New pay monthly plans.

Ofcom tell us that UK Mobile consumers spend over £600 million on 0800, 0845 and 0870 numbers every year. Yes, you read that right.

We’ve all experienced that sinking feeling you get when you first look at your phone bill, only to find it’s much higher than you imagined, and the culprit is very often those pesky out of bundle calls you forgot you’d even made. You know, when you had to call the bank when you lost your debit card. Or when you had to call your energy provider to talk about your bill. We could go on…

47% of mobile users have experienced bill shock at one time or another and almost a third of these (31%) say it was down to out of bundle expensive calls.

Well we thought it was about time customers actually got the bill they were expecting, which is why, on all of our new Pay Monthly plans, 0800, 0808 and 0500 calls will now be free, when you sign up for 24 months. Not only that, but 084* and 087* numbers will be a mere 5 pence per minute.

Richard Lloyd, Which? executive director said:

“People are confused about the cost of calling 0800 numbers from mobiles, so we welcome Three making these calls free for new contract customers. We are also pleased to see cheaper calls to 084 and 087 numbers and Three’s commitment to not raising prices on fixed contracts. We call on other providers to follow its lead.”

Free 0800 numbers aren’t the only benefit of our new Pay Monthly plans. We want to really put you guys in control. You’ll be able to set caps to stop you going over your minute allowance and you’ll be able to block spending on expensive numbers, such as premium rate numbers.

You’ll also receive text alerts, letting you know when you’re close to using up your voice and data allowances. So you’ll know that it probably wouldn’t be a good idea to watch those last few episodes of Game of Thrones just yet… And with All-You-Can-Eat text messages, you won’t need to worry about texts at all!

Another little change we’ve recently put in place is free unlocking for our devices, something that previously cost at least £15.

There are also some changes to our tethering offering. You’ll hear us talking about Personal Hotspot rather than tethering from now on. With our old plans, using your phone as a Personal Hotspot was only included if you were on The One Plan. So we’re really pleased to let you know that all of our new plans will now include this functionality.

With our new plans you’ll be able to use all of your data allowance on your Personal Hotspot if you wish, unless you have All-You-Can-Eat data, in which case you can use up to 2GB of this on your Personal Hotspot.

We feel very strongly that all-you-can-eat data is something we want to continue to be able to offer as many customers as possible. But when that data is used for Personal Hotspots, it can put a strain on our network. We need to protect the network experience for all customers and this is why we’ve taken a decision to put this limit in place.

Our SIM only plans remain unchanged.

To summarise our new 24 month Pay Monthly plans;

  • • Free 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers
  • • 084* and 087* numbers just 5p per minute
  • • Texts alerts when you’re nearing your limit
  • • The ability to place spending caps
  • • Personal Hotspot functionality for all, but limited to 2GB if your plan includes All-You-Can-Eat data
  • • All-You-Can-Eat text messages
  • • A range of data allowances up to All-You-Can-Eat
  • • A range of minute allowances up to All-You-Can-Eat

With all of the above as well as Feel at Home, 4G at no extra cost (when you have a 4G ready device) and free device unlocking, choosing Three seems like a darn good option!

Make free 0800 calls.


Questions you’ve been asking about our new 24 Month Plans.

We’ve taken some of the more common questions we’ve had about our new plans across Facebook and Twitter and have provided answers below. We hope they help, but do let us know if you have any other questions in the comments section.

I’m an existing customer, can I get free 0800 numbers?

If you choose to change to one of our new 24 month plans, yes you can. To do this contact us on 333 from your Three phone. Directions to upgrade online can be found here.

I’m on a SIM Only plan, can I get free 0800 numbers?

Unfortunately not. Our SIM only plans haven’t changed at this time. For now, 0800 numbers are only free on our new 24 month plans. You can of course move to a 24 month plan if you wish.

Who does the 2GB Personal Hotspot or “tethering” limit apply to?

For new customers ONLY who have signed up for a 24 monthly phone contract effective March 18th 2014 with All-you-can-eat data.

Is there anyway I can keep my unlimited Personal Hotspot or “tethering”?

Yes. If you are a customer on The One Plan – the only plan that offers unlimited Personal Hotspot – then you will continue to enjoy unlimited tethering for the duration of your current plan.

At the end of the minimum term of your current contract, you have two options:

1)         Continue on your existing contract on a “rolling” basis, with your existing allowance.

2)         Downgrade to a SIM Only plan which includes All-you-can-eat data with tethering (The One Plan is still available on a SIM only basis).

I want to upgrade my phone but I don’t want to lose unlimited Personal Hotspot. What can I do?

You can continue on a rolling basis with your existing contract or move to The One Plan SIM, and purchase a phone outright.

What about 3 to 3 minutes? Do they still exist on the new plans?

We don’t differentiate 3 to 3 minutes any longer. Our best plans now offer All-you-can-eat minutes.

Why is Three making changes to unlimited Personal Hotspot or “tethering” for new 24 month Pay Monthly phone plans?

We feel very strongly that All-you-can-eat data is something we want to continue to be able to offer as many customers as possible. But when that data is used for Personal Hotspots, it can put a strain on our network. We need to protect the network experience for all customers and this is why we’ve taken a decision to put this limit in place.

I’d like to leave feedback about the changes to Personal Hotspot or “tethering”. Where can I do this?

We understand that some this may not be a popular decision for some. However, these new plans have been developed based on the feedback we’ve had, and as a business, we’ve made this decision to benefit the majority of our customers. We’ve made these changes to how our new contract plans work moving forward to accommodate our growing network and to continue to offer the best experience for all, because customers are at the heart of everything we do.

Should you wish to leave us feedback, please comment below.

769 Responses to New pay monthly plans.
  1. Tom

    Hi, I would like to say that since three has discontinued the one plan, my data speeds in my local area are beginning to get back to some sort of usable speed since unlimited tethering is no longer available to new customers. Thanx three for looking after the data speeds by limiting data hogs to 4 GB per month.

  2. Moderator: Claire

    @George – Hi, you can continue to use the One plan and pay the same amount you have been charged. You can check call costs here. Thanks.

  3. Moderator: Chris

    @George – Hi George. I don’t know about indefinitely as such, but as it stands there would be no changes to your existing plan without prior notice from us. You can view all of our price guides over here – which should give you all the info you need about the One Plan. Hope this helps.

  4. George

    After my 24 month initial contract period completes; will I be able to continue indefinitely with unlimited tethering on the One Plan if I continue to pay the full price?

    Also, where can I find a webpage that sets out the cost of call to various 08** numbers specific to the One Plan?

  5. George

    If I continue on the One Plan after the 24 months expires (continuing to pay the same monthly fee), will I be entitled to unlimited tethering indefinitely? Also, do you have a webpage that shows what calls are allowed within the inclusive minutes without extra cost for the One Plan specifically?

  6. Moderator: Chris

    @Thomas Lord – Sorry Thomas, but unfortunately the One Plan is no longer available and we have no plans to change that.

  7. Thomas Lord

    Ive been stuck in limbo with my existing Samsung Galaxy s3 with my contract rolling over since june, I’d upgrade and even pay more money to have the one plan due to my tethering usage, FFS three listen to your customer base, even if its only 3g to which it would be unlimited that would something.

  8. Hassan

    Hi, I was literally about to get into a 24 months contract with 3. all of us knows that 3’s network is the most downgraded one but the only attraction for customers was its unlimited tethering. i had wifi at home but due to some reason i wanted to use mobile internet for some important work. i would have hardly used 1 -2 gb daily.
    now i am getting on with t-mobile. so in short 3 has lost its customer and many others.

    ” i must say this of your move will cost you many new customers’

  9. Moderator: Chris

    @Myles – Hey there :) I’ll need to check your account to confirm that either way for you Myles. Can you fill out the form over here – and I’ll let you know? Thanks.

  10. Moderator: Chris

    @Wayne – Hi there, I can’t seem to locate your comment from the 7th for some reason, Wayne. Any chance you could post it again?

  11. Myles

    Im on PAYS of £15(unlimited internet, 3000 text and 300 minutes call for a month). Am i entitled to use personal hotspot?

  12. wayne

    I commented tuesday 7th with no reply and looks like the last post was on the 2nd. Are Three ignoring this page and all new comments now?

  13. Damien

    Just called 3 for an upgrade, and they offer zero customer loyalty, meaning if I wanted to upgrade I would get less data, less minutes and unlimited useless texts since whatsapp is free, all for more money pcm, been with 3 for 7 years, and time to move on I think :(

  14. Nick

    Let me get this straight?? – My ‘Upgrade’ entitles me to a more expensive contract (up £10) and a less features.

    Where’s the sense in that? Worst….upgrade….ever.

    Also an upgrade for existing customers is the same price as new customers. Ha

  15. Moderator: Claire

    @Ged Matthews – Hi, you will remain on the One plan unless you change tariff by upgrading to a new phone or a SIM only deal. The maximum tethering we offer now is 4GB with an additional 1GB for £5 extra. Thanks.

  16. Ged Matthews

    Hi, I have been a happy customer with Three for many many years. Presently have 2 contracts (one plan and a rolling plan) and 2 iPad mobile broadband plans. I’ve always found three offered the best deal.
    I’m just unsure what this kinda means (sorry I’m slow catching up with things as usual lol )
    My One Plan contract term of 24 month is up on the 23rd of this month .. So what will happen .. Does my plan change on that day to something other plan? As I have not received any letters to outline this? What plan will I be transferred to from the OnePlan – or does it just change the tethering/ hotspot to a limit of 2GB pm .. Thank you ;-)
    Btw.. This home abroad service you offer is great idea

  17. Moderator: JohnPaul

    Hey Colin – Sorry to hear this :-( Can you share your full postcode with me (I won’t post it) and I’ll take a look into this for you? Thanks.

  18. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Wayne – I appreciate where you’re coming from Wayne. If it’s a better deal you’re after, it’s likely that upgrading would see you secure that. I’m aware that would mean losing certain services whislt gaining others but these are the options available to you. Thanks.

  19. Colin berman

    Hi tonight my mobile broadband micro chip would not connect to the internet I am on pay monthly contract has something changed in my 24 months contract as my micro chip no longer picks up any signal, or has the site gone down, ta

  20. Wayne

    “@Wayne – If you make no changes in order to stay on the plan you are on. You’ll continue to pay the same amount you currently pay every month Wayne. Thanks”
    So to confirm I will be paying more than I should be as this would have included the fee for the phone that I have already paid for? Do you think this if a fair way of doing business and looking after your existing customers?

  21. Moderator: Allan

    @Wayne – If you make no changes in order to stay on the plan you are on. You’ll continue to pay the same amount you currently pay every month Wayne. Thanks

  22. Wayne

    So if I continue my One Plan contract now it has reached the end of its term shouldn’t you be taking off the cost of the phone which i have now payed for?

  23. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sam – we no longer offer The One Plan on 24 month or sim only packages. Sorry about this. Our price plans often change and get discontinued. All blog posts and comments published by Three or its employees on the Three blog are correct at the time of publishing. For the most up to date information about our price plans, deals and policies please refer to

  24. Sam

    Evening, it states in the above blog that the only way to continue with the unlimited tethering is to remain on the one plan that I am currently on or to go onto the one plan sim only deal. I can’t see the sim only one plan, perhaps you could point me in the right direction. I am currently paying £44 per month and have been for the past two years and have been with three for six years. I believe that a fraction of this £44 per month covers the cost of the phone. Now that my 2 yr contract is over I feel annoyed that as a loyal customer I will not be able to negotiate this price down as I don’t want to upgrade my phone as I will lose the one price plan however I will still be required to pay £44 per month. I feel perhaps it’s time to move on. So much for loyalty….

  25. ray

    if i change to one plan sim only from one plan contract when it runs out will the price be cheaper than what I’m paying for now?
    Also is the one plan sim only the same as the one plan contract. I.e. unlimited tethering…

  26. Daniel

    After 4 years and 3 contracts I feel the same as Carl:

    “I’m on the One Plan with unlimited tethering and am now due an upgrade. When looking at new phones it looks like I have to choose a new plan too and loose the unlimited tethering?! Can I not upgrade but keep my existing plan? Tethering is the main reason I’m with 3″

    The only thing what I can say, bye bye three…

  27. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark strange. You definitely should have 2GB of Personal Hotspot. Can you fill in this form for me and I’ll have a look at your account?

  28. Moderator: Nicki

    @Carl when you upgrade to a new handset you will have to choose one of the plans that the handset is available on. We now offer a wider range of tariffs that all include tethering up to 2GB on handset and 4GB on sim only. Unfortunately we no longer offer an unlimited option.

  29. Mark Hepburn

    Hi. I am supposed to have 2gb personal hotspot but it won’t let me do it at all. I’ve never used it and it connected for less than 5 minutes and that was browsing the Internet… No downloads. The 3 app confirms I have 2gb available though. I’m confused.

  30. Carl

    I’m on the One Plan with unlimited tethering and am now due an upgrade. When looking at new phones it looks like I have to choose a new plan too and loose the unlimited tethering?! Can I not upgrade but keep my existing plan? Tethering is the main reason I’m with 3

  31. Moderator: Nicki

    @James G – Hi, you can use your Three sim in any 3G/4G phone. If you need a different sized sim to fit the iPhone you can exchange your sim in any Three store, or 333 can post you one out. The replacement sim would come with your normal allowances.

  32. Moderator: Nicki

    @Carl – Sorry you’re unhappy with the tethering limits on our plans. While there’s no plans for this to change I’ll certainly pass on your feedback.

  33. Scott

    I guess I have no option than to vote with my feet. Seeya Three

  34. Carl

    I font think these mods get it!!! How angry customers are about the tethering limit at the very least make it 5gb for people on an unlimited data plan, we are paying a premium after all. 3 will loose lots of long standing customers with this kind of stupid decision

  35. James G

    Can you only use the iPhone6/6 Plus with the new 3 pay monthly plans or can I still use my current plan?

  36. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sammy – Hi there, these can be found here.

  37. wayne buckland

    You do have unlimited data at £45 for a 16g and no hotspot which is one of the things that brought me to three. Once you add personal hotspot thats an increase from £39 to £61 per year for the mid level phone. Thats £22 difference! that is not right and not a fair way to treat existing customers. The difference is way past any price rise or the higher cost of the iPhone6 this is greed from Three and is only to take more money!

  38. Sammy

    Hi. Is there a link for the terms and conditions for the old SIM-only One Plan? I would like to read them but don’t have the paper booklet any more.


  39. Moderator: Claire

    @Kurt – Hi, we don’t delete comments and have already responded to you. Thanks.

  40. Moderator: Claire

    @Wayne Buckland – Hi, we have replied to your comment. Thanks.

  41. Moderator: Claire

    @Wayne Buckland – Hi, we make our decisions on price depending on the market place. We no longer offer the One Plan as a SIM only so if you do wish to stay on this plan you will need to continue paying your current monthly tariff. We have unlimited data on iPhone 6 from £45 a month. Thanks.

  42. Moderator: Claire

    @Enclair – Hi, you can find this information in our price guide online Thanks.

  43. Moderator: Claire

    @Kurt – Hi, we have reviewed and changed our plans. If you do want to change tariff you will loose the unlimited tethering but our new plans include up to 4GB tethering and you can buy another 1GB for £5 extra a month. How much tethering do you use a month? If you need more tethering than this you would need to stay on the current tariff or consider one of our mobile broadband tariffs to give you up to 15GB a month. Thanks.

  44. Moderator: Claire

    @Andrew – Hi, can you confirm what tariff you are on? Some tariffs include tethering but others don’t so we can check this for you. Thanks.

  45. Moderator: Claire

    @Wajira – Hi, as long as you stay on your current tariff and don’t upgrade you will remain on the One Plan :)

  46. Moderator: Claire

    @Lee Camilleri – Hi, have you called our upgrades team on 333? They can help with this. Thanks.

  47. kurt

    right so comments are still getting deleted and ive been a customer with 3 for over 6 years. all I asked was a simple question . shocking service from you guys .

  48. wayne Buckland

    I did leave a comment but it was deleted, will take my comment to twitter where it will can not be deleted and maybe I’ll get a reply

  49. Wayne Buckland

    Just to be clear, if I wish to upgrade to the new iPhone 6 I will be forced out of the plan which brought me to Three in the first place. You brought me and a number of other customers to Three by pushing Unlimited Data and now you want to charge me more yet take unlimited data and tethering and expect me to be happy about this?
    I took the mid level iPhone last time costing £39 per month, with the mid level iPhone 6 this will cost me £55+ per month??,
    Please correct me if I’m wrong but I think a better deal will be found else where or will be cheaper to go sim only one plan and buy the phone outright?

  50. Debbie

    I’m afraid I will be cancelling the three One plan contracts we have (me, hubby and daughter), once our contracts are up in October. That is over £120 a month we pay as household

    Unlimited tethering/data/mins/texts was what set 3 apart.

    I think what 3 forget is it is easy to get a customer – much harder to keep them, especially when your Customer Service is no better than any of the other phone companies. You need outstanding plans to keep us

    I can get better deals now elsewhere, so no point in staying. Your customer service is no better or worse than any of the others, so we’ll be off once we can

    The fact as a company you are a) not prepared to reward customer loyalty by allowing existing customers to remain on their One Plan contracts and still upgrade
    b) at least offer to reduce the monthly cost to remove the phone element once the 2 years contract is up, thus allowing us to consider keeping our contracts and buying a new phone outright……. suggests to me you either don’t care about your EXISTING customers or (as I suspect) are not interested in keep those of us on One Plan contracts

    I’d guess you are more than happy to lose a percentage of us….. May save you a bit in the long run, but losing customers…………… really.

    And no I do not want a “happy” response telling me about your “new plans”……………..they are expensive and no better (in fact in a few cases worse) than your competitors plans

  51. Enclair

    Hi, I would like to ask, that after I used up my 600 minutes of my free call how much money will they charge if I still use it for calls. If it’s possible I would like to know the value per minutes (x/min) Thanks :)

  52. kurt

    ok so my comments are getting deleted ? as a long serving 3 customer you wont even answer my question but yet just delete it . this is shocking customer service . appalled. so I will ask my question again . I took out a £42 a month contract with an iphone 5 on the one plan two years ago and my upgrade date is in a couple of weeks. I want to keep my unlimited tethering . are three going to still charge me £42 a month for this plan but without upgrading me to a new £600 (approx) latest smartphone? so basically have I got to still pay £42 a month but without an upgraded phone ? as my comment was deleted I presume you dont want to clearly answer my question ? surely I deserve a clear answer as being with 3 now for over 6 years . Thanks

  53. kurt

    right I want a clear answer please , I am paying £42 a month for the one plan which came with an iphone 5 2 years ago . im now near my upgrade date and want to know my options. I want to keep my unlimited tethering with unlimited data, I am not bothered if I cant upgrade to a new phone as I will buy one far cheaper else where anyway . my question is why would I be charged £42 a month still for the same plan ive been on for over 6 years but without a new upgrade ? basically why does the price of my plan stay high without giving me a new upgrade ? as this is what it looks like to me . your basically saying I can keep my plan but still have to pay the same price for a contract but without a £600 phone included? please tell me why you want to rob your customers ? when really you should just drop the price down because I have not taken a new handset off you. your basically changing everything to get your loyal customers off of unlimited tethering while showing us the middle finger. do not reply with a link or anything to your new plans I do not want any of your new plans . thanks

  54. Andrew

    Why why why do I keep getting error Sim002 when I am not tethering or using my phone as a hotspot. Besides that my contract allows tethering ! Four days of calls to Indian call centres and getting nowhere. I can receive emails and surf the net but as soon as I launch a torrent app error Sim002 appears and turns off my data connection. A quick google shows Three UK have been aware of this problem since 2009

  55. Wajira

    Hi I’m on three almost 3 years now. Currently I’m using The One Plan (sim only 20£ monthly) 12 months contract. I just wanna know can I keep my same contract without upgrading anything as I upgraded to sim plan March of this year. Thank you

  56. Lee Camilleri

    Hi there. I’m within the last 30 days of my 2 year ‘One Plan’ contract and trying to upgrade online. However I get the message “You can’t upgrade this account online, please contact us to upgrade.”. Been trying to get through all day today (12/09/2014). Got through earlier during the day to be told I’d be contacted between 17:00 – 18:00 but that never happened. Is my only option to visit a 3 store? Thanks

  57. Moderator: Nicki

    @jacqueline walker – Hi, I’m afraid we no longer offer the One Plan. Our new plans can be found here

  58. jacqueline walker

    very disapointed 3 had the one plan for years yet you wont let me upgrade to iphone 6 and keep my plan will be cancelling !

  59. Moderator: Claire

    @Walid – Hi, if you upgrade our new plans come with either 2GB or 4GB tethering. If you need more you can buy another 1GB for £5 extra. Have you had a look at your upgrade options on my3? Thanks.

  60. Moderator: Claire

    @Sonny – Hi, I’ve checked the area and no known faults are showing. Is this happening indoors or outdoors? Is this at certain times? If you fill in this form we can investigate further Thanks.

  61. Moderator: Claire

    @George – Hi, do you have an option in your my3 account on your phone? If you use the app it may show this. If not then the only way to monitor this is be letting your phone calculate how much data you are using. Thanks

  62. walid

    Im on a one plan 2000 min and 5000 min 3 to 3 and 5000 text and unlimted data and unlimted data on hotspot I would like to know if I change my contract will be like a new customer or I will get the same old plans because I would like to upgrade for a new phone and I want the same plans I have?

  63. Sonny

    @Claire, Hi, back in april this year, I complained to three by calling 333 and also on this blog that the data speeds at [removed by mod] are so slow that it takes several minutes to open up a webpage (Google). You claire assured me that the problem would be resolved by the 26th may this year. Well its now september and the data speeds are worse than ever. At [removed by mod] im getting data speeds of less than 30kbps. My friends that live at the same postcode of [removed by mod] have also complained to three concerning the same issue that im having. So when is the data speeds at [removed by mod] going to be sorted?

  64. George


    Is it possible for me to see how much of my monthly data usage was via tethering, and how much was just normal phone data? I’m trying to decide if I can cope with the 2GB limit or not.

  65. GM

    Bring back the One Plan and while you’re at it get a decent CEO, David Dyson doesn’t seem to understand how to gain market share …

    4GB tethering, that’s ridiculous you can use that in an hour!

  66. Moderator: Claire

    @Car – Hi, our traffic management policy is available here. Thanks.

  67. car

    this is just blackmail to force us off the one plan if you ask me! You’re saying yes, not a problem, stay on the one plan…..
    ..but only if you’re happy to pay much more than you should be.
    After many years loyalty to three, recommending friends and family to join three and even arguing with some saying how much your network has improved since the early days when they still think it’s the worst signal.
    time to do some shopping around for a new network me thinks. I know I won’t get unlimited tethering anywhere else but seen some 20gb plus plans with a shiny new handset from a well known recently merged network and they seem to allow you to use the lot on 4G tethering not just a measly 4gb.

    I wonder if I’m the only one leaving over this?
    I quite obvious three would rather us leave than stay on the one plan.

    Just thought, Another option would be to cancel my home broadband(I use around 300-400gb a monthat home) and use my one plan instead that would save me £20 a month
    if I took this option and used a lot of data would my speed be throttled?

  68. Ross F

    I’m on the one plan and have been with 3 for years (including a year spending silly amounts of money on my bill each month when working in the US…oops). I’m REALLY disappointed that 3 have stopped recognising or rewarding customer loyalty. This used to be the big thing that differentiated them from others in the market. Now they are just another provider.

    I wanted to upgrade to the latest generation HTC phone, and I am offered absolutely no (8 year) loyalty reward compared to somebody walking in from the street. In addition, the existing loyalty rewards (discount and allowance perks) I have will all be removed from my contract and my price will increase if I want an upgrade!! Thanks 3!!

    I’ve postponed my upgrade decision while I talk to EE who provide my broadband. Maybe they will offer a better customer experience. It’s like 3 have suddenly changed since I took my previous contract w years ago. Even a token gesture to reward loyalty would keep me as a customer because I did quite like 3 over the last few years..,but right now If nothing changes I think I’m off…I might as well offer loyalty to a company that recognises it :-(

  69. Moderator: Claire

    @Kaz – Hi, the One Plan was for consumer use only and not business. We no longer offer the One Plan but have separate business and consumer tariffs with 4GB being the maximum tethering allowance. Thanks.

  70. Moderator: Claire

    @Car – Hi, as we have removed the One Plan from our tariffs we don’t have a way to discount this at the end of your contract. If you want to stay on the plan you will need to continue to pay the same monthly rental. At your point of upgrade you can find out more on the other plans we do, the maximum tethering is 4GB. Thanks.

  71. Kaz

    Is the One Plan with unlimited tethering still available for business customers? 2GB per month is useless on a high speed 4G network…

  72. Car

    btw i do not want to change off unlimited tethering plan, i do not abuse tethering in fact i only use it twice a year when i go on fishing trips but it gives me peace of mind knowing i can stream sky go whilst camping out for a few days a year. i use 500mb a month unless i go fishing then its around 20gig max but a 4gb limit would be no good.

  73. Car

    you guys keep saying the sim only plan is not available but will i still have to pay the top price for the one plan after the 2 years of paying for my handset is up or can you guys use a bit of discretion and give your loyal customers a fair price at the end of their contracts?

  74. Moderator: Claire

    @Alex – Hi, you can stay on your plan until you want to change to keep the unlimited tethering. Thanks.

  75. Moderator: Claire

    @Car – Hi, we no longer offer the One Plan on SIM only but we do have a range of other plans you can choose from at the end of your contract. Thanks.

  76. Alex


    just a simple questiom. I’m on the One Plan 12 months SIM Only signed after 18 march 2014. When my contract ends, can I go on with unlimited tethering or am I forced to change to another plan?
    In other words, will Three maintain the unlimited One Plan 12 months SIM Only in the future? I hope my question was really clear.

  77. Moderator: Pamela

    @Elizabeth If it was an upgrade then yes, you’ll still have the same number Elizabeth. Hope you like your new phone :-D Thanks, Pamela

  78. Moderator: Pamela

    @Lee Not sure Lee? What limit do you have? Did you get a letter confirming your upgrade? Thanks, Pamela

  79. car

    I thought the price of the one plan depended on the handset you chose? For example £41 xperia z, galaxy s5 etc then less for lower range handsets going down to £25 on a sim only plan. Surely my price should drop to £25 at the end on my contract based on this?

  80. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @David William Butler – Hi David, if you don’t change your price plan it will stay as is. However terms and conditions are always subject to change, so no guarantees it’ll be the same come 10 years time.

  81. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Car – This would still apply as a change of price plan, so the unlimited tethering would not be available on it anymore.

  82. lee

    Why when I upgraded was i not told about the 2 gb tethering limit? And why does you blog say it is ONLY new customers that are affected? In you frequently asked questions section?

  83. Elizabeth

    Upgraded my phone today onto a new plan online, was wondering if i keep the same phone number?
    Upgrading from a 4s to a 5s.

  84. lee

    Why was i not told about the limits on personal hotspot when I upgraded?

  85. David William Butler

    hi, I am currently on the 24 month contract with my phone and have unlimited tethering and I see I can continue my plan for as long as I like without upgrading meaning I pay my £36 a month for the next 10 years or longer with free hotspot… get in!!. that means when 4G is pretty much everywhere I can download at 30mbps downloading 1TB a hour and have a awesome internet connect for a great price. is this correct?

  86. car

    So will I get discount on my monthly payments at the end of my contract seem as tho the subsidy for my handset will be paid up or will you force me to either keep paying over the odds(£41) or change off the one plan to one without unlimited tethering?

  87. Moderator: Claire

    @car – Hi, we don’t offer the One plan SIM only anymore so if you do upgrade you would loose the unlimited tethering. The most tethering you receive on the plans now is 4GB and you can purchase 1GB for an extra £5. If you need more than 4GB then you can stay on your current plan. Thanks.

  88. Moderator: Claire

    @Dave – Hi, we don’t offer the One Plan anymore but you can stay on this plan if you want to keep the unlimited tethering. If you upgrade the handset you can take out our plan with 4GB of tethering a month and buy an additional 1GB for £5 extra a month. Do you need more than 4GB a month? Thanks.

  89. Moderator: Claire

    @Dann – Hi, it will automatically stop as our systems will make sure you don’t go over. You can check this on my3 by logging into your account. Thanks.

  90. car

    Q:I want to upgrade my phone but I don’t want to lose unlimited Personal Hotspot. What can I do?

    A:You can continue on a rolling basis with your existing contract or move to The One Plan SIM, and purchase a phone outright.

    Is this still the case?
    I pay £41 per month on the plan and have an xperia z.
    when my contract comes to an end will i be forced to keep paying £41 per month to keep my current plan or will i be given the option to go to the sim only one plan with unlimited tethering. I am not bothered about upgrading.


  91. dave

    Today I upgrade my phone to s5 and in 3 store I ask can I stay with unlimited tethering the answer was no because there’s no one plan any more so I have to sign new contract and now I read that I can stay on one plan. I am going tp that shop tomorrow if that dont help I am going to citizens advise

  92. Bettyna

    Hopefully you will change this until next year April when my contract runs out, otherwise I will change my provider.

  93. dann


    So I have signed up to the new one plan. when i turn my mobile hotspot on, and my laptop is connected to it. Once it reaches 2/4gb the max that it is setup for will the connection stop? I can’t find where I can stop this without capping my overall unlimited phone data?

  94. Giles

    … albeit using MiFi or a dongle is nothing like as convenient as having all this available from your phone already, plus you connect phone to laptop via USB and it gets charged at the same time… so handy :-D

  95. Giles

    @Nick, you are right that the suggestion in the blog about downgrading to the One Plan is misleading, but you can’t actually downgrade to it any more so I don’t see any major problem.

    @Lee, I sympathise with your predicament, I guess Three’s difficulty is that with increases in tethering performance available with the latest phones there are increasing numbers of data hungry users like you. The option to continue with an existing One Plan seems reasonable to me. But maybe they should offer an unlimited tethering option also (except – could it really be unlimited these days without disadvantaging other users?). You could also go for a MiFi with 15GB montly I don’t use a huge amount of data myself but would like occasional tethering use, but unfortunately I took out a new SIM plan just before they started bundling tethering as standard again :-P

  96. Nick

    This should be removed from this blog then? As customers downgrading will be misled

  97. Moderator: Claire

    @Nick – Hi, we don’t offer the One Plan as a SIM only option anymore so you can’t downgrade to this plan now.

  98. Nick

    Quote “Is there anyway I can keep my unlimited Personal Hotspot or “tethering”?

    Yes. If you are a customer on The One Plan – the only plan that offers unlimited Personal Hotspot – then you will continue to enjoy unlimited tethering for the duration of your current plan.

    At the end of the minimum term of your current contract, you have two options:

    1) Continue on your existing contract on a “rolling” basis, with your existing allowance.

    2) Downgrade to a SIM Only plan which includes All-you-can-eat data with tethering (The One Plan is still available on a SIM only basis).”

  99. Nick

    On the One plane currently and due an upgrade. Was waiting until the iphone 6 comes out to do this.

    Can I still downgrade to the sim only one plan as it states on the blog?

  100. Lee

    I use anywhere between 6 and 20Gb a month, so 4Gb is no use to anyone.

    Thanks for the answer. I will wait for the iPhone 6 and then cancel my contract. I am aware that I will not get unlimited tethering with any other provider but I see it as a protest at 3 because I am not permitted to continue to contact and upgrade.

  101. Moderator: Claire

    @Lee – Hi, we don’t have any plans with unlimited tethering now. The maximum you can get on contract is 4GB and you can buy another 1GB for £5 extra. If you want to stay on your current plan you can still keep the unlimited tethering. How much do you use a month? Thanks.

  102. Lee

    So let me get this right. Unlimited tethering, which is the only reason I am with 3, has now gone to be replaced with a 2Gb limit.

    Can I downgrade to a Sim Only deal on my one plan contract and still have unlimited tethering?

    If so, how can I go about that ASAP?

  103. Moderator: Claire

    @Peter – Hi, you can do a change of ownership to someone else. They need to pass a credit check to do this and the contract then transfers to that person. You can do this by dialling 333 with the person wanting the contract with you. Thanks.

  104. Peter

    If someone has got a sim only THE ONE PLAN and they don’t want it anymore, can it be transferred to a different person to carry on with that One Plan with all the benefits of the Unlimited Tethering.

  105. Moderator: Richard

    You can do this using the ‘Control my spend’ option on your My3 account, @Jack. More info here. >Rich

  106. Ken

    So basically, tethering has ended in any meaningful way. I travel the UK extensively and tethering was the ONLY reason I went with three.
    Now no company does what I need, therefore next time I’ll pick a provider based on phone rather than service.
    Three…. Why not give a reasonable limit not 2 or 4GB but more like 20 or 50gb a month. That would still be a good USP for three.. 2GB or 4GB goes nowhere today.

  107. Mark Faulkner

    I renewed my three contact about a month ago, got unlimited access at a slightly reduced price. Felt pretty good about the whole affair, always rather liked three. Of course I didn’t read the finer details of the contact about the fact that you were limiting tethering. Appalled by this move. Appalled that there is not a big statement on the website saying “WARNING tethering now limited to 2 gig”. Appalled that you have the audacity to state that this is a move prompted by ensure the best service for you customers. Appalled that you can in any way dress this up as something other than the money grasping excercise that it is. I’m with you for the next 23 months three, not much I can do about that now. But from them on I will be gone and I will not be coming back.

    And I intend to watch Netflix continually during that time. On the phone off course.

    Mobile network operators: I’ve worked for two of them, and you will not find a more despicable breed of thieves in any walk of modern life.


    P.S. I give this post less than 24 hours before a mod removed it.

  108. Moderator: Nicki

    @Martin Phillp – Hi, we no longer offer the One Plan sim. Our current offerings can be found at

  109. Jack

    Hi i am with the one plan and when i taken out the contract i got a price cap how do i turn this off please with out ringing up three because i am not very good on the phone thank you.

  110. Martin Phillp

    Can I still purchase a SIM only One Plan contract from a Three store?

  111. Paul


    Forget it, I fear Three should spend more time and resources on their moderators, who simply seem to be trained in nothing other than bypassing customers complaints and responding automatically about plans we are not looking at purchasing, instead of justify why the company used sly tactics ill informing (or rather not informing) paying customers of their plans to end current plans. I shall waste no more time with Three and instead join Denis in contacting the ombudsman

  112. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul – Hi, if you upgrade we have a range of new plans now available but the One plan has stopped. The highest tethering package we have now is 4GB and you can buy another 1GB for £5 extra. If you need more than this amount you can still stay on the One plan but not upgrade. Thanks.

  113. Moderator: Claire

    @Emma – Hi, does your plan include tethering? What plan are you on? Our systems now detect customers who use tethering that isn’t part of their plans and may be why your service has stopped.

  114. Moderator: Claire

    @Katie – Hi, you would receive an email confirming. If you haven’t received this can you confirm your full name, DOB, postcode to check? Thanks.

  115. Paul

    Well done Three for pulling a fast one with loyal customers, I shall take you up on your offer to NOT upgrade and lose my one plan, I shall instead cancel my home broadband and simply tether my needs till my heart is content, saving me the cost of home BB . Thank you for informing me , yes i can, aslong as i don`t upgrade or switch contract continue to use my device too access the net :)
    Much appreciated

  116. Emma

    Why has my tethering been stopped if I am not a new customer? My contract started in January 2014 and you have clearly stated that the new changes apply to NEW customers only from the date of March 18th 2014. my boyfriend and I both have the same smartphone, the same pay monthly contracts through 3 yet I pay £10 more! Exactly the same plan on both phones and now my tethering has been cut off!

  117. katie

    hi i recently ordered a contract online with three, how do i know if its been accepted, i received a email saying order confirmation,, does this mean ive been accepted thanks

  118. Paul


    I am currently on one plan, i`m told if i upgrade it ends, not only that you want too charge me more for less but am i right in thinking one plan is still offered on sim only deal and if so is this still with unlimited tethering or is it capped ?

  119. Moderator: Claire

    @joseph cannon – Hi, can you explain more on what you are trying to do? Are you trying to unlock the phone or SIM? Thanks.

  120. joseph cannon

    why am not getting an unlock number after two weeks of trying and not able to use my phone what do i have to do

  121. Alex

    Nice try Three.
    You’ll have to pry my unlimited 4G tethering one month sim from my cold dead corpse!
    Kindly place your free 0800 calls contract change right up your sim slot :¬D

  122. Moderator: Claire

    @Denis – Hi, we review our tariffs regularly with the market place and made the decision to stop the One Plan. Have you had a look at our new plans?

  123. Denis

    Hi Claire, my point is I want to stay on the one plan!!! but without a phone upgrade why should I be charged 37 pounds a month line rental when others pay 15 to 20 for exactly the same service. This is penalising good high paying customers and forcing us away from three. Three no longer have a product I am interested in if I can’t stay on the one plan. Three should have notified customers like myself of future changes and given us the opportunity of a downgrade to sim only, so that we would not be forced to pay ridiculous prices for line rental that was originally devised for contracts with phones.
    On my three service i was always led to believe that on a certain date i will become eligible for a phone upgrade. This is not being offered without a forced change of plan.
    I am of the opinion that customers like myself are being discriminated against by having to pay nearly twice as much as the sim only one plan customers that are retaining their service.
    I would not mind retaining my service for this realistic price and not for a price as previously stated was devised for contract phone customers.
    I will in the time of my contract ending be making this complaint to the ombudsman, We should have been given the option to stay on our plans at the reduced price that sim only one plan customers can avail of.
    Regards Denis.

  124. Moderator: Claire

    @Denis – Hi, we no longer offer the One plan on SIM only. If you want to upgrade you will be given your options for handset upgrade or SIM plan. If you want to stay on the One Plan you will need to continue paying your line rental. Are you looking to upgrade now?

  125. Denis

    I am currently on the one plan paying 37 pounds a month with the benefit of a samsung galaxy s4. When my contract finishes i have been told if i want to stay on the one plan i will still have to pay 37 pounds per month even without the benefit of a phone upgrade. This i find to be forcing me off the one plan.why can i not stay on the plan and pay the same as sim only customers. Paying 37 pounds when others pay 15 or 20 is a scandal, and is not treating good customers with respect. Had always thought i would get a handset upgrade but failing that i should get the reduced price that sim only customers can avail of.
    Would appreciate a heads up on if this is true and i am being financially bullied into changing plans

  126. Moderator: Claire

    @Christine Cunningham – Hi, are you looking to get a contract or pay as you go? If contract you need to pass a credit check and have a UK bank account. If pay as you go you need to top up the SIM in the UK before travelling for it to work. You can use your allowances in UK, France and Italy calling back to the UK but to each other this would cost you if your friends are not in the UK. The tethering facility won’t work in the UK or abroad if you are on pay as you go, this is only for contract customers. Hope this helps explain our plans. Thanks.

  127. christine cunningham

    travelling from aus. can my friends and i all buy a 30 day sim for 26 pound and use them to contact each other while we travel in uk france and italy? not so bothered about tethering but understand we can use that facility in the uk. we just want to keep in touch with each other.

  128. Moderator: Claire

    @Amanda Bolton – Hi, you can discuss this with our upgrades team on 333 who will confirm what they can offer. Thanks.

  129. Amanda Bolton

    Hi – I’m currently on the One Plan but to wish to upgrade my phone so am happy to move to a different plan. However, I’ve had a recurring discount since joining 3 and wanted to know if this was likely to continue, as the contract I choose could be dependent on this still being applied to my bill. Thanks

  130. Moderator: Nicki

    @adam – Hi there, sorry you’ve not received your sim as yet. It’s sent standard post so can take a few days to arrive depending on your postal service. If it’s been longer than 5 working days we can send you a replacement sim card from your account. This means you’d still have the exact same plan you signed up for :-)

  131. adam

    Hi there

    I took out a one plan sim only 12 month contract on 14 July 2014 through your web site. I confirmed with three customer services that I would have unlimited tethering (or hotspots if you prefer).

    I still have not received my sim.

    Will i still have unlimited tethering when I finally receive my sim?

    thanks for your answer in advance.

  132. John

    @Nicki – You’ll have to drag me kicking and screaming to get me from The One Plan ;)

  133. Moderator: Nicki

    @L SMITH – Hi, while we no longer offer the One Plan there has been no changes to anyone currently with a One Plan sim only. You will continue on your current terms until you choose to upgrade or change your price plan.

  134. L SMITH


    Just a quick question. I know that I have asked this before but as there are more changes, I just want things confirmed.

    I moved my One Plan phone contract to a rolling monthly sim only One Plan in June. It was confirmed to me that I would keep my old terms of contract such as unlimited tethering for as long as I decide to keep the contract.

    Moderator: Nicki Stated on July 15, 2014, As of today we no longer offer the One Plan.

    Therefore, the One Plan is no longer available to purchase.

    Can you please confirm that for users such as me who are already on the One Plan that we will keep our terms and conditions for as long as we wish.

  135. John

    @Everyone ;-

    Thank you for your reply.

    There is a mistake on the price guide and it’s currently being corrected. It will be updated on the website this afternoon.

    Just to confirm, the 25GB data allowance cap will only apply to usage while in a ‘Feel at Home’ country.

    Once again, thanks for bringing this to our attention.

    [removed by mod]

    Executive Office Administrator

    Three confirmed the Price Guide is wrong.

  136. Matthew Morgan

    The 25gb limit was a mistake:
    Hello Matthew

    Thanks for your reply.

    There is a mistake on the price guide and it’s currently being corrected. It will be updated on the website this afternoon.

    Just to confirm, the 25GB data allowance cap will only apply to usage while in a ‘Feel at Home’ country.

    Thanks again for getting in touch and bringing this to our attention.

    [removed by mod]

    Three Executive Office

  137. Moderator: Claire

    @john – Hi, most of our customers don’t use more than 4GB in a month but thought this is fairer to all customers at 25GB.

  138. John

    @Claire I’m aware that I am not effected thank god but to advertise a service as ‘All you can eat’ with a 25GB cap?

  139. Moderator: Claire

    @john – Hi, this applies to our new tariffs. If you are on an older plan it won’t affect you. Thanks.

  140. John

    Why have you stopped AYCE? to 25GB

    The new price guide shows on page 3 ;-

    It clearly says ;-

    * All-You-Can-Eat Data units are 25,000 data units while All-You-Can-Eat voice units are 3,000 units and All-You-Can-Eat text units
    are 5,000 text units per month.

    That’s not AYCE that’s 25GB?

  141. Matthew Morgan

    And they is not 1000gb limit in fact they is not set limit at all here is the second email i got:

    Hello Matthew

    The 1000GB that you mention has only ever been used for us to be able to calculate tariff costs and approximate use of the network. It isn’t used to trigger an investigation into an account or usage.

    Sometimes, the top 4-5% of our data users may be subject to traffic management and details of our traffic management policy TrafficSense™ can be found on our website.

    Usually, this would be customers who use peer to peer file sharing sites, or who use their phone as a personal hotspot most of the time, instead of browsing through their mobile. It’s monitored regularly, to make sure only the top 4-5% of data users are being managed.

    This doesn’t mean that we stop them from using data, only that we may slow down the heaviest users, to allow everyone fair access to the network. However, there isn’t a specific threshold of data usage that will trigger this.

    You’ll find that most internet service providers, whether fixed line or mobile, will use traffic management of some sort, to make sure that their network runs as smoothly as possible.

    I hope that explains things, but if you need to get back to me, you can reply to this email. [removed by mod]. We’re open Monday to Friday, from 9am until 6.30pm.


    [removed by mod]

    Three Executive Office

  142. Matthew Morgan

    here is the email i just received just to clear things up:
    Hello Matthew

    Thanks for contacting us about ‘all you can eat’ (AYCE) data and our new price guide.

    When we say AYCE data, we truly mean as much data as you can use on your mobile phone. However, there are a couple of changes in the new price plans.

    Using your phone as a personal hotspot, is now allowed on all phone price plans and you can use up to 2GB per month as a personal hotspot, or however much data you have, if it’s less than 2GB.

    Our SIM Only price plans have just been revised and are now similar to the phone price plans. We no longer have a price plan which includes unlimited personal hotspot.

    If you joined or upgraded with us on or before 17th March, you’ll most likely be on one of our older price plans. You can find information about these by visiting: and choosing the right price guide for when you joined us.

    I’ve checked the most recent price guide and the 25GB data limit is only mentioned when you’re using your phone in a ‘Feel at Home’ country. This would be one of the 16 countries where you can use your Three phone and price plan, as if you were still in the UK.

    I hope that clears things up, but if you have any other questions about it, you can reply to this email. Or, give me a call at the [removed by mod]. We’re open Monday to Friday, from 9am until 6.30pm.

    Thanks again

    [removed by mod]

    Three Executive Office

  143. Moderator: Claire

    @Matthew Morgan – Hi, the price guide is meaning that the 25GB is taken from the 1000GB allowance and not separate from your overall 1000GB. This can be used in the UK and in Feel at Home countries. I’ll pass on feedback that this is not entirely clear on the price guide. Thanks.

  144. Matthew Morgan

    So why does your price guide say the 25GB is in the UK as well?

  145. Moderator: Claire

    @Daz – Hi, 1000GB is for use in the UK. If you go abroad and use 25gb at a Feel at Home destination, this comes out of this allowance. Sorry for the confusion!

  146. Daz

    @Nicki wrote: “Hi there, there hasn’t been any changes to our All You Can Eat data – this is still 1000GB. Of this you’ll be able to use 25GB of the 1000GB either in a Feel at Home destination, or of course in the UK. Page 22 of the Price Guide details All You Can Eat and how it can be used.”

    Bit confused is the AYCE limit 1000GB or 25GB for UK customer in the UK ? The reference to 25GB for feel at home countries or UK is the confusing bit.

  147. Moderator: Nicki

    @Michael Love – Our price guides can be found at

  148. Michael Love

    Link to price guide please?

  149. Moderator: Nicki

    @Matthew Morgan – Hi there, there hasn’t been any changes to our All You Can Eat data – this is still 1000GB. Of this you’ll be able to use 25GB of the 1000GB either in a Feel at Home destination, or of course in the UK. Page 22 of the Price Guide details All You Can Eat and how it can be used.

  150. Moderator: Nicki

    @Michael Love – As of today we no longer offer the One Plan. Our new sim plans can be found here.

    The closest to the One Plan would be ‘SIM All-you-can-eat Data, All-you-can-eat Minutes’ either on a 12 month contract or 1 month rolling.

    This includes All You Can Eat data, All You Can Eat minutes, All You Can Eat texts, with you being able to use up to 4GB of data as a personal hotspot (tethering).

  151. Michael Love

    So let me get this straight.

    On any ONE PLAN:
    Tethering: YES.
    Unlimited Tethering: NO (4GB)
    Unlimited data (phone only): YES
    Unlimited Texts: YES
    Calls as per ONE PLAN contract.

    Is that correct?

  152. Moderator: Nicki

    @Daz – Hi there, these changes do not affect anyone already on a contract. You can stay on your old SIM plan until you upgrade. When you do, you’ll be offered the best plan for you, depending on what sort of allowances you want and the amount you’re looking to pay.

  153. Moderator: Nicki

    @Michael – Hi there, I’m afraid this isn’t something we offer. The maximum tethering allowance is 4GB on sim only, or 2GB on a phone contract. Our All You Can Eat data will give you your unlimited data.

    With regards to minutes, we offer 600 minutes or All You Can Eat minutes on the All You Can Eat data plans.

    All of our plans come with All You Can Eat texts.

  154. Daz

    Does The One Plan Sim only still allow AYCE data and AYCE tethering for existing customers following the introduction of the new Sim only plans yesterday ?

    I noticed the new AYCE Sim Only plans cap tethering at 4GB and wanted to double check if this changed anything on my existing One Plan.

  155. Michael Love

    I phoned today about an upgrade as contract coming to a close. I was told that I would be limited to a 4GB data allowance on the One Plan tethering option. I am not getting a new handset.

    I want:
    Unlimited Data.
    Unlimited tethering.
    500+ mins voice.
    100+ texts.

    What’s the deal I need please?

  156. Matthew Morgan

    Looking at your new price guide they appears to be a 25GB per month fair use policy(25,000 units) on your All you can it data.
    Is this the start of fair use policy’s?

  157. Dave

    I have just been on the phone today (14th July) and was told that The One Plan sim only deal for 12 months is the only way you will get unlimited tethering with no 2gb caps.

    I was on ALL YOU CAN EAT DATA but they blocked my tethering withing one night. I have now changed to The ONE PLAN which will come to effect on my next bill date at £20 per month for 12 months contract.

    Hope this clears up this issue ;-)

  158. Moderator: Nicki

    @Wayne Sullivan – If you’re on the One Plan sim you will not have the 2GB tethering limit – there’s no limits to tethering on the One Plan.

  159. Wayne Sullivan

    Hi Nicki, so do I have a 2GB cap on tethering? Thanks.

  160. Moderator: Nicki

    @Wayne Sullivan – Hi there, there’s been no changes to our sim plans – the changes only affected new contract handset plans.

  161. Wayne Sullivan

    Hi, I’m on the One Plan 1 month SIM and have been so for a few years. Can someone please explain how the new rules affect my tethering allowance? Thanks.

  162. Moderator: Pamela

    @Barry If you’re looking to get a new phone and are on one of our old plans, you’d have to change. Sorry you’re not happy, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do. Thanks, Pamela

  163. Moderator: Pamela

    @ Roger Boyce We had to make these changes so that tethering was fair for everyone – it’s not designed for things like streaming films. Really sorry you’re not happy though. Thanks, Pamela

  164. Moderator: Pamela

    @Richard We’ve no idea if any changes will be made to our plans but, if for example your on a plan that’s removed, you can stay on it – you’d only need to change if you decided you wanted to upgrade. This would also apply to your £5 discount. Does that help? Thanks, Pamela

  165. Barry

    i am in the last 30 days of my contract, i think the deals on offer are pretty poor in comparison to other netwroks, i am pretty happy with my plan although would like it a bit cheaper, as reducing my minutes to lesser would actully cost me more, strange! but also looking for a newer phone, what are my chances of acheiving this with 3, he provider that knows no loyalty to existing customers?

  166. Roger Boyce

    Extremely disappointed by the change in tethering have got six contracts in my family with three now all on the one plan , Phones ranging from Note3 iPhone 5S etc and tethering usage as well as all you can eat were the main reason for choosing three. I find it not only annoying but disappointing that as existing customers that in total pay a not inconsiderable amount per month we are not allowed to upgrade and maintain our current terms. 2Gb is not much more than 1 full HD film per month

  167. Richard

    I have been following some of the questions and moderator responses concerning changes to your plans but found that because the answers given were ambiguous I am still unclear about where I stand.
    My two year plan came to an end recently. I was paying 33 pounds a month for an S3 on The One Plan. I chose to opt for The One Plan, SIM only at 20 pounds a month once I had reached the second anniversary of my original contract a few weeks ago.
    I am very unclear about what will happen when my current 12 month contract comes to an end. More specifically, I need answers to the following questions:
    At the end of the 12 months, can Three say it is withdrawing the plan and that if I wish to stay with Three I will need to move to a new plan?
    If I do nothing at the end of the 12 months, will Three simply continue to collect my monthly direct debit and leave my allowances unchanged (in other words leaving me on The One Plan at 20 pounds a month for as long as I choose)?
    I see my new contract incorporates a 5 pounds a month discount. Your telesales staff assured mr this was permanent but I suspect that he may have meant that it would remain only for the 12 month duration of the contract. If Three allows me to continue on The One Plan past its 12 month term, will or could it increase my monthly direct debit to 25 pounds?
    I look forward to hearing from one of the moderators and thank you, in advance, for your help.

  168. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Warren – Hi Warren, thanks for getting in touch. In order to look at this closely for you, I’ve sent an email to get your account details. If you can fill this out, I can get a complaint raised with the team and see if we can get to the bottom of this. Thanks.

  169. Warren

    I upgraded just over a month ago through telesales. When I spoke to your rep, he commented that I use quite a lot of data and I told him “yes because I tether my tablet to my phone to watch Netflix” he then proposed a new tariff “suitable to my needs”. I now find out that there is this 2gb limit on tethering! I am sorry but this seems like I have been given incorrect advice just to get me to upgrade. I would have looked at other providers had I known about this ridiculous restriction. I will be taking further advice on this.

  170. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tesh – Hi, there’s been no changes to the One Plan sim only, so it’ll still have the no limit tethering.

  171. Tesh

    I’ve upgraded my SIM only contract on 26 June to The One Plan Sim Only 12 Month contract, however, as I’ve just missed my billing period, the new price plan will not take effect until 24 July.

    Can you confirm what the tethering allowance will be on my plan please?

  172. Moderator: Nicki

    @Carl Strett – Hi there, the new tethering limits don’t affect any current contract, only our new price plans, so if you don’t upgrade and remain on your current price plan there will be no changes to your tethering allowances :-)

  173. Carl Strett

    Hi, I am currently on the one plan sim only, when my contract expires in a couple of months will I still get the same mins, texts & data including tethering that I get now, on a 30 day rolling contract, or will my tethering be capped? Tethering most important thing to me at present!! Thanks

  174. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rob – there’s no plans at the moment, however I can’t guarantee this won’t happen in the future.

  175. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jim – our systems don’t show this information at the moment, it’s something we’re working on.

  176. Moderator: Lauren

    @Louanne – your early upgrade fee would be your monthly line rental x however many months you have left minus 3%. If you want to upgrade early you can call the team on 333 to discuss further.

  177. Rob Bolton

    Thanks for your reply. Is this sim only ONE PLAN going to be withdrawn for all next month as I’ve heard from 3 shop staff but not had confirmed – i.e is unlimited tethering on the one plan going to be capped to 2gb from July. This is very important to me as I need to decide in Sept but may chose to do so early if the one plan tethering will be capped in the future. Please be honest, shop staff tell me one thing, 333 call centre tell me something else

  178. louanne

    hi i purchased my new phone and contract in january tnis year but i have never really got on with the phone wouls i be able to upgrade early and pay the outstanding amout if so how much would it be i have the one plan and the phone is nokia lumia 1020

  179. Jim Durrant

    Im on unlimited calls, texts & data. Am I not able to see/check the remaining amount myself?

  180. Jim Durrant

    How do I know / check how much of my 2GB hotspot allowance I have left? It never seems to get “updated” as I use it. It just stays the same alue. Do you ever update this allowance so your customers can guage howw much they have left BEFORE it runs out?

  181. Moderator: Claire

    @Sophie McErlain – Hi, which plan are you on and we can check for you? Thanks.

  182. Moderator: Claire

    @Chloe Hi Chloe, if you are upgrading your phone you will loose the unlimited tethering as the One plan is only available on a SIM only. Do you need more than 2GB tethering allowance each month? If not then you could move onto one of our new tariffs. Otherwise you could buy a phone outright you can keep the plan you are on and just place your SIM in the handset. Thanks.

  183. Sophie McErlain

    pay for unlimited data, but was unaware that it included 2gb tethering because it had never allowed me to connect my laptop and cuts me off. I have just paid for the add on which is apparently now active but still cuts me off and the inclusive 2gb tethering usage has all of a sudden appeared on my usage summary (never shown before). Hence I’m annoyed this has only just appeared otherwise I would have been aware and not wasted money on the add on AND I am still unable to get on the internet via my laptop without being cut off.

  184. Chloe

    I would like to upgrade my phone but maintain my current sim as it has unlimited tethering

  185. Moderator: Claire

    @Chloe Hi, are you looking to upgrade or buy a phone a prepay phone to use your SIM in? Thanks.

  186. Chloe

    Please can you tell me how i can get a new phone (which id like to pay for monthly) and with the new phone use my current sim which is the one plan with unlimited tethering. Thank you

  187. Moderator: Claire

    @William Harrison – Hi, yes you can stay on this plan and the tethering is still unlimited. Thanks.

  188. William Harrison

    I am currently on The One Plan 12 month SIM only contract which costs me £15 per month. My 12 month period ends in Aug 2014.

    The plan currently includes unlimited tethering (no 2GB limit). Provided I continue to pay the £15 and do not alter the contract, will the unlimited tethering remain as it is now? Can I just keep paying the £15 a month without a new contract.

    Thank you

  189. Moderator: Claire

    @Rob Bolton – Hi, the One Plan is the only plan with unlimited tethering. Thanks.

  190. Rob Bolton

    is the only way I can get unlimited tethering now on the new ONE PLAN sim only, or is that limited to 2gb of tethering

  191. Moderator: Claire

    @Marcel – Hi, do you use more than 2GB of data tethering? We made the decision to limit tethering as 90% of our customers don’t use 2GB a month and use the all you can eat data on their phone only. When you go to a store to buy a contract everything is confirmed in your paperwork that you sign and you have 14 days if you change your mind. Has this time passed? We offer the extra 1GB for £5 a month if you need more which again most of our customers don’t need.

  192. Marcel

    How can you put a restrain on the “all you can eat data” plans just for 2 GB? This is an outrage, I recently bought a phone from your store, and I mentioned to your customer assistant that I want to use tethering on it for my laptop. I wasn’t told about the 2Gb limit!!!!!

    And now I`m stuck with a plan for 2 years and a plan for 45 pouns/month because I wanted unlimited data.
    How is this possible?

    I have a good intention to take this case into court of law, you can’t tell people that you can go to a buffet “All you can eat” and serve me a plate of 2Gb,
    The only reason I picked “Tree” was because of the Internet pack.

    This is not over, and I will over-speak about this injustice, how Three manipulates the paying customers into giving them more money, 5 pounds for another Gb… I already pay for my monthly plan 45 pounds and with extra costs it reaches 70, if I would pay 5 pounds for an extra 1 Gb, in a month I will go over 100 pounds easy… this is not fair for the people who rely on the data pack. And I refuse to pay 5 pounds extra for 1 Gb,
    This will stain the image of “Three”. And I will make sure to tell people about this, and the way I saw it I already met in 2 days more than 10 people not very happy about this.

  193. Moderator: Claire

    @Oliver – Hi, once you upgrade you have 14 days to change your mind and once past this we can’t change the tariff option. Do you normally use more than 2GB of data with tethering? You can still use unlimited data but just on the phone, would this be enough for what you use the data for? Thanks.

  194. Moderator: Claire

    @Rob L – Hi, if you stay on your current plan or move to the One Plan SIM only – they both have unlimited tethering. :)

  195. Rob L

    I have just come to the end of my 24 month One Plan. I am looking at buying a new phone, but wish to retain my unlimited tethering option. In process of moving and easiest way of being on line at present. Can someone confirm my understanding of the information I’ve seen. Leave my contract unchanged or switch to the One Sim only plan? The phone I’m looking at isn’t offered by Three at present. Thanks

  196. Moderator: Claire

    @James – Hi, once you reach the 2GB allowance it will cut off. You would be able to buy more tethering after, we offer 1GB for £5 extra.

  197. Moderator: Claire

    @Princesseeyore – Hi, if you are on the One Plan that still has unlimited tethering and won’t change. In regards to using your SIM in another Three phone, this will work fine :)

  198. Oliver

    Unfortunately it’s a problem because I wasn’t told about the change, had I known I would have rather just Bought the new phone outright and stayed on my old contract. Is there a way to get back to it or not? Also, I see that the sim only plan still has the one plan, is there a way I can “downgrade” to that plan or have I messed it because of this upgrade? I’d get a dongle or mobile broadband but they’re both expensive for the amount of data you actually get and unreliable from what I’ve seen of my friends that use them. /: 2gb is rather restrictive considering I’m on an “unlimited data” package and always have been since I’ve been with three!

  199. James

    Just wanting to make 100% Sure, I’m a new customer I have all you can eat Data, Currently my in house internet is down so I’m tethering it to my PC. If my 2Gb runs out will it begin to charge me or simply cut itself off?

    Thanks for reading.


  200. Princesseeyore

    Im on a one month rolling one plan with unlimted tethering including personal hot will this get changed to a 2gb limit if so when are three doing this. Can i put my sim into any other three phone and still use sim

  201. Moderator: Lauren

    @Oliver – sorry you weren’t aware of our price plan changes. You may be able to purchase an additional 1Gb via My3. We no longer offer unlimited tethering on any of our packages, sorry about this. You could look at purchasing one of our mobile broadband dongles or Mifis for additional data usage?

  202. Moderator: Lauren

    Hi Liz, our new price plans cut you off and ask if you want to buy an add on once you run out of your allowances. You can monitor it all at

  203. Oliver

    I recently upgraded my phone and in the process wasn’t told about the changes to the tethering / hot spot. I’m in the armed forces And live in the block, I relied on three’s network to tether so that I could access the internet and actually do things in my spare time. I’m not a particularly heavy user but I’ve just received a text from three saying that my tethering limit has been reached and that it won’t be available until the 11th of July.. Are you kidding me?! This was the main reason I loved being with three! A 2gb limit is nothing considering I have been on the one plan since before I can remember! How can three justify only giving us 2 GB? Surely 10 GB at least would be enough for most and not be a strain on the network? I don’t understand why we can’t pay to add more either…

    Is there any chance three are looking at changing back or is there anyway I can get my unlimited tethering back? It IS unfortunately quite crucial with my job and the fact that I’m always travelling places where there’s no WiFi.

  204. Liz

    Hi I am thinking about getting my daughter a iPhone 5c on three and looking at a package which includes 1G of data, is there anyway of preventing her from going over her monthly allowance?

  205. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Neil – Hi Neil, as long as you don’t make any changes to your contract or tariff when it comes to upgrade time as well then you should be fine and your price plan will remain as it is :)

  206. Neil

    I am currently on The One Plan 12 month SIM only contract which costs me £15 per month. My 12 month period ends in July 2014.

    The plan currently includes unlimited tethering (no 2GB limit). Provided I continue to pay the £15 and do not alter the contract, will the unlimited tethering remain as it is now?

    Thank you

  207. Paul

    Who needs FREE 0800 calls included, download Skype. #Simples and you can make your 0800 calls

  208. Moderator: Richard

    That doesn’t seem right, @Shane =/ What plan did she upgrade to? 0800 numbers are free on all our new 24 month handset plans so as long as she’s on one of these tariffs then there’s no need to worry, there won’t be any charges :) >Rich

  209. shane lee

    Ok so my wife upgraded last week (against her better judgement).
    Three have been banging on about free 0800 numbers and promoting the silly 0800 “fun” lines but when she just tried making an 0800 call she got a voice message stating that she would be charged for them until her next bill.
    So you are misleading users again?

  210. Moderator: Richard

    I’m really sorry you’ve been having ongoing issues with your data speeds, @Louise. The best way for us to look into it for you would be to run some tests on your account, however for this we’d need your full name, number, postcode and DOB. If you send it on here I’ll make sure nothing is posted publicly, however If you’re not comfortable doing that then I can send you out an email if you’d prefer? Again, if you send your email address to us on here I’ll make sure to remove it before it’s posted publicly. :) >Rich

  211. Louise

    Hi, my data speeds at (postcode removed by mod) have gone real slow. Looking at a few posts down, the data speeds at (postcode removed by mod) should have been sorted by 26 May. But now they are worse than ever. Please can you do something. Im not comfortable leaving you my personal details as I see that some mods have mistakingly posted personal datails of other people. Please can you do something about the data speeds at (postcode removed by mod)?

  212. Dom

    @L SMITH. You must be very near to a mast cos most poeple experiance missery from Three. Good luck and good on ya L SMITH.

  213. chaz

    Hay man, understanding what as already been said about (postcode removed by mod) data speeds and the 26 May, I am not renewing my mobile broadband contract in 3 months. This is not a question, this is a comment.

  214. Moderator: Richard

    I’m really sorry you’re still having issues with your speeds, @Joseph. Any fix dates we post on here are dates our engineers are aiming to resolve matters by and unfortunately can be subject to change depending on the nature of the fault. If you let us know your number then I can get a closer look into this for you. (We’ll remove it before posting the comment publicly.) >Rich

  215. Joseph

    According to a few post’s down, the internet data speeds at (postcode removed by mod) should have been sorted by 26th May. Since the 26th may, internet data speeds at (postcode removed by mod) are worse than ever. Im changing network. Three built for the interNOT.

  216. L SMITH

    Hello Kris

    Thank you for the quick response.

    I will certainly remain a three customer.

    The Note 3 has a much faster modem than my old S3. I am getting download speeds almost 3 times faster and thats without receiving 4G yet.

    The Note 3 and the One Plan are the perfect partners and for £20 per month no other plan comes close.

  217. Moderator: Kris

    @L Smith As Vee had mentioned that she was on The One Plan already, and had mentioned that she was wanting to stay on that plan, then the info I’ve given her is relevant. The One Plan is now only available as a Sim Only package, and has retained the AYCE Peronal Hotspot allowance, so if you opted to downgrade on to that sim only deal, then you would still get the AYCE Personal Hotspot as well.

  218. L SMITH

    Hello Moderator: Kris

    On May 26, 2014 you told Wayne:

    “The AYCE Personal Hotspot usage is still available on our Sim Only deals for The One Plan, so we have kept that option alive for those customers whose priority is tethering.”

    But then on May 28, 2014 you told Vee:

    “Your plan will stay exactly as it is, as long as you don’t make any changes to it after your minimum term is up. if you change tariff or upgrade to a handset plan, then your allowances would change and your persoanl hotspot allowance would be changed as well.”

    I am in the same situation as Vee, I have an S3 on a 24 Month One Plan Contract at £34.00 per month that runs out in June 2014

    I have puchased a new 4G phone and want to remain on the One Plan with Unlimited Tethering, however I do not want to continue paying £34 per month as I no longer have a phone as part of the contract.

    I want to downgrade to a Sim Only One Plan Contract at £20 per month.

    I was told that I could do this by your Customer Service Department and by Moderator: Claire, but you are saying:

    “Your plan will stay exactly as it is, as long as you don’t make any changes to it after your minimum term is up”

    So are you saying that I will ‘LOSE’ my AYCE Hot Spot Tethering if I request to downgrade my plan to the One Plan £20 per month Sim Only?

  219. Moderator: Kris

    @Liam There’s no issue showing there at the moment, but as per the below comments, if you send over your DPA details, we’ll see if we can find out some more info on this for you. Cheers.

  220. liam

    Hay man, the internet data speeds at (removed by mod) has got really slow. Please can you do something?

  221. Moderator: Kris

    @Sonny, @Danny, @Tont and @Dave, there’s no immediate issues to be seen in that area. If you all message us with your names, numbers, dobs and postcodes for your accounts (which we won’t publish), then we can do some further diagnostic checks directly linked to your numbers, to see if we can unearth any problems. Thanks.

  222. Sonny

    Hay, what happening. The data speeds at [edited by mode] was ment to be sorted by 26 May. Not only as my data speeds at [edited by mod] got worse over the last couple of days, but according to Ofcom, Three has done nothing with any of the masts at [edited by mod]. Will you do something please?

  223. Danny

    Well hello, I is curious as to know why the data speeds at [edited by mod] as all of a sudden got so slow? I cant open youtube no more. Please can you do something?

  224. Tont

    So what’s going on with Three? Im still getting rubbish data speeds at postcode [edited by mod] . Data speeds should have been sorted at poscode [eduted by mod] by 26th May, according to a few posts down. So what is happening cos since 26th May i’ve noticed that my data speeds are even worse than before? Three is getting ridiculous.

  225. Dave

    Hi, when will the data speeds at [edited by mod] be sorted out. Was told on this blog the other day that data speeds at [edited by mod] will be sorted by 26th May. Im still getting data speeds below 50kbps at [edited by mod]. When will this be sorted?

  226. Moderator: Kris

    @vee That’s correct, as you aren’t making any changes to your package or contract length.

  227. vee

    so the current sim whcih is the one plan I have for my 3g phone onc econtract finishes IF I BOGUHT A NEW 4g enabled phone for example iphone 5 and i buy it outright and is 4g enabled then will my current one plan sim work in that 4g phone and will my tethering be unlimited if I did that ?

  228. Moderator: Kris

    @Vee Your plan will stay exactly as it is, as long as you don’t make any changes to it after your minimum term is up. if you change tariff or upgrade to a handset plan, then your allowances would change and your persoanl hotspot allowance would be changed as well. As long as the phone you are using is 4G enabled and is compatible with our network, you’ll get 4G when in 4G areas at no extra cost.

  229. vee

    i was wondering i have a contract with 3 on the samsung galxy s3 on the one paln , once my contract ends will my tethering still stay unlimited as logn as i dont upgradeor renew my contract? also i was wondering i want to upgrade to a 4g phone so would I loose it then even though i bought the phone outright and put the current sim, will i eb able to get 4g on this unlimited tethering or is that not possile?

  230. Moderator: Kris

    @Sammy Sorry to read that you are still having issues. Where were you told of this fix date? If you send over your full name, number, dob and postcode,(we won’t publish these details) we’ll look in to this further for you. Thanks.

  231. Sammy

    Hi, what is happening with the data speeds at postcode [edited by mod]? I was told that data speeds for [edited by mod] would be sorted by monday 26th may 2014. No such thing, I am still getting data speeds below 40kbps. When is this data speed problem at [edited by mod] gonna be solved?

  232. Moderator: Kris

    @stacey That’s not good to read. Does this happen everywhere you go, or in one area in particular? How long has it been an issue for? Are you using a 4G handset in a non 4G area, with your 4G switched on? If you can give us as much info about the problem as possible (including a full postcode for where this mainly happens) we’ll look in to that for you.

  233. stacey

    i am currently on the one plan, however i have a lot of trouble getting internet without being linked to a wifif spot which i very annoying as i am a big internet user, i think before changing the tarrifs you need to sort out the network when it comes to getting online. i can currently only use my internet when im on WIFI which in turn drians my battery. NOT HAPPY!

  234. Moderator: Kris

    @wayne Sorry to see that our new tariffs have encouraged you to leave. Our new plans and terms of them have been built based on our average customer’s usage. Less than 10% of our customers who previously had AYCE data on The One Plan, used more than 2GB for Personal hotspot, which is why we’ve reduced the allowance for this to the 2GB for the majority of our new plans. The AYCE Personal Hotspot usage is still available on our Sim Only deals for The One Plan, so we have kept that option alive for those customers whose priority is tethering.

  235. Moderator: Kris

    @Roland Thanks for letting us know the plan that you are on. In regards to adding a Personal Hotspot Add On to your plan, the maximum that you would be able to add would be an extra 1GB to do so, based on the terms of our most recently released packages. The only plan that has no cap on it’s tethering abilities would be our sim only The One Plan option. While not an Add On, it would be a brand new sim that you could swap in and out of your mobile phone, as and when you have exceeded the allowances on your current plan. This may not be the most efficient method, but for the usage that you’ve mentioned, would be the best way to go about it.

    In reference to Business Plans, these have not changed in line with our consumer packages, so the AYCE data on these is still exactly what it says, both for standard usage and Personal Hotspotting. You can find out our Business Plans by ringing our Glasgow based Business Sales Team on 0800 358 9083.

  236. wayne

    hi just tried to upgrade my handset on my 24 month one tariff contract but cannot unless i change to the capped tether
    so i dumped your company simple as that
    what you should have done is established a fair use policy to prevent people using the data as a substitute home network and not penalised the average user

  237. Roland

    Hi Madeline (May 23, 2014)

    Back in April I did an in-store upgrade of my phone/contract from the legacy tariff: Internet Texter 500 to 2GB Data, 300 Minutes 24month.

    My understanding was that I would be able to purchase a monthly data add-on in those months where my usage exceeded 2GB; part of my rationale was to avoid the need for multiple devices and contracts (MiFi and phone). So I’m concerned that those months (and specifically the next few weeks) when my usage will be particularly high (estimate 15~30GB), I do not have a simple mechanism for turning on and off extra allowance. From the volume of data I anticipate, I either purchase a few “Broadband 10GB 1 month” SIMs for the MiFi/WebCube or a “The One Plan 1 month SIM” and swap phone SIMs. The problem with this the hassle: having to visit town to pick up a SIM, swapping SIMs and afterwards turning things off – only to repeat same in a few months time…

    So whilst like others I’m put out that “All-you-can-eat-data” isn’t quite what it means. I am more put out that there doesn’t seem to be simple mechanism by which I can add-on tethered data allowance. In my position having a “The One Plan 1 month” add-on to my existing contract priced between £15~23 would actually be very useful !

    A final point are rules concerning tethered data for Business “All-you-can-eat-data” plans the same as Personal plans?

  238. Moderator: Madeline

    @Roland – Hello, Sorry to hear you’re having issues, I hope we can help. Have you upgraded your contract recently? What price plan are you currently on? All of our new plans are capped at 2GB hotspot allowance.

  239. Roland

    Personal Hotspot/tethering

    1. Since this usage is now limited, please update My3 (web and app) to show this allowance.
    2. I cannot find an add-on that gives me “Personal
    Hotspot” for use when I run out of Personal Hotspot allowance included in my plan.
    3. I’m on a 24-month contract, how do I change this contract to include unlimited personal hotspot usage.

  240. Moderator: Madeline

    @Matthew – Hi there, I’m glad you’re happy with your new price- plan :-) Did you manage to catch the advisor’s name? Just so we can pass on your feedback :-)

  241. Matthew

    Hi, with regard to my previous post, I’ve just given customer services a call and spoken to one of your most helpful advisers to date – he spent a good twenty minutes explaining to me why the plan that I keep being offered is the only one suitable for my phone and usage and he also pointed out the benefits that I’m being offered for the extra £5 monthly increase (i.e. – 0800 calls, 2GB tethering etc.) So I can now see Three’s reasoning for this. Please could you pass on my regards? Thanks. .

  242. Moderator: Madeline

    @Sammy – Really sorry to hear you’re experiencing poor data speeds. I’ve checked your postcode, and we’re aware of an issue in the area. It is due to be fixed by Monday 26th May. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  243. Moderator: Madeline

    @Matthew – Hello there, sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the price plans that are being offered. As we are a social media team, we are unable to offer customers deals, the only option is to speak to our team on 333. Have you explained to our team that it’s a more data focused package you’re looking for?

  244. Moderator: Madeline

    @Dave – Hello there, sorry you’re experiencing poor data speeds. When did you send us an email? I’ve checked your area, and I can see that there is an issue with the network in your area which is due to be fixed by Monday 26th May. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  245. Sammy

    Hi, for over 2 years now, the data speeds at [removed by moderator] has been terrible (under 40kbps). I have complained on the Three blog on several occasions and the email proccess has not solved the issue. I have complained direct to Three on 333 many times and they keep telling me that there is no problems for data speeds at PO18 8RQ. I and many of my friends in the same postcode area know that there is a problem. Surely me and my friends cant be wrong. Please can you get this problem sorted once and for all as data speeds under 40kbps is ridiculous especially as up till 2 years ago we all used to get data speed everaging 5mbps. Please can you do something?

  246. Matthew

    Hi, I currently have an iPhone 5s on the Ultimate Internet 500 plan (£37/month) and would like to change to one of your new plans with free 0800 calls however, the only plan that I’m being offered by your customer service team is £42/month which seems a bit extreme. I don’t use a lot of minutes, it’s just the data that I need so I wouldn’t benefit from changing to this plan. I keep being told that because of my current contract, this is the only plan that I’m eligible to move to, but I don’t understand as to why. Could you shed any light on this for me please? Thank you.

  247. Dave

    Hi, please can you tell me what you are doing about the poor data speeds at postcode [removed by moderator] I aswell as many of my friends in the some postcode area have been complaining to three for nearly 2 years about data speeds under 50kbps. We always seem to get past from one department to another and keep getting told that there is no problem at postcode [removed by moderator] Please can you do something instead of wasting everyones time? 50kbps is ridiculous. Please can you do something? Giving you my email address is useless as I have been down that route a few times again with nothing happening and data speeds still useless. Please can you do something about the poor data speeds at [removed by moderator] as up till 2 years ago the data speeds at PO18 8RQ used to be brilliant but now the data speeds are useless. Please can you do something?

  248. Moderator: Madeline

    @Oliver – Hello, as you’re a customer on the One Plan, you will still have unlimited tethering for the duration of your current plan :)

  249. Oliver

    Hi guys,

    I’ve had a Xperia Z1 with the One Plan since Feb of this year. Just moved into a new place and using the tethering option until our broadband has been installed. Because I started my contract in February with The One Plan (and AYCE data) can I assume that I still have unlimited tethering until I upgrade or change tariff?


  250. Moderator: Madeline

    Hi Shezi – Yes, unlimited tethering is still available on the One Plan one month SIM only :)
    I’ve checked your postcode and I can see that one of the masts in your area is currently experiencing problems. Once our engineers have assessed the faults with the mast, they’ll work on a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience. We don’t have any specific dates for 4G in your area at the moment, we’re working to increase our 4G capacity throughout 2014. > Madeline

  251. Shezi

    Q1. i have just changed my plan to The One Plan the one month rolling contract will i be able to do unlimited tethering ?
    Q2. i am living in this post code [removed by moderator] i have poor reception for 3G indoor is there any way so that it could get better?. and when i will be able to use 4G in this area?
    thank you so much :)

  252. Steff E

    @ Will – Hi Will, thanks for getting in touch. No we don’t use Traffic Sense to throttle tethering speeds, just to manage it. You can view how we use Traffic Sense here and here

    Have you been tethering with your PAYG plan? Your postcode shows that your just on the edge of strong and good coverage so that’s probably why your speeds seem to be a bit up and down.There are plans to improve coverage in the area with a new mast but no specific date has been given just yet.

  253. Will

    Hi mods,

    Please can you clarify this simple question for me because I am completely confused and keep reading and hearing differing information everywhere I turn:

    Q. If I buy a new One Plan Sim Only deal on a 30 day contract for use as a personal hotspot will the download speeds be throttled by Traffic Sense between 3pm and 12am?

    I’ve read some things saying the One Plan is not affected by Traffic Sense.

    If it is the case that speeds are throttled, then I fail to see how you can claim it is all-you-can-eat data. It’s like going to an all-you-can-eat buffet, then been told after your first helping that you an only have one spoonful every 10 minutes. In theory, IF TIME WAS LIMITLESS, it is all you can eat, but in reality, because everyones existence is limited, it is not all you can eat!

    (For clarity, I currently have a PAYG sim with £15 all-in-one add-on and speeds become useless every day without fail between those hours. Additionally, even outside of those hours, if the phone is not able to connect to 4G, the speeds on 3G are also useless).

    The post code is (Removed by Mod).

  254. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rollie, you sure will. You can pop into a Three store and get your sim exchange for a nano sim. :-)

  255. Rollie

    Hi, I have an iPhone 4S on the monthly rolling one plan.(so unlimited tethering). I want to upgrade my phone to a 5s but it uses different SIM cards. Will I be able to stay on the same plan, with same number and get a new sim sent out?

  256. Moderator: Pamela

    @Michael We’re working on a problem with one of the masts in that area just now – sorry about this, we’ll have it fixed ASAP. Thanks. Pamela

  257. Moderator: Pamela

    @Tony Really sorry about this Tony, I’ve sent you an email so that we can look into this more for you. Thanks, Pamela

  258. Michael

    @Pamela – My postcode is EH1 2HP. Let me know if you need any more information.

    Thank you,

  259. Tony

    Hi, I live at postcode (removed by mod). In the last two years my data speed has slowly dropped from a consistant 7mbps to a poor consistant speed of 40kbps. Every time I call Three on 333 and get put through to the engineers department, they say that there is no problem at (removed by mod). All my local friends in the same postcode area as me is also experiencing the same problem. Could you please speak to the engineers department at Three because they dont want to listen to me? Personaly, it just seems to me that Three keep telling lies about postcode (removed by mod).

  260. Moderator: Pamela

    @LongTerm3Customer Really sorry to hear how unhappy you are. If you have a minimum term contract and want to end it early, I’m afraid the early cancellation fee has to be paid. If you know anyone who would like to take over the contracts fro, you, change of ownership is an option. Sorry we can’t help you out more. Thanks, Pamela

  261. LongTerm3Customer

    I am leaving the UK for work in around 2 months time and have been informed that between mine and my partner’s early exit fee we are going to owe 3 somewhere in the region of £800 for the contract breakouts! Pretty absurb that there isn’t more regulation in this area…. especially when we are open to alternatives such as returning the phones or sim only contracts. I can’t see us realistically ever signing a contract with 3 again past this point if the EEF is the only option (which is all I get told when I call 3). Really disappointing for what has otherwise been a mostly decent service.

  262. Moderator: Pamela

    @Michael Can you share some postcodes with us (we won’t publish them) and we’ll see what kind of signal you should expect. Thanks, Pamela

  263. Michael

    @Pamela The speeds were great with the iPhone 4S from late 2011 until late 2013, right before i upgraded to the iPhone 5S. I thought that the new phone would restore connection speeds but unfortunately it hasn’t.

    It does happen in most indoors locations (haven’t used it extensively outdoors) but then again, it used to work perfectly while indoors before.


  264. Moderator: Pamela

    @Matt Sorry you’re so unhappy Matt. Rest assured we don’t place limits on anything unless we have to – and this business decision wouldn’t have been made lightly. I wish there was more we could do for you but, in this instance, there isn’t I’m afraid. Thanks, Pamela

  265. Matt

    As a current “The One Plan” customer I’m disgusted at these changes. You wrote it into the contracts that you have unlimited tethering and unlimited data (fine print was 1000GB pm, which is very reasonable). There was a survey a few months back and this change was strongly hinted on in there. I emailed complaints immediately to express my disgust in this sort of change and I was assured by the responding member of staff that unlimited tethering was not on the chopping block. What a pack of lies.

    Now my upgrade is due in June and I’m stuck with a 2 year old phone.

    The 2GB limit shows this is very clearly about revenue and not network strain. TrafficSense was very capable of limiting heavy users and this should be done instead of penalising legit users who are using what they paid for.

    I was considering moving my partners mobile contract away from Orange/EE to Three, but now I’m just not sure.

  266. Moderator: Pamela

    @Soumya Banerjee No plans for upgrades yet Soumya – if this is something we’re going to do, we’ll let you know. Thanks, Pamela

  267. Soumya Banerjee


    I have a quick question. I understand that Three will be rolling out 4G network in many cities in the forthcoming months. However, what about upgrading its 4G network in current cities ? Will it be done on an on-going basis ? For example, we don’t have 4G on a large straight of Strand in Central London, or at Kidbrooke in South East London.

  268. Moderator: Pamela

    @Michael When something like this happens everywhere, it would normally indicate a problem with the phone. Were your speeds ever ok with the iPhone 4S? Is there no locations at all where your speeds are ok? Thanks, Pamela

  269. Michael

    @Pamela Thank you for the reply. It happens everywhere with a 3G connection (I haven’t been able to try 4G yet) while web browsing, at any time of the day. I’ve had the phone, an iPhone 5S since November 2013, but It also happened with an iPhone 4S since October.

  270. Moderator: Pamela

    @Michael We’re really sorry to hear how unhappy you are Michael. We use something called TrafficSense™ to manage file sharing but never throttle speeds. Does this happen everywhere or just one location? How long have you had your phone for? Thanks, Pamela

  271. Moderator: Pamela

    @ian Your contract will just continue as it is Ian, this includes your price plan and add ons. If you then decide to upgrade, your plan would change. Does that help at all? Thanks, Pamela

  272. Michael

    I’ve been on The One Plan since 2011 and 3G speed was perfect… but since October 2013, it has been erratic at best, having to turn my mobile data off and on to make it start working again at least once an hour, especially while tethering.

    Even if the cap doesn’t affect customers on an existing contract, it feels like my internet speed has been throttled. I’m on the go most of the time so unlimited tethering was the ONLY feature that made me choose Three, so it’s a shame. I’m really disappointed with the recent service.

  273. ian

    let me just make sure of this? i have 1 year left on my one plan contract. i also have a 15gb a month dongle contract. when i have used my allowance on the dongle i then tether my phone to my pc until i get my dongle refilled? soo when i come to the end of my current phone contract, will my contract rollover and i will stay the same? or will i have the 2gb limit placed on my tethering??

  274. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sonia – I’ve emailed you for more information, could you please fill this in and get back to me and I’ll raise this with our network support team.

  275. sonia

    What the hell is going on with three? Over the last year and a half I have seen my data speeds on HSDPA drop from consistant 5.5mbps at [removed by mod] to consistant speeds just over 70kbps now at [removed by mod]. My advice; dont bother with 4G at [removed by mod] as you will probably only get speeds of 5.5mbps. Three is rubbish. Now I know why three have such cheap offers. Cheap being the key word.

  276. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Glenn – Do you know what price plan you took out with the S5? If you have all you can eat data included in your plan you can download, upload, browse and stream on the handset as much as you want :) >Bernie

  277. Glenn

    Hi ive just upgraded to the S5 and want to know it theres a download limit now as I asked in store and was told no its all you can eat data I do alot of downloading and just went on my 3 account and see a bit saying intenet in megabytes 5120

  278. Jordon

    Thanks Steff and Claire for you super quick and reassuring posts.

  279. Steff E

    @ Jordan – Morning Jordon! Any changes we may make to our contract plans would only affect new customers and so would not change the terms of your plan regardless of whether it’s a 1 month rolling or 24 month plan. As of now we don’t have any plans to change our AYCE data proposition so no need to worry :)

  280. Jordon

    Does this still apply to a 1 month rolling contract though? As I suppose technically the contract renews every month?

    And If so, you are saying that even if Three make changes to their plans but I don’t change my sim only tariff then all of my allowances will remain unchanged?

  281. Moderator: Claire

    @Jordon – Hi, if you stay on this plan and don’t change tariff your tethering will remain the same. Unlimited data use on the phone only remains the same on the tariff too. :)

  282. Jordon

    Hi, I have the One Plan 1 month, so I use both, although not nearly as much as others. I suppose my question applies to both, but more on the phone side of things.

  283. Moderator: Claire

    @Jordon – Hi, do you use the internet on your phone only or do you use tethering as well? Thanks.

  284. Jordon

    People are telling me that All-you-can-eat data as a whole is going to come to an end soon. Is this true and where would it leave a person like me on a 1 month rolling contract?

  285. Moderator: Claire

    @Lee Burton – Hi, if you have a direct debit on an account it will still come out even if you make a payment before. Has your girlfriend been to the bank to make an indemnity claim? The bank can get the direct debit amount back from us by this method. Thanks.

  286. Lee Burton

    Hi mods,me & my girlfriend are both on 3. She has a problem with the last bill,she paid on a credit card but 3 still took the direct debit for same amount the next day.
    Now she seems to have a problem getting the money back which is know owning back to her.
    Is their anything you can look into to sort this problem out.
    Thanks Lee.

  287. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul – Hi, it isn’t a contradiction of the plan as you can access the internet on your phone depending on the plan you choose. Tethering isn’t included as this uses more bandwidth than browsing on your phone. Hope this clears this up :)

  288. Paul

    I notice your web site states –

    You can also take an Add-On to get started with Pay As You Go on Three. Choose either:

    All-in-One 15 Add-on.
    This Add-on gives you 300 minutes, 3,000 texts and all-you-can-eat data to use within 30 days.

    All-in-One 10 Add-on.

    This Add-on gives you 100 minutes, 3,000 texts and 500MB of data to use within 30 days.

    nb* Pay As You Go plans do not allow tethering
    …..errr isn’t that a total contradiction of the plan ?

  289. Moderator: Claire

    @L SMITH – Hi, yes for all you can eat data that is correct on the terms and conditions. In regards to the One Plan tariff it is not capped at 2GB tethering limit and is the only tariff that has this function. The all you can eat calls are completely unlimited. Hope this clears it up :)

  290. L SMITH

    Hello Claire,

    I was elsewhere on the web when you replied to me.

    I was looking for the Terms and Conditions which I have just queried before reading your response.

    Thanks for the quick response.

  291. L SMITH


    Your new Terms & Conditions are a little ambiguous.

    All-you-can-eat data – Explained

    If your smartphone plan includes all you can eat data, then this is for data consumption actually on your smartphone. It does not include using your smartphone as a modem to connect other devices such as laptops and tablets – also known as “Tethering”. Tethering is included in (i) The One Plan; (ii) the One Plan SIM only; or (iii) By purchasing an Ultimate Internet Plan with the Tethering Add on. The add-on can be purchased via My3 on your handset and is also available to customers on our Talk and Text plans.

    You state that the One Plan offers ‘all you can eat’ data and allows tethering, however, you do not specifically state whether the tethering is ‘all you can eat’ or capped at 2GB.

  292. Moderator: Claire

    @L SMITH – Hi, the 2GB cap applies to all our tariffs apart from the One plan which remains unchanged. The One plan is only available as a SIM only deal to receive the unlimited tethering. Do you use more than 2GB each month on tethering? You can see the all you can eat data details on the One plan here. Thanks.

  293. Moderator: Claire

    @GIS – Hi, yes it is completely unlimited calls :)

  294. L SMITH

    Hello Claire

    Thanks for replying to me.

    Unfortunately, this is just getting more confusing for me now.

    Like David, I do not have a landline for the internet so I am completely reliant on my One Plan for tethering.

    I visited a couple of Three stores to find out what my options are now that I am coming to the end of my contract and that is how I got the conflicting information, with one saying that I can keep tethering and the other saying I will be capped.

    However, both stores stated that I would not be able to take out another ‘Unlimited Tethering Plan’ as new One Plan’s are capped.

    You are now saying that my Current One Plan and future One Plans still allow unlimited tethering, so why are the stores telling me that the One Plan has a 2GB Cap?

    I only want a definitive answer to one question as I have bought a new phone.

    Can I now downgrade my current 2-year £34 Per Month One Plan contract to a 12 Month One Plan contract at £20 Per Month and still keep my current terms and conditions, i.e., KEEP UNLIMITED TETHERING?



  295. GIS

    I see that Three now offers ‘all-you-can-eat-calls’ to UK mobiles and 01 / 02/ 03 numbers. Are there any restrictions imposed, ie. is there any kind of fair usage policy, or does ‘all-you-can-eat’ really mean what it implies, ie. totally unlimited calls?

  296. Dave

    Hi, Have replied via e-mail, Dave

  297. Moderator: Claire

    @Dave – Hi, thanks. We have now sent you an email.

  298. Dave

    Yes my e-mail address is as above, Dave

  299. Moderator: Claire

    @Dave – Hi, sorry to hear of these issues. Can you confirm your email address and we’ll investigate this further for you? We won’t publish the address. Thanks.

  300. Dave

    Hi there, I have on severial occ` over the last 2 yrs complained about the reception In the G51 area of Glasgow & I keep waiting up to 2 weeks for a reply then all of a sudden it`s sorted only to keep happening, I have a young child living with me on & off & god forbid anything should happen & I can`t use my mobile, last yr I got sent out a booster to add to my modem & again for a while it was good but since I got a new sim (for same lost one) I have been having problems again, I called & they done something while I was on the line & again it seemed to rectify the problem, BUT now again the Whole area seems to be having problems & numerious people here are saying the same that it`s poor & it`s alleged someone was told they are doing something in the area well that was 3 weeks ago & still POOR, Can you find out what is going on before I end up along with my Family giving up on THREE & you losing 5 contracts here, Dave

  301. Moderator: Claire

    @Andrew Denny (@albiondumsday) – Hi, the One Plan still has the unlimited tethering on existing and new contracts. Thanks.

  302. Moderator: Claire

    @L Smith – Hi, if you stay on your current tariff – The One plan – you will keep the unlimited tethering but not get a new handset. The other option for unlimited tethering is the One Plan SIM only again not with a new handset. All our handsets plans come with 2G tethering but do you need more than 2G each month? Would you use unlimited data more on the phone rather than connected to a PC/tablet/computer? Thanks.

  303. Andrew Denny (@albiondumsday)

    It’s still not clear about the tethering situation for One plan sim-only. Is it going or staying for new and/or existing contracts?

    I live on a boat and don’t have the option of a landline. Tethering is very important to me.

  304. L SMITH

    Can you please give me a straight and honest definitive answer to a few questions?

    I have been getting contradictory information from Three, that appears like the people working for Three do not know what they are talking about or that they are deliberately trying to mislead me.

    Q. I am coming to the end of a 24 month contract on the One Plan with handset, unlimited data, unlimited tethering. Can I keep the unlimited tethering?

    I have been told yes and I have been told that I will have to move to a new contract.

    Of those saying that I can keep the tethering, I have been told:

    1. that I must continue paying £34 per month even though I will not be getting a new handset as part of the contract

    2. that I can down grade to a sim only One Plan at £20 or £23 per month, however, others have said that if I do this then I will get a capped contract.

    So please can I have a simple and honest answer?


  305. Stew

    Don’t bother with this new plan, simply download the 0800 Wizard from the Google Play store. That intercepts the physical landline number that the 0800 number is linked to, it dials the actual number for you. No need for this plan. Also grab Say No To 0870 app while your there

  306. Steve

    I had the feeling that would be the case we can have it for 12 months sim only but Three will have unlimited tethering gone for good before 24 months. its a real pity because 2gb just doesnt cut it for a lot of people and the comfort and freedom Three gave not having to worry what you did whilst tethered, not constantly worrying what will take you to your 2gb limit. I cant really see what Threes USP is now the vast majority of people can get by quite comfortably on a limited data plan for there phone and there is some cracking deals out there with freebies and cashback offers on plans with new handsets 0800 numbers are coming for all anyway and with a lot of companies the customer support seems to be a lot better, not all but some.

  307. Danny

    @Chris. Well I’m not signing up to a three contract until the one month and 12 month sim only one plan does follow suit of the 24 month phone one plan, and unlimited tethering is capped to 2gb all round and on all phone and sim only deals. Cos ya, three built for the interNOT.

  308. Moderator: Chris

    @Steve – Hey there, the decision was made to change our contract handset deals only at the time and leave everything else unchanged. I’d fully expect the other plans to follow suite soon enough. It’s a gradual process of change.

  309. Steve

    Hey Moderator Chris thanks for your reply just to clarify if Three are protecting the majority of customers trying to give a fairer share of whats available why are you still offering unlimited tethering but on a cheaper plan that your company seem to really be promoting at the moment, surely this will only increase the amount of customers with access to unlimited tethering. I called customer service earlier this week and as the adviser pulled up my records he told me i was a good data user and mentioned a data use of 7gb per month that will be my complete usage including phone and tethering, I am a very light tethering user compared to people i know i like a bit of online poker maybe a tune or two off you tube in a week a bit of googling and a little bit of light webpage based surfing and i can get through 2gb no problem doing this my data use on my phone is very light but at least i had piece of mind and thats what i have been willing to pay for over the duration of my contract. It just doesn’t stack up that you would make it easier and cheaper to tether and really now the only viable option to tether in order to reign this usage in… quite simply what is Threes thinking in making it cheaper for truly unlimited tethering.

  310. Moderator: Chris

    @Steve – Hey there, the reality of the situation is actually much simpler than that. Only a very small percentage of our customers have ever exceeded more than 2GB of tethering data so to try and make sure everyone has a consistent and smooth experience with 4G becoming available we’ve taken the decision to add a limit to this type of usage. Of course, your data directly from your device will still be all-you-can-eat and if you look around at our competitors you’ll find this is actually a really generous allowance. If you were looking for a plan with unlimited tethering you’re right enough in saying that you can either stay as you are or take one of our One Plan sim only options.

  311. Steve

    Just wondered if you could address a few points for me

    I’m on the one plan it ends in a couple of Weeks I wanted to upgrade my handset and continue with the one plan as unlimited tethering is very important to me I was offered a comparable contract with the new galaxy 5 great……..unfortunately there’s a few drawbacks firstly this is going to cost slightly more almost £13 more Jumping from £30 to £43I can live with that is a great handset and unlimited everything….but it’s not that simple now my tethering is capped so that’s more of a downgrade and no use to me.. I can just let my contract continue and continue with the old device and pay the same as I have been but with no new Device don’t think that’s an option or I can get a Sim only contract that gives me everything I want and £23 a month to put towards a new handset brilliant that sounds to good to be true surely…the old saying if it sounds to good to be true it probably is and i’m thinking it is in this case……let me explain…..why would three try to reign in the high data users as this is the reason for the move to cap tethering by offering a cheaper non capped option like the £20 Sim only option….this seems to be creating an ideal situation for high data users and why wouldn’t three offer this to the customers who are spending over £1000 on devices and contracts….it makes me think your using this alongside the crappy offer of free 0800 numbers to get as many people to ditch there original one plan contacts in favour of this Sim only deal as they run out then I get the feeling you’ll dump the whole unlimited thing that has built your business then push into the 4g market and before long you’ll be offering 4g as an alternative to the whole fixed line broadband thing for the home maybe i’m way off the mark here but somethings not right no company deliberately alienates there core customer base and tells them it’s for the greater good while it’s blatantly not i.e. making it cheaper than ever for unlimited tethering …..come on three you were once the cool network that stuck two fingers up to the rest now your getting very shabby indeed remember without customers your nothing.I for one am thinking very hard about finding a company that will look after me

  312. Moderator: Chris

    @Chris – That’s really not our best speeds… :( I’ve checked the area and can see that there’s limited coverage in that area. Would I be okay to send an email on to you to get some more info so that we can look into this properly? Cheers.

  313. Chris

    Its not just me who is struggling, its several colleagues in the same factory, and friends in CW12 1TT are also reporting issues. Speeds rarely get above 1mbps, even at 4AM on a night shift.

    Your coverage checker has been previously showing DC-HSDPA coverage in this area for several months, it is only in the last 7 – 10 days that the coverage checker has been downgraded and now says that High Speed is no longer available in this area – which I suppose is essentially correct in consumer experience.

    We’d all just assumed that you had finally realised that nobody has had anything like DC-HSDPA speeds in this area for over a month, admitted defeat and downgraded the area accordingly!.

  314. Moderator: Chris

    @Chris – Hey there, I’ve had a look and I can confirm that the area you gave me is set up for DC-HSDPA, are you still struggling with your coverage? It seems that the coverage checker on our website may be a wrong, I’ve passed this on to the team to correct.

  315. Chris

    I posted a few weeks ago, about the terrible speeds in the [Removed by Mod] area. What is interesting is that the coverage checker (which previously identified this area as being a DC-HSDPA area) has suddenly been downgraded to no longer being served by DC-HSDPA. Which is strange, considering that it was for several months. If we keep going in reverse much longer, it won’t be 4G being rolled out, but 2G

  316. Moderator: Chris

    @Sam – Hey there, I’m sorry to hear you’re not happy with the new price plans :( Unfortunately we do have to go by what’s currently available so if you were looking to stick to the same price plan you’re on at the moment we’d suggest purchasing a new handset sim free which would allow you to do this.

  317. Moderator: Chris

    @Dom – That’s right, on both accounts :)

  318. Sam

    I am currently in the Ultimate Internet 500 price plan and due for an upgrade next month.

    I was looking at upgrading to HTC One M8 on the same price plan and pay any difference for the handset but have been told that I cannot; that I have to enter into a new contract for this. This means that I loose the unlimited internet tethering, and get capped at 2gb.

    I have been with Three for over 4 years with two contracts, one for my wife and expected some leeway when it came to upgrading.

    Why is Three so rigid to its loyal customers?

  319. Dom

    Ok and just to be clear your current one plan sim only deal 1 month or 12) still allows unlimited tethering? And i assume 4g speeds?

  320. Moderator: Chris

    @Dom – Hey there, just to clarify if you’re on an existing price plan which predates the tethering limit them we won’t make any changes. The only way your services would change would be if you asked us to change them for you :)

  321. Moderator: Chris

    @Graham – Hey there, I’m afraid The One Plan is no longer available for contract handset deals. Sorry for any disappointment but you are still able to get all-you-can-eat data as well as 2GB of tethering data on our new plans which most of our customers wouldn’t go over.

  322. Moderator: Chris

    Sorry you feel that way Mark :( We do still offer All-You-Can-Eat Data from your phone on certain plans along with 4G at no extra cost, not to mention no charges to use your phone in certain countries under our Feel at Home service so there are plenty of reasons to stay. Most of our customers don’t go anywhere near 2GB of tethering data but we’re always reviewing these things so you never know, that may change again in future. I hope you change your mind.

  323. Dom

    Hi if i take a 12 month sim only one plan and the unlimited tethering is capped, would i still get unlimited til the end of the contract? And if i did the same but with a one plan one month, would my rolling contract change to capped the next month if the tethering was capped?

  324. graham

    there is also contrasting information, i phoned three customer services on 19th march and the csa i spoke to assured me that i can upgrade my contract to the one plan and retain full ayce on tethering.

    Note that this is a contract that is only 6 month into a 24 month plan.

  325. graham


    I have 2 contracts.

    1 is not on one plan and the other is. the later of the two is being cancelled after 6 years with three.

    Reading the above are you saying that i cannot upgrade the first phone to the one plan
    to take advantage of unlimited tethering ? and would have to wait till end of contract ?

    If so this is forcing me to keep on an extra contract that i opted to cancel in a month.

    Poor show from three if this is the case.

  326. Mark

    This really sucks, I’m due an upgrade soon. Guess I’ll be leaving Three then, thanks a lot!

    Such a stupid decision – you go from unlimited, right down to 2Gb? That’s just dumb. Why not a reasonable limit, then instead of cutting people off, just limit their speed?

    It’s simple stuff really, yet you’ve probably now alienated a significant portion of your customer base. Three doesn’t offer any advantages now, no USP.

  327. Moderator: Richard

    All our new tariffs come with tethering as standard, it’s just that it’s limited to 2GB. However, if you’re still on the One Plan after upgrading then you’ll still get unlimited tethering @Stephen Williams :) >RW

  328. Stephen Williams

    I upgraded in March and stayed on the one plan, just got a new phone, I’m confused to weitherI still get the tethering or not, would be rather annoying of I do no longer get this as I use it when I’m away from the family with the RAF. I said this to the sales assistant and she advised me it was best to stay in the one plan.

  329. Moderator: Richard

    Sorry about that @Don. As I said, this is why we’ve put these new limits in place and we are always looking to improve the network by adding extra masts for any congestion in areas. I’m very sorry to hear we’ll be losing you as a customer but I wish you all the best with whatever provider you go with. >Rich

  330. Don

    @Richard. I was not talking about the 24 month one plan. Unlimited tethering has been causing contention all over the place over the last few years and three do not aknowledge it. I know they dont as I know people all ever the country. I am told that when a complaint is made about the contention three just say that their computers show that there is no problem. Now as contention will worsen due to unlimited tethering on the 1 month and 12 month one plans, I will not sign up to a mobile broadband contract. Therefore, due to keeping unlimited tethering, you have lost me as a customer.

  331. Moderator: Ahmed

    @ian – Hi Ian, are you on the new plans or been on the One Plan before the new tariffs came into place? If you log into your My3 account you should be able to see from your itemised bill/allowances how much data has been spent on that. Let us know how you get on with that.

  332. Moderator: Richard

    Not sure what you mean, @Don. =/ All our new plans come with tethering as standard however it’s limited to 2GB per month with the added option for customers to purchase 1 extra GB. We no longer offer unlimited tethering for our pay monthly handset plans, as you said, this means all our customers get a fair share of fast data usage :) >Rich

  333. Moderator: Richard

    It sure is @Daz. We still have unlimited tethering as part of our SIM only One Plan which is available to anyone. Full details of the plan here. >Rich

  334. ian

    I’m on the current one plan. I’ve used my phone as an occasional hot spot. Is there a way of finding out how much data I’ve used each month?
    This would help make a decision about the new 2Gb limit.

  335. Don

    Well seeing as three have made it cheaper for unlimited tethering, three has just lost out on me signing up to mobile broadband as I do not need unlimited data nor unlimited tethering. Just as others say on this blog, making unlimited tethering cheaper will only worsen the contention on the three 3G/4G network. The reason this will worsen contention will be due to data hungry people dropping their home line broadband for this so called amazingly cheaper unlimited tethering. What is your problem three? Do you not see how much you are about to damage your own business by making unlimited tethering cheaper? And cheaper than any home line broadband, how much off a battering can your network take? Cos your about to lose it all. Even if you tighten up on triffic sense, you will lose it all. Just as well im no longer about to sign up to mobile broadband on three.

  336. Daz

    Is it possible for a new customer i.e. no existing Three contract to purchase The One Plan sim only and have access to all-you-can-eat tethering ?

  337. Moderator: Richard

    I’m afraid we don’t, @Scott Humphrey. We do have some great deals on dongles and mifi devices though which would give you more GB’s for watching series’ on your commute. >Rich

  338. David

    Hi just been to pre-order new galaxy s5 but was told I would not get unlimited tethering new limit of 2GB I can use that in 1day if I watch sky sports sorry 3 you lost that sale !!!!!!

  339. Scott Humphrey

    Hi Rich,
    I use it extensively for my commute, watched entire series of Dexter and Breaking Bad on Netflix to and from work. Do you do an unlimited personal hotspot plan or do I need to look elsewhere? Even if it’s a mobile data plan.

  340. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Scott Humphrey, the new 2 GB limited personal hotspot is just for our brand new tariffs however the £5 personal hotspot add on has only ever supposed to be 1GB of tethering that lasts 30 days from purchase. Sounds like you’ve been getting a bit of a freebie from us! :P >Rich

  341. Morgan

    Ok, here is the best way to clear the contention on a local mast when you have ayce data and tethering. Just open several windows and leave bbc iplayer live running when your not using the net on as many seperate three network conections as possible. That way everyone gets small bandwidth on that local mast and then they finally give up. Thus leaving you with enough bandwidth to do what you want to do.

  342. Scott Humphrey

    I have the Ultimate Internet SIM 200 and pay £5 per month for personal hotspot. I’ve just discovered I’ve run out of data allowance for personal hotspot. So i have some questions:

    1. Reading the above it seems the limits are only for NEW customers so why have I got this limit?
    2. How do I get unlimited personal hotspot back?

  343. Mathew

    my usage depends on where I am really, at Uni it’s just for normal web browsing, and when Sky stops working it’s used for normal web browsing, youtube and streaming. So its all relative really.

    I have to upgrade really as my current phone has had it, it constantly freezes and resets itself.

  344. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Chris – Hi, if you sign up or upgrade to our new plans then the Personal Hotspot service is available on them all, but limited to 2GB if your plan includes All-You-Can-Eat data :) Hope this helps, Chris.

  345. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Mathew – Hi, if you chose to not upgrade at the moment and keep it as a rolling monthly contract then your plan wouldn’t change and you’d still be able to make use of the Personal Hotspot. Do you happen to know how much data you use for Personal Hotspot? With new plans and 24 month contracts it’s capped at 2GB which is often more than what people use per month.

  346. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Rob – Hi Rob, thanks for getting in touch with us. The changes to Personal Hotspot only applies to our 24 month plans, our SIM only plans remain unchanged.

  347. Moderator: Ahmed

    @Buster – Hi there, if you were to purchase that then your SIM will already be updated with the latest 4G software so it would be a case of ensuring your phone is 4G ready and you’re in a 4G area. You can check that here

    Glad to hear you’re a fan of the Feel at Home service :) It’s been a real hit. We’re always looking to add more countries to the list so best bet would be to keep an eye on our page for any updates on that front.

    Hope this helps.

  348. Chris

    Hi, I am looking to change my contract to one of the new ones. Can you confirm that I will get the 2gb personal hotspot data if I call 333 and change to one of your new plans?

  349. Mathew

    So let me get this straight, I’m eligable for a ‘free’ phone upgrade at the end of this month, and I want to keep my contract as ‘The One Plan’, as I rely on tethering my laptop when I’m at Uni, and when my Sky internet craps out, which is very often.

    So this means I cannot get my ‘free’ phone upgrade, and keep my contract the same, as the contract doesn’t end til June/July this year? As technically then its not a new contract….

  350. Rob


    I’m a bit confused what happens if as a new customer I subscribe to the the sim only one plan, do I get unlimited tethering or am I limited to 2gb?



  351. Buster

    Hi, I”m due an upgrade next month, If I was to purchase a 4G sim free phone on the one plan, when 4G becomes available would I get the update and be bumped up accordingly.


  352. Buster


    If I was to purchase a 4g sim free phone on the 1 plan 12 month, when 4G becomes available etc will I automatically get the update and bumped up accordingly.

    I like the fact that the tethering will be capped don’t use it personally, 0800 numbers not relevant etc love the FEEL @ HOME when stateside etc any news if Canada will be added to the list anytime soon as they’re similar to USA with same area codes etc

    Just don’t like the 2 yr contracts.

    Thanks !

  353. Moderator: Allan

    @Tony – What makes you think the contract you’re on is inferior Tony? We’re able to switch you over to the closest comparable new plan if you give us a call via 333. This wouldn’t affect your existing contract length.

  354. Tony

    Were your store staff aware of these new contracts? It would have been nice to know the changes were in the pipeline when I moved to a 2 year contract with three 1 WEEK before these new contracts were released. I’m now stuck with an inferior product for 2 years, which if I had been made aware of the changes I would have held off for a week.

  355. Moderator: Allan

    @Francisco – As long as the SIM only plan you choose is one of the One Plan variations, then yes. Thanks

  356. Francisco

    @Allan So you’re saying that at the end of my current One Plan with the uncapped tethering 24 month contract I would continue to pay the same as I am now on a rolling 1 month basis, unless I ask to be put on a cheaper Sim only One Plan (either one month rolling or 12 month). What I am asking to be confirmed is that choosing one of these sim only deal options at the end of the contract will NOT make my tethering become one of these 2 gig capped types. Is this correct?

  357. Moderator: Allan

    @Francisco – You wouldn’t need to do anything Francisco, once your minimum term has expired your contract would continue with the same allowances etc on a rolling 30 day contract. You can switch to a SIM only deal, as long as this was The One Plan, you would be able to use AYCE data for personal hotspot. Thanks

  358. Moderator: Allan

    @Luigi – If you do nothing Luigi your current deal will continue on a rolling 30 day contract with no changes to price/allowances etc. You can switch to a SIM only deal once your contract minimum term is up though. Our One Plan SIM only deals continue to have AYCE Personal Hotspot allowance.

  359. Francisco

    Hi guys,
    I know you feel you’re repeating yourselves but I would like a straight answer to a few things.

    Currently halfway through a 24 month One plan contract with uncapped tethering, specifically for that feature (regularly use about 10 gig a month through a laptop). What specifically would I need to do next year to ensure I keep my uncapped tethering – ring three up and ask to be put on the 12 month rolling plan? I ask because your Sim only store page makes no mention of tethering at all in the details for the one plan, just AYCE data (though it is mentioned in the general Price Guide pdf – that has me confused).
    Finally, would anyone staying on an uncapped tethering One Plan be subject to any lesser data service in 4G areas, such as by traffic management mentioned in Ben’s post? We have 4G in our area now so it makes it even more important not to get put on a capped plan or it would get used up in five minutes flat.

  360. Luigi

    I am now at the end of my 24 month contract and as I now pay £34 a month on the One Plan which included the cost of the phone. My question is, if I do nothing as suggested in order to keep my unlimited tethering allowance, will you still keep charging me £34 a month to pay for the phone I have already paid for, or will you adjust my monthly tariff to reflect the fact that I have fulfilled my contract and owe nothing more for the phone, and still keep the tethering allowance?
    Also, why do you consider an upgrade to a new phone as a new contract, rather than an extension to an existing one?

  361. Moderator: Kris

    @Hayley As our new plans are up and running, if you choose to upgrade to a new phone on a 24 month plan, you would have to move to one of the new tariffs. You can keep what you have or move to a 12 month sim only deal on The One Plan, but this would mean you wouldn’t be entitled to a new handset as part of that change.

  362. Hayley

    Iam on three and have two phones, iam on the one plan with both, just upgraded one and iam now on the one plan again for 24 months, when I upgrade my second handset in June I want to be on the same plan again, will this now change?

  363. Moderator: Kris

    @shane lee The phone you have will play a factor in the cost of the tariff as well, but I’d have thought they’d be able to offer the 2GB data and 600 minutes plan for £32 per month. Do you use more than 2GB per month at the moment?

  364. shane lee

    Two plans were mentioned that I had seen at £26 and £28 respectively but I was told both would cost £5 per month extra because of my phone (nexus 5).

    The plan I am on is a 2 year contract with nexus 5 at £28 per month

  365. Moderator: Kris

    @shane lee Sorry you feel that way, Shane, as our new plans aren’t exactly the same as the old ones, there will be some instances where the newer ones don’t quite match up. Are you on a sim only deal or a handset deal at the moment? The b est equivalent I can see at the moment to Ultimate Internet 500 is our All You Can Eat Data and 600 minute plan from £26 per month. Is this the one you were offered?

  366. Moderator: Kris

    @dasiki That’s correct, it’s only our new 24 month plans where the 2GB cap has been introduced.

  367. Moderator: Kris

    @Terry Goodwin Hi there, with the 1GB Add On, you’ll be messaged when you reach 80% of your tethered allowance and again when you have used the full amount. It shouldn’t allow you to go over this, so you won’t be charged any extra. Yo can only have one 1GB add on per month. Hope that helps >K

  368. shane lee

    You say on here that existing customers can move to one of the new plans of equivalent or greater cost?
    I have been on the phone to three twice and they say there is no equivalent of my current plan (Ultimate Internet 500) and that it will cost me £5 per month extra to switch to a new plan.
    Once again feel I am being misled…

  369. dasiki

    If I switch to a 12 month, sim only One Plan, do I still get AYCE personal hotspot?

  370. Terry Goodwin

    Hi! Can anyone tell me how the 1GB Personal Hotspot add-on works? If I buy the add-on, I get 1GB of tethered data for the month – what happens if I exceed that amount? Does it stop working? Am I charged some hidden rate? Can I pay another £5 for another 1GB of data? The page for the add-on doesn’t answer any of this.

  371. Moderator: Kris

    @Matthew Thanks for that, I can now see that our 4G map does need to be updated. I will feed this back to the relevant department, but can not guarantee a date for when it will be updated at this time.

  372. Matthew Morgan

    Postcodes [edited by mod]

  373. Moderator: Kris

    @Matthew If you can let us know a full postcode for where you’ve been finding 4G in reality but it’s not on our map, we can investigate this for you. Thanks.

  374. Matthew Morgan

    i’m haring of alot of locations that have 4g but are not on the map.

    i can cormform Cambridge has 4g for over 1 month but is not on the 4g map.

    so when is the map to be updated?

  375. Moderator: Kris

    @Matthew In that instance you should be responded to before or on Thursday of this week.

  376. Matthew Morgan

    as on Thursday i replied to a email sent by Madeline about more details on network issues.

  377. Moderator: Kris

    @Matthew Working days in regards to SLAs and estimated time scales to get back to people are normally based on Monday to Friday working weeks. Why do you ask?

  378. Matthew Morgan

    what days are working days.

  379. Moderator: Kris

    @Matthew We have no current plans to end AYCE on our The One Plan sim only deals. The fact that the poster on that forum refuses to give his source, suggests that he’s on the wind up, as many other posters in that thread have suggested.

  380. Matthew Morgan

    it claims that unlimited data is to end on sim only on the 31 of may is this true?

    and any changes for payg

  381. Moderator: Kris

    @Matthew This post is in relation to our new 24 month plans, where The One Plan has been removed. You can still get AYCE data on three of those new plans (page 2) Personal Hotspot usage on these tariffs will be restricted to 2GB per month. We still offer The One Plan on a sim only basis, either on a monthly rolling plan or a 12 month deal, where the allowances remain as they were.

  382. Matthew Morgan

    this thread claims three is to end unlimited data:

    is this true?

  383. Moderator: Kris

    @craig morgan We’d be sorry to see you go Craig, if that is the choice you make. Our new tariffs will work for some customers and possibly won’t for others, but there are still a couple of ways you could keep your personal Hotspot usage as it is. if you choose not to upgrade and stay as you are, your allowances won’t change, so you can continue to use Netflix as much as you like in your lorry. Hopefully you’re not driving when doing so…

    Your other option would be to change to a monthly or 12 month sim only deal on The One Plan, as these still have the AYCE Personal Hotspot allowance. Both of these options would however mean you wouldn’t be eligible for a new handset, so a bit of prioritising would have to be done.

    Have you ever checked how much of your current allowance you actually use? Is it regularly over 2GB? Thanks.

  384. Moderator: Kris

    @Keith You will be sent a text message when you’ve used 80% of your tethering allowance to alert you to being close to using your allowed amount for Personal Hotspot. You should also receive one to let you know you have reached your limit, at which point you will be prohibited from going over the 2GB allowance. If need be, you can purchase an additional 1GB of Personal Hotspot data for an extra £5 for the month, which would let you tether for another 1024mb, by calling in on 333.

  385. Moderator: Kris

    @Jay Getting a phone free of charge when you upgrade will depend on the phone you are looking to upgrade to. The majority of our high end devices come with a device cost at the moment, while our lower spec or slightly older devices may be free of charge to you. By upgrading to a new phone, you will have to move on to one of our new plans, which will cap your Personal Hotspot usage at the 2GB. The only way you’d be able to keep your AYCE Personal Hotspot would be by not upgrading or moving to a sim only deal on The One Plan. So, in short, yes you will have to make a decision between a new phone and AYCE Personal Hotspot.

  386. Moderator: Kris

    @James Sorry about that, our sim only The One Plan packages still allow for AYCE Personal Hotspot, so if that’s the plan you’ve taken you will be able to tether as much as you like. Any other plans will have the 2GB cap. Apologies for this confusion.

  387. Moderator: Kris

    @Warren When you’re eligible to upgrade, you can keep your current tariff as is and not upgrade, but this would continue at the same monthly cost. You would have the option of switching to either a monthly rolling or 12 month sim only plan if you wished to though, which would take your monthly costs down to use with the same phone. Our current pricing for the sim only The One Plan packages can be found here.

  388. craig morgan

    First I’ve been with three from day one and always been happy.
    So 0800 0300 0845 etc I have app that get that call for free for me so no favour there.
    As for my minutes 2000 any 5000 3 to 3 5000 text if I use 100 on each that would be a good week.
    So what I do use my phone for is tethering to watch Netflix on my tablet as a I’m Lorry driver who stops in cab all week.
    Now I pay same plan for wife she barely uses any then daughter same plan she wacks text then son on 15 pound sim.
    So I pay alot every month. All contracts run out in June looks like I will move to t moblie as they still offer tethering minutes text same same low price not this higher bill for less service.

  389. Keith Lauderdale

    What happens if I go over the 2gb teathering limit ?

  390. Jay

    Hi, can you please make this matter clear to me as I am confused. I am currently on a 24 month Phone + The One Plan. My upgrade date is next month. If I decide to stay with you, will I still get a free phone AND still have unlimited tethering? Or will I have to choose between sacrificing the free phone or unlimited tethering?

  391. Moderator: Stephie

    @Daniel – Hi Daniel, There is no change to any current plans but if you renew on to one of our new plans this will include 2GB of personal hotspot allowance.

  392. James

    “@James – Hi there, All of our plans which include tethering will be capped at 2GB. You can view our new price plans here”

    I’ve just signed up for a new 12 month sim only plan, because I was told on the phone it still included unlimited tethering. This seems to contradict your answer here. I need a definitive answer of whether I have unlimited tethering before the end of my cooling-off period.

  393. Warren

    @moderator I currently have a Galaxy S4 on the one plan that is due to end May 2015. If I don’t upgrade my phone. Would I be able to keep the one plan as it stands but get a reduction on my bill as I would be no longer be paying for the phone within my contract so therefore would not justify the £37 a month charge?

  394. Daniel A

    Hi, So I am on The One Plan with phone currently paying £34. The 24 month contract finishes in a couple of months and I am wondering if I renew a 12 Month contract on The One Plan at £20, will this still allow all-you-can eat tethering? (I want to keep my plan and tethering as is, just pay the lowest amount for the plan).

  395. Moderator: Madeline

    @Chris – Hi Chris, I’m really sorry your postcode was published there, I approved the comment before even realising. I have ran a thorough check on your postcode, and there are a few issues we’d like to investigate further.Can we send you an email on the email address you provided? Thank you.

  396. Chris

    Madeline, my full postcode was in my last post and it still is, and both I (and everybody else) can see it. (so much for privacy eh?). I think that pretty much sums up the level of interest from ‘3’ customer service, as its clear to me and everybody else reading this, that you haven’t even bothered to read my previous post in full, otherwise (a) you would know my postcode and (b) it wouldn’t have been in full public view for hours for 100’s or even 1000’s of people to view. Since you can’t even run a blog properly, my hopes aren’t exactly high for the mast to be fixed, at least before I turn into a cobweb covered skeleton. Enough Said.

  397. Moderator: Madeline

    @Chris – That doesn’t sound good :-( How long have you been having these issues for? Do you have these problems at home? Or everywhere you go? If you’re having these issues at home, you can send us your full postcode and we can check for coverage issues in your area.

  398. Moderator: Madeline

    @Phillp – Hello, the free 0800 numbers are an incentive to our new customers, however our existing customers can change to one of the new price plans, and reap the benefits of free 0800 numbers. You can change your price plan by giving our team on 333 a call.

  399. Chris

    An absolutely abysmal DC-HSDPA service in [Removed by Moderator] for the last month, at any time of day (or night). Constant “Network Connectivity Errors” and on the rare occasion it does eventually connect pings are 1100m/s with a download speed of 0.18mbps…wow. Why not perfect one technology and get it working for customers properly before moving onto the next?. And, as customers we are supposed to put our faith in you for rolling out 4G???….. good grief.

  400. Matthew Morgan

    I’ve replied to the email with the details requested.

  401. Philip

    “People are confused about the cost of calling 0800 numbers from mobiles, so we welcome Three making these calls free for new contract customers”

    But we shant roll it out to existing customers because…

    …any good reason?

  402. Matthew Morgan

    i will get back to you about 4pm when i have my phone number to hand.

  403. Moderator: Madeline

    @jimmy123 – Sorry to hear that, have you tried rebooting your device and manually selecting 4G? If you send us the postcodes of the areas affected, we can investigate these issues for you.

  404. Moderator: Madeline

    @Matthew Morgan – Hello, we’d like to investigate the issues in your area further, so we’ve sent you an email.

  405. Matthew Morgan

    still slow at {removed by mod]

  406. jimmy123

    Is 4g currently working? i used to get it at my home and where i work (canary wharf) and i’m always on 3g now. Even going around central london the last few days it hasn’t picked up 4g once.

  407. Moderator: Madeline

    @Javier – Hello, we don’t offer the spending cap on data at the moment, just your minutes allowance. Three alerts you by text message when you’ve reached 80% of your data allowances for the month.

  408. Javier

    I have been trying to look through your website and was able to find that a spending cap can be put on to block calls but is it able to be put on data on your new plans too?

  409. Tim

    10% using more than 2GB. That’s an awful lot of people that Three might loose! I for one have been with Three from the outset however I have put up with a not particularly good signal at home in favour of being able to tether my phone. I’m afraid you will loose a lot of loyal customers. Typical shareholders wanting even more return!!!!!!!!

  410. Moderator: Madeline

    @timbucktwo – Hello, We don’t have any specific dates at the moment, a new mast is planned for this area in the near future.

  411. Moderator: Madeline

    @Dan – Hi there, I’m sorry you feel that way, if a customer wants to keep their contract rolling, there is nothing we can do about that. We’re rewarding our new customers with free 0800 numbers and 2GB of tethering. If our existing customers decide to continue with their current plan when their contract ends, they’ll have to pay for a new handset outright rather than upgrading and having a handset included. A recent study showed that less than 10% of Three users use more than 2GB of tethering per month, therefore our new plans are more suited to our customer base.

  412. Moderator: Madeline

    @Sue – Hi there, I’m sorry you feel that way, if a customer wants to keep their contract rolling, there is nothing we can do about that. A number of our other existing customers have moved from their current price plans, to our new ones to receive incentives such as free 0800 numbers.

  413. Moderator: Madeline

    @Rio – Hi Rio, Yes continue on your existing contract on a “rolling” basis, with your existing allowance, however this would mean purchasing your device outright. You can view our new price plans here

  414. timbucktwo

    Do you know when the new mast is expected to be put up in Canary Wharf, had no data signal all day, only call and text.

  415. Rio

    Hi there,

    I am currently on the One plan and due an upgrade, I’m thinking of upgrading to the Sony Z1 compact.

    Is it possible for me to upgrade with the same plan (one plan) tariff I have now. As I enjoy the Unlimited data 3 to 3 minutes and unlimited hot spot you provide in this plan.

    Please let me know as I’m thinking of upgrading this week.


  416. Moderator: Madeline

    @Matthew Morgan – Hello, we don’t have any specific details on the cause of the fault at the moment sorry.

  417. Dan

    @Madeline. Ya but you still aint answered my three questions. You have simply answered a question that I did not ask, So again.

    I think that things are starting to make sense now. Three seem to be contradicting themselves. Three claim that tethering on the 24 month one plan has been capped to 2GB to make things fairer for everyone. The reality is that on the 1 month and 12 month one plan, Three has just made it cheaper for high data user’s to tether TB’s of data. C’mon Three, I think that you owe an explaination for this contradictory statement. How are things fairer for everyone? Why have you made it cheaper for high data user’s to download TB’s of data? Why don’t you provide unlimited mobile broadband?

  418. Sue

    Hi, Can you please explain how you can let people like Carl below clog up the Three network?


    What a result! My 24 month one plan costs me £42 a month and ends next month. All of my friends and I were getting a bit worried recently once we all heard about unlimited tethering will be capped to 2GB a month. We all now learn that the 1 month and 12 month one plan contracts will retain the unlimited tethering at £23 and £20 a month respectively. This means that we still get to tether and download TB’s of data at a much cheaper price. Thank you Three for looking after us high data users and making it cheaper for us to tether and download TB’s of data. Leo is right, who needs mobile broadband when you can get unlimited tethering on the plan? What a result.

  419. Matthew Morgan

    so why does it not say the issue on your computers?

  420. Moderator: Madeline

    @Dan – Hi there, we’ve replied to your other post.

  421. Moderator: Madeline

    @Matthew Morgan – Hello, sorry we don’t have any updates on the fix at the moment, our engineers are working to have these issues resolved ASAP.

  422. Matthew Morgan

    any updates on CB97TG?

  423. Dan

    I think that things are starting to make sense now. Three seem to be contradicting themselves. Three claim that tethering on the 24 month one plan has been capped to 2GB to make things fairer for everyone. The reality is that on the 1 month and 12 month one plan, Three has just made it cheaper for high data user’s to tether TB’s of data. C’mon Three, I think that you owe an explaination for this contradictory statement. How are things fairer for everyone? Why have you made it cheaper for high data user’s to download TB’s of data? Why don’t you provide unlimited mobile broadband?

  424. Moderator: Madeline

    @Dan Stuart – Hi there, yes that’s correct.

  425. Moderator: Madeline

    @hip59 – Sorry you feel that way, we do offer mobile broadband which can be found here

  426. Damian

    @Carl. Think what you like about tethering and downloading TB’s of data. Three will always throttle your speeds illegally without letting you know what they are doing. Three’s traffic sence is just lies. Three throttle anyone using high amounts of data. Can you just imagine how clogged up Three’s network would be once 4g is rolled out nation wide because of people like you. Three should limit tethering to 2GB on all plans to stop people like you clogging up the network.

  427. hip59

    No sign of three doing home broadband etc, Ive just signed up to another mobile company for that shame

  428. Dan Stuart

    Can you please confirm, if I were to now take out a brand new The One Plan – SIM only on a rolling contract, I would be able use unlimited Personal Hotspot? And this could not be rescinded for as long as I maintain the contract?

  429. Moderator: Madeline

    @Daz – Hi there, sorry for the confusion. John Paul was right, SIM plans haven’t changed, only 24 month plans. The One Plan SIM does still offer unlimited tethering, however this is only for customers on existing plans. When upgrading, if you choose a new price-plan, your tethering will be capped at 2GB.

  430. Moderator: Madeline

    @adam – Hello, sorry you feel that way. If you continue with your current price plan, you’ll still receive unlimited tethering, however with our new price plans, tethering will be capped at 2GB.

  431. Moderator: Madeline

    @Daniel – Sorry you feel that way. You can continue with your current plan, which would mean you’d still have unlimited tethering.

  432. Moderator: Madeline

    @Matthew Morgan – Sorry we don’t have any specific details of the fault at the moment, our engineers are working on a fix.

  433. Moderator: Madeline

    @Sam – In our new adverts and other advertising material, we specify that 0800 numbers are free on our new plans. You can switch your price plan in order to get free 0800 calls, by calling our team on 333.

  434. Moderator: Madeline

    @Wyatt – Hi there, sorry you feel that way. You need to be on one of our new price plans to get the free 0800 numbers. In order to change price-plan, you’ll need to contact our team on 333.

  435. Moderator: Madeline

    @Brian Manganaro – Hi there – Sorry you’ve had a bad experience. Is there anything we can help you with?

  436. Moderator: Madeline

    @Nicholas – Hello, tethering will still be available, but it will be capped at 2GB. If you continue with your current plan, you’ll still receive unlimited tethering.

  437. Moderator: Madeline

    @Nigel Docherty – Sorry you feel that way Nigel – We feel like our price plans are competitive with the rest of the UK market, especially with incentives such as free 0800 numbers and Feel at Home.

  438. Carl

    What a result! My 24 month one plan costs me £42 a month and ends next month. All of my friends and I were getting a bit worried recently once we all heard about unlimited tethering will be capped to 2GB a month. We all now learn that the 1 month and 12 month one plan contracts will retain the unlimited tethering at £23 and £20 a month respectively. This means that we still get to tether and download TB’s of data at a much cheaper price. Thank you Three for looking after us high data users and making it cheaper for us to tether and download TB’s of data. Leo is right, who needs mobile broadband when you can get unlimited tethering on the plan? What a result.

  439. Daz

    @Madeline wrote “@James – Hi there, All of our plans which include tethering will be capped at 2GB. You can view our new price plans here”

    More confusion !!! Your “HERE” takes me here –

    This show The One Plan that was confirmed NOT to be capped at 2Gb earlier in this blog.

    Which is it ?

  440. Moderator: Madeline

    @James – Hi there, All of our plans which include tethering will be capped at 2GB. You can view our new price plans here

  441. Moderator: Madeline

    @Nim – Sorry you feel that way, we feel like our price plans are competitive with the rest of the UK market, especially with incentives such as free 0800 numbers and Feel at Home :-)

  442. Moderator: Madeline

    @John McMahon – You will still get unlimited tethering if you stay on your current price plan, however if you’re wanting a new device, you’ll have to buy it outright. You can view our new price plans here

  443. Moderator: Madeline

    @stuart p – It means you can continue with your current price-plan, but if you’re wanting a new device, you’d have to buy it outright. Otherwise you can switch to one of our new price-plans, which you can find here

  444. Moderator: Madeline

    @Leo – Thanks for your feedback :-)

  445. Matthew Morgan

    what type of fault?

  446. Moderator: Madeline

    @Andrew – You’ll need to talk to our team on 333 to discuss upgrading. You can upgrade, or you can stay on your current plan, however that would mean buying the s5 outright and going SIM only.

  447. Moderator: Madeline

    @Matthew Morgan – I can see that there is a fault in your area. Our engineers have been alerted, and are working on a fix ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  448. Moderator: Madeline

    @timbucktwo – I checked the coverage in this area, and there does appear to be an issue with congestion. There is a mast planned in this area, which should help ease congestion. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  449. Sam

    Your new tv add says 0800 calls free on 24 month plan, look forward to a flood of calls to cs in a months time from angry existing customers.

    Shoukd the script not be ‘when you take out one of our new 24 month plans’ I have a 24 month one plan conract but only through reading the blog know i dont get free 0800 calls. Is there a warning when you dial from a phone that doesnt get them included?

  450. Wyatt

    This is incorrect.

    I’m an existing customer, can I get free 0800 numbers?

    If you choose to change to one of our new 24 month plans, yes you can. To do this contact us on 333 from your Three phone. Directions to upgrade online can be found here.

    When I tried to upgrade online it says “You can’t upgrade this account online, please contact us to upgrade” I dont want to call the Indian call centre because they dont know what they are doing, I would rather do it myself.

  451. Brian Manganaro

    Three uk is one of the worst mobile companies I have been with, for the last five years I have been with them and now Is enough!! Following a telephone conversation I have established that they have no respect for their customer loyalty and after a while you notice with every invoice you are bombarded with charges and rate increases every time. I would never recommend this company to any one and they should revise how they run their business!!

  452. adam

    Im due an upgrade and have been loyal to three and htc and unlimited data ie essential to me and I have the one plan.
    When I get the new htc unlimited data is a must 2gig limit with new technology just isnt fit for purpose! tethering is what its about, im happy to pay more for unlimited but 2gig tether if true means its a no from me 6 years of three could be nearly up, sad sad three need to listen to there customers me thinks

  453. Daniel

    2GB via tether is utterly useless. I understand if , for eg , someone sets up a PH and then has 8 people connect through it, that you would have to limit this.
    But I don’t see the issue if you say , have an individual with AYCE, wish to view Youtube via his tablet, through phone’s connection , rather than on the small phone screen. It’s not increasing the bandwidth , it’s not downloading any more info.
    Modern tech is more than capable of detecting multiple devices using one connection , and to just say ‘2GB and that’s it’ – which can be done in a couple of hours of video with barely an effort, is ludicrous. A term that also neatly applies to ‘extra GB for a fiver’ !

  454. Nicholas

    So the £37 per month iPhone 5s plan with unlimited data NO tethering is gone now? I was just away to buy that plan! you should’ve kept it.

  455. Nigel Docherty

    I am currently on the one plan with an S3. I use tethering for about 30 minutes each working day at work to surf the internet on my tablet. I probably use around the 2 Gb mark, maybe wee bit more or less each month. My intention when my contract is up in a few months was to upgrade phone, stay on the one plan expecting to pay more for it, but the plan suited so extra cost would be worth it. I honestly feel all of the 4g for free feel good factor has now been lost with your new price plans. Yes for some, they will still be attractive, but free 0800 numbers is no replacement for the freedom that tethering gives. It is obvious some people abused it so they should have been tackled. Anyway now because of your new plans I have looked around as I am sure most people will and your new plans are pretty ordinary now when compared to others out there. For example, your S4 with all you can eat data (2 GB tethering) and unlimited texts and minutes costs £40 per month. I could get the same phone on 4 GEE Extra with 20 GB data (tethering allowed), and unlimited texts and minutes for £37.99 a month (or £32.99 a month with 10Gb data including tethering) and this includes unlimited minutes and texts when abroad in the EU. Bit of a no brainer to me as the 4GEE Extra plan looks far more appealing. I always found your plans to be way ahead of the competition, sadly this is no longer the case.

  456. James

    Confused. Does the removal of unlimited tethering only apply to 24 month plans? Will new sim only plans still include it?

  457. Nim

    Why you raised the price on everything Because this month my contact are going finished and I am going to upgrade. 0800 policy is good but bad idea is raised the price. if drop your price again I think it’s good and 3 is once again and only cheapest company in uk then you get more user .

  458. John McMahon

    So at the end of my term will my monthly cost lower as I would have paid off for my iPhone through my monthly tariff. And will I still also get unlimited tethering ?

  459. stuart p

    I like my current plan(one plan with phone). It’s stated we will be allowed to continue on a “rolling basis”, to those of us that dont work in telephony, what’s this mean? is it just a posh way to say we can renew our contract “as-is” and still receive an upgrade handset after our current contract period rather than have to start one of the new deals?

  460. Leo

    Personaly, I dont see wot all the fuss is about and why people complain about unlimited tethering being capped. I think that the tethering cap of 2gb is a good thing as just as three put it that it makes things fairer accross the board. I mean, who ever would sign up to mobile broadband knowing that they can get a better deal with the unlimited tethering on the one plan. Please wont you all stop moaning about tethering being capped at 2gb. If unlimited tethering were to continue, three would be out of business very soon. Then there would be no tethering with three anymore ever. I think three has made a very wise move in order to stay in business. Stop complaing and get Home Broadband if three cant no longer support unlimited tethering. You all should be complementing three that they supplied unlimited tethering for the short time that they offered it. Stop complaining as not one company can afford to offer such a deal. You complainers make me sick. Three are in business to earn money and not lose money. You complainers are clearley a charity case and do not understand business.

  461. Andrew

    I currently have a galaxy s3 on the one plan £33 a month. I’m due to upgrade in june, does this mean I will have to take the new plan (I’m hoping to get the s5 and the same allowances on the new plan would mean my monthly bill jumping to £44 a month. Secondly with me uprgrading will I have to pay the £70 upfront cost? Thanks Andy

  462. David Hall


  463. Moderator: Nicki

    @David Hall – Hi David, if you were to move to one of the new price plans it wouldn’t affect your contract dates. You’d just need to move to a new plan or equal of greater value. This can be arranged via 333 or in any Three store. With regards to Norway I can see that we have an agreement in place with both NetCom and Telenor.

  464. Matthew Morgan

    my speeds are slow even outdoor and even with 100m of the mast
    home postcode: cb97tg

  465. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tony A – That’s correct. The changes only affect any new accounts taken out and not existing accounts.

  466. timbucktwo

    Are you doing anything regarding the congestion in canary wharf? seems weird such a congested area doesn’t have advance DC 3g at all and my phone chooses 3g over 4g most of the time there. Even 4g barely gets over 0.5mbs speed. Any idea when it’s getting upgraded? Thanks

  467. Ben Lowe

    If folks are getting huge bills from ringing energy providers and banks or the likes of sky – its their OWN fault.

    Have these people never heard of SAYNOTO0870 ?

    There are also these things called ‘apps’ which let you dial landline versions of 0800.0870 etc.

    There really is no excuse for not knowing these things – we live in the age of the internet.

  468. David Hall

    Goodday again
    I made query about 3not having a contract with Norway and you came back with reply to a tx from my sister or one of the family with Skype or viber sois that what you would do when someone tx you!

    You further say I can get the 0800 etc service free and the capping sorted by calling the 444headline and somehow changing my contract which sounds kinda strange and as long as it doesn’t affect the running time ill sort it but couldn’t it be done by me calling into a 3shop?

    Very sad that you as a big company don’t have a contract with Norway which you really need to make sure peopled know about

  469. Tony A

    I upgraded on 10th March or just took out another 24 month contract on One plan. Both shop and 333 say I’m not affected. Still have 3 to 3 mins and unlimited data tethering for next 24 months. Is this correct?
    Please advise

  470. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Gareth – No no, you’re quite right. I also wasn’t implying that those who use the unlimited tethering option are wrong doing either. We can hardly chastise people for using a service in a way which we said you could :-) We’re just taking it in a different direction after analysing our data. I mean, if you don’t use it that much, then maybe on the odd occasion when you do need it you could look to the Personal Hotspot add-ons? It sounds like 1Gb might be suitable for your needs? If not and you decide to go ahead with what you mentioned though, we’d be sad to see you go but if the new changes don’t work for you, then what can you do :-(

  471. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @simon – At upgrade time, if you opt to move to the SIM only One Plan, you can indeed still enjoy unlimited data & personal hotpsot (tethering) all the while it being on a 12 month contract and for a lesser price! :-)

  472. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Jack – Whether or not this would benefit you is hard for me to say, as I’m not in the know as to what kind of user you are. Do you go over your 500 minutes? If so, then unlimited minutes might be good for you right? You don’t have access to tethering right now or indeed going forward on the UI500 plan, so you’ll have access to 2Gb tethering on the new package. Would you benefit from that? The new package offers you free calls to 0800, 0808 & 0500 – Do you make many of these calls? There’s also cost, which depends on what you’re paying right now and what the new package comes in at for the same device? Lastly, where you to start on a new package today, your contract would not reset. It would still be showing as 6 months in. I hope that helps.

  473. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Daz – You’re right Daz, the last day or two have been a bit manic and if we have confused any of you, much apologies for that. Yes, SIM plans haven’t changed, only 24 month plans. In particular, the One Plan SIM only does indeed still offer unlimited tethering.

  474. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @manisha – If you share your full name, DoB, mobile no. & postcode Manisha? I’ll look to resolve that for you and when I have, I’ll send it to the email with which you registered when joining the blog. (Ps I won’t publish your details of course)

  475. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Lee – Yes Lee, the One Plan SIM only gives you unlimited access to your personal hotspot and that is indeed the cost per month for it.

  476. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Geoff – I’m sorry you feel this way Geoff. We’re trying to balance useage with that of a great customer experience. We’ve found that only 10% of our users use more than the 2Gb limit the new plans impose so we’re hoping it won’t be as big a hit as people might think. 2Gb of enjoyable tethering as opposed to say 8Gb of troublesome, intermittent tethering might be a better way to do things in some folks eyes. I hope you have a change of heart.

  477. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Martin – If you continue on as per, after your minimum term is up, nothing will change Martin as your contract will be a in a rolling state. Your discount will continue as will the ability to tether unlimited.

  478. Gareth

    I am not knocking people on the one plan who use it as home broadband it is advertised as ayce after all but it does throw up strange anomalies.In the North London area where we live because of short term tenancies and the transient nature of a lot of people data usage is high because land line broadband is impractical.Consequently my reception/data speed is poor.My gripe with 3 is the imposition of data sensing which blocks tethering on all sim only contracts except the one plan.I only use my data when away from my home wifi and use very little even then it is the inconvenience of not being able to tether which is annoying me.I did cancel one of my 3 accounts to try talktalk which allows tethering on all plans however I could not get reception down in Dorset where we spend a lot of time, perversely the 3 signal is good in that area even if only 3G. The one plan while I accept is an excellent plan for a lot of people offers too much ayce for me and I would prefer a cheaper option.Last year before the intoduction of data sensing i was perfectly happy tethering away for small amounts of data now I will have to try payg sims for other networks to check the signal and if I get a signal/data and a plan that suits me i will move all my contracts to that network.

  479. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Sam – There will be a difference in quality depending on which device you’re using which is solely down to the devices in question but it has no link to a priority for tethering depending on which plan you’re on.

  480. Simon

    So, please can you confirm that if (when my contract ends in a months time), I can move to a SIM Only deal on the One Plan and still get unlimited mobile data and unlimited tethering – just like I have now but only pay £20 per month if I take a 12 month contract? I use around 4gb per month on average but nice to have unlimited tethering when I go on holiday in the UK.


  481. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Leon – We’re still the only company to offer truly unlimited internet data Leon so whilst the tethering will now be capped for customers on these new 24 month plans, that’s not to be sniffed at depending on the type of user you are. The SIM plans haven’t changed either though, and in particular the One Plan still offers unlimited tethering, so there are options. Hopefully you have a change of heart.

  482. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @David Hall – You can call 333 to discuss whether or not your services can be capped David. Have you never thought of trying out Skype or Viber to help with the issue in contacting your sister in Norway? The free 0800 numbers are only available with the new 24 month plans David but thankfully you can upgrade to these new plans at any time, at no extra cost & nor will they affect your contract end date as it stands right now.

  483. Daz

    @Nicki wrote “@Daz – Hi, that’s correct. There have been no changes to the Sim Only plans. Sorry for the mixed messages.”

    Thanks for clarifying it’s been a bit confusing with regard to the 2Gb tether cap NOT applying to the current One Plan sim only product.

  484. Jack

    Hi, couple of questions:

    I currently have the Ultimate Internet 500 Plan and I was wondering if its possible to move to the “All-you-can-eat Data, All-you-can-eat Minutes” – I’m currently about 6 months into my Ultimate Internet 500 Plan and this plan would be roughly the same if not a little more in price.

    If I am able to do this does it start my contract fresh at 0 months or will I still be 6 months into my 24 month contract?

    Finally would this gain me mainly benefits/much of a difference?


  485. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Joseph – We haven’t made any changes to the SIM plans Joseph so you’d be able to move to the One Plan SIM only package at that time.

  486. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Gareth – I understand your point of view Gareth. What we’re attempting to do with this tethering limit is to balance useage against customer experience. It’s not any one persons fault that they can use 16Gb a month whereas another customer is only able to use 1Gb a month as an example, but we’re looking to make it a fairer and more enjoyable customer experience for all. We’ve also found that only 10% of our customer base use more than the 2Gb limit the new plans have access to so we’re hoping it’s not as big a hit as you might think.

  487. Daz

    @tom The clue’s in the first line of your quote from Three’s website “All our new Pay Monthly plans include Personal Hotspot.”

    The One Plan SIM only isn’t a one of Three’s “new monthly plans” i.e. it remains unchanged as per the announcement “Our SIM only plans remain unchanged”. The mods have also now confirm this is the case despite some earlier confusion. So The One Plan SIM only still offer all-you-can-eat tethering and is not capped to 2Gb. Mods please confirm or correct if I’ve misunderstood.

  488. manisha

    I am in trouble I need to call my mom who’s in Mauritius and the SIM that I was given it has been locked. I do not know the PUK code. If the SIM is not working how will I call the Three customer service to ask for the PUK. pls Three help me get the PUK code number urgently.

  489. Lee

    @three so just to confirm, I renewed my contract yesterday and have gone on the one plan 12month sim only, as my handset cost has now been removed £34 to £20 a month

    does this mean my AYCE hotspot will still be active?

  490. Geoff

    Well that’s just removed the reason I came to three – unlimited tethering. I was about to move the rest of the family over (3 contracts) but will not be. I was happy to pay a little extra to use unlimited tethering. What difference dos using it on my phone have to using tethered to a tablet? That’s now 2 contracts going when they are due to renew.

  491. Martin

    Hi there. I am currently on the one plan 12 month sim only contract. I pay £15 a month for this, as i am billed £25 but then get a £10 recurring discount. Can you tell me what happens at the end of the 12 month contract? Will i love my unlimited tethering? Will i lose my £10 recurring discount or will it just carry on at £15 a month.

  492. Leon

    The main reason I chose Three was their previously excellent data tariff which included full tethering and no cap.

    It seems that now they’re not much different from other networks so when my contract is up I’ll be seriously looking at moving rather than just rolling into another contract like I’ve previously done…

  493. David Hall

    I am on 24months contact which includes unlimited web/tx and 100min which is perfect but would dearly like caps to be put on it all

    When I joined 3 I was horrified to find that 3 didn’t have a contract with Norway which is where my sister and her family lives and you gave me a one off £5 compensating to that affect but its sad that when I receive a tx all i can hopefully do is to send an email back to her/them

    Is the 0800call all ready free for me or do I need to register somewhere


  494. Joseph

    Nicki, you say:”@brian – Hi, at the end of your minimum term there won’t be any requirement to upgrade if you keep the same phone or use your sim in a phone you purchased elsewhere. If you did want to upgrade to a new phone you’ll be offered the best plan for you, depending on the phone you want, what sort of allowances you want and the amount you’re looking to pay.”

    but my question is: if I pay now £39 now for the one plan under an iphone contract, how much will I be paying after the 2 year min term is up? the one plan sim free is currently £23. will my monthly fee go down to £23? I don’t want to upgrade, get a new phone, or anything, I just want to keep the one plan but paying less because the min term is over.

  495. Tom

    @Nicki and Daz. According to the three website “Personal Hotspot On Your Phone”.

    All our new Pay Monthly plans include Personal Hotspot. If you have a limited data plan, using Personal Hotspot will use data from your data allowance. If you have all-you-can-eat data, you have a Personal Hotspot allowance of 2GB. This means you can use the internet when you’re out and about with other devices including laptops, tablets and games consoles, just by connecting them through Wi-Fi or USB to your phone. You can also use Personal Hotspot on all our older One Plan plans including our one month rolling SIM plan.

  496. Gareth

    Thank you so the only sim only plan to allow tethering is the one plan with unlimited tethering this will do nothing to stop data abuse.On all other sim plans you must buy the monthly tethering boost as before.This does nothing for sim only customers I fail to understand why when on a limited data plan you have to pay extra to use that data by tethering.I currently have 3 family phones on 3 and I am not happy with these changes as far as I can see 3 has failed to grasp the tethering nettle.

  497. Ian H

    @Normski – Missed that bit, but GiffGaff don’t allow unlimited mobile internet service to be used in a “dongle, mifi, or tablet” either. They’re classed as “illegitimate usage”.

  498. Ian H

    @Normski – Giffgaff do not allow tethering on their “unlimited” data packages.

  499. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gareth – Just to confirm there have been absolutely no changes to any of the sim plans. The new 2GB limit only affects new contract handset plans.

  500. Gareth

    To be clear which of the Sim only plans excepting the one plan now with 2gb limit will include the ability to tether.I have seen from previous replies that 08 will not be free on sim plans so this dogs breakfast of change appears to be no more than an attempt to sell phones with plans leaving existing customers feeling let down by the changes. I fully understand the need to curtail data hogs by setting a limit on those who use tethering as home broadband but these changes are not well thought out and 2gb limit is too small an an expensive plan.

  501. Gareth

    I am so disappointed that Three have decided to cap the tethering its 1 of the reasons I took out my Three contract in the 1st place. I guess my kids on those long car journeys will have to leave the tablet/laptop at home in future. 2gb will be nowhere near enough its kind of a ridiculously low cap in my opinion.

  502. Normski

    So how does tethering use up all the mast bandwidth. Surely there is no difference between using a handset 100% of the time, and using a tablet tethered to it. I’m moving over to giffgaff to get a sim for both my phone AND tablet, with unlimited data.

  503. Moderator: Nicki

    @brian – Hi, at the end of your minimum term there won’t be any requirement to upgrade if you keep the same phone or use your sim in a phone you purchased elsewhere. If you did want to upgrade to a new phone you’ll be offered the best plan for you, depending on the phone you want, what sort of allowances you want and the amount you’re looking to pay.

  504. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dan – Hi, we no longer offer the One Plan for handsets on new contracts. We still have the One Plan Sim Only and there are no restrictions for tethering on that. The new 2GB limit only affects new price plans and won’t affect your current plan.

  505. Moderator: Nicki

    @Markle – Sorry you’re unhappy with our recent changes. To confirm, these only affect new plans so won’t affect existing customers unless they choose to upgrade. We want everyone to benefit from all-you-can-eat data on their phone, but need to make sure that our network can give everyone a great experience, which is why we’ve limited Personal Hotspot use to 2GB a month.

  506. Moderator: Nicki

    @Daz – Hi, that’s correct. There have been no changes to the Sim Only plans. Sorry for the mixed messages.

  507. Moderator: Nicki

    @Jason – Yep, that’s correct.

  508. Moderator: Nicki

    @phil barnett – Hi there, there’s nothing stopping you from being able to move to one of the new price plans if you want :-)

  509. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gary walls – Hi there, as an existing customer you can move to one of the new plans if you wish via 333.

  510. phil barnett

    Well cheers Three, i have been with Three from the start and have 18 months left on my contract, so i won’t benifit from the advantages available to new customers. A great way to treat long standing and loyal customers. Maybe all the networks will be copying Three by then and i’ll be getting the best available tarrifs as a new customer. Bye bye 3.

  511. Gary walls

    Well done 3 looking after new customers couldn’t give a stuff about existing customers

  512. brian

    I have 12 months on this one plan and when I do upgrade I dont want the 0800 numbers as happy with this plan I have. I use the tethering to my laptop as cant afford proper internet at home so will I not have a choice. Been with three for years

  513. Dan

    Will the tethering data be restricted to 2gb even on the one plan ? Thanks

  514. Ben

    I still don’t get this:

    “We feel very strongly that all-you-can-eat data is something we want to continue to be able to offer as many customers as possible. But when that data is used for Personal Hotspots, it can put a strain on our network. We need to protect the network experience for all customers and this is why we’ve taken a decision to put this limit in place.”

    You have a traffic management policy (, which means you have traffic management technology in place which means that your bandwidth isn’t a lawless free-for-all. You’ll have deep packet inspection technology, which means that you can discreetly identify different types of traffic – p2p, video streaming, email, social media etc. – so you can easily identify traffic which is going to clog up the service and selectively throttle their bandwidth allowance to protect the experience of other users.

    There should be no circumstances under which a few users – reportedly using ‘terrabytes’ of data a month according to one article that quoted Three mobile – can impact the experience of your other users. You should be able to instantly throttle their usage to avoid it impacting bandwidth availability for other users.

    Most tether users aren’t abusing the bandwidth, they’re just using it for regular internet use but don’t want to have to clock watch constantly worrying about hitting their 2GB limit and getting screwed if a client sends them a large email attachment when they’re travelling.

    This was the reason I signed up with Three in the first place. It’s the reason why, until now, I’ve always recommended them as the only logical choice for smartphone users. You’ve just announced you’re throwing away the one edge you had over your competitors and turned the network into another hopeless, hobbled experience for smartphones.

    2GB is such a ridiculously stingy limit, you might as well have just announced you were withdrawing tethering on all contracts rather than ‘giving’ it to all contracts for all the use it will be. Using ‘the last few episodes of Game of Thrones’ as an example in your blurb is ludicrous, you would barely be able to download one episode on a 2GB cap.

    This isn’t improving the experience for users, it’s making it worse.

  515. Jason

    So just to clarify. Limited tethering is only for new contract handset sales. New Sim only One Plan will still include unlimited tethering ?

  516. Daz

    @tom wrote “Yes, all new one plan sim only contracts that have all you can eat data now have a 2gb tethering limit. ”

    It’s difficult to keep track of this given the conflicting messages but I believe Three has now confirmed that The One Plan SIM only DOESN’T have ta 2Gb tether cap and isn’t affected by the recent announcement.

  517. Markle

    At the end of my contract next year I’ll have been with you for 8 years. I initially joined for the data speeds, then stayed because you offered a great deal via retentions. Then you introduced the amazing One Plan along with a great deal, although you did put the price up during the contract. Last time I upgraded, I had to fight to get a price the same as was quoted on your website. I stayed for the unlimited tethering, and only for that reason. There is no longer any reason I can think of to remain a Three customer and will stop recommending Three to my friends.

  518. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lee – Hi, the changes only affect new plans so if you stay on the same plan you’ll still have your tethering as normal. If you were to change price plans to a new plan in order to get the free 0800 plans then your tethering would be restricted at 2GB.

  519. Moderator: Nicki

    Derek curran – Hi, there’s been no changes to your contract. The tethering limits only affect new accounts. It’ll only affect you come upgrade time if you choose to upgrade to a new phone/plan.

  520. Moderator: Nicki

    @Drew – How strange! Just tried it here and it seems to be working okay. What device is it you’re using? Do you use a specific browser? If possible could you try a different browser to help us figure out if it’s browser specific or all browsers? We’d also recommend clearing your cache/browsing data to see if that helps.

  521. Moderator: Nicki

    @Adrian – Hi there, yep you’ll be able to move to one of our new price plans that’s of an equal or greater value. This can be arranged via our upgrades team on 333 :-)

  522. Moderator: Nicki

    @rasel – Hi there, you’ll be able to change your plan from the One Plan to one of our new price plans as long as it’s of an equal or greater value.

  523. Lee

    At the moment I am on the one plan, upgrade due march 31st, (just under two weeks) I used just over 4gb data when me and my family were using my hotspot on a haven holiday site (no wifi) does this mean if i move to newer tariff, it will be restricted??

    or can I have the same plan I am on now but without the phone cost??

  524. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tom – Hi, just to clarify, there have been no changes to our Sim Only plans so the One Plan Sim Only will still come with unlimited tethering.

  525. Moderator: Nicki

    @Andy Chapman – Hi, the changes are for new price plans only. As an existing customer you’d be able to move to one of our new plans if you’d like in order to get tethering and free 0800 numbers. This can be arranged via our upgrades team on 333 :-)

  526. Derek curran

    Hi does the changes to tethering effect current contracts the fact I could was the major factor in me coming to 3 I have 9 months left on my contract and 2 GB over a month isn’t a lot also as the legislation has changed re contracts does this mean u can leave as the contract has been changed I pay £40 + monthly to use the internet not as much for calls thanks

  527. Andy Chapman

    Hi, I already have a 24 month contract with all you can eat internet but I didn’t previously have the ability to use my phone as a hotspot. Does this now mean I can just up to 2GB and will I get the free 0800 calls or do I have to wait for my contract to expire and start again to get these benefits?


  528. Sam

    Thanks Nicki for confirming that tethering will still be unlimited on the one plan sim only new contracts.

    Will there be any difference in the network priority with traffic sense of tethering for customers with the 2gb limit vs those on tariffs that still have unlimited tethering? I noticed already comparing Mobile Broadband Mifi vs tethering the MBB tends to be better.

  529. Moderator: Nicki

    @Terry Q – Hi, it would need to be to a plan of equal or greater value. It could well be the base price for the next plan up is £4 more expensive than the base price for your current plan.

  530. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark – Hi, there’s been no changes to the Sim Only plans so the One Plan Sim Only will still come with unlimited tethering.

  531. Moderator: Nicki

    @Stephen Grant-Davies = Sorry you’re unhappy with this. It’s something we’ve had to do in order to protect the network and make sure that we’re still able to offer a great experience to everyone.

  532. Tom

    @Daz. Yes, all new one plan sim only contracts that have all you can eat data now have a 2gb tethering limit. As a mobile broadband customer, I personaly welcome this 2gb cap for tethering as all this unlimited tethering has been clogging up the phone masts in many areas including my local area. Now that tethering is capped to 2gb, over the next 2 years (as suggested by Sammy) mobile broadband customers should see an improvement in data speeds. Well done Three, keep up the good work and keep a fair service to all users.

  533. Moderator: Nicki

    @Confused Dot Com – Our Pay As You Go plans don’t allow you to use Personal Hotspot. See our Pay As You Go terms and conditions for more information.

  534. Morgan

    Well this is sad. I’ve been with Three for nine years, and fully intended to stay on indefinitely.

    But that 2GB tethering limit is a deal breaker for me. If you made the mistake of offering unlimited tethering (and making a BIG noise about how great you were for offering it) without having the bandwidth to back it up, more fool you.

    But we all make mistakes. Unfortunately the like-for-like prices seem to have risen too, which just comes across as greedy to a once loyal customer.

    I shall hang on to my One Plan for as long as I can, and then walk on principle.


  535. Moderator: Nicki

    @James – Sorry for the confusion. There’s been no changes to the sim only plans so the One Plan Sim Only will still have unlimited tethering.

  536. Moderator: Nicki

    @Alan C – Hi there, none of the Sim Only plans include the 0800 numbers. The website has now been updated to reflect this.

  537. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sam – Hi, yep no changes to Sim Only so the One Plan sim only will still come with unlimited tethering and charges for 0800 numbers.

  538. Moderator: Nicki

    @jack reacher – Hi, the free 0800 numbers are for phone price plans only, so on a Sim Only plan you’ll be charged for calling 0800 numbers.

  539. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ben A – Hi there, there are no changes to the Sim Only plans so the One Plan sim will still come with unlimited tethering.

  540. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gavin – Hi, the One Plan sim only remains unchanged with regards to tethering – it’s only the price thats been lowered.

  541. Moderator: Nicki

    @Richard – Hi, I’ve looked in to this and can confirm you’re only able to move to a package of an equal or greater value. The base price of the Ultimate Internet 500 was £20 (with a £14 recurring charge on top for your phone). The only base price higher than this would be the All You Can Eat Data with All You Can Eat Minutes at £25 – you’d then have your recurring handset charge of £14 on top of this to give you the new package price of £39 per month.

  542. rasel

    can I change my plan from the one plan to any of the new plan?

  543. Moderator: Nicki

    @hip59 – Sorry you’re unhappy with this.

  544. Drew

    Trying to check my previous bills to get call / text / data used over the year and they wont download whether on my mobile or on the web.
    Is there a problem with the system ?



  545. Moderator: Nicki

    @Daz – Hi, the One Plan sim only contracts will remain as is.

  546. Moderator: Nicki

    @Terry Q – Hi, sorry about the ongoing issues in Hull. It’s something that we’re aware of and working on. Sorry for the disruption.

  547. Moderator: Nicki

    @Simon – Hi, thanks for the feedback. Have you seen the AYCE data plan that comes with 300 minutes?

  548. Adrian

    I’m on a £32 pay monthly contract ONE plan, for another 18 months. Is it possible to change to your new plans, how much will it cost? I’ve got a Samsung s4.

  549. Moderator: Nicki

    @Graham Simpson – Sorry you’re unhappy with our decision Graham – it’s something we’ve done in order to protect the network and ensure everyone can receive the same enjoyable experience.

  550. Drew

    I’m 3 months away from the end of my contract and I was going to upgrade early. Not any more.
    I could buy a Nexus 5 and get a better deal on a rolling monthly SIM. This would work out better.

  551. Moderator: Nicki

    @wallace – Hi, your plan will continue as is until you pro actively upgrade or change price plans.

  552. Moderator: Nicki

    @Daniel – Hi there, yes if the Ofcom ruling comes in to effect in July 2015 we will of course reflect that for existing customers.

  553. Moderator: Nicki

    @patrick – Hi there, your plan will remain unchanged but on a rolling 30 day basis. The changes will only affect yourself if you were to upgrade or change price plans.

  554. Roger


    Ya I agree, I was about to drop my mobile broadband contract due to selfish tetherers taking up all the bandwidth in my area. Now that unlimited tethering has been capped, I will now keep my mobile broadband contract and also renew it now that that unlimeted tethering is capped to 2gb. But because the cap will only affect new customers, I will have to wait a couple of years for the one plan contracts in my area to end until my mobile broadband speeds are tip top.


    I thank the stars. Maybe now that unlimited tethering is capped to 2gb, just maybe my local mast will suffer less contention and give my better speeds so that I can actually watch youtube on my mobile broadband dongle. A big thank you to Three for taking the unlimited tethering away from selfish tethering users.

  555. Moderator: Nicki

    @shane jewitt – Hi there, this won’t be classed as tethering but there’s a specific traffic management policy around P2P file sharing. You can read more about that here.

  556. Moderator: Nicki

    @Kevin Reynolds – Hi there, sorry you’re unhappy. Just to confirm the changes will only affect new accounts and if you choose a new phone come upgrade time as you’ll need to then move price plans.

    With regards to rail travel, we wouldn’t expect you to have constant full signal all the way I’m afraid. If you imagine that you’ll be connecting to several different masts in short succession. Each mast will have different physical objects between you and the mast creating a limitation for the signal to get through in order to reach you. You may also be passing through areas that has limited or no coverage. If you were at a standstill in one area we would of course be able to identify the mast you’re connecting to and troubleshoot that, but it’s harder to do when you’re moving around at high speed.

    If you’re having any coverage issues in a specific location feel free to send over your full postcode and I’ll take a look to see if there’s any issues at our end within the area.

  557. hip59

    @ Nikki ” The only thing not included is Three to Three minutes.”

    So families that want to join Three from now on will no longer have free Three to Three calls as part of their plan, yet I understand these cost the network almost nothing. ATOTHER SHOCKING STEP BACKWARDS

  558. Normski

    The main reason I stayed with 3 at last renewal was fot the ONE Plan with unlimited tethering so I could use my computer and tablet away from home. By all means reduce the data on ADD ON tethering, but leave the expensive ONE Plan alone. It’s what makes 3 stand out from the crowd.

  559. hip59

    Clair ” We have had to change this as a lot of customers couldn’t access the network while others over used the data which isn’t fair to everyone”

    Can I ask how did people over use the data on an unlimited plan which included unlimited tethering ????? Is it not a fact that three dint expect people to be using it in this way ie to replace home BB etc rather than over use the data which in the words of three was unlimited with no caps?

    Im happy on the one plan as for tethering Ive used it the odd time on a blackberry playbook but now use a PAYG Data sim on a nexus 7 device when I need

  560. Moderator: Nicki

    @herby – Hi there, we have an All You Can Eat data package that also comes with AYCE minutes, AYCE texts and 2GB of tethering. You can find this here. The only thing not included is Three to Three minutes. There are no changes to Feel at Home – that’s always been limited to 25GB with no tethering.

  561. Mark

    My 24 month one plan contract ends in October. If I change this to a sim only contract (and keep my existing phone/number) will I then lose unlimited tethering?

  562. Stephen Grant-Davies

    Although the news about the 0800 numbers is good, I am somewhat dismayed and upset about Three’s decision to limit Tethering (it will always be Tethering to me) to just 2 Gig, after all I think the majority of users only do this to be able to watch YouTube, email, browse on a larger screen, why do we all have to be penalised for the minority who abuse and Max out their Tethering allowance by downloading Countless DVDs, Music, and Peer to peer sharing?

  563. Terry Q

    If I understand this correctly, for me to get the free 0800 numbers I need to change the tariff I have had for three weeks, to one costing about £4 a month more. Not free then. I’m on ultimate internet 500 plan.

  564. Daz

    Can someone please clarify if the 2Gb tether cap applies to “NEW” The One Plan sim only contracts or do these still offer all-you-can-eat tethered data ?

    Thank you.

  565. Chris

    Still at least we know why the little Girl on the bike in the Ad looks so depressed and has to sing. She obviously has just heard the news, and doesn’t have enough tethering allowance to stream music.

  566. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Adrian – If you click here Adrian, you’ll see all of the new package options in question.

  567. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Matthew Morgan – There’s no issues from our end in that area Matthew. You’re in an area which can only receive at best a limited indoor signal, in some areas it’s only an outdoor signal – It might be an idea to call the network team and see if you can benefit from our Home Signal box. You can call them direct on 08453550304.

  568. Terry Q

    Poor signal all the time in Hull, postcode [removed by Mod]. Not the only one complaining if you read posts on Facebook you will see this.

  569. wallace

    Hi, i’m on a 12 month sim only, at the end of this will it automatically renew? or will it only have a 2GB limit?

  570. Confused Dot Com

    ‘It doesn’t apply to PAYG Matthew no, as per the blog post – ‘To summarise our new 24 month Pay Monthly plans’’
    Is this really correct?
    So I am on a £36 p/m 24 month contract and when I upgrade I move to a more expensive tariff and get limited tethering of 2G p/m but someone who has PAYG and only pays you £15 p/m gets all you can eat data and unlimited (up to FUP of 1000G p/m) tethering??
    If that’s correct why would I ever want to be on pay monthly with Three? Simple maths of the difference (£21 x 24 = £504) shows I would be better off buying a £500 phone and going PAYG

  571. James

    Does the new ‘The One Plan’ sim only plan still have unlimited tethering? I have been told by multiple operators that this is still the case.

  572. Simon

    Paying for 0800 etc is something I will be glad to see go..
    I also feel that ALL the networks fail many customers on packages, I have said for a long time there should be better pick and mix options for people that want a lot of data (3 is after all supposed to be the data network) but want low minuets and text, as it stands, you almost always have to have high minuets and text (which is a waste if you don’t use them) to have max data, maybe in the next tariff shakeup? PLEASE :)

  573. TheTechnoToast

    Honestly, you guys… You won’t stop being so awesome. Best network ever :D

  574. Graham Simpson

    Dropping unlimited tether completely on new contracts, BAD idea & when my contract ends & you try drop it on mine, I’ll be saying BYE BYE! I signed up for a contract to use the unlimited tether so if you dont want us to have it, happy to go to a provider who can.

  575. Sammy

    @ jamie. Hi, yes I agree. I was about to drop my mifi mobile broadband contract due to selfish tetherers using up all the bandwidth in my area. Now that tethering has been capped to 2gb, I will keep and renew my mifi mobile broadband contract in hope that I will once again have better mobile broadband speeds as the one plan contracts come to an end. This probably means though that it may take a couple of years until my 3g mobile broadband speeds are at tip top. A big thanx to three for capping unlimited tethering.

  576. Paul

    Personally I think capping tethering is great, stop people using a mobile data service as a fixed domestic service and slowing things down for others.

    If you use tethering how it should be used you wouldn’t notice the cap.

    Fairplay to Three for protecting ‘mobile’ users

  577. jamie

    I thank the stars. Maybe now that unlimited tethering is capped to 2gb, just maybe my local mast will suffer less contention and give my better speeds so that I can actually watch youtube on my mobile broadband dongle. A big thank you to Three for taking the unlimited tethering away from selfish tethering users.

  578. Sam

    “Our SIM only plans remain unchanged.”

    Does this mean the £15 sim only one plan has no 0800 included but also still has unlimited tethering?

  579. Daniel

    I’m currently on the One Plan if i don’t upgrade, will 0800 calls be free for people on existing contracts from June 2015?

  580. patrick

    I am currently on the One Plan with unlimited tethering, but out of the contract term, does this mean my tethering will now only be 2GB?

    As I discussed upgrading on saturday and was ADVISED against it because of new tariffs coming out

  581. jack reacher

    So can I get this clear, as Three haven’t made this very clear. If I was to take upon the £15.90 12 month sim only plan, which is technically pay monthly, I will still get charged for 0800 calls?

  582. Chris

    I can appreciate that ‘3’ need to protect their network from heavy users and those who download 100gb+ data month after month as a substitute for home broadband or just because they can, however for many customers in rural areas, 3’s DC-HSDPA network is their only link to the 21st Century.

    In our village ADSL averages at around 0.5mbps, (we should get 2mbps minimum but BT blames distance from the exchange and the fact that at one point our phone lines cross under HV power lines), our exchange will never get Fibre in this lifetime either and even 4G is looking extremely doubtful.

    512k was the type of ADSL speeds that many urban areas were getting in 2002, but I know for a fact that there are 100’s of villages in rural areas, where, just like ours, these speeds are a daily reality on fixed ADSL.

    To get 10mbps+ speeds routinely and be able to stream media without constant buffering, some 10 years after everybody else, is a revolution and the only way we can experience even minimum amounts of that is to use a 3G connection.

    Non of the people locally, are especially heavy users, in fact I don’t know anybody who uses more than around 8gb – 10gb in a month tethered. Which quashes the rumour that everybody who tethers or uses 3G as their preferred internet connection abuses the facility and is consuming 300gb a month!.

    Unfortunately, a 2Gb tethering limit is just too restrictive, are we going back to the dark ages?, is the war still on?. This is 2014 and not 2004, and previously being generally the only non anti-tethering network in the UK, gave Three its uniqueness, and, I suspect quite a large customer base.

    Now that you have lost that niche, you have just become A.N other network, competing for exactly the same saturated slice of the pie as every other network.

    But hey!, VERY good luck with that!. I suspect this limit will be raised before the end of the summer.

  583. herby

    From looking at the plans, there does not seem to be the “option” to have the best of both worlds regarding mins/data.
    I am a loyal 3 customer because my current one plan gives me…..
    2000 mins
    5000 3-3 mins
    unlimited texts
    unlimted data PLUS tethering!
    Free roaming with feel at home, (will this also now be capped to 2gb)?
    On the “new” plans i am being forced to choose unlimited mins OR data, no option to have both!!?
    Poor poor poor, as a loyal 3 customer i really feel let down and betrayed with whats on offer here!
    Why is there not a ONE plan with the above perks included in the new tarrifs?

  584. Ben A

    Why do you say that SIM only plans remain unchanged yet for new customers they have the 2GB tethering limit?

  585. shane jewitt

    If im downloading torrent files on my phone. Not using a hotspot. Is this still classed as tethering? My brother as been told that this is tethering. How can this be when you state that the unlimited data applies when using it on the phone? Torrent files (p2p) file sharing is downloaded onto the device and no third party device is used. How is this tethering if no third party device ie hotspot is used???

  586. Craig Carroll

    Three like someone else 2gb especially on tethering is nothing today and is like filling a Ferrari with 1litre of fuel. You won’t get far very quickly. Why aren’t you offering extras for people to add more to this limit. O2 in 2009 used to offer 10gb add ons for £25. Given its 2014 surely you can do something similar and begin to lead the market again. Today’s move whilst I understand has commercial reasons is a step backwards to 2009 and does not reflect how people use their devices today. Whilst I will stick with my current ayce tariff which includes tethering its a real shame you’ve made this move and don’t offer more options. It looks like I will have to blow the dust off my mifi now and go back to carrying more than one device.

  587. Moderator: Claire

    @Paulo – Hi, if you are on an existing unlimited personal hotspot this will remain the same. If you upgrade or change your tariff then the 2GB tethering limit will apply. Thanks.

  588. Kevin Reynolds

    I was an existing customer with 3 who used the unlimited tethering perhaps around 6GB a month, some months not at all. Very disappointed with these tariffs they appear to represent very poor value for money. Combined with the well-known signal issues on three this is a major disappointment. Even going into London on the West coast main line my phone would cut out up to 30 times. Very disappointed with three also charging for most of the handsets now. Shame really been with 3 since they started but this is just the nail in the coffin.

  589. Moderator: Claire

    @Martin S – Hi, if you were just exchanging the handset were you told the tariff had changed? Thanks.

  590. Paulo

    No more unlimited personal hotspot? Oh well…Goodbye Three….

  591. Moderator: Claire

    @Steve – Hi, our sim only plans remain unchanged so if you sign up to the One Plan sim only you’ll have unlimited tethering. Thanks.

  592. Steve

    The part where you say “Our SIM only plans remain unchanged”, does this mean that people who sign up to the One Plan Sim Only today still will get unlimited tethering?

  593. Richard

    @moderator Claire I have just spoken to them again, so infuriating. My number is [removed by Mod]. They have advised this will now cost me £39 not £34 this is the only plan that is compatable with my old plan, which was Internet 500. Can you confirm this is correct.. They said I couldn’t have the 300 or 600 minute plan.
    Many thanks.

  594. Dave

    I have three different contracts with 3 after moving from O2 last year basically for the great value tariffs 3 offered.

    Looking at the new tariffs, they really do not look appealing at all, so unless something changes between now and my renewal dates, I will certainly be looking for a new provider.

    I think 3 have got this one badly wrong!

  595. Adrian

    Hi. I’m 6 months, into a 24 month ONE plan contract.
    How do I get the 0800, 084,087 offer?
    If I call 333, what tariff will they put me on, as the ONE plan doesn’t exist anymore.

  596. Moderator: Claire

    @Richard – Hi, can you supply your details and we’ll check this. Can you supply your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode? We won’t publish this but we can see why this is happening. Thanks.

  597. martin s

    hi, I upgraded after 24 months on Saturday, but I had to change the handset as it wasn’t right, so the contract was cancelled and restarted today. no one told me about the new price plans so do I take it that I am on my CURRENT AYCE data plan, as I wasn’t informed of any other plans?

  598. Moderator: Claire

    @Jamie – Hi, no we won’t be offering unlimited tethering. We had to look at ways to improve congestion and have set the 2GB limit to ease this issue.

  599. Alan C

    I called 333 this afternoon to try and change my ‘Essential Internet SIM 600 12 months’ tariff to the new one which includes free 0800 numbers and up to 1GB personal hotspot.
    After 30 minutes I was told that I couldn’t as my contract is only 12 months. He said only 24 months contracts are able to change.

    It doesn’t make sense as I can see the new tariff of the ‘Essential Internet SIM 600 12 months’ includes 0800 numbers etc.

  600. Richard

    @moderator Claire I am on a 24 month contract with a handset…when will 333 staff be informed of this, I have been informed twice now this isn’t possible!!!

  601. Moderator: Claire

    @Andrew – Hi, if you are already on an unlimited tethering package this will remain unchanged unless you are a new customer or change to one of the new tariffs. Hope this clear it up. Thanks.

  602. Duma S

    Claire: You will be offering them free from June 2015. I just won’t be a three customer at that point.

  603. Moderator: Claire

    @Chris M – Hi, at present there are no plans for home broadband but we will feed this back for you. Thanks.

  604. Moderator: Claire

    @Duma S – Hi, you can change onto one of our new plans if you are on a handset contract with us by contacting customer services on 333. If you are on SIM only we won’t be offering this service. Thanks.

  605. Moderator: Claire

    @Ben – Hi, when customers over use tethering it can cause congestion at the masts which affects other customers. We decided it would be fairer to allow everyone a chance of getting the same experience by limiting tethering to 2GB a month however you still receive unlimited data to use on your phone only with some of our plans. Thanks.

  606. Duma S

    Makes me feel awesome as an existing customer that I don’t get the free 0800 0808 and 0500 calls, and I don’t benefit from the discounted 084* and 087* calls.

    Thanks Three. I’ll remember this when your retentions team beg me to stay in a couple months when my contract is up. :)

  607. Moderator: Claire

    @Mark – Hi, yes that is correct. Only when you change tariff or upgrade will the tethering change to the 2GB limit. Thanks.

  608. Moderator: Claire

    @Callum – Hi, if you are already receiving unlimited tethering you will still receive this unless you upgrade or change tariff. If you want to renew at the end of the period and change tariff then you will receive the 2GB limit. Thanks.

  609. Andrew

    you responded to Ben who asked you if he were to connect to three with a sim only deal on the one plan, you explained that there would be a 2GB tethering limit, further up this page it reads:
    Our SIM only plans remain unchanged. Please clarify.


  610. Moderator: Claire

    @Ben Fisher – Hi, you can only receive one or the other. If you stay on your plan you get unlimited tethering, if you change you get 2GB tethering with free 0800 numbers.

  611. Moderator: Claire

    @Bill Turner – Hi, your plan will stay the same until you either upgrade or request a new tariff. If you buy a handset separately and keep the plan then you will still have the same tariff you are currently on. Thanks.

  612. Moderator: Claire

    @Bill Turner – Hi, when did you take the contract? If you are already on a plan with tethering this will not change unless you upgrade or request a new tariff which will give the 2GB data limit. Thanks.

  613. Moderator: Claire

    @Rich – Hi, we are offering the 0800 numbers free before the OFCOM ruling which takes affect in June 2015. Thanks.

  614. Moderator: Claire

    @Ben – Hi, yes a new customer will have the 2GB limit. Thanks.

  615. Moderator: Claire

    @Richard – Hi, you can change over to our new price plans as long as you aren’t on a SIM only deal. What deal are you on? Thanks.

  616. Moderator: Claire

    @Terry Q – Hi, have you found the reception like this with other calls? If you provide your full postcode we can check the area, we won’t publish it. Thanks.

  617. Moderator: Claire

    @Robin – Hi, as you purchased the plan last month you will receive the unlimited tethering. Thanks.

  618. Moderator: Claire

    @Terry Q – Hi, the new price plans won’t affect your current tariff unless you change to one of them at your request. Thanks.

  619. Chris M.

    I understand the tethering limit for new customers as people were increasingly using 3.5G and 4G as a replacement for their home broadband – I can only get on average a max of 6 mbps on my home broadband, just enough to stream video – we changed from SKY because we weren’t even getting 2 mbps meaning that watching iPlayer wasn’t possible.

    Why don’t you start offering combined mobile and home broadband all in one packages? Fixed monthly prices for all of your mobile and home broadband needs? If rates are competitive, I think mobile and home broadband together would be a winner for Three and its customers.

  620. Ben

    So the few people abusing the current tethering are to blame? Thought that’s why you have traffic sense? Reason for me taking the one plan was so there was no need to worry about hitting any limits. I don’t, nowhere near. However this measly 2gb limit now calls that into question. Just a trick to pay for your ‘free’ 4g. Not that I’ve been impressed with the roll out.

  621. Mark

    Hi, I’m currently on the rolling monthly One Plan contract and have been for a while, I’m assuming that this change won’t affect me and I will be able to continue unlimited tethering even though the contract is rolling and not for a fixed term?

  622. Callum

    So if I’m on the One Plan and currently I get all-you-can-eat data for tethering does this mean I can now only use 2GB for tethering? That’s a bit useless.

    Considering that’s really the only reason I chose the One Plan and 3 surely it can’t be legal to change my contract terms, especially during the 12 month period my contract lasts? What happens when I come to renew my contract at the end of this period?

    I’m on SIM only.


  623. Jeff

    This is a joke I’m out of here! Well done three

  624. Ben Fisher

    Hello. I’m on the 15pm unlimited tethering one plan. Sim only. Can I get the free 0800 while keeping unlimited tethering (This is a dealbreaker).

  625. Bill Turner

    I have sim only one plan, what happens when the year contract is up, do I just keep rolling on my contract or am I forced to get a new one? I’m happy on the one I have and buy a handset separately… is this possible? Thanks

  626. Bill Turner

    Not happy about the tethering at all. The draw for me was total unlimited and the ability to tether on the all you can eat one plan. I don’t tether often but was a godsend for me recently when I was without WiFi for 7 weeks, tethering was my only option to use my laptop and worked wonderfully. I know have WiFi back up and running so all is good. The fact that I could tether to my nexus 7 on long journeys to watch Netflix for examples was great but now fear I can’t. 2gb is nothing these days and is eaten up quickly. What know happens if 2gb is reached? In now tied in to plan where the goal posts have been moved… Thanks 3!!

  627. Rich

    I’m sure 0800 calls were free back in the day, then you changed it and now you’re bringing it back with flashy lights around it saying look how good we are, we didn’t wait until OFCOM forced us to make 0800 calls free again!

  628. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Tim Lovell – You won’t have to move over Tim but in order to take out a new contract with a new phone you would yes. Otherwise you can remain on a rolling contract on your present package.

  629. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Matthew Morgan – I’m unable to offer any specific dates as to when 4G will be available in an area Matthew or if and when new 4G masts will erected. You can keep an eye on this yourself here

  630. Ben

    Hi, Would a new customer taking out a sim only one plan have the 2GB personal hotspot limit?

  631. Moderator: Claire

    @Ben – Hi, we have had to cap the tethering as some of our customers over used the service and this affected others which isn’t fair to everyone. This causes congestion on the network and with the limit this will eliminate this issue. Thanks.

  632. Terry Q

    It would seem no one in Hull is getting a good signal, so I guess the problem is your service.

  633. Richard

    So I just rang 333 to swithc to one of these new plans, I am currently on Intenet 500, and I am told I cannot be switched onto the new tariffs until my upgrade date ? Confused..

  634. DougieCM

    Well there is 3’s USP out of the window, and within a week of being trumped on Rootmetrics by a competitor. A lot of companies that use 0845 / 0870 are moving to 03 numbers to integrate with their own app offerings anyway. Seems a poor swap and also hiding an price hike from what I can see. Contract is up next month, think I might look for just the last two letters instead…

  635. Terry Q

    Oh, just tried 333 reception is that bad can hardly hear what is been said. Hopefully this is not how all my calls are going to be. Or I have just made a very costly mistake moving to Three.

  636. Moderator: Claire

    @Stickygeko – Hi, sorry to hear this. We will feed this back.

  637. Moderator: Claire

    @Glen – Hi, you can call our customer care team on 333 who will change you over to the free 0800 calls option :)

  638. Moderator: Claire

    @Lucy – Hi, yes that’s correct. :)

  639. Robin

    Signed up to your One Plan £23 sim only 30 day plan on 28th Feb in your Three high street shop, with the 30 day delay option. I will be leaving my old provider in next 3 days. Question is: -as I have signed up on the to the above plan, when I finally put the sim in phone and connect to your service, will the plan be under thr old terms which allow tethering past the 2gb limit. Or will it be on the new terms?

  640. Moderator: Claire

    @Mark – Hi, if you are an existing customer you can still use the unlimited tethering it is only new customers or if you upgrade then the 2GB tethering limit applies. Thanks.

  641. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul – Hi, sorry to hear you won’t be joining us. We had to make this decision as there were too many customers over using the tethering which affected other customers experience. We do offer unlimited data only on handsets but that doesn’t include the tethering option.

  642. Terry Q

    Will this increase the cost of my tariff and will any other part of my plan change?

  643. Lucy

    So am I right in thinking that for the rest of my 24 month contract I will still have unlimited tethering until I upgrade or change tariff?

  644. Moderator: Claire

    @Terry Q – Hi, you can change your current plan to one of the new plans by calling customer care on 333. :)

  645. Glen

    I’m currently on the Ultimate Internet SIM 200 1 month – no tethering but all-you-can-eat data.

    Do I need to sign-up again for the same tariff in order to get the free 0800 calls?

  646. Moderator: Claire

    @Lucy – Hi, we have only launched the new tariffs so the tariff your on won’t be affected. Thanks.

  647. Stickygeko

    @claire yes! Every time, I work for an ISP and spent several years in loyalty, the offer they stand by are the same as new customers, no special offers hence I’ve not renewed since my contract ran out last year….I’ve been sat waiting for the new gen of phones and a better deal….but each time you call it’s like you don’t value your existing customers

  648. Moderator: Claire

    @Stickygeko – Hi, have you asked for other deals when you have called retentions? Thanks.

  649. Lucy

    Hi there,

    Little bit confused atm. I upgraded my phone in Feb 2014 to the One Plan with the impression that it included all you can eat data + tethering. I’m currently having to tether from my phone as my home broadband is not working… this is one of the reasons I stayed with Three and I’d be very upset if I found there was now a 2GB limit.

    Do I still get unlimited tethering on my contract despite only upgrading last month until I upgrade or change tariff after my contract ends?

    Would be great if you could explain this.

  650. Stickygeko

    @Sarah Miles – Hi, sorry you feel this way. We still don’t charge extra for the 4G service, the tariff price includes everything in the allowance given. At your point of renewal you can check the offers available to you and as an existing customer you get other offers not available to new customers. Thanks.

    *******I’ve never ever been offered a better deal than new customers anytime I’ve called retentions-sales******

  651. Terry Q

    Only had this contract a couple of weeks, does this mean I have missed out?

  652. Moderator: Claire

    @Bryan Johnson – Hi, no if you are in the middle of a contract your tariff will remain the same. If you want to change tariff to benefit from these changes then you can change and keep your current term. Thanks.

  653. Moderator: Claire

    @Steve – Hi, this is only for new customers on the new tariffs or existing customers who change tariffs. Thanks.

  654. Moderator: Claire

    @Steve – Hi, yes if you stay on the existing One Plan it will remain the same and that includes if you don’t upgrade. If you upgrade then the tariff changes and the 2GB data limit applies. Thanks.

  655. Kim

    This is a really shame…… caping the tethering at 2 gig now rules you out for my next upgrade……

    I travel for my job and use the tethering on my phone as my main internet connection when I am on the move. as it is cheeper than hotel internet. Very disappointing. such a shame…. will be a sad end to a great phone contract.

  656. Moderator: Claire

    @Jason – Hi, yes that is how it would work. If you keep the same tariff and buy a prepay phone then the unlimited hotspot will remain the same. Thanks.

  657. Moderator: Claire

    @Scott – Hi, yes if you upgrade your phone you will change tariffs with us. If you buy a prepay phone and keep the same tariff, the unlimited tethering will remain the same. Thanks.

  658. Moderator: Claire

    @Macjim – Hi, yes if you keep your existing plan then you won’t have any changes. We have had to change this as a lot of customers couldn’t access the network while others over used the data which isn’t fair to everyone. Thanks.

  659. Jamie

    So if you want, can you still provide unlimited tethering but at a cost? What would the cost be?

  660. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Ben V – I hear where you’re coming from Ben but we are looking at balancing useage with experience, so at the very least it’s coming from a customer experience perspective.

  661. Jason

    Hi , im looking to renew my contract that expires this month. Im on the one plan at the moment with unlimited hotspot. If i sign a new contract and phone will I incur the 2 gb limit. This to me does not feel like an upgrade, more a downgrade. May have to review options..

  662. Matthew Morgan

    the internet keeps cutting out.

    data seams to ramdly drop.

  663. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Eamonn Mcstravick – It’s only available on a new 24 month plan right now Eamonn but you’d be able to move over at no extra cost and start enjoying the new features straight away.

  664. Stickygeko

    @claire….but that means I can never upgrade with you!

  665. Moderator: Claire

    @jon – Hi, your current term will continue if you change to one of the new tariffs. You will have to call 333 to change tariffs. Thanks.

  666. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Andrew Hillier – It’s as the blog post says Andrew – ‘To summarise our new 24 month Pay Monthly plans’ – That’s to say it’s only available to new 24 month pay monthly plans. So that’s either folk coming on board or customers ready for upgrading to the specific plans in question.

  667. Moderator: Claire

    @Sarah Miles – Hi, sorry you feel this way. We still don’t charge extra for the 4G service, the tariff price includes everything in the allowance given. At your point of renewal you can check the offers available to you and as an existing customer you get other offers not available to new customers. Thanks.

  668. Tim Lovell

    Will I have to move onto one of the newer contracts when I upgrade my handsets? Or can I remain on my existing tethering included contract and get a new phone too?

  669. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @james gowling – It doesn’t James. It’ll only become available to existing customers when you’re available for upgrade.

  670. jon

    Moderator: Claire 18/03/2014

    you can change to one of the new tariffs by calling our customer care on 333. Thanks.

    2 questions.

    1. if I change to a new tariff will that mean a new 2 year contract or will my current term continue?

    2. is there any other way than talking to 333 to change tariff?


  671. Moderator: Claire

    @John – Hi, yes if you stay on your current tariff it will remain the same. If you downgrade or upgrade the tariff then you will have the 2GB tethering limit applied. Thanks.

  672. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Derek Murphy – It’ll be available to you when you hopefully are looking to upgrade Derek :-) Regards your internet issue, can you share your full postcode with me (don’t worry I’ll not publish it) and I’ll have a look at that for you? Thanks

  673. Moderator: Claire

    @Stickygeko – Hi, sorry you feel this way. We had to change the tethering limit as too many customers couldn’t access the internet while others over used the tethering side. If you do stay on your existing tariff it will remain unchanged. Thanks.

  674. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Joel – They’ll remain the same Joel. The post is about highlighting changes to new plans.

  675. Moderator: Claire

    @Jasmin B – Hi, we had to change the tethering limit due to a lot of our customers not being able to use the network while others over used the tethering side. If you stay on your current plan your tethering won’t be affected. Thanks.

  676. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Adam – Not solely for new users Adam as they’ll affect existing users if or when you upgrade but until such time, they won’t affect existing deals. And of course, as per the blog post it’s only 24 month contracts which will be affected again, if or when you upgrade or if you’re new to the network and taking out that type of deal.

  677. John

    Re: new tariffs

    I’ve managed to decipher that if I stay on the one plan I can keep my unlimited (subject to FUP) data allowance, however, how are customers who downgrade to sim only after paying for their handset affected. Presumably their contract remains unchanged?

  678. Moderator: Claire

    @Sue – Hi, we are including the 0800 numbers for our pay monthly customers only at present. Thanks.

  679. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Phil – None of these changes will apply to you whilst still on an older package Phil. As per the blog post ‘To summarise our new 24 month Pay Monthly plans’

  680. Moderator: Claire

    @Anne – Hi, our press release does state Pay Monthly plans including the 0800 calls. Sorry if you have found that misleading. Thanks.

  681. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @patrik – Yes that’s right. It’s unlimited data but not unlimited tethering data. That’s capped at 2Gb.

  682. Moderator: Claire

    @Carl – Hi, yes if you change your tariff you will lost the unlimited tethering but be able to receive the free 0800 numbers.

  683. Moderator: Claire

    @Justin – Hi, you can change to one of the new tariffs by calling our customer care on 333. Thanks.

  684. Matthew Morgan

    any new 4g sites planned for suffolk?

  685. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Matthew Morgan – It doesn’t apply to PAYG Matthew no, as per the blog post – ‘To summarise our new 24 month Pay Monthly plans’

  686. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Oli – That’s correct Oli that if you stay on a present plan as opposed to moving over to the new plans you will still have access to unlimited tethering. There isn’t a way in which you can have both unlimited tethering and free access to 0800 numbers.

  687. Stickygeko

    What a joke!!!!!! I joined three 3 yrs ago, connection isn’t great but they sold me on the feathering, I use 10gb a mth mixed with tethering …. now I cannot upgrade…. I was waiting for the s5 or htc one m8….if I upgrade I’ll lose my tethering….. bad move Three!!!!!!! Way to treat loyal customers!!!!!! Very upset with this, time to jump ship as I’m not in contract, other networks provide a bigger allowance than 2gb….. #gobsmacked

  688. Moderator: Claire

    @Dave – Hi, we have taken your feedback on board. Thanks.

  689. ryan

    OK having just looked through three’s revamped price plans it appears that the free 0800 offer is just a smoke screen for the fact they have put up all there tarrifs. My contract has expired with vodafone, i have been watching the phones and prices for a good month. The HTC one was £32 a month now with revamped on a similar tarrift its £36. iphone 5s has gone from £42 to £44 ect ect. Nice try three^^ we are not stupid

  690. Moderator: Claire

    @Matthew Morgan – Hi, yes this includes the 2GB cap. Thanks.

  691. Moderator: Claire

    @Neil – Hi, the 3 to 3 minutes are still available on the One Plan SIM only deal. Thanks.

  692. Anne

    Claire: So the press release was misleading. Will you be issuing a correction to save hundreds or possibly thousands of people signing in, thinking they can get free 0800 calls? Otherwise it will only irritate your existing customers, and might backfire on you if word gets out that it was a manipulative marketing ploy.

  693. Moderator: Claire

    @mark – Hi, no you won’t be forced into the new tariffs unless you request it. Thanks.

  694. Moderator: Claire

    @Nicholas – Hi, no the changes won’t affect you until you change the tariff. Thanks.

  695. Neil

    What’s happened to the 5000 3 to 3 minutes that were in the One Plan?
    Have they been removed in the new One Plan tariffs?

  696. Moderator: Claire

    @Hamish – Hi, sorry to hear your leaving :(

  697. Moderator: Claire

    @Ella St Evens – Hi, yes if you upgrade you will be limited to the 2GB tethering. If you keep your existing plan then you will keep the unlimited tethering. Thanks.

  698. Moderator: Claire

    @Jon – Hi, that is the correct procedure for the One plan. We no longer offer the One plan on the handset tariffs, if you do want to change you can to one of these tariffs Thanks.

  699. mark

    are three planning to force customers onto the horrible new tariffs when their existing sim only plans expire?

    “the network built for the internet.” could you also change that to “the network built for no more than instant messaging and the occasional email,”

  700. Gavin

    Hi, I signed up for the One Plan 12m Sim only just after you put your prices up to £20. Now I see you are reducing them again to £15! Can I have my contract amended to be on the new “restricted tethering” plan for the lower price. I am yet to remove the micro SIM and insert into the phone…

  701. Moderator: Claire

    @Mark – Hi, yes if you upgrade or change tariff then you will lose the unlimited tethering. We have had to do this to make sure we balance the experience for all of our customers, as some customers can’t use the data service while others over used it. Thanks.

  702. jon

    Moderator: Claire 18/03/2014
    You can change your tariff to include the 0800 numbers at any time. Thanks.

    I’m on my first contract with three, last month I contacted 333 about upgrading to the one plan but was told I couldn’t change plan until my 2 years were up?

  703. Moderator: Claire

    @SimonV – Hi, yes if you upgrade or change the tariff the 2gb tethering limit will apply. Thanks.

  704. Ella St Evens

    If I upgrade to the one plan sim only will I be limited to 2gb tethering? Or will I keep the existing AYCE tethering ability?

  705. Moderator: Claire

    @Gavin Lomax – Hi, yes your SIM plan will remain the same and we can send you a micro SIM. Thanks.

  706. Hamish

    Already phoned to find out my cancellation date i can get a way better deal now from virgin mobile bu bye 3.

  707. Moderator: Claire

    @Anne – Hi, the free 0800 calls are only included in our Pay monthly contract plans and won’t affect the 3-2-1 plan as this is pay as you go. If you decide to take out an handset contract then you can receive the free 0800 calls. Thanks.

  708. Nicholas

    I see that, as an existing One Plan customer, I am unaffected by these changes. However, how will these changes affect me when my minimum contract term comes to an end? Will I stay on a monthly rolling contract that still gives me unlimited tethering, or will I be forced onto a new plan that has the 2GB limit?

  709. Chris

    As long as I can get unlimited data I will renew my contract regardless, the reception in my area is fabulous, cheers three ☺

  710. Moderator: Claire

    @Craig – Hi, this is for new customers or any existing customers who change to our new tariffs. Thanks.

  711. Moderator: Claire

    @Michael – Hi, the 2GB limit is per month. Thanks.

  712. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul Browning – Hi, the OFCOM ruling will take affect from June 2015 so we are doing this earlier. You can change your tariff to include the 0800 numbers at any time. Thanks.

  713. Sarah Miles

    So much for three providing 4g at no extra charge. Seems quite clear here that you are providing less for MORE money on these tariffs and therefore tricking people. Hoping you lose customers due to this. I’ll be looking elsewhere for certain come BOTH contracts renewals.

  714. Dave

    I appreciate that “Personal hot spot” can be subject to abuse, but feel 2gb to be a bit harsh! 4 or 5gb would have been much better, particularly with 4G on the way!

  715. Matthew Morgan

    so one plan is back at £15/pm:

    so is this 2gb cap?

  716. Steve

    @JohnB The 2GB limit is only if you have use the Personal Hotspot option as detailed in the brief from Three, specifically Paragraph 13.

  717. sue

    the new tariff should be free to all that call 0800 numbers

  718. Anne

    Having read in the press today that existing 3 customers need to sign in to allow free 0800 calls, and having made the effort to do so (which always involves switching to a different browser due to your poor support on Chrome)I’ve read in your blog (above) that SIM only plans are unchanged. Can you clarify, please?

    I’m on the 3-2-1 plan, and have already wasted a chunk of my day due to potentially misleading press releases such as (The Guardian): “The cost of calling 0800 numbers from mobile phones will be made free for customers of Three from Tuesday, while charges for helplines run by hundreds of banks, utilities, insurance companies and broadband providers will be slashed.”
    They added “The tariff will apply to all new contracts, and existing customers can sign up without having to extend their existing contracts.”

    I’m an existing customer and I’ve come here to sign up. Where do I do that?

  719. SimonV

    So just to clarify then.

    Basically if we do not upgrade or change the tariff and stay on the ‘The One Plan’ we will keep unlimited tethering?

    Also just to confirm, if we change our phones for a new model on a contract renewal is that regarded as an upgrade or change and then be affected by the 2gb tethering limit?

  720. Gavin Lomax

    Hi Claire, I’m on one plan sim only, but I’m going to upgrade my phone but I’ll need a new sim card as I’m on the s2 with standard size sim and will need a micro size one for the phone I’m planning on getting. Will my contact /allowances be alerted? I’m planning on keeping everything as is, just sim size change. Thanks.

  721. Mark

    Hi, so if I upgrade I loose the unlimited hot spot /tethering? If that’s the case it will be bye bye 3 at end of contract, as the poor coverage and now download limits will deem 3 to be too expensive. It’s a shame as I was saying how good 3 was in general. The benefits outweighed the poor coverage.

  722. Justin

    This is a great idea and nice that three are offering more thing to there customers. But having that said I am very disappointed and find it very unfair that this is being offered to ONLY new customers. So much for looking after existing loyal customers eh?

  723. Moderator: Claire

    @Nathan Ellis – Hi, you would need to speak to our customer care team on 333 to check if the amount will stay be the same as they can check if discounts were applied. If you were staying on the same plan it would just run like a 30 day rolling contract until you decided to upgrade. Thanks.

  724. Jasmin B

    I actually work for the leading UK network provider for business customer services and first line technical, but I have always stuck with 3 because of the unlimited data, something which my employer doesn’t offer. I live in an area where broadband providers do not provide broadband, so I have to use a mobile network in order to use my laptop at home. Being on the one plan I can take advantage of this and use my data as I wish. I’m a heavy user of data and easily tether 500mb per day. And now, basically if I want to upgrade when my contract runs out in July then I’ll only be able to tether for 4 days of every month..? I’m actually gutted because all in all I had found the perfect network that meets my needs and now I’m going to have to shop around again.
    three need to ask their customers opinions before cutting them a raw deal and making out that it’s better than the one they already have, which isn’t the case.

  725. carl

    Thats great about the 0800 but im cheesed off about the removal of unlimited tethering, does that mean if I upgrade my handset I’ll lose unlimited tethering from my one plan? If so looks like I’m stuck with my xperia z on high monthly payments as i need unlim tethering as I go away in the UK 3-4 times a year and rely on tethering during this time for constant sky go access on my tablet z. O well it was good while it lasted!

  726. Macjim

    So, am I correct in saying if I have a current all you can eat data plan with tethering included (a One Plan) then there will be no changes? I have a 12 month contract One Plan and I use the tethering for my iPad.
    I’m also puzzled what difference tethering makes as, if you use all you can eat data, then tethering shouldn’t make any difference as it’s the same data that my contract uses. Why the change and why the limit? You can’t advertise all you can eat when it isn’t now for new contracts.

  727. Scott

    If I upgrade my phone will my contract change with the restriction of my hotspot???

  728. Moderator: Claire

    @Imran – Hi, if you are on an existing plan with unlimited data you will stay on this unless you upgrade or change tariff. The new 0800 inclusion is for new tariffs only at present. Thanks.

  729. Moderator: Claire

    @Robin – Hi, if you stay on the One Plan tariff it will remain the same unless you decide to upgrade or change tariff then the 2GB download limit will apply. This is the same for the free 0800 option. In regards to your price plan we can’t tell you what that would be but our customer care team on 333 can confirm as they will check for any discounts you may have received at the time. Thanks.

  730. Steve

    For existing users on the One Plan, will unlimited tethering remain the same after the 12 month minimum contract period if they don’t upgrade to another plan or will it go to a 2GB/month data limit after that period?

  731. Moderator: Claire

    @Dave – Hi, it means the One plan will remain the same if you are on this tariff. If you upgrade or change tariff then the 2GB data allowance will apply. Thanks.

  732. Michael

    It would be nice if you grandfathered the plans currently on pay monthly, I can’t change until October 2014. I will be staying with you and going to a Galaxy S5 though :).

  733. Moderator: Claire

    @Gareth – Hi, it means the One plan SIM remains the same with unlimited data unless you upgrade or change tariff. Thanks.

  734. Moderator: Claire

    @Stephen Kinkaid – Hi, yes if you are on the One plan it remains the same unless you upgrade or change tariff. Thanks.

  735. David

    Been a 3 customer for over 6 years. Dont be fooled by all these ‘freebies’, these are PRICE HIKES!!! Just been in a 3 store and seen the new plans. Not all phones come with Ayce anymore! I mean what is the point! Oh but wait u can add Ayce for an extra £3, another price hike. They advert 4g at no extra cost, we arent stupid, we no you just added it to the price plans. Cheap move. Sneaky advertising. I hate these plans. I wont be renewing my contracts.

  736. Steve

    Will the 2GB tethering limit only apply to new customers or also existing customers on the One Plan?

  737. Bryan Johnson

    what if you are in the middle of a contract already, do these changes apply ?

  738. Paul

    The changes to personal hotspot are a real shame. My wife and I have been Orange customers for over 10 years and were about to switch to Three in April, purely for the personal hotspot on the One Plan. We don’t use an awful lot of data but we prefer not to have to worry about limits so this was the ideal option. Unfortunately this means that we will not be switching to Three as you have just removed your greatest USP.

  739. Jim Flowers

    Great to see Three leading the way…. No extra charge for 4G too is fantastic.

  740. Daniel

    I love the tariffs of the new three payg. The 3.2.1 plan. If you include tha 080 numbers to be free you’ll get all the giffgaff users on board.

  741. Moderator: Claire

    @John B – Hi, if you are already on the One plan your tariff will remain the same but if you change to one of our new tariffs then the 2Gb limit will be in place. Thanks.

  742. mark

    Great so the one plan unlimited tethering is finished if so im leaving

  743. Ben

    i dont understand the tethering cap, 4G carries a speed of up to 80mbs, thats faster than the average landline speed and faster than most fibre packages. Contention should not be an issue, if it is then the fault is with the network. With speed growth comes usage growth, on 3G we hardly used the net on our phones, cost and speed, but now websites are so rich that data use for the same sites is higher as a result. let alone the fact we now also do a lot more on our phones and tablets.

    Also “internet” is not a finite resource, its not a thing that runs out or ends, like a fuel or water so why limit usage. its just greed, Capped so that it can be sold in blocks that have no cost.

    Data should be included in the network rental cost and should be unlimited and bound only by the speed the device can handle.

  744. Ben V

    Shame about the tethering as that was the main reason I opted for the One Plan with Three and also the reason I decided to purchase a wifi-only tablet.

    Looks like I’ll be searching for a new supplier once my contract runs out as 2GB seems like a tiny amount of data especially as things are moving so fast in the streaming world

  745. Moderator: Claire

    @Kasser – Hi, yes you can use all you can eat data on the One plan.

  746. Nathan Ellis

    I’m currently on The One Plan Sim Only 12 Month contract, I get 2000 minutes, 5000 3-3 minutes, 5000 texts and AYCE Data and Personal Hotspot. My contract ends in June this year, if I keep it running after the end date, will I still pay £15 a month and get all the same things I get now with no change?

    Would it have to be a 30 day rolling contract or can I renew it another 12 months without the price or anything included changing?

  747. Eamonn Mcstravick

    So why do existing customers not get the benefit also ??????

  748. Imran

    Are people already signed up to the three plan able to continue with unlimited 4g tethering when our contracts expire or will we be moved across too. Will the new 0800 inclusion apply to old contracts too? Might stay if the answer is yes to both the above hehehe!

  749. Kasser

    I understand from elsewhere if you’re already on a ONE contract, you can tether all you can eat – please confirm

  750. Andrew Hillier

    What about current pay monthly customers will this be extended to them as well as I am currently a pay monthly customer with your network.

  751. james gowling

    Does this include existing customers who are on plans? The 0800 thing is a pain!

  752. Moderator: Claire

    @Imran – Sorry to see you go :(

  753. Derek Murphy

    Good idea for newbies but what about us on contract already? And I cannot get internet on my phone unless iam at home?

  754. Imran

    Good bye Three. It was fun while it lasted.

  755. Stephen Kinkaid

    I have The One Plan with all you can eat data and tethering. Am I affected by this or can I continue to use unlimited data on tethering? Is it just new clients affected by this limiting of tethering option?

  756. Joel

    What about 0800 numbers for older price plans?

  757. Robin

    What about existing customers? I am on a Sim Only One Plan tariff. What will happen to me when my 12 months is up – can I continue with unlimited `Personal Hotspot` functionality or will I be forced to accept the new free 0800 option with 2GB download limit for tethering? Additionally, will I fixed at £15 per month or will I see a price hike?

  758. Dave

    Would be nice if you could get your website back up so we can have a proper look? Especially exactly what you mean by “sim only unchanged”? Does that mean the one plan sim only still has unlimited tethering?

  759. Adam

    Do these changes affect current contracts? Or are they only for new users only?

  760. John B

    With a 2gb Limit its not exactly “all-you-can-eat” data is it? Presumably you’ll be scrapping that title along with your new plans?

    Already on the One Plan but this leaves a sour taste in the mouth as you’ve previously been actively encouraging your customers to use as much data as they like – for whatever they like.

  761. Paul Browning

    Will free calls to 0800 number be rolling out to existing contracts in line with OFCOMs ruling ?

  762. Phil

    I’m on a one-month rolling contract, do any of these features NOT apply to me? I’m particularly keen on the personal hotspot functionality, and I know that Feel at Home already works (wooh!)

  763. Gareth

    “Our SIM only plans remain unchanged.”

    I’m confused? Does this mean that The One Plan SIM Only still has Unlimited Data & Tethering or is that limited to 2GB tethering also?

  764. patrik

    That’s great.
    But I see that if you have All U Can Eat data there will be a limit of 2GB if you are tethering.
    Did I get that right?

  765. Dave C

    Nice to see inclusion of 0800 etc numbers in the new plans. Whilst I would have liked this for the odd occasion I have to call these numbers I am glad I locked in before the tethering cap. I understand why you have done this, more so for when 4G rolls out across the country, but for the odd occasion I need to tether it is very handy to know I can and not have yo stick to a limit.

  766. Craig

    Is this just for new customers then or current subscribers?

  767. Michael

    Is that 2GB limit on the tethering per month, per day or what? It’s not very clear. I’m assuming it’s per month?

  768. Matthew Morgan

    is this changing payg?

  769. Oli

    Hi – if I currently have a sim only 30 day contract on the One Plan, is it correct I can still tether more than 2gb? Also will I still be paying for 0800 numbers? Presumably there’s no way to get free calls to 0800 numbers whilst keeping all you can eat tetherable data?


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