Helping the regulator keep us all honest.

Which?, Three, TalkTalk and Consumer Futures want the government to help strong consumer regulation.

Ofcom, the regulator that oversees UK communications companies, often finds its plans to make things simpler and easier for consumers frustrated by big companies’ lawyers challenging its decisions. We want our watchdog to have the ability to make strong decisions in favour of consumers and fair competition, without having its plans derailed by companies that don’t want change.

So we are asking the government to update the rules to make it harder for reforms to be blocked on technical details, so that the focus is on the right outcome for consumers.

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Our position on Ofcom’s announcement about mid-contract price rises.

As some of you may have heard, Ofcom announced new guidance on mid-contract price rises.  We’ve noticed quite a lot of chatter about this in social media so we wanted to update our customers on what this means for them as well as to congratulate Ofcom on a decision which we feel is in the consumers’ best interests.

Ofcom’s decision gives UK mobile customers greater protection from unexpected mid-contract price rises. In short, the ruling means that consumers will be allowed to exit a contract early (without penalty) if the fixed monthly price is hiked mid-way through that contract.

If you are looking for more detail about the ruling you can find a great summary of the Ofcom announcement and what it means for you on the uSwitch website.

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Our Ultrafast Commitment.

You may have already heard our network news, as it was reported widely  in the media last week. But In case you missed it, or want to hear it from the horse’s mouth, we’re making a commitment to offer Ultrafast services (and by this we mean DC-HSDPA and LTE) as a standard feature on all price plans.

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Three Triumphs at uSwitch Mobile Awards.

Last week we had the pleasure of attending the uSwitch Mobile Awards. Having been nominated for an impressive four awards, we were pretty excited. And we weren’t disappointed- we came away with a total of three awards, which also meant we were the second highest winners of the night. We also won, some might say, the most coveted award– ‘Best Network’.

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The roll-out of Ultrafast on Three.

Since our launch in 2003 we’ve been focused on building a mobile network for easy access to the internet.  We’re not afraid to say that we <3 it. Right from the start, it’s what we were built for. And we know you’ve all been chomping at the bit for an update on our network story so without further ado, let me put you in the picture.

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Lower European Roaming Costs.

Back in April, I wrote a post discussing the changes to roaming regulations.  The day has almost arrived when these changes kick in (hurrah!). So from the 1st July all operators in Europe will bring down their costs, in line with this regulation, for data, calls and texts.

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Goodbye out of bundle data charges.

It was December 2010 when we first announced the launch of all-you-can-eat data. Without doubt one of the most significant milestones in Three’s history here in the UK. It was initially a ground-breaking feature of The One Plan, then Pay As You Go last year. Smartphone customers already with Three could even add it to their plans for just £3 extra a month.

We’ve come a long way since December 2010, and today we’ve added another chapter to our data story with a brand new family of smartphone plans. It’s a change that we believe will bring worry free-internet to even more of you.

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