Nokia Lumia 920 – Coming Soon.

We know you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for news of whether we’ll be bringing you the Nokia Lumia 920, and it’s easy to see why. So we hope you’ll be thrilled to hear that we can confirm this rather marvellous, DC HSDPA enabled smartphone will soon be available with Three. Compatible with our Ultrafast network and packed full of features, it’s a phone to be reckoned with.

In fact there are so many exciting features tucked away in this sleek phone that it’s hard to know where to start! Along with the Windows Phone 8 operating system, come many exclusive and innovative Nokia apps such as Nokia Transport, Citylens and Cinemagraph.

But one of the key features of the Lumia 920 is the impressive 8.7MP camera. It also comes with PureView which is camera technology that manages to capture blur-free images even in low light with its Optical Image Stabilizer. Not to mention the Carl Zeiss lens that ensures your photos are always crisp and clear. If photography is your thing, I don’t think you can go wrong with the Lumia 920.

Taking that even further is one of those exclusive Nokia apps –  Cinemagraph, which lets you animate the still images you’ve taken – great fun for sharing with your friends! Citylens is another exclusive and nifty app for the camera side of things. An augmented reality app, it brings you information about the things around you, such as where to eat, shop etc., by super imposing them on the screen while you’re using the app to view through the camera lens. Neat.

With Nokia Transport showing you all your nearest transport options as well as real time updates, all of your most useful information is at your fingertips wherever you are with the Lumia 920.

If you’re a music lover then you’re not forgotten with the Lumia 920 either, with access to Nokia Music you can stream songs over the internet or with a generous 32GB of internal memory there’s loads of room to store music on your phone (not to mention further memory from Skydrive)

The ability to charge wirelessly and a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor are the icing on the cake for this exciting phone.

If you can’t wait for launch, whet your appetite with our little sneak peek…

97 Responses to Nokia Lumia 920 – Coming Soon.
  1. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Tony – Sorry about the emails invites that you are getting. I can confirm that we will not be stocking these again as Nokia aren’t producing any more stock of it. Sorry if the emails have been a bit miss leading. Thanks > Bernie

  2. Tony

    So why is 3 Store inviting e-mails to request confirmation when back in stock? This suggests they have plans. Have you actually spoken to anyone with knowledge of these?

  3. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tony – there’s no plans at the moment, sorry.

  4. Tony

    @Kris. Do 3 intend to re-stock the Lumia 920?

  5. Moderator: Kris

    @Tony We don’t have any info in regards to restocking of the 920 at this time. As Nokia have launched a number of new devices since the 920 came out, it may well have been deprioritised for their newer models.

  6. Tony

    The 920 is no longer offered new by 3. Sales and upgrade staff and shops have no idea if or when it might return. Does any body know the answer to this very simple question?

  7. Moderator: Nicki

    @Guri – Really sorry that there was confusion over whether or not your phone was unlocked. What’s the latest with your phone? If you’re now being told that it’s unlocked are you able to use another network’s sim card in it?

  8. Guri


    Please don’t use Three as a company their service is rubbish. I bought the Nokia Lumia 920 in March. They told me at the store it was unlocked and I could use it on any network, which wasn’t true.
    Then they sent me two unlock codes which didn’t work.
    They then said it is already unlocked. In the end I got fed up and put the phone in the cupboard rather than used Three as a network. I am waiting for my other contracts to expire with them, so I can go to another network. When you pay £450+ for a phone and told it is unlocked that’s what it would be.

  9. Gwendolyn Norseth

    The Nokia Lumia is a series of smartphones from Nokia first introduced in November 2011, all of which use the Windows Phone operating system. The Lumia name is derived from the partitive plural form of the word Lumi which means snow in the Finnish language…’.-

    Latest article content on our very own web-site

  10. Moderator: Lauren

    @Steve Watts – if we’re unable to unlock the phone by the manufacturers code, we can send your phone for repair and have it done manually.

  11. Steve Watts

    I have had the same problem as Tribune and I’m sure many others. Three gave me 3 or so codes to unlock my pay as you go phone, none of these worked. Requested my money back for the phone and was denied.

  12. Tribune

    I bought my 920 in feb, had three unlock codes from 3 all failed, its a paperweight. I can however report if you don’t use it it lasts 11 days before battery flat.

    Also the refund for failed unlocking is credit to sim for (allegedly 10 days, more like 20) if you don’t use it, it does get returned to bank card.

  13. Moderator: Lauren

    @J – sorry to read this, you can unlock a pay and go phone at any time. If you call 333 they should be able to raise this with the unlock team who can contact the manufacturer for more info.

  14. J

    Greetings. Bought a 920 from 3 store a month ago (PAYG). The guy in the shop says it can’t be unlocked for 3 months. However, the 3 website says that any PAYG phone can be unlocked (no time restrictions) for £15. Problem is,they can’t find a code for my handset & keep saying its already unlocked. This isn’t the case as I have tried several sim cards, all of which keep asking for a 10 digit unlock code!! Anyone else had this issue?

  15. DuncanK

    I have bought the 920 on Three and am very pleased with it. One grip I have is that i have to set my time and date manually – this doesn’t come from the network (and therefore doesn’t change when I go abroad).

  16. Ros

    @ColC – Hi there, you can update your settings via the ‘access point’ option in settings. If you’ve got an active SIM in the phone it should show you the option for ’3UK’ – just activate it and you’re done. Hope that helps.

  17. ColC

    Slight necro of your Lumia 920 post, but can you post the apn settings for mms to use my unlocked 920 with my 3 contract SIM please. The config tool on the 3 website doesn’t send any settings, and I cant find any working settings anywhere.

    Three Customer Service seemed confused by my request. Hope you can help!

  18. Moderator: Nicki

    @Bej – Sorry to see you’re so unhappy. What’s happened that you feel the need to record calls and get things in writing? If you could explain the situation I’ll see how we can help.

    With regards to deals for existing customers, the way we position our deals is to offer the most competitive deals we can to the market. So as an existing customer you’d be offered the the same price as someone joining our network, although you may be offered a different way of paying for it ie a higher monthly charge but with a lower upfront charge. You’ll also tend to find that you’d save money if you pay something upfront for the phone.

  19. Bej


  20. Moderator: Nicki

    @ronald buckley – Hi there, no new Nokia phones planned as yet but keep your eye on our coming soon page for any future launches.

  21. ronald buckley

    are Nokia bring out a phone with a larger screen say like the galaxy note with the windows os

  22. Ellie

    @Bill – Hi Bill, we’re only stocking black at the present time I’m afraid.

  23. Bill

    Any ideas about, when and if 3 will bring yellow version?

  24. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ondrej – Hi there, no plans on us ranging this as yet but any future releases would always be launched via our Coming Soon page.

  25. Ondrej

    Hi Three,
    are you planning to offer white Lumia 920 any time soon?


  26. Ros

    @Linda Buchanan – Hi. Sorry to hear of your exeprience. I’ve sent an email so we can try and sort this out for you. Once you’ve provided your details, someone will be in touch.

  27. Ros

    @Zaheer – It’s being rolled out as we speak! It’s on a staggered roll out so people will be receiving it in batches, everyone will have received it by the end of Feb.

  28. Ros

    @Markh – Sorry to hear you’re having problems with your card. Your best off calling the team on 0843 373 3333, they’ll be able to help.

  29. Linda Buchanan

    I am sitting on the phone at 5p a minute trying to sort out why money is still coming out of my account having cancelled my contract in November. We then contracted 3 on December 12th as money was still being taken. I have now phoned 3 or 4 times and been passed from pillar to post. I am still on the phone! Who can sort this out as noone at 3 seems to know what to do. I can’t register as I no longer have a sim number. Someone has just answered the phone and putting me through to a special team. This is now the 5th destination…will there be resolution??? I am now 20 minutes into this call and still waiting for the special team. Guess what, in order to register so that 3 can sort out my account i have to buy a new simm card…WHAT! I don’t have the phone or the card. this is soooooooooooo I am sitting on the phone at 5p a minute trying to sort out why money is still coming out of my account having cancelled my contract in November. We then contracted 3 on December 12th as money was still being taken. I have now phoned 3 or 4 times and been passed from pillar to post. I am still on the phone! Who can sort this out as noone at 3 seems to know what to do. I can’t register as I no longer have a sim number. Someone has just answered the phone and putting me through to a special team. This is now the 5th destination…will there be resolution??? I am now 20 minutes into this call and still waiting for the special team. Guess what, in order to register so that 3 can sort out my account i have to buy a new simm card…WHAT! I don’t have the phone or the card. this is soooooooooooo Kafkeresque. Do you think I will ever get my money back? Linda

  30. Zaheer

    when are you people going to release Nokia lumia 800′s update which is WP 7.8????????????????????????????????

  31. Markh

    the website isnt accepting my amex card – I can’t buy it from your call centre or a 3 shop……

    Please help!

  32. Moderator: Lauren

    @Peter – sorry for the misinformation, you’re unable to buy the phone without a topup. The minimum topup is £10.

  33. Peter

    @ Ros I emailed customer support from the 3 website and they gave me a different answer:

    “You cannot purchase the phone without the add-on.

    If you don’t need the add-on you can give the new sim with the add-on to any of your family member or friend to use it as it’s valid up to 30 days only.”

    So who is correct? Can you clarify this?

  34. Ellie

    @JayN – Sorry if you feel this is misleading, just to confirm the wireless charging is included as a feature of the phone and the wireless charger is an extra. Thank you for your feedback, we have passed this onto the team.

  35. JayN

    I feel that your site is misleading then, it should say optional wireless charging instead of “includes”, also it is listed in the same sentence with Nokia drive and sky drive both of which are in included with the phone at no extra cost. There is nothing to differentiate the optional from the included !!!

  36. Ellie

    @JayN – Hi there, the wireless charging plate is an accessory so you will need to buy this separately but you should have received a regular charger in the box with your phone.

  37. Ros

    @Peter – Yes, no reason why not :-)

  38. JayN

    Just received my 920 today very happy but also a little confused, on your website it states in overview “The Lumia 920 also comes with wireless charging”

    But I didn’t get a wireless charging plate with mine so what should I do?

  39. Peter

    As an existing 3 contract customer, can you buy this on PAYG without paying for a topup as well?

    I.e. just pay for the cost of the phone then put your existing 3 sim in it?

  40. Moderator: Lauren

    @Bill – no word yet.

  41. Moderator: Lauren

    @MarkH – it’s available on both pay as you go and contract. You can order it here.

  42. Bill

    and what about dates for the yellow version?

  43. Sergio De Gregorio

    I couldn’t wait and I bought it elsewhere. On 3, all you can eat One plan is a match made in heaven. Great phone, and I converted a lot of my iPhone friends to it. It just feels years ahead!

  44. Markh

    Is this only available ( payg) online?

  45. MarkH

    @nicki thanks for that- frustrating time at a local store when told I couldn’t unless it was on a contract!

    Also the phone is £50 cheaper from T Mobile PAYG

  46. Moderator: Nicki

    @Markh – £449.99 to be bought either with a £10 or £15 top up.

  47. Markh

    thanks Nicki – can you give me a price for pay as you go please?

  48. Moderator: Nicki

    @Markh – This is available now. Check our product pages here.

  49. Markh

    so we are now in February – any news on availability yet?

  50. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jenny price – Hi there, no exact date as yet but still definitely on for February :-)

  51. Jenny price

    Hi I have an n8 at the minute which is slowly dying I got told by Nokia service point that it only has days or weeks left and luckily it’s in time for my upgrade, I want the lumia 920 but the release date is so hazy. I really don’t want to leave three as I love the service I can’t fault it but if I don’t know how long I have to wait ill be joining another network, is the device definitely available feb and is it the end or beginning?

  52. Ellie

    @Natalie – Sorry if you are disappointed. I’m afraid we won’t be able to exchange your iPhone 5 for a Lumia 920 as you have signed a contract with an iPhone 5.

  53. Natalie

    Am gutted I recently upgraded to an iPhone 5. Had I known the lumia 920 would be coming to 3 so soon I would have waited. Any chance of an exchange???…. :-(

  54. Moderator: Lauren

    @torrentblock – We don’t have a date yet, keep an eye on our Coming Soon page for updates.

  55. torrentblock

    how long until this is out? i appreciate THREE have got to get all their own branding on the phone… but how long will it take?! dying to get this phone

  56. Ellie

    @Zen – I’ve checked both postcodes and can confirm that neither of the new masts has gone live yet. Unfortunately I can’t see a completion date in the system only that they are due to go live in the next few months. All of the existing masts are reporting good service. If you give the technical team a call on 333 they can run some checks and advise you further.

  57. Zen

    Good choice Three! So to my question, i was told back in November/December that work would begin on a new mast on December 15th at [removed by mod] but have seen no improvement in signal strength or quality, if anything its gone worse. What is the status of this mast? What about at [removed by mod] aswell? Thanks!

  58. Ellie

    @Patrick – Hi Patrick, sorry to hear you have been experiencing slow speeds. I have checked your postcode and there are no reported problems on any of the masts in your local area, similarly there do not appear to be any new masts planned for your area though this may change in future. We’d recommend giving the technical team a call on 333 so they can run some diagnostics and advise you of your options.

  59. Patrick

    Speaking of high speeds I seem to be lucky to be getting anything more than 0.5Mbps at the moment. The postcode of my current location is [removed by mod]. Is there any possibility of looking into this? I’m guessing that this is just a hiccup but it would be nice to get it fixed.

    Incidentally my connection finally seems to be unfiltered. Many thanks to whoever it was at Three that sorted this out for me.

  60. Ellie

    @Mij – Yes I imagine Nokia’s app store will have a variety of apps relating to blogging that you can chose from and install on the Lumia 920.

  61. Mij

    As I am a blogger are there any tools for blogger

  62. Ros

    @Beazy – Hi there, I’ve certainly heard that in regard to both phones, but whether they would be available on Three we don’t know yet :-)

  63. Ros

    @jo carey – Thanks for the positive feedback :-) Yep, the new Lumia does look pretty good doesn’t it?! Let us know what you think if you do get a chance to try one out.

  64. Ros

    @evna – Sorry you feel we’re not looking after you, we offer competitive deals all the time, but if you do choose to go with a 3rd party, we wouldn’t be able to advise you which one, it’s a decision you’d need to make. Thanks for your feedback though.

  65. Beazy

    Thanks Ellie, believe or not its quite difficult to find that info on the internet, even GSM arena doesnt disclose this properly, and some people are saying there are new versions of the note II and the galaxy sIII coming out with DC-HSDPA, is this correct? Actually just thinking about that im not sure you could answer that if you wanted to lol

  66. jo carey

    I love my three deal. I find myself eagerly waiting for my chance to try the nokia lumia, the customer service team are always pleasant,cant always help,but better than being deceitful like other networks. My local 3 shop r gr8 2. Keep going 3.;-)

  67. evna

    @nikki as you choose not to look after your customers directly, which one of your ‘third party distributors’ is going to give us the best deal?

  68. Cameron c

    Well thanks, just after I upgraded to a htc windows phone -_-

  69. Moderator: Nicki

    @David – Hi there, it’s something we’re aware of and have requested that it be updated. Thanks for pointing it out though :-)

  70. David

    Are you aware of your error on the coming soon page stating the Lumia 920 is quad core ? It isn’t.

  71. Moderator: Nicki

    @enva – Hi there, sorry that you’re unhappy with the prices we offer as an upgrade.

    The way we position our deals is to offer the most competitive deals we can to the market. So as an existing customer you’d be offered the the same price as someone joining our network, although you may be offered a different way of paying for it ie a higher monthly charge but with a lower upfront charge.

    You’ll tend to find that you’d save money if you pay something upfront for the phone. In the example below you’re paying slightly more as you’re not paying anything upfront for your phone.

    Unfortunately we do not match any 3rd party offers. We give our 3rd parties a base price and it’s then up to them whether or not they then decide to discount this any further.

  72. Moderator: Nicki

    @Kalpit – Hi there, no exact data as yet other than it’ll be within February. You’d be able to use a phone from another network as long as it’s unlocked by your current provider so you can use it with alternative networks.

  73. Kalpit

    Just one question when will this be available, they are rumours that it will be on feb is that going to be early or late , plus if we have brought pay as you go nokia 920 from EE will we still be able to use 3 sim when its avaiable to 3

  74. evna

    I’m due an upgrade next month, been with three for roughly 6 years now yet I always end up going through third parties to get better deals! I Wish your upgrade team would realise that it costs you more to go through third parties and would go that little bit further to keep my custom. I want this phone or the camera to capture my little girl growing up for the next two years, hope you can keep me, my partner and family all snap happy and price fairly.

  75. Ellie

    @Beazy – In addition to the handsets you mentioned, the full list list of DC-HSDPA handsets currently available on our network is: iPhone 5, Sony Xperia T, Windows Phone 8X and the LG Nexus 4. Hope this helps! :)

  76. Beazy

    Hey guys just a very quick and simple question. Including your current line-up, including the above mentioned Nokia and the Xperia Z could you provide me with a list of DCHSDPA or HSPA 42 handsets available on your network?

  77. Ellie

    @Matt – If you wanted to upgrade to the Lumia 920 you would still have 16 months left on your contract, you’d need to pay off the balance on your current contract to upgrade to the 920. The total cost of this would be 16 x your monthly line rental minus 3%, this is known as an early upgrade fee.

  78. Ellie

    @Parvaiz Ahmad – Sorry to hear you are disappointed in your Three service. If you send a full postcode (we won’t publish it) we can look into this for you.

  79. Matt

    I am 8 months into a 24 month contract with a Lumia 800. How much would it cost me to upgrade early to the 920, or would it be better for me to buy a sim free phone elsewhere and just use my 3 sim in that.

  80. AJE

    Some of the comments here are quite unfair and seem to be made in ignorance of several facts.

    NOKIA made the decision, both here and in the States, to first release the Lumia 920 (& 820) exclusively to a particular network for a period of time (in this country that exclusive deal was made with EE. NOKIA did not divulge for how long this exclusivity period would last and any other networks that planned to stock it would probably not have been allowed to announce that they would be stocking it until a date specified under the terms with EE.

    Although I agree that Three’s customer service leaves much to be desired, I don’t think that criticism on this issue is justified.

    As for the claim that the HTC 8X has similar specs, MOST WindowsPhones have similar specs because Microsoft is very prescriptive about specifications. It is not the case, however, that there is no differentiation other than styling. The HTC is aesthetically pleasing but the Lumia 920 is by some margin the superior phone: the screen is superior in several ways, the exclusive apps are superior (including the SatNav) and the camera is much better on the 920.

  81. Parvaiz Ahmad

    Dont go for 3 network guys in door completely rubbish signals.

  82. Moderator: Johanna

    @Mac and Cheese – We’re announcing that we’re ranging it… it’s Nokia’s job to announce their phone to the market.

  83. Moderator: Johanna

    @Ondrej – Yes it will :-)

  84. Moderator: Johanna

    @David – That is the plan :-) We can’t reveal pricing yet though… we will on launch day.

  85. Mac and Cheese

    Why are you announcing the sale of a phone that is two months old? Also, Three sells the HTC 8X which is a similar spec device…

  86. Moderator: Johanna

    @John – That completely depends on the phone you go for and the plan you choose, take a look here. Hope you find what you’re after :-)

  87. Moderator: Johanna

    @David McAvoy – The retail team would have been unaware that we were going to range the 920, as were we. I’m sure you can appreciate business decisions do change and when a new device is put on the product roadmap a process is followed to launch it, including announcement date. The Vodafone team would have had no knowledge that we would be ranging the Lumia 920, so that was a lucky guess. We are ranging the black model.

  88. Ondrej

    Hi guys,
    will this phone be available to buy without contract (paygo)?

  89. David

    Will the Lumia 920 be available as a 3 PAYG handset as well as contract ? Any pricing yet for PAYG if available ? Thanks.

  90. christo


  91. John

    What would the potential monthly rates be for a free phone?

  92. David McAvoy

    @ Lauren: Moderator.

    “Sorry if you felt misled”?? Stefan WAS misled, much like when I went into the Southampton store last week to enquire as to when it was coming to the 3 network only for the representative to state “It’s never coming to this network, the phone is full of bugs and issues and I wouldn’t have one or recommend one”. Then tried to move me to the HTC 8X which I have no intention of buying.

    Stefan is right when he says that customer service at 3 is woeful. Whilst your network and your charges for data etc are very very good, would it really hurt to have a more informed network of associates???

    I was very close to moving over to vodafone as their store staff were hugely knowledgeable and were willing not only to discuss the 920 but offered to keep me up to date as to what they were getting into stock and when. They even stated that the 3 network might even be getting green lumia 920′s.

    Can you at least confirm or deny the colours you’ll be releasing? Or should I head back to Vodafone to find out what’s going to be released on my own network??!

  93. Moderator: Lauren

    @Stefan – I’m sorry to read you’re disappointed, I’m afraid our sales team wouldn’t have any information about releases before it’s officially announced. Sorry if you felt mislead!

  94. Moderator: Lauren

    @JR – we like to keep you guys on your toes ;-) only joking! Keep an eye on our Coming Soon pages for info.

  95. stefan

    This is an absolute joke!!!!!!! i have been trying to get info about this handset since its release and have rang customer services at least 3 times in the last month. yesterday my patience ran out after speaking to customer services who said this handset was unlikely to come to the network. i then resorted to upgrading to the nexus 4 to find this morning you announce this!
    this says alot for your customer services and sales. i cannot express how annoyed and dissapointed i am!

  96. JR

    How soon is soon!? stop teasing already, lol

  97. Sergio De Gregorio

    I’m already using Lumia 920 bought elsewhere. It is a fantastic phone. Absolutely match in heaven for 3 and an All you can eat data plan. Very very fast and reliable. More and more applications are being developing at a fantastic rate, it includes Nokia Maps, Drive, Walk, City Lens and many other top and exclusive to Nokia owners apps that will make you travel anywhere. It downsides will be fixed with a soon to be release update probably called “Portico”.

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