Get Ready for 4G.

Good things happen in December don’t they? There’s Christmas to look forward to and everything that comes with that. If you’re lucky you might see some snow. And most of us can look forward to a few days off at the end of the year. This year though, if you’re a Three customer, December could be even more exciting.

I’m really pleased to announce, that in December, London, Birmingham and Manchester will see the start of our 4G roll out. That’s not a bad early Christmas present is it? Even better than that, we’ll be busy rolling out in a further 50 cities by the end of 2014. And by the end of 2015? Well we aim to have covered a massive 98% of the population by then.

Every Three customer with a 4G Ready device will get a 4G upgrade at no extra cost. It’ll be easy to switch over too, all that’s required is a simple software update. You won’t even need to go in to a store. There’ll be no new contract to sign, no new SIM and no tariff change. We really want this transition to be as easy as possible for our customers.

Not only that, but our famous All You Can Eat data offering will still be available on 4G. So you’ll be able to share even more, ponies, pugs and kittens. Which can only be a good thing, right?

So, get ready for 4G at no extra cost, it’ll be here before you know it!

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  1. Moderator: Claire

    @Tommyt – Hi, we are looking to send out the software updates by the end of December for iPhone 6 and above. We will be adding more phones to 4G Super-Voice next year. Thanks.

  2. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul – Hi, as long as your phone has 4G enabled on 1800 MHz or 800 MHz frequency then this will work with our network :)

  3. Tommyt

    Sorry to bother you guys again -but- your coverage chart now says my area and most of Alloa town centre has been ‘super pumped’. I believe this means you are now using the 800mhz frequency to make your signals travel further and allow calls etc to be made from within buildings where there were blckspots before. But only a limited number of Android users with Samsung S5, S6 and LG-G4 phones can benefit from this new frequency. When are the thousands of iPhone users going to get their carrier update for ios to enable them to use this frequency. Surely Three should have this sorted by now. It’s like having a Ferrari at home with no petrol- useless !! The carrier update for 4g from Three was out to customers before they received the enhanced signal. So why are we waiting for this ‘super pumped’ signal to arrive and what is the timescale for this carrier update to be released for IOS ?

  4. Paul

    I have a 3 PAYG 3G sim but no 3 mobile phone. Will I still get 4G? Will it just switch over, I don’t need a new sim card? Thanks

  5. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Palani – I’m unsure what you mean. Are you talking about joining the Three network but looking to keep your current number? If you let me know a little more about the trouble you’re having then I’ll do all I can to help :) >Rich

  6. palani

    if i’m gonna switch my old airtel no. with a new 4G sim, may is lost my old airtel no.

  7. tommyt

    Hi David – thanks for the reply. The only 4g signal in Alloa is from the outermost 4g boundary of Stirling 6 miles away to the west of Alloa and Falkirk which is around 6 miles away to the south east of Alloa. Alloa has no dedicated mast producing a 4g signal. The only area you can pick up one bar of 4g signal is down to the south of Aloa around the riverside which looks onto Stirling and Falkirk. There is absolutely no 4g being produced for Alloa. I work down at the riverside so am well aware that you lose any 4g about 200 yards from the river. The town has expanded big time to the south west with new housing schemes and a school now built. The mast to the east of the town is not enough. Another mast to the south west of Alloa is desperatly needed. I know it won’t happen overnight but Three should stop promising 4g in areas which they know are going to take longer than others to achieve. That list of over 400 towns and areas to have 4g has not went down for two years now !! Believe me, and ignore your coverage map- there is no 4g service being produced in Alloa. Within 200 yards of the riverside – yes- from towns across the river but that’s it. Thanks for the reply.

  8. Moderator: David

    Hi @Tommyt, sorry to hear you’re not yet receiving 4G service as you expected :( I understand how frustrating this can be. We do have 4G service in some areas of Alloa already and we’re always looking at expanding on this. You can get a better idea of what areas of Alloa have 4G service by inputting a postcode in our coverage checker, http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Network/Coverage. The “Super pumped” network signal you see on the website refers to our 4G Super-Voice which is helping to improve indoor signal by allowing 4G Voice calls. If you select the hyperlink on “Super pumped” you should be taken to our 4G Super voice page which explains it in more detail. Here’s the page in case you’re unable to locate it, http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Network/4g-supervoice. Let me know if you have any further questions. Thanks, David

  9. Tommyt

    Promised 4g in Alloa by end of 2014-didn’t happen. Promised 4g in Alloa by end of 2015-has not and will not happen. Now when checking your coverage map, Three are claiming the signal in this town has been ‘super pumped’. It’s Three’s way of trying to keep us sweet till 4g arrives in the next century no doubt. There has been absolutely no change to the signal in this area. So as I can find no reference or meaning for the term ‘super pumped’ in any Three related web site, can you please explain to me the meaning of this term which seems to have been created to make us think improvements are being carried out in this area.

  10. Moderator: Rory

    @Paul – Hi, I’m sorry to hear that you’re not getting 4G in your area, and that the coverage isn’t as good as expected. I can see that we’ve a new site in planning, and we’re hoping to have this activated within the next 3 months, I’d expect this will improve the available coverage in the area.
    There are also some issues affecting the masts covering your postcode, we’re aware of this and we’re aiming to have this sorted by the 26th of September. Apologies for any disruption to your service while the work is ongoing. Thanks

  11. Moderator: Rory

    @B Goldthorpe – Hi, we’ve no immediate plans to add any new destinations to Feel At Home, but we’re always looking for ways to improve on the services that we already offer, so I’ll make sure and pass on your suggestion to our team :-)

  12. Paul

    Your 4g coverage checker is not accurate at all, while checking my postcode [removed by mod] it says good 4g coverage outdoors yet I have to walk a good mile W/SW of my house before I pick up a 4g signal at all and even then it’s only 1 or two bars.

    There was a few days last year where my galaxy s4 kept connecting to a 4g signal in the house, again the signal was low with only 1 or 2 bars but the speeds were great but apart from those few days there’s no 4g signal anywhere around here despite your coverage checker saying the opposite.

    I’ve noticed a message on your coverage checker saying there’s planned maintenance happening around here on September 22nd, while I hope that means a cell tower closer to me is being upgraded to 4g I expect that’s probably wishful thinking on my part!

  13. B Goldthorpe

    Can you tell me if Canada is on the next batch of destinations? Been waiting for ever for this to happen, thx

  14. Moderator: David

    Hi @Stephen, sorry to hear you’ve not yet get 4G coverage as you expected :( I appreciate how frustrating this will be. Our plans for rolling out 4G can change as there are a lot of varying factors which can impact our plans, some of which out with our control, however we’re still in the process of introducing 4G to many areas throughout the UK and this will continue right into 2016. If you could share a postcode for the area you’re querying, using our 4G coverage checker (http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Network/Coverage) I can check if your area is due to have 4G within the next 3 months. You can also find more details on our 4G plans and which areas should receive coverage before the end of the year on our 4G page, http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Network/4G/When_will_I_get_4G. Thanks, David

  15. Stephen Moss-Evans

    why do your sales team constantly lie? I was told I would be able to get 4G in my area and I wasn’t then I was told it would be rolled out by August well its the end of august and nothing. Since this was a selling point of my contract I would like to end it right now!

  16. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sue – sorry to hear this Sue. You can take a look at our latest 4G roll out plans here.

  17. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – we’re constantly working to improve our network, 4G or otherwise. We aim to continue to roll out 4G across the UK in places that don’t yet have it along with adding to current 4G areas.

  18. Sue Williams

    the restrictions on 4g in my area are very slim. i wish they would expand my coverage. when i am in the 4g area my cell phone is so fast. also, i have really high speed internet connections when using.

  19. Simon

    just looking to the Future is there a timeline as to when Three will embrace faster 4g technologies like EE and Vodaphone? The latest phones are now supporting 300mbps download LTE-A or Cat-4 Cat-6 technologies. I can’t help feeling that your 3G/4G network is fast becoming overloaded due to small bandwith being employed especially in major cities like London. For instance its becoming common when in a busy area your speeds really suffer more than most. Another area like around Stratford E15 was 40mpbs download when 4g came to the area last year but now its runs at less than 1mbps and 3g is overloaded. I’m already getting refunded for the London Liverpool street area being overloaded I realise your struggling to roll out 4g across the country but I’m worried that the roll out in the existing areas like London was only half baked and only minmum was done to say that 4g was rolled out. I don’t want to leave three as you still have the best value package but you really need to up your game and start embracing these new technologies that support faster speeds and increase bandwith.

  20. Moderator: JohnPaul

    Hi there. I’m not sure what you mean by your post? Are you having issues with 4G? If so, share the full postcode of the area in question with me and I’ll see what I can find out for you? Don’t worry, your postcode will remain private. Thanks.

  21. Integral IT

    Yup..4G is good but not proper come here…still it perform very slow…

  22. Moderator: Claire

    @Simon – I’ve checked the area and it is being worked on asap but you are right there is congestion in that area which is affecting signal. We are planning on adding a further 2 masts in the near future which will help with this but I don’t have a date to give you at present. Thanks.

  23. simon

    Thanks Clair – Postcode is [removed by mod] i’m there during the week. I complained to the Three support and they are urgently working to upgrade in Central London as it is too overloaded which is a shock considering we are only a year in. Ive done some more support and it looks like on EE and Vodaphone are supporting the increase in speeds that Cat-4 and cat-6 will give people. Your Ceo has decided that speed is not important and so me upgrading my phone on the existing 3 network is not going to help my 4g speeds at all which are no better than my old 3g speeds at 2 or 3 meg with very limited indoor coverage until you upgrade your network or get additional spectrum from your purchase of O2. oh well

  24. Moderator: Claire

    @Simon – Hi, we do support CAT-4, CAT-6 and LTE-A compatible phones but we can’t guarantee this will improve network performance or speed. Is there a certain part of London you are having issues with? If so can you confirm the full postcode and we’ll check this for you? We won’t publish the postcode. Thanks.

  25. Simon

    Hi I’m due an Upgrade on my three contract. I’m currently fed up with the congested 3g and 4g speeds I get in London where 3g is unusable and 4g is just about usable if your outdoors with 2 meg downloads way short of the promised 15-30mbps promised. I’m thinking of upgrading to Samsung s6 which is Cat-6 or LTE-A compatible so i can get much faster 4g speeds in central London during the day. Before i do this is Three supporting Cat-6? Ive only seen peoples review on EE and Vodaphone. My current Cat-4 4g on samsung s5 seems no different to my lower spec samsung s4 so am wondering if three is not support modern 4g networks? Please let me know as if three doesn’t support cat-4 or cat-6 then really no point upgrading.

  26. Moderator: Madeline

    @John Pickin Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues using your device in France. Our other roaming partners in France are Free Mobile and Orange. Can you try manually selecting one of these networks to see if it helps? Please also make sure you have 4G switched off on your device. Further information on roaming in France can be found here

  27. John Pickin

    Am in France, but cannot connect to Bouygues Telecom. I have enabled data roaming, disabled EU Internet and have manually detected Bouygues Telecom; the ipad has a tick next to it but still says “No Service”. Last time I came to France it all worked fine. Any ideas?

  28. Tam

    to Thomas- I would take this case further. You are not alone in being mis- sold a product from Three. Three are getting away with this time and time again. It is against the law to mis- sell something by giving false information. It’s time Three were prosecuted for this. They blatantly fob people off with lies and false promises to get a sale. Return to the shop and demand a refund. If they refuse then contact your local Trading Standards office. It’s time Three got their act together and stop hiding behind the excuse of ‘keep checking our coverage website for more information’. They are selling products using information that they know could be inaccurate. And that’s illegal.

  29. Moderator: Chris

    @Thomas – As we continue to roll out our 4G network, we regularly review our plans, and from time to time those plans change. We review our 4G towns and cities list every quarter, so we suggest you check our website for updates occasionally. Our next update is due at the end of April 2015. We intend to roll out 4G to 98% of the UK population by the end of 2015.

  30. Thomas

    When I took out my contract (mid 2014) I was informed by your in store staff and on your WEBSITE! That Northern Ireland would have 4G by the end of 2014.

    Now I notice the website is updated and that NI wont even get 4G in 2015? Surely this is a mistake? delayed by 2 years?

    I’ll be honest and say that these promises were one of the sole reasons I took out the contract. So I feel that I have been missold the product.

  31. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Ivan – Sorry my mistake there, we only use 1800mhz frequency for now. >Bernie

  32. Ivan

    @Bernadette – Thanks for your reply, I already have 4G, my question was whether you have already started using your 800mhz frequency on top of your 1800mhz. Thank you

  33. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Ivan – Hi Ivan, we’re providing our 4G service in numerous areas in London and across the UK. Would you like me to check a specific location for you? If not, you can check where we have 4G available from this map. Thanks. >Bernie http://bit.ly/1bJITLE

  34. Ivan

    Hi there, could you kindly confirm whether you have already started using your 800mhz frequency in London or anywhere in the UK? Thank you in advance

  35. Dave

    Hey guys, I agree with everyone else on the appalling lack of information as well as the misleading ‘by end of’ 2014 list. My town is one of the ones that was on that list and had disappeared altogether and isn’t even on the 2015 list now. All it is, is a bunch of false promises and the worst part is they tell their stores to tell people that 4G is coming to their city/town by the end of 2014 so the customers will take out contracts only to be let down. What happens when you complain on their Twitter feed? You get vague information and one of two golden oldie excuses – “Sometimes things out of our control means we aren’t able to get to some sites by the date we publish” or the best one which is their legal get out clause – “It is subject to change”. Best one I had was when I escalated the complaints further, my response was “We are not obliged to provide our 4G roll out plans”, I mean how disgustingly rude can you be, that almost sounds like a legal rep helping them out with perfectly legal wording but at the same time ridiculously abrupt and rude attitude!

    Three UK have failed in a major way when it comes to their roll out of 4G and I can 99.9% guarantee that they will continue this into 2016 if not 2017 too! Anyone who fancies reading up on my blog about 4G issues can do at [Moderator – removed link to 3rd party website] I have written some stuff on the Three network. Their list of complaints on their Facebook page is absolutely blown me away.

    Anyways see what you think, Three – the network that lies!

  36. Tommyt

    to Dan Frater- hi- You have my sympathy. I don’t know how Three are getting away with tellling these lies and giving the public false information about their supposed 4g rollout plans. There was no way 480 places were ever going to be upgraded by the end of 2014. Three knew that, but kept that list on display till a few days before the end of the year now all of a sudden a list of around 330 places appears to be upgraded by 2015. To anybody thinking of joining Three or buying a 4g enabled phone on the expectations of their list–DON’T. It’s lies and false promises which I’m sure a body like the Advertising Standards should be taking a look at. The mods in this blog only compound the lies and deceit by going along with the lies and false promises in their answers. It seems one is as bad as the other at Three. The network of lies ,false promises,deceit and cons. There are other networks out there providing a better service without the lies and false promises. I will soon be joining one of them.

  37. Dan Frater

    Yes I checked. That’s why it’s so annoying. I spent a fortune on this phone and now it’ll be ages until you live up to your promises. All the while I’m stuck without the 4g you said We would have by the end of 2014 until a few days before when suddenly that became a whole extra year. Shoddy behaviour.

  38. Moderator: Claire

    @Dan Frater – Hi, we are adding more 4G sites this year. Have you checked your area for updates here?

  39. Dan Frater

    So, I get a three phone based on the promise I’ll have 4g by christmas and then you screw us over? It’s one let down after another with you guys and now I’m stuck with you…seriously not on!

  40. Moderator: Richard

    I’m sorry you never received a response to your last post, @Ami. I’m afraid we don’t have any information regarding this at the moment but keep your eyes peeled here on the blog for updates. >Rich

  41. Ami

    In addition, can you please provide an update regarding my unanswered query from “October 1, 2014″.

    And if you do not know [fair enough], please check with your Three engineers and get back to your three audience here and interested Three customers with at least a date when you will have an answer.

  42. Ami

    Why have you still not posted or replied to my last post here? I posted wrt your current and future roadmap / plans for 800Mhz?

    The original post [from a week or so ago] would have containing a link and also text similar to “800MHz frequency band

    it also has some advantages in cities, because low frequencies are also good at passing through walls and other physical objects, so the 800MHz band is good for indoor coverage and for heavily built up areas where a signal might otherwise struggle to travel.”

  43. Moderator: Madeline

    @Tam I’m really sorry you feel that way. We are working hard to increase out 4G capacity into 2015, with the aim of having 98% of the population covered by the end of next year so hopefully this won’t be too much longer.Sorry you’re thinking about leaving us. There are other great reasons to stay with Three which can be found here

  44. Tam

    So with 2 days to go till the end of the year. The list of places which were on target for so long to have 4G by the end of this year, has suddenly been reduced by 150. But wait- the remaining 330 are now on schedule to have 4G by the end of 2015 now !! But don’t get excited thinking Three have managed to upgrade those 150 places now missing from the list. No – they won’t be done till 2016 at the earliest. Or as Three keep saying- if you don’t get it this year, you will get it the next !! Or the next- or the next. So it’s free Three say. But it’s not. Because once I’m “upgraded” I know that there will be very little difference in the speeds I am getting now because Three don’t have the capacity to provide the kind of service that others can give to their customers. I would rather pay and know I am getting the full benefits of a 4G service than pretend I am getting it for free with speeds no better than in a good 3G area. That’s why Three can’t boast about their 4G service like other companies can. I’m not hanging around for another two years waiting on a service that will be no better than what I have now. It may be “free” but once people in my area start to use 4g if it ever comes, then speeds will drop to 3G levels- fact. I’m not hanging around being fobbed off with lists of places expected to be upgraded with dates being put back time and time again. If it was just a list of places expected to be upgraded in a three month window, it might be more believable. I’ve had enough of Three and their lies and false promises. 330 places in three months ?? You’re having a laugh. I’m gonna have a happy 4G new year– with another network– and that’s the TRUTH.. Bye bye the network of cons.

  45. Moderator: Lauren

    @Richard – we’re hoping to reach our 4G rollout goals however these are subject to change. We’re aiming to have 98% of the population covered by the end of next year so hopefully this won’t be too much longer.

  46. Richard T

    There seems to be a common theme here – I think this blog should be renamed – ‘No 4g at any cost’ and not 4g at no extra cost

    2 weeks and counting and all towns listed will go 4g! There must be a lot of Three staff who have been to Tunisia ……. 4g in their dreams.

    Three are rapidly losing credibility – especially removing the One plan under the false pretense that better value plans are being made available!

    There are a lot of feet being shot in Three……..

    Timd for a sharp exit to EE

  47. Moderator: Stephie

    @Haris – 4G is available on all our SIMs. If you send over your full postcode I’ll have a look at the coverage.

  48. Haris

    Hi, I tried to purchase a sim only plan from Three to use on my Galaxy S4 (sim-free). I selected a micro-sim but when I tried to check coverage, I got the following message:

    You can use the internet in most instances on our 4G network. However, the signal strength may vary, especially when you’re indoors.
    Unfortunately Micro-SIM isn’t compatible with our 4G network.

    What’s the last sentence on it means? that any micro-sim is not compatible with 4G? The same message I get for the 3G+.

  49. Moderator: Claire

    @Michael – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode and we can check the area? How is your 3G signal? Thanks.

  50. Michael

    My 4G signal comes on but very slow indoors. Do you know why. Also why does enabling 4G reduces my phone signal

  51. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tam – we don’t delete posts, we just hadn’t reached this to approve it.

  52. Moderator: Lauren

    @Lesley – you should be able to pick up a replacement sim card in store with your same number and account details, or I can send you one if you fill in your details here

  53. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tam – Our 4G roll-out plans are available online however these are subject to change. We do hope to have 98% of the population covered by the end of 2015. If your area doesn’t get it this year, then you should get it next year.

  54. Tam

    As my last post from last night has been deleted. I will try a shorter version. When are you going to admit that the list of over 450 towns and areas supposedly on target to get 4G by the end of 2014 will never happen. It won’t happen and you know it. Once again the Three spin m/c kicks in.

  55. Lesley

    I cut my sim card smaller to fit into another phone. Now my sim card wont work in either phone!! :(

    My sim is a contract only sim, and my contract ran out on 25/09/2014 .

    Can I get a new contract only sim from the three shop and it will work straight away or will I have to order online?

    Does anyone know if I can buy instore tomorrow?


  56. Tam

    your have a list of towns and cities that you claim are on schedule to have 4g by the end of 2014. There are over 450 in your list. I can’t help but feel Three are reverting to the call centre syndrome which blighted the company for years ( and still does at times). We get promises that Three know they cannot keep time and time again. What’s the use of activating a single mast on the outskirts of a city then claiming that city is covered. Why are Three not publishing the areas they have upgraded. Surely this would encourage sales in that area. Why is it getting left to the customer to check a coverage chart rather than look up a list of areas activated. Once again Three are not going to deliver. Over 450 areas still on track to be upgraded before 2014 ends ?? With just over 5 weeks to go don’t you think we know your having a laugh. No way – absolutely no way will this happen. For once why can’t Three be honest and tell customers it’s gonna be 2016/17 before those 450 ish areas are going to be wiped off the list. All this secrecy just drives people away to other networks. Please don’t ask for my postcode or give me the standard answer to keep checking a coverage chart. Just show next to the towns in your list when it’s likely they will be upgraded- simple. There must be a way for you to access information as to what area is being worked on at any given time. Is it so hard to keep a database of work completed every day ? Seems it is at three.

  57. Moderator: Claire

    @Anthony – Hi, this is now removed. Thanks.

  58. Anthony

    @Moderator Clare. Thanks for the update. Please could you remove my full postcode from the blog? Thanks

  59. Moderator: Claire

    @Anthony – Hi, I’ve checked the area and our technical team are working to resolve a known issue ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience this is causing. Thanks.

  60. Anthony

    @Moderator Richard. Hi Rich
    My full postcode is [removed by mod]. Thanks.

  61. Moderator: Claire

    @Dave – Hi, we are still activating 4G sites this year and this should happen by the end of the year. Thanks.

  62. Dave

    Redcar TS10 is in the list to have 4G in 2014, is it still going to happen in 2014.

  63. Moderator: Chris

    That’s odd, @Dee… Can you send over the full postcode where you’re having issues? I’ll edit this out before posting your comment. Do you find that you’re having the same issue everywhere or is it fine when you move out of your area?

  64. Dee

    Hi, I have a Nokia Lumia 520 and after the last update lost my internet connection. 3 told me it’s because a cell tower is down and would be ok within a week or two, but that was four weeks ago. Can anyone help please?

  65. Moderator: Richard

    Hmm, that’s odd, @Anthony =/ Sounds like it could be some maintenance work being carried out if it’s just switched all of a sudden. If you let me know the full postcode I can take a closer look into it for you. >Rich

  66. Anthony Utley

    Hi. I live in the M3 postcode area of Manchester. Up until a week or so ago I was receiving a pretty strong 4G signal in my apartment. However, this has now reverted to a full strength 3G signal which is nowhere near as fast as 4G of course. I’ve checked all my setting etc and everything is fine on my phone. Are you able to explain to me why the 4G signal has gone? Thanks

  67. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – do you know what provider originally sold the phone? You’d need to contact them or Apple directly to ask how to get the software update.

  68. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – The 4G coverage is limited in your area, both indoors and outdoors. You’ll be connected to whatever is stronger so it’ll probably always revert onto 3G until the 4G network improves there.

  69. SIMON


    I just bought a used Iphone5 from CEX and am using my three monthly contract sim to ‘power’ it.

    It doesn’t appear to be picking up the 4G signal, (I know the signal is failry strong as I have an ipad mini that picks it up just fine in the same house/room)

    How do I get the software update resent to this handset?!

  70. Simon

    Hi Chris – Its [removed by mod]

  71. Moderator: Chris

    @Simon – Can you send on the exact postcodes where you’re having trouble? I’ll edit these out before posting :)

  72. Simon

    Yes I am able to use 4G when I am in some of the ‘pink’ areas of coverage in the DA2 area. For my location I am supposed to have 4G outdoors but I have never seen it at this address. The same applies to the other two phones that are on Three at this address.

  73. Moderator: Richard

    Sorry to hear you’re having these issues with your 4G, @Simon. So you’re able to use 4G when you’re in some of the ‘pink’ areas of coverage in the DA2 area? There doesn’t appear to be any problems showing with the network at first glance. Do you know anyone else on Three having the same issues in the area? >Rich

  74. Simon

    Your coverage map shows my postcode DA2 7WQ has having a very good service outdoor. However I have never been able to receive a 4G signal here. When I go to other 4G areas my phone shows 4G ok so I know that is working ok.

  75. Moderator: Allan

    @Spotify95 – Apologies for the poor advice. When we launched 4G we made a choice to enable it to all customers via software and carrier updates so they wouldn’t require a new SIM. To get this software fix our customers need to be running the latest software and carrier versions. This is the reason you’re not able to see the option when using our SIM but can when using another networks SIM.

  76. spotify95

    Well, today was rather interesting!

    One of the staff in the Three store in Leicester gave me some rather poor advice, in getting my 4G sorted out.

    They said that firstly, my S4 might not be 4G ready (it is!). But the issue is that, when a Virgin SIM is inserted (which doesn’t even have a 4G network!) the LTE option is available; whereas with the Three SIM (3G with 4G at no extra cost), the LTE option was hidden!

    They then said it was a phone issue and that I should contact Samsung…. How on earth can it be a phone issue if the LTE shows up with Virgin (who don’t even provide LTE!)?!

    Luckily I was able to access the phone testing menu (via a 3rd party app) and manually select a LTE setting. Result? 4G.

    So does anyone know how I can get the S4 to work with 4G (i.e. enable the LTE setting under the standard settings)? I am running Android 4.2.2, by the way (and have NO plans to update to 4.4.x).

  77. Moderator: Claire

    @John – Hi, yes you would :) As long as the area has 4G this is included in your tariff. You can check any areas here. Thanks.

  78. John

    Hey. I am on another network but want to change for 4G. I have a 4G ready iphone, (no contract) – if I changed to 3 on a £15 pay as you go all you can eat plan, would I get 4G as part of the £15 a month from next month? Would it be all you can eat data?

  79. Moderator: Claire

    @Connor – Hi, 4G is available on all of our SIMS. Can you confirm your full postcode and I’ll check if 4G is available in your area? Thanks.

  80. Connor

    Hi why isn’t 4G available for micro sims yet?

  81. Moderator: Claire

    @Mihaly – Hi, where did you buy the phone from? We have activated our SIMs to accept 4G but need the settings on the phone for this to work. Thanks.

  82. Mihaly

    Hello, I live in Manchester and work in Birmingham. I have bought a Three sim because the AYCE data offering. But I have never had a 4G since then. I just checked in Settings – More networks – Mobile networks – Network mode: LTE is not listed which is strange because with EE sim card the LTE option is available. Is that possible my sim card is not 4G ready? Thanks!

  83. Moderator: Lauren

    @Graeme – we’re always working to improve our coverage. We aim to cover 98% of the UK population by the end of next year so it should improve. If it’s on the list to get it before the end of the year then we’ll still be working towards this however it is subject to change.

  84. Graeme

    For the last couple of months Tilbury is showing on your 4G checker that it has excellent outdoor coverage. This is simply not true. I understand that it is a guide and not set in stone but I am not able to pick up a 4G signal anywhere in the town. Tilbury was one of the towns listed to get 4G before Christmas is that it for the area or is it still work in progress

  85. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – Sorry about this. Our coverage checker is a guide so isn’t always 100% accurate. We don’t have a plan of when this will be available, however we are aiming to cover 98% of the population by the end of 2015.

  86. Paul

    Hi, I’m getting old now, I’ve noticed the map coverage now shows coverage being availble outside my house for 4G, this isn’t true, last time I checked where my house is, it hasn’t moved and it’s still in London, so no 4G in a house that is in London it’s almost November 2014, I was told I’d have 4g over a year ago now, I might not be able to see if I’ve got a 4G signal in the corner of my screen the time it comes around, please give me a time, and not a chart that says LONDON. Thanks

  87. Moderator: Chris

    @Moz – Hi there, I’ve had a look at the coverage in your area and I can see that we’re aware of a congestion issue. It also looks like there’s usually limited indoor coverage in this area. Has your coverage taken a dip recently or has it always been this way? We’re hoping to have a fix in place for the congestion in the near future. Thanks.

  88. Moz

    Hi my reply from yesterday seems to have disappeared, here it is again:
    In answer to your question:
    postcode [Removed by Mod]
    iPhone 6 on latest ios 8.1

  89. Moz

    Post code is [Removed by Mod] and as already stated iPhone is on latest ios 8.1 released yesterday.

  90. Moderator: Chris

    @Phil – Hey there. The 4G rollout in Wolverhampton is an ongoing process at the moment. I don’t have any fixed dates for that specific postcode right now but we are aiming to have 98% of the network covered for 4G by the end of 2015. Your best bet would be to keep an eye on the coverage map on our website

  91. Moderator: Chris

    @Moz – Hey there. Ideally I’d like to see about sorting this for you without you having to go to any trouble. Can you send on your full postcode so that I can check the area is set up for 4G? It may be that it’s still being rolled out in that area, or it’s better outdoors etc. Can you also make sure that you’re on the most recent software version? Hope you’re enjoying your shiny new phone otherwise :)

  92. Moderator: Chris

    @Peter – I can definitely get this looked into for you. Hopefully it’s something that we can sort out quickly. If you fill in the form over here – http://bit.ly/PbcMKL I’ll be able to check your account and escalate this on to the folks who can push you the update if required. Cheers.

  93. Phil

    Any idea when ‘blindspots’ in 4g coverage get sorted? My postcode is [Remove by Mod] and as you can see a big patch of area has no 4g (despite Wolverhampton being in the vey first area supposed to get 4g)

  94. Moz

    I have a brand new unlocked iPhone 6 purchased direct from Apple and have had no luck getting a 4G signal despite your online coverage checker showing I should have very good coverage.
    I updated to the new IOS 8.1 this morning and it’s still the same (4G is definitely enabled in the settings).
    I have been on to your customer services twice now since yesterday but unfortunately I do not have a lot of confidence in them resolving this for me.
    Do I need to Physically take the phone in to one of your stores to get this fixed?

  95. Peter

    Hi Chris, bought the phone from handtec.co.uk which is UK based. I suspect it is a carrier update issue simply because the phone works with 4G on all the other networks. Either I got missed off the carrier update list because of the CSC being EVR or because it’s an i9506 rather than the standard i9505. The obvious thing for me to do would be to switch networks but I’m sticking with Three because the 3G service is more than adequate for my needs and the PAYG deal is much better than your competitors. Would be nice to get an update though but I’m not losing sleep over it. Thanks, Peter

  96. Moderator: Chris

    @Damian – Hi there. 4G is enabled for all our customers, so it may be that you need to install an update. Can you check if there are any available? Failing this, can you send on your full postcode so that i can double check that you’re area is enabled for 4G at the moment? Thanks.

  97. Moderator: Chris

    @Peter – Hmm… Did you purchase the phone from us, Peter? If not, where did you get it from? It could be that it’s not compatible with the 4G spectrum that we use, or that we need to push out a carrier update to you. Thanks.

  98. Damian

    I just bought a UK Nexus 5 (model D821) from a third party supplier. I live in a 4g area and the 4g option is enabled on my phone but I’m not getting 4g. I’ve read about an update that is required, how do I know if I have it and if I don’t how do I get it? Do I need to contact you to change my account to a 4g account or should it happen automatically?

  99. Peter

    I am a PAYG customer with an S4 i9506 phone. This is the LTE+ variant. Unfortunately, under Network Mode only 3G or 3G/2G options are available. This means I am not able to use 4G even though I live in central London. No software updates are available for this variant and I have never received a carrier update. Interestingly, if I use an appropriate SIM, this phone works with 4G on EE, O2 and Vodaphone ie the 4G option becomes available under Network Mode; but never with my 3 SIM. Have spent hours speaking to support but they’ve been unable to help. Any ideas? (Running 4.2.2; CSC is EVR no valid KK firmware yet available.) Thanks, Peter

  100. Moderator: Chris

    @Matt – Hi there. I’ve had a look at the coverage in the area and I can see that we’re working to resolve a fault at the moment, but it’s been going on longer than we expected :( Our team are doing what they can to sort it, but if you fill in the form over here – http://bit.ly/PbcMKL in the meantime I’ll escalate this on for you. Would our new Three inTouch app help while you’re waiting? – http://bit.ly/1zGDYDa

  101. Moderator: Chris

    @Yoshi – Hi there – That’s odd… Have you checked for any available software updates on your iPhone 6? They usually come ready for 4G out of the box but you might need to install a small update. Did you purchase your iPhone from us directly or from another provider? Can you also let me know if you purchased it in another country? I’d also like to rule out a network issue, so if you send over your full postcode I’ll check up on that for you. I’ll edit the postcode out of your comment before publishing it :) Thanks.

  102. Moderator: Lauren

    Abbas – You can check areas the that are due 4G this year here

  103. Matt

    I wonder if anybody can let me know when my area will get 4G, postcode is [Removed by Mod]

  104. Yoshi

    Hi. I have a brand new iPhone 6 with the three the one account. I often experience that signal gets 3G to no service. Today I realised that when ever I have a 4G signal on my iPad, iPhone becomes no service. I have not seen any 4G indication appeared on my iphone 6 in central London.when I turn off “enable 4G” setting off, I have very good 3G connection and net work connections maintained without an problem. Is this due to my SIM card or iPhone itself? Please help me!

  105. Abbas

    Hi Chris, can you please update me as to when 4g will be available in my postcode, as the coverage map says I should have a good signal both indoors and outdoors. In regards to the mast maintenance, there has been no improvement in the speed of my service, this has been ongoing since June when the mast was set on fire and have been told numerous times that there is maintenance ongoing.

  106. Moderator: Chris

    @Wezley Quincy – That’s odd, Wezley… I’ll need to take a look at your account directly to make sure that everything’s been set up correctly from our end. Can you fill in the support form over here – http://bitly.com/PbcMKM and we can go over this via email? Cheers.

  107. Moderator: Chris

    @Abbas – Hey there. I’ve had a look at the coverage in your area and I can see that there’s planned maintenance on one of your local masts which is expected to be complete by tomorrow. Sorry you’ve been left waiting :( Once we completed the work you should see an improvement in your service within the next 24 hours.

  108. Wezley Quincy

    When I went to Stockholm my “feels at home” service didn’t work. I had no 3G all weekend and my internet would only work when I was connected to wifi. I know my roaming was activated because I had been to Berlin a few weeks before sweden. Germany is not a feel at home country so I purchased a euro Internet pass while in berlin and my 3G worked perfectly fine. Does anyone know why my phone worked in Berlin but not in Stockholm???

  109. abbas

    Hi, I currently live at [Removed by Mod] which shows 4g both indoors and outdoors according to the coverage map, i dont receive any 4g and receive a max of 2Mbps on my nexus 5, prior to the introduction of 4g i received upto 25Mbps. Can you please advise on improved 4g coverage or better DC HSDPA coverage.

  110. Moderator: Claire

    @Ash – Hi, I’ve checked the area and the 4G is more outdoors coverage, have you had any outdoors? Thanks.

  111. ash

    hi my poscode is [removed by mod]

    thank you

  112. Moderator: Claire

    @Ash – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check the area for you? We won’t publish the postcode. Thanks.

  113. ash

    hi how long does it take for 4g coverage to move from blue to pink ? im supposed to have 4g in my area but its all outdoor coverage and there sticks to 3G. thanks

  114. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Ami – Thanks for the detailed enquiry Ami :-) Unfortunately my reply will be less so. As it stands, we have not made any announcements around the various versions of 4G. When will Three UK support Voice over LTE (VoLTE)? We are working towards delivering this solution but there’s no confirmed date as of yet. Thanks.

  115. Ami

    Will Three’s UK LTE towers/masts initially be compatible with LTE Cat 3, 4 or 5?

    I am assuming Cat 3 is being rolled out since Cat 3 equipment will transmit as theoretical rates of 100Mbit down and 50Mbit up and I assume these are the rates quoted for Three’s initial roll-out.

    If initially Cat 3 is being rolled out, then what time frames are being considered for Cat 4? and Cat 5?

    I believe Cat 6 is LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), but it would also be useful to know Three UK’s plans for LTE Cat 6?

    In case it matters, I spend most of my time in Cambridge.

    It looks like EE have plans in place to start the rollout LTE-A within then next year.

    “As 4G is for data only it’ll also change to 3G for calls and texts” – When will Three UK support Voice over LTE (VoLTE)?

    In case others are curious about the different LTE categories: http://www.radio-electronics.com/info/cellulartelecomms/lte-long-term-evolution/ue-category-categories-classes.php

  116. Moderator: Claire

    @Sebastian – Hi, yes 4G will work on pay as you go as long as your phone is capable of receiving the 4G signal. Thanks.

  117. Sebastian

    Will 4g work on pay and go or not

  118. Ron

    Just to note to other, it costs me £5.11 to replace my micro sim to a nano sim in store last Friday which I thought was a rip off.

  119. Moderator: Nicki

    @Paul – Hi, at the moment there is limited outdoor coverage in this area for 4G. This will improve in the future as our 4G rollout continues, thanks.

  120. Moderator: Claire

    @Alfred – Hi, we can’t guarantee that 4G will work on a phone from outside the UK. I’ve checked the model and it should support our 4G service. Do you have LTE/4G settings under network? If you don’t have this can you check for any software updates in About Device > Software Update. You may need a UK google account to do this. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  121. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Your current contract would access 4G in a compatible phone. We can replace your sim with a different size if the one you currently have is not compatible with your new phone. You will still have the same number. This can be done by calling 333 or popping into your local Three Store

  122. Alfred

    Just bought an LG G2 from a 3rd party (D802 32GB version, originally from Korea). I get HSPA+ signal, but not 4g. I live in central london, and have perfect 4g signal on my other mobile (also on 3).

    I checked before I bought it that it received 4g on the 1800MHz and 2100Mhz frequency bands, so it should be compatible with the network.

    All software is fully updated, and the network band settings are set to pick up gsm/wcdma/lte, as available.

    Do you have any idea what is wrong?

  123. john

    i have a 3 contract unlimited data and mins at a good price on 3 gg my contract is up can i buy a new 4 g phone and pop sim in to work as new contracts are expensive any help ps iam aware i may need a new sim would they give me one

  124. Paul

    My postcode is [Removed by Mod]
    Still no 4g even outside my house in my area

  125. Moderator: Richard

    Had a check there, @Brian and Durham should still be on the cards for this year :) Just need to keep your eyes peeled here >Rich

  126. Brian

    @Claire, sure its

  127. Moderator: Claire

    @Brian – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check the area for you? We won’t publish this. Thanks.

  128. Moderator: Claire

    @Jack – Hi, NTS are premium numbers that people or organisations can buy privately and the calls are rooted in a way that are not included in our price plans. We can’t control the charges that this private service offers you would need to check with that person/company. Thanks.

  129. Moderator: Claire

    @Lawrence – Hi, we offer our iPhone 6 unlocked but we can’t guarantee the version we stock will work in different countries. You can find out more information on Apple’s site here http://bit.ly/NlbM5W Thanks.

  130. brian

    Ordered the new iphone – sim free. I was wondering if you could tell me if three is on target to offer 4g in all the cities/towns listed in the 2014 rollout plan (in particular durham), with only a few months left in 2014, now i would imagine you must have a good idea by now?

  131. Jack

    Why are these numbers outside the pay monthly plan allowance. What is nts? Why are these numbers outside the plan? Thanks

    “”Non Standard 07 numbers –
    0740659 / 074060 / 074061 / 074062 / 074067 / 0740671 – 9 / 074176 / 074181 / 0741821 – 9 / 074185 / 074409 / 074411 / 074414 / 074515 / 075200 / 075201 / 075203 / 075204 / 075205 / 075207 / 075208 / 075209 / 075370 / 075373
    / 075375 / 075376 / 075377 / 075378 / 075379 / 075580 / 075581 / 075582
    / 075590 / 075591 / 075592 / 075593 / 075594 / 075595 / 075596 / 075597 / 075598 / 075710 / 075718 / 075890 / 075891 / 075892 / 075893 / 075898 / 075899 / 077000 / 077001 / 077442 / 077443 / 077444 / 077445 / 077446 / 077447 / 077448 / 077449 / 077552/ 077553 / 077554 / 077555 / 078220 / 078221 / 078223 / 078224 / 078225 / 078226 / 078227 / 078229 / 078644 / 078722 / 078727 / 078730 / 078744 / 078745 / 078920 / 078922 / 078925 / 078930 / 078931 / 078933 / 078938 / 078939 / 079111 / 079112 / 079117 / 079118 / 079245 / 079246 / 079780 / 079781 / 079782 / 079783 / 079784 / 079785 / 079786 / 079788 / 079789″”

  132. Lawrence

    I noticed a comment on the apple iphone 6 site about UNLOCKED iphone 6’s may not support 4G networks in all countries.

    Does Three’s 4G network differentiate between Locked & unlocked handsets? and are there any restrictions placed upon unlocked handsets? Or are all handsets, regardless of being locked or unlocked treated equally?

  133. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jack – Hi, all our contracts come with 4G at no extra cost and we do support the iPhone 5. With All You Can Eat data we need to place a limit on our systems so we set this at 1000GB. Even if you use your phone for every minute of every day it’s impossible to reach this. When you’re in an area that doesn’t have 4G your phone will switch to 3G. As 4G is for data only it’ll also change to 3G for calls and texts.

    You can view our 4G coverage here :-)

  134. Jack

    Want to leaving O2 to join Three’s monthly 12 months contract 600 mins & unlimited data.
    – 1. Does this contract come with 4G?
    – 2. Will my iPhone 5 work on your 4G network?
    – 3. Is there a limit to the amount (fair usage limit) of data that can be used? Can I watch a whole film on unlimited data with no extra cost?
    – 4. If there is no 4G signal would me phone automatically switch to 3G.
    – 5. What is the page that allows me to view 4G coverage in country.

  135. Moderator: Claire

    @Bernard Ryan – Hi, can you fill in this form and we’ll look into this for you? http://bit.ly/1q51t23 Thanks.

  136. Bernard Ryan

    My postcode check comes up very good 4g coverage, Yet i have never had a 4g connection in the 6 months i have been with 3 from my house, And have to regularly reboot my phone to get good speeds, Getting a bit fed up with it now, Thinking of sacking it, After making complaints to 3, just been ignored

  137. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul – Hi, you can provide your postcode here and we won’t publish this. Thanks.

  138. Paul

    Hi, where can I give you my postcode please?

  139. Moderator: Claire

    @Sue Harker – Hi, I’ve checked this model and this is 3G only. Thanks.

  140. Sue Harker

    Hi Claire My Galaxy S3 model is a GT-19300. Is this one ready for G4 ? Thanks Sue.

  141. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul – Hi, can you confirm the full postcode and we’ll check this for you. Thanks.

  142. Moderator: Claire

    @Sue Harker – Hi, what model number do you have? There was a 4G version sold of the S3 and you can check this by taking the battery out. The white sticker will show you the model version and I can check for you. In regards to your area, 4G will be on it’s way this year but we don’t have a date yet. Thanks.

  143. Paul

    Hi, postcode is n21, map is showing outside coverage, I don’t even get that, yes I pick up 4g in other areas around London, I get 4g in Enfield, thank you.

  144. Sue Harker

    I have a Samsung Galaxy s3 . is it 4 g compatable and is 4 g available in Hull East Yorkshire (removed by mod). ? If it is available, do I have to downliad anything ar will it upgrade automatically ?

  145. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Paul – Can you let us know your exact postcode Paul so we can take a look. Have you ever been able to get 4G anywhere else on your handset?

  146. Paul

    Hi, I was told over and over last year that 4g would be in my area in jan 2014, on your map it’s showing I can get 4g outside my house and in the area, I can’t, I live in NORTH LONDON, WINCHMORE HILL, I can see THE SHARD from here, and Canary Wharf, no 4G at all, and before you talk about phone settings, I do pick up 4g in Central London and ESSEX when there, please explain. Thank you.

  147. Moderator: Claire

    @Mike – Hi, I’ve checked your area and 4G is scheduled for this year but I don’t have any date on when this is available at present. We will let you know. In regards to your work area I don’t see any issues in the area, have you ever got 3G/4G coverage there and has it been outdoors only? We can raise a case to our network team to look into this if you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile, postcode on account and postcode at work again. We won’t publish these details. Thanks.

  148. Moderator: Claire

    @Simon – Hi, we have rolled out 4G in London in the most congested areas. Are you finding these speeds at certain times and in a certain postcode? If you can confirm we can check the area for you. How is the 3G in the same area? Thanks.

  149. Mike


    About 5 months ago, I asked about my postcode (removed by mod). The coverage checker said it would be a 4G area within 3 months (it now simply says unavailable). I asked yourselves about it and it was confirmed I would have 4G in my area within the stated 3 months.

    5 months on and I still don’t have 4G in my area.

    My phone is 4G enabled, Z1 Compact, and it is working on 4G in an enabled area such as Liverpool City Centre.

    Can you provide a reason/update for this?

    Furthermore, my place of work (removed by mod) says outdoor 4G yet I struggle to get 3G signal let alone 4G. The majority of my work day, I do not have single at all.


  150. simon

    Hi can you let me know when 4g will be fully rolled out in london? Although im picking up a 4g signal in the city centre im only getting speeds of around 1mbs to 3 mbs. Im also getting same speeds on another phone. Is it the case that the network is overloaded like the old 3g network? Or that 4g hasnt been rolled out properly in london yet?

  151. Ken

    I know the roll out of 4G is set for my area and according to your site most cities and towns are set for ”the end of 2014″ but is there any further dates set at all?

    In particular Frimnley / Camberley area?

    I know nearby Woking has 4G (but actually was slower than my 3G signal there for some reason – why is that?)


  152. Moderator: Claire

    @Max Pemberton – Hi, do you have LTE/4G settings under network? If not you will need another update. Thanks.

  153. Max Pemberton

    How do you know when your phone is on 4G? I have an iPhone 5. I assume it will come up next to the bars (blobs), where at the moment it mostly says 3G.
    I’ve been to what I thought were 4G spots but didn’t notice anything change. I have the latest carrier update. My sim was from you, my phone is unlocked one from the apple store.
    Thanks for your help

  154. Moderator: Pamela

    @Shane – I’m afraid the iPhone 4s isn’t 4G ready. Thanks, Pamela

  155. Shane

    Can I get access to your 4G on an Iphone4s?

  156. Moderator: Claire

    @Lozza – Hi, as long as your area has 4G this should work automatically. What phone are you thinking of and what is the postcode of your area? I can check to make sure this would work. Thanks.

  157. Lozza

    Currently I have unlimited tethering which I believe I will lose if I upgrade via my contract.

    Therefore, if I purchased a 4G enabled phone and used my current SIM in it, could I have access to 4G or does the SIM prevent this?


  158. Moderator: Claire

    @Lozza – Hi, I’ve checked this for you and this model is the 3G only model. Thanks.

  159. Lozza

    Thanks Claire

    It is the GT-I9300

  160. Moderator: Claire

    @Lozza – Hi, what model number have you got? You can find this behind the battery on a white sticker. We can check if you have the 4G version or the 3G. Thanks.

  161. Lozza


    I have a Samsung Galaxy III on a one plan contract which I took out 2 years ago. Will I be able to access 4G automatically if I am in a covered area or do I need a new phone or sim?


  162. Moderator: Claire

    @Philip McQuade – Hi, where did you get the HTC from originally? If it was from us direct can you check for any updates by Settings > About Device > Software update. Thanks.

  163. Moderator: Claire

    @Peter – Hi, did you get your phone directly from us, SIM free or from another network? Can you also confirm your full postcode and we’ll check the area? We won’t publish these details. Thanks.

  164. Peter

    hello.. ;)
    im from york
    and im a three customer!
    i checked 4g coverage in york and i should work and i event have the newest android software update on my device but still cant get 4g :/

  165. Philip McQuade

    Hi the 4g switchover happened in Manchester a while ago and I have yet to receive the update to allow my phone to access the 4g in my area. I have been told that this I because the address my phone is registered too is in a none 4G area at my parents home, I am a student living in Manchester and my address changes each year. I have called up and asked for the 4g activated a while ago but nothing changed and I have been too busy to chase it up. I know that the area I live in now has 4G coverage. I would like to make use of the 4G capability of my HTC one M7 as it available for free on my three contract. can you help me with this issue?

  166. Moderator: Claire

    @Lamia – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check the 4G coverage there. Can you also confirm the new postcode of the area you are moving to? We won’t publish these details but we can see more information on 4G in the area. Thanks.

  167. Lamia

    Hi there,

    I got my iPhone 5S from you guys a couple months ago and according to the coverage map my area has 4G. I have the latest carrier update (16.1) and have enabled 4G on my phone, yet I never see the 3G symbol changing to 4G, ever.

    Any idea what’s up? I live in the Earlsdon/Chapelfields area of Coventry.

    I was also wondering if there were any plans of extending 4G coverage to the Canley area of Coventry by the end of the year, since I am moving there soon. Cheers!

  168. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul Stephens – Hi, we don’t have a date yet but it will be available this year :)

  169. Paul Stephens

    Hi. A few months ago 4G went live in Stevenage town centre. I was told on here it would be extended to the rest of the town soon after. Still no sign. Any news? Many thanks :)

  170. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mona – Hi there, not too sure what carrier update this is but to confirm the iPhone is not a 4G enabled device. If you do receive a carrier update we’d always recommend updating these as they’re sent to ensure your phone remains compatible with the network.

  171. Moderator: Nicki

    @ash – Hi, if it’s showing as coming soon it’ll be in place before the end of 2014. The maps will then be updated to to show if it’s due to go live within the next 3 months.

  172. Moderator: Nicki

    @Georgina loney – Hi, you may need to turn your network settings from ‘automatic’ to ‘manual’ and manually connect to a roaming partner. In France these are Bouygues, Orange and Free Mobile.

  173. Mona

    Do you have to download the carrier update ASAP or is it fine to update in a months time ? (I have a iphone 4)
    Thank you x

  174. ash

    Hi .. my postcode area was showing no availability regarding 4G but it now says coming soon, any idea how long this coming soon period is ?



  175. Georgina loney

    Hello, I have been in France since 6 am yesterday and have not been able to use my mobile phone at all. Before I left I called three and they said I was set up for international roaming?! Please help my number is [removed by Mod]

  176. Moderator: Claire

    @Peter Ibbotson – Hi, are you able to access 3G normally on your iPhone? If this works fine to others in the USA then it could be the UK network having issues. Does this happen when you call one person or anyone in the UK? Thanks.

  177. Peter ibbotson

    Hi. Regarding FaceTime in Florida. All the people have internet access over 3G and even when I use WiFi it still won’t connect. I have even changed over to AT&T and get the same response.

  178. Moderator: Claire

    @Alan – Hi, it could be the 4G signal is weaker in the area you are in. Have you checked our 4G coverage map? It shows if you have stronger 3G to 4G. At present we are switching on more 4G sites this year and next which will improve signal in time. Thanks.

  179. Alan

    I can’t get a constant 4G connection, I have to go down a side street to get 4G with four or five bars. And I get the odd 4G connection for four or five seconds with one bar in my flat, which is on a main road. What can I do to get a constant 4G connection?

  180. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dave – Hi, I’ve dropped you an email for more info so we can look in to this for you.

  181. Dave

    @Pamela, well I was told it was when I bought it. That’s the reason I bought this MiFi dongle at a more expensive price than the other dongle you had for sale. The other dongle was 3G only, so I bought this one at a few quid more per month so I could get 4G when it came out. I could have just bought one of your unlimited sim-only packages and stuck it in my phone and tethered it for 3G. Your own site even says it’s superfast ready, link goes to a 4G page. http://blog.three.co.uk/2013/06/25/huawei-e5756/ . My dongle always disconnects too, but I thought that was the signal dropping out. It turns out that others on that page have problems too.

  182. Moderator: Pamela

    @Dave The E5756 isn’t 4G ready – sorry about that. Thanks, Pamela

  183. Moderator: Pamela

    @MrMan Where did you get your phone from? Thanks, Pamela

  184. dave

    I have an E5756 dongle, and have taken it to 4G spots, yet still only get 3G. I’ve logged into the dongle, and it says my software is up-to-date. I’ve had the Dongle and sim for over a year. Do I need to come in store for the upgrade or new sim?

  185. MrMan

    How do you get the iphone software update??

    I currently have a iPhone 5s, but no 4g option in the Cellular Settings??

  186. Moderator: Richard

    I’m afraid we’ve no exact timeframe for 4G in this area at the mo, @Dave. You can keep up to date on our 4G rollout using your postcode and our coverage checker here. >Rich

  187. dave

    any idea when solihull will be getting 4G coverage ? thankis for your help

  188. Sonja

    Thanks for your reply. I bought the phone directly from Apple.
    I might just have them check the phone and maybe give Three customer service a call.
    Thanks again.

  189. Moderator: Richard

    That’s not so good, @Sonja :( Did you get your iPhone 5 directly from Three or from a third party? As long as you can enable 4g in Settings > General > Cellular > Enable LTE then you should be good to go. >Rich

  190. Sonja Blietschau

    Hey Three Team,

    I have currently switched to Three and was looking forward to 4G during a visit to Edinburgh. I have an iPhone 5 and I enabled 4G in my settings but I was unable to get a 4G signal although I was in a 4G area.
    Now a friend told me that not all iPhone 5 are 4G ready.

    Could you guys help?
    Thanks a million!

  191. Moderator: Richard

    Doesn’t look like it, @Ash. Sorry about that, seems to just be general maintenance going on at the mo. >Rich

  192. Ash

    there is work going on in the (postcode removed by mod)between 10th june and 16th June, do you know if this is regarding 4G?

  193. Moderator: Kris

    @Andrew With the MD368B/A being the 3rd generation iPad model, it doesn’t look as if it is 4G compatible in the UK, according to Apple: http://www.apple.com/ipad/LTE/

    From that list, the first version of the iPad mini and the 4th generation Ipad are the first ones to be 4G/LTE compatible in the UK. This will explain why you can’t find any 4G networks, as they are not configured to pick up our or any UK 4G spectrums.

  194. Andrew

    I appreciate that you must be busy dealing with all these customer problems but this is a pointless exercise if you don’t read my messages. As I said “since I installed your sim I have only been able to have the network on automatic”
    I have the Retina Model md368b/a which is G4 compatible. My 3G connectivity is fine.

  195. Moderator: Kris

    @Andrew Which iPad model do you have? Can you find any 4G networks when doing a manual network search, or is it not bringing up any network at all? Does your 3G connectivity work OK?

  196. Andrew

    I think you missed my point. As made clear I did not get my ipad from Three but bought it direct mail order from apple Uk. However Three are the only mobile data supplier I have used. I cannot see your 4g network or any other as since I installed your sim I have only been able to have the network on automatic. When I try to turn on manual I get the following message: “unable to load network list”.

  197. Moderator: Kris

    @Ursvamp Are you in a 4G area? As the phone is third party, it won’t initially be set up with all that is needed for 4G, like it would have been if bought direct from us. it would therefore need an update, if it doesn’t already have it, to allow for 4G connectivity.

  198. Ursvamp

    @Kris : this kind of goes against what the guy in the Three callcentre told me when I explained what I was going to do! It was purchased from Carphone Warehouse so I presume it’d be enabled…?

    I even followed the guides on the Three website but to no avail.. isn’t there anything I (or Three) can do?

  199. Moderator: Kris

    @Ursvamp If it’s been bought via third party, you may need to wait on the next Open Market or Android update to allow you to use the 4G capability on it.

  200. Ursvamp

    Hi, I bought a HTC One M8 sim-free from a phone shop and installed my Three mobile SIM. However, despite software updates I don’t think I’m getting 4G. Can you help? Thanks!

  201. Moderator: Kris

    @Andrew That does sound rather frustrating. Did you get your iPad direct from Three or via a third party? Was it unlocked or used on another network previously? When searching for networks does it find our 4G network, but doesn’t allow you to connect to it?

  202. Andrew

    It seems that Three are only interested in giving you a free 4G update if you are using their ipad and data sim but not just the sim. I have been with Three for a couple of years with ipad data and also pay for an iPhone for my daughter. But can I get a straight answer as to why my 4g compatible ipad can’t get 4g when my daughters iphone can? Know one at three seems to give a dam!

  203. Moderator: Madeline

    @Martin – Hi there, we’re really sorry for the delay. Sony have confirmed that they are due to release the LTE switch on for open market products in 10 days time.

  204. Martin

    @Lauren I’m still waiting to hear from your Sony manager regarding why the Xperia SP does not work with Three on 4G. It still appears as compatible with Three on your webste. Sony tell me there is a software update required, but that there is no guarantee they can offer that I will ever receive this.
    This issue goes back to at least February:
    From: http://blog.three.co.uk/2013/12/04/4g-is-rolling-out-on-three/
    Moderator: Anne Marie March 5, 2014
    @Milan – Really sorry, we don’t have any more information for you on this. You will get it, so don’t worry. They send it as a push update. We don’t have any specific dates for you though but you’ll have it by the end of the month at the latest.
    Please stop saying this phone is compatible with Three. I hold you responsible for me purchasing this phone on the basis of your lousy information and clear lack of desire to help me reach a resolution or protect other people from ending up in the same situation.

  205. Moderator: Madeline

    @Asghar – We don’t have any specific dates as to when 4G will roll out in Solihull at the moment, sorry. You can check for updates here

  206. Asghar

    Hi any news as to when solihull will be receiving 4G coverage ?

  207. Moderator: Madeline

    @Paul – We’ve sent you an email.

  208. Paul


    Thanks Steff; it’s [removed by moderator]

  209. Steff E

    @ Paul – Hi Paul, I’ve checked your postcode and can see that you should be ok for coverage however there’s a limitation to the quality of service you’ll receive as the area doesn’t get the strongest signal. We can take a closer look into this for you if you like? Just post us your email address (again we won’t post it), we’ll send you out an email and once we have your reply we can get our network team to investigate your situation :)

  210. Paul


    Hi Steff

    It’s (Removed by Mod)

    Thanks for your comments. The first issue was that I can’t get a 4G signal in the town centre (eg St Andrews Street), but I guess it may be defaulting to 3G as the 3G signal is stronger. I didn’t expect a 4G signal on Mill Lane and Silver Street, but I have no service at all in those areas which is the main issue.

    As I mentioned I have checked the coverage map so I know what to expect, but the actual coverage does not seem to match what I am getting in the above areas. It is disappointing that there is such a large area of the city where the regular 3G signal is non-existent.

    Are there any plans to improve the regular 3G service in West Cambridge? It is fine in the East centre, but as I mentioned there is a huge dead zone with no signal in the above areas (Mill Lane and Silver Street and the surrounding area).

    Many thanks

  211. Steff E

    @ Paul – Hi Paul, can you send us your postcode for your home address please? Don’t worry we won’t publish it :) I’ve managed to find the postcode for Mill Lane and Silver Street and used our more accurate service checker to see what level of 4G you should expect to see in those areas. Currently it seems those areas have very limited to no 4G coverage. This extends further out to the South and West of Cambridge. Further East towards and past Coldhams Lane and around Barnwell Road you’ll find that the 4G coverage is stronger and so you should be able to pick some 4G in those areas however I can’t guarantee this. I know this will be quite disappointing for you Paul however over the coming months and into next year we do plan on improving the strength and reach of our 4G across the UK so it’s likely you’ll see an improvement in the future. I’ve checked the 3G around Mill Lane and Silver Street and they should be OK however you may find that your internet speeds may slow further into Willingham and towards Rampton as there’s limited 3G coverage. Hope that explains it OK for you.

  212. Paul


    Hi Allan – it has never connected to 4G. I have only been with Three for about a week.

    Actually I also have a further (worse) problem – there is a large area in Cambridge where I can get absolutely NO signal whatsoever – anywhere outdoors along Mill Lane or Silver street in Cambridge, even when I am not near any tall buildings.

    The coverage checker indicates that I should have a perfectly good signal in that area. It’s annoying as I cannot use my phone.

    I have heard reports online from others who have no signal around this very large area of the city. Please could you help?

  213. Moderator: Allan

    @Paul – Hi Paul, can you confirm if you’ve been able to get a 4G signal anywhere at any point. Or have you never had access?

  214. Paul

    Hi there

    I live in Cambridge, and am unable to receive a 4G signal on my iPhone 5s (model A1457) anywhere in the city centre. I have ‘4G’ activated in the settings, and the three coverage map indicates I should receive a signal.

    Please could you help?

  215. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – ah okay :-( sorry about that! Your phone will connect to whatever signal is stronger, H+ or 3G might be stronger in this area. :-(

  216. Paul Newton

    @Moderator: Lauren

    The surrounding buildings aren’t that high. Unfortunately I don’t know anybody else on Three here. My phone has never connected to 4G before as I have never been in a 4G area before. I was hoping to see what all the fuss was about.

  217. Moderator: Lauren

    Paul – hmm odd, there’s no faults reported in the area. Is where you are surrounded by high buildings? This can sometimes block signal. Do you know of anyone else on Three with the same issue?

  218. Moderator: Lauren

    @Martin – I’m just checking this with our Sony product manager, when he gets back to me I’ll be able to give you a clearer answer. Sorry for the delay.

  219. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – it looks like you should have outdoor 4G coverage, are you unable to get it at all? How long have you been having 3G issues for?

  220. Paul Newton

    I should say that I have selected 4G for the network type.

  221. Paul Newton

    I don’t live in a 4G area but I am on a training course this week at [removed by mod]. I am not getting 4G (either indoor or outdoor) on my Nexus 5 alhough your coverage checker says I should. Can you please check?

  222. Martin

    @Pamela. Aren’t you going to publish my response that highlights that the Xperia SP doesn’t work on Three and that your claim that ‘easy to switch over too, all that’s required is a simple software update’ is at best misleading? If you made this information available I wouldn’t have bought the phone or would have been able to return it within 7 days.

  223. Mark


    My postcode is [removed by mod].

  224. Moderator: Pamela

    @Mark Can you get back to be with a full postcode Mark (I won’t publish it), so that I can check the coverage for myself. Thanks, Pamela

  225. Martin

    @Pamela The Xperia SP C5303 is an unlocked model from PCWorld. Sony have told me they are working on an update with Three, PCWorld say the phone is 4G compatible with every other network (just not Three) and that the issue is with Three/Sony and they will not let me exchange it/get a refund. Looking back in this blog a number of other people have had the same unexpected surprise as me. So back to you, when will I get the update?

  226. Mark


    I bought the phone from a 3 store. I think it may have already been 4g enabled as I have been able to access 4g in other parts of the country over the last few days, but still nothing in Leeds.

    The coverage checker is showing that there is excellent coverage in my area of 4g and 3g, but I’m receiving no 4g coverage and the 3g is too weak to hold a call.

    When I spoke to customer services I was told that the signal in my area is extremely weak and would not improve, how they know this if the signal checker shows the exact opposite?

  227. Moderator: Pamela

    @Martin Where did you get the phone from? The original provider should be able to send you the software update. Thanks, Pamela

  228. Martin

    You say that ‘Every Three customer with a 4G Ready device will get a 4G upgrade at no extra cost. It’ll be easy to switch over too, all that’s required is a simple software update.’
    I bought an unlocked Xperia SP on the basis of this advice. When will I get the software update? The customer support I’ve had by phone have offered me no solution, and by putting the blame for this issue onto various other causes have caused me to miss the window I could have received a refund from the retailer.

  229. John Venables

    Hiya Clare, no updates available, I got a brief burst of 4G outside the office, moved 2feet and it was away again, moved back and didnt get it again….lol….

  230. Moderator: Claire

    @John Venables – Hi, if the phone is unbranded there should be a 4G update under Settings > About Device > Software Updates. Let us know if this works. Thanks.

  231. John Venables

    Clare, its a an unbranded S4…Friend bought it without contract and didnt like it, so gave it to me to try 4G…I am not due for an upgrade for another few months yet…So just wanted to try it out

  232. Moderator: Claire

    @John Venables – Hi, where did you originally get the Samsung S4 from? Thanks.

  233. John Venables

    Hi, I understand 4G is now available in Edinburgh. My original contract phone is a Samsung SIII on the one plan. However, I have put my sim into a Samsung s4. But not seeing any 4G…Is there something I need to do?

  234. Moderator: Chris

    @Ash – It isn’t mentioned specifically on the rollout list for this year but it’s possible that you may still be able to pick it up in certain areas as we expand the network in Birmingham :)

  235. Ash

    Hi Chris do you think Solihull is included as part of the Birmingham rollout ?

  236. Moderator: Chris

    @Ash – Hey there, while there’s no confirmed dates for now if you have a look at http://bit.ly/1cw1xV8 you’ll see 4G is in the surrounding area towards Birmingham so it shouldn’t be too long :)

  237. Ash

    Hi … any news as to when solihull will get 4G coverage ? thanks

  238. Moderator: Chris

    @KP – Hey, I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have the best experience over the phone :( Let’s see… Where did you buy your phone from and has it previously been locked to any other networks? It’s also worth while checking if you have the most up to date software as you would need this to get 4G. You’ve selected the right network mode and you’re in a 4G area so it may just need a few tweaks and you’ll be able to pick it up automatically. Let me know how you get on.

  239. KP

    Hi, purchased a HTC from good online tech store. Put my 3 sim in but can’t get 4G. Postcode is N22 8NN. Phoned up the customer services, ultra unhelpful told me I need to speak to HTC. Was going to upgrade to a sim only deal but so unhelpful in terms of the customer service. Does one need an additional update from 3 or can you now get it automatically if in a 4g area. On the network mode I have selected GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto.

  240. Moderator: Chris

    @David – Hey there, we’re working to repair a fault at one of your locals masts I’m afraid :( The good news is that this has been flagged as a priority so you shouldn’t be kept waiting long. Sorry for the hassle.

  241. David

    Hi @Richard

    My postcode is [Removed by Mod] please can you check this for me on why it is not working in my area.
    Yeah I have all the updates working as 4G was picked up in pudsey. thanks

    When i checked in the shop in said walk up to morrsion which is about 10 minute walk away.

  242. Moderator: Chris

    @John Davis – Hmm… From having a look at your postcode I can see that at the moment you’d be most likely to pick up 4G outdoors and might struggle when you’re inside. Have you noticed you’re able to pick it up when you’re out and about yet?

  243. john davis

    In the postcode checker, my area is supposed to have 4G. Neither my HTC One M7 or M8 seem to pick up a 4G signal. The M7 is my contract phone with Three, the M8 a SIM-free from CPW. The option for 4G is selected in the settings menu. My postcode is [Removed by Mod]. Any suggestions?

  244. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @David – Sorry you feel we’ve wasted your time. I’m unsure why the store staff have said that as our 4G network in Leeds is most definitely up and running. Do you have the 4G carrier update installed on your handset? Can you connect to our 4G network at all anywhere in Leeds or is it just at your home where you can’t connect? Can you send us over your postcode and I can take a look into this for you? (These details won’t be posted publicly) >Rich

  245. David


    I live in leeds your CEO states I have three in my area. I check the map coverage states I have three at my address I walk round my address outside in Leeds no coverage.
    I go into the your three store and ask them to check my phone all set up right. I ask them why no 4G on my phone they state its not set up in this area so your map coverage checkers is rubbish no releflection on current status of affairs and you have wasted my time.

  246. Moderator: Richard

    Sorry you’re still waiting on this, @Mark. Did you get the phone directly from Three or was it from a third party? >Rich

  247. Mark

    I live in an area that now has 4G coverage (Leeds) and have a 4G enabled phone (Galaxy S4) but I have not received a message enabling me to download the software update.

    I have checked manually for software updates, but so far there is nothing.

    When can I expect to have access to 4G?

  248. Moderator: Ahmed

    @lisa pieniazek – Hi Lisa, if you pop along to this link it’ll give you an idea of 4G coverage in that area at the moment. Have you updated your software on your device yeah?

  249. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Sacoma – Hi, if you pop along to this link it shows you a map that, after putting in your postcode, highlights 3G and 4G coverage in the area and showing where it’s strongest.

  250. lisa pieniazek

    when will the 4G be rolled out in the Bradford area please? :)

  251. Sacoma

    I’ve looked all over Three’s websites and cannot find a coverage map for 4 G ?? NOT A POSTCODE CHECKER.
    But a map showing expected 4 G coverage showing where it is available
    Like the O2 site (http://www.o2.co.uk/4g/coverage-and-cities)
    A postcode checker is great for checking if it is available where you live, But is of no use at all if you travel around the UK.and want to know where 4G can be found

  252. Moderator: Allan

    @Kirit – Bedford is down to be upgrades to 4G at some point this year. No further specifics at this point though. You can check this on our website here

  253. Kirit

    When will 4g be rolled out in Bedford ? The network here is poor in terms of speed on 3G+

  254. Moderator: Allan

    @Asha – It’s not all covered no. You can check your postcode on our coverage checker here Thanks

  255. Asha

    Hi i live in the birmingham area. ive been advised that birmingham now has 4G .. ive managed to get 4g in birmingham town centre but dont get 4G in my home post code which is [removed by mod]. I thought all of birmingham is now covered ?

  256. Moderator: Allan

    @Chris Jordan – Hi, while roaming in the USA, you will have access to 3G only at this present time. Thanks

  257. Moderator: Allan

    @Stuart – Not sure about your particular area Stuart. You can enter any postcode you wish here in order to check on current and future 4G coverage in that area.

  258. Chris Jordan

    Hi I have Iphone 5s. When I’m in the US I don’t seem to be able to pick up any 4G signal? i am running 16.1 carrier settings.

  259. Stuart


    I have an iphone5 setup with the latest software and I have been using it in York city center (including the train station) and Leeds city center. Today I recieved a message telling me 4g was available in my area but I can only pickup 3G. I bought the phone from 3. I have had the 4g logo on my phone previously so I assume it’s not a problem with the handset. Is the text message I received and the map showing coverage wrong? If so this is very misleading to anyone who is thinking of signing up to 3. How long until I can use 4g as promised?

  260. Moderator: Kris

    @Marc If the device hasn’t been bought direct from Three, then you’d need to check whether you can enable 4G or LTE in the phone’s network settings. If you don’t have this option, you’ll need to wait until your original supplier releases their next software update for your phone. If it’s being bought from abroad, we can’t guarantee when you would get this update for the phone. It may be on the correct spectrum for the Three 4G network, but it would still need to be appropriately set up to be able to use it.

  261. Moderator: Kris

    @Michael Did you get your handset directly from Three, or was it bought unlocked from a third party?

  262. Marc

    Hopefully you can help, I’m looking at buying the unlocked IPhone 5s model number A1533. It is a US model but appears to use the correct 4g band for Three.
    Will I be able to receive 4g with yourselves.

  263. Michael

    I’m on an iPhone 5S with the three 16.1 carrier update at EC2N 1HZ which your coverage checker says is enabled but am still showing as 3G and get a download speed of just under 1mbit.

    I’ve enabled the 4G button unders settings and restarted as a precaution.

    Any ideas?

  264. Moderator: Stephie

    @Rob Hi Rob, Can you give me the postcode that your in and i’ll have a look for you?

    Have you tried rebooting your device before you try and access the 4G network?

  265. Rob


    I have the iPhone 5S in an area that has 4G but my phone is staying on3G. 4G is enabled in the settings.

    Can you advise?


  266. Moderator: Stephie

    @Graham – Hi Graham, If you already have the 4G option showing on your device this should be set up for a 4G connection. Have you tried resetting your network settings?
    If you have tried all the troubleshooting you may have to contact Apple directly.

  267. Graham Haley

    Hi Madeline, Apple’s UK store. I was not aware you could buy an unlocked iPhone from anywhere else.

  268. Moderator: Madeline

    @Graham Haley – Hello, where did you originally get your iPhone from?

  269. Graham Haley

    I have an Apple unlocked iPhone 5 and am in a 4G coverage area, but I don’t seem to get a 4G connection – only 3G. I have the enable 4G switch under settings then carrier. Do I need to do anything else?

  270. Moderator: Stephie

    @Jay – Hi Jay, If you don’t have the option for 4G showing on your device this means it’s not received the update to enable this. Where did you purchase your device?

  271. jay sinclair

    Hi Can you help, i have HTC one mini on three but when i go into the data setting i can only see WCDMA and GSM/WCDMA auto i cant see anything for 4g

  272. Moderator: Stephie

    @Adrian – Hi there, I’ve had a look at the postcode you supplied. When I checked our coverage map for 4G this shows that your postcode is not yet a 4G area. It does however have advance 3G, which means you’ll be able to connect to this. You can find out more through our coverage map here – http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Coverage

  273. Adrian bordoy

    On your coverage support page it says I have very good 4G service, I have no 4G at my postcode [Removed by Moderator], The only place I can get 4G is NG1 (city centre). could you please look into it?

  274. Moderator: Madeline

    @Jacinder – Hello, hmm that’s odd. Have you tried rebooting your device, and manually selecting 4G. If this doesn’t work, it could be a signal related issue. If you send us your full postcode we can check this for you.

  275. Jacinder

    I have the HTC One and received the KitKat 4.4 update today, I also have the option to set my network mode to GSM/WCDMA/LTE auto which i have done but i am still not receiving a 4g connection despite living in London that the website says has full coverage. Is there any reason why this is happening?

  276. Moderator: Madeline

    @Sam – Hello, you can find out more about the Huawei Ascend P2 here If you were to buy the phone SIM free, you would need to make sure the phone was unlocked to use with the Three network. Furthermore, if you purchase the phone from a third party, you’d need to request for the manufacturer to push through the 4G carrier update.

  277. Moderator: Madeline

    @Akhmed – Hello, thank you for your feedback, we’ll pass it on.

  278. Moderator: Madeline

    @Paul H – Hi there – In order to get 4G, you’ll have to get the carrier update. If your device has been bought sim free then it will have open market generic software. This comes from the manufacturer – it’s not possible to add Three branded software if you’re not already running it. Your best option would be to contact Giffgaff, they’ll be able to push through the update for you.

  279. Akhmed

    Hi Nicki, the problem was as you’ve suggested, in that the phone I have is Sim-free. However, in the settings, mobile settings options, I was not able to select lte/wcdma/gsm as only wcdma/gsm was visible. After numerous visits to other forums and unhelpful discussions with three technical support, it turns out that all I required was a new sim, which I obtained from a three store yesterday. I am now happily enjoying 4G and hopefully this information may help others in a similar predicament.

  280. Sam

    Hi, I am looking into buying a phone to get 4G and I was wondering if it will be ok for me to buy sim free phone and would it work with three? I am looking into buying a Hawie p2, any information will be much appreciated.

  281. Paul H


    I am currently with giffgaff but I am thinking of coming across to 3 on one of your 1 month tariffs.

    To check the reception, I ordered a free payg sim which Ioaded with £10 and took it to work etc and I am happy with the signal.

    However, it does not offer me the option of 4g in the settings>mobile networks>network mode menu. I do get this oprion when my giffgaff sim card is in! I understand that a new sim will not be required for 4g on 3, so I would have expected the 4g (or LTE) option to show up. I have a sim free Sony Xperia SP

    Any help in advance would be appreciated!

  282. Moderator: Nicki

    @Matt Carroll – Hi Matt, any carrier updates are to improve the way your phone works with our network. This one is to improve the tethering experience.

  283. Moderator: Nicki

    @Akhmed – Hi there, I’m afraid it’s impossible to send carrier updates on an adhoc basis over the air to Android phones as they don’t have the capability to receive these, so the carrier settings for 4G need to be bundled up in a software update. We included 4G within the 4.3 software update that was released on 9th December.

    Cab you go to Front Screen tap the Apps menu item > Scroll left and then tap Settings > Tap More networks > Tap Mobile networks > Tap the LTE/WCDMA/GSM (Auto Connect) option > Tap the OK button.

    As long as your phone came directly from Three and is running Three branded software you should be able to connect to 4G. If you’re not the most common reason is having a sim free phone, or a phone that came from another network.

    Can you confirm where you got your phone from? Was it directly through Three,

  284. Matt Carroll

    Hi mods, i received a carrier update to 16.1 this morning and i was just wondering what this was for and whats included in the update.

  285. Akhmed

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 (sim-free) and the latest software updates, but no 4g even though I am within an area that gets it and others have 4g enabled. I spoke to technical support (a 15 min phone call!)and they suggested to update the software, which I did not need to do. I believe that all I require is my carrier settings updated, is this correct? If so, any suggestions how I can get technical support or customer services to do this?

  286. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Gil – I couldn’t be sure without doing some digging Gil. If you share your full postcode with me (don’t worry as I won’t publish it) I’ll have a look to see what’s going on.

  287. Gil

    I have an iPhone 5S with the latest software updates and carrier settings. I’m apparently in a 4G area (MK) with signal available according to the coverage map, but I do not get any 4G. Do I need to swap out my SIM at all for a more recent 4G-capable SIM? (It’s 2 years old).

  288. Moderator: Nicki

    @NAS786 – Hi, where did you get your phone from? Was it directly from us or sim free/from a different network? Do you know if you’ve had any carrier updates sent to your phone to enable 4G on your phone? Can you see 4G within your network settings? Have you been able to pick up 4G elsewhere?

  289. NAS786

    can you check my postcode its [removed by Mod] still no 4g its mid-march i have the latest software on my galaxy s4 its 4.4 kitkat

  290. Moderator: Pamela

    @Zunaer As far as I can see from your previous posts and my replies, you confirmed you were able to get 4G on Sheffield city centre? Thanks, Pamela

  291. Zunaer

    Is their 4G in sheffield city centre, if their is please show it on your coverage map

  292. Moderator: Pamela

    @Ali That’s good, when you’re in 4G areas, your phone will work then. That’s a very marginal coverage area for 4G Ali – you’ll maybe receive 4G outdoors but, we can’t guarantee it. Thanks, Pamela

  293. Ali

    @ Pamela : The phone model A1429 and is supported by three . Post code where i am checking is (removed by mod)(please delete after u read this post code).

    I called apple they say i have right settings too . Dont know what is the problem :-(

  294. Moderator: Pamela

    @Shane In that case Shane, I’d really need postcodes, without these, there’s nothing more I can do for you. Thanks, Pamela

  295. shane

    @ Pamela
    Its the nexus 5 and it shouldn’t need the update from what I’ve read.

  296. Moderator: Pamela

    @Shane What phone do you have? Have you received a carrier update from us? Thanks, Pamela

  297. Moderator: Pamela

    @Ali Sorry you’re not getting to use 4G yet. If you have a look at the back of your phone, there will be a model number. Have a look here http://www.apple.com/iphone/LTE/ to see what band your phone is – you want it to be band 3 for 4G to work in the UK for you. If you need any help checking this, just let us know. Just to let you know, your comments won’t show until we publish them. Thanks, Pamela

  298. shane

    @ Pamela
    I haven’t had 4g on 3 at all but if I put an EE or O2 sim in they pick up 4g instantly.

    Incidentally I tried replying all afternoon and my comment didn’t appear, not even to say waiting moderation.
    That has happened many times and other people have mentioned it.

  299. Ali


    I am using iphone 5 and i work in a area which shows availability of 4g network on three’s site. But i done seem to get 4g network on my phone. I have updated my phone and i have got carrier update too i can see 4g toggle switch and the carrier version is 16.1 . When called three’ technical support team i was informed to contact apple to get a software update. Can you please help me with this what do i do?

  300. Moderator: Pamela

    @Zunaer That’s great. If you’d like any specific areas checked, just let us know the postcodes. Thanks, Pamela

  301. Zunaer

    I’m able to get 4G in sheffield city centre

  302. Moderator: Pamela

    @Matt Is 4G or LTE showing under your network options? Where did you get the phone from? Thanks, Pamela

  303. Moderator: Pamela

    @Robert Where are you trying to pick up 4G? Thanks, Pamela

  304. Moderator: Pamela

    @Shane I’d really need postcodes to have a closer look for you. Have you ever used 4G before? Really sorry if you’ve told me this already. Thanks, Pamela

  305. matt

    Hi I have a 4g moto x will I be sent the update to enable 4g or will my phone be ready to use it??
    Chess mat

  306. Robert

    I have an iPhone five and the 3 website says I should have good coverage but I can’t seem to get 4G. I have updated to the latest iOS Version and have the carrier update 16.1. I’ve also turned on 4G in the settings…

    How come it isn’t working?

  307. shane

    @ Pamela
    I’m not sure of any specific postcodes I was in but I was in the city centre (s1), beighton village (s20) which shows pink on the coverage map and drakehouse (s20) which the coverage map also says excellent coverage.
    I also know people who get 4g on 3 in those areas.

  308. Moderator: Pamela

    @Shane If you tell us the postcodes for these 4G areas, we’ll check them. Thanks, Pamela

  309. Moderator: Pamela

    @Shane We’re really not sure. It will be more than 0.5 percent of the population though. Thanks, Pamela

  310. shane

    There is 4g in 2 or 3 small areas of Sheffield. When is it likely to be expanded?
    When I read about cities being switched on I kind of imagined it would be a little more extensive rather than maybe 0.5 percent of Sheffields population.

  311. Moderator: Pamela

    @Zunaer There’s 4G showing in Sheffield – if you’d like a more specific area checked, let us know the postcode. Thanks, Pamela

  312. Zunaer

    Am looking to check in sheffield

  313. Moderator: Pamela

    @Zunaer – where are you looking to check? >Pamela

  314. Moderator: Pamela

    @Stephen what’s your postcode? (we won’t publish it) >Pamela

  315. Stephen

    I have a Samsung S4, i had 4g the other day, and now its gone and its not come back. the website says im in a 4g area..?

  316. Zunaer

    When will the coverage map show where 4G is avaliable now

  317. Moderator: Pamela

    @Craig – I updated our reply to you – your iPhone 5C is in fact 4G ready, sorry about the confusion. Our website is being updated just now. Thanks, Pamela

  318. Moderator: Pamela

    @Dan Sorry about any confusion caused by this Dan, there was a mistake on the website and we’ve been updating it over the past few days. I can confirm the Samsung Galaxy S4, Apple iPhone 5 and HTC One are all 4G ready. Thanks, Pamela

  319. Moderator: Pamela

    @Ian Sorry about the confusion, we’re updating our website just now. If you bought your iPhone 5 in the UK, it is in fact 4G ready. Thanks, Pamela

  320. Craig M

    @Craig M – The iPhone 5C isn’t compatible with 4G I’m afraid. Where did you get the phone from? If you want us to look into this for you, let us know your email address (don’t worry, we won’t publish it). Thanks, Pamela” It was sold to me as an upgrade by 3 when I served notice on my contract back in Feb this year. This was done over the phone with your call centre. (My email address is Removed by MOD)

  321. Moderator: Pamela

    @ Craig M – The 5C is compatible Craig, we’re just updating our website just now. Thanks, Pamela

  322. Dan

    If you go to the Three website, click support, then coverage checker, there is a box to allow you to check devices. At the time of writing, Samsung galaxy S4, iphone 5 and htc One all show as being incompatible with Three’s 4G network.

    This is what’s confusing people. This must be a mistake. Please confirm.

  323. Ian

    This is what i said on 4/3/14 “iPhone 5 as stated by three In the past is 4g ready, when using the coverage checker for postcode da16 1jq it shows coverage, when you select an iPhone 5 it states the following “Coverage for:
    DA16 1JQ and Apple iPhone 5.
    Calls, Text & Data.
    Good service.
    Advanced 3G (DC‑HSPDA).
    Calls, Text & Data.
    Very good service.
    Very good service.
    4G is available in this postcode for Three customers from March 2014.
    Unfortunately iPhone 5 isn’t compatible with our 4G network. Why is this ? As I was told this would work on the 4g frequency that you are using at the moment, but no on the lower one that you will use in the future for rural coverage.

  324. Moderator: Pamela

    @Ian – Sorry Ian :-( I can’t see anything from you, apart from this, waiting to be posted. Thanks, Pamela

  325. Ian

    I keep trying to reply to a question that the moderator has asked me, twice I have done this and my answers are not being published on this site, why is this ?????

  326. Craig M

    Seems my question is being ignored….Is the iphone 5c Compatible with Three’s 4g network ? When I was sold the upgrade I was told it would be. On checking the roll out site it says “4G is available in this postcode for Three customers from March 2014.
    Unfortunately iPhone 5c isn’t compatible with our 4G network” So who is correct the website or the shop ? If it is not compatible I have been miss sold.

  327. Moderator: Pamela

    @Dan Sorry Dan, I’ve double checked this and the HTC one is in fact 4G ready :-) >Pamela

  328. Moderator: Pamela

    @Ash – We don’t have any news on 4G in Solihull yet, sorry about that. >Pamela

  329. Dan

    The Three 4G coverage map states that “unfortunately the HTC one is not compatible with Three’s 4G network”. Is this a mistake? If not I need to change network.

    In fact I just checked all the other 4g phones and it says the same thing! That’s a pretty useless 4g network.

  330. Ash

    Hi Can you please advise if solihull will be covered as part of birmingham ? i looked at the rollout list that 3 sent out last week and solihull wasnt on the list :( thanks

  331. Craig M

    Is the iphone 5c Compatible with Three’s 4g network ? When I was sold the upgrade I was told it would be. On checking the roll out site it says “4G is available in this postcode for Three customers from March 2014.
    Unfortunately iPhone 5c isn’t compatible with our 4G network” So who is correct the website or the shop ? If it is not compatible I have been miss sold.

  332. Moderator: Bernadette

    @nahsar ali – The area you are in gets 4G coverage just now outdoors. If you are not able to access this yet you will receive a carrier updated from us by the end of march. >Bernie

  333. nahsar ali

    Can you check of my account has been activated for 4g nahsar ali ( removed by mod )

  334. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Paul Savage – You can check specific towns/cities here: http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Built_for_internetting?site=d These places shown are where we are turning on 4G before the end of 2014. >Bernie

  335. Paul Savage

    Will 4G come to n. ireland in 2014, does not spoear to be any plans for it

  336. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Martin Evans – It sounds like you haven’t had the update yet Martin. It should be activated by the end of the month.

  337. martin evans

    i can enable 4g on my handset but still only get 3g. when manually selecting network, i get two options
    Three 3G and Three but when i select Three i just get no service on the handset.

  338. Moderator: Bernadette

    @martin evans – Can you send me the full postcode and I will check the area for you. You might have to wait until we send out our updates. This will be done by the end of march. Do you have the option to manually select 4G? >Bernie

  339. martin evans

    I have an iPhone 5 and I’m in a 4g area but can’t connect to 4g, i thought that iPhone 5 would be compatible with 4g on three.

  340. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Brandon Williams – We don’t have exact dates for this yet but I can see that Colchester is on this list for before the end of 2014 :) the link is here in case you want to have a look at other areas. http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/When_will_I_get_4G >Bernie

  341. Brandon Williams

    Hi, do you have any idea when the mast in Tiptree Maypole Road will be updated to 4G? Should it be in 2014 or 2015? Thanks for your help,
    Brandon Williams
    Operator Site Ref. CO0157

  342. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Phil – Sorry this has been an on going issue. As you can imagine, there is a process to follow to make sure this gets sorted, and also that your individual complaint is dealt with. If you can you let me know your Twitter handle, I will look for the e-mail and get you the case reference number. Thanks.

  343. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Ian – Sorry Ian, where does it say it will not work? Is this when you change the setting from 3G to 4G. The area you are in only has 4G outside at the moment – I take it you have had zero coverage?

  344. Phil

    I don’t know what’s worse the stalled and failed rollout, the broken promises by Three or the pitiful responses by the Three team here and on twitter who simply say, we never promised anything, or check the map or by 2015 it may be better – shambles pure and simple. They even send me an email saying we have finally logged a complaint (after a string of emails) but do they tell me the complaint reference – of cause not!!!

  345. Ian

    iPhone 5 as stated by three In the past is 4g ready, when using the coverage checker for postcode it shows coverage, when you select an iPhone 5 it states the phone will not work ?? Why is this ?

  346. nahsar ali

    Still no 4g its start of march now really annoyed now

  347. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Stuart – Sorry you feel this way about the contact centre but essentially the information is correct. We are simply sending updates in batches of sims. This does not matter what location you are in or what device you will have so you might find someone is able to access 4G in your area while you cannot. Also if you got the handset directly from us you should receive the update by the end of March. >Bernie

  348. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Zunaer – Hi, what kind of update were you expecting on the coverage map?

  349. Stuart

    I am in a similar situation to Ralph (5/2/14) having purchased a sim free phone (xperia z1 compact) to use on my existing contract. I most certainly did not receive an update by the end of that month.
    Indeed your usually less than helpful call centre excelled themselves and, via dropped calls, silent calls etc., told me it was luck of the draw when I get the update.
    Also if the rumour of capped tethering is true then 2000 mins., 5000 texts and 6gb of 4g for £20p.m. instore @ Tesco looks very appealing.
    Nice to know how much existing customers are valued!

  350. Zunaer

    When will the coverage map be updated, it was ment to be last week but still not done

  351. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Zunaer – I’ll pass your comments back to the team. Thanks >Anne Marie

  352. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Mike, Have you tried these steps to improve the coverage indoors? http://bit.ly/1dKWvRf Also have you spoken to our network team about the possibility of a Home Signal Box. >Bernie

  353. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Nezar – Hi, can you see anything new in your downloads? We’re still rolling this out right up until the end of March, which could be why nothing is appearing on it yet. Are you still getting Three as a network on your manual settings? (In your other post you’d said ‘there is no sign of Three 4g network’)

  354. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Mobz – Hi, so just to clarify – you’ve got no 4G coverage in Manchester and your 3G isn’t great when you’re in the city either? Can you send a postcode over if you have one, or a nearby train station and I’ll have a look. Thanks >Anne Marie

  355. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Heather – It doesn’t appear to have reached you’re area just quite yet Heather. Are you all set up with the carrier update? >Anne Marie

  356. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Keith – Hi, what type of phone do you have? The postcode you gave us shows that you’re in a 4G area but you’ll most likely only get a signal outdoors. Have you got any new software in your downloads? Sometimes you may have to manually look for it. The update should’ve have reached you if it’s a Three phone. If you prefer you can give our team a call on 333 and they’ll be able to talk you through it :) >Anne Marie

  357. Moderator: Bernadette

    @daveg, We are hoping to have sent all our customers the update by the end of march. If you have got the handset from a 3rd party though you would have to get them to push the update through. >Bernie

  358. Moderator: Bernadette

    @paul, We don’t have 4G switched on in Sheffield yet. We are doing our rollout throughout the full of 2014 and this link will show you the areas we are hoping to turn on by the end of 2014: http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Built_for_internetting?site=d If your handset is 4G ready, with the software update and you travel to a 4G area you will be able to experience this by connecting manually. You can find out the areas we have already turned on here: http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Coverage >Bernie

  359. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Zunaer, We don’t have specific dates for each location yet but you can find out if your area is included in our 2014 roll out from the link here > http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Built_for_internetting?site=d >Thanks. Bernie

  360. Moderator: Bernadette

    Hi Fiyero, Was the device from us? If so then you will receive the update by the end of March. If the device was not from us you would have to go back to the network/manufacturer this was purchased from to get the software update. >Bernie

  361. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @bramble – Hi, sorry for the delay in replying. If the 4G is working when you’re in London, you should be able to pick it up when it’s activated in Durham. We don’t have any set times for that yet though.

    If you want to clarify you’re 4G connection – you’d need to contact the previous network provider. If I’m reading your original comment correctly, that was someone else? If it’s the other way around – then you should have it from us by the end of March. As I said looks like you don’t need to worry though, if it’s working already.

    Happy Internetting :)

  362. Moderator: Bernadette

    Hi John, We are sending the carrier updates out in batches. These batches wont be based on location or the type of handset so it means you can be sitting next to someone who can access 4G but you cant. We are planning to have all our carrier updates sent out by the end of March. Not too much longer to wait now. So if you have a 4G compatible handset and in a 4G area then you will be ready to go when you receive the update. >Bernie

  363. Zunaer

    Can you please make a page on the site that shows where 4G is avaliable to today’s day and update your map asap

  364. bramble

    Was in london at weekend for cup final connected to 3uk 4g for the first time was getting a dl speed of upto 42 mbps well impressed
    Connected automatically didnt need a carrier update as xperia v is already 4g enabled
    When will4g end up in durham
    Only downside its a bit of a battery drainer wen watching streaming but overall exellent signal strentgh

  365. Nezar Abushena

    I’m on the periphery of 4g area in london and would have expected to have received the carrier update for my xperia sp (bought 4 months ago, sim locked onto three). Can you let me know what is going on?

  366. Mobz

    hi there, i currently dont live in a 4g area but i often head to manchester and based on the postcode i placed in coverage checker it shows 4g is fine..

    i read somewhere that once my mobile network option displays GSM/WCDMA/LTE that 4g is ready for my phone. i have a HTC One

    also wierd as it sounds but even when it was just on like the hsdpa (or whatever the ‘H’ is for) my internet seemed worse than my hometown (literally a town).

    any info regarding this would be greatly appreciated.. ty!

  367. heather

    Hi is 4g set up on samsung s4 in postcode Many thanks

  368. keith

    Hello have purchased a 4g phone which is locked to three,and inserted my 3uk contract sim,but my contract was for a 3g phone,have checked network operators and i have 3g uk and 2g uk only,will i get the 4g software update,or do i need to contact customer support,my postcode is , many thanks

  369. Sydney

    Its very good but stupid as well :-D

  370. daveg

    Hi how can I get the 4G update for my HTC one and connect to the 4G network in Walsall. Thanks

  371. paul

    I have a HTC one sv with the latest software update. It reads operator 3 , mobile network type UMTS . Should I be able to get 4G in Sheffield?

  372. Zunaer

    The website is still not updated for sheffield, when will it be done

  373. Mike

    @Claire – Unfortunately it has yes. Oh, and there is a part of that area that receives no signal at all, even when outside. (unless hanging out an upstairs window..)

  374. Fiyero

    Hi, Do you know if / when I will get the update for my Huawei P2? I know I don’t have 4G in my area yet but am going to London a few times in March. Thanks

  375. bramble

    ok but out of interest do you have to have a carrier update to even connect to 4g on 3 even if your phone is lte enabled

  376. John

    Hi, I have an iphone 5 and live in an area that appears to have 4g( my brother has it on three on his iphone 5s) but I cannot connect and have not received a carrier up date. I have tried the manual connect to no avail.

  377. Moderator: Claire

    @NAS786 – Hi, if you have LTE or 4G showing on your phone settings you may have already had the update.

  378. NAS786

    when i go in network settings it only shows 3 it doesnt show 3 4g i might need to wait for the software update its also shows lte/wcdma/gsm is this Ny good or do i still need the 4g software update i live in leeds

  379. NAS786

    it only shows 3 in network settings not 3 4g i might need for the three 4g software update

  380. Moderator: Claire

    @NAS786 – Hi, if you go to Settings > Mobile networks > Network operators – this will show all the networks and select Three 4G. Thanks.

  381. NAS786

    how do i manually connect i am using galaxy s4 can i ring 333 to see if my sim is activated or not

  382. Moderator: Claire

    @Nahsar Ali – Hi, I’ve checked your area and we have activated 4G there. Have you tried to manually connect? Thanks.

  383. nahsar ali

    Still no 4g im in ls7 4dt i read all three customers are on 4g now

  384. Moderator: Claire

    @Zunaer – It will be updated shortly :) Enjoy the service. Thanks.

  385. Ben

    @Claire no,I don’t know anybody else in my area with a 4g ready phone

  386. Zunaer

    Hi, on the coverage thing it showing their isn’t 4G in Sheffield

  387. Moderator: Claire

    @Zunaer – Hi, yes enjoy! You can check 4G areas in Sheffield here. Thanks.

  388. Zunaer

    I’m im sheffield and I went town and I got 4G internet, is that something I should be expecting

  389. Moderator: Claire

    @Chris – Hi, was the phone bought SIM free or originally locked to another network? Thanks

  390. chris

    Hi ive had the galaxy s4 on contract….but the phone has been damaged so sold…and brought a new phone (galaxy note ) the phone doesnt have the 4g/lte carrier settings inplace, just wondering even tho the phone wasnt brought from three…would three still send out the carrier settings with my contract sim bening used in the phone….some of my area has 4g working but i dont have option to enable it

  391. Moderator: Claire

    @Ben – Hi, the only explanation for that must be the 3G signal is stronger than the 4G where you are. Do you know of anyone else on Three who has the same issue in your area? Thanks.

  392. Ben

    @Claire yes,i have tried to connect manually to 4G by turning airplane mode on,disabling and enabling cellular data and 4G and disabling the automatic connection to my carrier and connecting to a network myself. I have repeated each method several times, and just did it again. I am still unable to connect to 4G,and the last method does not give me any option to connect to 4G,giving me five other carrier networks instead.

  393. Moderator: Claire

    @Ben – Hi, if the 4G signal isn’t as strong as 3G your phone will automatically connect to 3G. Have you tried to manually connect to the network? Does 4G show up in your area? Thanks.

  394. Moderator: Claire

    @Nahsar ali – Hi, it sounds like you already have the 4G update if your phone shows 4G signal. You can check under Settings > Networks and it will show either 4G or LTE. Thanks.

  395. Ben

    @Claire thanks for checking
    However,my iPhone does not connect to 4G at all in my area. I have posted a comment before on this blog on 14/02/2014 and it is the same issue. Everywhere I go in the LU3 area I do not receive a 4G connection at all, indoors and outdoors, but I have a connection to 4G whenever I am in LU2,most of the time. I have not noticed any difference at all since the last time I posted on this blog, so any idea why this might be happening?

  396. nahsar ali

    I didnt recieve any 4g software update but sometimes i do get 4g signal only for few seconds then it changes back to 3g where exactly in roundhay road is the 4g mast

  397. Moderator: Claire

    @NAS786 – Hi, your nearest mast is near Roundhay road.

  398. Moderator: Claire

    @Ben – Hi, your area is 4G enabled :)

  399. Moderator: Claire

    @Mike – Hi, I’ve checked the area and its mainly outdoor coverage. Has it always been like this for you? In regards to the carrier update we send it through on the phone but you can check under Settings > About Device > Software update. We are sending this out from now until the end of March. Thanks.

  400. Mike

    Hi again, Can you check the area **** *** (please remove) as there are two ‘3’ network operator signals. One offers 3.5g and the other offers good phone signal. Is there some way those could be combined into one good signal, and can the signal in the area be upgraded a bit, as it seems to be one of the only densely populated areas to not be receiving strong phone signal, and its a bit of an odd black spot as there is lots of development going on around the area.

    Am also waiting on the carrier update for the nexus 5, how can we tell if we have had the update or not?

  401. Ben

    Hi,can anybody check if I have 4G enabled for my area yet pls? My postcode is *** ***.

  402. Moderator: Claire

    @NAS786 – Hi, we don’t check accounts that way. You will receive a 4G carrier update and this will allow you onto the 4G service. Have you received this? You can check any areas for 4G coverage here. Thanks.

  403. Moderator: Claire

    @John Clarke – Hi, I have checked your area and no 4G there just yet. We will send you a 4G carrier update between now and end of March. Thanks.

  404. Moderator: Claire

    @Richard – Hi, we are sending the 4G carrier update from now until the end of March. Thanks.

  405. NAS786

    which is the local 4g mast to *** ***

  406. NAS786

    when will you use the 800mhz for indoor coverage can you check if my account is activated or not my mobile number is *********

  407. Richard

    I live in Manchester and have still not been sent an update/message to get 4G on my HTC One

  408. John Clarke

    Hello, please can you let me know when my IPhone 5 will be 4g. I live in Ipswich. ****** and how I activate? Vheers

  409. Moderator: Claire

    @James staniforth – Hi, we will be sending the 4G update from now until March. You can check if it’s available under Settings > About Device > Software update. Thanks.

  410. james staniforth

    from the 3 store with my contract

  411. Moderator: Claire

    @James Staniforth – Hi, yes your area is 4G enabled. You need to have the 4G carrier update to use the service, we are sending the updates from now until end of March. Where did you buy your phone from? Thanks.

  412. Moderator: Claire

    @Keendy Chan – Hi, I’ve checked your area and there is a congestion issue with 3G/4G. This will affect you receiving 4G until we put up new masts in the area which we should be in the near future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  413. james staniforth

    how do I switch my Samsung s4 to 4g and is alivalble in my area *** ***

  414. Moderator: Claire

    @John – Hi, it sounds like the 3G signal is stronger than 4G if you have to force it on. Can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check this for you? We won’t publish the postcode. Thanks.

  415. john

    Claire why don’t my phone connect to 4g unless i force it to and even then the signal is not very good at all better off not using 4g at all which shouldn’t be right your maps say i have great indoor and outdoor service which isn’t the case i live in Leicester

  416. Moderator: Claire

    @Trev – Hi, have you now got the 4G carrier update? Thanks.

  417. Moderator: Claire

    @NAS786 – Hi, yes the area is enabled for 4G. When 4G isn’t available it will roll back onto 3G. Thanks.

  418. Moderator: Claire

    @bramble – Hi, you will receive the update by the end of March. Thanks.

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    It sort of feels too complicated and extremely wide for me.
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    of it!

  420. bramble

    I have a sony xperia V which was bought sim free unlocked and is 4g enabled will I still need a carrier update for my phone to work on three 4g

  421. NAS786

    can you check my postcode its LS7 4DT if the 4G is live in my area or not

  422. keendy chan

    I have the IPhone 5S with the latest software and the 4G carrier software Three 15.6.

    I have been activated for 4G as I have rung up Three and they have confirmed it.

    My home postcode is **** *** (Meanwood) and according to the 4G coverage map on your website it says I should receive 4G OUTDOORS but when im OUTDOORS I don’t get 4G.

    According to the 4G Coverage map for both postcode **** *** (Chapel Allerton) and **** *** (Meanwood), 4G is available from March but I have been getting it.

    I also visit Chapel Allerton Postcode **** *** and I get 4G INDOORS as well as OUTDOORS. and I also get 4G in Leeds City Centre too.

    Looking at the coverage map, there’s a Orange area just on a main road (Meanwood Road) going towards town, I have been getting 4G in that section of Orange (Indoor & Outdoor). I never seem to get 4G in the blue section (OUTDOOR) even though ive been getting 4G in Chapel Allerton and other places.

    What is going on?

    Like i said Three support on 333 have told me that i have been 4G activated on my SIM.


  423. Trev

    SORTED !!!

  424. Trev

    Hi Clair, NO the phone wasn’t locked I inserted my three sim and it worked first time

  425. Moderator: Claire

    @Trev – Hi, do you know if the phone was locked to another network previously? If it was you will need to contact that network for the 4G update. Thanks.

  426. Trev

    Hi, bought the phone privately but have a sim only contract with 3.

  427. Moderator: Claire

    @Trev – Hi, did you get your phone directly from us, SIM free or from another network? Thanks.

  428. Trev

    Hi, I know 4G is available now in Cardiff, a friend of mine with the same phone and tarrif as mine is able to get it but as yet, I havn’t received the update from three to enable my iphone 5 !!!.

    Any idea when I will get the update ??

  429. Moderator: Claire

    @Ethos – Hi, can you confirm your email address and we’ll look into this further for you. We won’t publish this on here. Thanks.

  430. Moderator: Claire

    @droobus – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode of where this is happening and we can check for you? Thanks.

  431. rinn

    Woah this blog is excellent i really like studying your posts. Keep up the good work! You recognize, many people are searching around for this info, you can help them greatly.

  432. Ethos

    hi no still nothing
    can u please chase them up ?
    we need proper signal ..even downstairs and speeds at least 50Mb/s

  433. droobus


    I got 4G in Manchester city centre on my phone on Monday…yay! And it has disappeared today…boo! Back with slow ‘H’ – are you aware of any issues in the manchester area???

  434. Steff E

    @ Ben – Hi Ben, sorry about that. Your postcode has now been removed :)

  435. Steff E

    @ Matt Carroll – Hi Matt, Basildon is due to receive 4G this year however we’ve got no set date yet. Keep an eye on our coverage checker though as that will show the areas that have 4G

  436. Matt Carroll

    When will 4G be regularly available indoors and outdoors at this postcode: (Removed by Mod)?

  437. Ben

    Hey,could a moderator remove my postcode in one of my earlier comments pls? :/

  438. Moderator: John

    @Mykyta – Hi there :-) the 15.6 update is the latest one Mykyta, and the one that you need to prepare your iPad for 4G when it launches. It’s being launched in account batches throughout the 50 cities, but you should have 4g access by the end of the month. Enjoy!

  439. Moderator: John

    @Ethos – Hi Ethos, it does appear that our engineers are still working on getting that fixed for you as soon as they can. If the issue continues over the next day or so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll look at raising a case about this for you. Thanks

  440. Moderator: John

    @james- Hi James, that does sound strange. Were you getting 4G speeds? Depending on your postcode and if you’re in a 4G area, you may find is that it is just 4G embedding itself properly and should be running smoothly by the end of the month.

  441. Moderator: John

    @Kevin B – Without having a look at the phone we couldn’t comment Kevin. But 4G is rolling out in account batches throughout London this month. The update you received was purely a network carrier preparing you for it. It’s coming soon though, enjoy when it does :-) Thanks

  442. Moderator: John

    @james – Whatupdate is it that you’ve lost? The network carrier update? Once that update is installed on your phone it should remain there. Have you changed phones?

  443. Moderator: John

    @jamesb2000 – Hi James, do you want the good news or the good news? Sheffield is one of the cities that should be getting switched on by the end of the month =) #4Giscoming

  444. Mykyta

    Hi. I was wondering, how do I find out if I have received the carrier update. I’ve accepted one a few weeks ago and it says Three 15.6 on my iPad. But I wasn’t able to receive 4g all over London. Does this mean that my account hasn’t been activated for 4g yet, or will there be another update? Thanks

  445. Ethos

    hi yes my postcode is [Removed by Mod]
    engineers suppose to do some work in my area today(19.02.14)
    now is 22:00 but nothing is changed
    when i am upstairs the lte is working when i am downstairs in lounge it is 3G .. looks like they didnt do anything.. :-/

  446. Kevin B

    Hello. I received the 4G update on my phone just before Xmas but I still cant access 4G.

    I work in Central London and live in SE London and neither location allows me to access that service.

    Do you think it’s something to do with my phone (iPhone5).

  447. james

    oddly I’ve just lot the update…. my option for 4G is gone

    Ive had 4G for about a week now… now i don’t even have the option on my iPhone 5 any longer… (no i haven’t restored it or even plugged it into iTunes)

    It was fun while it lasted… the novelty, not the sub 3mbps speed)

  448. james

    oddly I’ve just lot the update…. my option for 4G is gone

  449. jamesb2000

    Hi, is Sheffield one of the 50 cities getting 4G by the end of February?

  450. Steff E

    @ Edwin – Hi Edwin, well as long as you’re in an area with 4G and your account has been made 4G compatible then yes you will be able to get 4G internet :) Have a look at our coverage checker to see what areas are 4G ready

  451. Moderator: John

    @Edwin – Hi Edwin, you’ll need the carrier update in order to prepare your Nexus 5 for 4G. But provided that you’re using a Three SIM in your phone, once 4G is available in your area you’ll receive the update by the end of the month. Would you like to give us your postcode and we can have a look at whether you’re in a 4G area? All postcodes and personal information are removed by the moderator =) Thanks

  452. Edwin

    Hi, I was thinking of buying a nexus 5 sim free unlocked. If I get a Three sim only monthly deal with all you can eat data, will this provide my device with 4g internet?


  453. Moderator: John

    @nadeem – No problems Nadeem =) Ok, here’s the next part (or even Phase 2)

    1) Due to the nature and other variables involved in a switchover like 3G to 4G, we wouldn’t be able to guarantee the upgrade completion date. I can, however, assure you that the 50 cities included with the initial roll out will pre-dominantly be up and running by the end of February.
    2) The forced 4G upgrade is not an option at the moment, but again the carrier update will be with all 4G compatible phones by the end of the month.
    3) You don’t need to notify us regarding 4G with your S4; it’s already prepared. All you need to do now is sit back, relax and wait.
    4) We’re very pleased to say that Oldham will be one of those 50 cities to get switched on by the end of the month =)


  454. nadeem

    Hi Thanks John for replying
    1) complete uograde will finish at the end of Feb?
    2) can I force the 4G update on my phone
    3) updated my S4 which now shows LTE do I still need to inform Three of my phone?
    4) postcode OL16 2ER is this 4G enabled area if not when?
    Thanks again

  455. Moderator: John

    @Mr T – Hi Mr T, you’d have to be a crazy foo’ not to be loving those 4g speeds =) We’re glad you’re up and running and most importantly, thank you for your patience.

  456. Mr T

    Hi I have my 4g activated in mid February sooner than I thought and believe me it’s so fast I get 24 Mbps download and 22 Mbps upload where I live at all the time wow that is fast and it’s free on my contract ..£31 a month on iphone 5 with unlimited internet hehe …….. beat that .thank you very much THREE for your good work

  457. Moderator: John

    @nadeeem – Hi Nadeem, to check the actual launch date of 4G in your area, we’ll need the full postcode. What we can tell you though, is that 4g ready phones in 4G areas should be enjoying 4G speeds by the end of the month.
    With your S4 phone, you would need to contact the manufacturer (Samsung) in order to push the network carrier through, but once that’s done you should be up and running. Thanks

  458. nadeem

    Im.in the OL16 area when do we get 4G
    Also I bought my S4 from Argos
    Will it still allow me to connect?
    Or doni need to inform CS?

  459. Ben

    My full postcode is (Removed by Mod) and 3G in my home is perfectly fine,there doesn’t seem to be any problems with it.

  460. Moderator: John

    @Ethos – Hi Ethos, the 4G will take a little time to embed properly. Could we have a copy of your postcode please, to rule out any mast issues in you local area? Thanks

  461. Ethos

    Am testing lte speeds all the time but must say it is very poor ..?!?!?! Only 12-15 Mb/s ??? Wht? I had 16Mb/s on 3G b4.. what is going on ??
    Thought it will be 50 or more

  462. Moderator: John

    @Sai – The 4G roll out is happening in account batches Sai, so provided you’ve had the carrier update and in a 4G area you should have it by the end of the month. Due to the process of the roll out it may mean that you may have 4G access before someone in the same area; or in this case vice versa.

  463. Steff E

    @ Ben – Hi Ben, well our coverage checker is to be used only as a guide as external factors such as the thickness of the walls in your building, large buildings opposite or near your home etc. can affect the level of coverage you receive. What’s your full postcode? I can check to see if there’s any updates or news on 4G in your area however I can’t guarantee that I’ll find much info. How’s 3G in your home? We’ll be increasing the reach of 4G over the coming months and by the end of 2015 aim to have 98% of the UK population covered by 4G.

  464. Steff E

    @Ethos – Hi Ethos, we still have some work to do on our end to make your account compatible with 4G. We’ll be doing this in batches of accounts, and these batches won’t be based on where the account owners live or the type of device they have. This means that if you’ve done everything you need to do to get 4G, you might get it before someone else who lives in the same area, or vice versa. Or might have 4G on one handsets but not on the other.

    We’ll have made all our accounts compatible with 4G by the beginning of March so your iPhone should get it soon. Hope that answers your question :)

  465. Sai

    I have an iphone 5 and I’m not receiving 4G but my wife can and she’s got an iphone 5C. I’m in glasgow. Can someone explain to me why this is as it states that 5 is compatiable with three 4G

  466. Ethos

    I was curious why 4G is not working on iphone 5 and on my android phone it does?

  467. Brandon

    Any rough dates for Colchester or Chelmsford getting 4G? Will it be this year?

  468. Ben

    Hey,I have a question.
    I am unable to access 4G at home,but I am able to access it in another area away from home.

    According to the coverage checker,I should be able to access it indoors and outdoors both at home and in the area where I got a 4G connection.

    My home is in the LU3 area and the area I got a 4G connection is in the LU2 area.

    Will I be able to access 4G at home like this eventually?

  469. Moderator: Chris

    @Graham – Hey there, it will be coming to Doncaster this year at some point but we don’t have any confirmed dates just yet. Keep an eye over here and we’ll make sure you’re updated.

  470. Graham

    When is 4G coming to Doncaster please?

  471. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Ethos – Hi, disappointed to hear that you’re having slow speeds or poor coverage in the area at the moment. Not sure of the exact nature of the works taking place in the area at the moment but hopefully when the team have it up and running again then it should do the trick and improve the coverage in the area. If you pop along to this link here it’ll show you the coverage you receive in the area with 4G.

  472. Ethos

    I had activated LTE yesterday evening but signal is weak in my house ?!? so it auto switch to 3G ..
    Is there any chance you can make signal stronger? My postcode is [Removed by Mod]
    but don’t know it says that outdoor/indoor very good service but it isn’t ..
    There is notice:
    Work is planned in this area on 19/02/2014. This may affect your normal network service, but should only last for about 6-8 hours
    So does this mean they gonna make signal stronger ?

  473. Moderator: Chris

    @Jason – Hey there, we’re rolling out 4G in batches at the moment so if you haven’t got it yet, it’s nothing to worry about. Have you received the software update from us? If not we’ll have you up and running by the end of the month.

  474. Jason

    I have an LTE enabled Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition.

    I also have a Tablet SIM from 3 with the 10gb allowance as the unlimited data allowance sims are not usable in a table for some reason.

    I am based in the Edinburgh area, a colleague has a 4g enabled handset and is able to access the 4g network this morning, whilst I am not. Any reason for this that you can think of?

  475. Zunaer

    Could you check if my accounts ready for 4G

  476. Moderator: Chris

    @Brad – Hey there, the reason you only see the handsets that we sell under our link to 4G ready phones is for sales purposes. That way anyone looking to join Three can check what we currently sell in the way of 4G ready devices but I do see how that could appear confusing for existing customers and I’ll definitely feed that back to see if we can make things a little clearer. Thanks for the heads up.

  477. Brad

    @Ahmed – understood, thanks. By the way, the text on this page which says that “Every Three customer with a 4G Ready device will get a 4G upgrade at no extra cost” contains a link to 4G-ready phones that is not exhaustive. For example it doesn’t list my phone (Sony Xperia SP) even though it is definitely 4G capable with Three’s spectrum band. It looks like you are only listing phones that are currently being *sold* by Three, but the above sentence is therefore misleading if you have an existing phone that is not on this list, as it may lead you to think your phone won’t be updated.

  478. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Brad – Hi, the software update required for 4G is still being released for handsets so if it’s unbranded then we’ll be releasing to you in the coming weeks, hopefully before the end of March for sure.

  479. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Nathapillai – Hi, as long as you’ve done everything on your part to get 4G then it’s just a case of it being activated for you from our end. Roll out is in process and if you’re in a 4G area then you should be enjoying the service towards the end of the month and start of March.

  480. Moderator: Ahmed

    @bkh – Hi, roll out is still ongoing and is being released in batches and the software update is being released until the end of March so it should be with you soon.

  481. Moderator: Chris

    @Graham Cook – Hey Graham, this is totally normal at this point so don’t worry! Because we aren’t switching 4G on by location you could find that one device activates before the other but we’ll have all our customers switched over by the end of this month.

  482. Moderator: Chris

    @Zunaer – Thanks for the suggestion Zunaer, I’ll pass your feedback on to the team who look after the website :)

  483. Zunaer

    Could you make a page in the site that says where 4G is next coming and that or something like that

  484. Graham Crook

    Hi there… My ipad 4th Gen has switched over to 4G, happy days. But my iphone 5 is still displaying 3G! I’ve done the carrier updates and my iOS is all up to date… Any advice?

  485. Nathapillai

    I have got the carrier update and I am in the 4g coverage area but i dont get 4g on my iphone 5

  486. bkh

    Hi, I do live in central london and have a Note 3 (bought unlocked) and a all you can eat data from three… How do I get the operator update for the 4G? As it should be in london by now? Thanks

  487. Brad

    @Chris – thanks for that. The phone was from O2 originally, but as far as I can tell it isn’t locked or customized. Is there any way to tell if I ‘should’ have had the Three 4g software update (perhaps I could send you my IMEI)? I’m not really sure how receptive O2 would be to updating my phone. Also, I’d heard that the 4g setting was SIM based, rather than hard-coded to the phone iteslf?

  488. Moderator: Chris

    @Brad – Hey Brad, it depends on where you purchased the phone initially. If you got it sim free them we’ll push the carrier update to you by the end of this month and if your device came from another UK mobile network you might also need to ask them to send you the 4G software update. This is because when they sold you your device, they set it up to only accept software that comes from them, so we can’t update it directly. Cheers.

  489. Brad

    @moderators – I have a Sony Xperia SP, not purchased from Three (switched over to SIM-only plan in December). Will I automatically receive a software update to enable 4g on my phone? I live in London, and the people in my local Three store were surprised I hadn’t yet had the update.

  490. Moderator: Chris

    @Allibg5 – Ah, I see! To clear that up, if you got your device unlocked from another network you may need to contact them to push the carrier update to you. The reason for this is that your phone was configured to receive their updates instead of ours.

  491. allibg5


    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. The contradiction I see is that Nicki said there is NO priority but previously said I might not get the 4G software update at the same time as people who got the same device from us directly.
    That implies that I was more likely to get the software update if I had purchased the phone from you directly?

    Hey ho. I shall just have to be patient and wait !!



  492. Moderator: Chris

    @Ash – Hi there, I’m sorry but we don’t have any confirmed dates for specific areas as it stands but we’ll definitely keep you updated nearer the time :)

  493. Ash

    HI ahmed, solihull is showing no coverage for 4G but is part of the birmingham postcode, any idea when it will be rolled out in that area ?

  494. Moderator: Chris

    @allibg5 – I’m not sure where the contradiction is here? The information that Nicki has given was correct on both occasions. We’re rolling out 4G in batches by IMSI number, not location, device type or by any kind of priority system which is why you were advised that you may find other people with the same device receive the update before you do and vice versa. We’ll have the 4G service switched on from our end for all our customers by the end of the month and the 4G software update will be with everyone by the end of March. Sorry for any confusion.

  495. Moderator: Chris

    @Andy Walker – Hey there :) 4G is already available on some areas of Liverpool which you can see for yourself here – http://bit.ly/1cw1xV8. Don’t worry if you can’t pick it up in these areas yet, we’ll make sure you’re up and running by the end of the month.

  496. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Ash – Hi, if you pop along to this link here and put in your postcode then you’ll be able to see what the 4G coverage will be like in the area and if it’s covered extensively or not :) Hope this helps.

  497. Andy walker

    When is 4g available in liverpool?

  498. allibg5


    Can you make your mind up please. You contradict yourself.

    In reply to my post of 28/01/2014 you advise I might not get the 4G software update at the same time as people who got the same device from us directly yet two posts later, to Phil you state “The rollout won’t be based upon where you live, the type of device you have or any priority system”.

    Is your provision of the service done on the toss of a coin each morning? There MUST be some sytem by which you select who you send the carrier updates to?
    Please advise.

    Thank you


    Moderator: Nicki 29/01/2014

    @phil – Sorry you’ve been given the incorrect information. The rollout won’t be based upon where you live, the type of device you have or any priority system. All accounts will have 4G activated by the beginning of March and will then be able to access 4G when they’re in a 4G area.

    Moderator: Nicki 28/01/2014

    @allibg5 – You might not get the 4G software update at the same time as people who got the same device from us directly. Don’t worry, if your device is compatible with 4G on our network, you’ll still get the software update between now and the end of March.

    allibg5 28/01/2014


    My phone is brand new, unlocked having never been locked to any other network.

    When will I receive the carrier update?

    I live and work in areas the three website states has excellent 4G data coverage i.e DA16 and SW1H

  499. Ash

    Hi .. will solihull be covered as part of birmingham when you release 4G ? the solihull postcode starts with B just like birmingham. thanks


  500. seth

    Fao allan moderator.

    I draw your attention to your comment above about not discriminating between any different types of customers.

    That’s absolute rubbish.

    I bought my sim only plan from three in July and have a galaxy s4. My friend bought the normal contract in September with an s4 and she has 4G already and I do not.

    I rang customer services and they said to me I will not have 4G yet because my contract expired at the end of the month. I had to point out to them I’m on a rolling one month contract with three. Worried me they didn’t know what this was!! They then proceeded to tell me I wasn’t one of the ‘lucky’ ones and so I will get 4G at ‘some point in 2014′.

    I only switched to three for the 4G and because I’m not on a long term contract you will give it to customers like me last.

    Rubbish customer service and sold under false pretenses. NOT HAPPY

  501. Moderator: Chris

    @Ethos – Hey there, good news! I can confirm that the 1800Mhz spectrum will be covered by 4G on Three :)

  502. Moderator: Chris

    @Lloydie – Hey there, I’m afraid there’s no 4G network in Edinburgh or Fife at the moment but we’ll be working on increasing our compatible areas over the next two years. Hopefully you won’t be kept waiting too long. Just to clarify for you, there’s no need for you to get a new sim :)

  503. Moderator: Chris

    @Simon – Hey there, your software update will be pushed to your device automatically by the end of the month if you bought it from us or sim free. If you had your iPad unlocked by another provider you might need to get in touch with them to push you the 4G update. It will appear on your device as any other software update would so no need to worry about text messages :) Cheers.

  504. Moderator: Chris

    @Ethos – Hi there, some areas of Glasgow are covered for 4G at the moment which you can check here – http://bit.ly/1btiIn3. If you can’t pick up the signal in these areas yet don’t worry, we’ll have you ready to do this by the end of the month.

  505. Ethos

    i have this notice to my postcode ..

    4G is available in this postcode for Three customers from March 2014.
    G2 is compatible with our 4G network

    will i get it earlier?

  506. Simon

    I have a data only Three SIM card which I am using in my ipad mini.

    Will I need to do anything to receive the software update? Will I need to take it into a store as it is only a data plan, not a phone plan, and so cannot receive text messages?

  507. Lloydie

    I work in Edinburgh but live over in fife when could I see my 4g sim?

  508. Ethos

    Ar u gonna run 4G on 1800MHz I HOPE !
    Cos my mobile supports ONLY 1800MHz so better u broadcast that frequency !

  509. Ethos

    Ar u gonna run 4G on 1800MHz I HOPE !
    Cos my mobile supports ONLY 180MHz so better u broadcast that frequency !

  510. Moderator: Richard

    @Craig – Do you have the 4G carrier update on your phone? 4G is being switched on in batches so you’ll be switched over by the end of the month :)

  511. Craig W

    A colleague just started bragging that he just got 4G activated on his 3 phone.. Me? Nope – still stuck in the dark ages :( I want 4G!! No fair!

  512. Moderator: Allan

    @David – We’re making no distinction between plans or contract type David. All our customers will receive 4G for no additional cost. If you have a 4G phone and have received the software update you’ll be activated and be able to use it before the end of February. Thanks

  513. David

    Hi, are you rolling out 4G for all types of SIM plans such as pay monthly/pay as you go? My postcode is SW19, can I expect to have my SIM enabled for 4G by the end of Feb? ty

  514. Moderator: Allan

    @Javed – We’re rolling the 4G launch out to customers in batches at a time. You’ve described perfectly what can happen though. You can have it and be using it while the person next to you can’t. Don’t worry they’ll be enabled soon enough.

  515. Moderator: Allan

    @Nahsar Ali – No work in your area that I can see. Are you having coverage problems here?

  516. Javed Parveselli

    At last, I’ve got 4g. Better late than never. Thought I may have too wait until end of February but I’ve got it in birmingham today. My girlfriend has a iphone 5, she’s received the carrier update and has 4g turned on in settings, but she hasn’t got 4g while I have. Ps we have been together all day so it’s nothing to do with the area she in.

  517. nahsar ali

    hi can you check my local masts if theres any work going on postcode is [removed by mod]

  518. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Steve – Yep Steve, more people have accessed the 4G signal today. Your speeds should be picking up if it’s showing the icon on your phone.

  519. Steve

    Hi, I am over in BD17 and noticed my phone signal was 4G… Guessing that means its on its way or is it out now?

  520. Moderator: Chris

    @Ralph – It’s worth checking under Settings > Mobile data > Network Mode to see if you’ve got the carrier update already, you’ll see an option to enable LTE here if you do. If not don’t worry, you’ll have it by the end of this month :)

  521. Ralph

    Hi, I’ve recently extended my contract but purchased a sim free phone (xperia z1 compact) do I need to recieve some sort of software update before I can use 4g?

  522. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Phil – Hi Phil, do you have the option to select 4G in Network Settings? What type of phone do you have?

  523. Phil

    How do I know if I’ve received the carrier update? My phone is on carrier Three 15.6 (is that it?)

    I live in central London and have enable 4g switched on on my iPhone 5s.

    The phone is the A1533 unlocked from the US.

  524. Moderator: Kris

    @Raj If your device came from another UK mobile network, you might need to ask them to send you the 4G software update. This is because when they sold you your device, they set it up to only accept software that comes from them, so we can’t update it directly.If you got your device from a third-party retailer, you might not get the 4G software update as people who got the same device from us directly. Don’t worry, if your device is compatible with 4G on our network, you’ll still get the software update in early 2014.

    Our initial rollout will only be on 1800mhz frequency, with 800mhz an option to be considered at a later date.

  525. Moderator: Kris

    @Zain We don’t have information just yet on when exact postcodes are set to have 4G.

  526. Moderator: Kris

    @Ethos The rollout is set to start gathering legs in London, Birmingham and Manchester this week, so it shouldn’t be long until it’s in a location near you.

  527. Raj

    Thank you for JohnPaul’s comments. I have a EE branded iPhone 5′ which currently works on 4g on the 1890 MHz spectrum. What carrier update do I need if I join Three? I was assuming that as the phone is working on 4g, it would also work on Three’s 4g network provided that I unlock the phone. I recognise that Three are currently deploying 4g on the 1800 MHz but what are your regarding 800mhz.

  528. zain

    When am I going to get 4g? My postcode is{edited by mod}.

  529. Ethos

    Moderator: Pamela
    Please swear that manchester will be end of february !

  530. Moderator: Pamela

    @Paul Smith The postcode you gave us isn’t valid Paul, can you confirm it please. >Pamela

  531. Moderator: Pamela

    @Ethos Really sorry you’re so unhappy. We’ve not postponed it though, everything is still going to plan. Everyone in Birmingham, Manchester and London will have 4G available at the end of February. And I promise, we use our real names, you can see this on the main page of the blog. Thanks, Pamela

  532. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Barry – Sorry if our info has been sketchy. We’re going to be using the 1800 MHz band and only that for the foreseeable. We do have the 800 MHz available to us, but we’re not sure when or where we’re going to be employing that. So you’re right, if it’s an iPhone 5 which can’t access the 1800 MHz, then you’ll not be able to enjoy 4G with Three :-( The only way around that, is to buy a phone which can utilize that band.

    So there you have it. It’s the 1800 MHz the UK wide. You’ll no doubt see what we plan to do with the 800 MHz right here on the Three blog sometime further down the line. Thanks

  533. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Chris – I’m unable to say when 4G will be switched on in any particular place Chris. You’re phone is set up to enjoy 4G as soon as your account is switched over. We’re looking to have all of our customers switched over by March.

  534. Paul Smith

    (Removed by MOD)

  535. Moderator: Pamela

    @Paul Smith We’ve launched 4G but, it’s only available to a select few thousand customers just now – we’re making it available to all of our customers in London, Birmingham and Manchester and the end of this month. Can you tell us the full postcode for where you are please (we won’t publish it). >Pamela

  536. Moderator: Pamela

    @Stefan Where did you buy the phone from? If it was another network, they’ll be able to send you the software for it. Keep in mind we haven’t fully launched 4G yet – it will be available in Birmingham, Manchester and London at the end of this month. >Pamela

  537. Ethos

    Why u stil postponing 4g ? b4 u said all will be in december 2013 -nothing then u said january – nothing now that moderartor ”nicki” (i know your names arent real) said to @phil it will be begining of march then u said to @allibg5 it will be at the end of march ..

    Just say people straight that u lying
    wont even launch it in march but probalby december 2014

  538. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Raj – Is the phone EE branded? Do you know if it runs on the 1800 MHz band? It should do. If so, you’ll be good to go once you’ve had the carrier update and as you say, in a 4G capable area. The only thing that would get in the way of you receiving 4G with us would be if your handset ran on a different MHz band than the 1800MHz band we’re using.

  539. Barry

    @Raj asked: “Subject to 4G being in my area, will my iPhone 5 work with the Three 4G network?”
    @Allan replied: “@RaJ – Absolutely Raj, no problems there.”
    Surely this is, yet again, erroneous and misleading. (I’ve previous highlighted the mods getting this wrong.)

    Raj’s iPhone 5 will give him 4G on 3 only in areas where 3 provide 4G on band 3 (1800 MHz) as the iPhone 5 don’t use band 20.
    We’ve been told 3’s 4G rollout later in 2014 may be either or both of band 3 or band 20 (800 MHz).

    If a location had only band 20 coverage : the iPhone 5 won’t have 4G on 3 even though 3 may claim 4G coverage for that location, as the iPhone 5 can’t use the band 20 signal.

    Since 3 can’t or won’t tell its users [since I’ve previously asked this repeatedly, seeing as ‘I’m the same boat] : “which masts will have both band 3 and band 20, or just one of the 2 (and if so, more importantly which one of the two)”

    So, how can they give any reliable assurance as to where an iPhone 5 will get 4G on 3 other than in the initial (three – band 3) limited 2013 rollout cities.

    Hence “Absolutely Raj, no problems there.” must be unreliable, and potentially misleading , unless the mods can now provide us with more definitive reliable info as to what bands will be used where?

  540. Paul Smith

    I lost my original iphone 5. Bought a replacement from apple. I now have the enable 4g toggle in my settings. But no 4g access. Also 3G has been a knightmare the past few months in (removed by mod). Was perfect before. Thanks

  541. Chris

    Hi, just wondering when 4G should be launching in Luton? Got a 4g device today and was just wondering also if and when I’ll receive the update? I can already enable 4G so do I have it?

  542. Stefan

    I have recently bought an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 along with a Three pay as you go sim. I now cannot figure out how to enable 4G.

  543. Raj

    Thanks, Allan. Just one more question. Will my iPhone need a software upgrade from Three to get 4G or will the existing software on the phone from EE mean that it will work on Three 4G network straight away ( subject to 4G being in my area)?


  544. Moderator: Allan

    @RaJ – Absolutely Raj, no problems there.

  545. Raj

    I currently have a iPhone 5, which I use on the EE 4G network. As EE is expensive, I was considering getting it unlocked and moving to Three. Subject to 4G being in my area, will my iPhone 5 work with the Three 4G network?

  546. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom L – we’ve not fully launched this yet but you should be good to go when we do.

  547. Tom L

    Hi there

    I received the network update earlier today. My settings show that 4g is turned on. However I work in central London [removed by mod] and I am not getting 4G. I assume that I should see a 4G symbol on my phone. Although I have received the phone update do I still need for an account upgrade to take place?

    Help please


  548. Moderator: Nicki

    @phil – Sorry you’ve been given the incorrect information. The rollout won’t be based upon where you live, the type of device you have or any priority system. All accounts will have 4G activated by the beginning of March and will then be able to access 4G when they’re in a 4G area.

  549. phil

    i called customer services 5 days a go to ask about 4g! was told you should be getting int
    it in about to days!!! then i was told that they have put some notes on the system to make sure i will be getting it ASAP ….5 days later…no 4G whatsoever. I’m kinda giving up on it as it is becoming very very very annoying&missleading

  550. Moderator: Nicki

    @allibg5 – You might not get the 4G software update at the same time as people who got the same device from us directly. Don’t worry, if your device is compatible with 4G on our network, you’ll still get the software update between now and the end of March.

  551. allibg5


    My phone is brand new, unlocked having never been locked to any other network.

    When will I receive the carrier update?

    I live and work in areas the three website states has excellent 4G data coverage i.e DA16 and SW1H

  552. Moderator: Nicki

    @fabrizio venanzi – Hi there, if you have a 4G device you’ll receive an update to the device to make it ready for 4G. We’ll then be turning on 4G on your account by the beginning of March. If you’re then in a 4G area you’ll be able to access 4G at no additional cost.

  553. fabrizio venanzi

    Hi, I’m with three since more than 1 year so far.
    I’d like to know how can I request the activate for the 4G. Please help me.

  554. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Hi, all our sim plans will include access to 4G at no extra cost. If you got your device sim free from a third-party retailer, you might not get the 4G software update at the same time as people who got the same device from us directly. Don’t worry, if your device is compatible with 4G on our network, you’ll still get the software update in early 2014.

  555. Moderator: Nicki

    @Liam Self – If your device came from another UK mobile network, you might need to ask them to send you the 4G software update. This is because when they sold you your device, they set it up to only accept software that comes from them, so we can’t update it directly.

  556. Moderator: Nicki

    @Chris cox – If for whatever reason you need to get a replacement device from us, for example following an insurance claim or a repair, your replacement may not work on 4G straight away, even though it’s a 4G-compatible device. The best way to make sure it gets 4G as soon as possible is to keep its software as up-to-date as possible. If you’ve received the 4G carrier update from us already you’ll be able to access 4G when we make it available to you and you’re in a 4G coverage area.

    We aim to have all customers with a compatible device able to access 4G at no extra cost by the end of Feb when they are in an area with 4G coverage.

  557. John

    If I was to buy a sim free unlocked new 4g phone and then purchase a 3 sim only deal, would I get 4g, and how would the update needed be pushed to the phone

  558. Liam Self

    I have an EE-carrier Lumia 920 that I had unlocked so I could use it on Three. Will the 4G update be pushed to this phone as it isn’t a Three-branded phone, or will I have to get another phone/flash the firmware to get it to work?

  559. Chris cox

    Hello – my iPhone was faulty and I was told that apple needed to arrange my replacement (by a 3 store)- this happened in December. I understand from the comments that 4G isn’t released for all (I had my carrier 4g switch update iphone 5). Does the replacement phone causes any issues with me getting 4G? I seem to remember at the start it was mentioned that it needs to be a phone provided by 3. I also agree with the comments regarding the launch in December being misleading – I interpreted it as ‘roll out’ e.g everyone in those 3 cities and not a very closed beta group – any updates on the date?

  560. Moderator: Allan

    @allibg5 – You won’t need a new SIM. Was the phone originally on another network and it was unlocked to work on any? If so you’ll need to contact the original network to get the update. If it was originally a Three phone or SIM free we’ll supply you with the update. Thanks

  561. Moderator: Allan

    @Cullnean – All those in enabled areas in London will have access to 4G by the end of February. Thanks

  562. allibg5

    Can someone please give me a definitive answer re how to obtain the 4G sevice? I have a Note 3 unlocked purchased from a third party in December. Three cusomer services have told me three different things.
    1) I needed to send proof of purchase to register my phone then I would receive a software update and off I go.
    2) I need not have sent in the proof of purchase as my phone is already registered and I would receive the update in a couple of days time ( that was four days ago
    3) I will be text by three and sent a new SIM card and software update.

    What is it? Do I need a new SIM or not and when will I get the 4G service?

  563. L O'Donnell

    Very poorly handled. Still waiting in Reading for the 4G upgrade on my HTC One.
    Even the unlimited data probably wont be enough to keep me when contract up shortly. Current network can’t handle the traffic as it is, t may be unlimited but when I either can’t a stable connection(Paddington/Reading station) or get a decent speed, its in the range of it’s1 meg or less it’s useless. Very Poor, despite being ‘unlimited’.

  564. Tommy

    You should of course check with the XDA forums to see what others have to say with the same phone. Lots of home entertainment centers could benefit from PC-like entertainment features, but who wants to incorporate a large and bulky desktop into their home entertainment setup.

  565. cullnean

    Hi when will uxbridge get the 4g update

  566. David Turner

    Ok, cool, not too much longer to wait then. Thanks for the reply :-)

  567. Moderator: Richard

    @David – If you’ve got the ‘enable 4G’ tab then that means you’ve already got the update :) As you’re in Manchester you’ll have access to our 4G network by the end of February. Good times!

  568. Moderator: Claire

    @thfcraig Hi Craig, we working really hard to bring you 4G and apologise for the delay. We accelerated the rollout in January and we aim to have all customers with a compatible device able to access 4G at no extra cost by the end of Feb when they are in an area with 4G coverage.

  569. thfcraig

    I too feel like I have been mislead. I do not understand why this first phase does not include everybody in the cities (i.e. London, Birmingham, Manchester) and then everybody that is within a 4G area. Yes i understand you want feedback etc so all customers can experience a smooth transaction from 3G to 4G, but please can you answer this:- In the phone settings after the update it allows you to enable and disable ‘4G data’ therefore if customers are experiencing problems then they can turn their 4G off and go back to the original 3G until the 4G problems are resolved. So baffling and on top of this I think customers like myself would appreciate Three being honest and admitting they’re unsure of when 4G will roll out as when I was on the phone to a customer adviser about my poor 3G speeds in December he said it had nothing to do with the roll out of 4G and that I would most certainly receive 4G by January – FALSE. Now it’s gone from December to January to late February to now ‘sometime in 2014′ ABSOLUTE JOKE!!

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  571. David Turner

    When can I expect the update? Please?! This month? Next month? This all seems very non-committal and I feel like it could drag on for the whole year the way it’s going.

  572. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Matt – We will send you the software update as long as you are using a 3 sim card in the Nexus. >Bernie

  573. Moderator: Chris

    @Charles – Sorry for the conflicting information Charles, if you’ve bought the phone from a third party retailer you’ll still get the update from us in early 2014. You would only have to contact anyone to be pushed the update if you had originally purchased your handset locked to another network operator.

  574. Moderator: Ahmed

    @richard – You’ll be able to jump up to the 4G service when it’s made available as it’s only been rolled out to a few thousand customers at the moment but that number will increase in the very near future.

  575. David Turner

    Hi, any idea when my 4G will be activated? I’m in Manchester M32 8PN, and I have the “enable 4G” tab enabled on my iPhone 5 settings, but as yet it has never picked it up, even in the city centre.



  576. Paul Whyley

    People need to stop complaining about getting 4g. Every other operator will be charging their customers to have it. 3 are offering it for nothing. And you will get it at some point, so just wait. If your network is that bad on 3g then go elsewhere, then complain to that provider about having to pay for 4g.

    The only complaint I have about 3 is the foreign call centres, but that will never change.

  577. richard

    I have had a carrier update so I have a 4g switch on my iphone does that mean I can use 4g when im in a 4g area or do I hev to wait for another carrier update

  578. Moderator: Stephie

    @mark – Hi Mark, We don’t have a specific date of when it will be available in your area just yet. keep an eye on our website for more information.

  579. Moderator: Stephie

    @Anelos – Hi there, 4G will be available to all Three customers at no extra cost. You will be able to use this service when it rolls out as long as you have a 4G ready device :)

  580. Moderator: Stephie

    @Dennis – Hi Dennis, we don’t have an exact date as of yet but you can see all the updates through our website – http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Built_for_internetting?site=d

  581. Moderator: Pamela

    @Ryan Yes, it will be available to anyone who has a 4G ready device. :-) Pamela

  582. mark

    I am in an 4g are of london. I have the note 3 4g ready device but have not received a software upgrade. How or when will I receive this please.

  583. angelos

    what about 4g for a the pay as you go ? are you gonna release 4g for those that have 4g devices but without contracts ?

  584. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Karl – I appreciate where you’re coming from Karl, of course and I’m sorry if you feel misled but we always stated we’d be starting our 4G roll out in December. Nowhere did we say that each and every customer would be guaranteed 4G by December. As it stands, we feel our gradual approach will see, albeit later than most would like, our customers being very impressed with our 4G once in receipt of it. I know you’d like to know more but the simple fact of the matter is, here at the blog in any case, is that we don’t have anything definitive to tell you. Whether we wish we could tell you more, doesn’t really matter I guess. Again, sorry that the situation has you frustrated.

  585. dennis

    hi could you tell me when you plan to roll out 4g in the lake district

  586. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Answer This – Hi, I’m not sure where you heard that but our 4G network is our own. As it’s in its infancy, we’re gradually rolling out to ensure a quality product from the get go.

  587. Matt

    John Paul, it’s a Nexus 5 and like most people I bought it direct from Google. It’s not linked to ANY mobile network, so how am I going to get the update?

  588. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Matt – That’s a fair point Matt. If your device came from another UK mobile network, you might need to ask them to send you the 4G software update. This is because when they sold you your device, they set it up to only accept software that comes from them, so we can’t update it directly.

  589. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Mollie – I’m sorry you’ve had a this bad experience Mollie :-( Whom have you spoken with about this issue so far? There is a direct number to the network team, which is 08453550304, you shouldn’t be passed to anyone else when contacting this dept directly. Also whilst chatting with this team, you should ask if the issue comes under our coverage policy? We expect to see services improve greatly in areas which have certain issues once 4G is fully up and running. Just in case you haven’t seen this page, have a look at out Home Signal support page Lastly, if you’d like to send me your account details, so full name, DoB, mobile no. & postcode? I’ll log your concerns on your account and raise a case to our 2nd line support team to investigate for you. This will ensure that you’ll either get the help you need or if it’s as bad as you fear, we can look at your options going forward. Don’t worry, I won’t publish your personal details. For my eyes only :-)

  590. Karl

    We are now halfway through January and 3 still cannot say when 4G will be rolled out to more than just a couple of thousand Beta testers. It strikes me that 3 is being less than honest about what is going on. You promised that 4G would be rolled out in Dec 2013. You are trying to say that did happen because you put a handfull of customers on 4G just to say that 4G had started to be rolled out. That is not my definition of a roll out, that is something that is still in the Beta testing stage. If the whole of London could receive 4G in December I would accept that a roll out had started.I would have been far more impressed if 3 had come out and said there were problems and that the 4G roll out had been deferred to the first quarter of 2014. Straight talking and no fudging. That is what people prefer.

  591. Answer This

    Answer This…

    Surely if Three are piggybacking of part of EE 1800Mhz spectrum… Which is working absolutely fantastically for all those EE customers out there… What testing are Three actually doing by limiting there 4G usage to a few thousand of its customers!!!

  592. fix repair credit

    Valuable information and facts. Lucky myself I came across your site unintentionally, and i’m stunned the reason the following twist of fate couldn’t came to exist before! I actually saved as a favorite that.

  593. Ryan

    Is 4G gonna be available for pay as you go customers too??

  594. Mollie Holder

    Never again am I going to use three, my family have 5 contracts with them and have barely any signal where I live. We cannot receive calls or have outgoing calls anywhere inside my house. We have sent letters to people in order to sort this situation out and instead they give us a number where I have to wait in a que for 25 minutes before I get to speak to someone in which I then get passed on to someone else where i have to wait again. Before they roll out 4G in areas how about they sort out just basic phone signal in the areas where you don’t receive any? The signal booster box has been no help and when I have said this to there customer support all I get is insolent replies implying that It must be and that I am stupid. Upon going into there shops I get no help whatsoever as they tell me I have to do it all by phone which is a joke as I cant even ring them from my mobile at home because of the serious signal issue. How are three legally allowed to sell mobile phone contracts to people despite knowing they may not have any coverage at all? I would be delighted to hear three’s response but then again im sure I will just be told to ring them up and go through the lenghty process again and get no were. I would advise anybody looking to get a contrct out with three to not bother and pay that bit more and go with someone that will actually give you signal.

  595. Moderator: Daniela

    @Johnson – Sorry if you feel you were mislead by the salesman. 4g is not having a test run at the moment, it is actually in it’s first phase of the roll out. This means that only a few thousand customers have it but will be rolled out to the rest of customers in stages throughout the year ahead.

  596. Moderator: Daniela

    @abdul – Whilst we are rolling out 4G in 2014, this is being done in phases so we can ensure a smooth process. This means we can never promise an exact date but there are a few thousand customers who have 4G at the moment and other cities will be getting switched over gradually.

  597. Johnson

    @ mods JOHNPAUL ….
    Firstly thank you for replied …secondly I am not complaint about 4g not available in my area (which I am not surprise ) according to the promised of the salesman who sold me the iphone 5 contract back in September ….the promised that ,I should get 4g service before Xmas …..nothing happened ,I came back to see same salesman he told me there some problems ,it should be in service early in January and off course now I found that out they only do a test run .but why ? I am sure there must be a huge numbers of new customers sign up and fall into this trap like me before Xmas ……now time for these salesmen learn keep their mouth shut ……all this caused by misleading …..mis adverts ,,,, false information

  598. abdul

    I have been promised 4g by three and is the only reason why I took out the contract in the first place. Now it is January I still haven’t and have been given the 4g update but still no 4g what is going on ?

  599. Matt

    I have a 4G phone, but it is not from 3, when will I get the update? I’ve read on here it will come from my supplier??! But they have no idea what network I’m with so how will that work.

  600. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Johnson I appreciate your frustrations Johnson and should you wish to make a formal complaint with regards to 4G not being available in your area as of yet, you are entitled to do so. Here is our complaints form should you wish to move forward with that here or there are numerous alternative way to make your complaint here Thanks

  601. johnson

    attention to all THREE UK customers ….4g should be fully in service around the end of 2020 then 5g will start rolling out soon after that…that what they should say to all new customers who got sign up to new contract before Xmas …..now where should i go to make a complaint regard of misleading by the sellmans in the THREE UK shop……. please help

  602. Moderator: JohnPaul

    Sorry Daniel but I don’t have a specific timeframe for when the 4G carrier update will reach you, but it will in due course. We’ll make sure that by the time 4G has been enabled in your area, that you have the 4G update to best utilise the new service. You can bank on that :-)

  603. Jim

    RE Moderator: Richard 10/01/2014
    ‘@Jim – Is your Nexus 5 from Three? Any Three branded devices should be automatically sent the carrier update :)’

    My new nexus 5 is not three branded it was unbranded straight from Google.

  604. Moderator: Bernadette

    @len – It was given to a few thousand customers some in the Manchester area but the full scale roll out will be happening from 2014 onwards so you will receive the update soon. Thanks >Bernie

  605. Moderator: JohnPaul

    Hi Matt – Sorry this has confused you. We sent the 4G carrier update in preparation for the gradual roll out which is in process right now. Once we reach you, it sounds like you’re fully prepped to be good to go. You’ve got the phone, the update and live in a 4G area! Groovy :-)

  606. Moderator: Claire

    @Lewis Taylor – Sorry to hear you left us :( We decided as a business to make sure our 4G is fully ready to give the best possible experience to our customers which has delayed the launch. Thanks for the positive feedback on our complaints team we will pass this on.

  607. Moderator: Claire

    @Matt Carroll – We have a few thousand customers using 4G at present and will be rolling out more very shortly in your area. It will be with you soon :)

  608. Johnson

    4G ON THREE ? ROLLING OUT SOON ? When ? Don’t know ! Only for few thousand customers who are they ? I been told by one of the salesman inTHREE UK shop back in September I should get 4g service in early December 2013 but now we in mid January still no sight of it .now I known Three -4g way behind compare to other carriers even TESCO MOBILE HAVE THEIR 4g up and running …..THREE -4g still rolling out soon will be in service in 2015?….WHY THEY DONT TELL US THE ……TRUE……

  609. Charles

    Still no answer!!

  610. Matt Carroll

    i have got a iphone 5S which is 4G ready and has got the lastest 4G update.
    with your 4G coverage checker it says i should be receiving 4G indoors and outdoors but i am not getting any 4G.

    whats going on?

    my postcode is [removed by mod]

  611. Lewis Taylor

    Hey All, I was equally dis-pleased to be told a December 4G launch and for that to change to just “a few thousand customers”…

    I had a 24month contract on an iPhone 5, Last November (only a year into my contract) I was offered to upgrade early to the 5S… Reasons given to me were, the iPhone 5 isn’t compatible with there 4G and that they wanted me to be able to enjoy and make the most of the 4G as of December.

    I paid the money to upgrade early (which was a lot) and needless to say, found out at the start of December that not only was the iPhone 5 perfectly compatible (with the 1800Mhz at least) with 4G but it wasn’t going to be available in December either.

    I lodged a complaint with 3 and requested to leave my contract due to mis-selling by the sales team. In all fairness they did (in the end) end the contract free of charge and where polite and considerate. I am now with O2 with blisteringly fast 4G and actually pay less then I was with 3 anyway!

    Moral of this post is, if your not a happy customer then use the right channels to complain officially. 3 complaints team were actually very good with dealing with my comments, I’m not saying everyones situation is the same thus the same outcome but rather then giving these guys on the blog agro put it in a more constructive place ;)

  612. Charles

    You are giving us misleading information when you say the suppler of the phone will provide the update. I got my phone from Google, they have no idea what carrier I’m with or even what country I’m in, they simply supplied the phone. It’s Three’s software, have you supplied Google or anyone else with the software so they can provide the update?
    How can they possibly supply Three’s SIM update, it’s simply not possible.
    Can you please find out what is going on.

  613. Daniel Gugles

    I didn’t get the software update for 4g. When will i get it?

  614. Moderator: Stephie

    @JiggyCat – Hi there, at the moment there isn’t a dongle capable with 4G but Hauwei E5756 can reach up to 42MBPS on Ultrafast, this may be the best option until 4G capable dongle is released.

  615. Moderator: Stephanie C

    @George – All of our customers will get 4G for no extra cost, you’d even get 4G on our £6.90 SIM plan :)

  616. len

    I have iPhone 5 work on manchester have not received up grade for 4g stated we would be on in december 230 2013


    i have got a iphone 5s and at my work address it says i should be receiving 4G.(according to your coverage checker)
    i have got my update from you and a 4G ready phone but no 4G.

    whats going on?

    my postcode is: RM7 9QU

  618. Moderator: Stephanie C

    @chris – We don’t have a specific date as of yet for this unfortunately Chris.

  619. Moderator: Stephanie C

    @Farid Al-suheil – Hi there, We have currently rolled out 4g to a few thousand customers across 3 cities and we will be increasing this through out the year. Your software update should automatically appear on your phone when it is available.

  620. Moderator: Stephanie C

    @Vin – Hi Vin, I’ve had a look at your postcode and I can see there is currently a mast issue in that area, we have got engineers trying to sort this ASAP. Have you previously contacted out network team about your signal issues?

  621. Moderator: Stephanie C

    @Les – Hi Les, We have rolled 4G out to a few thousand customers in 3 cities and we’ll be increasing this through out the year. Your phone will have an automatic update that will get your phone ready for 4G when it does come to your area.

  622. Moderator: Stephanie C

    @Ray Dysart – Sorry you feel this way Ray. If you’re in contact with any third parties we will be happy to liaise with them.

  623. Steve

    Given the amount of people 3 have annoyed ( which is a hell of a lot of people) what are you guys going to do about everyone wanting to leave you? Promise everyone a free tablet and when they don’t get one say “aghh if you look at the small print, it says only 8 people will actually get one”?

  624. Johnson

    Misleading sales information and continue do to trap more new customers unaware of the 4g at no extra cost ….so after walked in Three shop I got talked into new contract by sales man he promised if I take out the contract. now by the December I should have 4g service with no extra cost ,that was back in the month of October , then half way of December nothing happened, I came back to the shop talked to the same one who sold me the 24months contract with the iphone5 ,guess what he said there some problem I should receive 4g by the end of December . End of the December. Still nothing ,came back to the shop again and got told 4g should be in service early January but there no 4g …be honest I am very happy with 3G good enough for me but why they keep bullshit me and others customers I don’t like the way they fooling me…..in my opinion Three 4g way behind the other carriers ,so please stop misleading us …….all we hear is rolling soon

  625. George

    What will the cheapest sim-only 4g contract be?

  626. Charles

    Richard, you still don’t seem to understand!! I got my phone from Google, they have no idea what carrier I’m with or even what country I’m in, they simply supplied the phone.
    How can they possibly supply Three’s SIM update, it’s simply not possible.
    Can you pleas find out what is going on

  627. JiggyCat

    Hello,I searched the comments for answers to my questions but can’t seem to find them,I was told when you roll out 4g my dongle may not be compatible,I am on 3 Mobile broadband dongle,15gb @£16.49 per month,Model Hsdpa usb stick MF 627,My questions are Will my dongle be compatible to receive 4g or updated to 4G? and also,I got a Hauwei E5220 wireless modem Mobile wifi device with latest HSPA+ technology so that I can put my Dongle sim in it and connect my tablet to but will the Hauwei E5220 be compatible with your 4g and if not,what Wifi/mifi devices will be compatible to put my 3 sim card into?


  628. Charles

    Richard, what you say cannot possibly be correct, I got my Nexus 5 directly from Google, as have most people. How on earth are they going to know what carriers sim software to update, they won’t even have the software as it is Three’s ? The update can only possibly come from Three, can you confirm exactly what is going to happen, because at the moment you don’t appear to understand what’s going on.

  629. chris

    when will brighton have 4G?

  630. Farid Al-suheil

    Hi, i live in london and wanted to know if 4g is out here now. Also, if it has, how do i check for the software update?

  631. Moderator: Richard

    @Charles – At the moment we’ll only be utilising 1.8GHz for 4G and we can’t confirm any dates as to when we may start using other frequencies. As far as we’re aware at the moment it’ll be whoever you got the phone from that will be providing the carrier update but if this changes we’ll be sure to let our customers know. Thanks.

  632. Simon

    Thanks Pamela. Have a good weekend

  633. Vin

    Three – you need to get your 3G speeds right first before you start jumping around with 4G. I have 2 contracts with you and been with you guys for last good few years and have to say that your mobile service as whole as degraded specially with signal and speed and to top that off you are not even upgrading the mast which overly congested.

    In last 6 months the speed has gone worse and the signal comes and goes because the mast is breathing as it can’t handle the number connections.

    For 4G I think I will try somewhere else. Oh btw you are the worse one off from 4G auction anyway which means you have less bands and less coverage.

    FYI if you want to check what’s wrong with my area, here is the postcode: [Removed by Moderator]


  634. Les

    if 4G is in London where i spend 5 days a week where can i get the upgrade for my Samsung S4.

  635. Ray Dysart

    I’ve complained to Ofcom about this and I suggest everyone else does too.

    As far as I’m concerned this is false advertising; I only changed provider to 3 on this promise, nowhere was it made clear that only a subset of people would get the upgrade

  636. Moderator: Pamela

    @Simon We don’t have an exact date just yet but, it will be available to you very very soon. When 4G does become available for you, you shouldn’t see any degradation in your 3G signal :-) >Pamela

  637. Moderator: Richard

    @Jim – Is your Nexus 5 from Three? Any Three branded devices should be automatically sent the carrier update :)

  638. Moderator: Richard

    @Simon – That’s good you’ve got the update and you’re all prepped for the full roll out :) It’ll be early this year but unfortunately we’ve no exact dates as of yet. Thanks

  639. Charles

    Richard, Three also have 791 to 796 MHz and 832 to 837 MHz for 4G, (not just 1.8GHz), when will you be utilising this part of the spectrum?
    Also are you saying you are only doing an OTA update for mobile phones supplied by Three? I have a Nexus 5, I cannot get a Three SIM update from “the manufacturer.”

  640. Moderator: Richard

    @Javed – We always take on feedback whether it’s good or bad so I will take this on board and pass the message on. For the meantime however, we’ve been giving out all the information we have on the full roll out and as soon as we know more we’ll be in touch. Thanks.

  641. Moderator: Richard

    @Dom – Our 4G network will work on Band 3 (1800MHz frequency). As for the carrier update, do you have a Three branded phone? If so, then it’ll be automatically sent out to you. If it’s an unlocked phone with a Three SIM then you’ll need to get hold of it through the manufacturer. Thanks >Rich

  642. Jim

    Re: Moderator: Lauren
    Perhaps not a breach of contract however, if Imran was told by a 3mobile salesperson as I was that he would have 4g in 2013 the contract was mis-sold.

    Anyway, I have upgraded my phone recently from a 3g device to a nexus 5. Will 3 automatically know that I am now 4g ready and issue me the required software update? I live in London btw.
    Thanks J

  643. Simon

    Like others here, I have an iPhone5, I have received the network update and I am in a central London area that says it has 4G coverage for my device on Three. I am not complaining that I have not seen 4G service yet but I would like to know when I will be moved onto the service? When I am, am I likely to see a degradation of service?

  644. Javed

    To all the Moderators

    I appreciate you’ve got a difficult job, but a very large percentage of the comments that have been put in this blog have the same sentiment!

    That is that your customers feel like that they’ve been lied too or certainly at best mislead.

    Regardless of your company brief as how to deal with these comments you should go back to your managers and represent this feedback. Your managers should acept this dissatisfaction and at the very least come back with a better response than the ones your authorised to give at present.

    Your customers feel cheated, at the very least go and get them a timetable of when 4G will be implemented for everyone in these launch areas.

    Your present responses are unacceptable unfortunately, and you need to get more information to us your customers. Somebody in your company has the timetable for the mass launch in these areas, I suggest you get authorisation from your managers and ring or email this individual and find out the information that every other person is requesting and post it.

    Thank you I await your response with little hope that you will do this.

  645. Dom

    Which 4G band are you going to be using (e.g. band 4?)?

    Also, if you have a SIM only contract, how do users get the carrier software upgrade?


  646. Moderator: Lauren

    @Imran – this isn’t a breach of contract as there is no mention of 4G in your T&Cs. A full copy of these can be found here.

  647. Imran Piperdi


    Are Three in breach of contract over 4g? When I took out my 24 month contract in Sept/ Oct 2012, I was told that I’d have a 4g service in 2013. It’s now 2014 and I don’t seem to be one of the ones receiving a 4g service. I think we should be allowed to cancel our contracts without any charges.

  648. Moderator: Allan

    @Pete – 4G hasn’t been launched to all customers in these area yet Pete, only a few thousand so far. The roll-out to everyone will happen soon, though we don’t have a specific date for this just yet. Thanks

  649. Pete

    It seems I have the same problem, I have a 5s and have received the 4G update and I regularly travel to the centre of Manchester but I have as yet not recieved a 4G signal, can someone please let people know what EXACTLY is going on

  650. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Livio – It will depend on the device you will be using whether it will get the 4G symbol or not. We don’t have a specific database but you can check out all the devices here: http://store.three.co.uk/Mobile_Phones/4G_Ready >Bernie

  651. Moderator: Allan

    @Matt Carroll – 4G hasn’t been launched to everyone yet, a few thousand so far. Will be rolled out to everyone else in 4G enabled areas soon now (we don’t have a specific date available). Thanks

  652. Livio

    Hi, will 4G be displayed as a ‘4G’ symbol on the phone when the device has the network update, and does three.co.uk have a database of all 4G mobile phones, and tablets? Thanks.


    @ Moderator: Ahmed

    That was not the answer to my question. i said i have received the update about a month ago(so yes i am ready) but i have checked you coverage checker for 4G today and from saturday just gone, it says that i should be receiving 4G in my area but i am not.

  654. Moderator: Ahmed

    @MATT CARROLL – Some people have received the update in preparation for 4G when it arrives in the area. You can keep an eye here on our 4G plans and updates.

  655. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Steve – Sorry you feel that way, however the initial launch got under-way in December and is ongoing to more customers in other areas in the near future. So there are customers benefiting from the 4G service already and we’re pushing to increasing that number.

  656. Steve

    It’s funny how 3 are “rolling out 4g” in December of all months, as they feel the need to sell as many phones and contracts as possible over the Xmas period. It’s a very good short term marketing plan to attract new customers by telling everyone 4g is nearly here. I can’t help but feel the huge amount of people 3 has annoyed with its lies, will not be staying with them in the future. Wish I joined EE

    P.s. Do the mods on here get paid to copy and paste the same answer to everyone?


    @ Moderator John
    yes i have received my network carrier update.with the 3 4G network checker
    it is saying i should be receiving 4G but i am not.

  658. Moderator: John

    @Matt – Our 4G starting rolling out in stages in December with a few thousand people in 3 selected cities. The intent is to accelerate this roll-out going forward this year. Have you received your network carrier update to prepare your phone for when it arrives?



  660. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Matt – Hi, great speeds there :) Not at all, if anything those kind of speeds will hopefully remain consistent and you’ll be enjoying some excellent speeds. Hope this helps.

  661. Moderator: John

    @Gareth – That’s absolutely spot on, Gareth. As long as you’re using your SIM in a 4G compatible device i.e. the S4, they would get the carrier update as soon as it’s available.

  662. Kris Kirkbride

    Thanks for all the mod comments – its clear only so much you can divulge, but good to see such interest in 4G!

    Plus none of us are paying daft O2/EE 4G prices!

    The OTA update – is that essentially new APN settings?

    Any truth in the rumour that Hutchinson Telecom are trying to buy O2??

  663. Matt

    P.S plans not planes

  664. Matt

    I actually got 18 mbps this morning, will 4G slow me down ?

  665. Gareth

    Ok I recently opened a 3 account (7 months) with this contract I received Samsung galaxy s3. My partner gave me her Samsung s4 upgrade which is also on 3 network which I now use. I have changed the details on my3account to state I use a Samsung s4 however previously you stated that you dont use this information only what is on the original account details. Was just wondering if I was going to receive the 4g carrier update, its not a major problem as I am already more than happ? with the speeds / service I receive.

  666. Matt

    Any planes on bumping the speed up above 14 mbps ?
    I nearly get that without 4G

  667. Moderator: Kris

    @Andy We give similar responses, as we are being asked the same question. There are only so many ways we can give the same info, so apologies if it comes across that way. We are yet to be given exact dates for the roll outs, if we had them, then we would be be giving them out without delay, so as to make our customers aware as soon as possible.

  668. Moderator: Kris

    @Rob The update will be sent out based on the info we have on your full account with us and not your My3 account, so no need to worry =)

  669. Moderator: Kris

    @Adam If you are continuing to use your Three sim in your device, you should still receive the 4G OTA update. All of our 4G eligible customers will get this update prior to the full 4G launch, so it should be sent through in the next few weeks.

  670. Moderator: Kris

    @Steven Sorry that you feel that way. How are your 3G/HSPA+ speeds at the moment? Are there things you’re unable to do on your current devices because you don’t have 4G just yet? As you’ve already made mention of, some customers were able to get access to our 4G network in December, with our roll out continuing across the UK throughout 2014. We don’t have exact dates for where and when it will be launched in each area just yet, so that is information we can not give you at this time.

  671. Moderator: Kris

    @Simon We do have customers in London who have been using 4G since December at the moment on our network, with the rest of our customers set to get it very soon, so the info you have looked at is in the correct place. All of our 4G eligible customers will get the update prior to launch, but as it’s a staggered release of the update, not everyone will get it at the same time. Thanks for your patience.

  672. Moderator: Kris

    @Ian We don’t have those details to hand as yet. If we did and weren’t giving them out, it’d show us as pretty big gluttons for punishment, going by the number of posts we’ve had to answer about it. As soon as we have that info, we’ll be shouting it from the rooftops. For now though, the info available on the website is what we have. We can only apolgise if this is not as abundant as you would like ti to be, but it’s what we have for now. Any updates we get will be posted on three.co.uk and will no doubt be blogged, tweeted and Facebooked instantaneously.

    As for the roaming question, we have no plans in place at the moment for that, but Feel At Home has been very popular, so I’d imagine the countries on it will continue to grow once agreements are reached with the other European networks.

  673. Moderator: Kris

    @Neil Sorry you feel that way. We’re putting the final tweaks to the full launch at the moment, so it shouldn’t be much longer until we have the full roll out under way.

  674. Andy

    Hi Mods. You keep on quoting this same standard response to any questions about 4G availability..

    “4G is currently rolling out to a few thousand customers, this will accelerate early this year. Thank you for your patience.”

    Can I please ask what on earth ‘accelerate’ actually means? I’m presuming this means that not everyone is going to get access to 4G at the same time? Simply not good enough! As was ‘persuaded’ to sign a contract with the December 4G launch date specified, I’d like a date when which I can expect to be given what I signed up for.

    Don’t get me wrong, your current speeds are good, but please don’t promise one thing and deliver another. People, like myself, have been deceived into signing contracts and we simply now want some firmer answers rather than the copy and paste responses. Thanks.

  675. Rob

    In “My3″ in the “Phone & Contract” area you can select “Your device”.

    The Apple iPhone 5s is not available for selection (and this is the phone I have).

    As Three do not know which device I have (as I cannot select it) how will it be possible to identify and send me the software upgrade I need to start receiving the 4G service?

  676. adam

    I have unlocked my three phone from your network (via three) however I have discovered three wont give me the software update I need to unlock the 4g on my phone. In short on my phone I will never get 4g untill three allow me two. Can’t wait for my contracts to end all 3 of them.

  677. steven

    I to feel cheated by three, I’ve been sold into thinking I’ll be getting 4g in December. If I do not get 4g by the end of January I will not be renewing my two contacts with three. I would like to know when I will be getting 4g, please can you tell me when, I’m not looking for a reply you have been giving to earlier questions from other un happy customers of we r rolling it out, that feels robotic to me.

  678. simon

    Hi guys I followed your link on your 4g roll out plans. I note that in dec 2013 your rolling it out to London then 2014 your rolling it out to other cities. Well it jan 2014 and I havnt even got a software update yet nor has anyone I know using the 3 network in london! If you wasnt planning to rollout to london until 2014 then why put it in the 2013 box? I just dont get it. Even your coverage checker says im in a 4g area yet no one can access it meaming its as good a useless. Crazy situation. Like being a nice new sports car without the keys to drive it! You may want to change that link so everything is in the 2014 box as clearly 2013 was misleading from the customer point of view and is probably why you have so many irate people on here.

  679. Ian

    Dear Three – we know you are doing a 4G rollout and I do love your new roaming ideas, but could you be OPEN & HONEST regarding the 4G rollout.

    i.e. When will city X have 4G for EVERYONE to use not just a few select people who probably represent less than 1% of the user base.

    I don’t mind your being late or need to do more testing- just be HONEST. Please update your website page with the new rollout dates – I have a feeling that it’s in breach of the advertising standards with what it’s currently saying anyways.


    PS Any plans for FREE ROAMING within all of Europe?

  680. Moderator: Madeline

    @Phil – Hi, the software update is being sent out in a phased approach by device type from now until February. We have already begun enabling 4G for our existing customers and will ramp this up early this year to make it available to more customers.

  681. Moderator: Madeline

    @Zunaer – Hi there, 4G is currently rolling out to a few thousand customers, this will accelerate early this year. For more information, click here

  682. Moderator: Madeline

    @Hugh – Hi Hugh, the software update is being sent out in a phased approach by device type from now until February. There is no specific date for the update. Hope this helps :)

  683. Moderator: Madeline

    @Tejbir Bir 4G is currently being rolled out to a few thousand customers, this will accelerate early this year. For more info click here

  684. Moderator: Madeline

    @fabrizio – Hi there, 4G is currently rolling out to a few thousand customers, this will accelerate early this year. Thank you for your patience.

  685. Moderator: Madeline

    @Iain – Hi Iain, sorry you feel this way, 4G is currently being rolled out to a few thousand customers, this will accelerate early this year. If you’ve had problems on the phone, is there anything we can help you with?

  686. Moderator: Madeline

    @Rick Jagger – Hi Rick, there is no specific time-scale for the update, your phone will receive a carrier message when it’s ready to update.

  687. Neil

    I’m hugely disappointed by 3’s ‘caginess’ over it’s 4G rollout. 3 absolutely, 100% know what is rolling out and where, yet choose to keep peddling this “coming soon” nonsense (reminds me of early ntl marketing).
    It would make good sense to tell people when they can genuinely expect to get 4G.
    Personally, I think I’m going to jump ship and get a SIM Only deal from Vodafone, as if you sign up before the end of January 2014, you get an extra 4 gig of data on top of whatever your tariff gives you (along with free Spotify Premium or Sky Sports mobile, which is a superb offering).
    I was looking at the 8 gig tariff, but if I sign up before Jan 31st, I will get 12 gig per month, which will more than suit my needs. Unlimited is great, but in reality I use about 1 gig per week (4 gig per month), so 8/12 gig will more than cover me.
    3-for a telecommunications network, you really don’t know how to COMMUNICATE with your customers.

  688. Moderator: Madeline

    @Hannes – Hi Hannes, 4G is currently rolling out to a few thousand customers, this will accelerate early this year. Thank you for your patience.

  689. Phil

    Hi, I have a Samsung Galaxy S4 that was previously locked to 02, now unlocked with a Three monthly One Plan sim in it. I live in central Manchester and cannot get 4g as yet. Will I still get a software update when 4g arrives? or should it just work whenever 4g is available?

  690. Moderator: Madeline

    @Brian – Hi Brian, 4G is currently rolling out to a few thousand customers, this will accelerate early this year.

  691. Hugh

    I have just signed up to Three as I would like to use the 4G network when I visit London. Where can I get this software update/ data settings which will allow me to connect to 4G? I have a 4G compatible Nexus 5. Thanks.

  692. Tejbir Bir

    I have the 15.6 update and 4G is turned on in the network settings but why I am not getting 4G sign? I live in Manchester btw.

  693. fabrizio

    When all London customers will be able to use 4g? I mean ALL London. Forget about the beta testing.We need to know the truth now.

  694. iain

    I too feel like I have been lied to, I’m in Birmingham and was told 4g would be coming at the beginning of December, no such luck, customer services are awful, the worst ever, they lure you into contracts telling you it’s an upgrade and then you find your old contract is still running, lovely ! My fathers 3g dongle contract was cancelled by Three due to it being mis sold in one of their shops, they kept taking the money though for a further 12 months and reluctantly gave him a refund only when he agreed to have a phone contract with them as they told him as he no longer had an account with them they could not refund, shocking, one last thing, it would be lovely to speak to someone just once at Three who had a full grasp of the English language, rant over !

  695. Moderator: John

    @Kevin – We’ve started rolling out our free 4G this month; involving a few thousand customers in 3 cities. We wanted to make sure that all of our customers would be getting a seamless, enjoyable experience when it rolled out across the board. You can find out a little bit more out with regards to status updates by clicking the link here

  696. Moderator: John

    @Em – The carrier update is in preparation for you for when 4G rolls out across the UK. We started this roll-out this month with a few thousand customers in 3 cities, and this will accelerate going into the New Year. You can find out status updates by clicking the link here

  697. Moderator: John

    @Luca – It sure is, Luca. the only requirement is that the phone you’re using is a 4G ready device.

  698. Moderator: John

    @The tech savvie – We’re very sorry to read that you feel this way. Our 4G roll-out did start this month with a few thousand customers across 3 cities. The plan, as you’re aware, is to accelerate this moving forward into the New Year. We just want to ensure that when it rolls out across the board, the best possible experience is enjoyed by all. We would, however, be sad for you to leave us before you got to sample the benefits of the free 4G that you’ll only get with us.

  699. Moderator: John

    @Simon – We really appreciate your patience, Simon. 4G began to roll out this month with a few thousand customers around 3 cities. The intent is for this to accelerate going forward into the New Year. You’ll be able to keep tabs on our 4G updates through this link here

  700. Moderator: John

    @ Rob – Hi Rob, the carrier update is rolling out in stages; so if your phone is relatively new it may still be waiting. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available.

  701. Rick Jagger

    Hi, I have an HTC One which i bought myself not through Three how do i enable 4G on this device..?

  702. Zunaer

    How will I know if I’m entitled to use 4G now?

  703. Moderator: John

    @Zunaer – The carrier update is just preparation for the 4G; you can find out more about the roll-out status here

  704. Rob Clarke

    Hi, I recently received my update for 4g on my iphone 5( unlocked. Originally on O2) I now have an iphone 5s and haven’t received any update as yet. Is this because the 5s already has the 4g enabled? Showing carrier 15.6

  705. Hannes

    Must admit I fell in that trap by taking out a contract believing that what I was told, stating that 4G will be in London in December. Well makes you think, it is time to move on.

  706. Steff E

    @Nasir – You’ll need to change your network settings back to 3G as 4G has not fully been rolled out yet. The coverage checker is only a guide and doesn’t guarantee service availability in a particular location, it states this below the coverage checker. If after you’ve changed your network settings back to 3G and you are still unable to connect to the 3G network give our network team a call on 333 and they’ll go through some troubleshooting with you. I do understand your frustration Nasir, and some of our customers have felt the same. However what they’ve found is that the benefits of getting 4G on our network far outweighs the costs. We will not charge you a single penny extra to use our 4G network (the only UK network to do so) and we are the only network to provide truly All You Can Eat Data meaning that you never have to worry about data charges again. 4G is coming Nasir, we just want to make sure that it’s the best it can be with as little faults as possible, hence the staggered release.

  707. Steff E

    @James – We’re sorry you feel lied to James, where did you hear that 4G will not be in London till Spring/Summer 2014? London will be one of the first cities getting 4G, with a full roll out starting from January 2014. We are launching 4G in staggered phases for many reasons including the ability to deal with any problems or issues that might arise from each phase.

  708. Steff E

    @Richard – 4G is currently available to a few thousand customers. The roll out will accelerate into early next year with London being one of the first cities to get it. The 4G update is just to prepare your handset for the full roll out. Thanks, Steff

  709. Zunaer

    If I got the update will I be able to use 4G in a 4G area

  710. The tech savvie

    Three is by far the worst network in our Galaxy.

    Empty promises are an expectation and a personal guarantee from their sales advisors.

    Useless information is there customer services forté

    4G in London for all by December 2013

    Actually no, it will be by end of February 2014

    Actually let’s piss out customers off and say end of March 2014.

    All I can say is I will pay the premium price and move to a far superior network, which is not difficult as all other networks fit the bill.

  711. simon

    Hi any idea as to when your 4g launch is going to happen in London please? I know from previous posts it was put back from december 2013 to january 2014 but when in january can I expect a 4g signal?

  712. Luca

    it’s also avaible for pay as you go sim ?

  713. Em

    I have the same issue as lots of people here it seems. I have downloaded the software update, checked my 4G coverage (which says excellent) and still cannot connect… Help please!

  714. brian

    i have the i phone 5, i have had the software update the post code checker says 4g excelent service but no 4g on the phone please advise

  715. Kevin

    I been deceived ! Where is 4g update it’s now the 28th dec n I don’t see it happened????

  716. Simon

    The pace of the roll out in London is a bit disappointing. The 3G network connection here near Blackfriars is woefully slow most days inside or out. Communicating your pilot phase as a roll out is a bit naughty, it’d have been far better to give an estimate for the public roll out rather than give false hope. Ce la vie, I’ll have probably learned all the shop, restaurant and roads in the City and won’t actually need to use the maps or internet for this information by the time 4G finally does arrive.

  717. Nasir

    Hi there,
    I got my settings update for v 15.6 and since then i am having network 3g issues. And its driving me crazy ! I have checked the network coverage for 4g and it shows its covered in my area. It was only later i came to know by little research that this is a test phase and a lucky few have been given the 4g speed. But if u read threes website, it clearly says 4g will be in birmingham by december. Thats false advertising ! I wouldnt have bothered much about it, but the fact is im paying money for a 3g network that should work and it hasnt been the case. Need to speak to customer services about this. What a shame !

  718. james

    agree.. we’ve been lied to. 4G will be spring to summer 2014 for London and thats not even considering the rest of the country… I hate to say it but i think its time to leave 3.. not for lack of service but lack of honesty

  719. Richard

    I received my 4g update a few weeks ok, I’m not yet receiving 4g signal though. Should I be? I have a 5s and live and work centrally in London so I’d have thought it would work now

  720. Moderator: Allan

    @Javed – No need to worry, your other device will still receive the software update. It may just take some time, the roll-out is continuing.

  721. Dr M

    I have been with Three for more than eight years. In November, I contacted Three and tried to leave them in order to try the 4G service provided by Orange. But they managed to persudate me to stay by lying to me that 4G would become available at Three in December and I could use it from December. Now I still haven’t got 4G (I am in South Kensington, London Zone 1). And today they said that it might be up to March 2014 before I could get the 4G service. I feel that I have been cheated. In fact, they even tried to lure me to sign another 12 months contract in November. Luckily I said I would try it for one month first (i.e., the 30 days contract). I will leave Three in the coming Janurary. and I will may make a complain to Ofcom.

  722. Javed

    I have two contracts, I have received a software update for my iPhone 5s but not my iPhone 5. Do I need to contact customer services?

  723. Heather

    i was sold 2 phones in March by 3 and told i will get 4g on them. guess what just found out they are not compatible. Miss selling or what.

  724. Moderator: Nicki

    @Fabien – Hi there, the roll-out has started with a few thousand customers in 3 cities. This will be ramped up early next year to include more users.

  725. Fabien


    The 3Mobile coverage checker for 4G says that Reading is covered by 4G but the magic doesn’t happen on my iPhone 5.

    Is there any reason?

    Thanks a lot for your answer.

  726. Moderator: Nicki

    @Adie Mcc – Hi there, the 14 days you’re referring to relates to our obligations under the Distance Selling Regulations – these don’t cover store purchases as there’s no distance selling.

    It’s also not possible to exchange or return a device when you’ve entered in to a contact. With the iPhone the user enters in to the contract when the cellophane wrapping is removed. With any other phone it would be when you’ve made or received any calls (voice or video), sent or received any texts (unless from Three), or been on the internet with your device.

  727. Adie Mcc

    @Julie wait a minute you’ve upgraded to 5c and you can’t change it?
    I’m sure you’ve got 2 weeks to change your mind even if you don’t like the phone. Can’t believe what I’ve just read the MOD replied I’m afraid you can’t exchange it!
    Just tell them you don’t want it, you get 14 days grace even if it is an upgrade. Your the one stuck with it for 2 years! Don’t settle for less than what you want.

  728. Steff E

    @Khalil Sheikh, As I cannot see any faults in the area the next thing to do is to contact our network team on 333 from your Three handset. They may be able to go through some troubleshooting with you. Hopefully this will be sorted out soon

  729. khalil sheikh

    still has made no difference, I have check with my other family members iphone and there are the same, funny thing is if I go to the end of the street by the main road it boosts up to 12mbps

  730. Steff E

    @Julie, Im afraid they are correct. You can view our returns policy here: http://bit.ly/JLieBL

  731. julie hunter

    I upgraded to an i phone 5C yesterday, don’t like the handset and i tried to change it for a 5s today and they said they couldn’t help… “there is nothing i can do for you” is what i was told at the three store in Ayr? Is this correct?

  732. Steff E

    @Khalil Sheikh, apologies for the delay. I’ve had a look at your postcode and there doesn’t seem to be any issues with masts in your area. You’ve said that you received the carrier update for 4G. You’ll need to change your network settings back to 3G otherwise you’ll struggle to receive any signal at all. Once you’ve done that cold reboot your handset and try connecting to the internet again. Let us know how you get on, thanks

  733. Steff E

    @Clive Bunker, We’ve not fully rolled out 4G in London yet. Only to a few thousand customers who are testing it and giving us feedback on their experience. If you were not included in the testing of 4G you’ll need to change your network settings back to 3G otherwise you may find that you struggle to get any signal. The full roll out of 4G in London will accelerate from the start of the New Year with 50 cities getting 4G by the end of 2014. We don’t have an exact date for the full roll out but keep an eye on the blog for further updates.

  734. Steff E

    @James, ok well it therefore seems like you are experiencing congestion issues in your area. It seems so especially as you say you get faster speeds in the evening. Best thing to do is to call the network team on 333 from your Three handset to see if they can rule out any other possible faults. Once 4G is fully implemented (we don’t have an exact date for the full launch yet) you will find that your speeds will increase, whether you’re in 4G area or Advanced 3G area.

  735. khalil sheikh

    did you mange to find out for me, I did post before with my postcode, (removed by mod), I am getting 0.12mbps, please help

  736. Clive Bunker

    Have had update for network settings and downloaded. Phone shows carrier as 3 15.6 and I believe this indicates 4G service but nothing yet after a week. Do I have to make any other changes such as soft reset etc.?
    I am in Waterloo in Central London so signal should be good.

  737. Steff E

    @Tom, I’ve had a look at your postcodes and there are a couple masts that are faulty. Are engineers are aware of this and a fix is on the way however there’s no timescale as of yet. How long has this been going on for? Did you receive the carrier update for 4G? If so please make sure you are connected to the 3G network and not the 4G as we have not fully rolled it out yet. Let us know how you get on. Thanks

  738. james

    thanks, i have tried that but it actually seems worse now without the 4G turned on… <1mbps

    previously i was thinking it was just time of day… as after midnight i can get 8-12mbps but during daylight hours its never more than 2-3mbps (at the absolute best).. usual is <2mbps…

    oddly (or perhaps not to you) my upload speed is better than download during the day…

  739. Steff E

    @James, I’ve had a look at your postcode and there doesn’t seem to be any issues in your area. Have you changed your network settings back to 3G and then done a cold reboot? As we haven’t fully rolled out 4G in London yet your phone will be unable to connect to that network so for the time being you must go back to 3G. Let us know if this works or not. Thanks

  740. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ali – Hi there, it won’t connect to 4G as yet. We’ve launched 4G to a few thousand customers in 3 locations. This will be increased in the New Year to include more customers. We’ll let you know when you’re able to use 4G.

    In the meantime it may be better to turn off 4G in your phone settings.

  741. Ali

    Hi, same as most. Carrier setting updated and 4G has a enabled toggle on iphone 5. Coverage says 4g enabled. Have never connected to 4g though. Postcode [removed by Mod]

  742. James

    (Removed by Mod)

  743. Tom

    All that seems to happen is that 3G keeps dropping out. No 4G at all…

    Postcodes are (Removed by Mod)

  744. Moderator: Nicki

    @james – Hi, sorry about this. Could well be an issue with your local mast – what’s your full postcode?

  745. james

    Same here. iPhone 5 sim update now have the “use 4G data” toggle but no speed… i live in the centre of london… your map says 4G excellent service.. but no 4G here… averaged “3G” speed is less than 2mbps

  746. John

    Same situation as Khalil Sheikh, iphone5, received the update at least a week ago & have since never connected to 4G despite coverage maps showing 4G coverage

  747. Moderator: Nicki

    @Adie – Sorry about this – what’s your full postcode and I’ll take a look.

  748. Adie

    This crap getting worse by the day. Sat here trying to watch PS4 LIVESTREM and all I’m getting in loading circles!
    I’m paying £15 a month pay and go for WHAT!
    I very much dout it anyone with a iphone will not get HSPDC or whatever it’s called the really fast 3G internet.
    Just sat here wondering WTF!

  749. Ewan

    Complain to the regulator and direct them to Three’s statement re December 2013 4g rollout. I suspect three have hoodwinked us all into upgrading/staying with them…..let the regulator decide

  750. Moderator: Nicki

    @Darren – Sorry about this. If you’re still having issues send over your full postcode and I’ll take a look at it.

  751. Darren

    im unable to connect to the internet and ive had “no network” and no signal bars on my MiFi mobile broadband all day!!…..WHY??

  752. Tam Keir

    To Rio Dugan–welcome to the world of Three.

  753. Jim

    Since u have started to roll out your 4G/LTE IVE HAD WORSE 3G COVERAGE. So not only was I promised 4G from May this year and it’s been delayed and delayed with often no apology whatsoever on you website- just deleting the previous promise with no reference to it! Now I struggle to get any 3G coverage on my commute to London and back to Essex.

    I should have held off installing the carrier settings update as clearly that’s what’s causing this… Testing the LTE coverage which, as you keep saying, is for the chosen few at the moment. I’ll be very surprised if we all actually get LTE in January in London!

    A disappointed

  754. Damien

    Its a sad thing when the ‘mods’ keep towing the party line of free 4g… december launch, no 4g. Now you are restricting it… its not on three! you advertise something which you have not delivered.

    you have something to answer, please inform us why you choose to do it rolled out… technical issues? in that case, you should have tested this in beta before.

    you cant say launch december and then not launch… bad form

  755. Rio Dugan

    I signed up to a 12 month sim plan a few months back to now finding out I won’t be getting 4G this December.

    Three should have included the fact that 4G will only be available to a select few customers this December. All I can say this was a devious and deliberate coy by three.

    If the statement on your website was made without any intention to deceive (potential) customers, common sense should have made realisation that ALL customers seeing this would think they are going to be getting 4G this December.

    Moderators here seem to like beating around the bush. Many customer are angry for a valid reason can you not see?

    I really hope the trading standards and ofcom catch onto this…underhand dishonestly to (potential) customers, not good.

    p.s. moderators didn’t allow a similar comment through before, I wonder why?

  756. Moderator: Nicki

    @Zunaer – Hi, Sheffield will be rolled our in 2014. We’ve started the rollout over 3 cities, including Manchester, with a few thousand customers and this will be increased in the New Year to include more customers.

  757. Moderator: Nicki

    @Darren – Hi there, we’re in the process of getting all our customers ready to access 4G and our roll out is well under way. We want to ensure that all our customers experience is protected as we roll out the new technology so we’ve started small enabling a few thousand customers to ensure we get the experience right. We will accelerate our rollout from January so all customers with a 4G ready device who will be able to enjoy 4G when they are in a 4G enabled area, at no extra cost :-)

  758. Moderator: Nicki

    @John Magowan – I’m afraid we don’t have a date for 4G rollout to Ireland as yet.

  759. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sun – Hi there, all our customers will be upgraded to 4G at no extra cost when it’s launched in your area and we make it available to you. All you’ll need to receive it is a 4G compatible device :-)

  760. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lee dempsey – Hi there, we don’t have any 4G MiFis or dongles as yet. Any future devices we’re planning on selling will be launched via our Coming Soon page.

  761. Moderator: Nicki

    @Khalil Sheikh – Sorry about this, what’s your full postcode and I’ll take a look at your nearest mast for any issues.

  762. Zunaer

    When will 4G be out in Sheffield? And if I go to Manchester will I be able to connect to 4G Internet ?

  763. Darren

    I have the 4g upgrade & switched on in DY3 area where the map says I should have good 4g coverage – my phone still shows I’m on 3G so when will I have access to 4G ?

  764. satinder

    I was told 4G by December 2013 nothing about priveleged group ever that was dropped on us in December why has this never been made clear in your marketing.
    Surely you have misrepresented your self no excuses as even today it shows Reading as 2013 well you have 16 days or so to put up or shut up

  765. John


    Wouldn’t you rather wait for everyone to test 4G so the engineers have chance to fix any problems than release it to everyone in them areas and struggle when there are loads of bugs with the network it’s a sensible move to try it out before releasing it

  766. John Magowan

    Why is no where in Northern Ireland getting 4g as listed in the cities getting 4g coverage in 2014.
    Do Three customers in Northern Ireland have to wait until 2015 to get 4g.

  767. Sun

    Im on a three sim only all ypu can eat top tariff, I am waiting for 4g to be launched before I buy a new 4g phone.
    Will I get automatically upgraded to 4g as expected when I get my new phone? All this information about sending one off activations is worrying and confusing.
    I only got the three simonly deal because they said I’d pick up 4g for free when launched. I hope three do not make new conditions like saying you have to have the 4g phone on a certain date to receive the activation or you’ll be excluded. If that’s the case that would be very misleading.
    Please clarify

  768. Lee dempsey

    Will the dongles like mifi being going 4 g to

  769. Masami Chifusa

    Re 4G COMING DEC, but iphone 5 user are not sure.
    Iphone 5S and 5C will ok for G4.
    Early this year, 3 shop staff are told
    us about 4g for iphone 4.
    Since 5S & 5C are in the market,
    never mention about iphone 5.
    Net work 3 should inform to all iphone5 users. Even now not too late, we are thinking to switch to
    another network.

  770. Khalil Sheikh

    I have a iphone 5(not S or C) live in b6 postcode. I received the update. BUT the internet is so so slow now. Getting less than 0.37mbps or less where as before it was way above 5. Please help. Also it still says 3G next to the signal bar

  771. James

    @Daniela, really poor advertising, woulder what th ASA would say! Not the impression the website gives. I would of bought my sim from EE had I not been misinformed by Three staff. How am I/we supposed to know when I change from ‘barred’ group to ‘privileged’ group given I have already been updated?

  772. Moderator: Daniela

    @ray nelson – Hi there, your phone will remain on 3G until we turn 4G on for you early next year :-)

  773. Moderator: Daniela

    @Lord Kram (Mark) – Hi, the update is being sent out in batches by manufacturer/device. This has started now and will continue in to January/February. We’ve rolled out 4G to a few thousand customers at the moment and will be increasing this early next year to include more users :-)

  774. Moderator: Daniela

    @James – Yes, the 4G roll out will be a phased activity in manageable chunks so that we ensure the customer experience is maintained.

  775. Moderator: Daniela

    @Osborne – Sorry if you’re having issues. Have we taken a look at your coverage to see if there’s any issues in your area or if it’s just a limitation in what your area can receive? If not, feel free to send over your full postcode and I’ll take a look.

  776. NeilW

    Moderator: Ahmed 09/12/2013

    @NeilW – Hi, the initial launch was offered to a few thousand customer’s in certain cities however the 4G spread will accelerate into early 2014 and made available to more customers. Apologies if you feel that way though, Neil.

    I just find it frustrating as the site is very misleading. Can you guys not appreciate its misleading as people reading it think the roll out is starting with the launch in those places I.e. total switch on, not as it’s become clearer that its starting with just a few thousand customers in those cities. People arent interested in when some might get it, they want to kniw when they get it. It would be much better if your website team just updated the site to say this. I.e. when each city is fully live. I guess that Isnt going to happen though as the ambiguity leads to people joining in those cities expecting 4g and so you get more people earlier. Its just very disappointing the blatant marketing is aimed this way :(

  777. Osborne

    When are you going to improve my service? Can’t even get 3g with an S4. I have unlimited Internet I can’t use as it never works. Breach of contract and I will complaining to OFCOM.

  778. ray nelson

    just done the over the air update when can we expect to see the 3g change to 4g on the signal bar iPhone 5s Manchester city center

  779. Lord Kram (Mark)

    Hi quick question, I am visiting London next wednesday evening, and will be in a 4g area, will i get the ota software update when I get to London in a 4g automatically or do I need to do something before I leave? Thanks

  780. James

    So after reading between the lines of this blog and a talk on the phone, it seems like the three website itself is a bit misleading.

    The website has map with areas that “are 4g” in London.
    You have to receive an update- which I have on my ipad (Carrier software “Three 15.6″).

    Seems being in the 4g are and getting the update does NOT mean you are yet ‘allowed’ to receive 4g. We need to wait for us to be invisibly moved onto the ‘4g allowed’ list.

    Is this correct?

    I have tried in over 14 locations across London, had my APN corrected (to “3internet” for tablets) and this seems to be the best I can come up with from the amalgamation of data on phone, here and experience.
    It does however mean the ‘December’ for London to get 4G is misleading advertising if paying customers are barred from it until January.

  781. Moderator: Nicki

    @adam – Hi, you can check if 4G is available in specific postcodes via our Coverage Checker. The 4G software update is being sent out in a phased approach so don’t worry if you’ve not received this as yet. The software update you need to download is the first of 2 technical steps that we need to complete. The second is where we start moving all of our customers over to 4G early next year allowing anyone with a 4G capable device to access to 4G at no extra cost when in a coverage area.

  782. adam

    Hey, do you know if 4 G is ready in the b64 postcode of Birmingham. (closer to dudley or west brom then Birmingham its self.) If so how do I get the software update, my speed are super slow( less 1 meg in the evening) really hoping 4g improved on this.

  783. Moderator: Kris

    @Timi As long as it’s unbranded/not been locked to another network, you should get the over the air update to enable you for 4G before launch. If previously locked to a network, you’ll have to contact said provider about it.

  784. Timi

    If I have a 4g ready phone, which is not a three phone, but is factory unlocked, am I eligible for 4g when it comes out. I am on a three sim only contract.

  785. Moderator: Kris

    @Stan The full roll out hasn’t begun yet, so not everyone in London has access to 4G just yet. When the full launch starts at the turn of the year, you will see the difference that it will make and your speeds will increase as a result.

  786. Moderator: Kris

    @Laurence Once 4G launches fully, you should see an increase in the strength and speed of our 3G network, as well as noticing a difference in these things when connected to 4G. There shouldn’t be any issues with 3G due to the first phase 4G launch, so it’s possible that mast upgrades and general maintenance may be to cause for your slower 3G speeds, particularly in the more central areas of London.

  787. Stan

    Is there any plans to increase the 4G signal coverage in London? Or that’s basically all we are going to have? I live in Canada Water pretty near Canary Wharf, quite surprised that 4G coverage is pretty sparse around London’s main financial district. Outdoor only coverage is quite misleading as it basically means no coverage at all.

  788. Laurence

    Does 4G give a stronger signal than 3G? The closer I get to London on the train currently, the worse the data speed gets. In fact, it’s unusable once I reach Clapham Junction and beyond. I’m pretty fed up with waiting for 4G as I still remember when it was being touted as “launching in summer 2013″ which no one else here has mentioned. I hope it is going to live up to the hype but I have my doubts now that we have throttled speeds on 3G and a late launch.

  789. Moderator: Nicki

    @Rob2 – Hi, the rollout will include 4G for the iPhone 5. We’ve started rolling 4G out to a few thousand customers and will be increasing this in the New Year.

  790. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dickie – Hi there, yep it sure will :-)

  791. Moderator: Allan

    @MarkinSW10 – Sorry if it’s caused any confusion for you Mark. We thought it was best to let customers know what 4G coverage would be like for them as quickly as possible. Thanks

  792. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ricky Cullen – Looking at the blog post it says we will start rolling out in December – that’s exactly what we’re doing. We will not be disclosing the breakdown across the 3 locations with yourself.

  793. Moderator: Allan

    @Ant – The software update has enabled the option for 4G on your phone but the network hasn’t been launched for everyone just yet, only a few thousand so far. This roll-out will continue into the new year though. The iPhone 5 is compatible with out 4G network yes.

  794. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sean – Hi, this will not be tied to your home address. When 4G is activated for you you’ll be able to use it when you move in to a 4G coverage area.

  795. Moderator: Allan

    @Tom Foote – It hasn’t rolled out to everyone just yet Tom, a few thousand so far. It’ll continue into the new year now. Thanks

  796. Moderator: Nicki

    @Matthew Morgan – Hi, it will be a phased activity in manageable chunks so that we ensure the customer experience is maintained however when it’s turned on for you you’ll be able to use 4G when you visit a 4G coverage area.

  797. Moderator: Nicki

    @Karl – Hi, this will be a phased activity in manageable chunks so that we ensure the customer experience is maintained. It will not be related to where you live.

  798. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Hi there, as you’ve posted, we said we’d start the rollout of 4G in December – that’s exactly what we’ve done.

  799. Moderator: Nicki

    @Greg – Hi, the Nexus 5 is 4G compatible. There will be specific software releases for open market variants of three devices :-)

  800. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jake – Hi there, we said we would start rolling 4G out in December which is what we’ve done. You don’t have long to wait though and we’re busy getting all all our customers ready for 4G and our roll out will start to accelerate in the new year.

  801. Moderator: Nicki

    @John – Hi, the software update is to get you ready for 4G for when we make it available to you.

  802. Moderator: Nicki

    @Brad Clark – On 29th August we announced our 4G intentions saying we would start our 4G roll out from December 2013 which is exactly what we are doing , with a few thousand customers in 3 Cities , London, Birmingham and Manchester . We will then accelerate our roll out of 4G to all customers from January 2014 to ensure we protect the network experience for all our customers.

  803. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ray – I can confirm this is not a rollout for staff. The rollout is for a few thousand customers.

  804. Tom Foote

    Hi there,

    I received the carrier update, how can I tell when I’m receiving 4G – is there a different icon?

  805. Ant

    Hi, basically when I go to Mobile settings it says enable 4G, and it is enabled, but it still shows at 3G at the top of my phone & I don’t think I’ve received an update yet? I live in the NW4 postcode of London & my 3G is occasionally going off as well, also is this 4G going to work on the iPhone 5?

  806. Moderator: Ahmed

    @John – Hi, the update has been sent out so it’s now a case of waiting till 4G is available to you before you can activate it as such and put it to use as it’s only out to a few thousand at the moment in certain cities.

  807. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Zunaer- Hi, Sheffield is due to be graced by our 4G service in 2014. You can keep an eye on our 4G plans here

  808. MarkinSW10

    Hi There, the Three coverage map says I live in an excellent 4G signal area but I can’t connect to the 4G network. Don’t you think it was a bit too early to update the coverage map as it would only confuse people especially since the 4G signal is not available yet?

  809. Kevin Mason

    Hmm I live in Streatham, London and I had an update on my phone. In settings there is an enable 4G button (on). and yet NO 4G!!!!!!

    Ive checked the coverage map and its basically Central London that have.

    So don’t think that just because we live in london that we have it. Only the few have at the moment.

  810. Mike

    4G for 2800 people is not a launch, Your website is giving incorrect information. It says 2013 for London. No mention of the fact you can’t actually use it.

  811. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Paul Short – Hi, 4G service is only available to a few thousand at the moment and that number will increase as we go into early 2014.

  812. Moderator: Ahmed

    @syed – Hi, it’s only available to a few thousand at the moment but will spread out as we go into the new year.

  813. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Zunaer – Hi, when it’s rolled out and made available after the initial launch then you’ll automatically be able to connect to the 4G network when you’re in an area where it’s running.

  814. Moderator: Ahmed

    @NeilW – Hi, the initial launch was offered to a few thousand customer’s in certain cities however the 4G spread will accelerate into early 2014 and made available to more customers. Apologies if you feel that way though, Neil.

  815. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Archbishop Douglas Lewins – Hi, apologies for that. Yes it’s only available to a few thousand customer’s in certain areas just at the moment but will spread out to other cities and a wider customer base in early 2014. Can only apologies if you feel you were misled, however we are working to ensure our 4G service when readily available will allow customers to experience a top quality service. Thanks.

  816. Jake

    No @Rod, we are genuine disgruntled customers!
    I’m happy with Three’s service and have been a customer for many years. But this is a occasion of downright misrepresentation! They promised 4g in December, an early Christmas present as they put it, then no 4G. Except for a few thousand. When you have millions of customers and you promise a service, just delivering to a few thousand is not delivering.
    Ps I left a similar comment and it seems to have been deleted.

  817. Moderator: Ahmed

    @David Nicholson – Hi David, as the roll out spreads out across the UK more and more cities will undoubtedly be added to our list. At the moment we don’t have a definite date for when 4G will reach the areas you mentioned but when we do we’ll be sure to update. Sorry about that.

  818. Zunaer

    How do you know if you can use 4G in Manchester or can all three customers use it in Manchester

  819. Paul Short

    I got the carrier upgrade thismorning ( I live in East London) but still no 4G service, also does the phone show LTE OR 4G when connected?

  820. Rod

    I’ve rarely seen such sustained, poorly disguised corporate campaigning against a company on public review forums as against Three. Having had a mobile in London since 1995 and using Orange, Vodafone and O2 variously over those years, my own experience of Three is that they leave the others far behind on coverage, stability and certainly speed ( I regularly record 25Mg on H+ off peak. I can’t comment on customer service as I’ve never had the need to contact them.

  821. Brad Clark

    Its lovely to see the moderators totally ignoring the main point of peoples comments – just come out and say three screwed up?? apologise and people will get over it – instead your just saying this was the plan all along, which just infuriates people as it just proves that it was all a marketing ploy to stop losing customers to EE and Vodafone… I am pretty sure that OFCOM and Trading Standards will have a lot to say about this as you were advertising a service to keep and gain more customers – which turns out was entirely fabricated… Sadly, this is what I have come to expect over the years – if it weren’t for the fact that no other network has a strong signal where I live I would have left purely on moral grounds a long time ago…shameful!

  822. attila

    4G in december ..London? when??? it’s already 8th of december!!!!!!!

    all others already have it…anyway few months and I leave three because the signal is terrible

  823. Paul

    I live in North London, I have updated my iphone 5 so I have the 4g on now, it’s still on 3G, WHICH DECEMBER DID THREE MEAN?
    Why the lies?

  824. Steve

    What basically seems to be further beta testing and an actual 4g roll-out are two very different things. I was told I’d be getting 4g by now and that’s just not true. It’s like saying one of the new gaming consoles has been out for months already because it was given to a few people pre-release for closed beta testing. It’s simple semantics and it’s quite obvious that Three knowingly lied about when 4g would actually be reaching their regular customers.

  825. syed

    Why am I not getting 4G even if i have a 4g device and living in both London & Birmingham!!!???

  826. John

    Hello I recently I got a message to say update carrier service and I clicked late on it is the anyway I can download this so I get my 4g coverage when it is turned on sometime this month in my area

  827. pol

    Lies… lies and more lies… really disappointed with the 4G roll out… and this means one customer leaving three

  828. Dar

    I have 4+ years with three and I found there service terrible only stayed with them because of internet now going for Vodafone better then three at least no headach for service!

  829. Ricky Cullen

    @Nikki thanks for the response “I’m afraid we will not be sharing the breakdown of users per city. What we can share is that it’s a few thousand over 3 cities.”

    It’s good to know that Three is not interested in transparency with its customer base. Instead I will be contacting the Advertising Standards Agency along with OFCOM later today and will be pointing them towards this forum.

    Not only have you mislead your existing customer base without any remorse, you have sought to increase it through misleading advertising.

  830. Mike

    Hey i received the update and turned 4G on but how long would it be before i get the signals? Still shows 3G at the top. Thanks

    To all you moaners. Please give it a rest. Your getting something for free which is unlimited and a lot cheaper than other nerworks!

  831. Zunaer

    When will 4G be out in the Sheffield

  832. John

    I have just had a carrier update message, which I accepted. In Settings/Mobile my iPhone 5 now shows “Enable 4G” which is turned on. I presume therefore that I have had the update for 4G, is that correct? The phone is still showing 3G as the connection though, I am in Solihull.

  833. Jake

    Poor show chaps
    If you say December then stick to it. Adding a caveat at the time of the supposed launch is misrepresentation and you know it. When will we receive 4g in birmingham? And I’m not talking about the so called test group, I’m referring to the mass customers you promised 4g in December in birmingham?

  834. Greg

    Originally I had a HTC one X with Three but as it broke earlier this year, I replaced it with a Google Nexus 5 I bought straight from google play. It is 4g compatible but I did not get it from Three, although I’m using my original HTC one x sim card in it — does this mean I won’t get this software update you are talking about? The nexus 5 is 4g compatible

  835. Carl Challoner

    The people that get it will be 3 staff they will have at least a thousand staff in the three city’s that’s why they can not be more pacific to who will get it think of they don’t have it how can they sell it if they have not used it or can not show customers how fast it is lol

  836. Rob2

    I was told several months ago that Three would be supporting LTE on 1800MHz band (i.e. the only functional band for iPhone 5 in Europe) as Three reportedly purchased some of that band specifically for iPhone 5 support from EE. Now it appears to me that iPhone 5 owners are being ignored by Three and no one tells me whether this month’s rollout of LTE will support iPhone 5. Can you please confirm whether you will support iPhone 5 rollout this month, just as you promised?

  837. NeilW

    I see you are rolling out to Reading but keep mentioning in replies to people on here a user trial in 3 cities.

    Please can we have the website updated with real dates as it still says 4G coming to Reading in December mentions nothing of a trial so for the majority who are not on the trial is December is clearly not true at all and is false advertising :(

  838. John

    Guys to quote from your orginal article

    ” I’m really pleased to announce, that in December, London, Birmingham and Manchester will see the start of our 4G roll out. That’s not a bad early Christmas present is it?

    How exactly is me NOT getting 4g in London in December an early christmas present. If Christmas was moved to Feb or March then i could understand this comment. But otherwise asking a few thousand private individuals to test your network in December is in no way an early Christmas present for me personally.

    Please can you amend your original article and remove all references to December if you have no intention to go live to the public during that month.

    All these references to December is just causing anger and bemusement to your loyal and perspective customers.

    I fully realise that the rest are way ahead of you and thats not your fault and you want to keep Xmas sales etc, but this misleading marketing and communication approach is just going to cause more damage to your reputation in the long run.

    Thank you

  839. Karl

    Nicki, perhaps I have missed something here but I am still not clear about this. I work in a 4G area (London). I have received your software update. I can’t get a 4G signal in London. When will my phone receive the 4G service? Are people being “switched on” on an individual basis? If yes, what is the criteria being used? Is this based on where I live for account purposes? Would that mean I have to wait till 4G comes to where I live? I would appreciate full answers to these questions.

  840. Archbishop Douglas Lewins

    Given that I do not appear to have received a software update then I must assume that I am one of the London customers who are still shown on charts as getting 4G in December but will not be getting it till 2014. I have checked parts of the Three site and they give the distinct impression of a service for London in 2013 and lots of other places in 2014. That really is poor advertising to mislead in such a way. Honesty and clarity are always best and still the site gives mixed messages.

  841. David Nicholson

    Does anybody have any idea when Middlesbrough or Redcar will be getting 4G? If the list of cities is anything to go by I could be waiting up to 2 years ( and my area might not even be in the 98% ) to get it, by that time 5G will of already arrived.

  842. Jason

    I switched to Three a couple of months ago after continual network outages from giffgaff. My main reason for switching to you was I only had a month or so to wait for 4g and it was unlimited. I think you have misled your customers by now announcing we will have to wait possibly until Feb.I am also finding signal quality indoors is far worse than giffgaff and short pauses in voice transmits when I first answer. Not a great experience. I am not tied to any contract so why would I stay?

  843. Moderator: Nicki

    @Paul – Hi there, we’re starting with this small group to make sure that we’re giving everyone a seamless experience. The rollout has started with a few thousand customers in the 3 cities in December and will accelerate into early next year.

  844. Moderator: Nicki

    @Rob Mills – to make sure that all our customers get the smoothest possible experience, we’re managing our roll-out carefully, and this means being careful about how many customers are moved onto 4G at any one time. If you have a 4G-Ready device, we’ll send you out a software update soon.

  845. Moderator: Nicki

    @Bob – Hi, glad to see you’ve been able to install the update. This is to get you ready for when we’re able to move you over to 4G.

  846. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mel – Hi there, the rollout has started with a few thousand customers in the 3 cities, including London, and will be ramped up into early next year :-)

  847. Moderator: Nicki

    @Andy – we announced that we were starting our roll-out of 4G in Birmingham, Manchester and London before the end of the year, which is what we’re doing, as well as launching in Reading. Sorry that you’ve not been able to be included in our initial rollout but don’t worry, we’ll start rolling out 4G to all of our customers in the next couple of months.

  848. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lewis Taylor – I’m afraid you won’t be able to access 4G just yet but don’t worry we’ll start rolling out 4G to all of our customers in the next couple of months :-)

  849. Moderator: Nicki

    @MarkinSW10 – Earlier in the year we announced that we were starting our roll-out of 4G in Birmingham, Manchester and London before the end of the year, which is what we’re doing, as well as launching in Reading. However in order to make sure that all our customers get the smoothest possible experience, we’re managing our roll-out carefully, and this means being careful about how many customers are moved onto 4G at any one time. Don’t worry though, you’ll still get 4G at no extra cost once we roll it out to cover your area and once we’ve sent you a software update.

  850. Moderator: Nicki

    @Zad – Hi, in order to make sure that all our customers get the smoothest possible experience, we’re managing our roll-out carefully, and this means being careful about how many customers are moved onto 4G at any one time, as such we’ll be taking a phased approach to the rollout.

  851. Moderator: Nicki

    @Andrew – Don’t worry that you’ve not been included in the initial rollout, we’ll start rolling out 4G to all of our customers in the next couple of months. We’re starting with this small group to make sure that we’re giving everyone a seamless experience, so when you do get 4G it should be very smooth and easy.

  852. Mel

    I upgraded to iphone 5 on the understanding I would get 4g in London. I was told this would happen in December, where is it?

  853. Moderator: Nicki

    @Derek – Hi, although you may have received the update you won’t be able to use 4G just yet. This shouldn’t affect your 3G connection through – have you tried resetting your network connection since downloading?

  854. Moderator: Nicki

    @Karl – Hi there, we will be switching on customers in staggered way to ensure a great customer experience.

  855. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ricky Cullen – I’m afraid we will not be sharing the breakdown of users per city. What we can share is that it’s a few thousand over 3 cities.

  856. Ryan

    For all those who think people in London are living the high life utilising 4G services you are wrong! The whole country has been lied to by 3. I rang CS today and I was told that people in London will ALL have 4g by mid December. I make that the 15th 16th so Londoners lets wait and see. I do agree though that the marketing of 4G has been misleading and poorly handled by 3.

  857. Ricky Cullen

    @Nikki, I note that my last comment requesting details of specific number on this “few thousand” you keep quoting are.

    how many in each area please. Where is the transparency?

  858. Andy

    I’d like reiterate the same message as previous posts. You informed us that 4G would be implemented and launched in December. I understand that you need to test the network before everyone jumps on in case of problems, but don’t tell us one thing and then do another. You told us December, not to a select few in December. I thought you were learning the customer service ropes, Three, but clearly still some way to go!

  859. Simon

    Guys you marketed December as the Launch date for your 4g services when clearly the majority of 4g users in those areas will not have access to 4g at all in December. You then said don’t worry by mid jan everyone will have, now thats being pushed back to Feb and now end of Q1!!! Guys please please please be honest with us!! December was just a marketing gimmick we know that now and yes i fell for it well done. so please be honest and bring some well needed clarity to this situation.

  860. Dickie

    I have an iPhone 5 (not 5c or 5s) with Three. Will this support 4G on the new rollout ?

  861. Lewis Taylor

    Well, after posting my opinion yesterday I have plugged my phone into iTunes this morning and have been given the updated carrier settings for my iPhone 5S. I’m in London all day today and although where I am this morning has no coverage I will be in Gants Hill which has very good 4G coverage this afternoon. I hope this now means I’ll get the use of 3’s 4G network as I do pay a lot each month, recently upgraded early (as I was encouraged to by 3 for 4G) and have been with you for 5+ years.

    It does appear guys that the 4G trial customers is perhaps random? I knew nothing of the small group of people that were being picked. I’ll update here later today on weather it works or not.

  862. MarkinSW10

    Ok Three so why dangle a carrot at your customers? Ok progress was made with the carrier update being sent out yesterday but basically the people in the three listed cities which was due 4G in December are still not getting it until February or March 2014. Can’t Three’s communication team just come out with solid and truthful facts instead of this ongoing misleading of their customers.

  863. Zad

    What about Oldham, Dudley, West bromwich and Wolverhampton.all of which are mentioned for 2013. Can we expect rollout to all customers in these areas by end of 2013 or is it limited to selected random customers again?

    The main reason for the rush is because 4G should have better indoor penetration on an already poor indoor 3G coverage network.

    Heck, if it wasn’t for the unlimited data, would anybody want to stay with Three on the basis of coverage?? I somehow doubt it. All credit for being the only operator for included free 4G though. If it works well, then no complaints for the manner of this rollout. But please try and be true to your word Three!!

  864. Andrew

    Was told that three had launched its 4G today in London I am living in west London W12 and have a iPhone 5 I was hoping as being a customer of three for meany years I would be part of the First part of the 4G roll out and would like be. How can I be a part first roll out ?

  865. Derek

    Hi, I’ve had the carrier update on my iPhone 5 and have 4G enabled, however now my 3G doesn’t even work now? Where do I go from here?

  866. Brad Clark

    Im pretty annoyed that after months of waiting – being marketed to and holding of switching to EE – the 4G launch is only to a few thousand customers – this is the first time you have mentioned this in any marketing about your 4G rollout until now. How did you choose which customers? – I live in central London and have to put up with pretty appalling 3G speeds and was hoping that 4G could improve on things. I had been looking forward to it arriving this month only to read that its not being launched at all, merely tested on a few thousand customers.

    Very annoyed indeed!

  867. Ricky Cullen

    @Lauren You keep saying things like “We’re sorry you’re unhappy with our pricing. We always try to deliver the best price and value to our customers” but in reality, you fail to exercise corporate responsibility in this area.

    As an example: My 18 month contract ended, where I was paying £35.00 per month as I got it with a phone. Even though my contract had now switched to a rolling month to month contract and you were not subsidising my phone, you did not switch me to your own current pricing structure, making an extra £15.00 per month for nothing!!! I had to call to ask to be switched to the lower rate which eventually got switched, but why did I even have to do that??

    Corporate responsibility and retention of customers in an increasingly identical market is going to come down to items like this. And misleading marketing regarding this 4G roll-out is another example. Dates that then turn out to be “well a few thousand customers will go live” and fuzzy numbers as to how many customers in each area.

    As a company you should be concerned with the damage that these sorts of silly mistakes can cause. If you had simply said 4G by feb and you had delivered it to some earlier there wouldn’t have been a problem would there?

    – Ricky

  868. Adie

    Why don’t you just say it!

  869. Ricky Cullen

    @Nikki, while I appreciate your statement, as a company you’ve spectacularly failed to mention to everyone signing up or keeping on their contract that the majority of them will not go live in the roll out.

    The idea that you could not meet the demand of everyone in december in the appropriate areas smacks of concerns that you do not have the capacity on your network to handle such speeds. Why did you simply not test it thoroughly and then roll it out rather than allowing an elite few access?

    Finally, nobody seems to be giving anyone who asks information on how these “few thousand” customers were selected, or actual data of how many people in each region? For all I know it’s 1000 in London, 900 In Manchester, 700 in Birmingham and a measly 400 in reading. Which would be simply quite crap.

    More clarity please on why the roll out information and marketing materials didn’t mention the phased roll out, the selection or the actual go live figures.

    As a company I should hope three doesn’t take its customers for fools, though giving the recent issues with my bill, sometimes I wonder.

  870. George

    OK, so initially you said we’re rolling out on December and now in December you’re adding the asterisk: you’re rolling out only to a few thousand people with the rest to follow in February!
    Why didn’t you just say February then? This my friends is terrible reputation! I got my contract two months ago with a brand new 4G phone on the premise that I will enjoy 4G in December, since my area is already covered.
    I know you’ll say you did roll out but it still feels that the way you anounced thing was deceiving! Am I wrong?

  871. Moderator: Nicki

    @njm – Hi there, the roll-out has started with a few thousand customers in 3 cities. This will be ramped up early next year to include more customers.

  872. njm

    got 4G ipad in a 4g area just in need of the software update any help geting this ??

  873. Moderator: Nicki

    @Justin – Hi there, the roll-out has already started with a few thousand customers in 3 cities and will accelerate into early next year :-)

  874. Justin

    Well it’s december now, where’s the 4g?

  875. Paul

    I live and work in london.

    How do i get the update to pick up 4g?

  876. Rob Mills

    This is rubbish, I work in an area that is 4G ready, but live in one that is not, I use wifi at home so not an issue but would like to use 4G during the day, so how can I get the software update please.

  877. Sean

    Nicki, please answer the question I asked previously, since echoed by others and posed again in words more to the point:

    “Will users whose billing address (where they live?) is in an area not yet covered by 4G have their 4G-capable phones enabled for when they travel within range of a 4G mast (eg when they are at work)?”

    More to the point if I spend 12 waking hrs in London within range of a 4G mast why would I be less entitled to use the service than someone who perhaps “lives” in range but actually spends 10 hrs out of range, sleeps say 6 hrs and is therefore only consciously able to use the service for 8 hrs (mostly when I’m not using it because I will travel out of range)?

    Please explain how Three will make up for this discrimination (lasting perhaps until 2015 and beyond) against customers on the same T&Cs as those lucky enough to be “chosen”?

    For those whining about our complaining I’d like to point out that 4G not only brings the prospect of faster connection speeds but also improved reception and bandwidth availability for those suffering from a below average service around their homes, places of work and anywhere else that they might “live”.

  878. Moderator: Nicki

    @paul – When you move out of a 4G area you’ll drop back on to Advanced 3G coverage.

  879. Matthew Morgan

    please reply to this:
    so if you don’t live in a 4g area you won’t be able to use 4g when you go into one?

    As this would mean i can not use 4g anywhere until 2015.

  880. Angry Thre Customer

    I phoned CS and they were not helpful. Apparently only some customers are good enough to get 4G now.

  881. Garry

    Sunjay because the current service is so poor

  882. Karl

    Nicki, you have not answered the same question that several people have asked and that is “will the date of 4G phone enablement be tied into where people live”? That is a very key question. I’m sure we all assumed that our phones would simply default to 4G if we went into an area that has 4G – regardless of where we live for contract purposes.

  883. Chris M.

    I will still be a Three customer unless any of the other networks offer unlimited 4G in my area at the same price. However I will not become a Three customer until it is clear that I will be able to use 4G at my location from day 1.

    The CEO of Three David Dyson said on BBC Radio 5 Live this morning “by the end of Q1 2014″. I’m am now unlikely to get a contract with 3 until the beginning of April. I don’t want to pay for Advanced 3G, I want LTE with Advanced 3G as back-up.

  884. Sunjay Bhogal

    Calm down everybody, what is the rush to get 4g. Some of you guys need to get a life.

  885. Lewis Taylor

    3… If your not going to give ALL your customers 4G in December (in respect to available coverage at the time) then don’t advertise it? Nicki, You say that trialling the new 4G network with just a few customers was always the plan… Why wasn’t this published, like… ANYWHERE? Also, if this was planned how did customers opt for this? What was the criteria used to even decide these people?

    I think everyone on 3 has been quiet and patient about 4G, we understand that your the only network thats offering all-you-can-eat and not charging extra for 4G however… Don’t give your rather loyal customers a date (more like a month) and ‘forget’ to mention that just a few thousand odd people will actually get it on this date.

    I recently performed an early upgrade (at great cost) to be ready for December to enjoy the use of your much needed 4G, however with the way 3 are going about this I wish I hadn’t and I’d just moved to EE or O2, fine I wouldn’t have as greater 3G coverage but at least I’d gain the ability to call and text normally inside buildings!

    I look forward to your reply, if you even allow this post. Lewis

  886. Bob

    I have an HTC One & just checked for updates on my phone & downloaded & installed the update – I can now select LTE in settings-mobile data-network mode so assume if I visit Manchester or London I can enable & use 4g? As I’m in Edinburgh I’m not to fussed really – all the people moaning on here should wait to see before complaining about something that they actually don’t know about. That is all…

  887. Moderator: Nicki

    Hi everyone, we’ve noticed that some of you have come to our page looking for a bit more info on our 4G roll-out so here goes:

    We’ve started rolling out 4G and a few thousand customers across London, Birmingham and Manchester are already using it. We’ve started small because we wanted to make sure that customers had the best and smoothest 4G experience, this was always our plan.

    We’ll be accelerating our 4G roll-out even further into the early part of next year and by the end of February, 1.5 million customers will have access to 4G at no extra cost!

    The cities that we’ll be rolling it out to can be found here.

  888. Karl

    Re 4G you say “The roll-out will start with a few thousand customers in the 3 cities in December and will accelerate into early next year.”

    Are you basically saying that some customers who LIVE in London, for example, will get 4G rolled out to them rather than people who live outside London and commute into London to work will not be able to get 4G until it rolls out in the place they live? Can you clarify please as I assumed that if I travelled into London (or any place on 4G) that my phone would then default to 4G from 3G automatically whilst I was in a 4G reception area.

  889. paul

    I live in Manchester i have a galaxy s4 phone , now when i get the update for 4g that will enable my phone to use your 4g network . What happens if i move outside of Manchester where there is no 4g network , do i just loose signal or will my phone just go back to picking up your 3g network.

  890. Mo

    How do activate 4g on phone? you said in this blog be software update. Now i live in Birmingham look on coverage of my area shows where i live i have 4g coverage but got no update do need to contact customer services activate it?

  891. Charlie

    So it’s december now and I have a 4g ready phone on contract. When exactly will I be able to use 4g and what will I have to do?

  892. Andi Hope

    So, I’ve been with 3 for years, but my last handset was purchased unlocked because I travel once the world on business a lot. I live in London currently & want to know if there is a way I can get the update sent to my phone

  893. Mohamed

    What is the EXACT roll out date in London? Who is your LIMITED selection of customers? Will it be me?

    It would be great to receive a straight answer, and not answer like a robot?!

  894. Sean

    Please explain why those contract-holders working and visiting in the areas you are enabling will not be enabled! When we all purchased our contracts on the promise of enablement NO-ONE said oh by the way you have to live in the area of enablement to get the service! THIS IS WRONG!
    I live outside London where there’s not much chance of your service arriving before 2015 but I work in London and I expected to be valued as a customer who uses their phone WHEREVER I go. Please address this attrocious decision making or you will find us leaving in droves.

  895. Garry

    I am in London. Where is my 4G?

  896. Andrew

    Who selects those few thousand lucky customers to use your 4g service in December?
    I live in London and i’m your iphone 5 customer. Could i use 4g in December on the launch day?
    thank you

  897. Chris

    Hi Three please can you tell me what date in dec the 4g will be available ? I have an iPhone 5 and are ready to go ;-)

  898. Brandon Williams

    I see that 4G has rolled out in London but not where I live. I am likely to visit London soon, so will I get the software update when I enter London and be able to use 4G?

  899. gurbuz

    When will samsung galaxy s4 get 4.3 firmware update? Also 4g connection I m living in London

  900. Ben

    Is there any updates to what is happening?

  901. Ian86

    Please can you advise when we are likely to start seeing the updates avaliable and how to search for them, will it automatically appear in General > Software Update ( to those using iPhones) ?

    I am eager to use the 4G on my phone I live in the Dudley area and work in Birmingham City Cente, both of which I am aware are going to be set up for 4G this month…

    I understand it is going to be completed in tranches (few thousand at a time)… any way we can hear or gain a better understanding of when and how this is going to be carried out… Thank You 3

  902. Sukh

    On what date will the 4G network be released? I live in Birmingham and have not yet received a software update on my iPhone 5.
    Can you give us any specifics?

  903. MS

    Ive had my 4G update today for the xperia Z but i am still unable to connect to LTE in settings, even though it is showing up on detected networks in settings, any idea as to why i cant register on LTE?

  904. Dale

    Hi Three Mobile,

    Its december officially now ;) lol any update as yet as to have a roll out Date for yuour 4g service. I called direct sales, tech support and customer services and all three said December. As its 29 days left an exact date for the London roll out would be appreciated

  905. Matthew Morgan

    so if you don’t live in a 4g area you won’t be able to use 4g when you go into one?

    As this would mean i can not use 4g anywhere until 2015.

  906. shihyu


    I have a 3 contract but bought the phone separately. will i get a notification for the 4G upgrade?

  907. Chris

    What happens if yo live in a non enabled 4G area but work in a 4G enabled area to you get 4G update

  908. luknoor

    When is 4g from 3 going to come to Leicester, any rough idea?

  909. gavin

    When you say customers will get a free update when 4G arrives in their area, does that mean their billing address? I live in an area that is not one of the first to get 4G, and is not listed as getting it in 2014, but I work in central London and the coverage checker says the reception here is perfect. Will I be able to use the 4G network?

  910. Nathan Ellis

    If I go to Reading this month,say after 4G has been launched, if it’s only being trialled with a few thousand people in Decembers launch, am I not 100% guaranteed to get it if I go?

  911. Raj

    How do you select the customers that will have 4G by December?

  912. gurbuz

    When will samsung galaxy s4 get 4.3 firmware update? Also 4g connection I m living London

  913. Paul

    It’s the 1st December, what are the dates for the 4G roll out in Birmingham and why only a few thousand?

  914. Phillip

    I note that you are stating that there will be ‘available update in your settings once 4G has been enabled in your area’. Now, the area where I live won’t be getting 4G until 2015. But I spend much of my working life working in the areas that will get 4G from Dec 2013.

    So how will I get the update if my address is not in London/Manchester/Birmingham area yet I spend much time there?

  915. jas

    we are here in december when three are going to lounch their 4G services, is there any fix dates of december ???

  916. Chiraag suchak

    Hi there , I’m paying for the one plan and so I expect high speed internet whilst living in London . It’s December now and no 4g in sight or any further news . I also don’t even receive hsdpa . I have a iPhone 5s and live in post code ha3 9la . Any chance you can see when you will be upgrading this area or see it there’s a problem with the masts ?

  917. Ricky Cullen

    Can you advise why all of your marketing literature indicates Reading will be live in December, when you keep only referring to the three big cities, London, Birmingham and Manchester.

    Can you also please advise how the “few thousand” customer were selected to take part in the trial and explain why it has not been included in your marketing that this will be a restricted launch? As this is bordering on missinformation and should probably be investigated by advertising standards.

  918. Simon

    guys why will you not post any of my messages without so much as an answer. the article this blog is based on says that good things happen in december? Please check the title if you don’t believe me. Now all us three customers in London birmingham reading and manchester know that actually only more frustration and agony happens in December as actually it turns out that three is not going live at all, it was just a big marketing trick which you was panicked into especially as vodafone and o2 were going live back in August. For them they told everyone they were going live in these areas on this date thank you very much. no complaints they did exactly that. With three its smoke and mirrors all the time why is that?

  919. Rich

    Hi I bought this three contract based on the fact that 4g would update in December in Manchester. You’re now saying a few thousand customers. This was not clarified at the time. Not great guys can you answer a qquestion rather than a brand answer. Do you have a date set yet? Yes or no is mainly what we are looking for. Thanks :)

  920. simom

    Please can you change all your articles and update your news releases to say actually the roll out will be happening in January and not december as previously advertised. You are causing a lot of confusion and clarity is needed. So yes all good things happen in january not december. December is just a tiny trial stage for a few thousand people out of a population of many millions. This cannot be considered a roll out.

  921. Gareth Walker

    All your previous locations have said Oldham will be live in December when and how will we get the update live OL9

  922. Mike

    So what Three are really saying is that 4G is NOT launching in London in December as their web site still says. You can’t call a closed user trial a launch. Three are misleading people, as you wouldn’t want to be honest about it in the run up to Christmas would you.

  923. Michael

    We’ll it looks like all us pay monthly customers with 4G enabled devices have all been conned by the Three PR machine making claims that 4G would be enabled in December for all when the reality is that only a selected few are on the 4G trial. Very disappointed in Three making big claims about their 4G service is free for all but only open to a selected few during the December trial.

  924. MarkinSW10

    Moderator: Nicki 29/11/2013
    @MarkinSW10 – The roll-out will start with a few thousand customers in the 3 cities in December and will accelerate into early next year

    Shame on Three for false advertising. Since early Autumn it was announced that 4G was arriving in December in the 3 cities listed. It didn’t actually say that in December only a “select” number of customers in each city will have access to the 4G network. Can’t wait to cancel my contract in 2014 and join a proper network that doesn’t deceive its customers.

  925. Moderator: Nicki

    @MarkinSW10 – The roll-out will start with a few thousand customers in the 3 cities in December and will accelerate into early next year.

  926. Simon

    guys all your marketing, press releases and your website currently all pointed to the fact that you will be going live in December in 4 cities. Now that this is in fact an untruth and it will still be in the trial period during this time will you be issuing a press release to say that you messed up and in fact you meant your go live will now be January 14.
    You may want to issue an apologie as well to those who brought 4g phones on Three for christmas only to find out now they wont wont work on 4g for at least a month later than advertised in the initial go live cities. If the same people brought a 4g phone in London on any other network for Christmas then it would have worked on 4g. These people were deliberately mislead by Three marketing.

    I think it was very poor and misleading advertising by three and I will be reporting such to the relevant authorities unless an apology is forth coming.

  927. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mike – Hi there, this will appear as an available update in your settings once 4G has been enabled in your area.

  928. Moderator: Nicki

    @Robin – Hi, the software update will be pushed out to your phone when 4G is enabled in your area.

  929. MarkinSW10

    @MarkinSW10 – Hi there, we’re working hard behind the scenes on our 4G roll-out, starting in December with a limited group of customers in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading. We will then extend our switch-on from January, we will aim to roll out to 50 cities by the end of 2014 and cover 98% of the population by the end of 2015.

    I am London based, can you explain and give further details of what you mean by a “limited group” of customers. Lots of customers including myself have stuck with Three as it was advertised that London and the other cities had a December launch. Must admit feel very disappointed as there is no definite and it feels that Three have become a bit disorganised in providing their customers definite dates unlike the other major mobile companies who advertised when they where launching and when.

  930. Matthew Morgan

    i hard that trail users are ment to be December 2nd.

    and why was the date moved back from December to January 2014.

  931. Mike

    Hey. I have had my iphone 5 replaced by apple would this affect the update being pushed. How is it sent. Via sms? Thanks

  932. Moderator: Nicki

    @MarkinSW10 – Hi there, we’re working hard behind the scenes on our 4G roll-out, starting in December with a limited group of customers in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading. We will then extend our switch-on from January, we will aim to roll out to 50 cities by the end of 2014 and cover 98% of the population by the end of 2015.

  933. Moderator: Nicki

    @Matthew Morgan – Hi there, it’s definitely starting in December with a limited group of customers in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Reading. It’ll then continue to be rolled out throughout 2014.

  934. Matthew Morgan


    it says 4g in January 2014?

    but you guys on the support team seid December 2013 witch is it?

  935. Robin

    I have a Nexus 5 – unlocked from CPW. This is already 4G ready – will this need an update and if so how will this be done.
    It is now NOV 28 and still no details of launch date, please hurry.

  936. Moderator: Nicki

    @v Denison – Hi there, all of our plans will have access to 4G at no extra cost – including Pay as You Go :-)

  937. v Denison

    I have a 3 pay and go simple in my Samsung galaxy s4 gt-I9505 phone, will I be updated to 4g or do I have to go to ee pay and go sim

  938. MarkinSW10

    Still can’t believe that there is no launch date yet for London with December only 4 days away now. This makes me think that is ain’t going to arrive.

  939. Moderator: Nicki

    @Make – We do have the One Plan that offers 2000 minutes, 3000 texts and as much internet as you want. When we release 4G we’ll be quite unique in that we’ll be offering this to everyone at no extra cost.

  940. Moderator: Nicki

    @Maka – Hi there, we have to start somewhere. Although Nottingham isn’t being rolled out in 2013 it’s definitely on our list for 2014 :-)

  941. Maka

    3 takes the mick with there tariffs goto virgin you can get a top phone for free and a tariff that everything is unlimited

  942. Maka

    Why London Birmingham and Manchester. Why can you not start in nottingham come on 3 pull ya [removed by Mod] together

  943. Moderator: Kris

    @Johno It will work on our 4G network on Band 3 (1800MHz frequency).

  944. Moderator: Kris

    @Ryan It sure will be chap! Our initial roll out is on Band 3, which our current iPhone 5 handsets will work on.

  945. Moderator: Kris

    @Brandon At this time, we’re unsure how far the reach of London’s initial 4G launch will be. Once the 4G network is fully launched though, more and more places will get it, you’ll just have to keep an eye out for it in your localities throughout 2014. Your iPhone 5 will work from the start as well =)

  946. Moderator: Kris

    @Barry Not every post submittedto our page merits being published, particularly when we feel we’ve answered your comments with the info we have to hand already.

    In relation to the comments you’ve listed, the iPhone 5 will work on the 1800MHz (Band 3) frequency, but not the 800MHz (Band 20). The towns and cities listed on our 4G site will initially all be on Band 3, with our Band 20 sites yet to be confirmed.

    For the dongle question, Ahmed has possibly been confused in regards to some info we had on one of our MiFi devices, which we have recently had confirmed is not 4G/LTE compatible, despite what we had initially been told.

    Your question about Drew can also be answered by my first answer re the bandings we’ll have.

    We’d advise that if you have any further technical questions regarding our 4G roll out, the best people to chat with would be our Network Team on 333 or 0845 355 0304.

    Thanks >Kris

  947. Moderator: Kris

    @David Olupitan, based on our current speeds, there’s no reason to suggest that everyone using 4G would be slowed down. While certain customers may have had speed issues in the lead up to us launching 4G, once we roll it out, those customers should see an increase in their 3G speeds, as well as the new 4G speeds. 14mbps is what we expect the average 4G speed to be for our customers, based on analysis that’s been carried out, but we regularly get feedback of people having speeds of 20Mbps and over on our 3G/HSDPA network at the moment. Once launched, our 4G speeds will be among the best in the UK and at no extra cost to our customers, will be the best value for money for speedy internetting.

  948. Johno

    Please can you tell me if my model of iPhone 5 (A4129) would be a compatible 4G device I got this in July 3013

  949. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sam – Unbranded phones will receive the update from the network that you’re currently using. Say it had been a phone that had been sold via another network then the update will come from them. The software update will activate the 4G settings on your phone.

  950. Moderator: Nicki

    @David – Thanks for pointing this out. Looks like the redirect isn’t working via the blog. Can you try this link

  951. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lance – No confirmed dates as yet but we’ll be sure to keep our 4G page updated with all the latest info.

  952. Moderator: Nicki

    @Haseeb – Hi there, yep, we’ll be making 4G available to everyone at no premium when we launch 4G in your area.

  953. Moderator: Nicki

    @Hiren – Hi there, had you originally received an email asking you to take part in the trial? It was by invitation only and not something we’re actively offering to others.

  954. Moderator: Nicki

    @Robert – Hi there, the E3231 is an HSPA+ device that’s capable of receiving speeds up to 21Mbps. You’ll find that the realistic speeds achievable with this is 6Mbps. We’ve not released any 4G dongles or MiFi devices as yet but hopefully when you’re at the point of upgrading and 4G is available we’ll have released some 4G devices that you’ll be able to upgrade to :-)

  955. Ryan

    Is the iPhone 5 compatible with the 4g rollout?

  956. David

    Nicki – your links to the 4G rollout plans don’t seem to be working.

  957. Sam

    What about if we have a unlocked phone, bought directly from Google, like the Nexus 5, will that still be pushed an update?

    What does the software update do?


  958. Brandon

    Hi, your website says that London will be getting 4G in December. Will this 4G in London stretch to Colchester or Chelmsford? If not then will these places be likely to get 4G in 2014 or 2015?

    I also saw a comment about bands. I have an iPhone 5, will this be supported from the start?

  959. Lance

    Can you tell me when 4G hits Kent Canterbury.

  960. Haseeb

    Will 4g be available on pay as you go sims ?
    I have nexus 5 with a 3 pay as you go.
    It is 4g capable.

  961. Hiren

    Can you please Provide customers with ICM’s contact details. Three customer services do not have a clue about the 4g trial and there number is given on the 4g trial sim card pack! ICM have taken my email address 6 times now and I still haven’t received a email from them! I think you guys choose the wrong research company for your 4g rollout!

  962. Moderator: Nicki

    @Carl – No confirmed date or details as to how it’ll be pushed out but we’ll be sure to keep you all updated :-)

  963. David Olupitan

    With everyone bound to have unlimited 4G data, wouldn’t that mean speeds won’t actually be super fast? Or will speeds actually be up to 14mbps?

    I’m looking at al the 4G networks because i really want one with good speeds.

  964. Carl

    Will the 4g carrier update be pushed from 1st December only or could it be later in December? maybe even earlier in November;-)

  965. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dennis – Hi, 4G will certainly help to improve your speeds. If you send over your full postcode we’ll see if there’s any issues in your area that could be affecting your speed but it could well just be the change in phone or more users in your area.

  966. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ben – It’ll be pushed out by us to your phone.

  967. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark ducker – No confirmed launch date as yet but certainly in our roll out plans for 2014 :-)

  968. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sammy Herring – Hi there, no dates as yet for specific postcodes but our roll out plans van be found here. We’ll be keeping this updated when the roll out begins :-)

  969. Sammy Herring

    When will 4G be arriving in Kent, TN23 please?

  970. Mark ducker

    Hi can you tell me when 4g will be rolled out in Kingston upon Hull

  971. Barry

    4G is ude in December, but my impression is that we aren’t being told when, and inaccurate info remains about masts / bands.

    I’ve had posts “awaiting moderation” then never appear : is this because they might make ‘3’ look bad? (since they aren’t incorrect, nor do they use rude language.)

    All I’m suggesting is that the mods might want to check their facts and give accurate answers.

    I’m now saving copies of the webpages showing the “awaited moderation” posts so that if they (again) ‘disappear’ I can post them up elsewhere and show what is getting hidden so that people can make up their own mind if the post is appropriate, and if its is ‘3’ just hiding posts that reflect poorly on them.

    @Lauren – you say (15/11/13) “we can confirm iPhone 5s will work on 4G, can’t confirm what areas will have this yet.” ; the queries this relates to was the iPhone 5, not the 5s. You guys still have’t answered accurately for the iphone 5 – if you don’t know because you don’t know which masts will have which bands, should you stop telling people their iPhone 5 will get 4G is 2014 until you are sure it is true?

    As for “can’t confirm what areas will have this yet” The 5s will work regardless of if the mast is band 3 or band 20, so if a mast has 4G, the 5s will work on it when the ‘3’ mast is 4G enabled.

    @Ahmed : you’ve asked @Robert what model his dongle is and suggested he call your team so he can get 4G on his dongle – since none of 3’s current dongles listed appear to have LTE, are you saying that 3 have any dongle that supports 4G(LTE)?. If not, how will @Robert calling in help?.

    I said on the 15th “How can @Allan reassure @Drew he’ll be getting 4G for his iPhone 5 in Bristol in 2014 if @Allan doesn’t know if Bristol will be getting Band 3 that will be needed for that iPhone 5 to get a 4G signal, rather than Bristol just getting Band 20 that won’t work on @Drew’s iPhone 5?”.
    My subsequent posting hasn’t been shown, but I still can’t see an answer for this ; was Drew given false reassurance?.

  972. Ben

    so, the software update that allows you to get 4G, is that through 3 or with the phone itself?

  973. Robert

    My dongle is the Huawei E3231 with the latest 3g HSPA+ technology, in 2015 when Ellesmere Port gets 4g, what options can 3 give me?

  974. Dennis

    My iPhone 5s, top rate contract also act as my home broadband via tethering. I must say that having upgraded my contract, I am not very happy. It is almost impossible to watch a common you tube clip not to talk of streaming movies. The speed is awful.

    This is surely not right? I pay almost £50 monthly and am not seeing any bang for my bucks in terms of net speed.

    Will 4G make any difference?

  975. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Isuf – Hi, when we roll out 4G all you’d need to do is carry out a free and simple software update that’ll allow you to connect to our 4G service :)

  976. Moderator: Ahmed

    @graeme – Hi, all being well 4G launch isn’t too far off now and should be rolled out soon. If you’re phone is compatible with 4G then all you’ll need to do is a simple and free software update and you’ll be good to go :)

  977. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Sean – Not sure where that date came from :/ Where did you hear that from out of curiosity? 4G is just round the corner and should be rolled out very soon :)

  978. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Sam Ward – Hi Sam, yep there shouldn’t be any issues jumping upto 4G. All you need to do is carry out a simple and free software update that’ll enable you to connect to 4G :) There’ll be no extra or hidden costs for this. Enjoy :D

  979. Moderator: Ahmed

    @MarkinSW10 – Countdown to both Christmas and 4G is well under way :) All being well it’s not too far off now and should be just round the corner :)

  980. Moderator: Ahmed

    @David – No news on that just at the moment. When we do get more we’ll be sure to update customers and let them know :)

  981. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Robert – Hi Robert, what model is your dongle? Have you checked to see if it’s compatible for the 4G roll out? If it’s not your best bet would be to either pop in store or visit our website here and have a look to see what we offer or alternatively call up our team :)

  982. Sam Ward

    Hi there,

    If i’m currently a Three customer with a 3G phone will I be able to get access to the 4G network when I upgrade my phone next year, after the 4G roll-out? Or will I have to pay extra for this?

    If so, would buying a sim-free 4G phone before the roll-out entitle me to access to the 4G network for free?

    Thanks for your time!


  983. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Ash – Hi, took a look for you and there’s no issues there at the moment that should be having an affect.There is work due to be carried out on a nearby mast in the coming weeks though. You should be receiving both indoor and outdoor coverage. Is it only in this area you’re having issues or elsewhere as well?

  984. Sean

    Will 4G be turned on in certain areas 1st December 2013 or will it be later in that month? Just being a Sunday I don’t believe itl all be turned on

  985. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Emily – Hi Emily, if you pop along to this link it’ll give you more info on our 4G plans and roll out. Hope you’re looking forward to it as much as we are :)

  986. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Craig – Hi, when 4G comes to your area all you will need to do is carry out a simple and free software update and you’ll be good to go.

  987. David

    I’ve recently upgraded to 4.3 on my HTC One so thanks for that Three.

    However HTC has said it will be helping service providers push through the 4.4 update by the end of January, could someone shed any light on this matter?

  988. Emily

    Hello, I was wondering when Leeds would be 4g ready?

  989. Craig


    I had had an iPhone 5 since launch and live in Birmingham will I get my 4g upgrade straight away in December or do I need to sign up for something


  990. MarkinSW10

    Ok only 13 days now till December any official launch date for London yet?

  991. Robert

    I have a 3g Dongle, will I be able to get a good deal if I exchanged it for a 4g dongle when my city becomes 4g. Or what is the plan for dongle upgrades.

  992. graeme


    how are things? i hope you are well.

    i’m just wondering whenabouts I can expect to see 4g in London?

    Also, will it just magically start working on my nexus 5?

  993. Stuart

    I don’t know why people are complaining. 3 have given us 12mb speeds prior to 4G and that is the actual speed I’ve been getting in Coventry. Also unlimited data. What other network truly offers that? I’ve checked speeds on friends’ 4G networks and my 3 speeds are faster even before 4G. Thanks 3.

  994. Ash

    Would it be possible if you could check my postcode ]Removed by Mod] as I have been encountering what appears to be congestion problems for a prolonged period of time. During the day I am getting speeds of a measly 0.03 megabits per second. A once simple task of checking my emails has now become a waiting game, sometimes waiting 15 minutes for the page to load. The problem with the internet seems to be localized in my area only.

    I have spoken to three customer support and three technical support, both say they is no planned maintenance or faults occurring in my area. But I’m sure that there is a problem with the mast in my area as the network is perfectly fine 2 miles away from my location.

    I would be grateful if you could provide me information as to whether there is maintenance or upgrades occurring and an ETA of a complete fix date as this has been going on for months.

    Sorry for posting 3 times.

  995. Moderator: Lauren

    @Michael – we’re no longer accepting people for the trial, sorry!

  996. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andy – you can find out more here.

  997. Moderator: Lauren

    @Barry – we can confirm iPhone 5s will work on 4G, can’t confirm what areas will have this yet.

  998. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jeff – our plans are subject to change next year so you may get it sooner, however we’re looking to upgrade 98% of the UK population by the end of 2015.

  999. Isuf

    Hi I’m on a sim only plan I have HTC ONE would I be getting the 4g service

  1000. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom – we aim to cover 98% of the UK population by the end of 2015.

  1001. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andy – if a software update is required, it’d be pushed out to your phone over the air. There’s no plans for this at the moment.

  1002. Michael

    Any chance I could be put into the Three 4G trial waiting list as I live in one of the cities where it is being enabled first this December.

  1003. andy

    Im in Scotland. When do we get it

  1004. Barry

    If you are “afraid it’s too early to say just now what bands will be where.”, should your colleagues not also be afraid of telling people their iPhone 5 ‘s will be getting 4G signal in 2014?

    How can @Allan reassure @Drew he’ll be getting 4G for his iPhone 5 in Bristol in 2014 if @Allan doesn’t know if Bristol will be getting Band 3 that will be needed for that iPhone 5 to get a 4G signal, rather than Bristol just getting Band 20 that won’t work on @Drew’s iPhone 5?

  1005. jeff

    I am a 3 customer and have been for years I plan to upgrade my iphone 4s to 5s in January 2014 but I want 4G and I live in BELFAST
    THREE need to change strategy and introduce 4G in 2014.
    One of the four CAPITAL cities in the UK it should have been a priority.

  1006. Tom Fawcett

    Cannot believe they aren’t covering Leeds in that city line up. Three have been left behind on the rollout of 4G. I thought it was a network built for the internet? Not a network built for slow internet.

  1007. Andy


    Thanks for replying, most appreciated! Glad to know I’ll still be able to use 4G when my N5 gets here!

    How will I go about using 4G? I understand that a notification will be sent out to those with 4G handsets indicating how to update to 4G, but what about those like myself who purchased a 4G handset seperately?

    Also, I know this sounds like a silly question, but even though I am on an unlimited data plan at the minute, will there be a fair usage policy on 4G bandwidths? i.e.after a cerain amount of 4G data usage will my speed be dropped to 3G?


  1008. Moderator: Lauren

    @Barry – I’m afraid it’s too early to say just now what bands will be where.

  1009. Moderator: Lauren

    @Joe – the iPhone 5 will be able to get 4G on Three :-)

  1010. Marjory

    Thanks for the reassurance, Allan. Hope to visit a 3g shop soon.

  1011. Barry

    @drew @Allan.

    @Alan said on 12/11/13 “You’ll definitely be able to use it when it’s launched. No confirmed date other than 2014 for Bristol, thanks”

    If its is 2014 in Bristol, will this be on the Band 20 roll-out, and if so, how is @Drew’s iPhone 5 going to get 4G as it doesn’t have Band 20?.
    (See also where @Kris noted his similar mistake on 7/11/13 after I highlighted this that day).

    So, are you now saying the 2014 roll-out will include Band 3 for all masts (where an iPhone 5 will then get 4G) or not? If not, how is Drew’s iPhone 5 going to get $G signal?.

    After over a month of asking about 4G bands and “will all the masts that will get Band 20 in 2014 also have band 3?”, it’d be nice to get a definitive answer.

  1012. Joe

    Hi three, I have a iphone 5, will I be able to get 4G on three with my iphone 5? As I’ve heard that EE is the only compatible network for 4G on the iphone 5?

  1013. Moderator: Allan

    No confirmed date for when software update will be released, won’t be that long though.

  1014. Moderator: Allan

    @Andy – Will pass on the suggestion Andy, no immediate plans to introduce it though. Thanks

  1015. Moderator: Allan

    @Jack – Yes once you have the software update you’ll then be able to use 4G in an enabled area.

  1016. Moderator: Allan

    @Macjim – Not to worry you’ll be treated just the same as everyone else. No difference in downloading update. Thanks

  1017. Moderator: Allan

    @Ben It’s too early to tell how far it will expand out-with the city just yet, thanks

  1018. Moderator: Allan

    @Drew – You’ll definitely be able to use it when it’s launched. No confirmed date other than 2014 for Bristol, thanks

  1019. Moderator: Allan

    @Gliy – It certainly should help

  1020. Moderator: Allan

    @Andy, Don’t think it’ll stretch that far for you Andy. However, full details on how far 4G will expand around the cities it’s being launched in hasn’t been confirmed yet.

  1021. Moderator: Allan

    @Andy – Absolutely, you’ll still be able to use 4G

  1022. john

    hello hello i am getting 9.95 mb/s in download and .062 mb/s upload it my galaxy s 4 mobile which is H+ and also i tested with galaxy s 3 which is not 4g lte it gives me only 2- 3 bm/s is 4 g already launched sounds good

  1023. anthony

    When will the adroid update for the galaxy note 2 ultra be out so I can use 4g too

  1024. Andy

    Any plans to introduce visual voicemail. Would hate to go to a different carrier just because of this feature. I am surprised Three does not see the necessity to implement a feature that so many of their users would appreciate.

  1025. Jack Howson

    I’ve got an iPhone 5 on Three – will I be able to receive 4G in Manchester come December?

  1026. Macjim

    In the info regarding the 4G free upgrade it says we will get a software update to make it work on our phones, who is that going to work with the iPhone 5? Surely Apple would not allow any software onto the iPhone that they haven’t made, and surely an App isn’t an ideal way either? How are you going ‘upgrade’ us?

  1027. Ben

    Will the 4g upgrade being brought out in December cover the surrounding areas of Birmingham (eg. Solihull) too?

  1028. drew

    Hi, I was just wondering I have an iPhone 5 which I bought a few months ago and I live in Bristol, am I able to get 4g on my iPhone 5 when it is available? also do you know an estimated time when 4g is available in Bristol? Thanks

  1029. Gliy

    I’m not too worried about getting the faster speeds but does the roll out of the 800mhz mean that I will get better data signal inside buildings? Really disappointed with 3’s building penetration but happy with everything else.

  1030. Andy

    Sorry, another question I forgot to ask. =P

    I live in Tamworth, which is obviously not exactly on the ‘get 4G there as fast as possible for the love of god’ list. So judging by the list you linking to another poster, the closest place Three are releasing 4G would be birmingham. So will I still be able to use 4G in Tamworth, or would it be limited to a 3G connection?

  1031. Andy


    I am currently on the One Plan with a non-LTE S3, obviously. However, I am in the process of purchasing a Nexus 5 right now, which as you know offers full 4G compatibility.

    My question is, even though I purchased a contract with a 3G mobile, will I still be able to use 4G once my Nexus 5 arrives? Or is 4G only being given out to those who bought 44G capable mobiles with thier contracts?

  1032. Moderator: Kris

    @Felix If it’s previously been on a network which already runs a 4G offering, the settings should already be available. If it’s always been unlocked, we’ll be able to have them pushed out to you once 4G is launched.

  1033. Moderator: Kris

    @Paul We haven’t had the spread for London confirmed to us as yet, so unable to answer that question at this time I’m afraid =(

  1034. Moderator: Kris

    @John Hi there, 4G is set to drop across the UK in 2014, no exact dates for Sheffield just yet, but once announced, you’ll know all about it!

  1035. Moderator: Kris

    @Jason Hi there, no immediate plans specifically for Doncaster, but a list of all the initial roll out areas can be found right here! .

  1036. Felix

    @Kris I bought it second hand, unlocked from eBay, how will I hunt down the update? Very excited about 4G; finally I’ll be able to watch YouTube videos in decent quality! Also, do you have plans for a 4G coverage checker?

  1037. Moderator: Kris

    @Mr.T Glad to hear it!

  1038. Moderator: Kris

    @Adam We’ve not launched 4G yet, so the appropriate settings haven’t been sent out. Won’t be long though =)

  1039. Moderator: Kris

    @Barry @Callum My mistake on that one chaps, the 1800MHz will be the one that is used for the iPhone 5 and not the 800.

  1040. Moderator: Kris

    @Neil Can only apologise for this, Neil. Not every customer is having the same experience as you are, but some may be having issues due to site upgrades, ongoing work and general maintenance of existing masts, in preparation for the 4G launch. While not ideal, this should be alleviated in the coming months. It’s not something we’ve had to deny or admit, it may well have been that this cause of disruption has only recently been found in your area. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience while we make these improvements.

  1041. Moderator: Kris

    @Rory Yes, yes it will! As long as it’s been bought directly from Three, you’ll be sent the appropriate settings for 4G when we launch it, and you’ll be good to go. If purchased unlocked,elsewhere, you may need to manually request the settings.

  1042. Moderator: Kris

    @Chris Sorry to hear you’ve had this issue with signal, if you’d like, we can check for any signal issues in your area at the moment if you send over a full postcode (which we’ll hide from public view). At this time, we have our 4G sites in place, but the switch on dates have yet to be decided, so as much as we’d like to give the exact info you’re after, we don’t yet have it to hand. Hopefully, we surprise you with a speedy 4G roll out in your area!

  1043. Moderator: Kris

    @Daniel Heyo, Stoke On Trent and a myriad of other towns and cities will be upgraded to 4G in 2014 (no exact date as yet). When the launch begins next month, your 4G device will be sent the appropriate settings. There will be a massive campaign for when we roll out to the various places, so we won’t sneak it up on you. B)

  1044. Moderator: Kris

    @Felix The latter is correct, it will be an over the air update fed out to all 4G devices that have been purchased directly via Three. If you have an unlocked device from Apple or another network, you may need to manually search for them. Not long to go now…are you ready?

  1045. Moderator: Kris

    @Tom We don’t have a specific date for a rollout near there as yet, but our UK wide 4G launch begins next month and will continue right through 2014. Sorry we can’t be more precise than that.

  1046. adam

    I have a sony xperia z and was told soon as 4g came out I would get a update and I will have it at no extra cost ive been told the update is out and yet I do not have it can you offer advice

  1047. Barry

    @callum @Kris
    The LTE bands available on the iphone 5 include band 3(@1800MHz) but not band 20(@800MHz) (rather than the iPhone 5s, which has both bands 3 and 20).

    Bearing in mind @Lauren’s eventual reply to my (> 1 month of) asking which LTE bands 3 will be using, and if all masts would have both bands: Would I be correct in concluding:

    The iPhone 5 will be supported on 3’s initial roll-out on LTE band 3. The iPhone 5 won’t do 4G on the later (band 20) deployment in 2014 by 3, nor on O2’s current (band 20) 4G.

    This seems to contradict @Kris’s comment of “@Callum Yes, it will work on our 4G offering on both 1800mhz and 800mhz”.

    @Kris, how is 4G going to work at 800MHz on @Callum ‘s iPhone 5, if his iPhone 5 doesn’t have band 20?.

    @Lauren ‘s answer (see 30/10/13) seemed to suggest the 2014 deployment will be on band 20. Are all those band 20 masts also going to have band 3 as well?.

  1048. Moderator: Kris

    @Sam We don’t have exact details of how far the London roll out will stretch outside of the city as yet, but you’ve not too long to wait to find out =).

  1049. Moderator: Kris

    @Callum As long as you have a 4G handset, you’ll be able to get the use of 4G when it launches, with a SIM only plan. Likewise, as long as you’re on The One Plan, you’ll be able to tether no problem with a SIM only deal. However, on any other plan, you’d need a £5 1GB tethering add on added to your account.

  1050. Moderator: Kris

    @David 4G is going nationwide in 2014, a list of the towns and cities included in the rollout can be found here . As for the Android updates, 4.3 launched yesterday (06/11) for the HTC One and should be out fairly soon for the Samsung Galaxy S4. The Nexus 5, which launched last week is running KitKat 4.4 as well. Hope this helps!

  1051. Moderator: Kris

    @Michael Mac Hi there, the iPhone 5 is a 4G/LTE enabled device, so should work on 4G from launch, as long as it has the appropriate Three network settings in it. As for Brighton, 4G is set to land in 2014,(no excat date yet), along with all the other towns and cities listed here . Hope that’s been useful for you!

  1052. Moderator: Kris

    @Adam Hi there. All Three customers will get 4G at no extra charge so when you upgrade to a 4G handset, it will have or be sent the appropriate settings to use our 4G network. Hope this helps.

  1053. Moderator: Kris

    @Steve You can find out where and roughly when 4G will be rolled out across the UK here if you wish, or I could just tell you it will be in Leeds in 2014. No official launch date as yet, but it’s definitely coming!

  1054. Mr .T

    I have iphone 5 on three .Internet of the network is fast enough where ever I go I am very happy with 3G if 4g out that will be a bonus

  1055. Moderator: Kris

    @Gary Yes, all customers, pre pay and postpay will be able to get 4G at no extra cost, provided they are using a 4G enabled device. Not long to wait for it now =)

  1056. Moderator: Kris

    @Callum Yes, it will work on our 4G offering on both 1800mhz and 800mhz.

  1057. Moderator: Kris

    @Tam Thanks for your response. Having looked at our own checker, we can also see that there are no immediate plans to increase capacity in that area with new masts. We can see that there are parts of that area that fluctuate for signal, based on the geography of the locale, but at this time, we’ve no planned activity to resolve this. Apologies for the incovenience.


  1058. Moderator: Kris


    We’ve recently done a number of 3G upgrades in Northern Ireland, but at the moment, NI isn’t amongst our initial roll out for 4G in 2014. We are hopeful that it will launch there, but we don’t have any definitive time scales for it at the moment.


  1059. Neil Mc

    I’ve just spoken to 1st line technical support and they just admitted that since June, all 3 customers are having major network reliability issues and slow download speeds due to the migration of the 3G signal and 4G signal in preparation of its launch in December. Why has it taken so long to admit it? I’ve been complaining for ages about my network issues and customer services and you guys have always lied to me saying everything is fine.

  1060. Rory Budge

    Will i be able to get 4G on my iphone 5?

  1061. Chis Wseman

    The biggest problem I have found afer many years with Three, is their relability of statements of coverage. It took me 4 years of going back to them since a fire (no fault of theirs) destroyed our nearest transmitter from whence my indoor signal fell from 100% to no indicated signal most f the time despite being told either there was good signal according to their data to being told they have boosted the nearest remaining transmitters. This situation remains in Blackpool though on upgrade to HTC One the gain s better tan my previous Sensation and for indoor they have provided a signal booster. The upshot of all this is I will be veery surprised if 4G will arrive here until very late s all will notice, apart from the handful of cities mentioned, the much larger list of cities the only ref is somewhen in 2014 despite Three knowing exactly when each of all those other principle towns and cities are contracted and already time-scheduled. In keeping with historical practice therefore, Blackpool will not be till late in 2015 and by which other providers will have long since bypassed.
    Come on Three, your customers are your life blood, we deserve to know so if I m wrong, tell us our scheduled dates. We ave already had date changes, so Im pretty sure I am right. Regards!

  1062. Daniel swift

    When do stoke on Trent get 4G? And how do we now when it’s switched?

  1063. Paul T

    Hi guys, I understand that 4G is coming to London next month. But what will be classed as London? Central London, all London Boroughs, within the M25 etc.
    I have a RM6 postcode, will I be able to receive 4G next month?


  1064. john wilkinson

    do you know when 4G will be coming to sheffield? i’ve just got a shiny new Nexus 5 and can’t wait to see what it can do!! :D

  1065. jason

    When will 4g be ready in doncaster

  1066. Felix

    How will the ‘update’ be rolled out? Will it just be a text saying to reboot or a software update pushed out like an iOS update from Apple (Settings > Gereral > Software Update)?

  1067. Tom

    When will Welwyn Garden City get 4G?

  1068. Sam

    Hi, when Three says they will offer 4G LTE services in London come December – does that include all of Greater London within the M25 circle? I am concerned whether I will receive LTE at my work and home premises. Is there any way to check this?

  1069. Callum McIntyre

    If you’re still checking this, could you confirm whether Sim only customers will get the upgrade too? Also is there any plan to drop the tethering ban on sim only, since it’s pretty pointless having AYCE 4g data with it?

  1070. David

    Hi, when will 4G be coming to the northeast? Mainly Redcar..

    And when are us Three users getting 4.3 or 4.4?

  1071. Michael Mac

    Hi guys,
    quick question… I have a sim-free iPhone 5 bought from Apple. Will this be 4G ready? also can you give a rough guess as to when LTE will hit Brighton?
    many thanks,

  1072. Adam

    Hi Mods, I have a question I haven’t been able to find an answer to… I don’t have a 4g ready device – but if I get one in January or February, will I get free 4g? Or do I have to have it ready December? One other thing, do I have to inform 3 if I upgrade my phone to a 4g ready device, or will the upgrade happen automatically?


  1073. steve

    When do i get 4g in leeds

  1074. Gary


    Does this mean I will be able to get 4G on my prepay phone as well? I know it says every customer, but when networks say that they normally only mean the bill pay people.

    Thank you

  1075. Callum

    Hi, will the iphone 5 work on 4g on both the 1800MHz and the 800MHz frequencys because O2 use the 800MHz frequency and 4g doesnt work on the iphone 5 for them?

  1076. Tam Keir

    Hi Lauren-thanks for your reply and offer to check my postcode for future planned upgrades. As I posted earlier my local council has just published their annual roll-out plans for all the major phone companies. Three has not applied to erect any new masts in my surrounding area next year-a big let down. I have just checked your advanced coverage chart for my postcode and my town of Alloa. You will see there is a big swathe of the town centre not covered leading on to the south of the town along the river. This is a highly populated and industrial area with several new housing estates and a school being built to the south west of the town. This area does sit lower than the main town so does not benefit from coverage. A mast to the south west of the town along the river is desperately needed. Its no fun getting ‘no service’ showing on your phone when trying to make a call. My postcode is FK10-2BN which has decent coverage but it is to the south of the town that is needing upgraded.

  1077. natalie

    Why is Northern Ireland not getting 4G?

  1078. Moderator: Lauren

    @Barry – Finally managed to get an answer for you … We will be deploying LTE in bands 3 (1800) and 20 (800). Our initial network, launching late 2013, will use band 3.

    Our current deployment plan can be found here.

    You are correct that the iPad mini cannot use band 20 – however the latest iPad models can do so (see http://www.apple.com/ipad/LTE/ )

    We will begin deploying band 20 in 2014. We will be using band 20 spectrum to improve coverage – we plan to have 98% population coverage by the end of 2015.

  1079. Moderator: Lauren

    Hi Duncan – Glasgow should be getting it in 2014, more info on this can be found here.

  1080. Moderator: Lauren

    @Barry – we’re unable to provide an answer here so have been awaiting a reply from our project managers regarding this, I can only apologise for the length of time this is taking. We are still chasing!

  1081. Duncan

    When will Glasgow be getting 4G? just wondering since vodaphone just rolled it out in glasgow and i’m intrested in when the update will be.

  1082. Barry

    Apologies if it because I’m asking questions that the answers don’t show 3 in a good light, but I feel frustrated that my post from 23/101/3 remains “awaiting moderation” when other posters from later have had their posts approved.

    My question (which LTE bands are 3 going to be using, and will all masts have all bands?) hopefully isn’t an unreasonable one, and while I’ve asked a question which clearly 3 are having trouble answering (given no answer at 1 month of asking), since I’ve not been rude or used abusive langauge – why is my follow-up post from 23/10/13 still hidden?

  1083. Moderator: Allan

    @Lee – Portsmouth is down for 2014. You can check this on our website here

  1084. Moderator: Allan

    @Mark – It’ll be in 2014. You can view our 4G roll out plans here

  1085. Lee

    When will portsmouth get it? I was told when I took out a contract that it was mid 2013, then I was told December 2013, now it looks like well into 2014! Not very happy about it!

  1086. Moderator: Allan

    @Matt – We need a full postcode in order to check the correct masts serving the areas you’ve mentioned (we won’t publish these) Glad you didn’t miss your son’s birth!

  1087. Moderator: Allan

    @Marjory – Every customer with a 4G enabled phone will receive a software update that will allow them to use 4G whenever they are in a 4G area. Thanks

  1088. Anonymous

    I’m very happy with my signal, works really well, and with the one contract I can stream literally what ever I want to! AND THATS AMAZING, for £18 a month!

    I just can’t wait for 4g so that I can stream even more, and use my phone to play on xbox live better, ready for the xbox one!

  1089. MARK

    Do u know when blackpool will be 4g

  1090. Matt Sorrell

    Hi the three signal is terrible in and around Storrington, Petworth & Pulborough in West Sussex. Please fix this ( I almost missed the birth of my son!!) I don’t care what your signal coverage map is indicating its truly poor. Im hoping when 4G is live that this will improve not just internet coverage but also calls & texts aswell.

  1091. Marjory

    Not quite following your response to Craig. He’s asking whether only those living in a 4g area get the upgrade, which would be silly cos you can use your phone anywhere, that’s why it’s a mobile phone. Your reply to him says: ‘Yes if you’re in a 4g area you can’. I’m none the wiser. Are you saying yes but you have to have a home address in a 4g area – which as I’ve said is daft and discriminates against people who’re paying just the same – or are you saying everyone gets the update cos anyone might travel to e.g. London! Advice please, as I’m seriously thinking of switching to 3 but not if I can’t use 4g when I’m in a big city just cos I don’t happen to live in one.

  1092. Moderator: Lauren

    @Terry – I’m really sorry that we don’t offer great coverage there. Have you spoken with the network team at all? They may be able to offer you some options?

  1093. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tam – really sorry to read you’re having issues in your area. I can check to see if we have any upgrades planned in the the area if you like?

  1094. Terry Steele

    Thanks Pamela. I know that there is no coverage in Southwell at all. This town has a population of approx 7,000 people and there is NO 3 signal. I have had to purchase an EE SIM card for when I am there. How can anyone take 3 as a national network seriously when large towns have no service. So what are the plans for this area or do I just leave 3 and go to EE? Thanks

  1095. Tam Keir

    Three says after the 4g rollout we should see speeds increase by around 2 mbps. I’m certainly not going to get the dancing girls out to celebrate that one lol. At present 2 mbps can be lost from your signal by a building or bunch of trees etc. As I average 2-5 mbps I won’t not notice the difference. So I am hardly getting exited and will not be forking out for a 4g enabled phone when my speeds will be similar to my 3g speeds–and I am not alone. Just going through this blog highlights the amount of people unhappy with their signal which in most cases got worse after their mast was supposed to have been upgraded to ultrafast !!! Other networks just seem to be getting on with their rollout. Three are gonna take till the end of 2015 to complete theirs–another 2 years !!! to gain 2 mbps. Hardly worth the wait eh ? And to make matters worse-my local council has just announced the rollout plans by mobile phone operators in my area of Alloa. There are no new masts planned by Three in this area next year so my signal is not gonna improve one bit. The west of the town has several new housing estates built and a new school is under construction. One mast to the east of the town is not enough. Time to paint my phone world orange I think.

  1096. Moderator: Pamela

    @ Paul Stead – Yes you will :-) >Pamela

  1097. Moderator: Pamela

    @Vladimir – this just means there will be an update available on your phone. Thanks, Pamela

  1098. Moderator: Pamela

    @Raman – we don’t have any more updates on the 4G roll out just now. As soon as we do, we’ll let everyone know. Thanks, Pamela

  1099. Moderator: Pamela

    @Craig – yes if you’re in a 4G area you can :-) >Pamela

  1100. Moderator: Pamela

    @Bell – 4G hasn’t been rolled out yet. Thanks, Pamela

  1101. Moderator: Pamela

    @Daz – Yes, it will be for all our customers who are in a 4G area, using 4G ready phones, dongles and tablets. Thanks, Pamela

  1102. Moderator: Pamela

    @Terry Steele – I’ve checked the postcode for you. That’s a very weak coverage area – you should expect some outdoor signal only at best I’m afraid. Thanks, Pamela

  1103. Terry Steele

    Hi Lauren sorry for the late reply. The area without any 3 coverage includes the town centre of Southwell Notts which includes (removed by MOD. Tanks

  1104. Moderator: Pamela

    @Kamran – It’s too early to say – as soon as we know, we’ll make sure our customers know :-) >Pamela

  1105. Moderator: Pamela

    @Sam – Yes you’re iPhone 5 is 4G ready, you won’t have to do anything. Thanks, Pamela

  1106. Paul Stead

    If you buy a 3 three mobile phone through a 3rd party company will you still be qualify for the 4g free upgrade.


  1107. Vladimir

    What actually means “software update” ?

  1108. Raman

    I was wondering if greater London will be covered as I live in Southall, a town in West London. Or will only central parts be covered? Will my signal strength also happen to improve signal as I happen to get virtually no bars where I live and currently have a three signal booster and I really don’t wish to be using it for the next 20 months or so! Thanks :)

  1109. Craig

    Will I still get the 4g update if it’s not in my city yet cause I travel to City’s it will be in and would like to use 4g when I’m there?

  1110. Bell

    I am on Three and just got my Galaxy Note 3 and put my chip in, how do I now turn on my 4G? I look at the web for ‘how to’ but the option (LTE) is not available to select, do I need to contact Three to turn 4G on or is it automatically available? I have The One Plan so no restriction on data ))

  1111. daz

    Does this include Pay and GO customers?

  1112. Kamran

    hi there, will Watford be getting 4G? Its 20 miles away from london.

  1113. sam

    will my iphone 5 work on the 4g and how do you download the new software

  1114. Moderator: Lauren

    @Nornlron – we aim to have 98% of the UK population covered by the end of 2015.

  1115. NornIron

    There is no mention of Belfast or anywhere else in N Ireland getting 4G. Is it a service just for GB?

  1116. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mohammed – it will be, yes :-)

  1117. Mohammed

    Will the iphone 5 be compatible with 4g on three?

  1118. solid247

    Haha ‘ 4G for the same price as 3G’ i feel sorry for the majority of 3G only customers who obviously are paying over the odds as 3G wholesale prices have plumited since the intro of 4G and they will be subsidising the 4G network. This is a cunning ploy by 3 but will the majority on 3G realise they should be getting a cheaper deal ?

  1119. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Zack – Hi Zack, that’s a bit odd. Is your monthly charge the same as your previous plan or are you paying for your new plan at the moment? Your new plan/allowances would come into affect after the next billing date. Where did you order your upgrade? We’d recommend getting in touch directly with point of sale who’ll be able to take a closer look into this. Let us know how you get on, thanks.

  1120. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Sunjay Bhogal – Hi Sunjay, unfortunately at the moment we don’t have info on the area-specific reach of 4G similar to your issue but when we get closer to the roll-out we’ll be able to update customers on that. Thanks.

  1121. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Ben – Hi Ben, if you have a look at our website then you’ll find a list of areas 4G will be rolled out to. Had a quick look for you and can see that 4G will be available in Leeds in 2014. Unfortunately we don’t have an exact date at the moment but when we do we’ll be sure to update customers. Although the roll out will begin in December to certain areas and then gradually to other places in the UK. Hope this helps. Thanks.

  1122. Zack

    Hello. I ordered an upgrade on my plan which was Text 900.The Upgrade was 2 mounts early so i had to pay 47 pounds for upgrade and 99 pounds for the phone (samsung galaxy Note 3).I wanted the phone and the upgrade on my plan as well from 900 to THE ONE PLANE…. So i got the phone paid the money but the plan ..the monthly allowances stayed the same as on the TEXT 900. What can i do i wont the new plan ?

  1123. Sunjay Bhogal

    Will Croydon be getting 4G as that is part of Greater London, I know they were one of the first areas to get 4G with EE.

  1124. Ben

    Hi was just wondering if I will be able to get 4G I was told when getting a contract sim the other week that I would but at top of here it says London, Birmingham and Manchester yet I’m in Leeds!? LS7 also what date is it in December?

  1125. Moderator: Lauren

    @Liam – 4G will be available for pay as you go customers as well :-)

  1126. Moderator: Lauren

    @Danny – you sure will be ;-)

  1127. Moderator: Lauren

    @Barry – really sorry we’ve not replied to you sooner. I’ve chased for a response from the project manager today so should hopefully be able to get an answer for you soon. Once again, sorry for your wait!

  1128. Moderator: Lauren

    @Nick – sorry to read this. I’m unable to find your postcode, can you check and confirm please?

  1129. Moderator: Lauren

    @Peter – your tablet would need to be 4G Ready to receive this.

  1130. Moderator: Lauren

    @Stee – if you have a 4G Ready phone and are in an area that has been upgraded to 4G then you’ll be able to use it, yes :-)

  1131. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mystic Merlin – TrafficSense only traffic manages people who are P2P file sharing or tethering when it’s not included in your plan between 3pm and midnight. Catch Up TV shouldn’t be affected.

  1132. Moderator: Lauren

    @Declan – yep we sure will, just fire it over and we’ll look into this :-)

  1133. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jair – it sure will :-)

  1134. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andy – I’ve checked your postcode and can see that there’s some issues in your area. Our engineers are working to fix these however we don’t have a date for a resolution yet. Sorry for any disruption.

  1135. Danny Durose

    What about if you’re on a sim only plan? Would you be upgraded to 4G too?

  1136. Danny Durose

    What would happen if you were on a sim only plan? Would that be upgraded to 4g too?

  1137. Moderator: Lauren

    @Terry – if you let us know a full postcode I can check for updates in the area.

  1138. Moderator: Lauren

    @Leo – sorry to read this, if you let us know a full postcode (we won’t publish this!) I can check for issues in your area.

  1139. Liam Smith

    Hi guys

    I have a couple of prepaid 3 data sims for my ipad mini

    When 4G launches in Dec for London, will I automatically get a 4G service on these SIMs aswell? Dont want to be stuck on 3G and thinking of updating my ipad mini to the new version which will be LTE compatible

    Thanks, Liam

  1140. Nick Crane

    I have the new 5s and my three signal 3G is very poor indoors. FaceTime barely works. My postcode is [removed by mod]. Can you check my area please? What is the date for the reading 4g rollout? Will this improve my signal strength at all?

    Kind regards.

  1141. Peter Rowlands

    will I receive 4g, I have a 3g tablet with a sim in it on a broadband tarrif?.

    Also my YouTube videos are always buffering, my area is a good signal area, will 4g improve this?.


  1142. Stee

    My current contract phone from you guys doesn’t have 4G, if i was to buy the Nexus 5 that does and use the same sim will i be able to use 4g?

  1143. Mystic Merlin

    I apologise if what I’m about to say/ask has already been covered & I’ve missed it.
    Anyway, it’s fantastic news that we will all be eventually getting 4G at no extra cost, whatever the tariff will be by then which might compensate for the “Free” 4G upgrade. I’m not going to get it for nearly 2yrs – 2015, so I’ve not stopped with 3 having just upgraded my phone to a Note 3 because I’m going to enjoy the benefits(?) of 4G now. By the time I get 4G I’ll be ready to upgrade again but that phone I’ll have to insist on being 5G ready.
    In the meantime, on the subject of 4G & Three, I want to say/ask this. It’s great having all-you-can-eat-data, but what’s the point in that if for instance, you want to watch Catch-Up TV, which is data intensive, but it doesn’t play properly because of TrafficSense on 3G. From my understanding, 3G is fast enough for this, so it has to be either the TrafficSense that is responsible for buffering & stopping or contention ratio. But we’re going to get 4G which means even faster speeds which means there shouldn’t be any buffering or freezing issues. But would I be right in saying that if TrafficSense kicks in if you’re doing too much on 3G & brings your speed down to say 1.5 Mbps, then with 4G being 5 times faster would TrafficSense still bring your connection speed down to the same as 3G? If so, then why have 4G if your restricted connection is going to be the same as 3G? And TrafficSense is another word that other providers call “Fair Use Policy”.
    What I think Three should be aiming for in the TraffiSense goal is to make sure everybody gets a minimum speed connection to do the job. So whatever the minimum speed that is required to watch Catch-Up TV as it should be seen should be the minimum speed that people should get under the TrafficSense Policing.

  1144. Andy

    Could u find out if there is a problem with the masts in and around Liverpool 7 as when my girlfriend and I ate downstairs we only have 1 bar of reception and when we receive a FaceTime call it breaks up until we go upstairs and the reception improves but it is still a poor connection we are using cellular not wifi please help my postcode is [removed by mods]. Thanks

  1145. declan

    Hi there- I get awful signal where I live. The coverage map indicates that it should be much better. All CS ever tell me is that ‘there is nothing wrong in your area’. You guys seem a lot more helpful! If I give my postcode, would you be able to have a look for me? :)

  1146. Jair

    Will my iPhone 5 work on 4g

  1147. Barry

    16 days since my initial query.
    10 days since I reposted the query.
    A week since Lauren said she’d have to check and get back to me.

    I’m not sniping at the mods here, rather at the support the techs at Three seem to be offering them (or not offerring …..!).

    With 2 or so months until 4G is deployed, hopefully someone at Three knows which LTE bands they’ll be using, so why aren’t they identifiable to be asked, or why aren’t they willing to share that info?.

    I suspect it’ll be Band 20 on 832-836Hz uplink, 791-795 Mhz downlink, and Band 3 on (1.826-1.832Ghz and 1.731-1.736Ghz ) but it’d be nice to known if it is Band 3 and band 20 even if we don;t know the exact frequencies, and if all masts will be both bands …….

    UK iPad-mini and iPad-Retina have band 3 (unless Three are shipping other than the model A1460 iPad or A1455 iPad-mini)….

  1148. Barry

    16 days since my initial query.
    10 days since I reposted the query.
    A week since Lauren said she’d have to check and get back to me.

    I’m not sniping at the mods here, rather at the support the techs at Three seem to be offering them (or not offerring …..!).

    With 2 or so months until 4G is deployed, hopefully someone at Three knows which LTE bands they’ll be using, so why aren’t they identifiable to be asked, or why aren’t they willing to share that info?.

  1149. Andy

    Hi I’m just wondering if there are any issues with the masts in Liverpool 7 as inside my house I generally get one bar on my signal down stairs and if I receive a FaceTime call downstairs I have to come upstairs to take it because of poor connection where I get up to three bars I’m not using wifi I’m using cellular please help my postcode is [removed by mod] I’m using the 5s and my partner is using the 5c

  1150. Pete Berry

    Hmm, stuck on an S3 with 14 months left in contract so i wont be one of the early adopters will I :(

  1151. Terry Steele

    Why all the fuss about 4G. There are whole towns in this country who do not receive any signal from 3. Southwell in Nottinghamshire NG25 area for example has no coverage in the town. As I work or at least travel there often why don’t you fill these gaps first. It inconveniences me as I have to have another mobile that does work!

  1152. leo

    why is 3g internet soooooooooooooooooo slow

  1153. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Kevin Tucker – Hi Kevin, it’s not on our list at the moment but more and more cities will be added after the initial roll-out so keep your eyes peeled here. Thanks

  1154. Kevin Tucker

    When will Swansea get 4G?

  1155. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @James – Hi James – I’m not entirely sure what you mean? As it stands you’re area has access to a signal from Three. Admittedly, it’s in an area with a various amount of coverage possibilities. Pockets of ‘great’ in & outdoors, ‘good’ in & outdoors which pertains specifically to your postcode, ‘good outdoors’ but ‘not as good indoors’ & an ‘outdoors only’. The area has a little congestion right now which we have plans, all being well, to combat with some maintenance work in November. If I’ve not covered what you’re after, come back and tell me in a little more detail what you mean OK. Thanks

  1156. james

    i was just wondering when my area would be covered if you knew – fk10 2nx

  1157. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @AJ – No problem. If you want to come back for an update, if possible, at any time, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thanks

  1158. AJ

    Pretty much the same within the last 3 months (speeds up to 15mb off peak 1.5mb peak) before that around (3mb anytime). Thanks for looking into the issue I was getting worried it was my new 5s!

  1159. Moderator: Allan

    @AJ – One mast has been reporting faults in the area. It’s been fixed but has later gone down again. This is likely the reason behind the poor speeds. Our network engineers are investigating the root cause in order to restore it. Out of interest there was a new mast that went live at the end of last month. Has there been any improvement since then or is it pretty much the same?

  1160. AJ

    Cheers Allan it’s [removed by mod]

  1161. Russ

    Why all the fuss and complaining by people about not getting 4g coverage, it’s only 2mbps faster than Three’s ultrafast 3g


  1162. Moderator: Allan

    @AJ – Happy to check on this for you. If you post your full postcode (we won’t publish this) then we’ll check the local area for any mast issues. Thanks

  1163. AJ

    Service has been terrible recently (takes 2 minutes to load yahoo homepage on brand new 5s) but it used to be great 7-10mps. Can you confirm if works are being done on the masts because I have several 3 contracts and all are the same with recent slowness.

  1164. Moderator: Lauren

    @Utkarsh – there’s an issue with your local mast, our engineers are working on it but we don’t have a timescale for a fix yet.

  1165. Moderator: Lauren

    @AnxiousForDec – anyone can receive 4G if they’re in a 4G area with a 4G Ready phone.

  1166. Moderator: Lauren

    @Simon – yes it is and it’s too early to say just now.

  1167. Moderator: Lauren

    @Barry – I’m going to need to find out for you Barry, I’ll get back to you when I can.

  1168. Moderator: Lauren

    @Denny – TrafficSense will still apply. More info here http://www.three.co.uk/traffic.

  1169. Moderator: Lauren

    @Michael – no word yet I’m afraid.

  1170. Moderator: Lauren

    @James – we aim to cover 98% of the UK population by the end of 2015.

  1171. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chris – The iPhone 5 will work from launch, yes :-)

  1172. Moderator: Lauren

    @Callum – too early to say I’m afraid.

  1173. Moderator: Lauren

    @Drew – hi there! Too early to say just now I’m afraid.

  1174. Utkarsh Pednekar

    I have reported this issue 5 days ago. Network signal at [removed by mod] has dropped from all 5 bars to 1. and this 1 bar keeps fluctuating to no service. My calls are also getting dropped. Unfortunately nothing has been done about this.

  1175. @AnxiousForDec

    Do you need to be in contract to get 4G at the time of roll out or will people on rolling contracts be eligible for it.

    Also I have an iPhone 4S at the moment which I am not planning to upgrade for a few months. Will my package be atleast 4G enabled in Dec so when I switch to a 4G phone say in 6 months, I get 4G.

    Basically what I want to know is do you have to have a 4G phone in Dec to qualify for 4G?

  1176. simon

    is the iphone5 4g ready and when will we get in cornwall

  1177. Denny Boons

    wonder if they’ll be throttling 4G to 0mbps after 3pm like they do with 3G on the all you can eat data plan

  1178. Barry


    1800MHz is a just a frequency – it might be helpful to know what service is being supplied on that frequency. Do you mean 3 will be supplying 4G on LTE Band 3 (at a frequency of 1800 Mhz?).

    GSM (2G) services have previously been supplied at 1800MHz (by T-mobile/Orange, latterly EE), so saying ‘just’ “1800 MHz” isn’t as clear a reply as saying (for example) “LTE Band 3″ or “LTE Band 3 (1800MHz)”

    Similarly is the “800MHz” service LTE Band 20?.

    My question was “What LTE band(s) will 3 be using? Band 20? Band 3? and will most cell sites / masts be using one or both of these bands?.”

    I’d still be grateful for an answer, as the (UK availability) version of the iPad mini will access LTE Band 3 but not Band 20, so it will be useful to know if all 3’s 4G enabled masts will allow iPad’s access on 3’s 4G service.


  1179. Michael

    DO you know the exact date that 4g will be live in London? It looks at the moment that 3’s reception is going backwards and backwards. Honestly how hard is it to have a decent network in London?

  1180. james lucas

    Like other people in northern ireland I am still waiting to get an answer if 3 mobile will provide 4g as i was informed by your store when i took out my contract that it would be available at the end of 2013. Could you give me a true answer or have I been dupes into a useless contract?

  1181. Chris W

    I may have this wrong…. But it appears that iphone 5’s (not 5s….. The plural of 5) work on your 4g network upon launch, is this correct? Wanted to make sure I understood this 100% as I thought it was an EE exclusive.

    Thanks in advance!

  1182. Callum read

    When does 4G come to the Walsall area?

  1183. Drew

    Hi Lauren any idea what year 4g will be coming to the Isle of Wight?

  1184. Moderator: Lauren

    @George – we don’t have a date for this yet however we hope to have 98% of the UK population covered by the end of 2015.

  1185. Moderator: Lauren

    @Barry – we have 1800 MHz and 800 MHz which we’ll be using for 4G.

  1186. Moderator: Lauren

    @Martin – it’s not a 4G Ready phone so no :-(

  1187. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – has it always been this way? It might be service limitation in your area. If you let us know your full postcode (we won’t publish it!) I can check for issues/updates in your area.

  1188. Moderator: Lauren

    @Yannis – you’ll get the update, yes. Tethering isn’t allowed on pay as you go.

  1189. Moderator: Lauren

    @steve – really sorry to read you were given incorrect information. We don’t have information as to when your area will receive 4G at present, sorry.

  1190. Moderator: Lauren

    @James – I’m afraid that’s not a 4G phone.

  1191. George

    Will Belfast or anywhere in Northern Ireland get 4G and if Belfast does how far will it go as I live in Newtownards just outside of Belfast and it would be brilliant for our town to also be included as it is the largest town on our peninsula I really hope three brings us 4G soon as I don’t want to switch networks and loose my all you can eat data as useage wise it’s better than 02 who I left to join three and EE’s 4G here is pathetic and over priced

  1192. Barry

    Which LTE band is / will 3 be using?.
    I have an ipad mini – which uses bands:
    1 (2100 MHz)
    3 (1800 MHz)
    5 (850 MHz)
    13 (700c MHz)
    25 (1900 MHz)

    What LTE band(s) will 3 be using? Band 20? Band 3? and will most cell sites / masts be using one or both of these bands?.

  1193. Martin

    Will 4g work on the iPhone 4S?

  1194. Mark Taylor

    I don’t get a signal on three when downstairs

  1195. Yannis

    I will get the 5s unlocked from Apple. Will I get the 4G upgrade if I use the 3 pay as you go card topping up £10 or £15 a month? Also, is unlimited tethering allowed on pay as you go? thanks

  1196. Simon

    Hi am I the only one who has noticed that Kent wont be getting any 4G from three until 2015? Surely to miss out a whole region is a disgrace especially as many people commute into London to work – use 4G for the last and first 10 minutes of their 80 min commute in and out of London. Surely i must be mistaken? You wouldn’t miss out a whole region until 2015?

  1197. steve

    When I upgraded to my S4 in June I ONLY stayed with Three because I was told by the adviser at Three that my area is 4G ready. They told me that 4G had been installed and all they were waiting for was a nod to tell then to flick a switch. Reception from Three in my area is awful. But as I live in a rural area the adviser told my that due to the 4G frequencies win by Three, the signal will improve. The adviser explicitly told me that Three are working in the background to ensure that the WHOLE country would receive 4G at the same time. .. including my rural area between Wimborne and Blandford in Dorset! But this article is now saying by the end of 2015! I’ve been completely lied to just to make a sale. Can you tell me when my area will be getting 4G or sites this mean I’m stuck on a contract with a poor 3G signal for my entire 2 year contract. If this is the case I will be taking this up with the regulators and trading standards.

  1198. James notton

    Is my htc 8s 4g ready and how do i tell and do i get it 4g ready??

  1199. Moderator: Lauren

    @Karen – sorry to read this, if you let us know your full postcode (we won’t publish it) I can check for issues in your area.

  1200. karen

    I have tried to discuss the following problems with 3’s telephone customer care in the stoke on trent/Newcastle under lyme area the 3 g signal, keeps disconnecting, having to constantly put the phone into flight mode to disable all wireless connections then take it out of flight mode will work for a bit but then keeps going off and on messages coming through repeatedly, or days later. When asked if there is a problem in the area 3 will only say the signal is good in your area perhaps it is your handset?
    I have got together a group of other 3g users in my area and guess what- its happening to them also. come on 3 admit there is a problem, I know you dread the word compensation but if this continues you will have to bite the bullet .

  1201. Moderator: Lauren

    @John – too early to say just now.

  1202. Lee

    So its not “at no extra cost”

    I agree with max and mike.

    If i want to upgrade from my current none 4G ready phone, i have to pay more. Even though the cost of the old phone was more then another.

    Whats worse is for the same price i can now go 4g right away with another network for the same price right as having to wait at least a year on three.

    I don’t see how the generic sorry you don’t like our pricing answer helps either? Its not about value – clearly its worse then before WHY?

    I will have to pay more to go 4G – thats misleading.

  1203. Moderator: Lauren

    @Krishna – it should, yes :-)

  1204. Moderator: Lauren

    @Max – We’re sorry you’re unhappy with our pricing. We always try to deliver the best price and value to our customers.

  1205. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ryan s – yes it will and you should receive the update when it’s released :-)

  1206. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mike – We’re sorry you’re unhappy with our pricing. We always try to deliver the best price and value to our customers. The 5 is now an end of life product and it’s price reflects that.

  1207. Moderator: Lauren

    @Laura D – there’s no deadline, if you have a 4G Ready device in a 4G area you’ll get access to it :-)

  1208. Krishna

    Hi there,

    Just wondering, if I get the HTC One sim free (from Amazon etc.) will the 4G work with the network? I have been a three customer on contract for the last three years and plan to stick with the same provider.


  1209. John Gaitens

    Hi, do you have a timetable when other towns will receive 4G, I am in PA1 Paisley adn am interested how long I will have to wait.

  1210. max

    4G at no extra cost?

    2011 one plan and the brand new iPhone £35 a month

    2013 the one plan and the mid range iPhone 4C £41

    So to upgrade from my old iPhone which cost more then the new mid range one I would need to pay more.

    Dont pay anything more for 4G – no you’ll just rip you us off on 3G before you even attempt to launch 4G


  1211. Ryan s

    Hi I’m going to buy the iphone 5s outright then but the three the one plan monthly sim at £15.00, will this sim deal be included in the 4g rollout ? And will I receive this update if I go ahead and sign up to the one plan?

  1212. Moderator: Lauren

    @mike – a list of our 4G Ready phones can be found here.

  1213. Mike Brassey

    Interesting… But I don’t buy it. I have been looking at purchasing a new iPhone 5c and have been gobsmacked by the contract prices announced by 3. Are they taking the mick?

    Up until last week, the iPhone5, Apple’s £529 flagship phone, was available for £31 per month with an upfront cost of £29. Very reasonable.

    Now the iPhone5C has been released, it undercuts the price of the iPhone5 coming in at £469. Can someone at 3 explain why the same contract is now £37 per month with an upfront cost of £49? That’s an extra £164 over the course of the contract, not to mention the iPhone 5C is actually cheaper to begin with.

    So this ONLY reason I can think of the increase in contract prices is to pay for 4G, therefore making a mockery of this article.

    Would 3 care to comment?

  1214. mike

    What do I need to look for to check if a phone is 4g ready please? I’m already on the 3 network but am thinking of getting a new phone

  1215. Laura D

    You mention that the upgrade to 4G is only for existing customers.
    Is there a deadline date for new customers to sign up in order to get access to the free 4G upgrade?

    (I’m not an existing customer but would consider signing up in the next few months if I knew I would get the 4G upgrade)

  1216. Moderator: Lauren

    @Neil Mc – there’s some congestion in the area which may be affecting speeds, there’s an upgrade due but no date booked for this yet.

  1217. Moderator: Allan

    @Joe – Not to worry you’ll receive the software update allowing you to use 4G when launched :-)

  1218. Moderator: Allan

    @Jacob – You can tell by the model numbers of the phone. The I9300 is 3G while the I9305 is 4G ready. Thanks

  1219. Mystic Merlin

    Thanks for your reply Lauren but let me ask you this.
    From what you say the speed test apps are notoriously inaccurate. So from that, I suppose I have to make judgement of the speed of my connection by real life situation which in this case, which is why I originally commented on here, was because watching some catch-up TV most often the programme runs for 10-15secs & then stops for 15-20secs. This keeps repeating during the whole length of the programme duration. This is at its worst from about 17:00pm until 00:00am. Although I agree that if other software are running it could affect the connection speed as long as that software or apps are accessing the Net at the same time as say the iPlayer. But I do use use an app killer to reduce any software I don’t want to run whether it is during the times mentioned above or during the early hours of the morning where I get a better connection/experience.
    So again, you’ve said that once I can get 4G that the connection speed & congestion issues should disappear but the problem now is that I’ve got to wait over 2yrs more before that happens. I’ve already checked your rollout tables for 4G from December 2013 until the end of 2014 & my area won’t be getting it during those periods. But by the end of 2015 your 4G will cover 98% of the population which will mean that I’ll get it by then which just about 2yrs 3mths 2wks away or 2 1/4yrs away. I’ll be due for another upgrade by then & I’ve not had one this year yet lol

  1220. Neil Mc

    Hi Lauren, thanks for the reply :)

    My post code is [removed by mod], if you please see why i am getting a deteriorating signal.

    EE’s 4G is in my town right now, and i understand they’ve had a 1 year head start on you guys, but what i don’t understand is why its going to take you 2-3 years to catch up and get it in my town?

    Thanks Lauren :0)

  1221. Joe

    Hi there,

    Will 4G be rolled out automatically to SIM only users?

    You mention you need a 4G ready device – I have one, but I didn’t buy it through Three and I’m planning on getting an Ultimate Internet 200 SIM.


  1222. Jacob

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 bought from you in December 2012. I am told that there are two different versions of the S3 out there, one which is 4G compatible and one that is not. How can I find out which mine is?

  1223. Moderator: Lauren

    @Neil – 4G should give a stronger signal strength. If you let me know your full postcode I can check for issues in your area.

  1224. Moderator: Lauren

    @nknk – yes, of course!

  1225. nknk

    Hi, if I buy 4G phone (Note2, for example), will I be still able to use 3G if 4G is not available?

  1226. Moderator: Lauren

    @Oscar – it is, yes. :-)

  1227. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tom – we’re hoping to cover 98% of the UK population by the end of 2015. Sorry you’re unhappy that we can’t get it out sooner.

  1228. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mystic Merlin – The speed test apps are notoriously inaccurate and are affected by multiple factors like other background applications on the phone that are also taking up bandwidth and highly transitory periods of congestion on the serving site, where multiple users happen to be requesting a lot of data all at once. Our own engineers completely reject use of the speed test apps as an measure of actual data throughput.
    Unlike fixed line home broadband, the average throughput does vary quite significantly. A speed test app that only tests a few mbits of data in a short burst will produce wildly different results on separate tests, whereas average data rates measured from the serving site to the device demonstrates a truer test of the actual data rate the customer is going to experience.
    The idea that upload speeds are always lower than download speed is an assumption based on fixed line broadband services – mobile broadband resources/bandwidths are dynamically allocated to customers based on demand. If the download speed is lower than the upload speed, that just indicates that the local demand for download bandwidth is higher than the demand for upload bandwidth.
    Your speeds may be due to congestion in the area which should be eased when 4G is launched.

  1229. Moderator: Lauren

    @Damien – we’ve no information about tariffs for this yet, keep an eye on http://www.three.co.uk. It&