Bonjour to using your phone abroad at no extra cost in 5 new destinations

We don’t think roaming charges are fair.That’s why we offer all our customers Feel At Home. It lets you use your allowance to call and text the UK and use your data without paying a penny more.

So now you can leave roaming on when you’re abroad – post an update, upload that pic, and make your friends back home jealous.

From 1 July you can use Feel At Home in five new destinations – France, Switzerland, Israel, Finland and Norway.

Find out more about Feel At Home.

458 Responses to Bonjour to using your phone abroad at no extra cost in 5 new destinations
  1. Steff E

    @Amit – Hi Amit, Mallorca along with the rest of the Belearic and Canary Islands are part of Feel at Home as of today :) You can view more info on Feel at Home here If you want to use data abroad then yes keep cellular data and data roaming enabled. Please disable 4G and EU Internet as this may block you from using your services. You will not be able to use your personal hotspot abroad I’m afraid. You can view more about our terms and conditions for Feel at Home here When you get to Spain you will need to manually connect to one of our roaming partners in your network settings. You can view our roaming partners and more information on roaming in Spain here

    You’ll need to make sure your international roaming is activated. We can check this for you if your fill in our support form Thanks

  2. Steff E

    @Paul – Hi Paul, you do not need to convert to an add on to use Feel at Home as stated in our terms and conditions here If you have used your services exclusively for 3 or more months within a 12 month period then we reserve the right to suspend your services.

  3. Amit

    Hi – I am raveling to Mallorca this evening. Just want to check the following:
    1.) Is Mallorca covered as part of “Feel at Home” countries given it is part of Spain ?
    2.) What settings do I need to “Turn ON” / “Turn Off” while I am there. Below are main settings which I want to query:
    a.) Cellular Data
    b.) Enable 4G
    c.) Data Roaming ?
    d.) EU Internet ?
    d.) Can I use personal hotspot while I am there ?

  4. Paul

    I have been a 3 PAYG customer since 2008 and use my phone from France at normal roaming rates. You introduced Feel at Home and now my roaming has been cut off. As I have not converted my top-ups to add-ons (in order to take advantage of Feel at Home as stated in your terms and conditions) I should still be using standard roaming rates. Can you explain why I cannot use standard roaming rates when I don’t take advantage of the Feel at Home rates. PS I have now bought another networks PAYG SIM that doesn’t impose such a stupid rule – I was quite happy to pay normal roaming rates, but you changed the rules and won’t allow me to use PAYG in France at all.

  5. Moderator: Claire

    @James C – Hi, this should now work fully on your iphone. We advised to make sure data roaming is switched on and EU Internet/4G switched off when you are abroad. Let us know how you get on next time away. Thanks.

  6. James C

    @Claire – PS: two profiles were on there: The Cloud Wifi and Tunnel Bear VPN. Both have now been deleted and phone rebooted. For Info I have no issues at all streaming a youtube video or radio when in UK, only when overseas, and as mentioned videoes posted on Facebook DO play (strange!) Is there anything else that you suggest I do just to make sure all bases are covered and hopefully get this sorted.

  7. James C

    @Claire – I’ll have a look and if there are any there I shall delete and test next time I’m abroad and report back. Many thanks.

  8. Moderator: Claire

    @James C – Hi, have you deleted any stored profiles on the iPhone? You can do this by General > Settings > Profiles Sometimes this has an affect on using data abroad on the iPhone. Let us know if this helps. Thanks.

  9. James C

    Need some help with FAH. Have read what you’re saying about streaming being slowed but my Iphone 4S will not stream at all whilst abroad, either in France or the US so far. WHat’s infuriating, is that I work for an airline and my colleagues on the same 3 contract ARE able to (for example) watch a You Tube Video or stream Tune-In radio (same handsets). We all even tried to load the same video yesterday whilst in New York and only mine will not do it! What is bizarre is that videos within Facebook DO play! I have reset all my network settings but am at a loss, and at this rate will not renew my contract as it simply does not work! Your help with this would be greatly appreciated.

  10. Steff E

    @Oliver He – I’m really sorry to hear you have been unable to use your services whilst in France. I can appreciate this will be frustrating, especially if you want to use your phone in your home. When you try to connect to Bouygues or Orange, what happens? You should be able to connect to these networks.

  11. Olivier He

    I travel a lot and Feel at Home is a major reason for choosing 3. Untild December 2014 everything was fine when travelling in France since- its a nightmare – the phone roams only on FREE network which is awful, no connection in Roissy ( main airport) no connection in numerous part of Paris and no connection where I have a house in France- 3 Says I can roam on Bouygues or Orange but his is not true, when using manual setting it does not roam on these networks- Change urgently please.

  12. Moderator: Claire

    @Anth – Hi, once your next bill is produced we can check this for you. Thanks.

  13. Anth

    Hi there.

    I am currently in Dunkirk, France. I have data roaming enabled, etc (iPhone 4s). I have connected to orange f and used the internet twice to access Facebook. I then receive a text off 3mobile saying I have been charged £6.

    I used feel at home in Paris, without any charges (same phone, same settings) in February and also from Denmark last August – again without incident.

    Please can you help and advise on how I can remove these charges from my bill.

    Thanks. Anth.

  14. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Chris – Hi Chris. I’ve just replied to your online form. If you could get back to me as soon as possible, I’ll do what I can to resolve this for you. Thanks.

  15. Chris

    I am in perth, WA trying to connect. my letter from 3 says that roaming is enabled but i can’t connect on my phone or mate’s unlocked phone. o2 works fine. I have sent in the form online – please help me!

  16. Moderator: Lauren

    Hi @Aimee, sorry to hear you’re having difficulty getting signal in Italy :( The steps you’ve been through so far are all worthwhile when trying to ix this kind of issue, what we may have to do is make sure you’re correctly set up with roaming on your account. You can do this by signing in to My3, help on how to do this can be found here, or if you pop your details into our support form I can check on your behalf,

  17. Moderator: Lauren

    Sorry you’ve experienced a decline in the service @David :( Our tech team will always do all they can to make sure you’re getting the best possible service however it is the case that once you leave the UK you’ll notice services such as data don’t perform to the same level as when you’re at home. Unfortunately, as you’re no longer using our network we can’t continue to provide the same level of service as we’re relying on foreign networks, we always recommend testing all available networks in the area to establish which will be providing the service however you will notice it won’t be up to the standard as it is in the UK. We try to be as clear as possible with this information which is why we make it available on the website,

  18. Aimee

    Hello 3! I am trying to use my IPhone 5 in Rome but I’ve had no signal since I landed. =^\ I have tried a couple of the suggestions above. I switched off ‘automatic’ in carrier section and ‘3 ITA’ came up; I got very excited but then it remained as ‘no service’. I also tried ‘I TIM’, ‘I WIND’ and ‘Vodafone IT’ just incase you guys were linked but still nothing. I have cellular data and data roaming on but have tried numerous combinations at this point. I have also switched phone off and back on again (tried and tester fixer) but was a no go. Any help would be appreciated at the point! Ta. Aimee.

  19. David Horne

    I have at home mobile and data contracts. Service was ok last year. This year, despite speedtests showing 12+ Gbit download speeds.neither mobile or data sim permit download at even 144kbit.when in Houston USA, Copenhagen Denmark or France. Many calls to Three support and many reasons given for dismal service – most nonsensical. Problem was escalated to tech team. Incredibly the reason given why at home doesn’t work is that at home users are cosidered 2nd class customers by 3 partners so are given the minimum bandwidth – aparently there is nothing that can be done. So enjoy what you can eat – it won’t be very filling.

  20. Moderator: Allan

    @SDF – You’d be charged for this, these calls aren’t included in your allowance. Thanks

  21. sdf

    If i call an italian number from italy while using a sim from will that deduct minutes or will i get charged

  22. Moderator: Lauren

    Thanks @Michael, someone will get back to you shortly :)

  23. Moderator: Lauren

    @Graham Sorry to hear that Graham :( Have you tried connecting to both 3 Italy and Wind? You can make sure roaming is switched on by signing in to your My3 account, or if you pop your details into our support form I can check on your behalf.

  24. Moderator: Lauren

    @Matthew Sorry to hear that Matthew :( Is this an area you’ve previously been able to get good signal in? If you search for available networks are you able to see if Orange or Bouyges is available? You might have picked up from our previous replies it’s worthwhile to have 4G switched off as this might improve your signal strength. > David

  25. Michael Heathcote

    Report form sent as requested. Thanks.

  26. Graham

    Trying to connect in Italy. Getting error message that my Sim does not allow connection to this Network. Help

  27. Matthew

    I’m having exactly the same problem as michael, the signal in the skiing area is dreadful. I’ve not had signal where my friends have had excellent signal – really frustrating!

    I’m there now – Found one small area where in chamonix I’m connected to the free network, but otherwise, nothing.

  28. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Michael Heathcote – I’d like to investigate this further for you Michael, could you fill in the support form and I’ll have a look at your account; .Thanks >Anne Marie

  29. Michael Heathcote

    Hi Claire, International data roaming was switched on, and network mode was tried between 4G, wcdma, and wcdma/gsm, which made no difference. My phone did connect to ‘Free’ in one small area, allowing calls and data, so the phone settings were correct. Also as said previously late last year, the phone with the same settings worked perfectly with your previous network partners, never had to change anything. Thanks.

  30. Moderator: Claire

    @Michael Heathcote – Hi, did you have 4G and EU Internet switched off, data roaming switched on? You should have had coverage in Geneva and France on the networks you tried to connect to.

  31. Michael Heathcote

    Having just come back from skiing in France and Switzerland I am extremely disappointed. Basically there is no coverage. In the centre of Geneva, nothing, the partner is listed as ‘sunrise’, but on my phone this carrier was listed as blocked. In the Morzine ski area on the mountain nothing at all, with very localised connection to ‘Free’ in the village centre only. ‘Orange’ is supposed to be a partner, but again listed as blocked. For the time I was there, I might as well have been on the Moon!
    Last October was in the same areas and the coverage was superb, now with your new partners its a total joke. You have a phone so you can be contacted, or to use in an emergency, especially while skiing, and presently neither is possible. Sort it out!!

  32. Moderator: Lauren

    @Nisha – there’s no plans to add Portugal at the moment. Having said that, we’re always working behind the scenes to get new countries added so it’s not to say that it won’t be in the future. At the moment you can purchase our Euro Internet Pass in Portugal which gives you all you can eat data for £5 per day. I hope you enjoy your trip.

  33. nisha lucas

    Hi, I’m off to Portugal this summer – is this part of the feel at home? If not when do you think it will be added?

  34. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Chris – Hi Chris. The Netherlands isn’t part of Feel at Home right now. We’re adding countries fairly quickly though so who knows,the Netherlands might be added further down the line. Are you looking to use data at all when away? If so, buying a Euro Pass is an option that will see you use as much data as you wish in a 24hr period for £5. You can purchase it via this link. If you’d rather not use data at all, make sure you turn data roaming off. This would see you unable to receive data and therefore not incur any charges. I hope that helps.

  35. Chris


    I’m going to the Netherlands on Tuesday, is this country on Feel At Home? If not what do I do to prevent excessive data charges? Thanks


  36. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gareth – sorry to hear this. Please fill out your details here and I’ll have someone take a look at this for you. While you’re waiting, you can try to turn 4G off and data roaming on. If you’re using an iPhone try turning off EU Internet.

  37. Gareth bitch

    Just got to Italy. Phone won’t conect to a single network and can’t use . Can anyone help me with this ?

  38. Moderator: Lauren

    @Barbara – when you arrive back in the UK (if you haven’t already) roaming will be re-instated for non-Feel at Home countries. So if you’re going to Canada you’ll be able to use your phone there. I hope this helps.

  39. Barbara

    Very angry to receive a text message from 3 today saying that my Roaming will be blocked because I have already spent 3 months in Feel At Home countries. I don’t mind them limiting the period during which I can use their cheap tariff but they should not be able to block my roaming ability completely. I am going to Canada in 2 weeks time (not a Feel At Home country) and won’t be able to use my phone……..I will have to switch my provider.

  40. Moderator: Claire

    @Richard Knight – Hi, can you fill in this form and we’ll check your account? Thanks.

  41. PeterT

    Ann Maric been baciu UK now back in usa still data is appalling and from what I read everyone has same issues so is not isolated and needs to be fixed

  42. Richard Knight

    Hi, just arrived in Geneva and my IPhone is saying no service? Yet my girlfriends phone is working? Do I need to activate my account or something?

  43. Moderator: Claire

    @Loul – Hi, can you fill in this form and we’ll check your account? Thanks.

  44. Loul

    Hello! I have note 4 and I’m in Spain and not able to connect to any network! Please help as soon as possible. Tried to go to the website to see whether my phone works abroad (which I’m sure it does but i changed my contract so all got messy!) so i registered and it says i will get my password by message But i can’t get the pw if I’m not able to connect to any network!

  45. Moderator: Pamela

    @ Joe Anderson At the moment using data there will cost you £3 per MB. You’ll be able take advantage of Feel at Home in South Africa from 1st of April though.

    Can I just confirm, are you in South Africa just now? Do you still have the text you got? Thanks, Pamela

  46. Joe Anderson

    I am in South Africa, last week i tried going on line and in about 3 minutes got a text saying that i had reached my cap of downloading of £41.12 despite doing very little. just thi smorning i got a SMS saying that i am in a “feel at home destination”. Is South Africa a feel at home destination and if so what do i need to do to start using the internet bases on my all you can eat package?

  47. Moderator: Anne Marie

    Hi @PeterT – Sorry your having trouble using data whilst in America. This could be affected by a lot of different issues, as it is our roaming partners network we don’t have any specific information. I will however pass on your feedback regarding the service and get this flagged. What kind of speeds are you getting whilst there? >Anne Marie

  48. Moderator: Anne Marie

    Hi @Rupert – I’d like to take a look into this for you to see what’s causing it. Could you fill in our support form Thanks >Anne Marie

  49. PeterT

    Web is still painfully slow in USA does not matter whether on AT&T or T-Mobile. Have been coming regularly fr lax six months and always have poor web such a pity still not resolved

  50. Rupert

    I used to have fantastic coverage (France) but now the only networks showing are F SFR and it will not let me long on to their network. I used to have brilliant coverage. Can’t you tell me why. Everyone around me with UK phones (different networks) seems to have perfect reception. Please help I must stay in touch for work. It worked in Geneva but stopped shortly after.

  51. Moderator: Allan

    @Richard – Hi Richard, our roaming partner sin France are Free Mobile and Orange. You can find out more about roaming in France, including a coverage map here Thanks

  52. Richard

    Bought a three mifi for use mainly at a holiday home in dordogne France. The roaming even works in the eurotunnel but not at the house or even outside -which networks do you link to in these areas?

  53. Moderator: Lauren

    @Florian – sorry to hear this. Have you tried rebooting your phone? Please fill out your details here and I’ll take a look at this for you.

  54. Florian

    I am in Australia right now and have used Feel at Home over the last week with no problems driving around Western Australia. Since this afternoon, I can’t get a connection to any of the Australian networks. I had not changed any setting for my travels (so it was set as “4G (recommended)” and “Choose automatically” all the timeand worked well). Now I have also tried the 3G setting and selecting one of the networks manually. Without any success. I have also checked the APN setting.

    Any ideas what I could try next?

  55. Moderator: Richard

    No plans for Canada at the moment, @Manj but we’re always looking for ways to improve Feel at Home so will pass the suggestion on for you :) >Rich

  56. Manj

    Hi when will Canada be added please on feel at home

  57. Moderator: Claire

    @Nick – Hi, can you fill in this form and we’ll check your account? Thanks.

  58. nick

    currently unable to use my allowance for wireless in Italy – iphone 4. Help!!!

  59. Moderator: Stephie

    @Chris – Sorry to hear you’re having issues Chris. If you can fill in our support form, we’ll have a look at this for you. –

  60. chris

    Im trying to use my phone in Algeria but it wont connect to a single network forbidden or otherwise.

  61. Steff E

    @Krista – Sorry Krista, I just saw your last comment. It takes us a maximum of 5 working days to respond but we’re working through our queries far quicker than that so you will here from us very soon. Thanks

  62. Steff E

    @Krista – Hi Krista, can you make sure 4G is off if you have it and try and manually connect to Optimus at least 5 times? If you’re still unable to get service please fill in our support form and we’ll investigate this further Thanks.

  63. Krista

    Also, I already filled in your support form but it says it takes up to 5 working days and I’m only here for 3, I’ve tried contacting you on Twitter and I spent too many euros on a pay phone to you last night trying to get through the automated lists :( not having a good time three

  64. Krista

    Hi, I am in Lisbon, Portugal and my phone has had no service since I got here. I activated international roaming yesterday and data roaming is turned on on my account? Please help!! I can’t work without it and I’m going to have to buy another sim

  65. Steff E

    @Christine – I’m sorry to hear you were unable to connect to a network for some time in France. Did you have international roaming activated before you left? We can look into a possible refund of your line rental for the time you spent calling customer services if you fill in our support form You have my sincerest apologies for the inconvenience you’ve faced, I’m hopeful that this won’t happen again in the future.

  66. Christine

    Can I just say that it is ridiculous that I was in France with absolutely no signal for 4 hours before I could get to my hotel to find out that you actually have to select a “forbidden network” in order to use my phone!!! I have never had this issue before and I see from the comments here that I am not the only one with this issue. I’ve had to use my room phone in my hotel to call a UK number for half an hour which will no doubt cost the earth most of which was spent on hold in order to find this information out. If everyone is having this issue maybe you should warn your customers proactively of what they need to do! I will be writing to you to ask you to refund the amount I had to spend calling your technical support for this..

  67. Moderator: John

    @Jamie – Hi Jamie, in order to use services aborad you will need to ensure that your data roaming is activated in your Settings. And you will be able to check charges here. If you are connecting through a wifi hotspot we can’t comment on the charges incurred as this is a service provided by a third party. Thanks.

  68. Jamie

    Hi there,
    I’m panicking!!!!
    So I’m in Cape Verde.. My EU Internet/data roaming/enable 4g is OFF… I have left my cellular data on and been using the hotels free wifi. Since being here I have had “no service”

    Will having cellular data and free wifi at the same time charge me extra?

    Please say no!

  69. Moderator: Lauren

    @Rachel – you need data roaming switched to “On” to be able to use this abroad. Otherwise you won’t be able to connect to the internet. If you travel to a non-Feel at Home area then I would recommend that you turn data roaming back to “Off” to prevent any additional charges.

  70. Rachel

    I’m currently in Israel with an iPhone 5s. My phone automatically connects to Pelephone and alternates sometimes to Orange. I have data and 4g switched on, but data roaming and EU Internet switched off, but I am currently not getting any data. Do I need to switch my roaming on? And if I do switch my roaming on, can you guarantee that I wont incur any extra roaming charges?


  71. Moderator: Lauren

    @Patrick – please fill out your details here and I’ll get someone to sort this out for you.

  72. Patrick

    Hi, can I get my international roaming account enabled?

  73. Moderator: Lauren

    @Crystal – you would be charged for this. Your 300 minutes are for UK mobiles and landlines only. More information can be found here.

  74. Moderator: Lauren

    @Amber – sorry to hear this :-( Try turning your phone off and on then manually selecting Orange. Also, if you have a 4G phone, turn 4G off. Let me know how you get on.

  75. Crystal Pearce

    Hello I’m just wondering i would like to call from London to usa but i get 300 mins if i did call a usa number would it charge me or not hope to hear from u soon thanks

  76. Amber

    Hello, I’ve just arrived in France and previously my phone used to go onto Bouygues. I then read this feed to see why it was a forbidden network and then seen we were supposed to use orange now. Only thing is, my phone says orange is forbidden as well! What can I do?

  77. Moderator: Claire

    @Nate – Hi, did you activate international roaming before you left? If you fill in this form we can check your account for you. Thanks.

  78. nate

    Hi. Both my girlfriend and I are on Three and we both have the same model phone; Moto G 4G on KitKat 4.4.4.
    Her phone connects to Orange FU and mine connects to Free; which only gives me 3G.
    I’ve tried going into my settings to change network, but no joy.

    Any help would be great. Thanks
    In Paris.

  79. Moderator: Lauren

    @Matt – please try turning your phone off and on then manually selecting Orange and that should work. :-)

  80. Matt

    Been living in France for the winter for the last month. Feel at home workin excellently until 29th December. Now and since then my phone cannot find any signal at all. Previously was connecting to Bonjour. Could do with feel at home working again while I am working out here.
    Any help much appreciated

  81. Rob M

    Hi Claire, that did the trick. Thanks for all your help.

  82. Rob M

    Thanks Claire, that seems to have done the trick. Great customer service.

  83. Frank

    I visit Normandy a few times a year and everything was great when Bouygues was Three’s roaming partner. Orange’s signal is terrible around here. If I hang out the loft window I can just about use the phone to make calls. Today it took three attempts to send a text message. As for Free … not a whiff of signal. Can we please have Bouygues back?

  84. Moderator: Claire

    @Rob M – Hi, can you switch off EU internet and leave data roaming on? Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  85. Rob M

    I’ve got an iPhone 6 with data roaming and EU Internet both turned on and 4G turned off. My wife has an iPhone 4S which seems to be working fine.

  86. Moderator: Claire

    @Rob M – Hi, can you confirm which phone you are using? Have you got data roaming switched on? Thanks.

  87. Rob M

    Hi, I can use my phone to call and text in France and have received the feel at home texts from Three. However, I cannot get any data services at all. Currently connected to Orange F but previously to Bouyes with same problem. I’ve tried turning off 4G and rebooting the phone. I’m not impressed as Feel at Home was one of the reasons for staying with Three.

  88. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mark – You can connect to either Orange or FreeMobile. :-) I hope you enjoy your trip.

  89. Mark

    Can I confirm that your France partners are Orange before I rack up a big bill?

  90. Moderator: Lauren

    @Laura – if they’re getting in touch with you then it would be the same as if you weren’t abroad. In France you can use your minutes and texts to reply to them and you’d be charged your normal rates. :-)

  91. Moderator: Lauren

    @Pier – really sorry about this. Can you try rebooting your phone and see if you can connect to Orange manually?

  92. Laura


    I am spending the next couple of weeks in France with a UK number on 3. I understand I can call and text the UK free of charge, and that it is free for friends back home to receive these, but will it cost them to get in touch with me (if they are not on 3)?


  93. Pier

    Just an update:

    I checked the networks available and both Orange and Bouygues are blocked and Free is available but it does not let me call or use internet.


  94. Pier


    I work between England and France every week and since September I am a three customer. Until the 12th of December everything was fine, then on the 29th I came back to France and I found some difficulties in getting a signal with my phone. Today I have signal but I cannot call and use internet at all…the sim card registered on the Free network which has very poor signal coverage but even when it looks there is a signal i cannot call at all. What’s going on? I checked all internet settings and every is activated (i.e. roaming, etc…)…any suggestions?



  95. Moderator: Nicki

    @Allan Green – Hi, really sorry, just found out today that we changed our roaming partner in France yesterday. Our new partner is Orange. Are you able to connect to this okay? Sorry for my incorrect info earlier Allan.

  96. Alan Green

    Hi Nicki, thank you for replying. I have already filled in online form, waiting for reply. It says on my phone that Bouygtel is Forbidden network and won’t let me connect to it. Does it mean that if I am connected to Orange, my phone calls and internet etc will still be free for me? Thanks, Alan

  97. Moderator: Nicki

    @Alan – Hi, sorry you’re having issues with using your phone in France. Our support team can take a look at this for you if you get in touch with them via our online form.

    Our roaming partners in France are Free Mobile and Bouygues. You shouldn’t be able to connect to Orange in France. Regardless of which network you connect to in France you’ll still be receiving Feel at Home as it’s not network dependant.

  98. Moderator: Nicki

    @Hayley – I’m afraid this isn’t true. Feel At Home is intended for our UK customers who are visiting one of the destinations for short trips, like holidays or business trips.

    If you only use your plan in a Feel At Home destination for a complete month, and this happens three times within a year, we may have to suspend international roaming on your account, which would mean you wouldn’t be able to use your phone or device abroad anymore. We’d let you know if this were likely to happen. If you spend a full month abroad but some of that time is spent in a destination that isn’t included in Feel At Home, the restriction won’t apply.

    Can you please let me know where you were advised that you could use this for 6 months?


  99. Alan green

    Hi just to add to my long message last night, I can see the bouygtel 2g and 3g on the list but shows as forbidden network. The networks that say available are Orange and F SFR. When I try to go to bouygtel it says… Registering.. Then ….your sim card does not allow connection to this network…. Thanks Alan

  100. Alan

    Hi we have been using feel at home in France OK for past couple of weeks. Couple of days ago I stopped receiving the daily texts from three saying am in a feel at home destination etc. My phone changed to Orange and now when I try to change it back to bouygues it says this sim is not allowed on this network. Can you help please? Alan Green My other phone has also lost its signal and our mifi is not working either. Also I just received the 2 usual messages from three saying we are in a feel at home destination and I am still connected to Orange!! Help please…as I might be being charged? Thank you, Alan

  101. Hayley

    “Feel at home” was sold to me on the premise that I could use it for the full six months in Israel. This seems not to be true. What do I need to sign up to in order to get my full data/calls/texts allowance here for six months?

    Not impressed.

    best wishes.

  102. Moderator: Stephie

    @Dorcas – I’m sorry to see you’re having trouble with this. If you can fill in our support tab here – – we’ll look further in to this for you.

  103. Dorcas

    Phone was working fine. I’ve been in chicargo for 3 weeks. Phone worked for only 2 days

  104. Dorcas

    My 3 network was working fine after 2 days it went to no service. I’ve tried everything

  105. Moderator: Claire

    @Tuco – Hi, have you setup international roaming before you left? If so please try to manually connect to Free mobile or Bouygues networks. Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  106. Tuco

    Im in Paris right now and it is not picking any network. I tried rebooting and everything. Still on “emergency calls only”. Help?

  107. Noe

    @Moderator Lauren – Thanks for the message. I have switched to 3g and nothing the sim still can’t connect to any network. I have filled the form on the link that you have attached.

  108. Moderator: Lauren

    @Noe – sorry to hear this. Not ideal at all :-( Do you have 4G enabled? If so, turn this off and try rebooting your phone. If you’re still having problems then please fill out your details here and I’ll get this checked out for you.

  109. Noe

    I’m in Italy and my s5mini is not able to connect to any network! I have data roaming and international roaming in my settings turned on. It was working fine 2 months ago what happened ?

  110. Moderator: Claire

    @Dr – Hi, we have only agreed to use 3G networks abroad at this time. It may change in the future. Thanks.

  111. dr

    Will you get 4G in a 4G destination? going to sweden and all networks over there has 4G, so, dont wanna hear afterwards how destination country didnt support it ;)… And yeah, will you be able to receive calls at no extra cost from anywhere? Pay as you go, 15 gbp all you can eat data…


  112. Moderator: Chris

    Hi @Michael Wayne. I’m afraid that “watch this space” is about the extent of it at the moment. We have no immediate plans to include Spain in our Feel At Home service but we’re always working on adding new countries where it’s possible for us to do so. You’ll get all the most up to date information here, on our Facebook/Twitter and on our website at this link – as and when we have more info to share. Any negotiations to extend Feel At Home are business sensitive and as such, won’t be shared publicly. Thanks.

  113. Michael Wayne

    As lovely as all you moderators are please answer one question without the stock reply..”watch this space”.

    When will Spain be included in F@H?

    At least give a time frame so that folk can make a decision whether to stay with 3 or make alternative arrangements. I am a happy 3 customer and have been from the beginning.
    In relation to F@H I have been surprised at the total lack of comprehensible, honest ‘where we are at’ information.
    I know from past business experience that 95% of all ‘moderators’ have absolutely no clout and really can’t do a thing except to put on a luvvy face of the company. Unfortunately that’s the customer caring image we have to live with today.
    So can 3 take a giant leap in customer care and give us a good believable answer please?

  114. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mike – sorry to hear you had a poor experience. We can’t guarantee speeds abroad as we’re using other networks. If you were trying to stream videos or access VPN connections, then this will be slowed. More information on this can be found here.

  115. Mike

    Tried Feel and Home in France and Italy – but so slow that it was unusable. Even in the centre of Rome. Blaming partner networks is not good enough – if 3 can’t give fast enough speeds in a capital centre it’s game over. My colleagues paid for packages and at least their’s worked. Feel at Home is a great idea and I would like to stay with 3 but I need the internet everywhere. I live and work in the modern world.

  116. Moderator: Stephie

    @Nomad – We’re working on adding new countries soon :)

  117. Nomad

    I have 3 grown up children living in 3 different countries, UK,Spain & Australia. As a consequence we split much of our time between these countries. I am considering migrating over to 3, but are there any plans to include Spain in the free roaming? This would be perfect for me!

  118. Moderator: Lauren

    @Carwyn – we’re always looking at improving our service, watch this space!

  119. Carwyn

    Hi there Three! When will Feel at home be in the Netherlands? Anytime soon?

  120. Moderator: Claire

    @Stevie – Hi, we are looking to add more destinations soon :)

  121. Stevie

    When will Mainland Spain be added?

  122. Moderator: Claire

    @Ian – Hi, we hope to add more countries soon so watch this space :)

  123. Ian

    Is there any plan to add germany to the feel at home list soon? My contracts ending in the next month or so and I’m spending lots of time in Germany currently. Wondering whether it’s worth holding out for three or getting a german contract phone…..

  124. Colin

    So why no constructive answers? Feel at home seems generally to “feel a step backwards”. The reality doesn’t live up to the hype. Let me surf, check maps, book a restaurant, and check Facebook without having to wait an eternity. The roaming deals struck need to be improved. They’re a nicety as they stand but totally useless for beyond a text or IMessage.

    With roaming EU tariffs to be abolished in 2015 I will be looking for a new supplier. Not good enough.

  125. Moderator: Allan

    @Andy T – It does mention this on the website here If you then click on ‘Other things you should know about Feel At Home’ Thanks

  126. Andy T

    @Lauren Yes, I knew streaming &VPNs are slowed but I’m not streaming, I’m downloading data files and there is no mention of data download being slowed. I’ve used Orsnge France mobole data and don’t have this problem there.

  127. Moderator: Lauren

    @Andy T – you’ll be able to stream abroad but this will be slowed. More information can be found here.

  128. Andy T

    In France at the moment roaming on F Bouygues and downloads are dreadful. A 12Mb podcast takes aboout 30 secs in UK, Now at 1% after 10 minutes and this is my 3rd attempt. I have a H+ signal and web pages load quickly. Do the French choke downloads?

  129. Colin

    Web pages are very slow. Just trying to load took seven minutes. As for google maps, forget it.

    It seems ok for iMessage and the app Whatsapp but everything else is painfully slow.

    I appreciate you cannot guarantee speeds but a realistic bandwidth negotiated with T-Mobile or AT&T should be expected. Data download of 0.23mb/s and a very negligible upload rate are not making me “feel at home”!

  130. Moderator: Claire

    @Colin – Hi, we can’t guarantee speeds abroad when using the Feel at Home service as it depends on the network you are using at that time. How do you find the service loading just webpages? Thanks.

  131. Colin

    The speeds in the US are painfully slow. I mentioned this on the Three Facebook page about six weeks ago and all I got was “sorry”. I’m in NYC at the moment and even to load a basic map is taking forever. It’s fine for short messages but real data such as maps and web searches are seriously frustrating. I’m off to Boston on Friday where my previous experience was the worst I’ve had with data on a device.

    I’ve got everything switched on as it should be, unlimited data on my iphone and 15gb of data on my iPad but I’m hardly touching it. I’m being forced into finding free wifi as I’m wasting hours trying to do basic stuff which is proudly being promoted by Three. Very, very disappointing.

  132. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mario – really sorry to read this. Are you able to browse on your phone when you’re not using your maps? If you fill out your details here I can check this out for you.

  133. Moderator: Lauren

    @Johnny – it should work if you’ve converted your top up to an add on. Please fill out your details here and I’ll check this out for you.

  134. Mario

    I got a sim card from three to use Feel at home in Perth (Australia). I hired a car and did not get any sat nav cause i could use my mobile with google maps…unfortunately internet worked for 2 days, and today no more internet is available on my mobile, i called the customer service and went through some instructions but nothing seems to work and I now find myself stack with a car a no maps…thanks Three for ruining my holidays, with this quality of service now i really feel at home. People, i really don’t recommend Feel at home service and most importantly do not rely on Three! please note that the mobile was only used for google maps from which i only used 35mb…thats all i used it for so no file downloading or other bandwidth consuming activities.

  135. Johnny

    Hi there

    I bought a prepaid 1GB sim for my ipad at the three store in Oxford Street, London and the assistant told me that I would work in the USA. I can’t seem to be able to make it work, however. Could you confirm whether I ought to be able to get access to the AT&T network? Thanks.

  136. Moderator: Richard

    I’m afraid you wouldn’t be able to do it via My3 once you’re already abroad, @Chazza. Did you fill in the form here: or was it through our actual website? We try to prioritise roaming issues however I can’t seem to see your email in the social media inbox =/ When you filled it in were you given a confirmation email and a tracking code? >Rich

  137. chazza

    I didn’t know I had to do anything before i left. I never had this with any other network i’ve been with. I have tried to log into mythree account and had to request a new password. The website has told me that will be text to me which is useless as i cant receive any communications on my phone. I have already filled out the form you pointed me to and the message saying you’ll get back to me in 5 days is disheartening. i’ll be back in the uk by then.
    I have manually selected t-mobile but still ‘no service’
    Is there anything else I can do?

  138. Moderator: Richard

    That’s not ideal, @Chazza. Did you enable roaming on your account before you left? If you’re unsure, can you fill in our form here and I’ll take a look for you? In the meantime, can you try disabling 4G and automatic network selection then try manually selecting either AT&T network or T-Mobile USA? Let me know if this helps! >Rich

  139. chazza

    i’m in New York and just getting a ‘no service’ sign all the time. wish i was still with orange paying obscene amounts of money for some thing that actually works.

  140. Moderator: Claire

    @Mike – Hi, thanks for the feedback. Did you connect to the 3G Bouygues or Free mobile networks when you were there? Did you make calls, send text or use data? Thanks.

  141. Mike

    Au Revoir to roaming charges? Having travelled in France this summer I’d say that you may as well say “Au Revoir” to your mobile phone. The service throughout Northern France was patchy at best to simply non-existent. Even in Paris there were large areas where you got no signal. My wife on the other hand who is with a network named after a popular citrus fruit was rarely without a signal. It’s great to be able to get phone usage out of your contract allowance but when most of the time you can’t get a signal what’s the point?

  142. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jules – sorry to read this. Are you using pay as you go or contract? If you’re on pay as you go, has your credit been converted to an add-on? Also, you could try connected manually to DNA via your network settings.

  143. Jules

    Very disappointed. Got a new SIM for my iPad activated yesterday and all worked fine. Now in Finland and get No Service. Tried to call support but not open yet owing to time difference. Can’t set up a My3 account as can’t receive text password on iPad. All literature plus sales team assured me this would work and roaming is all included and switched on. Now I am here, having dumped Vodafone which did work although more expensive, I cannot connect. So much for “as soon as you touch down in one of our Feel At Home countries your phone will pick up a local network”.

  144. Moderator: Lauren

    @Kirsty – even if you didn’t receive a text message, you should still be able to connect. Are you on pay as you go or contract? If you’re on pay as you go, do you have an add on? If you’re still having issues, please fill out your details here and I’ll check this out for you.

  145. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jennie – even if you didn’t get the text message you’ll be able to use Feel at Home. Do you have signal? Are you able to make/receive calls?

  146. Moderator: Lauren

    @Martin – our roaming costs can be found here. Enjoy your trip :-)

  147. Moderator: Lauren

    @Peter – that’s odd, if you could make calls then roaming is activated. Do you have the option for data roaming switched on in your phone settings?

  148. Kirsty

    I’m in Ireland, have roaming enabled on my phone and account but never received a text on arrival and have been unable to connect to a network since arriving – am I missing something (aside from texts and calls?!)

  149. Jennie

    Hi I’m in France and I didn’t get a text to say I’m in a feel at home destination, roaming is activated on both my phone and account and 4G is off. Can someone please help?

  150. Martin

    Hi guys,

    Off to Tenerife on Tuesday – unfortunately (and unbelievably) Spain isn’t covered under the free roaming perk. What are my options for making calls from Tenerife back to the UK? Thanks in advance.

  151. peter lee

    Was in Selva in italy in september and checked with 3 before i left uk that everything was set up for feel at home.
    Alas although i automaticaly connected to 3italy i could not get data roaming. Ok for calls and texts.

  152. Moderator: Allan

    @Barrie – Hi, our roaming agreement for France is 3G only. Thanks

  153. Barrie

    I am in Paris at the moment and people on other networks are picking up 4G is it possible to pick up 4G abroad or only in the uk on 3? I have 4G turned on in settings.

  154. Moderator: Lauren

    @Matthew – if you have roaming activated then you’ll be able to use Feel at Home :-) Happy travels!

  155. Matthew Timms

    Hi have just arrived in the states but I haven’t received a text saying I’m in a feel at home destination, will it still be OK to turn on data roaming or will I get charged? Thanks in advance.

  156. Moderator: Chris

    @Bob – Hmm… Can you fill in the support form over here – so that I can take a look at your account and make sure everything is set up properly? If 4G is active, you’ll need to switch this off in order to use Feel at Home.

  157. Bob

    Hi, data roaming is not working in Florance Italy. Both phone and account are enabled. Connecting to 3 ITA, please help?

  158. Moderator: Lauren

    @Ralph – Yep, you can use your phone in France and it’ll come out your allowances. However you’d be best to turn off data roaming when you arrive in Spain so prevent any charges. Enjoy your travels!

  159. Ralph Izzard

    Hi, I’m currently in France and using Feelathome. Just to double-check, am I right in saying that by leaving both Cellular and Data Roaming activated on my iPhone, I will not be charged?

    The rest of the week I shall be in Spain, where sadly it appears Feelathome does not operate. Is that still the case?

    Kind regards


  160. Moderator: Chris

    @Samuel – Hmm… That’s odd. I’ll need to take a look at your account and make sure everything is switched on okay. Can you fill out the form over here? –

  161. Samuel

    @Bernadette I have allowed data roaming now, but still no joy! When I do a scan of the available networks it shows me Orange F, F-Bouygues Telecom, F SFR and Free. When I select it tries to connect then says “Cannot connect to this network at this time, try again later” Any ideas? Roaming, should be ok on my account, I was recently out in USA and it was fine there. I am in a small town in the South of Paris.

  162. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Samuel – Have you made sure roaming is active on both the handset and the account? When you say it is not actually connecting do you get any error messages? Are the networks greyed out so you cant select them? >Bernie

  163. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Brian – The Netherlands are currently not covered with our feel at home service. Not too sure if this will be one of the destinations added in future. We would have to wait and see Brian. >Bernie

  164. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Dom – We are always working on adding new locations to our feel at home service. Sadly I cant confirm what countries will be added next or what dates this will happen. Hopefully by the time you can choose the new contract we will have more information. >Bernie

  165. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Georgina – I can confirm that Costa Rica is not included in our feel a home service. I have attached the price guide for using the phone in Costa Rica: >Bernie

  166. Samuel

    Hi there – I’ve just moved to France and am having trouble connecting to any networks here. It’s giving me a few options, but not actually connecting.

    I read below that you are partnered with FREE and F-Bougues Telecom. Still neither of them are connecting for me. What would you suggest?

  167. Brian

    Hi could you tell me if the Netherlands are part of the feel at home plan or if it will be added thank you

  168. Dom

    I am 3 years with Three and I am planning to do a new contract very soon. However the countries that I am interested about (Belgium, Greece) are not included in the Feel At Home scheme.
    EE on the other hand offers all EU countries.
    Are new countries going to be added anytime soon? I would not like to leave Three but every time I travel it’s a hassle having to figure out additional costs etc. Thanks!

  169. Georgina

    Can you help spoke to two 3G reps one saying Mexico Costa Rica is available feel at home
    And another Rep is saying no it’s not ???

  170. Moderator: Chris

    @Sam – I can’t seem to open that link, Sam but I can confirm that Feel at Home in America would only include the actual ‘States’ themselves. This includes Alaska and Hawaii, but none of the unincorporated United States territories.

  171. Sam

    That’s a shame and doesn’t explain the google cache in the search results Allan, has this changed?

    Thanks for the clarification anyway.

  172. Moderator: Allan

    @Sam – I can confirm that this is not a Feel At Home country Sam. Sorry, prices available here

  173. Sam

    Is Puerto Rico a feel at home destination, google search has the following segment cached, but on the site it doesn’t appear to be. US AT&T customers have also hinted that they have an AT&T network and it’s included on their AT&T plan – has this changed?

    “Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico. – Three…/Mobile_Roaming?content...
    Puerto Rico is a Feel At Home destination. This means you can use your device there at no extra cost. Calls and texts back to the UK and using data will come …”

  174. Moderator: Claire

    @Lily – Hi, the Feel at Home service is for short visits abroad with a maximum of 3 months in a year and as you come back to the UK you can use the service as normal. We have to limit the time to 3 months and it’s possible our systems can detect this which would block roaming. There is more info here on this. Thanks.

  175. Moderator: Claire

    @Kevin – Hi, you won’t be able to tether in France as this isn’t an agreement we have. There is more information on this here. Thanks.

  176. lily

    I have been with three for a few years and ten months ago I moved to Italy. I visit the uk every 3 months. I have carried on using my phone normally the whole time in italy with feel at home. I have read a few different things about how much you are actually allowed to do this. At first it seemed that you are not supposed to do this for more than three months now the site is saying if you do it for over a month more than three times a year it could effect your ability to use data roaming. I have had no warnings the whole time and continue to use feel at home. Is anyone actually having their roaming blocked? My current contract ends in a month and I am unsure about renewing my uk contract. I do not know how much longer I am going to stay in italy so im hesitant about getting a contract here. Does feel at home apply to 3 in italy also? so if i visit the uk I would have no roaming charges? thank you!

  177. Kevin

    Howdy. Sorry if this question has been covered, there is a lot of Q&A’s. I’m on a 12 month SIM only One Plan (with AYCE tethering). If I visit France, would I be able to tether AYCE there too? Cheers,

  178. Moderator: Claire

    @Steve – Hi, were you connecting to Free mobile or Bouygues networks? They are our roaming partners in France. Thanks

  179. Steve

    Hello, I have recently been to France and faced similar issues to others on this site. Before feel at home I got a great (although paid for) signal throughout France. On this trip I anticipated free calls with joy as I was collecting a van and communications would be very useful. What I found was that in major towns and cities I got the ‘free’ signal however anywhere else I was unable to get anything, imagine my chargin when my mother with a payg vodaphone old style Nokia 3100 happily had a signal for the entire way and me with a 5s and apparently free calls had pretty much nothing. I would prefer to pay for my calls abroard than have no signal whatsoever. Is there a facility for this? Or should I just get a vodaphone SIM card like my mother for when traveling abroard?

  180. Moderator: JohnPaul

    Ok, well keep us informed of how you get on K. Thanks.

  181. K

    Here’s an example of what I’m seeing in Geneva:

  182. K

    I don’t think I’m explaining properly. I can see that there is a signal, with your roaming partners, I’m just not allowed to join the network! I’m going days without service even though my area is most definitely covered. Anyway I’m going to raise through a more formal channel, thanks.

  183. Moderator: Lauren

    @K – it sounds like it’s to do with the signal with our roaming partners then if you were connected at some points. Really sorry you had a poor experience K :-(

  184. K

    Hi Claire,

    Yes, roaming is activated. I spent 5 days in the south of France. It works at Nice Airport and certain parts of Sophia Antipolis but not really anywhere else. I was spending most of the time in Vence, hardly the middle of nowhere, but there was no signal anywhere in town. I had to buy Skype credit and use hotel wifi to make phone calls which defeats the entire purpose of paying for a phone contract.

    I’m now in Geneva and just like last week, I can’t connect connect to any of the networks here. Right now in the office I can only see Swisscom, which is listed as your roaming partner, but it is showing as forbidden on my phone and I can’t connect to it.

  185. Moderator: Claire

    @Hugh – Hi, if you call a non UK number you will be charged. Feel at Home is to call back to the UK from a foreign network with more info here. Thanks.

  186. Hugh

    Just wondering I see no mention of calls or texts placed to a non UK number. e.g
    If I am in Ireland and phoning or texting someone with an Irish number does it still come under “feel at home ” or will I be charged international rates ?

  187. Moderator: Claire

    @K – Hi, have you activated international roaming before you left? If you have can you try connecting to the 3G version of Bouygues network? Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  188. Moderator: Nicki

    @Suzi – She will be able to use her allowance at no extra charge. Calls, texts & date will come out of her UK allowance. International roaming needs to be active on the account to make sure that the handset will work abroad. Can you complete this link so that we can access your account and make sure that this is active.

  189. Moderator: Nicki

    @dank Bali is part of Feel at Home so your phone will work the same way as it does in the UK. Calls, texts and data will come out of your monthly allowance. We just need to make sure that international roaming is active on your account. If you fill out this form I can check that for you :)

  190. K

    This service with Three isn’t really working out for me. I’ve been in France for two days, it’s worked for about 20 minutes total – the rest of the time I get no service at all even if I manually select the Free network. It just doesn’t work.

    It wouldn’t matter if I was Whatsapping pictures of my lunch but my luggage has been delayed, and silly me I assumed it’d be okay to give them my Three number as my contact. In one of the brief windows my service worked I discovered they’ve been trying to get in touch to arrange delivery and now it’s too late – I can either spend the evening driving to and from the airport or wait another day, not how I want to spend free time.

  191. Moderator: Nicki

    @David – Hi, there would be no cost to the receiver in the UK to answer your call.

  192. dank

    hey im off to bali this week in indonesia, will this definately work out there and will it connect automatically, i have the iphone 6, Cheers :)

  193. Suzi

    I rang Swansea branch before my teenage daughter went to France to ask if we needed to do anything before she travels. I was advised the package is exactly the same and that she would automatically be able to use her iPhone there. She cannot get 3G? Please advise

  194. David

    When I call the uk from a feel at home counrty does it cost the receiver in the uk to answer the calls ?

  195. Moderator: Nicki

    @Joseph – Hi, if you only use your plan in a Feel At Home destination for a complete month, and this happens three times within a year, we may have to suspend international roaming on your account, which would mean you wouldn’t be able to use your phone or device abroad anymore. We’d let you know if this were likely to happen. If you spend a full month abroad but some of that time is spent in a destination that isn’t included in Feel At Home, the restriction won’t apply.

  196. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gareth – Sorry about this and thanks for pointing this out. I’ll let our online guys know.

  197. Joseph

    I see that your website states that if you have a sim only account your roaming is set up straight away.
    it also state that if you use the fell at home longer than one month you may block the phone from using abroad. I travel to Italy 5 – 6 times a year staying for 3 days to six weeks in the summer. I would love to transfer over to three but am concerned that during the summer my family is over there for six weeks.

    other times its only a couple of days or a week, but the six weeks concerns me. please explain thanks

  198. Gareth

    Further to my original comment about my phone not working whilst in Spain, I have since spoken to a Three customer service agent who advised me that I should have contacted Three prior to going abroad or activated my international settings from my account. I explained that your website says this will happen automatically for pay monthly customers. Three apologised for the information being incorrect. However, a couple of days later and the information on the Three website still states “International roaming will be activated automatically on your Pay Monthly account if you have a phone account.” This is on Please update your website Three so that you don’t mislead other customers who are then unable use their phones abroad.

  199. Moderator: Claire

    @Kez – Hi, yes this will work in Tenerife :) We recommend you activate international roaming before you go. Thanks.

  200. Moderator: Claire

    @Melanie – Hi, yes Sicily is part of feel at home :) Enjoy!

  201. kez

    Does it work in tenerife ?????????

  202. Gareth

    All well and good if your roaming service actually worked. Your website states (and I quote) “International roaming will be activated automatically on your Pay Monthly account if you have a phone account” but judging from my and other users’ experiences on here this isn’t the case. Thanks for letting us down Three.

  203. Melanie

    Is Sicily part of “feel at home” please?

  204. Moderator: Claire

    @Emmanuel Moyegun – Hi, have you activated international roaming on the account? If so can you manually connect to 3Italy or Wind? Thanks.

  205. Emmanuel Moyegun

    Can i still do the feel at thing as am in Italy already.

  206. Emmanuel Moyegun

    Please help me to connect my three network to feel at home.
    am in Italy already.

  207. Moderator: Claire

    @Enrique – Hi, we are looking to add more destinations in the near future :)

  208. Enrique

    When it will be for Spain? We live a lot Spanish in United Kingdom who would like to decrease our bills when call at or from home. As well Spain is one of the favorites tourist places for English people?

  209. Moderator: Claire

    @Pierre Georgin – Hi, can you fill in this form and we’ll check the account? Thanks.

  210. Moderator: Claire

    @Len Cole – Hi, we are looking to add more destinations in the future :)

  211. Pierre Georgin

    Feel at home sounds great. Except I don’t seem to be able to use my phone abroad. I am already in a foreign country and need to be able to use my phone, but on my three account, it say that I can’t make calls or send texts, and then it’s telling me to contact the following numbers: 333 or 0333 300 3333.
    But these numbers don’t seem to work. Perhaps because I am already abroad… What do I do now?

  212. Moderator: Claire

    @Andrew – Hi, can you fill in this form and we can check the account? Thanks.

  213. Moderator: Claire

    @jisu han – Hi, we use Free Mobile and Bouygues networks in France. Are you able to connect to them? Thanks.

  214. Moderator: Claire

    @Darren – Hi, we are looking to add more destinations soon :)

  215. Len Cole

    Currently have Pay as you go with Vodafone. Very tempted with LG G3 with you on monthly contract. Only problem is I spend about 4 months a year in Spain. Any chance soon that Feel at Home will include Spain?

  216. Andrew

    Hi, feel at home sounds good! But, I’ve come abroad to italy and am in fact feeling locked out. I have no mobile service, I assume because it is not activated on my3. I cannot login to my3 as a password is send by TEXT which is frankly, stupid in this situation.
    I would like to add that when I was with Vodafone I did have service abroad out of the box, even if it cost. By locking it for three customers like this I can see I will be without a phone at all for my whole trip. Very frustrating! Please can you help?

  217. Jisu han

    Hi. My name is jisu. And i’m pay as you go customer.
    Now i’m in france, so i want to use feel at home servise.
    But i can’t find Three mobile.
    (My phone only find free and Bouygues.)
    how can i do that?

  218. Darren

    I’m very surprised that Spain isn’t on the list of feel at home, must be one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits. Maybe that is the reason..too popular?
    Any likelihood that Spain will be added?

  219. Moderator: Claire

    @Jules – Hi, we don’t have any reported issues with data. Are you connecting to the 3G version of Orange? If so can you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile, postcode and times trying to connect to data for us to check this further. We won’t publish these details. Thanks.

  220. Jules

    Recently arrived in Israel, late at night. Whilst calls using feel at home with the Orange Israel network worked straight away, data did not. My iPhone reported “could not activate cellular data connection”

    This left me stuck as I had planned to us my phone’s GPS, which relies on an active data connection, to get to the hotel. Ended up wasting an hour at the airport finding a map and working out the route the old fashioned way.

    The following day the data connection started working but it really wasn’t the best introduction to the feel at home service. Please investigate why data didn’t work on arrival and fix the issue if possible.

  221. Moderator: Claire

    @Anthony – Hi, can you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile of the ipad and postcode. We won’t publish these details and can check the account for international roaming settings. Thanks.

  222. Anthony

    Hi, am currently in France and using my iPhone 5s no problems using the feel at home service, however my iPad Air is failing to pick up any service? My son has my old iPad on a monthly rolling contract with you and that is getting a signal no problems but my new one is not working? Have tried turning on and off and various other things but no joy so far. When picking a carrier manually however it does list 3 different networks but for some reason can’t connect? Any ideas?

  223. Moderator: Pamela

    @Maitha Really sorry to hear that Maitha :-( You mentioned your mum is using Swisscom with a PAYG phone – is this with Three? Thanks, Pamela

  224. Moderator: Pamela

    @Russell Sorry to hear that. It won’t be your SIM, it could have been the area you were in or we may not have an agreement with that network anymore. Again, sorry about that. Thanks, Pamela

  225. Moderator: Pamela

    @Steve Glad you’re happy with Feel at Home :-) No news of any new destinations being added at the moment but, we’re looking at this all the time. As soon as we know anymore, we’ll let everyone know :-) >Pamela

  226. David

    Hi, Feel at Home is great and one of the reasons I joined Three. It would be great if you could work on adding Canada and South Africa to the list of supported countries.

  227. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Samuel – Hi Samuel, yes it’s free. There might be a cost for her to receive if she’s with a different network.

  228. Maitha

    Hi, please help me with my issue.. I’m a PAYG customer who is now on holiday in Switzerland. I went first to Paris and my data was working perfectly well but as I travelled yesterday by train to Zermatt, here in Swiss, my phone had no issues whatsoever and it was able to get connected to Sunrise network all way long but as soon as I arrived to Zermatt it got connected to Swisscom and since then every time I try to use my browser to. Heck if I can surf the web it says “could not activate mobile data network” not to forget to mention that my mom too is with me at the same place and uses her data on PAYG while connected to Swisscom with no any trouble.. Note that even when I try to choose the network manually to set it to Sunrise or Orange it goes on No Service. Please help me fixing my issue :( I’ll be going back to France after 4 days and I just don’t want to stay not connected with my friends.
    Thanks a lot

  229. Russell

    Hi, I have just come back from Belgium and I can confirm that I could not use Proximus network, do you think it could be my sim card?


  230. Steve


    Loving Fel-At-Home but is there any news on Feel-At-Home coming to Germany , India or even the Isle of Man?

    Thanks in advance.


  231. Samuel Aston

    Hi, if my Girlfriend is in France with a UK number, is it still free for me to text her on three? (I have unlimited texts)

  232. Moderator: Claire

    @Sarah – Hi, yes you can use your phone to call and text back to the UK from your allowance. We just recommend activating international roaming before you go. :)

  233. Moderator: Claire

    @Paul – Hi, you can check costs from the UK to Spain here. You can also check charges when in Spain here. Thanks.

  234. Sarah

    I work in Nord Pas de Calais 3 days a week and need to use my phone to call and text the UK. Can I use my inclusive texts/calls at no extra cost?

  235. Paul

    Could you tell me how much it costs for calls and texts from the UK to Spain. Also how much does it cost to receive calls and texts from Spain whilst i am in the UK.

  236. Moderator: Claire

    @Shando – Hi, we send you texts confirming charges for the country but you can get a list here.

  237. Moderator: Claire

    @Alisha – Hi, we are looking to add more destinations in the near future :)

  238. alisha

    will turkey be added tp the feel at home plan??????????

  239. shando

    hi there
    when you are in a feel at home country do you get a txt saying you are ???

  240. Moderator: Claire

    @Russell – Hi, we do use BASE and Proximus networks. Thanks.

  241. Russell

    Hi, Can you tell me what roaming agreements you have in Belgium? It says on your website we can use Proximus but last time I was in Belgium I could only use BASE network?


  242. Moderator: Claire

    @Daniel – Hi, we are working on this but no news at present. Thanks.

  243. Daniel

    Why is Spain not on the list? Surely one of the most popular destinations for Brits abroad.

  244. Andy H

    We’ve just returned from France after our annual holiday. Thanks to Three’s “Feel at Home’ we kept in touch with friends and family throughout at no extra cost.

    Just wanted to say thanks for taking the lead on this initiative :-)

  245. Moderator: Claire

    @Linda Ainsworth – Hi, as France is in our Feel at Home option you won’t be charged for connecting to a different network. Our roaming partners are Free Mobile and Bouygues but they may have an agreement with another network to provide coverage. Thanks.

  246. Laurene

    Hello, you still haven’t replied to my comment. I don’t have any network and it is really really annoying. The same thing is happening to my boyfriend do we are both unreachable.

  247. Linda Ainsworth

    What happened to my question about SFR? it’s disappeared!

  248. Linda Ainsworth

    Can use the SFR network in France

  249. Linda Ainsworth

    When I am in France, I can only connect to sfr and orange, but is sfr one of your partners or will I get charged for using this network as I notice in other comments on here that you only use Bouyges orange and f free,,, Regards Linda

  250. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Michelle – Sadly we cant guarantee a spending cap will take effect when you are outside the UK as you are using another network so your billing is not in real time as we rely on the network you are on to send of over details of the usage. Saying that you will more than likely be ok as its a very rare occurrence that the spending cap does not take effect. I wouldn’t worry though as you can use up to 25GB of data when you are abroad if you have the all you can eat package. Hope this has put your mind at ease and lets you enjoy the rest of your trip :) and remember to take loads of pictures to share with everybody. >Bernie

  251. Michelle

    i have a spending cap on my all-you-eat-data contract at home in the UK.
    does that automatically apply abroad (in particular to the Internet usage) as well? as I am currently in Indonesia, I am afraid I might return to a ridiculous bill, as the internet doesn’t show any signs of ever disconnecting!! thank you!!

  252. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Tom – We don’t have any plans for this just yet but we are aware it is a very popular destination :) fingers crossed this will one day be added. >Bernie

  253. Tom

    Is Spain going to be added to the list of Feel at Home destinations? I’m going there in September and would really like to be able to text my friends who are there with me! :)

  254. Moderator: Pamela

    @gaelán Sorry your comment wasn’t removed – we publish them as we reply to them. Thanks, Pamela

  255. Moderator: Pamela

    @Xavier As long as you can use your phone I wouldn’t worry Xavier, we won’t charge you. Thanks, Pamela

  256. Moderator: Pamela

    @gaelán Sorry to hear that Gaelán. Can you do a manual network selection and try to find either Bouygues or Wind please. Thanks, Pamela

  257. gaelán

    Hello, why was my comment removed? You could have at least replied privately as I am a paying customer. my pay as you go sim does not work 40 minutes from picks up zero network eventhough Bouygues is present when I search. My irish sim works perfectly however. You need to allow us to roam on orange, it is strongest in rural areas.most people are not holidaying in big cities! the south of France is rural!

  258. Xavier

    Hi, I am currently in France since yesterday and haven’t received yet any confirmation text saying I can use my phone in the feel at home way. Is it normal, where can I check this ? Thank you.

  259. gaelán

    Hello, I have a prepay sim, I am staying in castelnau de montmiral near gaillac. The sim barely works and every minute it looses connectivity completely, plus data connection is awful. The thing is, when I put in an irish prepay sim I have, it works perfectly and this is what I am using to contact you. I am disgusted by ur service and demand to know why the stupid thing DOES NOT WORK

  260. Moderator: Claire

    @Adrian – Hi, calling from the UK to France is fine but in France you can’t access the Orange network roaming. We will update the website shortly with this. Thanks.

  261. Adrian

    Hi – your website still shows a roaming agreement with Orange in France – will it be renewed or is that it?

  262. Richardj

    @Claire oh well at least that explains why I can’t connect. Thanks for clarifying.

  263. Moderator: Claire

    @Richardj – Hi, I’ve checked and Orange won’t work now as we don’t have a roaming agreement in place. The networks you can connect to is Bouygues and Free mobile. Sorry there is no signal where you are.

  264. Richardj

    @Claire Bouygues is 3 bar in local town but no signal where I’m staying

  265. Moderator: Claire

    @Richardj – Hi, how is the signal strength on Bouygues?

  266. Richardj

    @Claire So, when I’m in the local town I have a choice of Orange F, F SFR and F Bouygues under available networks. Selecting anything except Bouygues results in ‘No Service’. Selecting Bouygues and it all works fine. Odd.

  267. Moderator: Claire

    @Richardj – Hi, can you manually connect to another network under Settings? There should be a list of available networks. Thanks.

  268. Richardj

    @Claire My phone displays the network as ‘Orange F’ – there’s no mention of 3G. In the local town, I can connect to Bouygues network, but there’s no coverage for Bouygues where I’m staying, just Orange F and F SFR

  269. Moderator: Claire

    @Richardj – Hi, are you connecting to the 3G version of Orange network? Are the other networks available for you to use? Thanks.

  270. Richardj

    Hi. Am in France at the moment. Can connect to Bouyges but phone won’t connect to Orange F even though I have good signal strength on wife’s phone. Any ideas please? Iphone5s

  271. Moderator: Claire

    @Sam – Hi, as long as you connect to our French roaming partners – Bouygues, Free Mobile or Orange then you will use your own UK allowance. In regards to your allowance, it is the same in our Feel at Home countries :)

  272. Sam

    I am going to France where it is very close to the Spanish border. I was checking what I would do so I dont get charged if I did go to Spain. Also im on a plan that allows unlimited data 5000 text and 2500 minutes do I get the same allowance abroad?

  273. Moderator: Claire

    @Tempe – Hi, France is part of our Feel at Home service so she will be able to use her normal UK allowance to call back to the UK. If she goes over the allowance then she will be charged the rates shown on that text. Thanks.

  274. Tempe

    Hi three,
    My Mum arrived in France yesterday with her three contract and has received a text from three saying that she can only receive texts/calls for free and otherwise has to pay for everything, albeit at a reduced price. Should she ignore this? She was expecting to be able to use her data/minutes/texts as usual, signal permitting.

  275. Jan

    Germany and Spain are for me the two missing countries – otherwise great service. keep it up

  276. Steve Ralph

    Please Three, add Spain soon!!!!

  277. Liam

    I have Claire, Thanks.

  278. Moderator: Claire

    @Liam – Hi, yes that’s right. You will be able to connect to the 3G network versions there. Have you setup your international roaming? There is more info here.

  279. Liam

    Hi Claire,

    I’m going to France, I see from previous comments that the roaming partners are: Bouygues, Orange and Free Mobile. So My phone will automatically connect to 1 of those 3 and no other French network?

  280. Moderator: Claire

    @Liam – Hi, you will only be able to connect to certain networks at present. We are updating our list which will show soon on the website. Is there a particular destination and I can check the roaming partners for you? Thanks.

  281. Liam


    When travelling to Feel At Home countries, do I need to connect to certain networks in each location? If I do, where would I find a list of them? Also, is my phone restricted to just connect to the networks in which Three have a partnership with? or will it also connect to non partnered networks?


  282. Moderator: Claire

    @Chris – Hi, no plans yet but we are hoping soon :)

  283. Chris

    Hi do you know if they will adding Spain to the feel at home destinations. Thanks

  284. Moderator: Claire

    @Stu – Hi, if you buy an add-on before going to a Feel at Home country this will work. If you are going to a non Feel at Home country then you need normal credit for the service to work. Thanks.

  285. Moderator: Claire

    @Bob – Hi, when you are using your phone abroad we do have a credit limit set on the account. Would you like us to set this higher? We can check this for you if you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode. We won’t publish these details. Thanks.

  286. Stu

    I’ve just bought an all-in-one 15 sim on PAYG which I’m about to register. Do I have to do anything fancy to enable this in France and is it included?
    There seem to be mixed messages about buying add-ons and converting PAYG.

  287. Bob

    Hey! Currently in India and I just recieved a text saying that I was near my credit limit and it came with a phone number to call to make a payment. Is this bad? Have I spent in the thousands? I am confused. Appreciate the help

  288. Moderator: Claire

    @Kenji – Hi, did you activate international roaming before you left? The networks we use are Bouygues, Free Mobile and Orange. Are you able to manually connect to any of them? Thanks.

  289. Kenji

    In France at the moment and neither of our phones are registering on network. This has not been a problem before with either these phones or our accounts. Can someone help as we talk need them working!

  290. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sarah – Hi, our roaming partners are Bouygues, Orange and Free Mobile.

  291. sarah

    I’m going to be going to France in a couple of weeks, but am going to be in a very rural area. I need to find out which French providers 3 has roaming arrangements with, in order to find out if I can get a signal for my 3 data sim. I can’t find that information anywhere on the 3 website. Does anyone know?

  292. Moderator: Nicki

    @Brian – Hi, if he was looking to use his phone for calls/texts he’d be charged for international roaming. A spending cap should stop this but as it’s outside the UK it can’t always be enforced. If he’s using WiFi there won’t be any data charges from us. You can also change your data roaming settings so you’re unable to connect to data roaming outside the UK – there’s info on this available here.

  293. Brian

    My grandson is going to Spain on holiday – he has all you can eat data, minutes and texts but will not have ‘Feel at home’ in Spain.
    I have blocked use outside his allowances as he’s only 11 years old. What will be the situation in Spain regarding calls, data, & texts. He will have Wi-Fi available where he is staying so I guess iMessage will be free.

  294. Moderator: Claire

    @Jasmine – Hi, this will work in France as long as you have activated international roaming here. France is part of our Feel at Home offer, more info here.

  295. Jasmine

    Hi..sorry I don’t think my post went through …my son is going to France and I have bought him an add on for £5 for unlimited data use on top of his SIM 200 pay monthly account. Is he fine to call text and use data at anytime or anywhere in France? There is no danger of him picking up another network who is not one of your partners and incurring costs? Thsnks

  296. John smith

    Thanks for the reply, I do mean in France. The network in this rural area is poor and I can only get a reasonable signal in one part of the house, bit inconvenient! Was hoping three would allow me to use one phone as a hotspot for the other phone but seems not, even if I remain within the limits of data allowed.

    Thanks again.


  297. Moderator: Nicki

    @John smith – Hi, do you mean when you’re roaming in a Feel at Home destination? You wouldn’t be able to tether when you’re in France I’m afraid.

    If you’re in the UK you can tether if you’re on the One Plan, have a tethering addon, or are on one of our new contract phone plans that were released in March.

  298. John smith

    Hi, working great in France but is it possible to tether to another three phone? My house has signal black spots and I’d like to leave one in an area I can get a signal and tether the others? Any thoughts. PS they are all three phones so wouldn’t be using any additional data.
    Thank you

  299. Moderator: Pamela

    @Craig I’ve had a look at our website and can’t see anything that would suggest Bali isn’t included

    Can you let me know where you saw this? Thanks, Pamela

  300. Craig

    Hi I’m going to Bali in September and whilst feel at home is available in Indonesia the 3 roaming pages suggest it’s not in Bali. Just wondering why this is?

  301. Moderator: Pamela

    @Neil Brenner We’re always looking to add new destinations so, fingers crossed and watch this space :-D Thanks, Pamela

  302. Moderator: Pamela

    @Alan No plans to change the Europass that we’re aware of. If this changes, we’ll let everyone know. Thanks, Pamela

  303. Neil Brenner

    Just a reminder about Feel at Home… Please, please, please work hard to get both Poland and Portugal on the “Feel at Home” tarrif. Feel at Home is a superb reason to stay with Three. More, more more of the same, please.

  304. Alan

    Hi, Now that mobile and data rates have been reduced in the EU have you any plans to reduce the cost of your Europass. £5 per day is a bit steep now


  305. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Leo – Hi Leo, you should be on the Swisscom network.

  306. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @David – If you called her David, as long as it’s a British mobile number – it’ll apply to the rates you would pay at the moment (as if you were in the UK).

    However, if she calls you then her service provider may charge her depending on what their policies are. Hope that makes sense :)

  307. Leo

    Hi, Can you tell me who the roaming partner is in Switzerland so I can check on the map where I am going.



  308. David

    Let’s say I’m in France I’m with Three but wife is with rubbish T Mobile with me and I called her would there be a cost ?

  309. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Matt – Hi Matt, yes Sicily is part of the roaming for Italy :) Enjoy your holiday, looks beautiful there.

  310. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Andrew – Are you having problems with signal Andrew? When did this happen? If you send over a full postcode, we’ll have a look at the coverage in that area. Thanks.

  311. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Jilliane – Hi Jilliane, what country are you visiting? You would need international roaming switched on your account, to get any roaming to work abroad. Depending on where you are, could result in extra costs. If it’s a Feel at Home country then it will be at the UK rates you currently pay. If not, you will be charged depending on the countries rates.

  312. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Sue – Hi Sue, we’ve not got any plans at the moment to add Malta, but we’re always working to get more countries added to Feel at Home. Watch this space :D

  313. Matt

    Travelling to Sicily next month and just wanted to check that, as far as “Feel At Home” goes, it’s included as part of Italy – thanks!

  314. Andrew

    I’d better go on holiday then because your 3g service is useless at home

  315. Jilliane

    To access free usage do i need to activate data roaming or that will charge me roaming fees?

  316. Sue

    I spend a lot of time in Malta and really hope they will soon be added. Any chance?

  317. Stephen

    Great to see the “feel at home” network expand. Going to France soon. I’ve been enjoying free roaming in the Republic of Ireland for some time. It’s great. Just get 4G to Belfast and life with 3 Mobile will be even better :-)

  318. Moderator: Nicki

    @nigel – Our parent company has a network in most countries. This has allowed us to arrange special rates and privileges for our UK customers when they travel. In the destinations where our parent company doesn’t have a network we have been working with local networks to reduce our costs, making make sure you’ll always Feel At Home there too :-)

  319. nigel

    Would it be possible, please, to give the rationale behind which countries are selected for Feel At Home? It seems somewhat arbitrary that France and Italy are selected but Spain is not. Thanks.

  320. Moderator: Nicki

    @Stuart – Hi there, there will be no charges as you’re calling a UK number – even if that UK number is roaming in another country :-)

  321. Stuart

    Do any charges apply when the mobile you are ringing is a uk mobile but they are also abroad in e.g a) feel at home qualifying country; b) a non feel at home country?

  322. Moderator: Nicki

    @David – No plans for the Europass changing, but I’ll pass your suggestion on.

  323. Moderator: Nicki

    @Liam – Standard roaming charges will apply in Mexico.

  324. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dan – Hi there, if you’re connected to somebody’s WiFi you’re no longer connected to our network, or roaming networks if outside the UK, so there’d be no charge for this.

  325. Moderator: Nicki

    @Mark – Hi there, no plans for Greece or Spain as yet but we’re always looking for ways to add to our Feel at Home offering.

  326. Moderator: Nicki

    @Julie – Hi there, yep you’ll be able to use your PAYG data in our Feel at Home countries (France, Italy and Switzerland). While in Germany you’ll be charged standard roaming charges, as it’s not part of our Feel at Home offering.

  327. Moderator: Nicki

    @harry – No plans for Greece as yet but we’re always looking at ways to increase our Feel at Home offering :-)

  328. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gary – Hi there, you’ll be able to use your allowances as normal in France, however if you have All You Can Eat data this will be limited at 25GB.

  329. Moderator: Nicki

    @Rob – Sorry, bit late in the day I know, but yes Feel at Home came in to effect just after midnight UK time :-)

  330. Moderator: Nicki

    @Anna – This will come off off your allowance as normal without any extra cost as you’re dialling a UK number :-)

  331. Moderator: Nicki

    @Catherine – Hi there, yes you’ll be able to text each other at no additional cost. You’d be texting a UK number, so it doesn’t matter where that UK number is located :-)

  332. Moderator: Nicki

    @Sian – Hi there, from today you’ll be able to use your allowances in France as normal :-) The only exception is you’re unable to tether in a Feel at Home country.

  333. Moderator: Nicki

    @Graeme – Hi there, I’m afraid Feel at Home doesn’t cover Spain so standard roaming charges would apply. When in Spain our roaming partners would be Telefonica Movistar or Xfera.

  334. Moderator: Nicki

    @Lawrence – Afraid not, standard roaming charges would apply in South Africa.

  335. Moderator: Nicki

    @Gemini Bradshaw – Hi, do you know if you requested international roaming before you left? If you’re not too sure can you send us your phone no, postcode & DOB and I’ll check to see if it can be added to your account. We won’t publish your personal info.

  336. Moderator: Nicki

    @Arsalan – Hi, sorry it wasn’t working for you. If you’re looking to use your phone outside the UK you’d need to contact us in advance to see if you’re eligible to have your international roaming turned on.

  337. Moderator: Nicki

    @anitA – No news on Poland as yet but we’re always looking for ways of adding to our Feel at Home offering.

  338. Moderator: Nicki

    @Tokhi – Hi, it would be any of our roaming partners that we have an agreement with to use their services. You can find them here by searching by country.

  339. David

    Its great to see more countries added to the Feel at Home category. With the data roaming charges falling over 70% (80% wholesale) over the past couple of years isn’t it time Three reduced the price of the Euro Internet Pass? The pass has remained at £5 per day over the last two roaming data price reductions.
    Compared with between £2 and £3 per day even Vodafone is starting to look interesting again.

  340. Liam

    I’m currently going to Mexico and wanted to know if I can usey phone there under these same terms @richard

  341. Dan

    Hi there, I am going to visit my parents in Bulgaria in August, can I use my parents wifi without being charged extra for data usage?
    Cheers Dan

  342. mark

    shame there’s no mention if Spain-Greece 2 0f the most frequant holiday destinations for uk travellers so if I use my phone in Rhodes im gonna walloped with roaming charges??

  343. Julie

    Hi…I have an ipad which I top up with three payg. Does the free data useage apply to this too? I am travelling through Germany! France! Italy and Switzerland in the next two weeks and don’t want my credit to be sucked up on day one

  344. harry

    I would like Greece to your no cost destinations as well cause I’m traveling quite often to Athens are you planning to do something about this?

  345. Gary

    i’m going to be working in France from September for three months. I uae my 3 phone mostly for data … I’m on an unlimited data package so does that mean I will not incur any additional roaming charges now?

  346. Rob


    I’m France at the moment. Will this come into play as of midnight (UK time) tonight and is there any confirmation via text or anything etc?

    Thank you,


  347. Anna

    What if I have Feel at home, and I call a UK number, who’s also abroad?

  348. Catherine

    Hello. I and my daughter live in the UK and are currently in California together. Can we two, both with Three and meeting all criteria for using Feel At Home in the US, text each other for free while we’re both in California on holiday together?


  349. Sian

    So I can simply use my tariff in France? What do I have to do to get ‘feel at home’ if anything? Can I still tether free of charge? Thanks!

  350. Graeme

    Going to lanzarote on holiday is the free roaming available there and who is the carrier?

  351. Lawrence

    Im going on a holiday to South Africa is it covered by this please

  352. Gemini Bradshaw

    Feel at home is not working here in Baltimore. Am logged on my friends internet

  353. Arsalan

    totally wrong.. i landed in Italy and the data was not working with 3 UK Sim. had to purchase a local Italian Sim for mobile maps…. then had to change Sim to 3 again for calls.. money and leisure time wasted. disastrous experience.

  354. anitA

    What about Poland??

  355. Tokhi

    I want to know is it feel at home on any network abroad in the feel at home countries or any specific network should be selected

  356. Moderator: Lauren

    @Martin – you’re unable to use personal hotspot on your phone, this should be blocked. Additional spending from calling international numbers can take up to 3 months to show on your account, but usually appear within a few hours. If you’re near the border, please make sure you’re using 3HK or you may be charged.

  357. Martin

    Hi , currently in Hk at the moment and feel at home seems to be working fine . I have a few questions ..

    1, is personal hotspot allowed on a pay montly iPhone 5 in HK ? And what happens if you use it

    2, how long does it take for three app to show any extra spending , additional charges with regards to your account .

    3 , got a text saying From 3: It’s max of £2.00/min to call, £1.25/min to receive a call, 35p to send SMS & £6.00/MB to use web & email. This is due to the fact I was near the boarder with china however the network then switched back to 3 HK.. Will I ignore this ?

  358. Moderator: Claire

    @John – Hi, the data allowance comes out of the allowance that you receive from topping up and this is the same for voice/text. On our pay as you go SIMs you can’t tether, that is only for contract. You can check what networks you can use abroad here

  359. John

    I am looking to use 3 for the first time. Please can you tell me if I topped up a 321 SIM and earned the qualifying data allowance then travelled to the valid destinations:

    1. Does the data usage come out of the allowance? or is it charged separately from your credit?

    2. Does the same hold true for voice/text?

    3. Can I tether?

    4. Anything else I need to know?


  360. Moderator: Ahmed

    Hey @Carwyn, Nice! Not jealous at all :P Yep our PAYG SIM’s are ready to go for use abroad so no issues there :) If you’ve got a top up in the data SIM then you may need to convert it to an Add-On through your My3 before it can be used abroad. Any questions give me a shout :)

  361. Moderator: Ahmed

    Hi @Martin, Feel at Home would apply in the same way as here so if you have your data setting active then you would need to do the same there in order to pick up a network. Once you’re in France and you have International Roaming active then you’ll be able to pick up Feel at Home to enjoy :)

  362. Carwyn

    Hi there Three!

    I am going on holiday to Italy in Sept. Whoop! I have a PAYG preloaded 1 GB data sim, will I be able to pop it into my iPad and use right away as I would in the UK? Also I take it has already been activated for roaming?

  363. Martin

    This is great news, as I travel to France frequently.

    I have an iPhone 5s and to avoid expensive data roaming charges I have that turned off in Settings.

    Do I have to change that, or does ‘feel at home’ mean I can just use data anyway?

  364. Moderator: Nicki

    @Dan – Not at the moment I’m afraid but we’re always looking to add to Feel at Home.

  365. Dan

    Do you have any plans to add spain to the list? I know Spain is very popular so this would make a lot of customers very happy!

  366. Konstantinos

    Rich you rock!

    Thanks again,

  367. Moderator: Richard

    That’s you all sorted, @Konstantinos. I’ve increased the credit limit for you now. Let us know if there’s anything else I can help with :) >Rich

  368. Konstantinos

    Thank you Rich!

    Here you go:
    (details removed by mod)

    Again, many thanks!

  369. Moderator: Richard

    I’m really sorry that number’s not working for you, @Konstantinos. We have a section on our website listing some alternative ways to pay if any of these options suit you? Alternatively, if you send over your full name, number, postcode registered to your account and DOB then we may be able to raise the credit limit on your account? (Any details you post on here will be removed before the comment goes public :) ) >Rich

  370. Moderator: Richard

    No problem, @GaryD. Totally understandable, always best to do your homework before making a big switch :) In terms of having a contract with All You Can Eat data and 4G at no extra cost then I’d say we were perfect for you. However, as you’ll be in France for these extended periods of time throughout the year then I wouldn’t say Feel at Home is a service that really suits this type of usage unfortunately. :( >Rich

  371. Moderator: Richard

    That is correct indeed, @Alain. It’s just as if you were back home; Calls to UK numbers will be part of your allowances and not charged where as calls/texts to international numbers will still be charged at these rates. Let us know if you’ve any more questions! :) >Rich

  372. Konstantinos

    Dear Three,
    I have a tiny issue I need your help with. I’m abroad on holidays and I just received a text message for 3 saying I’ve reached my credit limit. In the message there’s also a phone number to call from outside the UK for making a payment. However, whenever I call the number it’s always ‘dead’. As a result I can’t make a payment, can’t use my phone. Can you please please please help?
    Many thanks!

  373. GaryD

    OK Rich.

    So, last question to make sure that I understand his correctly, in my situation where:

    (a) I am a UK resident but am in France for 2-5 months per year, and

    (b) I want a UK mobile phone with unlimited Internet and 4g in the UK, but that also provides roaming in France for 2-5 months mainly to receive calls and texts from the UK,

    I can’t subscribe to any plan from 3 because after the third complete month of roaming in France (and presumably after a third warning) I would probably lose roaming because France is a Feel At Home destination, even though I stayed well below the data and calling limits.

    I apologise for being a bit pedantic, but I have been with my current provider for over 20 years, and I don’t want to cancel my current legacy contract with them until I am sure that the one I am moving to won’t present any problems.

    Thanks again.

  374. Moderator: Richard

    No problem at all, @GaryD. Here to help :) I’m afraid this isn’t something we’d be able to do, the only thing that would help avoid this restriction would be travelling to a non Feel at Home destination which resets the service :) You wouldn’t immediately be cut off after 1 full month in a Feel at Home destination but if that happens 3 times within a year then it may affect your roaming services in the future. All the info and limitations on Feel at Home can be found here. Let us know if you’ve any more questions! >Rich

  375. Alain

    If my wife and I travel to France together (after July 1) and I call her, is this all included in our respective Feel at Home allowances? No charge for this, right?

    But if I call a local French number (e.g., restaurant reservations) that is charged as an international phone call from UK to France? What are the international rates to France after July 1?

    Thank you.

  376. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Mark, just got the official word on this. As the Dialacode service is specifically designed for use in the UK only and requires an agreement with each network, we couldn’t guarantee that it would work on any other network including those part of Feel at Home. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. On the plus side, you’ll still have all your data, texts and call allowances for UK numbers with Feel at Home though :p >Rich

  377. GaryD

    Thanks Richard.

    Sorry for so many questions, but I am eager to switch to 3’s One Plan for use in the UK, but don’t want the length of time I spend in France to cause me roaming problems.

    If I have the One Plan, and I receive a warning that I have exceeded my 1 month time limit in France, is there any way of temporarily switching off Feel At Home while in France?

    Would disabling roaming for a day just before the end of the first full month in France via the my3 account web page and then re-enabling roaming reset the Feel At Home timer?


  378. Mark

    Hi @Rich

    I will be in the States next month so looking forward to trying it.

    Worse case scenario I will use my Vonage extensions app, but I don’t like using that so much on 3G.

  379. Moderator: Richard

    Admittedly it’s the first time I’ve came across it, @Mark :) I’ve sent out a few emails regarding this, I’ll try and get a more definitive answer for you. Are you going to be in a Feel at Home Destination soon to try this out? >Rich

  380. Mark

    Thanks @Rich but what I was trying to get at is the app adds a code to an international number presumably to route the call through the dialacode system (even though I am charged by Three for the call) and would this code be accepted on a foreign operator’s system.

    From your reply it sounds like nobody has tried this yet (or at least haven’t reported back) so it sounds like a wait and see!

  381. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Mark – As our Feel at Home service allows you to use your UK allowances just as you would at home I don’t foresee this being a problem :) >Rich

  382. Moderator: Richard

    Unfortunately there’s no way other way of getting around this, @GaryD. Feel at Home is a service for trips and jaunts abroad rather than living abroad for any extended period of time. During any extended trips abroad to a Feel at Home destination you’d be given plenty of warning before any changes were made to your account such as roaming being deactivated. Hope that’s cleared everything up for you, let us know if you’ve any more questions! :) >Rich

  383. Mark


    I sometimes use the dialacode app for international calls. Will this app work in a FAH country?

    The reason I am asking is it looks to me that if I am using my phone in the States it will call me £1.40/min to call a “local” number (if I am reading the web site correctly) whereas if I can use the dialacode app the same call would cost 3p/min.

  384. GaryD

    I would like to move over to 3 from another operator, and this feel-at-home offer together with the one plan looks perfect for me.

    I live in the UK for most of the time, but do spend extended periods in my house in France – maybe a couple of spells on 2 months at a time.

    I think the length of time I spend in France may cause a problem which would be a deal breaker unfortunately, and would like clarification on:

    In the addition terms, there is one section that says “Because Feel At Home is designed for UK residents on holiday or business trips abroad, if you use up all your allowance abroad in any two months within a 12 month period, it may affect your roaming services and prevent you from using international roaming in the future.”

    This would not be an issue for me as I have broadband at home and would use that for the majority on data and call use.

    There is a second section that is a problem: In the other things you should know about Feel At Home, is says “If you only use your plan in a Feel At Home destination for a complete month, and this happens three times within a year, we may have to suspend international roaming on your account, which would mean you wouldn’t be able to use your phone or device abroad anymore.”

    As I am going to be in France for at least 4 complete months a year, does this mean that I would lose roaming completely after the third or fourth month?

    If so, is there anything short of leaving France every month that I can do to prevent this happening?


  385. Moderator: Chris

    @Colin Very strange… I’ll report back to the team and hopefully this is something that we can improve on in the future. Thanks for the feedback.

  386. Colin

    Oh I see, sorry. Sometimes it does improve by changing Carriers, but on other occasions I’ll be unable to get a reasonable connection on either network. Sometimes websites will load very slowly, other times they’ll just time out entirely. Like I say, on some occasions it works great, I get very inconsistent experiences. In Hong Kong where Three HK is the only carrier, and in Australia where Vodafone AU are the only carriers I’ve found I’ve it challenging to access data. One thing I have noticed is Uploading doesn’t seem to be as affected as downloading, e.g. I’ll be accessing Facebook and attempt to upload a photo, this will happen quickly however my Facebook News Feed will not refresh.

  387. Moderator: Chris

    @Colin – Sorry for the vague reply! I meant if you change between AT&T and T-Mobile do you have the same issue?

  388. Colin

    If I do what sorry?

  389. Moderator: Chris

    @Colin – Sorry to hear you’re having trouble Colin. It could be an issue with the local network, have you checked if you have the same issue if you do this? Cheers.

  390. Colin

    So sometimes data on Feel at Home is great, other times it can be totally unusable with nothing coming through at all (I use mostly in the USA though sometimes also in Hong Kong, sometimes I find if I switch between AT&T and T-Mobile US this can help). I did notice that it seems all traffic is routed through the UK and my pings are ridiculously high. I honestly don’t expect speeds as fast as in the UK but sometimes I can’t even get a simple map to load in Google Maps to find directions, it can be incredibly frustrating. Is there any way that traffic can be routed locally rather than through the UK to speed things up a little?

  391. Moderator: Chris

    @Sian – It’s something we might see at some point in the future Sian, fingers crossed :)

  392. Moderator: Chris

    @Nigel Blunt – Hey Nigel, I couldn’t say when/if Germany will be added at the moment I’m afraid. We’re always looking to improve the Feel at Home services though, so hopefully it’ll show up some time in the near future :)

  393. Moderator: Chris

    @Simon Walters – Hey Simon, we’re always looking for ways to improve our international services but for the moment the best we can do in Turkey would be the normal international roaming rates which you can find here – Hopefully you’ll find that Turkey is included in future.

  394. Moderator: Chris

    @Alain – You definitely could do that Alain :) You would need to purchase either the £10 or £15 add-on to use the service. There’s some more info on that over here – Enjoy your trip when the time comes!

  395. Sian

    Why not Spain????

  396. Nigel Bunt

    Hi when is Germany being added please? I’m about to leave to ee because they have full inclusive mins and texts from all of Europe but all I want is Germany

  397. simon walters

    We need Turkey , this would have gave you 4 additional contracts to the one I’ve got . The euro.pass is not available in Turkey so what and how is the best to use the phone in turkey , no add ons cover it we need home

  398. Alain

    Richard, this is great news. I’ll be visiting London (from US) at the end of June and will be traveling to France after. I want to check to see if this plan will work. If I get a Three PAYG sim and top-up with £15, then when I go to France in early July I will be able to use the Feel At Home free roaming? Do I need to purchase the £15 add-on? Thank you.

  399. Moderator: Richard

    You sure can, @Bob :) >Rich

  400. Bob

    Hi This is brilliant… If I have a 3 data SIM for use with a mifi can I use that too….?

  401. Moderator: Richard

    Good to hear, @Mark! No plans for this at the mo but I’ll certainly pass this feedback on for you. :) >Rich

  402. Moderator: Richard

    Sounds like an error on our part so I wouldn’t worry, @Brian. The USA is definitely still part of Feel at Home :) However, once you get your next bill through, feel free to drop us a comment on here if there’s anything at all that you’re unsure about and I can take a look for you. >Rich

  403. Moderator: Richard

    No probs, @Phil. All PAYG SIM’s come with roaming activated from the start so you won’t need to do anything, all set to go :) >Rich

  404. Moderator: Richard

    Sorry to hear that, @Rhys :( Unfortunately Spain isn’t part of Feel at Home at the moment however you could check out our Euro Internet Pass to get the most out of your phone on holiday :) >Rich

  405. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Mary, as long as roaming is activated on your account then you’re good to go :) You can check this on your My3 account or if you send over your full name, number, postcode registered to the account and your DOB then I can sort it out for you. (Not to worry about your details either, I’ll remove them before posting any comments publicly ;) ) >Rich

  406. Moderator: Richard

    Glad to hear it, @Mike. Just one of many great reasons to join the party over here at Three :p Pay as you go SIM’s are ready to rock straight away and we’ve got plenty of add on’s to help you get the most out of Feel at Home :) >Rich

  407. Moderator: Richard

    We’re always looking to add more destinations and make Feel at Home even better, @qwerty :) Afraid we’ve no news on these places at the moment though. >Rich

  408. Moderator: Richard

    No news on this at the mo I’m afraid, @Nova. >Rich

  409. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Antwan, the roaming agreements with our Feel at Home destinations allow our customers to use their data abroad on the local 3G network. There may be scope for 4G in the future however it’s not something we offer at the moment. As far as technology goes for 3G roaming, it’s not really something we could comment on unfortunately as it would completely depend on the local network and the area. >Rich

  410. Jedskie

    This is just great news hence my loyalty to Three UK. Philippines soon please. I am off there for three weeks in August and would love to keep using my Three sim

  411. Mark

    Excellent. My weekend trips to France will soon be about £10 cheaper ;)

    Can the FAH team look at adding UAE and Japan to the service in the coming months? Once they’re in place practically all my foreign trips will be covered.

  412. Brian Maloney

    ive just came back from the ums.a and i got a text on day 6 saying im being charge 1.40£ a min to call and 20p a text. is this just a message i should ignore? old system?

  413. Phil

    thanks Rich, but both my sims are PAYG, will they work? Do I need them to be active for 30 days before I leave. After years of sim swapping I’m looking forward to actually not having to worry about it, I know I need to buy a allowance, just worried about the data sim. Cheers

  414. Rhys

    So is there a package i can add onto my contract for when i am in Spain next week? I went to a store to ask and i was told and i quote ‘its ridiculously expensive, just dont use your phone’ so not only can i not use my phone in the UK, i cant use it in spain either, even if i dont feel at home.

  415. Mary Pratt

    I have an IPad with a 3 sim what do I need to do for roaming in France please? Mary

  416. Mike

    This looks great and has tipped me over the edge for a move to Three. However, I need to travel before 30 days has elapsed. Please confirm this is activated straight away on a PAYG SIM.

  417. Harry

    Seriously,this is just so much better. No other company can compete!!

  418. qwerty

    Do you plan to extend it with Poland and Germany soon?

  419. Nova

    Any news when Tunisia will be included!!

  420. Moderator: Richard

    Our roaming partners in Israel are Orange and Pelephone, @Jamie :) >Rich

  421. Moderator: Richard

    Afraid not at the moment, @Andrew. Always looking to add more awesome places though, will pass this on for you :) >Rich

  422. Andrew

    Do you have a date when fah will be available in Spain?

  423. Jamie

    What network will my phone use when it is in Israel? I’m going there soon but I know that the phone I have is only compatible with one of their networks.

  424. Antwan

    Hi again,

    Is there any 4G roaming agreement among the feel-at-home countries ? If not, is there anything planned, and what is the technology used for 3G roaming (eg DC-HSDPA).

    These questions stand for France specifically.

  425. Moderator: Richard

    Sorry you weren’t able to get an answer in our stores, @Phil. As long as you’ve got roaming activated on your account then you’ll be able to use it in any of our Feel at Home destinations. :) You’ll also need to have had the contract for over 30 days. You can activate roaming via My3 or I can sort it for you on here. Just DM your full name, number, postcode of the account and your DOB. (These details won’t be posted publicly) >Rich

  426. Moderator: Richard

    As long as roaming is activated on your account then you’re good to go, @Chris. :) You should get a text upon arrival telling you that you’re in a Feel at Home destination. If it’s not already set up, you can activate roaming on your account via My3 or if you’d like me to check for you, send over your full name, number, postcode registered to the account and your DOB. (I’ll remove these details before posting the comment on the blog) >Rich

  427. Moderator: Richard

    I’m afraid we’ve no news on this, @Jim. Always looking to add more destinations to Feel at Home though so I’ll pass on your feedback :) >Rich

  428. Moderator: Richard

    Perfect! :) Glad to hear you’re happy, @Scott. No excuses not to treat yourself to more time off at the house in France then :P >Rich

  429. Moderator: Richard

    Great news indeed, Anna :) I’m afraid we’ve no updates on that front at the moment though. >Rich

  430. Moderator: Richard

    Not at the moment I’m afraid, @Sajid. Plenty of other great destinations to Feel at Home at though! :) >Rich

  431. Moderator: Richard

    Perfect timing then, @Pascal. What weekend are you going? The new Feel at Home destinations are going live from July 1st :) >Rich

  432. Phil

    I use 1Gb 30 day internet SIM’s that I got from Currys. Will I be able to use these in a FAH country? Im getting different replies from staff in a 3 shop who dont seem to know either way!

    Otherwise should I get a 3Gb 3 month sim and activate it before 30 days before I leave (if that makes sense!)

  433. Chris

    Wow I’m off to the Republic of Ireland in two weeks, do I need to change the setting on my phone, or can I just use it as normal? Great to see France coming in will be able to post ski pics!



  434. jim

    When are others euro countries ie spain .greece.turkey getting this service

  435. Scott

    Fantastic! We have a house in France and are always wary of using our 3 phones there and never use the net. This is terrific news!

  436. Anna

    Great news – looking forward to more being added. On another issue – any chance of getting visual voicemail any time soon?

  437. sajid malik

    No Spain…. How is it feel at home????

  438. Pascal

    You beauties! Was about to call about France. Off there for the weekend :) I’m a very happy customer x

  439. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Antwan, our roaming partners in France are Bouygues and Free :) You can find all info on our roaming partners including Feel at Home destinations here. >Rich

  440. Antwan

    Which network (s?) are you roaming on in France ?

  441. Guillaume

    Great news for us French people living in London :) That plus the fact you’ll be supporting the LG G3 make me want to jump ship from EE to 3.

  442. Moderator: Richard

    We don’t want no trouble, @Stephen! :P I’ll pass this feedback on for you. We’re always looking to add more destinations to make Feel at Home even better. >Rich

  443. Moderator: Richard

    We love you too, @Josh. :p We’re always looking to add more destinations to Feel at Home so I’ll pass this feedback on for you. >Rich

  444. Moderator: Richard

    Preach it, @Karl! We always aim to please :) >Rich

  445. Moderator: Richard

    Glad you’re happy, @Jamie. Gives you an excuse to book more holidays now :) >Rich

  446. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Tom, you can find all our roaming partners for these destinations here. :) >Rich

  447. Moderator: Richard

    It sure is, @Bill :) Pay as You Go plans are included for all our Feel at Home destinations. You can use your credit as normal over there or you can purchase one of our great add on’s. >Rich

  448. Moderator: Richard

    We aim to please, @Dave :) We’re always looking to add more destinations and improve Feel at Home. If it’s not added by the time you leave for your holiday, you could always check out our Euro Internet Passes :) >Rich

  449. Moderator: Richard

    I’m sorry you had trouble with Feel at Home, @Stuart. Unfortunately sometimes you can get multiple texts when travelling near the borders of Feel at Home destinations. The easiest way to check would be to look at which network you’re roaming on whenever you’re near the borders of an area. You can find out our roaming partners for specific destinations here. >Rich

  450. Stephen

    Oh Yippeee….. oh hang on “sacrebleu” What No Spain or Germany!

    But that’s, I guess its progress! Please have Spain “Tenerife” by December as thats when my holiday is :o) “or there will be “Trouble” ;o)

  451. Josh

    Love you guys for doing this, if you included Japan you would have pretty much all of my holiday destinations covered!

    Keep up the great work!

  452. Karl

    Well done 3….once again standing out from the rest and giving a great competitive service to your customers…

  453. Jamie Shaw

    Fantastic – this is one of the major reasons I swapped to three (the only shame is that it didn’t come earlier…

  454. Tom M Gould

    who are the preferred roaming partners in these countries?

  455. Bill

    Hi i have a 3 data pay as you go sim can i avail of this deal,and if so how do i go about it.

  456. Dave

    Great news, I hope Germany is on the list soon (not that I have a holiday there later this year or anything…)

  457. Stuart Andrew

    I found it difficult to know whether or not “feel at home” was in effect when travelling between Seattle and Vancouver. Sometimes I got multiple text messages telling me the rates other times not. In Victoria the Roger cell phone provider seemed to indicate I was at home saying dial 333 for info. Is there any simple way to check?

  458. trevor

    Why no Malta? I mean how many people goto Israel!

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