSDPA and LTE so with the device being LTE it’s deemed as Ultrafast ready :-)

  24. Jon

    @Ros – Hi Ros can you confirm this in black and white, just as on Sony’s website it only states LTE and HSPA+ not DC – HSDPA and on your website it states Ultrafast Internet ready… I just want to ensure that I have the correct information as I was previously miss sold a phone from 3 with a Note 2, 3 customer services told me it was 4G ready when it isn’t. Thanks

  25. Ros

    @Jon – Hi there. The Xperia Z supports both DC HSDPA and LTE :-)

  26. Jon

    Can you confirm if this will support your DC-HSPDA network or is it only LTE ready? Thanks

  27. Moderator: Nicki

    @Nick – No confirmation of colours just yet, but expecting news soon :-)

  28. Nick

    I think this just might be my next phone! Do you know if you be stocking it in white?

  29. Ellie

    @Stuart Barnes – Glad to hear you are excited about the Sony Xperia Z Stuart!

  30. Stuart Barnes

    It’s about time Three have gone with a phone like this, Iv been using the Motorola defy + for years on 3’s sim only One plan. As a Coastguard I need a phone that can be used in all situations and all weather conditions. I think this will be one of Three’s best sellers. Thank you 3 about time 

  31. Ros

    @Dickson – Hi there. The Xperia Z comes installed with Office Suite 6, which I think might just be for viewing rather than creating documents, further than that, it might be worth getting in touch with Sony directly; It’s true the Note 2 is larger, but I think the Xperia is surprisingly large and it certainly is classy :-)

  32. Dickson

    Hi, is there any word on the word processing and note taking capabilites of this gadget? I’m trying to decide between the Note 2 and this Sony product but I’m still leaning towards Samsung as its larger.

    I just don’t like the sheer gaudiness of the Samsung machines

  33. chippy

    great timing. im up for an upgrade in may so the sony may just pull me away from the iPhone.

  34. Moderator: Nicki

    @amile – Hi there, no confirmed date as yet. The phone will be available from launch day.

  35. amile

    Is that the time when its going to be available because I got told recently that it was launching Feb ?

    Do I just have to wait to the launch day to get it ? Also could I pre order one for the launch day if it is ,,,

    Thank you


  36. Ellie

    @Sam – Sorry to hear you have been experiencing slow speeds in the evening. I have checked your postcode and can confirm there are no reporting issues on any of the masts in your area, however there is some routine maintenance taking place over the next few days.When this is complete you should see an improvement.

  37. Techie

    I think the xperia z will be released on the 1st march, from my sources the nokia 920 will be released on three network on 1st feb.
    All I know for sure is that it will be dc-hsdpa compatible and that finally there is a real android LCD screen dc-hsdpa available on three, plus its quad-core.

  38. Sam

    Looks like this phone will drag me away from apple, a superb device!! Just wish Three would give me speeds above 0k-512k in the evenings when I want to actually use it in postcode [removed by mod]! Three acknowledge that the mast is oversubscribed but have told me that they have no intention of upgrading the mast I connect to, and refuse to give me any contact details for anyone to complain to at head office, even the head office switch board cut me off when I say I need to complain or just redirect my call to the useless call centre in the far east!

  39. Moderator: Johanna

    @Amile – I’m afraid we can’t reveal launch day just yet… keep an eye on @ThreeUK tweets and we’ll share info as and when we can.

  40. Amile

    I think its coming to its release day soon my contract is due for upgrading as well, when will it be available on three ? could I pre-order one ? thank you

  41. Techie

    What a great phone and so glad to hear its dc-hsdpa!
    I’m holding off on my upgrade till the Z arrives. The only shame is that the ZL isnt coming to the UK.
    I’m glad that after all the investment three have made in dc-hsdpa technology that they have started to offer us some decent choices of compatible devices. It’s a shame that they choose non dc-hsdpa versions to sell to us ie; samsung galaxy s3.
    But hey, let’s not brood over the past, I would rather have this Z than the S3 any day.
    Now this only leaves a matter of timing. I hope this will be available as soon as its released and we don’t have too wait months.


  42. Amos

    Is Three getting the HSPA+ version or the LTE version?

  43. Slavik

    It reminds me Sony TV as well – too big.

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