Get Ready for 4G.

Good things happen in December don’t they? There’s Christmas to look forward to and everything that comes with that. If you’re lucky you might see some snow. And most of us can look forward to a few days off at the end of the year. This year though, if you’re a Three customer, December could be even more exciting.

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Samsung Galaxy Note II.

The much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note II is now available on Three! And what a phone it is too… It’s bigger, slimmer and faster than its popular predecessor and has a plethora of new and exciting features, some of which we first saw in the Samsung Galaxy S III.

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Searching for love.

It’s the time of year that you all become hopeless romantics. Flowers, cards, chocolates… you put the phone down, no you put the phone down. But it’s not just the act of calling your Valentine that’s making you reach for your phone, it’s going online too.

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Three.co.uk has changed.

You know that feeling when your cupboards are full to bursting? You’ve got piles of clothes, coats, scarves, slightly-too-small trousers you bought in the sales, old cardigans you haven’t worn since Christmas ten years ago and the most amazing winter boots – but can’t for the life of you find them?

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Guest post: 8 Great gaming apps.

Bored of chucking disgruntled feathery creatures at pigs? So am I. Good job the app charts are thumb-achingly full of alternatives to Angry Birds. But for every gem waiting to deliver us from commuter hell there’s a load of time wasters of the wrong kind. Lucky for you we’ve done the downloading to find eight of best new gaming apps out there.

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