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  1. Simon

    I wish you would bring back the sing it kitty routine again.

  2. Moderator: Danielle

    @Sam – Hey Sam, this was a great advert wasn’t it? I’m afraid we’ve no plans to bring this back for now. However, you can certainly have a look at our newest ad campaign here: http://www.three.co.uk/makeitright. >Danielle

  3. Sam

    Please bring I back cause I can’t find it.

  4. s

    It would be nice to be able to send texts & receive texts, (maybe less needed for voice calls) on a larger screen/keyboard platform be it a PC/laptop/Android Tablet or IOS tablet.

    If you have the my account app which works on all the above including the actual phone. Why cant we utilise it to send texts & calls via the net using the local call package or payg model.

    I am a previous user of Tugo on O2.

    So why not just license it? or buy it from them?

  5. Moderator: Lauren

    That’s great to hear @esther :) Glad you managed to get the deal you were looking for, thanks for the feedback.

  6. Esther

    I want to thank Chris at the call centre and setting up a good deal to get me the right deal with what I wanted :-)

  7. Jenny

    Want to commend the excellent team at “3” in Barnstaple. Abbie set me up with my new Samsung Galaxy 4S, on a fantastic contract too.
    I’ve been back twice with queries. All team members incredibly helpful, “nothing seems to be too much trouble”.

    I am well pleased with this excellent Customer Service.

  8. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Theresa – Glad you loved it :) always fantastic to hear good feedback. >Bernie

  9. Theresa

    Such clever media marketing! Whoever sparked the idea is to be congratulated, they’re a genius!

    I LOVED it! Well done 3!

  10. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Kevin – Glad you like the advert :) always good to get nice feedback! >Bernie

  11. Kevin

    This is just about the only advert at the moment that I’ll actually rewind and watch again. It’s fantastic! So full of joy and happiness that it quite literally brings a tear to my eye. I hope there’s a sequel!

  12. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Richard, We have rolled out 4G in Birmingham. You can check what areas in Birmingham here: http://www.three.co.uk/Support/Coverage?postcode=birmingham Sorry you feel the blog is lacking in the information you would like. >Bernie

  13. Richard

    Any chance of the blog publishing useful stories rather than rubbish about cats. The fact Three lied through their teeth about 4G availability (before Christmas in Birmingham eh? March now and still no coverage) and the fact that there might have been some relevant news items recently (heard of MWC?) makes me question the point of this so-called blog, try listening to your customers for once.

  14. Jenny Hurst

    What a great UK blog! Found lots of fabulous info! Big thanks to admin.

  15. Moderator: Claire

    @Anna – Hi, I’ve tried to find out for you but not much luck at present! :)

  16. Moderator: Claire

    @Michael – Hi, glad you like it :)

  17. Michael

    Great advert, everyone seems to be talking about it so it must be effective! I’d say it’s your best since the East meets West ones (singing cherry, jellyfish, etc) – wasn’t really keen on the pony 😛

  18. Jonathan Bowman

    Best advert so far. Looking forward to your next one :-)

  19. anna

    I loooove the advert, so cute! But more I LOVE that bike. Where can I buy this adorable bike? Many thanks for your help :)

  20. Moderator: Claire

    @Jonathan Kimmitt – Hi, Thanks for your concern Jonathan. We assure you that no child was harmed in the making of this video. The girl and her guardians were thrilled to be a part of this advert, and had a fabulous time filming it. :)

  21. Jonathan Kimmitt

    Regarding the new 3 advert, the idea of giving a child an adult’s voice is quite appalling and in my view is blatant exploitation of what should be an innocent carefree time in life. If I wasn’t already a customer nothing here would induce me to switch to three, I suggest you pull the ad immediately and sack your publicity agents. The cat was cute though.

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