Feel At Home.

Holidays are amazing. But what’s even better is being able to show off about your holiday on Social Media, as often as you like. Daily, or, if you’re having a particularly amazing time, hourly ;-) Of course cost has always gotten in the way of being truly connected when you’re on holiday. You might restrict yourself to one Instagram upload a week, maybe a tweet here or there, but not like you would if you were at home.

Wouldn’t it be brilliant if you could call London from Limerick, text Hull from Hong Kong or tweet Bristol from Brisbane? Well we’ve got some rather exciting news for those of you wanting to truly stay in touch on your holibobs :-) We’ve now launched Feel At Home in 7 countries around the world; Australia, Italy, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Hong Kong and the Republic of Ireland.

Feel At Home does exactly what it says on the tin. Use your phone (or dongle!) as you do at home and your usage will just come out of your standard UK plan allowance. Just carry on as you were. It’s that easy. If you have 5000 texts in your package you can text 5000 times from Australia. If you really want to.

All of our customers will be able to take advantage of Feel At Home, whether you’re a PAYG customer, a contract customer, a Mobile Broadband customer or even a Business customer, as long as you have an allowance or an add-on allowance. If your plan doesn’t include text, minutes and/or data allowance, you’ll need to get an add-on to make sure you can take full advantage of the allowance while you’re away. And you won’t need to do anything to get it. You’ll just arrive in a Feel At Home country, wait for your phone to pick up any local network and away you go. You’ll be able to use your phone just as you did before and with no extra charges and no nasty surprises on your bill when you get home.

There’s nothing like carefree tweeting, calling and texting and that’s what we hope to have brought you with Feel At Home. So enjoy your holidays and don’t worry about your phone bill!

530 Responses to Feel At Home.
  1. Moderator: Chris

    @Valentina – Hey there, have you double checked to make sure mobile data is active from your phone? You might also need to manually search for the network, I had to do the same when I was in Barcelona recently but after that it was fine :) You can use Three Italy or Wind while you’re over there. If this doesn’t work send over an email address and we’ll be in touch to get more details from you.

  2. Valentina

    So I have a monthly contract (set up more than two months ago) with three and the guy said it comprehends the use of the Internet from Italy. I called three today just to be sure that the international roaming option was activated and the guy did it. I landed in Milan two hours ago and the 3G doesn’t work at all. I can send texts and make calls but I cannot use the 3G. Any suggestions??

  3. Moderator: Chris

    @Kev – You’re right enough! Apparently I can’t read :P there’s no restriction on PAYG because you’re paying for the credit in advance :)

  4. Kev

    @chris @andy
    Quoted from the website
    “Feel At Home is available to all Three customers – Pay Monthly, Pay As You Go, Mobile Broadband and Business customers.”

    And it goes on to say only Sim Plan customers have to wait 30 days.

    This confuses me because it suggest paygo customers do not have to wait 30 days for activation.

  5. Moderator: Chris

    @Andy – Yep, it should do :) If you have any problems doing that just let us know and we should be able to help.

  6. Andy

    Thanks for that. If I got a PAYG now. Then in 60days time added an add on would the add on work straight away in a feel at home country? Thanks

  7. Moderator: Chris

    @Mel – Hey there, I’ve sent an email to you requesting more info. Just in case it’s a quick fix, can you try manually searching for a network and make sure your data roaming is enabled on your end? Thanks.

  8. Mel

    I’m in Hong Kong right now and have had to buy internet access from my hotel in order to try and sort out problem accessing Feel at Home. Checked before I cam my all inclusive contract would give me access but I’m getting nowhere. Any help??

  9. Moderator: Chris

    @Andy – Hey there, it would 100% definitely be 30 days before you could use Feel at Home on our PAYG service. You can see this on our website here under ‘who can use feel at home?’ – http://bit.ly/1clf5Th. Hope this clears that up for you.

  10. Andy

    Hi, If i get a PAYG does the feel at home start as soon as the sim is activated. Also if i put the £15 add on does that feel at home start aswell? when i have spoken to people in store they havent known and gave me varying answers from straight away to 30days to 60days

  11. Moderator: Chris

    Hey Lucie – The R you’re seeing is just there to let you know that you’re roaming so that’s nothing to worry about. As long as you’re connected to either T-Mobile or AT&T you don’t need to worry about calling/texting UK numbers or using the internet as long as you don’t go over your monthly allowance so you can also switch your data roaming on if you like :) Hope this helps.

  12. Lucie

    Hi, I am in Florida at the moment and I am not sure if my phone is set up correctly. On my phone where it shows the signal strength bars it has an R showing before them. Not sure what this means? I have had a text from 3 to say I am using the Feel at Home service and before I left the UK I checked I was set up to use international roaming. Is tis what the R means? I have not got data roaming switched on. Am I okay to just be using my phone as normal or do I need to do anything in my settings? Thanks.

  13. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Kay – It won’t cost you anything extra to text or call her while she’s abroad and thanks to Feel At Home it won’t cost her anything extra to receive any texts or calls from you :) >Rich

  14. Kay

    My friend is going to the US on holiday and is on 3 and is really pleased that she can contact me by text from nothing. I am not on 3 so I wanted to know is it going to cost me to text her as if she was abroad or will my texts work as if she was still in the UK?

    Thank you :)

  15. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Roundtheworld – Hi there, unfortunately Feel at Home covers using it exclusively abroad for three months and not just in a single country, so I’m afraid that long term plans or usage like that wouldn’t be covered and it may be affected. However, if it comes to that then we’d give you a message prior to it happening that services may be restricted so you’d know before you accidentally rack up a huge bill. Sorry about that but enjoy your travels, sounds amazing :)

  16. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Deb – Hi there, as long as you are both in a Feel at Home country and have your international roaming activated then you’ll be able to call each other no problem since they’re both UK numbers :)

  17. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Ben Clark – Hi, Feel at Home applies to all of our plans and it’s just a case of activating international roaming and being in a Feel at Home country. Ireland is on that list so it’s all good for you :) Hope this helps.

  18. Moderator: Ahmed

    @tom – Hi Tom, as long as you have your international roaming activated and are in that Feel at Home country then you won’t be charged for receiving texts. You’ll be able to use your UK plan as normal in those countries :)

  19. Roundtheworld

    Hi, this has kind of been clarified before but my situation is slightly different. I’m currently travelling around the world and so am visiting a lot of feel at home countries.

    T&C’s –
    •It’s designed for trips away rather than living abroad, so if you use your device exclusively in a Feel At Home country for three months within a twelve month period, you won’t be able to use your device abroad anymore.

    I’m currently in Indonesia and last month I was in HK. Next I’m going to Australia and later the US. I’m in none of these countries for three consecutive months. But I will be using ‘feel at home’ in them all which totals more than 3 consecutive months altogether.

    My understanding of the T&C’s is that it should be fine as it’s not ‘exclusively’ one country? If not how long a break do I need to have? I will going to a non feel at home country like NZ for a couple of weeks count as a reset?

    Thank you.

  20. Ben Clark

    Does the One Plan have this Feel at Home included, I am going to Dublin in June and this will be ideal if it does?

  21. Deb

    Popped into a three store for advice.
    We both have Three monthly contracts.
    Was advised that when we are both in Hong Kong
    only calls back to UK are included under Feel At Home. If we were to call each other whilst in HK then these calls would be chargeable at the international rates.
    Can you confirm please.

  22. tom

    is there a cost to receive texts abroad in these countries?

  23. Moderator: Allan

    @Tony – You would need to activate this in the UK before you left Tony. Thanks

  24. Tony

    Hi there, would I need to activate a payg. Data sim before arriving in a feel at Home destination, or can I do the activation on arrival?

  25. Moderator: Kris

    @Raj We’ve no specific dates just yet for when more countries are to be added to Feel At Home, but keep an eye out for updates on this page, http://www.three.co.uk and our Social Media channels on Facebook and @ThreeUKSupport on Twitter. Cheers.

  26. Raj

    When will India be added, please?

  27. Moderator: Stephie

    @Kev – Hi Kev, Yes that’s right! You can use your phone just like you would do at home. Our roaming partners in the USA are T-Mobile and AT&T, So as long as you connect to either of these networks you’ll be able to use Feel at Home.
    Here’s some more info about Feel at Home – http://bit.ly/1iPYpsu

  28. Kev

    I’ve been on the one plan for just about two years now – does it cover calls/sms/internet in my plan for free when I’m in USA?


  29. Moderator: Madeline

    @robbo – Hello, thank you for your feedback :-) We plan to add even more destinations to Feel at Home, so keep an eye out for updates!

  30. robbo

    ‘Feel at home’ is the best thing to happen to mobile phones in a long time.
    Its an absolute game changer.
    Three Mobile have shown that along with all-you -can-eat data and now ‘feel at home’ they are at the forefront of giving us exactly what we want.

    Keep it up and ill be a customer with you for a very, very long time.

  31. Moderator: Nicki

    @Matthew – Hi there, no plans for the Netherlands as yet but keep your eye out as we’re always looking at ways to add new locations :-)

  32. Matthew

    Hi there,

    Are you planning to add the Netherlands any time soon?



  33. Moderator: Nicki

    @nick – Hi there, you’d need to be in Italy to use Feel at Home – it would be for texting UK numbers. If you’re in Italy and text an Italian number you’d be charged roaming rates.

    Say you’re in the UK and text your friend who is in Italy but has a UK contract it’d come out of your allowances as normal, but if your friend has an Italian number you’d be charged on top for the text.

  34. nick

    hi, if i have Feel At Home and text my friend in Italy, will it be dame as texting my friend in Inverness? thanks

  35. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Jason Norman – I’m glad you like the Feel at Home service Jason but apologies for the apparent issue you had whilst in Hong Kong. If you’d send across your details (I won’t publish them) so that’s your full name, DoB, mobile no. & postcode? I’ll have a look into this for you.

  36. Jason Norman

    Feel At Home is brilliant. I went to Hong Kong for a couple of weeks and had no worries about using my phone. Calling and texting the UK was included in my minutes. My unlimited data was restricted to 25GB which is still loads more than I would ever use whilst on holiday.
    Calling Hong Kong numbers was chargeable though and also texting UK mobiles that were in Hong Kong were chargeable too I think.

  37. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Hotdog – If you’d take a look here & in particular to this paragraph -

    ‘To make sure everyone can use this service and to manage demand from overseas networks, we may restrict your ability to use your data allowance for file-sharing, like peer-to-peer download services and using certain sites to download or share large files.

    You should be able to stream and connect to VPNs, but they may be slower than they are in the UK.’

    As you can see, we do explain that there can be limitations from time to time but that we do that with all customers in mind.

  38. Hotdog

    @Pamela (moderator)

    The data has always been capped even before feel at home was introduced. I currently spend time in a large city and it is unusable for anything other than whatsapp or skype (text based messaging). I bought a local sim and was able to watch youtube without buffering (impossible to watch even a 10 second clip using roaming).

    3 HSPAP -87dBm 13asu is the signal quality/strength as reported from the phone. Im happy with the service overall just would be good to know why there is a noticeable data speed imposed on users.

  39. Moderator: Pamela

    @Erik Just to confirm for you, if you’re in the US and using Feel At Home and a US originating number called you, they would pick up the cost of the call. I hope this helps and if you need anything else confirmed, just let us know. Thanks, Pamela

  40. Moderator: Pamela

    @Lisa I can confirm that was a mistake on our part Lisa and, I’ll confirm this with Erik as well. If you’d like me to clarify anything around our International charging, just let me know. Thanks, Pamela

  41. Moderator: Pamela

    @Lee I’m really sorry about the confusion and I’ll confirm this with Erik as well. If you’re in the US and someone calls you from a US originating number, you won’t be charged and they’ll pick up the cost of the call to you as an international call. If you’d like me to clarify anything else, I’d be more than happy to do so, just let me know. Thanks, Pamela

  42. Moderator: Pamela

    @Kate When using Feel At Home in Australia, it’s mostly just like being in the UK. If you call or text anyone in the UK, it will just come out of your allowance as normal. If anyone calls or texts you, they won’t be charged anyway. As it’s a UK number roaming abroad, it would normally be yourself who picks up the cost of the incoming call but, since you’re using Feel At Home, you won’t. Thanks, Pamela http://bit.ly/1iPYpsu

  43. Moderator: Pamela

    @Sean Morris – I’m afraid not Sean, roaming rates will apply when you’re in Benidorm. Thanks, Pamela http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Roaming_and_international/Going_abroad_Pay_Monthly/Destination_Details?content_aid=1214306371189

  44. Moderator: Pamela

    @Hotdog The speeds you receive when using feel at home, shouldn’t be different to anyone else using Three Denmark. Are there other people you know, also using Three Denmark, getting better speeds than you? >Pamela

  45. Lisa

    @Bernadette (Moderator).
    Just reading your responses to Eric and I can’t see this is correct.
    If someone in the US calls my number here in the UK – I wouldn’t get charged for this. THEY would be charged for an International Call.
    If I was then to travel abroad (say Spain as its not covered on your plan). I would expect the US caller still to be charged for an International Call BUT I would pick up the additional charge from the UK to Spain. Therefore, taking the phone to a participating country (ie USA). I would ‘suspect’ that the US Caller may still be charged an international call cost BUT that I wouldn’t receive any additional charges?? now that’s what Feel At Home would mean.
    Can you confirm?? There seems to be a lack of understanding on what this service actually means and I can see 3 gaining a lot more money by people getting caught out.

  46. Kate

    Hi I am travelling to Australia.
    If I call or text a three number in the uk will i (or they) be charged?
    Or if a three number in the uk call or text me in Australia will they (or i) be charged?

  47. Sean Morris

    Hi can I use my free minutes and texts in benidorm does anyone know?

  48. Hotdog

    Why is it that when I use a 3 network(Denmark) within a feel at home country that the internet speed is throttled?
    Youtube is unusable, websites take significantly longer to load than local networks including 3 Danmark itself.

    Phone: N7100
    Version: 4.3

  49. Lee

    Hi Bernadette

    Maybe I’m missing something, but you have stated:

    “If you were in the UK and a US network sim called you this would be chargeable so there for it is exactly the same when the Uk sim is in the US”

    Could you clarify where this information comes from? If I’m at home (in the UK) and receive a call, I would not expect to be charged, no matter where the call originated. The cost would be borne by the person making the call, not the recipient. If this is not the case, I would be interested in knowing where (on the 3 website) the call charges for receiving a call from an international number have been hidden. I think many customers will be surprised to find that they can be charged for receiving a standard call!

  50. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Lee – Yes it is always free to receive calls from a UK number Lee not a US number. Feel at home works as if your handset was in the UK. If you were in the UK and a US network sim called you this would be chargeable so there for it is exactly the same when the Uk sim is in the US. >Bernie

  51. Lee

    Bernadette – you stated to Eric

    ‘@Erik – If its a US sim you are receiving the calls from this will not be included in feel at home. >Bernie’

    Yet, from the 3 website:

    ‘It’s always free to receive calls when you’re in a Feel At Home destination.’

    Which is correct – as again there is conflicting information being given on this blog when compared to the website.

  52. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Erik – If its a US sim you are receiving the calls from this will not be included in feel at home. >Bernie

  53. Erik

    A question regarding incoming calls with Feel at Home:

    For example I’m in the US and receive calls from people’s native US lines, will this be possible with feel at home FREE of charge?

    Or will I only be able to receive FREE calls from UK numbers while in the US.


    Since feel at home normally would mean that I can also receive calls from US lines free of charge when I’m in the UK.

  54. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Ian – If you can send me over your name, number, DOB, postcode for the account I will get this activated for you :) don’t worry I wont publish any of your details on the blog. You can also call us on 0843 373 3333 to activate this or do this from My3 if you have registered the account. >Bernie

  55. Ian

    I use an Ipad with a 3 rolling month SIM. What do I need to do to activate international roaming so that I can use Feel at Home in Chicago next month?

  56. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Pepper – Your handset should automatically connect to the local provider but this is not always guaranteed. If you get there and cant connect reboot the handset and do a manual network selection. The networks we use there are T-Mobile USA and AT&T. Also as you are in the US u can use your tariff with feel at home. Here is a link to more information on this: http://bit.ly/1bh9okE Hope you enjoy your trip :) >Bernie

  57. Pepper

    Going to US in July. International roaming is set up(confirmed with 333). Will my phone automatically connect to a local provider and also they told me in the 3 shop that it will be Three over there. Is this correct?

  58. Philip

    Feel at Home is an excellent step forwards. As I spend months each year in France I understand the frustrations about it not being included. However, I am convinced this is a lot more to do with French networks and their rather backwards looking business practises and pricing models than it is to do with three. I find it odd that people are berating three on here when they have been the one network pushing for much more integrated international tariffs. Keep it up three, add France ASAP but we’ll be sticking with you for a while if you keep pushing forwards into the 21st century.

  59. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Steve – Yes you can call mobile to mobile (as long as it’s Three) when you’re in the USA and it’ll act as if you are back in the UK. So it won’t cost extra. You can find more details to -> http://bit.ly/1bh9ok

    Before you go, make sure your international roaming is activated. This has to be done 30 days before if you are a PAYG customer. Hope this helps.

  60. Steve

    Hello, I have another question. I will be in the USA using my Three PAYG SIM (with a top converted to an add-on). I will have friends with me who are also on the Three network. Am I able to call them using their regular UK Three number while we are all in the USA and will it only cost me 3p per minute ? Thanks

  61. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Erik – Hi, Feel At Home is part of the dongle package. Although none of our dongle or mobile Wi-Fi devices are compatible in the USA. -> http://bit.ly/1bh9okE

    The Price Plans for our mobile broadband devices are here -> http://bit.ly/19cbA2W Hope this helps. >Anne Marie

  62. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Paul – Yes you would have to buy the add on and the allowance would be included in feel at home if you are traveling to the States. The first link is for more information on topping up: http://bit.ly/1cyf9A0 and also here is a link for feel at home: http://bit.ly/1bh9okE >Hope this helps :) Bernie

  63. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Ciaran – It would really depend on what network they are with Ciaran. I would imagine though if they are outside of their bundle it would cost. >Anne Marie

  64. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Therese, We do love our roaming plans as well :) makes it better for our customers to travel without any worries. With regards to the different bands A, B, C you are only able to use your feel at home from one band at a time. Example: You could use the handset in band A with feel at home but you could not call band B from A, vice versa and not get charged. These would be charged as international calls/texts. You can get all the information here: http://bit.ly/1bh9okE >Bernie

  65. Erik

    I’m thinking about buying a 3 Mobile Broadband sim card with payg, a few questions:

    Is there a 3 Mobile broadband sim card that already includes an add-on for feel at home, when purchasing?

    If not what are the available 3 Mobile broadband plans/add-ons for payg, that can be used with feel at home.

  66. Moderator: Bernadette

    Hi Steve, If you are using a PAYG sim you will have to top this up and convert the top up into allowance to be able to use this service. There is a link here for this: http://bit.ly/1cyf9A0 >This means you will get a specific allowance to use depending on your top up amount. If you use this in the US it will be included with our Feel at Home service which this link will also give you details: http://bit.ly/1bh9okE > Hope this helps. Bernie

  67. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @NSW – Hi, it sure is :) –> http://bit.ly/1bh9okE .You can double check your international roaming is active first, if you’re worried. You can do this either by calling 333 or if you send us some details we can activate it for you. Thanks > Anne Marie

  68. Paul

    Hi I have a 321 payg sim in my phone and going to Florida, being a feel at home partner does the 3ppm to call 2p a text and 1p mb still apply or do you have to buy an add on?

  69. Ciaran

    If somebody rings me and I’m in a different country and they are not on three will it cost them outside of their bundle?

  70. Therese


    Firstly I’d like to thank you for this awesome roaming plan, which has made my life much easier pretty much on a daily basis!

    We are two people, each with a phone from country A but currently located in two different countries B and C. Does the feel-at-home plan cover when we call each other between countries B and C?

    (All of A, B, and C are feel-at-home countries.)

  71. Steve

    Hi, I have a Three PAYG SIM which i started using last October. I will be going to the US soon. Am I able to use this in the US on the 321 deal. i.e it will cost me 1p per mb of data from my current balance ? Do I need to do anything to activate the service before I go ? Thanks

  72. NSW

    Hi! Is this Feel at home still valid as we are going to Rome from London? Thanks,

  73. Moderator: Claire

    @Elliot – Hi, we don’t have any news yet as we’re looking into adding other countries soon.

  74. Elliot

    Hi, any idea if Spain is going to be added any time soon?

  75. Moderator: Claire

    @Jessica – Hi, yes you do need to turn on the data roaming for this to work. We don’t charge any extra as long as you stay within your tariff allowance. If you are on 1Gb then anything over the 1gb will be chargeable but if on unlimited internet then no extra cost. Enjoy!

  76. Moderator: Claire

    @Jennifer – Hi, yes you can use the Feel at Home service for the ipad :)

  77. Jessica

    Hi there, I’m in Australia and my phone has picked up the local network, do I need to turn my data roaming on to use my all you can eat internet while I’m here? Will I be charged extra for this? Thank you! Jess

  78. Paul

    I agree with Gary 100% you’re ripping off your loyal customers, I only ever go to France, most Brits will go to France and Spain, THANK YOU THREE FOR NOT LOOKING AFTER YOUR CUSTOMERS, I’ve had around 8 contracts with three, this makes me want to leave.

  79. Jennifer

    I have a ipad mini with you on a monthly allowance plan. Can I use this on the Feel At Home scheme too or is it just for phones?

  80. Moderator: John

    @Raj – Nothing in the pipeline yet Raj, but a fantastic idea and we’ll be sure to pass on your feedback =) Thanks

  81. Raj

    Hi, are there any plans to add India?

  82. Steff E

    @ Gary Mackenzie – I can completely understand your frustration. This is something many of our customers have felt, which is why we brought around Feel at Home. We at Three believe we’ve set the bar for other mobile phone networks. It’s still on only early days for this deal and we’re planning on adding even more countries to the list. However as you can imagine it will take some time as we must come to a suitable agreement with other mobile phone networks located in different countries. Over the past year we’ve seen a drop in roaming charges due to EU legislation and our pricing will always reflect that.

  83. Gary Mackenzie

    It seems crazy that you have included the US and Australia in your “Feel at home” service, but most of Europe, Spain and France are excluded at the moment. Maybe this is because of the roaming rip- off that is happening with so many of us when on holiday!
    Please, stop behaving as if you are doing us all a big favour. The modern smartphone is an expensive piece of kit that we all pay through the nose for, and depend on in our everyday life. The least you can do is allow us to have inclusive access across Europe.

  84. Moderator: John

    @ Micaela – Hi Micaela, we’re so pleased you like it as much as we do =) There hasn’t been any mention of Portugal being included in the Feel at Home countries, but we’ll definitely be sure to pass on your feedback for the future. Thanks

  85. Micaela

    This is a great new system! Can you let me know if Portugal is included, please? Thank you!

  86. Steff E

    @Kane – Hi Kane, France (at this moment in time) isn’t part of Feel at Home. Feel at Home is currently available in 11 countries –> Australia, Austria, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, Indonesia, Macau, Republic of Ireland, Sri Lanka, Sweden and the USA. We’ll be adding more countries to this list in the future :)

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  88. Kane

    Does this curently work in France

  89. Moderator: Ahmed

    @\ken Dale – Hi there, yep :) You can make use of our Feel at Home service in Italy that allows you to use your data plan in selected destinations abroad and benefit from lower-than-usual roaming rates. If you pop along to this link it’ll give you all the info. Hope this helps.

  90. \ken Dale

    Hello there.
    Is it correct that I can use my ’3′ Dongle in Italy at no extra costs please.
    Many thanks

  91. Moderator: Ahmed

    @David – Feel at Home only applies for using your UK plan to call or text UK numbers. You’d be charged international rates for calling a local Florida number I’m afraid.

  92. David

    Hi Chris thanks for your reply sorry to be a pain but does this mean that if I am in Florida and call a local (Florida) number using “feel at home” I will be charged international roaming rates?

  93. Moderator: Chris

    @David – Hey there, as long as you’re calling a UK number you would still be covered under the feel at home service for calls, texts and data usage. Calls to a non UK number would be charged at international rates as normal.

  94. David

    My wife and I are both on 3 Network monthly plans if we visit the United States and call each other using feel at home will we be charged roaming rates?
    To simplify this if the call is 3 network to 3 network and both parties are in United States would this be seen as part of yours plan?

  95. Moderator: Chris

    @Drew – Ciao, hope you’re enjoying your trip! You can use our feel at home service in Italy as long as your international roaming has been activated. If you find you can’t get connected then please get in touch with us and we’ll get you up and running as soon as we can. Just so you know, tethering data isn’t included under feel at home. You can get more information over here – http://bit.ly/1bh9okE. Cheers.

  96. Moderator: Chris

    @Rosetta – Sorry you’re not happy with the feel at home service but we’re always working on new ways to improve it. You can find a list of all the countries covered over here – http://bit.ly/1clf5Th. In the mean time you can still use our Euro internet pass in France to keep you going – http://bit.ly/1aMSLnI. Cheers.

  97. Moderator: Chris

    @Lilyrose – Hey there, we’re always looking to ways that we can improve the feel at home service :) Thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass your comments on to the team.

  98. Moderator: Chris

    @Oliver – Hey there, the 30 day restriction is on pay monthly sims only so you’d have nothing to worry about with a PAYG sim. All our PAYG sims come with international roaming active and you can find out more information about this over here – http://bit.ly/19E6wyF. Hope this helps :)

  99. Oliver


    I’ve bought a PAYG nano sim for my iPad, which I was hoping to use in Australia. Will this work if I activate it prior to leaving and enable data roaming on my iPad?

    I’m just a little unsure from your T&C’s if I need to have been a customer for longer, for it to work?


  100. Lilyrose

    Just why your not doing France …I don’t understand ….
    Feel at Home not covering France but covers America …when my contract ends it ends

  101. Rosetta

    If I had known France wasn’t included I would not have bothered with you …
    It’s a kick at me to tell me the US is free ..when that is so far away …but you can’t do France..part of Europe …no thanks

  102. Drew

    Hi there. I’m going to Rome today. I know my contract on my iPhone will allow me to use “Feel At Home” – I also have an iPad on contract so can I use the sane device with that if I switch Data Roaming on please? Hope to get a reply ASAP. Thanks.

  103. Moderator: Chris

    @Josh – Hi there, you’re right in saying that you can use the feel at home service for up to 90 days at a time. Three and Vodafone are in a partnership in Australia but Three still remains a separate network, however you can still use Vodafone while you are there and won’t have to worry about any extra charges. You will need to activate your data roaming while away or your phone will not pick up the data service, this won’t result in a huge bill as you are covered for calls and texts to the UK and use of your UK data bundle under the feel at home service. You can get more info here – http://bit.ly/1clf5Th.

  104. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Ben – Hi Ben, no plans at the moment for adding France to Feel At Home. We’re always looking to add new countries though, so keep checking the website for updates. Thanks.

  105. josh

    Hi, I arrived in Australia yesterday and have been told I can use feel at home for up to 90 days? Ive switched my phone on and its gone to vodaphone AU network. As far as im aware vodaphone bought out 3 in AUS?

    anyway I can make calls / txts to UK numbers but I cant access data, I can only access data if I switch my data roaming on. Do I have to switch in on or should it just work automatically. Just dont want to end up with a huge bill. thanks

  106. Paul

    It’s not very clear, France isn’t listed on the countries, probably because three make so much money for roaming customers? No deal for them! Let’s make it free for countries most people rarely go to, on one page it says France is free on the sister networks, orange and Bouygues, what’s going on? If France isn’t included, I’m ending my contract, it’s not right.

  107. Ben

    Any idea about when Feel at Home will work in France?

  108. Moderator: Pamela

    @Phil At the moment none of our dongles or WiFi devices support the bandwidth for the US. You’ll only be able to connect to the internet using a tablet with your mobile broadband SIM inserted. Really sorry about that, we’re reviewing our range with a view to introducing a compatible device for our US travellers as soon as possible. >Pamela

  109. Moderator: Pamela

    @Keith There are some slight difference with anything that is normally unlimited, for example you won’t be able to use more than 25G of data. I’ve included a link with more info, hope this helps. It’s also best to get in touch with us before you travel just to make sure everything you need is enabled :-) >Pamela http://bit.ly/1bh9okE

  110. Moderator: Pamela

    @Chris Roscoe We won’t be able to update you personally but, we’ll make sure our Blog and other pages are updated :-) >Pamela

  111. Keith

    We are going to the states, and we have the 3 ALL YOU CAN EAT DATA PLAN on a a monthly contract.
    Am i correct that i can use my IPhone as normal when in the states. Thats using FaceTime and making calls at no extra cost if within my allowance.

  112. Phil

    Just arrived in the US, hoping to use my PAYG dongle which I topped up £10 (1Gig 30 days) before I left the UK (it was working)

    I got a SMS saying I could use FeelAtHome on arrival to the US but its not connecting. The fact I got a text suggests my device is compatible with the US networks does it not) – maybe its a signal issue – I will try some more tomorrow but how can I be sure international roaming is enabled on the sim (I read here that it is automatic for PAYG)?


  113. Chris roscoe

    Hi 3 can you update me when you add new countries to the feel at home package.

  114. Moderator: Allan

    @Graham – That’s you good to go. All you need to do now is turn on international roaming via the phone when you need it. Thanks

  115. Graham

    Thanks Allan

  116. Moderator: Allan

    @Graham – If you haven’t used roaming before we’ll likely need to activate it on your account as well. You can call us via 333 to do so, or if you reply with your name, mobile number, postcode & date of birth (none of which will be published) I’ll sort it out for you just now. Thanks

  117. Graham

    I’m going to New York Later this year, My contract is the Ultimate Internet SIM 200 with ‘all you can eat data. am I correct in thinking all I will have to do is change my Data Roaming to ‘international roaming’ and I will be able to use my phone (Xperia z) as I would in the UK on this plan ?
    At the moment my account says that I am unable to make phone calls or access the internet abroad and that I would need to contact Three to get this changed, would I only need to do this for non ‘Feel At Home’ countries?
    Thanks in advance

  118. Moderator: Allan

    @Caroline – Hi, you can unlock your device by filling out the form on our website here

  119. Caroline

    Hi , I have moved to France and I have a 3 ipad I bought in August last year so I’m still paying for it but not able to use the data allowance that came with it . How do I go about unlocking it so I can use it here and use what as I’m rubbish at it and not sure what to do . Thank you

  120. Moderator: Lauren

    @Phil – sorry to read this, are you able to make/receive calls okay? Do you have allowances remaining on your price plan? You can check this via My3.

  121. Moderator: Lauren

    @Patrick – it should work with your iPad as long as you have converted your credit into data add ons. :-)

  122. phil hayes

    Just arrived in Australia and my Feel at Home is not working. When I try to connect to any web page, it just says web page not available. My phone seems to be connected to Vodafone.AU

  123. Patrick

    I’m going to the US on Sunday and wanted to know if Feel at Home would work on my PAYG iPad plan?

  124. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jason Tsang – Hi, if the caller is in the UK they’d be charged as normal. If they’re in another country and are roaming they’d be charged roaming rates. It’d be better for them to check with their own networks provider as to what they’d be charged for.

  125. Jason Tsang

    Hi, If I was in one of the countries where I can use “feels like home”, would a caller be charged the local rate to call me or will they be charged an international rate because my number is a UK number?

  126. Moderator: Allan

    @Doug – Make sure you put the SIM in the phone & turn it on before you leave the UK Doug, otherwise it might not work in USA. You don’t need to activate roaming on PAYG, it’s done automatically. The allowances are used as if at home i.e for UK numbers only. You would need additional credit to call local US numbers. Thanks

  127. Doug


    I have purchased a PAYG sim pre-loaded with the all in one 15 add on to take advantage of feel at home when I travel to New York next month. I have a couple of questions.
    Does the sim need activating or does that happen automatically when I insert it in my phone and start using it?
    Do I have to call to allow international roaming or does it happen automatically when I activate the sim?
    If I have no additional credit apart from the all in one plan will I be unable to make calls outside the plan, ie local calls, or is there a mechanism for these to be billed?


  128. Moderator: Claire

    @Mike Hi, we are looking at adding other countries in the future to feel at home, it just takes time to setup agreements. Hopefully soon :)

  129. Moderator: Claire

    @Tobi Hi, feel at home won’t work in Spain but we can activate international roaming on your account if you like? Send us your full name, DOB, postcode and mobile number. The charges are available here

  130. Tobi

    Hello I’m Spain and was expecting feel at home to work straight away, cant access my account because I’m on wifi is there anyway this can be sorted out?

  131. Mike

    Please, please add Portugal! Surely Optimus would partner you? They offer free calls back to the UK if you take their WOW internet offering so it must be cost effective for them to do it?

  132. Moderator: Claire

    @Lynete e Hi, yes you would be charged to receive calls/texts from Australian numbers. You receive free calls/texts from UK numbers when in Australia. Another option is to use a VOIP app like Skype or Viper to contact Australian numbers if the other person also uses these apps.

  133. Lynete e

    I have just arrived in Australia and I’m using the feel at home package. I understand I will be charged to text/call Australian numbers but please confirm whether I will be charged to receive calls/texts from Australian numbers?
    Many thanks

  134. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Adam – We don’t have any information about the next countries that will be added to our Feel at Home or any dates that would happen on. As Spain is one of the more popular destinations it would be fantastic if we get this added but I couldn’t confirm whether it will ever happen. We are always trying to get more countries added so fingers crossed. >Bernie

  135. Adam

    Hi, I was just wondering if Spain ( and the Balearic islands such as Majorca) would be added by the summer

  136. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Lizzie Wynn – Hi, we’re always looking to add to the list so hopefully your wish might come true. Keep an eye on our updates :) At the moment we don’t have any info on more countries.

  137. Lizzie Wynn

    Please add Spain!!! I spend so much time there. Is it likely? If so when?

  138. Moderator: Stephie

    @Andrea – Hi Andrea, I have sent you an email so we can discuss this further and look in to your account.

  139. Andrea

    Hello, just landed In Italy. WaS hoping to use Feel at Home, but cannot log on any network. Tried to log in my account but password is sent by text, obviously can’t receive it. Can you help? Thanks

  140. Andrea

    Hello, just landed in Italy, was hoping to use feel a them bit cannot log on any network?
    Can you fix this ASAP?

  141. Moderator: Daniela

    @MarkS – Thanks for getting back to us. Can you give us your full name, number, UK postcode and DOB so we can check your account to see what has happened here.

    We won’t publish any of that information so don’t worry about that :)

  142. Mark S

    Hi Lauren,

    1/ I’m in Australia.
    2/ I haven’t been making calls other than to UK numbers. First fobbing off when I called 333 to query the bill was “Well Sir – it is because you have been calling overseas numbers”. Wrong – you’re incorrectly billing calls to the UK as international calls and charging me
    3/ I haven’t exceeded my call allowance on my plan. Second fobbing off was “Well sir, it is because you have exceeded you call allowance”. Wrong. If that were the case all calls to the UK after a certain point would be charged. I had several hundred minutes left and the problem is sporadic.
    4/ I’ve been here less that the three month cut off after which you charge.


  143. Moderator: Bernadette

    @John – Sadly there is still no more news on France yet :( we understand Europe is the place most of our customer really want to see added to Feel at Home. Fingers crossed we will manage to get all these countries included one day. Thanks >Bernie

  144. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Lee – Pretty jealous your off to Lisbon I wont lie :) but we are always working on adding more and more countries to our Feel at Home. Hopefully by then we will have the places you need. Thanks >Bernie

  145. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Louis Armstrong – Nice to hear some fantastic feedback from you :) but yeah I agree if we manage to get the full of Europe added Im sure we would make a lot of people happy ( including myself :) ). We are constantly trying to get more and more agreements with other networks to try and get more places added to our Feel at Home. Also you are correct that you can use you all you can eat data in the countries we already have included. Fingers crossed by the time you go on your travels we will have the places you need added :) as it would be a shame to loose you if your happy with us. Thanks >Bernie

  146. John

    Still no news on France or other additions yet?
    Thank you

  147. Lee

    I’m off to Lisbon in May, so I’d really appreciate having Portugal added to the Feel at Home list.

    As Captain Picard would say – ‘Make it so’ (pleeeeze).

  148. Moderator: Claire

    @Ian Gray – Yes, a three customer calling another three customer abroad won’t be charged for an international call as both numbers are UK numbers using the Feel at Home service.

  149. Louis Armstrong

    If I have unlimited internet does this mean I have unlimited internet while roaming in a feel like home country, and also it seems A LOT of people are asking for Europe as it’s such a big British holiday area; any plans for Europe being added?. EE seem to have the run so far with many more countries available for tier customers. Fingers crossed it’s added before I go away for 7 months to Europe in April because I’ll have to join EE.
    Well done Three also; absolutely great network and it would be a shame to leave

  150. Ian Gray

    My wife is on Holiday in New York and we have had it confirmed that she can use the Feel at Home to call UK numbers using inclusive minutes via her 3 mobile. I would like to know if as a 3 customer can I call her whilst in New York and not be charged an international call?

    thanks Ian Gray

  151. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark S – if there are any issues with Feel at Home we’ll work to get this rectified as soon as we can. What country are you in?

  152. Moderator: Stephie

    @Nigel – Hi Nigel, I’ve sent you an email so that we can look in to this further for you.

  153. Nigel

    Hi I am in Austria and I can not connect to 3 network??

  154. Nigel

    Hi I am in ellmau Austria and I can’t get access to any network?? I was told before I came that I could use phone in Austria. Can you help?? Using free WiFi in chalet to send this msg.

  155. Mark S

    You’re mis-billing people when they’re in a Feel at Home country.
    (i) my entry on 24/11/13
    (ii) Leilah’s entry on the 29/11/13
    (iii) Tom’s entry on 17/11/13
    (iv) Chris on 22/12/13
    (iv) Stephie Dunn on 5/1/14
    That’s five people on here who have been mis-billed when in a feel at home country. You’ve already done an automatic credit to my account for last month for this mistake, and you’ve wrongly charged me AGAIN this month. If you have any influence can you get this sorted please!

  156. Paul

    >Moderator: Bernadette 08/01/2014
    >Yeah you will be able to use your UK data as >part of the feel at home even if you are roaming >on either one of the chosen partners that you >have mentioned in Italy. Hope you enjoy your >travels.

    That’s good to know, thank you!
    Odd, too: I know from experience that if you buy an add-on for a 3 Italy number you can only use the data allowance whilst on a 3 signal; we’re being treated more generously than 3 Italy customers, in this respect!

  157. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Paul – Yeah you will be able to use your UK data as part of the feel at home even if you are roaming on either one of the chosen partners that you have mentioned in Italy. Hope you enjoy your travels.

  158. Paul

    Hi, quick Q re data: I understand that for calls and texts (back to the UK), one just needs a local mobile signal, not necessarily 3 (e.g. in Italy, where there is 3 but also TIM, Vodafone, Wind). Must there be a 3 signal to make use of the data allowance? For example, in Italy, would I be able to “feel at home” with my UK data allowance on a Vodafone or TIM or Wind (i.e. non-3) signal? Thanks in advance!

  159. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Aaron – Sorry we don’t have any further updates just now. Fingers crossed it wont be too long now. Thanks

  160. Aaron

    Hello. It’s now January 2014. Any more news on when more countries will be added to this list?

  161. Moderator: John

    @Niall – Glad you’re pleased, Niall; we were delighted when we found out! In answer to your question, you’d be able to enjoy your Feel at Home facilities provided that both phones being used were UK based numbers i.e. the UK mobile in the US calling a UK number in the Republic of Ireland.

  162. NIall

    Hi guys,

    Great news about 3 feel like home in the US. Quick question though…cann i call other three like home countires when Abroad using my data plan..ie calling ireland from the US?

    thanks in advance

  163. Moderator: Kris

    @Jan Vodafone is the network you should remain connected to while there. You should be taking advantage of our Feel At Home plan, so all of your services should be working fine. Have you checked to make sure you haven’t disabled data roaming on your device by accident? Have you tried rebooting your device since it stopped working? Is anyone else in your party having the same problem?

  164. Moderator: Kris

    @vernon You sure can, although you will not be able to tether on it. You may also not be able to use the sim outside of the UK within the first 30 days of your package.

  165. Moderator: Kris

    @David T It should just be like using your mobile at home, so you’ll be able to call any UK mobile and landline numbers from Hong Kong, text UK mobiles and use your data (except for tethering), as long as your Interntaional Roaming is active.

  166. Moderator: Kris

    @stephanie dunn Seems a bit strange, particularly as Feel At Home should be allowing you to use your allowances as you would back here, without incurring any charges. We can look in to it for you if you wish, via email, but if possible it may be quicker to ring in on +447782333333 from an Ozzie landline to have ti sorted. If it has just been a billing issue in relation to Feel At Home, you will likely be refunded for any charges you’ve incurred, but that would be something that the Care team on that number would be able to let you know more about.

  167. Jan Zika

    I am on a 15 month contract with 3 in the uk with all you can eat data. I am now in Australia. Although I can send texts and make calls I am unable to use the internet on my phone. I have roaming switched on and I have a 3G signal (Vodafone). The internet did work on my phone for 48 hours when I first arrived. I used 64mb then and the internet has since stopped working. I did not change any settings. I have since tried manually choosing networks other than Vodafone (Optus and Telstra) but I can neither use phone nor internet services through these.
    Please inform me ASAP as to how I might rectify this problem.
    I tried posting this problem as an email to your support page but it is unclear if the message has been delivered.


  168. vernon

    hi there, if i buy the all you can eat package simcard , does that mean if i go on holiday to usa, i get all that you can eat data too?

  169. stephanie dunn

    hi, iv been in Australia now for a week, iv been charged for all txt messages sent in Perth?? and i also have a 20 pound charge for what seems to be 3 days worth of phone calls which are all to the UK, iv not been charged for any previous to this yet i cant view them until my next bill and am as a result phoneless until someone replies to my inquiry which can take up to 5 days. I then called the number to try and call and sort this out a bit quicker yet it wont connect, but can phone all other numbers??? whats going on three!!!! I have also checked the list of countries included and unlike the advice i received on the phone Dubai isnt included in the plan as i was assured it was when i called for advice!! so i also have a 12 pound bill for that phone call. so far im not impressed with this service! can someone please help me sort this out!

  170. David T

    Hi, I’m a bit miffed at my bill and this roaming. So I can’t use my call allowance to ring other mobile phones from abroad (I’m Hong Kong right now) as that gets charged separately? Just landlines, right?

  171. Moderator: Madeline

    @Edds – Hi there, Hi there, the ability to roam is automatically available for Pay as You Go customers. We’d only hold back the ability for contract customers until we’ve verified that they’re eligible for roaming. With Feel at Home you can use your allowances in 11 countries as you would be able to in the UK. This means you’d need to use your credit to buy an addon (All in One 10 or 15) to give you text, data and calling allowances.

  172. Moderator: Madeline

    @Giampaolo – Have you tried rebooting your phone and manually selecting one of the Italian networks?

  173. Moderator: Madeline

    @Lyndsey MacDougall- Hi Lyndsey, Yes you will be able to call each other for free when you’re in the USA. You just need to wait for your device to pick up a signal from any available local mobile network and you’re good to go :)

  174. Edds

    Hey I’m thinking about switching to Three PAYG as I travel a fair amount. I know it takes 30 days for new contract customers to become eligible for the feel at home benefit. Is that the same for new PAYG customers?

    Thanks and a happy new year to you all.

  175. Moderator: John

    @phab – We wouldn’t delete any comments posted by yourself, phab. If you would send us your email (we won’t share this on the blog), we will be more than happy to start the ball rolling and look into this for you. Thanks

  176. Moderator: John

    @Luke – Thanks for your feedback, Luke, and it’s something we’ll definitely pass on.

  177. Steff E

    @Phab – As long as international roaming is activated on your account then you should be set up to use your handset abroad. For a list of countries that are supported by Feel at Home click here Thanks, Steff

  178. Giampaolo

    Hi, I am in Italy with my Lumia800. I have a ‘Text500′ plan. Feel at home is not working and before you ask, YES roaming has already been activated on my account (internet access in the UK and abroad). Can you help please?

  179. Luke

    I travel to the Isle of Man very often to see family, it is so close yet it classes as an international rate. Could it get added as a feel at home country soon please?

  180. Lyndsey MacDougall

    Family all going to USA in May 2014 and would like to use ‘feel at home’ Can we call each other while in USA free (I don’t have 3-3 mins but the other 2 do)? Also your info on web contradicts by saying ‘just pick up any network’ and ‘one of our Roaming partners’. Can we use any network or just the roaming partners? Thanks

  181. phab

    where is my comment ?
    Did you delete it ?
    I,m abroad and I,ve just saw my account with 3,03 pounds charged so I,m not feeling like at home !

  182. phab

    how can I know if my phone got already the new option “feel like at home”?
    Works already abroad but is it a automatic set up?

  183. Moderator: Allan

    @Shaz – If the person is calling your UK mobile number then there is no additional charge. This is the case if they are a Three customer, I can’t speak for other networks though Shaz. Thanks

  184. shaz

    How much does it cost for someone to call me when i am abroad. Is it an international call charge for them

  185. Moderator: Allan

    @Steve – Nothing at the moment, sorry. New countries being added all the time though. Hopefully news in the new year

  186. Moderator: Allan

    @Matt – You’ll need to make sure roaming is active on your phone as well in order to make use of this. Thanks

  187. Moderator: Allan

    @Chris This isn’t good to hear. Sounds like something has gone wrong if you’ve been billed. Can you and your wife please contact us via 333 and we’ll arrange for this to be refunded to you. Thanks

  188. Moderator: Allan

    @Chandima – Sorry to hear this, the speeds you’ll be receiving will be dependant on the network you’re connecting to in Sri Lanka though. I’m not sure there is anything we or you can do to improve them.

  189. steve

    Hi, any news on a timescale to add France? Early in 2014 would be fantastic.

    Thank you

  190. mat

    Hi I am off to the usa soon and I have activated on my account to use the internet and calls abroad. Do I need to switch the phone to roaming or don’t roam?

    Many thanks


  191. Chris

    I was in Copenhagen last week and used the Free at Home service but have been charged almost £40. That’s not free.
    My wife was also charged

    It would have been cheaper to have used the Euro Pass which is only £5 per 24 hours which I used in Germany without problem.

  192. Chandima

    In Sri Lanka on holiday. Internet speeds are extremely slow. 30KB/s. After a long time, downloads a page, but with no images… How can I increase the speed?

  193. Moderator: Nicki

    @Shou Yue – Hi, do you know if you activated your international roaming before you left? If not or you’re unsure we can check for you. If you have access to another phone you could call +447782333333 or tweet us on @ThreeUKSupport and we’ll check your account to see if you’re eligible for roaming. Thanks

  194. Shou Yue

    Hi, I am in Italy my UK sim but i cannot connect to any network. what could be the problem? Is Italy part of the Fell At Home plan?

  195. Moderator: Nicki

    @oliver wells – I’ll get someone to drop you an email for your account details.

  196. oliver wells

    Still no luck can you turn on roaming for me as I think this must be the issue

  197. Moderator: Nicki

    @John Ford – Hi there, the eleven destinations we’re covering now are just the start and we’ll be looking for opportunities to add even more in the future so stay tuned.

  198. John Ford

    When oh when will you be adding Switzerland to the network.

  199. Moderator: Nicki

    @Liam – Feel At Home lets you use your UK plan allowance or Add-on allowance to call or text the UK or use data in selected destinations – calls to Australian numbers aren’t included in any of our price plans so would be charged on top at roaming rates.

  200. Liam

    Hi…with a Three PAYG phone would I be able to call my friends in Australia who are on Australian contracts, whilst I am in Australia, at no extra cost?

  201. Moderator: Nicki

    @Helena – Hi, do you know if you activated your international roaming before you left? If not or you’re unsure we can check for you. If you have access to another phone you could call +447782333333 or tweet us on @ThreeUKSupport and we’ll check your account to see if you’re eligible for roaming. Thanks

  202. Helena

    Hi, recently moved to US and just upgraded to feel at home 12 month contract. I was told they will switch on internet access straight away, but it doesn’t look very connected to me, please advice long it will take before complete the the switch?

  203. Moderator: Nicki

    @James Burrow – Hi there, Feel at Home now includes USA :-)

  204. James Burrow

    Hi, this is a move in the right direction, but I have been a long haul flight attendant for 17 years and thousands of my colleagues and I are still waiting for a truly worldwide calling/texting/data plan. We fly everywhere OUTside Europe, so this plan isn’t much use, as we only fly to Sydney once in 2 years usually! A plan that would include the USA would make a huge difference to us please :)

  205. Moderator: Nicki

    @oliver wells – Hi, it doesn’t need to be a Three network. You can use any of our roaming partners. In Australia this would be Vodafone.

  206. oliver wells

    I’ve enabled roaming but three doesn’t come up as one of the available networks to choose from…

  207. Moderator: Nicki

    @oliver wells – Only if your roaming can be enabled. If you have access to another phone you could call +447782333333 or tweet us on @ThreeUKSupport and we’ll check your account to see if you’re eligible for roaming.

  208. oliver wells

    No I didn’t activate before hand, will I still be able to use feel at home

  209. Moderator: Nicki

    @nascent – Hi there, the ability to roam is automatically available for Pay as You Go customers. We’d only hold back the ability for contract customers until we’ve verified that they’re eligible for roaming.

    With Feel at Home you can use your allowances in 11 countries as you would be able to in the UK. This means you’d need to use your credit to buy an addon (All in One 10 or 15) to give you text, data and calling allowances.

  210. Moderator: Nicki

    @oliver wells – Hi, do you know if you activated your international roaming before you left? If not or you’re unsure we can check for you. If you have access to another phone you could call +447782333333 or tweet us on @ThreeUKSupport and we’ll check your account to see if you’re eligible for roaming. Thanks

  211. oliver wells

    hi i’m out in Australia and was expecting feel at home to work straight away, cant access my account because i’m on wifi is there anyway this can be sorted out???

  212. nascent

    I’ve just got a Three 3-2-1 PAYG sim, and have topped it up with £10. I’m travelling to Italy, and want to confirm the exact process needed to get Feel At Home working.

    Will this work automatically? Someone mentioned to me that 3-2-1 doesn’t work with Feel At Home, despite your site stating it does work with PAYG.

    In some palces it states there’s a 30 day wait for it to work, and others that with PAYG it’s instant…

    Some have mentioned needing to activate an addon, but I can’t figure out which addon is needed and what needs to be done.

    Can I please get some clarify for us new PAYG users?

  213. Moderator: Daniela

    @Vincent – Can see what you mean. We need to keep the standard charges showing but I’ll let the online guys know that we could make it clearer that the USA is now a Feel at Home country on that page.

  214. Moderator: Daniela

    @ken – Hi, if you’re in the UK and you’re texting/calling a UK number that’s abroad you’d be charged as normal ie using your available allowances or being charged normal out of bundle.

    The person abroad, it would depend on what network they’re on as to whether or not they’d be charged. They’d need to check with their own network.

    If it was a Three account abroad they’d be charged to receive a call in a non Feel at Home country but it would be free to receive in one of our 11 Feel at Home countries. Texts would be free to receive in any country. This is our network though – as I say if it’s another network they’d need to discuss this with their own provider.

  215. Moderator: Daniela

    @Julia – Hi, do you know if you activated your international roaming before you left? If not or you’re unsure we can check for you. If you have access to another phone you could call +447782333333 or tweet us on @ThreeUKSupport and we’ll check your account to see if you’re eligible for roaming. Thanks :-)

  216. Julia

    I’m in Indonesia at the moment, getting a “no service” message with my 3 SIM though. Is it just that there’s no 3 signal (XL sim works fine) or do I maybe need to reset my APN (I have an iPhone)? Thanks :)

  217. ken

    If you call or txt someone abroad from the uk with another network provider. i. e voda to 3 . Will that person be charged a local call or txt or will it be charged as phoning or txting abroad

  218. vincent

    Thanks Nicki. This page is therefore somewhat confusing?


  219. Moderator: Nicki

    @vincent – Yep, sure is :-)

  220. vincent

    Is it free to receive call in a feel at home country regardless of where the call originated?

  221. Moderator: Kris

    @Richard Both tariffs are currently available, dependent on the sim you get. The 321 sim launched a couple of months back, so previous sims with the Pay As You Go On Three tariff are still in circulation, with the costs of usage now in line with the 321 sim as a result.

    Hope that helps clear things up for you.

  222. Richard

    @Kris – Thanks for that help. I wonder if I have finally got to the bottom of this? It seems you have two plans “Pay As You Go 321″ which is what someone gets if they sign up today. There is also “Pay As You Go on Three”, which *confusingly* is described on the web site as “our current tariff” (but I guess that is an error and it is actually a plan that is no longer available to new customers?) Both have 3-2-1 pricing on voice-text-data, so it is very easy to imagine they are the same.

    Do I have that correctly understood above? If so, you probably should change your web page here where “Pay As You Go on Three” is described as the current tariff.

    You might like to notice that on this page:


    it says “Make the switch to Pay As You Go on Three in three simple steps”. But then if you click o on this same page where it says “price plan details” it brings up a window for “Pay As You Go 321 SIM”. Is it not pretty confusing for people to have two different plans appearing here as if they were one?

  223. Moderator: Kris

    @Richard It looks like the View All Add Ons page may be taking you to a general page about all of the Add Ons that we offer. The All In One Add Ons and the extra voice, text and data ones you’ve seen are only available on the Pay As You Go On Three tariff, as per the link here .

    If you have got as far as the payment page, but not gone ahead, it may well get knocked back for being incomaptible, but as per the link, you shouldn’t be able to add these to the 321 package.

  224. Moderator: Nicki

    @Alison M – Hi there, I can confirm that Austria is included in our Feel at Home offering. Do you know if you activated your international roaming before you left? If you’re not sure if this is active on your account I’d give us a call on +44 7782 333 333 if you have access to another phone, or tweet our support team on @ThreeUKSupport and we’ll be able to check if roaming can be added to your account.

  225. Moderator: Nicki

    @BG – Hi there, you can read more about what included/not included here.

  226. B G

    I understand that Feel at home is not as simple as stated on its page and that there are some restrictions. what are they

  227. Alison M

    I’m on holiday in Austria and was told that Austria (not Australia ;-P) was one of the feel at home countries when I signed up… However it’s not working at all… My phone is showing no reception and when I go to try to join onto 3at it just thinks and thinks and doesn’t connect… Can you help? Thanks!

  228. Moderator: Nicki

    @RIchard – Hi there, yep this is correct. Feel At Home uses your allowances do you’ll be able to use the 150MB data allowance :-)

  229. Moderator: Nicki

    @Andrew – Hi there, yep, you’d need roaming activated on your account. If you’re on PAYG this is added automatically but if you’re on contract you’ll need to call in so we can check if you’re eligible for roaming.

  230. Moderator: Ahmed

    @mat – Hi, if you follow this link here it’ll show you how to get your phone unlocked. We also have a number that you can use when abroad to speak to our team if you have any issues – +44 7782 333 333. Thanks

  231. mat

    how can I unlock my 3 handset from another country???

  232. Andrew

    Hi Ahmed
    Thanks for the feedback, I probably should have been more specific, would I need the data roaming “switched on” on the ipad and would I need to phone Three before I travel ?

    Im in the US for a couple of weeks, rest of the time here in the UK.

    Thank you.


  233. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Andrew – Hi, if you pop along to this link here you’ll be able to get all the information on our exciting Feel At Home policy and how to get started up on this when you get there. Hope this helps.

  234. Andrew

    Im travelling to the US next year, thinking about purchasing 12 month PAYG data sim for my ipad. What would I need to do to do to get this working in the US ?

    great to see 3 doing this, fantastic



  235. RIchard

    Whenever I top up on PAYG, Three gives me 150MB of data. Would I be correct in thinking that this 150MB allowance is also available for use within the Feel at Home scheme?

    I am guessing that it might be, since the basic philosophy of Feel at Home seems to be that you can use any voice, texts or data credit that is in your account, irregardless of how it was obtained (by monthly plan allowance, add-on, or free 150MB). Is that correct?

  236. RIchard

    @Nicki – You are correct that on the page describing add-ons for PAYG the only ones mentioned are All in One 10, 15, 25.

    But when I go to my account page and click on “Buy an Add-on” there is a place on the next page to click on “View all Add-ons”. That takes to me to a page titled “Add-ons”. The first thing on that page is a list of All in One 10, 15 and 25 add-ons. But then if I scroll further down the page there are also listed various Voice, Text and Internet add-ons, including the 500MB add-on. Are you not seeing that?

    I have clicked on that link and got as far as the page on which with the next click I will complete the purchase … but I have not done so yet, since iI prefer to wait another 10 days before starting the 30 day period of use of my next add-on. My question with you now is a pre-purchase question, so that I can be sure of getting what I expect.

  237. Steve Spearey

    I have been looking for a service like “Feel at Home” for decades. However, I say like because Feel at Home just does not fit the bill.
    I use my call/data plan very lightly.
    However, I go to France for several months each year and would dearly love to use my phone minutes when I go.
    BUT France is not included.
    AND even if it was it would still be no use to me as the terms of Feel at Home state that if you use it for more than a month your roaming will be turned off.
    So, for me a complete waste of time.
    If I find a provider that offers a TRUE freedom package I shall sign up so fast my pen will catch fire.

  238. Moderator: Nicki

    @Richard – How strange! Looking at the addons on the website for 321 it’s not listed. It’s only listed for the older PAYG plans. Were you able to buy the addon okay? If you were I’ll let our web guys know and see about getting the page I was looking at updated.

  239. Moderator: Nicki

    @Graham – Hi, we’ve just announced this week that Feel At Home now includes USA. Our recent blog post can be found here. I’d have a look at our Feel At Home info as there are some restrictions on how long you’d be able to use it for.

  240. Graham

    Would be really great to expand this service to the USA, I currently work 6 months a year and am considering going to EE which allows this. Come on 3 get with us

  241. Moderator: Nicki

    @Antony – Sorry, I’m going to drop you an email for your account details so we can take a look at this.

  242. Antony

    I have the same issue as Ronan McLoughlin. I am roaming in the USA on T-Mobile. I got the SMS to say data and calls are now free. Switched on data and got charged for it. I also got charged for a call back home to the UK. Please help!

  243. Richard

    @Nicki – Thanks for investigating. But are you sure you have the right information?

    You say, “The data only addons are not available on our newer 321 Pay as You Go plans.”

    But I am on the current 321 Pay as you Go plan and the web site does let me buy a 500MB addon.

    I am testing this now. I have not yet clicked on the green Buy Add-on button, but I can certainly get as far as seeing:

    You’re about to add the following Add-on to your account:




    Full terms & conditions

    Back Buy Add-on

    At no point am I told this addon is not available to me.

  244. Moderator: Nicki

    @Richard – If you’re on one of the older Pay as You Go price plan (PAYG on Three or 3Pay) you’ll be able to buy a data only addon and use this in a Feel at Home country should you wish. The data only addons are not available on our newer 321 Pay as You Go plans.

  245. Richard

    Thanks Three for extending Feel at Home to more countries.

    I am a PAYG customer travelling soon to the US and anticipate that I will want data, but that I will not need to make phone calls or texts to the UK. In describing “Feel at Home” the page says “All you need to enjoy Feel At Home is a UK plan with inclusive allowances or an Add-on allowance that gives you minutes, texts and data.”

    My question is about the phrase “minutes, texts and data”.

    Will I be covered for my data use by buying only a 500MB data add-on for £5? Or do I have to buy something like the All-in-one 10 which includes all of minutes, texts and data?

  246. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ronan McLoughlin – How strange! Sorry about this Ronan. I’ve dropped you an email to get some account details from you so we can have our billing guys check this out for you.

  247. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jim – Hi there, I’m afraid the ability to roam is never guaranteed. We’d review a customers credit file before deciding whether or not to offer it to a customer. Some customers can have it straight away, some after a month or two, and for some customers it would never be offered. We’d look at it on a case by case basis – sorry that we’ve been unable to add it on to your account as yet.

    With Pay as You Go the ability to roam is offered as standard as a customer would need to have the credit on their account before they can make any usage outside the UK.

  248. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark Howes – Hi there, that’s correct. You’d be able to use your allowances as normal in Australia including your data allowance.

  249. Moderator: Nicki

    @Leon – Hi there, your friend would need to check your price plan details with Virgin to see what they do/don’t charge for – I’m afraid we wouldn’t have access to their pricing info.

  250. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ken – Any calls to Hong Kong while over there will cost you extra at the roaming rates – Feel at Home would only cover your calls/texts back to the UK.

  251. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark S – Thanks for the info. As I was saying to Leilah, it’s currently being investigated.

  252. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ken – Hi there, they’d still need to dial +44 For call charges the user would need to check their price plan directly with the network they’re using.

  253. Ronan McLoughlin

    The USA is now part of the Feel At Home, However I am currently in the USA roaming on T-Mobile and being charged for my data, calls and SMS. I am not tethering etc. Any idea why this is?

  254. Jim


    I’ve switched to a pay-monthly plan after more than three years of being on PAYG (and using Feel At Home in Australia in October).

    I just called 333 to check that I’d be able to use my new all-you-can-eat data plan while in Austria this weekend, only to learn that I can’t because it’s a new contract and the system won’t let the waiting period be waived despite me having been with Three for more than three years (with the same number).

    After a long call I am now being switched back to PAYG, so that I can then buy an add-on and use Feel At Home on the upcoming trip. My pay-monthly charges are being removed, and I’ll have to go through the process of signing up for pay-monthly again once I get back.

    This seems incredibly convoluted — I really feel there should be some more common sense around this. I didn’t imagine that signing a contract would provide me with fewer features than PAYG!

    Is this just the way things are, or was there a better path I could have taken?



  255. Mark Howes

    I am travelling to Perth this Christmas and have found out about the ‘Feel at Home’ service. Just to confirm, I can call & text home to the UK as much as my plan allows me (I am on a monthly 5000 mins, 5000 texts, unlimited internet) Does this also include me using apps such as WhatsApp and Skype to call back to the UK and also to call to people in Australia? (using the same internet service phoning Apps as part of my internet bundle).

  256. Leon

    When i ring my friend on her network she is on virgin i am on 3 she is gettimg charged as well

  257. Mark S

    Mis-billing with Feel at Home when in Australia.

    Re my entry on 24/11/13, and Leilah’s entry on the 29th.

    Go back to Tom’s entry for the 17th of November – that’s three people on here who have been mis-billed when in Australia. There’s a problem here!

  258. Ken

    What if I make calls to Hong Kong numbers while I’m in Hong Kong? Will I have to pay additional charges?
    What if people in Hong Kong make calls to my UK number while I’m in Hong Kong?
    Sorry these may be stupid questions but it really helps a lot if I can get the answers from you!

  259. Ken

    Will it cost an Austrailian phone international rates to call me on Three roaming in Australia, or will it be a local call for them? Do they have to put +44?

  260. Ken

    What if I make calls to Hong Kong numbers while I’m in Hong Kong, will I have to pay more than 15 pounds a month? I’m current on a 12-month plan which is 15 pounds per month. The guy in the Three store told me that it would just still costs me 15 pounds per month even I call a Hong Kong number while I am in Hong Kong, just want to make sure that he didn’t tell lie. Many thanks!

  261. Moderator: Nicki

    @Pete – Hi there, I can confirm that the ability to roam in Australia is now back fully working for our Pay as You Go customers.

  262. Moderator: Nicki

    @leilah – Hi there, really sorry about this. Glad our call centre were able to get the charges waived. We’re currently investigating what could be causing this.

  263. leilah

    This has happened to me too, and my friend while we have been in Australia. My bill is £49 but three have said it’s my fault and only offered £20 in return.
    There is clearly an issue here.
    When my friend rang cust services he got someone decent who recognised this as a glitch and said he would get it investigated.

    I’ve been in Australia for three week, just received a bill for £182 pounds for calls and texts back to the UK.
    Some calls and texts to the UK are being logged correctly as part of my plan. Others are being logged as international calls TO Australia when I’m calling a UK number.
    Made a difficult call to 3 cust services last night, got the usual “oh you’ve done it wrong it’s your fault” excuses. It was suggested the call logging system didn’t lie, and that to call a UK number I’d pressed 0061 first as a prefix for a UK number!!!
    I’ve been offered a refund, but no admission of fault from 3. I’m told if it happens again I’ll be charged.

  264. Pete


    I want to use the all-in-one 15 payg card for Australia. But I read that there are problems currently. However someone noted in the comments at 26 november:

    It now appears to be working in Australia! Me Dad’s last day here in Sydney and the SIM card is finally recognised… just got an SMS explaining that we can use his PAYG allowance to call the UK.

    Can anyone from Three give a confirmation that the problems are over now? This information is very important as I need to buy several of these cards for a travel group (50 cards) I don’t want to be in Australia and end up with a not working plan.

    Thanks a lot, and I will follow this blog.

  265. Moderator: Nicki

    J Miles – Not at the moment but we’re always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience when they’re abroad in EU and Non-EU destinations – we’ll keep you posted on an developments, so stay tuned :-)

  266. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tom – It’s an issue affecting real time billing between ourselves and the roaming network in Australia. It’s only affecting Pay as You Go as your allowances would be checked before allowing you to make a call, text, or start a data session. With contracts you get billed for whatever you use so there’s no need to check any available balances as you’d be billed anyway.

  267. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark Siddoway – How strange! Not something that we’ve seen before – really sorry about this but glad you’ve been able to get the charges refunded.

  268. J MIles

    Can you please tell me when / if there is a plan to add France to the list of Feel at Home counties? Thanks.

  269. Moderator: Nicki

    @G – It can be depending on a customers credit check results. Some customers would need to wait 60 days, some until the first bill, some could have it straight away, and in some cases we may never offer it.

  270. Moderator: Nicki

    @Will – Hi there, yep, this will come out of your allowances :-)

  271. Moderator: Nicki

    @Megan – Hi there, nope, all you’d need is a Pay as You Go addon such as the All in One 15 :-)

  272. Moderator: Nicki

    @Van Dam – Hi, I’m afraid there’s a billing outage between ourselves and our roaming partner in Australia. This is affecting the ability to offer real time billing. As such our Pay as You Go customers are unable to use their services in Australia. It’s something we’re aware of and working on – sorry for the inconvenience.

  273. Moderator: Nicki

    @Stephen – Hi there, we’d look at every customer on a case by case basis. Some customers would have the ability to roam straight away, some after a couple of months and some not at all. It’s all dependant on your credit check results Stephen. If you’d like us to look at your account and see if it can be added please give our call centre a quick call on 333.

  274. Rose Matthews

    It now appears to be working in Australia! Me Dad’s last day here in Sydney and the SIM card is finally recognised… just got an SMS explaining that we can use his PAYG allowance to call the UK.

  275. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lydia – Hi there, If you use Feel At Home exclusively for a full calendar month, at least three times in any 12 month period, we reserve the right to suspend international roaming on your account. This means you will not be able to use your Three device abroad. Don’t worry, we’d let you know before we do this. There’s more info on the Feel at Home terms available here.

  276. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ned – You’d need international roaming activated on your actual account – this is something we’d turn on for you. If you’re able to access your services outside the UK it sounds like this is already on. To then use your data outside the UK you’d need data roaming turned on within the device settings.

  277. G

    Hi, can you clarify whether international roaming can be activated in brand new SIM-only contracts after a credit check, as per Nicki’s response to Ann 22/11/13?

    I went to a three store for a SIM only plan as I said I wanted to use it in Australia next month. During the whole process, I was not made aware of the 60 day restriction until I received the ‘Welcome to Three’ letter.

    So I called 333 and mentioned the mod’s replies in this page and received different information. Apparently, phone contracts are allowed international roaming activation immediately but SIM-only require a 30-day wait and it’s company policy so there’s nothing they can do. Is this correct?

    I am disappointed with this as my shop experience was great and nowhere during the process was I made aware of this 60 day restriction.

  278. Tom

    Hi thanks for your reply. Is this a vodafone issue as to why it is not working in australia? Can you explain why it works for contract customers and not payg? It’s just I was sold this payg sim with a £15 add on after being told by staff it would work.

    Thankyou for your help, its much appreciated as I cant get an answer from customer services.

  279. Will

    Hello, I am travelling to Austria in the new year with family. If I was to make a call while I am in Austria to my sister who is on another British network but who will also be in Austria, will that still come out of my allowance? Same with texts?

  280. Mark Siddoway

    Is anyone else having problems with mis-billing with Feel at Home?

    I’ve been in Australia for three week, just received a bill for £182 pounds for calls and texts back to the UK.

    Some calls and texts to the UK are being logged correctly as part of my plan. Others are being logged as international calls TO Australia when I’m calling a UK number.

    Made a difficult call to 3 cust services last night, got the usual “oh you’ve done it wrong it’s your fault” excuses. It was suggested the call logging system didn’t lie, and that to call a UK number I’d pressed 0061 first as a prefix for a UK number!!!

    I’ve been offered a refund, but no admission of fault from 3. I’m told if it happens again I’ll be charged.

    I’ve been with 3 since 2005. I’m finished with these people at the end of this contract.

  281. Megan

    Hi, I’m going to Dublin later on today and I’m a PAYG customer, I have the all-in-one-15 package with all you can eat data. I was wondering if I can use this or will I have to top up and use credit? Thanks in advance!

  282. Van Dam

    Hi. My brother landed in Australia a couple of days ago and he has a 3 PAYG mobile with him. So far I have been unable to call him on his phone. He is enjoying Sydney but would be enjoying it a whole lot more if his friends and family could keep in touch with him! :-/

  283. Stephen

    Hi, I just started a 3 pay-monthly plan yesterday. I believe there is a 60 day period before I can use my UK calls/text/data allowance in the FAH counties. However, I have been told that there is a special arrangement for 3 customers in Northern Ireland, in that they can get the benefits of FAH in the Republic of Ireland after the first bill is paid and they won’t have to wait 60 days. Is this correct?

  284. Lydia

    If I were to use this in Australia, how long can I keep it for? Considering my contract is for 2 years and that I will be in Australia for a maximum of 10 months? Will I still be able to take advantage of this offer???

  285. Moderator: Nicki

    @Anthea Harding – Hi, there’s still issues in using Pay as You Go in Australia I’m afraid. We hope to have this resolved soon.

  286. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ann Ramsell – Hi there, this isn’t written in stone. We’d review it on a case by case basis depending on a customer’s credit score. There’s some customers that would have it added automatically, after review, or not at all. May be worth checking with 333 to see if you’d be eligible for it earlier.

  287. Moderator: Nicki

    @Richard – Hi there, USA is not included within Feel at Home. The 7 countries are Austria, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, the Republic of Ireland and Sweden. We are working hard to add more countries to this list and will let you know as soon as we do :-)

  288. Moderator: Nicki

    @kim – Hi there, yep sure will. It’d just be you calling a UK number so it’ll come out of your allowance. Any voice over internet calling will also use your data allowances.

  289. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tom – Sorry, we’re still waiting to hear back. We’ll make sure we let everyone know on this post as soon as we have any news.

  290. Tom

    Hi thanks for your help. Is there anyway of finding out easily when it will be working for pay as you go in australia?

  291. kim

    My partner and i are going to Australia next year. If i phone him on his mobile whilst we are there will it come out of my call allowance as it is a uk mobile and therefore be like i am phoning the uk?
    Likewise if i text or e-mail him?.We also have Australian friends if i use google+ to call them will i have to pay data charges or will that come out of my allowance?

  292. Richard

    Is Feel at Home now available in the United States? When I go to the charges page for the United States it is mentioning Feel at Home and partners AT&T and T-mobile USA on the right hand side of the page. But the United States is not mentioned as one of the “seven countries”. I would appreciate clarification.

  293. Ann Ramsell

    wish i had seen this site before i signed up to 3.spoke to 4 operators at 3 who were all aware i was travelling to Australia 2 weeks after signing up,not one of them told me there was a waiting period of 60 days before the service becomes active.Have been with 3 before with no problems but feel quite disgusted in their service this time

  294. Ned

    When you say international roaming active, what do you mean?? I turned on data roaming for a minute but decided against it in case there was a bill attached. Should I turn on data roaming and then select the three network or do I have to register?

  295. Anthea Harding

    Can you confirm that the Feel at Home is now fully functioning for PAYG customers? I am leaving for Australia at the end of the week and wanted to know if I have to do anything other than buy an add on?

  296. Moderator: Ahmed

    @David McCallan – Hi, there’d be a charge for that I’m afraid however if you’re in Ireland you’d be eligible for the Feel at Home service we offer that allows you to use your plan to call or text UK numbers and use data :)

  297. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Tom – It’s being looked into at the moment and hopefully it’s resolved soon. Can understand the inconvenience so fingers crossed. Yeah, unfortunately when you sign up then there is a break period before you’re allowed to activate international roaming.

  298. David McCallan

    Can allowance minutes be used to phone Irish numbers when in Ireland?

  299. Moderator: Ahmed

    @leilah – Hi, glad to hear yours is up and running :) Have your friends activated their international roaming before they left?

  300. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Tom- Hi Tom, Australia is part of our Feel At Home countries. Have you viewed your My3 account to see where those charges are coming from and who you’ve called? Have you spoken to our team since the last time? They’re in a better position as they can view your account and see where the charges are coming from and the numbers you’ve called and pin point the charges.

  301. Mathew

    Wow, that’s disappointing regarding Australia on PAYG (I’m going there for 3 weeks in December), because I’ve just loaded up a PAYG SIM in preparation.
    Even more so, because I’ve was happy to commit to the 12 months pay monthly One Plan (which appears to still be working in Aus?) but you won’t enable roaming within first 60 days on that, which forced me down the PAYG route in the first place. :(

  302. Moderator: Ahmed

    @mark hextall – Hi, have you tried manually selecting a network or does it automatically connect onto that? Have you tried re-starting your device?

  303. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Ned – Hi Ned, did you manage to get this sorted in the end? Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. You would need to have your data on in order to connect to networks. Do you have your International Roaming activated?

  304. Tom

    Is there any given timescale as to how long it will take before it is up and running in oz again for pays customers? I’m looking to travel there for up to 3 months. I would take out a rolling sim contract but I’m aware that international roaming will not become active for 2 months?

  305. leilah

    Hi I arrived in aus yesterday and my phone, a HTC one, connected straight away and I’m enjoying using my UK contract. However I have two friends with me, also on 3 one uses add ons and one is on contract. They both have Samsung mobiles but they have not been able to connect to an Australian network, they have signal bars showing but it’s emergency calls only.
    We cant work out why

  306. Tom

    Hi, I arrived in Oz on the 30th of Oct, I am on a pay monthly contract and have been using my phone to call the uk both landline and mobile numbers. I have used my phone once to text my son in Oz. This months bill is now well over the £200 mark. I have had to purchase. An Oz mobile as its cheaper. Your Support line at first told me Oz was not in the feel at home group, I then called Customer services who told me thyat I should tell him to check his notes!! Yesterday I got a call from support telling me that their manager said I had been using my phone to call Oz numbers. I have an Oz mobile (why)! Could you tell me why I dont feel at home whatsoever?

  307. Ned

    On my iPad do I need to turn on data roaming for this to work. Currently in Ireland on the 3 network and it doesn’t allow me to access the web unless data roaming is on?

  308. mark hextall

    I’m currently in Venice, Italy. My phone keeps switching from 3ita to iwind, how do I stop this so I don’t get charged

  309. Moderator: Lauren

    @Emma – you should be able to however there’s currently an issue in Australia with our roaming partner which means pay as you go isn’t working just now. Hopefully it should be fixed by the time you go away. Before you go, check to see if we have a roaming partner in Australia to see if it’s fixed, you can do this here.

  310. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andrew – no plans for this for now I’m afraid.

  311. Emma

    Hi, I’m looking at changing to 3 when I leave my company next week- as I have a company phone at the moment. I only need Pay As You Go as I have an iPhone already. I am going travelling to Australia for 2 months from 10th December and wondered if I will be able to use Feel at Home as a new customer?


  312. Andrew

    Is there going to be a reversed version of this?
    I have friends in Denmark, and I can visit them and use this to call and text back home here in London, but will there ever be a way I could text them from my allowance whilst I’m here?

  313. Moderator: Allan

    @Graham – It’s the nature of the design Graham. It’s always going to be slower than in the UK but should be fine for most usage though.

  314. Moderator: Allan

    @Allan We’re looking to add new countries all the time, nothing confirmed for here yet though

  315. Moderator: Allan

    Hi, there is no charge to receive text messages while in Australia. :-)

  316. Graham Stansfield

    Hey, great service, I’m in Oz now. Quick question though, when using the Internet, my IP is showing as UK. Why is Internet traffic being routed via the UK? This is slowing the service down, it’s almost like in using a VPN back to the UK. Thanks.

  317. Matt

    I’m currently an Orange customer and I frequently visit the US on business. With the US being added as a feel at home country, I will be joining the Three band wagon when my contract expires in a couple of months.

    I just returned from a week in the US and my mobile bill was £190 for 7 days of travelling, so I will be making a great saving when moving over to Three.

  318. Allan

    Any plans to add Spain/ Canary Islands to the Feel at Home list?

  319. Leigh


    you said in your reply to Kieran that it would cost his brother to recieve texts from the UK while he is in Australia – is this right? I know it costs to receive calls but I’m surprised about the texts! That would mean that while I’m in Oz I can text my family from my allowance but if they reply to me I get charged?! That dosen’t make sense to me, can you please clarify?


  320. Moderator: Kris

    @Lauren Yes, three consecutive months would result in your device and SIM being suspended. Cheers.

  321. Moderator: Kris

    @Kieran Heyo, as your bro’s in Oz, your calls to him will come from your allowance, as you are in the UK calling a UK number. Same with texts. However, it will cost him to receive calls and texts from the UK.

  322. Moderator: Kris

    @Elaine Sorry you’re having this bother Down Under. Our usual roaming partner there, Vodafone AU, is incurring an outage issue at the moment, which is not allowing our PAYG customers to connect to the network. Voda AU are working to fix it, so hopefully it won’t affect your stay in Oz too much. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  323. Moderator: Kris

    @Allan It is to be added to the Feel At Home list by the end of the year =)

  324. Moderator: Kris

    @Sarah There is an issue with our roaming partner in Oz at the moment that is having an adverse effect on Three customers over there. Unfortunately, this means that PAYG customers are unable to connect at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  325. Lauren


    Can you clarify this point from the T&C’s –
    •It’s designed for trips away rather than living abroad, so if you use your device exclusively in a Feel At Home country for three months within a twelve month period, you won’t be able to use your device abroad anymore.

    Does it mean 3 consecutive months?

  326. Kieran

    Right so, I just cant seem to find an answer for this. My brother is in Australia on the 3UK network on The One Plan. I am also on The One Plan. If I ring or text him, will it cost me?

  327. Elaine

    I an currently in Australia. Before departing the UK I visited a 3 store to seek advice on using my phone in Australia. It was confirmed that buying a top-up would enable me to do this, (feel at home)which I subsequently purchased. Now here, my phone can see 3 networks (vodaphone, Telstra and yes optus) but tells me I have no service. Attempting to connect manually gives the message “your sim card does not allow a connection to this network”.
    Please explain where I am going wrong, I’ve never had any problems in any other country I have visited. Do I need to change settings such as apn.? Thanks.

  328. Allan Donaldson

    Can you confirm that USA has been added to the list of Feel At Home? I’m thinking of switching to 3 and I was told in store the USA has been added but can’t see any confirmation on your website.


  329. sarah

    hi, I’m in Australia. Being able to use my minutes etc from home has been great however last Thursday my sim seems to have stopped working completely. I can use data, calls or texts. I’m having to spend a lot topping up an australian sim card even though I’m paying three for a service i can’t use.

  330. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rachel – If you let us know your full name, mobile number, date of birth and postcode (we won’t publish these, don’t worry!) I can check this for you.

  331. Rachel

    Hi just have gone from Edinburgh to Ireland and my phone wont connect to any network here. I went into your branch on Princes Street last week to make sure i didnt have to do anything to avail of Feel At Home and they assured me I did not. Is there any way of getting my phone to work while i am home?

  332. Simon Walters

    This is great news , although i have just joined three and was a big user of texting my tweets to 86444 and also recieving certain tweets by text, this helps me better when the internet signal is low and helps me with notifications, with ORANGE this service is free, well to my disgust i noticed in just a few days i had run up a bill of 1.88 so i investigated, THREE rip me off to the tune of 10p per tweet text sent and recieved so im amazed i csn tweet via the internet from Australia but cannot text tweet from the uk from my text allowance wihout getting charged.

  333. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sam – Hi there! I’ve just checked and I’m afraid you’re unable to use Feel at Home in The Netherlands, I’m really sorry for any confusion caused! You’d be charged standard EU roaming rates which can be found here. You can also purchase the Euro Internet Pass while in The Netherlands to access the internet abroad.

  334. Sam

    @pamela You didn’t link any links that you said you would so I’m a little confused! When I fly to the Netherlands what am I to do with my phone? When I’m there will I be using a KPN network like it states here http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Roaming_and_international/Going_abroad_Pay_Monthly/Destination_Details?content_aid=1214306363573 ? I just need a little more info on whether or not my phone will definitely work free of charge in the Netherlands 100%! Thank you.

  335. Moderator: Nicki

    @DavidM – Hi there, they’d be charged at their normal rates (or through their minute allowances).

  336. DavidM

    If I am on Three and in a Feel At Home country will my friends on Three be charged anything extra for calling or texting me? Thanks.

  337. Moderator: Pamela

    @Sam – Yes you’ll be able to use Feel at Home there Sam. Here’s a link with more info for you. Thanks, Pamela

  338. Moderator: Pamela

    @ Andrew Farrell – We wouldn’t be able to say. It would depend on the coverage you’re getting. You’d need to contact Vodaphone AU. Thanks, Pamela

  339. Sam

    Hi there I’m traveling to the Netherlands in a weeks time and just took out a Three contract and I’m curious if Feel At Home will work while I’m away in the Netherlands? I checked out the cost usage and it lists under KPN Mobile all options are covered, but I just want some clarification. Thanks!

  340. Andrew Farrell

    Currently in australia and roaming on Vodafone AU. When I try to stream, download speeds are restricted to 1-2kbps. This isn’t normal surely! Can you help?

  341. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Adam – Hi Adam, if you have a look at this link here it shows that we have roaming partners in Greece where you can connect and use your Pay As You Go. You’d have to manaually select these providers when there. Enjoy Greece :) Thanks

  342. Adam

    So I’m going to somewhere really ‘exotic’ on holiday, Greece, a fellow European Union member, and I am unable to use my 3G enabled IPad? I’m a PayasyouGo customer. Lucky I checked otherwise I’d have wasted 25 quid on a top-up.

    How ridiculous that this service is available in Australia for UK customers but not the entire EU.

  343. Moderator: Lauren

    @Carmel – international roaming should be enabled on a pay as you go sim. You’d need add on’s activated on the account to be able to use your allowances though.

  344. Moderator: Lauren

    @Luke – it’s something we’re looking into just now however we don’t have a timescale for this.

  345. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gareth – no plans yet I’m afraid. In Germany you can use our Euro Internet Pass.

  346. carmel

    Would I need to call 333 activate international roaming for feel at home on a payg sim? Or is it already enabled?

  347. Luke MacLeod

    Is there any news on the expansion of this feature to more EU countries? And what is the timeline?

  348. Gareth Jones

    Any idea when this great service is coming to Germany?

  349. Moderator: Ahmed

    @dan – Hi, unfortunately Feel at Home only applies to calling/texting back to the UK and calling an Australian or number in Hong Kong would come with a charge. Hope this helps.

  350. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Steve B – Hi, yep should be free for them to receive the call as well :) Thanks

  351. dan

    can i call say an Australian or Hong Kong number if i’m in said country and it would use normal minutes or is it just for calling back to the UK?

  352. Steve B

    So if I’m using ‘feel at home’ in Hong Kong, and I dial someone in the UK, while it’s free for me, is it also free for them to receive the call?

  353. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Matthew – It’s as we’ve already said. As advised previously, you should call and ask about our coverage policy if as you say you’ve had no signal for a length of time. There’s no point in us going around in circles though. You should take the steps we’ve advised and we hope it works out for you. Thanks

  354. Matthew Morgan

    (removed by mod)
    and its not a issue of signal still about 2 bars but its speed as 2 bars does not mean 0.2Mbps
    35%(avage indoor signel of 21.6Mbps(hspa+21) = 7.56Mbps

  355. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Matthew – Can you tell me your postcode again Matthew & I’ll have another look to see if there’s any more info that might be of use to you? Did the network team not discuss the ‘Home Signal’ booster box with you as an option? Also, if you’ve had no signal for a length of time, you should talk with our Care team about our coverage policy. Thanks

  356. Matthew Morgan

    this is the secound phone i have my first one(xperia u) at the same speed issue.
    my current phone(xperia z) same speed.
    i spoken to the netowrk team and promised capacity upgrades with no news for 3 months and they won’t even say if they have sent anyone to the tower.
    cell id short: 39117
    cell id long: 11114701
    lac: 99

  357. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Matthew – We’re hardly lying to you Matthew. Have you tried another SIM in your phone or your SIM in another phone to rule out SIM/device fault? Reset your network settings? A bit more extreme but reset to factory default settings? These are all viable options to you as we tell you with a clean conscience that there are no reported faults/issues in your area. Another option is to call the network team on 0845 355 0304. Have you spoken with them before or would this be a first encounter? Or the tech team on 333 or 0843 373 3333 to discuss troubleshooting regards your device. We also have device support pages Have you had a look there yet? Thanks

  358. Matthew Morgan

    its because your blaming signal when thats not the issue its you network that has a horrible network i been up to the mast so don’t lie to me about signal as i know signal to speed ratio its the network so just accept it.
    i feel sometime i’m that the stuff here don’t know how 3g works its aggravating having the issues and still having to pay full price.

  359. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Matthew – Which question was that Matthew? Are you referring to a previous comment you made –

    ‘i know how fast it should be inside as i talked with technician and its ment to be 3 to 5Mbps with 2 bars. Its the mast that’s the issue as i been up to it and its no faster. the speed is unacceptable.’

    If so, I can’t make out a question in there? If not, could you be so kind to ask it again? Thanks

  360. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Gareth Hi Gareth – We have a roaming agreement solely with ‘Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd’ whilst using our roaming partners in Australia. Who’s telling you differently? You can see this for yourself on our website http://bit.ly/1fWFQS4 Thanks

  361. Matthew Morgan

    reply to my last question please.

  362. Gareth Walker

    Why does my phone only roam onto Vodafone Australia and when I manually select a network like telstra or Optus it says SOS calls only, and won’t connect . Why is your customer services and also also tech support telling me I can’t and your giving me a different story

  363. Matthew Morgan

    i know how fast it should be inside as i talked with technician and its ment to be 3 to 5Mbps with 2 bars.

    Its the mast that’s the issue as i been up to it and its no faster.

    the speed is unacceptable.

  364. Moderator: Allan

    @Matthew – There are no faults or mast issues in your area. Do you normally get good coverage here? Signal doesn’t look to be the strongest. Good outdoors and some indoors.

  365. Moderator: Allan

    @Gareth. I can confirm that you’re not limited to using a 3 network equivalent while in a Feel At Home country. Like with every country though we have roaming agreements with certain networks. You can check our roaming partners for Australia here

  366. Gareth Walker

    I’m in Australia now and unless your in a Vodafone Australia coverage area it won’t work. Vodafone Aus coverage is non existent in most parts of Australia and it will not let you roam onto Telstra or Optus who are the market leaders. 3 please make it clear that it has to be the 3 equivalent network in that country that you need to roam on. At the moment it shows SOS calls only. I asked the the question before I left about other Aussie networks and you said it was ok. Very misleading

  367. Moderator: Lauren

    @Martina – you’ll need to activate roaming, yes.

  368. Moderator: Lauren

    @Matthew – there’s no reported issues in the area. Is it just here you have issues?

  369. Matthew Morgan

    [removed by mod]
    as my last post has seen to have disapied.

  370. Moderator: Lauren

    @Luly – sorry about this :-( did you set up roaming before you left?

  371. Martina Coccia

    I’m in Italy now but my phtone doesn’t seem to be working here..should I put it the roaming mode on?



  372. Matthew Morgan

    [removed by mod]
    And it’s no faster when I go up to the mast.
    So it’s not a signal issue

  373. Luly

    My 3 uk sim doesn’t work in Italy :-(

  374. Moderator: Lauren

    @Matthew – oh dear :-( that’s not good! If you let us know your full postcode (we won’t publish it) I can check for issues or updates in your area.

  375. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andy – did you convert your top up to an add on?

  376. Moderator: Lauren

    @Reginald – do you have roaming activated on your account?

  377. Moderator: Lauren

    @Lucy10 – 070 numbers aren’t mobile numbers, these are premium numbers. If you’re calling a standard UK mobile number it’d be included in your allowance.

  378. Moderator: Lauren

    @Peter – you’d need to call 333 to enable international roaming.

  379. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chris – sorry about this, if you speak to customer services they should be able to look into this for you

  380. Moderator: Lauren

    @George – it should do, what network is trying to text you? You may only be able to receive texts from 3 Hong Kong or 3 Dual Band.

  381. Moderator: Lauren

    @Karen – please make sure you’re connected to one of Italian network partners (3 Italy or Wind).

  382. Matthew Morgan

    is this some kind of a joke? pic.twitter.com/jcADyTisSr

  383. Andy

    I have just topped up my PAYG account with unlimited data. I’m in Hong Kong on the 3 network but cannot connect.

    My 3 account page says I am active for International roaming and my phone is set for roaming.

    What’s the issue?

  384. Reginald Chan

    internet sucks roaming in hong kong roaming ip is a uk ip not local ALL TRAFFIC OIS ROUTED BACK TO UKI HAVE CALL SERVERAL TIMES NO RESOLUTION

  385. Lucy10

    Hi there, I just had a nightmare phone call to your customer service team.
    Originally I spoke to a man about cancelling my contract, when I said I was going to Hong Kong he mentioned ‘Feel at Home’, this man was incredibly helpful. Unfortunately the call was cut, and when rang again I was out through to a different colleague, she was not very knowledgeable about this new offer, and I was left feeling very confused.
    I have had many unsuccessful calls to your customer service team lately.

    Any way, on the Three Website under the extra information it mentions that you will not be able to ring personal numbers (070) in the UK, are these mobile numbers?
    Can you let me know whether I will be able to ring mobiles in the UK when I am in Hong Kong ‘free of charge’ (in my allowance plan).

    Thank you :)

  386. Peter

    So my internet settings on my My3 account give me the option of “UK only” or “Not at all nowhere never nuh-uh no way”. Since neither of those would seem to allow international roaming I’m not sure how my phone is expected to work here in Ireland for the week. Poor show Three, poor show.

  387. Chris Russell

    I am in austraila which is one of the countries, I’m on pay monthly and have been charged an extra £30 for data charges, I didn’t use data until after I received the text from 3 saying everything was no included at no extra cost? Not happy will be ringing customer services

  388. George

    Hi- Will my Three phone receive texts from Hong Kong? (I’ve cant seem to receive texts from the USA).


  389. Karen

    I’m currently in Italy and have been happily using my phone for data. My phone has just picked up a different network though (Swisscom) and I’ve got a text about charges. We’re half an hour from the Swiss border so now I’m concerned that I may be landed with unexpected charges. Can you confirm please.

  390. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sven – Hi there, roaming will automatically be added on PAYG accounts. You’d just need to make sure you top up and buy an addon for your addon allowances to work in a Feel At Home country :-)

  391. Moderator: Nicki

    @Alan Geering – Thanks for the feedback, glad I was able to help :-)

  392. Moderator: Nicki

    @farag – Hi there, if you’re looking for info on how to unlock your phone you can find details here.

  393. Sven

    @Lauren: I’m going to Italy soon and bought a PAYG SIM. Do I have to activate/charge/use in the UK before I can use Feel At Home in Italy?

  394. Alan Geering

    All now fixed. ThreeSupport team enabled roaming. My stay in Sweden just got a lot less stressful.

    Feel At Home is a great idea and one that made me switch to three. There are it seems some things that need to be made clear at the point of sale. Maybe as the Feel At Home offer becomes more well known and established situations like mine will not happen.

    I can’t really fault the two staff members who missed the information about the 60 restriction (you have to visit a specific web page to learn this). Other than that they were very efficient.

    I have to praise the Three Sweden staff member at Mirum Three, Norrkoping who helped me to find out what the problems were and allowed me to use her SIM to check the phone was not part of the problem.

    Finaly, whereas a number of the Three Support team kept telling me there was no solution and roaming could not be enabled, thanks must go to Nicky who understood good customer service is not just pointing at the problem but fixing the problem. Once Nicky was on the case things were sorted out quickly.

    For a product offer that claims to “just work” Feel At Home is a bit more complicated. It might be worth amending the blog post to include:
    1. You need to have roaming active on your account – Use My3 to set this up before you go abroad.
    2. You cannot have roaming in the first 60 days of a new contract (unless enabled at point of sale at three’s discretion).
    3. With the above taken care of it indeed “just works”.

    Thanks to all the helpful people who helped,
    Alan Geering

  395. farag

    Hello all,
    I have a iPhone 4S is locked on this network
     I traveled from Britain to more than one country and I do I have a problem
    Is that I can not use the phone.
    Please Please advise and help me
    To contact me
    Viper: 00218924032113
    Skype: aldbour

  396. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – limitations of Feel At Home can be found here. The Euro Internet Pass isn’t available on pay as you go I’m afraid.

  397. Mark

    I’m roaming in Sweden & Denmark using PAYG SIM. “Feel At home” kicked in automatically no problem in both countries. Here are some findings on speed and usability.

    I’d be grateful to know if this is the expected level of service.

    Web browsing mostly acceptable in Sweden but a bit “sticky” sometimes. Connection has also needed reset (switch to flight mode and back) every few hours.

    Streaming is severely throttled – a 48 or 56kbps just about works here in Sweden, anything higher keeps breaking.

    Raw speed test in Sweden (speedtest.net app) is in range 400-600kbps down 400-800 uplink. Ping in range 300ms to 600ms. Vastly slower than a local Swedish SIM.

    Raw test in Copenhagen was 300-600 down and a whopping 600ms on th eping. Web browsing in Denmark was below what I’d call acceptable.

    T-Mobile UK SIM roaming (at cost! on Telia) in same locations worked fine.

    Tested using Samsung Galaxy Nexus S

    If I add the £5/day Euro Internet Pass will I get any better quality of service?

  398. Moderator: Lauren

    @Alan – sorry to read this. If you call the team on +447782333333 then they may be able to activate this for you.

  399. Moderator: Lauren

    @Matt – I’m afraid not, you’d be charged international rates. More info on these here.

  400. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ann – yes you’ll have to have roaming activated for this to work.

  401. Moderator: Lauren

    @Colin – there’s a few limitations, you can find these here.

  402. Moderator: Lauren

    @Aoibheann – the limitations of Feel At Home can be found here.

  403. Moderator: Lauren

    @t jones – sorry to read this :-( you can arrange cancellation by calling 333 or 0843 373 3333 between 9am-6pm. Call +447782333333 if you’re still currently abroad.

  404. Alan Geering

    Just found this on the website:
    “Note: If you’re new to Three and have a new Pay Monthly SIM plan with us, you won’t be able to use your SIM abroad for the first 60 days of your contract. If you want to use your phone abroad, you’ll need to call us after 60 days to activate international roaming.”

    I was (mis-) sold this sim deal by a Three UK store only 3 days ago because I said I wanted a sim I could use in Sweden. Now I am left with no phone service. My wife is pregnant and past 32 weeks – I really need a phone service.

    I don’t want to totally blame the staff. They were friendly and efficient in setting up the contract. They just didn’t know the facts about roaming and consequently left me in this situation.

    I need a resolution from three right away.

  405. Alan Geering

    I have made some progress. The three shop assistant in the UK said my phone would “just work” when I got to sweden. I’ve now learnt I need to activiate it on-line…

    … but to do that I need to set up an account. And to do that I need to receive a text with the password in it…

    … but I can’t receive texts because I’m in Sweden. :(

  406. Alan Geering

    Can you please put someone in email contact with me re: connectivity in Sweden.

    I signed up to three in advance of travelling to Sweden. Now I’m here my phone will not do any more than “Emergency Call Only” despite having a strong signal coverage from 3 Sweden.

    It seems this sim will not allow registration onto Swedish networks – pretty useless. I specifically swapped to Three foe Feel at Home.

    I’m here for another 15 days and could really do with this being sorted out. Is there anything three UK can do to to get me registered with 3 Sweden?


  407. Matt Fennemore

    Does feel at home work in reverse – i.e. if I want to call Italy. Someone else posted this Q but it wasn’t answered… Thanks!

  408. Ann J

    Hello Lauren, will I have to switch on the “roaming” button while holidaying in one of the above 7 countries? Or can I just step off the plane and leave my phone settings as they are here in the UK?

  409. Colin

    This really is a step up. Shame the countries are limited at present but hopefully these will grow fairly quickly.

    So – I can use my ‘all you can eat data’ in these countries without paying an extra penny?

  410. Aoibheann

    I have unlimited data in the UK with three. When I visit Ireland does this continue with ‘Feel at Home’?

  411. t jones

    i am thinking of giving up my 3 phone because i spend more time in portugal than the uk and my package doesnt apply there , so i am paying for it and none of my calls to the uk from there come out of my package .done so for the past two years its time to get it sorted it out sad to do so BUT!!!!!!

  412. Moderator: Lauren

    @Oli – I’m afraid we’re unable to provide any information on this just now.

  413. Oli

    Do you have a roadmap for other countries that will be included in the future (e.g. France, USA…)?

  414. Moderator: Lauren

    @David – I’m sorry you’re unhappy with this. Our T&C’s for Feel At Home state you cannot tether with this. More info can be found here. Feel at Home works with mobile broadband so you could purchase a dongle/mifi if you needed to connect a laptop or tablet.

  415. David Ford

    I am annoyed to discover that whilst Three are giving in advance what the EU are already giving (getting rid of roaming charges) they HAVE DISABLED THE USE OF TETHERING abroad in all countries where Feel Like Home is used. Tethering is where you use your mobile internet connection on your mobile handset to connect another device (like a tablet).
    If like me, you rely on tethering to keep in contact – emailing and examining complex documents whilst on the move for example (not possible on just a phone) then THERE IS NO OPTION AT ALL (PROVIDED BY THREE) TO CONNECT YOUR TETHERED DEVICE.
    This is a very backward step, because until the introduction of “Feel at Home” you could use your mobile and tethered device in these and other countries – NOW YOU CANNOT.
    Three – you need to fix this ridiculous solution FAST.
    Otherwise you’ll quickly lose loyal customers who PAY extra for tethering – and who just now have no alternative but to leave the network to get back the functions that have been terminated without notice – and possibly in breach of contract.
    You haven’t got long.

  416. Moderator: Lauren

    @Bonnie – the full limitations of this can be found here.

  417. Bonnie

    Hi I’m moving to Australia for a year in a few days. Is it normal rates to receive/send texts and phonecalls to and from the UK and to and from Australia?

  418. Moderator: Allan

    @Mina – I’d imagine they would be charged UK rates but I’d ask them to contact their network provider to check

  419. Mina

    So do they get charged UK rates too? even if they arent on the 3 network? that’s what I am trying to ask

  420. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mina – if someone is back in the UK calling you then it makes no difference to them.

  421. Mina

    Hi I am a three customer and have feel at home but if someone is calling me from the UK and has a different provider will they be charged with UK rates or abroad rates?

    Thank you

  422. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jon H – it’s free the receive UK calls :-) You’re only charged from receiving calls from non-UK numbers.

  423. Jon H

    Great, came in handy today as i took my phone out of airplane mode, to get a couple of texts from 3 explaining the charges, and that I could use my “all you can eat data” plan that’s limited to 25gb (hmmm…) and make a skype phone call for an emergency, expecting a roaming charge on this months bill… but “Feel at Home” isn’t quite perfect in my opinion.

    How about getting rid of the “Being charged to receive” part? Okay, charge for making calls, sms, and data usage is fine – we can control that. But we can’t control who calls us, ESPECIALLY when it comes to cold callers and those who don’t honor the telephone preference service. Make that final tweak, and you’ve got a winner in my opinion!

  424. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chris – it works in the whole of Italy :-D you can check your usage via My3 when you’re away.

  425. Chris P


    I’m going to Sardinia, Italy soon. I just wanted to check that the feel at home scheme works there as its an island. Also, when I am there is there a way I can confirm that I’m not being charged for calls or data?



  426. Moderator: Lauren

    @Arash – hello there :-) we only monitor the blogs during week days.

  427. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sue – if you’re on pay as you go roaming should already be activated, you can check if it’s available at My3. If you want to convert your credit to add ons you can also do this at My3.

  428. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jelly – That’s very kind of you but we already have a couple of agencies that work with us on this! :-)

  429. Moderator: Lauren

    @Arash – costs to international numbers will still be charged, more info here.

  430. Sue

    As I am travelling for the whole of September and arrive in Australia at the end, do I need to activate the card in UK before I go, bearing in mind that the payg sim is for 30 days?

  431. Arash

    Hello is anybody there ??

  432. jelly

    Hi there! This is such brilliant news. I have an idea about how Three could market this further and turn it into a mini-campaign – please could somebody get in touch with me? Thank you.

  433. Arash

    Does it cost me if make a call my Italian friend (on his Italian three SIM)

  434. Moderator: Lauren

    @Robert – Amazing isn’t it?! Enjoy your trip :-D

  435. Robert Slight

    Lauren, still in Rome on vacation and still in shock we are roaming for no additional charge. Hats off to three, the bar has been set pretty high.

  436. Moderator: Lauren

    @Carmel – international roaming needs to be active for Feel At Home to work :-)

  437. Carmel

    Thanks, is that the same for the feel at home or just international roaming in general?

  438. Moderator: Lauren

    @Carmel – roaming should already be available on pay as you go accounts, they can double check on My3 though :-)

  439. Carmel

    Hi there.

    I work in a three store and we’re just wondering if the 60 day before international activation applies to a payg customer?


  440. Moderator: Lauren

    Ryan – you’re welcome :-)

  441. Ryan Hegarty

    Thanks for your help Lauren – highly appreciated. :)

  442. Moderator: Lauren

    @Shiela – I’m afraid not, our international calling prices can be found here.

  443. sheila

    Does the feel at home work in reverse I need to call ireland on regular basis but get charged extra is there a cheeper way please

  444. Moderator: Lauren

    @Michael – it’s dependent on standard international roaming being activated on your account. Sim only customers may have to wait 60 days to get this activated however may be able to activate it before if they meet certain criteria. Call 333 to see if you can have it activated.

  445. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ryan – there’s a new mast planned but I’m afraid we don’t have a date for this yet. Sorry I can’t give any further info at this time. :(

  446. Ryan Hegarty

    Thanks for your reply Lauren – fantastic service.
    Can you also tell me if there are any planned network upgrades in my area (removed by mod), as my 3g signal is very weak?

  447. Michael

    Hi – Just picked up a SIM-Only contract with Three, as the offerings blows the current competition out the water. However I’ve gotten some mixed signals between the store and the helpline so far regarding information on Feel At Home.

    I’ve been given 3 different statements so far, regarding Feel At Home:

    1) That this is independent of standard international roaming, and as such it does not require setting up.
    2) That this is dependent on standard international roaming, but this can be set up on day 1 of my contract.
    3) That this is dependent on standard international roaming, which can only be set up after 60 days.

    It’s not a huge deal, but I’d appreciate it if I could take advantage of this whilst on vacation – Could you help clear this up and advise which of the 3 apply?


  448. Moderator: Lauren

    @Charlotte – you’ll be able to use your data allowances like you do at home. :-)

  449. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ryan – if you start roaming onto any Irish networks then it’d come out of your allowances as normal :-)

  450. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jonathan – you’d be charged to call an Italian number, more info here.

  451. Charlotte

    does this plan also include the internet and if it does will i have to use it via wifi or can I use it via 3g

  452. Ryan Hegarty

    Good job Three, another reason to recommend you to my friends & family.
    I live in Northern Ireland and have found that when I select the Three Ireland network that sometimes my phone will automatically switch to the O2 Ireland network; if I use my phone when on O2 Ireland’s network am I still able to use my inclusive allowances or am I charged for this?
    I understand that three have acquired O2 Ireland and would hope I could use O2 when in Ireland as I would use Three’s network and not incur additional roaming charges.

  453. Jonathan

    so if i phoned the UK from Italy, it would be in my allowance under my normal UK phone plan.
    What if i wanted to phone an Italian number, does that still come under my phones UK plan, or will i get charged for that phone call ??

  454. Moderator: Lauren

    @craig – no plans for this just now, this package is regarding roaming not international calls.

  455. Moderator: Lauren

    @Joseph – you’d always be charged. More info on calling charges and prices can be found here.

  456. Joseph

    Lauren my question is very simple:
    I have my three phone connected to an Italian network. I make a call to a local number (Rome).
    Am I charged an international call?
    With any other company you are only charged a local call because the local company routes the call internally, so it never leaves the italian network.

  457. craig

    Are you doing anything about calling international numbers, they are crazy prices. Calling states is over 55p/m on three and 3p/m on giffgaff. India is over £1 compared to 2p on giffgaff.

  458. Moderator: Lauren

    @Joseph – you’ve always been charged depending on the area you’re in for example Italy and Germany would be the same as they’re both in the EU.

  459. Kevin

    Good to see this returning, it was on offer when I initially joined 3

  460. Joseph

    so let me get this straight: I’m travelling in Italy. If I call a local Rome number, I’m charged an international call? Seriously? Roaming has never worked like that before. Calls to the country where you are roaming are charged much cheaper than say a call from Italy to Germany using your phone while roaming in Italy.

  461. Moderator: Lauren

    @GordonTGopher – whoops! We’re working at adding more countries now, no further info on where/when yet though.

  462. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ashley – you can check to see if you’re set up for international roaming on My3, if you need this activated our customer service team can arrange this for you.

  463. Moderator: Lauren

    @Richard – We are working hard to add more countries to this list and will let you know as soon as we do.

  464. Moderator: Lauren

    @Liz – we think so too! :) It’s was launched on 27 August.

  465. Moderator: Lauren

    @Terry – you can check if your area will get Advanced 3G coverage here.

  466. Moderator: Lauren

    @Neil – all limitations are listed here.

  467. Moderator: Lauren

    @Elliott – Nicki is a lovely lad ;-)

  468. Moderator: Lauren

    @Neil – We are working hard to add more countries to this list and will let you know as soon as we do. :-)

  469. Moderator: Lauren

    @Adrian – sorry about that, our website was updated before our FAQ’s were. Sorry for any confusion! The website is correct.

  470. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ernesto – free to receive in Italy :-)

  471. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jay – as long as you’ve got international roaming set up you’ll be good to go! It was launched on 27/08. :-)

  472. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gareth – it’ll work on all of them! :-)

  473. Elliott

    is nicki male or female???

  474. Moderator: Lauren

    @Darrell – sorry to read this, if you’re still having issues let us know your full name, date of birth, postcode and mobile broadband mobile number or account number (we won’t publish it!) and we can check this.

  475. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ben – yep! Feel At Home is available to any Three customer – all Pay Monthly phone customers, SIM plans, Pay As You Go, Mobile Broadband and Business customers.

  476. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chris – We are working hard to add more countries to this list and will let you know as soon as we do.

  477. Moderator: Lauren

    @Steve – We are working hard to add more countries to this list and will let you know as soon as we do. :-)

  478. Moderator: Lauren

    @pat robson – Three merged with Vodafone in Australia but we still have a working relationship with the company. You’ll be able to use your Three phone over there :-)

  479. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mike – thanks for the feedback, we’re working hard to include more countries and will announce here when we can include them. :-)

  480. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – yes if you’re calling an Australian number you’d be charged however any calls made back home or any calls received would either be included in your allowance or free :-)

  481. Neil Pearson

    Great news but some reports are saying that there will be restrictions for those on unlimited plans? Is that correct? If so, what are the restrictions??!!!!

  482. Terry

    Do you know if ultrafast is going to be turned on around Finchley central area and Swiss cottage area in north london soon?

  483. Liz

    This is fantastic news as I travel to Italy and Australia regularly. it means i wont have to keep changing my sim cards! Can you tell me if it is now active as I am travelling to Italy in 2 weeks time.

  484. Richard Hunter

    How about USA now that would be progress.

  485. Ashley

    I’m travelling to Denmark in 2 weeks time. Do I need to do anything with my mifi sim card to get this to work?


  486. TonyLambu



  487. GordonTGopher

    Nicki make your mind up. You say Three have no plans to role this out to other countries, Yet this says you do. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/news/10276475/Three-dumps-roaming-charges-in-seven-countries.html That you will be adding more countries in the next 2 months. The one thing I hate about three is the lack of communication, Example when you dropped the oneplan prices @threeuk on twitter said it did not include the monthly sim deal. Yet it did, You’re saying no more countries will be added to this, yet the news stories say you’re adding more. EU roaming charges are going to be banned next year. So pleased to see you’ve made a start. Sure you’re unbeatable on prices, love the AYCE data, but why not give the other networks a even bigger kick up the *** and stop roaming charges worldwide.

  488. Krisztian

    Really really want to see Hungary on the list! Awesome stuff, great company! All the best for you guys!

  489. Peter

    Why did you do this 3 days before im about to come home from a month in Aus! Grumbling aside this is great! May have to go back to make use of this!

  490. Neil

    3 Like Home has been sadly missed by many longstanding customers like myself.
    Well done Three in bringing back an even better service. :)
    Now how about a reduced price weekly euro internet pass for the countries not covered by Feel Like Home.

  491. Gary

    Thanks very much for this, it’s nice to see a mobile phone operator enervating and offering something that is a benefit to a travelling user. Just need to now book a holiday to one of those destinations :)

  492. Adrian

    No plans to expand? Perhaps you might like to be as honest on your website then?

    This wouldn’t normally bother me, but the amount of times I have now had run ins with your customer services, and had to send them screens shots of your own website to prove I am right is ridiculous.

    “We are working hard to add more countries to this list and will let you know as soon as we do.”


  493. Ernesto

    What if I receive a call while I am in Italy instead? Do I pay as receiver like happens while in roaming?

  494. Jay

    Great news. This is why I love three.

    Is this effective immediately? I’m going to Italy in a few hours so want to make sure this is effective immediately for me to use. Do I need to do anything or is active from the get go?


  495. Gareth Walker

    I’m travelling to Australia in October does it matter if my phone roams onto Telstra, Optus or Vodafone Oz is it the same no charges great was only gonna have to use wifi all the time

  496. Johnny

    Very happy
    I live in Northern Ireland and on 3uk I work in the south regularly and have family there I’m glad you did this. you will expand to no end with this deal.

  497. hip59

    ” The countries selected are where we have a strong network presence, so we’re able to offer you the best possible value” Three even this is a Fantastic news, yes it limited to seven counties, but its seven more than any other UK network has done. I’m from Northern Ireland, and after removal of 3 like home, Three listened to its users and brought in a 10p roaming rate while in southern Ireland, which as great as its was it was so easy to hit another Network and have roaming charges. Feel at Home will allow anyone on the Three UK network hitting a Southern Ireland Network Mask to be able to use their Three UK network plan with some good sensible safe guards built in to prevent roaming charges, another great move by Three and this must place Three the network of choice within Northern Ireland. Thank you

  498. Darrell

    Arrived in Milan, Italy last night and was delighted to discover this new service. Superb, absolutely superb. My phone contract ends next month but I won’t moving anywhere.

    The only downside is that my iPad was not on international roaming and despite two calls to Three CS it still isn’t getting connection. Both calls ended with a promise of all working within two hours but one thing you find you have to accept is Three’s offshore customer services are appalling

  499. Ben

    Will this work with my iPad? So I can use my 15GB 3G on my iPad mini when I travel to Italy without any additional charges?

  500. Chris

    Shame there’s no expansion plans since the list to most people will just look like a random handful of countries.

    A step in the right direction, but you really ought to try and expand this throughout Europe and then brag about your ability to not just sit on the EU limits but massively beat them, and most other networks.

    Even if not the same as if you were at home, it would be nice to have some calls/texts/data like Swisscom offer their customers in Switzerland when travelling around Europe.

  501. Martin

    Fantastic news. As a regular traveller to Sweden, spending most of the summer there, this really is a great benefit being able to use my existing 3 plan. Thanks 3, you keep bringing me good news and services!

  502. Howard

    This is so perfectly timed. We’re heading out to Italy next Tuesday for my wife’s (ahem) 40th on Friday. It’s usually such a faff looking out for wi-fi and even when you’re trying to get beck to someone who has phoned you from the UK. Brilliant Idea and Thank you.

  503. Steve Marks

    What a great idea, can you do that for Japan please.

  504. pat robson

    my daughter lives in Sydney, Australia and she and husband had accounts with 3, but were told they would have to find another network as 3 had closed down and were being bought out by Vodafone? Doesn’t sound like a ‘strong presence’ in Australia! I’m with 3 and will be visiting Sydney soon, so I hope I will be able to make these calls and texts!

  505. Mike

    That’s great thanks. Innovative. I would love it to work all over Europe – but I realise the costs involved.

    Could you perhaps make three roaming available throughout the EU for a sensible fixed charge say an extra £10 a month?

  506. Mark

    Would I be correct in thinking that a call from Australia to UK comes out of my allowance but a call from Brisbane airport to my sister in Australia to let her know I have arrived would cost £1.40 per min (normal roaming rate)? If so I might just worry about my phone bill a little!

  507. Alan Johnston

    Wow thanks Niki, shame i can’t tether my nexus 7 to my phone – isn’t that right?

  508. Moderator: Nicki

    @Alan Johnston – Calling you when you’re outside the UK would just be as if they’re calling you when you’re in the UK :-)

  509. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tom Almond – Glad you approve Tom :-) No plans for Isle of Man at the moment but I’ll pass your suggestion on.

  510. Moderator: Nicki

    @Koci – Glad you approve :-) No plans for Hungary at the moment but I’ll certainly pass your suggestion on.

  511. Alan Johnston

    Fantastic news thanks! Will it cost family not on 3 to call or text me?

  512. Tom Almond

    This is AMAZING! Just giving me more reason to love everything y’all are doing over at Three!

    Would you PLEASE consider adding the Isle of Man to the list? It’s my home from home!


  513. Koci

    That’s a great news! That’s why I chose this company in April. That would be great, if you’ll add Hungary to this VIP list :D

  514. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ben McInnes – No plans for this to be removed any time soon but we reserve the right to extend, withdraw or modify Feel At Home at any time.

  515. Ben McInnes

    Travelling to Aus next June for 3 weeks, will it still be available then? Fantastic from 3 tho, means I can easily stay in contact with family!

  516. kevin

    This is Great News , i a visit Oz Alot and there mobile phone packages are shocking. Thank you

  517. Moderator: Nicki

    @lee –
    @Giedrius –

    Hi there, no current plans to expand the list of Feel At Home Countries. The countries selected were because we have a strong network presence in them, so we’re able to offer you the best possible value there.

  518. Giedrius

    How long it is going to last?
    Have you got any plans to expand to other countries in Europe?

  519. lee

    honk kong? hehehe be nice if Spain and holiday destination’s were added

  520. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ryan Lloyd – We don’t have any plans to expand the list of Feel At Home Countries at the moment. The countries selected are where we have a strong network presence, so we’re able to offer you the best possible value.

  521. Toby Adams

    Brilliant! Thanks, Three.

  522. Ryan Lloyd

    Will you be adding more countries in the future? The whole of Europe would be nice as the UK is part of Europe. What about adding some of the more popular destinations? Pleasssse.

  523. Dan

    Really good! Shame it’s not available in Spain as well

  524. Moderator: Nicki

    @Colin – Enjoy! and have a safe trip :-)

  525. Colin

    This is awesome news :D I’m off to Australia for a month in November, and regularly visit Hong Kong and Sydney with work :D Thanks Three :D :D :D

  526. Moderator: Nicki

    @Les – We don’t currently have any plans to expand the list of Feel At Home Countries. We’ve selected these countries because we have a strong network presence in them, so we’re able to offer you the best possible value.

  527. Moderator: Nicki

    @david – Feel At Home is different to our old 3Like Home service. 3Like Home only applied to roaming on sister networks, but with Feel At Home, as long as you’re in one of our Feel At Home countries, you’ll still get to use your UK allowances to call or text the UK, or use data on any available network.

  528. Les

    Great news but what about having the same in the popular holiday destinations like Spain, Turkey, etc.

  529. david

    Is this “3 like home” getting a new 2nd life? And will it work if i am in one of the designated countries and my phone accidentally roams onto another provider there? That was a big issue with 3 like home and probably why you pulled it 1st time.

  530. Max

    Well done three! About time someone stepped up to the plate and started knocking this roaming charges problem on the head. Keep up the good work, looking forward to that list of countries expanding soon! (though I expect that will only expand as three mobile launches in more locations – the current list is only the places three operates)

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