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When stuff sucks, #makeitright

Alri-ight, alri-ight, everything’s gonna be alri-ight!

It is now! Today we’ve announced our standpoint on the mobile industry with a new campaign, featuring Jackson, our fluffy purple ambassador. Our new TV ad sees Jackson at first feeling dejected, damp and fed up of everything that sucks in the world. Downtrodden and disheartened, he’s about to give up.

Until one day he decides to fix the stuff that sucks. Galvanised into action, with East17’s ‘It’s Alright’ as his anthem, he sets out across the land to make things better for everyone.

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Calls to and from Nepal.

Following the recent earthquake in Nepal we will be making all calls and texts to Nepalese landline or mobile numbers free for Three customers until May 8th.

This will be by way of a credit on customer bills. Some may see a charge initially, but depending upon billing cycle, they will also see a credit further down on the same bill, or in their following months bill.

In addition we’ll be crediting the accounts of those people who have made calls and texts to Nepal since April 25th.

For any of our customers currently in Nepal, we’ll also be crediting accounts for calls and texts made between April 25th and May 8th.

Customers won’t need to do anything in order to receive the credits, they’ll happen automatically.

We will continue to monitor the situation after the 8th of May.

If you have any questions about this, get in contact via Twitter using @ThreeUK or post any questions below.


VoLTE comes to Three.

It’s been a little while since we last had some network news to share. 2014 saw us roll out our 4G network and we’re still beavering away on this behind the scenes.

But this autumn will see something new coming to our network. It’s going to be getting a bit of a boost. This boost will come in the form of some low frequency spectrum (800MHz, to be precise) that we’ll be adding to the network.

Low frequency spectrum such as this will significantly enhance our coverage footprint, particularly indoors, which is excellent news when it comes to current coverage blackspots.

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Game of Phones (see what we did there).

Game of Thrones fans, have you ever wanted to be treated like the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms? Well now, thanks to Three, you can!

Ahead of the most hotly anticipated TV launch of the year, Game of Thrones Season 5, we’re offering the first person to enter a participating store with the name Arya or Theon a free smartphone and PAYG credit (see below for T&Cs) from tomorrow, Saturday April 11th.

All you Thrones enthusiasts have to do is go down to any participating Three store, show your ID and walk away with a brand new phone – it’s that simple!

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Three and Honor sponsor the Goat Race.

Three, in association with Honor, are to be the Official Coat Sponsors of the 2015 Oxford and Cambridge Goat Race.

That’s right. We said Goat Race.

Back in March we announced that we’ll be the UK’s exclusive tariff partner for the new Honor 6+ smartphone which is out on May 1st. We’re one of the first networks to bring the rising Asian e-commerce challenger brand to the UK.

The partnership will also see Three and Honor combine to produce the attire that will be donned by Goat Race participants Hamish and Hugo – one representing ‘Oxford’, the other ‘Cambridge’ – in the animal kingdom’s answer to the River Thames varsity showdown.

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The Selfie Tour Bus.

When it comes to selfies you might have thought you’d seen it all – from belfies to selfie sticks, and even selfie suitcases – but today the phenomenon went one step further, as the first ever Selfie Tour Bus hit the streets of Barcelona.

Today is the day that Spain (and New Zealand) are added to our Feel at Home arsenal. Meaning you can now use your phones there at no extra cost. And no, this isn’t an April fool. Rock up in Spain and use your phone there exactly as you do at home. No worries about roaming charges, just #holidayspam to your heart’s content.

And what do holiday spammers love to share most of all? Selfies of course!

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Three inTouch downloaded 1 million times.

Cast your minds back to the hazy, sunshine filled days of summer 2014 and you might remember that we launched an exciting new app called Three inTouch.

inTouch is a nifty little app that allows you to make calls and texts over Wifi. Perfect if you’re on the underground, or, in a nightclub, or, well, anywhere there is Wifi but no network connection. Pretty handy huh?

Three inTouch has been hugely popular since it was launched, we even released a new version last  month which ironed out some of the little glitches you guys had told us about, like:

1. You’ll no longer have to turn off Wi-Fi to activate inTouch on Android

2. If you downloaded the app to your “Rooted Device” you’ll find that it now works*

3. You can now select not to receive SMS’s into the Three inTouch inbox and you’ll be able to get them sent directly in to your normal inbox when you’re in 3G or 4G coverage.

Today, however, we’re really excited to announce that  Three inTouch has now been downloaded and activated by a WHOPPING 1 million customers! This is quite an achievement and naturally we’ve popped a few bottles of champagne at Three Towers today to celebrate. We’re even beating Spotify and Twitter in the app store charts!

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