All our phones come unlocked.

Bad news for phone unlocking shops up and down the country….

We all know the pain of being stuck with a phone that’s locked to a particular network. Do you stick with the network, which may or may not be right for you at that time? Or do you go through the sometimes painful process of getting your phone unlocked, not to mention stumping up around £15 for the privilege.

Or, you’re lucky enough to be given a decent hand-me-down phone, but there’s a problem, you have to take out a contract with whoever the phone is locked to. Or again, attempt to get it unlocked.

Which? understand this common bug bear and have launched a campaign to get all networks to sell their phones unlocked.

The thing is, we’ve already started doing it. We’re one step ahead of them, which is definitely a good place to be :-)

Every phone you buy from us now comes unlocked. Our Director of Customer Strategy, Danny Dixon said:

“We want our customers to have the best mobile experience. Unlocked phones give consumers a choice as to how to use what is on their handset. We’d rather focus on making the services we offer attractive and useful rather than limiting what our customers can do with their phones.

“We’re confident in our network and want to provide the best experience to those that purchase their device from us. We feel that this gives flexibility and choice in the hands of the customer, helps the environment, and it has been very well received by consumers across the board.”

We’re pretty confident you’ll have no reason to want to leave us when your contract’s up, but we don’t want to force your hand. Choice is good.

And if you have a current Three phone, you can get it unlocked, for free, here.

So, we’re sorry phone unlocking shops…

178 Responses to All our phones come unlocked.
  1. Moderator: Claire

    @Dave – Hi, do you still have your UK prepay SIM? If so can you fill in this form and you will get an unlock code. Thanks.

  2. Dave

    I am not a UK resident, live Australia. I bought a 3 SIM card to use in my phone when visiting, then broke my Aussie phone while in UK. Went into a 3 shop, bought a Samsung gt-s6810p and was told it is unlocked. I now know this is not the case, I need to use this phone with other SIM cards in Singapore, Aus and other places.
    I see that I can just bring it into the store and you will unlock it for me, I am not in UK, how can I unlock it?

  3. Moderator: JohnPaul

    @Ahmed – I’m sorry Ahmed but it’s not clear to me how I can help you? Can you try explaining again what your issue and I’ll see what I can do to help? Thanks

  4. Ahmed Mmdouh

    i don`t know about postcode + Your existing phone or Mobile Broadband number. can help me please

  5. Steff E

    @Ahmed Mmdouh – Hi Ahmed, if your phone is unlocked and is from the Three network all you need to do is fill in our unlock request form which you can find here We’ll text you your unlock code within 7 days of receiving your request.

  6. Ahmed Mmdouh

    i wanna unlock my i phone to im frome egypt

  7. Ahmed

    i want unlock my i phone5

  8. Steff E

    @Diane Green – Hi Diane, I’m really sorry to hear this issue has not been resolved for you. Please can you fill in our support form? We’ll take a look at your account and escalate your issue if necessary

  9. Diane Green

    I have now been waiting for over 3 weeks for a call back from one of your customer service people to try and resolve my problem. My iPhone is still locked to 3 :( how difficult can it be to get my IMEI number on apples list off unlocked iphones ???? Very unhappy

  10. Moderator: Lauren

    That’s not good to hear at all @Manu, sorry about that. If you could input your details in our support form I can access your account and look into it for you.

  11. Manu

    Having the same issues as a lot of people posted here. Have been trying to unlock my iPhone for almost 3 weeks now but it doesn’t work. Despite being told by Three that the phone is unlocked and just needs connecting to iTunes. I have restored the iPhone like 4 times, I have filled out the unlocking form also 4 times… I have spent hours and hours talking to customer service who are being extremely unhelpful.

    Beyond believe that I am stuck in another country with a phone I can’t use… Not to forget that is a phone I have paid for in its totality. Thank you Three you big scammers. Can’t wait to cancel my contract with you.

  12. Moderator: Lauren

    @Patricia – Sorry to hear you’ve been having problems getting your phone unlocked. Please fill in your details here and I’ll get someone to look at this for you.

  13. Patricia Morrison

    Hi guys, I bought my SIM free iPhone 6 from Carphone Warehouse and like one of the guys above it has locked to Three’s network as it was the first SIM I put in it. I completed the unlock form and I’m not sure if it went through. I also sent a scan of the receipt from Carphone Warehouse to proofs@threemailcom. Can you check the request was received please and do you know how long it usually takes for it to be done? I live in Northern Ireland but work over the border in the Irish republic. The cost of roaming is too high so I use a different SIM card down there (which is most of the time in fairness). Thanks a million for your help in advance. Patricia

  14. Moderator: Claire

    @Eddie – Hi, can you fill in this form and we’ll check this further for you? Thanks.

  15. Eddie

    I have filled the form in, I have talk to your call center, I have talked to a manager. All you have done is mess me about. I have talked on the phone for two hour, I then went to the shop and was told my best bet was to go next door and pay £35 to open my phone. A phone your company sold as being open.

  16. Moderator: Claire

    @Eddie – Hi, did you fill in our unlocking form? Have you been told why it isn’t being unlocked? Thanks.

  17. Eddie

    No they dont ! I bought a phone last year (20,04.2014) samsung s4 and it is locked. And now you are making me jump through hoops to get it unlocked

  18. Moderator: Madeline

    @Gavin Sorry to hear you’re having issues trying to unlock your phone. Did you try calling our team on 333 to get more information as to why your phone couldn’t be unlocked? We can look into this for you if your fill in the support form which can be found here

  19. Gavin

    Hey, I bought a second hand iPhone thats locked to the 3 Network, I checked out the IMEI and everything before purchasing to make sure it was clean etc, no probelms there and also pretty sure it was purchased at Carphone because it has Carphone Flex Policy.

    Now before buying the phone I asked on your twitter would it be possible to get it unlocked, as I’m in Ireland and want to use it on 3 here. I was told It doesn’t matter where it was purchased once once I got a 3 UK sim and filled out the form.

    So I got a sim, registered it on your site and filled out the unlocking form. Next day got a message on the phone with instructions to unlock, unfortunately it didn’t unlock. I filled the form out again and the next day I got a text saying that you need more details and to ring.

    After a bit of googling I stumbled across this page and loads of other pages saying 3 have to unlock the phone for free.

    I contacted you through this link I was told to fill out the unlock form again which I did numerous times, I was even told there to contact apple and ask them to unlock, but the carrier are the only people who can unlock the phone.

    Can you please help me out here? It’s annoying cause I was told that all I had to do was get a 3 UK sim to get the phone unlocked and to be honest I never would’ve bought the phone if I knew it was going to be this much trouble.

  20. Moderator: Chris

    @José Valenzuela González You’re absolutely right, if you fill in the form over here – you can ask for your phone to be unlocked to use on all networks for free :)

  21. José Valenzuela González

    Dear Sirs:
    A few weeks ago I bought a Samsung S3 i9300 on eBay.
    When I received it I saw that it is locked and can only be used with your company “THREE”.
    I have a SIM from Vodafone in Spain, but I can not use it with this SMART Phone.
    I saw on your website that you unlock THREE allow devices to use with other companies.
    What should I do to use my Samsung S3 i9300 with any company?
    Greetings and thanks.

  22. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Diane – Sorry to hear you’re having issues getting your iPhone unlocked. Where was the phone originally purchased from? I’d like to take a closer look into this for you. Can you fill in our support form? >Rich

  23. Diane Green

    I got a sim free iPhone 5s as a gift at Christmas .I used my three sim in it until my contract ended, now the phone is locked to three. After numerous calls to three and apple I still have a locked phone . I have asked for a unlock code from free and was told “you didn’t get the iPhone from us so its not our problem” can someone please advise me what I need to do to get the three lock off restore thru itunes don’t work eather ???? Thankx in advance

  24. Moderator: Lauren

    @Yarah – you’ll need to contact T-Mobile directly and ask them to unlock the phone. :-)

  25. Yarah

    I want to put a 3 mobile sim card into my iphone 5, which is locked only for t-mobile, could you please help me? (i have finished my contract with t-mobile)

  26. Moderator: Lauren

    @Nasir – sorry to hear this. Please fill out your details here and I’ll take a closer look at this for you.

  27. Nasir

    hi how you doing? i was place a request for unlock my iPhone after i get a message for Procedure for unlocking i fallow all procedure but still my iPhone is locked i call on 3 Network and they say they unable to unlock my iPhone :( any body can help me ?

  28. Moderator: Claire

    @Ray – Hi, can you confirm your full postcode and we’ll check the area? We won’t publish this online. It could be the signal is very weak but different phones are picking up different strengths of signal on 3G and 4G. Thanks.

  29. Moderator: Claire

    @Giri – Hi, can you ask your friend to fill in this unlock code form? If the phone is under your friends name they can unlock this quicker. Thanks.

  30. Giri

    I got a note 3 from my friend who was using it with Three network. I got a three sim and note 3 works fine. When i registered for using it with other sim cards, I have been informed that I am not been around long enough with three network to get an unlock code.

    Based on the news above, i should be able to get the unlock code for free.

    Can you look into this please.

    Thanks in advance.

  31. Ray

    Hi @Richard, yes it’s just the Three sim. All phones are fully unlocked and work fine with other network sims.
    I need to check this in a strong signal area, Three has a low signal strength here, but the iPhone works. It seems strange the other two phones either don’t get a signal or can’t work with the Three sim.
    They both work fine here with GiffGaff and Orange 3g sims.

  32. Moderator: Richard

    Hmm, that’s odd, @Ray =/ Is it just your Three SIM that doesn’t work and do the phones work with other network’s SIMs? >Rich

  33. Ray

    To deviate slightly from the post title. I have an unlocked iPhone 5 which I’ve used with local sim’s in various overseas countries, as well as GiffGaff and others in the UK before moving to Three.
    I have a couple of other, older, unlocked phones, including a Blackberry Curve, which I keep as emergency spares. The Three sim will not work in either of them.
    Why is that please?

  34. Moderator: Lauren

    @Mario It would need to be unlocked Mario, however if you bought the phone from us after the 1st January 2014 it should be unlocked already. You could test another SIM in the phone before you leave and if you find you can’t get service you can use the form on the following link to have the phone unlocked :)

  35. Mario

    Hi, If the phone’s locked to Three UK will it work also with my Three Italian sim? Or I have to unlock it before using it with other european three sims? Thanks!

  36. Moderator: Pamela

    @Mohammad Sure, that won;t be a problem. Here’s a link to our website just in case you’ve not picked a plan yet :-) If you need anything else, just let us know. Thanks, Pamela

  37. Mohammad Khan

    I have unlocked Samsung galaxy s5 phone if I get a three sim . Will that sim will work in my this unlocked phone?

  38. Moderator: Lauren

    @Haseeb – sorry to hear that. When did you fill out the form? Have you received a response from this yet? Someone usually gets back to you within 48 hours.

  39. Haseeb

    Hi Three

    I was one of the unlucky folks who bought an iphone through Carphone warehouse…. and put in my 321 sim in… which works great
    but now the phone is locked to three; and I can not put my other sims in and only can use the 321 (which I use for internet on the go…. but need to put in my lycamobile sim to call family abroad)

    please help… I filled the form online, how long before I can get the phone unlocked? I have already sold my old phone!

  40. Moderator: Lauren

    @Sumin – someone from our team has emailed you regarding this.

  41. Sumin Jeong

    Hello. I bought a galaxy note 3 last Summer. But it is not unlocked. What happened? I wonder how I can use this with another company’s usim chip.

  42. Moderator: Claire

    @Nick – Hi, can you fill in this form and we’ll check the account? Thanks.

  43. Nick

    Can anyone help. I requested an unlock code for my Xperia Z1 nearly 2 weeks ago, still yet to receive my code.

  44. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jane – if you get your friend to fill out his details here, we’ll be able to see what’s happening with his account and advise on the best course of action.

  45. Jane

    A friend of mine has been on holiday for 8 weeks and came to use his phone and found he has been disconnected. How does he get his phone reconnected

  46. Moderator: Lauren

    @Emily – do you have the form from Apple that states the repair work that was carried out? If you don’t have this anymore, you may be able to get this from Apple Directly if you get in touch with them.

  47. Emily Joseph

    I initially got my iPhone 5s from three however when it broke i took it to apple and they kindly replaced it. I am now trying to unlock my phone through three however because it isn’t the same phone they won’t unlock it without proof, however i fixed it over a year ago now. All i have is the repair id from apple which shows when the phone was changed.

  48. Moderator: Lauren

    @Gunita – someone will usually get back to you in a day or 2. Sometimes the team are unable to generate a code straight away, in which case they’d need to contact the manufacturer for this. If this happens, it make take a week or 2 for you to receive the code.

  49. gunita

    hi I filled form out to get my phone unlocked how long will it take for code

  50. Steff E

    @RoseWJones@Outlook.Com – Hi Rose, sorry to hear this. I can understand this will be frustrating. You’ll need to contact us to blacklist the phone and suspend the sim so that whoever finds the phone can’t use it. Please fill in our support form and we can do this for you Alternatively you can call our care team on 0333 300 3333 and they will be able to do this for you. You should also report your loss to the police. Unfortunately we are unable to locate the handset. Some 3rd party apps provide location data on a phone however we wouldn’t suggest using this to track the phone down. More info on what to do when you’ve lost your phone can be found here

  51. RoseWJones@OutLook.Com

    I Lost my phone. How can I locate it back?

  52. Moderator: Richard

    Oh dear, how embarrassing ;) Glad you’re back to Three now, @Edward! >Rich

  53. Moderator: Richard

    Hi @Cormac – Unfortunately that is the case that an unlocked iPhone will lock to the network of the first SIM you put in it. Apologies for any inconvenience. The good news is we can unlock this for you for free :) More info on how to do this here. >Rich

  54. Edward

    I’ve been a three customer for several years and have received great service.

    I bought a discounted Samsung Galaxy S5 on a generous offer from Vodafone on PAYG with the intention of using it with my Three SIM only plan. Its a great phone, but being vodafone, it took them a whole week to unlock it for use on other networks. Several of their tech support team were actually embarassed by how bad the vodafone system was.

    Glad to be back on Three again!

  55. Cormac

    Hi, I bought a iphone 4s from carphone warehouse as a gift. I put my three sim card in to set it up but now its locked to three, neither carphone warehouse or apple will help. If I fill in the form with three to get the phone unlocked will there be any problem with the fact that I bought it as a sim free from carphone warehouse or will you just be able to unlock it?

  56. Moderator: Allan

    @Tony – Hi Tony, can you fill in your account details on the link here and I’ll check up on this for you. Thanks

  57. Tony

    I filled in the form 10 days ago and still have not recieved my unlock code?

  58. Moderator: Lauren

    @Damien Sorry you’ve had difficulty getting your iPhone unlocked Damien :( We should be able to resolve this for you if you could pop your details into our support form and include a brief description of your issue,

  59. Damien


    I just wondered if you could assist me with iPhone 5s unlock – currently locked to three network.

    I’ve submitted a request via the and within a day I’ve received the following text message from three:

    “Instructions for unlocking your device (IMEI: ) can be found at

    The link takes me to the​ ​following webpage​ ​text:

    ​”​Network Unlock Procedure

    To unlock your Apple device, ensure to remove your 3 SIM card and then connect your device to a computer running iTunes. Once connected, you need to update IOS software version of your device to 7.0 and above. After which you will receive an option to update your network settings. Upon acceptance of the network settings, your Apple device will be unlocked from the network.

    If you do not receive a network settings update, this implies the device is unlocked. To verify this, insert another network SIM card into the Apple device.

    If you are using an Apple device that has iOS7 or the above version, then the device can be unlocked by completing a restore of the device. If you are using a flex policy handset.
    If you have any issues with the unlock process, please click here​ ​​”​

    The OS version installed on the​​ iPhone 5s is 8.1.2, when plugged to iTunes no option to update your network settings appears (I tried various options, reinstalling iTunes, setting up as new iPhone etc). Inserting an EE sim card always results in the following error, indicating that iPhone is still locked:

    “The sim card that you currently have installed in this iPhone is from a carrier that is not supported under the activation policy that is currently assigned by the activation server this is not hardware issue with iPhone please insert another sim card from a supported carrier or request that this iPhone be unlocked by your carriers”

    The second attempt was to fully erase the iPhone and see if I could insert an EE sim card then. After successful erase​ (and before any restore)​, I get the same error message as about. Placing in Three SIM, works without a problem (activation, calls, text…).

    I’m planning to change my EE contract to Three, so this​ ​isn’t​ amajor issue but since the upgrade from iPhone 5 (which was unlocked and on EE) I’m now moving to locked iPhone 5s, which I would like unlock so I can use it abroad with local SIM cards.



  60. Moderator: Allan

    @Betul – We’ll send you a text when we have this code Betul. It can sometimes take a bit longer if we need to go back to the manufacturer for this. Thanks

  61. Betul

    I requested for my HTC to be unlocked yesterday. However, I still haven’t recieved a code?

  62. Moderator: Claire

    @Andre – Hi, is there anything we can help you with here?

  63. andre

    Incompetent wastes of space that cannot complete a simply task if there e life’s depended on it. They seal you money out of your bank account and when you think they can’t do worse they deny activation to a replacement sim and leave you with out a number for months!!!

    Again do not waste your time with this network!!!! Beware do not use this network!!! Customer service is shockingly rubbish, they are

  64. Moderator: Lauren

    @Muzammal – please fill out your details here and I’ll see if we can get your unlock code across to you by email.

  65. Muzammal hussain

    I bought my iphone 5 back in 2012 i am currently using ios8 i need to unlock my iphone i did submit a online form but can’t recive text because i am on holidays abroad can i get my unlock code via email if i send me all details to three becaus at this moment i cant recive any text via phone what if i restore the phone it will open without code ?

  66. Moderator: Nicki

    @Ankit Nair – Hi, we’d need to get the phone registered to your account before we’d be able to unlock it. As it was purchased from a 3rd party we’d need proof of purchase before being able to add it to your account. If you could please send us your details via our online form we’ll be able to take a look in to the issue for you.

  67. Ankit Nair

    To: Three, I recently bought an iPhone 6 from carphone warehouse and used my pay as you go Three number on it. I have moved to Canada now and unfortunately, the Three SIM has locked my phone to Three. At my appointment with Apple, the phone says it has been locked by the Hutchison Locked Policy. Three can’t find my IMEI number in their system as the phone wasn’t bought under contract and Apple states that Three MUST send an unlock request. I’m stuck here in Canada without a number/internet for the past week. A kind lady at Three did have a look at the situation and told me that she’d unlock my phone but my phone is still locked to Three. Can someone please help me?

  68. Moderator: Claire

    @Simon – Hi, iphone 6 plus is now unlocked as soon as you activate it over wifi or with iTunes :)

  69. Moderator: Claire

    @Arslan – Hi, can you confirm which phone you are trying to unlock?

  70. Simon

    Bought a new iphone 6 plus from a friend who got it from three, after open the box the phone was damaged, the sim tray wouldnt open, kind enough of apple hassel free to swap the phone over at there store, they was aware it was from three, just wondering will the replacement also be unlocked due to your new terms that new iphones wont be locked? or will this need to be requested

  71. Arslan

    How to unlock my phone i lost my three bill :(

  72. Moderator: Claire

    @Dani – Let us know how you get on. Thanks.

  73. Dani

    @Claire Thank you very much. Have a good day.

  74. Moderator: Claire

    @Dani – Hi, if you upgraded to iOS 7 or above you can now unlock the phone yourself by setting it to restore. Otherwise you can wait for the unlock code and put in another network SIM to use the code. Thanks.

  75. Dani

    @Claire Thank you. I have iOS 6 on my old phone.

  76. Moderator: Claire

    @Dani – Hi, can you confirm the iOS version you are using on your iPhone 4s? You can use your new SIM in your new iPhone straight away which won’t affect the unlocking of your iPhone 4s. Thanks.

  77. Dani

    I have completed a form to unlock my iPhone 4s, now I am waiting the instructions to be sent to me. However I ordered a nano sim with the same number so I can use it with my new iPhone. I am worried that I need to hold with the activation of the new sim(as once that’s done the only sim will be deactivated), until I am unlock my old phone. Does anyone know if I need to wait until I unlock my old phone to activate my new sim card? What are the follow up instructions for unlocking an iPhone.. Thanks.

  78. Moderator: Claire

    @Maryam – Hi, are you able to use calls and texts with your EE SIM? If so then it is fully unlocked and you need to get the internet settings from EE. Thanks.

  79. maryam

    Hi I used to be with 3 fir many years, now im with EE , I have my old 3 sony erricson phone which I had unlocked, however I have tried using it with my EE sim, but I cant access the internet with it, I dont understand y this could be??

  80. Moderator: Claire

    @Mike – Hi, are you able to ask the seller to contact us directly? We can check then check the account details to see what is causing the delay. Thanks.

  81. Moderator: Claire

    @Richard – Hi, you need to speak to EE to unlock the phone to use our network SIM in the handset. Thanks.

  82. Moderator: Claire

    @Marco – Hi, we don’t send out phones to outside of the UK as you would need to be in the UK to buy a phone from us. If you do buy a phone from us we can’t guarantee they will work on a foreign network as all the networks use different frequencies for 3G and 4G. Thanks.

  83. mike

    Was sold a Sony xperia z1 off a seller on Gumtree i filled out an unlocking form not realising it had to be in phone owners details,we then went to the 3 store to explain only to be told to resubmit in online. That he did ,was shown a message saying that will take up to 7 days. That was a Saturday on the Monday I was sent an email saying they couldn’t unlock the phone because the details didn’t match the records and to do again.yet the seller didn’t receive anything so he waited filled it again on Tuesday.he hasn’t heard nothing and phone is still locked plz can somebody explain why this is,I hoped it would be straight forward .

  84. Richard

    I have an I Phone 4 locked to EE and i want to give it to my mum who has a contract through Three. Would this unlocking be covered by your policy for free unlocking as she is staying with Three or would i need to get EE or someone else to unlock the phone for me to allow her to use it on your network?

  85. Marco

    Hi! I’m from Portugal and I would like to buy a Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 8GB Black Mist.
    Do you export abroad? Will the unlocked phone work with the networks here?
    Thank you!

  86. Moderator: Lauren

    @Chris – it can do. If you want to unlock this, you can request this here. We may request your proof of purchase, so please keep your Currys receipt. :-)

  87. Chris

    I have bought my daughter an iphone 6 SIM free from Currys. I plan to give it to for Christmas and change her contract to Three. I understand that when you add a SIM to a phone not bought from Apple direct it will automatically lock to the first network SIM which is inserted in it. Will it lock to Three? If so can I unlock it for free?

  88. Moderator: Chris

    @Jessica Doyle – That’s odd, it should be working… Do you know if the phone came from the UK? If not, that could be the cause of the issue. Have you tried the form over here? –

  89. jessica doyle

    Apparently i can’t unlock my three phone as it is not registered in my name. I bought it from eBay a year or so ago and have the receipt and invoice to prove it wasn’t stolen. I don’t have the seller’s details so i can’t get them to do it either. I’m not happy. I already have a three contact so it’s not like you’ll be losing money

  90. Moderator: Claire

    @Wayne – Hi, can you fill in this form and we’ll check further for you? Thanks.

  91. wayne

    yes keeps saying no sim

  92. Moderator: Lauren

    @Wayne – have you tried another networks sim card after following the instructions?

  93. wayne jones

    had text with instructions nothing happened

  94. wayne jones

    I have ad instructions on unlocking my phone and its not doing anything please help

  95. wayne jones

    ok thanks I submitted the form few hours ago

  96. Moderator: Stephie

    @Wayne – We’ll usually give you your code straight away but it can take up to seven days at times. We’ll send it to you in an text, along with instructions on what to do next.

  97. wayne

    hi I filled form out to get my phone unlocked how long will it take for code

  98. Moderator: Lauren

    @Jaqueline – it can take up to 7 days.

  99. Jacqueline Lyseight

    I requested that my Galaxy S4 is unlocked yesterday. Just wondering how long I will have to wait for the text message with code and instructions?

  100. Moderator: Claire

    @Louise – Hi, yes all our phones are now unlocked :)

  101. Sajid hussain

    Very good

  102. Louise

    Hi, if I purchase a s4 mini online will it be unlocked?

  103. Moderator: Claire

    @Asghar Butt – Hi, have you tried a different browser and cleared your cookies? We need you to fill in the form so we can get the request in quickly. Thanks.

  104. Asghar Butt


    I have recently bought Samsung Galaxy S4 mini from Three and it is Network locked. I have tried filling in the unlock form but when I press ‘submit’ it brings me back to the same page. Have also tried contacting you on 333, but it doesn’t give any option for unlock service. Can you please help.


  105. Moderator: Lauren

    @Tony – we customise our software however if you put another networks sim card in this, it should work as normal.

  106. Tony

    I intended to purchase an unlocked note 4. What 3 software will be on the phone and how will it affect other networks sim that I may use abroad? Thanks.

  107. sameera

    I bought my Samsung 4 mini and its was unlocked as mentioned on three website

  108. Moderator: Claire

    @Lucy Doi – Hi, are you considering buying an iphone 6 directly from us? If so this will be unlocked. Thanks.

  109. Lucy doi

    If I sign new contract does it mean my phone ( iphone6) will unlocked?
    Considering sign new contract for three as my old contract with different network such.

  110. Moderator: Chris

    @Jasmine – It can be arranged if it isn’t already, Jasmine :) It’s likely that your phone is locked if you bought it two years ago, but if you fill in the form over here – we’ll unlock it for you for free.

  111. jasmine

    Hi i bought a iPhone 4s off 3 two years ago, i now have upgraded my phone, will the iPhone 4s be unlocked?

  112. Andy

    Spoke to soon! My text message came through and my good old S3 is now unlocked. Thanks Three!

  113. Andy

    Hi, I have entered my information on the unlock web page twice now and have received no text or email.
    I have recently upgraded my phone and have a perfectly good Galaxy S3 that is locked to Three which I would like to use on another network.
    Very inconsistent information on the site, the video clip says a text will be sent, the web site says an email will be sent, currently nothing has been sent!!!

  114. Moderator: Allan

    @PM – Not able to confirm this at present. I’d imagine it will come with a customised version of the software though. Thanks

  115. PM

    Thanks Claire. And do you know if the Samsung Galaxy note 4 will be bloat free? I’m looking to get one on the 3 network but prefer to buy outright and go sim only. I see it’s 599 on the website but I’d rather get the 630 from Samsung if the three version has extra bloatware.


  116. Moderator: Claire

    @PM – Hi, it depends on the agreement reached between us and the manufacturer before the device is available for sale. Thanks.

  117. PM


    Will the phones also be unbranded? Ie bloatware free or will it come bundled with extra three software on top of the stock phone OS?


  118. Moderator: Claire

    @Sam – Hi, where did you originally buy the phone from? Thanks.

  119. Moderator: Claire

    @Jack – Hi, this should be working now. Can you let us know once you have tried this? Thanks.

  120. sam

    Can some one help me and my partner both have a HTC one m7 mine is factory unlocked hers is on three were both on three her HTC one gets h+ but my only gets h why is this

  121. Jack

    When will the in touch app work on iPhone 6?

  122. Moderator: Allan

    @James Dean – Hi James. All phones supplied from us are now unlocked. Thanks

  123. James Dean

    Hi, I have 2 phones on contract, both of which I have had for nearly 3 years (on 2 year contracts). As I am happy with my current phones I am wanting to upgrade to receive free handsets that I would like to sell. Can you confirm that the new phones that I receive will be unlocked?? Regards, J.

  124. Doug

    Just an update for the 3 Mods, I eventually got my Unlock code with the further 5 days I mentioned earlier.
    Just an update to keep things right.

  125. Moderator: Claire

    @Mark Crawley – Hi, as long as you have followed the instructions this will be unlocked. Once you try a new SIM this will confirm it is fully unlocked. :)

  126. Mark Crawley

    Hi, I purchased my iPhone 5s last Sept from 3. I will be getting the iPhone 6 when it’s released and giving my current one to my Wife.
    I need to confirm that my phone is unlocked.
    I filled out the form online and followed the instructions.
    There was no carrier software update (16.1), according to the instructions my phone is already unlocked.
    Unfortunately I haven’t at this moment got a sim to try.
    Can you confirm that if I have the latest Carrier settings my phone is unlocked?



  127. Moderator: Claire

    @Gary – Hi, have you contacted Samsung directly? The two PUK codes we gave you are the only PUKs we have from Samsung for your phone. You can call them on 0330 726 0003 to ask for more for your handset. Thanks.

  128. gary

    tried both codes ive been given and cant get either to work,waited for samsung to get in touch and they havent got back to me

  129. Moderator: Anne Marie

    @Lee – Most of our phones are unlocked if purchased this year but there may be some exceptions. You can unlock for free though

  130. lee

    I did try another network sim in the phone, and it was locked.
    I thought all phones were supposed to be unlocked if purchased this year?

  131. Moderator: Claire

    @Lewis Deane – Hi, we don’t have a way of fixing this. Have you tried contacting ZTE direct? Thanks.

  132. Moderator: Claire

    @Lee – Hi, have you used another network SIM in the handset? Have you requested an unlocking code for the handset? You can do this here. Thanks.

  133. Moderator: Claire

    @Kyrian – Hi, I’ve checked for you and data won’t work in Nigeria as we don’t have an agreement there. You can make calls and texts, there is more information here. Thanks.

  134. lee

    hello again,
    I posted a question and it has been removed?
    I got my new samsung S4 in June and it is locked.
    On the website it says
    Note: If you bought your device from us after 1 January 2014, you device will already be unlocked.
    Can you tell me why mine is locked please?

  135. lee

    Well I got my new samsung s4 in June, and have found out that it is locked! Can you tell me why that is?

  136. Lewis Deane

    Any chance of getting this old zte fixed – it says it’s Model: F866, I used to have the box but, somehow, I cracked the screen and lost the charger! I’ll send it you (if you understand me) for your museum – the Three Museum!

  137. Lewis Deane

    Dear Three,

    I’m very impressed! I’ve been with you from the very beginning – I still have my first ‘three’ 3g phone – an old zte flip phone with the screen cracked and no charger – from 2005 (?), I think – send me a charger!! – and, although, up here, in the sticks, your service has been variable, you have always been innovative. Back then your network was the fastest because only I used it! But I’ve stuck with you, through thick and thin, because you give the best tariffs for the cheapest price (I still have and use one of your old sims on WePay(?3Pay?) where I get 2 gig data for 5 quid! Shhh!). People have complained about your customer service, sometimes, but I never had an insurmountable problem. But this new move is just the cream I expected. All phones unlocked!! Wow. Such a handsome, brave move!,

    Yours etc

  138. Kyrian


  139. Kyrian

    You can make calls with the local network but can’t access data on your phone cos the APN is locked to 3 network.The destination is Nigeria.

  140. Kyrian

    You haven’t responded to my question.Thanks

  141. Moderator: Claire

    @Kyrian – Hi, where in Africa are you going on holiday to? We can’t guarantee service in certain countries and can check for you. Thanks.

  142. Kyrian

    Can I use my unlocked 4g phone for internet while on holiday to Africa?cos the APN is usually locked to 3 network only that one can’t access local networks over there on three phone.I tried it last year but was told’sorry your phone is only locked to three internet’

  143. Moderator: Claire

    @Gary – Hi, the manufacturer gave us this code for your handset. When you place another network SIM in the handset and enter the code, what error message do you receive? Thanks.

  144. gary

    the code youve sent me is the same as one of the two ive already been given that doesnt work

  145. Moderator: Claire

    @Gary – Hi, I’ve emailed you the code to try. Can you let us know how you get on? Thanks.

  146. gary

    [removed by mod]

    ive been told there are 2 codes for my phone but both have been tried and neither work
    tried each code 3 times just to make sure i hadnt entered them wrong

  147. Moderator: Claire

    @Gary – Hi, can you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode? We won’t publish this and can check the account. Thanks.

  148. Moderator: Claire

    @Mike – Hi, have you been told why you need to fill in the form again? If you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode we can check this for you. We won’t publish these details. Thanks.

  149. gary

    the code i was sent doesnt work to unlock my phone

  150. gary

    did everything as requested sent imei number,received the code with instructions but it doent work

  151. Mike

    Well I have filled the on-line form out three times now, first time 20 days ago and still nothing!

    My step son is of to Spain with his school in a few days and we have no phone to give him as a spare as he had this one when I upgraded.

    I have been in the store and I have called customer services 3 times only to be told I have to fill out the online form!


  152. Moderator: Claire

    @Doug – Hi, can you confirm your full name, DOB, mobile and postcode for us to check the accounts. We won’t publish these details but can check what is happening with this. Thanks.

  153. Doug

    Well I have filled the on-line form out twice now, first time 20 days ago, Text tells me my phone is already unlocked.

    Called 3 Customer services to advise them the Phone is still refusing both 02 and Vodafone sims that are working. Just want to make use of the HTC 8s we got from 3.

    Told by customer services that they will have to contact HTC as there is a problem, all information given a 30 minute call in total.
    What’s another 48hrs if I get the text with the unlock code!

    Get a text within 24 hrs. saying they need more info and to call back Customer services, which I do only to go through the same information I gave the guy less than 24 hrs. ago.
    Now told it could be upto 5 days !!!!

    I mean how difficult is it?
    As of right now we are looking at the 21st day since the form was correctly filled out. Please sort it out Three.
    We still have 2 monthly sim contracts in the family on other unlocked phones, don’t need an excuse to ditch them but this is getting hard to ignore.

    Please help!

  154. Moderator: Bernadette

    @Dee – Thanks for the fantastic feedback :) always puts a smile on my face reading it. Nice to see you are pleased with everything we are doing as well. Long may it continue! Hope you have a great weekend Dee :) >Bernie

  155. Dee

    Hi three

    Firstly that is great news that all three handsets will come unlocked and secondly i just want to say thankyou for improving your network and choices of handsets over the recent years and with the brilliant 4G sevice too.

    Keep up the hard work guys/gals



  156. Moderator: Pamela

    @TCK As far as we’re aware this won’t happen any more but, if for any reason it does, we’ll be happy to unlock it free of charge. Thanks, Pamela

  157. Moderator: Pamela

    @Aaron – What model are you using Aaron? Thanks, Pamela

  158. Nathan Ellis

    I got my phone unlocked at the beginning of November 2013 and paid £15, can I get a refund?

  159. tonylambu

    As per usual three are way ahead of the competitors. Three really does make a conscious effort to champion the consumer. Keep it up

  160. Moderator: Richard

    Do you get an error message when you put a different network’s SIM into the phone, @June? If so, then I’m afraid it’s not unlocked. Fear not though! We’ll unlock it completely free of charge :) More info here. >Rich

  161. TCK

    Hi Just told the Apple store about this when discussing price-matching a sim-free iPhone. They were very surprised that Three were offering factory unlocked handsets and suggested that I check that they don’t lock to the first network used.

    Could you advise. Many thanks.

  162. Aaron

    How do I log out of Three inTouch on iPhone? I can’t find the ‘power symbol’ to disconnect from the app as mentioned on your support website.

  163. June

    I have a xperia j phone can you tell me if that is unlocked as I was told it’s not

  164. Josh

    @Chris Savage EE have Northern Ireland covered by 4G 69%. Can’t complain, love it

  165. Moderator: Claire

    @Ken aykes – Hi, if you submit a request before 5pm this should go through for next day. We will send a text confirming. Thanks.

  166. Moderator: Claire

    @Carlos – Hi, we won’t be able to refund any unlock requests made before November 2013. Do you remember when you did this? Thanks.

  167. Carlos

    I had to pay £15 last year to have My 3 handset from 3 to get it unlocked .

  168. Ken aykes

    I’ve just entered my details roughly how long will it take to unlock my sim? Tia

  169. Moderator: Claire

    @Dwain – Hi, when did you unlock your phone? Thanks.

  170. Moderator: Claire

    @Chris Savage – Hi, we don’t have any more information on this at present.

  171. Moderator: Claire

    @David – Hi, as long as your the account holder we can unlock your phone for free. We are able to check previous phones you had on the contract. :)

  172. Dwain

    Does this mean I get the money back that I gave three to unlock my phone

  173. AJE

    Wow! I have to say that is pretty impressive. Well done Three!!

  174. Chris Savage

    When will 4g come to Northern Ireland? O2 have 4g up and running here but nothing from 3. Maybe you could use some of the £123 million profit you made in the first half of this year to speed up your 4g network rollout!

  175. David

    Can you please clarify “current Three phone”. Does this need to be a phone supplied by you as part of a current contract, or does it include previous phones (supplied by you) but now out of contract/superseded by SIM only plans, for example? I think it is likely you are offering to unlock all devices currently locked to 3, as that would fulfil your objectives for consumer choice, but I didn’t think it was 100% clear so thought best to check.

  176. Moderator: Claire

    @Stuart Ashton – Hi, yes :)

  177. Stuart ashton

    Does this mean my new iphone 5s is also unlocked?

  178. Danny

    It took me 28 working days (6 real weeks) to get my handset on T-Mobile unlocked. And that was only after nagging. Came to three and for the first time in 20 years I am actually happy with my mobile network.

    Unlimited data. I dont use massive amounts. One month its 700mb, the next it was 3GB but what I dont want is to suddenly receive a massive bill because my phone decided to pickup some big emails or because I wanted to go on a Spotify bender. I like not having too worry.

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