BlackBerry Z10 – Coming Soon.

BlackBerry® have been gearing up for the launch of their new generation BlackBerry Z10 device with the announcement of a brand new operating system BlackBerry 10, which the Z10 will run on. There’s been quite some excitement surrounding both the new system and this brand new smartphone, which is an all touch phone. We are just as excited to reveal that you’ll soon be able to get it on its perfect partner network. I say perfect, because this great new device is Ultrafast enabled. Meaning the experience you’ll have on this phone with our network, will be second to none.

BlackBerry phones were always known for their keyboards and whilst the physical buttons have disappeared in the Z10, they’ve still gone all out for an innovative touch keyboard. For really speedy and effortless typing, it actually learns and adapts to your typing style as you go. It anticipates the next word you’re going to type, and allows you to swipe the word into your message, or just ignore if you want!

Every aspect of this phone is about making things quick and easy and I think this can particularly be seen in the way it deals with all your social interactions. There’s one inbox for all your emails, social notifications and messages. Whether you’re streaming a film, playing a game or updating your status, if something comes in, you’re just one swipe away from viewing it in your inbox. If it’s only mum telling you to wrap up warm, you can easily swipe back to where you were and reply to her later ;-)

BBM™ has evolved too, so that not only can you enjoy everything you did before, but now there are some cool new features, such as BBM Video which allows you to talk face to face with your friends.  BBM Video also includes Screen Share where you can share documents, your browser  or anything else on your screen and even show your friends what you can see using the camera.

There’s a strong camera incorporated in to the Z10 too, with 8 megapixels and a clever feature called Time Shift which captures a sequence of shots when you take a picture. Then for each person in the picture you can select the frame that shows them at their best (or worst if you’re feeling cruel!) the Z10 then does the rest, merging them all together in to the perfect picture.

With a generous 4.2 screen, 16GB of internal memory and a Dual 1.5GHz processor, this first of the new generation BlackBerry phones has a lot going for it. Even more so when paired with Three’s Ultrafast network. For a closer look, check out our sneak peek.

48 Responses to BlackBerry Z10 – Coming Soon.
  1. Gerry Burroughs

    Guys and girls what kept you getting the info from 3 on the upgrade??? 3 They notified me 21.00 hrs last night!!!! it was available!!!!!!! . Now I will go back to the Crackberry Forum and tell everybody 3 came up with the goods and we are friends again. Gerry

  2. Gerry Burroughs

    Well folks any sign of the update?? how long will this test take? you guys are with 3 so someone in your company can give the information of the test and a release date for 3 customers. Gerry

  3. Moderator: Lauren

    @Richard – it’s currently in testing, when we have more info we’ll post.

  4. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gerry – it’s currently in testing but I’m afraid we don’t have a timescale for release, when we have more info we’ll comment.

  5. richard james

    Another unhappy Z10 owner and the fact 3 have not yet released this Update. This just compounds the issues I am having , with slow to no internet speeds at my home postcode since the 23rd February, speeds were fine before this.

  6. Gerry Burroughs

    You can add EE now to the list of Providers of the software update for Z10 Where,s my company update?????? One of my contracts expires next month might have to think of a provider that is more supportive of Blackberry products. Most websites now are very critical of 3 on their forums on the delay of getting this and other software updates out. Have done my best to defend 3 but have to admit your letting the Z10 owners down badly. Sorry 3. G

  7. Gerry Burroughs

    Come on Guys get the Z10 software update out. The list of other providers is getting longer T Mobile, 02, GIffgaff, Vodophone, that have updated their customers software on the Z10, since my last request for it there have been further smaller software updates. at this rate the phone will need to take a day to upgrade to the new software when you manage to make it available.!!!!!! G

  8. Gerry Burroughs

    Hi Nicki thanks for the reply, hopefully it will be soon as I dont want to go down the road of updating from another provider which a lot of 3 customers are doing. Although 3 is my favourite company for years I think they could keep their customers happy by letting them know that they are aware of software updates and will be releasing them within a given time. The Z10 is important to Blackberry (another favourite) and this software update cures battery short comings and addresses camera problems. Gerry

  9. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gerry Burroughs – Hi there, no confirmed date as yet but we do currently have it in for testing.

  10. Gerry Burroughs

    Any further information on the new software update for Z10, T mobile and o2 as well as Vodofone have now all provided the new software up dates?? Gerry

  11. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gerry – we’ve got a maintenance release for Blackberry in for testing just now but I’m afraid we don’t have a date for release yet!

  12. Gerry Burroughs

    I thought I would mention this for your own good, a lot of 3 customers are not waiting for 3 to come along with the software update for the Z10, they buy a Vodophone PAYG sim card put it in their phone which allows the update and then go back to their 3 sim card!!! surley a 3 customer can get a better service from 3 than that!!!

  13. Gerry Burroughs

    OK I am nearly happy !!! Z10 is brillient. Now I know that there is a very important update to the software which increases the battery,s use by a mile and an enhancement to the camera for taking pictures in low light conditions and fixes to the callander etc. Now Vodaphone has this update available to its Z10 customers why not 3 ??? come on 3 your a big company, why the delay?? also a I emailed your support dept about this, no reply!!!! anyway I still like 3, ie the staff in your shop in Lisburn are first class.

  14. Ellie

    @Scott Saunders – Hi Scott, sorry if you are disappointed with your speeds on Three. Speed does vary on a number of factors such as proximity to the mast, the device you are using and the number of people using the masts in your area. Can you let us know what sort of speeds you have been getting on average and your postcode (we won’t publish it) so we can check this for you.

  15. Scott Saunders

    It’s frustrating that you go on so much about your ultra fast network. Even though I live in a strong area my LG Nexus 4 shows no increase in speed. After speaking to customer care I was told that there is a fault with the cell sites in my area… ALL of them with is why I can not notice any difference in speed even when moving between areas . When asked about a possible fix I was told that no one fix repairs all and it would take a long as it takes to fix… Reading between the lines it means you don’t know or care. None of the other networks would be this bullish with their customers or rely on a weak excuse to pacify a genuine customer.. Why is that?

    Because you really on your outsourced robots to talk to people like rubbish and lie then the small amount of UK based people feel the need to follow suit?

    Perhaps people should adopt the same wishy reply when you expect us to pay our bills for the service we don’t always get?

    Sorry if this post has gone on a little.

  16. Ros

    @Val Reardon – I think it was just that your comment hadn’t been published yet, we will always publish comments as long as they adhere to our guidelines (ie. bad language) I’ve just come across it and published it now, along with this one. I’m sorry you aren’t happy with the fact we weren’t able to offer you a loan phone, I’m afraid they are always subject to availability. Thank you for your feedback though, we will pass this on.

  17. Val Reardon

    See my comment has been removed.I will be complaining to someone higher than you.

  18. Frustrated

    Cheers Johanna. I don’t ‘do’ complicated, so will just cancel the contract and start with a shiny phone with a new number tomorrow should I catch the courier.

  19. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jason – That’s okay, we don’t mind where you post.

  20. Moderator: Johanna

    @Jason – We’re pleased you’re happy overall :-) I’m sorry, deals do change from time to time and the sales team won’t be aware of them in advance.

  21. Moderator: Johanna

    @Frustrated – I believe it’s possible but it’s quite a complicated process! The team on 333 can advise how this is done.

  22. Jason

    The reason I posted on this blog is I couldn’t find one that has a similar question to my own

  23. Jason

    I recently upgraded to the galaxy s3 but was slightly dismayed to now find out that I could have had a tab2 if I waited only a short time ive bn a very loyal customer of 3 for some time so I would have expected either a heads up about this or perhaps bn given this chance at a later date and to top it off I wasn’t offered as much as a screen protector on the day if my upgrade could you please shine a light on these matters thsnk you ps I wont b cancelling or changing provider as other than the forementioned problems im very happy with 3

  24. Frustrated

    I managed to get one ordered :) but got a new contract as I wasn’t allowed to upgrade 5 months early to the z10 :(

    One question though. I was told I would be able to move my current phone number over to the new contract in June when I cancel it, and the new sim wouldn’t be used at all, so could stay in the box as my current sim would be going straight into the Z10.

    Is it actually possible to move the number over 5 months into a contract? As I’ve been told by friends that it’s not usually possible to do that within the same network.

    Not a big worry either way, as I’ll just start using the new contract and just have to let everyone know the change of number.

  25. Ellie

    @Gerry Burroughs – Hi Gerry, I can confirm thatyou can now buy the Z10 on Three! :) You can find all of the information you need here

  26. Gerry Burroughs

    Hi I have been a customer for 4yrs now and just a little surprised that 3 is not ahead of the game with the new Blackberry Z10. When you do release it I will buy the remainder of my contract out with just to have the Z10 and no I will not leave 3 I will sign up to a new contract, so hurry up and get the Z10 out.

  27. Ros

    @mark – Sorry you were disappointed, I can confirm the Blackberry Z10 will be available very soon.

  28. mark

    Very disappointed in the time to market for the Z10, I have been waiting since my contract expired in August for this handset and no one will give a launch date.
    It is even more annoying when carphone warehouse are offering the phone on three contracts…
    Try and keep a loyal customer happy so he can get the 4 handsets he wants…. now….

  29. Moderator: Johanna

    @mark – we’ll announce our pricing on launch day :-)

  30. mark

    you have all the info in the shops so why not tell us how much its going to cost a month

  31. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gordon – I’m afraid we don’t have a release date yet, sorry. Keep an eye on :)

  32. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rehan – I’ve checked your friends postcode and there appears to be an issue with one of the masts in the area, it’s being looked in to. Having said that, your friend is showing to be in an area of marginal indoor coverage, as you’ve confirmed he might get signal in some parts of his house better than others. I’m afraid there’s currently no masts planned for the area for now. We offer a product called Home Signal which he may be eligible for. If you ask your friend to call 333 or 0843 373 3333, our network team can check if he’s eligible.

  33. Rehan

    A friend of mine got a sim only Three monthly contract. The area he lives in generally has good 3 coverage but his property comes under a sort of bubble where in the whole 4 bed house he only gets signals in just 1 room. Everywhere else theres no reception. His postcode is [removed by mod]. He is about to cancel the contract but I’ve asked him to let me ask here first and see if there is a solution. He says that up until some years ago he used to get 2G coverage in the house (on Three) but that doesn’t happen anymore.

    Even on the 3 coverage map you can see this small area with no coverage, indoors or outdoors at all.
    Could someone please help.

  34. Ellie

    @Simon – Hi there, yes we can confirm the Z10 is an Ultrafast enabled device, it is also true that the BB10 OS doesn’t require a Blackberry data plan.

  35. Simon

    Will the handset be ultrafast enabled? and will we need the BIS Plan for it to connect to blackberry services? some carriers are saying that the BB10 OS doesn’t require a BB data plan.

  36. Ros

    @Wilbur – Hi there. I’m afraid the BlackBerry Z10 won’t be available with us until mid-late Feb, and that’s when pricing info will be released.

  37. Wilbur

    So, the Z10 will be available from H3G on 30 January; do we need to wait until then to see the costs/tariffs? I can get a decent deal from T-mobile in two days, with the option to upgrade to 4G if required. Come on Three, you’re losing customers due to these delays!

  38. Moderator: Lauren

    @Robmc – Sorry to read this, did you order this online or over the phone?

  39. Gordon

    Why the delay in releasing the Z10? It is flying off the shelves for all the other networks.

  40. Robmc

    Took out a new contract over a week ago was supposed to have arrived Monday don’t courior said it was returned to three as there was no address on it. I have contacted three support by phone 23 times was told to set up my pin after several attempts it worked the one of you support asked for my bank details ? I refused I was the told I needed a pass word can’t set one up . Still no phone no answer if it not sorted next week if I have to talk to you call centrer again it will be to cansel the contract. All I want is to know what’s happening

  41. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ed Coleridge – No confirmed date as yet but we obviously want to start selling it as soon as we can :-)

  42. Ed Coleridge

    I want one. I’ve held off upgrading because I knew it was coming. However happy I am with three as a network I won’t wait forever while the other networks are selling it.

    Seeing as it’s causing people to queue at phones4u why don’t you just get on and start selling it?

    Like I said I won’t wait forever.

  43. Moderator: Nicki

    @Javid Muhgal – Sorry you’ve had issues with your phone being delivered to a different address. We’ll have to raise this as a claim back with the delivery company and investigate who signed for it.

    I’ll email you now for further info so we can have a look at it for you.

  44. Moderator: Nicki

    @hip59 – No confirmed dates as yet but keep your eyes peeled here as we’ll let you know as soon as we have a confirmed date.

    I’m afraid we don’t provide a Three app for Blackberry but you’ll still be able to access My3 via your browser.

  45. Moderator: Nicki

    @Frustrated – Looks fab doesn’t it!

    Glad to hear your coverage issues have been fixed now :-)

  46. Javid Mughal

    I have received awful service. We ordered a phone from three over a month ago and found out it was signed by someone else. I have obtained a crime reference from you and since then your fraud and investigation team have done nothing. I have also sent you four complaint letters which you have nou responded to.

  47. Frustrated

    I want one. I’ve been waiting for BB10 since they announced it.
    Boo to upgrade not until May though :(

    Network finally been sorted here, and that phone would compliment it.
    May even call to see if I can upgrade earlier

  48. hip59

    The problem with three saying coming soon is it takes months for you to release. Secondly I’ve been a BB user on three for two years and I’m still waiting on the three BB app that was to be released by three at that time.

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