Get ready for mind-blowing value with Pay As You Go on Three.

Dolphins, monkeys and bolt-ons? Somewhere along the way Pay As You Go got pretty complicated. We believe in keeping things simple as well as offering our customers great value for money.

We don’t believe you should have to convert your credit to get the most for your money (not unless you want to anyway!)  Neither do we think you should have to pay high base rates just because you choose not to buy an add-on. That’s why we’ve decided to go back to basics and make things as simple as 3-2-1.

We’re very excited to announce that from the 1st July when you top-up with Pay As You Go on Three, you’ll automatically get our mind-blowing new rates of 3p a minute, 2p a text and 1p a Mb of data.

Pretty good huh? All you need to do to take advantage of these amazing rates is to pop along to your nearest Three store or visit our website www.three.co.uk  to order your free Pay As You Go SIM and top-up. Existing Pay As You Go customers will switch to the new rates from 1st July too!

From now on when you top-up you won’t need to convert your credit into a 30 day add-on to get the best value and your credit will last until the last penny is spent. So all you need to do is Pay As You Go. It’s as simple as that.


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  1. Matt

    I really like it!

  2. Jeff


    Thank you very much.

  3. Moderator: David

    Hi @Jeff, there’s no timescale in which you need to port your number over, this is something we can do at any point :) Once you’re ready to transfer your number over, you should find all the information you need here – http://bit.ly/1dZawN8. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks, David

  4. Jeff

    If I activate a new PAYG account, do I need to port my number immediately? I already have the PAC code, but not ready to give up credit balance right away.

    Thank you

  5. Jeff


    Thank you very much!

  6. Moderator: David

    Hi @Jeff, as long as the phone is open to our network (unlocked) you’ll have no difficulty switching your Pay As You Go SIM card to it. When you replace the phone, it should be a simple process of switching the SIM card to the new phone and you’ll be up and running :) I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks, David

  7. Jeff


    Thank you for the information.

    One more question. Once I activate a new SIM for a PAYG account, can I use the SIM with any compatible phone? I am likely to replace my current phone very soon and hope that I can simply remove the SIM from my current phone and insert it into my new phone.

    Thank you,


  8. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Jeff – Sorry about this, Jeff. I think I got a bit mixed up there with you asking about 4G and me thinking you meant 4G Super-Voice. My bad :-) So, anyone with a 4G capable phone can use 4G with Three :-) That was a lot simpler wasn’t it :-) If there’s anything else you’d like to know, please feel free to ask.

  9. Jeff


    Thank you for the information.

    I do have an iPhone 6 so I am confused about 4G. Does this mean it is not available unless I have a Three phone?


  10. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Jeff – Hi Jeff. I’m delighted to hear that you’re looking to join the network :-) To answer your questions, there is no difference between the speeds you’ll be able to enjoy when using both our PAYG and contract plans. The speeds you’ll see when using our PAYG to begin with, will be the speeds you’ll receive if you then plump for a monthly contract. You’ll also have access to 4G on both options as standard. What I would say though is that at the moment, you need to be using a Three phone to enjoy 4G rather than just a Three SIM. We’ll be looking to release the service to non Three phones at some point going forward but there’s isn’t a definite date set aside yet for this. This doesn’t apply to iPhones however due to how Apple manage their software releases. The minimum amount you can top up on PAYG is £5 which can buy a small amount of data. Ideal for less data hungry users :-) The initial top up cost is £10. You can click here to see our range of PAYG options. Hope to see you on the network soon.

  11. Jeff

    I am considering moving to Three–PAYG to start. A few questions please:

    Is there any difference in data speed between PAYG and pay monthly? If I have a compatible phone will I get 4G on either/both?

    What is the minimum top up amount on PAYG?


  12. Moderator: Rory

    @Simon Williams – Hi Simon, there isn’t an itemised breakdown on My3 to show how you’ve used your PAYG credit, you’ll only see your remaining PAYG balance and the allowances for any active Add-ons that you may have. Can you please check if you’ve got the delivery report service activated in your phone settings? Delivery reports cost 1.2p per message, which may explain why you’re seeing a cost of 3p per message rather than 2p as expected. >Rory

  13. Simon Williams

    I’m on PAYG and don’t receive statements, nor when I go onto My3 can I see a breakdown of calls, texts etc. …

    I’ve done a check on my account on My3, and when I send a text and wait and the refresh you appear to be billing me 3p per text rather than the advertised 2p.

    Where do I get a statement?

    [removed by mod]

  14. Moderator: Danielle

    @Dr Alireza Maghsoudi – I’m not too sure what you mean, Alireza? Anything we can help with from here? >Danielle

  15. Dr Alireza Maghsoudi

    Hi wtf what do to my life??

  16. Moderator: David

    Hi @Kev, sorry to hear there’s been some confusion around your data usage :( I’ll try to clear things up for you. Your data usage is a combination of the data which is both sent and received from your phone however I’m not sure what rounding up our Customer Service team are referring to. I’d need to access your account to take a closer look into the data you’ve used and the charges. Could you please fill in our support form and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible, https://www.three.co.uk/Support/SocialMediaContactUs. Thanks, David

  17. Kev A.

    Hi. This is the 16th day I’ve had my Samsung S5611 Utopia with your 321 plan. My phone told me I’d used 12.2 Mb and yet I began to notice charges. Customer Service in India tells me that data usage includes data sent and rounds up to 1Mb = 272Mb total!?

  18. Moderator: Claire

    @Alice – Hi, the quickest way to do this is by calling our customer care team on 333 who can do this for you. Thanks.

  19. Alice

    Hello, I have got two phones, both on PAYG Three and registered on my name. Can I somehow transfer my credits from one phone number onto another one? Thanks.

  20. Moderator: Claire

    @Shan – Hi, we don’t offer this service however you can top different ways here. Thanks.

  21. Shan

    Hello, where do you get three swipe card? I need 2.

  22. Moderator: Claire

    @Declan McShane – Hi, our Feel at Home service is for short trips away and not extended stays abroad. If you use our service for more than 2 months out of 12 we may suspend service, you can check our terms here. Thanks.

  23. Declan McShane

    I know the feel at home package allows you to use your phone in spain but I wanted to know for how long? Im currently studying in spain and wont be home until Christmas at the earliest. Would I be able to use this feel at home if I were to purchase a 3 sim card?

  24. Moderator: Claire

    @Fend – Hi, you can either use your credit for 3p calls, 2p text and 1p data or you convert your credit to an add-on for a certain amount of calls, texts, data for 30 days. If you choose not to take an add-on then your credit will last until you run out and there is no time limit. Thanks.

  25. fend

    I have just got my 321 pay as you go in the post today but I am unclear about the top up and add ons

    “the leaflet says- we make our credit last longer…. ” but then it also says “add ons give you more minutes etc for 30 days” so does the money I top up with gets lost after 30 days.

    is top different to buying an add on. leaflet gives me prices fro All in one add on???

    I need to know if I don’t use the money I put it does it roll over or get lost

  26. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @BMF – I do hope you manage to find our Blog again to check out the reply. If not, I’ve also emailed you my answer :) If you’ve had your phone unlocked then it won’t lock to Three upon using one of our SIMs so there’s no need to worry there. You don’t need to use Three’s internet all the time, you can switch on WiFi when at home or disable data services on the phone and this will mean you’re not using any of your credit. If you’re unsure how to do either of those things then please let me know what phone you’re using and I can advise further.

    Lastly, your credit will roll on to the next month if unused. The only way this would be lost would be if you didn’t use the SIM at all for 6 months and then the SIM would expire. Let me know if you’ve any further questions! >Rich

  27. bmf

    I have a Three sim, but am using up my credit from other company first.
    Before using new sim please can you answer following questions which other users on question site don’t seem to have had a satisfactory answer:

    1. Does Three lock my new unlocked phone? 2. Do I HAVE to use Three paid internet all the time, even with my BT app and own broadband at home? 3. Does PAYG run on into the next month if unused. Some of your customers seem to think that they have been requested to make new payment even when having unused credit. I ask as my £10 credit with present company usually lasts me for 3 months.
    And if possible could one of you give me an answer to my email address, as I doubt that I will find this website again.

    Thank you in advance.

  28. Moderator: Lauren

    Hi @Jubsaed, please accept my apologies for the service you’ve received recently, it doesn’t sound like the type of experience we want or expect our customers to have. I appreciate that you’d be disappointed if it appears our customer service team aren’t doing all they can to help, however the difficulty in these situations is the charges would only appear on your bill if they have been requested from your SIM card and if you dispute these charges we can only refer you directly to the company which the product or service has been requested from. I’d need to look into your account to establish what the charges relate to and discuss them specifically, would you be able to complete our support form and I’ll get back to you by email as soon as possible? https://bit.ly/1ALseNR.

  29. Jubsaed Choudhury

    Hi there?
    I have a Sim only contract and I have been with three network for over three months now. Since I’ve got my Sim only contract everything has been fine but suddenly they has been unexpected charges on my account, I am always very careful to stay in my allowance and I never go over my limit. I never download anything that will charge me or go on any website that will charge me because I am very careful with my allowance as I have a cap on my allowance but therefore I have been charged for something that I haven’t used, there has been unexpected charges on my account, I have spoken to the three network advisors and they told me that third party has charged on my account, The third party has charged me £24 On my account and the three network advisor told me that I need to sort it out with the third party.
    So I have been disputing discharge with the third party of £24 that they charged me up on my account, The third-party done the investigation they looked into everything and they saw that there was no charge made by them and the three network has done something wrong The third-party told me they haven’t taken no charges and haven’t taking nothing out from my account. I have been disputing this charge of £24 for over two months now. When I told the three network what happened and the third-party didn’t charge me anything and they had something being wrong But the three network advisor has been very unhelpful they have been very rude and they didn’t want to help me to understand my circumstances the three network haven’t helped me at all they kept on saying that I have to pay the charge on my account when I haven’t done these charges and the three network advisor has been very unprofessional, I received very poor customer service from them they didn’t care and they didn’t understand what I was saying and what was going on all they kept saying that I have to pay for the charges which I didn’t do and I told them hundred times butand they didn’t understand what I was saying and what was going on all they kept saying that I have to pay for the charges which I didn’t do and I told them 100 times and they were extremely rude and they were very unhelpful and the customer service was very poor they didn’t look after the customer at all and they didn’t care about the customer. I am very disappointed and very upset with the service I received from 3 network. I even made a complaint about this and made the complaint three weeks ago and I still haven’t received anything from three network regarding about my complaint I have made a complaint about three times and I still haven’t received nothing from three network provider who supposed to help the customers and look after the customers but they have been extremely poor customer service and I am very disappointed I have made a complaint about three times and I still haven’t received nothing from three network provider who supposed to help the customers and look after the customers but they have been extremely poor customer service and I am very disappointed I am very upset The way I have been treated by three network this they didn’t help me at all they didn’t care about the customer and they have been very rude and they treated me extremely badly which I am very disappointed and very upset this they didn’t help me at all they didn’t care about the customer and they have been very rude and they treated me extremely badly which I am very disappointed and very upset with 3 network they didn’t resolve anything and they didn’t help me at all that made me very upset and disappointed with three network

  30. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @emberto1946 – Hi Mike, it’s not one I’ve personally heard of, but I can get more information for you from our support team. Could you fill in the form and I’ll get them to advise – http://bit.ly/1BPssZi Thanks >Anne Marie

  31. emberto1946

    I don’t know if I’m in the right place but I am having mind-numbing experiences with Three at the moment and am looking for some help. i have two big issues but will only bore you with one at the moment. I have two mobiles on the 3 2 1 SIM only price plan, one for me and one for my wife. for a long tome now we have had 450+ ‘stretch’ minutes. i asked in the nearest store and they had no idea what it meant. I then get an email from 3 last week saying that the allowance expires today and that I should do something with it so I have just spent 40 minutes on the phone to 3 and they have given us both ‘unlimited’ data for 7 days. I know this is better than nothing but 5 minutes after ending the call I get a message from 3 saying I’m now on the Flat12 tarrif??? Help!

  32. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @SL – Did you get an add-on for your trip to the US? When using pay as you go, you’d need to use one of our data/calls/texts add-ons in order to use your allowances at no extra cost. If you’ve just topped up and are using credit or you’ve used all of the allowances of your add-on in a Feel at Home destination then you’ll be charged at a lower roaming rate: Calls to the UK up to 18.8p a minute, texts to the UK up to 5.9p a text and Internet data up to 10p per MB. Full info on this can be found here. Do you think it could’ve been this that’s caused the extra charges? >Rich

  33. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Nadia – I’m not sure what page you’re referring to. Can you please send a link so I can take a look for you? On the pay as you go add-on section of our website here it just states you’d get 500mb of data for £5. Not sure of the 120mb that you mentioned. >Rich

  34. SL

    Hi, I’ve just recently started with Pay as you Go on Three, I used my phone abroad in the US, yet when I returned I noticed I was charged more than than the ‘abroad at no extra cost’. Why is this?

  35. Nadia

    The details in website is very confusing and misleading. For internet add on, it stated 500MB for £5.00. Then on description,it says 120MB for you to use the internet on your phone.

    Does that mean I get 720MB in total for £5.00?

  36. Steff E

    @Steve – No problem Steve! The minimum top up is £10. This page provides more info on topping up, where and how you can do it http://bit.ly/16AeevI

  37. Steve

    @Steff E. Thanks for clarifying.

    Is the minimum top up required now £10 or does it depend whether it’s your first top up?

    I read previously that £5 is the minimum top up, but recent posts mention £10 as being the minimum top up.

  38. Steff E

    @ Steve – Hi Steve, the Skype On Three app is no longer available I’m afraid. To use Skype on your mobile you can download it for free from your app store. If you do not use your PAYG sim for 6 months it will deactivate and you will loose any credit left on the sim. So it’s best to use your sim at the minimum once every 6 months to keep your it and your account active.

  39. Steve

    I have a couple of questions.

    1. Earlier in this comments section, someone mentioned it’s possible to get free Skype calls if your phone is compatible to download the ‘Skype-on-Three’ app. However, the link they provided to check if your phone is compatible no longer works.

    Is it possible to get free Skype calls using the 3-2-1 SIM?

    2. When you top up a 3-2-1 SIM with credit, how long do you have to use it before the credit expires?

  40. Moderator: Claire

    @Keith Prosser – Hi, can you fill in this form and we’ll check your account for you? We don’t post account details on this blog as its public. Thanks.

  41. Keith Prosser

    [removed by mod]

  42. Moderator: Lauren

    @Alan – You could only do this by setting up a call divert on your landline, and your landline would need to be active for this to work.

  43. Alan Goss

    Can I somehow transfer my bt landline permanenty to 3 on 321 thus avoiding land line rental? I dont mean just diverting it I want someone ringing my landline to come straight to by mobile.

  44. Moderator: Stephie

    @Ian – Unfortunately we don’t have this facility, sorry Ian.

  45. Ian

    @david @claire I’m also disappointed that I can’t see how my PAYG123 credit was used. I planned to used payg to find out my usage profile: calls vs texts vs data so I could choose a suitable contract.

  46. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Wendy – Sorry you’ve had to contact us, Wendy. Are you using the credit with our 123 service or are you converting your credit into our pay as you go add on? >Bernie

  47. Wendy

    just joined PAYG and was told by two different people at support, before I joined that any data I bought would not expire after 30 days. Now I see that my first £10 123 and my second £5 data expires after 30 days. Is this correct, data expires?

  48. Moderator: Claire

    @David – Hi, we don’t have this facility with pay as you go. You can check logs on your phone to help you with this. Thanks.

  49. David

    Thanks for the reply Claire. I already knew how to check my remaining balance. I’d like to see how I’ve used my credit – numbers and lengths of calls, number of texts and data usage. This sort of information could help in choosing to buy add-ons. Is it available somewhere already?

  50. Moderator: Claire

    @David – Hi, do you have the my3 app for your phone? This tells you how much you have left. When you are logged in on a computer there should be an option of check my allowance to see what you have left. Thanks.

  51. David

    Like Cipra, I’m trying to find the page where I can view my usage summary in My 3… If it exists, could you share how we get to it? If it doesn’t exist, perhaps you’d consider creating one?

  52. Moderator: Nicki

    @Cipra Sharma – Hi there, I’ve had a look at our Price Guide and the price for calls to an 0845 number on Pay as You Go is 35p per minute.

  53. Cipra Sharma

    Hi I am very pleased with your services and offers. Just few doubts, how much is the charge for calling 0845 numbers from my 123 pay as you go sim? How could I see my calls summary for previous months?

    Thank you.

  54. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @David – That’s right David, it follows your price plan for the US. If you want to call a US number whilst you are away is 15.6p per minute. Can vary slightly but you’ll get more information here -> http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Roaming_and_international/Going_abroad_Pay_Monthly/Destination_Details?content_aid=1214306357859

  55. David

    I shall be going to the US soon and the info for your feel at home service states that there is no extra charge for calls to the UK but what are the rates for local calls in the US?

  56. Moderator: Claire

    @JT Hi, we charge per usage on pay as you go so if you use 0.5mb one day and use another 0.5mb it will only charge you 1p. Hope this makes sense. Thanks.

  57. JT

    Hi, I am looking to join three on the 321 PAYG tariff and have a question regarding the data usage.

    I have been told different info from different three stores so I hope you can clear this up for me!

    I understand that it’ll be 1p/Mb I use, my question is:
    If I use the data internet (3G) – 0.5Mb the first time and 0.5Mb the second time. Will I be charged
    (a) 2 lots of 1p = 2p in total or
    (b) just 1p in total?

    Many thanks.

  58. Tony

    Hi Allan

    Thanks for your reply and the reference.

    I looked at it and I assume that you are referring to page 25 Special Calls. But even there it clearly states ’05 corporate numbers’.

    As pointed out, 056 numbers are
    not corporate numbers.

  59. Moderator: Allan

    @Tony – Thanks for the feedback Tony, will pass it along to the relevant team. Our call charges for 05 numbers are stated on our PAYG price guide available here

  60. Tony

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for your reply.

    But 056 numbers are not ‘corporate numbers’

    I have the Ofcom document ‘The National Telephone Numbering Plan’ Published by Ofcom 3 June 2014 in front of me.

    It clearly shows that 055 numbers are ‘Corporate numbers’

    056 numbers are ‘Location Independent Electronic Communications Service numbers’ i.e. VoIP

    In that sense (It think) they should be treated the same as ordinary geographic numbers. Even BT don’t charge a premium on 056 numbers. They even charge them at LESS THAN geographic numbers.

    I just think that in the spirit of 3-2-1 these numbers should be included in the plan. They are ordinary phone numbers.

  61. Moderator: Chris

    @Tony – All corporate numbers are always out of bundle and not part of your UK inclusive allowance (standard UK landlines 01/02/03 & UK mobiles 07). 056 is charged the same as 080x numbers 10.2p per minute (on the Three network) else 15.3p per minute inc vat. Hope this helps.

  62. Tony

    Why are ‘056’ numbers charged at 10.2p per minute by 3-2-1? These are VoIP numbers which are classed as g21 . They are not mobile numbers and normally charged at 5p per minute by telephone companies i.e. cheaper than landline rates! Surely they should be treated the same as an ordinary landline by 3-2-1 i.e. 3p per minute.

  63. Dave

    @Moderator: Madeline

    Thank you for the reply. I was concerned because three previous moderators had mentioned minimum charges per session.

    Moderator: Lauren 28/08/2013
    Moderator: Lauren 05/09/2013
    Moderator: Ahmed 19/11/2013
    Moderator: Kris 06/01/2014

    My number has been moved across now so I guess I’ll find out :)

  64. Moderator: Madeline

    @Dave – Hi there, for 321 data usage we have not defined any minimum charge and the chargeable increment is set to 1 byte meaning it will round up to the nearest byte only. This means that you can be charged less than a penny and because we rate to 3 decimal places a customer in theory could be charged form £0.001 to £0.009 in increments of a tenth of a penny. Therefore you will not be charged 1p per every data session you use.

  65. Dave

    Sorry to be a pain, but the point of my last paragraph was that during my reading on this there was no mention of it being 1p per MB subject to a minimum charge of 1p per data session.
    This is certainly not mention in the Price Guide I downloaded from your site.
    I was of the understanding that all such minimum charges had to be presented to the customer.

  66. Dave

    In my last example I forgot that I also usually go out at lunch times, so that’s another 3G session per day raising the totals to 3p per day, 15p per week, and £7.50 per year.

    Also, I forgot to add in my post that I’m about to join Three precisely because of the 3-2-1 plan which suits my phone usage (very few outgoing calls and texts per day and occassional data usage during the week with more at the weekend).

  67. Dave

    I think the minimum data usage issue still needs to be addressed.

    @Moderator: Kris – what you are describing is for monthly billing – this is a Pay as You Go service.

    The references to a “data session” are slightly concerning. You work for a telecommunications company you must know that mobile phones may not have a continuous connection to a tower if you are moving aroung.

    If we are charged a minimum of 1p per data session what happens when we are travelling through an area with poor reception, e.g the Scottish Highlands?
    The connection could easily be dropped and reconnected tens or even hundreds of times and even if just one app is set to reconnect automatically that would mean a charge of 10s of pence or even pounds for far less then 1 MB of usage.
    Are we expected to anticipate bad reception and turn off our data connection?

    And what about those of us that have WiFi enabled to automatically connect when we are near know SSIDs?
    Take my typical work day. I’m at home and on WiFi. I leave for work and my WiFi will be disconnected and will start using 3G. 40 minutes later I arrive at work and connect to the work WiFi. I leave work and connect back to the 3G network. 40 minutes later I arrive home and connect back to my home WiFi.
    From this the most likely scenario is that at least one app will have made a request per journey I will be charged 2p a day even if I only use 1KB of data on my travels. That’s 10p per week which is about 5 pound a year for using less than 1MB of data.

    The way I would expect this to work is similar to Kris’s explanation. Each “data session” is combined until the usage reaches 1MB at which point my balance is reduced by 1p.

  68. Tomid

    I believe the reason my texts were costing just over 3p instead of 2p is because of the 1.2p text delivery report fee. A bit disappointed by the sneakiness of that but at least I know now, and it’s something I can turn off.

  69. Moderator: Claire

    @ Steve – Hi, yes depending on what top up you go for that will give you the allowance to use in the Feel at Home country. You can check any charges for all the other countries here. If you are in a Feel at Home country and run out of allowance you can top up again for a new allowance. Hope this helps :)

  70. Moderator: Claire

    @Tomid – Hi, we can check your account if you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile number and full postcode. We won’t publish the details but can check to see why this is happening. Thanks.

  71. steve

    Claire, thanks for the info on ‘Feel at Home’ service. I’d still like to have confirmation on the standard PAYG roaming charges in case I run out of the ‘Add-On’. When you say ‘Top Up’, I assume you mean buy an ‘Add-On’ for £10 or £15.

  72. Tomid

    I just moved to Three PAYG because of the 3-2-1 thing. So far I have only sent 6 short texts, but my credit has gone down by 19p. The first three cost 10p, the next two totaled 6p, and the last one was 3p. They should be 2p each. Somehow I’ve lost 7p. Can somebody explain this, please? Even if the actual (hidden) price was 2.99p for each text, then I should only have lost 18p. I don’t want to have to check my account every time I use my credit. I want to be able to trust Three.

  73. Moderator: Claire

    @steve Hi, as long as you top up before you go to the USA you can use the Feel at Home service. Then you can use the credit as normal in the USA :)

  74. steve

    I’m having trouble finding standard PAYG roaming charges for USA. The website seems to default to charges for Monthly plans. Could someone please confirm they are the same in both cases. ie Calls to UK 20p/min, SMS 7p, and Data 10p/Mb.

  75. Moderator: Kris

    @Phil Data sessions aren’t something to be overly concerned about when it comes to billing, unless, for example, querying a dispute re how long something took to download or was connected to the network for. The usage should be rounded up to the nearest MB, so if you used 0.5MB one day and 0.5MB the next, that would still only equate to 1MB when it came to billing. It’s not a daily charge for using it, just like for your other services, it’calculated on a monthly basis.

  76. phil

    The comments on data charging have me confused. I cannot find any references to “data sessions” through a site search, other than this page. The definitive “price guide” only quotes “1p per MB” and the footnotes do not reference data. If the document is accurate (publication date 4 Dec 2013) usage should be charged per MB with no limit on how long it takes to use that amount. The document doesn’t even state when the charge is levied during the “MB period”, though it is presumably still at the beginning. IIRC this is how it worked before, with data usage zeroed at the start of the day.

  77. Moderator: Ahmed

    @David – Hi, I’m pretty sure it would get rounded up so I think you’re spot on with that it would be 10p for that. Sorry if you don’t agree with it, however that’s what it’s set at.

  78. David

    I have read the questions and answers about data usage and a data session is mentioned as the charging point. I have an iphone and looking at the bill from my current provider apps seem to send out data packets in the middle of the night and register as 3G usage before it then connects to the WiFi. There can be 5 or 10 of these per day and are small maybe 5Kb. Am I right in thinking the cost would be 10p for 50Kb usage. If so then this is not as good as I thought.

  79. Moderator: Lauren

    @Nico – you’re not charged for time with data usage, you’d be charged per data session. If you disconnect from the data session then you’d be charged the next time you connect.

  80. Nico

    so say i use 1kb now. and 1kb again in 1 minute. will it charge me 2p? If not, then how long apart will both 1kb need to be so it is 2p

  81. Moderator: Lauren

    @Allen – the S4 is LTE (4G) Ready but the S3 is only compatible with our Advanced 3G Network. More info at http://www.three.co.uk.

  82. Moderator: Lauren

    @Hassan – sorry to read this, if you pop into a store they should be able to give you a replacement.

  83. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – yep, all you need is your PAC code.

  84. Allen

    I have to buy a new phone Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE is it will be pay as you go 4G? how much per month?

  85. Hassan

    I’ve recently got a 3 PAYG SIM, but it doesn’t work. It says it can’t register. I get a message from 3Alerts saying there’s something wrong with your SIM. I’ve ordered 2 SIMs already and it hasn’t worked.. can someone help me urgently.. I really want to switch to 3 for this.

    My phone is Huawei Ascend Y300.
    It is 3G and it is unlocked.

  86. John

    Can I transfer my existing mobile number too? I’m currently with Orange PAYG.

  87. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark H – thanks for point it out, we’ve passed this on to the online team.

  88. Mark H

    @Nicki – Thanks for replying.

    So the ‘321 – Price plan details’ is simply wrong/misleading’ then? In that you actually don’t “…need to pick an Add-on to get started…” at all(?)

    Someone at ‘3’ really should read their own website, and correct this misleading info.

  89. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark H – Hi, it’s totally up to yourself. You can either use the credit and be billed per minute, text, and MB (321) of buy an addon if you wish.

  90. Mark H

    In the main 321 blurb it says “No more converting this or bundling that, just a simple top-up to get great rates.”, but then, in the “Price plan details.” is says “You’ll need to pick an Add-on to get started with Pay As You Go on Three.” which appears to completely contradict the very first statement.

    Please could someone clarify whether or not you actually have to ‘pick an Add-on’ (and pay for it) in order to use the 321 PAYG tariff – and if so, why – and if not, why does it say so in the “Price plan details.” link on the 321 page?

    Thanks in anticipation.

  91. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul M – it would be charged at a penny if it used a Kb.

  92. Moderator: Nicki

    @Stew – Hi there, looking at your local masts there’s no current faults or any issues with it. There’s a fault located on another mast in the area so this may be causing issues as more people latch on to your local mast instead. The problem with the other mast is being worked on at the moment. Really sorry for the disruption.

  93. Paul M

    Could you tell me exactly how the 1p per MB is calculated if I use an iPhone that automatically uses a little bit of data every day?
    Is it the total MB used each 24hr period? With a 1p per day minimum charge even if only 1kb was used that day?
    Have I understood this correctly?

  94. Moderator: Megan

    @Steve – On PAYG any credit will expire after 6 months of non-usage. Add-ons will expire 30 days after purchase. Hope this helps Steve :)

  95. Moderator: Megan

    @Shamim – Only phones compatible to download the ‘Skype-on-Three’ app will be eligible for free Skype calls. You can check if your phone is compatible here. If you are using the standard Skype app, you will be charged for Skype calls or it will be deducted from your data allowance. More information on this can be found here.

  96. Stew


    Can you let me know when 3 intend to fix the mast that covers postcode [removed by Mod] as the internet coverage has been poor for at least 6 weeks and i’m not seeing any improvement. thanks

  97. steve

    Hi , do the pay as you go deal have any expiry limits on the credit, like 30 days etc

  98. Moderator: Lauren

    @David – minimum charge is 1p.

  99. shamim

    I bought a new 3 mobile phone my previous phone was a 3 mobile phone which had free skype (not all phones have this function) When renewing I asked if the phone I was buying had free Skype I was told all 3 mobile phones have free skype. A month later I realized I was being charged for skype. Went back to the shop the staff were not even aware of three offering free skype, they told me they meant skype is free to dwnload, yet on your website it clearly states ”Free Skype calls on 3 are for Skype-to-Skype calls made from the UK and are available on most 3 mobiles. Pay As You Go customers can make free Skype-to-Skype calls and instant messages (IM), without ever needing to top up.” I have been communicating with your customer service department who keep answering questions I am not asking I have all the emails and would like someone to look into this for me.

  100. david

    I realise the data is 1p/M but what is the *minimum* charging unit. So if hypothetically I download or upload one byte in a session am I metered/charged for one byte or is there a minimum usage per session. The reason I mention this – some companies have a 100kB charging structure so pinging your mail 10 times could easily burn up a MB. I’m sure it is buried in the small print somewhere.

    Thanks David.

  101. Laurence Dilger

    Im really afraid that I’m going to lose my unlimited Internet when the price plan changes and I don’t want to lose it at all,, and i don’t care about the minutes I just don’t want to lose the unlimited Internet as i really use it a lot

  102. Moderator: Allan

    @Bart – Hi Bart. I’m afraid you cannot tether on this plan

  103. Moderator: Allan

    @cvhn – I would advise calling our customer services to change your number as we cannot transfer credit from one account to another. They can be reached on 333 from a Three phone or 0843 373 3333 from a landline.

  104. bart

    can you tether on payg 3 2 1?

  105. cvhn

    Ive had the same path sum number for years,not that impressed with thr reception sadly,but hey ho. I need to change my mob no (nuisance calls I can’t block) but having seen a new sum only path pack for 99p….was going to buy it but have been unable to get clarity on TRANSFER PAYG BALANCE CREDIT TO ANOTHER PAYGO SIM NO? ive £20 left…will I lose it or can i do credit migration? Thanks fot prompt reply

  106. Moderator: Lauren

    @BLADESMAN1889 – I’m afraid we still don’t have a timescale for this, sorry! :-(

  107. BLADESMAN1889


    My local mast is suffering from H E A V Y congestion – in fact it’s not even registering as working on multiple apps I’ve used (which give detailed info about the nearest mast and the signal quality that is being emitted).

    I have had this confirmed here on this blog several weeks ago but the Mod admitted that they could give no actual date for a fix. Maybe you can now ? The internet is now barely usable during daytime which sucks for me as I have 3 dongle also.

    After 1am I’m getting ever faster speed on my nexus⁴ — 22mbps I’m hitting now – but nothing in daylight hours which is so frustrating as the potential is there.

    If you could give me any update my postcode is [removed by mod]


  108. Moderator: Allan

    @Josh – There is a fault with one mast in the area. Our engineers are aware and working to restore this asap. How have things been today?

  109. Moderator: Allan

    @Lynda – Any update on this Lynda, has it switched over? Call us on 333 and we can check it’s been processed

  110. Moderator: Allan

    @Stew – It’s still being worked on by our engineers right now. Shouldn’t be long now, they’re working to fix it asap.

  111. Josh

    Hi there, any issues in [removed by mod], as the signal is down here?? Thanks

  112. Lynda Eagan

    I registered for 321 as per text message on my 3pay phone over 2weeks ago. I’m still waiting for my plan to change although the confirmation message said it would take 3 days. I also seem to be still paying premium rates for my calls. Why? Is this a too good to be true offer?

  113. Will

    Hi there I have a very simple question ^^
    I know it says, “3p a minute” AND “No catches, just clear and simple Pay As You Go from Three” BUT

    How much do calls cost to more premium numbers like 0844/0845/0870/0871 and the other vast arrangement of similar more premium numbers not listed here?

    still 3p? :O

  114. Stew

    Hi mod, can you tell me if the mast at [removed by mod] is going to be fixed anytime soon, i have little to zero internet connection (pages cannot be displayed, in fact i’ll be lucky if this message posts).
    Its been like this for a few weeks. Please help a long time 3 customer

  115. Moderator: Nicki

    @Paul – Hi there, no plans for us getting rid of the One Plan at all :-)

  116. Paul

    Hello. Are your new ‘The One Plan’ SIM only deals a limited-time offer, as I’m keen to sign up for one in Oct? Many thanks.

  117. Moderator: Nicki

    @Fab – Hi there, the 321 sim is a phone sim and won’t work in a broadband device.

  118. Fab

    Can this new 321 Sim be used in a mifi or mobile broadband dongle ? To have 1GB (tenner) ready when I need it without the risk of expiring would be very useful.

  119. Moderator: Pamela

    Yeah you’ll be able to change at any time then and there won’t be another credit check :-)

  120. Dave


    Thanks for the response, if i’m on 1 month sim only for £9.90 a month, does that mean I can upgrade to the 1 month One plan at £18 per month at any time

    Is there another credit check or is it just a simple tariff change

    thanks :)

  121. Moderator: Nicki

    @Luke – Hi there, had a look at your postcode and the area’s only capable of receiving a limited signal so you’ll find it won’t be as strong indoors as it is outdoors. There’s no new masts planned as yet.

    Have you spoke with our network team to see if you’d be eligible for our Home Signal product to help boost your signal indoors?

  122. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – Hi there, please see below. Your comment was approved and replied to this morning :-)

  123. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – We manually have to approve blog posts so they won’t appear straight away. If we’re going to approve and publish a comment this will be done within 24 hours.

  124. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – Hi there, you can do this if you’re at the end of your minimum term. It’s not possible to move to the One Plan during your contract. If you are at the end of your term you can do this via upgrades on 333 :-)

  125. Luke

    Any new masts planned for [removed by Mod] to boost coverage?

  126. Dave

    oh my previous comment has now appeared, please disregard my rant, but if someone could help with my question on sim only tariff change that would be most appreciated


  127. Dave

    Thanks for deleting my comment which was a general question about changing price plans, you’ve ignored me on twitter, deleted my comment from here and calling customer services is no use as i’m not a customer yet but have any enquiry about price plans

    bravo! with service like that i’ll go elsewhere seeing as you’re unwilling to help

  128. Dave

    Hi Just a quick question as I can’t find the answer, if i’m on Essential Internet SIM 200 1 month for £9.90 a month, can I change to the One Plan, Sim only 1 month for £18 a month, if so do I need to upgrade or can customer services just switch me over

  129. Moderator: Lauren

    @stew – there’s an issue with one of the masts in the area, it’s being looked in to but I’m afraid we don’t have a timescale for this.

  130. stew

    I have very poor internet access when tethering to my PC. Can you check coverage at [removed by mod]

  131. Moderator: Nicki

    @EisenHauer – Hi there, sorry that no one has been in touch as yet. If you have a reference number then it means your email was successfully received and someone will definitely be in touch. If it’s time sensitive and you wanted to call you could give them a call on +447782333333.

  132. EisenHauer

    Why doesn’t somebody answer my emails ???!!!
    I emailed you on 28th June to say that I had cancelled my Direct Debit, I no longer require your services and that I have moved to GREECE.
    I have received no reply.
    Tracking No. issued for my query…


    Suzy EisenHauer

  133. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gareth – This is only available on our older packages. Skype will come out of your data allowances on the 321 tariff.

  134. Gareth

    Can a moderator confirm whether “Skype on Three” will still be available on the new 321 tariff?

  135. Moderator: Nicki

    @seaniboy – Hi there, yep of course, I’ll pass your comments on :-)

  136. Moderator: Nicki

    @JSW – Sorry about all the confusion but glad it’s all been sorted for you now :-)

  137. AJE

    This new tariff certainly suits those that don’t use their mobile very often as they would often end the month with unused allowances. Plus it has the flexibility of letting you decide how to spend your credit (on calls, texts, data or any combination thereof).
    In the interests of flexibility, would it not be good to offer more than one type of, say, £10 add-on? For example, one that gives more credit on calls and another that gives more credit on data?
    It is sad to see the free 3-to-3 calls disappear. This was a good incentive for a whole family to sign on with Three, especially since you don’t seem to offer family packages unlike some other networks.

  138. seaniboy

    The data add on is 500MB for £5, same as per MB or unlimited on all in one conversions, are we going to see a raise in 500MB for £5 as a middle ground ? Paying for 500MB expiring in 30days no longer offers value between all in one and per MB.

    What are medium data users to be offered via a 30 day £5 data add on ?

    Thanks :)

  139. JSW

    Go this sorted on the One Plan after getting through to the first rate Sujal in Retentions, Customer Services.

    Was able to move me to the £18 a month One Plan from my next billing cycle which is good news.

    Also to save more money he advised of the £15 deal on 12 months … although waiting for the new iPhone to come out before a longer term deal with 3.

    Pass on my thanks to Sujal’s line management team for sorting this out so quickly and promptly.

  140. JSW

    @JSW – Hi there, sorry that the advisor was unaware of this new price plan. We’ve briefed all advisors so they should now all be aware of it.

    Guys looks like if this as been done the Three customer services are still unaware. Most unhelpful in trying to move from the £25 plan to the £18 plan on The One Plan “One Month Rolling Contract”.

    Not sure why it needs to be so difficult?!

    Surely it is very simple, I give notice that I wish to move to the new plan, so to be told it is available only to new customers is far from helpful and surely would cost Three more in me cancelling my current deal to start a new deal?

    Please can it be sorted ….


  141. Moderator: Nicki

    @daz – Lots of people complain that they don’t want to spend £15 a month on PAYG as they only make a few calls, send a few texts and use a little data. So buying an add-on isn’t right for them. They never use enough calls texts and data to make it worthwhile and at the end of the month they have to start again. 321 is good for those people that only want to spend a fiver a month. They don’t need to convert to an add-on, so their credit won’t expire. It’s not for everyone. If they use their phone a lot then converting to an add-on is still right for them. Which is why we haven’t taken the add-ons away.

  142. Moderator: Nicki

    @tj – Hi there, if you took this out before September 2010 you won’t need to move. 3Pay was only available between June 2009 and September 2010 so you will not be moved on to this new plan unless you called 333 and requested it.

  143. Moderator: Nicki

    @Cluons – Hi there, no plans at the moment, if this was to change it would be announced via our Coming Soon page.

  144. Moderator: Nicki

    @jerome – Hi there, sorry about the issues the other day. The top up line is now up and running.

  145. Moderator: Nicki

    @JSW – Hi there, sorry that the advisor was unaware of this new price plan. We’ve briefed all advisors so they should now all be aware of it.

  146. Moderator: Nicki

    @john – Hi there, these can be viewed on page 25 of our Price Guide under ‘special numbers’

  147. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paula – If you joined after Sept 2010 then you’ll automatically get the new prices :-) If you joined before you’ll need to call 333 to change this.

  148. john

    on the tariff explanation page

    Voice calls to other UK mobiles*
    3p / min
    Voice calls to any UK landline*
    3p / min

    what are the exceptions on other uk mobiles and land lines?

    i only ask because they each have a star next to them that imply exceptions but i can not see any at the bottom of the page

  149. tj

    I dnt wana lose my plan (im on 3pay) :( ive stayed with 3 purely for that plan and the free skype and msn…… Not a happy customer

  150. daz

    Fellow customer don’t be a lemming get your calculator out before you top up this month and make sure you are getting the best price for your usage.

    “We don’t believe you should have to convert your credit to get the most for your money (not unless you want to anyway!)”

    I just don’t understand this statement, iF I don’t convert my credit and I do not buy an add-on how am I going to get the most from my money?

    I’m I doing the maths wrongly? I work it out that the add-on being the most value for your money if you used data a lot and do lots of texting . So unlike the above statement I will have to convert my credit and buy an add-on weather I want to or not ??? Is this “The Emperor’s New Tariff (Clothes)”?

    all in one £10 a month. = 500MB data, 100 minutes and 3000 texts.
    £10 payment with no add-on used = 500MB data £5, 100 minutes £3, 100 texts £2

    all in one £15 a month. = unlimited data, 300 minutes and 3000 texts
    £15 payment with no add-on used = 500MB data £5, 300 minutes £9, 50 texts £1

  151. Cluons

    The ZTE Open (Firefox OS) would seem like a perfect match for that tariff – are you planning to offer that phone?

  152. jerome

    I just bought top up today and now the 333 service is down … when will it be up and running !

  153. paula cook

    I get the add-on 25 can I still get this ??

  154. JSW

    Moderator: Nicki 03/07/2013

    @Dave – Hi there, this won’t automatically change. You’d need to call 333 and give notice to change price plans.
    Dave 03/07/2013

    I am currently on The One Plan, 30 day rolling “SIM only” @ £25 per month. Will this automatically drop to £18 per month from now on?


    I have just attempted to contact the Three contact centre about this on 333 and the lady I spoke to (Sapna) was unaware of this price change, nor was she able to either find this blog post or the price plans on the website.

    Therefore she was unable to assist.

    I too would like to change my monthly cost from the current £25 to the new £18 as I am sure most would, given the plan remains the same.

    Could you therefore ask someone to email me about this matter or give me an email address to contact as simply I would like to benefit from the price reduction.

    In addition, awareness of how to find things on the Three.co.uk website, the Three UK Blog and price amendments to the Three UK contact centre would really assist customers engagement with Three UK via the telephone.

    Many thanks.

  155. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – Hi there, this won’t automatically change. You’d need to call 333 and give notice to change price plans.

  156. Dave

    I am currently on The One Plan, 30 day rolling “SIM only” @ £25 per month. Will this automatically drop to £18 per month from now on?

  157. Moderator: Nicki

    @Peter – Hi there, this is one of our older plans that was released June 2009 – September 2010. You won’t get 321 on this price plan but you can easily switch to this price plan if you wish via 333 :-)

  158. Moderator: Nicki

    @daz – Hi there, with your current price plan if you don’t buy an addon you can still use your phone but you’d be charged per minute, text and MB of data.

    You’d be charged for any data usage from your phone. To avoid any unexpected data use we’d recommend turning off your notifications and push email.


  159. Moderator: Nicki

    @Chris – Hi there, really sorry about this. Have you been able to get it sorted now?

  160. Moderator: Nicki

    @Pawel – Hi there, on the new price plan these will be charged at 3p per minute.

  161. Moderator: Nicki

    David L – If you joined us any time after September 2010, you’ll automatically benefit from these new rates as well. If you joined before this on one of our older tariffs, you’ll need to change tariffs to get these new rates. To do this, just call us on 333 free from your Three phone.

    On our ‘Pay as You Go on Three’ plan the 150MB lasts for 30 days.

    Our older price plans (pre September 2010) will remain the same unless you change. So if Skype was included on this price plan this will remain as long as you stay on this plan.

  162. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Hi there, all our One Plan sims will contain tethering :-)

  163. Moderator: Nicki

    @AJE – If you joined us any time after September 2010, you’ll automatically benefit from these new rates as well. If you joined before this on one of our older tariffs, you’ll need to change tariffs to get these new rates. To do this, just call us on 333 free from your Three phone.

  164. Chris

    Hi, this sounds great, but we have been unable to top up on line today. Went and bought a voucher as our daughter is travelling and the voucher is returning a message saying technical difficulties. Your customer service said to call back in an hour, but when we pointed out that that would be after nine when they are closed, they could not advise any thing better.

    Come on 3 we expect better than that for customer service

  165. daz

    can you clarify how it works currently and how it will work with the new price changes?

    I am on the all in one 15 top up. When my allowance runs out after 30 days I have to add credit and then add my chosen top up plan again.

    Currently when I add money but do not instantly add my chosen top up, am I correct in saying that I can not make call, use data or send a text as is it blocked until the top up has been added so no unexpected charges?

    Am I correct in saying that people with always online smart phones will get charged for data allowances in the time gap between adding money and then adding there chosen top up on the new 321 charging?

    I hope I have explained this clearly.


  166. Pawel

    Hi guys,

    Great offer. I just have one question. How much does it cost to call somebody within Three network?

  167. seaniboy

    Thanks Nicki seems strange I recharge on Flat 12 or other half 3Pay for the exact same 3p a minute calls but get to keep 2GB at £50add on I need to stay on these plans lol it’s a good payg plan the new one but I can get free calls/texts and 1.5GB with 2G on Vodafone via Ovivo… For £5 a month prepaid, for 750MB FREE!

    500MB or all you can eat? nothing between is a missed opportunity with the fantastic new 321 rates 500MB ON or OFF a add on equals £5?? Can you pass my post on to the 3 gods and let’s see the data bundles improved past a add on or per MB at the same stupid rates per MB PLEASE, I’m sure it was a stupid oversight that needs correcting 😉

  168. David L

    So free 3to3 calls and bundled texts with top-up have gone in favour of 3ppm/2p per text. The website does not indicate how long the inclusive 150MB lasts with a top-up on the new plan. Do existing PAYG customers get a choice between this plan and the existing one with allowances? (above info says automatic transfer to new plan, main website says it has to be specifically requested) I also thought skype was free for life as per previous marketing, so should be excluded from data charges?

  169. John

    Any news on whether the One Plan sim only 12 month verison at £15pm includes tethering as standard?

    What about the one month version at £18pm? Does that still include tethering,

  170. Moderator: Nicki

    @Richard J – Hi there, we’re just awaiting the website being updated with the details. The plans are available in store or via 333 in the meantime :-)

  171. Moderator: Nicki

    @Seaniboy – Hi there, when you click on the relevant price plans on that page it shows you what’s included on that plan and what addons can be purchased.

    If you were looking for an addon the £10 addon will give you 100 minutes, 3000 texts and 500MB of data. We don’t have a £5 addon for 2GB but if you were looking to spend £5 on a data addon we’d suggest getting the £15 top up instead that would give you 300 minutes, 3000 texts and All You Can Eat data.

  172. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Hi there, our website has been updated. Our Pay as You Go plans can be viewed here and our Sim Only price plans here.

    The One Plan Sim Only is £25 per month and includes tethering.

  173. AJE

    “Existing Pay As You Go customers will switch to the new rates from 1st July too!”

    Does this mean that existing PAYG customers HAVE to switch to the new rates? ie that it will happen automatically?

    If so, does it come into effect on 1st July or the next time they top up?

  174. Moderator: Nicki

    @Desire Athow – Hi there, Skype allowance will be charged at the standard data rate of 1p per MB.

  175. Peter

    Will this be applied to the 3Pay tariff…?

  176. Hip59

    Wow what another shock from three, this beats the hell out of all the MNVO out there and unbelievable value.

    With that the proposed take over of 02 Ireland and wining network awards, well done

  177. Seaniboy


    Update needed, and a list of add ons with new plan is still not available to compare, hope the measly 500MB is upped, Orange offers 2GB and free O/T-Mobile/EE calls with 400 texts FREE with a £10 topup, are we going to see bundles which compete with the others ? Old 2GB for £5 again perhaps on the new plan ?

  178. John

    Hi guys.

    When will you be updating the wesbite to reflect the new Sim Only prices?

    The One Plan at £15pm looks amazing value. Can you confirm if the sim only version still includes tethering?

  179. Desire Athow

    Just to confirm. It does come with free Skype as well.

  180. Richard J

    Any news on the One Plan? There is a lot of speculation at the moment, I’m hoping you’re typing up the announcement as I’m writing this.

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