Feel At Home now includes the USA!

A few months ago we announced the launch of Feel At Home in 7 countries around the world. It means that if you’re travelling or on holiday in those countries you can use your phone, tablet or dongle in exactly the same way as you do at home, without incurring the extra roaming charges you’d normally expect.

We said at the time that we were working hard to get more countries added. So we’re really excited to announce that we are now adding a further 4 countries to this; Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Macau and, most notably, USA 🙂 This is in addition to our existing Feel At Home countries; Australia, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden, Denmark and the Republic of Ireland.

If you’re planning a shopping trip in New York or a Christmas break in Florida (lucky you! 😉 ), you’ll be able to stay in touch with all your friends and family back home using your normal allowance. And of course that includes all your Social Media activity too, so you can Instagram, tweet and Facebook to your heart’s content! Woop!

To make the most of this you don’t even need to do anything, as soon as you touch down in one of our Feel At Home countries your phone will pick up a local network. And as long as you have a current UK plan allowance, or Add-on and you’ve activated international roaming, away you go!

Even if you do end up going over your UK allowance you won’t be subject to the normal roaming rates either, but some specially reduced rates.

All Three customers can take advantage of Feel At Home, whether you’re a Pay Monthly or PAYG customer, whether you have a phone, dongle or tablet and even if you’re a Business customer. SIM customers can take advantage too, as long as they’ve been with Three for 30 days.

So rest assured, if you’re planning a trip to any of the Feel At Home countries, there’ll be no more worrying about your bill when you get home. Merry Christmas Internetters!

867 Responses to Feel At Home now includes the USA!
  1. Steff E

    @Mark – Hi Mark, I’m really sorry to hear that your sister is having some difficulty with her data service in the USA. I can imagine this will be pretty frustrating. San Fransisco is covered with 3G as you’ll see from this coverage map . What phone is she using? If she has 4G please tell her to disable this as it can affect her service. If she’s using an iPhone please tell her to switch off EU internet as this can block her connection. The APN settings she needs will be for Three UK and not our roaming partners. Please let us know how she gets on. Thanks

  2. mark

    My sister just arrived in San Francisco today, only to find out she can’t get 3g!! ? can only get 2g, and even on that its very slow and keeps cutting out.

    Option of AT&T and Tmobile 2G, the android phone is quad band.

    She just took out a 1 month sim plan just for this trip, its next to useless.

    She said the APN settings are for three, do these need to be sent to AT&T apn settings or tmobile apn settings?

    just delete posts without letting customers know, very poor service three.

  3. Moderator: Susan

    @Chris Hewison. Hi there, I’m sorry to hear that you had a really disappointing experience while you were in San Francisco with regards to the quality of the signal you had. Were our team who emailed you able to determine whether or not international roaming was active on your account? If the email correspondence hasn’t helped, we’d strongly recommend emailing back to let us know so that we can look into other methods of getting you connected. We know how frustrating this must be for you and we want to help.

  4. Chris Hewison

    We’ve been on holiday in San Francisco, Los Angeles, National Parks, Flagstaff. As with many other users I have had very poor service with data, and voice connectivity. I was sat next to a US resident at a bus stop, she had full T-mobile connectivity – my phone said ‘No Service’.
    I’m using a new iPhone 6S plus with a new SIM. 3’s email help has not helped me. Reading other reviews I doubt there is anything wrong with my phone or SIM. Come on 3 – get your act together.

  5. Moderator: Danielle

    @John – Hey John, I’m afraid we’ve no current plans to add Thailand to our Feel At Home service. We’re always looking for more countries to add though, so we really appreciate the suggestion. If we do add more countries, we’ll make sure to advertise this widely, so it’s always worth keeping an eye on our social media pages, website and here on the blog :). Thanks, Danielle.

  6. John

    I am really hoping that Thailand will be included. Are there any plans to do so?

  7. Moderator: David

    Hi @Robin, sorry to hear you’re not getting the best service in the US 🙁 I appreciate how frustrating this will be and I assure you we do care. Have you been connected to both AT&T and T-Mobile and found you have the same results? If not, it would be worthwhile to switch networks to establish which is providing the best service. Please make sure you’ve got 4G switched off in your settings as this currently only works within the UK. If you let me know which phone you’re using, we can run through any other troubleshooting which might help to improve your service in the US. We hope you’re enjoying your trip in the meantime 🙂 Thanks, David

  8. Pip

    @Claire I think it’s terrible to cut people off. Basically if someone is in USA and doesn’t text or use data and may call how you can cut them off. I started using whatsapp over wireless which is free but I would still like a working phone should I need it in an Emergancy etc.

    Other SP’s offer this so it’s bad that 3 don’t.

  9. Robin

    I’m in the US and have been here since Monday I’ve been in both Denver and Minneapolis. So far I have got nothing better than 2g. All my settings are correct as per the information provided. I have a second phone with me on Vodafone which is roaming to the same network T-Mobile, which is getting full 3G coverage… Can anyone help ?? Or do Three not care???

  10. Moderator: Claire

    @Pip – I’m sorry you’re unhappy with our response however the service we offer does state online that we can cancel your service as Feel at Home is intended for short trips away and not for extended stays. This is due to our service being offered for UK residents on short trips away. The agreement we have with the USA networks is for free service for up to 60 days in a year and not for longer. If you need to call home in an emergency or to speak to a family member after 60 days we do recommend buying a local SIM for that country. Thanks.

  11. Pip

    @claire. You still haven’t answered clearly. So after 60 days three disconnects all customers then who are abroad more than 60 days.

    I think it’s terrible how customers can’t choose to pay charges while abroad. If i had to call home in an Emergancy or a family member call me it should be allowed at the customers cost!! It’s discusting really if three do cut you off.

    I have friends with othe SP’s who can still use phone abroad and choose to pay charges

  12. Moderator: Claire

    @pip Hi, the purpose of our Feel at Home service is for short trips away and not extended stays. If you’re staying in a country longer than 60 days then you would need to buy a local SIM in that country. Thanks.

  13. Pip

    @Claire that is terrible. I don’t expect to pay for a service to be cut off after 60 days. God forbid I am involved in an accident in the USA or my family in uk is I should be allowed to pay for the cost of a call or text!!

    So your last answer was not clear, so are you saying that after 60 days 3 will cut me off or does it depend how much usage you make. I only use wifi and I limit a call home to once a week so being light usage would 3 still cut me off?

  14. Moderator: Claire

    @pip – Hi, we can disconnect services until you’re back in the UK and you can see more details on our Feel at Home service under usage restrictions here.

  15. Pip

    What happens after 60 days of being in the US? Does it just then cost you to call and text back to a UK mobile or home number?

  16. Moderator: Claire

    @Lee – Hi, sorry you’re unhappy with our service in the US. We recommend trying either network in the area you’re in and you’re correct – we don’t have any control over data speeds on a foreign network. We do advise that data will be slower than in the UK under usage restrictions here. Thanks.

  17. Lee

    I’m also in the US and I’m having a nightmare. Manually selecting AT&T gives a slow (and I really mean slow) connection, but the priority always seems to be T-Mobile. Unfortunately, T-Mobile completely grinds to a halt and the data connection is unusable.
    This is when the moderators will post the standard cut and paste answer about having no control over a foreign network’s performance – which is untrue as Three are purposely throttling data.

  18. Moderator: Stephie

    @Charles Macfarlane – Hi Charles, we’re sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble using your services in the USA. You won’t be able to use 4G within the USA as this is only compatible with the UK network. Feel At Home works on other operators’ networks and we have arrangements for each destination and you’ll automatically roam onto the right network. As you’re roaming on another operator’s network, the coverage may not give you the same level of signal you’re used to back home and when you go online, data speeds may be slower as well. You can see full details of our Feel At Home Terms here: http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Phones/Feel_At_Home

  19. Charles Macfarlane

    I’m in Bay Area CA, this 4G hotspot is completely useless. It was on TM and only had 2G ie pointless with most pages timing out. I restarted and it picked up AT&T 3G which has some life but still unbelievably slow. This is not a credible service !!!!

  20. Moderator: David

    Hi Alex, sorry to hear you can’t connect to a network in the US 🙁 I appreciate how frustrating this will be. ave you tried manually connecting to a network by going through your settings? You should be able to connect to AT&T or T-Mobile. You can make sure you’ve got roaming activated by signing into your My3 account. More information on doing this can be found here – http://bit.ly/1L5IggH

    If you have any difficulty with this, please access our webchat service at the following link and one of our team will look into it for you – http://bit.ly/1CkkfYs

    Thanks, David

  21. Alex

    I am in the US right now and I cannot connect to any network.
    All appear forbidden in manual search.
    Anyway I can work this out through myThree?

  22. Moderator: Rory

    @Kevin – Hi Kevin, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling to use data during your stay in the USA. I know this must be frustrating, especially as you’re depending on your phone to stay connected. There are some usage restrictions for Feel At Home, but they should only impact data intensive activities like file sharing and large downloads. Streaming and VPN services should work, but you may find that your services are slower than you’re used to in UK. There’s more information on our website – http://bit.ly/1KgTpdE >Rory

  23. Kevin

    I’m in the USA and the hspa+ is so slow it takes 30 seconds to load Google.CO.UK it’s unusable. I understand a little traffic shaping but I can’t load Facebook. This is worse than using a 14000 baud modem. I’ve tried att and t mobile. In 10 days I’ve only used 120 MB. Anyone reading this try using any free data you have to judge speed before you pay for an add on. Waste of money if you want anything more than Google maps.

  24. Stewart

    Thank you for the reply David. I will keep an eye on it. Looks like I’ll need to get a Canadian sim this year. pfft.

  25. Moderator: David

    Hi @Stewart, I couldn’t confirm whether Canada will be added to Feel At Home or not I’m afraid. What I can say is we’re always looking at ways to improve all aspects of our service, and this includes adding new destinations to Feel At Home. However, we haven’t been advised which destinations will be added, or when this will take place. I’d recommend keeping an eye on our Feel At Home page for more news; http://www.three.co.uk/Discover/Phones/Feel_At_Home. We’d decide which destinations we’re going to add as a business therefore the reasons why we choose a particular destination wouldn’t be disclosed. I hope you have a great time in Edmonton 🙂 If you have any further questions, please let me know. Thanks, David

  26. Stewart McClelland

    Do Three ever intend to add Canada. I see people have been asking for this since 2013, and there are a few. Why no movement or at least tell us why not. It is a great service to have feel at home it is one of the reasons 3 people in my household have a Three contract. P.S. Going to Edmonton this July so here’s hoping.

  27. Moderator: Rory

    @Paul – Hi Paul, I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing slow internet speeds abroad, and for any inconvenience this is causing you. When you connect to a roaming network, the service you receive is dependant on several factors including capacity, signal strength and the type of usage. As you’re not using our UK network, we have limited control over the experience that you have when you’re roaming. Our network partners are AT&T and T-Mobile USA, can you please try connecting to a different network to see if this improves the data service that you’re getting? >Rory

  28. Paul

    Terrible service in Orlando, shows 3G connected but almost impossible to load even a simple page. I’m disappointed.

  29. Moderator: Chris

    @Chelsea – Hey there. I’m afraid Feel At Home isn’t designed for streaming services, so we would expect you to have this sort of experience but you should have a better experience with Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Can you double check that you have switched 4G and EU Data Roaming off and let me know if this improves things?

  30. Chelsea

    Hi, I’m currently on a Three sim only contract and have been for the past two and a half years being incredibly satisfied with the service however I have come to the U.S. to study and will be here until June, I was happy to hear that the U.S. is one of Three’s Feel At Home countries however since being here (for three weeks now) I’ve been connected to either T-Mobile or AT&T and have had 3G but when attempting to use apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Spotify I don’t have enough bandwidth and subsequently can’t use them despite my phone saying I have full 3G. Is there any way I can solve this problem?

  31. Moderator: Danielle

    @Nick – I’m sorry you’re unhappy with the way our Feel At Home service works. I can certainly appreciate your frustration though, especially when you weren’t able to pay the relevant charges after your international roaming service was suspended. This is something we’ve fed back to our team to look into in the future, however we can’t guarantee this will change. Sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. >Danielle

  32. Nick

    Is it true that after your feel at home 60 days expire you lose service altogether? Coz this is what happened to me. Why not allow people to still have roaming by paying the relevant charges? You have now taken service away from me, I would have preferred to not have feel at home in the first place if I knew that I will have no service at all after 60 days. A terrible choice to make for three and this fact is nowhere mentioned on the large print

  33. Moderator: Rory

    @Brogan Wilson – Hi Brogan, I’m glad to hear that you’ve enjoyed using the Feel At Home service 🙂 We’re always looking for ways to make things better, so I’ll make sure that your suggestion is passed on to our team. >Rory

  34. Brogan Wilson

    I have used Feel at Home a few times now in the USA and in Denmark and have loved it. Great service and no complaints. PLEASE can you add Canada as a Feel at Home country, thank you!!

  35. Steff E

    @Chloe – Hi Chloe, I’m afraid we’re not aware of any plans to do this at the moment. We may be adding new countries to our ever growing list of Feel at Home destinations however we don’t have any word on this. Keep a regular eye on our blog for updates.

  36. Chloe


    Will you be adding Canada to Feel At Home before June this year?


  37. Steff E

    @ryan – Hi Ryan, I hope you have a good time there! I’m afraid that Puerto Rico is not covered by Feel at Home. You can view the roaming cost and the network you should connect to there here. You’ll need to activate your international roaming to use your services there, you can check if it is on your My3 account. If it’s not fill in our support form and we’ll activate it for you.

  38. Steff E

    @Catherine – Hi Catherine, I’m sorry to hear that you were informed this. I’m afraid this isn’t correct. We don’t have plans to add that country to Feel At Home at the moment, but we’re always on the look-out for new destinations! In the meantime check https://www.three.co.uk/tweetroaming for more info on using your phone abroad.

  39. ryan

    hey, im off to puerto rico and wondering if feel at home is covered under this plan as it is a usa territory,

  40. Catherine

    When will Canada be added to the feel at home service when i renewed my contract 16 months ago i was advised that it would be added in 2015.

  41. Moderator: Rory

    @Lee – Hi Lee, thanks for taking the time to get in touch. For the moment we don’t have roaming agreements in place to cover 4G data, which is why you’re connecting to 3G data in Tenerife. You’ll notice that your data services are less fast than you’re used to in the UK, this is because data intensive services like streaming, file sharing and peer to peer, are restricted to make sure that we can manage demand from overseas and ensure that everyone can use the service. Tethering isn’t available in any of our Feel At Home destinations for the same reason. I can appreciate that this may come as a disappointment, and I’ll make sure that your feedback is passed on to our team. >Rory

  42. Moderator: Rory

    @Greg – Hi Greg, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy with our Feel At Home service 🙁 When using Feel At Home, you will notice a considerable difference compared to the service that you normally receive back in the UK. The reason for this is that we restrict certain types of data traffic in Feel At Home destinations, like file sharing, large file downloads, and peer to peer connections, to make sure that we can manage demand from overseas and ensure that everyone can use the service. VPN and streaming services are available, but they won’t be anywhere near as fast as your UK services. For the time being there’s no way to have these restrictions lifted, although I will make sure that your suggestion is passed on to our team. Thanks >Rory

  43. Greg


    I went on a trip to the US this time last year and had full bandwidth on my HTC One under “Feel at Home”. So I signed a new 2 year deal based on this in anticipation of future visits and now find the bandwidth has been significantly throttled with some traffic seemingly blocked. What is the purpose of this move? Why has this been applied to me and by whom? How much extra do 3 want from me to lift these data limitations? Basically, I’d rather just pay and have the service I enjoyed previously. Can this be done or should I just switch off my 3 UK phone until I get back?


  44. lee

    currently in Tenerife and it seems to be working pretty good, the data is slow and no 4g, although Vodafone ES has 4g so partner with them please!! as this 3g sucks with movistar and like you say when stuff sucks!!! Also open up the tethering hotspot please……!! I think that sucks that you’ve blocked that!

  45. Steff E

    @Emma – Hi Emma, We don’t have plans to add that country to Feel At Home at the moment, but we’re always on the look-out for new destinations 🙂 In the meantime check http://www.three.co.uk/tweetroaming for more info on using your phone abroad.

  46. Emma

    What are the chances of Three adding Canada to this plan? I LOVE this sim card and I travel all round the world with my job but will be spending most my time in Canada early next year and would love to stay with this plan

  47. Moderator: Danielle

    @Yazza – Sorry to hear both yourself and your wife are having trouble connecting in the USA. If you have an All in One add-on active on your account, you won’t need to top up any more. Can you fill in our support form please so we can check your account settings and run through some troubleshooting steps from there? http://bit.ly/18vFmQA >Danielle

  48. Yazza

    Hi I transferred my number to Three onto a Three PAYG sim a couple of weeks before my holiday to USA and we’ve just landed and I cannot make outgoing phone calls. I successfully topped up £15 more than a week before travelling, £10 of which was turned into an “add on” specifically to use abroad.
    My wife has the same problem – she cannot make outgoing calls and she got a Three sim and topped up £20 and converted it into an add-on a week before leaving.
    We are in LA now unable to make outgoing phonecalls. The error message says the balance needs to be topped up. How much more do I need to top up!?!??! This is not good enough. Please rectify this immediately. I expect a swift response. Thank you.

  49. Moderator: Stephie

    @Andrew – We do have to approve posts before they are shown on the page. We only remove posts if they contain offensive material.

  50. Moderator: Stephie

    @Andrew – I’m sorry you’ve experienced these issues whilst roaming Andrew. As you’re roaming on to another operator’s network, the coverage may not give you the same level of signal you’re used to back home. When you go online, data speeds may be slower as well.

  51. Andrew


    It’s a pity you are pressured to ban/remove non offensive informative posts that make existing customers and potential new customers more aware of the *actual* service 3 provides, rather than the one advertised.



  52. Andrew

    Thanks for your reply Lauren. Unfortunately, what you are told and believe to be true, is just not true I’m afraid. I’ve visited the USA many times this year in different locations and I have the same experience every time. I don’t fileshare, or watch videos, or VPN or anything like that. I do these basic things, just one at a time:

    Web browsing – too slow to be useful.
    Streaming music from Google Music – stops and buffers every 5 to 10 seconds.
    Generating a route in Google maps – too slow to be useful.
    Browse the Google app store – very slow.
    Downloads from the appstore come down at 100 to 200k a second (if I’m lucky)

    Network drops occur many many times a day, sometimes requiring a switch to airplane mode and back again just to rejoin a network.

    As I said before, voice and texts works just fine, so it’s just data you have a problem with. A local SIM on the same network works flawlessly.


  53. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andrew – Thanks for getting in touch. We’re sorry you’re not been finding your data services when in USA the best. We restrict your ability to use data for file-sharing, like peer to peer download services, and using certain sites to download or share large files. You should be able to stream and connect to VPNs, but you’ll find it’s slower and the quality won’t be as good as it is in the UK. This is so that we can manage demand from overseas and ensure that everyone can use the service. General browsing of websites should be fine, if you’re not connected to a VPN or trying to watch videos/listen to music online. This information is available online here. We don’t offer an upgraded service where you can pay extra to receive better speeds. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this causes you.

  54. Andrew


    I’ve visited Houston many times this year and the connection speeds “given” to 3 customers are so slow that it makes even basic browsing unusable. Speed tests show just a few hundred K download speeds. But if I swap to a local SIM on the same network in the same location I get 15 to 20M download, so it’s not the phone – it’s 3’s contract with T-Mobile (and AT&T) that is the problem. Is there anyway I can PAY for a decent service without having to swap SIMS? Yes, phone calls and texts work fine, but I do feel 3 are misleading it’s customers (and potential new customers) regarding the data side of things.


  55. Moderator: Lauren

    @Maryssa – Thanks for getting in touch. We’re really sorry to hear you’ve arrived in USA and aren’t able to use your phone as expected 🙁 Please fill out this form and we’ll be able to pin point what’s wrong and get you connected, so you can get on with enjoying your holiday.

  56. Maryssa

    I’ve just gotten to USA and my phone has no service?! I’ve forgotten my password and can’t receive text message as no service! How can I log into my acct???

  57. Moderator: Stephie

    @Trevor Longman – Sorry to hear you’re having trouble getting connected in the USA Trevor, I know this isn’t ideal. If you follow this link, you’ll be able to speak to one of our live webchat advisors – http://bit.ly/1GLGHh0
    They’ll be able to have a look at your account to see whats going on. Please note this link will expire at 14:45. If you have any further trouble, please let us know.

  58. Trevor Longman

    Hi. I have been using feel at home for months now on my trips to the states. Had no problems at all until now.
    This time I have a different phone (samsung) from previous. It is an unlocked phone in Uk. Every time I select AT&T it quickly reverts back to O2 and I believe I need to be on AT&T to use feel at home ?
    Any idea what the issue could be.

  59. Steff E

    @kr00t0n – Hi kr00t0n, glad to hear Feel at Home worked well for you in Miami! I Hope you had a good time there. Jamaica and other islands in the Caribbean aren’t covered by our Feel at Home service I’m afraid. Take a look at this page to view the costs of roaming there. I hope you enjoy the rest of your travels 🙂 Let us know if you have anymore questions. Thanks

  60. kr00t0n

    Hi, I have used this successfully in Miami, but I wasn’t sure if the likes of Jamaica or islands in the Caribbean are covered?

  61. Paul

    Switching to AT&T again seems to have got me back. Fingers crossed.
    Thanks Claire!

  62. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul – Hi, have you tried either Tmobile or AT&T networks in LA? Have you got data roaming switched on and 4G/EU Internet switched off?

  63. Moderator: Claire

    @Heidi – Hi, we are looking to add more countries in the future 🙂

  64. Paul

    I’m in LA at the moment and can only get an R. I have had access on nd off for a few days since I have been in California and I have to say I am not impressed with the service.

  65. Heidi

    Used feel at home in the USA and it is fantastic. However, we have just booked a road trip that includes Canada and the USA – I’m disappointed that Canada will not be covered whilst we are on our trip.

  66. Moderator: Rory

    @Charles – Hi, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been struggling to connect to a network in the US, and for any inconvenience this has caused you. From your description of the issue, it sounds like international roaming hasn’t been enabled on your account, prior to leaving the the UK. You can do this by logging into your My3 Account, or if this isn’t an option, please fill out our support form and we’ll help enable this for you. To ensure that your support form reaches us as quickly as possible, please select the ‘using a device or services abroad’ option from the drop down menu. Thanks

  67. Charles

    Currently in Vegas and neither t-mobile or AT&T gets me any 3G to use data. Having to rely on free wifi!!!

    I have an iPhone 5s and have tried manually switching to each carrier plus turning the phone on and off numerous times. Can we please get an update on what’s going on!! Thanks

  68. Moderator: Claire

    @Ross – Hi, have you switched off 4G and kept 3G on? You shouldn’t have to change APN settings as this is done automatically when you connect to the networks. Thanks.

  69. Ross


    I’m currently in US for work. I am having problems connecting to the data network. Making phone calls or receiving SMS is fine. I have connected to T-Mobile and AT&T networks, and it seems to be the same. It will occasionally connect, but generally I have no data connection.

    Do I need to manually add APN settings?

    For reference, I have a OnePlus One


  70. Moderator: Rory

    @Emily – Hi, I’m glad to hear that you’ve been able to use our Feel At Home service during your stay in the USA 🙂 We’ve no immediate plans to add any new destinations to Feel At Home, however we’re always trying to improve on the services that we currently offer, so I’ll make sure and pass on your suggestion to our team. Thanks

  71. Emily

    I have used feel at home in the USA which was amazing. I moving to Canada for six months in November and just realised that it’s not included! Are there any plans to add it soon?

  72. Moderator: Rory

    @Mberger – Hi, apologies, your posts don’t show on the page until they’ve been approved by one of our mods. If your data services are working over in France, there’s nothing to worry about. The ‘R’ can be displayed instead of a data indicator depending on the phone that you’re using and the network that you’re connected to. If you have any problems, please get back in touch and I’ll help in any way that I can. Thanks

  73. Moderator: Rory

    @Laura Morgan – Hi, Mexico isn’t part of our Feel At Home service, however I’ll make sure that the suggestion is forwarded over to our team. In the meantime, you can check the costs to use your phone in Mexico, using the following link. Have a great trip! 🙂

  74. Moderator: Rory

    @Leigh – Hi, if you’re connected to one of our roaming partners in France, and data is working for you, then there’s nothing to worry about. The ‘R’ is there to let you know that you’re connected to a roaming network, and can replace the normal 3G, H and H+ icons on some phones. As long as you’re connected to either Bouygues, Free Mobile or Orange, and your data services are working, you’re all sorted. If you have any issues using your services in France, please don’t hesitate to get back in touch. Thanks

  75. Leigh

    Hi, Feel at Home is working for me in France but unlike previous times I am not getting the symbols for 3G, H or H+ in the status bar, just the roaming R. Has something changed?

  76. Mberger

    I’m in France using Feel at Home over the Free 3G network. It’s working fine – faster than my home Broadband or 3 mobile speed back home in fact. But whereas on previous trips I have had the 3G, H or H+ symbol displayed in the status bar, now I just get the roaming R. Is there a reason for this?

  77. Laura Morgan

    Can you use feel at home in Mexico?
    Many thanks,
    Laura Morgan.

  78. Moderator: Claire

    @Robert Luxton – Hi, can you confirm the original phone you bought and the 2nd phone’s make and model? We will check this for you. Thanks.

  79. robert luxton

    My three.co mobile device didn’t work in West Virginia, Virginia, and N Carolina. It didn’t last year – and I was told I had the wrong version of the device. This year I went back to the shop and ask for one that would work in the USA. I bought another. And it didn’t work again.

    Customer services confirmed that I had made no use of the device while in the USA and refunded my month’s subscription. But the shop won’t take the device back. Most amazing of all, nobody at three seems at all interested in the cause of the problem.

  80. Moderator: David

    Hi @Jamie, sorry to hear you’re having difficulty with service in Austin 🙁 I understand how frustrating this will be. Are your calls and texts still working okay? It might be worthwhile to try both of the available networks by performing a manual network selection if you haven’t done so already. You can switch between AT&T and T-Mobile to establish which will provide you with the best service. Also, please ensure you’ve got 4G switched off if you have this option in your settings as currently 4G is only available to our customers when in the UK. Feel At Home is designed for customers making short trips abroad and as a result of this there are limitations to the service. The maximum of data you can use in one month is 12GB and if you reach this amount your data service would be restricted. Do you know how much data you’ve used so far? You can find more details on the usage restrictions of Feel At Home here, https://bit.ly/1bh9okE. Thanks, David

  81. jamie christian

    Hi i recently moved to Austin usa and after maybe 4 days of working my interenet won’t work at all now for the past 2 days on this ”feel at home” thing this is EXTREMELY frustrating after being ASSURED twice that this would work fine ! i now can’t run 2 business’ due to this and i only changed for this reason to get this thing !! ARRGHHHHH HELP

  82. Moderator: Susan

    Hey @Shawn. I’m sorry to hear you’re not getting any data when you’re in LA (although I’m jealous that you’re there). Is it just data you’re having trouble with? Are you connected to T-Mobile USA or AT&T? What make and model of phone do you have? Thanks.

  83. Shawn

    I’m now in LA and I’m a monthly pay customer. I’m sure that I have enough data allowance but I can’t get any here. WHY?? I need Internet!!!

  84. Steff E

    @Pete Burch – Hi Pete, thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having difficulty making calls whilst in the USA. I can appreciate this is frustrating. Unfortunately we did have an issue with our international roaming service yesterday however we have been informed that this has now been fixed. Have you tried making another call today? Have you been able to text or use data? What phone are you using? If it’s 4G ready please disable this and EU Internet if you have an iPhone as this can affect your services whilst abroad. Please reboot your phone and perform a manual network selection again. If you’re still having issues making calls please fill in our support form so we can escalate this to one of our technical support teams http://bit.ly/1bbLhvG. Thanks.

  85. Pete Burch

    I am in Denver, USA at the moment. I’m on PAYG (with a new £10 feel at home bundle) and connected to AT&T. Data roaming is working fine and my phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) is happily receiving both calls and SMS texts.

    I don’t know if SMS texts are sending (no-one has replied to one yet so it’s hard to tell) but I am unable to make outgoing voice calls. Each time I try, with various numbers, I get an on-screen message first of all saying ‘Sorry, it has not been possible to connect your call, please try again later’ with an ‘OK’ button to suppress the dialogue box. This is immediately followed by a voice message (with an American accent) saying ‘The wireless customer you are calling is not available, please try again later’. This in then repeated in many other languages (I assume, but don’t understand them, lol).

    I know there’s some kind of system problem with Three UK at the moment because ‘My Three’ is returning an error message saying there is system maintenance but that shouldn’t be affecting outgoing calls from the USA should it?

    I’ve just manually switched my local network from AT&T to T Mobile in settings. Now it’s still receiving SMS (still don’t know about sending) but won’t receive voice calls – trying to call my number using Skype, I get a message with an English accent saying ‘sorry it has not been possible to connect your call, please try again later’. Outgoing call attempts get the same on-screen message as with AT&T but there is no voice message to say the call cannot be made.

    I’ve just switched to Three to take advantage of ‘Feel At Home’ in the USA and I’m bitterly disappointed to see that it doesn’t work properly. I’m actually worse off than I was with Vodafone as, although using my phone abroad was expensive, at least it always worked. No point having a phone it you can’t use it, is there? Glad I didn’t sign a year’s contract at £17 per month… don’t think I’ll be doing so in the immediate future now even though you’ve put the cost of the 300 minute bundle on PAYG up from £15 to £20 per month.

    Primarily, I need a phone that works when I need it to. Cost is important but actually secondary to that. No point having a load of calls included if you can’t actually make any, is there?

  86. Steff E

    @Adrian Wood – Hi Adrian, I’m sorry to hear your wife is having issues calling US numbers. Is she able to text US numbers? Can she call UK numbers? To call a US number she just needs to add 001 then the number she wants to dial. If she’s unable to call or text US numbers then it may be that she has reached her credit limit which is there to stop surprise bills. If she could fill in our support form we’d be able to take a closer look into this https://www.three.co.uk/Support/SocialMediaContactUs.

  87. Adrian Wood

    NB She is using HP Palm Pre2 phone.

  88. Adrian Wood

    My wife is in USA (Houston, Texas) at moment I’m at home, she’s not good with her phone BUT, she has the same problem often – text messages work but phone calls do not get connected. When she tried to phone my son on his US number (Removed by mod) it doesn’t work. What should she be dialling? I’ve suggested also trying (Removed by mod) or (Removed by mod). The latter is on the basis that phoning me at home in UK on (Removed by mod) doesn’t work, but (Removed by mod) does work (ie using the USA international exit code of 011 instead of 00). The help / guidance from three mobile unfortunately doesn’t seem very helpful. It doesn’t seem to just work easily as it should.

  89. Moderator: Claire

    @JamesG – Hi, this is strange. Can you confirm the make and model of phone you are using? Are you manually entering the number in the phone before dialling? Thanks.

  90. jamesG

    Hi Pamela,

    This is what I do already. Eg; I am in the US and need to call number: 123-456-7899. I add 001 to the start of this number. When I am in the US and text 0011234567899 the text sends and is received no problem, however when I am in the US and call the same number, in the same format (0011234567899) the call will not connect; error message is usually “this call cannot be connected” or “this number is not recognized”.

    In essence; I can text US numbers when in the US, but cannot call them, despite adding the appropriate country and area code. I can however call UK numbers from the US no problem and when in the UK I can call US numbers (in format 0011234567899)

  91. Moderator: Pamela

    @JamesG Great to hear you’re getting to take advantage of Feel at Home. When calling USA numbers, change the code to 001, that should fix it for you. Thanks, Pamela

  92. jamesG

    Having this service is great, I travel for work in the US frequently however I have noticed the following:

    When I am there I find it challenging to call USA numbers (+1). Most often I get a message saying the number has not been recognised or that the call cannot be connected. This is not because of miss typing the number; I have tried with and without the country code and area code. I am able to send text messages to the US numbers when I’m there fine, but cannot be connected when I call the same number.. I can call these numbers from the UK… I have a Blackberry curve which works in the USA.
    I’m not sure what the issue is but it can be very inconvenient! Any help much appreciated.

  93. Moderator: Claire

    @David O’Sullivan – Hi, can you confirm you were connecting to the 3G data signal on Tmobile or AT&T? We can’t guarantee speeds with our Feel at Home service, we do advertise this here. Thanks.

  94. David O'Sullivan

    Data speed remain dreadful in the U.S. No access to Google maps in Arizona, Nevada, Utah or Colorado. Although I see a mostly strong TMobile signal, there is no data signal for the majority of the time. Three needs to sort this out, or be more transparent in their advertising, advising customers that they can only send email or browse very basic sites. Truly dreadful ‘free’ service

  95. Moderator: Claire

    @Kevin – Hi, sorry to hear your service isn’t working abroad. Can you fill in our support form and we’ll check your account settings? Thanks.

  96. Kevin

    I’m in Los Angeles and the feel at home service just will not work for me on a new Samsung j1. I’ve checked that I’m registered for roaming, I’ve tried manually searching for networks – everything I can think of – but it just doesn’t work.
    It says AT&T and t-mobile are available on 2G – 2G! – it says I’m registered but the data just doesn’t work.
    This is hugely frustrating as I signed a new contract mainly for this service and now I’m faced with racking up large roaming bills on my other carrier.

  97. Moderator: David

    Hi @Simon, sorry to hear you’re still unable to get service in Italy 🙁 Have you tried manually connecting to a network by going through your settings? You should be able to connect to 3Italy or WIND. If you fill in our support form I can take a look into your account and get back to you as soon as possible, https://www.three.co.uk/Support/SocialMediaContactUs. Thanks, David

  98. Simon

    I have activated international roaming via calling from another phone (as despite being told it was okay, it wasn’t available and I only found out when I arrived in Italy).

    I still have no service. Can’t get to speak to a human, neither Twitter account responds, and my contract expires in 2 days. Will Three retain me as a customer?

    If someone can help me get this sorted and answer my query, then yes. Please! How else will I make my friends jealous of my gelato!?

  99. Moderator: David

    Hi @Tom, glad to hear you’re now up and running 🙂 Tethering isn’t something you should be able to do as it isn’t part of our roaming agreement with our partner networks so I’d have to advise against it if you’re finding you’re able to. On most of our plans we’ll send you a text when you’re close to reaching your allowance, this will work the same abroad as it does in the UK so if you get notifications when you’re at home the same will apply when you’re abroad. To be on the safe side we’d always recommend using your My3 account to check how much of your allowance you have remaining as we can’t guarantee the notifications will come through in real time. You can find more information on checking your remaining allowances here, https://bit.ly/1eW7rSo. Thanks, David

  100. Tom

    Hi there,

    Just got this working by switching off 4G and manually selecting T-Mobile.

    I seem able to tether my iPhone to my iPad. Is this right? I thought the Feel at Home in the US offering was no tethering..?

    Also, what happens if I go over my allowance? Do I get a warning and a chance to buy more, or will the first I know about it be when I get a MASSIVE bill?


  101. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rob – that doesn’t sound good. Please fill in your details here, or you can call customer services on +447782333333 to discuss this further.

  102. Rob N

    @Claire – LG G3. I have it set to GSM/WCDMA auto. When I have made calls or texted, that has worked. Data connection is the issue. I rarely get one and there does seem to be an issue with my phone rebooting as a result of this, or, the time lag of getting registered on the network. My phone has never rebooted once at home, but in the last week it has done so about 20+ times. This may be a G3 specific issue though.

  103. Moderator: Claire

    @Rob N – Hi, can you confirm the make and model of the phone you are using? Are you able to make calls and send texts? Is your 4G switched off and you can connect to the 3G versions of AT&T or Tmobile? Thanks.

  104. Moderator: Claire

    @Mazia – Hi, can you fill in this form and we’ll check your account has been activated for international roaming? Thanks.

  105. Mazia

    iPad on 3 monthly contract says “no service” in Sri Lanka. Tried manual carrier selection – shows 5 carriers available, but none of these working for me. Still says no service. Help

  106. Moderator: Pamela

    @Ryan Oh no, that’s not ideal 🙁 Does switching to AT&T help you? What happens when you try to use data? Can you also let us know what phone you have. Thanks, Pamela

  107. Rob N

    I forgot to mention… When I try and select at&t manually, I got booted off, and when I select t-mobile, it says to try later. This is choosing WCDMA.

  108. Rob N

    I’m in Orlando too. I get a full strength signal but no data most of the time. I think someone from three needs to speak to the carriers here and find out what is going on. If it wasn’t for the free wifi most places I’d be totally stuck. Where I am having issues is anything that needs true roaming ability – like waze.

  109. Ryan

    I had 3G for the first few days of coming to the US now I don’t have any, I am a pay as you go customer and is using the £15 pay as you go that runs out on 16th August so I don’t know why this problem is happening? My carrier is T-mobile

  110. Moderator: Lauren

    @Hafsah – oh no! What a nightmare 🙁 Have you topped up with credit and converted this to an Add-on? You can find out how to do this here. Do you have signal showing? If so, please try manually connecting to either AT&T or T-Mobile. If you don’t know how to do this, please let me know the make and model of the phone you’re using, and I’ll be able to tell you.

  111. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sunni – thanks for getting in touch. Yes, you can use Feel At Home in Hawaii to call UK numbers, whether they are abroad or back in the UK 😀 Click here to find out more. Have a lovely holiday!

  112. Riles

    @David – Manual selection seems to be working for now, thanks for the advice! 🙂

  113. Hafsah

    I have a pay as you go Three sim and its not working in the US even though I have international roaming turned on in my settings – in the phone and on the Three account. Can someone help me out?

  114. Sunni

    I am going to Hawaii later in the year with my family and boyfriend. Can I use ‘feel at home’ to contact them in the same country or will this incur extra charges? Thank you for your help

  115. Moderator: Claire

    @Nancy – Hi, this can be due to AT&T having a stronger signal in your area. Have you got any stored profiles on your iPhone 4? You can check this by General > Settings > Profiles and delete any profiles stored and try using data on Tmobile again. Thanks.

  116. Nancy

    HI I am in the USA (Texas) when I am able to pick up AT&T I have data but when T-Mobile is selected I do not. I have tried to manually select a network by switching off automatic but the phone then just searches and no network is show. I have an iPhone 4. Any ideas? Tmobile does seem to be the dominant network so mostly I have no data.

  117. mark

    I am also in the USA (Orland) and am toying with changing to 3 from EE as the plans seem to offer more so I have got pay as you go SIM to test out the service before I changed provider as I use my phone for work and don’t want to risk just changing. Now for the bad news I have 1 phone on EE with a 3G signal next to the same model 3 phone and GSM only both on the same network why is this ? Manual network selection makes no difference at all ? I can honestly say that I will be keeping my 4 phones on EE as I can’t risk missing calls and emails due to poor roaming contracts and the slow speeds I was getting back in the UK when I was testing the service on so called 4G over the past 2 months

  118. Moderator: David

    The best thing to do is a manual network selection, Riles. This allows you to test both available networks, AT&T or T-Mobile. To do this select settings and then carrier, switch automatic off and the phone will then begin to search for all available networks. Are you finding that you struggle to get any data connection at all or is more so that you have a connection but it’s slow and not performing in the way that you’re used to? Thanks, David

  119. Riles

    @David – I’m using an iPhone 5, US friends have plenty of AT&T coverage and international data roaming is turned on according to my account. How do I set up manually?

  120. Moderator: David

    Hi Riles, sorry to hear you’re having difficulty with service in the USA 🙁 You should be able to pick up data connection as long as you have signal and have all of your data roaming services switched on in your settings. The best networks to connect to in the USA are AT&T and T-Mobile as these should provide you with 3G coverage. If you could let me know which phone you’re using I can advise you of what settings to check and how to manually connect to a network. Thanks, David

  121. Riles

    I am using the Feel At Home service in the USA, but I struggle to find any coverage for data. I turn on 3G (turn off 4G etc) and cannot find any connection. Is this normal or is there another way to connect and if so, how do I connect manually?

  122. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Jim – Hello 🙂 yes you can text a UK number in Spain at no extra cost. This will come out of your UK text allowance. You’ll only be charged if you text an international number, for example a Spanish number. >Bernie

  123. Jim

    Is it free to text a uk number in a feel at home destination? For example am I able to text someone on holiday in Spain, from the uk at no extra cost?

  124. Moderator: Chris

    @Dave C – That’s not what we like to hear, Dave 🙁 I’m sorry to hear you haven’t had the smoothest transition into using your phone abroad and I hope it hasn’t put too much of a damper on your trip so far. If you fill in our support form, I’ll be able to check your account and we’ll take it from there. http://bit.ly/1ALseNR

  125. Dave C

    I am also in Orlando and have the same issue. I can phone and text but the data is not working. As far as I can tell neither T-mobile nor At&T are issuing an IP address. This means that I cannot connect to Internet at all. Please help.

  126. Moderator: Allan

    @David Renton – Sorry that the data speed hasn’t been particularly great for you here David. The speeds you receive when using our local roaming partners won’t be as fast as you receive back in the UK. However, you should be able to make use of most services. Our roaming partners are AT&T and T-Mobile. It may be worth trying both out by manually connecting to each to check if one has better service in the area you’re in. Thanks

  127. Moderator: Allan

    @Louis Johnson – No need to wait any length of time Louis. You’d be able to make use of the service as soon as you had the SIM and purchased an Add-on that gives you an allowance. 🙂

  128. David Renton

    First off I love feel at home, it’s the main reason I am on 3. I travel quite a bit and it’s great. However I am currently in Florida and the internet speed I am getting is dreadful. I was in Seattle last year and the internet speed on my phone was much better. Currently I am in Orlando with my 2 kids who are both on 3 as well and about 70% of the time we cannot use our data to get online at all and the 30% of the time when it does work it is extremely slow. Certainly too slow for music or video streaming. We have 1 iphone4s and 2 iphone5s. Is this normal for Florida?

  129. Moderator: Claire

    @Charlie – Hi, have you activated international roaming on your account? If so turn on data roaming and switch off 4G/EU Internet. The networks we use are AT&T and Tmobile. Thanks.

  130. Moderator: Claire

    @Louis Johnson – Hi, you need to activate the SIM in the UK by using this on our network before using you can use the service in the USA. This works straight away once this is done. Thanks.

  131. Charlie

    I am currently in the USA. Do i turn on data roaming and turn off enable 4G?

  132. louis johnson

    Hi, I am already in the USA and I am here for the next 7 weeks. I would like to take advantage of 3’s Feel at Home by purchasing a PAYG SIM and applying the 15 pound Add-on to get unlimited data. Would i be able to use the Feel at Home feature straight away in the USA or would I have to wait a certain amount of time before I can take advantage of this?



  133. Louis Johnson

    Hi, I am already out in America and will be here for the next 7 weeks. If I was to order one of the PAYG SIM cards and then purchase the ‘All in One 15 Add-on’, would this work straight away or would I have to wait a certain period of time before I could take advantage of the ‘Feel at Home’ service.



  134. Moderator: Claire

    @Rene Schroeder – Hi, have you connected to the 3G versions of Orange, Bouygues or Free Mobile networks? Can you confirm the device make and model you are using your SIM in – a dongle or MiFi? I can check to make sure this is compatible on the French networks. Thanks.

  135. Rene Schroeder

    I used my three sim with the feel at home in the USA and everthing worked perfectly. I have a PayAsYouGo MobileBroadband Plan.

    But now I’m in France and I can’t get any connections. Do you know about problems in France? Or is there something else I can try?

    Kind regards

  136. Moderator: Stephie

    @Michael Owens – Hi Micheal, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve not yet received a response from us. Did you receive an automated reply? This should have a tracking number at the bottom beginning with ‘A00’.

    If you have not received this, can you please email us using this form and we’ll look in to this for you today. – https://bit.ly/PbcMKL – Thanks.

  137. Michael Owens

    That’s nearly a week since I filled out this form and I’ve still heard nothing.

    I can’t access my 3 account online as it wouldn’t accept my password. They’ve now sent my new password in a text. A text I cannot retrieve as I STILL don’t have a network.

    Holiday nearly over.

    Thanks 3.

  138. Moderator: Claire

    @Ciara – Hi, your SIM should work straight away but we do advise to check the account settings online at my3 to make sure. The Feel at Home service is available for short trips away so we can’t guarantee this will work fully for the whole 5 weeks, you can see our t&cs here. Enjoy!

  139. Moderator: Claire

    @Michael Owens – Hi, can you try this link? Thanks.

  140. Michael Owens

    Hi Madeline,

    I’m not sure if I activated roaming before I left. Would you mind posting the link to the help form again. Your last message didn’t appear to be linked.

    Kind regards,


  141. Ciara

    Hi I am going to New York for 5 weeks on friday but just received my Three sim card today- would it be ready to work when I arrive if I activate it today?

  142. Moderator: Madeline

    @Jackie I’m glad you loved using the service when you were in Canada 🙂 We don’t have any plans to add Canada to Feel At Home at the moment, however we’re always looking to add new countries to our growing list of countries. So perhaps in the future 🙂

  143. Jackie


    Having just visited Canada and likely to be returning on a frequent basis I was wondering if Canada would soon be included on Feel at Home, I loved using this service in the US last year and it’s one of the things that convinced me to join 3.

  144. Moderator: Madeline

    @Michael Owens Hi there, sorry to hear you’re unable to connect to a network in Boston. Did you activate international roaming before you left? If not, can you please fill in our support form so we can activate this for you? You can find this here If international roaming is active on your account, can you please reboot your phone and try manually selecting either AT&T or T-Mobile USA? Can you also ensure 4G is switched off on your device? Thanks

  145. Moderator: Madeline

    @stefan Sorry to hear your data isn’t working in Orlando. Have you tried rebooting your phone and manually selecting an alternative roaming partner? Our partners in the USA are AT&T and T-Mobile USA. Can you also make sure 4G is switched off on your device? Let me know how you get on.

  146. Michael Owens

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I arrived in Boston today but I’m still finding it difficult to connect to a network. Any help would be very much appreciated as I’m beginning to become frustrated, having very much valued your feel at home policy when you introduced it.

    Thank you,

  147. stefan

    hi three data not working in Orlando Help.

  148. Moderator: Claire

    @Lisa – Hi, you would need to ask the USA mobile network for charges calling a UK number. We have a Feel at Home service for USA where you use a Three UK SIM to call back to the UK from your normal allowance, any calls to US numbers would be chargeable and you can check our charges here. Your parents won’t be charged for receiving calls from US numbers. Thanks.

  149. Moderator: Claire

    @Carla – Hi, are you able to connect to Digicel Antilles Francaise network? This is our roaming partner there. You will be able to make calls and send text but no data services, we have more information here. Have you also switched on data roaming and switched off 4G/EU Internet on the phone? Thanks.

  150. Lisa

    Hi My parents are travelling to USA and I have got 3 PAYG sim for them. Their tour operator needs a local contact number to contact them at the airport. Can 3 be used for this purpose? How much will a US sim be charged to call a UK number.

  151. Carla

    Currently in Martinique (Caribbean) my international roaming was set up before I came but my phone won’t connect to any networks here?

  152. Moderator: Claire

    @Toby – Hi, you don’t need to reactivate the service once it’s working. When your daughter lands in Italy she needs to connect to 3 Italy or Wind networks to use service. Thanks.

  153. Toby

    My Daughter went to New York in Feb and was able to use Fell at home by turning on international roaming. She now going to Italy, does she need to activate International roaming again or will it still be switched on?

  154. Steff E

    Ludovic – Hi Ludovic, I’m glad to hear your texts are working. Can you tell me what phone you’re using? If you have 4G please disable this and if you have an iPhone disable EU internet as they may block your connection to the network and ability to use data. Do you have data roaming enabled in your settings?

  155. Ludovic

    Yes , text is working fine

  156. Moderator: Claire

    @Ludovic – Hi, are you able to make calls or send text on either network? Thanks.

  157. Ludovic

    I just tried AT&T ans no data as well

  158. Moderator: Claire

    @Ludovic – Hi, did you try connecting to AT&T in the city? We also have this network as our roaming partner for the USA. Thanks.

  159. Ludovic

    Hi,exactly samedi problem described by tez. It has worked few minutes in San Francisco airport but not in city with T Mobile network I ve the small “r” therefore no data. I didn’t check if text worked.
    Really bad news as I bought an additional bundle with unlimited data this month…

  160. Moderator: Claire

    @Tez – Hi, are you connecting to AT&T or Tmobile networks? Can you make calls and send text?

  161. Tez

    Hi, I have just landed in the US and my phone has connected to T mobile however the roaming is just showing as R for Roaming and is not giving me any 4g/3g etc. I have been to the US before and normally it worked fine until now. I have my phone set on international roaming and I have a unlimited data plan. Whats up?

  162. Moderator: Claire

    @Catherine – Hi, the Bahamas isn’t included in Feel at Home at present and you can check charges here. Thanks.

  163. catherine

    hi is Bahamas a feel at home destination, im going there next week thanks

  164. Moderator: Claire

    @Nigel – Hi, we only have agreements with AT&T or Tmobile networks in the USA. I’ve checked Maine and it doesn’t show any coverage in this area. You are able to enter the area your daughter is in online at this map to check coverage. Thanks.

  165. Nigel

    Hi, daughter is now in USA and the Feel at Home addon was fantastic when she was in New York on the AT&T network. She’s now in Maine and the only networks available are Northeast Wireless and U.S. Cellular but neither will connect. I understand that Northeast Wireless is the local carrier for AT&T so is there any way her phone can be connected to one of these carriers? Thanks

  166. Moderator: Claire

    @Rachel – Hi, sorry to hear the service isn’t working. Did you activate international roaming before you left? If so can you switch on data roaming and switch off EU Internet/4G on your phone? If this still doesn’t work can you contact us via twitter or facebook messenger? We can access your account this way and check settings. Thanks.

  167. Rachel

    I landed in New York a few hours ago and I’ve had no service ever since I got here. I’ve turned off 4G and tried manually connecting to T-Mobile or AT&T. Absolutely no luck. I don’t understand why it isn’t working?

  168. Moderator: Claire

    @Mateo – Hi, our SIMs work on 3G/4G and there is a chance the dual SIM slot will have one of the slots only work on 2G. This 2G slot won’t work with our SIM but you can swap over to the other slot which should be 3G. Thanks.

  169. Mateo

    hi, regarding the use of 2G/3G networks with Three…would my Three SIM card work when used in the “second SIM” slot of a Motorola G and/or a BQ Aquarius 5? I ask because I know these phones have “dual stand-by SIM” so not sure if the second SIM slot will still be able to make/receive calls with a Three SIM card. thanks

  170. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @MarcG – I’m afraid the reason you’re not able to use 4G in the US is because we don’t currently have any 4G agreements with our roaming partners. You’ll always get the ‘R’ symbol as this is what comes up when you’re roaming on a different network. As for the data speeds, you should be able to stream and connect to VPNs, but as it’s a third party network you’ll likely find this is much slower than you’re used to in the UK. You can find more info on this on our website here. >Rich

  171. Moderator: Richard

    If you’re on pay as you go and looking to use Feel at Home then you’d need to convert your credit to an add on for it to work, @Sharon. Once you’ve got an add-on you’ll then be able to use the allowances that comes with it as if you were back in the UK. For example, calls and texts to other UK numbers are included however, calls to international numbers would still be chargeable (just as they are in the UK). Does that make sense?

    I’m afraid the 3 months don’t have to be consecutive. If you only use your plan in a Feel At Home destination for a complete calendar month and this happens in any three months in any 12 month period, we may suspend international roaming on your account. However, if you spend a full calendar month abroad but some of that time is spent in a destination that isn’t included in Feel At Home, this restriction won’t apply. >Rich

  172. MarcG

    I am in the states and am having a real problem with data roaming.
    I have an Xperia Z and a 3 pay as you go with the bolt on. 4G works fine in the uk however in the states i only get a little R symbol where the H/H+.3G/4G symbol should be and the data speeds are terrible. I have called 3 and jumped through the hoops, Turn phone off and on, Remove sim card, Turn roaming off/on and surprisingly this had no effect, Who’d have thought!
    I have even bought a brand new Z3 as i need data for business, same problem.

    Is there any i can get at least 3G on my Z3 as i feel the service i am receiving is not up to scratch.

    I have switched between AT&T 3G and Tmobile 3G and even tried Magic 3G and all have the same data speeds.

    I have selected WCDMA only, in fact i have tried all the settings, even manually entering the APN for AT&T, Nothing.

    I am in an area with 4G coverage and i know people with iPhones can get 3G here.

    Any suggestions are more than welcome.

    Many Thanks


  173. Sharon

    @ bernadette

    Thanks! I’m thinking of changing to PAYG from O2.

    So Feel at Home refers to the international roaming charges coming out of your credit, not just using your add-on allowance for no extra charge? The “UK allowance” in the T&Cs is a bit vague…

    I’m going to America for just under 3 months so I may be ok. But the problem then is that I go to college in (the Republic of) Ireland, often don’t come home for over a month, but hardly use my phone so I don’t want to get an Irish one. Perhaps I should just stick with O2 UK … at least I won’t get suspended! Do the three months have to be consecutive?

  174. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Sharon – Hi Sharon, the 3 month suspension can happen if you use our Feel at Home service for more than 3 months. I’ve linked you to the T&Cs of using our Feel at Home service for you to have a read through. http://bit.ly/1xtvPDv It doesn’t have anything to do with whether you buy an add on or not. Are you on a contract SIM with us or Pay As You Go? I can give you more information about how to use your phone abroad when I know the type of contract you have 🙂 >Bernie

  175. Sharon

    Hi! Does the being suspended thing only count if you are using Add Ons? If I’m just availing of the cheap international roaming charges (without an Add On) for 3 months in the USA, will international roaming be suspended?

    Also – can you do this? The guy in the 3 shop seemed to suggest that you had to buy an Add On to roam, but your website suggests otherwise! I don’t use my phone much so it doesn’t make sense to buy an Add On.

  176. Moderator: Chris

    @Sam Booker – Sorry to hear you haven’t had the smoothest transition into using your phone abroad, Sam 🙁 Can imagine that’s a pain. Have you double checked that data roaming is active on your phone? Also, can you just clarify if you’re able to make calls and texts or are these services also blocked?

  177. Sam Booker

    I’m in the USA and initially had no service at all on my iPhone. I got the International Roaming turned on about 6 hours ago and now have signal but no data. I get the message “Could not activate mobile network You are not subscribed to a mobile data service” on both AT&T and T mobile networks. I have tried turning off 4G data and also selecting networks manually but still not working. Whats my next move? Thanks

  178. Moderator: Madeline

    @Iain I’m glad switching off 4G done the trick 🙂 Sorry you’re having issues with your MiFi. Can you please try following these steps?

    Go to the homepage then click on Connection settings.
    Open up a new internet browser and type into the address bar, then press enter.

    Enter the password: admin
    Enable the Data Roaming option.

    Can you then try selecting an alternative network provider? Our roaming partners in the USA are AT&T and T-Mobile USA.

  179. Iain

    Thanks for your help in this forum – you have solved the issue I’m having with my phone. Disabled 4g and it now works.

    However, I am having problems with my mifi device (E5573s-320). It doesn’t seem to be able to pick up more than 2g. Do you have any advice?

    Also, I have two SIMs for my mifi. One SIM works fine, the other keeps taking me to the device management page (

    I’m in the States if that helps. Thanks in advance.

  180. Steff E

    @ Michelle – Hola Michelle! Yes you’re correct, you can use your allowances in Lanzarote at no extra charge. Here’s more info on our Feel at Home service here , here and here . You’ll need to make sure your international roaming is active. You can check your My3 to see if it is. If It’s not fill in our support form & we’ll activate it for you. Hope you have a good time in Lanzarote. Remember to #HolidaySpam responsibly 🙂

  181. michelle

    Is lanzarote a feel at home destination, im going there next month.

  182. Steff E

    @ Brad – Hi Brad, I’m sorry that the advice given hasn’t improved your data service. I’m afraid we are unable to improve this as we have no control over what our foreign network partners provide. I’m sorry for the inconvenience caused.

  183. Brad


    I commented a few days ago and Lauren gave me some tips how to make use of Feel at Home in the USA.

    Despite following her advice I still have the same problems and it is obvious that there is a wider problem as many customers are experiencing the same problem as me.

    I really don’t feel at home….

    Please advise.


  184. Steff E

    @Jacob – Hi Jacob, I’m sorry to hear that you’re unable to use your data in New York. I can understand that this will be frustrating. Can you make sure that 4G is disabled if you have it and EU internet in your mobile settings? Once you’ve done that reboot your phone & manually select either AT&T or T-Mobile. Let me know how you get on with this. Thanks > SE

  185. Jacob

    I just arrived in New York calling and texting work but Data doesn’t. I’ve got the 3G symbol on my phone, turned on/off roaming, even went to my account and turned off/on the roaming but I still cannot get anything to load. Also turned my phone off/on. Nothing??
    When I try safari it says ‘you are not subscribed to a cellular data service.
    I have an iPhone

    Help me please !!

  186. Steff E

    @ Mark – Hi Mark, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been unable to use data in Phoenix. I can appreciate this will be fairly frustrating. Have you tried connecting to AT&T instead? What phone are you using? Are you able to use data at all?

  187. Mark

    Hi, I’m visiting Phoenix in the USA and have not been able to use data services since I landed. My phone is set to international roaming and connected to the T Mobile provider. I have no issue with voice and text but cannot use data. I’m in the middle of the 7th largest city in the US so I would have thought it not to be a problem. Any ideas ?

  188. Moderator: Lauren

    Hi @Brad, sorry to hear you’re not happy with the service in the USA 🙁 I’d recommend performing a manual network selection and connecting to our other partner network in the USA, T-Mobile, and you may see an improvement. Also, make sure you have 4G switched off as this can only be used within the UK currently. Unfortunately, the service you receive abroad won’t be as reliable as what you get when at home, you can find more details on how your service will vary in the Usage restrictions on our Feel At Home site – https://bit.ly/1iPYpsu.

  189. Brad


    I signed up to Three specifically to use this supposed great service but so far after 2 days in the USA, it is rubbish.

    I have full reception with AT&T but 3G is sooooo slow. We needed Google Maps as we were lost but not even this worked.

    Please help asap.


  190. Moderator: Allan

    @Laurence – Hi there, you should be able access websites and social media without any issues Laurence. However, speeds won’t be the same as at home – http://bit.ly/1bh9okE Speed will depend on the level of signal being received on your phone from our local network partner. Thanks

  191. Laurence


    I have a Three sim (one of the free 500mb ones). I am going to Las Vegas next week I had planned on adding a £15 top up to get more data. However, I have read some stories about people having bad experience and not being able to use the 3G to access websites/social media and had to rely on wifi.

    I understand the speed can not be guaranteed, but are there any assurances that I will be able to access basic websites/social media (assuming a minimal speed)?


  192. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Adam – Yes, the USA is one of our Feel At Home destinations. Could you let me know in settings if you’re attached to AT&T or T-Mobile? If it’s one of these could you switch to the other? Could you also check you’re using 3G only. If this is still causing problems, please fill in our form and I’ll have a look. – http://bit.ly/1BPssZi .Thanks >Anne Marie

  193. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Darren Collins – If you got this from Three, then it won’t be compatible on the 2G network, as we don’t have access to this frequency. Technically when you’re abroad, you’re still using the Three service, even if you’re on our roaming partners network. >Anne Marie

  194. Adam

    I’m currently in Florida. USA. Touched down last night and I have had no service ever since, even though I’m sure my phone is set up for international roaming. However I wanted to check this but I can’t get onto my3 because I forgot my password and they have text me a new one, but I can’t get it because of no service! I thought America was one of your feel at home destinations? Very frustrating

  195. Steff E

    @Darren Collins – Hi Darren, yes if you purchase an unlocked MiFi device our sim should work in it 🙂 You can view our sim only plans here http://bit.ly/1EK3JDK. Thanks

  196. Darren Collins

    So you don’t sell the Huawei E5372 Mobile Wi-Fi device anymore. So are you saying that if I purchase an unlocked one, it will work?

  197. Darren Collins

    Bernadette, that really doesn’t answer the question, now does it. As I said mine has all the right frequencies, in fact they are exactly the same as the Huawei E5372 Mobile Wi-Fi device, so why does mine not work, it will work with an AT&T or T-Mobile sim on 4G/LTE It works all over the world with country specific sims. So if my dongle is unlocked and is same spec, why does it not work.

  198. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Darren Collins – Hi Darren, some Mif-Fi devices and dongles won’t work in the USA due to the different frequency they use. We make you aware that some dongles and Mi-Fi devices won’t work in the USA here: http://bit.ly/19ET9FO

  199. Darren Collins

    Could you please explain why only the ZTE MF730M dongle and the Huawei E5372 Mobile Wi-Fi device are the only devices that work?
    I have a Huawei E5776s-32 that is unlocked, works in all countries I’ve been to, including on USA networks, and I have tried both AT&T and T-Mobile sims and both work perfectly, so why doesn’t it work on 3?

  200. Steff E

    @ Charlotte Driscoll – Hi Charlotte, I’m afraid it isn’t currently, this may change in the future however we don’t have a time scale. Keep an eye on our blog for future updates 🙂 You’ll need to make sure that international roaming is active on your account. This page shows how to check if it is http://bit.ly/1Bl5BzO. Fill out this form if it’s not and we’ll activate it for you http://bit.ly/1bbLhvG. You can also view information on roaming in Greece here http://bit.ly/1nZlvha. That page gives you info on what networks to connect to in Greece and our EU Internet Pass which gives you all you can eat data for 24 hours for £5.

  201. Charlotte Driscoll

    Is Greece included in the feel at home?
    If not any chance it will be before August

  202. Moderator: Chris

    @Jonathan Carr – I’m sure we can help you with that 🙂 If you fill in our support form I can check over your account and make any necessary changes – http://bitly.com/18vFmQB. I hope it hasn’t put too much of a damper on your trip so far.

  203. Jonathan Carr

    Hi, I forgot to activate international roaming with 3 before I left. I’m now in Sweden for 2 weeks and could really use feel at home! Any way you could help?


  204. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Denys – Glad to hear that you’re happy with the Feel at Home service, Denys. The speeds are something that’s outwith our control I’m afraid. We have agreements in place with both AT&T and T-Mobile and those are the operators who will determine what can and can;t be done whilst using their network. But it’s free! 🙂

  205. Denys

    Hey. Just wanted thanks for providing such an eyelet service and being so moving forward and dumping this ridicules roaming charges. I am currently in US on holiday and able to enjoy my data allowance abroad.
    What I noticed is data speed is slow. I can do basic stuff like emails and chat but it slow. Is it due to the policy of the local providers? Why speed is slow?

  206. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Hannah – Sorry Hannah but I’m unable to confirm whether or not any given location will be added to our Feel at Home service at any given time as it stands. We have however been adding new countries quite frequently over the last year or so. Fingers crossed for you that Canada can be a part of it soon 🙂

  207. Hannah

    I would be grateful if you guys could add on Canada in the next two months as I’m going traveling over there. I don’t want to cancel my sim and lose my number! 🙁

  208. Moderator: Lauren

    @Terry – That’s strange. Please fill out your details here and I’ll pass this onto our technical team to take a closer look at you.

  209. Terry

    @Claire thanks for your help 🙂 I checked all the things you said and haven’t got any profiles stored on my phone, data roaming is switched on and my phone is not 4G (it’s an old iPhone 4S with iOS 7.1.2). Unfortunately I can’t connect to any Italian networks, my phone is basically dead 🙁 any other tricks I could try?

  210. Moderator: Claire

    @Terry – Hi, have you got any stored profiles on your phone? You can check General > Settings > Profiles and delete any profiles there. Can you also switch off EU Internet/4G and switch on data roaming? We use 3 Italy and Wind networks, are you able to connect to one of these networks? Thanks.

  211. Terry

    Hi, I’m on holiday in Italy atm. I’ve turned international roaming on and done the same on my iPhone but still the phone says No Service. It happened the same when I went to Italy last summer, while when I went to Germany this didn’t happen. Do you have any idea why my phone doesn’t work in Italy (even though it’s a Feel At Home destination)? Any technical explanation and solution would be very much appreciated 🙂 Thanks

  212. Moderator: Richard

    Lucky you, @Callum. Sounds like an amazing trip 🙂 The Feel at Home service is meant more for short trips and holidays rather than living abroad for any length of time so you’ll likely receive warnings about your usage if you’re in the USA for 2 consecutive months however, your roaming shouldn’t be suspended unless you either use more than the allowances stated in our T’s and C’s or you use the service for over 3 months in any 12 month period. >Rich

  213. Callum Sykes


    I am planning on using my phone in the USA for two months this year (19th June – 19th August) I noticed in the terms and conditions it says this:

    If you only use your plan in a Feel At Home destination for a complete calendar month, and this happens in any three months in any 12 month period, we may suspend international roaming on your account.

    To clarify, does this mean I would be cut off while I’m in the USA?

  214. Moderator: Lauren

    Sorry to hear you’ve had difficulty calling a US number @JdeBarros. When calling a US number you may have to include the prefix code 388, so it would 388 – 001 – phone number. Have you tried calling a variety of numbers in the USA or is it just the one number you’re having difficulty reaching? If it’s just the one number it would be worthwhile to test calling another number just in case te issue is with the number you’re trying to reach. Let me know how you get on 🙂

  215. J de Barros

    Anm in USA. I can phone UK with no problem but can not connect to a local USA number – tried 001, tried just the local number but no luck. Any suggestions?

  216. Steff E

    @Tess – Hi Tess, I’m really sorry to hear you’ve been unable to check your My3 account. Do you have international roaming active? If not this may be the reason why you’ve been unable to receive the text. We can activate this for you and also take a look at your recent bill if you fill in our support form http://bit.ly/1bbLhvG. Thanks

  217. Tess

    Hi there,

    I can’t access my My3 Account because I have forgotten my password. I asked to reset my password and it has sent a text to my phone however my phone says “No Service” and isn’t picking up the text. I’m also not being able to use the internet which I am meant to be able to use because I am in a Feel at Home Destination.

    I really need to access My3 Account because I have just seen a massive amount of money leave my bank account and I want to check my account.

    Please help!

  218. Moderator: Claire

    @Rachel Smart – Hi, can you fill in this form for the ipad that isn’t working? We will check the account settings. Thanks.

  219. Rachel Smart

    We are in NYC with 2 iPads on same contact and only one sim card is active??? Cannot seem to get other working – tried everything – please help x

  220. Steff E

    @Stuart – Hi Stuart, I’m afraid we’ve had no word on this so we don’t know if Canada will be added to the list. However we’re always looking to add more countries to our ever growing list so watch this space!

  221. Stuart

    Any word on when Canada is likely to be added to the list?

  222. Steff E

    @Kevin macdonald – Hi Kevin, I’m really sorry to hear this. I know you’ll want to get connected straight away so I can understand this will be frustrating. Did you activate international roaming before you left? We can check that it’s active on your account if you fill in our support form http://bit.ly/1bbLhvG. In the meantime can you please reboot your phone and manually select your network in your network settings? Our partners in the USA are AT&T and T-Mobile. If you’re unsure of how to do this let me know what phone you are using and I’ll tell you how to do it. If you are using a 4G phone please make sure that this is disabled as it is not available for our customers outside of the UK.

  223. Kevin macdonald

    So been in New York for 3 days had no service the whole time. No wonder you offer it free as we can’t use it abroad if there is no service. Absolute joke

  224. Moderator: Lauren

    @Anabela – Only Spain and New Zealand are being added in April. We’re always working to improve our Feel at Home service so it may appear in the future, however there’s no immediate plans for this.

  225. anabela

    Hi, will Portugal be a feel at home country in April too? Thank you.

  226. Moderator: Stephie

    @Chris – Hi Chris The Caribbean isn’t included in Feel at Home. You’ll be able to see all our destinations here – http://bit.ly/1r0I59r

  227. Chris Hamilton


    Does Feel at Home work in the Caribbean? The reason I ask is because they use the same international prefix as the US.

  228. Steff E

    @ Chris – Hi Chris, it could be that your international roaming isn’t active. If you fill in our support form we’ll make sure you have all the necessary requirements to roam abroad and get back to you shortly http://bit.ly/1bbLhvG. Thanks

  229. Chris

    I’ve arrived in Italy. My attempts to roam have been met with incorrect APN settings. Even if I knew the correct ones there is no menu to edit them in my iphone! I’ve tried turning 4g off, tried restarting, toggling airplane mode and resetting network settings. Help

  230. Steff E

    @ Chris – Hi Chris, oh dear that’s not good! It does sound like your international roaming isn’t active. If you’ve filled in our support form (http://bit.ly/1bbLhvG) then we’ll activate it for you and get back to you shortly. Thanks

  231. Chris


    I just got to the US and my phone won’t connect to any network. If I try to manually connect to T-Mobile or at&t, it says my sim card is restricted or something. Once or twice it also said (in the notifications) “data blocked” and “voice blocked”.

    Judging from the comments here, could this be that my sim isn’t activated for international roaming? (I can’t check if that’s the case, can’t login to mythree).

    If so, could you please do this asap?

    I already filled out a form.

  232. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Robbie – Hi Robbie, unfortunately 4G isn’t accessible when you’re abroad. We advise to switch to 3G to access data, speeds are slower abroad however. Enjoy your time in New York 🙂

  233. Robbie

    Im going to New York and want to know whether I will be able to get data in 4G on the local network (T-Mobile or AT&T) I use a UK (3 supplied) iPhone

  234. Moderator: Claire

    @Greg – Hi, do you have 4G and EU Internet switched off? Do you have data roaming switched on? Are you manually using AT&T or Tmobile networks?

  235. Greg


    I’ve just started using PAYG card in USA, bought 15 top up and add on, and don’t have Internet working, and if I want to call, I have message that I should top up my phone.. I’ve checked on my office and all top ups are ok. Can you help?

  236. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ash – we’re always working hard behind the scenes to improve Feel at Home. There’s no plans for Morocco at the moment but who knows what the future holds. 🙂

  237. ash

    Hi will you be adding morocco to feel at home ? surely some north african countiries which are popular tourist destinations should be added 🙂

  238. Moderator: Lauren

    @Hannah – sorry to hear this. Did you enable roaming before you left? If not, please fill in your details here and I’ll get this added for you. You can also try turning 4G off and manually selecting either AT&T or T-Mobile.

  239. Hannah

    As soon as I landed in America, my phone changed to ‘no service’. I’m travelling with someone also on 3 and they have full working service!

    Why is this happening?! I need to use my phone!

  240. Moderator: Claire

    @Myles – Hi, that is strange :-\ Can you confirm the iphone model you are using? It should automatically connect to the 3G versions of Tmobile or AT&T on the phone. Thanks.

  241. Myles

    “To make the most of this you don’t even need to do anything, as soon as you touch down in one of our Feel At Home countries your phone will pick up a local network. And as long as you have a current UK plan allowance, or Add-on and you’ve activated international roaming, away you go!”

    This wasn’t exactly true in my case. I landed in Los Angeles yesterday and my iPhone didn’t automatically connect to any network. I had no service only until I manually connected to t-mobile. May want to flag this with other users.

  242. Moderator: Claire

    @Joanne – Hi, Mexico isn’t part of our Feel at Home service at present. You can use your device and the charges are here. Thanks.

  243. Joanne

    I’m currently in Mexico does feel at home work here?

  244. Moderator: Claire

    @Joe – Hi, you can use this in a Feel at Home country if you activate this first in the UK. You don’t need to buy an add on as its data only. Thanks.

  245. Joe

    I’m interested in your Broadband – Pay As You Go + 12 package. Does this include ‘Feel at Home’ usage? I’m confused by your website comments about pay as you go customers having to buy an add on to use ‘Feel at Home’.

  246. Moderator: Chris

    @Kowloon – Hey there, it’s possible that your dongle hasn’t been set up for international roaming. If you fill in the form over here – http://bit.ly/PbcMKL I’ll look into this for you.

  247. Kowloon

    I came to Hongkong a few days ago and my Huawei E5372 won’t register on Three network here. I enabled roaming and still no change… The dongle shows No Service. I tried to connect manually, it shwos the 3 4G, 3 3G, 3 2G networks as available but still can’t connect. Why ?

  248. Moderator: Madeline

    @Alec Sorry you were unhappy with the Feel at Home service in America. We can’t guarantee the same signal abroad as you’d receive in the UK due to using our roaming partners network and not the Three network.

  249. Alec

    Despite assurances that I didn’t need to do anything I had no access in the US and had to call the helpline to get roaming enabled on my Ipads SIM.

    Once it was working I felt far from ‘at home’. email and basic web browsing was OK(ish) but any sort of web streaming, Plex, Netflix, Iplayer didn’t work at all.

    This is feel at home in 1998.

  250. Moderator: Ahmed

    @David Kirkwood Hi David, that’s not ideal to hear at all. Could you follow this link here and complete it then I’ll be able to activate your international roaming for you immediately – http://bit.ly/1q51t23. Thanks

  251. David Kirkwood

    I seem to have got myself in a vicious circle…according to my My3 account, I’m not set up for international roaming. Is there a way I can do this online? I can’t call the number because I am in Chicago…and can’t call anywhere…because I’m not set up for international roaming…

  252. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ben Dee – you’re automatically set up for roaming on pay as you go Ben. You can check to see if you’re set up by logging into My3. If you need us to set this up we can. 🙂

  253. Ben Dee

    Is this for sure Richard?

    The people in the Three shop are telling me I need to wait 60 days and top up twice before it will let me use it abroad.

    If it does work straight away then I would obviously be looking to change to Three on contract when my current with O2 expires a few months later because of this feature, so it is definitely a great idea to court other networks customers.

  254. Moderator: Richard

    That’s correct, Ben. You’ll then be able to enjoy all that Feel at Home goodness 🙂 >Rich

  255. Ben Dee

    Hi if I buy a Three PAYG sim card today and pay £15 for the add on, will I be able to use it in the US a few days later?

  256. Moderator: Allan

    @Bublebee – Hawaii is indeed included in Feel At Home. Enjoy 🙂

  257. Bumblebee

    Hi, is Hawaii covered in the ‘Feel at home’ now USA has been added?

  258. Moderator: Allan

    @Campbell – It sure does 🙂 Alaska is included

  259. campbell fisher

    when you say the usa does this also cover Alaska???

  260. Moderator: Stephie

    @Beth Page – You’ll be able to use 3 Sweeden when you’re over there. This is also a Feel at Home country so you’ll be able to use your phone at no extra cost. You can see more here – http://bit.ly/1AEayIO

  261. Beth Page

    I’m going to Sweden tomorrow – which network should I connect to so that ‘feel at home’ works there? Thanks!

  262. Moderator: Chris

    @Zanki – That’s really odd… I’m sorry to hear that’s happened and I hope it didn’t put too much of a damper on your trip! If you fill in the form over here – http://bitly.com/PbcMKM I’ll be able to take a closer look into your account and I’ll see what we can do.

  263. Zanki

    Hi, I used the 3 network while I was in America and was very happy with the service, the 3g was awesome, I could call and text the UK with no issues, but I had one big problem. No American numbers can text or call my phone and I can’t call out. I can text them and that works fine, but their replies never come though. My o2 sim has no issues with this. I added extra credit to my account so I could contact American numbers but I ended up having to use Facebook messenger the entire time because they couldn’t reply to me. I was a little disappointed and it caused some chaos at the airport as we were relying on my phone to contact our rides.

    It would be awesome if you guys could look into this issue. I’ve tried since to receive texts from American numbers since returning to the UK and nothing comes through still, but again, my o2 number has no issues.

  264. Moderator: Claire

    @Johnny – Hi, we are looking to add more destinations in the future 🙂

  265. Johnny

    Any chance you are adding the the Netherlands any time soon? I’m up for a new contract and if Netherlands would be part of the package going for 3 would be a no-brainer!

  266. Moderator: Richard

    There’s no plans for this at the moment, @Ellen but I’ll certainly pass the suggestion on for you! >Rich

  267. Ellen Han

    I wonder whether you would add mainland china to one of your fee at home countries

  268. Moderator: Stephie

    @Bryan – If your wife is also on Three, it won’t cost either of you a cent to make or receive calls whilst in the USA 🙂

  269. Bryan Kerr

    Hi Lauren,
    Thanks for getting back to me.
    My first question was that although I won’t be charged for ringing a UK number, my wife will be with me in the USA so if it call her she will be receiving the call I make to her in the USA. I presume neither of us will be charged.

  270. Moderator: Lauren

    @Francesca Thanks for getting in touch Francesca 🙂 As all networks pricing can vary I couldn’t confirm whether Orange will charge you for receiving a call from abroad, it would be best to contact Orange to query this. From our perspective we don’t charge customers who are in the UK for receiving calls from anywhere in the world, I’d be surprised if Orange is any different. Thanks

  271. Francesca

    Hi there,

    My boyfriend is currently working abroad in New York. I’m currently in London, and we have been speaking on the phone with the Feel at Home Plan.

    I am not on the Three network, I am with Orange – does this mean I get charged for receiving my boyfriends calls whilst he is in the US?

    Do let me know.


  272. Moderator: Lauren

    @Bryan Thanks for getting in touch Bryan. The USA is part of our Feel At Home service, this means any allowance you’d normally use within the UK you can use here at no additional cost. So whether you have all you can eat data or an allowance, you’ll be to carry on using them as normal. I’m not sure I totally understand your first question but if you’re referring to being charged for receiving a call, again this isn’t applicable as the USA is part of Feel At Home. You can find more information on using your phone in the USA here, https://bit.ly/1pbpvsn. Thanks 🙂

  273. Bryan Kerr

    We are visiting the USA in the summer. A few questions.
    1. Can I call my wife on her UK number (with +44 rather than 0) from the USA and she get it when it the USA as part of the allowance?
    2. My wife and I have all you can eat data and understand the useage limits but my kids have an allowance on iPads … Do they get their entire allowance to use? Also Dan we purchase an all you can eat data add on for the month when we are away any use that?
    I understand we need to set up all the devices and switch off 4G capability on all devices as well as switch on data roaming.
    Hopefully it will all work fine!

  274. Moderator: Lauren

    @Daniel – thanks for your feedback, I’m glad you got up and running so quickly. 🙂

  275. Daniel

    I used the support section mention on this blog and messaged them with all my mobiles not working. The international setting on my 3 was not activated should have checked before leaving UK. Three responded within 2 hours and I was fully up and running 2 hours later.

    Very pleased with how easy it has been but would say it’s not automatic like it does say post 2010 as my contracts are all post 2013 and didn’t have setting on.

  276. Moderator: Claire

    @Daniel – Hi, did you activate international roaming before you left? If so can you manually connect to the 3G versions AT&T or Tmobile? If not can you fill in this form and we’ll check the account? On the phone have you switched off 4G, EU Internet and switched on data roaming? Thanks.

  277. Daniel

    Arrived in us with family none of our phones have worked. We have roaming on data on and no text nothing. this doesn’t seem to be as straight forward as three suggested

  278. Moderator: Lauren

    @Phil – you should be able to use it. Please fill out your details here and I’ll see if you’re set up for international roaming.

  279. Phil

    I’m not convinced this is true in all cases.

    I have been unable to connect my pay monthly huawei E5220 to a network out here in Lynchburg, Virginia.

    I rang and asked the three customer support team before I arrived to ensure that my plan included Feel at Home which they confirmed.

    Currently stuck having to grab wifi wherever I can get it instead of being able to use the 10GB a month allowance I have on my own contract! Frustrated!!!!!

  280. Moderator: Lauren

    @Saurabh – it sure is 🙂 Happy travels.

  281. Saurabh

    Hi is Honululu (Hawaii) included as part of feel at home for USA.

    Please confirm.

  282. Moderator: Lauren

    @Richard – you’re unable to use your phone for personal hotspot use abroad. Information on what is and isn’t included with Feel at Home can be found here.

  283. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jon – we don’t have a roaming agreement for 4G with any foreign network yet. At the moment you’ll only be able to use 3G to connect to the internet.

  284. Richard

    Do I still get the deal if I’m using my phone for tethering?

  285. Jon


    I have been in the USA for a few days, but my iphone 6 is only picking up AT&T’s 3G network (& my friend in the US is on AT&T as part of her phone plan, but she gets 4G – even when the phones are side by side).

    Is there something I am missing? Am I on the wrong PAYG plan, etc?


  286. Moderator: Lauren

    @Arunan – yes it is. This is confirmed here.

  287. Arunan Bala

    Please can you confirm that Hawaii is a feel at home country?


  288. Moderator: Lauren

    @Paul – sorry to hear this 🙁 Have you tried turning 4G off? If you have an iPhone make sure that data roaming is set to “On” and EU Internet is set to “Off”. Also, in your settings under “Profiles” if there’s any other network profiles there such as O2, Vodafone ect, please delete these. If you’re still unable to connect, please fill out your details here and I’ll have someone take a look at this.

  289. Paul Westwood

    I have arrived in NY and my phone wont connect to a network. (Iphone 4s with 3g.)

    I have tried both automatic and manual network selection but cant connect in either modes

    Help please!!!

  290. Moderator: Stephie

    @Tom – There is no way set a preference unfortunately. your device will automatically select the stronger network.

  291. Tom Mitchell

    Thanks Claire, I’m currently having to manually select at&t every 10 minutes or so. My 4G is off and roaming is activated. Is there anyway I can prevent my note 4 from connecting to T-mobile? Thanks again

  292. Moderator: Claire

    @Tom Mitchell – Hi, are you able to manually select the network? If not it may be that T-Mobile is the stronger network signal in the area. Have you switched off 4G and switched on data roaming? Thanks.

  293. Tom Mitchell

    How do I set ATT as my preferred network carrier? My note 4 keeps reselecting T-mobile which doesn’t give any 3g connectivity. I only want my phone to connect to AT&T. Thanks

  294. Moderator: Lauren

    @Alfie – it may be something we get in the future but no immediate plans for now.

  295. Alfie Day

    Would be lovely to see 4G support for feel at home, the 3G coverage in USA is very weak by design now, a lot of areas (even in central places like LAX/OC) I get no data connection, and in most places it’s a very slow/weak data connection. I really hope you add 4G soon.

  296. Moderator: Claire

    @Andrea – Hi, are you able to connect to Wind network as well?

  297. Andrea

    Thanks for your quick reply Claire, well I’m connected to 3 ITA, and the Imessages and watzapp worked perfectly with the 3G, but without had to use Text messages.. any idea?

  298. Moderator: Claire

    @Andrea – Hi, have you tried 3 Italy or Wind networks? How are calls and texts?

  299. Moderator: Claire

    @Hannah W – Hi, are you able to delete any profiles in your Settings? They may be stopping you connecting to the network in the USA. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  300. Andrea

    Hi there, I’ve got problems with my 3G roaming in Italy.
    As soon as I landed in here all worked perfectly for an entire day, unfortunately the day after the 3G couldn’t switch on anymore even if I haven’t change location, anything suggested to do?

  301. Hannah W

    Hi There,

    I’ve been using 3 Feel at Home in USA for a year now and it works perfectly in an iPhone 4. I put the sim into another iPhone 4 and have come across a problem. I can call and text just fine but I cannot use the internet it says “You are not subscribed to a cellular data service.” 3G is displaying at the top and I have roaming switched on setup exactly like I normally do with no luck. I’ve tried resetting network settings multiple times with no luck. I received the text messages from 3 after a while saying the usual “You are in a feel at home country…..”. Is there anything else I can try to get this working?


  302. Moderator: Claire

    @Simon Harris – Hi, we don’t have any at present as we only have a 3G agreement with networks abroad.

  303. Simon Harris

    Are there any 4G data roaming ‘add-on’s’ – i.e.: pay to buy 5GB of 4G data? Thanks

  304. Moderator: Claire

    @Simon Harris – Hi, we have no plans at present but this may change in the future. Thanks.

  305. Simon Harris

    Hi, Is it likely that 4G roaming will be added to Feel at Home? Thanks

  306. Moderator: Claire

    @Kevin – Hi, we are looking to add more destinations in the future 🙂

  307. Kevin

    Hi, Any news if Canada will be added to the other 16 countries anytime soon ?

  308. Moderator: Stephie

    @Yaso – Sorry to see you’re having issues. Have you tried fully rebooting your device and manually selecting the network?
    If you are using a 4G device then please ensure 4G is disabled as our network is only compatible with 3G in international countries. Further information on our roaming partners can be found here: http://bit.ly/1sSYSw6

  309. Moderator: Stephie

    @Apple – We’ve no plans for Jamaica at the moment, sorry.

  310. Moderator: Stephie

    @Yas – I can see that your email was replied to this afternoon. Please get in touch if you’re having issues after receiving this.

  311. Apple

    hi is there any plans for Jamaica soon.

  312. yaso

    hello there i have phone 5s i have contract 3g i find connection at&t cnat find 3g to use my phone it will coast me if i use at&t?/

    how can i find use 3g ??i have free internet but dosect work 3g
    thank you

  313. yas

    hello there will you please activated my international roaming i did send you mail i am in usa use in 4g iphone 5s
    please i need help

  314. Moderator: Lauren

    @James – your service includes 4G if you’re in a 4G area using a 4G phone/tablet/modem. Do you have any other Three devices that are picking up a 4G signal in these areas?

  315. James

    Hi I’m roaming on a 12 month 12GB payg sim only for my iPad air2, got 3G internet fine but not once in 3 weeks has it picked up 4G, I’ve checked all the settings and they are fine, what am I doing wrong as I thought my service inc 4g?

  316. Moderator: Lauren

    @Seb – thanks for your feedback. We’re always looking at improving our products so watch this space. 😉

  317. Seb

    I would switch over to three instantly if Germany was included… and I think a lot more people in my company too. We do a lot of work with German companies and this would be a big advantage for you!

  318. Moderator: Lauren

    @Wendy – thanks for getting back in touch. Our International Saver add on won’t work with Feel at Home. It’s designed for calling international numbers when you’re in the UK. To make calls to a US number, please dial them as normal. Please be aware that you’d be charged standard roaming rates for this.

  319. Wendy

    I’m using an iphone 5s. I tried AT&T and I can now get data and a phone signal, so I can text and call back to the UK. I have the international add on package on my plan, so when I’m in the UK I prefix my US numbers with 388001 and I can call US numbers. It doesn’t work here in the US – just says that my call cannot be completed. Should I be able to use it here in the US? The code is 262, so not on the list of excluded codes.

  320. Wendy

    I meant to add – the area code I’m using isn’t on your list of excluded codes – it’s 262.

  321. Wendy

    Hi – I’m using the iphone 5s. I will try connecting to AT&T.

    I also have the international add-on on my phone plan. I was able to use it in the UK to call US numbers by prefixing them with 388001, but when I try it from the US, it doesn’t work – it just says “Sorry your call cannot be completed”. Should I be able to use this add-on to dial US numbers as part of the Feel At Home deal?

  322. Moderator: Claire

    @Wendy – Hi, can you confirm which handset you are using? Can you make calls and texts? Have you tried to connect to AT&T? Thanks.

  323. Wendy

    I’m in the USA and have a problem using Feel At Home. The first is that I can’t use data on the go at all. I am connected to T Mobile network and have tried all the tips in previous comments – , ensuring data roaming is on, disabling 4g etc – but I can’t use anything that needs data. Any advice?

  324. Moderator: Claire

    @Jay Harley – Hi, are you calling local Indonesia numbers? If you have a spending cap on the account that can stop you making and receiving calls. Thanks.

  325. Jay Harley

    Hi there,

    I’m currently in Indonesia on a business trip and my ‘feel away from home’ is not working correctly. I can access the internet with my included data – that’s fine, however I cannot make or receive calls. I desperately need to be able to receive calls for work purposes. I am manually connected to ‘3’.

  326. Moderator: Chris

    Glad to hear that’s sorted now, @Nigel 🙂

  327. Nigel

    Three located the problem: I had to turn off EU Internet. It turns out that this iPhone feature (intended to restrict data to EU countries) is not yet compatible with most EU carriers, so rather than enabling internet access, prevents internet access!

    (I suggest posting this to help anyone else who has the same problem.)

  328. Moderator: Richard

    No plans for this at the mo, @Matt but always looking for ways to improve Feel at Home so will pass your feedback on 🙂 >Rich

  329. Matt Dawson

    Any possibility of Canada being included in this? Going Uni there soon, but wanna use my UK phone..

  330. Moderator: Lauren

    @Louise – sorry to hear this. Have you tried turning your phone off and on? If it’s still not working please fill in your details here and I’ll look into this further.

  331. Moderator: Lauren

    @Nigel – very odd. Please fill in your details here and I’ll investigate further.

  332. Louise

    Hi there, I resently came bk from holidays and my iPhone 4S, never changed back, it keeps sayin no service where the network should b, I’ve tried manual pickin network but it tells me it’s restricted, I now can’t make call, receive call, send msgs or receive them, I have internet do! Can use help me?? Thanks louise

  333. Nigel

    I followed this procedure (and in the process updated to IOS 8.1.1) but was not invited to update my carrier settings.

    When I try to access the internet I still get the error message “Dear customer, in order to use roaming data services in Italy, under 3ITA network, be sure that the default mobile operator access point (APN), is correctly configured on your phone settings.”

  334. Moderator: Chris

    @Nigel – Hey Nigel, all the steps to get this sorted can be found this-a-way – http://bit.ly/ZvoA06

  335. Nigel

    I have iPhone 5 with IOS 8.1.

  336. Moderator: Richard

    Sorry to hear you’ve had these issues in Australia, @Jasmine and that your mum didn’t find the store helpful. Can you try rebooting the phone then disabling 4G and automatic network selection then manually select either of the follow networks: Vodafone Hutchison Australia Pty Ltd or Telstra. Please let me know if this helps sort the issue. If not, fill in our support tab and I can take a closer look for you. >Rich

  337. Moderator: Richard

    Hmm, that’s odd, @Nigel =/ It may be you need to update your APN settings for this to work. If you let me know what phone you’re using I can show you how to do this. Then, if you’re still having the same issue I’ll get you to fill in our support tab so I can take a closer look for any issues from our end. >Rich

  338. Nigel

    I tried turning off automatic network selection and connected manually, but still have no internet access.

  339. jasmine

    Hi. I’ve just arrived in Australia where I’m travelling for 4 months. My roaming is definitely activated, and data roaming switched on on my phone. My phone however won’t connect to any network. This is pretty rubbish for me because I essentially am paying my contract for nothing. Coupled with the fact that you’ve had a signal fault where I live for the past few months, I’m paying you a load of money just to use my phone on wifi and I’m really not happy about it. I asked my mum in England if she could go to a 3 store and ask them why this was happening but they were absolutely no help whatsoever. Please sort this out because it’s making everything a lot more difficult for me.

  340. Nigel

    I tried switching to IWIND, then manually back to 3ITA, but no internet on either of them. (Internet is fine with wifi, and I am using an iPhone.)

  341. Moderator: Allan

    @Nigel – Have you tried turning of automatic network selection and connecting manually instead? This can often work. Let me know, thanks.

  342. Nigel

    I have the same problem as Irene: I have no internet access in Italy using 3ITA. At one point I got the error message: “Dear customer, in order to use roaming data services in Italy, under 3ITA network, be sure that the default mobile operator access point (APN), is correctly configured on your phone settings.”

    I have turned 4G off, deleted profiles and rebooted as Allan suggested, but still have no internet access.

    I had no problems with the internet recently in USA.

  343. Moderator: Claire

    @David – Hi, Mexico isn’t part of our Feel at Home service and you can check charges here. Thanks.

  344. David

    Does Feel at Home work in Cancun Mexico?

  345. Moderator: Richard

    Sorry to hear that, @Pete =/ If you fill in our support tab then I can get this activated for you. We pick these up as a priority so hopefully you’ll be able to start enjoying Feel at Home very soon. >Rich

  346. Pete

    Hello! I arrived in California yesterday and my phone won’t connect to any networks. I’m stuck with “no service”. Unfortunately I can’t check my data roaming has been activated because I only got my password for my3 yesterday… But obviously I couldn’t get the txt.
    I did read that it should be activated anyway? I only got my contract last month. Is there anything I can do?


  347. Moderator: Allan

    @Laura – We’re always looking to add more countries Laura. Would be awesome to include Japan. I’m not able to provide any specifics on if/when this will happen though.

  348. Laura Sampson

    Are there any plans to extend Feel at Home to Japan? I go there regularly, and it would be amazing if I could use my phone there

  349. Moderator: Chris

    @Simon Carter – Hi Simon, there’s no information on that yet but ideally we’d offer Feel at Home everywhere if we could. It may very well be something you see in future. We’ll let you know here is this changes. Thanks.

  350. Moderator: Chris

    @Stephen – Hi there. It depends on where you are in Northern Ireland. It’s possible that you’re straying into an area with limited coverage when crossing the border. Can you send on your full postcode and I’ll check the expected coverage where you are? Thanks.

  351. Simon Carter

    Planning South Africa at any time?

  352. Stephen

    I travel frequently to republic of ireland from northern ireland. I have a pay and go sim on iphone 5 and it constantly says no service. I have another sim and it connects to 3 irl network straight away with no issues. Its annoying because then I have to top this one up to use it. I called the call centre but they were no help. How can one payg sim work in the republic and one that works in the UK simple refuse to connect to the network. Very confused

  353. Moderator: Chris

    @Sam Stephenson – Hi Sam, have you been in touch with T-Mobile USA about your issue or tried using AT&T instead? Unfortunately, we’re pretty limited to what we can do for you in terms of the quality of service that you receive outside of the UK.

  354. Sam Stephenson

    I to am having the same problem getting a data connection on t-mobile in the USA I have tried turning off 4G and rebooting. I don’t think I had this problem when we landed in Chicago airport. But since arriving in Dallas I haven’t seen a connection. I have 1 Apn in context (three.co.UK) haven’t received a text from T-Mobile to receive new APN settings. So guessing the GSM Towers are meant to allow three apn settings. My guess is because T-mobile bought over a mobile company on the grapevine area and used their equipment they have update the systems to allows three UK connections. Can you confirm that this is correct or incorrect?

  355. Moderator: Allan

    @Irene – Hi there Irene. Can you please check your phone settings to make sure you’re only trying to connect to 3G i.e. turn 4G off. Also go to Settings>General>Profiles and delete any profiles that show here. Let me know if this works. Thanks

  356. Moderator: Allan

    @Alessio – Are calls and texts working ok Alessio? Can you make sure you have 4G turned off and are only connecting to 3G. Can you also check Settings>General>Profiles and delete any profiles that show here. If you do this, reboot and let me know if you’re still having a problem, that’d be great. Thanks

  357. Irene


    I am in Italy at the moment but I can’t use the Internet. I am using 3 ITA, when I landed here I got a message saying that this is a Feel At Home destination so I should not be experiencing any problem. When I try to open a webpage I get a note saying “be sure that your APN is correctly configured on your phone settings”. I checked my phone settings (iPhone 5) and everything seems fine. I had the exact same problem in May but they did not know how to help me here in Italy. Can you please help me? My holiday is almost over

  358. Alessio

    Hi, I’m currently in Italy but cannot use mobile internet on my iphone 6.
    it says to make sure the APN is setup correctly in my phone. Any instruction how to do this?

  359. Moderator: Chris

    @Jodi – That’s odd… Can you fill in out online form over here – http://bitly.com/PbcMKM and I’ll have a look at your account to make sure you’re all set for international roaming? It could be that we need to tweak a couple of things. Cheers.

  360. Jodi

    Hi, I am a 3 customer. I saw Hong Kong is one of the feel at home destination. But when I put the sim into my MiFi E5220. It can detect 3 HK 3G network but cannot connect even I set APN as three.co.uk. Can you please help? Thanks.

  361. Moderator: Claire

    @Matt – Hi, can you fill in this form and we’ll look into this further? I’ve checked to see if any issues in USA with both networks but none reported. Thanks.

  362. Matt

    Also, as you’ve suggested to James I am selecting AT&T manually but despite this it still auto-switches.

  363. Matt

    Yes I understand that, although t-mobile wasn’t working as well as AT&T. But now after following your instructions to reset my phone I get neither AT&T or T-Mobile, , just some network called “US”. Are you able to help me?

  364. Moderator: Claire

    @Tanya Bright – Hi, only calls back to the UK are included in Feel at Home and any USA calls are chargeable. You can see information on this here. If you need international roaming activated on your account please fill in this online form. Thanks.

  365. Tanya Bright

    Hello. I am in Florida. Will a local call in Florida be included in this feel at home? Also please can you activate my international roaming so that I can access the internet? Thank you

  366. Moderator: Claire

    @James – Hi, have you tried to keep your network settings as manual to stay on the one network? If the network setting is automatic the phone will pick up the strongest network available. Thanks.

  367. Moderator: Claire

    @Matt – Hi, thanks for your feedback. We use both Tmobile and AT&T in USA for international roaming so you have different networks to connect to, we will pass this info on. Thanks.

  368. James

    I’m having the same problem as others where there’s no data available when connecting through t-mobile. Picking AT&T 3G works great but the phone (Galaxy S4) will automatically switch back to T-Moblie after a few minutes. I tried the WCDMA only setting but T-Mobile still doesn’t work and the phone will continue to auto select T-Mobile after I pick AT&T so it unfortunately didn’t help.

    Would be great if there was a way to force the phone to stick with AT&T and not auto switch back to T-Mobile. Although if T-Mobile worked that’d of course be fine too.

  369. Matt

    Hi I’m a 3 customer with a galaxy s3 mini,

    This might be a long post so I apologise in advance.
    I arrived in the US last Wednesday and my phone connected to AT&T with no problems and I was really happy with the service for several days. On Saturday I put another provider’s sim in my phone to check for messages and it connected to t-mobile.When I replaced the 3 sim in my phone it then connected to T-mobile and this is where my problems started. The service was intermittent and i kept losing my data connection. I decided to manually choose AT&T but this created another problem. After about 3 minutes of having good service on that network my phone then automatically kept switching back to t-mobile. No matter how many times I selected AT&T it would always change back.

    I rang your support line and they told me to reset my phone to factory settings. This was annoying because although I could back up some data, most of the settings on the phone couldn’t be saved.

    I subsequently reset my phone as per your instructions. When i put the 3 sim card in the phone it connected to a network called “US”. I have no idea where it has got this from, but I certainly don’t have any mobile internet connection with them at all! Once again when I manually select AT&T my phone works perfectly for 3-5mins before switching back to this “US” network.T-mobile has disappeared as an option.

    Is there any way you can change the settings at your end so that my preferred provider in the US is AT&T?

  370. Moderator: Allan

    @Anna – Hi Anna, sorry to hear this. Can you please make sure you’re only trying to connect via 3G, please turn 4G off if this is active. Also, if you’re using an iPhone please also ensure that any profiles under Settings>General>Profiles are deleted. After a reboot this should then connect. Thanks

  371. Anna


    I am currently in Seattle trying to use data as part of my allowance (since US is a feel at home destination).

    I have checked data roaming and my settings for data in my 3 account and both are ok.. I.e. Set to data allowed in uk and abroad but I get an error message saying ‘could not activate mobile data network. You are not subscribed to a mobile data service’. I can make and receive calls ok but no data. Please help as I’ve tried calling the 3 abroad number several times with no luck of anybody picking up.



  372. Adrian

    Hi Claire
    I was only having problems with data but I”ve managed to fix it. I set the network settings to WCDMA only and then selected TMobile(3G) and now data is working all the time
    If anyone else has a problem I think it’s selecting WCDMA only that has solvef it. Thanks.Adrian

  373. Moderator: Claire

    @Adrian – Hi, we use both networks in the USA as our roaming partners. Is this only affecting data? Have you put your phone on automatic network selection to help with this? How are calls and texts? Thanks.

  374. Adrian

    Im in the US and i have the same problem as someone else on here. I only get data on at&t. T mobile has no data. If i force the network to at & t its fine and then 5 minutes later the phone switches back to t mobile by itself. I have an s4 and its driving me mad.

  375. Sam

    Hi I am currently travelling in Indonesia, I have roaming activated but I can’t connect to any local networks to allow me to use my phone. It is a it frustrating as this is one of the feel at home countries , any solutions would be greatly appreciated . SAm

  376. Nelly Rahman

    The time to move my mobile phone to three! Visiting USA a lot so this will seriously help! Thanks

  377. Moderator: Claire

    @Ian McKenna – Hi, feel at home service applies to your normal UK allowance and you receive a text confirming charges so you are aware of these if you go over this allowance. There is more information on this here Thanks.

  378. Ian McKenna

    Hi, I am in New York currently, when I landed in Eire yesterday by phone gave me a Feel At Home message but when I landed in the US it told me I would be charged. Can I be sure Feel At Home rates will apply or do only some contracts get the USA. Mine is a SIM only contract.

    I would appreciate your clarification.

  379. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Paul line – You will be charged for using the services in Amsterdam. I have attached the price list for this here: http://bit.ly/1leyRXS you might want to read up on the Euro Pass as you will get cheaper data 🙂 http://bit.ly/1iwOUZV finally just make sure you have roaming activated on your account. Hope you have a great trip. >Bernie

  380. Paul line


    I am off to Amsterdam in a couple of weeks, does my allowance work over there or will I get charged?

  381. Moderator: Richard

    Glad to hear you’ve been getting the most out of Feel at Home, @Pete. Really sorry you’ve been having issues the past few days =/ Sounds like you’ve tried all the basic troubleshooting with no luck so far so if you fill in some details in our support tab then we can check for any issues on our end. >Rich

  382. Moderator: Richard

    Glad you’re enjoying Feel at Home, @Kate 🙂 No plans for Germany at the mo however we’re always looking for ways to improve the service so I’ll pass this feedback on for you. In the meantime, you could always disable automatic network selection and just manually select one of our French roaming partners (Bouygues/Free Mobile) which should help stop you switching back and forth and incurring any charges. >Rich

  383. Pete Marlow

    I am in Florida for two weeks, I have been using my Three account on my iPHone 5C for the past week. It has been great and the texts, calls and data have all been working, I have unlimited usage. My phone has not been able to connect to AT&T or T-Mobile since yesterday and now it says searching for a network on both automatic and manual search within settings. I have switched 4G off and tried switching my phone on and off. I can’t use my phone apart from any wi-fi I can get onto. Can someone help please? Preferably BEFORE I fly home on Sunday! Thanks

  384. Kate

    Fantasitc service…. but any idea if and when Germany will be added? I spend a lot of time on the French German border and it’s costing me as my network switches back and foward I have to notice and turn romaing on and off.

  385. Moderator: Claire

    @Rebecca Remmer – Hi, as long as they are using a UK number it will come out of your allowance as normal. If you call non UK numbers this will be chargeable. Thanks.

  386. Moderator: Claire

    @Michael Williams – Hi, Three inTouch won’t work abroad as this is for use only in the UK at present. Have you tried to connect to Tmobile as well? They are also our roaming partners in USA. Thanks.

  387. Moderator: Claire

    @Thomas Davis – Hi, have you tried to manually connect to the 3G versions of AT&T or Tmobile? Did you activate international roaming before you left? Thanks.

  388. Rebecca Remmer

    On feel at home im I able to ring a family member who is also in america with us ( incase we loose them) or will I get charged for it ??? TIA

  389. Michael Williams

    I’m travelling in the US and cannot make a call home — “you must contact your service provider”. I have international roaming activated as I’ve used this many times before. Connected to AT&T network. Haven’t received my customary “welcome” texts.

    I can’t even use ThreeInTouch on WiFi because despite provisioning it at home before I left it is saying I need to provision it again.

    Phone [removed by mod]

  390. Thomas Davis

    Landed in America and my phone was working l, it ran out if battery and now it keeps saying “searching” any advice?

  391. Moderator: Claire

    @Mark – Hi, did you activate international roaming before going away? If not can you fill in this form and we’ll check the account http://bit.ly/1q51t23 Thanks.

  392. Moderator: Claire

    @Hana – Hi, do you have any applications running in the background that could have used up this allowance? Thanks.

  393. mark

    We are on holiday in the us and cannot get on any network, totally fed up, 3 have not been helpful , have a disabled person with me miles from home and cannot use my phone, the number international helpline 3 give us we cannot get it to work .


  394. Hana


    I am currently in the US. I received the Feel At Home text, so I started using the data. But I am being charged £30. According to my account, I exceeded my 25GB dada allowance. But I know for sure I haven’t used it up because I have only been here a few days and turned it on a few times for a fewinutes each. What exactly am I doing wrong?

  395. Moderator: Claire

    @PrasannaKumar Nadella – Hi, did you convert the £10 to an add on or just topped up to have credit in the account? Thanks.

  396. PrasannaKumar Nadella

    Hi there ,
    I got one of the Pay As You Go Micro SIM (All-in-one 15 Add on). I can access Internet here in the NewYork, but can’t make any calls with in the US. I get the message “Insufficient Balance, please buy an Addon”. I topped up my account with 10£ and still can’t make a call to US numbers. Please check this, let me know why it does not allow me to make a call.

  397. Moderator: Claire

    @Marz – Hi, can you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode for us to check the account? We won’t publish your details but will double check the international roaming settings. Thanks.

  398. Moderator: Claire

    @Mike Balsom – Hi, what handset are you using? Thanks.

  399. Moderator: Claire

    @James Bertram – Hi, our roaming partners are Free Mobile and Bouygues networks. Are you able to connect to them? We can’t guarantee speeds abroad. Thanks.

  400. Mike Balsom

    Currently in the US & trying to access use Feel at Home to access data. Phone will connect happily to T-mobile and AT&T to give voice, however when connecting to T-mobile will not have a data connection. Manual switch to AT&T will give data for a few minutes, then the phone will switch back to T-mobile, breaking the data link. I have the phone set to 3G only (WCDMA), however this has not helped.

  401. Marz

    Thanks for the response, but alas too late. I am back in the UK and now truly feel at home. In answer to your question, I did try both AT&T and T-Mobile, they were both the same, I could not dial or text to the UK.. The signal was good in all the areas I was in and I did switch between the 3G/4G settings on the phone to no avail. France is the next visit, are there any tips/tricks? Will Spain ever make it to the feel @home destination list? Thanks Marz

  402. Moderator: Pamela

    @Sandra Oh no? What happens when you try to use data or call/text USA? Is it happening all the time? Thanks, Pamela

  403. James Bertram

    I have a huawei mifi with a “Three” 15 GB pay monthly SIM setup with feel at home. Currently in France “Vic Sur Asine” and conected to BYTEL, have a could 3G signal but latency is 600 to 900ms and only getting 64kbps data !!! F SFR is available when manual roaming but MIFi will not connect to it. Is F SFR a roaming partner ?

  404. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Marz – How has your reception been today Marz? Are you connected to the AT&T or T-Mobile network? Can I check is your 4G turned off on the handset and switched to 3G?

  405. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Kido – In settings are you trying to connect to 4G can you switch this to 3G. Also are you able to attach to AT&T or T-Mobile? If you’re calling to the UK you shouldn’t have to put the +44 in from the handset, it should pick it up. Can you send us your full name, postcode, DOB and number. We’ll double check the account to make sure it is active. Thanks.

  406. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Anthony Warren – Hi Anthony, can you let us know your full name, mobile number, postcode and DOB – we’ll take a look on the account. Depending on what part of France you are in, you may have limited coverage with our partner networks.

  407. Sandra

    Not feeling at home, I am in Seattle USA,. Received the text informing me I was in a feel at home etc. It worked for about a day, and now cannot get internet, can phone UK and text uk. But cannot phone usa or text.

    Please advise

  408. Marz

    I have been trying to call home from Florida for a few days now. I have tried all international code combinations +44, 001144 etc but I get a restricted service message. People from the UK have been able to text and call me (even if it is 2am) but I have been unable to text or call them. Please help!!… thanks

  409. Kido

    Hi there,

    I’ve arrived in USA yesterday. I’ve activated international data roaming and call before coming. And checked my three account that it is still being activated. I can use data here, but I can’t make any phone calls. It says that this service is restricted by the service provider. I’ve used +44 omitting the first 0 when I tried to call UK numbers. Can you give me some advice please?

  410. anthony warren

    I meant to add… Our non- 3 phones report that we have signal from Fr Bouyges Telecom.

  411. anthony warren

    Purchased a 3 pay as you go data sim with 1gb preloaded from Argos for use in France. I tried to use it in the uk before we left but there was an issue with local mast at the time.
    Now we’re in France and it’s not working at all… Have tried in my mifi router and in a couple of unlocked phones (to check data connection only) to no avail.

    Rang support before leaving as was told it would just work but it’s not!! HELP!

  412. Moderator: Claire

    @Mark Rockminster – Hi, tethering isn’t guaranteed as we don’t have agreements with Foreign networks for this but you are able to use your iPad to connect to the internet if you are using the mobile broadband SIM in the iPad. We do recommend you activate international roaming on the account through my3 before you leave. Thanks.

  413. Moderator: Claire

    @Simon Dawdry – Hi, that is strange. Are you able to access texts or data? Are you calling back to the UK with +44 in front of the number? Thanks.

  414. Moderator: Claire

    @John – Hi, yes receiving calls will be free. Thanks.

  415. Mark Rockminster

    I’m going on a little trip to Austria, Italy and Switzerland, can you please confirm for me, as per the reply to @Adrian on the 4th of August that tethering is possible in feel at home countries when using an iPad because the iPad contract is for mobile broadband. I have tried to get Ashwita at Three customer services to provide me with a web page or point me in the direction of T&Cs etc that confirms this but she was unable to.
    Many thanks.

  416. Moderator: Claire

    @Ken – Hi, Mexico isn’t under Feel at Home at present. We don’t have any bundle plans but you can check charges here. In regards to 4G in your area we don’t have any specific dates yet but are working on activating more areas this year. Thanks.

  417. John

    Are all receiving calls free with the all-in-one 15 if I am at any of the stay at home destinations?

  418. simon dawdry

    I am in the USA and I bought a payg £15 add on before I left. I made a couple of calls, using a few of my 300 minutes. I have 263 left, but now when I try to call it says my balance is zero (which is technically correct) but it seems I can’t use my add on minutes because of this. Really annoyed because I bought the add on to call home but now I can’t 🙁

    What can I do to get this working again?

  419. ken


    It may have been asked but its hard to search so thought I’d ask again.

    Is mexico included under feel at home? Or just north america?

    If not do you have bundle plans for mexico – I am visiting the pacific coast area for a few weeks in a fortnight and may need to call home and use internet for emails.


  420. Moderator: Claire

    @Ian Dimmick – Hi, can you confirm your DOB? Thanks.

  421. Moderator: Claire

    @Warren – Hi, yes Hawaii is classed as a Feel at Home country 🙂

  422. Warren

    @moderator can I use my phone in Haweii and still be classed as feel at home as it’s not continental US?

  423. Ian Dimmick

    Hi. Have just arrived in Orlando, but phone says “you are not subscribed to a cellular network service”

    [removed by mod]

    Could you please check my account.


  424. Moderator: Claire

    @Tabitha – Hi, is your husband able to manually connect to AT&T or Tmobile? You use your normal UK allowances to call and text back to the UK. Thanks.

  425. Tabitha

    My husband is currently in the US, but has not received a text saying that we is okay to use Feel at Home. Should he be automatically connected to Feel at Home without doing anything? Is it possible to confirm that he’s not being charged?

  426. Moderator: Claire

    @Dishara Wakwella – Hi, can you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode for us to look into this? We won’t publish these details. Thanks.

  427. Moderator: Claire

    @Shaun Piper – Hi, have you activated international roaming? Once this is activated you can turn your mobile on and data to access the internet abroad. Thanks.

  428. Moderator: Claire

    @Maurice – Hi, did you get this working? We use AT&T and Tmobile in USA. Thanks.

  429. Shaun Piper

    I am currently travelling Austria, Italy and France. Do I simply turn on mobile data and data roaming all networks to receive Internet access?

  430. Dishara wakwella

    Hi, I’m Dishara Wakwella. I took my 3 sim with 600 minutes and 1gb data contract to Sri Lanka yesterday. It did not pickup any signal. I tried different phones. But no luck. Please instruct me.

    [removed by mod]

    Thank you

  431. Maurice

    I have enabled 3 roaming before going to Florida but I am having issues with data (no emails coming in) and texts (60%) are not being received.

    Please help.

    My number: [removed by mod]

  432. Moderator: Claire

    @Barqat – Hi, can you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode? We will check your account for you. Thanks.

  433. Moderator: Claire

    @Craig Winn – Hi, I’ve checked your account and see international roaming has been added. Is this now working for you? Thanks.

  434. Barqat

    Off to the US I have a sim only (3 network) for 12 months on my 6th month now. Do I have to do anything before I leave to the US In order to use my iPhone 4s
    [removed by mod]

  435. Craig Winn

    And postcode is [removed by mod]

  436. Craig Winn

    I think I got the data roaming activated. My number [removed by mod]

  437. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Emmanuel – Can you please pass over the name, number, DOB, postcode for the account ( I know you already gave the number but I had to remove this. We will remove the information before we publish the post )

    It sounds like you do not have international roaming activated on your account so if you can pass over those details I can sort this out for you. >Bernie

  438. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Craig Winn – Did you get roaming activated before you went Craig? Have you rebooted the handset and tried to manually select the network? Can you send over the name, number, DOB, postcode for the account ( I will remove this ) so I can check the details of your account? >Bernie

  439. Emmanuel

    Hello, I’m currently I’m the US but I’m receiving no signal from 3. Tried deleting profiles but nothings worked. My phone number is ( removed by mod )

  440. Craig Winn

    I’m in Portland and I’ve travelled through Seattle and my hasn’t picked up any service yet.

  441. Moderator: Pamela

    @Bryan As long s you have international roaming enabled and delete any profiles associated with o2 on your phone, you should be ok. Thanks, Pamela

  442. Clive

    @Claire thanks for your help, you have been invaluable help.
    It’s a pay you go and I did what you recommended and had it registered and add on paid for.
    I’m now in the States and other than having to delet my setup as you have advised, others it’s going great and not having to worry about a huge bill is awesome. Ta for your help 🙂

  443. Bryan

    Hi, will my iphone 5 (uk formally O2) unlocked work on a USA network on 3G?

  444. Moderator: Claire

    @Adrian – Hi, thanks for your comment 🙂 As long as you have the 1GB active this will work in the Feel at Home countries. Any other countries you will need to make sure there is credit there. In regards to tethering we can’t guarantee good speeds as we don’t have a tethering agreement with foreign networks, this would only affect mobile phone contracts not the mobile broadband SIMs. Enjoy!

  445. Moderator: Claire

    @Adam – Hi, you can only use 3G at present. Thanks.

  446. Adam

    Will I be able to use 4G for free in the USA as part of the Feel at Home or only 3g?

  447. Moderator: Claire

    @Richard – Hi, I’ve activated your international roaming on the account. Please restart and try connecting again. This may take up to 4 hours to activate. Thanks.

  448. Richard

    [remove by mod]

    is there any other info I can provide so you can find my account?

    my sim number is [removed by mod]

  449. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul – Hi, I’ve checked your account and everything is setup correctly. Did you have data roaming ticked on your phone? If so then it could have been a network limitation the day you were in France. Thanks.

  450. Moderator: Claire

    @Richard – Hi, can you confirm your details again? The mobile numbers you gave don’t brink up any accounts for us to check. Thanks.

  451. Richard

    [removed by mod] hope you can help! thanks!

  452. Richard

    hi, I arrived in the US a couple of days ago and cannot connect to t-mobile or any network – all my phone settings are enabled for roaming, tried to log in to my3 to see if there was anything there to fix but as I’m on wifi rather than a network it wants me to log in via the browser rather than the app and I can’t remember my password. requested a new password but this has been texted to me and I cannot receive texts because I’m only on wifi. can you enable me some international roaming or some such?

  453. Adrian

    @Claire: after reading the comments, all I can say is that you’re a rock star!

    I have a question, let’s see if you can help me.

    I got a mobile broadband SIM with 1GB while in the UK. I’m now traveling and I haven’t put the mobile broadband SIM into my iPad yet (untouched). Will it work with Feel At Home as soon as I put it on? Or shall I be in the UK the first time I use it?

    I read that I must be on Three for more than 30 days, but it does not seem to apply to Mobile Broadband plans. Plus, it also says that tethering is forbidden… but that does not make much sense with Mobile Broadband, which is specifically oriented to tethering and the likes. Can I use tethering?

    I’m going to France & Switzerland next and it’d be great to use that SIM (which is crazy cheap, under £11 for 1GB), to stay connected.

  454. Paul

    Hi just come back from a day in France I could text and call but I could not connect to the internet. My details are
    [removed by mod] Could u pls check out my account.

  455. Moderator: Claire

    @gio – Hi, if you are using pay as you go then this is already setup. It could be a limitation with the network, are you connecting to the 3G side? Have you deleted any profiles from your iPhone 4? Settings > General > Profiles. Thanks.

  456. gio

    Hi I am currently in Italy happily using feel at home from my tablet. However I don’t manage to do the same from my iphone 4 pay as you go. Calls are OK but no data even if my data roaming is enable both on phone and my3 account. Please help. My number is [removed by mod]

  457. Moderator: Claire

    @Adeel Arshad – Hi, it could be the USA network limitation in your area. We can check your account if you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode to check your settings. We won’t publish these details. Thanks.

  458. Adeel Arshad


    I am currently in the USA and I can seem to access data and SMS services, however every time I go to make a call in says the service is restricted, can you please advise. I have reset the phone and tried manually selecting AT&T & T-Mobile, however neither of these actions have resolved the issue.

    My number is [removed by mod]


  459. Moderator: Claire

    @Uditha Desilva – Hi, I’ve activated international roaming for you and if you restart your phone this will work within 4 hours. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  460. Uditha Desilva

    @Claire: “Hi, can you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode?”

    [removed by mod]

  461. Moderator: Claire

    @Derek – Hi, if you call another Three user this comes out of your allowance first then is charged at 15.6p per minute. If you call a USA number while out there this is charged at 15.6p per minute as well. The pay as you go charges for USA are here.

  462. Derek

    I’m on payg 3-2-1 going to the USA, If i don’t use FeelAtHome, how much will it cost to phone/text another payg 3-2-1 user in the USA & how much will it be to phone no.’s in the USA whilst out there? Thanks (website is vague! & i asked in a Three store without success)

  463. Moderator: Claire

    @Uditha – Hi, can you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode? We won’t publish these details and will check your account for international roaming to make sure this has been setup. Did you try connecting to the 3G version of these networks? Thanks.

  464. Moderator: Claire

    @Adrian porter – Hi, we respond to posts Monday to Friday so sorry for the delay. I’ve just responded to your previous post. As you are using iPhone 5s can you delete any profiles showing under Settings > General > Profiles then try to connect again, let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  465. Moderator: Claire

    @Adrian – Hi, are you connecting to 3G AT&T or Tmobile networks? What handset are you using? We would recommend switching off 4G as this won’t work in USA. Thanks.

  466. Moderator: Claire

    @Alex W – Hi, yes you can connect to AT&T or Tmobile 3G networks in US. You will be able to use your unlimited data allowance on the phone but won’t be able to use tethering, if you do try tethering we can’t guarantee speeds or that it will work abroad. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  467. Moderator: Claire

    @Clive – Hi, did you buy a prepay SIM? If so you can use this straight away if you top up. If you bought a contract SIM you will have to wait 30 days before we can activate the service as you were credit checked for this. Thanks.

  468. Uditha

    That got a bit garbled.

    Both myself and my wife are on pay-monthly contracts,mine is 200 mins/texts + unlimited internet, hers is limited to 500Mb/month.

    Her phone has been fine all day, from when we came out of the Chunnel and all day around Disneyland Paris.

  469. Uditha

    Hi, my unlocked Nexus 5 on Three pay-monthly won’t register to any of the networks in France, my wife’s unlocked (but originally bought for Three) HTC Wildfire connected to Bytel almost immediately as soon as the train came out of the Chunnel around Disneyland Paris.

    I can see F SFR, F-Bouyges Telecom, and Orange F as available networks, but none of them will actually let me connect.

    Please advise… [removed by mod] is my number, let me know what else you need.

  470. Adrian porter

    Hi, like Ben I can get any signals and can’t pick services manually.
    I am using an iPhone 5s, on three’s one plan . I am in Chicago and getting frustrated having tried most things.
    I am sith my parents and Unlike my day’s 3GS that seems to be working perfectly on his threeoneplan mums O2 mine is not. I don’t know if I have international roaming set on.
    ,can you help?

    I posted earlier and didn’t get a reply!

  471. Adrian

    I am currently in Chicago, and feel at home doesn’t seem to be working, my phone won’t let me connect to any networks over here and I can’t text call or use data. I have switched on data roaming, 4G, and mobile data, but nothing seems to be working. I’ve tried manually connecting to one of the networks but it still isn’t working. How can I connect to a network and start using feel at home?
    My dad also has three and his phone is fine?

  472. Alex W


    I am leaving for the US in a couple hours and have heard about the Feel at Home plan.
    I currently have a Nexus 4 with an unlimited data allowance.

    International roaming is turned on (according to My3). The phone will be in airplane mode for the duration of the flight.

    Once I land, if I have understood this correctly, all I have to do is turn off airplane mode and let my phone automatically connect to the American 3G.

    Will I also have unlimited data?


    Alex W

  473. Clive

    Well I went to a 3 shop and they said if I bought a sim today then it would not get the feel at home benefits as I needed to have it registered for the 31 days.
    This is at odds with what you have advised me.
    I’m really confused now and don’t want to get hammered for data & calls in the USA next week.

  474. Moderator: Claire

    @Clive – Hi, yes. We would recommend registering for my3 online and making sure you convert your credit to the add on for the £15 before going. Thanks.

  475. Clive

    Hi Claire, ta for the prompt response
    Sounds fab, so just to recap…
    I get all the benefits of the all in one 15 (AYCE Data, 3ooM,3000T) whilst in the states. As long as i’ve paid my 2x£15 and registered my sims in the UK.

  476. Moderator: Claire

    @Clive – Hi, if you are on PAYG it works automatically you just need to top up before you go. Thanks.

  477. Clive

    I’m off to the states next week and want to get a PAYG with all in 15 for my iphone and my sons android.
    As Niki said the discretion on the 30 days is on case by case but could this be guaranteed if i went into a 3 store? As i dont want to get there and find out im out of luck with the feel at home, i’ll be keeping the sims rolling as the giffgaff/02 is shocking at work!

  478. Moderator: Claire

    @Derek – Hi, this number is only for UK use and won’t work in the USA. Thanks.

  479. Derek

    Can you use 424 (3p per minute instead of 15.6p) to call US numbers with your three phone when you are in the USA, outside of the feel at home allowance?

  480. Moderator: Claire

    @Andy Clark – Hi, have you cleared any profiles on the phone? We found by deleting them that the phone will work after on the USA networks. Settings > General > Profiles.
    Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  481. Andy Clark

    Hi I’m in the US at the moment and my iPhone 4s is having the same issue as Ron did on 23/6. I can make calls and texts but can’t use data as it says I’m not subscriped to any data services. My phone shows that 3G is available on AT&T.

    Any ideas?

  482. Moderator: Claire

    @Stephen – Hi, if you can confirm your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode we can check the account. We won’t publish your details. Thanks.

  483. Stephen

    I am currently visiting Finland and I cannot connect to my network. Im assuming it is because I havent activated it however because i am already here I am unable to phone up the number provided. Any help?

  484. Moderator: Claire

    @David Robotham – Hi, have you manually selected AT&T or Tmobile? If this doesn’t work can you check if you have any profiles setup – Settings > General > Scroll down to Profiles and delete any profiles. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  485. Roy

    UPDATE: Then another text came saying 15.6p/m calling, 4.9p/text, free to receive, uk calls and texts come out of allowance. That seems to tally with the website, what the mods here say, and also what’s actually happening. Only confusion remaining was thinking 3-2-1 still applied, but apparently ‘allowances’ means something different. Ah well; it’s still pretty good. 🙂

  486. David Robotham

    I’ve just arrived in NYC, I have International roaming set up (had to call up to get it switched on) but over the three days I’ve been here so far my phone has not picked up any signals. I have data roaming switched on and International roaming switched on. I have an iPhone5s so it is new enough to get on these networks.

    Any help?

    Many thanks,


  487. Moderator: Nicki

    @Raja – Hi, while this is pretty much a standard rule, we’d look at it on a case by case basis – some customers can access roaming straight away, some after 30 days, some only with a deposit, and some not at all.

    Can you send us over your full name, phone number, postcode & date of birth, and I’ll take a look at it for you – we won’t publish your account details, and I’ll let you know the decision via email.


  488. Moderator: Nicki

    @Paul – Hi there, calls made while abroad will be separated out in your bill when it’s generated. If you’re looking for your usage and remaining allowances while outside the UK you should still have access to My3 or by calling +447782333333 (this number will use your allowances), although international usage won’t be separated out until your bill is generated.

  489. Raja

    Hi Three team,

    I just entered into a 12-month SIM only contract (The One Plan 12 Month SIM Only) and I was told that Feel At Home will only activate after 30 days. However, I am planning a trip to Austria in two weeks. Is there any way that I can activate Feel at home earlier? I’d be happy to provide a deposit or early payment of the first bill. Many thanks!

  490. Paul


    I’m in Italy and enjoying “Feel at Home”, I do have a question though. Is their any way I can check what minutes I’ve used while on a “Feel at Home” network?


  491. Moderator: Pamela

    @Richard Wilmot Hawaii is included so you don’t have to worry Richard. For your own peace of mind, you’ll notice on our international pricing that Hawaii doesn’t have a separate listing http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Roaming_and_international/Roaming_abroad

    If you’ve enabled international roaming and your device is picking up a network in any of our Feel at Home destinations, it will automatically work for you, you don’t have to opt in or be set up.

    Please remember to brag sensibly 😉 Thanks, Pamela

  492. richard wilmot

    Hi, Just to clarify as the man in the Three shop said it wasnt, yet you say it is…Is Hawaii covered as part of the “feel at home” coverage in USA. going there & Vegas and hoping to brag! 🙂
    Also, how will i know that its on the feel at home plan when im there as i dont get text messages? (cant get a password for My3 frustratingly!) I have an ipad mini with 5GB of data through Three.

  493. Moderator: Pamela

    @Graham Darwood No idea if Germany will be added or not at the moment.

    Here’s a link with all our prices for you http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Roaming_and_international/Mobile_Roaming?content_aid=1214306374878 Hope this helps 😀 Thanks, Pamela

  494. Graham Darwood

    Is Germany likely to be added to Feel at Home. If not what will it cost me this summer to call, test and use internet. I’m on One Plan

  495. Moderator: Nicki

    @tracy – Hi, it’d be standard roaming charges for calling US numbers while there, and it’s always free to receive calls in a Feel at Home destination.

  496. tracy

    This is very good as am going to usa, but can i ring usa phone numbers while in usa or will this be like ring international numbers from uk.and will it cost me to except incoming calls from uk.

  497. Moderator: Pamela

    @Ben Have you ever used your phone abroad before? You may need international roaming activated. If you get back to us with an email address (don’t worry we won’t publish it), we’ll get in touch and check it for you. Thanks, Pamela

  498. Ben

    I am currently in Florida, and feel at home doesn’t seem to be working, my phone won’t let me connect to any networks over here and I can’t text call or use data. I have switched on data roaming, 4G, and mobile data, but nothing seems to be working. I’ve tried manually connecting to one of the networks but it still isn’t working. How can I connect to a network and start using feel at home?

  499. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Andrea, – Yes Andrea you will. Depending on the price plan, as long as you’ve had the SIM for more than 30 days, you’ll be fine 🙂 Some plans need to be active for this length of time before roaming works. You may want to call up to make sure this is active on your account though.

  500. andrea

    Hi – I have a 3 dongle which I use, I am going to France in a couple of weeks can you confirm I will be able to use the dongle to skype without any charge thanks

  501. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Darren – Hi Darren, yes this is covered by our USA, Feel at Home coverage. Looks like a beautiful place, enjoy when you get there 😀

  502. Moderator: Nicki

    @Timothy Shek – Hi there, in a Feel at Home country you’ll still be able to access data however you’ll find it won’t be as fast as when you’re in the UK. You’ll also find we restrict your ability to use your data allowance for file-sharing (like peer to peer download services) and using certain sites to download or share large files. This is so that we can manage demand from overseas and ensure that everyone can use the service. You should be able to stream and connect to VPNs, but you will find this is slower and the quality will not be as good as in the UK. For example, we don’t recommend streaming TV programmes and films.

  503. Moderator: Nicki

    @Roy – Hi there, we’re bound to send the first text (Advice of Charge Text) by EU legislation. As we then provide Feel at Home to our customers we send the follow up text, however you’ll always receive the first text too. The Advice of Charge text will be sent to you in every country you roam in.

  504. Moderator: Nicki

    @Roy – Hi there, with Feel at Home you’ll be able to use your UK allowances as normal. So with Pay as You Go, if you use your cash credit to buy an addon that gives you allowances you’ll be able to use them there as normal. If you don’t buy an addon and just use your cash credit you’ll be charged the rates per minute/text/MB of data. We’ve got info on using PAYG in a Feel at Home country here.

  505. Moderator: Nicki

    @Alex – Hi, when you’re outside the UK you’ll find your speeds will be different to when you’re in the UK as you’re no longer using our network but are using someone else’s network. In our Feel at Home countries, such as Austria, you will still be able to access data but you’ll find the speeds slower and may find the quality of streaming as good as in the UK. We have more info on this here.

  506. Timothy Shek

    I’m currently enjoying feel at home in Hong Kong, but getting unusable internet speed and I think there is an issue with the connection settings, I’ve read through the comments and If I’m not wrong three UK and three HK have no capped speed for feel at home users so the internet speed should depend on the local network speed
    However when I use a three HK local sim card, I get 42mbps at lte while im getting 0.15 mbps on my three UK card at HSDPA 3G

    Can anyone tell me whats happening?

  507. Roy

    Text message received on arrival in US:

    “To contact countries outside the UK it’s £1.40/min to call, 35p to text, and free to receive a call.”


    “Call & text the UK & get online at no extra cost.”

    Website says:

    “£1.40/99p to make/receive overseas calls, 20p/free for UK calls, 7p/free to send/receive UK texts, 35p/free to send/receive overseas texts, and 10p/MB data.”

    Seems conflicting. What’s the actual?

  508. Roy

    Can someone clarify the charges please? I don’t understand what it means by “free roaming”. I’m on the 3-2-1 deal in the UK but it says in the US it costs £1.40 per minute to make a call and 99p per minute to receive. How is that “free”?

    Sorry for being a thicko; never taken a phone overseas before.

    Cheers. 🙂

  509. Darren

    Does the USA coverage include Alaska? I’ll be heading there next year and it’d be a nice bonus if it did!

    (I know Alaska is part of the USA but as it’s geographically separated from the Lower 48 I thought it worth checking.)

  510. Alex


    I got my Three pay monthly contract since I travel a lot between the UK and Austria. What is very disappointing is that internet speed in Vienna is very slow (e.g. YouTube doesn’t work at all). Could you please advise if there’s a way to fix it.

    Thank you

  511. Barry

    @Claire @Ron
    Try “forcing” the 4S into AT&T?

    Might get calls and data?
    Not (UK 4G) LTE but might get 3G (HSDPA), which the US sometimes call 4G 🙂

  512. Moderator: Claire

    @Barry Hi, thank you for your information. Ron is also having issues making calls and texts through the iphone 4s but can make them on iphone 4 which is puzzling us!

  513. Barry

    @Ron @Claire
    Re: @Ron ‘s “an iPhone 4S but data doesn’t work on AT&T 4G nor does it on T-Mobile Edge or 3G.”

    Nomenclature : “UK 4G” = LTE
    “US 4G” includes LTE and HSDPA
    So, a UK version iPhone will only show a “4G” indicator if on LTE.

    iPhone 4S was never provisioned for LTE, so that explains “no AT&T 4G”

    T-mobile USA 3G is on the 1700 AWS 3G frequency which UK version iPhones don’t have, so this explains why “no USA T-mobile 3G”.

    If you aren’t even getting 2G / EDGE data, you may be getting voice on one of t-mobile’s GSM frequencies, while they have “refarmed” (their term!) some of their 2G/EDGE 1900MHz data frequencies onto 4G.

    Previously t-mobile USA data worked at a decent speed only with a phone able to utilise 3G on AWS, or their LTE band 4 (both 1700 MHz), often absent on phones not from (USA) t-mobile (for 3G) or (for LTE) USA version iPhones.

    The situation may have improved for those able to use t-mobile USA 4G since the “refarm”, with 1900 data signal having been moved from 2G/EDGE to 4G, but at the expense of 2G signal.

    I suspect this is where your iphone 4S has been caught : having lost 2G data signal (“refarmed from 2G”), it never had t-mobile 3G (AWS) signal in the USA, but can’t gain the (“refarmed to “) 4G signal.

    Would an iPhone 5s fix this for you?
    Yes – and No.
    The UK GSM iPhone 5s (model A1457) doesn’t have LTE band 4, the mainstay of t-mobile US’s LTE.
    The A1457 can use the refarmed t-mobile 4G on LTE band 2 (1900MHz) as well as AT&T’s LTE band 2.

    The GSM US variant iPhone 5s (model A1533) has LTE band 4 (so works on 4G in more places on t-mobile USA), but doesn’t have LTE band 7 (so is less good in Europe! : no 4G on Vodafone in the UK, no roaming in eg Portugal where they use LTE band 7)

    Either (A1457 or A1533) will work on 3 in the UK (including LTE : as both have LTE bands 3 and 20)
    As above : for roaming in the USA the A1533 is better, for roaming in Europe the A1457 is better.

    I’m waiting to see if the iPhone 6 has LTE bands 2,3,4,7,20 (2,4 for USA, 3,7,20 for Europe!)

  514. Moderator: Claire

    @Don – Hi, I checked to see if we have an agreement with this company and we don’t so not sure how your colleague is able to connect. We don’t have any plans at present but this could change in the future. Thanks.

  515. Don

    @Claire Thanks. One of my colleagues who has a Three phone swears he can connect. Is that possibly because he has an older/different contract? Or the fact he’s using an iPhone, and I’m using a Samsung s4? If not the case are there any plans to add this compatibly? Thanks again.

  516. Moderator: Claire

    @Veeks P – Hi, Feel at Home works where AT&T and Tmobile have coverage in the USA, Connecticut will be included. 🙂

  517. Veeks P


    Which areas does the “feel at home” work in the United States? Is Connecticut one of them?

  518. Moderator: Claire

    @don Hi, we have looked into this for you and we don’t have an agreement with OnAir at present. You won’t be able to connect to this service, sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks.

  519. Don

    I travel a lot with work and on one particular route they have an airborne phone system called OnAir. It’s basically a gsm cell tower on board. I can’t connect to it. My colleagues can with O2, Vodafone etc. and apparently one colleague with Three. I have searched manually and I see the network but it has a 5 digit number 90115. When I try to connect it just says your sim can’t connect to this network.
    I’ve spoken to customer services about this but they couldn’t help apart from one person who asked about the 5 digit number, unfortunately at the time I didn’t have it.
    Any ideas?

  520. Moderator: Claire

    @Rob – Hi, we have sent you an email. Thanks.

  521. Ron


    My email address is [removed by mod]

  522. Moderator: Claire

    @Ron – Hi, we are puzzled by this! Can you confirm your email address, we won’t publish it. Once you confirm this we’ll need a screenshot of the error message from the Iphone 4S. Thanks.

  523. Ron


    I’m currently in the US using Feel at Home on PAYG add on with an iPhone 4S but data doesn’t work on AT&T 4G nor does it on T-Mobile Edge or 3G. Data roaming has been switch on. On all occasions I get an error message ‘You are not subscribed to a network data service’. Talk and text works fine though on Feel at Home.

    I have tried the same sim on an iPhone 4 and the Feel at Home works perfectly for talk, text and data.

    I’m puzzled why data is not working even on T-Mobile Edge or 3G service on the iPhone 4S?

  524. Moderator: Claire

    @Cameron – Hi, did you activate international roaming before you left? Have you tried connecting to 3Italy? Thanks.

  525. Moderator: Claire

    @Becky – Hi, are you able to use Tmobile instead of AT&T in your area? Have you checked how much you have left? Thanks.

  526. Sirina Muntaka

    Yeah, Thanks very much.
    I was impatient to enjoy feel at home so I got online and found a number to call internationally, so I did and got my roaming activated. Feel at home started working immediately. Thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to Three network. I am really feeling at home . I can testify now that there is no competitor to There network. Well done Three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  527. becky

    Hi. I am in the us now and using feel at home. It works fine when I am connected to a t&t but when I am connected to T-Mobile my calls keep saying I need to top up my allowance even though I have around 250 minutes left and I can call on a t&t. Why is this? The signal is much better on T-Mobile so I would prefer to use that?? Thanks.

  528. Cameron

    After speaking to customer service a couple days ago about my upcoming trip, I arrived in Italy this morning to find my phone isn’t working. Its not picking up any service at all, I use a new nexus 5. I wouldn’t think there would be a problem with the phone that I can tell. Can anyone help?

  529. Moderator: Lauren

    @Kevin – sorry you’re unhappy with Feel at Home. I’m afraid there’s no current plans to add Spain to this for now however this may change in the future.

  530. Kevin

    It’s really disappointing that Spain hasn’t been added, why on earth wasn’t it prioritised above some if not all of these other countries.

    Spain is a lovely country for all, however it’s one of the cheaper destinations. So people less well off are more likely to venture here, yet more likely to pay high fees for browsing.

    If someone is traveling to Australia or Hong kong, I don’t think they need too much help with data charges Three!

    Use some common sense please.

  531. Moderator: Ahmed

    @David Bunney – Hi David, bit odd that. You shouldn’t need a Europass in a Feel at Home country. Has this been happening from the start there or recently popped up? Have you tried re-starting your device and manually selecting a network there?

  532. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Fiona – Hi Fiona, Feel at Home does apply in the US however it isn’t a service for long time use. It is limited to 3 months usage in a year and if there’s excessive usage then we would look to suspend the use of that. Apologies if you weren’t made aware of that, you are able to view info on Feel at Home here.

  533. Fiona

    I am currently in the US then heading off travelling. I called three before I left to find out more information about feel at home as I have both a phone contract and an iPad contract. I was informed there was no limit to how long I can could be outside the UK for and that there was no hidden charges or set up fees.
    I have just logged onto my account to see that 13.44 has been added to my bill for calls, texts, downloads and euro internet pass. Can you please explain this?

    I have also checked the website that states no charges and no mention of time limits.

    If this was not the case both contracts would have been cancelled.

    #not a happy customer!

  534. David Bunney

    June 2014 – Roaming in Sweden at present and I can not get data connectivity without purchasing a Europass…not sure why that is…

  535. Moderator: Ahmed

    @James bolton – Hi there, the USA is part of Feel at Home and we include Hawaii as part of our roaming there so you should be good to go and make use of that there 🙂

  536. Moderator: Ahmed

    Hi @sirina muntaka, I’ve had a look in there and can confirm your international roaming is active on your account and it was activated yesterday. Have you tried re-starting your device and manually selecting again? How are calls and texts? Shouldn’t be any issue with you connecting and making use of Feel at Home. Let us know how it is today and if there’s been an improvement. I’ve also edited your contact details out in your other post so they don’t appear publicly.

  537. James bolton


    I’m going to Hawaii in September
    Is this covered by the feel at home as I assume it’s classed as the USA?

  538. sirina muntaka

    I have been in the USA for two days now but feel at home is not working for me. No message of whatever kind, I tried connecting with AT&T and T mobile UK after activating data roaming all to no avail. I can’t remember my pin and do not have my sim serial number but just the sim snd phone.
    Can you please help as I am feeling a bit disappointed because my friend just returned from his holiday and the message was I needed not to do anything but just go and it will be working. We use the same phone type, that is Samsung galaxy s3.
    I wanted to include my details so u can check and activate international roaming just in case it’s not activated on my account. But I need to know if that is safe.

    Please do help

  539. Moderator: Nicki

    @Chizoba – Hi, I’m afraid the details you’ve submitted don’t match what we have for you. Can you please check the postcode and resubmit. Can you include all your details again, along with the postcode, as we don’t save any personal details submitted.

  540. Chizoba ugbene

    Can you activate my feel at home services? I’ve been in the states three weeks and not been able to use it. My holiday is almost over and it’s been an effort getting online.

    [Personal details removed]

    Please help?

  541. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jay, when you’re searching for available networks you should be able to select either AT&T or T-Mobile if you’re in their coverage areas. If you’re still having issues with it can you send us over your full name, phone no, postcode & DOB and I’ll check roaming is set up on your account.

  542. Jay

    Im currently in the US and trying to manually connect to either networks and it isnt working im still on a roaming network?

  543. Moderator: Richard

    Sorry you’ve been getting conflicting info, @Dave. Our roaming partners in USA are AT&T and T-Mobile USA. To clarify, your phone should automatically latch on to either of these however sometimes customers have to manually select their network. There won’t be any charges for connecting to the local network in the US thanks to Feel at Home so no need to worry there, Dave 🙂 Let me know if you’ve any more questions. >Rich

  544. Dave

    It is unclear to me what network I can connect to in the US to benefit from Feel at Home. I called customer support and they said I must connect to the three. In the comments on this page it says “your phone will pick up a local network”. If it does, I’ll get charged. I must manually select the three network? Please clarify; the website is unclear.

  545. Moderator: Allan

    @Emma – It’s not really a hard and fast rule Emma. It’s designed for holidays though and not for extended stays. We’ll likely give you a call at some point while you’re in the USA to discuss your usage but you’re not going to get disconnected or anything. Not to worry 🙂

  546. Emma

    Hi I’m slightly confused about how long I will be able to use feel at home for abroad. When I was sold a contract with three last month they assured me that I would be able to use feel at home for three months in the USA. This was the whole reason I bought a contract with three as I am working in the USA for three months this summer. I have noticed now on your website however, that it is now saying I can only use this service for two months? Has this service changed from what I was told by your employees last month?

  547. Moderator: Chris

    @Jeremy- I’m sorry to read that Jeremy, sounds like a pain 🙁 To clarify, only the ZTE MF730M and the Huawei E5372 Mobile Wi-Fi will work in the USA on ‘Feel at Home’. The correct APN settings are as follows:

    Name: 3
    APN: three.co.uk
    Username: None
    Password: None

    MMSC: http://mms.um.three.co.uk:10021/mmsc

    MMS proxy: 8799
    APN type: Default

  548. Moderator: Chris

    @beth – You can still get internet in Mexico Beth, but it’s not covered under ‘Feel at Home’ I’m afraid. You can find out the roaming costs for Mexico over here – http://bit.ly/1nbP9P6. Cheers.

  549. Jeremy

    I’m just back from New York and Connecticut. Couldn’t get my Three Mobilebroadband SIM to work in an Unlocked US compatible Mifi (having tried a 3 mifi on a previous visit and finding out it wasn’t compatible). Although the mifi had signal on AT&T or T-Mobile I was unable to connect. I had previously checked that my account was set for roaming. Do I need to have a different APN set other that three.co.uk to connect in the USA? Thanks

  550. beth

    Will I be able to get internet in Mexico ???

  551. Moderator: Richard

    Unfortunately many of our older Mobile Wi-Fis and dongles such as the E5220 won’t work in America, @Daj. Only the ZTE MF730M and the Huawei E5372 Mobile Wi-Fi will work in the USA. If you’re wanting to check if roaming is activated on your account you can do so via My3 or if you send over your full name, number, postcode of the account and your DOB I can check for you on here 🙂 (These details will be removed before the comment is posted publicly) >Rich

  552. Daj

    Hi, I have a Huawei E5220 on monthly contract. Can you please confirm that it will work on 3G in the USA with ‘feel at home’? Also, how can I confirm my account is activated for roaming? Thanks, Daj.

  553. Moderator: Richard

    Glad to hear it, @Rhianna 🙂 Hope you enjoy your holiday! >Rich

  554. Rhianna Parkinson

    Hey just letting you know that im all sorted now – twitter support resetted my international settings and that resolved my issue!

  555. Moderator: Richard

    That’s roaming all activated on your account, @Rhianna so you should be able to connect now 🙂 Just do a quick reboot and then manually select to AT&T. Let us know if you have any more issues getting connected. Hope you have a great trip! >Rich

  556. Moderator: Richard

    We sure can, @Rhianna 🙂 Send over your full name, number, postcode registered to the account and DOB and I can take a look for you. (I won’t post these details publicly on the page ;)) Hopefully we can get you back up to speed in no time! >Rich

  557. Rhianna Parkinson

    Hi I’m currently in the US but I can’t connect to any network! I’m not sure if roaming is enabled on my account – would you be able to check and activate it for me?

    (details removed by mod)

    I have tried registering my mythree account but the password is sent via text… which I cant receive!

    Thanks 🙂

  558. Rhianna Parkinson

    Hi I’m currently in the US but I can’t connect to any network! I’m not sure if roaming is enabled on my account – would you be able to check and activate it for me?

  559. Moderator: Allan

    @Barry – Only the ZTE MF730M and the Huawei E5372 Mobile Wi-Fi will work in the USA. As long as you have one of these and a mobile broadband SIM, you’re free to use this as you would at home. Thanks

  560. Barry

    Q: re: USA, 3 feel at home, Mobile Broadband SIM.
    I have a 5GB / month MBB SIM. I use this in a mi-fi in the UK, so devices tether to it, but it is a ‘dongle’ SIM, not a ‘phone’ SIM.
    If I’m visiting the USA in September, and the mi-fi is compatible with their 1900Mhz signal (LTE and WCDMA), can I use the devices via the mifi?

    I’m asking as I saw “You can’t use your phone as a Personal Hotspot (this is also called tethering) in a Feel At Home destination – even if you normally do so in the UK using your data allowance, or have a Personal Hotspot allowance or Add-on.”
    It isn’t a “phone SIM”, it is a MBB SIM ; does this restriction apply?.

  561. Moderator: Allan

    @Jenny – Hi there Jenny. Hope you’re enjoying the LA sunshine 🙂 As long as they’re Three customers I can guarantee no extra charges for texting you while abroad. I can’t speak for other networks though. Have fun!

  562. Jenny

    Hi there,
    I’m in LA and feel at home is all working fine, however I am struggling to find out whether those in the UK can text me at the normal
    Rate/ within their allowance if they’re three customers, or if they will be charged at international rates? Your response will be much appreciated as it’s not really clear on any of the official three pages!

  563. Moderator: Richard

    Yep 🙂 Your allowances should refresh mid way giving you the extra data, @Mark! All that roaming at no extra cost thanks to Feel at Home >Rich

  564. Mark

    I will be travelling around the US for a month this summer. Since my billing period comes up mid trip does this mean I will get up to 50GB data (i.e. 25GB for first billing period then an additional 25GB for second period)?

    I don’t suppose I will even use 25GB but you never know 😉

  565. Moderator: Richard

    As long as roaming is set up on your account then you’ll be good to go, @Vincent. If you’d like me to check this for you, send over your full name, number, postcode registered to the account and your DOB. (These details won’t be posted publicly ;)) You get all of your UK allowances to use just as if you were at home. The only charges would be for calls and texts to international numbers, ‘pay for it’ services such as shortcodes etc, or by going over your allowances. All the info you’ll need can be found here. >Rich

  566. Moderator: Richard

    We’ve had some issues with these texts being sent out, Michelle. Not to worry, the USA is part of Feel at Home and you won’t be charged for using any of your UK allowances whilst abroad. More info here. >Rich

  567. Moderator: Richard

    It’s definitely compatible to use in the USA, @Dave. 🙂 You’ll need to have roaming activated on your account first though, if you send over your full name, mobile broadband or account number, postcode registered to the account and DOB then I can check this out for you. (These details won’t be posted publicly) >Rich

  568. Vincent

    Hi, I am now at Hong Kong and what do I need to do to use feel at home service? I am on the one plan in UK. And What is the limitation for feel at home service ?

  569. Michelle

    Arrived in USA today and received text, twice, telling me call charges. Have been with three for almost 2 months on an all you can eat package – will feel at home be working for me?

  570. Dave

    We recently purchased a Huawei 5220 and were assured by your salesperson that we would have no problem using it in the Usa. However we cannot get a signal, do we need to do anything to activate??
    Regards dave

  571. Moderator: Kris

    @Johno Robinson We are hoping to add more countries to Feel At Home, but the addition of them is subject to network agreements within those countries. We’d all like them to be in the countries we travel to most, but it’s just a case of being patient while the logistics of doing so are worked out.

  572. Moderator: Kris

    @Zabina Mirza Was the text directly from Three or from the USA network that you have latched on to? If you are on a tariff that was around before Feel At Home was launched, it will likely just be an automated text with the costs. You shouldn’t be charged, but if you are, you will be refunded.

  573. Johno Robinson

    It’s a fantastic thing that you have brought in the feel at home factor to three however I couldn’t help notice that being a British citizen I , like a lot of others travel to Spain the bearics and the Canary Islands ands as well as the Greek isles too these are the most popular places for Brits to travel too and the feel at home doesn’t cover these places I mean who traces to Indonesia very often or Denmark I think this should be reiterated and be in line with the other network providers.

  574. Zabina Mirza

    Not sure what I am or am not getting billed for as currently msging u from USA on roaming on one plan but I also received the text msg detailing charges.

    Please kindly confirm I wont be charged for my feel at home as very worried as expecting to use this facility out here until 3rd Jun

  575. Moderator: Kris

    @Daz In time we hope to expand the list of countries included on Feel At Home, but we need to make network agreements in those countries before we can launch them.

  576. Daz


    I’m wondering if there will be any more countries added to the Feel At Home list. It’s been quite a while since the last 4 countries were added.

  577. Moderator: Kris

    @Paul Glad all seems to be OK with it for you and that your experience on the network while travelling has been a good one! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  578. Paul


    Thanks for your response. The message was sent from 3 in both cases. I have been a 3 customer for nearly a year. so definitely before Feel at Home in the US was in place. I’ve been using roaming/data so far with no issues, and have been monitoring my online account. So far it’s still says £0 of additional charges so I think it should be fine. If not I will just claim a refund. I have to say being able to have free roaming abroad is pretty unbelievable and has actually encouraged my siblings to switch to 3 when we get home.

  579. Moderator: Kris

    @David As per below posts, we have received info that customers have been getting texts to say they may be charged. Feel At Home covers all of the USA, so if you do find that you are charged for any usage, you will be refunded for this. However, you shouldn’t be charged, and any texts received about this may either be from one of the US networks or could be automatically generated if you are on a tariff that was released before Feel At Home became active.

  580. Moderator: Kris

    @Paul Was this text from Three or from one of the American providers? Feel At Home does cover all of the USA, so if you are charged while there, you will be refunded, but it shouldn’t be the case that there is need for that to happen.

  581. Moderator: Kris

    @Andrew If you are in the USA, then Feel At Home should be in place for you. If you are receiving these texts and you do find that you are charged for any usage, you will be able to have that refunded. It shouldn’t get to that stage though, and will likely just be an automated text that you’ve received if you’ve had your tariff longer than feel At Home has been available.

  582. David



    I arrived in the USA recently and I am on a pay monthly plan using an iPhone 4.
    However, I have not received my ‘great news’ welcome message to say I will be able to feel at home.
    Can you confirm that I will not be charged for using the Internet etc?
    I was in Australia for 4 weeks there and it was working fine there.
    Thanks, Dave

  583. Paul

    Hi, I’ve had the same issue as previous posters below. I have arrived in the US yesterday and received a text confirming that I will be charged £3 per MB of data. I received the same text regardless of if I was connecting to T-Mobile or AT&T. I did not receive a follow up email after that. I am safe to assume I will not be charged for using data here in the US? I have ‘all you can eat’ back home. I’ve also checked my account online and so far no surcharge has appeared though I don’t know how long it takes to refresh if charges to incurr.

  584. Andrew

    Like a few others, I’ve arrived in the USA and received a Txt saying

    From 3: It’s max of £1.40/min to call, 99p/min to receive a call, 35p to send SMS & £3.00/MB to use web & email.

    This is quite worryibg – at those prices you could run up an astronomical bill if you wrongly assumed you were getting your “Feel at home” bundle.

    Can I just ignore that Txt?

  585. Moderator: Madeline

    @phil – Hello, glad you enjoyed using Feel at Home in Ireland 🙂 as you’re roaming on another operator’s network, the coverage may not give you the same level of signal you’re used to back home. Data speeds may be slower as well when you go online. You can find out more about Feel at Home here

  586. Moderator: Madeline

    @Rosie Laureta – Hi there, Yes we can check if international roaming is active on your account. Can you DM us with your name, DOB, postcode & number? Thanks

  587. phil

    I love the feel at home spent a week in ireland and every where I went had signal dublin limmerick tralee killarny and even the the ring of kerry and the dingle the only issue was every where internet speed was very slow 15 secconds or more to load a web pae is there any restriction on internet speed when roaming

  588. Rosie Laureta

    Hi, are able to check whether I have international roaming on my number in the USA?

  589. Moderator: Madeline

    @David Robertson – Hi there, yes there will be no additional charge, as long as your wife has a UK number. Enjoy America 🙂

  590. Moderator: Madeline

    @Damien – Hello, Yes you will have to switch on data roaming to receive a 3G signal abroad. Did you activate international roaming before you left?

  591. David Robertson

    Thanks for the answer. Another question. Both my wife and I have three pay monthly phones. Can we call each other when in the USA at no charge through feel at home.

  592. Damien

    Does the data roaming switch on my iphone 5s settings have to be turned on to receive 3G signal???

  593. Moderator: Madeline

    @David Robertson – Hello, yes your iPad will work in the USA 🙂 Remember to activate international roaming before you go, and when you’re in the USA, connect to one of our roaming partners which are AT&T and T-Mobile USA. Enjoy your trip! 🙂

  594. David Robertson

    I have an ipad on a 3 Broadband 15gb contract. Will this function as feel like home when in USA.

  595. Moderator: Madeline

    @Jens – Hi Jen, this is something we’re currently investigating. I can confirm that you won’t be charged for using your device in the USA.

  596. Moderator: Madeline

    @Lucy Johnstone – Hi Lucy – Did you receive a follow up text after this?

  597. Moderator: Madeline

    @Edd M – Hi Edd – Did you receive a follow up text after this?

  598. Jens

    I arrived in the US last night, T-Mobile as the roaming partner, but got a text message informing me “It’s max of £1.40/min to call, 99p/min to receive a call, 35 to send SMS & £3.00/MB to use web & email.”

    Those rates don’t exactly make me “feel at home” – got that exact message twice, by way of roaming welcome, no mention of receiving calls and data (within allowance) being free.

  599. Lucy Johnstone

    I have just landed in America and have only had a text saying the charges I will get – nothing to confirm feel at home is activated. Is there anything I need to do or someone to call? Thanks

  600. Edd M

    Hi Three. I have a Three One Plan contract and I’m in the USA. I thought I’d be eligible for Feel at Home but the texts I’ve recieved just say that calls are charged from £1.99 a minute; data is £3.00 MB. Is this correct?

  601. Moderator: Claire

    @Britt Permien – Hi, can you confirm your email address? We can activate your international roaming if you haven’t already done this. The networks we use are Tmobile and AT&T.

  602. Britt Permien

    I have a Samsung S3. Just arrived in NYC from the UK. Do I have to do anything to get this feel at home service happening? Because as of yet I only get wifi.

  603. Steff E

    @Rikki – Hi Rikki, like Alan says if it’s just your data that seems to not be working properly it’s most likely an issue with the local network. I’m really sorry about that Rikki, I know you’ll be quite disappointed with this but once you leave the country we can’t state the quality of service you’ll receive abroad when connected to other networks.

  604. Steff E

    @ Alex Harkness – Hi Alex, thanks for getting in touch 🙂 Whilst you’re in the USA you shouldn’t need to dial a code first, just click the UK number you want to call in your contacts list and it should connect through. Did you switch on your international roaming before you left? If not then you won’t be able to make calls, send texts or use data abroad. If you don’t think you’ve done it post us your email address (don’t worry we won’t publish it), we’ll send you out an email asking for your details, once we have your reply we’ll enable it for you 🙂

  605. Rikki

    Text and calls working fine. Just the problem with data??

  606. Alex Harkness

    To use Feel at Home could please advise me what code to use to call/ text UK mobiles from the US, +44…. or 00144….

  607. Moderator: Allan

    @Rikki – Odd one Rikki. Are calls and texts working? If so, and it’s just data that’s not, it may be a local network provider issue. If it was a problem with the set up or account it should be all or nothing really.

  608. Rikki

    Currently in Florida at the moment, both mine and my wife’s iPhone 5s keep getting the message could not activate mobile data network. Keeps roaming between AT&T and Tmobile but no data on either even with a full 3G signal. Shame really as we have glorious 4G when home in Bristol.

  609. Michael

    Just a comment after using the service for a month in various large cities in the USA.
    The voice service is great but if your phone doesn’t have an “assisted dialling” feature like the iPhone you must add 01144 before calling UK numbers otherwise you get a service restricted message.
    The data service is slow, even with good 3G signal. You appear as being in the UK so in theory you could use iplayer however using anything like YouTube or Tune In Radio will likely fail most of the time as the video/audio buffers continuously. According to the twitter team this is down to T-Mobile or AT&T but I got them to work better using a VPN, search the App Store for your device and you should find one.

  610. Moderator: Nicki

    @ian – Hi there, I’m afraid the E5331 will not work in the USA. The devices that will work are the ZTE MF730M dongle and the Huawei E5372 Mobile Wi-Fi device.

  611. ian

    Hi Team,
    Will a E5331 work in the USA?

  612. Moderator: Lauren

    Chas – it’s only the Huawei E5372 MiFi that works in the US. Sorry.

  613. Moderator: Lauren

    @Swifty – we’re looking at expanding this, keep an eye on the blog to see if any other countries are added.

  614. Chas

    @Lauren – Hi and thanks for the reply.

    I also have a Huawei E5332 mifi device, would that work in USA? Assuming it does, do I need to do anything to change the APN settings or will it work automatically based on the existing setup for three?

    Thanks for your help…

  615. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chas – I’m afraid that won’t work in the US. Our Huawei E5756 MiFi works in the US, as do our iPads.

  616. Swifty

    I really need this to come to Canada, my job has me out there several times a year.

  617. Chas

    Hi three team, I have a Huawei E3231 usb dongle which I use with one of your 1Gb 30 day prepaid data sims for mobile broadband access. Would this dongle + sim work via “Feel at Home” in the USA, or do I need a different dongle / mifi device? Thanks…

  618. Moderator: Pamela

    @Joel That’s correct Joel, you’d be charged to call Hong Kong numbers but, if you use Viber, it will come out of your data allowance. Thanks, Pamela

  619. Joel

    Hi if I use my phone in hk to call a hk mobile no. And it’s not free /allowance ? Right ! But I can use the apps viber to call ? And whatsapp …..etc ? Thx !

  620. Moderator: Pamela

    @guy Yes, that one is compatible with US networks Guy. Thanks, Pamela

  621. guy

    Will e5220 mi Fi device work in USA ??

  622. Moderator: Pamela

    @April Really sorry to hear this April. Did you reboot your phone at all when you were there? Thanks, Pamela

  623. April

    I was excited to have this available for my trip to USA. I have been between Seattle, WA to Portland,OR for past 3 weeks with poor coverage. I had good connections for maybe 5 of the days without connecting to another server and I was roughly in the same areas as I was previously without connections. Ironically I got great coverage across the Canadian border where I racked up a £17 charge in a few minutes forgetting it wasn’t covered there. Disappointed and frustrated as I was going to get a pay as you go for a month and didn’t as I thought this would do the trick.

  624. Moderator: Pamela

    @David Do you mean you managed to make a call using Wi-Fi? Was it a Skype call? You shouldn’t have to disable anything. Thanks, Pamela

  625. Moderator: Pamela

    @David Hmmm it could just be T-Mobile USA isn’t available there – you can use AT&T too. Have you tried rebooting your phone? How long have you been away for? Thanks, Pamela

  626. Moderator: Pamela

    @Becca C – Becca this will be fine, just keep in mind there’s still limitations. I’ve taken a paragraph directly from our website that covers this for you.

    If your allowance is for All-You-Can-Eat data, you can use up to 25GB when you’re in a Feel At Home destination. If it is for All-You-Can-Eat texts, you can use up to 5,000 texts and if you have 3,000 or more minutes included in your allowance, up to 3,000 minutes can be used as part of Feel At Home. If you use more than these amounts in any 2 months within a 12-month period, it could affect your roaming services and prevent you from using international roaming in the future. We’d tell you about this first. It’s to make sure all of our customers can enjoy Feel At Home fairly http://bit.ly/1bh9okE

    Does that help?

    Thanks, Pamela

  627. David

    OK, situation is clearer. I attached to local Wi-fi and was able to make phone call. Looks like the phone in attempting to attach to data signal was attaching to frequency which was blocked ie 3G service. Useful to know – if your phone calls are blocked try disabling data roaming!

  628. David

    Hi, any idea why my Feel@Home worked perfectly in Newark airport but is not working down here in North Carolina despite being attached to what Claire described as your preferred roaming partner ie TMobile. When I try to make a call I get a message saying that the service is restricted and if I open a web browser I get redirected to mobile.three.co.uk/introwm/grid?

  629. Becca C

    So a payg with all in one for £15 can be used for calls, texts and data in USA? I asked in store the other day and guy wasn’t sure..

  630. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul – Hi, you can use a Samsung Galaxy Fame to roam in the USA but we can’t guarantee 3G will work on AT&T network but may work on Tmobile who are our roaming partners there. You will be able to use calls and texts on either network.
    In regards to the PAYG SIM, you need to top up to activate it and it is already available to use for roaming, the 30 day rule is only for contracts. The mobile broadband SIM will work that way as once you top up you have 3 months to use this wither in the UK or USA. Hope this helps! 🙂

  631. Paul

    Three questions: can you tell me if the Samsung Galaxy Fame will roam to the USA (New York City) with 3G speeds?

    Also – to quality for Feel At Home I realise you have to be a customer for 30 days before travel – what does this mean? ie is it enough to have got a PAYG sim and turned the phone on (but not spent any money)?

    Final question: can you confirm that the mobile broadband PAYG SIMs (e.g. 3Gig for 3 months) will allow Feel at Home? ie if I buy 3Gig for 3 months now, travel in say a months time I can use what is left of my 3Gig in the USA?

    Many thanks!

  632. Moderator: Claire

    @James – Hi, the Moto G will work fine on 3G in the USA as its quad band. Thanks.

  633. Moderator: Claire

    @GCoulson – Hi, we have sent you an email. Thanks.

  634. GCoulson

    Yup. Still having issues. Can reach me on [removed by mod]…that would be great.

  635. James

    @Claire – I’m using the Moto G and looking for 3G coverage.

  636. Moderator: Claire

    @David Tang – Hi, you need to activate international roaming before going travelling. You can do this on my3 here and it may take up to 24 hours to activate. Thanks.

  637. David Tang

    Hi, my dad has gone to Hong Kong and he’s been on a Sim only contract with three for about two years now. He landed about 5 hours ago and has switched his phone on and off a few times but cannot get 3HK. I had roaming enabled in the phone settings before he left. Is it possible that his account doesn’t have international roaming enabled? I thought it was automatically turned on after 30 days into a contract?

  638. Moderator: Claire

    @Michael – Hi, we take on board your comments but this is a business decision we have taken. Once you are back in the UK we can reactivate your service. Thanks.

  639. Moderator: Claire

    @James – Hi, are you talking about 3G or 4G frequencies? We can’t guarantee 4G speeds but can guarantee 3G speeds as our roaming partners are Tmobile and AT&T. What type of phone are you using? As long as your phone has tri-band capabilities it may work, quad-band works better by picking up more frequencies.

  640. Moderator: Claire

    @Aaron – Hi, yes after 3 months of using Feel at Home you will be charged. You can check charges here. We only give 3 months of the year to use the Feel at Home service so if you do come back to the UK and want to use the service again you won’t be able to until a year has passed. In regards to another Three user in the USA, this won’t be charged as long as you stay within both your allowances. Hope this makes the service clearer 🙂

  641. Moderator: Claire

    @GCoulson – Hi, are you still having this issue? If so can you confirm your email address and we’ll check this for you. Thanks.

  642. Moderator: Claire

    @Daniel – Hi, sorry for the confusion – if you buy the pay as you go SIM you can use Feel at Home immediately but if you decide to take a contract SIM there can be a 30 days wait time.

  643. Michael

    Hi Three team,
    That’s a really great innovation. But for those who are emigrating for a year and still want to be reached for receiving texts when abroad it would be nice to fall back to the more expensive roaming rates that you get with non Feel at Home destinations after 3 months, rather than just disabling the account.

    How exactly did your techs implement the logic to disable the roaming after 3 months…
    If I turn my 3 phone on one day per month for 3 months when I’m in a Feel at Home destination and it only ever connects to a partner network does it then become disabled on the first day of the following month for the rest of the year?

    I’d rather pay the higher roaming rates to receive texts on my prepaid phone when in feel like home countries than have people not be able to reach me when I’m interning abroad.

  644. James

    I’m a SIM only One Plan customer. I know the US uses some different frequencies – what frequencies does my phone have to support to roam in the US in and around the Boston, MA area?

  645. Aaron

    Hi.Love the idea of this F@H. Got quite a few questions 😀

    I will be working across USA from 26 May to 1 September. Does this mean that after the 26August I will begin to get charged for the final week of being in USA?

    Also; another Three customer will also be in the USA during the same time. Will my free 3to3 minutes still be active to call them for whilst they are in the US, and their regular inclusive minutes be free to call me, with no added costs to either of us?

    Another one; after returning to the UK, does this mean if I went on a regular short holiday to a F@H country, I would not be able to use F@H as the three months per year had already been used?


  646. GCoulson

    Thanks Chris. Data roaming on. And t mobile and a&t available however trying to connect manually to either carrier gives a you’re sim card is not able connect to this network error. Is my international roaming not set up yet/correctly? Appreciate the help…can pm my email if needed. G

  647. Daniel

    I’m confused. There seems to be conflicting replies by moderator Chris (17th April) and moderator Richard (9th April). One is saying that there is a 30 days lead time and then other seem to suggest I can just pop my sim in and go. Can some one kindly clarify if I just get the £15 pay as you go sim, whilst not being a previous customer of three, will I be a able to use feel at home immediately or is there a 30 days wait time?

  648. Moderator: Chris

    @GCoulson – That’s not great news 🙁 Can you double check that you’ve enabled data roaming from your phone? If this isn’t working try manually selecting a network. Which country are you in? If none of these steps work let me know which email address is best to get you on and I’ll be in touch for more info. Cheers.

  649. GCoulson

    Help! In florida and trying to use feel at home but can’t seem to get internationa l roaming to work. Don have pc access. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance

  650. Moderator: Chris

    @P – Hey there, Canada isn’t included under Feel at Home for the moment I’m afraid 🙁 You can find out the international charges for Canada here – http://bit.ly/1gOWTnQ. Enjoy your trip, eh? 😉

  651. P

    Will I get charged if I use my phone in Canada, or is it included in the feel at home plan?

  652. Moderator: Chris

    @Al – Glad to hear it 🙂 Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

  653. al

    Thank you. That helps. I turned on roaming by calling Three when my first 30 days was over and I have turned on roaming on my Nexus 5. Result, it now works.

  654. Moderator: Chris

    @al – We mean both Al, you’ll need to make sure that you’re switched on for international roaming at our end and also have data roaming enabled from your device for Feel at Home to work. Without this, your phone blocks all data. Can you check that you have mobile data/data roaming enabled and get back to me?

  655. Moderator: Chris

    @Bob – Hey there, I’m afraid you’re right in saying you would need to have the sim at least 30 days before you left for it to work on Feel at Home 🙁

  656. al

    What do you mean by ‘activated international roaming’? Do you mean turning on data roaming on my phone or do you mean as in calling Three to turn on roaming? Or do you mean both.

    Please reply, I am in the US now and would like to use this,l. I told Three I was travelling, they turned on roaming, but do I turn it on only phone too or will that trigger incurring standard charges.

    Your instructions are not clear about this at all.

  657. Bob

    Hi there,

    This sounds fantastic – I’m visiting the US in a couple of weeks, does this mean I can purchase a PAYG SIM and pop that in my phone to use whilst over there? Or, have I stumbled across this too late as there’s a 30 day lead time 🙁


  658. Moderator: Chris

    @BenS – Hey Ben, we really couldn’t comment on what kind of speeds you’re getting on someone else’s network since it’s not something that we can control. Your best bet would be to speak to them about this. In regards to 4G, this type of roaming isn’t currently supported on our network but we’re looking into this at the moment. Sorry you’re disappointed.

  659. BenS

    I’m currently in Australia and the speeds are incredibly slow. I have a friend who is on the same network, but is a local and he is getting 4g! Howcome I can’t get 4g on that network and why is the 3G I can get so slow it’s faster to walk to the nearest mcdonalds and use their free wifi?

  660. Moderator: Chris

    @Roundtheworld – Afraid I can’t see any other posts from you on my end “/ Could you send your question in again and I’ll be happy to answer it?

  661. Roundtheworld

    Can you answer my previous question please. Even if it’s just in a private email.. It was sent within the last week or two.

  662. Moderator: Ahmed

    @simon – Hi, great to hear you’re making the most of Feel at Home out there 🙂 As long as the accounts have international roaming activated on them then you should be able to connect to the networks there and enjoy roaming in the sun 🙂 Our roaming partners in the US are AT&T and T-Mobile USA. Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks.

  663. Moderator: Ahmed

    @sn – Hi there, whatever Add-On you decide to buy out the two you’ll be able to use the full allowance of what they offer.

  664. sn

    If I buy the payg all in one15 add on, then I understand that the data on this will be restricted to 25mb in the usa. If instead I get the all in one10 with 500mb data then I would be able to use the full 500mb in the USA. Have I understood this correctly? Thanks.

  665. simon

    Great news that I can use Feel at Home on my new PAYG sim in the USA straight away after top up. Will I be able to get 3G data in Orlando on my Nexus 4, iphone4, iphone5, sony xperia U and Motorola Defy (parents and kids phones!) Thanks.

  666. Moderator: Richard

    Glad you like it, @Simon 🙂 You sure can! You’re all ready to go as soon as you pop the SIM in and top up. The best value would be to get one of our PAYG add ons. http://bit.ly/1mitdmr >Rich

  667. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Rob Shaw – Hi Rob, we’re always looking to add countries to the list so while it may not show there at the moment that could very well change in future. Keep your eyes peeled on the website for any updates but we’ll also make sure to let customers know if there’s any changes or additions to the Feel at Home service.

  668. Rob Shaw

    Any plans to add Germany to the list of countries?

    I travel there 3 times a year and I’m always frustrated at lack of internet for the duration of my stay…

  669. simon

    Hi, I just heard about your Feel at Home feature and think its a great idea. My question is that I will be visiting the USA in the next week and want to know if I can use Feel at Home with a PAYG Sim if I purchase now? Thanks.

  670. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Neil Brenner – Hi Neil, thanks for the great feedback 😀 Always nice to hear. Unfortunately, we don’t have any news just yet on those countries being added to our Feel at Home but we are actively looking to add countries to the list.

  671. Neil Brenner

    Hi there, I’m loving my 4G. Thanks.

    Re Feel at Home. I am shortly to travel to both Poland and Portugal. What are the chances of having Feel at Home up and running in those countries by August 2014? Are there any roll-out plans that you can share with us?

  672. Moderator: Ahmed

    @GORDON – Hi Gordon, as long as you’re both in a Feel at Home country and have your international roaming activated on your accounts then you’ll be able to call each other as they’re both UK numbers. Hope this helps.

  673. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Carli – Hi there, Mexico isn’t on that list just at the moment I’m afraid 🙁 But we’re always looking to add other popular countries to our list so it’s worth keeping an eye out on our website for any changes in the near future 🙂

  674. GORDON

    When in the USA are calls to other three customers who are also in the USA included?

  675. Carli

    Is mexico a feel at home destination?

  676. Moderator: Kris

    @Deb Yes! Thanks to Feel At Home, this is a reality!

  677. Deb

    Will be in Hong Kong in June 2014.
    We have two 24 month contract plans and one PAYG plan, all on THREE.
    Will we be able to call each other using our inclusive minutes whilst we are all in Hong Kong?

  678. Moderator: Kris

    @Dave I was supposed to be heading to Florida in May this year as well, but a pricey Christmas scuppered my plans! We could have been Space Mounatin buddies!

    We have an agreement with various networks in various countries, including the USA, that allows our customers to use their allowances just like they would in the UK. Therefore you’ll avoid roaming charges by simply not having them! The only thing you will find restricted is your ability to tether and you’ll not be able to access 4G while over there, but everything else will be exactly as it would be here. We’d also advise that you have your International Roaming switched on before you go!

  679. Dave

    I am visiting Florida in May his year and plan to take my iPhone 5s with me. I have unlimited all you can eat data and 100 minutes. I understand I can use my data and calls whilst in the USA, how can 3 do this ? How do I avoid roaming charges ?
    Very confused.

  680. Moderator: Stephie

    @Ralph – Hi Ralph, There is no plans for Feel at Home in Canada at the moment. We would advise using wifi as much as possible to avoid charges.

  681. Ralph

    Hi there, any chance you could add Canada tomorrow please 🙂 it cost me £10 to find our hotel on the iPhone map app yesterday… Won’t be using 3G again in a hurry! Eek

  682. Moderator: Madeline

    @Susan – Hi there, we don’t have any information on whether or not Switzerland will be added as one of our Feel at Home destinations. We’re looking to increase our list of destinations this year 🙂

  683. Susan

    Are you planning to add Switzerland, by any chance? I’m spending a month there soon, and “Feel at Home” calls would be lovely…

  684. Ash

    Just found about this service as I’m travelling to the US in the next month. I have to say I’m blown away by this, have paid a small fortune in roaming charges before so much so that I even bought Global Sim card on my previous trip. I guess that can now go in the bin! There is only one criticism I have, why I did I not find out about this sooner? You guys should be shouting this from the rooftops!! Well done Three, please keep adding more countries.

  685. Moderator: Pamela

    @Nathan They’ll be charged for a normal UK call, this would also be the case even if you weren’t using Feel At Home. Thanks, Pamela

  686. Nathan

    Hi, If I am roaming in the US and I receive a call, I know I wont have to pay to receive but will the caller get charged as a local call to UK or will they get charged as if I was in the US? even though I am on F@H?

  687. Moderator: Claire

    @Mark – Hi, as an existing customer you can upgrade to a SIM only contract and it won’t affect you roaming abroad. 🙂 Thanks.

  688. Mark

    I’m out of contract with Three, but I’m still paying my full monthly fee as I haven’t upgraded.

    I like my existing phone, and I’d like to take out a 12 month SIM only plan and keep my existing number.

    As an existing customer, will I be allowed to use roaming while abroad immediately if I swap to a SIM only plan??

    Your website says that anyone on a SIM only deal has to wait two months before roaming is allowed. Doe this apply to existing customers who downgrade??

    Thank you 🙂

  689. Steff E

    @ David – Hi David, great question! Not too sure about Canada but we’re planning on adding more countries to the list so keep your eyes peeled!

  690. David

    Any plans to do something similar for Canada…. please say yes….. go on go on….

  691. Steff E

    @ Rob – Hey Rob, well I’m glad you’re thinking of coming to Three 🙂 Yes it supports 3G although the level of coverage you’ll get in America can’t be guaranteed. Here’s some more information on Feel at Home –> http://bit.ly/1clf5Th http://bit.ly/1bh9okE Any more questions just give us a shout 🙂

  692. Rob

    Just a quick one –

    Currently on Voda but thinking of leaving when contract ends shortly and heading to US this Summer. Does Feel at Home Support 3G in the US?

  693. Steff E

    @ Peter Proxy – Hi Peter, thanks for getting in touch! If you use this for a full calender month 3 times in a 12 month period we reserve the right to suspend international roaming on your account. Everything you need to know about Feel at Home can be found here —> http://bit.ly/1bh9okE and here are the Ts&Cs for it —> http://bit.ly/1kkZbvV Any more questions just give us a shout 🙂

  694. Peter Proxy

    Is there a maximum number of days you can use this? I’ll be there for a few months in the summer, so thinking i’ll not bother getting a local sim.

  695. Moderator: Chris

    @Richard – Hey there, glad to hear that you’re happy with the new feel at home service 🙂 At the moment 4G isn’t supported for feel at home but we’re always looking for ways to improve it so this could very well be something that comes into play in the future.

  696. Richard


    I am a resident of Northern Ireland and close to the border. I am very pleased with the ability to cross the border and use my UK One Plan tariff for data, calls etc – the coverage is very good.

    One question – I have a new Three UK Galaxy S4 (4G) – Three Ireland has started to roll out 4g – does ‘feel at home’ allow roaming onto 4g specifically on Three Ireland – if so will the phone auto connect.

  697. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Liam – Hi Liam, if you pop along to this link and select the country you’re interested in from the drop down menu it’ll show you the roaming partners we have in various countries. Hope this helps.

  698. Liam


    It’s been mentioned in some replies but is there any webpage which states which networks you are in partnership with for ‘Feel at home’?


  699. Moderator: Ahmed

    @jason – Hi Jason, yep that’s right. Feel at Home applies to your UK plan working in one of the Feel at Home countries – so calls, text and data to the UK 🙂 Hope this helps

  700. jason

    ok…so if I am in the usa…and on a 3 contract…does the “feel at home” bit…include texts?

  701. Moderator: Chris

    @MartinBen – Glad to hear that you’re happy with the new service 🙂 Hopefully we’ll be able to include even more countries as time goes on.

  702. MartinBen

    This USA tie-up came at a great time as I was planning to go there for the New Year and was thinking about getting a phone whilst I was out there. Took my own 3mobile instead 🙂

  703. simon

    Thanks Kris

  704. Moderator: Kris

    @simon The operator in question would be the best point of contact for this.

  705. simon

    Hi Kris – many thanks – can you tell me where I can find this out as the post, operator, and shop did not explain it was network dependent (I specifically asked the operator about Vodafone).

    Kind regards


  706. Moderator: Kris

    @simon Apologies, I should have clarified that it would be network and tariff dependent. If they are on Three, then they wouldn’t be charged, but other networks may vary on this.

  707. simon

    Thanks Kris

    You say that the person calling may be charged international rates but in one of the posts below it said they wouldn’t as they would be calling a UK number. Also, one of your operators and one of your shops also said that they would not be charged international rates for calls and texts – please can you clarify which it is?

    Many thanks


  708. Moderator: Kris

    @simon Calls you receive won’t come out of your minutes, just like they don’t do that in the UK. The person calling you may be charged international rates, but you won’t be. You should be looking to connect to AT&T or T-Mobile in the USA, so if your phone doesn’t connect automatically to it, you should find them manually.

  709. simon

    If someone calls me from UK and I am on feel at home in USA, does their call come out of my 3000 minutes call allowance?

    Also, will my phone automatically switch to the appropriate US network or do I have to set this manually?

    Many thanks


  710. Moderator: Kris

    @Dave You’ll both have Feel At Home when in the USA, so you’ll be able to use your phones just like you do here, for calls, texts and data, at no extra cost =)

  711. Moderator: Kris

    @Dave To activate International Roaming, your quickest way to do so is to call in on 333 or 0843 373 3333 or tweet our @ThreeUKSupport feed in regards to it.

  712. Dave

    sorry, also if my wife takes her 3 mobile and i call her whilst we are both in the USA does that incur a charge?

  713. Dave

    Hi, do i have to do anything to my phone to start the international roaming, i have an iphone 5, I am due to go to America for 2 weeks on holiday in a few months, which networks can i use to enable the feel at home package?


  714. Moderator: Kris

    @Jonathan M As long as you have credit on your sim and international roaming active, there’s nothing stopping you from using it in the USA for Feel At Home straight away, Jonathan. If you were on a contracted plan, you’d not be able to use it within the first 30 days outside the UK, but on PAYG, you can use it as soon as you like =)

  715. Moderator: Kris

    @Gary With Macau being an Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, much like Hong Kong, it has a separate network agreement from what we have with China, so Guangdong and Jiangmen would not be applicable for Feel At Home use.

  716. Jonathan M

    Is there a minimum time for me to have a PAYG sim before it will work abroad?
    For example If i get a sim this week will i be able to use it in ‘feel at home mode’ when I go to the states at the end of the month.


  717. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Jay – That’s right Jay. You can use your normal allowances available to you in the UK in any of our Feel at Home locations as if you were in the UK! 🙂 Of course, as the link shows, the USA, in which case Florida, is one of these locations.

  718. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Craig – I know what you mean Craig but unfortunately it won’t work like that. Your SIM will register on a foreign network of a day. When that happens and your next 3 months connections are continually on that foreign network, regardless of regular pre meditated intervals, you’ll be seen to have been using Feel at Home for that period of time.

  719. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Perry – That’s right Perry. You need to be connecting to one of our US partners networks. You won’t have to worry about connecting to another network and being charged so. You’ll only connect to our partners.

  720. Gary

    Hi, am I right in thinking that with Macau being included, my upcoming trip to Jiangmen and Guangzhou should be included in ‘Feel at Home’?

  721. Moderator: Pamela

    @Chris Canada isn’t one of our Feel At Home countries. We’ve not had any info on possible new counties being added at the moment – if we do, we’ll be sure to update our Blog 🙂 Pamela

  722. Jay

    Hi guys,

    Just to confirm the Feel at Home package allows you to use your phone as normal in selected country’s without any additional charges?

    I ask as were off on holiday to florida for 3 weeks in a few days & when visited a few years ago it was cheaper to buy a payg phone whilst over there.

  723. Perry

    You state AT&T and T Mobile are the carriers for feel at home does that mean to use feel at home I must be connected to these only or will I be able to use with any carrier in the USA. I understand my phone will connect to the strongest signal automatically when turned on and worried it’s not a carrier you list and I get charged?

  724. Craig

    I will be in the USA for 5 months continuously for work. I am pay as you go (sim only) and usually get the All-in-One 15 bundle.

    I know that the Feel-At-Home is “only” good for 3 x 1 full calendar month use before it may be restricted.

    Can I ration my use by removing my sim every other week so that I have some cover for the entire 5 months?

    (I put “only” in quotes because it really is a good deal regardless of the 3 month limit- thank you.)

  725. Chris

    Im going to Canada soon and was wondering if this Feel At Home is available there or when will it be?

  726. Moderator: Allan

    @SL – No cap, but remember you’re using another network so the speed you’ll receive is dependant on them.

  727. SL

    I was in HK over Xmas and NY and Feel At Home was very handy but can you explain why the data speed was so slow as I was only getting 0.15Mbps download and around 0.3Mbps upload. I was using the Three HK network all the time. Do you have a speed cap when roaming in Feel At Home countries?

  728. Moderator: Nicki

    @guy – Hi, if you’re making continued use of Feel at Home while travelling then your services will be restricted. This will happen after your 3rd month of continued usage while travelling. We’d inform you before any restrictions take place.

  729. Moderator: Nicki

    @INDIGO – Hi there, I’ve checked with our roaming guys and they’ve advised that our customers have never been able to access 4G while roaming in the USA. Since the introduction of Feel at Home there hasn’t been anything done in regards to 3G/4G coverage outside the UK and our agreements with our roaming partners remain untouched.

  730. guy

    Apologies if this has already been explained but I just wanted to clarify something ? The description of using the 3 feel at hone for a full calender month, 3 times in a 12 month period ?? I have just returned from 2 weeks in the U.S using this service which was excellent.. Off to Switzerland for 1 week next month & 2 weeks in thailand in March..I know I will not have the feel at home service in these countries but what concerns me is when I return to the U.S in June.. I plan to spend approx 4-5 months travelling there before heading into Central America for the winter..will my service be interrupted after my first 2 months of my summer trip ?? If someone is a traveller this feel at home service is very restrictive.. Are you able to ‘allay’ my concerns please ?

  731. Moderator: Nicki

    @Pete – Hi, it’ll cover your allowances (ie UK 01, 02, 03 and certain 07 numbers). Any calls to the US will be charged at standard roaming rates.

  732. Moderator: Nicki

    @Pm – Hi, With PAYG roaming is activated straight away as you can only spend what you have available. It’s only contract customers that have roaming restricted to begin with 🙂

  733. INDIGO

    Feel @ Home in the USA is great, but why can’t I no longer get 4G LTE on AT&T on my iPhone 5 like I used to before Three UK implemented “Feel at Home” on 04 December 2013???

  734. Pete

    I am travelling to the US next week and would like to know whether calls to US numbers while in the US (local numbers – not mobiles) will be included in my allowance, or would this be charged?

  735. Pm


    I am currently tied in with another company but my phone is sim free. I’m looking at switching to three after my contract is up. I’m going to Florida in March. Could I get a payg sim to use when I’m in Florida? And if so do I need to get one in fen to cover the 30 day rule or is that waived with payg?


  736. Neil

    Just fantastic you now have the US as one of your countries to use your normal allowance. This will save me a small fortune. (Might mean another Mall trip if the wife finds out tho!!!!!) Well done 3 another great service from a truly great company. Thanks.

  737. Ray

    @Bernadette hopefully it does, as I can see many people have been asking the same question. So let see what is on the horizon if three do manage to come to an agreement with the Canadian networks.

  738. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Chris – sorry Chris but I cant seem to find your conversation you have had with us. What are you trying to find out about Canada? Thanks >Bernie

  739. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Ray – We are always working to add new countries to our Feel at Home. So fingers crossed Canada will become one of those places we have an agreement with the network. Don’t have any specific countries I can advise you of just now though. >Bernie

  740. Chris

    will this be going into canada?

  741. Ray

    Since the USA is on the list, do you reckon there will be any deal with the Canadian network for three as it is the same country code?

  742. Moderator: Stephie

    @alison – Hi Alison, Mexico is not included in Feel At Home. Calls/SMS/Data in this country would be charged at standard international rates. You can find all the information here – http://bit.ly/1bJUNSB

  743. alison

    Is Mexico included in this feel at home? If not what would be the best way to make calls to UK from Mexico?

  744. Moderator: Daniela

    @Pat We don’t have any information about Thailand being added at the moment but keep your eyes on our website for any updates 🙂

  745. Pat

    Any idea when Thailand will become part of it? When I joined 3 in November I was told that Thailand was on the list together with the US. I have seen the US is now on.. what about Thailand? I am travelling there mid Feb and it would be lovely it was part of ‘Feel at home’ by then!

  746. Moderator: Lauren

    @Thomas – glad to hear it! Happy internetting 🙂

  747. Moderator: Lauren

    @Angela – you can only use it for 3 months within a 12 month period, for full info please check here.

  748. Thomas

    Excellent news. Just landed in Arizona, didn’t know this so was very happily surprised when I got the text letting me know. This is the best service of any network!

  749. Angela Kerr

    Can someone please advise me that in September before my son went travelling for twelve months and we enquired about feel at home whilst in Australia were we never told that you can only use for 3 months! 3 phone calls as well! My son even took out a sim for his iPad .the site doesn’t actually say 3 months it says more like if you use your minutes ! internet texts to excess we can stop your roaming at our discretion . It would be nice for once to get accurate information from 3 I’ve been with you for years and can honestly say this and also being charged for 12 months for anminternet account I don’t have has gone toomfarbthis time

  750. Moderator: Stephie

    @Richard – Hi Richard, You’ll be able to use your UK allowance in the USA with our Feel at Home service. You’ll find all the information you need to know here: http://bit.ly/1bh9okE

  751. Angela

    Hi we took out contracts for my son as he was going Australia and advised can use in Australia no extra charge. I ave just called to ask a question about this and I’m now being told can only use for 3 months ?? No where can I find this information on the site. What is the correct version, he can use for the next 12 months or just 3 months

  752. Moderator: Stephie

    @Stuart – Glad to hear that you’re a fan of Feel at Home Stuart 🙂 Unfortunately we don’t have anything for UAE at the moment though.

  753. Moderator: Stephanie C

    @Les – With Feel at Home You will be charged reduced roaming rates. These rates are; 20p per minute to make calls, 7p per text and 10p per MB. All information can be found on our Feel at Home page here:http://bit.ly/1bh9okE

  754. Moderator: Stephanie C

    @Nancy – Hi Nancy, not to worry your daughter will be able to use our Feel at Home service when she is in the USA. You would however, be best to check her My3 account before she goes to make sure she has the service enabled.
    You can find full information about Feel at Home here: http://bit.ly/1bh9okE

  755. Richard

    I am thinking of going to Las Vegas in the USA i am on a 3 contract will I be able to make phone calls to Uk numbers and Mobile numbers in the Uk and will this come out of my allowance
    Will I also be able to use my all you can eat data (internet) whilst in Las Vegas USA without incurring any charges
    regards Richard

  756. Les

    What rate will be charged for calls in the USA to UK numbers when using PAYG with 3-2-1 rates?
    With F@H I was expecting the 3p-2p-1p rates to apply, however this page indicates that roaming rates apply:
    e.g. 20p pm for calls to UK

  757. Stuart

    I was in Rome in October, Salzburg in December and Feel at Home was an added bonus. I shall now be travelling to Dubai at the end of February so my question is simple….Any chance of adding the UAE by this time?

  758. Nancy

    Daughter is going to new york in April with school. She has unlimited data, free 3 to 3 calls, 500 mins and 5000 texts, both of us are on 3. Before i let her take her phone am i right that she can use this to call home landline or mobile and upload pics to fb and use 3g at no extra cost. Is there any useage limitations too. Just scared of her coming back with massive bill

  759. Moderator: Pamela

    @Chris If you’re using a UK mobile, the person calling you would never be charged regardless of where you are. The charge of the call is picked up by you but, since you’re in the USA, you won’t be charged. Does that help? 🙂 Pamela

  760. Chris

    If someone wants to phone my 3 mobile from the uk on another network mobile while i am in the USA would that be counted in normal monthly minutes of their plan or would they be charged a higher rate?

    In the UK they can call my 3 mobile and it is included in their monthly minutes so wondered where they would stand calling it when i am using feel at home in US?

  761. Moderator: Allan

    @Mac – As far as we know this won’t work while dialling US numbers in the US. It would only work while in the UK. Thanks

  762. Mac

    Yes, it is on a page on the Three website entitled “International dialling codes for cheaper Pay As You Go calls” – here –

    Will that work whilst in the US?

    Thanks – and sorry if this is pedantic

  763. Moderator: John

    @Mac – Just to clarify, if you were calling a US number from a UK mobile within the UK, that would incur international charges. Is the 424 prefix our International Saver code? If not, could we ask where you got this from please?

  764. Mac

    Sorry, I am not understanding these replies. When I am at home and I want to call a US number I can do so cheaply by prefixing the number with 424. When I take my UK phone/sim/number to the US and I am using the F@H service – can I still use that 424 prefix for cheap calls from the UK phone to a USA number?

  765. Moderator: John

    @Mac – If a UK number is calling another UK number, then you will be able to enjoy the Feel at Home benefits whilst abroad in the designated countries. This applies even if you were calling a UK number whilst in the US from a UK number that is also in the US.

  766. Mac

    Is it not still UK to USA even though I am physically in the USA?

  767. Moderator: Kris

    @Mac That will be a prefix for calling from the UK to the USA, so likely won’t work for USA to USA calls.

  768. Mac

    In the UK I can call USA cheaply by prefixing with 424 – does that work when I am in the USA using F@H

  769. Moderator: Kris

    @Keith Hepburn Feel At Home works exactly as it sounds liek it should, so anythign you do on your plan at home, you can do in our F@H countries. Call wise, you can ring any UK mobile or landline number, text any UK mobile and use your data like you would at home (apart from tethering it). Calls to local numbers in the US would be chargeable, just as they would if you were calling the US from the UK.

  770. Moderator: Kris

    @Imtiyaz Khan It’s not something we have on the plan just yet, but with the growing popularity of F@H, it should expand to more countries fairly soon.

  771. Moderator: Kris

    @stew You can check which networks we have agreements with in those countries by visiting our International and Roaming page, which can be found here.

  772. Keith Hepburn


    I was pleased to find I could use my phone in Miami recently.

    However, it still scares the like out of me using a mobile abroad with the risks of cost.

    My query is in regards to calls.

    Lets assume I called the UK Landline or Mobile would this still come under my plan. Also, if I called a local number would this also be included in the plan?

    I’m on the One deal.

    I only used the internet in Miami airport, and text messages.


  773. Moderator: Kris

    @Phab Who deleted your posts and from where?

  774. Imtiyaz khan

    plz add INDIA in Feel At Home

  775. stew

    Hi, I’m going to Amsterdam in two weeks and then on to Dubai. So Three have any roaming agreementsin with Holland or the UAE?

  776. Moderator: Madeline

    @Chris – Hi Chris, If you use Feel At Home exclusively for a full calendar month, at least three times in any 12 month period, we reserve the right to suspend international roaming on your account. This means you wouldn’t be able to use your Three device abroad. Don’t worry, we’d let you know before we did this.

  777. Chris

    I work in US on a 6 weeks on and 6 weeks off will I be penalised for using this service on a regular basis

  778. Moderator: John

    @Chris – You’ll be able to enjoy the awesome benefits of the Feel at Home even when you’re over in Hawaii. Hope you have a great time!

  779. Phab

    They deleted all my posts!
    They charged me 3 pounds because I’m in Boston!!!

  780. Steff E

    @Pretesh – Hmm, that’s a bit strange. Did you fly directly to Vegas or did you have to stop off in a European Destination?

  781. Chris Thomson


    Does the feel at home in the USA include Hawaii?


  782. PRETESH

    I am having the sane issue as Rebecca who posted on 09.12.13. I have inclusive min data and Txt. But when arriving in Vegas on 25 dec 2013 switched on phone the phone wanted on Tmobile roaming when I checked my 3 page for charges I see I have racked up £1.90 under the heading of europass how comes?

  783. Moderator: Allan

    @Colin – Which network you connect to i.e 3G/4G while using a foreign network is at that networks discretion. There is nothing in the Feel At Home agreement limiting this. However, as most networks charge a premium for this service (unlike us) it’s not something I’d expect when abroad. Thanks

  784. Colin

    Again, excellent coverage here in NYC. However, I didn’t seem to connect to any 4G networks on my iPad mini despite lots of adverts and phone shops advertising city-wide coverage. I’ve got the carrier update and have turned on the 4G button, so surely I would be able to connect, or is the F@H deal restricted to 3G & Edge?

  785. Moderator: Nicki

    @Colin – Glad you approve. Safe trip 🙂

  786. Colin

    That was superb today. Great 3G wandering around Chicago, iMessage worked perfectly and I needed to check the map and get online to compare prices. As I’m on the iPhone 4s, I can’t check the 4g speeds, but will check on the iPad on Saturday in NYC. As a regular traveller to the USA this is an excellent benefit.

  787. guy


  788. Moderator: Allan

    @Guy – Our roaming partners in the USA are AT&T and T-mobile USA. Thanks

  789. guy

    Which networks are used in the US when roaming with feel at home ?

  790. Moderator: Nicki

    @Colin – Hi there, glad to hear things are working out well 🙂

    Speed test app shows either the location for where the IP address you’ve been given is registered to or the location of the testing server.

  791. Colin

    Have to say, so far so good and very impressed.

    Picked up 3G straight away and the speed is decent, both on my iPad and iPhone.

    Will send a test text tomorrow.

    Trying a speed test app, it says the server is in London. Is all traffic routed via the UK somehow?

  792. Moderator: Nicki

    @Colin – Nice one 🙂 Safe trip and enjoy!

  793. Colin

    Update : I called 3 customer services and International Roaming was already activated on my ipad. I guess all I need to do now is get to the USA tomorrow, switch on data roaming and surf away…..!?

  794. Colin

    Thanks @Nicki.

    Do I need to activate International Roaming by phone, as this sounds different to just switching on Data Roaming?

  795. Moderator: Nicki

    @Colin – Hi there, as long as international roaming is activated on your account you’ll be able to use Feel at Home. This is available to all our price plans so will include your broadband only packages.

  796. Moderator: Nicki

    @Manjit – Our parent company has a network in all the destinations except the USA. This has allowed us to arrange special rates and privileges for our UK customers when they travel. The 11 destinations abroad covered by Feel At Home are just the start. We are always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience when they’re abroad in EU and Non-EU destinations. We’ll keep you posted on an developments, so stay tuned.

  797. Colin

    So, when arriving in a F@H country, switch on data roaming and that’s it? Does it work on my ipad mini 3G with 5g of data per month too? Other posters comment on receiving a text saying it can be used, is this still the case?

  798. Manjit

    Spain is one of the most popular destination for Brits. So …. It seems very strange that it’s not part of the list. Very strange. Is it because it is too popular?

  799. Cenk

    Just switched from GiffGaff to Three, very excited regards Feel at Home and low cost data charges.Keep up the good work. Thank you

  800. Moderator: Kris

    @Mark Generally no, as it’s for UK to intenrational numbers only. However, it may be included as part of our Feel At Home proposition, where UK allowances and Add Ons can be used as normal in specified countries, but we are awaiting confirmation of this from our F@H folks.

  801. Moderator: Nicki

    @Greg – Hi there, I’m afraid the US Virgin Islands aren’t included.

  802. Moderator: Allan

    @Craig – You’ll be able to use it for the full two months Craig, no problem there. It’s for calling, texting UK numbers only. Just as your allowance works here in the UK. Thanks

  803. Moderator: Allan

    @Luke Stevens – Yes PAYG not affected by this. Can confirm that the issue leading to some customers being charged has also now been fixed. Thanks

  804. Luke Stevens

    @Nicki thats great, so there shouldn’t be any problems then. I only ask as my son who is travelling with me is on PAYG Three and I’m on contract? But from the sounds of it my son wouldn’t have ever had any trouble and I shouldn’t now anyway?

    When was the issue resolved as my wife is in the US already and experienced trouble being charged (She was since refunded)? Can I tell her its ok to use her phone now?

  805. Moderator: Nicki

    @Luke Stevens – Hi, if it’s an upgraded account the 30 day rule won’t apply as it’ll have already been served 🙂

  806. Moderator: Nicki

    @Luke Stevens – Hi, this was affecting a small number of our contract customers. This has since been fixed.

  807. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Rebecca – Hi we’re aware there was an issue with is and are working to resolve it. Customer’s who were charged when using Feel At Home will be refunded for any incorrect charges. We’d recommend speaking to our team on 333 about this once you are back. Sorry about that.

  808. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Jke – We’re always looking to add more countries to the list so if keep an eye out. If we do add Thailand we’ll be sure to let customers know 🙂 At the moment no news for now. Thanks

  809. Luke Stevens

    Is the issue in the US affecting both Pay as you and Pay monthly or just Pay monthly?

  810. Moderator: Ahmed

    @AJE – We base our Feel At Home countries around your travels 😛 Let us know when you’re next flying out so we can announce our next country 😉

  811. Rebecca

    My husband and I are currently on holiday in the states and both have three mobile contracts with unlimited data, text and minutes allowance (both in my name). When we arrived we both received a text saying we could use the ‘feel at home service’ so turned mobile data roaming on both our phones, yet we have been charged for using data & sending texts. Why have we been charged? Does this plan not work as advertised?

  812. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Luke Stevens – Hi, there’s an issue that we’re aware of and working to resolve. If you’ve been affected by it then the best bet would be to give our team a call on 333 who can take a closer look into this for you. Thanks

  813. Lucas

    it will be nice to see other country as Eastern European

  814. Luke Stevens

    Also does the the 30 day roaming limit apply if you already have a sim only contract and upgrade to another sim only contract plan?

    I already have international roaming activated.

  815. Luke Stevens

    Have the issues of people still being charged in the US even though their on Three like home been resolved now?

  816. Craig

    So while I’m in Australia for 2 months will it only be valid for one month from the date I turned my phone on and also what about making local calls in Australia too?

  817. AJE

    About a week after we returned from Rome, Three announced that Italy was now a “Feel at home” country. And now, about a week after a trip to the California Three announces that the USA is now a “Feel at home” country.
    So, if anyone wants a particular country to be included, send us the money for a holiday to that country and it’s bound to be included soon after!! 🙂

  818. Jke

    Any plans to include Thailand soon?.

  819. Mark

    Can you use International Saver whilst roaming?

  820. Moderator: Nicki

    @Andrew – Hi there, it won’t cover Canada I’m afraid Andrew but this is just the start of our Feel at Home journey and we’re always looking at ways to help improve our customers roaming experience. Keep your eyes peeled for future developments 🙂

  821. Andrew

    As Canada uses the same code does this mean the new service covers Canada as well? If not any idea when?

  822. Greg

    Does your definition of the USA include the US Virgin Islands? Is this also part of the US when it comes to ‘at home’?

  823. Moderator: Nicki

    @Chad – With a PAYG sim roaming will be included straight away. If it was a contract sim only we’d need to review your account before roaming may be offered.

  824. Moderator: Nicki

    @Cluons – Hi, It’s always free to receive calls in a Feel At Home destination regardless of where the call originates from.

  825. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lort – Hi there, this will include all incoming calls to your phone whether the call is made in the UK or US 🙂

  826. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sarah Lonsdale – Hi, full restrictions can be found here. If you use Feel At Home exclusively for a full calendar month, at least three times in any 12 month period, we reserve the right to suspend international roaming on your account. This means you wouldn’t be able to use your Three device abroad. Don’t worry, we’d let you know before we did this.

  827. Moderator: Nicki

    @Luke Stevens – Hi, with Pay as You Go roaming will be available straight away.

  828. Cluons

    Is receiving a call always free or does it depend on where the call originates? The roaming information section only says free for receiving “Voice calls to the UK”, but 99p/min for other voice calls (which wouldn’t feel like home). Can you clarify?

  829. Jonny

    Thank you Three. Another reason to stick with you. Loyal customer now for four years and don’t plan on changing anytime soon!


  830. Chad

    Ah the 30 day rule! I’ve used 3 sims this year and I’m going to USA on Monday. So I won’t be able to use this deal if I get another payg sim?

  831. Luke Stevens

    I’ve been a Three PAYG customer for about 25 days and will be going away tomorrow to the USA. Will I be able to get this as you mention the 30 day period, or is that restriction just for people on Sim only contracts?

  832. Neil

    Amazing news and totally unexpected.

    My AT&T go phone sim will just be used for unlimited US calls & texts at $2 per day from now on with my Three phone and broadband covering UK calls and data.

    Well done Three a truly innovative and pioneering network once again.

  833. Sarah Lonsdale

    Is there any maximum length of time that we can make use of the Feel At Home programme?
    I’m moving to the USA for a 10 month exchange programme and was wondering if I can now use this rather than cancelling my current contract…

  834. Lort

    Does this include incoming calls in the US? If so does it matter whether the calls originate in the UK or US?

  835. Dan

    Please add Spain

  836. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark – Calls to US numbers would be charged at the standard roaming rates. They can be found here – £1.40/minute.

  837. Moderator: Nicki

    @Joseph – Sorry you’re unhappy with Germany not being included. As I say it’s still early days – we’ll keep you posted on an developments, so stay tuned.

  838. Moderator: Nicki

    @Barry – Hi, it’s on all of our price plans so this will include your MiFi device with your broadband allowance.

  839. Barry

    Does this apply to MiFi Devices? Or only to tablets with a SIM inserted??

  840. Joseph

    I don’t understand why you don’t add the whole of the EU at once.

    This means that in order to have internet in Germany I have to pay 5 euro a day.. but if I go to Sri Lanka I get unlimited data for free?

    Sounds like a joke to me.

    I’m glad the US is now included.

  841. Mark

    Absolutely stunned that USA has been added – great news for me as it means no more buying US SIM cards for each visit.

    What would the cost be to call a regular US number while in the US? I can’t quite figure out what the rate would be from the rate list.

  842. Moderator: Nicki

    @James – Yep you’ll need to give us a call so we can check if you’re eligible to have roaming enabled on your account.

  843. Anthony

    @Nicki: That’s a shame. I suspected as much. The new service is great, and I don’t want to appear ungrateful, but this means that Three’s claim that I can use my phone “in exactly the same way as I do at home” is false.

  844. James

    If I am going the US , do I have to tell three I am going abroad to turn on roaming?

  845. Moderator: Nicki

    @Anthony – I’m afraid tethering is not permitted. More info here.

  846. Moderator: Nicki

    @Rob – This is just the start. We’re always looking at ways to improve your experience when they’re abroad in EU and Non-EU destinations. We’ll be sure to keep you updated when we’re able to add more destinations.

  847. Moderator: Nicki

    @ChristopherJZ – Thanks for the great feedback. Glad you approve! I’ll pass on your suggestion for an unlimited everything package.

  848. Moderator: Nicki

    @Colin – Hi Colin, you’ll be able to use the internet for basic web browsing etc but the speeds will depend on your location in relation to the networks mast that you’re on – the same as you’ll find within the UK. You’ll find, however that streaming and connecting to VPNs while in a Feel At Home destination but both will be slower than they are in the UK. You’ll find more info here.

  849. Anthony

    I am on the One Plan. Will I be able to use my iPhone for tethering in a Feel at Home country?

  850. Moderator: Nicki

    @Simon Stephens – Enjoy! 🙂

  851. Moderator: Nicki

    @Henry – Not at the moment but as I say it’s just the start and we hope to be able to add more locations soon 🙂

  852. Moderator: Nicki

    @Kuli – There won’t be any cost to receive calls while in a Feel at Home country. You’ll be able to roam on to any available network. The networks that we have agreements with can be found here.

  853. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sam – This is just the start – we’re always looking to add more and we’ll be sure to keep you updated.

  854. Lee

    I’ve got mobile broadband, now I think is the time to move my mobile phone to three! Visiting USA a lot so this will seriously help!

  855. Colin

    This is great news 🙂 Can you confirm if the Data roaming speed is capped? I was in Australia for a month and Hong Kong for a couple days either side and particularly in Hong Kong the data speed was almost unusable, could get basic text emails, iMessages, web pages however would sometimes take 20 minutes to load. Google maps was definitely not happening (which would be a huge benefit to having data roaming). Australia was very slow for the first half of November but a couple weeks into my trip the speed increased dramatically almost as if a cap had been raised and the service became great. I did tweet @ThreeUKSupport a few times but never received a response. Thanks again, makes an already great network even better 🙂

  856. Simon Stephens

    I’m off to Florida in two weeks time for Christmas,just found out that I can use my phone in America with no extra charges,Thank you 3

  857. Henry

    Are there plans to add any African countries any time soon?

  858. Kuli

    This is excellent, but a couple of questions:

    1) Will it still cost anything to receive calls in the US?

    2) What are the US networks that customers can roam on?

  859. Sam

    When is germany going to be added, and Amsterdam?

  860. ChristopherJZ

    Well done Three. You are becoming the most attractive UK network each day. Keep up the good work… p.s. please introduce an unlimited everything package i.e. calls, texts and data. Thanks!

  861. Piero

    Great, Hurry up and add Spain!!

  862. Piyush K

    This is really a much needed plan, thank you,

  863. Moderator: Nicki

    @Juan – The 11 destinations covered by Feel At Home are just the start. We are always looking for ways to improve our customers’ experience when they’re abroad in EU and Non-EU destinations. We’ll keep you posted on an developments, so stay tuned 🙂

  864. Rob

    Any chance of getting this working in South Africa anytime?

  865. Tim Murray

    Well……the more Countries the merrier. That’s why Three is the best network.

  866. Juan

    Are there any plans to extend the ‘feel at home’ service to Colombia? I guess you’d have to partner with Tigo, Movistar or Claro.

  867. Matthew Morgan

    now to say more details on 4g for the rest of the public.

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