Samsung Galaxy S5, Gear 2 Neo and Gear Fit – Available now.

That’s it folks, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has landed at last!

Not only that but you can also now get some amazing accessories to go with it, namely the Gear 2 Neo and the Gear Fit, now also available in our funky new online accessories store.

We’ve already treated you to a little sneak peek of this fantastic new phone, so here’s a little bit more about the latest wearables you can get to compliment your shiny new S5.

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HTC One (M8) – available now.

HTC launched its latest flagship device the HTC One (M8) in spectacular style yesterday and you can now get this amazing new phone on Three.

This beautifully crafted, solid aluminium phone certainly feels pretty great in the palm of your hand and it looks darn good too. It’s ergonomically designed with soft curves, smooth lines and a zero edge finish. To say that it’s a premium design would be an understatement!

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Battery-conscious smartphones

Battery-conscious smartphones

FACT: Battery life is the most common gripe amongst consumers when it comes to their smartphones. In a survey presented by, concerns over battery life beat out concerns over processing speeds, price, and even design. But if the latest product releases by Samsung and Sony are anything to go by, then it seems that manufacturers are starting to take notice, delivering battery-conscious devices that stand the test of serious browsing time.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Launching today on Three, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the latest addition to Samsung’s Note family, but this time it’s in rather lovely tablet form.

There’s everything you come to expect from a Note product; 1.6GHz quad core processor, 16GB of internal memory, the S pen, Air View, Smart Stay and Multi window. But in the Note 8 you get to experience it all on a rather gorgeous 8 inch WXGA screen. And it’s this key difference that really brings some of these features to life. Particularly on the creative side of things. You can create masterpieces with Paper Artist or use the S pen to edit, enhance and annotate photos. Then share your, ahem, wonderful creations effortlessly.

Despite the generous screen size, the Note 8 is light and thin at only 345 grams and 7.95mm. Meaning you’re able to do so much more on the go, but without it feeling at all bulky or cumbersome. It still fits comfortably in your hand for reading or watching a film. Benefitting from a large 4600mAh battery, you don’t need to worry about running out of power when you’re out and about; the Note 8, as Samsung put it, really can become your life companion.

Samsung have been particularly generous with the Note 8 too, throwing in a free 16GB SD card, free 50GB of Dropbox for two years and 1 month’s free access to their music hub.

The Note 8 is 4G ready so when you add this in to the mix, you know you’re in for a pretty amazing experience. Even more so when you consider that we won’t be charging extra for 4G…

Get it in store on the phone (0800 358 8460) or online today.



LG L1 ii – Coming Soon.

LG have just announced this nifty little addition to their smartphone range and we’re very pleased to let you know it will be available with Three from launch. With the white version being exclusive to Three from launch :-)

The LG L1 ii  is going to be a really great smartphone if you’re on a bit of a budget but still want everything a smartphone can offer.

A sleekly minimalist design is what first hits you about the LG L1 ii, beautifully crafted yet small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It comes with a bright 3.0” display and runs on a pretty powerful 1GHz processor.

But not to be outdone on the cool features front LG have included Cheese Shutter (it’ll make sense in a minute…honest!) which is a rather handy voice activated camera control. The camera will take a picture when you say the word ‘Cheese’. Very cute.

Running on Jellybean 4.1 and with a long lasting battery the LG L1 ii is an excellent ‘starter for 10’ in the smartphone arena.

You might be thinking about getting your son or daughter their first smartphone but want to manage their budget.  Or, at the other end of the scale, maybe an elderly relative is ready to take that leap in to the digital mobile world.  The LG L1 ii and our new PAYG rates (3p a min, 2p a text and 1p a MB) are a great place to start.

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